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Coin Balance

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Fantasy Coin is one of Fantasy World Online’s digital currency. It represents and is earned by being active in its community. The coins can’t be bought. It can only be earned by doing various tasks in the site. The Fantasy Coins can be redeemed to read completed novels. Plus, there will be a ranking listing the top 20 readers with the most Fantasy Coins!

VIP Coin is the other kind of digital currency in Fantasy World Online. It is made for those who cannot normally subscribe novels using paypal in site. It can be bought via sponsoring us through kofi or patreon, then informing us of the donated amount. Upon confirming, the corresponding amount of VIP Coins will be provided. It can then be used to redeem the desired reading privileges(1USD = 1VIP Coin) Patreon forum (you must leave us a message in forum, we won’t check patreon usually)

(Notice: Both Fantasy Coins and VIP Coins will grant a 30-day reading permission. However, do not buy the same reading permission within the 30-day period or the coins used will be lost.)

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