Chapter 6 : Hug Caesar’s mother and kick Caesar’s butt

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All of the slaveholders were patiently waiting outside the slave-market, while the lurking danger was also waiting in the wings.

Not long after, a group of people came out from the slave market. It was Aurelia, Caesar and their guards. In addition, there were three middle-aged people whose faces were full of despair.

Three slaves? Looks like Caesar’s really hard on himself – fighting three people in a row? And they are all strong men. 

When Caesar and his men came out, Ye Tian and the other slaveholders naturally got out of the way and kept a good distance from them.

Ye Tian did this to avoid suspicion. At the same time, he felt a fluctuation in the killing intent.

It seems those assassins will begin to act at any moment now.


Three short arrows cut through the air, shooting towards Caesar and Aurelia.

Everything happened so quickly. No one thought that with so many guards around, there were still assassins that would dare to assassinate the elite in the capital city of Rome.

“Master! Be careful!”

The guards responded very quickly. Instinctively, they rushed to Aurelia and Caesar and used their bodies as shields to stop the arrows.

“Piu!” (The sound of an arrow piercing the body)

Although the power of the short arrow was not very strong, it was still lethal at such a close distance, and the three guards fell down.

“Damn it! Protect the madam and the young master!” The remaining guards shouted fiercely.

In total, there were six guards. After the first three fell, the other three guards finally reacted, violently pushing the slaves away, and rushing towards Caesar and Aurelia.

“Damn Romans, we will all die together…”

The three slaves were all Italians, their hearts were already like dead ashes.They knew what it meant to be picked by Caesar. When they saw such a good opportunity, they would not miss it. So, when the guards tried to push them away, they instead rushed toward the three guards and stopped them.

“Aurelia, go to hell!!!”

When the three hefty men pulled out their swords and rushed forward to kill her, Aurelia froze in place, paling.

Ye Tian was very curious about how Aurelia and Caesar survived this incident in the original history.

But he had no time to think about that now; he needed to stop these assassins immediately.

Although Aurelia’s and Caesar’s family might  be his enemies in the future, right now he needed their resources, influence, and power.

Saving them was equivalent to getting an extra amulet in Rome.

Obviously, Aurelia was the assassins’ primary goal. At this moment, the sword approaching Aurelia’s slender white neck.


Aurelia closed her eyes in despair. But the next moment, she found that she was hugged against the strong chest of a man.

At the critical moment, Ye Tian rushed out from the crowd. Before the assassin could succeed, he pulled Aurelia into his embrace, while at the same time, he mischievously kicked Caesar and sent him flying away from the assassins.

“This is a critical situation, so please forgive me for being rude, Madam!” Ye Tian said to Aurelia before letting go of her.

So big, so elastic, so soft, very good!

“I forgive you, heroic warrior. I will bestow great glory on you!”

Aurelia reacted quickly. After facing death, she felt how safe and warm Ye Tian’s arms were, and even felt a sense of longing.

“Idiot… but still, thank you very much! What a powerful warrior you are! ”

Caesar stood up slowly and, enduring the pain in his rear end, thanked Ye Tian. He knew that if it was not for Ye Tian kicking him, he would have been cut into half by the sword.

Ye Tian kicked him very rudely, but the situation was very dangerous, and Ye Tian indeed saved him and his mother.

At the same time, he was also full of self-deprecation. Actually, he had shamefully frozen in place with fear just now.

Ye Tian looked at Aurelia and Caesar. Finding their feelings for him were good, he smiled in relief.

“Damn it!”

The three assassins discovered they had lost their chance and cursed in rage. But they did not give up and escape.

Whether the assassination was a failure or a success, there was no place for them in Rome.

“Kill them!!”

The three assassins attacked Ye Tian together.


Ye Tian quickly snatched the swords from the fallen soldiers and threw one to Caesar, keeping the other two for himself.

“Haha… let’s fight together!”

Caesar took the sword, laughing and ready to have a go. His fear had left him now that he had a chance to adjust to the situation. Who was Caesar?! If he couldn’t handle this much, he would not be able to achieve such greatness in the future.


Ye Tian slammed the assassin who rushed towards him, using one of his swords to intercept the assassin’s attack. Next, he stooped slightly and used the other sword to stab. In a split second, he pierced the assassin’s body before cutting him in half.

Simple, brutal, bloody!

Instead of being frightened, the crowd of onlookers shouted with excitement.

Aurelia almost shouted too as an indescribable feeling filled her.

At this moment, Ye Tian was so powerful, so overbearing. From head to toe, every movement of his exuded manliness!

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