Chapter 1 : The daily life of the slaveholder

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“Master, you woke up…”

In the pre-dawn light, Ye Tian opened his eyes and leisurely sat up in bed. By his bedside, a beautiful young lady with a curvaceous figure politely greeted him.

The girl was blonde and graceful. She wore a long rectangular cloth, folded around her and tied to her body.  The garment was very simple and crude, but it completely revealed her perfect figure.

This was the unique dress worn by those of Ancient Rome, bold and Avant-Garde.


Ye Tian had just woken up; his morning glory was very strong. Without a word, he pulled the girl straight into his arms.

A soft exclamation was the only resistance the girl offered; she considered Ye Tian her master, and so, allowed him to do anything to her, including offering her life.  

After the sun rose, the two finished up.

Ye Tian still lazed in his bed.

The hot young girl had no strength left, but still stood and cleaned up the bed for Ye Tian.

“Angela, female slave, loyalty: 99!”

Ye Tian looked at the young lady working, and some stats popped up before his eyes.

“Angela…” Ye Tian said in a soft whisper .

“Yes, Master!”

Angela looked up and gazed at Ye Tian with adoration.

“Other than in my presence, I no longer allow you to wear such revealing clothes!” Ye Tian caressed Angela’s hair and murmured.

“Today, sew yourself a skirt that covers your body well. As for the cloth needed, go get it yourself.”

“But, Master, that will waste a lot of cloth…”

Angela was very concerned about Ye Tian’s wasting some of his wealth on her.

“This is my order!”

Ye Tian’s tone took on a hint of seriousness.

“Thank you, my Master!”

Angela’s eyes moistened; any slave would want to wear warmer clothes and wished for their Master to treat them better.

Ye Tian’s face finally showed a hint of a smile.

It  had been a year since he had come to this world, and at last, he had gotten many achievements and became a slaveholder.

Now he owned a manor, twenty male slaves and five female slaves.

Of his thralls, only Angela entered his eyes; she was the most beautiful compared to the other female slaves.

But when purchasing her, the price was a bit expensive; fortunately, her virginity was intact.

The Roman Republic, 91 BCE!  

Ye Tian crossed into this volatile time period, the Ancient Roman Republic.

This year, Caesar was eleven, Pompey fifteen, and Crassus was twenty-four years old!

Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus, the three great giants of Ancient Rome, would end the era of the Roman Republic!

This was the year that the Social War broke out in Ancient Rome. The Italian ‘Allies’ wanted to gain Roman Citizenship.However, the Roman rulers refused, thus war broke out.  Amongst the ‘Allies’, the Marsi people were the fiercest, so the Social War was also called the Marsic War.

When Ye Tian had first crossed over into this world, he was frightened and uneasy.  In such an era, the probability of him being enslaved was quite steep, with a ten to one chance he would end up bound in shackles.

But, as a traversing man, how could he possibly not have a cheat system? Just when he had reached the point of despair, the system appeared!

The Strongest Slaveholder System!

The System told him that it would cultivate him to become the strongest slaveholder.

When Ye Tian cultivated a slave’s loyalty up to 80 percent, he’d earn one free stat to distribute as he wished. And once a slave’s loyalty reached 100 percent, he would get five free stats.

And if Ye Tian finished the tasks assigned by the system, he would earn trading vouchers that he could use to buy various products and props in the system store.

After gaining the system, Ye Tian’s anxieties were eased quite a bit. First, he recieved hair dye from the system, with which he dyed his hair golden blonde, and then tanned his skin. So now, he looked no different from other Romans.

The System also gave Ye Tian a start-up fund. With that money, in addition to some he had earned working, he managed to buy an estate and become a veritable slaveholder with twenty five slaves in his possession.

[Beep, congratulations to Ye Tian for cultivating a slave to 100 percent loyalty. You have earned five free stat points, as well as gained an additional reward of 100 gold coins.]

Within Ye Tian’s mind, the System’s notification rang, which made him quite glad.

Once the notifications reached his ears, he could no longer wait to allocate his free stat points.

Host: Ye Tian

Identity: Junior Slaveholder

Strength: 85

Constitution: 85

Dexterity: 85

Charisma: 61

Unallocated Stat Points: 5  

Slaves: 25

Without any hesitation, Ye Tian added all five of his free stats directly into Strength.

The Strength attribute had a direct effect on Ye Tian’s endurance, resilience, and physique.

This was important to him; being a slaveholder meant he often had to seek suitable slaves, which required physical exertion.


After he added the five points to his Strength attribute, it felt as if he had consumed a rare elixir. With his body pumped up to the max. His muscle mass increased, and it even felt as though his little brother had grown!

So, Strength was a very important attribute to increase.

Host: Ye Tian

Identity: Junior Slaveholder

Strength: 90

Constitution: 85

Dexterity: 85

Charisma: 61

Unallocated Stat Points: 0

Slaves: 25

Having a Strength level of 90 was far more than that of ordinary folks. It was now an easy feat for Ye Tian to run five kilometres straight. He felt that if he continued on like this, he would soon reach god-tier .


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