Chapter 7: Pat Caesar’s head!  

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Rome was barbaric at this point in time. The people were savage, brave and warlike! In this era, aggressiveness had already emerged in every Roman citizen’s bones.

Although ancient Rome had established its civilization, their thoughts remained instinctual.

They worshiped the strong to the level of fanaticism!

The bloody scene would not make the Romans afraid, instead, it only fired them up!

Women were especially mad for the powerful males; just as the female beast yearns to be conquered by the powerful male beast. Many female nobles would feed on the strong and handsome slave warriors in their homes to satisfy their sexual desires.

Ye Tian’s performance caused countless women to scream crazily.

Even Aurelia wanted to scream, but because of her noble status, she couldn’t act like these ordinary women. Still, Ye Tian’s performance made some kind of emotion surge inside her.

Barbarians! Such ignorance!

A hint of disdain flashed in Ye Tian’s eyes as he listened to the crazy women.

In this era, everyone’s heart was filled with an animalistic nature and an incomparable disregard for life. It was a brutal hierarchy that was thoroughly established on the law of the jungle.


It was Ye Tian’s first kill, so he felt some discomfort and had to suppress the urge to vomit. Next, he dodged the second assassin’s attack, moving like a gust of wind.

He slipped behind the assassin, wrapped a hand around the attacker’s neck and used his sword to stab him through the heart. There was no hesitation, the whole thing was very natural and smooth.

In an instant, Ye Tian had killed two assassins.

Everything depended on his keen reactions, his speed, and his powerful strength. After distributing the stat points earlier, Ye Tian found that he was now very powerful!


Caesar was currently fighting the third assassin, but he was so weak compared to his opponent and had almost no combat experience. In just two rounds, his sword was broken by the assassin.


Grabbing a short sword, Ye Tian ran to the last assassin. With his terrible strength, the sword pierced the last assassin’s body. He had once again saved Caesar, bringing an end to this assassination.


Everyone applauded and screamed. They were excited and happy to be able to watch a wonderful fight for free.

At this time, the three guards finally freed themselves from entanglement and prepared to kill the three slaves.

“Wait, keep them!” Caesar stopped the three guards.

“These are the slaves that I want; they have courage and killing intent!”

Caesar was deeply aware of his deficiencies after this assassination attempt. Without experiencing real combat, the swordsmanship that he usually practiced could not be used, especially in a life or death fight.

“Rubbish, you are all rubbish…” Aurelia harshly scolded the three guards after the crisis was lifted. Her plump breasts were heaving, but because everyone else was bowing down, only Ye Tian enjoyed this beautiful scenery

“Thank you, my powerful warrior!”

Caesar came to Ye Tian and thanked him sincerely. After all, Ye Tian saved him twice in a row. However, his eyes held a blazing fire as he looked at Ye Tian.

This little kid wants to subdue me?

Ye Tian understood what Caesar wanted and couldn’t help but sneer. If it was anyone else, they would definitely be itching to serve under him. After all, following such a noble meant status, wealth, and glory, which in turn meant the rise of the family.

However, Ye Tian was destined to become the supreme emperor! How could he allow himself to be conquered?!

“Little guy, your courage is commendable, but when you fight, you must first stabilize your sword! For a powerful warrior, the sword must never leave his hand, because the sword is the lifeline of a warrior! If the sword is gone, then his life is gone too!”

Ye Tian smiled and placed his hand on Caesar’s head, tousling Caesar’s curly hair like a kind elder.

He touched Caesar’s head! This man actually dared to touch Caesar’s head!


Caesar was stunned, then his face collapsed. He was unexpectedly treated like a girl!

“Shameless! How dare you be rude to young master Caesar!!”

This scene was seen by a guard who couldn’t help but rebuke Ye Tian.

“Shut up, ant!” Ye Tian looked back and shouted fiercely. There was a strong sense of oppression which scared the guard.

“Humph. I just have yet to grow up, so my strength is a little weak!” Caesar argued while escaping Ye Tian’s touch.

“At your age, I killed an adult bull by myself!” Ye Tian smiled and began to brag.

“How is that possible?”

Caesar looked at Ye Tian incredulously. Of course, he did not believe that Ye Tian was bluffing, because the man’s power was easy to see.

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