Chapter 31  The Dark Auction (part 1)

“Five kilos of gold, no bargain!”

The middle-aged man pointed at the black mask on the table without raising his head and said indifferently.

Looking at the plain mask, Wu Chi said, “How could that be? That mask worth five kilos of gold?”

With a sneer, the middle-aged man looked up and said, “What do you think of about the dark auction? You are even reluctant to spent five kilos of gold, what qualifications do you have to participate in the auction?”

“Uncle, I’m still young. Don’t lie to me.” Wu Chi hummed in grievance.

“Now that you know to cover your face with a black cloth to be here, you should understand the rules of the dark auction house! This mask can isolate your breath, as long as you wear a mask and a black robe, even if you are close to others, they will never recognize your identity.” The middle-aged man glanced at Wu Chi and continued, “As long as you keep this mask and you don’t have to buy for attending the auction any more in the future. Only five kilos of gold, which is very cheap.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll take it.” Taking out the gold ticket from his bosom, Wu Chi grabbed the mask from the table and lowered his head to put it on carefully, and then he took off the black cloth covering his head.

Wearing this mask, Wu Chi immediately felt that his qi activity was blocked. Indeed, like the middle-aged man said, as long as he wore a mask, he would not have to worry about being recognized, even the cultivation was blocked.

the middle-aged man nodded his head, he pointed to the door and said impatiently, “Okay, you can go!”

“Come on, my dear uncle, this is my first time to attend a dark auction. Please give me some advice, Okay?” Wu Chi did not leave as the middle-aged man said, but sat down on the bench next to the middle-age man.

After a glance at Wu Chi, the middle-aged man burst out laughing. “You’re not afraid of me, little boy?”

“You are a good person at my first sight, how can you do something bad to me?” Wu Chi shook his head like a rattle drum and answered indifferently.

“Good person?” With a sneer, the middle-aged man said softly, “I’m the people of the dark auction house, in other words, the evil man. Do you think I’m a good person?”

“Uncle, don’t frighten me. I’m a young boy. It’s hard to tell what’s good and what’s evil.” Wu Chi said with a grin, “Besides, I am just a small potato who has nothing to do with evil things.”

He unexpectedly looked at Wu Chi for a while, and he shook his head helplessly and said, “Ignorance is fearlessness, little boy. You are lucky, you can ask me what you want to know.”

When Wu Chi was refreshed, he thought for a moment and asked, “Uncle, will there be any danger in the dark auction?”

“Don’t worry, although this is only a small auction, but there are also some powerful Taoists, no one can start to fight in the auction. Otherwise, die!”

The powerful Taoist! With a slight tremor in his heart, Wu Chi remained silent on the surface, “What if someone buy something good at this auction, is that would make other people to covet it?”

“The human mind is unpredictable. How can it be absolutely safe?” With a sneer and a shake of his head, he said softly, “But they all wear masks. After the auction, the powerful Taoists will create a short dark period by array magic. When the powerful Taoists leave, the crowd will be completely disturbed and it is almost impossible to distinguish the identity of each other. That’s why the name Dark Auction House came from.”

Hearing this, Wu Chi had basically understood. During the dark period, as long as they were not foolish, they would move quickly and mingle with the crowd.

When they regained their sight, this place was full of black robes with masks and their breath was cut off, so it was impossible to recognize which was the person.

The owner of the dark auction house was amazing to think of such a way.

“That’s not right, uncle. I heard that someone will sell the real people at the auction! How can they hide the living people?” Wu Chi asked again.

“Are you stupid? Don’t the sellers put on masks and black robes for those people?” the middle-aged man scold him.

With a bitter smile, Wu Chi realized that he had asked a silly question.

However, this was not the key point. The key point was that the whole auction was impeccable. It was hard to save people here. Should he buy all the brothers and sisters?

It was actually a solution, but the problem was that Wu Chi didn’t have much money at all.

He had only a little money, all of which were robbed by others at Sword Shadow Villa. This was not enough without thinking.

If he had enough time, he could find a way to do it, but it had taken him two days to find this place. The auction would begin on tomorrow evening and he had no time to get enough money.

“Boy, I don’t think you are rich! What do you want to buy at the dark auction?”

“Haha, I can’t afford anything, just curiosity, to have fun.” Wu Chi said with smiling.

The middle-aged man did not ask any more questions. Actually, this kind of question should not had been asked. He just mentioned it, and did not expect Wu Chi to really answer it.

The middle-aged man said after thinking, “Little boy, don’t do anything crazy, the rules of the dark auction house is not you can challenge.”

“Don’t worry, uncle, I’m still young, and I won’t risk anything.” Standing up, Wu Chi made a bow to him. “Thank you.”

Looking at Wu Chi’s back, the middle-aged man sighed.

“The boy of Iron Sword Group? Too young! Your carelessness will make you in trouble.”

Looking at the gold ticket on the table, he took some gold out and put it on the table, and then put the gold ticket away, “There were someone broke the rules first in order to get The Shadow this time. I help you once, so it’s not too unfair, and I wish you good luck.”

“I’ve checked it. Nobody used those gold tickets, Mr. Luo. Are you sure there’s no problem with the clues you gave me?”

With a black mask, a young man slowly said.

Frowning slightly, Luo Kun shook his head and said, “No way, the gold tickets I gave were marked! He’s just a poor boy. If he wants to go to the dark auction, he has to bring out these tickets.”

Whether Luo Kun gave Wu Chi or the gold ticket Wu Chi snatched from others, Luo Kun made a mark, which was very easy to identify.

“I don’t want to listen to your reasons, the results are here! Tomorrow, the auction will begin, my people have carefully checked, no one used those gold tickets.” He did not care about Luo Kun’s reaction, the young man said indifferently, “I help you because of The Shadow, if this time it did not appear at the auction, Mr. Luo, you need to give me a confession.”

“Don’t worry about that. Wu Chi can go back from Kun Lun, which shows his deep affection for Iron Sword Group. Now that his master is dead, it is impossible for him not to care about the lives of his brothers and sisters.” Luo Kun said confidently, ” You should know that I care more about this than you do.”

The young man knew very well about what happened in Sword Shadow Villa. This case could be solved only by killing Wu Chi. Luo Kun really wanted to kill Wu Chi more than anyone else.

Nodding his head, the masked young man said, “As long as he dares to show up at the auction, he must be killed! I’ll keep eyes on the buyers who buy those guys. I won’t give him any chance.”

After a pause, the masked young man continued, “But it broke the auction rules, and I took the risk for it! If he doesn’t show up. You need bear all my losses.”


He was somewhat threatening Luo Kun , but Luo Kun was asking him for help this time, naturally there was no room for bargaining. He could only nod to agree.

“So, let’s meet at the auction.” Satisfactorily nodded, the masked young man slowly went out, “Mr. Luo doesn’t have to walk me out.”

The Luo Kun’s identity was here, he was not afraid of Luo Kun’s repudiation! Even the disciples of Tian Shan did not have the courage to do this to the dark auction house.

Wu Chi thought a lot, but still had no clue.

He knew that the dark auction will be held tomorrow night, but even the address of the auction would not be notified by letter until tomorrow evening. Let alone found the dark auction house in advance.

What’s more, even if he found it, could he rob them from the powerful Taoists?

Luo Kun was so ruthless that he couldn’t do anything. It was clearly that Luo Kun pushed him to death end.

Even though he just got a lot of information from the middle-aged man, he still couldn’t do anything.

Wu Chi recalled the advice of the middle-aged man. Perhaps he had noticed something, but Wu Chi could not take it into account now.

Give up might be the best way.

Wu Chi’s heart was bitter when he thought of what his master had said before he died that he should not take revenge blindly.

His master had guessed the result?

Maybe give up was the most secure and assured way temporarily, then tried to become a disciple of Kun Lun first, and when he became more powerful, then he could find opportunities for revenge.

But Wu Chi couldn’t do that.

In order to protect him, his brothers and sisters refused to yield after suffering. How could he leave safely and watch them sink into the sea of suffering?

At this moment, Wu Chi really understood Zhou Boyan’s mood when they were in Sword Shadow Villa.

At that time, he was very angry about her, but when things fell on him, there was no difference between him and her?

Did he silly?

Looking up at the bright moon which was hanging high in the sky, Wu Chi’s mind fell on Zhou Boyan involuntarily.

In his mind, he naturally recalled what Zhou Boyan had said.

“But there are always some things in the world that are more important than life!”

“Little girl, I’m sorry, I’m afraid I can’t go back.”

Wu Chi still hadn’t went back, even though he felt painful in his heart.

The night’s darkness was a little scary!

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