Title:Those Years When We Killed the White Lotus Date:2019-8-26 / 5:16:32 Translator:SOD Word count:11205

1.11 Rebirth of the blackened white lotus

Female Lead – Bai Wei
Male Lead 1 – Su Mo
Male Lead 2 – Lin Zisheng (our MC)


“Can’t you feel it? She is scheming against you!”

Bai Wei didn’t show any expression out of the norm, but how could Su Mo not sense her schemes?!

Lin Zisheng glanced at Su Mo, but didn’t reply him. He can’t feel it? How could that be? Though he doesn’t know what Bai Wei will do tomorrow, he could guess about 8/9 out of 10 chances, she would be trying to ‘break up’ him and Su Mo.

“If you already knew, why are you still going?!”

Su Mo knew that Lin Zisheng did it on purpose when he(SM) saw him looking like this. Just that he doesn’t understand why he(LZS) would still go if he(LZS) knew everything.

“Then you want her to keep pestering (us)1?”

From the information given by 001, Lin Zisheng learned that Bai Wei is someone with considerable patience and perseverance. That means he(LZS) would have an un-peaceful period for some time. If her patience and perseverance is bad even by a bit, she won’t be able to cause the second male lead to blackened where she finally got tortured to death by two MLs (in her past life). This is simple a model example of ‘no zuo no die’2.

“Then, I’ll go with you?”

Su Mo couldn’t be assured no matter what. In the past whenever he saw Bai Wei, he would think her as someone with brain problem. But this time he has a feeling that she is going crazy.

“She specifically asked me to go, so if you tag along, she probably won’t give up that easily.”

And most importantly, if Su Mo went with him, his plan is probably hard to complete. It was already his limit to endure Bai Wei’s harassment for 3-4 months. If you let him sees Bai Wei again, he probably couldn’t help himself and kill her straight away. Because Bai Wei’s aura was too similar to that person, the person who caused his family to break apart!

“Zisheng, what’s wrong?!”

Seeing Lin Zisheng became silent, even carrying a gloomy aura on his body, Su Mo felt a tremor in his heart; Lin Zisheng’s current state is not right!


Lin Zisheng slightly came back to himself when he heard Su Mo’s voice, then he replied, “I’m tired today, don’t want to continue shopping. I will return to my dorm first.”

Need to go back and think how to properly complete incoming missions!

What happened in these days is definitely not a small stimulus for Bai Wei, so she will definitely do something. If he don’t seize this opportunity, he’s afraid it will take a while to complete the task. And he doesn’t want to get in contact with Bai Wei anymore. This world is too similar to his original world. In here, he will always thinks of his family, and this feeling is especially strong whenever he sees Bai Wei. He even had an illusion that Bai Wei is the one who caused his family to break apart!

Su Mo didn’t stop Lin Zisheng from leaving. It’s not that he doesn’t want to stop him(LZS), just that he felt there’s something wrong with his(LZS) emotions. Lin Zisheng probably wanted some quiet, plus he himself has something he wanted to do.

“Mo gege, didn’t you already got yourself a lover? How come you have the time to look for me?”

All these while Su Mo was circling around Lin Zisheng, so why he would have the time to look for her today?

“I want you to help me with something.”

After he considered everything, Su Mo felt that Luo Yan is the most suitable person to help him out.

Luo Yan blinked her eyes when she heard what Su Mo said. Then after a long while and confirmed that she didn’t hear it wrongly, she said, “Want me to help you? Don’t tell me you want to use me as your shield again? Mo gege, you are a ‘family man’ now, be careful that Second Young master Lin would misunderstood.”

“Not that one,” Everyone in City A knew that he is chasing Lin Zisheng so there won’t be such blind people, “still remember that Bai Wei from my birthday party last time?”

“Bai Wei?”

Su Mo said it so suddenly that Luo Yan couldn’t recall at that moment. After a long while, she then finally remembered who Bai Wei was.

“You are talking about that ‘I am so pitiful’ Miss Bai from your birthday party, who later got driven out from the venue?”

Speaking of it, Luo Yan has quite a deep impression of this person. She has seen so many shameless people, but someone that shameless while likes to act aloof is really rare.

“That’s right. She appeared today to ask Zisheng out and he promised to meet her ‘alone’ tomorrow.”

Su Mo gnashed his teeth at the word ‘alone’, it was obvious that he is very dissatisfied with the fact that Lin Zisheng is meeting Bai Wei alone.

“What? Mo gege, you want me to stop them?”

Looking at Su Mo with a ‘jealous husband’ look, Luo Yan really wanted to laugh. She never thought that the usually fickle Su Mo, when encountered someone he likes would be so… perverted/crazy3.

“No, there are 8/9 out of 10 chances that this would be endless if we stop her now,” Although Su Mo is unwilling, he couldn’t stop it, “just help me to monitor Bai Wei. If she has any movement that she shouldn’t have, you must inform me immediately.”

Su Mo was speaking through his teeth for the last sentence.

“Alright, I understand. I will inform you right away if there’s something wrong.”

At this side, Su Mo has arranged everything that he could arrange. On the other side, Lin Zisheng return home to ‘seek help’.

“Asking Little Third to accompany you to the bar? Little Second, you are not afraid of Little Third learning bad things?”

Looking at his own brother, Lin Zifeng doesn’t know what to say. Lin Zisheng usually doesn’t like to go to bars, but now he actually want to bring Lin Zihui along?

“I have something serious to do.”

Lin Zisheng didn’t beat about the bush, he knew that it is not easy to get Lin Zifeng to agree. In fact, if he could choose, he rather Lin Zifeng to be the one going with him. After all, Lin Zihui4 could probably help out 8/9 out of 10 probability.

“What happened?” Sensing the seriousness in his tone, Lin Zifeng became serious as well.

“That Bai Wei I told you before asked me to meet up in the bar tomorrow. That kind of messy place, I’m afraid she would use some underhanded method against me.”

Even if he himself or the Lin Family is powerful, he is still a person with flesh and blood. It’s unbearable enough for him to get trapped in places like that, so he better be careful and vigilant.

Hearing that reply, Lin Zifeng finally nodded after he thought for a moment. He also arranged 2 of his people with good kungfu together with Lin Zihui to protect him. Then he told the 3 of them, the moment something looked wrong, they must immediately inform him(LZF).

And so, everyone get ready for the meeting tomorrow. Especially for Bai Wei, she has prepared herself for anything could possibly happen that she could think of. She believed that she would be able to convince Ah Sheng to leave Ah Mo tomorrow. Of course, she also prepared for the other option. If Lin Zisheng is really that shameless and refused to give up, she naturally have a way to separate him from Ah Mo!

At 8pm on the next day, Lin Zisheng5 arrived on time to the bar Bai Wei has mentioned. Looking at the girl in white dress sitting by the bar table beside him, Lin Zisheng felt nauseous all of a sudden. She obviously stained dirty black inside, and yet she like the color white; a hypocrite indeed!

“Ah Sheng, you have arrived ah. Come, sit here.”

Bai Wei slightly smiled when she saw Lin Zisheng. Pointing at the seat beside her with much manners, her movements carried an indescribable elegance and grace. Of course, that is just what Bai Wei thinks. Actually, every of Bai Wei’s action looked vulgar in Lin Zisheng’s eyes. No accompanying aura to go along with it, the same action only felt like ‘drawing tigers but end up as dogs’6. Perhaps it’s because she got unnerved by Luo Yan from her past life that her actions were imitating her(LY). Unfortunately, without the elegance embedded in the bones, her imitation emitted a vulgar feeling no matter how she did it.

“Excuse me, two glasses of orange juice please.”

After she said that, Bai Wei secretly nodded to the bartender. Then she looked at Lin Zisheng and asked with some caution, “How are you with Ah Mo during these time? Ah Mo’s temper is not very good, he didn’t… hurt you ba.”

Bai Wei’s words were filled with familiarity towards Su Mo. This is obviously an attempt to provoke the relationship between the two of them(SM+LZS).

“Very good, thanks for your concern,” Lin Zisheng nodded then expressionlessly looked at her, “you called me out just to ask this?”

Lin Zisheng’s tone was very obvious, he is telling Bai Wei that if all she wanted to say is this matter, then he don’t want to entertain her anymore.

“Ah Sheng, in this world, only you and me are the same kind of people. Can’t we just talk?”

At this moment, the bartender placed two glasses of fresh orange juice (in front of them). Bai Wei casually took one and pushed the other one to Lin Zisheng.

“Try it, freshly squeezed orange juice tastes good.”7

Seeing Bai Wei’s trained gaze on him, Lin Zisheng sipped a small mouthful of the orange juice. At the corner where she couldn’t see, a hint of sarcasm flashed through his eyes.

“I don’t think there are anything to talk about between us. I remember very clearly all the things you did to me in the past.”

Lin Zisheng’s voice was bone-biting chilly, and his tone was filled with ridicule. He was completely different from that ‘cold face but warm heart’ person in Bai Wei’s memory. Bai Wei’s eyes met with Lin Zisheng’s , and discovered disgust and hatred in the depth of his eyes. This is impossible, Lin Zisheng should be the person who loved her the most, how could he hate her now?!

“Bai Wei, you really think that I don’t know how my legs got crippled?”

Discovered that Bai Wei is looking at him with a ‘you are heartless, you are immoral, you are unreasonable’ gaze, Lin Zisheng doesn’t know how fed up he is in his heart.

Bai Wei was stunned, then she screamed out with a high-pitched voice, “It was all done by Ah Mo, the one who hurt your leg is also Ah Mo!”

“Bai Wei, you really treat me as a fool. Do you think that I really didn’t discover you leaving a mark for Su Mo while we were running away?” Lin Zisheng sneered, looking down at her in his heart, “To be honest, I am just a tool for you to grasp Su Mo’s heart!”

After he said that, Lin Zisheng pulled out a RMB100 bill from his wallet and threw it onto the bar table, “Don’t ever come to me again, I don’t want to see you.”

“Ah Sheng, you won’t leave Ah Mo no matter what?”

Bai Wei’s voice sounded a bit resentful and carried a hint of sigh, “I don’t want you guys to go up the wrong path.”

Lin Zisheng heard this kind of Holy Mother words before. When he stood up to leave, he suddenly felt dizzy and he couldn’t seem to stand up properly. In an instant, Lin Zisheng immediately understood in his heart — he fell into Bai Wei’s trap. Just when Lin Zisheng is about to fall to the ground, a burly man caught him and carried him on his shoulder.

Watching the back of that man carrying Lin Zisheng away, Bai Wei’s eyes were full of pleasure/smiles, “Ah Sheng, I have already given you a chance but you didn’t cherish it. Since you refuse to leave Ah Mo, then I will make you to feel so shameful that you can’t stay beside him anymore!”

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