Chapter 12:The Shadow (Part 2)

Looking at The Shadow in front of her, Zhou Boyan hesitated again. How many of her own understanding of The Shadow’s swordsmanship was clear in her heart. What she said that the success rate of 20%-30% was the most optimistic judgment.

Most importantly, there was the only one chance to get the sword’s recognition in this way.

If it failed, then if she wanted to get the recognition of The Shadow in the future, she could only rely on practice as a way of forced refining.

She did not say these words to Wu Chi, nor did she want Wu Chi to bear more psychological burden. After all, this matter had nothing to do with Wu Chi.

But there was really no time!

Her lips were bitten with a trace of blood, Zhou Boyan stepped out with a strong heart, and suddenly pressed her palm on the Shadow.

Just the time of a few breaths, Zhou Boyan’s face suddenly turned pale and her body trembled uncontrollably, as if she could collapse at any moment.

Only when she really got in touch with The Shadow can she understand how difficult it was to get recognition.

Even though she had been prepared psychologically, Zhou Boyan was almost fainted by the impact of the sword, and could only insist on it by virtue of only a trace of reason.

That was not a direct refinement, but in the moment of contact with The Shadow, releasing a hint of the understanding of the mind of sword. And in her consciousness, she continually deduced The Shadow’s swordsmanship.


Sputtering a mouthful of blood, the snow-white clothes immediately left a few striking bloodstains, Zhou Boyan fell back a few steps, her face no longer a trace of blood. If Wu Chi’s quick reaction didn’t get her, she would have fallen to the ground.

“How is it? Was it swallowed back by the sword?” Holding Zhou Boyan, Wu Chi’s heart trembled slightly and asked with concern.

“Failed.” Her face was full of bitterness and astringency. Zhou Boyan gently wiped the blood from the corners of her mouth and sighed, “It’s too difficult. I was too optimistic before. Actually, there was no 30% hope and now less than 5%. ”

“Are you injured? Is it serious?” Wu Chi had already guessed that and what he cared about at the moment was not whether Zhou Boyan had refined The Shadow or not.

“It’s all right.” Shaking her head, Zhou Boyan reluctantly absorbed her spirit. Then she answered softly, “I just tried to guide the sword with the sword’s mind, and I did not force it to refine. Although it was also attacked by some counter-attacks, it was not serious.”

Hearing this, Wu Chi was relieved. “It’s all right. Let’s deduce it slowly. Maybe some miracles will happen.”

“It’s no use.” Shaking her head, Zhou Boyan whispered, “This is the only one chance, The Shadow has remembered my breath, even if I can understand the mind of The Shadow in the future, I can’t use this way to refine it.”

This time, Wu Chi really knew it. And there was a trace of regret in his heart unconsciously, he raised his hand and gave himself a slap.

“What are you doing?” Reaching for Wu Chi’s hand, Zhou Boyan said angrily, “It’s not your fault, it’s my choice.”

Some words came to the mouth but were swallowed down again. Things had come to this point, it was useless to say other things.

“Sorry, I’m too impatient.”

“Don’t say that. It’s fate.” With a sigh, Zhou Boyan had a smile on her face. “Without your help, I would not even have the 5% hope.”

“Anyway, that’s it. We can see it as the last hope which was over.”

Although she was still a teenage girl, Zhou Boyan’s temperament and mind were far from being comparable to those of ordinary people. Just for a moment, she forced her mind to adjust.

“After a while, I’ll sent you away.” There was a trace of firmness in her eyes, and Zhou Boyan spoke decisively.

Failed to obtain the recognition of The Shadow had almost cut off the last ray of hope, and to some extent, the result was doomed.

“Come with me.” Looking at Zhou Boyan, there was a hint of hesitation in his eyes. Wu Chi raised his head and said softly.

What would happen next? Not only was Zhou Boyan clear, but Wu Chi was also very clear. Otherwise, he would not remind Zhou Boyan to find an opportunity to come to Sword Storing Pavilion.

In fact, this was the last hope.

Shaking her head slightly, Zhou Boyan did not explain, nor did she need to explain.

“It doesn’t make sense for you to stay, only to live is hope, do you understand?” Wu Chi was a little crazy. This little girl just wanted to go all the way to the end. She refused to turn back even though she knew she was going to die.

“But there are always things more important than life.”

Looking at Zhou Boyan’s earnest eyes, Wu Chi could not say anything at last.

Was there anything more important than life in this world?

Wu Chi was incomprehensible. He had always been a small potato who only wants to eat and drink for free. If the trajectory of his life did not change, maybe he would spend his life in Iron Sword Group in obscurity until the end of his life.

Even now, he still couldn’t understand why he had the courage to draw his sword to his brother in order to insist on staying.

But now the result was almost doomed. Should he stick to it?

He had met Luo Kun, and he knew how terrible the gap between the two sides was. There was no chance to resist at all for the Sword Shadow Villa without Zhou Boyan.

Feeling lost, Wu Chi didn’t even remember how he left Sword Storing Pavilion.

Sitting silently in the courtyard, her heart was inexplicably complicated.

“Miss Zhou, have you really decided?” Looking at this girl who could almost be said to be brought up by himself, uncle Shui’s eyes were full of pity.

“Uncle Shui, don’t persuade me. I’ve already thought about it.” Looking up, Zhou Boyan said slowly, “I grew up in the favor of my father and elders. I enjoyed a life that others could not imagine. Now, naturally, I have to shoulder some responsibilities.”

“Sword Shadow Villa is my father’s lifelong effort. Everyone here is my relatives. How can I selfishly leave them and escape alone?”

“Maybe things haven’t reached that point yet.” Uncle Shui hesitated for a moment and continued, “If you left, they would at most rob the sword.”

Before uncle Shui finished, Zhou Boyan interrupted him, and a slight scorn rose from her lips. “Uncle Shui, you don’t have to coax me! I understand, this time, no matter whether we hand in the Sword or not, we can’t stop them.”

“The disciple of Tian Shan, there are some things that can be done, but absolutely no one can say.”

From the beginning, Zhou Boyan was very clear the result that she could not keep The Shadow.

Tian Shan would not easily bear the reputation of robbing The Shadow, so as a fig leaf, Sword Shadow Villa must be destroyed, otherwise it would leave some hidden dangers.

With a sigh, uncle Shui did not persuade anymore, because persuasion was useless.

“Uncle Shui, please ask someone send him back to Iron Sword Group.” Looking at the sunshine that had already declined to the west, Zhou Boyan said softly.

“Miss Zhou, won’t you see him again?”

“No more.” Shaking her head, Zhou Boyan slowly turned her back and said in a low voice, ” Sword Shadow Villa is not ungrateful, we must send him away safely.”

After a moment of silence, uncle Shui turned around silently and left quietly.

But he did not find that, when he was turning around, there was tears dripping slowly on her face, choking silently.

“Mr. Wu, Miss Zhou ordered that you should leave the villa.”

After opening the door, Wu Chi didn’t wake up until Shui Shu’s voice sounded slowly.

“Uncle Shui.” Wu Chi had seen him before, and naturally understood his identity. He had some bitterness in his mouth, but for a time he had no idea what to say.

With a sigh, uncle Shui said slowly, “Come on, I know what are you thinking now, but you are still too weak after all. There’s no meaning in staying.”

Although nobody had identified it, this kind of emotion, there was still no secret in uncle Shui’s eyes.

If Zhou Yuanting was still alive, Wu Chi would not even have the chance to meet Miss Zhou, let alone had any feelings with Zhou Boyan.

Now that Zhou Yuanting was gone, the villa was in a stormy state, even if it was about to be destroyed, there was no way to change it with Wu Chi’s identity and strength.

It was cruel, but that was also the reality.

Maybe many years later, in the memory of the boy in front of him, he would remember all of today, but that was just a memory.

“Can’t we wait any longer?” Wu Chi was still struggling, trying to grasp something desperately.

“No, if we do, you can’t walk away.” Shaking his head, uncle Shui murmured.

He naturally understood what Wu Chi meant.

But nowadays, it was no secret that Wu Chi stepped into the Sword Storing Pavilion with Zhou Boyan, and it was impossible to drag on any longer.

On the other side.

“Does he want to go?”

With a sneer, Luo Kun scornfully said, “If he wants to run away when he took advantage of it from me, how can it be so easy?”

“Brother Luo, now we can’t take care of him. It’s the right thing to keep eyes on Miss Zhou and the Sword Storing Pavilion.” Seeing Luo Kun angry, Deng Mao quickly said, “Now it seems that Miss Zhou must have failed in refining the god sword. Now we have to be on guard against her escape, or someone with The Shadow to escape.”

As for this, Luo Kun also calmed down a little. “As long as nobody can refine the sword, it is impossible to take it away silently, which is not to worry about.”

After a pause, Luo Kun went on to say, “Nevertheless, we should be on guard against Miss Zhou’s escape! Zhou Yuanting had a close relationship with Changchun Immortal. Once she escapes to Kun Lun, we are afraid of trouble.”

“Good! Not only her, these people at Sword Shadow Villa, we can’t let go of any of them! Only dead people don’t talk.” Deng Mao said, and his eyes were full of killing.

“Well, for Wu Chi, we just let him go freely.” Luo Kun said discontentedly.

“Don’t worry, brother, he can’t run away.” With a sneer, Deng Mao scornfully said, “It’s easy to kill him when we finish dealing with Sword Shadow Villa? He can’t be allowed to live just because he has the skill of The Shadow’s swordsmanship.”

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