Chapter 8

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The whole morning, Shaar walked around with his body bent like a big sun-dried shrimp. Luckily for him, they were in a rather awkward position and the strength of the pitiful creature was quite weak. If not for these conditions, just shortly after Shaar started his magical beast hunter career, he would have had to change his profession again, this time to a Castrato.

The pitiful creature was not better off.

Attacking a hunter who had practiced martial arts for a decade was a bad idea. Even while sleeping, Shaar counter-attacked by instinct. As a result, the pitiful creature also got injured and her eye had a big black circle around it.

Nevertheless, after this intense short conflict, they never mentioned what happened ever again.

After the incident, the pitiful creature did not dare to mention it again. Just by thinking about such a shameful act, she wanted to crawl into a hole.

As for Shaar… He felt disgusted!

When he had a “morning wood” in the morning, he would normally not get embarrassed about it. On the contrary, the old man taught him that it was something to be proud off.

Nevertheless, hugging a man and getting a “morning wood”…

(He actually dared to hit me! Most men wished they could go on their knees and kiss my shoes! But this Hillbilly dared to hit me!) The pitiful creature thought angrily in her heart.

(Disgusting! So disgusting! I hugged a man and got an erection… Oh god!!) Shaar thought while crying in his heart.

While the pitiful creature silently reorganized her clothes, Shaar started to pack his bag. Picking up a solid stick from the vicinity, he threw it in the front of the pitiful creature: “Use this as your walking stick. From today on you will walk on your own since I won’t carry you anymore.”

Hearing this proposal, both silently agreed. At least for now, neither the pitiful creature nor Shaar wanted to touch the opposite party’s body.

Just when the pitiful creature picked up the wooden stick to stand up, Shaar’s body suddenly started to tighten up!

His face instantly showed a hint of danger and suddenly leapt towards the pitiful creature’s body to push her to the floor.

“Aaahh!” The pitiful creature immediately yelled while her heart became startled – did this fellow finally notice my true appearance and his beastly instinct had finally awoken?

Shortly after this thought passed her mind though, she heard a painful sound coming from the hillbilly’s body.

A sudden gust of wind brought a heavy stench towards them. They had yet to manage to get up after falling to the ground, but all of a sudden a gruesome howl could be heard!

When the pitiful creature lifted her head, she saw a big toothy maw with bloody sharp fangs and a beast covered in fur staring at them. At the corners of the mouth, disgusting saliva was dripping down!

This ferocious beast was a Bloodthirsty Great Wolf, in matter of fact a fully grown specimen! Its majestic physique could rip apart a calf with one bite! Its brown fur was standing upright like a sea covered in sharp thorns! A pair of crimson eyes showed its strong killing intent and greed. Most importantly, the front claws of the wolf were like iron hooks and bloodstains unexpectedly covered its claws.

Huh? Blood?!

Getting startled, the pitiful creature immediately reacted.

Quick on his feet, Shaar noticed that his axe was 5 steps away and near the baggage. Luckily for him, the wooden stick he gave the pitiful creature a moment ago was nearby and he used it with both his hands to keep the beast at bay.

Turning his back towards the pitiful creature that was lying on the ground, she immediately noticed Shaar’s wound!

On his back were two deep wounds reaching almost from the shoulders to his waist. The thick fur coat was badly damaged and raw muscles could be seen while blood was flowing down in steams. This wound was at least one finger deep!

Just a moment ago, if that hillbilly did not jump to push me away, then that wolf would have lunged on me. Perhaps, I would be dead by now!

Carrying a wooden stick Shaar cautiously lowered his centre of gravity. A man and a beast were staring at each other while waiting for the tiniest opening.

Shaar did not dare to move rashly, by experience he knew very well that this Bloodthirsty Great Wolf was not an ordinary wild beast, but an evil magical beast. Even though it was a low-level magical beast, it had a certain amount of wisdom and knew to seek weakness spots of its prey.

The Bloodthirsty Great Wolf made some lateral step, its back was bending and its mouth was making some growling sounds.

Just when this beast stepped into Shears left backhand range, it instantly leapt with all its strength! Obviously this beast had experienced fighting humans before and even knew that most men are not used to fight with their backhands. It was a weakness that it could used!

When the Great Wolf leaped, from its force, a strong wind was caused and spread that heavy stench to the surrounding. It raised its claws which were sharp like steel blade.

Reacting to this attack, Shaar used his wooden stick to block it. Knack Just from one touch, the stick in his hands was instantly missing a big chunk! The wooden stick was no match for the sharp claws of the Great Wolf. Realising that the weapon in front of him was extremely frail, it started to increase its killing intent. Showing Shaar a malicious grin, like making fun of the non-existent threat, it continuously growled at him.

Looking down on the wooden stick in Shaar’s hand, the Great Wolf threw once more towards its prey.

Not retreating, Shaar roared and jumped towards the wolf head on! Seeing that the claws of that Great Wolf almost touching him, Shaar twisted his body midair like a fish in water. His sudden waist movement would normally be humanly impossible!

A millimetre away from being ripped apart, he dodges the razor-sharp claws of the Great Wolf and hugged the Wolf’s head from the side! A man and a beast suddenly fell to the ground, continuously rolling several meters and spilling the ashes of the campfire everywhere. During that moment, Shaar seized the opportunity to climb on the back of the Great Wolf and used his left fist he hit the nose of the Great Wolf!

With a cracking sound, his first broke the nose bone of the Great Wolf! Shaar knew very well that the weakness of canines were their noses. This heavy punch cause the Great Wolf immense damage and blood immediately started to flow, even from its eyes. The Great Wolf howled in pain and its body started bouncing. Like a bull, it bounced up and down trying to get rid of Shaar while turning its head trying to bite him.

Shaar could feel the sharp teeth near his own neck and cold breathing air on the back of his head. With a desperately cry, Shaar attacked the raging wolf with his wooden stick and pounded towards its head. Annoyed by the constant attack, the Great Wolf bit off the stick and Shaar was forced to jump down from it back while only one-fourth on his weapon remaining.

Shaking off the pain, the Great Wolf shook its head. The nose was already crook and it started annoyed at Shaar. A man and a beast were preparing their next confrontation while circling each other.

Touching his waist with his hand, Shaar took off a rope. Slowly he started binding the end of the rope to his hand and waited for the Great Wolf to adjust his timing for the next attack. Shaar dodged with lighting speed and twisted his waist again to land on the beast. His agility and speed was like a thunder.

Positioning himself on the Great Wolf again, he used his rope in this moment and wrapped it around the head of Great Wolf. To keep better balance, he used his body and pressed stubbornly against the back of the Great Wolf.

Both his arm tightened ruthlessly against the rope!

Showing a fierce complexion, Shaar’s thick bare neck muscles became exposed, each part muscle string had an abnormal size. With all his might, he pulled the rope and it began to embed itself into his flesh!

Struggling, the Great Wolf went all out and distorted it back in all sorts of positions. A pair of claws were furiously digging into the earth and in less than a minute two deep holes were created. The wolf’s head was strangled facing towards the sky and its mouth spat bloody foam everywhere. While swaying its body furiously from side to side, Shaar was almost thrown off several times. He felt his heart pumping faster and faster, his breath was getting more and more rapid. He finally felt the strength of the Great Wolf beneath him starting to weaken. Beside the two massive holes in the ground, there were deep wolf claws marks everywhere!

Just when the Great Wolf was nearing its demise, the rope suddenly broke making his effort for naught.

At that moment, Shaar cursed in his heart – the rope made by him was created out of hemp soaked and dried in beast oil. It was really durable, but obviously not enough to subdue the Great Wolf with brute force. If he had known earlier, he would have made the rope thicker with more strings and by now the beast would already lie dead on the ground!

However, right now was not the moment to complain. When the Great Wolf finally managed to get up, it did not have enough strength left to attack Shaar and was panting heavily. Having almost consumed all its strength, the wolf desperately crawled a few step forward and while it struggled to breathe.

With a beautiful roll, Shaar brilliantly dive jumped away while discarding his rope. In his hand only remained that small piece of the wooden stick.

A man and a beast, both heavily planted as if competing with each other.

Even though Shaar had a lot of brute strength, right now both his hands and feet were worn out and aching. After all he was only 18 years old, but his opponent was a Bloodthirsty Great Wolf! This beast could easily kill a mountain panther!

With his eyes fixed on his axe 8 steps way, Shaar believed that as long as he could obtain it, with his “firewood cutting” axe technique, he should be able to solve this beast problem. Nevertheless, this wolf obviously noticed his intention and used its body to block Shaar’s vision.

No matter how strong Shaar’s inborn body was, a human’s physique was not match against a Great Wolf. Even with the training of the old man, a decade of ill-smelling herbal medicine baths which reinforced his body as strong as metal, at this moment his breath could not catch up to the fast recovery of the Great Wolf.

At last, the Great Wolf started to use its unique skills. With a loud howl, the fur on its whole body suddenly tightened and transformed into a shiny rock like layer.

This was the magic of magical beasts! This special skill of the Bloodthirsty Great Wolf, would transform its whole body hard like a rock and even ordinary swords had difficulties to inflict damage.

This Great Wolf finally learned his opponent’s skills and no longer threw itself and Shaar but used……

Body check!!

Pushing of its back legs, Shaar saw a mass of gray shadow maliciously rushing towards him. Struggling to dodge after physical exertion, Shaar was knocked down to the ground and half his body felt numb after the hit. His body flew like a rock and was stopped by a small tree. The thick trunk simply folded in two after the impact!

Seeing his attack succeed, the Great Wolf immediately threw itself at Shaar and caught his Shoulder with its sharp claws. These razor-sharp weapons instantly pierced Shaar’s shoulder, gripping into his meat and the taste of blood only made the wolf more excited while opening its mouth to bite down its prey.


Shaar suddenly threw out his hand with full strength.

The moment he hit the tree a moment ago, Shaar immediately grabbed a stone from the ground and waited for the Great Wolf to bend its head to bite.

With a throw, he shot this stone towards the wolf’s head.

This poor Great Wolf really deserved pity for its bad luck. With so many preys in the vicinity, it had to provoke Shaar. This time, Shaar used all its remaining strength and when the stone hit the wolf’s head, it immediately cracked! One could imagine, with what outrageous force Shaar threw this stone!

Being hit by this huge force, the Great Wolf was close to its death door. The head got bent, its mouth opened and two sharp fangs broke and fell to the ground.

Struggling to stand up, Shaar furiously walked towards his opponent while his right hand gripping tightly onto his stick. With one quick hit, he maliciously thrust his stick into the Great Wolf!

With a sickening sound, Shaar thrust his wooden stick into the anus of the Great Wolf with two-thirds stuck inside!

Receiving his terrible blow, this Great Wolf’s body immediately spasmed, raised its head and sent out miserable loud howl. It was so loud that Shaar’s got dizzy from the sickening noise.

With a last struggle, the Great Wolf tried to stand up, but soon fell down.

Struggling several times, it finally stopped moving and died. Before closing its eyes, the wolf gave Shaar one last look of “hidden bitterness”.

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