Chapter 13:Escape by Crafty Scheme

There was snowing slightly in the sky.

The sound of the Chinese zither came from the pavilion and went away in the snow. The sound of the Chinese zither was melodious, but when it fell to uncle Shu’s ears, it sounded sadder.

Ever since she started practicing The Shadow’s swordsmanship, Zhou Boyan had never played the Chinese zither again! Up to now, the failure of refining The Shadow had almost cut off all hope, and she finally picked up the Chinese zither again.

He walked into the pavilion lightly, and changed into a cup of hot tea and squeezed a smile on his face.

“Miss Zhou, I haven’t heard you play the Chinese zither for a long time.”

Zhou Boyan stopped it, and she raised her head and asked softly, “Has he gone yet?”

With a sigh in his heart, Uncle Shui subconsciously bowed his head and answered, “Yeah.”

Closing his eyes slightly, Zhou Boyan’s face became colder and colder, but she did not speak after all, just the sound of the Chinese zither changed unconsciously, showing a sense of parting.

This song, no complaint of the sadness of parting, just to say goodbye.

Looking at Zhou Boyan in silence, uncle Shui’s face showed a trace of guilt. Just thinking of the previous scene, he was firm again.

“I’m sorry, Miss Zhou. I hope you won’t blame me this time. Please allow me be selfish once.”

Actually, something happened between Wu Chi and uncle Shui.

“Uncle Shui, I want to stay. Now, as you know, it’s almost irreversible.” Wu Chi said.

Looking at uncle Shui, Wu Chi’s eyes showed a strong feeling and said softly, “I’m just a small potato, I can’t make vigorous efforts to turn the situation! But maybe I can take her away. You won’t really have the heart to let her die with Sword Shadow Villa?”

After hearing this, uncle Shui’s heart was shaken.

He was almost watching Zhou Boyan grow up all the time, although nominally he was only a descendant, but in his heart, he did regard Zhou Boyan as his daughter.

He was very clear about Zhou Boyan’s character, if there was someone can really let Zhou Boyan give up the idea of coexistence with Sword Shadow Villa, then it must be the boy in front of him.

It was better to have little hope than no hope.

And the price? It was just that Wu Chi might lose his life.

Yes, it was selfish, but for Zhou Boyan, it was nothing to be selfish.

“It’s dangerous. You may die.”

After thinking for a long time, uncle Shui finally opened his mouth and said.

“So what? Wouldn’t it be cost-effective to risk my life for her?”

Looking at him calmly, Wu Chi did not hide anything, but simply pointed out. He didn’t mind being more straightforward, because it was the only chance and the only way to persuade uncle Shui to help him.

Everyone was selfish, and what he gambled on was the selfish side of human nature.

“After the funeral, before Miss Zhou returns to Sword Shadow Villa, this is the only chance.”

Uncle Shui turned back slowly, and said quietly.

Wu Chi changed into a servant’s clothes and watched the carriage slowly leave Sword Shadow Villa, Wu Chi’s eyes showed a cold feeling.

From this moment on, in the eyes of all people, he had left, and there was more space to move.

Time was running out. Although he didn’t know how much success he had, this was the only chance.

Through the night, Wu Chi lowered his head and slowly stepped into a distant courtyard.

“Where is the wine, damn? How come it’s gone so soon?”

Several people made a mess of the courtyard, shouting and scolding while looking for the servant.

“It’s hard to get rid of the damn guy. Today we are celebrating. But how can we not have wine? Anyone here? Are you all dead??”

He just turned around and saw the boy who had just entered the courtyard.

“Hey, that boy, come here and get some more wine for us. Do you hear me?”

He walked slowly to the speaker, looked up slightly, with a little banter, and said softly, “Sir, it’s so late, I think you’d better drink water.”

“Damn it, who are you? What I want to drink, it’s not your turn to……”

Just half the curse was said, then the man saw the boy’s face. Suddenly, as if his throat had been stuck and swallowed the last word “strike in”.

In an instant, the cold sweat penetrated the vest, and the liquor immediately dissipated most of it.

“Mr……Mr. Wu, why are you here?”

Turning his eyes into white, Wu Chi sneered and said, “Where am I going? Do I need to report to you?”

“No! No! No!”

At this moment, other people also reacted to it. The moment they saw Wu Chi, they immediately became well-behaved.

These were the guys who used money to entice Wu Chi to look for Sword Storing Pavilion. Then they were badly beaten by Wu Chi later. They just heard that Wu Chi had gone, and before they had time to celebrate, no one could imagine that the damn guy came to then again.

“Which damn guy is going to go away in your words?” Looking at the man coldly, Wu Chi asked slowly.


Was there anything more tragic than swearing behind one’s back and being caught accurately?

He wanted to explain intentionally, but under Wu Chi’s cold eyes, he couldn’t say a word, and only bowed his head and pretend to hear nothing, hoped to muddle through.

With a hum, Wu Chi didn’t mean to go into it. He kicked his foot on that man’s buttock and looked at the dirty surroundings in disgust. He said lightly, “What should you do? Do I need to tell you?”

Just a split second, these several people were busy cleaning up, without daring to say a word of superfluous nonsense.

“Didn’t you leave, Mr. Wu?”

When they cleaned up the surroundings, the leader with some courage asked carefully.

“Bullshit, Sword Shadow Villa is about to end, at this time, I do not stay to get some benefits, am I silly?” When the corner of his lips rose, Wu Chi snorted disdainfully, “That girl, it’s a dream to drive me away at this time! And I just did a little trick, then I turned around and came back.”

Something came to his mind. Wu Chi’s eyes suddenly showed a cold killing, and his palm rested on the handle of his sword. “You guys, you don’t want to betray me, do you?”

“Dare not, we absolutely dare not!” Their sidelong glance fell on Wu Chi’s sword at the waist. They were busy expressing and feared to arouse Wu Chi’s suspicion and be killed.

“I’m not convenient to appear in front of outsiders now. I need someone to pry into news for me, is there any problem?”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Wu. You can command us whenever you want.”

At this time, let alone pry into news, if Wu Chi wanted them go and set fire to Sword Shadow Villa, which must be agreed first.

“Okay, you should go. I’m tired, and I’m going to have a rest.” Wu Chi’s voice came out again. Then he kicked open the door of a room and swaggered in.

“Also, you can try to tell Luo Kun or that girl the news of my staying! However, it is not certain what I will end up with at that time, but what result you guys will get, I think you are clearer than me.”

This sentence immediately hit the key point of these several people.

These several people who had been wondering whether to sneak the news out immediately became well-behaved.

After Wu Chi said that, they knew what to do.

It was said that Wu Chi had also met Luo Kun, and gained a lot of benefits. As for Zhou Boyan, they all knew that Wu Chi and Zhou Boyan were familiar with each other. And he was to have left, which was also the carriage sent by Sword Shadow Villa.

If they really divulged the news, no matter Zhou Boyan or Luo Kun, they might not do anything to Wu Chi, but if they betrayed this damn guy, they would be afraid that all of them were really dead.

Thinking of this, they were going to go crazy!

There was nothing worse than that.

Lying in bed, Wu Chi did not really rest, but a strong sense of fatigue surged into his heart.

He forced himself to stay, which seemed peaceful, but Wu Chi was very clear about the difficulty.

Without mentioning how to persuade Miss Zhou to leave, it was a very troublesome thing to try to avoid Luo Kun’s people. At the most dangerous time, it was also a very troublesome thing to take Zhou Boyan away from this place.

The real power on hand was limited, and time was so pressing that it had no time to arrange it slowly.

Thoughts flashed through his mind. And in a daze, the scene of The Shadow in the Sword Storing Pavilion today seemed to be recurring in his mind, and uncontrollably deduced The Shadow’s swordsmanship again.

Although Zhou Boyan failed to refine The Shadow, Wu Chi had to admit that seeing The Shadow brought him great benefits.

If there were still half a month, or seven days, or even three days, Wu Chi had a certain confidence to reverse derive the mind of sword, and at least 70% of the confidence of Zhou Boyan to refine the sword.

Unfortunately, it was too late.

When he thought that The Shadow might fall into Luo Kun’s hands, Wu Chi’s heart could hardly contain a trace of unwillingness.

Even if Luo Kun is a disciple of Tian Shan, he was still not qualified to refine the god sword in Wu chi’s heart.

Wu Chi tried to get rid of these confused ideas in his mind, and massaged the temple vigorously, to calm down himself.

Nowadays, it was not important who could get The Shadow. Most importantly, how could he take Zhou Boyan away?

Zhou Boyan said that there was always something more important than life, but Wu Chi always believed that only living could have hope, if she was dead, then everything became empty, and what he said was meaningless.

“Miss Zhou, please don’t be foolish again! Even if we lose The Shadow, we can still find another chance to recapture it. So please do not be foolish! “

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