Chapter 7:Different Way

Opening the door and looking at the empty room, Liu Yu sat down silently at the table with a sigh of inexplicable complexity.

He had been sitting there all day.

As the sky grew darker and the last sunset faded away, Wu Chi dragged his tired body back to his house.

“Who is there?” At the moment of entering the room, Wu Chi felt the abnormality and asked in a cold voice.

“It’s me.”

When Liu Yu’s voice rang, Wu Chi’s tense nerves relaxed and he said with a grin, “Brother, you frightened me! Why did you suddenly come to my room without saying a word in advance?”

“Don’t be afraid of ghosts knocking at the door if you don’t feel guilty. Did you do something bad behind my back again?” With a cold hum, Liu Yu shouted discontentedly.

“No, I’ve always been the most honest.” He shook his head like a rattle drum, and he muttered, “Brother, I’ll make you a cup of tea.”

Liu Yu reached out and stopped Wu Chi, He slightly said, “Well, never mind, brother, let’s go back early tomorrow morning.”

The hand which was going to catch the teapot stopped slightly, Wu Chi asked with distrust, “Why? Brother, we had a deal that we don’t go back until the funeral of suzerain Zhou.”

“Things have changed. Sword Shadow Villa is in danger now. We can’t intervene in it. It’s better to leave this place as soon as possible.” Shaking his head, Liu Yu explained, “Now, pack up your things. I’ll go and say goodbye to Miss Zhou later.”

“Wait a minute!”

Wu Chi saw that Liu Yu was going to leave, he quickly stopped him and said, “Brother, It is not good. Anyway, it’s just a few days, we’d better go back after the funeral of suzerain Zhou, Ok?”

“Oh?” With raising a few eyebrows, Liu Yu turned to look at Wu Chi and asked, “It’s not like what you said. Tell me about it, little brother. Why don’t you want to leave?”

“No, I want to go.” Wu Chi busily denied, “I just think, since we are here, we should do ritual amply, anyway, it is just a few days, and we are not so short of time, right?”


A slap on the table, the shock cups jumped up. Liu Yu’s face showed a blob of anger, “Damn, up to now, you still don’t tell me the truth?”

“No, I ……I didn’t!”

“Dare to be cunning, tell me where you went today?” Staring at Wu Chi, Liu Yu asked impertinently.

Wu Chi was not foolish after all. When he heard this, he finally realized that he could not hide it. He touched his nose and asked carefully, “You knew it, brother?”

“You are so close to Miss Zhou that you even go to practice sword with her every day. Now it’s almost known to everyone. Who else do you want to hide?”

Wu Chi’s face finally changed. “Brother, are you telling the truth?”

“Luo Kun has sent out the news to take your life, do you think it’s true or not?” Looking at the little brother in a somewhat complicated mood, Liu Yu asked in a disgruntled way.

After patting Wu Chi on the shoulder, Liu Yu whispered, “Brother, you shouldn’t be so close to her! We are not qualified to be involved in this muddy water. Listen to my words, let’s leave Sword Shadow Villa early tomorrow morning.”

“Brother, I……” This moment, Wu Chi’s heart was a mess, the voice was somewhat astringent, and he said half, but finally did not go on.

“Come on, little brother, that’s not the way we should go.”

On the other side.

“Come back, Miss. He won’t come.”

The first ray of dawn fell on Zhou Boyan’s body, which seemed a little cold. Biting her lips tightly, Zhou Boyan said nothing, but something lost in her heart.

At this time in the past, Wu Chi had begun to take deep breath to practice himself.

Nobody knew how long it took for Zhou Boyan to ask softly, “Uncle Shui, who can I trust now?”

“After the death of our suzerain, today’s Sword Shadow Villa is nothing but a shell, and in this time that everyone is only interested in and fully occupied by material gain. Now we can only believe in ourselves.” With a sigh, the middle-aged person said slowly.

These days, Wu Chi accompanied Zhou Boyan to practice sword, and he was naturally clear. Although he never believed that Wu Chi could reverse derive the mind of The Shadow, but his existence could undoubtedly give Zhou Boyan some hope. At worst, it could make her happy. But nowadays, Luo Kun’s power was stronger than anyone. When it came to the need to oppose Luo Kun, how could a kid who had not stepped into the world of celestial being, what could he do?

“Our villa is in danger now. I don’t blame him for his leave, but why did he dare not even say goodbye to me?” The finger which was holding the corner of the clothes seemed pale because of the exertion. Zhou Boyan closed her eyes slightly and said to herself in a quiet voice.

Opening his mouth, but the middle-aged person said nothing after all.

Maybe Zhou Boyan didn’t even think who would answer her.

The carriage was parked at the gate of Sword Shadow Villa as the same they came.

“Brother, get on the carriage.”

Looking at Wu Chi still standing in the doorway, Liu Yu said with some complexity.

If possible, he would not let Wu Chi leave at this time. Unfortunately, with his strength, or the strength of Iron Sword Group, he could only die in vain, or even implicated their school.

“Brother, am I wrong?” Some lost in his mind, Wu Chi asked hoarsely.

“Yes, you are wrong. You are wrong in not practicing well.” Clapping Wu Chi on the shoulder, Liu Yu whispered, “The world is so cruel that you can’t control your destiny without strength. If you don’t want to repeat today’s events, practice well. With your talent, you may not be weaker than the disciples of the famous schools in the future.

It was difficult to grow up without experiencing cruel reality. In Liu Yu’s eyes, this experience was not necessarily a bad thing for Wu Chi.

He just watched the lazy young brother on the past so depressed now that there were some indescribable pain inexplicably.

After a long silence, Wu Chi suddenly bowed to Liu Yu.

“Sorry, brother, I can’t go.”

Although the voice was very light, it was very firm when it was spoken from Wu Chi’s mouth.

“What are you fooling about, little brother?” Liu Yu couldn’t help turning pale after hearing this, “Do you know what it means to stay?”

“I don’t know what it means to stay, but I know what it means for me to leave.” With a strong shake of his head, Wu Chi murmured, “You just said that I was wrong in not practicing well, which also made me understand a lot of things.”

“Practice itself is not a smooth sailing, always face many difficulties and obstacles. I can flinch once, but I can’t flinch for a lifetime.” He took off the waist which symbolizes the disciple of Iron Sword Group and put it on the carriage, but Wu Chi’s face showed some free and easy complexion. “From childhood, you always said that I was mischievous, so let me do this again.”

“No!” Liu Yu resolutely objected, “It’s about your life. I can’t let you do this. What if I need to tie you back, and I will.”

“Brother, you can tie me up once, but can you tie me up for a lifetime?” There was no sense of flinching, Wu Chi asked back calmly.

“Stop talking nonsense. You have to go back with me today.” Glancing at Wu Chi, Liu Yu murmured.

During the conversation, Liu Yu stepped out to catch Wu Chi and tried to solve the problem with violence as before.

For many years, when Wu Chi did not obey, he did like that.


A clear and crisp sound of the sword, like a flat thunder, stunned Liu Yu.

Until the outstretched hand was pointed at by the sword blade, he could not even respond. The sword was pulled out by the younger brother who dared not even answer back when he was angry.

“You dare draw your sword at me?”

Shaking his head slightly, Wu Chi said slightly, “I am far inferior to you. If I don’t pull out my sword, I will be captured by you in a moment.”

This sword was not meant to hurt him, but to show an attitude.

“Brother, are you crazy?” Liu Yu asked incredibly.

“Sorry! But I want to choose for myself once, no matter what the result is! Because this is the Kendo in my heart.


One simple word, but suddenly let Liu Yu heart ruthlessly tremble.

His eyes fell again on Wu Chi’s face. The face was still immature, under that immature face, it was not a mischievous farce of the past, and not a wayward and naughty prank, but a serious one he had never seen before.

“Brother, as you said yesterday, this is not the way we should go. But I want to try. Maybe that’s the way I should go.”

What kind of life would there be? Many times, it was just in the moment of one’s mind.

At this moment, Liu Yu finally saw a trace of the master’s shadow on the younger brother, and also saw some different things.

The original anger seemed to disappear suddenly in an instant, and he silently looked at Wu Chi for a long time, and then sighed softly.

“Brother, you really grew up.”

In fact, Liu Yu always thought Wu Chi was a little child. Although he had some talent, he could not let his master have such high expectations.

Even in the depths of his heart, there was still a bit of disdain!

However, it was only at this moment that he finally understood the difference between this younger brother and other disciples in school.

Perhaps that was what their master said about the heart and bone of the sword.

The carriage slowly left and gradually disappeared into Wu Chi’s vision.

“Take good care of yourself, brother!”

Pushing the window, Liu Yu said without looking back.

Everyone had a different way to go. He couldn’t help Wu Chi choose the way, nor can follow Wu Chi the same way.

Iron Sword Group was too small to withstand too much wind and rain. He undertook the responsibility of inheritance of Iron Sword Group, so he was doomed not to act arbitrarily like Wu Chi.

Besides, he knew very well that he did not have the courage.

What he could do might be just to say goodbye in his heart.

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