Chapter 25  Call White Black (part 2)

Sword, no shadow!

At this moment, Wu Chi seemed to have forgotten everything, all the spirit and all the strength had been integrated into this sword!

In a trance, there seemed to be something born in his body of the brand of Kendo, but Wu Chi just couldn’t think about it at all at that time!

Sword was not really shadowless, it was just too fast to see the shadow.

Even Deng Mao, whose pupils suddenly contracted, raised a slight alarm in his heart. The sword flew over and the shadow of the sword was overlapped. The first was not an attack, but retreat, and the sword danced into a web of swords that couldn’t be poured into by water.


The sword in Deng Mao’s hand was broken into pieces in an instant, and when all the dust settled, The Shadow had pierced his chest! But the sword blade had also exhausted its strength in several encounters, so it was be rigidly blocked by Deng Mao’s powerful genuine qi outside the heart with only three over ten into the flesh.

Time seemed to be fixed at this moment!

Deng Mao stared at Wu Chi deadly. He could not believe that Wu Chi could penetrate his sword net, even cut off his sword with the power of The Shadow, and stabbed the deadly sword.

If Wu Chi’s skill was not too suck, the method would have pierced his heart.

With a backhand slap, Wu Chi was patted out, and Deng Mao’s mouth overflowed with a trace of blood, but his eyes were even more crazy.

“No way, how can you hurt me?”

Like a broken kite, Wu Chi’s strength had disappeared, and with a trace of irony in his eyes, he exhausted his last strength and said, “Sword out of Tian Shan? But nothing more than this!”

In the last moment, it was not strength that enabled the sword to be handed out, but because Wu Chi saw through his method.

Wu Chi had been beaten for so long under the pressure of Deng Mao, almost lost his life. He had already figured out his swordsmanship. The seemingly airtight sword net, in fact, also had great flaws.

Wu Chi caught the flaw in it, cruelly piercing his sword net and stabbing Deng Mao in the chest.

Weariness flooded in Wu Chi’s body, he did not even have the strength to look at it again, so he fainted and fell heavily to the ground.


There was a mind of killing in Deng Mao’s eyes, and even a little fear in it. He jumped up, grabbed the broken sword and stabbed Wu Chi again, who was already unconscious.

Although the sword failed to pierce his heart in the end, it also gave Deng Mao a blob of fear in his heart. He couldn’t understand why Wu Chi, who was beaten into a coma before, could see through his sword method in an instant and almost gave him a lethal stab.

Such an enemy could only be killed with his own hands that could make him peaceful.

However, in the instant of Deng Mao’s jumping up, a wisp of sword spirit burst out in his body and broke into the internal organs, stirred up the genuine qi he had just raised and falling back with a flop.


With a gush of blood, Deng Mao finally realized that there was not only the sword blade with that sword piercing into his body, but also the sword spirit!

“It is impossible! How can he condense sword spirit when he had just entered into the world of celestial being?”

Another mouthful of blood coughed out, Deng Mao could no longer sustain it, fell on the ground, and his eyes were filled with incredible fear.

As a disciple of Tian Shan, he was naturally well aware of the difficulty in the birth of sword spirit. Even among the disciples of Tian Shan, the genius who could condense his sword spirit in the world of condensate was less than five. Such a genius was far from what he or even Luo Kun could compare.

If someone could condense sword spirit, so he or she could really be called sword stylite.

However, Wu Chi had just entered into the world of celestial being, how could this be possible?

He had too much puzzlement in his mind, but it was absolutely impossible to fake the sword spirit that was invading his body and eroding the internal organs.

He was far less favored than Luo Kun in school, and he did not use special means to condense the sword spirit. Nowadays, facing the erosion of the sword spirit, there was no room for resistance at all. However, in the time of a few breaths, his face showed a gray color and clearly felt the rapid passing of vitality.

“Wu Chi, are you all right?”

In a vague and trance, Deng Mao saw Zhou Boyan holding Wu Chi tightly and crying desperately.

Another mouthful of blood came out from Deng Mao’s mouth, but Deng Mao felt his throat dry, as if it was about to crack.

Almost at the same time, a figure came there like a gust of wind, and his eyes swept around the people, eventually fell on Zhou Boyan.

“Sister Zhou?” After a glance, Lu Feng could almost confirm Zhou Boyan’s identity. Although he had not seen Zhou Boyan, he had heard more than once from his master about his friend’s only daughter. Even the Changchun Immortal once joked that he would find an opportunity to propose a marriage and ask Zhou Boyan marry him in the future.

“Save him, Brother Lu, you must save him!” Her face was full of tears, Zhou Boyan cried with Wu Chi in her arms.

After taking out a jade bottle from his bosom and, Lu Feng finally poured out the red elixir in the jade bottle and put it into Wu Chi’s mouth after hesitating for a moment.

“Sister, don’t worry. This is the Nine Turns Protect the Heart Elixir, as long as there is one breath in his body, he can be saved.”

This was a real life-saving elixir, even if he was Lu Feng, he had only one. Ordinarily, he was absolutely reluctant to take it out, but Wu Chi was dying, and Zhou Boyan was crying heart-broken, which made his heart a little unbearable.

Most importantly, he knew that Deng Mao had misled him and had to take great responsibility, so he took the elixir to save Wu Chi.

The elixir just melted in the mouth, and several breaths later, Wu Chi’s breath stabilized so that Zhou Boyan was relieved.

Thinking of the culprit who made this situation, Zhou Boyan looked at Deng Mao and her eyes were full of killing, left Wu Chi’s body, and stabbed like lightning at Deng Mao’s vital part..


She pierced his heart!

Deng Mao, who had been eroded by the sword spirit and could not stand up to it, was unable to dodge Zhou Boyan’s sword.

Deng Mao woke up a few minutes after the sword entered his body and was stimulated by severe pain. He opened his eyes with a return light and said in a cold voice, “Brother Lu, don’t listen to one side of the story! This little boy’s shrewdness is very deep. He set up a trap to plot The Shadow. Now he is trying to escape from disaster and get into Kun Lun. Brother Lu must not be confused by him.”

With all his last strength, Deng Mao immediately died here.

At this time of his death, he didn’t know how much this remark could do, but it was the only thing he could do.

Once the destruction of Sword Shadow Villa was spread out, it would be a catastrophe. They were the disciples of Tian Shan. They couldn’t let Tian Shan have such a bad reputation! Now that they couldn’t kill Zhou Boyan, they could only mislead him once more before he died. As for Lu Feng or Changchun Immortal, no matter how much they trust it, it was no longer important.

“You are nonsense!” Zhou Boyan was shaking with anger. “Brother Lu, Sword Shadow Villa was slaughtered by him and Luo Kun. If it hadn’t been for Wu Chi’s rescue, I would have been killed by them. Don’t believe him.”

Deng Mao’s death shocked Lu Feng greatly.

He had also met Deng Mao several times before. Although Deng Mao was not a genius, he was definitely not a weak person. Who would have thought that the disciple of Tian Shan died in the hands of Wu Chi and Zhou Boyan?

The disciple of Tian Shan died in Kun Lun was by no means a trivial matter. There must be an explanation.

Thoughts flashed through his mind, but it was not the time to think about it. Lu Feng picked up Wu Chi and turned to Zhou Boyan and said, “Sister, you go back to Kun Lun with me first, and then we can talk about it slowly, this little brother is in a bad condition, he needs a good rest.”

While holding Wu Chi, Lu Feng’s vision naturally fell on The Shadow, a slight solidification, but still did not say anything.

Originally, he could not understand how Wu Chi and Zhou Boyan could kill Deng Mao. Now when he saw The Shadow, his understood a little.

“Brother, it’s already arranged!”

After taking Zhou Boyan and Wu Chi back to Kun Lun and arranging to stay, Lu Feng arrived at his brother’s residence to see him.

The young man waved his hand and pointed to the chair beside him and motioned Lu Feng to sit down. Then he said, “Is it clear?”

“She is uncle Zhou’s daughter doubtlessly, Zhou Boyan, I have seen the relics.” After a pause, Lu Feng continued: “Uncle Zhou died, Sword Shadow Villa has been destroyed, only Miss Zhou escaped. It is said that this Wu Chi used his life help her out.”

“What is the origin of Wu Chi?” The young man asked again, tapping his finger on the table.

“It’s a disciple of Iron Sword Group, a third-rate minor school.” Shaking his head, Lu Feng explained, “I checked, The Shadow has recognize him as the master.”

“In this way, uncle Zhou’s The Shadow has indeed fallen into his hands.”

With a nod, Lu Feng continued, “Yes, it’s not clear what happened in Sword Shadow Villa, but there must be something to do with Deng Mao and Wu Chi.”

“What do you think of it?” After a moment’s silence, the young man asked again.

“Master still has three months to finish his practice. It’s a matter of Tian Shan. I’m afraid we can only deal with it when master is here.” Lu Feng thought about it and said cautiously.

When it came to the disciple of Tian Shan, the right and wrong were not what they could decide by these disciples! The truth of Sword Shadow Villa could only be ascertained after Changchun Immortal finished his practice.

Of course, since Zhou Boyan was still alive, Tian Shan must give a confession this time anyway.

The youth did not reply, waiting for Lu Feng to continue.

“Master said at the beginning that he would let Zhou Boyan become a disciple of Kun Lun in the future. Now that I have confirmed her identity, she can do this. And now, she could be preached by brother on behalf of our master provisionally.”

There was no need to worry about Zhou Boyan’s handling. Changchun Immortal and Zhou Yuanting were really life-long friendships, and their disciples were also very clear. They were bound to take care of Zhou Yuanting’s only daughter reasonably.

The real problem was Wu Chi.

“Before Deng Mao’s death, he said that Wu Chi was plotting The Shadow, but I don’t know whether it was true or not.” Lu Feng shook his head in embarrassment and said helplessly, “It should be true that sister Zhou said Wu Chi saved her! However, it is difficult to say whether there are some secrets or not. I really don’t know how to deal with it, so I am here to ask you for advice.”

He nodded his head and was satisfied with Lu Feng’s reply, “Anyway, it’s true that The Shadow fell into his hands! The destruction of Sword Shadow Villa, he was the one who really benefited the most. We don’t know exactly what happened, so now we just look at the result.”

“Sister Zhou wants him to become a disciple of Kun Lun.”

“Kun lun is not the school that anyone can enter if they want to.” Shaking his head slightly, the young man said lightly, “Let’s leave this stuff alone and keep him stay in Kun Lun first. When our master finishes his practice and find out the truth, then we can make a decision.”

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