Chapter 16:A Frenzied Man

Blood slid down the sword blade and fell heavily on the ground, it also fell on the bottom of Zhou Boyan’s heart.

“Miss Zhou, you are so cold-blooded. This is the seventh people, are you still not willing to save him?”

Looking at Zhou Boyan with cold eyes, Deng Mao scornfully said, “Look, this little guy is not ten years old? Poor boy, he’s dying because of your indifference.”

The sword blade pointed to the chest of a frightened child, and Deng Mao smiled and said,“Little boy, don’t you beg your sister?”

“Sister, help me, I am afraid, I am so afraid!” The little guy was frightened and cried, but he couldn’t move even if he wanted to run.

“Son of a bitch, he’s still a child, let him go!”

“Let him go or not, it is your choice, not mine.” Deng Mao indifferently said, “Not only is he, all people today are dead because of you.”

“You shut up! The men of our Zhou family can die, not cry!” A middle-aged man struggled  to take a step forward and stared at the little guy and yelled.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

Luo Kun gently applauded and praised, “It is really touching. You would rather sacrifice your own child to keep the dignity of Sword Shadow Villa, I even be moved.”

Luo Kun went to the child step by step, Luo Kun smiled and said, “What a lovely child, your name is Yang Yang right? You tell me, is your sister a bad person?”

“Yes! My sister is a bad person.” He was very frightened and bit his lips with nodding his head.

“Will you beat her? She killed so many people, you hit her hard, so she won’t harm anyone, okay?”

“I dare not!”

“You must do this!” Luo Kun was still laughing like a demon, “If you don’t hit her, I’ll kill you! Are you afraid of death?”

“Are you ashamed for bullying a child like this?” There was a touch of hatred in her eyes, and Zhou Boyan asked in cold voice.

At the same time as Zhou Boyan spoke, the child had already rushed over and punched and kicked Zhou Boyan.

The child under the age of ten had no strength at all.

Naturally, it was impossible to really hurt Zhou Boyan, but this blow was like hitting Zhou Boyan’s heart and making her unable to breathe.

Luo Kun did not care about Zhou Boyan’s question, he said lightly, “Miss Zhou, my patience has been nearly exhausted, you understand?”

“Gee, this girl is really tough, and she won’t give in.”

Wu Chi watched all these with standing in the crowd around, even though his heart was full of sense of killing, but his face still did not exposed.

“You know shit! She’s the smart girl. As long as she doesn’t open the prohibition, these people have a chance to live. Once she opens the prohibition, they will no longer be able to negotiate. Then everyone will die.”

“That makes sense!” The other one nodded, and the person next to him looked back at Wu Chi, “Hey, brother, are you a new guy here?”

“Hey, I am just a little potato and want to get some advantage from it! If Mr Luo can get The Shadow, we can also get some advantage.”

“Yeah, it depends on how much longer Miss Zhou can handle this. I think it’s her limitation, because Luo Kun is too vicious.”

“Luo Kun, you don’t have to waste your energy! The people of Sword Shadow Villa have been almost killed by you, and the rest is only the difference between early death and late death!” Zhou Boyan’s face was colder and colder when she raised her head, “Since I have returned, I do not want to be alive, it is nothing but live or die with my villa. What’s more, no one can open this prohibition, even if you are a master and want to forcibly break into, it will only make the prohibition destroy the sword. No one can get it.”

In an instant, Luo Kun’s eyes were full of sense of killing!

Zhou Boyan were very calm, there was a sense of disdain of death from the eyes!

That was true!

It was because of this made Luo Kun even angrier!

For The Shadow, he sacrificed a lot of benefits, and even did not hesitate to bear such a bad reputation. If The Shadow was really destroyed, it would be a big loss.

If it was gotten out, he would be a laughing stock for everyone.

When he noticed this, Luo Kun’s heart was suddenly angry!

Staring at Zhou Boyan, he said, “Zhou Boyan, I am not afraid to tell you frankly! I am bound to have The Shadow, if you insist on pushing me, I can do everything!”

“I don’t want to kill anyone. As long as you hand over the sword, I can let you go! Even these people, I can let them go too!”

“What?” Looking scornfully at Luo Kun, Zhou Boyan said lightly, “If anyone is still alive in Sword Shadow Villa, you can’t hide this thing! Do you dare to let them go and harm the reputation of Tian Shan? “

Zhou Boyan was clear about that.

Zhou Yuanting and Changchun Immortal were good friends, as long as there were still people living in Sword Shadow Villa, once someone found Changchun Immortal in the future, things would inevitably be bigger!

Luo Kun could not afford the consequences.

He could take the sword, but the people of Sword Shadow Villa must all be killed.

As long as there were no living people, there was no proof! Changchun Immortal could no longer intervene. As for the rumors, he did not care because the rumors could not become evidence.

Staring coldly at Zhou Boyan as if he wanted to kill her with his eyes!

Then Luo Kun slowly said, “Miss Zhou, it seems that you do not understand that sometimes, death is a luxury.”

It seemed that he was tired of it, he kicked out the child who still punched Zhou Boyan, and that boy was dying.

With a sneer, Luo Kun went on to say, “Miss Zhou, are you sure you want to resist?”

There was a hint of indifference in her eyes, and Zhou Boyan closed her eyes slightly, even without being interest in answering.

“Good, good!”

Luo Kun began to speak loudly.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Zhou is a beautiful woman. In the past, you couldn’t even imagine that you could get her! Now, I’m giving you this chance!”

“Here it is, you will do whatever you want to her, understand?”


In an instant, the crowd suddenly became roaring!

Those who remained here today were the evil people, they immediately understood what Luo Kun meant.

For a woman, especially a beautiful woman, death was really not the most terrible thing.

Zhou Boyan opened her eyes again and her eyes were full of anger and shame!

She was not afraid of death, but such humiliation was more terrible than death!

Suddenly, Zhou Boyan crossed the sword to the neck and she was going to kill herself!


Almost at the same time, Luo Kun suddenly shot his sword and the sword hit Zhou Boyan’s wrist with precision, then Zhou Boyan’s sword was off.

What’s more, his body suddenly leaned out and stormed Zhou Boyan at the same time,.

The attack was like a storm, which was fast to the extreme.

There was no room for Zhou Boyan to defense, then she was controlled.

Her vital spirit and entire body meridians were sealed, even her a little finger could not move.

This was the real first time that Luo Kun attacked someone. His horrible power really showed up in this moment.

Even Zhou Boyan, who had already stepped into the world of celestial being, she had no room to fight back in front of him.

The Tian Shan disciple, and he was the true core of disciples, no matter what kind of character he had, the strength was absolutely beyond doubt.

Holding Zhou Boyan’s chin, Luo kun said, “Miss Zhou, I will give you one last chance! Open the door of prohibition, and I ‘ll give you a decent way to die!”

A tremendous amount of pressure ran down and she almost suffocated.

Under such a threat, it seemed that no one could hold on. This was the truly most terrible threat, even the hope of suicide was lost, so what else could she do?

At this moment, everyone felt that Zhou Boyan was going to crazy.

However, Zhou Boyan’s cold voice was sounded and hit Luo Kun’s heart hardly at the next moment.

“Damn you!”

“Who do you think I am?” Zhou Boyan still had no fear in her eyes without any strength, but only hatred, “I am the owner of Sword Shadow Villa and so many people died for my villa! I won’t give up for my villa, for them!”

“You can defile my body, but you couldn’t surrender my soul!”

“I swear you’ll get nothing!”

What an unyielding woman she was!

Obviously she just a girl of 17 years old, but Zhou Boyan’s body burst out a deadly fierce at this moment!

This moment, Zhou Boyan was very beautiful!

Even the person with a bad heart, they couldn’t help but have sense of self-abasement from the bottom of heart.

Luo Kun’s heart flashed a trace of hesitation, but it was replaced by shame quickly!

There was a trace of madness in his eyes, and he opened his mouth and said, “I am wondering how strong you could be! Hey, you two come here and get her naked! I want to show all the people how strong she is”


In an instant, Wu Chi’s eyes became bloody, his nails stabbed into the palm, there was blood slowly flowing out of the fingers!

Wu Chi had never been so angry!

And he had never seen such a disgusting guy.

Although he knew that there was a cruel thing for Zhou Boyan if she came back, the result was still beyond his imagination!

The blood inside seemed to burn in an instant!

He wanted to rush up and tear Luo Kun into pieces with a sense of killing in his heart. However, the remaining trace of reason told him that he would not change anything if he rushed up like this, which would only let himself lose his life for nothing without making a single impact.

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