Chapter 4 : A Colosseum and the young Caesar!

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The most powerful slave warriors were specially trained by slaveholders and were exclusively used for fighting.

And what Ye Tian wanted was some of those slave warriors.

They were not only powerful, but also trained to be utterly loyal and never betray their master.

At this point in time, the Colosseum had not been built yet .

The Colosseum‘s construction began in AD 75 and was completed in AD 80. That was almost a century from now.

Despite there being no Colosseum, many slaveholders still trained slaves to be used to bet on gladiator matches. However, the venue wasn’t as large as the Colosseum.

Slaveholders would lock their specially trained warrior slaves in a large iron cage and order them to kill each other. Only the survivors could leave.

These ‘battle cages’ might have been the inspiration for the Colosseum of the future. Otherwise, who would come up with the idea of building a Super Colosseum?

Even though the fighting only happened in cages, there was no shortage of people who were willing to watch.

Ye Tian was not only after slave warriors, but he was also planning to build the Colosseum!

Once he had enough money, he would build a Colosseum, albeit a small one. It would probably hold no more than 20,000 people, but it would be a Colosseum nonetheless. By doing so, his wealth would vastly increase; tickets alone would make him a fortune.

Since he set the rules, he could use his Colosseum make loads of money and get some powerful warriors, too.

Of course, this was just a dream at this point. He had nowhere near enough funds to even begin such a large-scale project.

[Beep. The system has detected your thoughts and has issued a task! Your mission: Build a small Colosseum within five years; begin construction on a large one within ten years. Reward – unknown.]

As the system rang clearly in Ye Tian’s mind, he paused before smiling bitterly. Build a small colosseum in five years and start building a giant one within ten…

What an extremely hard task. Not only did he need a lot of money, he needed a lot of influence, as well.

All of a sudden, the weight of his task hit him….

Suddenly, silence fell as the surrounding hustle and bustle quieted. A noble woman had arrived, escorted by a group of soldiers.

The woman looked to be in her early 30’s, at the height of her beauty. Her demeanor was graceful and mature.

Her blonde hair was arranged in a high bun, displaying her swan-like neck. As she was a high-born Greek woman, her dress covered most of her body, including her torso and legs. Her white skin and curvy body were quite sexy.

Trailing her was a young boy, around 11 or 12 years old. His hair was brown and slightly curled. Despite his age, his eyes were keen and bright, filled with wisdom.

Gaius Julius Caesar!

When his gaze fell upon the boy, this name appeared in Ye Tian’s mind.

Damn, this boy was the young Caesar!

But now that I’m here, the great emperor will not be called Caesar, but Satan!!

A smile slowly appeared on Ye Tian’s face.

Since the child is Caesar, the woman must be his mother Aurelia.

Ye Tian knew of Aurelia’s beauty, but he didn’t expect her to be that good looking. She must’ve been a real knockout in her youth.

Aurelia was from the Aurelius Cotta family. They were a prominent family during in the Republic, with Caesar’s grandfather, Lucius Aurelius Cotta serving as a consul in 119 BC.

In the Roman Republic, a consul was the highest possible elected rank, with only two elected each year. They were, in fact, the head of the Republic, responsible for commanding the arm, presiding over Senate meetings, implementing decrees passed by the Senate and representing the Republic in foreign affairs.

At this point in time, Caesar’s father had probably just been elected a senator, which meant he had some influence over the decisions the Republic would make.

It was clear that Caesar was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and belonged to an influential, aristocratic family. His father had a distinguished career, serving not only as a praetor and quaestor, but he had also been proconsul of Asia.

Caesar was incredibly perceptive; he looked straight into the crowd, evidently feeling Ye Tian’s gaze. However, he could not find the owner of that gaze.


Ye Tian sighed and averted his eyes when Caesar looked to the crowd.

No wonder he became Rome’s greatest emperor!

“Mother, is this not a slave market? Why are we here?” Caesar asked curiously, wrinkling his brow.

“In three years time, you will be an adult. Before that, you need to ‘spill blood’ and become a real man. Today you are going to choose a slave and kill them. The year after next, you will kill a soldier – a prisoner of war. You must become a man worthy of our family.”

Although, Aurilia spoke quietly to Caesar, Ye Tian could still overhear.

See blood?

As expected, they may have been distinguished nobility, but they definitely weren’t sheltered flowers to be pampered and fawned over. In some ways, their upbringing was harsher than a commoner’s.

Ye Tian was under no illusions when it came to ‘spilling blood’ –  he knew exactly what it meant.

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