Chapter 9:Shameless Guy

“He wants benefit?”

Luo Kun was so happy that his eyes showed a blob of killing, “How dare he?”

These several people stood in the following in frustration, facing the killing face of Luo Kun, even dared not rise their heads. If they had a choice, they would rather swallow the bitter fruit than come to see Luo Kun. It was just too much to hide.

“Did you say that he took the whole gold and also robbed you of all the money?” A young man around Luo Kun suddenly interjected.

“Yes!” These several people felt bad in the heart when someone mentioned this.

“Small potatoes are like you. It’s hard to achieve great things by acting like that.” Shaking his head, the young man turned to Luo Kun and said, “Brother Luo, I think it’s better to meet him. Since he dares to ask benefits, he must be able to bring out some values worth seeing.”

“Ok. He is just a small potato. Kill him or not, this is our choice.” With a nod, Luo Kun didn’t care too much. His purpose was to take The Shadow, gold and money were of no value in his eyes.

“You guys take him here. If you do it well, you will still be rewarded. But if it fails again, you know the consequences.” The young man waved his hand, and ordered.

After these several people left, Luo Kun said, “Deng Mao, how’s the arrangement?”

“The disciples who are watching over the Sword Storing Pavilion have been basically under our control, but it is said that there are still some tactics in it. After all, the help provided by these disciples is limited.” The young man shook his head and said, “Three days later, it is the day of Zhou Yuanting’s burial, so there is not much time to arrange it.”

“It doesn’t matter. The general situation is under our control. With this present Sword Shadow Villa, they can’t turn over any big waves.”

“It is rumored that Zhou Yuanting and Changchun Immortal in Kun Lun have knew each other irreversibly. Sword Shadow Villa has been summoned to invite Changchun Immortal. If Changchun Immortal come, we have to give up.”

After waving his hand, Luo Kun sneered at him and said, “Brother you worried too much. I used to go to Kun Lun with our master before. Changchun Immortal retreated a year ago. Now Zhou Yuanting is dead, the other people in Sword Shadow Villa are not qualified to startle the retreated Changchun Immortal.”

Deng Mao felt a lot calm in his heart after hearing this. “If so, everything is under control.”

“By the way, remember to tell them that Miss Zhou need to be caught alive.” He opened his mouth and ordered. When it came to Zhou Boyan, Luo Kun’s eyes were full of lust.

Looking at the dropping sweat on Wu Chi’s forehead, Zhou Boyan hesitated for a moment, she still took out her handkerchief and handed it over.

In fact, Zhou Boyan was very clear that Wu Chi was the only one who really reverse derive the mind of sword. It was not that she didn’t want to help. In fact, compared with Wu Chi’s amazing talent in Kendo, her effect was limited.

Taking the sword back into the sheath, Wu Chi wiped his sweat with her handkerchief. Then he said, “This swordsmanship is really abnormal. After so many days, it’s just less than three-tenths of this swordsmanship, and now it’s getting harder and harder to deduce it.”

“It is good, really.” Shaking her head, Zhou Boyan whispered.

She knew better than Wu Chi that it was hard to reverse derive the mind of sword. To be honest, it was hard for her to believe that he can do it.

If this trend continued, it might be possible to reverse the mind.

“But we don’t have enough time.” With a bitter smile, Wu Chi said weakly.

“Yeah, there’s no more time.” Mentioned this, Zhou Boyan’s eyes showed a gloomy color. There were only three days to the funeral, and at that time there must be a storm waiting for Sword Shadow Villa.

Wu Chi still opened his mouth and asked after a moment’s silence, “Miss Zhou, have you ever thought about giving up the god sword?”

God sword is good, but it was also the cause of disaster.

“No.” Biting her lips, Zhou Boyan explained softly, “When my father was gone, the Sword Shadow Villa has been shaken by the wind and rain. If I lose The Shadow, I am afraid that Sword Shadow Villa will soon disappear.”

“Sword Shadow Villa is my father’s lifelong effort, I can’t watch it collapse.”

Opening his mouth, Wu Chi did not say anything after all.

Although he wanted to say that even if he persevered, he still could not protect Sword Shadow Villa, but it was cruel to say.

“Thank you for coming back today.” Looking at Wu Chi, Zhou Boyan whispered, “But it’s no use, you stay, which means you just put your life on the table. You should go back.”

“Hey, Zhou Boyan, will you die if you don’t talk too much? How could this be?” Turning his eyes into white, Wu Chi went on to say, “You should care more about yourself.”

“I coexist with Sword Shadow Villa, but you are different.” Zhou Boyan went on to say, “If this time I can get rid of the great difficulty of Sword Shadow Villa, I will go to Iron Sword Group.”

After a moment’s silence, Wu Chi sighed, “Anyway, I’ll wait until after the funeral of your father. If I can’t save you and Sword Shadow Villa, I won’t die foolishly.”

“Thank you.” Zhou Boyan was aware of this situation clearly, and how much risk Wu Chi would have to bear to stay at Sword Shadow Villa.

“Well, don’t be so pessimistic. Maybe there will be a turnaround?” After wiping the sweat, he gave the handkerchief back to Zhou Boyan, Wu Chi laughed and said, “Maybe I will and have an epiphany during my sleep at night, and fully understand the mind of The Shadow? Then you can inherit the god sword to kill all of them?”

“No way!” With a grunt, Zhou Boyan didn’t mean to take the handkerchief at all. “Take it away, it stinks when you use it. I don’t want to take it back.”

“Really? OK. I’ll take it back and wipe the table as a rag.” Taking back the handkerchief, Wu Chi turned and left, but somewhat heavy in his heart.

“Really? This dead-headed girl is really going to piss me off!!“ Wu Chi said in his heart.

After leaving the inner courtyard, that several people who had just been taught by Wu Chi in the morning had already been waiting there.

“Oh? you guys are unwilling to submit by looking at your posture, do you want to talk with me again?”

The eyebrows were slightly raised and Wu Chi smiled and looked at these several people and said.

They had the Luo Kun’s support. They seemed not afraid of Wu Chi. And when they came, they also had great momentum and wanted to take their dignity back by frightening him. But when she really met Wu Chi, the courage they had seemed to vanish with some words.

“Mr. Wu, Boss Luo wants to see you.”

“Wow, he said that he wants to see me and I just have to be there? I’m sleepy. I’ll talk about it tomorrow.” Turning his eyes into white, Wu Chi answered lazily.

This answer was totally unexpected by these several people. They looked at Wu Chi incredibly, ” It’s Luo Kun. He wants to meet you.”

“I heard that. You don’t have to repeat it several times.” Wu Chi had a natural expression, “He wants to see me, but I don’t want to go. I am sleepy now, and I tend to say wrong things. What if it offends Boss Luo?”

In their heart, they would like to kill Wu Chi thousands of times, but they still had to bow their eyebrows and keep inviting him.

Deng Mao’s words were very clear. If they can’t bring him back today and made Luo Kun angry, Wu Chi certainly had no good fruit to eat, so did they.

“Boss Wu, please. Don’t frighten us. We can’t take the torment anymore.” These several people were about to cry, pulling Wu Chi’s clothes.

“Ah, don’t pull my clothes. Do you compensate for the damage caused by you guys?”

Son of bitch. Such a suit of clothes, not to mention the gold, it would be enough to buy hundreds of clothes just by robbing them of their money in the morning.

“Boss Wu, please help us. If you don’t go, we only have to die here.”

“Okay, okay, stop pulling, I will go with you.” Seeing the tendency of these several people to wipe tears and runny nose on his clothes, Wu Chi immediately turned over his mind.

Following these several people, he stepped into Luo Kun’s courtyard. And they just saw Luo Kun from afar, before waiting for these people to speak, Wu Chi ran over busily.

“Oh, Brother Luo, if you want to meet me, just ask someone to pass on a message. As soon as I hear the news, I will go there quickly.” He threw down that several people and ran to Luo Kun’s side. Wu Chi said with surprise on his face.


Seeing Wu Chi’s shameless appearance, those people suddenly shouted abuse in their mind. If their eyes could kill people, the time of one sentence would be enough for Wu Chi to die hundreds of times.

Even Luo Kun was shocked by Wu Chi, and the words of intimidation that had been prepared were useless.

That was not the case with the script.

Shouldn’t he be fearless? How did it turn out to be such a dog in a twinkling of an eye?

With a cough, Luo Kun stabilized his mind and waved to the men to go down. Then he opened his mouth and said, “Mr. Wu is the disciple of Iron Sword Group, so you don’t have to do this.”

“Come on, the disciple of the Iron Sword Group can only be showed off in front of outsiders. That’s a joke in front of you.” Shaking his head with no dignity, Wu Chi said with a grin, “Brother Luo, I came here to eat and drink for free. If you have any instructions, you can tell me.”

Wu Chi’s shameless posture made Luo Kun, who was accustomed to flattery from others, unable to take any more, only to change the subject for the better.

“I heard that you are very close to Miss Zhou recently?”

“Oh, that’s for benefits!” Shaking his hands, Wu Chi casually said, “Even though Zhou Yuanting died, Sword Shadow Villa is also a huge benefit for me. It’s good to please Miss Zhou for a while.”

Wu Chi took out the elixir for tempering body like offering a treasure that Zhou Boyan had given him in the past few days and said, “Look, this is what that girl gave me in the past two days. I ate some of it, which are very effective.”

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