[Sticky] VIP Release Plan  

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In the initial stage, We will plan release speed based on VIP subscriptions and donations. After a while, if the VIP subscription + donation is insufficient, the release will be reduced to 3 chapters/week. Finally, if the VIP subscription and donation funds cannot keep the translation and editing teams running, we will give up on it (we would do it surely, so please support my friends. For some good novel, we will never give up, it will in the status for waiting for donation).

Similarly, if the total amount of donation +VIP subscription funds reaches the goal, we will speed up the translation and mass release. If the progress chart reaches the 100% mark, we will release bonus chapters. (Click on the link to view each novel release plan.)

Also, we pick up novels on request. Just share the book details here.

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Posted : 21/08/2019 8:50 am