Chapter 29 Sacrifice Sword


In a twinkling of an eye, the others finally reacted and went round to Wuchi together.

They didn’t do it before, just because they thought Wu Chi and Luo Kun couldn’t be rivals, there was no need to intervene. Now the situation is obviously somewhat wrong, where can we continue to see, really let Luo Kun suffer losses, none of them can fall well.

When these people move, the people of Tiejianmen naturally follow suit. Although they are not as powerful as the others, they may not be unable to compete with each other.

Although there are many people on the other side, Luo Kun is undoubtedly the core. Now Wuchi can block Luo Kun, even suppress the other side, so naturally there will be a chance of World War I.

After being frustrated in Wuchi, Luo Kun was already a little crazy. He took out a sword charm from his body in spite of his heartache.

“Sword out of Tianshan Mountain!”

At the exit of the four words, a red glow suddenly burst out above the sword charm, and the sharp shadow of the sword fell from the breath.

Sword is flying high!

The horrible sword exploded and crushed down toward Wuchi. This is not the half of Luo Kun’s swordsmanship, but the swordsmanship that is really comparable to that of the strongest Taoist.

This is a real life-saving thing. Before Luo Kun went down the hill, his master specially made it for Luo Kun, which was sealed with a sword of his master. The power is even more terrible than the sword charm symbolizing the identity of the core disciples of Tianshan Mountain.

Most importantly, this sword charm can not only protect the body, but also be released voluntarily.

Luo Kun was also angry, which released the sword.

No way!

Instantly, Wu Chi’s heart gave birth to a sense of powerlessness! That terrible sword shadow, like the arrival of heaven’s prestige, has never been resisted at all. This is a gap in absolute strength that can not even be avoided.

Although Chengying Shenjian is powerful, Wuchi nowadays can’t exert its power at all.


In Wuchi’s despair, a thick figure suddenly blocked Wuchi’s front, a touch of blood exploded, turned into a blood-colored sword shadow, ushered in the horrible sword charm.


Holding Wu Chi’s shoulder, the old man dragged Wu Chi into a shadow and disappeared in the hall in a flash.


The sword in his hand pierced the ground so hard that Luo Kun was almost mad with anger and his eyes were full of killers.

“Give up your sword! Damn it! You can’t escape. Wherever you go, I swear I’ll kill you.

Dragged by the old man, he escaped from the iron sword gate and landed in the back hill. Only then did Wu Chi see the old man’s condition.

As if in a few decades of age, the old man’s face was wrinkled, his eyebrows showed a trace of gray, his sword was full of cracks, as if they could collapse completely.


Kneeling in front of the old man, Wuchi’s face was full of tears.

“Good boy!” Reaching out and touching Wuchi’s head, the old man opened his mouth with a smile.

“Sorry, Master, I’m sorry! It’s me who made a mistake.

If it weren’t for involvement in Jianying Villa, Luo Kun would not have been involved, let alone the disaster of iron sword gate.

“Silly boy, you just did what you should do, you’re not wrong! Master thinks you are proud!” Shaking his head slightly, the old man whispered, his eyes full of encouragement.

Not to mention the relationship between us and Jianying Villa, the people who fix the sword should have the spirit of pulling out the sword to help each other. It’s good that you stick to your heart’s sword.

After a pause, the old man continued, “Master is very happy to see you return from Kunlun in the end. It’s good that you can still keep your book in mind under such a promising choice. It’s better than I thought. Master is very happy.

“Master!” Tears fell and Wu Chi choked and shook his head.

“Your temperament has been lazy, unwilling to study hard and practice, has been mixing food and other dead talk. Master was worried that you were not strong-minded, but now it seems that you are doing better than anyone else in the face of big or small issues.

“Master, stop talking. You have a good rest first. I have the medicine.” Seeing that the old man was getting weaker and weaker, Wu Chi took out all kinds of Dandao from his body and handed it to the old man, which Zhou Boyan gave him. Now he even could not distinguish the medicine, and took it out one by one.

“It’s no use.” Shaking his head, the old man said calmly: “I used the sacrificial sword, life has been cut off, no amount of natural resources and treasures can save. Master has little time left. Listen to me carefully.

Give up your sword!

Hearing these three words, Wu Chi burst into tears. Although he would not sacrifice his sword, he knew the horror of it.

Give oneself up to the sword, burn all the vitality and Shouyuan, the strongest sword in exchange, this is the real last desperate means of sword repair.

Wuchi, when the iron sword gate is destroyed, you need not be sad. In this world, there is no ever-lasting clan. Even if it is better than Kunlun and Tianshan, it has been invaded by evil ways and may not be doomed in the future.

“You can get revenge, but don’t go blindly to desperate, let alone let hatred blindfold your eyes.”

The old man’s voice was getting lighter and lighter, but his tone was very grave. Even at the end of his life, he was still worried about his disciples.

“Master, I understand!”

At this moment, Wu Chi really understood Zhou Boyan’s mood when Jianying Villa was destroyed. And he himself was equally powerless.

“Remember that sentence, why hold the sword?” Again the old man asked.

“Remember!” Wu Chi nodded vigorously.

There was a trace of memory in his eyes, and the old man whispered, “At that time, you said you were fighting for freedom from bullying! Now, Master asks you again.

“Why do you hold your sword?”

When Wu Chi was young, he didn’t understand the meaning of this sentence. Now he was asked this question again. Numerous thoughts flashed through Wu Chi’s mind, but it seemed that he could not find a real answer.

For revenge? To protect the people around you? For the sake of righteousness and justice, for the sake of defending fencing? Or as a child, in order not to be bullied?

There are too many grand answers! If on weekdays, Wu Chi can open his mouth and come, but now, by the old man’s expectation of staring at, perfunctory words, Wu Chi can not say a word.

At this moment, Wu Chi remembered the moment when he drew his sword from his brother in order to stay at Jianying Villa.

Think of seeing Zhou Boyan’s tearful face, his momentary heartache.

Remembering the destruction of Jianying Villa, Luo Kun threatened to insult Zhou Boyan’s momentary killing masterpiece.

When I recalled the dream of returning to ancient times, that figure was determined to hold swords for the people.

It also reminds me of the boiling blood when I rushed out of the sword pavilion to face the people’s encirclement and killing.

Wu Chi remembered too many pictures, and all of them turned into a simple sentence.

Looking up at the old man, Wu Chi slowly opened his mouth and said, “Disciples hold swords for their own sake!”

Hold to your heart!

These four words are easy to say, but much harder than anything else.

There are too many choices, opportunities and crises to face in one’s life, and it’s almost

These four words are easy to say, but much harder than anything else.

There are too many choices, opportunities and crises to face in one’s life, and it’s almost impossible to stick to one’s heart all the time.

But Wu Chi is very serious at this moment, which is his answer.

“What a man who sticks to his heart!” There was a happy smile on the old man’s face. “Wuchi, remember what you said today! Also remember, the man who fixes a sword, sex should be like a sword, rather bend than bend!

After the last sentence, the old man passed away with a strong smile on his face.


“Luo Shao, everybody’s already caught up. What should we do now?”

Apart from Li Peiyuan fled with Wu Chi, all the other disciples were arrested, and all the lives and deaths were between Luo Kun’s thoughts.

With a sneer, Luo Kunsenran said, “All the brothers and sisters in Wuchi have tortured me to extort confessions. Anything can be done. I’d like to see how hard their bones can be.” In addition, contact the people in the dark auction house, and release the news that Wu Chi betrayed Shimen and was afraid to hide in the Jianying Villa to capture the truth of Shenjian Chengying, killing Shizun, imprisoning Shi brother, Shi sister, and the great evil!!

After a pause, Luo Kun continued, “There are other disciples of Tiejianmen, including miscellaneous service, who tortured me severely. If they refuse to speak as we like, they will all be killed and taken away!” Within three days, I want the news that Wuchi betrayed Shimen to spread all over the eastern city.

“Will someone be sent to trace the whereabouts of Wuchi and the old man?”

“No one can save the old man with his sword! As for Wuchi, why should we look for him? With his brothers and sisters in hand, I wait for him to come back and die! Next time, I’ll see who else can save him!”

“Luo Shao calculates!” With a compliment, the man then said dogleggly, “Yes, his sister of the three divisions, though strong in temper, is also handsome and tight, Luo Shao, do you want it?”

“Intense? I like women with strong temperament!” With a ruthless look in his eyes, Luo Kun ordered in a cold voice, “Send her to my room and I’ll interrogate her in person.”

Luo Kun was distressed to think that two sword symbols had been destroyed on Wuchi.

In a good situation, Wuchi was destroyed. Now, once things get bigger, even if Wuchi can be killed, Shenjian Chengyin will not fall into his hands, which is damn.

“Wuchi, you will regret it!”

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