Chapter 3:A Genius On Kendo

He closed his eyes slightly and turned his mind, then the scene of Zhou Boyan’s sword practice was replayed in Wu Chi’s brain like a glimmering shadow.

Zhou Boyan looked at Wu Chi coldly, but her heart had already wanted to kill him. When Wu Chi’s lies were broken down, she would do that. Even if it was not easy to kill him directly, she would also abolished his cultivation and sent back to Iron Sword Group.


When Zhou Boyan thought about how to deal with Wu Chi, Wu Chi suddenly moved.

The lightning of the sword rose suddenly, and it flew like a feather!

Just a start move, Zhou Boyan’s eyes could not help but be slightly frozen, showing an incredible shock.

The Shadow’s swordsmanship!

Whether it was swordsmanship or footwork, it was almost the same as her own performance, and even the charm of swordsmanship was somewhat similar. As this set of swordsmanship gradually unfolded, the initial unfamiliar feeling also disappeared, as if every move and method had passed through countless times.

Unlike Zhou Boyan, this set of swordsmanship in Wu Chi’s hands was less gorgeous, but more elegant.

Wu Chi had used up the swordsmanship in his memory slowly, then he looked at Zhou Boyan and said, “I only know a little about this set of swordsmanship. So, do you think what I said is true?”

“Have you met my father before?” At this moment, Zhou Boyan was somewhat lost her mind and asked.

“Ah, how could it be?” Wu Chi was also shocked and quickly denied, “What is the identity of your father? How could I possibly have met him? This set of swordsmanship was just something I learned by accident.”

“No?” For a short time, Zhou Boyan also came to her senses. Wu Chi was just an ordinary disciple of Iron Sword Group, he had no chance to meet her father, let alone teach him The Shadow’s swordsmanship.

However, if not, how could this boy possibly know it?

“Now that I have been proved innocent, I’ll go now. Miss Zhou. see you later.” Wu Chi didn’t know why, he still felt bad in his heart, and he was busy trying to slip away.

“Hold on!”

After shaking off, Zhou Boyan stopped Wu Chi again.

The Shadow’s swordsmanship was the secret of Sword Shadow Villa, and it also related to the inheritance of The Shadow. How she could let Wu Chi leave before she knew what was going on.

“Miss Zhou, we had a deal that if I can do this swordsmanship, this matter is over. Do you want to repent?” Wu Chi changed his face.

“Mr. Wu, please tell me where you learned this swordsmanship?” Zhou Boyan looked at Wu Chi, bowed slightly and asked earnestly.

“I really can’t remember.” Wu Chi was determined not to tell the truth even though he was nervous. At the same time, he also abused in his heart.

“This damn girl. I just learned it from you, I can’t tell you on matter how many times you ask.”

Zhou Boyan watched Wu Chi’s eyes tightly and asked quietly, “Mr. Wu, do you know what this swordsmanship is?”

“I can’t remember it. I have learned a lot of swordsmanship, how can I remember it clearly?”

It seemed that Zhou Boyan knew Wu Chi would answered like this, and then Zhou Boyan said word by word, “This is The Shadow’s swordsmanship, which is one of the important conditions for me to get the recognition of The Shadow and a secret of our villa.”

“So, Mr. Wu still don’t remember where you learned this swordsmanship?”

Wu Chi was shocked at the moment when he heard the words.

He thought he could fool around, but he didn’t expect that he dug a big hole for himself. When it came to The Shadow, Wu Chi naturally understood its advantages and disadvantages, so this was not perfunctory at all. If the explanation was still not clear, the consequences would be much more serious than peeping at Zhou Boyan’s sword practice.

“Is this really The Shadow’s swordsmanship?” Wu Chi was still a little incredible and asked, “Miss Zhou, are you kidding me?”

Zhou Boyan looked at Wu Chi with a slight frown and asked, “Do you think it necessary for me to cheat you?”

“But, this swordsmanship is totally messy, how can it possibly be The Shadow’s swordsmanship?”

The Shadow was famous all over the world, and Zhou Yuanting got the prestigious reputation with the help of The Shadow. How could that possible?

“My father once said that the essence of The Shadow’s swordsmanship is not the sword method, but the mind of sword! It’s a pity that I can’t understand it all the time.” Shaking her head, Zhou Boyan asked again, “Mr. Wu, you haven’t answered me yet. Where did you learn this swordsmanship?”

Wu Chi felt that he was going mad, and he was so angry at the thought of silver money in his sleeve that he could not help chopping off his hands.

“Mr. Wu!” Zhou Boyan’s voice became more and more chilly, “I’ve told you frankly, you still refuse to tell me the truth?”

“I’m really just passing by” He was pushed step by step to such a point, he almost wanted to cry without tears.

Seeing Zhou Boyan’s eyes, Wu Chi finally resorted to honesty.

“Miss Zhou, this swordsmanship was remembered down when I just watched you perform. All I can do is the swordsmanship you just performed.” After a pause, Wu Chi hastily added, “But I really didn’t mean to peek at you. I just thought your sword dance was beautiful, so I couldn’t help looking at it.”

“What?” Zhou Boyan resisted the impulse to slap the bastard to death, she took a deep breath to calm herself down.

Even if she didn’t understand how to inherit The Shadow’s swordsmanship, just a surface method, but how could that become sword dance in his eyes?

Of course, she had a strong feeling that Wu Chi was telling the truth this time. But it was just because of the truth that it hurt much more.

But that was not the point.

“Wait a minute, you said you learned it just after you saw me do it once?”

“Yes.” Wu Chi helplessly nodded and answered honestly.

“That’s impossible!” Zhou Boyan sneered, “Even if I only learned a little, this set of swordsmanship is extremely complicated. How can you learn it only once?”

Wu Chi put his hand out and said, “That’s the way it is. I can’t say anything if you don’t believe it.”

“It took me half a year to practice The Shadow’s swordsmanship, how could that possible for you? If you are right, then you’re a genius of Kendo that I’ve never seen in a hundred years.” Thinking of her hard work in practicing swordsmanship, Zhou Boyan became more and more disbelieving Wu Chi’s words and could not help sneering at him.

“How can you trust me?” Turning his eyes into white, Wu Chi intentionally wanted to ridicule Zhou Boyan for being too foolish, but he forcefully resisted it, and he just shrugged his shoulders and asked back.

“In your opinion, no matter what kind of swordsmanship I use, you can learn it with only one look?”

After thinking about it, Wu Chi answered earnestly, “Maybe I could be able to learn most of it.”

Wu Chi was extremely confident about this point, because no matter what kind of swordsmanship his master or brothers taught, Wu Chi could easily learn it, which was why he was placed high hopes. Unfortunately, he had been lazy and didn’t care about it at all.

“Good! In that case, I’ll do another set of swordsmanship. If you can do it again, I’ll believe what you say.”

“If I can still do it, can I leave?”, Wu Chi asked cautiously after being deceived last time.


Zhou Boyan sneered discontentedly, “Do you really think you can do it?”

“It’s my business.” Wu Chi did not hesitate to retort, “I only ask you, if I can do it, is this the end of the matter and can you let me go?”

“Yes, if you really have such talent! Not only let you go, but also personally apologize to you.” Glancing at Wu Chi, Zhou Boyan confidently said, “But what if you can’t do it?”

“Still that sentence, it is your choice to deal with me!” Once again confirmed, Wu Chi immediately breathed a sigh of relief and answered proudly.

After a deep look at Wu Chi, Zhou Boyan did not say much. Her figure moved slightly and her sword lighted again.

She danced in the courtyard like a butterfly in a flower.

This time, Zhou Boyan consciously embarrassed him, which she showed was only suitable for women to practice sword dance.

In fact, this set of swordsmanship had no power at all, it was a game itself, which was created purely for fun and good-looking. All over the world, she was the only one who could do it, so there was no need to worry that Wu Chi had learned it from other places.

It was true that such sword dance was really beautiful and graceful.

It was enough to make people relaxed and happy by combining the beauty of sword dance with the beauty of women.

If Wu Chi watched Zhou Boyan performing such sword dance at ordinary times, Wu Chi must be very happy, but his face was more and more ugly at that time.

At the end of the dance, the sword came back to its sheath, and at the same time, Zhou Boyan fell back to Wu Chi.

“So? Mr. Wu, will you please do that?”

“This does not count!” As he gritted his teeth and looked at Zhou Boyan, Wu Chi angrily defended loudly, “This is sword dance, not swordsmanship.”

“Who said that sword dance is not swordsmanship?” With a hum, Zhou Boyan answered faintly, “Didn’t Mr. Wu also say that sword dance I showed before is beautiful?”

Women were vengeful!

Wu Chi had really understood the true meaning of this sentence. How mean she was that she wanted to create difficulties to him just because what he said?

“You are a petty woman, I am a man, how can I do this? No, you need to change your swordsmanship.” He couldn’t help scolding her, and he turned his eyes into white and refused to say.

“A petty woman?” Hearing this name, Zhou Boyan’s face was even uglier, “Yes, I am petty, so what?”

“This set of swordsmanship, if you can’t do it, I’ll go to tell your brother that you secretly learn The Shadow’s swordsmanship and plotted to get the god sword. I need an explanation”

A petty woman!

Wu Chi was very angry, but he was pinched at the vital part and could not say a word.

Wu Chi finally realized that this woman was not only mean, but also very petty.

What a painful experience!

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