Hello Readers,

We regret to inconvenience you for we will be rescheduling Those Years When We Killed the White Lotus. But we will be back soon with a steady publishing schedule in two weeks!

when we come back on  11.27, We will free pulbish c2v11. For vip reader,  we will publish v2c12, v3c01(5300 english words) and v3c02(6000 english word). As compensation, we’re not going to break it up, we’re going to release it all.  Beginning with v3, each chapter is roughly 10,000 chinese words. 

At the same time, v2c11 will be the last free chapter.

Thank you for all the support…keep reading.

——Fanstay World Online

3.01 will publish on tomorrow, 3.02 will publish on next tomorrow. good read.


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