Chapter 10:the Elixir for Washing the Marrow

Seeing Wu Chi’s elixir, Luo Kun’s eyes were more despicable, and he grunted impatiently, “Enough, I call you here, not to listen to this stuff.”

“Ah, it is not what you just asked me?” Wu Chi answered with grievance and carefully took the elixir back.

Luo Kun had no patience to dally with him, directly asked: “It is said that these days, you have been practicing sword with her, and even inherited The Shadow’s swordsmanship.”

“Bah, I think she’s fooling me. What a shit the swordsmanship is! You don’t know how strong I thought it was, I took a lot to let her teach it to me, but it was not powerful at all. And I don’t think it was the famous The Shadow’s swordsmanship.” His head shook like a rattle drum, Wu Chi complained bitterly, “That girl looks like a simple person. In my opinion, she is very scheming.”

Luo Kun directly ignored this series of unnecessary complaints. What he cared about was whether Wu Chi had learned The Shadow’s swordsmanship.

“If you show me, maybe I can tell that?”

Hearing this, Wu Chi’s eyes suddenly turned and his words suddenly turned. “Emmmm, Mr. Luo, I don’t want to say, but you know my power. I am really too weak to remember clearly.”

Speaking, Wu Chi cautiously looked at Luo Kun’s face, and then went on to say, “Well, maybe my talent is too bad, I can’t see the mystery in it, maybe! She said that The Shadow’s swordsmanship is the key to the recognition of the master by The Shadow.”

Luo Kun was finally moved by the instant light of his eyes.

“Show me the swordsmanship! Don’t worry, if it’s true, I will give lots of money.”

“Of course!” With nodding his head, Wu Chi’s eyes narrowed slightly. “Oh, brother Luo, you know my memory is too bad, I really can’t remember it now. Maybe I will see it again tomorrow and come back to show it to you, is that ok?”

Wu Chi’s thoughts were penetrated at a glance, Luo Kun became more impatient, turned his wrist, took out a jade bottle and said lightly, “Here is an elixir for washing the marrow, you can easily break through the world of washing the marrow into the world of celestial being! Show me The Shadow’s swordsmanship, and then it’s yours.”

Wu Chi stared at the tiny jade bottle with red eyes.

Compared with the elixir for washing the marrow, those for tempering body were just garbage! Only the celestial schools as Tian Shan could bring out this kind of elixirs.

“Aha, excuse my poor memory! In fact, I still remember a little, may I show you now?”

He snorted, but this time Luo Kun was too lazy to talk.

With the stimulation of the elixir for washing the marrow, Wu Chi’s memory improved instantly. He clapped his sword which was wore on his waist, he begun to do it.  Although a set of swordsmanship made some stumbling, it eventually came into play.

The layman watched livelily and the expert watched the real method.

With Luo Kun’s insight, almost at the moment when Wu Chi had just begun to put it into show, he could already confirm that this must be The Shadow’s swordsmanship.

When Wu Chi finished the swordsmanship, Luo Kun suddenly stood up and stared at Wu Chi.

“Mr. Luo, as you can see, this is all I remember.”

At the same time, Wu Chi’s eyes hardly ever moved from the jade bottle on the table.

With the sleeves swept away, the jade bottle flew straight to Wu Chi, and Luo Kun murmured, “Stay here today, and pass on The Shadow’s swordsmanship to me. I will certainly benefit you.”

“Emmmmm……” Wu Chi wanted to get rid of it, but the words had not been uttered, a blob of coldness had already surged into his heart, like a thorn in his back, and swallowed the next words.

“Didn’t you hear what brother Luo said?” The sword was half sheathed, Deng Mao opened his mouth and threatened.

“How is it possible? It’s my pleasure to do something for brother Luo. I am just so happy.” He answered with a smile. Wu Chi instantly changed the conversation and stepped back carefully.

When Wu Chi left, it was already late at night, besides the elixir for washing the marrow, he also took away 5 kilos of gold.

A sneer of disdain rose from the corner of his lips, and Wu Chi strode into the night.

“Such an idiot, what if I really teach you, do you really think that you can learn how to do The Shadow’s swordsmanship? You will be able to make the swords recognize you as master? What’s more, do you really think I will teach you all?”

Wu Chi deliberately stumbled in the execution of swordsmanship. When he taught him, Wu Chi would tear down the swordsmanship in pieces with the excuse that he could not remember it clearly.

In this way, Luo Kun couldn’t really learn The Shadow’s swordsmanship, and because of this, he would feel that this swordsmanship was full of mystery and wanted to study it more.

Of course, for Wu Chi, the greatest advantage was that as long as Luo Kun wanted to learn The Shadow’s swordsmanship, he wouldn’t kill him before he got it! That was how he thought about self-protection before he came.

As for the elixir for washing the marrow and gold, those were pure surprise.

On the other side.

“Does this idiot really think he can leave alive?” With a killer in his eyes, Luo Kun sneered and said, “Of course I want to learn The Shadow’s swordsmanship, but do you think I’m going to let other people live with it?”

“This is the small potato. He thought he’s got a lot of benefits! Well, if he was useless, I’d just kill him.” Deng Mao shook his head and said.

“Don’t worry. He will not be alive no longer. The day of Zhou Yuanting’s burial is the date of his death.” Luo Kun scornfully said, “Let people keep an eye on him. Anyway, this swordsmanship is true. If we can learn it ahead of time, we should be able to refine the sword.”

“In addition to swordsmanship, the true value should still be the mind of sword! Nevertheless, I’m afraid that with that kid’s talent, he may even doesn’t know what the mind of sword is.”

“I don’t know how she thinks in Miss Zhou’s mind. This important swordsmanship can even be taught to an outsider.” Recalling Wu Chi’s swordsmanship, Deng Mao could not help exclaiming, “What’s more, it’s such a shameless person.”

“Maybe the blandishments. She’s the only daughter of Zhou Yuanting, and she doesn’t know that people’s hearts are evil. She’s just a foolish woman.” Shaking his head, Luo Kun said, “When I get the god sword, I will kill this kid in front of her.”

“Yes, she is a little silly girl, but she is so beautiful that you have a crush on her.” Laughing and nodding, Deng Mao echoed.

“Wow, brother, are you……? Don’t worry, when the time comes, she is our plaything.” Luo Kun said indifferently.

Losing the shelter of Zhou Yuanting, no matter how beautiful she was, she just was nothing more than a plaything in their eyes.

“Okay, this stuff is not worthy to talk more, go ahead with the plan! Find a way to get The Shadow first is the right thing.”

In Wu Chi’s room.

After pouring out the elixir for washing the marrow from the jar and the room was filled with abundant spirit.

Looking at the elixir in his hand, Wu Chi could not help sighing. If he didn’t choose to stay to deceive Luo Kun today, he was afraid that he would never have thought of such an elixir in his whole life.

Compared with Iron Sword Group, Luo Kun, a disciple of Tian Shan, he had the real cultivation.

Without hesitation, he happily swallowed the elixir for washing the marrow into his mouth, and he immediately began to refine the elixir to practice.

It had been too long since he got stuck in the world of washing the marrow. In this situation, the more powerful he was, the more possible he could survive. He couldn’t be lazy anymore.

But Wu Chi did not know that Luo Kun had no good intention to give this elixir to him. Although the elixir was precious, it could cause severe pain when he took it. Usually it was needed to cooperate with paregoric to take together.

If he couldn’t bear the pain when the elixir was being quenched, maybe it would greatly reduce the power of the elixir, or even would destroy the original foundation.


The elixir’s power was dispersing in his body, and the terrible spiritual crazy impacted on Wu Chi’s body, which made Wu Chi’s face immediately showed a blob of pain.

Over the years, his foundation was not strong enough, and now with the power of this elixir, refining the body and meridians was no doubt equivalent to remolding the foundation.

It was for this reason that the pain would be much more terrible than that of ordinary people.

Of course, only when he really took the elixir can he understood the gap between the disciples of unknown school and those of famous school like Tian Shan.

There was such a huge difference from the foundation, no matter the higher realm.

However, for Wu Chi, this was nothing.

This elixir for washing the marrow could almost be said to be an opportunity he bought with life gambling, how could he not seize it well?

It was nothing. Even though ten times as painful as he was, he also could grind his teeth and persistence.

It was true that Wu Chi was lazy, but he was never cowardly.

There was never a shortcut to practice!

He broke the world of washing the marrow overnight!

When Wu Chi reopened his eyes, the feeling of strength gave him a feeling of being separated from the world.

The world of celestial being!

The bottleneck that had been stuck for so many years had finally broken through! From this moment on, Wu Chi really broke away from the shackles of ordinary people and became a stylist.

The clothes were already covered with black blood, which was discharged from the body last night when the marrow was washed and the roots were rebuilt. And there was still a stink in it.

Before today, Wu Chi had hardly thought of such a hegemonic potency.

Successfully resisted, Wu Chi naturally understood the danger of it, and his heart was full of sneer.

“It was almost killed secretly!”

The corner of his lips rose slightly, and he looked out of the window at the dim light of the sky, Wu Chi whispered to himself.

“Luo Kun, I’m sure I’m going to kill you! We will see!”

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