Chapter 9: Delicious Canned Food [2]

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At first Zat couldn’t believe his ears at all. So, for a full ten seconds, he was stunned. When he returned to his senses, he immediately laughed out loud. Delighted, he sent someone to inform the neighboring farms. He patted his chest to assure Qin Luo that the quality of the meat coming from the surrounding farms was widely known.

Qin Luo thought about the stock of canned food, and asked Zat about it. Knowing Qin Luo had the right social connections, if he could buy the canned food stock at a low price, he would be able to help the canned food plant avoid the bankruptcy crisis it was facing. So, Zat took several people to find the person in charge of the canned food plant, old John, directly.

Old John’s hand trembled when he learned that someone was coming to see the canned food stock the plant stored. You need to know that if you piled up the stock over a certain period of time, don’t even mention losing money, even if you tried to sell it, no one would want to pay for it. Therefore, before Qin Luo could even speak, he took the initiative to pull down the price below the production cost by 10%.

Qin Luo saw the old man, who was doing respectable business, looking at him with somewhat hopeful eyes. He couldn’t bear to lower the prices further when he saw that. Although he was sure that even if he tried to lower the price down by a third, old John would still have to sell it to him. Nevertheless, he should behave with integrity and leave the other room to maneuver. The prices offered were already a great bargain, and he didn’t really want to do too much at the moment. So, after a moment’s hesitation, he went to the side to make a phone call, and ‘help contact the buyer’.

Old John thought that Qin Luo would haggle over the price, and had already planned to lose more than half of his money, but he didn’t expect that the young man just made a phone call. When he told him that the other side had agreed to buy all the stock at such a price, Old John really didn’t believe his ears one bit and he tried to confirm what he heard again. It was only when he’s sure that he hadn’t heard incorrectly that he excitedly thanked Qin Luo.

Qin Ke looked at the pile of big and small canned food and thought that it was very interesting. He ran around the warehouse, looking around curiously at each and everything. While Ink was also obvious in his interest for these big and small canned foods, he still honestly followed Qin Luo.

Old John was very confident about his products. Seeing that they were both staring at the canned food and looked curious, he proceeded to open a dozen of the canned food with different tastes on the spot to let them have a sample. Qin Ke and Ink joyfully ate, Zat also immediately followed along, happy that he could eat good food.

Meanwhile, Old John was chatting with Qin Luo, introducing their old products and new flavors that were going to be gradually developed later on. He saw that Qin Luo had no plan to place a long-term order, so he didn’t take the initiative to discuss arranging for future orders. At present, it was much more important to resolve the overstocked inventory they had, and help several farms find a market to sell their livestock and poultry, which could provide a respite to the dying canned food plant. Otherwise, he’s afraid that he, as the person in charge, would not only lose all his money, but might also get sued by the farms.

Qin Luo sampled seven or eight kinds of canned food, and thought that the taste was quite good. He couldn’t help but rejoice that he could find so many delicious foods in England at this time. In the apocalypse, it was a luxury to be able to eat canned meat. And if he stored all these in space now, it would be enough for his family to eat for a few lifetimes. Thinking of all sorts of compressed foods that were hard to swallow and commonly found in apocalypse, Qin Luo couldn’t help but heap praises on the delicious canned food.

Qin Luo’s praise for old John was very well received. So, in addition to deepening his gratitude towards Qin Luo, he also took the initiative to mention that the canned food plant also had a large warehouse adjacent to the road where they would normally hold the goods before distributing them to other places.

However, due to the recent poor management, the warehouse had been locked for half a year, and the employees managing the warehouse had been dismissed. If Qin Luo needed to transport the goods outside, he could hire some people on a temporary basis to transport the goods to the warehouse for storage so they could be easily transported out. However, since these temporary hires were not suitable to help guard the warehouse, old John suggested Qin Luo to call some people from his own farm to prevent the goods that were going to be stored in the warehouse from being stolen, and cause unnecessary losses.

Qin Luo, who was thinking on how to avoid people’s eyes and bring canned food into the space unnoticed, happily nodded his head when he heard the person in charge providing him such a ‘convenient location’ to conceal his actions. After he pretended to fiddle with his mobile phone for a while, he said that the friend he contacted was not far away. As long as the canned food plant agreed to deliver the goods to the warehouse at the appointed time, the other party would send a car to pick up the goods overnight. Moreover, he had agreed with his friend that he could pay all the money in lump sum when the goods arrived at the warehouse. As for the contract and related payment, Qin Luo would bring him to sign and pay.

Old John had opened the plant here for many years. He had come into contact with a lot of suppliers and buyers. He knew that what Qin Luo did, which was finalizing a big deal in a short time just through a short call and done without even frowning, was not what ordinary people could do.

Thus, he was resigned that the other party would default on his payment and even return some products. After all, most of the products that the other side was taking were nearing expiration. If they weren’t sold within the shelf life, the plant would have to accept their return. But, the canned food plant was in urgent need of money to turn around their situation, and now that Qin Luo had given them this opportunity, how could he not be excited? Especially since old John had calculated that if the money arrived on time, he would have a chance to bring the plant back to life.

He immediately said that if the goods couldn’t be sold within the warranty period, he was willing to exchange all the remaining expired products after three months had passed with a new one.

Qin Luo shook his head and rejected the offer, but because of old John’s insistence, he had no choice but to include this line in the contract. Not to mention the fact that even if he wanted to change the goods, they would be separated by thousands of miles of mountains and rivers once his group returned to China, he would also be busy with a lot of things to prepare for the apocalypse.

Besides, Qin Luo’s space now had the effect of keeping things as they were and never spoiling. And when the space was strengthened, it would also attain a purification function, so the food and waste materials put into it would slowly recover its initial pristine condition. Hence, even if these canned food were out of date and spoiled, he could still return it to its initial delicious state again in the future.

The warehouse was a really good place to hide from people’s eyes. Therefore, Qin Luo offered to rent it for a month from Old John. He only laughed when he heard that, and indicated that he wouldn’t need the payment for leasing it. Qin Luo had helped him a lot and the warehouse was not used at the present. So, not to mention a month, even if Qin Luo wanted to rent it for a few months, he wouldn’t charge him a penny (cent).

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