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Hello, one question. Have you tried to automate this? I mean it is very simple for a program to let’s say, check every hour on this link for new messages(if you want, create a simple form with all the details you need from them), if new message scan them, log in to patreon do a simple check for the name and then log in to the website and add the corresponding money to the account. This will not endager the website since it will be doing the same job as you, checking new messages, checking on patreon, putting money. I am writing this because sometimes you can’t wait to read a new chapter but still have to wait like 1 day. Want to mention this should be cheap, check python selenium, if you know even a bit of programming you should be able to do it. Depending on your system you might want to fullproof it a little bit e.g a person says he put 20 and he gets the points. If not specified and the user sends the request twice, he will get twice the points. Programming and some critical thinking solves this. Thanks