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001 Era of Terror!System!(Seeking flowers)

“I’ m so nervous. I’ m going to wake up the ghost spirit today.”
“That’s right. If it fails to wake up, it will be disastrous. I can only become a breeding tool in the inner city for the rest of my life.”
“That’s good… If you lose control, your chances of surviving are less than ten percent!”
In a large classroom, a group of fifteen or six-year-old boys and girls sat there, discussing in a low voice.
Everyone looked nervous and nervous.
Among these young men and women, only Lin Feng sat there calmly, silently staring at the blackboard.
“It’s been so long…”
Lin Feng thought.
Yes, he was a transmigrator.
Before transmigrating, Lin Feng was a rather outstanding college student. Although he was an orphan, after the college entrance exam ended, Lin Feng made a large sum of money from his summer vacation. After going to college, he started his business in the school. He pulled a lot of his classmates to deliver food. He became a millionaire when he was a freshman and became a millionaire when he was a sophomore. In a year, he doubled his wealth and became a famous person in the school.
However, after three days and nights of busy work in the second year, Lin Feng actually fell asleep when he drove back to school. After that, he woke up and passed through.
This was a similar parallel world. What was different was that in this world, a hundred years ago, all sorts of strange events were happening.
Ghost, this kind of thing that only existed in horror novels and television constantly appeared.
At first, it was only a small area, but it was still within control.
But in just over a year, the terror was completely revived.
The entire world was completely out of control. It was the end of the world and turned into a paradise for evil spirits.
Many places, the entire city fell, and countless people died.
The world was in panic.
The number of humans decreased by half in a short period of time!
The remaining people struggled to survive.
With the appearance of the Ghost King, the humans had a turn for the better.
A hundred years had passed, and the humans in this world had finally gained a foothold and established many bases and cities.
However, the situation was still not optimistic.
After 100 years, the number of humans was only one tenth of that of a century ago!
This was the result of the continuous reproduction of humans after gaining a foothold.
As for the number of ghost monsters… according to the estimation of some ghost guides, it was probably far more than humans!
Outside the base city, there were countless ghosts.
The entire world had turned into a ghost world. Humans could only hide in the base city to survive!
This world had entered the era of terror!
Lin Feng was in a base city called Liu City. This was a medium-sized base city with a population of several hundred thousand.
In the base city, all the newborn babies had to choose a ghost spirit after 100 days.
These ghost spirits were the weaker “good spirits” obtained by some powerful ghost guides.
They were of various types.
For example, a girl beside Lin Feng had been rubbing an ancient ring with her right hand.
Within this ancient ring was her companion ghost.
Another example was a fatty in front of Lin En. There was a broken finger in his pocket that was stained with blood. This broken finger… was also the ghost spirit of that fatty!
When the baby was 100 days old, a special person would bring a large number of similar things to the baby’s side to choose from.
What the baby chose was what it was!
There were also babies who didn’t choose anything… They could only be ordinary people for the rest of their lives. They could only live in the inner city of the base city for the rest of their lives. After they were eighteen, they had to choose a loved one to marry. They had to give birth to five healthy children before they were thirty years old. The more children they gave birth to, the better their treatment would be!
If there were powerful Ghost-controlling Agents among their children, their treatment would be even better, but in the eyes of others, they would only be breeders!
In this world, only by becoming a ghost-guarding person could one become a human!
As for the baby who had chosen the item, he had to stay with his companion ghost. After ten years of age, he would go to a special school to learn all kinds of knowledge about ghosts and how to deal with them.
Until the age of fifteen, the school had organized a group to officially awaken the associated ghost spirits!
This was the system’s method of training Ghost-controlling Persons, which could increase the number of Ghost-controlling Persons to the greatest extent.
This was because the requirement to become a Ghost King was actually quite high. A few decades ago, out of ten thousand people, there might only be one person who could become a Ghost King.
However, through this training method, the number of Ghost-controlling Persons increased by more than ten times!
It was also because of this method of cultivation that humans had gained a firm foothold in the last 20 or 30 years. Even the base city began to try to expand!
“I hope I can successfully awaken you.”
Lin Feng took out a bow with red dots from his chest and held it in his hand, thinking silently.
This bow… was Lin Feng’s companion ghost!
However, Lin Feng could not feel anything special about this bow.
But this time, Lin Feng held it in his hand… The bow suddenly turned cold.
Huh?”You have a reaction?”
Lin Feng did not expect the bow knot to react!
“Ding, detected the accompanying ghost spirit fluctuation, the cultivation system is being activated”
At this moment, a mechanical voice suddenly rang out.

002 Red Paper Man!Wake up!White and red skirts!(Seeking flowers)

“Eh, System?”
Hearing the mechanical sound, Lin Feng couldn’ t help but be delighted!
After traveling for so long.
Did the System finally come?
Before Lin Feng could take a closer look, the fatty in front of Lin Feng shouted.
“Blood, blood, so much blood!”
The fatty took out his broken finger and shouted in shock.
Because that broken finger was bleeding.
“My ghost spirit has also reacted!”
The other youth took out a fruit knife and saw blood on the knife blade!
Beside Lin Feng, the girl wearing the ring also called out because the ancient ring in her hand was heating up!
At the same time, many ghost spirits in this room had reacted!
There were also some people’s ghost spirits who did not react!
At this moment, a hoarse voice suddenly sounded from the door of the classroom.
Immediately, all the students shut their mouths and calmed down. Then, they looked at the door of the classroom.
When they saw it, all the students couldn’ t help but exclaim.
Because a person appeared at the door of the classroom.
However, this person… was quite strange!
It was a paper man!
Not a white paper man!
It was a red paper man!
The big red paper man stood there, his red paper eyes turning. He looked at everyone in the classroom, making everyone’s heart feel a little nervous!
Although ghosts were everywhere in this era, the base city was naturally safe. The number of times these students saw ghosts directly wasn’ t particularly high.
Of course, he would not be panicking.
Therefore, everyone could not help but nervously look at the red paper man.
In the entire classroom, the red paper man moved in front of everyone’s eyes.
It moved and walked step by step to the platform.
In the classroom, everyone could not help but follow it.
“You, you, you, your companion ghost spirits have no reaction. All of you, go out.”
The red paperman suddenly stretched out his hand and pointed at some students in the classroom, making a hoarse voice.
The voice was like an old granny talking in her throat.
The faces of the students that it pointed at changed.
“Who are you?”Why should we go out?”
A student who was pointed at was not convinced. He stood up and said.
However, as soon as he finished speaking, the red paper man’s eyes suddenly glowed with red light.
The student cried out as if he had seen something extremely terrifying. Then, he started to pull and fall to the ground.
“Do you have any questions now?”
The red paperman looked at the students pointed at him and said.
“No, no, let’s go.”
The students hurriedly left their seats and did not dare to ask any questions.
“Wait, bring him out.”
The red paperman said again.
A few of the students ran back and carried the unlucky ghost who was still smoking.
There were a total of 13 students left, and there were still 20 students left in the classroom.
One third of them were eliminated!
“Alright, compared to them, you are lucky. Under my ghost aura, your ghost spirits can still react. This means that your ghost spirits are still here, unlike those ten unlucky ghosts.”I hope you will continue to be lucky.”
The red paper said.
Hearing what it said, Lin Feng understood why the ghost spirit had finally reacted.
It turned out that he was stimulated by this red paper man.
The reaction of the ghost spirit had finally activated his system.
“This red paper man… looks like he’s the ghost spirit of a powerful ghost-guarding person. However, the ghost-guarding person didn’ t appear on his own, but it made the paper man appear interesting.”
Lin Feng calmly observed the red paper man and thought silently.
“You… you don’ t seem afraid of me?”
At this moment, the red paperman suddenly stretched out his paper hand and pointed at Lin Feng, asking in a hoarse voice.
It sensed Lin Feng’s different gaze from the other students!
Lin Feng stood up and said,” You’ re not a ghost, why am I afraid of you.”
“Very good.”
Hearing Lin Feng’s words, the red paper man could clearly see a trace of admiration on his face.
It was clearly a paper man, but he had such a vivid expression. The Ghost-controlling Man was indeed strange.
“Then let’s start with you. Come to the front. I’ ll teach you to wake up your companion ghost.”
The red paperman said in a hoarse voice.
“System activation completed.”
“Beginner’s Mission: You can complete the mission if you activate your companion ghost spirit successfully. Mission reward: Ghost Spirit Experience 100, Ghost Spirit Pill 1, Storage Space 1 cubic meter.”
“Explanation: Beginner quests will be given ten times the reward. You will be delayed for three days. If you don’t complete the quest, there will be no punishment. It wo n’ t affect the subsequent quests, but you won’t be able to receive the reward.
“The Ghost Spirit Experience can be used to upgrade the Ghost Spirit. The Ghost Spirit Pill can prevent the Ghost Spirit from deteriorating and increase the bond between the Ghost Spirit and the host. The higher the bond, the less the chance of losing control.”
At this moment, the System’s voice rang again.
“Novice mission?”
Hearing the System’s voice, Lin Feng stood up without any hesitation and walked towards the platform.
It was not easy to awaken the ghost spirit because it was easy to lose control. The school prohibited students from trying to awaken themselves.
When the students reached the age of fifteen, there would be special Ghost-controlling Agents who would focus on helping the students wake up.
This red paper man was obviously prepared to use Lin Feng as a demonstration. This was a rare one-on-one opportunity for Lin Feng to guide.
Very soon, Lin Feng walked up to the stage and arrived in front of the red paper man.
The red paperman glanced at Lin Feng and his eyes lit up slightly.
Because Lin Feng’s looks were quite outstanding.
Then, it continued to speak in a hoarse voice,” Take out your companion ghost spirit.”
Lin Feng took out the bow.
“Bite your fingers and drop blood.”
The red paperman said again.
Without hesitation, Lin Feng bit his finger and dripped the blood.
As soon as the drop of blood entered the bow, it was absorbed by the bow.
“Put it on your forehead, close your eyes and sense it with all your strength.”
The red paperman said again.
Lin Feng placed the bow on his forehead and closed his eyes. A darkness fell in front of him.
Then, Lin Feng focused all his attention on the bow.
“If you can’ t sense it, swallow it.”
The red paper man’s voice sounded.
“Keep it in your mouth. Don’ t swallow it. If you can sense it, you don’ t need it.”
The red paperman added.
Hearing what it said, some students in the classroom felt that something was wrong because some of the students’ ghost spirits were daggers, knives, and the like.
The fatty in front of Lin Feng’s face had turned pale because his companion ghost spirit was a broken finger and was still bleeding. There were also people in the classroom similar to him, for example, a person’s companion ghost spirit was a broken ear.
“I saw it!”
Lin Feng said in a deep voice.
Yes, I did.
After closing his eyes, Lin Feng saw a white princess dress suddenly appear in the darkness.
But immediately, the white princess dress began to turn red.*

003 Little girl in white!Upgrade!(Seeking flowers)

Lin Feng subconsciously opened his eyes when he saw the white princess dress turn red.
“Keep your eyes closed. Don’ t open them.”
The red paper man’s voice sounded.
Lin Feng shut his eyes.
In the darkness, the white princess dress had completely turned red.
Then, Lin Feng saw a small foot sticking out from beneath the red princess skirt.
That foot took a step forward, then the other foot extended out and took another step forward.
“This is a little girl!”
Lin Feng thought.
Thinking of this, Lin Feng could not help but feel a little curious.
He was focused on “watching “.
The red princess dress was getting closer and closer.
Very soon, it occupied all of Lin Feng’s eyes.
Then, a small head appeared in the red dress.
It was indeed a little girl.
And it was a very delicate little girl.
However, the little girl was expressionless and her eyes were lifeless.
She stared fixedly at Lin Feng without any emotion.
Lin Feng also looked at her.
“Is this my companion ghost?”
Lin Feng thought.
After looking at each other for a few seconds, the little girl’s dress started to turn white.
In a short period of time, he turned into a white dress. It looked quite cute.
Then, everything disappeared and turned into darkness again.
“Wake up successfully. Beginner task completed. Host has received Ghost Spirit Experience 100, Ghost Spirit Pill *1, Storage Space 1 cubic. Item rewards have been automatically stored in the storage space.”
At this moment, the System’s voice rang.
Then, in front of Lin Feng appeared a virtual panel that only he could see.
“Associated Ghost Spirit: Little girl in white (unnamed)
Level: Daily Level (Level 0)
Potential:2 stars
Experience:100/100(Complete the system’s mission, or kill evil spirits, you can gain experience!)
Ability: Red Skirt
Ghost Skill: Not clear
Tip: Your ghost spirit can be upgraded, do you want to upgrade?”If you choose to upgrade, please use the Ghost Spirit Pill first.”
After looking at the panel, Lin Feng had some understanding of his ghost spirit.
“Use Ghost Spirit Pills.”
Without any hesitation, Lin Feng directly used the Ghost Spirit Pill.
“Successful use,25% higher.”
The System’s voice sounded.
The Ghost Spirit Pill was successfully used!
It was time to upgrade!
Lin Feng chose to upgrade with his will.
“Upgrade succeeded. Your Ghost Spirit level has been upgraded to’ Normal'”
“Your Ghost Spirit has increased to normal level. You have received a body strengthening (0.5 times).”
The System’s voice rang again.
In this world, the classification of ghosts could be expressed in numbers, but there was also a more straightforward way.
For example, at the lowest level, it was a daily level. It could be seen everywhere outside the base city. Such ghosts generally did not have any attack power. They could only scare people, and fear people. However, there would be exceptions occasionally.
A normal level ghost would pose a great threat to humans.
A novice mission actually made Ghost Spirits become ordinary. This system… was quite powerful!
Moreover, after the ghost spirit had leveled up, Lin Feng had also obtained benefits!
As soon as the reward was given, Lin Feng could feel the heat flowing out of his body. His physical fitness became much stronger. His hearing, vision, reaction, and so on were all strengthened.
“New mission: A good name can help you communicate better with Ghost Spirits. Please give your Ghost Spirits a name. Reward: Ghost Spirits Experience +10.”
The System’s voice rang again.
“Very good, you’ ve succeeded. Let’s go!”
At this moment, the red paper man’s voice also sounded.
Hearing its voice, the students in the classroom looked at Lin Feng with envy.
If they knew that Lin Feng’s ghost spirit had risen by one level just waking up, they would be even more envious.
Of course, Lin Feng would not expose his golden fingers and silently returned to his seat.
“Lin Feng, what did you see?”
“That’s right, Lin Feng, how about passing on experience?”
As soon as Lin Feng returned, many people around him whispered.
The red paperman cleared Lin En.
“Different people, the Ghost Spirits are different. I will continue to use ghost qi to stimulate your Ghost Spirits and activate your Ghost Spirits. What you need to do is drop blood and see if they will respond to you…”
The red paperman looked at the remaining twenty students in the classroom and began to explain.
Sure enough, only Lin Feng enjoyed one-on-one guidance.
“Report, what if my Ghost Spirit is a rope?”
A student held a long, knotted rope in his hand and asked worriedly.
Some of the students were also worrying about a shroud.
“It’s a rope. It’s wrapped around your neck. It’s a shroud. Just put it on. It’s a knife. Just cut your finger with a knife. It’s a needle”
The red paperman explained.
There were also students asking questions. The red paperman answered them one by one.
Lin Feng took a glance and then turned back to the System Panel.
“Just call it Tong Tong.”
Lin Feng thought of a name.
Although the little girl was a ghost, she was very cute. This name was suitable.
“Naming succeeded. Mission completed. Your ghost spirit has gained 10 experience points.”
Lin Feng looked at Tong Tong’s panel again.
Ghost Spirit: Tong Tong
Level: Normal (Level 1)
Potential:2 stars
Ability: Red Skirt
Ghost Skill: Not clear

004 Out of Control!Attack!The power of the red dress!(Seeking flowers)

After reading the panel, Lin Feng was very satisfied.
Then he closed the system panel and looked at the other students in the classroom.
These students had all kinds of Ghost Spirits, and they also had the same appearance.
For example, the Ghost Spirits of several students were all rings. There were also the students’ shroud, ropes, knives, and so on.
“Let you catch it when you were young, let you catch it when you were young!”
In front of Lin Feng, that fat man was smacking his face and then wrapped his broken finger in his mouth with a bitter face.
This was because this fatty had sensed it for a long time, but he did not sense his ghost spirit.
The other students also started to move.
Lin Feng looked interested.
“I succeeded, I succeeded!”I’ m also a Ghost King!”
Only three minutes later, a student began to dance.
“That’s right, you succeeded.”
The red paperman said in a hoarse voice.
“I also succeeded!”
Soon, the second student jumped up.
The red paperman glanced at it and gave it a confirmation.
Then there was the third and fourth.
There were also some students who did not respond. Most likely, they would fail.
Even if the accompanying ghost spirit had been accompanying them since childhood, there was a high probability that they would ignore these students.
In the classroom, more than ten minutes had passed. Including Lin Feng, only eight students had successfully awakened their ghost spirits. The remaining ten or so students were still trying.
“Ahhh, save me~”
Suddenly, a student shouted.
Lin Feng saw that the student was screaming in terror.
All the students looked over.
Suddenly, a dagger appeared in the student’s heart and pierced through his body.
Instantly, fresh/blood splattered everywhere!
The student’s cry was stuck in his mouth.
“Heavens!”I lost control!”
“It’s over, his ghost spirit is an evil spirit!”
“What do we do? Run!”
The classroom immediately became chaotic.
This was the first time a student had seen such a scene with their own eyes. They were scared silly.
Some students were so scared that they subconsciously wanted to flee to the classroom.
Then, something even more frightening happened.
After the ghost was out of control, the student’s eyes that had been pierced by his dagger suddenly turned. Then, he reached out his hand and pulled out the dagger from his heart. He used his strength to stab a student to the side, causing the student to scream.
The lights in the classroom also changed, adding to the atmosphere of terror.
“It’s over. He’s been possessed by an evil ghost.”
The classroom was even more chaotic.
No one noticed that when that student’s ghost lost control and started to kill/kill other people, the red paper man stood on the stage calmly. He looked at the chaos in the classroom, but he did not have the slightest intention of attacking.
Other than Lin Feng!
“You didn’ t even make a move?”
Lin Feng said softly.
This red paper man definitely belonged to a powerful ghost-guarding person. He didn’t attack when he was out of control… What was he trying to do?
“Mission for the first battle: Drive the ghost child to kill the out-of-control ghost. Mission reward: ghost experience 100, fetters 10, potential value 1!”
At this moment, the System’s voice rang.
“Kill the runaway ghost?”
Lin En looked at the guy who was possessed by the ghost and was chasing after the other students. Then, he looked at the red paper man.
“It shouldn’ t be difficult.”
Lin Feng thought.
With such a judgement, it was mainly the reaction of the red paper man.
This red paper man was still watching the show on the stage. He might just want to see if there would be a student taking action to deal with this runaway ghost spirit.
After all, eight students had awakened their ghost spirits.
Therefore, after receiving the mission, Lin Feng rushed towards the student who was possessed by his ghost spirit without any hesitation.
Lin Feng took out the bow knot.
The student who possessed the Ghost Spirit turned his head to Lin Feng. He stared at Lin Feng with eyes that were not human at all.
The next second, he rushed over with his dagger in hand.
Seeing that he was about to rush over, Lin Feng lightly shouted,” Tong Tong!”
Following Lin Feng’s voice, a white shadow suddenly appeared in the bow and rushed towards the student possessed by the ghost spirit.
“Don’t go!”This evil spirit is already an ordinary level!”
At this moment, the red paper man suddenly sensed something and shouted.
But it was too late.
Tong Tong had already rushed over.
The ghost student let out a roar as the dagger in his hand pierced towards Tong Tong Tong.
Tong Tong seemed to have sensed the threat. Her white dress instantly turned red. As soon as the red dress came out, the ghost student let out a strange cry. A shadow that was hard to see rushed out of the student’s body and fled outside the classroom.
But just as it rushed to the window, it was grabbed by the little hand of the child in the red dress and tore it apart.
That ghost spirit was torn apart!
“The first battle was successful. The mission was completed. Your ghost spirit has gained 100 experience points,10 restraints,1 potential.”
“Your ghost spirit killed an ordinary evil spirit. The ghost aura has been enhanced.”
The System’s voice sounded.

005 Surprise and praise!Daily experience!(Seeking flowers)

The moment Tong Tong killed the ghost spirit, the red dress quickly faded and turned into a white dress.
Then, she turned into a white light and returned to the bow in Lin Feng’s hand.
“Quiet, the evil spirit has been killed.”
The red paper man’s voice sounded.
In the classroom, many students had already seen it. They all looked at Lin Feng with wide eyes.
“You’ re excellent.”
The red paperman looked at Lin Feng with a trace of surprise and admiration.
“Ghost-controlling experts also have talent. A powerful ghost can only be driven by a powerful Ghost-controlling expert. Just as you woke up, your Ghost Spirit had the strength of an ordinary level. It even has two forms. This is extremely rare, which is enough to show your excellence.”
The red paperman did not hold back his praise.
In the classroom, the other students looked at Lin Feng one after another. Their eyes were filled with surprise, envy, and admiration.
“But, what’s more, your courage!”In comparison, you seven are simply cowardly!”
The red paperman’s voice became stern, criticizing the other seven students who had awakened the ghost spirit.
The seven students immediately lowered their heads in shame.
“Evil spirits are generally stronger than good spirits. However, even if this evil spirit has reached the normal level, as long as the eight of you who awakened the ghost spirit work together, you can completely subdue it.”But, other than him, all you know is that it’s too embarrassing to be in such a mess.”
The red paperman replied without any hesitation.
The seven students lowered their heads even lower.
The red paper man turned his gaze to Lin Feng again. He was very satisfied. Then, he looked around and said,” After today, you will no longer be students. Instead, you will be an official ghost-guarding person. Tomorrow, you will rest for a day. The day after tomorrow, you will report to the outside city. You will learn how to deal with ghosts. Ghost-guarding people will only be able to grow continuously in the fight against ghosts.”Alright, this is the end!”
“Old… excuse me, what should we do?”
At this moment, a student wearing a shroud did not summon the ghost spirit.
“You still have a year to go. If you can’ t awaken the ghost spirit after a year, then go to the inner city.”
The red paper said.
“A year… what if it doesn’ t respond to me?”
The student looked worried.
“Then put on your shroud every day.”
The red paper man tossed out a sentence and ignored Lin Feng. After glancing at Lin Feng again, he walked out of the classroom.
As soon as the red paperman left, a few uniformed men walked in and carried the bodies of the two dead.
What happened today was a lot of impact on the students who had just turned 15. It was enough to change the fate of many people.
Of the 40 or so students, only 8 had successfully awakened the ghost spirit and become the ghost guide.
Thirteen people lost their chance forever, and the rest only had one year.
Even if it was the cultivation of the System… it was still difficult to become a Ghost King in this world, and it depended on luck!
“Lin Feng, you’ re really amazing~”
“Yeah, Brother Feng, you must bring me when you go to the outer city~”

After the red paperman left, a few students who had become ghost-guarding students surrounded him and praised Lin Feng.
As for the other students… they were no longer qualified to stand with them.
Lin Feng did not listen to their flattering intentions. Instead, he left the classroom and returned to the dormitory.
After returning to the dormitory, Lin Feng took out the bow knot.
“Tong Tong, Tong Tong”
Lin Feng shouted.
However, the bow was unresponsive.
Just as Lin Feng was about to give up, a child in a white dress appeared and looked at Lin Feng with a determined expression.
In the dormitory, when Tong Tong appeared, the temperature dropped a lot.
“Tong Tong, you performed very well today.”
Lin Feng said.
Tong Tong was still unresponsive.
Lin Feng continued to talk to her.
But after a few minutes, Tong Tong still did not respond.
“Ghost… is it unconscious?”
Lin Feng thought.
Or was it that the current Tong Tong was too weak, so he was unconscious?
“You communicated with Tong Tong for ten minutes, Ghost Spirit Experience +5, Restraint +1”
At this moment, the voice suddenly remembered.
This kind of daily communication could also increase experience?*

006 Experience points!Celebrity!Ghost on the bus!(Seeking flowers)

In the dormitory, Lin Feng looked at Tong Tong and glanced at Tong Tong’s panel.
Ghost Spirit: Tong Tong
Level: Normal (Level 1)
Potential:2 stars (5%)
Ability: Red Skirt
Ghost Skill: Not clear
“Tie down:101”
“When Tong Tong’s red dress is transformed, I’ m afraid that her combat strength will increase by at least a level.”
Lin Feng thought.
Tong Tong was still staring blankly at him, expressionless.
Lin Feng stretched out his hand and wanted to touch her little head.
But… he didn’ t feel it.
Tong Tong did not have a physical form.
“You touched Tong Tong’s head. Ghost Spirit Experience +5, Restraint +1.”
At this moment, the System’s voice sounded.
So, Lin Feng touched it again.
But this time, the System’s voice did not appear.
“Only once.”
Lin Feng thought.
It seemed that the daily communication and interaction could also increase the experience. Although it was only 5 points at a time, and it might only be once a day, it was still enough. It was better than a fine stream.
“Tong Tong, do you want to eat?”
Lin Feng asked.
Yes, after knowing that daily experience could be increased, Lin Feng started to think about it and wanted to learn more.
Tong Tong did not respond.
Lin Feng did not mind and continued to try.
This test… made Lin Feng give it a try.
Tong Tong did not have a physical body right now, but Lin Feng could still gain a lot of experience.
For example, taking Tong Tong to watch TV could also increase 5 points of experience and 1 point of restraint.
He could tell a story to Tong Tong Tong.
Of course, it was only one experience.
Singing a song had similar effects.
Just like that, Lin Feng had tried for more than an hour… he had obtained 50 experience points and 10 shackles!
There were quite a few 50 points of experience. If there wasn’t a new mission, it would be a daily experience. In a few days, Tong Tong would be able to upgrade.
“Take a bath, sleep.”
After trying for more than an hour, it was late.
Thus, Lin Feng walked into the bathroom and prepared to take a bath.
Just as he took off his clothes, Tong Tong came in.
“Tong Tong, you should go back first.”
Lin Feng said.
Only then did Tong Tong enter the bow and disappear.
After taking a comfortable bath, Lin Feng went to bed.
While sleeping, Lin Feng placed the bow on his pillow.
This was also a way to increase the restriction on the ghost spirit. After everyone obtained the ghost spirit item, they had to take it with them.
What if he lost it?
He lost it. If he couldn’t find it, he could only be an ordinary person. There was no second chance.
Except for those who were naturally able to become Ghost-controlling People, those people were quite rare.
When he got up the next day, Lin Feng put the bow tie on his body and prepared to rest for a day.
Not surprisingly, after arriving outside the city tomorrow, Lin Feng rarely had a chance to return to school. Therefore, Lin Feng was also planning to take a look around the school.
“Lin Feng, I heard that you’ ve become a Ghostlord. Congratulations!”
Along the way, they met some classmates and greeted Lin Feng.
“I heard that there were a few thousand students from over a dozen schools yesterday. In the end, there were only three hundred Ghost Controlling Persons. This ratio is too small.”
“I heard that there are more than twenty people out of control. They have killed dozens of people.”
“Is that so? Did you hear that? Our school has lost control of three. Two of the guides who were awakened have solved it, and one of you guess who solved it?”
“A student called Lin Feng. I heard that he just awakened the ghost spirit. How is it? Am I strong?”
“Wow, this is really amazing!”
“I wonder how we are next year.”
“Look, that’s Lin Feng!”
After walking out, Lin Feng heard a group of students discussing him.
In an instant, many students looked over.
Soon, Lin Feng realized that many students knew that he had solved the problem of the runaway ghost spirit yesterday. He had become a famous person in this school.
“You’ ve taken the Ghost Spirit Tong for an hour. Ghost Spirit Experience +5, Restraint +1.”
When Lin Feng turned around and returned to the dormitory, he heard the System voice again.
Sure enough, as long as he brought Tong Tong to do something, he would have experience.
As a result, Lin Feng took advantage of today’s rest time to gain a few more points of experience.
“New mission, go to the outer city and become the official Ghost King. Mission reward: Experience 20, Ghost Spirit Potential 1.”
The next morning, Lin Feng came together and heard the System’s voice.
“Let’s go to the outer city.”
Lin Feng packed his things and arrived at the school gate.
There were already dozens of students at the school gate.
These were all the students who had successfully awakened Ghost Spirits in this school yesterday.
“Look, Lin Feng is here.”
Before Lin Feng could approach, he was surrounded by dozens of students.
Obviously, Lin Feng had solved the problem of losing control of the ghost spirit. These students also knew about it.
Each student looked at Lin Feng in surprise.
“Du Du Du~”
A shabby bus drove over.
“Quickly get in.”
On the bus, a man covered in a cloak spoke in a hoarse voice.
The students got into the car one after another.
“Brother Lin, take my place.”
In the car, a voice shouted.
Lin Feng saw that it was the ghost spirit in the previous class. It was a fatty with broken fingers.
Lin Feng glanced at the fatty and then casually found an empty seat to sit down.
Just as he sat down, Lin Feng noticed that Tong Tong’s bow had a reaction.
“There’s a ghost?”
Lin Feng looked to the side. The person sitting next to him was extremely strange… It was not like a human at all!
“Ah, there’s a ghost!”
At this moment, another student called from behind the bus.
“Don’ t make a fuss. There are ghosts everywhere in the outer city. They’ re just some daily-level ghosts. These are all ghosts that don’ t have any grievances. There’s no harm to them. There’s no need to pay attention to them. Their existence also allows you to better adapt to the life of the outer city.”
The man in the cloak said indifferently.*

007 Golden Wall!Ghosts everywhere!(Seeking flowers)

“What an old bus!”
On the bus, Lin Feng sat on his seat and silently looked outside.
The ghost beside him… was ignored by Lin Feng.
It was indeed a ghost without any harm.
There were three ghosts like this on the bus.
The seats next to the other two ghosts were empty. No students were willing to sit next to them.
“He really is different.”
Some students looked at Lin Feng and thought silently.
There were already students who wanted to have a good relationship with Lin Feng. Because of the potential that Lin Feng had now displayed, it was very likely that he would become an extremely powerful Ghost-controlling Person in the future!
The bus was staggering towards the outer city.
This was Lin Feng’s first trip to the outer city.
It was also the first time that all the students had gone to the outer city.
Before, everyone had basically spent their time in school.
After driving for more than an hour, a tall wall appeared in his vision.
Then was the city gate.
The bus drove over.
After driving over, Lin Feng saw similar buses coming from other directions.
There were some 15-year-old students on the bus.
These were the students from other schools who awakened the ghost spirits.
There were many people guarding the city gate.
Lin Feng also saw a few people wearing cloaks that looked like Ghost-guarding.
After arriving at the city gate, the bus stopped and the cloaked man handed out a yellow paper.
“Open the city gate.”
The city gate slowly opened.
The bus drove out.
The walls were very thick, and the inside was also very dark.
On the bus, the students looked around curiously, curious as to what the outside city was like.
Ten seconds later, the bus finally drove out of the wall.
In front of him… the sky suddenly became gray, as if it was covered by a dark cloud, unable to see the slightest bit of sunlight.
“Wow, look.”
At this moment, a student shouted.
Lin Feng looked over and saw that student really pointed at the back of the bus.
Lin Feng looked in the direction he pointed at and was shocked.
It was because the city wall was golden on the other side of the outer city!
It was ten meters tall, and it was unknown how long the city walls were. They were all golden, and it looked exceptionally spectacular.
Even if there was no sunlight in the outer city, these golden walls still looked quite conspicuous!
“Golden wall!I know, this is the legendary golden wall!”There’s a layer of one millimeter thick gold on it, which can prevent ghosts from crossing the city wall!”
Some students shouted.
Lin Feng said softly.
The reason why the city wall was golden was because it had a layer of gold.
Gold… could cut off the penetration of ghosts. It was also an important method used by the base city to ensure that the inner city would not be penetrated by ghosts.
The students looked over in surprise.
At this moment, the bus stopped.
Then, the ghost beside Lin Feng moved.
It walked through Lin Feng and arrived at the back door of the bus.
The driver opened the door and the ghost walked down.
But at the front door, there were a few more people who looked like ghosts.
When the students saw these ghosts, they were both surprised and scared.
“There’s no need to worry. These ghosts have a regular pattern of activity, and they’ re one of the most important sources of ghost spirits. As long as they don’ t lose control, they’ re not allowed to attack them, okay?”
The cloaked man.
The students nodded one after another. A student saw that a ghost seemed to be sitting in his seat and quickly made way.
“Many ghosts.”
At this moment, another student said.
Lin Feng had already seen it.
After exiting the city wall, it was a large square. On this square, many ghosts could be seen wandering around.
Apart from ghosts, they could also see some humans moving inside. These people were mostly middle-aged people, not Ghost-controlling people, but ordinary people!
“The era of coexistence with ghosts.”
Lin Feng said softly.
The bus drove out of the square and into a shabby street.
On the street, there were also some ghosts, even in the houses on both sides of the street, there were also some ghosts.
The existence of these ghosts made the streets gloomy.
There were quite a few people on the street. From time to time, they could see one or two Ghost Soldiers. Most of them were ordinary people. These ordinary people were basically people over 40 years old.
“Over 40 years of age, the fertility rate has decreased. If the offspring that are born do not have a ghost-guarding person, if you want to support your family, do you have to work in the outer city?”
Lin Feng thought.
The bus drove through this long street and finally arrived at the place.
There was a large building there.
The bus stopped on the street in front of the building.
“Get off.”
The cloaked man said.
Dozens of students got off the car.
At the back, the other buses drove over.
A large number of students came down from the bus.
Soon, more than 300 students who had successfully awakened the ghost spirit gathered.
“Mission completed. Ghost Spirit Child has gained 20 experience points and 1 potential.”
The System’s voice sounded.
The mission was completed!
“Which school are you from?”
“Third, what about you?”
After more than 300 students gathered, they began to chat.
At this moment, a hoarse voice sounded.
Lin Feng saw that it was the red paper man.
This guy appeared again.
All the students immediately shut their mouths.
The red paperman’s gaze swept over the three hundred students. When he saw Lin Feng, his gaze paused on Lin Feng before moving away.
Then, the red paper said:
“From here on out, you’ll be the official Ghost King. Of course, we’ ll have some guidance for you in three months.Now, everyone came to get their identity and communication cards. Then, they went to the building to find a place to live. Be careful, there were evil spirits that we locked up in each house. Whoever could solve it would have that house. The bigger the house, the stronger the evil spirits inside.
You can choose a few people to solve it together. If you want to monopolize a house, you can also solve it yourself. This is your first test.Oh, by the way, there’s still a villa over there. If you want to live in a villa, you can also try it. You only have one day’s time. There’s no choice in one day’s time. You can only make money and find your own place!”Just like that, everyone have fun!”

008 Villa!Ghost Shadow!The reward arrived!(Seeking flowers)

A friend said that 10 times the reward for a novice mission was BUG. Now it was set as a three-day delay!)
“May I ask if I can find someone to help me solve the evil spirit?”
As soon as the red paperman finished speaking, a student asked.
“Everyone has only one chance. If others help you, you can only live in your house.”
The red paperman said lightly.
Its words extinguished many students’ plans.
Another student asked a few more questions, and the red paper man answered them in great detail.
Then, all the students came to a house on the street to collect their identity cards.
It was a small sign that could be hung around his neck.
This small brand had quite a few functions and could be used for communication.
After Lin Feng got his identity card, he casually put it in his pocket and looked at the building area.
“New mission: Get an independent house. Mission reward: Ghost Spirit Experience 50-200(depending on the size of the house), Ghost Spirit Potential 1.”
At this moment, the System’s voice also sounded.
The mission came at the right time.
“Brother Lin, Brother Lin, how about we form a team together?”
The fat man and a few students came over to curry favor.
Lin Feng glanced at them and said,” Sorry, I’ m going to be alone.”
After that, Lin Feng walked straight towards the building area.
“Who is that? He went alone?”
“I don’ t know.”
Of the more than 300 students, Lin Feng was the first to leave. Therefore, Lin Feng immediately attracted a lot of attention.
The students from other schools did not know Lin Feng, so they started discussing.
“I know. That’s Lin Feng of the Sixth Middle School. It’s said that he killed a runaway ghost spirit on his own.”
“Wow, it’s so amazing. If only I could hug my legs!”
Some students were surprised when they learned about Lin Feng from other students.
Then, these students started to group in pairs. There were also students who were prepared to observe the situation first.
Without caring about the other students, Lin Feng quickly arrived at the building complex.
This group of buildings was not small.
There were some houses with different heights, and the old and new levels of the houses were different. Some had balconies, some didn’t, some were very pleasing to the eye at a glance, and some were ragged.
There was a person standing guard at the bottom of each house.
Lin Feng walked towards a building that was more than ten stories tall and looked a little shabby.
“What’s inside?”
Lin Feng asked.
“Daily level evil spirits, as long as you are brave enough, you can solve it. The houses inside are very small and old. One set is less than fifty, but the number is limited. This time, only a hundred sets are released. You can choose from several nearby buildings. If you want, hurry up.”
The guard.
Lin Feng left.
Very quickly, Lin Feng walked to a small room on the seventh floor that looked pretty good.
“What level is the evil spirit inside?”
Lin Feng asked.
“Normal level.”
The people here did not seem to like to speak.
So, Lin Feng left again.
Yes, he was going to take a look at the villa.
The dilapidated building was just a daily level evil spirit. It was not a challenge to Lin Feng, and the house was too small.
The average level was definitely a bit larger, but Tong Tong himself was an average level, and he did not challenge it at all.
Then go and see the villa.
The villa was at the back.
Soon, Lin Feng walked over.
There were quite a few villas here.
However, there were only two villas in front of them. This meant that at most two of the 300 students could live in the villa.
No, if some students were to cooperate, they could live in a villa.
“What evil spirit is inside?”
Lin Feng walked to a villa and asked.
“Danger level.”
A skinny man standing in front of the villa raised his eyes and glanced at Lin Feng before speaking in a low voice.
“Danger class!”
Lin Feng’s heart froze!
Danger level, one level higher than normal level!
Ordinary levels were a threat to humans.
At the danger level, ordinary people would almost die if they met.
The ghost-guarding person who had just awakened the ghost spirit had encountered it… It was also an inevitable ending.
No wonder they only released two buildings!
Lin Feng couldn’t help but look inside. Then, Lin Feng saw a black shadow on the second floor window with a pair of red eyes staring at him.
“Don’t worry, it wo n’ t be able to get out. If you go in, you’ll have to die.Little friend, if you want to stay in the villa, you should wait for more than ten years. Perhaps there is still hope.”These two villas are specially prepared for you students who have just awakened the ghost spirits. However, it’s been ten years, no one has ever lived in them.”
At this moment, beside Lin Feng, the voice of the skinny man sounded.
“Why wait ten years?”
Lin Feng said.
“Hmph, do you think the villa is such a good place to live? The people living in the villa area are all at least Level Four Ghost Controlling Persons. After 11 years, I’ve only been Level Three Ghost Controlling Persons.”You’ ve just awakened the ghost spirit. If you’ re done with it now, it means that your ghost spirit’s potential is huge. Naturally, you can live inside!”
The skinny man said.
The daily level was Level 0, the ordinary level was Level 1, and the danger level was Level 2.
The level of the Ghost King was naturally linked to his Ghost Spirit!
Tong Tong was now at the normal level.
However, after Tong Tong turned into a red dress, he should have a dangerous level of strength.
However, Lin Feng felt that Tong Tong’s transformation into a red dress should not last long.
“Ding, your novice quest has received 10 times the reward. You have obtained 1000 Ghost Spirit Experience Points. Please pay attention to check!”
At this moment, the System’s voice suddenly rang.
The previous Novice Mission 10 times reward was delayed by three days. Now, it was finally settled!*

009 Dangerous child!What happened to me!(Seeking flowers)

“It’s finally here.”
The 10 times reward for the novice mission came, which made Lin Feng happy.
“Your ghost spirit can be upgraded. Do you want to upgrade?”
The system notification sounded.
Lin Feng thought to himself.
“Upgrade succeeded. Your Ghost Spirit level has been upgraded to’ Danger'”
“Your Ghost Spirit has been upgraded to a dangerous level. You have received a body strengthening (1x).”
The System’s voice sounded one after another.
After the Ghost Spirit leveled up, Lin Feng’s body was strengthened again!
Lin Feng glanced at Tong Tong’s panel.
Ghost Spirit: Tong Tong
Level: Danger Level (Level 2)
Potential:2 stars (25%)(The higher the potential, the less experience is required to upgrade)
Experience:13 56/2500
Ability: Red Skirt
Ghost Skill: Not clear
Tong Tong had become a dangerous level!
If Tong Tong changed into a red dress, he should be able to become stronger, right?”It should be fine to deal with that shadow.”
Lin Feng thought.
Thinking of this, he looked up at the villa again.
The shadow on the window had already disappeared.
Lin Feng took a step and walked towards the door of the villa.
“You want to enter?”
The skinny man said.
“That’s right.”
Lin Feng said.
The skinny man looked at Lin Feng and said,” You’ ve thought it through. After you enter, you’ ll die. Even if I save you according to the rules, there’s a great possibility that your ghost spirit will be killed. By then, you can only be an ordinary person.”
“Let me in.”
Lin Feng did not say anything.
“Let him in. With me here, nothing will happen.”
At this moment, a hoarse voice sounded.
Lin Feng turned around and saw that it was the red paper man.
He noticed that after the red paper man appeared, the skinny man looked at him with a respectful expression.
This meant that the red paperman was most likely owned by an even stronger ghost-guarding person than this skinny man.
“Go in.”
The skinny man made way.
Lin Feng walked into the villa.
The villa was not lit, it was dark.
The interior was not shabby, on the contrary, it had been cleaned and there were many furniture.
It wasn’t like the scene in the horror film.
However, as long as one looked at the scarlet eyes on the window and entered the villa, one would involuntarily feel a chill run down their spine.
There seemed to be a pair of eyes staring at you all the time.
Lin Feng held the bow in his hand and walked deep into the villa.
The entrance was the large guest hall, and the staircase leading to the second floor could be seen on the side of the living room.
Lin Feng walked to the middle of the living room.
However, that ghost did not appear.
“Not coming out?”
Lin Feng walked down the stairs towards the second floor.
Just as he was halfway there, Lin Feng suddenly stood still.
Because, he saw a ghost flash through the window of the living room.
“It’s here!”
Lin Feng was ready to call Tong Tong.
Following that, a ghost flashed. On the glass next to Lin Feng, a terrifying black shadow appeared. Its red eyes glared at Lin Feng.
The black shadow stretched out his hands to pull Lin Feng into the glass.
Lin Feng did not make any movements. In the bow, a white light flashed. Tong Tong appeared and charged straight at the black shadow.
The black shadow made a sharp sound, and the entire villa instantly darkened.
Outside, the skinny man revealed a trace of worry.
The red paper man was about to move when he heard another wail!
The red paperman let out a soft sigh.
In the villa’s pager, a red light flashed. The ghost with scarlet eyes was instantly destroyed by the child’s transformation into a red dress!
“This is what happens when you stare at me.”
Lin Feng said softly.
At the same time, he was surprised that Tong Tong could come out without him shouting.
Time wasn’t a good idea.
This was the effect of being tied up?
“Mission completed. You have gained 200 Ghost Spirit Experience Points and 1 Ghost Spirit Potential.”

010 Was surprised!Stay in the villa!(Seeking flowers)

Huh?”It’s gone!”
When the ghost shadow was destroyed by Tong Tong, the soft sound of a red paper man was heard outside the villa.
“He solved it?”
The skinny man’s eyes widened.
“He just awakened the ghost spirit, and he can deal with dangerous evil spirits?And it was so fast!”We’ ve castrated this evil spirit, but it’s not something that a newly awakened ghost can solve”
The skinny man spat out a series of words, obviously not believing it.
“Let’s go in and take a look.”
The red paper said.
After saying that, it took the lead to walk towards the villa.
The skinny man quickly followed in.
In the villa, Tong Tong had already returned to the bow tie. Lin Feng went to the second floor to see if there were any other ghosts.
In the living room, the red paper man and the skinny man had already walked in.
The red paper man’s eyes glowed red.
The skinny man took out an instrument and checked it.
“No need to test. It’s already solved.”
The red paper said.
The skinny man took a deep breath.” Sir, is this Lin Feng… a psychic?”
The red paper man shook his head.” No, the Spirit Transforming Body will be taken away in a lifetime. Liu Cheng Base City is not qualified to cultivate it.”
The skinny man looked puzzled.” Then why…”
The red paper said,” His ghost spirit is very special. It has two forms. The second form’s combat power can soar. I think this is probably the reason.”
The skinny man had a look of envy on his face.” He’s not a spirit body, but he’s able to obtain such a ghost spirit. This kid’s luck is extremely good.”
The red paper man looked at him and said,” If you want to get the Ghost Spirit’s approval, it’s just that luck isn’t enough. He must have something special, but everyone has their own secrets. Do n’ t try to explore.”Maybe it won’ t be long before you can witness the rise of a genius.”
As he spoke, Lin Feng had already walked down.
“Congratulations, you’ ve passed.”
The skinny man said.
Compared to before, his tone had become rather gentle.
Lin Feng could not help but feel happy.
Obtaining this villa also solved the problem of housing.
The living space in the base city was limited. If it was an inner city, the average living space of an ordinary person was only a few square meters. It was quite crowded.
Even though the outer city was full of ghosts, it was still quite safe. To be able to own such a single villa in the base city of every inch of land and every inch of money… This treatment had already surpassed 99% of the people.
“Little brother, this is for you.”
The red paperman suddenly took out a piece of red jade and handed it to Lin Feng.
“You are really outstanding. I have a few words to give you. A ghost is definitely terrifying, but what is more terrifying than a ghost is always human.The base city stopped any fighting, and there was no fighting between the Ghost Soldiers.”But once you leave the base city, other than your ghost spirit, everything might be your enemy. Remember, it’s everything!”
The red paperman said solemnly.
Lin Feng took the red jade and said,” Thank you!”
“Alright, this time I came to Liu City and found a good seedling. I hope you can grow up. I still have something to resolve. Let’s go first. Take care.”
The last sentence of the red paperman was not a husky voice like an old granny. It was a very nice female voice.
The Ghost King behind the red paper man looked like a young woman!
After saying that, the red paper man’s body began to burst into flames. In a short period of time, the red paper man turned into ashes, and then completely disappeared into the air.
After the red paperman left through this method, the skinny man took out the key and handed it to Lin Feng.” This is the key. This villa is yours, and nobody has used anything inside. However, you might need someone to clean it up. There are 100 contribution points in your identity card. In the outer city, contribution points are everything. Just one contribution point is enough for someone to clean the room, but you need to exchange it for 100 yuan first!”
Lin Feng nodded.
He knew about the monetary system of the base city.
Ordinary people used a unified currency.
As for the Ghost King, the most important thing was the contribution points. One contribution point could be exchanged for 100 yuan.
The main source of contribution points was to go outside the city to carry out some missions in the base city, such as protecting some grain towns or killing some Specters. After that, they could use the valuable items on Specters to exchange for them. They could also obtain Ghost Spirits and hand them over to the base city.
After Lin Feng took the key, the skinny man also left.
Only Lin Feng remained in the villa.
Lin Feng turned around and found that the furniture in the villa was quite complete, but there were no sheets.
Lin Feng took out his identity card and released a task to clean up the villa through the identity card. As soon as it was released, someone took it.
“That’s very convenient.”
Lin Feng thought.
Although the technology in this world did not have much innovation, it was not too stagnant. There were some satellites in the sky. In the base city, there was also a local area network. However, the communication between the base city and the base city needed to use satellites. However, the current satellites were 100 years ago There were some aging, and using them once was expensive.
In the city of the base, they could use a local area network to communicate.
…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………Let’s go first!*

011 The change of Tong Tong!Whoosh!(Seeking flowers)

At the entrance of the villa, very soon, a woman came with tools.
When she saw Lin Feng, she was surprised.
Because she had never seen such a young man living in a villa before.
She did not try to communicate with Lin Feng.
In the base city, the status of Ghost-controlling People was far higher than that of ordinary people. Moreover, many Ghost-controlling People were affected by Ghost Spirits. Their personalities were somewhat strange, and they did not communicate well.
The aunt quietly cleaned up.
Lin Feng came to the balcony on the second floor and took out his bow tie.
“Tong Tong?”
Lin Feng shouted.
Soon, Tong Tong appeared.
She was still wearing a white princess dress. She looked rather cute.
Lin Feng rubbed her head.
“You touched Tong Tong’s head, experience +5, fetters +1.”
The System’s voice sounded.
The fetters had already broken a hundred, but a hundred was not full.
The higher the bondage, the less likely the ghost spirit would lose control, and the better the tacit understanding.
Before he got to the System, Lin Feng had tied the bow knot to his body every day for many years. It was only 65’s bond.65’s bond… like this, Tong Tong probably wouldn’t react.
Tong Tong was still standing there, looking at Lin Feng.
The dangerous child gave Lin Feng a more “solid” feeling.
However, Lin Feng’s hand could still pass through her body.
Of course, this did not mean that she could not harm humans.
There were many types of ghosts, there were physical ghosts, there were ghosts that could be converted from virtual reality, there were some ghosts that could not be seen by common sense.
Before awakening the ghost spirit, Lin Feng learned a lot about ghosts.
Just like that, when the aunt was cleaning the villa, Lin Feng took Tong Tong with him and gained a few more points of experience.
Tong Tong was still 900 points away from the next level.
Just as Lin Feng was about to get Tong Tong to return to the butterfly knot, Tong Tong suddenly made an unexpected move.
She blinked.
“Tong Tong?”
Lin Feng was sure he was right.
Tong Tong had indeed blinked.
This meant that Tong Tong was not an unconscious ghost.
However, after the blink of an eye, Tong Tong did not make any movements.
Lin Feng shouted a few more words but still did not make any movements.
Thus, Lin Feng gave up.
“If you raise another level, Tong Tong Tong might have an independent consciousness.”
Lin Feng thought.
They should be over, right?”I still have to go through the formalities.”
Lin Feng looked at the buildings in front of him and muttered to himself.
In order to prevent disputes, he had to officially register the house.
“F*ck, Bai’s worried. If I had known that these evil spirits had been castrated, I should have led someone to challenge the foreign area.”
When Lin Feng arrived at the first building, he heard some students’ discussions.
“Did you hear that? There’s a woman in No.2 Middle School. She managed to get a foreign house by herself, but I’ m so jealous.”
“That’s amazing. Only the five of us can complete a set. Fortunately, there are enough rooms inside.”
“You guys are lucky enough. One of the three guys overestimated himself and went to the foreign room alone. In the end, the ghost spirit was killed and is crying right now.”
The students were discussing amongst themselves as they lined up to register, discussing the results of this division and test.
Lin Feng swept a glance and followed behind a line.
“Eh, he’s not the first to go out. I wonder what house he’s got.”
“Lin Feng, even his ghost spirit can deal with ordinary evil spirits. It’s very likely that he has obtained a set of foreign rooms.”
“Wow, I’ m going to be his girlfriend alone. I wonder if I can live inside.”
“Amazing, I can see you?”
Lin Feng was noticed by some students nearby and began to discuss in a low voice.
Soon, it was Lin Feng’s turn.
Many students looked over.
The person in charge of registration.
Lin Feng took out the key to the villa.
Huh?”Villa key?”
The person in charge of registration was a little surprised.
“What’s your name?”
“Lin Feng.”
“I’ ll check.”
The person in charge of the registration checked on an old computer. Instantly, the expression on his face was covered in astonishment.
“You actually solved the evil spirit in the villa…”
The registered person exclaimed in surprise.
As soon as he finished speaking, the surrounding students were in an uproar.
“A fierce man! He actually managed to get a villa!”
“I thought it was amazing to be able to deal with a foreign house alone. I didn’ t expect that there would be more!”
“It’s amazing!”

012 Fierce man!Purchase!A new mission!(Seeking flowers)

“Alright!”Registration completed!”
In front of the old computer, the person in charge of registration handed the key back to Lin Feng and said.
“Thank you!”
Lin Feng took the key and prepared to go back to the villa to rest.
“Wow, Brother Lin, you’ re too fierce!”
Just as Lin Feng turned around, the fatty who had been in the same class with him had arrived. He had exaggeratedly flattered Lin Feng.
“Brother Lin, you are our idol.”
A few of the chaps next to the fatty also started to flatter.
In the surrounding crowd, they were still looking at Lin Feng in surprise. There were a few young girls who saw that Lin Feng was so powerful and handsome, with stars in their eyes.
As a transmigrator, he naturally wouldn’t be flattered by a few words of flattery. Lin Feng ignored Fatty and quickly left the crowd. He wanted to purchase some daily necessities.
After Lin Feng left, heated discussions erupted among the crowd.
“Really?To take care of the villa alone?”Impossible, right?”
“That’s right. I heard from the guards that since the villa was released ten years ago to encourage newcomers, no one has ever succeeded. No one living in the villa area is under 20!”
After hearing this, some newly arrived students expressed their disbelief.
After all, he had just awakened the ghost spirit and settled the villa… This matter was indeed a bit scary!
However, Lin Feng had already completed his registration and the results of this test were soon announced. Although he didn’t say Lin Feng’s name and only said that someone had obtained a villa, it was enough to confirm the truth of the matter.
As a result, the students who arrived later were in an uproar.
Very quickly, Lin Feng’s name spread among the more than 300 newly arrived Ghost Soldiers!
The outer city of Liu City wasn’t small, but the people living in this area, except for the villa area, were basically the newly born ghost guides in recent years.
The daily necessities were purchased on the street where the bus passed.
From here to that street, there was an old bus passing by from time to time.
Lin Feng waited for a while before the bus arrived.
He climbed up.
On the bus, there were some people, as well as some ghosts.
These people should have lived in the outer city for quite some time. There were ordinary people inside, and some of them looked like people who controlled ghosts.
They seemed to have gotten used to sitting in the same car with ghosts, and no one was in the mood to talk to others.
Lin Feng used his identity card to sweep a piece of money and found a seat to sit down.
The bus started. Ten minutes later, that lively street appeared in front of him.
Lin Feng entered and began to purchase supplies.
The resources in this world base city were relatively scarce, and the price was also relatively expensive. A better quilt actually cost more than a thousand, and towels were also not cheap.
Fortunately, after Lin Feng passed the test, he obtained 100 contribution points. If it was converted into money, he would also have 10,000 yuan.
As a result, Lin Feng spent nearly 50 contribution points, purchased a lot of things, and then sent the merchants to the villa.
After the purchase, Lin Feng took the bus back to the villa.
At this moment, more than 300 students arrived one after another and began to purchase items on this street.
These students didn’t get 100 contribution points from the start. If they were to obtain a foreign house, their contribution points would be only 60. If they were to obtain an old house, their contribution points would be only 40.
Very soon, Lin Feng returned to the villa. The old lady had already cleaned it up. Lin Feng asked the other party to clean the bed sheets before drying them.
He could use the night he had spent in the dormitory. However, those were all single beds. They were very small, so they seemed to be petty.
By the time the aunt left, it was almost evening.
The problem of eating was solved. Everything in the outer city had to be bought by money. On the way back, Lin Feng saw many restaurants. There were also some restaurants offering gifts. Therefore, Lin Feng ordered some gifts to solve the problem of eating.
After dinner, Lin Feng sat in the living room and took out his communicator that had the same function as his identity card. He looked at the new news.
“You have to go outside the city to clean up the scattered ghosts within three days?”
Lin Feng said softly.
Right now, he and the other 300 students were already considered to be the official ghost guides. After all, they had just come out of school. The base city would still have a series of guidance, but it was much more free than in school. Time was relatively loose.
However, it also required him to deal with everything.
For example, if the contribution points were used up and there were no new contribution points… then they would have to starve!
As a result, the base city also gave these students a few limited-time missions, such as this mission to clean up the scattered ghosts and allow them to practice and gain some contribution points.
Lin Feng swept a glance at the mission and then passed it over. This mission had no challenge to him at all.
Although the outer city of the base city was full of ghosts, these ghosts were not harmful. They were “good spirits” or at least neutral ghosts. If they wanted to gain more experience to make Tong Tong Tong grow up, they would have to contact stronger ghosts.
After leaving the base city, it would really be a ghost world. Although Tong Tong Tong was at the dangerous level, he was not invincible. Lin Feng would not break out with his eyes closed.
Therefore, through some missions issued by the base city, one could find a ghost that Tong Tong could solve.
It happened to be combined with the System’s mission, earning both experience and contribution points.
In the communicator, there were quite a few such missions.
Through these missions, Lin Feng had a good understanding of the composition of the base city.
The space inside the base was actually limited.
Outside the base city, a lot of living space had been expanded. There were also several defensive lines. Within these defensive lines, there were some grain-producing towns, and some large factories were also placed between these defensive lines.
For example, cement plants, iron refineries.
These defensive lines were mainly protected against a large-scale ghost tide. In the outermost defensive line, there were a large number of powerful ghost guards stationed.
However, the area needed to defend was too large, so there would be some ghosts passing through the defensive line from time to time, and there were still a lot of them.
The Ghost Soldiers in the outer defensive line couldn’t leave. These ghosts needed to be solved by the Ghost Soldiers in the base city.
Base City gave more than 300 new students a limited-time mission… It was only to clear out some ordinary-level ghosts on the innermost layer of the defensive line for these students to practice.
After the ghost spirit killed the other ghosts, it could absorb the ghost qi of those ghosts and gain some growth.
For example, after Tong Tong killed the out-of-control ghost spirit, besides the reward from the System, he also gained ghost qi.
The black shadow in the villa did not have any ghost aura. It was probably because of the castration.
Of course, it was impossible for the system to give such fast, powerful, and safe experience.
This was because there was usually resentment or other negative things in the ghost aura of other ghosts, which could easily affect the ghost spirits. If these negative things accumulated too much, the fetters would continuously decline, and the ghost spirits might deteriorate, even lose control!
Lin Feng swept through the missions issued by Liu Chengcheng Base City. The missions that were too far away from the base city could not be solved. For example, the one that had just appeared, a “terrifying level” ghost appeared in a iron training factory. His ability was special. After killing many people, he could obtain 2,000 contribution points.
“The ghosts outside the city have not been castrated. Let’s go deal with the dangerous ones first.”
Lin Feng thought.
Soon, he saw a suitable mission.
A water ghost appeared in a reservoir outside the city. This water ghost happened to be dangerous.
However, Lin Feng’s movements were too slow. The mission had already been snatched by the other Ghost King, so he had no choice but to search again.
Soon, Lin Feng found another one. This time, Lin Feng directly accepted the mission.
This mission was to go to Food Town No.2 to investigate the abnormal decrease in food stored in a granary. According to the people inside, there should be a “dangerous” starved ghost that stole food.
“The ghost still eats food?”
Lin Feng said softly.
This starved ghost could get 200 contribution points after being dealt with. Contribution points were a small matter. Lin Feng was interested in the reward from the System.
“New Mission: Bring Tong Tong Tong to kill a complete’ dangerous’ evil ghost to complete the mission. Mission reward: Experience 300, Ghost Spirit Potential 1, Bohemian 1.”
At this moment, the System’s voice also sounded.*

Year 013 Evildoer!Red skirt Tong Tong’s ghost eyes!(Seeking flowers)

“This is Food Town?”
The next morning, Lin Feng appeared in the food town.
This place was several kilometers away from Liu City’s base city.
There were quite a few people in the grain town.
In addition, there were a few Ghost Guards who seemed to be strong.
“Strange, why didn’ t these ghost-guarding monsters solve that starved ghost themselves?”
Lin Feng thought.
“Are you the one who came to investigate the decrease in food?So young?”Can you?”
When he saw Lin Feng, one of the guards looked suspicious.
Lin Feng replied,” Of course.”
The Ghostmaster said,” Since you’ re so confident, then go ahead and walk up this road. There’s a cave there. There’s food inside. That guy isn’ t easy to find. You’ ll probably have to stay inside for a few days. Our Ghost Spirits aren’ t good at finding such sneaky ghosts and can’ t leave Food Town for too long. We’ ll have to leave it to you.”
“Food exists on the mountain?”
Lin Feng asked.
The ghost guard said,” Of course, this is because if the grain town falls, the people here can hide in that cave. It’s very secretive, but there are gray flags on the way. Just follow the flags.”
Lin Feng did not waste his breath and started to walk towards that path.
He understood why these ghost guides didn’t solve it by themselves. So that starved ghost was too capable of hiding.
These Ghost Soldiers were troubled.
This kid is only fifteen or sixteen years old, right?”Let’s go deal with a dangerous starved ghost. Chief, can he do it?”
As soon as Lin Feng left, a few Ghost Soldiers gathered and looked at Lin Feng’s back.
“It’s up to him to choose whether or not. There are no less than a hundred Ghost Soldiers who die every year in Liu City’s base city. When they encounter a large-scale ghost tide, they even have more than a thousand casualties. If he wants to die himself, there’s no way.”
The leader said in a deep voice.
Lin Feng quickly disappeared from the mountain under the gazes of these Ghost Soldiers.
As expected, gray flags could be seen from time to time on this path up the mountain.
Lin Feng looked at the time. It was ten in the morning, but the sky was still gray.
There seemed to be a sunny place… only the inner city of Liu City Base City.
However, after climbing up the mountain, Lin Feng saw some not-so-bright sunlight appearing in an area. It was a large area of paddy fields.
“If you want the sun to appear… you probably have to use some methods and methods.”
Lin Feng thought.
The wildness of this world was not greatly affected. The plants were even more dense. By 12 noon, the sunlight would briefly penetrate in, illuminating about half an hour.
This time… was also called safe by the Ghost Soldiers.
Of course, it was only relatively safe.
This was because when some ghosts appeared, they would have the means to shield themselves from the sun. It was said that some ghosts would be able to appear against the sun.
After enjoying the natural scenery for a while, Lin Feng continued to face upwards.
Ten minutes later, Lin Feng found his location.
It was indeed a hidden cave.
The hole was very small, but it was very large inside.
If the grain town fell, it would still be relatively safe to seal the door opening with gold paint and brush the outside of the wall with gold paint.
Although some ghosts could pass through the rocks, as long as they could not feel the living aura inside, they would not pass through the rocks.
There were two middle-aged men guarding the cave.
“Sir, are you here to deal with that ghost?”
The two middle-aged men carefully asked when they saw the identity card on Lin Feng’s waist and the clothes he wore.
Lin Feng nodded,” Are you not afraid here?”
A middle-aged man said,” Why are you not afraid? It’s just that there’s an order from the higher-ups. We can’ t do anything about it. However, that ghost doesn’ t seem to harm people. It just eats food in one go. It’s useless even if we go in. The food will continue to decrease. Unless the adults come, it will disappear.”
“Why didn’ t you transfer the food?”
Lin Feng asked.
“The mayor said that if the food is transferred, it might go to another granary. Why don’ t we use the food here to leave it here and destroy it.”
The middle-aged man said.
Lin Feng “En.” He said,” I’ ll go in and take a look first.”
“Alright, let’s open the door for Sir.”
Two middle-aged men opened the door to the cave.
Lin Feng walked in.
The cave was very dry.
There were many aluminum granaries inside, filled with food.
However, several granaries were empty.
“In just a week, it ate several thousand kilograms of food.”
Two middle-aged men followed behind and said sadly.
Lin Feng looked as he walked.
That starved ghost didn’t show up. He did n’ t know where it was.
After watching for a while, Lin Feng took out the bow knot.
“Tong Tong.”
Lin Feng shouted.
Tong Tong came out!
In the cave, the temperature dropped several degrees.
The two middle-aged men were so scared that they couldn’t help but take a few steps back. Their faces turned pale.
“Tong Tong, can you find it?”
Lin Feng asked.
The advantage of being tied up was that Tong Tong should be able to understand some of Lin Feng’s words.
Unlike other ghost spirits, they would only come out to deal with the ghost-guarding monsters when they were in danger.
Tong Tong stood there, staring fixedly at the cave.
Then, she made a move.
She turned around and looked outside the cave.
Lin Feng asked.
Tong Tong didn’t answer Lin Feng’s question. In fact, she didn’t know if she could speak, but she immediately reacted.
Her white dress started to turn red.
Seeing this scene, the two middle-aged men felt a little thirsty. Even if they knew that Tong Tong was Lin Feng’s ghost spirit, the two middle-aged men could not resist the fear.
Soon, the child in the red dress appeared.
Then, something changed on her forehead.
There… it split open.
A black ghost eye appeared.
When they saw this ghost eye, the legs of the two middle-aged men began to tremble.
“Hey, when did Tong Tong have a third ghost eye?”
Lin Feng was curious.
The next second.
A sudden change occurred.
Tong Tong raised his hand and pointed at one of the middle-aged men.
The middle-aged man’s pocket was filled with a strange scream!
That starving ghost was hiding in his pocket!*

014 Destruction!Level Sweeper!Dangerous level!(Seeking flowers)

The middle-aged man suddenly revealed a red light as he charged towards Tong Tong Tong!
“Old Qi, what are you doing?”
Another middle-aged man shouted.
“He was possessed by a ghost.”
Seeing the middle-aged man rushing over, Lin Feng did not panic and kicked out.
Lin Feng’s body had been strengthened twice. Now, his physical fitness was 2.5 times that of an ordinary person.
Therefore, the force of that kick was also quite large. If it was another person, Lin Feng could kick the other person away.
However, after the middle-aged man was possessed by the starved ghost, his strength was extremely great. Lin Feng’s kick did not kick him.
The middle-aged man only took a few steps back before he charged forward again. His big mouth was already opened. There were no teeth or tongues in his mouth, but there was only a dark and deep one.
It was obvious that what he said was the stomach of the starving ghost.
At this moment, Tong Tong finally moved.
Her third eye had already been put away. Facing the attack of the starved ghost, she grabbed with her little hands.
Immediately, a black shadow was caught by her.
The starved ghost screamed, and the surrounding environment also changed, becoming pitch black.
The cave had already disappeared, and the surrounding black walls were constantly squirming, as if they were in the stomach of a creature.
“Not good. We’ re in the stomach of a starving ghost.”
Another middle-aged man was shocked.
The next second, a red light appeared.
The cries of the starving ghost rang out.
Then, the surrounding “walls” were torn apart.
The cave appeared again.
“Mission completed. You’ ve obtained 300 Ghost Spirit Experience Points. Ghost Spirit Potential 1,1.”
“Your ghost spirit has killed the’starved ghost’. It has gained an increase in ghost qi and gained some talent for devouring.”
The System’s voice sounded.
It was resolved!
Lin Feng fixed his eyes on it. Tong Tong had returned to his white dress.
“Let’s go!”Tong Tong!”
After the mission was completed, Lin Feng did not intend to stay here any longer.
“Eh, you’ re back so soon?”
When they saw Lin Feng go down the mountain, the few Ghost-guishers asked.
Lin Feng “En.” He said,” It’s settled.”
“Done?So fast?”Really?”
The leading Ghost King did not believe it.
“Lord Mayor, it has indeed been resolved. We saw it with our own eyes.”
The two middle-aged men ran out and confirmed it. They also told the story.
The leader looked at Lin Feng in surprise.
“I can’ t tell. You have some ability. We’ ll check it out. At most three days, your contribution points will be paid.”
The leading ghost-guarding man sized Lin Feng up for a while before saying.
Lin Feng nodded and said,” Alright!”
In any case, contribution points weren’t the main ones. It would be fine if they arrived in three days.
Lin Feng was only doing it for safety.
Lin Feng left the small grain town after he left.
“Boss, what kind of background is he? He’s so young, he can deal with dangerous ghosts. If he doesn’ t die, his future achievements will definitely be a bit scary.”
As soon as Lin Feng left, a 20-something-year-old Ghost King could not help but ask.
This Ghost King was twenty-three years old. He was only a level two Ghost King. Although his Ghost Spirit was also a dangerous level, it was completely incomparable to Lin Feng.
The leading Ghostmaster shook his head.” I don’ t know. Maybe it’s a great power that sent out experience points, a genius with a psychic body.”
“Psychic body…”
A few Ghost Soldiers looked at Lin Feng who was walking far away with envy.
“Next target, Ning Village.”
Not long after Lin Feng left the grain town, he found his next target.
That’s right, Lin Feng was prepared to constantly search for dangerous ghost-levels and get Tong Tong’s experience!
These missions in the city of Liu City could help Lin Fengsie select dangerous ghosts, and they could be safely upgraded.
As for the daily-level and ordinary-level, Lin Feng did not care at all.
After Tong Tong had become a dangerous level, he had no experience killing ordinary and daily level ghosts!
The dangerous ghosts were only Level 2 ghosts, which was quite a threat to ordinary people. However, their abilities were single, and they did not pose any challenge to a child who could transform into a red dress.
That was why Lin Feng rushed over.
On the first day, Lin Feng had solved the ghosts in Grain Town and Ning Village.
In the evening, Lin Feng did not return to Liu City. Instead, he spent the night in Ning Village. This was where ordinary people and ghost-guarding people who worked outside the city stayed. There were quite a few people.
Now, the base city was in a state of expansion. There were more and more small towns and villages outside the city.
Although it was dangerous outside the city, because it could earn more money, there were some people who came out of the city, especially middle-aged men and women.
The next day, Lin Feng went to three other places to deal with three dangerous ghosts.
He had become a berserker.
While the 300-odd students in the base city were still cleaning up the ordinary ghosts in the inner defensive line, Lin Feng had completed several missions. Not only had he obtained hundreds of contribution points, he had also successfully gathered enough experience points to allow Tong Tong Tong to rise to the next level.
That was the level of the Ghost King who had been guarding the villa, dangerous!
A Ghost-controlling Person with a dangerous Ghost Spirit was a Level 3 Ghost-controlling Person!*

015 Change!Simple house!Red wedding dress!(1) Seeking flowers

Ghost Spirit: Tong Tong
Level: Dangerous (Level 3)
Potential:2 stars (85%)
Experience:2700/7500(Potential upgrade 3 stars reduced by one third of upgrade experience)
Ability: Red Skirt
Ghost Skill: Ghost Eye
Talent: Devour (Devour Ghost Energy Efficiency Increases by 50%)
Ghost Weapon: Not available
Ghost Region: Beginner
“Tie down:135”
“It’s dangerous.”
In a tent, Lin Feng whispered.
“Your Ghost Spirit Child has risen to the dangerous level. You have received a body strengthening (1.5 times).”
Tong Tong rose to three stars, and Lin Feng also received a body strengthening reward.
This reward was not bad for Lin Feng.
His body was already three times that of an ordinary person.
“Tong Tong?”
After reaching three stars, Lin Feng released Tong Tong Tong and shouted.
Then, Lin Feng saw Tong Tong’s movements.
There was still no expression on her face.
But her gaze gave Lin Feng the feeling that it was no longer Mu Mu’s.
It was as if there was some anger.
In fact, occasionally, she looked at Lin Feng and felt a sense of flexibility.
“It really has changed.”
Lin Feng thought.
However, Tong Tong still could not speak or make any sound.
“It’s time to slow down.”
Lin Feng thought.
After Tong Tong Tong rose to three stars, the panel had changed greatly.
There were a few more choices.
One was talent. This was obtained after Tong Tong Tong killed that starved ghost.
The second was a ghost weapon, but it was temporarily unavailable.
Third, Ghost Region.
“A dangerous ghost is much more dangerous than a dangerous ghost. It’s because a dangerous ghost already has a Ghost Domain.”
Lin Feng thought.
The Ghost Region could be seen as an independent space created by ghosts. Once you entered the Ghost Region and the other person did not enter, even if you were standing in the same position as the other person… the other person could not see you.
Ghosts with a Ghost Region were more threatening.
If they were to fight a ghost without a ghost domain… to kill a ghost without a ghost domain was simply not too simple!
In Liu City’s base city, the Ghost-controlling Sect had a dangerous level of Ghost Spirits. In the Ghost-controlling Sect, it could be considered as a formal entry into the hall and had some status.
As for Lin Feng, he had only managed to reach the dangerous level in less than three days.
However, after reaching the dangerous level, he would kill the dangerous level ghost… basically, he would not trigger a mission.
If they did not trigger a mission, they would actually have experience after killing them. However, they did not have much experience, so they might as well brush up on their daily experience.
Lin Feng took a look at some of the missions issued by Liu Cheng City. There were also dangerous missions. However, dangerous missions… were instantly killed.
Lin Feng didn’t manage to snatch it a few times.
“At least 300 contribution points. No wonder.”
Lin Feng said softly.
“Let’s go back first.”
Lin Feng was a little tired after running around for the past two days. He was ready to go back to the city to rest.
When Lin Feng was about to return to the city, there was a deserted building dozens of kilometers away from the city.
This building was deserted for quite a while.
Scattered walls and weeds were everywhere.
However, the strange thing was.
In the middle of the building was an ancient courtyard.
Two tall red lanterns hung outside the gate of the courtyard.
The door was open.
From a distance, one could see many red lanterns hanging in the deep corridor.
This scene was known to a normal person in a world where the terrifying revival had been around for a hundred years… There was definitely a problem.
“Leader, to be able to reveal the ghost domain, this ghost must be at least terrifying. Are you really going to go?”
At this moment, not far from this ancient courtyard, three Ghost Soldiers covered themselves with a golden blanket. They hid behind a stone and looked at the ancient courtyard.
The golden color was quite conspicuous.
If someone was here… they could be seen at first glance.
However, to the ghost, the effect of this blanket painted with golden paint was quite good.
Of course, it was not omnipotent.
Moreover, this kind of blanket was not usually expensive. It could easily cost tens of thousands of contribution points. In exchange for money, it would cost millions, and it might not be possible to buy it.
“What’s there to be afraid of? I just exchanged for a ghost artifact. It’s just a good time to use it. The three of us are working together. My Ghost Spirit is the main attack, and you’ re mainly targeting its Ghost Domain. Once it’s settled, my Ghost Spirit might be able to go further. Let’s go in.”
The leader said.
After the other two Ghost Soldiers calculated their trump cards, they finally made a decision.
The three Ghost Soldiers slowly dove towards the courtyard.
“There’s no need to hide anymore. I’ m sure I’ ve already discovered us. Let’s go straight in. This ghost dares to act so arrogantly in the defensive line. He’s really courting death.”
The leader said.
After saying that, he led the other two Ghost Soldiers into the room.
As soon as they entered, it was a shadow wall.
Passing through the shadow wall, it was a courtyard.
The courtyard… was empty.
“It should be inside. Be careful.”
The leading Ghost King pointed at the room in the courtyard.
In that room, there was a pair of doors.
It was an ancient wooden door with a window paper on it.
Through the window paper, one could vaguely see something red in the room.
“Third brother, you open the door.”
The leader said.
He had already prepared his Ghost Spirits.
The third Ghost King walked to the wooden door and then… kicked it!
The door opened!
However, the expected ghost did not appear.
The three Ghost Soldiers looked over.
He quickly saw what was inside.
That red object was not a ghost. It was a red wedding dress!
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016 Pairs of mirrors painted yellow!The red paperman reappeared!(2) Seeking flowers

The red wedding dress was quite simple and simple. It had a long hem, and there were some exquisite patterns on its shoulders and waist.
Such a wedding dress was already quite rare.
It was supported on a wooden hanger. The wedding dress was spotlessly clean and looked like a new one.
“Be careful!”
As the leader of the Ghost King, he said.
Although there were no ghosts.
However, the leading Ghost King did not relax his vigilance.
On the contrary.
After seeing such a wedding dress.
The leader of the Ghost-controlling Sect had already begun to cheer up.
“Boss, has your ghost spirit reacted?”
The Ghost King beside him asked.
The leader of the group frowned slightly.” There’s no reaction. I shouldn’ t be here. Let’s go to another room!”
This house was not that big.
The construction was relatively simple.
It was in the form of a courtyard. The entrance was a wall, but there were no houses on either side. It was a wooden corridor.
However, there were two rooms on either side of this central room.
“Third brother, come here and watch this dress.”
The leader said.
“Yes, boss.”
Third Brother stood at the front of the room, holding the Ghost Spirit in his hand, staring at the wedding dress.
As for the first ghost guide, he went to the left room with another person.
“Second brother, open the door.”
The leader commanded.
Second Brother kicked the door open.
This room seemed to be the kitchen. There was an ancient stove inside.
The Ghost-guarding Leader’s gaze froze.
He saw that there were still some burning coals in the kitchen.
“Second brother, did you see any smoke when you were outside?”
He asked for the first ghost guide.
“Yes, but it’s very faint.”
Second Brother said.
“That’s right. The Ghost Spirit is still unresponsive. It must be in another room. Let’s go, deal with it!”
After saying that, the Ghost-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon-guarding Demon
He had already taken out his Ghost Spirit in his hand.
It was an old-fashioned cotton shoe with a red flower. It looked like an old man.
Within the cotton shoes was his companion ghost… a ghost witch!
Very soon, the leader and second brother arrived at the room on the right.
Third Brother also came over.
“Let me open the door.”
After Second Brother said that, he kicked him.
The wooden door was broken.
The moment the door opened, the three of them had already blocked the Ghost Spirits in front of them!
Even if they were more powerful among the Ghost-guarding Demons, they would not be able to summon their own ghost spirits when there was no danger. However, their bond with their own ghost spirits was not small. As long as there was danger, the ghost spirits would come out immediately.
As long as there was a ghost… the associated ghost would have a reaction!
But the situation once again exceeded their expectations.
Because… the companion ghost did not react.
There was still no ghost in the room.
The room looked like a bedroom with a wooden bed, a dressing table, and bronze mirrors. However, the entire room was still empty.
“What’s going on?”
The leading Ghost King was puzzled.
This house looked big, but in reality, it was just a little bit.
“Boss, could it be in that well?”
Second Brother pointed to a shaft in the corner of the courtyard.
The leader of the Ghost King was about to go over and check when his third brother shouted.
“Boss, look!”
Third Brother pointed at the bronze mirror in the bedroom.
The boss fixed his eyes on it and his eyes immediately shrunk.
There was a face in the bronze mirror.
No, it was not the face in the bronze mirror.
It seemed like someone was sitting in front of the bronze mirror.
It was a woman’s face. Even if the bronze mirror was easy to stretch, the face looked quite exquisite.
That woman seemed to be painting makeup.
In the bronze mirror, a delicate hand appeared. With a pale red color in his hand, he lightly touched his face. Immediately, a beautiful blush appeared on his cheeks.
It looked like a woman from ancient times, as if she was putting a yellow flower on the mirror!
However… the strange thing was that no one could be seen in front of the bronze mirror!
In the bronze mirror!”Granny He, I’ ll leave it to you!”
How could the leading Ghost King not understand that the ghosts in this house… were in the bronze mirror!
As a result, the leader called out his ghost spirit.
The ghost had already appeared. His ghost spirit could also call out!
The other two Ghost Soldiers also called out their Ghost Spirits.
However, the change occurred again.
“Boss, my ghost didn’ t react!”
“Neither do I!”
The anxious voice of Second Brother and Third Brother sounded.
The leading Ghost King was not in the mood to pay attention to them because his Ghost Spirit did not react!
“What’s going on? No matter how powerful a ghost is, it’s impossible for the ghost spirit to not at all!”
The leader of the group was shocked.
“Shit, this must be a very rare ghost domain. It can block the senses of ghosts and spirits. We shouldn’ t come in… Quickly retreat!”
The leader of the group shouted and quickly retreated out of the door.
However, it was too late.
The door that had been open all this time suddenly closed.
“President, three of them have died. One of them is a level four Ghostmaster. Their Ghost Spirits have also disappeared!”From the scene, there shouldn’ t be a fight between ghost spirits. Could it be that its strength has increased again?”
Only ten minutes later, a few people appeared here.
The person who spoke was a middle-aged woman. The person she spoke to was the red paper man that Lin Feng had seen earlier.
The red paper man walked to the broken wall and looked at the three dead Ghost Soldiers.
“I’ ve been waiting for it in Liu City for half a month and it hasn’ t come yet. It’s just about to leave when it’s here. It looks like the thing it’s looking for is probably in Liu City.”
The red paper said.
“President, what is it looking for?”
The middle-aged woman asked.
“I don’t know. Ghosts ca n’ t be judged by common sense. This ghost is extremely good at escaping. I didn’t catch up to them all the way from Haicheng.If he could find out what it was looking for, he could set it up.”Inform the city lord of the city of Willow City and ask him to act on the defensive, so that the ghost guards can not run around until I catch up to it.”
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017 Novice Group!The genius girl was shocked!(3) Seeking flowers

“Eh, isn’ t that Lin Feng?”
“It’s indeed Lin Feng.”
“I haven’ t seen Lin Feng in the past few days. He must have gone farther away from the city to complete a limited mission!”
“That’s for sure. They can even deal with dangerous level ghosts. They definitely won’ t be like us. They can only clear out some ordinary and daily level ghosts.”
On the way back to the villa, Lin Feng saw many students from the same episode.
The students gathered in large groups in a small square in the Ghost-controlling Residential Area, discussing this limited mission.
Three days had passed, and these students had already completed their limited mission.
When they saw Lin Feng, the students recognized him.
After all, Lin Feng had taken down a villa as soon as he arrived. He had become an absolute celebrity among the students in the same episode!
“Brother Lin, Brother Lin.”
At this moment, that fatty from the same class as Lin Feng ran up.
Lin Feng stopped and looked at Fatty.
Fatty rubbed his hands and said with a smile,” Brother Lin, it’s like this. They’ ve created a new group of hands so that everyone can exchange their experiences or some information. Brother Lin is so powerful, everyone hopes that Brother Lin can enter the group and give us guidance.”
Lin Feng pondered for a moment and said,” Alright.”
Adding a group was nothing.
The signal from the communicator was naturally available in the city of Liu Cheng Base. However, when they left the city, they had to look at the area. Some areas, such as some grain towns, had already passed through the signal tower, but more areas had no signal.
If he wanted a signal, he could only pass through a satellite. That would be more expensive. One contribution point per ten minutes was equivalent to 100 pieces per ten minutes.
The average Ghost King was only willing to use a satellite signal to ask for help when he was in danger.
There was no other way. Who would have thought that there were not many satellites that could be used.
It was said that some large base cities were already trying to launch new communication satellites, but they were lacking some key energy sources and had not yet succeeded.
“Lin Feng is here~”
“I’ ve finally invited this big god.”
“Welcome Brother Lin~”
The moment Lin Feng entered, the crowd became lively.
After Lin Feng gave an expression, he no longer paid attention to it.
However, when Lin Feng returned to the villa, a new visitor arrived.
This visitor… was a young girl.
That was to say, one of the three hundred students in this episode had taken down a young girl in a foreign room.
This girl was quite famous among the more than 300 students in this episode. She was known as a genius girl because her ghost spirit was already at the ordinary level.
“You want to team up with me?”
Lin Feng looked at the girl and asked.
The girl nodded.” That’s right. Different Ghost Spirits are different. Some Ghost Spirits are good at fighting, some Ghost Spirits are good at tracking, and some Ghost Spirits are good at constructing Ghost Regions. You definitely won’ t be able to sense the difference here. However, when you become a level 3 or even level 4 or above Ghost Defenders, you will often have to fight against powerful Ghost Spirits. You will know the importance of the difference and cooperation between Ghost Spirits.”
Lin Feng looked at her.” Continue.”
The young girl added,” Many of those powerful ghost-guarding experts are in groups of several people. They are complementary. I know that your ghost spirit is very powerful, but my father carefully selected it for me when he was a child. My growth is very high. I am confident that in a month, my ghost spirit will become a dangerous level. When the time comes, I will be able to keep up with your pace and not become a burden to you.”
“Your ghost spirit wasn’ t chosen by yourself?”
Lin Feng was a little surprised.
The girl nodded.” Of course not. My father spent five thousand contribution points to buy it for me. My father bought two Ghost Spirits with good potential. I picked one of them in a hundred days.”I’ m afraid that I won’ t choose, my father even made the exact same thing. I’ ll play it after the full moon.”
Hearing the girl’s words, Lin Feng understood.
This girl… was probably the same as the “rich second generation” before her transmigration. Her father was definitely not an ordinary person, but rather a powerful ghost-guarding person.
“Sure enough, there are privileges everywhere.”
Lin Feng thought.
Ghost Spirits were different from Ghost Spirits. Some Ghost Spirits had a high growth rate, and the chances of losing control were small. Some Ghost Spirits were not only easy to lose control, but also had a bad growth rate.
But what ordinary people could pick… was purely a matter of luck.
This girl’s Ghost Spirit was actually chosen by her father.
Furthermore, she used the baby’s habits to create two identical ghost spirits for her to play with.
This way, in a hundred days, she would definitely choose.
To ordinary people, this was cheating.
Her starting line was higher than others.
No wonder… he managed to set up a house alone.
Of course, the biggest cheater right now was not this girl.
It was the owner of the System, Lin Feng!
After the girl finished speaking, she looked at Lin Feng with a grim look.
Lin Feng pondered for a moment and said,” I’ m still used to being alone, and…”
Lin Feng paused.
He was wondering if it would be a little scary to say that he was already a Level 3 Ghost-controlling Person?
However, not to mention the fact that he would become a level 4 esper in the future, wouldn’t it be more frightening?
Therefore, Lin Feng said,” Moreover, even if your ghost spirit has become a dangerous level, it’s not enough to form a team with me.”
Why?”Is your ghost spirit already dangerous?”
The girl said in confusion.
Lin Feng nodded.” That’s right, that’s right.”
The girl’s face suddenly revealed a strong look of shock,” How could you be so fast!”
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018’S new group of hands!All kinds of missions!(4) Seeking flowers

The girl left with a strong sense of surprise.
She did not let Lin Feng confirm.
Because she felt that Lin Feng was not lying.
Lin Feng did not take this matter seriously.
If Lin Feng did not obtain the System’s advice, he might consider it.
In Lin Feng’s opinion, he had not obtained the System. With Tong Tong Tong’s potential of 2 stars… he might already be at the normal level.
Teaming up with this young girl was quite suitable.
However, Lin Feng, who had the System, had already taken off.
Even though this girl was a typical “second generation “, she was left far behind by Lin Feng.
If he were to team up with this girl again… then this girl would be a typical bottle of oil.
Lin Feng naturally did not want to walk around with an oil bottle.
In the communicator, after the last time Liu Chengcheng Base City released a limited mission, it did not release a new mission. Instead, there was a new message that allowed the students who had just become the official Ghost King to go to the schools in the inner city and teach the 14-year-old students who were about to awaken the Ghost Spirit next year their experience.
Each student could receive 50 contribution points.
As a result, a large number of freshmen started to move.
For these freshmen, there were quite a few 50 contribution points.
After all, not everyone was like that girl. It was the second generation of the Ghost King.
Moreover, after all, they were all young and young girls who had just turned 15 years old. They had just become Ghost Soldiers, and they were still very eager to show off.
Especially in front of those juniors.
Lin Feng was not interested.
Only 50 contribution points.
It would be better to have a good rest in the villa, take a nap, and then brush up on your daily experience.
The contribution points for the few missions Lin Feng had completed over the past few days had already arrived.
Now, Lin Feng had nearly 700 contribution points in his hands.
There was no need to run around for 50 contribution points.
“How comfortable.”
In the villa, Lin Fengshu took a warm bath.
In the few days outside the city, Lin Feng had no chance to take a bath.
Outside the city was not like the base city. There was hot water at any time.
The conditions were much more crude. If one wanted to take a bath, one could only burn hot water or take a cold bath.
After taking a shower, Lin Feng wrapped himself in a towel and walked out. He saw Tong Tong sitting on the sofa in the guest hall, staring out of the window.
Yes, Lin Feng called Tong Tong out.
Seeing Lin Feng come out, Tong Tong turned around and stared at Lin Feng blankly.
She looked a little silly.
Lin Feng was a little tempted to pinch her face.
“Tong Tong should be the most adorable ghost, right?”
Lin Feng thought.
There were quite a few people talking about ghost spirits in the new group. Some of the ghost spirits had a shroud, while some of the ghost spirits had a ghost granny or old ghost. It gave people a sinister feeling.
The fat man was even more miserable. The ghost spirit was actually a ghost that was bleeding without moving.
Perhaps even if Fatty could summon the ghost spirit at any time like Lin Feng, he would not be willing to see her!
Such a ghost… it was not easy to increase the fetters.
In contrast, Tong Tong was simply too cute.
“Tong Tong Tong, come on, let me tell you a story~”
In the living room, Lin Feng was rather interested in telling Tong Tong a story.
Tong Tong obediently sat beside Lin Feng
After nightfall, Lin Feng went to bed early.
On this day, Lin Feng slept soundly.
When they were outside the city, they didn’t sleep well.
Because it was far from safe in the base city, when sleeping, they had to worry about the place where they lived being run in by some powerful ghosts.
As a result, Lin Feng’s sleep had reached three poles.
When Lin Feng woke up, he turned on the communicator and saw that there were already thousands of messages in the communicator’s new group.
The contents of the news were related to Lin Feng.
“Oh my god, I knew Brother Feng wasn’ t simple. After a trip out of the city, he became a Level 3 Ghostmaster without a word!”
“Great god bring me ~”
“Did Brother Lin go to the certification?”It’s said that after the certification, you can join the Royal Ghost Alliance.”
In the novice group, they were going to explode.
Lin Feng’s conversation with the girl yesterday seemed to have been revealed.
Lin Feng did not blame that girl.
After glancing at the new group of hands, Lin Feng closed the group and prepared to see if he could grab a dangerous mission.
Yes, Lin Feng was more cautious.
Although Tong Tong Tong’s red dress’ s combat strength had soared, Lin Feng was temporarily not prepared to deal with ghosts above the dangerous level.
The difference in Ghost’s ability was actually only visible after reaching the dangerous level.
Ordinary level (level 1) and dangerous level (level 2) ghosts had limited methods. Like that starved ghost, they were not scary, and they did not have any other methods of attack. They could only use one move to swallow a person into their stomach.
However, the difference in methods was even more obvious for ghosts above the level of danger. Sometimes, when they encountered ghost spirits, they would be able to restrain them. Perhaps a ghost spirit at the level of danger (level 3) could deal with a ghost at the level of terror (level 4).
This was also the meaning of the group that the girl said.
Lin Feng felt that Tong Tong’s ability was still quite comprehensive. He had a strong ability to fight head-on. After transforming into a red dress, it was basically one second.
But Lin Feng was still a little more careful.
Right now, Tong Tong’s normal state had a dangerous level, and her red skirt’s combat strength had soared. Lin Feng was going to deal with some dangerous level ghosts… It shouldn’t be a problem!
“It would be great if we had a mission robbery software.”
Lin Feng opened the interface to receive the mission from his communicator and thought to himself.
However, this time, after Lin Feng opened it, he was quite surprised.
It was because… after screening the missions of the dangerous level, he realized that… a whole few pages were all missions to deal with the dangerous level ghost.
“So many?”
Lin Feng quickly refreshed because he felt that it was his communicator card.
There were no dangerous missions that had been refreshed in the past. Every once in a while, one or two of them would be killed.
After refreshing, Lin Feng realized that he was not mistaken.
Compared to before.
Indeed, there were dangerous missions everywhere!
What happened?Could it be that all the Ghost Soldiers were dead?”He actually didn’ t steal it?”
Lin Feng thought.
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019 First battle was dangerous!A bountiful harvest!(1/8) Subscription

“Guolin… it should be here, right?”
Outside a large fruit forest, Lin Feng was hiding under a stone, muttering to himself.
He left the city again.
Seeing that there were many dangerous missions on the communicator, Lin Feng picked one and took it over.
This triggered the system’s mission.
Destroying a dangerous ghost, the system gave him more experience. For example, this time, when dealing with a ghost in the fruit forest, he had 500 experience points, as well as 1 ghost’s potential and binding value.
After they were destroyed, they could also take 300 contribution points from Liu City’s base city.
Although the mission was suddenly not answered abnormally.
But for Lin Feng, it was an opportunity.
Tong Tong was still more than 4,000 experience points away from the terrifying level.
At least ten or more dangerous ghosts would have to be killed before they could become terrifying.
But… Tong Tong Tong’s potential was almost three stars. Once he had three stars, the experience needed to upgrade would be reduced by one third.
This was great!
From Lin Feng’s point of view, there might be some unexpected changes outside the city. For example, the outermost defensive line was tight, and a large number of Ghost-Guardians went to support them.
There might be other changes.
It might be a bit risky to leave the city.
But as long as he could quickly make Tong Tong Tong become a terrifying level.
It was worth taking this risk.
With Tong Tong Tong’s strength and her bond with Lin Feng, even if she encountered a terrifying level of ghost, she would n’ t be able to defeat Lin Feng… Lin Feng would still in escaping!
Within Liu City’s defense line, terrifying-level ghosts were rare.
Only once in a while would one appear.
“Go straight in.”
Lin Feng said softly.
This fruit forest was also cultivated by Liu Chengcheng City. There was also a small village of fruit farmers at the foot of the mountain. According to the fruit farmers, the ghosts in the fruit forest had only arrived yesterday. Several people were killed in the fruit forest. A level 2 ghost-guarding person stationed in the village went to clean up but was killed.
Lin Feng took Tong Tong Tong’s bow and walked into the fruit forest.
This was an apple forest. The apples were almost ripe, and they were very dense.
As he walked, Lin Feng saw a corpse hanging from a tree.
“Fruit farmer.”
Lin Feng said softly.
He bypassed the corpse and continued to walk inside.
After walking for a while, Lin Feng saw another corpse hanging from a tree, another fruit farmer.
“Is this guy hanging a ghost?”
Lin Feng said to himself.
The two bodies were hanging from the apple tree with straw ropes. It looked like they were hanging from the apple tree. Their tongues were sticking out, and their eyes rolled over. Their death was rather horrifying.
If it was a person with little guts, they would be horrified to see it.
Lin Feng was not afraid and continued to search.
After walking for a while, a third corpse appeared. This corpse was also hanging from the ground. It looked through the clothes and was also a fruit farmer.
However, that ghost had not yet appeared.
The fruit forest was quite large, extending from one mountain to another. The fruits on each mountain were different. This was equivalent to the fruit basket of Liu Cheng Base City.
Lin Feng searched the fruit forest for half a day, but he still could not find the ghost.
“Strange. Could it be that he ran away after killing someone?”
Lin Feng thought.
Some of the ghosts were wandering around, some were chasing after people’s aura, and there were ghosts without any rules. It was not impossible for this ghost to leave this place after killing people.
Lin Feng did not give up and continued searching.
Soon, it was noon.
The sun shone down on the gray sky.
Half an hour’s safe time had arrived.
Lin Feng sat down and silently took out food from his storage space to eat.
Before he left the city, he had already brought enough food.
In the storage space, it was equivalent to a static state of time. There would be no problem with what things were put in and what things were taken out.
When Lin Feng finished eating slowly, the sunlight gradually disappeared.
Lin Feng stood up and realized that his surroundings had changed greatly.
The surrounding fruit trees were filled with corpses.
These corpses were from the fruit farmers that they had seen before.
There were also some things that Lin Feng had never seen before.
They all had a common characteristic.
All the corpses were hanging by straw ropes. Their long tongues were sticking out, and their eyes were bulging. They looked especially sinister and terrifying.
“Is this the ghost domain of a dangerous ghost?”
Lin Feng said to himself.
He was already in the Ghost Region.
However, Lin Feng was not afraid at all.
Not only was he not afraid, but Lin Feng was delighted.
This dangerous ghost was still there.
Moreover, he had found Lin Feng.
“Where is it?”
Lin Feng looked around.
At this moment, a rope silently descended from the sky and silently appeared at Lin Feng’s neck.
“It’s here!”
Lin Feng’s 3 times normal person’s physical fitness wasn’t for nothing. His observation ability was astonishing, and he had already discovered the rope.
He stretched out his hand and grabbed, but he did not catch the rope.
The next second, the rope tightened and was about to hoist Lin Feng up!
A small hand appeared and firmly grabbed the rope!
Tong Tong attacked!
Lin Feng retreated and exited the rope.
“It really is a hanging ghost.”
Lin Feng thought.
He looked at the rope, but he didn’t see any ghost above it. This meant that this hanging ghost must be inside the rope to kill through this ghost rope.
And its method of killing was quite simple.
That was to use a rope to lift someone up.
The strange thing about this rope was that ordinary people couldn’t catch it with their hands. However, it could lift people up… To ordinary people, it was simply incomprehensible.
But now, this ghost rope was firmly grabbed by Tong Tong.
Ghost Rope struggled to escape.
At the same time, the bodies hanging on the apple tree were also approaching rapidly.
They rolled their eyes and grabbed Lin Feng with both hands.
At the same time, they let out a sharp cry.
Because the tongues of these corpses were outside, this kind of cry sounded strange. Not only did it make one’s hair stand on end, it also gave off a strong feeling of discomfort, and goosebumps would rise.
“Tong Tong, hurry up.”
Lin Feng shouted.
Hearing Lin Feng’s voice, Tong Tong finally took out all her strength. Her red dress instantly turned red.
The gap between the white skirt Tong Tong and this hanging ghost was not that big. It would take some time to resolve it.
But the red dress was different.
As soon as the red dress came out, the ghost rope began to struggle violently.
It was useless.
The next second.
He saw Tong Tong grabbing the rope with both hands and pulling it hard.
The ghost rope was torn into two by her!
Following a shrill cry, the surrounding corpses quieted down.
“Mission completed. You have gained 500 experience points. Ghost Spirit’s potential is 1.”
“The Ghost Spirit Child has gained an increase in Ghost Qi.”
“You’ ve obtained a broken ghost rope (broken ghost equipment can be used to bind ghosts).”
“You have obtained the Ghost Spirit.”
The System’s voice rang out one after another.