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As you can see, we are a new team. Everything is new!

Earlier, we made some changes to the site to improve the reading experience!

At present, we need some editors to make our translation more fluent!

If you have the time and are willing to volunteer!

We would appreciate it very much!

If you want to give it a try, you can get in touch with me directly on Discord!

Editors Require: Your native language is English. Or you may feel that your English writing is as fluent as your native language. We're translating some novels. We can accept novices and we will train you.

Translators Require: As long as you can TL the original novel, there will be editors to help you improve it, so don't worry. Also, we can accept the novice and train you.

For those readers who cannot pay, you can help us edit novels to get the VIP account of the novel you want. Of course, you will have to undergo a simple test.

Click on the link to chat with us on Discord.

Discord Invitation code: wbmkCJn

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