Chapter 8: The invitation and promise of Aurelia!

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“Thank you for saving me, my warrior!”

Aurelia thanks Ye Tian as she slowly walked to his side. Her sexy figure swayed, giving a kind of mature and seductive feeling.

By this time, she had calmed down. Her imposing manner was majestic, generous, elegant, mature and beautiful. After all, she came from an aristocratic family, so naturally she had a very noble demeanour.

“This is God’s will, and it is also my honor, beautiful and noble lady. At the same time, I believe that because of your unique charm, the goddess of fortune will definitely stand by your side. Even without my help, you would have safely escaped the assassination.”

Ye Tian smiled slightly, looking chivalrous. His response was neither humble nor arrogance, while the flattery filled Aurelia with joy.

“Am I really as beautiful as you say?”

For Aurelia, this was not her first time being flattered by others. Even the old men in the Senate praised and drooled over her beauty. But this man’s flattery actually moved her.

If Ye Tian’s charm was any higher, she wouldn’t be able to resist wanting a tryst with him.

Ancient Rome was not only barbaric for men, but also a very daring and open place for women. Of course, the premise was  that the warriors were enough to arouse their emotions and worthy of their favour.

After all, ancient Rome’s punishment was very severe for adulterous women.

“My description cannot even express one tenth of your beauty…” Ye Tian smiled and said sincerely.

“What is your name?”

Aurelia knew that she couldn’t continue to discuss this topic with Ye Tian. After all, these words were not good if they were to be passed on to her husband’s ears. Some malicious people would enjoy spreading a rumour that she had an affair with a young and strong man, even though her husband had been away all year.

“Satan Ye Tian!” Ye Tian said softly, his tone was always neither humble nor arrogant.

“So, Satan, are you willing to be my knight escort? I will give you the unparalleled glory on the honor of the Aurelius Cotta family!” Aurelia asked with a gentle smile.

She had witnessed Ye Tian’s strength with her own eyes. If Ye Tian could stay by her side, both her and Caesar’s safety would be guaranteed.

“Thank you for your good intentions, but I prefer to be a slaveholder and a law-abiding citizen. I have seen too much killing, so I prefer to enjoy the serenity of the sunset and the sunrise.” Ye Tian refused directly.

Become her knight escort? Isn’t that like selling myself to her? If I was her knight, would I get to ride her?

“What a pity…”

Aurelia saw Ye Tian’s firm attitude, so she shook her head in disappointment.

“Still, I would like to thank you. Since you saved me and my son, our family will not be stingy, and the reward will be sent to your home soon! Also, if you ever need help, you can go to the Caesar family to find me…”

“Praise to you, my generous lady, praise Caesar. May the gods shelter you.”

Getting a reward and Aurelia’s promise, Ye Tian smiled very happily.

But he also knew that Caesar’s family would begin to fall after Caesar’s father and uncle died. In a few years, Caesar would only be able to rely on the strength of his grandfather and his aunt’s husband.

“My proposal will be in effect at any time. I think you could become a powerful knight, increase merits and build a glorious family.” As she was leaving, Aurelia left some words that she hoped, would entice Ye Tian.

“I will seriously consider it. I will find you after I have thought it through!”

Looking at the sexy back of Aurelia, Ye Tian smiled.

After she left, the crowd looked at Ye Tian with envious eyes. And at the same time, they felt it was a pity and that Ye Tian was really stupid to reject such a good chance to become a nobleman.

Moreover, to be a guardian knight of a beauty like Aurelia. Perhaps, even being able to do some good things with her!

“What are you looking at?” Shouted loudly, scaring the crowd into retreating quickly.

“Trash!” Ye Tian said lowly with some disdain.

Finally, he went to Angela’s side, taking her hand and leading her into the slave market.

Today’s slaves were not many; almost all were civilians from Italy. As a result of the successive defeats of the Romans on the battlefield, the slave traders were unable to buy prisoners of war.

Although they also had channels to buy Roman prisoners from the ‘Alliance Army’, the premise was that they must have the courage to do so.

Therefore, while walking on the street, Ye Tian was somewhat disappointed. Now, he just hoped that he could buy some lovely female slaves to manage the manor and warm his bed while he cultivated their loyalty to make himself more powerful.

Although Ye Tian was very strong already, he was not the strongest, and he had  definitely not reached the limits of the human  body. He was not invincible and could still die too.

To achieve this, he needed to cultivate the loyalty of his slaves. Female slaves were his first choice, preferably beauties.

Come to a cruel society only to be dedicated to one woman?

That’s too foolish! Too fake!

Beauties, in this era, are simply the private property of a powerful man!

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