Chapter 18:Sword Spirit Come into Body

That was a crisis!

There was an almost instinctive intuition about dangerous in Luo Kun’s mind. Although Wu Chi just stepped into the world of celestial being, at this moment, this method gave him a very dangerous feeling that he should not delay entering and face the method directly.

Between life and death, Wu Chi pushed out all the potential in his body. The power of this method had far exceeded his own strength, and even showed a blob of the mind of The Shadow.

If Luo Kun had time to prepare, even if Wu Chi tried his best, it would not threaten him at all. But now they were contending this fleeting opportunity so that he did not want to waste his time to deal with him.

In Luo Kun’s eyes, killing was on fire. He did not step back or even draw his sword. He raised his hand with his finger as the sword, ignored Wu Chi’s attack, and suddenly pointed to Wu Chi’s eyebrow.


Even though Luo Kun had overestimated Wu Chi, he still underestimated Wu Chi’s resilience after this method.

Wu Chi did not use his sword to pierce Luo Kun’s vital part. The gap of strength was too big. Even if he could hurt Luo Kun, it still couldn’t play a decisive role. All he had to do was to stop Luo Kun’s methods.

The blade of the sword turned steeply, Wu Chi changed the method in an almost impossible way and accurately pointed to Luo Kun’s finger.

The sword in his hand instantly crumbled, as if it was not a fight between iron and flesh at all, but a glass hit a hard stone.

A finger smashed the sword. And the tendency of this method was resisted slightly, which was hit off the line, eventually it fell on Wu Chi’s clavicle.

With a click, Wu Chi’s clavicle broke and a mouthful of blood gushed from Wu Chi’s mouth, the whole person suddenly became feeble.

There was a flicker of ruthlessness in Wu Chi’s eyes. Instead of resisting the power of this finger, Wu Chi flew into the prohibition by the impulse of this finger.

It was a long story, but in fact, it was just the time of two short breaths!

However, for Wu Chi and Zhou Boyan, the time of two breaths was enough.

The time for the prohibition opening was only three breaths, and Wu Chi flied in almost at the moment of the time of last breath, counting the time when Boyan first entered.

Wu Chi was hurt seriously by that finger. Luo Kun ran to the prohibition, as he prepared to step in, his heart suddenly raised a wave of deadly crisis, and the Tian Shan token in his arms was warning him with a burst of hot air.

Between life and death, Luo Kun had no hesitation, the foot had already stepped in suddenly took back.

At the moment he almost took his foot back, there was no sign that the gap of the prohibition disappeared!

The cold sweat suddenly soaked Luo Kun’s vest, if he acted not quickly, he might die there.

He escaped with bare life, which made him have a remnant of the lucky, but it was soon replaced by anger!

He failed!

He were teased so abruptly. He had been shooting wild goose all the time, but now he was pecked by a little bird, how could he stand it?


The ground was cracked by Luo Kun’s feet, and it left a nearly ten meters long cracks.

“Block the Sword Storing Pavilion, not a fly to be let out!”

Wu Chi naturally did not care how angry Luo Kun was, in fact, he only hated himself too weak to kill Luo Kun! He fell on the ground and vomited a mouthful blood again. Seeing Luo Kun was eventually stopped at the door, the anger in his heart finally dissipated a lot.

“Are you all right?”

Zhou Boyan held Wu Chi anxiously, the tears on her face uncontrollably dripped on Wu Chi’s clothes.

For her, this short time, it really was the transition from hell to heaven!

“I am still alive.” Even though there was blood flowing out of his mouth, Wu Chi was still smiling.

She took out a variety of healing elixir which like free candy, then put them into Wu Chi’s mouth. Her body was trembling and she felt inexplicably fearful!

My father was not here, but also ruined Sword shadow villa, now in front of the people, was the only people close to her, she even dared not imagine what would happen if Wu chi died.

“I’m sorry, it was my fault, I am so sorry.” She said.

“Don’t cry!” Lying in Zhou Boyan’s arms, Wu Chi laughed and said, “Hey, my little girl, I’m not dead yet. Don’t curse me, or I’ll die by your crying.”

Could this bastard be more annoying?

After a brief loss of consciousness, Zhou Boyan finally calmed down!

Wu Chi was seriously injured. He just with one breath to hold.Once the release of this breath , he might die at any time.

Luo Kun’s strength was too strong to compete with Wu Chi at all. To block him for the time of two breaths, Wu Chi gambled with his life! It was no exaggeration to say that Wu Chi traded his life for the time of the two breaths.

Although Wu Chi could still joke with her , in fact, the situation had already been so bad that it was no exaggeration to say that he might even die at any time.

“Don’t talk like that, you won’t die!”

Outside the prohibition.

“Brother Luo, what should we do now?”

Deng Mao became ashamed and he was a little anxious. They wasted so much energy, but in the end they let a damn boy stir up the situation and made such a big mess.

“Wait!” With a sullen face, Luo Kun murmured, “That boy was hurt by one finger from mine, and the sword spirit entered his body, so he could last up to half a day. He’s dead! Now we must find ways to defeat Zhou Boyan’s psychological defense as soon as possible and force her out.”

“How is it possible?” Deng Mao shook his head and said, “We were so cruel to persecute, but she still refused to give in. Now she has hidden in the prohibition. Even if she dies in there, it was impossible to compromise.”

“That’s not necessarily true!” With a blob of radiance in his eyes, Luo Kun said, “This boy has sacrificed so much for her. If I say they have no feelings to each other, do you believe it?”

“What do you mean?”

“This boy is in danger. She can’t save him by her ability! Taking this as a breakthrough, we may be able to force her to give in!”

“Good idea! I’ll talk to her now!” At the moment, Deng Mao was nodding his head heavily.

“No hurry!” Luo Kun stopped Deng Mao with waving his hands, and he said slowly: “We can wait, when she is desperate, it is most likely to force her to follow our order.”

The sun was setting!

Wu Chi didn’t know how much medicine for healing he had taken, but it still had no effect. Zhou Boyan could only watch Wu Chi’s breath became more and more weak.

In fact, the physical injury was not a big problem, but the sword spirit followed with that finger into his body was like a maggot for eroding bone, constantly eroding Wu Chi’s internal organs, destroying the body’s vitality! Such power couldn’t be dispelled by elixir, not to mention by the power of Wu Chi and Zhou Boyan.

Wu Chi had no strength to joke, but he was still smiling, as if he had not noticed his injury at all.

“Miss Zhou!”

Suddenly, outside the sword pavilion, Luo Kun’s voice slowly sounded.

“Sword spirit enters the body, I’m afraid he can’t hold that, right?”

In an instant, Zhou Boyan’s eyes showed a blob of deep hatred, but she still did not reply.

Luo Kun did not care whether Zhou Boyan answers or not.

“Now, don’t you understand? You can’t keep The Shadow in any case. Instead of procrastinating, you could hand it in.” Luo Kun said.

“I don’t have to bully you either! As long as you open the prohibition, I can give you a decent way to die, while guaranteeing to save him and let him go. He went on to say.

“Miss Zhou, you’d better think it over. Time waits for no one! I can wait, but I’m afraid that boy, your good friend, he can’t wait.” He added.

There was no more entanglement, Luo Kun just said a few words, and then went silent again.

But these words were undoubtedly a huge impact for Zhou Boyan, and the suffering in her heart could hardly be described in words.

She was not afraid of death! But she couldn’t watch Wu Chi die!

What’s more, Wu Chi was trying to save her so that he got into this position. How could she persuade herself to watch him die even if there were many reasons.

At this moment, her perseverance was shaken.

There was no doubt that Luo Kun’s dirty tricks hit the vital part of Zhou Boyan perfectly.

But he never thought that Wu Chi was still awake at that moment.

According to his speculation, Wu Chi was eroded by the sword spirit, he must had fainted even though it was not dead at this moment. Only when Zhou Boyan was in a desperate situation and struggling, she might most likely to succumb!

Unfortunately, he still looked down on Wu Chi!

If there was no the stuff about reverse derive the mind of sword to deduce The Shadow’s swordsmanship, even if Wu Chi stepped into the world of celestial being, it would not be able to persist for so long under the erosion of sword spirit. However, Wu Chi had always helped Zhou Boyan deduce the mind of sword, especially after seeing The Shadow last time, he had a lot of insight into the mind of The Shadow. Naturally, a trace of the mind of sword had been formed!

This trace of the mind of sword would not help him on fight, but it would undoubtedly play a great buffer role in facing the erosion of sword spirit. Although it was impossible to expel Luo Kun’s sword spirit, it would not completely lose the ability to resist.

In fact, although it was difficult, Wu Chi had been struggling, trying to defuse the sword spirit in his body.

With a slight pull at the corners of his lips and an ugly smile, Wu Chi whispered, “Little girl, you want to hand me over, right?”

“I can’t defuse the sword spirit in your body. If you go on like this, you will die.”

“Hand me over and let me watch you die, or even be humiliated by them again?” There was no excuse, Wu Chi just asked calmly.

With a sigh, Wu Chi whispered, “Maybe I really can’t last long! But, little girl, don’t forget why I came back. Don’t let my efforts go to waste.”

With a slight tremor in her heart, Zhou Boyan looked at Wu Chi in silence for a long time, and finally nodded slowly, “I will accompany you, no matter life or death!”

“Help me up, I want to see The Shadow again. I promised to help you reverse derive the mind of sword!”


Weeping silently in her heart, Zhou Boyan did not stop Wu Chi.

Life and death were so insignificant, at the worst they could be buried together in the Sword Storing Pavilion. What regret would there be if they could finish the last journey together?

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