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020 People were panicking!The old ghost guards were shocked!(2/8) Flower

“No wonder… there are so many dangerous ghosts.”
In the fruit forest, Lin Feng looked at the items in his hand and thought.
Dangerous ghosts, after killing them, they didn’t get much.
The main thing was that Ghost Qi could be absorbed by his Ghost Spirit.
In addition, if he was lucky, he would be able to give his ghost spirit some talent or ability.
However, after the death of a dangerous ghost, there were other things.
These things were all counted by the System.
For example, a broken ghost rope.
This was the ghost rope that hung the ghost’s body, but it was already incomplete. This ghost rope was quite useful, it could actually be used to bind the ghost.
Although this ghost rope was only a dangerous ghost, at most, it could only bind a dangerous ghost, but it was still considered an authentic ghost weapon.
Moreover, Lin Feng had another rope in his hand.
This rope… was a rope hanging from a corpse rope on an apple tree. It was a straw rope.
In the system’s judgment, this straw rope was a ghost creature!
“This thing should be the source of the Ghost Spirits in the base city, right?”
Lin Feng thought.
This kind of ghost spirit item would be able to obtain more than 100 contribution points after being handed over to the base city, depending on the grade of the ghost spirit item, that is, the potential of the ghost spirit inside.
For ordinary people, ghost spirits must be good spirits, or at least neutral spirits.
Only then would they be able to cultivate their bonds from a young age.
If it was an evil spirit, one hundred percent would lose control during the wake-up process. Some evil spirits would even corrode the child’s mind from a young age.
This straw rope should have been attached to the ghost of a person killed by the hanging ghost, so it became a ghost spirit.
Lin Feng tossed it into the storage space.
Lin Feng couldn’t see this ghost spirit item, and he could n’ t use it. He could sell it after returning to the base city.
“Tong Tong, it’s hard. Let’s go!”
After checking the results, Lin Feng touched Tong Tong Tong’s head and led her down the mountain.
After descending the mountain, it was already afternoon.
Not long after, Lin Feng came to the village where the fruit farmer was. He told them the news that the hanged ghost had been killed on the mountain and took out the broken ghost rope as proof.
The fruit farmers heaved a sigh of relief.
Lin Feng turned on the satellite signal and looked at the other missions.
Due to the increasing number of Ghost-controlling Agents in recent years, they were also growing more and more powerful. The surrounding area of Liu Cheng Base City was in a state of development and expansion. The most surrounding area was naturally the grain field. After all, hundreds of thousands of people in the base city wanted to eat.
There were plenty of vegetable fields, orchards, reservoirs, and so on.
The area surrounding the base city was still large.
Of course, it was completely incomparable to a hundred years ago.
Lin Feng spent seven or eight minutes finding another dangerous ghost.
To him, the main purpose of these missions was to help him determine the location of a dangerous ghost.
“It’s a bit far… Let’s go first.”
Lin Feng looked at the distance and found that there were several kilometers away.
He packed his things and decided to take a look first.
“A few more died and it escaped again.”
When Lin Feng rushed to the location of a dangerous ghost, a red paper man appeared again in a dilapidated farmhouse.
“These Ghost Soldiers, they’ ve told them not to wander around. They’ re actually wandering around. They’ re really courting death.”
The red paper said.
“Guild leader, it is getting closer and closer to Liu City. If this continues, will it enter Liu City?”
The middle-aged woman asked.
“Liu City… there’s a certain possibility. There’s no way to chase him like this. I’ ll go back to Liu City and see if I can find out what it wants. Keep tracking it. Be careful not to go directly against it. Your ghost spirit is very keen in this aspect. You three, be careful. It definitely won’ t be a problem.”
The red paper said.
“Alright, guild leader, we will pay attention.”
The middle-aged woman said.
“Then I’ ll go back to the city first.”
After that, the red paper man quickly burned.
“Did you hear that? There seems to be a very powerful ghost outside the city. Many of the veteran ghost-guishers outside the city have returned.”
“Yeah, I heard it too. It’s said that the inner city’s gates require 24 hours to be closed, so we can only enter and exit through small doors.”
“The outer city is not the same.”
“Looks like that ghost is very powerful. I wonder what level it is.”
Lin Fengjia’s new group also began to discuss this matter.
However, because Lin Feng had left the city yesterday, he still did not know about it outside the city where there was no signal.
The outer city of Liu City Base was much more lively than before.
On a street with many small bistroes, many small bistroes were already full.
These were the Ghost Soldiers who had returned from outside the city.
“Old Qi, you’ re back too?”
“Yeah, I heard that ghost outside of the city is not ordinary. Even a small team led by a Level 4 Ghostmaster has died. If I met this little person… it really isn’ t enough to be killed.”
“Sigh, even though we’ re growing, we don’ t know how far those ghosts have grown. If this continues, I’ m really worried.”
“What are you worried about? If the sky collapses, there’s a tall man standing on it. At worst, he’ ll die. If he dies, he might even become a ghost. He can still survive in another form.”
In a tavern, many Ghost Soldiers were chatting.
The appearance of the ghost outside the city had already made the people of the Ghost-controlling Sect panic.
“Hey, have you heard that a rare genius has appeared in the recent new generation. It was the first time that a house was divided and a villa was obtained.”
“I’ve heard of it too. Is this a psychic?”I can’ t be envious.”
“It’s not a Tongling Spirit Body. If it was a Tongling Spirit Body, it would have been taken away long ago. How could I have obtained Liu Cheng.”
As they chatted, another person in the tavern chatted with Lin Feng.
No one could live in a villa.
Apart from the first house division test, if they wanted to stay in the villa later, they would use contribution points to buy it. That would be expensive. Unless there was a backstage, it was impossible for a Level 3 Ghost-controlling Person to stay in the villa. Most of the people living in the villa were Level 4 Ghost-controlling Persons.
Moreover, ordinary level four Ghost-guishers also had to accumulate a lot of time.
As a result, Lin Feng really made these veteran ghost guards envy him.
“Your news is out of date. I just heard some newbies say that the genius who lived in the villa area has already become a dangerous level ghost spirit. It’s just that he hasn’ t been certified yet. I don’ t know if it’s true or not!”
At this moment, a voice sounded.
What?Dangerous level?”Isn’ t that the same as me, a Level 3 Ghostmaster?”
A middle-aged man in his thirties stood up with a shocked expression on his face.
“It’s only been a few days. It’s already dangerous?”If it’s a psychic, it’s possible. I heard that only a psychic can drive evil spirits. Some of them can drive powerful evil spirits at a terrifying level when they’ re young.”
Another Ghost King said, not believing it.
There were many Level 3 Ghost Soldiers here.
It took them a few to more than ten years to become Level 3 Ghost Soldiers.
Now that he heard that Lin Feng had become a Level 3 Ghostmaster so quickly, the key was that he was still the same as them… It wasn’t a spiritual body.
This was a little scary.
It was no wonder these Ghost Soldiers did not believe it.

021 Undercurrent!Lin Feng was targeted!(3/8) Subscription

“It can’t be those newcomers bragging, right?”You guys believe the words of some 15 year old brat?”
A Ghost King shook his head, obviously not believing it.
Or rather, he was unwilling to believe it.
Everyone was a ghost-guarding person. You weren’t even a spiritual body, so why are you so powerful!
Some people had the same mentality. They couldn’t see the good of others.
If it was a Spirit Transforming Body… this Ghost-controlling Person probably wouldn’t have such a mentality, because the power of the Spirit Transforming Body was recognized.
At the very beginning of the terrifying revival, only the psychic could become the Ghostmaster.
At that time, there were many more Ghost-controlling Persons than the current Ghost-controlling Persons in order to survive.
Everyone dared to touch him.
There were even Ghost-guarding Demons that could hold several evil spirits at the same time, and then use some methods to make the evil spirits restrict each other and balance each other.
At that time, there was no lack of some amazing ghost guides.
But very few survived.
Because at that time, there was very little research on ghosts. After the evil spirits were driven, the evil spirits would continue to grow in the fight against other evil spirits. In the end end… they would suffer a backlash against the Ghost-controlling Person!
Even the most outstanding Ghost King at that time would not be able to live for a few years.
It wasn’t in the hands of a stronger ghost.
He would die from the evil spirit’s backlash.
Not a few of them even turned into ghosts.
Now, this kind of systematic training of associated ghost spirits.
It could be a relatively safe and mass-cultivated way to produce a ghost spirit.
It was all a hundred years ago, when the Ghost Soldiers used blood and life to explore it bit by bit!
In a hundred years, countless Ghost Soldiers had paid the price of their lives.
“That’s right. Even if it’s a descendant of some powerful ghost-guarding experts who can get a better companion ghost spirit from a young age, it’s impossible for them to become dangerous just a few days after awakening the ghost spirit. It should be fake news.”
“Maybe he has a great background?”
What kind of background is it?After the Ghost King woke up the ghost spirit, his body was affected by the ghost aura for a long time. It was extremely difficult for him to give birth to a descendant. There were only a few powerful Ghost King people in Liu City. I know that the daughter seemed to be a new batch of people. She had taken up a house alone. The villa… is said to be an orphan.”
“Even though I don’ t think it’s true, if it’s true… then this newcomer from the villa is already amazing. I’ m afraid that he’ ll attract the attention of the higher-ups and be specially trained.”
In the small tavern, the Ghost-guarding experts all expressed their views and opinions.
Due to Lin Feng’s lack of formal certification, a lot of Ghost Soldiers doubted the authenticity of this rumor.
After all, all the students in the same phase as Lin Feng were only 15 years old. In the eyes of these 20 to 30 year olds, they were nothing.
Sometimes, a little brat would exaggerate his words.
However, if he didn’t believe it or not, Lin Feng’s ability to live in the villa was still quite surprising to these “old people “.
He was also extremely envious.
After all, most of them were still living in foreign houses.
“Look at the Alliance, there’s another Ghost King killed.”
At this moment, a Ghost King shouted.
The other Ghost Soldiers took out their communicator.
These certified Ghost Soldiers had already joined the Ghost Soldiers Alliance, as well as other Ghost Soldiers.
The news was much better than the newcomers.
As Lin Feng did not go to the certification, he only added a new crowd. Naturally, he did not know about this.
“This ghost is too arrogant. Is this bullying us in Liu City?”
“The City Lord should have made a move, right?”
“Not necessarily. The City Lord needs to guard Liu City. He rarely goes out of the city. However, there seems to be some big shot in the Alliance. I wonder why he hasn’ t solved that ghost.”
The news of the death of the new ghost-guarded man quickly attracted the attention of the ghost-guarded man in the tavern. The topic immediately shifted from Lin Feng.
No one noticed this.
After their concerns changed, three Ghost Soldiers exchanged glances and left the tavern.
“You guys ask Lin Feng?”He’s living in the villa at the back, right?”
More than ten minutes later, these three ghost-guarding monsters appeared in the area where the newcomers lived. They were talking about a 15-year-old ghost-guarding monster from the same age as Lin Feng.
Over the past two days, the Ghost Soldiers who had been outside the city to exterminate ghosts had returned. When they heard that a newcomer was living in the villa area, many people came to see him.
In reality, Lin Feng’s villa had been watched every day for the past few days.
After his fame spread, many young Ghost-controlling figures aged between 16 and 20 came to visit Lin Feng’s villa every day. They wanted to see what Lin Feng looked like, and some wanted to make friends with him.
The veteran Ghost King would occasionally come over.
“Is Lin Feng inside?”
A Ghost King asked.
“I don’ t know. I don’ t think I’ m here. The lights aren’ t even on at night. I don’ t know where I went. According to others, I seem to be out of town.”
The newcomer said.
“I heard that Lin Feng’s ghost spirit is already dangerous?”
Another Ghost King asked again.
“Of course, everyone in the group is saying that Brother Lin is too amazing…”
When it came to this matter, the newcomer who was the same age as Lin Feng was especially interested in the ghost-guarding person. He had made a big deal out of it.
The three Ghost Soldiers did not interrupt him. After listening silently, the three Ghost Soldiers walked towards Lin Feng’s villa.
Not everyone could enter the villa. There were walls and guards. Any visitor must register.
Although the guards were just ordinary people, the rules in the city were very strict. The Ghost-controlling Sect was not allowed to attack ordinary people, nor was it allowed to fight between Ghost-controlling Sects.
Although ordinary people were weak in front of ghosts, ordinary people were the cornerstone of the base city.
There were no more ordinary people, and there were no more and more Ghost-guishers.
Therefore, no matter which base city, although the status of ordinary people was low, there were very few situations that deliberately bullied ordinary people.
Of course, it was not absolute. There were exceptions to everything.
Lin Feng’s villa was located in the periphery of the villa.
They could also see it from outside.
At this moment, there were already some Ghost Soldiers outside who were watching while chatting about rumors related to Lin Feng.
These Ghost Soldiers were just curious. After watching today, they probably wouldn’t come to watch anymore.
The three Ghost Soldiers stood there and looked for a while before leaving Lin Feng’s villa and arriving in a suite.
“Flush, what do you think?”
A ghost-guarded man spoke and said in a deep voice.
“It doesn’ t matter if this Lin Feng’s ghost spirit is already dangerous, but as long as Lin Feng is not a spirit body, his ghost spirit… is probably extremely outstanding.”
He called out to the Ghostmaster who was even.
“That’s right. An ordinary person, a ghost spirit is still growing so fast. This is the only possibility. His ghost spirit’s potential should be extremely high.”
Another Ghost King also said.
The ghost-guarded man said,” Even, He Hai, do you think you can do this alone?”
The two Ghost Soldiers looked at each other.
“Old Guo, from what those newcomers say, Lin Feng might have left the city… Are we going out of the city?”What if we meet that ghost?”
He Hai’s Ghost King said.
“It’s so big outside the city. It might not be possible. Besides, it’s the best time. We can’t do anything in the city. We can only do it outside the city. Now that the ghost guards have returned to the city, it’s not easy for us to find out if we kill Lin Feng outside the city.”I’ ll use my shroud bag to trap his ghost spirit. I can sell that ghost spirit for a good price while he’s not tied up with it.”
At this point, Guofian’s eyes swept across the faces of the two Ghost-controlling Persons, and he said with a seductive voice:
“A ghost spirit of this quality is still a good spirit. There’s naturally no way to make a move in Liu City. However, if you bring it to Hai City, there will definitely be a ghost-guarding person who is interested in the Tong Spirit Body. Maybe you can sell hundreds of thousands of contribution points. How about this?”
The other two Ghost Soldiers hesitated for a moment before finally, both of them made a decision.

022 Three Star Potential!Draw!Repair the Ghost Weapon with Tong Tong!(4/8) Subscription

“Solve another one.”
At night, in a forest, Lin Feng revealed a look of joy.
He solved another dangerous ghost.
This ghost wasn’t the same as the one in the forest. However, after it was resolved, Lin Feng obtained another Ghost Spirit.
It was a scarf.
As for the Ghost Weapon, it was gone.
“Your Ghost Spirit’s potential has increased to 3 stars. Upgrade experience has decreased by one-third, while ghost qi at the same level has increased by one-fifth.”
The System’s voice sounded.
“Three star potential!”
Lin Feng could not help but rejoice.
The benefits of three star potential were self-evident.
Not only did Tong Tong need less experience to advance.
At the same level, Tong Tong’s ghost qi also increased. Ghost qi, to a certain extent, represented combat strength.
In other words, Tong Tong was still at the dangerous level.
However, it was even more powerful!
Lin Feng looked at Tong Tong’s panel.
Ghost Spirit: Tong Tong
Level: Dangerous (Level 3)
Potential:3 stars (5%)
Ability: Red Skirt
Ghost Skill: Ghost Eye
Talent: Devour (Devour Ghost Energy Efficiency Increases by 60%)
Ghost Weapon: Broken Ghost Rope
Ghost Region: Beginner
“Tie down:160”
Tong Tong’s experience had changed from 7500 to 5000.
“We can deal with three more dangerous ghosts… how could Tong Tong become a terrifying level.”
Lin Feng thought.
Thinking of this, although it was already late at night, Lin Feng was full of spirit.
“Tong Tong’s potential has risen to three stars. Host will be given a chance to draw a lottery.”
At this moment, the System’s voice sounded again.
“Eh, you can still draw a lottery?”
Lin Feng was a little surprised.
Every time Tong Tong leveled up, Lin Feng, as the System Host, could gain physical strengthening.
Who would have thought that Lin Feng would benefit from Tong Tong’s potential increase.
A round turntable appeared in front of Lin Feng.
There were a total of 10 grids on the turntable.
However, Lin Feng could not see anything in the grid.
“Then let’s draw.”
Lin Feng clicked the Start button in the middle with his mind.
The turntable turned.
He turned quickly.
However, after a few seconds, the speed of the turntable slowed down.
Then, it slowed down.
Finally, it stopped.
The pointer of the turntable pointed to a grid.
Then, the System’s voice sounded:
“Congratulations, you’ ve obtained the ability: Ghost Weapon Repair. Host can use Ghost Spirit’s cooperation to repair Ghost Weapon. You can also use other Ghost Weapons to upgrade the Ghost Weapon owned by host.”
“Repairing Ghost Equipment?”
Lin Feng was quite surprised by the ability to win the lottery.
“Try it.”
Lin Feng called Tong Tong out and took out the ghost rope.
After receiving the prize from the raffle, Lin Feng naturally understood some of the ghost equipment repair methods.
However, this repair method required Tong Tong Tong’s ghost qi.
That was why Lin Feng wanted Tong Tong Tong’s cooperation.
Right now, Tong Tong was already 160 years old.
With such a high degree of restraint, Lin Feng was completely calling Tong Tong.
If it were any other ghost-guarding person, they wouldn’t be able to shout out. Even if they knew how to repair the ghost weapon, they would n’ t be able to do it.
“Tong Tong, give me your hand.”
Lin Feng said.
Tong Tong reached out his hand.
Lin Feng reached out to catch it.
Lin Feng was surprised by this capture.
Tong Tong’s small hand gave Lin Feng a feeling that he could catch it.
Lin Feng looked at it and found that Tong Tong’s little hand, the place where he had caught it, was obviously more solid.
Tong Tong’s body… was still empty.
“It was Tong Tong who condensed a ghost aura and made me feel like I was catching it?”
Lin Feng felt as if Tong Tong Tong could understand exactly what Lin Feng meant as the number of restrictions increased!
“Come, Tong Tong, release some ghost qi.”
Lin Feng said.
Tong Tong obediently released a small portion of his ghost qi.
“Connect the broken rope.”
Lin Feng hurriedly added.
Lin Feng only knew how to do it, but he still needed Tong Tong to do it.
Tong Tong was very quick, and he directly connected the broken rope.
This ghost rope had been possessed by a hanging ghost, but after the hanging ghost was killed by Tong Tong, this ghost rope became a standard ghost weapon.
Under Lin Feng’s continuous command.
Tong Tong quickly connected the broken rope and used the ghost qi to completely fuse the broken rope together.
Repair succeeded!
The description of the ghost rope had changed from “broken ghost weapon” to “ghost weapon “.
“You worked with the Ghost Spirit Child to repair the Ghost Weapon. Experience +10, Restraint +1, Ghost Spirit Wisdom +1.”
At this moment, the System’s voice rang.
This time, he had also given him experience. Moreover, his experience had changed from 5 points to 10 points in daily life. He had also given him a bit of restraint. The most important thing was… he had given him a bit of ghost intelligence.
This was great.
Lin Feng was in a good mood.
He looked around. It was already late in the night. Apart from the inner city of the base city, the world was gray during the day. He could not see the sun, but he could see the moon and the stars in the sky at night.
“I’ m just spending the night in the wild.”
The nearest small village was about a kilometer away. Lin Feng was too lazy to walk another kilometer. Moreover, the living environment in the village was not good.
Therefore, Lin Feng took out a small tent from his storage space and put it up next to a stone before he went inside.
It was actually quite dangerous to spend the night in the wild.
But with Tong Tong Tong around, Lin Feng was still quite at ease.*

023 Was moved!Early warning!Lin Feng’s response!(5/8) Subscription

In the tent, Lin Feng fell asleep.
The current weather was not cold, and Lin Feng was not thick either.
His storage space was still one cube. Don’ t underestimate one cube. There were too many things he could put.
The things and things that could be stored in the storage space weren’t actually connected together. Instead, everything was independent and did n’ t accumulate or squeeze.
After a few hours of sleep, Lin Feng woke up.
After all, sleeping in the wild was not as comfortable as sleeping in the city.
After waking up, Lin Feng opened the tent. By now, there was already a faint light, indicating that it was dawn.
“Tong Tong?”
Then, Lin Feng saw Tong Tong sitting outside the tent with his knees in his arms. His cerebellar bag was on his knees. Looking at that, it seemed like he had spent a night outside the tent.
Before going to bed, Lin Feng had Tong Tong enter the bow and put the bow on the pillow to prevent ghosts from appearing at any time.
Unexpectedly, Tong Tong had run out in the middle of the night and was still outside for so long!
Lin Feng was moved!
Hearing Lin Feng’s voice, Tong Tong turned his head and looked at Lin Feng.
Even if she had increased her ghost intelligence by one point, she still could not speak.
Lin Feng rubbed her head,” Thank you, Tong Tong~”
When Lin Feng touched her head, Tong Tong Tong made another move. Like in the past, she would still look at Lin Feng without any reaction.
Now, she lowered her head so that Lin Feng could stroke her head.
These small changes made Lin Feng see hope.
Perhaps if this continued, Tong Tong Tong would speak one day!
After breakfast, Lin Feng walked to a small stream and washed up. Lin Feng took out his communicator and connected the satellite signal.
He could find the next dangerous ghost.
After looking at it for a while, this time, it only took him five minutes to find a suitable one.
After receiving the mission, Lin Feng glanced at his own information. There were actually many new messages.
There was also a lot of news in the novice group.
Huh?There was a powerful ghost outside the city?A large number of Ghost Soldiers had returned to the city?”No wonder!”
After seeing the news, Lin Feng understood why so many dangerous ghosts had not been wiped out by the Ghost-Controller.
Lin Feng also knew from the novice group that his villa had been watched by people for the past few days.
“Just watch.”
Lin Feng said softly.
“Powerful ghost?”It’s so big outside the city. Be careful. There shouldn’ t be a problem.”
Lin Feng thought.
Then he read the news.
On this day, Lin Feng discovered that many of them were sent to him by someone from the novice group.
Lin Feng nodded.
“Brother Lin, there were three thirty or forty-year-old ghost guides asking about you that day. I feel that when they spoke, their expressions and tone were not right. When they went to your villa to observe, their expressions were different from those of other ghost guides. They looked like they were plotting something.”I’ ve also noticed that they left the city abnormally yesterday. I heard that some ghost-guarding people like to rob and even kill other ghost-guarding people outside the city. Be careful.”
This kind of news was sent out by that person.
Those three Ghost Soldiers would not have thought of it.
The 15-year-old rookies that they had asked that day had a good observation ability in their eyes.
He observed some changes in their expressions.
“Someone wants to hurt me?”
This news caused Lin Feng to become more alert.
“Thirty or forty-year-old ghost guides… should be level three or level four ghost guides, but there are three…”
Lin Feng thought.
“It’s not necessarily bad for me. Even if it’s bad for me, it’s too big outside the city. I don’ t have to find me. In addition, Tong Tong quickly leveled up. Moreover, the Ghost Spirit can’ t decide 100% victory in the battle between the Ghost- People. As long as Tong Tong blocks them, I can…”
Lin Feng calculated it.
If people don’t offend me, I do n’ t offend them. If someone wants to mess with Lin Feng… Lin Feng will naturally have to retaliate with a attack.
Lin Feng suddenly thought of something and opened the interface to receive the mission again.
“It’s so big outside the city… there’s still a powerful ghost. If they really want to harm me and venture out of the city, they definitely won’ t search everywhere, but they have some means to find me… I’ m afraid it’s here!”
Lin Feng looked at the interface to receive the mission and thought.
Although what the newbies in the novice group said might not be true.
However, such a thing must be done carefully.
Those three ghost-guarded men took such a great risk to leave the city… If they really wanted to harm Lin Feng, they would definitely be able to find him.
They were in the dark, and Lin Feng was in the clear.
Their methods were very simple to Lin Feng.
They couldn’t possibly locate Lin Feng. If they had the ability, why were they so secretive?
However, they had other methods, that was… observing the mission interface!
One had to know that in the past few days, the Ghost Guards had all returned to the city, and no one had taken on the mission of a dangerous ghost.
Apart from…
Lin Feng!
The rule of the mission interface in the communicator was that once a mission was accepted, it would instantly disappear from the mission interface!
If Lin Feng were those three guys, he would definitely have someone stare at the communicator and constantly refresh. Once a mission was accepted and disappeared, those three guys would be able to see the general description of the mission through the other communicator that did not refresh the interface.
Just before transmigration, a web page had already been deleted by the developer, but your computer had already opened that web page before it was deleted.The content of the web page had already been stored on your computer. As long as it was not refreshed, you could always see the content. Once it was refreshed, nothing was left.
Those three guys could also use multiple communication devices to observe the mission that had disappeared.
From the general description of the mission, one could know the location of the mission that Lin Feng had received!
Then, he could quickly find it and set up a ambush there, waiting for Lin Feng!
“Change places first.”
Whether it was true or not, before Tong Tong reached the terrifying level, Lin Feng was not prepared to follow his opponent’s rhythm.
As a result, Lin Feng quickly found another mission to exterminate dangerous level ghosts and then walked over.
However, Lin Feng did not accept the mission.
Instead, he directly went over!
In the past, this was not possible. Because the mission of a dangerous ghost was too fast, Lin Feng was snatched by someone else.
Under the circumstances where others had already snatched it, the base city was forbidden to rob other people’s missions.
Of course, Lin Feng could help others wipe out the ghost… He would take the reward from the System, contribution points and other things for the other Ghost King to take.
But the problem was…
Others were willing.
If Lin Feng was late, he would run for nothing.
And as soon as the mission came out, it was snatched and disappeared. Lin Feng could not see the description of the mission.
Now, all kinds of missions were possible.
He first went to deal with that dangerous ghost and then took the mission. As for the mission he took earlier, he should just put it there as a bait.
“Boss, at Little Feng Mountain.”
Lin Feng’s caution was correct.
In a small grain town.
The three Ghost Soldiers who were prepared to kill Lin Feng did find the location of the mission that Lin Feng had received through his guess.
“F*ck, I’ ve been staring at the communicator all day. My eyes are numb, but we still found it.”
“Little Fengshan… It’s not far from us. Let’s move fast, we’ ll definitely be in front of him.”
“Hmph, this kid is so bold. He still dares to run out at this time. If he doesn’ t die, who will die!”
After the three Ghost Soldiers found the location of the next mission, they were all full of confidence. Then, they packed up their things and rushed towards the location where Lin Feng had received the mission!

024/025!Being played around in circles!The counterattack plan!(6.7/8) Subscription

The three Ghost Soldiers acted very quickly.
In just over two hours, they arrived at the location where Lin Feng had received the mission.
Little Fengshan.
Xiaofeng Mountain was a tourist attraction outside Liu City more than a hundred years ago. People from Liu City usually went to Zhou before they climbed.
On Xiaofeng Mountain, there were some old and dilapidated temples.
“Lao Guo, Lin Feng shouldn’ t be here yet. Look at that temple.”
A ghost guide pointed at a temple on the mountain.
The temple that had been deserted for more than a hundred years had appeared in the candlelight.
It was not normal.
“The main road up the mountain is there. The view there is also the best. We can see several other directions. Let’s go there and set up a ambush to deal with Lin Feng.”
The national face ghost-guarding man pointed at a small mountain.
The other two Ghost Soldiers took a look and agreed.
As a result, the Ghost-guarded Man with the other two Ghost-guarded Man quickly arrived at the hilltop. They hid in the bushes and ambushed there.
At the same time.
On the other side, Lin Feng was still on his way.
It was almost noon when Lin Feng finally arrived.
It was a quarry to the north of Liu City.
This was the quarry of the cement plant. Due to the appearance of ghosts, dozens of people had died in this quarry and it had long been shut down.
The other workers who were far away and were lucky enough to escape were all far away.
Since nobody had come out recently, this place had been shut down for several days.
Although it was stopped, there was a sound of knocking in the mine.
“Tong Tong, I’ ll leave it to you.”
Lin Feng said.
Only a few minutes later, Lin Feng walked out of the mine.
The ghosts in the mine had been eliminated by Tong Tong Tong.
With the Red Skirt Tong Tong at least half a level higher, or even a level higher, to deal with a dangerous ghost… there was no big suspense.
The harvest was not bad.
Apart from experience, Lin Feng also got an iron nail and a scarf.
Both of these were Ghost Spirits.
They could sell some contribution points.
“We can accept this mission now.”
Lin Feng thought.
He took the task directly from the system’s panel and went to tell the workers that it had been resolved.
The workers did not believe it. Only after Lin Feng brought the workers to the quarry did the workers let out a sigh of relief.
“Go to the next place and kill two more dangerous ghosts. Tong Tong will definitely reach the terrifying level.”
Lin Feng turned on his communicator and connected the satellite signal.
Although it was expensive to use the satellite to surf the Internet for 10 minutes, Lin Feng was completely able to withstand it.
One had to know.
There were only six contribution points in an hour, and there were only over a hundred contribution points in a day. It would not be a problem for them to open up all day.
Soon, Lin Feng found another location for a dangerous ghost and rushed over.
He still didn’t take the mission first. Instead, he was prepared to take the mission again after he went to the location to wipe out the ghost. This way, the other party would n’ t be able to reach Lin Feng’s location and would be misled by Lin Feng.
On the other side.
On Little Feng Mountain, three Ghost Soldiers were still waiting there.
They were very patient.
After waiting for more than an hour, the three Ghost Soldiers were not impatient at all.
“Lao Guo, something’s wrong. I just refreshed and another mission disappeared. It’s located in a quarry.”
At this moment, a Ghost King said.
The Ghost King was holding two communication devices in his hand. One was connected to the Internet, and the other was not connected to the Internet.
On the communicator that was not connected to the Internet, the task interface was stuck to the previous interface. The interface that was connected to the Internet had already refreshed.
In this way, they could see the changes of the mission.
“Could it be that besides that kid, there are also other Ghost-controlling Agents here?”
Another Ghost King said.
Lao Guo took the communicator and looked at it for a while. Then, he muttered to himself,” It’s possible. There’s still some Ghost-Guardians who aren’ t afraid of death.”
“Then what should we do?”Continue guarding here or go to the quarry?”
“We’ ve been here for more than an hour. The other party hasn’ t come yet… He Hai, you’ re here to guard. I’ ll follow him to the quarry to take a look. Once you find Lin Feng’s trail, follow him. Don’ t do anything. Send me a message.”
The three Ghost Soldiers quickly made a decision.
They split up!
A ghost guard was guarding Little Feng Mountain.
The leader went to the quarry with another ghost-guarding person.
As veteran ghost guards, they were quite familiar with the environment outside the city.
After a short walk, at around 3 p.m., Guofian and another ghost-guarded man arrived at the quarry.
“The ghosts here have been destroyed?”
He received the news from the workers in the quarry.
Who destroyed it?”Is it a very young kid?”
He asked.
“Yes, milord. He’s very young. He looks like he’s about fifteen or sixteen years old. We thought he was lying, but he’s really destroyed. The ghost detector we’ re carrying has no reaction.”
A worker supervisor said.
“It really is him.”
The other one was called the even Ghost King.
“When did it disappear?”
Guo face asked.
The supervisor said,” Half an hour ago.”
Half an hour ago!
“Then did you see where he went?”
He asked.
The supervisor shook his head.” I didn’ t pay attention to him anymore. He’s a ghost-guarding person. I don’ t even dare to look at him.”
“Flush. Watch the communicator. Let’s go. Let’s leave here first.”
The Chinese face made a decision.
He left the quarry with him.
“He left half an hour ago. Maybe he’ ll rest nearby, or maybe he’ ll be ready to take on a mission. He’ ll keep an eye on it.”
The Chinese face said.
“Yes, boss. Should we call He Hai over?”
Qi Ping asked.
Guo Zi said,” No need. A Ghost-guarding Man can take at most two missions at the same time. To prevent Xiao Fengshan’s mission from being taken by him, and He Hai is too far away.”
Not long after he left, the supervisor of the workers who had just spoken to them took out a communicator and sent out a message.
Not many ordinary people had communication devices, but this supervisor needed to keep in touch with the cement plant. Naturally, there were.
This worker supervisor… was suddenly bought by Lin Feng.
Lin Feng used 50 contribution points to get him to cooperate. Once Lin Feng left, the Ghost King came to ask about the situation here. Even if he told the truth……But he only needed to say a lie.
That was when Lin Feng left.
It had been a few hours since Lin Feng left, but no matter when the other party came, the supervisor would only say that Lin Feng had left for half an hour.
As for the other workers, they had been instructed by the supervisor of the workers, and they had also been sent to quarry. During the busy time, they would not have the chance to talk to them.
Guofian thought that he was hiding in the dark. He did not know that Lin Feng was already on guard, nor would he suspect it!
Then… the supervisor only needed to tell Lin Feng about the arrival of the Ghost King.
To this supervisor, this matter was not risky. He easily earned 50 contribution points, that is,5000 yuan… It was equivalent to half a month of his income. How could he not be willing?
On the other side.
Lin Feng, who had been on the satellite signal, had already received the message.
“Sure enough… was he targeted?”
Lin Feng said softly.
This time.
The words of the novice group were basically confirmed.
“These guys, do you think I’ m easy to bully?”
Lin Feng’s gaze slowly turned cold.
“We’ ll talk about it first.”
He led Tong Tong into a cave. There was also a dangerous ghost inside.
Ten minutes later.
Lin Feng walked out.
The ghosts in the cave had been solved.
Lin Feng looked at the time.
It was still afternoon.
“Two people… So, there’s another one standing guard at Little Feng Mountain?They thought I didn’t finish off the ghost in the quarry until half an hour ago. Now, they must be staring at the communicator, waiting for me to take on a mission, then rushing to ambush there.”The one from Xiaofeng Mountain… maybe he’s still on Xiaofeng Mountain… Tong Tong is only a hundred more experience points away from the terrifying level… The red skirt is already at the terrifying level… Go to Xiaofeng Mountain!”
A cold light flashed in Lin Feng’s eyes and he made a decision!
He wanted to take advantage of the opportunity of these three Ghost Controlling Persons to separate, go to Xiaofeng Mountain, and get rid of that single Ghost Controlling Person first!
To Lin Feng, this move was not risky.
That Ghostmaster was at most a Level 4 Ghostmaster, or perhaps a Level 3 Ghostmaster.
Level 3 Ghost-guarding Man was fine.
If it was a level 4 ghost-guarding person, as long as Tong Tong’s red dress was able to fight the ghost spirit, or block the ghost spirit… Lin Feng, an ordinary person with three times his physical fitness, would be useful.
After making a decision, Lin Feng took over the task that had been completed.
After that, Lin Feng found a route that could avoid the two Ghost Controlling Persons through the map in the communicator. He left this place and headed for Xiaofeng Mountain!
If another ghost guide wasn’t in Xiaofeng Mountain, Lin Feng could also kill the ghost on Xiaofeng Mountain and raise Tong Tong to terrifying level.
In order not to scare the snake, even if they had been to Xiaofeng Mountain before, they would definitely not kill the ghosts on Xiaofeng Mountain!
“New Mission: Kill the ghost-guarding person on Little Feng Mountain that is not good for the host. Mission reward: Experience 800, Ghost Spirit Potential 2, Ghost Spirit Stalk 1.”
Lin Feng’s thought triggered the system’s mission.
It was just right.
After the counter-kill, this wave of experience was enough to raise Tong Tong to a terrifying level!
“Old Guo, we have it. The Cold Water Cave mission has been accepted!Lin Feng must be prepared to go there!”
As soon as Lin Feng took the task, the other side called out the ghost-guarding man who was level with him excitedly.
“Let’s go, let’s take a short cut and wait there first!”
Guofian sat up from the ground and rushed towards the cold water hole with a flush.
That was where Lin Feng had just left.
They didn’t know that Lin Feng had already solved the ghost there and made a counter-offensive plan. He was prepared to go around Xiaofeng Mountain and deal with the Ghost King He Hai who was still there!

026 Encounter!Paperman’s discovery!Thunder Strike!(8/8) Flower

It was already past four in the afternoon.
Lin Feng was still rushing towards Xiaofeng Mountain.
It wasn’t close to Xiaofeng Mountain. Lin Feng estimated that he could arrive at midnight.
Suddenly, Tong Tong appeared.
“Tong Tong?”
Lin Feng asked.
This was the first time Tong Tong had voluntarily appeared.
Then, Lin Feng saw Tong Tong’s red dress quickly turn red. Following that, Tong Tong rushed over and her red dress instantly became bigger, covering Lin Feng inside.
“What’s going on?”
Through Tong Tong Tong’s red dress, Lin Feng seemed to see a flash of red light several hundred meters away.
Of course, it might not be red, because Tong Tong’s red dress was red.
A few seconds later, Tong Tong’s red dress disappeared.
Then Tong Tong’s skirt quickly turned white and entered the bow.
“A powerful ghost has passed by?”
Lin Feng looked in the direction where the red light flashed.
Tong Tong had no intention of explaining.
Lin Feng had called her out. Because she did not speak, Lin Feng did not know what was going on.
“Maybe it’s the ghost in the group… If it’s, then it’s a good thing. Now that we’ ve encountered it, we’ ve dodged it. The probability of our next encounter is low.”
Lin Feng thought.
He couldn’t help but feel even more satisfied with Tong Tong. This time, Tong Tong had come out in a timely manner, and he had managed to avoid Tong Tong Tong.
Lin Feng continued his journey.
However, after half an hour, Lin Feng encountered a few more people.
These people were led by a middle-aged woman.
“You’ re the Ghostmaster?”
The middle-aged woman looked at Lin Feng and asked.
“That’s right.”
Lin Feng said.
The middle-aged woman said,” You’re so young. You’ ve only been out of school not long ago, right?”Go back to the city. Don’ t run around. It’s very dangerous outside the city.”
Lin Feng’s answer was concise.
There was no need to waste time arguing with the other party!
“Have you seen it? Forget it, if you really see it, you won’ t be alive. Alright, go back to the city.”
After speaking, the middle-aged woman quickly left with her men.
Lin Feng noticed that the direction they were going was like the direction where the red light had disappeared.
“Is this tracking that powerful ghost?”
Lin Feng thought.
After just paying attention, Lin Feng left this matter behind.
The red light and the middle-aged woman went in a different direction than Lin Feng.
Lin Feng continued his journey towards Xiaofeng Mountain.
“What would it be?”
At the same time, in a warehouse painted with gold paint on the wall of Liu City, a young woman who looked like she was in her twenties was standing there, staring at the items in the warehouse.
In the warehouse, there were several red paper men flipping about.
“Hey, President Yan, can you let your paper man be more careful? If some of these things are released, it will cause chaos.”
In front of this woman, a gray-haired old man helplessly said.
What a mess?”That’s all?”
The woman called President Yan walked into the warehouse and reached for a cloth doll. She used her strength to pinch it.
The gray-haired old man’s eyelids twitched.
“Look, it’s scared. It does n’ t even dare to come out. What kind of mess can such a poor ghost cause?”If it wasn’ t for the fact that it had some use against some special ghosts and killed it, wouldn’ t it be good to give this doll to a child?”
President Yan threw the doll onto a shelf and said casually.
The gray-haired old man looked helpless.
“I haven’ t found anything suspicious after searching for a long time… City Lord Liu, your so-called treasure vault isn’ t that good either. Forget it, I won’ t find it anymore. Let’s wait for it to attack.”
President Yan turned around and left the warehouse.
Those red paper men were still looking for them.
“I’m sure we ca n’ t catch up. Can we just wait for it to come to the door?”That’s right, last time I saw a good seedling, how about going to see it.”
After President Yan left the warehouse, she came to a villa at the junction of the inner city and the outer city. She stretched out her hand and tossed out a paper plane.
The paper plane quickly flew to the residential area, and then quickly changed into a red paper man.
Huh?They left the city?”Is he tired of living?”
The red paperman quickly received some news.
However, soon, President Yan was shocked by another news.
What?”So fast?”
In the villa, President Yan sat up from the bathtub in shock.
She quickly washed it, then wrapped it in a bath towel and went to the living room. She took out an old-fashioned laptop.
“Use my authority to check his account contribution points transaction records…1,200 contribution points… I’ ve received four missions to exterminate dangerous ghosts, and they’ ve completed all of them?”
Soon, President Yan discovered a large number of things.
Her beautiful eyes were filled with astonishment.
“It’s not a spiritual body… it actually has such a growth rate… It’s really not simple!”
President Yan’s eyes shone.
“However, he’s not afraid of meeting that ghost when he’s out of the city like this?”
She thought again.
Thinking of this, President Yan took out his communicator and pulled out a number.
Soon, a female voice rang out from the communicator. If Lin Feng were here, he would be able to hear it. This female voice was the voice of the middle-aged woman.
“While you’ re tracking, pay attention to a fifteen-year-old boy called Lin Feng. If you see him, send someone to send him back to the city, lest he encounter that ghost. If he doesn’ t want to, tell me his location.”
Yan said.
“A 15-year-old?”Guild leader… I just met him more than an hour ago. He looks very sunny… I wonder if it’s him…”
The middle-aged woman described Lin Feng’s characteristics.
“It’s him!”
President Yan immediately said affirmatively.
“That’s right. His direction is different from that of the ghost. Should I send someone to look for him?”
The middle-aged woman asked.
The direction is different?”I don’ t need it. Keep chasing after me. I haven’ t found what it wants.”
Yan said.
“Yes, guild leader!”
The night gradually deepened.
Under the night, Lin Feng’s speed was very fast.
With his physical fitness, physical strength, and speed, he was naturally much faster than an ordinary person.
Soon, Lin Feng approached Little Feng Mountain.
He walked along the forest and was rather careful.
“A dangerous ghost is still there.”
From afar, Lin Feng saw the candlelight on Xiaofeng Mountain.
This meant that a dangerous ghost was still on top.
“Where is that ghost-guarding person?”
Lin Feng looked around.
“In order not to disturb the ghosts on the mountain, they definitely won’ t go up the mountain. If they don’ t go up the mountain, they’ ll have to occupy the best view. It’s probably there!”
Lin Feng looked at a small hill below Xiaofeng Mountain!
The view on that hilltop was too good.
If it was Lin Feng…
They would definitely ambush them!
Lin Feng silently touched it.
“It’s strange. It’s been more than a day and I’m not going to solve the problem. It’s very likely that Lin Feng didn’t pick up this place. Maybe it was a ghost-guarding person in the city who picked up this place by mistake. It’s boring to guard the place. If we don’t come tomorrow… I’ will reappear after the time limit. I’ll take care of it. However, Lao Guo and the others should be waiting for Lin Feng, right?”With their strength, it’s not hard to kill Lin Feng!”
At this moment, on the mountain top, the Ghost King named He Hai was eating biscuits while looking at the candlelight on the mountain.
In his arms, a shroud had already been taken out.
“It really is here.”
He Hai did not notice that Lin Feng had already approached him. He came behind him and heard what He Hai said.
Lin Feng was already certain.
These three Ghost Soldiers definitely wanted to kill him!
Lin Feng was holding a nail in his hand.
Soon, Lin Feng arrived more than ten meters away from He Hai.
As for He Hai… he hadn’ t discovered it yet.
At this moment, He Hai noticed that the shroud in his arms had changed.
“Found it, Tong Tong, right now.”
Lin Feng shouted and rushed out.
Tong Tong also rushed out of the bow tie.
As soon as Tong Tong rushed out, a ghost granny appeared in He Hai’s shroud. A withered hand reached out and grabbed Tong Tong, while the other hand grabbed Lin Feng.
He Hai’s ghost spirit launched a counterattack!
Tong Tong had already turned into a red dress and blocked Grandma’s two hands.
However, the surrounding environment was already changing.
This meant that Granny Ghost was already opening up her own Ghost Region.
Ghost-controlling was actually a weak link, but for Level 3 Ghost-controlling, this link wasn’t too fatal.
Because as long as his Ghost Spirit opened the Ghost Domain, he could use the Ghost Domain to hide the Ghostmaster.
Tong Tong seemed to have been able to defend against this move long ago. He used his own Ghost Region to fight against it, and it instantly slowed Grandma’s Ghost Region slow.
Lin Feng rushed forward. Under He Hai’s shocked gaze, a nail pierced down.
The next second.
He Hai let out a miserable cry and fell straight down.
After Tong Tong Tong blocked the Ghost Nanny and delayed the other party’s Ghost Domain, Lin Feng’s lightning strike directly dealt with He Hai, a powerful Ghost-controlling figure!
“Mission completed, Ghost Spirit Child has gained 800 experience points, Ghost Spirit Potential 2, Ghost Spirit 1!”
“Your Ghost Spirit has reached the terrifying level (level 4). You have obtained a physical improvement (2 times)”
The System’s voice sounded one after another.

027 Nirvana!Strange ghost nun!Red embroidered shoes!(1/8) Subscription

Although He Hai was dead, Granny Ghost did not give up on the battle. Instead, she let out a strange cry. Instantly, the surrounding scenery changed again.
It turned into an ancient village from the wilderness!
The Ghost Realm of Granny Ghost had finally begun!
As soon as Granny Ghost’s domain opened, a red light appeared, enveloping Lin Feng.
Tong Tong’s Ghost Region had also begun!
Or it was spread out in the Ghost Region of Granny Ghost. Tong Tong’s Ghost Region only had a small area.
However, after becoming a terrifying level, the power of the child in the red dress also increased greatly.
Tong Tong Tong’s Ghost Region was rapidly expanding at a speed that could be seen in his flesh and eyes, while Granny Ghost Region was rapidly decreasing!
“This ghost mother-in-law should also be a terrifying ghost spirit.”
Lin Feng said softly.
If it was a dangerous ghost spirit, it would not have been able to beat Tong Tong before.
Of course, even if it was a terrifying level ghost spirit, after Tong Tong had reached the terrifying level, it would still be unable to beat Tong Tong!
Tong Tong’s level was that of a white-skirt Tong. The strength of a red-skirt Tong was at least half a level higher!
And Tong Tong’s abilities were more comprehensive!
In the Ghost Region, one could see that the ancient villages were rapidly collapsing. In the Ghost Region’s confrontation, the Ghost Granny had already been defeated!
Tong Tong’s Ghost Region also had some meaning. It was actually an amusement park.
However, this amusement park was not the same as an ordinary amusement park. For example, there were many amusement facilities as if they had come out an animated film.
It really was a little loli!
Gurgle~~ Gurgle~~
Suddenly, a voice rang out.
This voice rang out…
Then, the surrounding scenery changed again.
Tong Tong Tong’s Ghost Region was at the very bottom, and there was a small part of the Ghost Region of Ghost Nanny, that was the ancient village.
Outside the ancient village, an ancient building suddenly appeared.
This ancient building looked like a temple, but it was different from a temple.
There was a dark red courtyard wall on the periphery. Outside the courtyard wall, it was lush and lush.
Facing Lin Feng was a bluestone path with many towering ancient trees on both sides.
At the end of the bluestone path was an obviously quiet door.
The door was very exquisite, with red and green carved wood.
In the door, the rhythmic “cluck~~ cluck~~” sounds rang out continuously.
It sounded like.
It was just like the sound of monks and nuns knocking on wooden fish in some movies that Lin Feng had seen before he passed through!
But in the wilderness, no, in the ghost domain of Tong Tong and Ghost Nanny… how could there be a temple?
“The ghost on the mountain has come down?”
Lin Feng thought.
He looked up and saw a plaque with an ancient style on it!
There were three words on the plaque.
Jizhao Temple
“Jizhao Nunnery, this is a nunnery?”
Lin Feng said to himself.
This name was poetic and philosophical… It didn’t look like a temple. It should be a nunnery.
At this moment, Lin Feng realized…
The battle in the surrounding Ghost Region had stopped.
That witch was flying towards the nunnery.
Tong Tong had already recovered her white dress and was walking towards Ji Zhaoyan!
“Something’s wrong!”
“Tong Tong is back!”
Lin Feng shouted.
“Ha ha ha ~~”
Around him, the sound of knocking on the wooden fish continuously rang out.
This voice surrounded Lin Feng’s ears, giving him the thought of walking towards Ji Zhao Temple.
This thought became more and more intense!
What the hell is this?”It’s definitely not that… dangerous ghost on the mountain!”
Lin Feng quickly took out a tissue paper and stuffed his ears into it.
This was much more comfortable.
However, after stuffing his ears, Lin Feng saw that the witch had already drifted into the Jizhao Temple.
Tong Tong had already reached the door of Jizhao Temple, and one foot was about to enter.
Lin Feng’s gaze still swept over. There was something red at the door of Jizhao Temple. It jumped on the ground, as if it wanted to jump out. However, there was an invisible barrier at the door of Jizhao Temple, which firmly fixed the red thing.
“Ha ha ha ~~”
The sound of the wooden fish still sounded, as if it had become the only sound in the world!
“Don’ t let Tong Tong in.”
Lin Feng rushed forward.
“Tong Tong!”
Lin Feng shouted.
Tong Tong’s action immediately paused.
Then, Lin Feng charged forward.
She grabbed her hand!
Even a terrifying child had no physical body!
The last time Lin Feng caught Tong Tong Tong’s little hand, it was because Tong Tong had gathered ghost qi there!
“Ghost Rope!”
Seeing that he couldn’t catch it, Lin Feng reacted quickly. He took out the ghost rope from his storage space and tied it to Tong Tong!
“Come back!”
Then, Lin Feng rubbed his feet on the ground and grabbed the ghost rope with both hands.
Tong Tong was pulled!
A light flashed in her eyes.
The next second, Tong Tong’s dress started to turn red.
The next second…
Tong Tong made another move.
That was…
Her little hand suddenly reached into the door of Jizhao Temple and grabbed the red thing at the door.
He grabbed that thing out.
Then, Lin Feng used all his strength to pull Tong Tong back.
Due to too much force.
With this pull, Lin Feng retreated a few meters and almost fell.
“Ha ha ha ~~”
Tong Tong was pulled back.
The sound of hitting the wooden fish became smaller.
Lin Feng took a look.
The building was rapidly moving away.
The three words Ji Zhaoan quickly left.
“He’s gone?”
Lin Feng looked at it. This time, it might be a question of angle. Lin Feng seemed to see a ghost nun sitting on a white wall in a building in Jizhao Temple, knocking on the wooden fish in a daze.
Then, the building completely disappeared.
“Tong Tong, are you alright?”
Lin Feng looked at Tong Tong.
Tong Tong turned around and looked at Lin Feng. Then, she raised her hands.
Lin Feng saw what was in her hand.
That was.
A pair of red, brand new, very beautiful embroidered shoes!
Tong Tong pulled it out from the gate of Ji Zhao Temple!

028 Wedding dress movement!The second Ghost Spirit Mission!(2/8) Flower

“Red embroidered shoes?”
Lin Feng took the pair of embroidered shoes from Tong Tong.
This pair of embroidered shoes that had jumped at the gate of the Nirvana Nunnery was still and quiet, looking like a pair of ordinary shoes.
“This is a Ghost Spirit?”
Lin Feng thought.
Red embroidered shoes… But before Lin Feng passed through, he was a regular in some terrifying films.
Every time this thing appeared, it meant that something strange was about to happen.
Of course, this world was more terrifying than the terrifying world.
Lin Feng had killed so many ghosts with Tong Tong, so he naturally could not be afraid of something like that.
“Be careful!”
Lin Feng didn’t know that when Tong Tong took out the embroidered shoes from Jizhao Temple, on the other side, the middle-aged woman and the other three people’s suddenly changed.
Because, they saw a red light rushing towards them in the sky.
“That ghost has discovered us. Prepare to fight!”
The middle-aged woman had already taken out the Ghost Spirits and prepared to activate them!
Just as they were about to fight, the red light flashed past their heads without any pause.
The middle-aged woman was stunned.
The other Ghost Soldiers beside her did not expect that the target of this red light was not them!
“It has changed its direction!”
“Could it be that something it’s looking for has appeared?”
“Do you see how it looks?”
“It looks like a red dress~”
“Chase, I’ ll notify the guild leader!”
The middle-aged woman and a few other Ghost Soldiers chased in the direction of the red light as they quickly took out their communicator and contacted President Yan.
“Hey, Sister Xiao Yun, it stopped!”
However, before this group of people could catch up, they saw the red light suddenly stop.
This time.
They saw it clearly.
It was indeed a red dress!
The red clothes only paused for a moment before heading in a different direction.
“Let’s put it first.”
On the other side, Lin Feng threw the red embroidered shoes into the storage space.
The System’s storage space was equivalent to a time-steady state. It could isolate everything.
After Tong Tong became a terrifying level, Lin Feng had another storage space shared with Ghost Spirits.
This storage space wasn’t big. It could only store a small amount of things. Moreover, the state of this storage space was different from Lin Feng’s. It wasn’t the state of time being, but the normal state.
Lin Feng prepared to put the ghost equipment like the ghost rope inside.
This way, Tong Tong could use it when he needed it and Lin Feng could use it when he needed it.
After throwing the red embroidered shoes into the storage space, Lin Feng looked at it and realized that Tong Tong was dismantling the Ghost Domain of the Ghost Grandma.
He looked at Tong Tong Tong’s panel.
Ghost Spirit: Tong Tong
Level: Terror Level (Level 4)
Potential:3 stars (15%)
Ability: Red Skirt
Ghost Skill: Ghost Eye
Talent: Devour (Devour Ghost Energy Efficiency Increases by 80%)
Ghost Weapon: Ghost Rope
Ghost Region: Intermediate
Tip: You have a quest to increase the ghost spirit, you can choose to receive it.”
“Not bad, the next upgrade isn’ t five times.”
Looking at the panel, Lin Feng let out a sigh of relief.
He was afraid that the next time he upgraded, it would be five times more experience.
Fortunately, it was not five times, but only three times.
Of course, the 3-star potential itself required less experience. If it was a 2-star potential, the next upgrade would require more than 20,000 experience points.
After Tong Tong became a terrifying level, his ability to devour had increased once again. The Ghost Domain had also changed from a beginner to an intermediate level, and all aspects had increased.
Then, Lin Feng saw the text at the bottom.
“Increase Ghost Spirit’s mission?”
Lin Feng thought about it and clicked on the mission.
“Second Ghost Spirit Mission: Host successfully binds the second Ghost Spirit to complete the mission. Mission reward: Ghost Spirit Pill 1, Ghost Spirit Experience 100(first reward 10 times)”
“Tip: If the good spirit has more than 20 shackles and the evil spirit has more than 50 shackles, it can be successfully bound. No matter whether it is good or evil spirit, it must be in an ownerless state. Otherwise, it needs to be more than two times the owner before binding.”*

029 Binding Mission!This was simple!Embroidered shoes mission!(3/8) Flower request

“The second ghost…”
Lin Feng said softly.
Apart from the Psychic Body, there were very few Ghost Soldiers who had a second Ghost Spirit.
“A good spirit has more than 20 bonds, an evil spirit has more than 50 bonds… You still have to cultivate your own bonds?”How troublesome!”
Lin Feng thought.
How could it be so easy to cultivate a bond?
Without the System, Lin Feng had brought Tong Tong Tong’s bow knot for more than ten years, but he only managed to cultivate 65 bonds.
It was good to train some of the bonds of the good spirit.
If it was an evil spirit… it would be very difficult to cultivate it. It would be useless to bring it around.
For ordinary people, as long as the Ghost Spirit’s item accidentally gets the Evil Spirit, it will lose control.
Even though the Ghost King in the base city had a strict selection of Ghost Spirits, he could not guarantee that all Ghost Spirits were good spirits.
In this world’s consensus, only psychic beings could control evil spirits.
However, the control of the Tongling Spirit Body was actually very risky. It was necessary to use the good spirit to balance it.
Evil spirits… Actually, they didn’ t care.
In comparison.
The System was simple.
“Oh right, System!”
Lin Feng patted his head.
He was the System Host right now.
It was much more powerful than that psychic.
Since the binding of the second ghost spirit required a lot of restrictions, the System definitely would not give itself a difficult problem that would take a few years to cultivate.
Thinking of this, Lin Feng took out a hemp rope from his storage space.
This hemp rope was the first hemp rope that was obtained after killing the hanged ghost during the first battle with a dangerous ghost.
This hemp rope was also a ghost creature.
There was also a ghost spirit inside, and it seemed to be a good spirit.
However, after taking it out, the hemp rope did not react at all.
“Does the host choose this Ghost Spirit as the second Ghost Spirit?”If you choose to do so, you can activate the binding mission.”
“Host has the opportunity to re-select Ghost Spirits five times.”
The System’s voice sounded.
“Five chances?”
Lin Feng pondered for a moment and said,” Yes.”
After all, there were five chances. Lin Feng was prepared to use this hemp rope to try it out.
“Binding Mission 1: Host, bring this hemp rope back to the inner city of Liu City base. Find an old man named Tang Bai. Give him 5,000 contribution points to complete the mission. Mission reward: Ghost Spirit Tangshan Binding +20.”
The System’s voice sounded.
“Tang Bai, is it this ghost spirit’s family?”
Lin Feng said softly.
Thinking of this, Lin Feng directly chose to reselect the system.
Five thousand contribution points…
Lin Feng wasn’t even there yet. It was a lion’s mouth.
In addition, even if there was one, Lin Feng would not choose. He only used this rope to try. Not to mention that Tangshan was still a male ghost, the ghost gave Lin Feng a feeling that was too useless.
Even if there was a System that could upgrade quickly, there was no way to compare with Tong Tong under the same level of situation.
Forget it!
However, there were 20 points of restriction in a single mission… For Lin Feng, binding the second ghost spirit was simple!
Sure enough, the System would not make a problem!
“Host has chosen to re-select the second ghost spirit. There are still four more opportunities left.”
The System’s voice sounded.
“The second ghost spirit… If you can make a powerful one directly, or have a higher potential, it would be better.”
Lin Feng thought.
“By the way, try embroidered shoes!”
Lin Feng thought.
The Jizhao Nunnery was quite strange. This embroidered shoe was snatched from the inside by Tong Tong. It should be a powerful ghost spirit.
Thinking of this, Lin Feng took out the embroidered shoes.
“Does the host choose this Ghost Spirit as the second Ghost Spirit?”If you choose to do so, you can activate the binding mission.”
“Host has the opportunity to re-select Ghost Spirits four times.”
The System’s voice sounded again. It was the same as the first time. The difference was that the chance of re-election had become four times.
Lin Feng said.
“Binding Task 1: Host will return this embroidered shoe to the bride to complete the task. Mission reward:15.”
“Tip: Host should take the initiative to send it back instead of the bridal bride taking it back from host. The bridal bride has a special sense of embroidered shoes. Host, please take back the embroidered shoes as soon as possible and leave this place.”
The System’s voice sounded.
“A married bride?”
It was inexplicable.
Lin Feng thought of the red light he had met back then. The red light looked like a red wedding dress.
“Could it be that ghost?”
Thinking of this, Lin Feng hurriedly threw the embroidered shoes into the storage space.
“Tong Tong, let’s go. Let’s leave this place first.”
After putting it away, Lin Feng led Tong Tong away.

030 Plan!Waiting for a rabbit!(4/8) Flower

When Lin Feng left, he took a look at Xiaofeng Mountain.
In the shabby temple on Xiaofeng Mountain, candlelight was gone.
“It’s possible that the ghost was also taken into the Jizhao Temple. It’s also possible that the ghost was the ghost nun in the Jizhao Temple, but its strength was wrongly estimated.”
Lin Feng thought.
Soon, Lin Feng left with Tong Tong Tong. When he left, Lin Feng took away He Hai’s communicator and some things.
Lin Feng’s speed was very fast.
In just ten minutes, Lin Feng ran almost one kilometer away from the hill.
After waiting there for some time.
A red light flashed by the horizon.
“It’s here!”
Lin Feng hid himself.
Tong Tong also came out and covered Lin Feng with a red skirt.
“Tong Tong, let my eyes open.”
Lin Feng whispered.
As a result, two small holes appeared in Tong Tong’s princess dress. Lin Feng could see through them.
Then, Lin Feng saw a big red wedding dress appearing above the spot where he was just waiting.
“Sure enough, it’s her, the bride.”
Lin Feng said to himself.
He did not rush up.
It looked like this bride was the ghost that caused the entire city to panic.
It was also the ghost that the middle-aged woman and a few other ghost guards had chased after for quite some time.
There was no need to think about it.
How powerful was this married bride.
Moreover, the other party had sensed the embroidered shoes and came after them. Lin Feng was carrying the embroidered shoes out now… It was very likely that the System would not have determined that Lin Feng had sent them out.
Otherwise, the System would not prompt Lin Feng to leave.
The difference between “give” and “retake” that the system had specially prompted was in Lin Feng’s feeling…
The key was the comparison of strength!
Even if this time it wasn’t the bridal gown, Lin Feng took the initiative to find her with embroidered shoes… If the bridal gown’s strength was terrifying enough to easily defeat Tong Tong and snatch the embroidered shoes, then it wouldn’t be called “give “.
Want to send…
He had to be strong enough to allow the bride in the wedding dress to be wary of him. He wouldn’t fight for it. Lin Feng would only send out embroidered shoes!
Then it was called a gift.
Otherwise, as soon as the bride in the wedding dress saw the embroidered shoes, she immediately took action to snatch them away… and she didn’ t call them to give them away!
A ghost that even Liu City’s base city was waiting for… Even though the system’s trap mission had reduced Lin Feng’s difficulty by N times, Lin Feng naturally would n’ t act recklessly.
“To be able to have such a big reaction in Liu City’s base city, it’s at least a ghost above the terrifying level. The frightening level is level 4, and the child child turns into a red dress. It’s at least half a level 5… I wonder if I can fight against it… It’s a bit risky…”
Lin Feng thought.
At this moment, He Hai’s communicator shook.
Lin Feng picked it up and looked at it. It was a message.
He clicked on the news.
“He Hai, how is your situation?F*ck! Old Guo and I were more than forty minutes late. That kid Lin Feng moved so fast and ran away again!”When I catch him, I’ ll definitely cut off his legs and let him run!”
At the same time, Lin Feng’s communicator rang.
Lin Feng took it out and saw that it was from a villager that he had bribed outside the cave. He was talking about the news that the other two Ghost Soldiers had arrived at the cave.
“I almost forgot you two.”
Lin Feng first met the ghost nun and started a new ghost mission. At this moment, he didn’t even think about it. There were still two people who wanted to kill him.
“Perhaps, I can use these two guys. However, these two guys are not strong enough. I’ ll take care of them first.”
Lin Feng calculated it.
Not long after.
Lin Feng had a plan.
Then, he picked up He Hai’s communicator and sent a message,” I’ m fine here.”
After sending the message, Lin Feng put down his communicator and silently observed the wedding dress.
After staying there for a few minutes, the red wedding dress probably didn’t feel the aura of the red embroidered shoes. It turned into a red light again and rushed in a direction.
After the red wedding dress left, Lin Feng rushed to Xiaofeng Mountain.
Soon, Lin Feng climbed halfway up the mountain.
By this time, the sky had completely darkened.
Lin Feng did not set up a tent. He lay on a tree and rested.
Tong Tong sat next to Lin Feng, staring blankly at the foot of the mountain.
Ten minutes later, a small hand pulled Lin Feng’s clothes.
Lin Feng opened his eyes. Using the moonlight, Lin Feng saw that a few people had appeared below Little Feng Mountain.
“Sure enough, they’ re here.”
Lin Feng thought.
“These people dare to chase the bride… They should be able to fight against the bride…”
Lin Feng thought silently.
Those figures also stayed for a while under Little Feng Mountain before leaving.
Lin Feng continued to rest with his eyes closed.
After more than three hours, it was already dark.
Lin Feng opened his eyes and took out He Hai’s communicator. He sent a message,” Old Guo, come quickly. I saw Lin Feng, but I’ m resting. It looks like I’ m planning to go up the mountain tomorrow morning to deal with the ghosts on the mountain.”
As soon as this message came out, the other party immediately sent a message,” Sure enough, I’m going to Fengshan. This kid is really ruthless. He actually traveled overnight!”Keep your guard. We’ ll be right there. The three of us will attack together, making it difficult for him to escape!”
Lin Feng closed his eyes and rested again.
“Old Guo, Lin Feng really went to Fengshan. Let’s go. He’s dead this time.”
On the other side, he woke up the ghost-guisher with the Chinese face and said.
The ghost-guarded man looked at his communicator and said,” The message He Hai sent you, how do you call Old Guo?”
“Hey, isn’ t that normal? Who told you to be the backbone of the three of us? Old Guo, you didn’ t catch up to us twice. Are you suspicious?”
He patted his face and said.
Guo Zi said,” I feel like this kid is a little weird.”
Qi Ping asked,” What kind of evil can it be?”Don’ t tell me he knows everything?”
Guofian pondered for a moment and said,” Let’s go. Since he’s been targeted by He Hai, he won’ t be able to run away. As long as he dies, no matter how evil he is, he won’ t be able to run away.”
After saying that, he headed towards Xiaofeng Mountain.

031 Has arrived!President Yan!(5.6/8) Flower

“Guild leader, that ghost has changed its direction twice in a row today. I think it has discovered something.”
Late at night.
The middle-aged woman led a few people to a small hill and said to the woman beside her.
This woman… was the owner of the red paper man, and that was President Yan.
Obviously, after hearing the report from the middle-aged woman, President Yan also left the city overnight.
He changed the direction twice?”This way, the thing it’s looking for might have appeared, but it might have disappeared for some reason, or it might be hiding.”
President Yan speculated.
“I think so too.”
The middle-aged woman said.
President Yan asked,” At night, its ability has become stronger. It’s hard for you to track it. You’ ve been chasing it for several days. Take a good rest now. Have you seen its form?”
The middle-aged woman said,” I saw it. It’s a red dress. It’s very similar to the old wedding dress.”
“Wedding clothes?”Then let’s call it a ghost,.”
Yan said.
“Yes, President.”
After speaking, the middle-aged woman passed on a picture through the communicator.
“Coo, coo ~~”
In a graveyard, gurgling sounds could be heard continuously.
A shrill cry rang out, and then the sound of gurgling disappeared.
“An ordinary level scum, you dare to come out and scare people. You overestimate yourself.”
A voice sounded.
Following that, two figures quickly passed through the grassy graveyard.
They were heading in the direction of Little Fengshan.
Even within the defensive line, there were a lot of ghosts. Ordinary people working outside the city would only dare to follow a fixed route and not run around.
Those routes often had vehicles passing by with Ghost Soldiers, and they were relatively safe.
These scattered ghosts were nothing to these two ghost guides who were going to kill Lin Feng.
Their speed was very fast.
Old Guo walked without saying a word.
Qi Ping, the other ghost-guarding man, cursed and cursed from time to time because in order to get there as quickly as possible and avoid accidents, they were walking on a lot of weeds and roads that were difficult to walk. Occasionally, they would encounter some ghosts.
When they met a ghost, they basically did it even.
The night sky was not covered, and because there was no pollution, the night sky was not usually bright.
The moonlight was quite bright tonight.
The stars were also incomparably bright.
Finally, a few hours later, they were close to Little Feng Mountain.
At this time, it was already midnight. The moon was still hanging in the east.
“Lao Guo, that kid must still be sleeping. There’s not an ancient poem in ancient times. It’s called the dark night. When killing people in the middle of the night, except for the bright moon tonight, this poem is a response.”
Perhaps it was finally close. Even though her face was tired, she was quite excited.
“Has He Hai sent a message?”
Wang Zheng asked.
He looked at the communicator and said,” No, it should be normal if we didn’ t send a message. It’s impossible that kid doesn’ t need to sleep at night. He’s been running so many times in the past two days. To be honest, I can still sleep while standing. Boss, should we take a break first?”
“No need. Lin Feng’s ghost spirit is at most dangerous. He Hai and I are both level 4 ghost-guarding monsters. Although you are a level 3 ghost-guarding monster, your Ghost Spirit Ghost Region is powerful. Even if that Lin Feng’s ghost spirit is a ghost spirit that is good at escaping, it’s impossible to escape!”Send a message to ask about He Hai’s situation. Let’s go.”
“Yes, Old Guo!”
He took out his communicator and sent out a message.
“Lin Feng?”
He didn’t notice it.
As they spoke, there was a red paper plane in the night sky. It floated silently and heard their words.
“These guys want to harm Lin Feng!”
On the other side, President Yan’s gaze turned cold, and the aura on his body began to turn cold.
“What’s wrong, guild leader?”
The middle-aged woman sleeping in the pile of grass and a few other ghosts were awakened.
“Do you still remember the youth I told you about?”It’s not a spirit body, but at the age of fifteen, he already has a dangerous ghost spirit. He even killed several dangerous ghosts in succession. His ghost spirit must be very outstanding. Now, there are three ghost-guarding people who are looking at him. They’ re prepared to take advantage of his weak bond with the ghost spirit and kill him to snatch his ghost spirit.”
President Yan stood up and said.
These guys!”How unbridled!”
The middle-aged woman grunted.
“Let’s go to Fengshan and see if we can get there. If we can’ t get there, my paper man will go down and stop them first. If we can get there, humph…”
President Yan laughed coldly.
The middle-aged woman said,” Seeing the Chief’s paper man, those three guys definitely wouldn’ t dare to attack.”
President Yan shook his head.” Not necessarily. There are many outlaws. Lin Feng’s Ghost Spirit rank must be quite high. If they really get it, it would be troublesome for them to bring Lin Feng’s Ghost Spirit to the north or flee to the south. So, let’s hurry up and I’ ll go inform Lin Feng.”
While President Yan was talking to the middle-aged woman.
The paper plane had silently passed through the sky and headed towards Xiaofeng Mountain.
This paper plane was looking for Lin Feng.
On the tree fork, Lin Feng had already woken up.
He Hai’s communicator shook.
Lin Feng opened it and saw that it was a flush message!
“He Hai, we’ re almost here. How is Lin Feng? Is he still there?”
Qi Ping asked.
“Are you here?”
Lin Feng looked down the mountain.
His physical fitness was now five times that of an ordinary person.
His eyesight was naturally quite good.
However, Lin Feng could not see them because it was night, plus there was still a bit of distance between the Chinese character and the level.
Lin Feng waited for more than ten seconds before he picked up He Hai’s communicator and replied,” Lin Feng is still here. He sleeps in a pavilion at the foot of the mountain. You guys go to the previous mountain top first.”
“Okay!”We’ ll be here in half an hour at most.”
Very quickly, they returned to their original state.
“Half an hour?”
Lin Feng jumped off the tree fork and prepared to move.
At this moment.
Suddenly, Tong Tong made a move.
She blocked in front of Lin Feng.
Then, Lin Feng saw that an object had discovered him… quickly flew over.
But when that thing flew closer, Lin Feng saw that it was a paper plane.
After the paper plane approached, it quickly changed.
It turned from a paper plane to a red paper man in a short period of time!
Red paperman!
“It’s you?”
Lin Feng naturally remembered it.
“That’s right, it’s me.”
The red paper said, its voice was no longer deliberately hoarse. It sounded a bit sweet.
The red paper man sized Lin Feng up with his gaze, then his gaze paused on Tong Tong for a few seconds.
“Your ghost spirit is indeed extraordinary. Moreover, your ghost spirit and your fetters seem to be beyond my imagination… I’ m a bit doubtful now. Are you another type of psychic that is more rare and difficult to detect.”
The red paper said.
Hearing the red paperman’s words, Lin Feng did not refute.
A normal person would grow up so fast… It would indeed be a bit abnormal. This red paper man was willing to make up his mind, so let it make up its mind.
It could save Lin Feng some time.
“You’ re looking for that ghost too?”
Lin Feng asked.
“That’s right. Your talent is not only good, but you’ re also very brave. Your luck seems to be very good, and you have never encountered it.But did you forget what I told you?What was more terrifying than a ghost was always human.”Now, your trouble is coming. There’s a Ghost King watching you. There’s a way down the mountain from here. You go west. I’ m on my way here. I can help you solve them.”
“Excuse me… Are you talking about the two Ghost Soldiers who came from the east?”
Hearing the red paperman’s words, Lin Feng said indifferently.
The red paperman’s vivid eyes were filled with astonishment.” You know?”
Lin Feng replied,” That’s right. Of course I know.”
The red paper man looked at Lin Feng in surprise again.” Do you know you’re still here?”Do you think you can deal with them?”

President 032 Yan’s brain was filled with astonishment!(7) Seeking flowers

Lin Feng did not answer the red paper man’s question. Instead, he looked at him and asked,” How confident are you to deal with that ghost?”
Although Lin Feng’s question seemed to be a little skipped by President Yan behind the red paper man, perhaps because of her admiration for Lin Feng, she still answered.
“It’s hard to say. I haven’ t fought it head-on yet. However, in Hai City, it killed a Level 5 Ghostmaster.”
Level 5 Ghostmaster!
In that case, this bride in the wedding dress was definitely a ghost above the terrifying level.
President Yan added,” The most difficult thing about this ghost is her ability to escape. In Hai City, she escaped from the encirclement and suppression of several Ghost Controlling Persons, and I have not been able to catch up with it. Recently, a ghost spirit of mine is in a certain stage of metamorphosis, and its combat strength has weakened a lot. If I encounter it head on, it might be fifty-five!”
Lin Feng had already obtained the answer he wanted.
He sized up the red paper man and said,” So you’ re a Spirit Transforming Body?”
There was a hint of pride in President Yan’s voice.” Of course!”I’ m still the vice president of the Ghost-controlling Alliance. I’ m covering this area to the west of Haicheng. Lin Feng, elder sister is interested in you… Cough, don’ t misunderstand. I really appreciate you. You can already join the Ghost-controlling Alliance. I’ ll get you an assistant later on. How about this?”
As he spoke, the red paper man blinked his eyes, looking rather playful.
Lin Feng shook his head.” Not interested.”
President Yan did not give up.” It’s just an identity. There can be a lot of convenience. For example, you can use some of my authority. Where are there any powerful ghosts that appear? You can also immediately know.”
Lin Feng said,” Let’s talk later. So you’ re on your way here?”
Yan Hui said,” That’s right, but we’ ll probably need more than forty minutes to get there. You should be able to leave now.”
Lin Feng shook his head and said,” No need.”
After that, Lin Feng began to walk down the mountain.
What are you planning to do?”Don’ t die!”
The red paperman followed.
Lin Feng did not reply.
Initially, Lin Feng was prepared to use that middle-aged woman, but now it seemed that this red paper man was the one who was really chasing after the bride.
Then, Lin Feng could use the red paper man.
That was why Lin Feng asked the red paper man about his confidence.
Well, Lin Feng was worried that if this red paper man was too fierce, it would not be good if he took care of the bride.
Lin Feng was willing to take the risk to complete the task of sending embroidered shoes.
However, since the red paperman had said that it would be fifty-fifty, and the bride’s ability to escape was first-class… Lin Feng could safely carry out his plan.
Using the red paper man to balance the bride, Lin Feng returned the embroidered shoes!
Tong Tong… was used to prevent accidents!
This way…
It was very safe!
Behind Lin Feng, the red paper man was still trying to persuade Lin Feng to leave.
Lin Feng walked all the way to the mountain and sat down there.
“Do you want to ambush them?”
President Yan suddenly thought of something and could not help but say in shock.
She did not even think about this.
After all.
Lin Feng was enough to make his Ghost Spirits become dangerous in a short period of time.
In President Yan’s opinion, Lin Feng was probably another type of psychic that was not easy to detect.
That type of spiritual body could be called a hidden spiritual body, or a hidden spiritual body.
It was even more powerful than a normal psychic.
In this world, once a spiritual body appeared, it would be taken away to be cultivated from a young age.
After more than ten years of cultivation, some Spirit Channeling Physicians would be able to control terrifying level ghosts. It was also quite a BUG.
However, the hidden spirit body was more BUG. Of course, it was quite rare.
Now, seeing Lin Feng looking like this, he was actually prepared to wait for the two Ghost Controlling Persons here.
President Yan was naturally quite surprised.
“Could it be… your ghost spirit is already terrifying?”
President Yan could not help but ask.
Lin Feng did not answer her. Instead, he took out a bottle of water and started drinking.
Although Lin Feng did not reply, President Yan had basically confirmed Lin Feng’s calm appearance.
“It’s definitely a hidden spirit body!”
President Yan thought.
The red paperman’s gaze towards Lin Feng also became brighter.
“I didn’ t expect to encounter such a genius!”
President Yan’s eyes lit up!
“The terrifying level ghost spirits… they have three…, no, what about the other one?”
President Yan suddenly thought of something.
She knew from the conversation that Xiao Feng Mountain was hiding a ghost-guarding person.
But now that Lin Feng walked down like this, where was the other ghost-guarding person?
Lin Feng took out He Hai’s communicator and tossed it to the red paperman.” It’s already dead. I know that the Ghost-guishers are forbidden to kill each other, but if they want to kill me, I can’t just sit there and wait, right?”If you’ re not willing to testify, the information in this communicator can also be verified.”
The red paperman took the communicator and saw the news inside. His face changed.
“You… you killed a level 4 Ghostmaster?”
President Yan’s voice was already filled with astonishment.
“That’s right, is there a problem?”
Lin Feng said.
On the other side, President Yan took a deep breath, her full chest rising and falling.
“If they want to kill you, of course you can kill them. But, what did you do?”*

033/034 Answered correctly!Powerful and instant killing!She came!(8/8) Flower

“Quiet, they’ re here!”
At this moment, Lin Feng said.
The red paper man looked into the distance.
“You hide first.”
Lin Feng said.
“There are two of them, a Level 4 Ghost Operator and a Level 3 Ghost Operator. However, that Level 3 Ghost Operator’s ghost spirit ability should be a little special. I’ m just a paper man to explore the path. I can only deal with ghosts below Level 3. I can’t help you.At most, they could only use my identity to make them stop… But there was a very small possibility that they would not stop, or it was too late to stop.
“You should know that if a ghost at or above the level of terror wants to kill, it’s basically just touching and dying. Are you really going to do this?”
President Yan looked at Lin Feng and said.
It was impossible for her not to worry.
From her point of view, even if Lin Feng was a “hidden spirit body “, the ghost spirit had become a terrifying level. However, these veteran ghost-guarding people were more experienced and had more methods. The key point was… Lin Feng needed to fight one against two!
“You said too much.”
Lin Feng said.
The red paper man took a deep look at Lin Feng.
Lin Feng was only fifteen years old.
However, at this moment, President Yan felt that Lin Feng was incomparably mature and steady. Moreover, due to Lin Feng’s tall stature and bright and handsome appearance, he did n’ t look too immature. Of course, he couldn’t have an old-fashioned look.
“Then be careful.”
After President Yan finished speaking, the red paper man returned to the paper plane and flew into the sky.
Lin Feng, on the other hand, was sitting there with his back to the road up this hill.
He was holding a bow in his hand.
Tong Tong…
He had already entered the bow knot.
“Lao Guo, it’s almost here. Be careful. Don’ t disturb that Lin Feng.”
At this moment, at the foot of the mountain, the Chinese character was at the same level. Under the cover of the night, he carefully walked along a path towards the small mountain.
“Did you see that Lin Feng?”
Wang Zheng lowered his voice and asked.
“Not yet. It should be on the other side. I’ m afraid we’ ll have to go up this hill to see it. Let’s meet up with He Hai first.”
The two of them lightly touched the mountain.
Moreover, in order to prevent their ghost spirits from being detected by Lin Feng’s ghost spirits, they all put the ghost spirits in their pockets.
Some ghosts were far away from their senses, while others were close to their senses. Moreover, they were affected by the terrain and terrain.
From their point of view, since He Hai had not been discovered, their chances of being discovered were extremely low.
Therefore, their speed was not slow.
Very quickly.
They climbed to the top of the mountain.
Then, they saw a tall and large figure standing on a rock on the top of the mountain.
He Hai?What the hell are you doing? If you’re standing like this, you’ re not afraid that Lin Feng will find out and slip away?”Hey, your back…”
He shouted in a low voice.
As he spoke, he realized something was wrong.
Because Lin Feng’s back was completely different from He Hai’s.
He Hai was not as tall as Lin Feng, nor was he as tall as Lin Feng!
“He’s not He Hai!”
Guo face said in a deep voice.
As soon as he finished speaking, he saw a tall and large figure turn around.
Under the moonlight, they saw a handsome and young face.
“Who are you?”Where’s He Hai?”
Qi Ping furrowed his brows. He had already raised the highest level of alertness in his heart.
“He’s Lin Feng!”
Guofang’s reaction was quick. He actually guessed Lin Feng’s identity.
“Lin Feng… it’s actually you!”
A strange scream rang out!
It wasn’ t that he didn’ t guess.
He Hai sent a message to them half an hour ago, asking them to come to this small mountain.
Who would have thought that after they arrived, the people here… became Lin Feng!
How could he not be surprised!
Lin Feng said indifferently.
“Where’s He Hai?”
His eyes darkened, and a trace of unease flashed through his heart.
“Silly bastard, He Hai must be dead. I just said that this kid is definitely having a problem. How could he not catch up to him twice in a row? He Hai is actually able to kill him. What are you waiting for? Attack together!”
Guo face said in a deep voice.
As soon as his voice fell, their ghost spirits had already come out from his body that was even with him!
Tong Tong had already silently launched an attack.
The scenery around them instantly changed!
From the barren mountains to an amusement park!
Tong Tong’s Ghost Domain was unfolding!
As soon as Tong Tong’s Ghost Region unfolded, Lin Feng disappeared from Old Guo’s line of sight.
Of course, in reality, Lin Feng was still there, but he was hidden by Tong Tong’s Ghost Region.
“I’ ll stall his ghost spirit. You break this ghost domain and kill Lin Feng!”
The Chinese face said.
Their goal was not to kill Tong Tong.
Instead, he killed Lin Feng and stole Tong Tong Tong.
Ghost Spirits could be taken away when they were not in a high position.
After the fetters were high, there was basically no way to take them away. Because the fetters were high, you killed the Ghostmaster… The Ghost Spirit would fight with you.
Just like that witch from He Hai.
And among the group of Chinese characters and others.
Even though the ghost spirit was only dangerous.
However, his Ghost Spirit had a special ability.
That was, destroying the Ghost Domain would be extremely fast!
As a result, the plan they had made earlier was that if Lin Feng’s ghost spirit hid Lin Feng in the Ghost Region, the ghost spirit would be able to break through the Ghost Region, while Guo Face and He Hai would hold Tong Tong!
As soon as he finished speaking, the ghost spirit started to move.
His ghost spirit was a black figure.
Ghost Spirits basically had normal human form.
Ghosts were different. Their forms were different.
Like being hanged by that ghost, it was the shape of a rope.
The Ghost Spirits of the Chinese Character Face pounced on Tong Tong. At the same time, the Ghost Spirits of the Chinese Character Face and the Ghost Spirits had already opened their own Ghost Domain to fight against Tong Tong Tong’s Ghost Domain.
However, soon, Guo face revealed a ghost-like expression.
Because he saw Tong Tong’s dress turn from white to red.
Soon after.
He saw that the Ghost Domain that his Ghost Spirit had opened up was rapidly shattering!
“Not good!”
He shouted loudly!
For dangerous ghosts, the Ghost Region was quite important.
Some ghosts were good at ghost domains. Even if they were weaker than other ghosts, they could still let other ghosts take it.
In fact, in some cases, there was no way to kill a ghost without first dealing with the ghost domain!
They had just exchanged blows.
The Ghost Domain of the Ghost Spirit with the Chinese Character Face was shattered!
His Ghost Spirit let out a sharp cry. Ghost Qi surged out from his body, trying to push the Ghost Domain open.
In front of Tong Tong, there was no way!
“Help me even!”
Guofang shouted.
His face had become extremely ugly.
He did not expect that.
Lin Feng’s ghost spirit was actually this strong!
So much so that.
He could only ask for help.
Even the Ghost-Leading Ghost Region was also good at destroying the Ghost Region. As long as the two ghosts combined to stabilize the Ghost Region, Lin Feng’s Ghost Spirit would not be a problem.
However, it was too late!
Tong Tong’s hand had completely broken through the Ghost Domain of the Ghost Spirits of the Countryface. Then… with a grab, with a tear!
With a mournful cry, the ghost spirit of Guo face was torn to shreds by Tong Tong!
When he saw the ghost spirit being killed, his face went crazy!
On the other side, he was dumbfounded.
Even Ghost Spirits were good at destroying the Ghost Domain.
He thought that Tong Tong’s Ghost Domain could be broken soon.
After all, everyone was a dangerous ghost.
His ghost spirit was even more powerful than the ghost spirit of the country.
Who would have thought.
His Ghost Spirit could not destroy Tong Tong Tong’s Ghost Domain.
Tong Tong’s Ghost Region… was not as strong as normal.
It was fine if he could not destroy it.
Who would have thought that the other side’s face had lost so quickly!
Level 4 Ghostmaster’s national face, with a terrifying level ghost spirit, was powerful!
But in Tong Tong’s hands…
Not even a minute had passed!
Flush was stunned!
He could not believe his eyes at all!
Immediately, a chill ran down his spine as Tong Tong arrived!
The red dress, Tong Tong, did not look scary.
It was even quite cute.
In his eyes, Tong Tong had become a nightmare!
The next second.
The child in the red dress appeared next to his ghost. She had a rope in her hands.
“How’s the battle inside?”
At this moment, a paper airplane hovered above the hilltop.
However, the Ghost Region had already started.
Even if President Yan didn’t participate in the battle, or if he did n’ t use his ghost spirit to invade the Ghost Domain, he wouldn’t know what was happening inside.
“Let’s hurry up ~~~”
On the other side, President Yan continuously urged the middle-aged women and the others.
“Guild leader, why don’ t you let the ghost spirit use the Ghost Domain to bring you along?”
The middle-aged woman asked.
President Yan shook her head.” Xiao Bai has been sleeping for the past few months. Otherwise, why would it be so difficult for me to catch up with him…?”
President Yan’s gaze turned to Xiaofeng Shan.
Then, she saw that Lin Feng had once again appeared on the mountain.
“Spare me, spare me, don’ t kill me~”
Lin Feng knelt in front of him and begged for mercy.
As for the character face… there was no aura left.
Beside Lin Feng, Tong Tong recovered her white dress. There was a rope in her hand, and a ghost shadow was tied to the rope.
This was a level spirit!
“So soon?”
President Yan’s eyes narrowed!
She had never expected this.
The battle in the Ghost Region had ended so quickly.
From the looks of it, it seemed like Lin Feng’s complete victory ended!
Her eyes were once again filled with shock.
President Yan looked at the face of the country… It was already dead.
Even though the ghost spirit was still alive, it could only be reduced to fish/meat.
“Put your ghost spirit away and stay here. Don’ t leave, okay?”
Lin Feng said to Qi Ping.
“Okay, okay!”
He hurriedly said.
“Tong Tong, let it go.”
Lin Feng said to Tong Tong Tong.
Tong Tong’s small hand lightly pulled the ghost rope back, and then the ghost escaped back into the ghost spirit.
This ghost was also afraid of Tong Tong Tong!
“What are you going to do with him?”
President Yan asked.
Lin Feng looked at her.” How long will you be here?”
Yan Hui said,” It’s almost time. Let’s take a few minutes.”
“A few minutes… That should be enough.”
Lin Feng said.
“What are you going to do?”
President Yan was confused.
Then, she saw Lin Feng suddenly take out a pair of embroidered shoes.
Huh?”This shoe is so beautiful. Is it the ghost spirit thing you obtained?”
President Yan asked curiously.
She had no idea.
This was what she had been looking for for for a few days.
By this time, the sky was already getting brighter.
As soon as Lin Feng took out his embroidered shoes, at a distance from the mountain top, the red wedding dress suddenly rose from the forest, turning into a ray of red light and quickly rushed over.
“Stay here obediently, okay?”
Lin Feng aligned himself again.
After that, Lin Feng quickly put away the embroidered shoes and ran towards Xiaofeng Mountain.
“What are you doing?”
The red paperman followed behind and asked in confusion.
President Yan was confused by Lin Feng’s actions.
“Get ready. She’s coming.”
Lin Feng said.
“It’s the wedding dress you’ ve been looking for!”

035/036 Wedding clothes arrived!Instant second!(1/8) Seeking Flowers

“A married ghost?”You brought her here?”
Hearing Lin Feng’s words, President Yan was shocked!
She thought of those red embroidered shoes!
“Could that pair of shoes be the thing she’s looking for?”
President Yan had a good memory.
Although Lin Feng only took out the red embroidered shoes.
But she vaguely remembered the style of those embroidered shoes.
That pair of embroidered shoes was very exquisite and unique. It didn’t look like it was usually worn… It looked like it was matched with a wedding dress!
“How can you have what she wants!”
President Yan was shocked!
At this moment.
Lin Feng was in her eyes.
It instantly became incomparably mysterious!
One had to know.
She wanted to deal with the bride.
He had searched all the ghost-related items hidden in the city!
However, he could not find anything!
But now.
Lin Feng actually casually took it out.
Take it out.
Looking at Lin Feng like this…
There seemed to be some kind of plan!
Was he really only 15 years old?
Was there really only a terrifying level ghost spirit?
At this moment.
President Yan even suspected.
Could it be that Lin Feng was disguised by another powerful ghost-guarding person!
But out of concern for Lin Feng.
President Yan specifically investigated Lin Feng’s information.
Lin Feng… was indeed a member of Liu City’s base city. Moreover, although there were some special things before awakening the ghost spirit, it was still in line with the rules. There was no possibility that there were some powerful ghost-guarding experts disguising themselves!
“By the way, I heard from Xiao Yun that… she met him the day before yesterday… as if he was on the path of a married ghost. Could it be that he and a married ghost have already fought each other?Impossible!It was possible that he had encountered it, but he had dodged it!”This pair of shoes… Could it be that he accidentally got it in the wild these two days?”
In a short period of time, many thoughts flashed through President Yan’s head!
“I’ve fallen into a misunderstanding… The thing that the man-in-law ghost is looking for may not be in Liu City, it might be in another ghost’s place. He’s been hunting dangerous ghosts for a few days… maybe he’ ll find it!”Even though the Wedding Ghost is powerful, there are some dangerous level ghost abilities that are special. They are good at hiding and can make her unable to find them. Lin Feng might be lucky to encounter them!”
Soon, President Yan found a reasonable explanation.
Moreover, this explanation was the most likely explanation to President Yan.
Even if Lin Feng was a hidden spirit body, it was impossible for him to know everything.
In fact, President Yan’s explanation was close to the truth.
President Yan would not know either.
Lin Feng did not get the red embroidered shoes from a dangerous ghost.
It was from a “Jizhao Temple” that was countless times more bizarre than a dangerous ghost. One must know that the first Ghost-guarding Witch He Hai that Lin Feng dealt with was a terrifying level.
The scary-level witch was called into the Jizhao Temple just when she heard the sound of the wooden fish. If it wasn’t for Lin Feng, Tong Tong Tong would have almost been hit.
It was quite daring for Tong Tong to be able to take out these red embroidered shoes from inside at the crucial moment!
If President Yan knew about it, she would probably be shocked again~
What is he planning to do?”Help me get married?”
President Yan recalled the origin of the red embroidered shoes and then thought of the next question.
Although Lin Feng had repeatedly surprised her.
However, President Yan still did not think that Lin Feng could deal with a married ghost.
After all, Lin Feng was too young.
The hidden spirit body was still here.
As a result, President Yan felt that Lin Feng might be prepared to bring the married ghost to her.
But faintly…
She always felt that…
What plan did Lin Feng have!
With Lin Feng’s strength there, what kind of plan could he have?
While President Yan was thinking about this, Lin Feng quickly reached the middle of Xiaofeng Mountain. It was only a few minutes away from that mountain.
Moreover, his vision was very good. There were many trees, which could form a barrier.
“I’ m afraid you have to hide.”
Lin Feng said.
“Don’ t worry about me.”
Yan said. After saying that, the red paper man quickly became smaller and turned into a paper plane. Then, he flew to a branch beside Lin Feng.
Lin Feng looked at the sky and asked,” This paper man is your ghost spirit?”It’s a little special.”
Yan said,” Your ghost spirit is not bad either. When this incident is over, why don’t you follow me to Haicheng?”You should be better trained. For example, if you obtain a high-grade ghost spirit with special abilities, your combat strength will increase by more than one level.”
“It’s here!”
Lin Feng whispered.
Tong Tong came out again and covered Lin Feng with a red dress.
“We’ re almost there!”
After President Yan finished speaking, the paper plane went completely quiet.
A red light could already be seen in the eastern sky.
The wedding dress bride had arrived!
“Lao Guo, Lao Guo…”
On the top of that mountain, the Ghost-guarding Man was calling out the Chinese character.
However, Guofian was already dead, so he could not respond.
“He really died…”
At this moment, even his intestines turned green with regret. He was filled with regret, regret that he shouldn’t have thought about it.
Regret was useless.
If not for knowing that Lin Feng was so powerful.
If he had another chance, he would still choose that way.
“What is that?”
At this moment, flush noticed the red light.
Lin Feng made him stay here, so he naturally did not dare to leave.
But as the Ghost King, Lin Feng knew that Lin Feng was going to use him for something.
That was why he was also on the alert!
When he saw the strange red light, he took out his Ghost Spirit without saying anything.
His Ghost Spirits also sensed the threat and quickly opened up the Ghost Domain!
Immediately, the flush disappeared.
In the next moment.
A red wedding dress appeared.
The red wedding dress floated in the air.
“What is this!”
In the Ghost Region, he started shouting!
He saw a red wedding dress intruding into the Ghost Domain!
“It didn’ t open up its own Ghost Domain, but it has already invaded the Ghost Domain that is level with Ghost Spirits. However, we can still see it. This bride is really amazing!”
Beside Lin Feng, in the paper plane, President Yan’s low voice sounded.
She was also observing the methods of the bride.
This was also the reason why Lin Feng had left the line.
There were many ways to test out the methods of the bride.
As soon as President Yan’s voice fell, she saw that something had broken on the top of the mountain.
The next second.
He appeared even and fell straight down.
The bride in the wedding dress was also very fierce. After she didn’t find the embroidered shoes, she did n’ t give him any chance to flush with his ghost spirit. She didn’t even make a sound, and her ghost spirit was instantly killed.

037 A temperamental bride!Entering the Ghost Domain!(2/8) Flower

On that mountain top, the red wedding dress was still floating there.
“It’s too early for you to take out your embroidered shoes. We still have a few minutes. She hasn’ t found the embroidered shoes, she might leave again!”
Chief Yan whispered.
They were already at the foot of Xiaofeng Mountain.
But on the other side, it would take a few minutes to get there.
For the bride.
A few minutes was enough for her to escape.
At this distance, President Yan could naturally take the risk to let his ghost spirit attack, but if he was too far away, the bride in the wedding dress might escape the moment she sensed President Yan’s ghost spirit’s aura.
The bamboo basket was empty!
“No, she won’ t leave in a short period of time.”
Lin Feng said.
“Impossible, she will definitely leave if we can’ t find her…”
Before President Yan finished her sentence, she saw that the hill had changed.
On the hilltop, an ancient house appeared.
Then, the ancient house continued to expand.
Then, he saw that the ancient buildings were constantly appearing. In a short period of time, they had become pieces.
The small hill was covered by the Ghost Domain and turned into an ancient building!
Although it was an ancient building complex, it was still a house. There were green bricks and red tiles around it. It looked ancient.
There were many buildings in the house, connected by corridors. Under the eaves of each building and corridor, there were red lanterns hung.
Although the sky was gradually turning white, it was still dark. These bright red lanterns were shining in the empty building… Although it looked quite spectacular, it was still indescribable.
President Yan’s words were stuck in his mouth!

“She actually didn’ t escape… and she even started the Ghost Domain!”
Then, President Yan said in surprise.
“How did you know that she would be like this?”
She asked curiously.
Lin Feng did not answer her question.
The reason why he was certain that the bride would not leave was simple.
He only took out the red embroidered shoes on this small hill yesterday.
He took it out again!
Don’t underestimate the intelligence of ghosts.
Lin Feng took out his red embroidered shoes two times in a row.
The bride had only sensed the red embroidered shoes here twice in a row.
But every time she came.
It disappeared again.
No matter what, it was not normal.
Therefore, Lin Feng was certain that the bride would stay here for a while longer.
However, Lin Feng did not expect that the bride-in-groom would start the Ghost Domain right here!
In addition.
The bride had even revealed the ghost domain.
Ghosts above the terrifying level were able to display the ghost domain.
Evidently, if you were not in the Ghost Domain, you could also see the Ghost Domain.
To the Ghost King, he would not allow his ghost spirit to reveal the Ghost Domain.
Because that was not wise, it meant that others could easily enter.
If it wasn’t revealed, it would take some time to enter, and it might even be impossible to find the entrance.
“Sure enough, you have strength and temper.”
Lin Feng thought.
From Lin Feng’s point of view, this bride probably felt that she had been tricked.
She decided not to leave.
It was here to spread out the Ghost Domain.
She was about to fight with the person who played with her!
This temper… was hot enough!
Moreover, this time, the Ghost Region where the bride was married was bigger than the time when he killed three Ghost Controlling Persons.
Of course, Lin Feng did not know the difference.
“That’s good.”
Lin Feng thought.
He did not make any movements and silently observed.
After the wedding bride’s ghost domain unfolded, the red wedding dress disappeared from the group of buildings. It was unknown where it had gone.
Not long after.
There were some light footsteps behind Lin Feng.
Lin Feng turned his head and saw a woman with a pretty face, although she was a little petite, walking up with the middle-aged woman and a few other ghost guides.
“Lin Feng.”
The woman looked at Lin Feng and smiled.
Lin Feng sized her up.” I thought you were at least thirty years old.”
“Thirty years old?”
President Yan lifted a few strands of hair behind her and displayed her youthful and energetic face.” Do you think I look like I’ m thirty?”
As she spoke, the middle-aged woman and a few other Ghost-guarded men were also sizing up Lin Feng.
The middle-aged woman looked around and asked,” Guild leader, those three Ghost Soldiers?”
“He solved it.”
Yan Hui said, she had been paying close attention to Lin Feng and did not tell the middle-aged woman about it.
“It’s settled?”
The middle-aged woman was quite surprised.
The day before yesterday, she met Lin Feng on her way.
At that time, she thought that Lin Feng was a rooky rooky who was running around and had Lin Feng return to the city!
“Let’s go, don’ t worry about being surprised. Take this opportunity to deal with the married ghost first.”
President Yan did not waste any time.
The middle-aged woman retracted her gaze from Lin Feng, but the shock in her eyes could not be concealed.
“Let’s go directly. Don’ t summon a ghost spirit for now, lest we scare her away.”
After saying that, President Yan took the lead and walked towards that house.
Lin Feng also let Tong Tong enter the bow and follow.
“You go too?”
President Yan turned around and looked at Lin Feng.
Lin Feng replied,” Not bad.”
“Alright, then follow me closely.”
President Yan finished and quickly walked towards the mansion.
Soon, the group arrived at the gate of the house.
“Xuan House.”
President Yan looked at the plaque at the door and said.
The door was open, and there were some beautifully carved walls behind it.
“Guild Master, do you want to summon the Ghost Spirit first?”
At the back, the middle-aged woman asked.
President Yan shook her head slightly and took the lead to enter the gate.
Seeing this, the middle-aged woman and the others also walked in.
Lin Feng swept a glance at the sign above the door, and then he strode into the house.

The 038 door was locked!Something bad happened!(3/8) Flower request

After entering the door, it was a wall.
“Phoenix is flying, interesting.”
With both hands behind his back, President Yan walked to the wall and stared at it.
She was still in the mood to appreciate the patterns on the wall.
However, the middle-aged woman and the other Ghost Soldiers were all facing a great enemy.
Lin Feng also swept a glance at the wall.
On the wall, there was a circular relief. On the relief, there was a lifelike phoenix that spread its wings to fly.
Phoenix flying!
This house looked sinister and terrifying from the outside. After entering, if one ignored this terrifying atmosphere and did not think about the ghosts inside, just by looking at the shape of the house, it was still quite exquisite.
Turning around the wall, there was a spacious courtyard ahead.
President Yan walked into the courtyard first.
There was a rockery in the courtyard, and there was a small river running water. It tasted like a garden.
“The scenery is not bad. This Ghost Region is a bit more beautiful than I imagined. It really is a married ghost. Look, there are lights everywhere. Is this the rhythm of getting married?”
As President Yan spoke, she sized up the house with an appreciative gaze.
Behind her, the middle-aged woman and the few Ghost-controlling figures were no longer as relaxed as they were. They had already taken out their Ghost Spirits and were ready to activate them at any time.
Soon, they passed through the courtyard and entered the second entrance through an arch on the corridor.
“Guild leader, why don’ t you look at the rooms next to you?”
The middle-aged woman asked.
“There’s no need. There are three entries in this house. If I’ m right, the Wedding Ghost should be in the innermost one. We’ ll just go in. She’ ll definitely be waiting for us there.”
President Yan said confidently.
In the second step, there was a larger courtyard. The corridors around the courtyard were connected to smaller courtyards on both sides.
President Yan directly walked into the depths of the courtyard.
There was also an arched door that led to the innermost courtyard.
According to the layout of this house.
That courtyard.
It should be the owner’s residence.
That was why President Yan was so certain.
After walking to the arched door, President Yan took out a paper plane and took a deep breath before throwing it in.
A red paper plane flew through the arched door.
However, the paper plane was only a few meters away when it landed in the sight of President Yan.
“Something’s wrong!”
The calm expression on President Yan’s face disappeared, and her expression became serious.
“What’s wrong, guild leader?”
The middle-aged woman asked.
“Quick, try and summon your ghost spirits!”
Chief Yan said in a deep voice.
The middle-aged woman and a few other Ghost Soldiers began to summon at the same time.
But immediately.
Regardless of whether it was the middle-aged woman or the other Ghost Soldiers, their expressions changed!
They realized that their connection with the ghost spirit was blocked. The ghost spirit did not react at all!
They had never encountered such a situation before!
“Guild leader, not good. We can’ t summon it, nor can we sense the ghost spirit!”
The middle-aged woman’s expression changed greatly.
“Let’s go, let’s go!”
President Yan immediately turned around and left.
The middle-aged woman and a few other Ghost Soldiers hurriedly followed.
“Lin Feng, what are you still standing there for?”
President Yan did not forget about Lin Feng. She took two steps and found that Lin Feng was still standing there. She quickly pulled Lin Feng’s hand and walked outside.
Soon, they passed through the arch and arrived at the first courtyard.
Just as they arrived at this courtyard, the door of this courtyard slowly closed.
“Don’ t let it close!”
The middle-aged woman and a few Ghost Soldiers rushed up.
However, although their movements were fast, they were a step slower.
The door closed just as they touched it!
“Is this intentional?”
Lin Feng thought.
The reason why he was stunned was not because he was really stunned, but because the middle-aged woman and the others said that they could not sense their ghost spirit.
Lin Feng realized that he could still sense Tong Tong Tong.
He felt that he could summon a child at any time!
Therefore, Lin Feng was not very anxious.
Seeing that the door was closing at the end, Lin Feng felt that this was definitely done on purpose!
“Probably really angry.”
Lin Feng thought again.
Two times in a row… The bride probably got angry.
Of course, it was hard to say whether the ghost had any emotions, but it was certain that he was angered.
On the other side, the door closed, and the middle-aged woman and the few Ghost-guarded men used all their strength, unable to open it.
“Use a Ghost Weapon!”
The middle-aged woman suddenly took out a spike.
This spike was extremely sharp. It looked like a coffin spike.
She took the nail and stabbed at the door.
It pierced through!
This coffin nail was definitely a powerful ghost weapon!
Sure enough.
This kind of veteran and powerful ghost-controlling person had some trump cards and methods!
But immediately, President Yan’s voice rang out.
The middle-aged woman felt something and goosebumps all over her body started to rise.
She turned around and looked through the two arched doors. She saw that the door in the innermost room had opened.
In that room, a red wedding dress hung there.
In this gloomy and terrifying atmosphere, the red wedding dress was especially conspicuous.
It was creepy!
“The situation is bad, guild leader!”*

039 Lin Feng took action!It stopped!His face turned white in fright!(4/8) Subscription

“Don’ t move for now. This Ghost Region is very special. It can isolate us from the Ghost Spirit’s senses or suppress the Ghost Spirit’s senses.”
President Yan looked at the red wedding dress in the innermost room and said.
“Guild leader, can’ t you summon your ghost spirit?”
The middle-aged woman asked.
President Yan shook her head.” It’s a bit difficult, but if you forcibly awaken Little White, it’s possible. But that way, Little White’s promotion will be delayed for a long time.”
As she spoke, President Yan was still looking at the red wedding dress with extreme vigilance.
The red wedding dress… for the moment, there was no action!
“If we had known this Ghost Region was so special, we should have summoned a Ghost Spirit to come in!”
The middle-aged woman could not help but regret.
A level four or above Ghost King could summon a Ghost Spirit once a day. However, under normal circumstances, the first or the second was not significant. If there was only one Ghost Spirit… it was impossible for this Ghost Spirit to be too far away from him.
Once the ghost spirit was released, what if a ghost took care of him?
Yan Hui said,” If we summon it first, she’ ll be able to escape if she detects the threat… Be careful, it’s about to move!”
In her vision, the red wedding dress was already moving.
It looked like someone was wearing that red wedding dress!
Such a change.
Whether it was President Yan or the middle-aged woman, it was as if they were facing a great enemy!
“No way, I have to forcibly awaken Little White… I didn’ t expect this young miss to be so wise in her life that she would fall here!”
President Yan said with a self-mockery tone.
“If you can temporarily isolate her Ghost Domain, can you summon a Ghost Spirit?”
At this moment, a voice sounded from the side of President Yan.
President Yan looked at it and it was Lin Feng who was speaking!
“The Ghost Region that separates her?”What’s the difference?”
Yan said.
Lin Feng replied,” There’s so much nonsense. Just say whether you can or not.”
Hearing Lin Feng’s voice, President Yan’s brows raised.” Yes!”
“That’s good!”
After Lin Feng finished speaking, he whispered,” Tong Tong!”
Following Lin Feng’s voice, Tong Tong appeared the next second!
“How can you summon a ghost spirit!”
When he saw Tong Tong appear, even President Yan’s face still had a look of horror!
The heavens are pitiful!
Even after she entered the Ghost Domain, she could not summon the Ghost Spirit. Another powerful Ghost Spirit could forcibly summon it. However, the Ghost Spirit was currently in the transformation phase, so the damage caused by forcefully interrupting was quite huge. So, before the final moment, President Yan was not prepared to use that move.
President Yan did not expect that.
Lin Feng could actually summon the ghost spirit!
At the side, the middle-aged women and the Ghost-controlling Elders also had shocked expressions on their faces.
At this moment, the bride seemed to have sensed that Tong Tong had moved.
That long red wedding dress seemed to have been put on her body and quickly approached!
Tong Tong didn’t waste any time. As soon as he appeared, the Ghost Domain started!
However, the Ghost Region of the bride-in-groom was exceptionally strong. Even Tong Tong’s Ghost Region could n’ t successfully survive.
“Hurry up!”
Lin Feng said.
He finally understood why the bride was so terrifying.
Her terror was mainly due to her unique ghost domain!
This Ghost Region could be separated from the senses of Ghost Spirits and Ghost Spirits!
A Level 4 Ghost-controlling Person in this Ghost Region could not even summon a Ghost Spirit!
How could a ghost guide not even summon a ghost spirit?
Even a level 5 ghost-guarding person was here… It seemed like the ghost spirit could not be summoned successfully!
Once a powerful ghost-guarding person knew about the special nature of the ghost domain, he would first summon the ghost spirit and then attack… The bride could use her strong escape ability to escape!
No wonder she was so difficult to deal with!
As for why he could summon Tong Tong Tong… In Lin Feng’s eyes, it wasn’ t just a matter of holding back.
More importantly, Tong Tong was bound by the system!
Naturally, there was no restriction!
“Shit, Little White didn’ t react either… Hurry up, she’s here!”
President Yan’s anxious voice sounded.
She panicked!
She thought she could summon another stronger ghost spirit.
Who knew…
There was no reaction at all!
And the red wedding dress had arrived!
At this moment, Tong Tong’s skirt quickly turned red. The next second, her Ghost Region finally opened up a small area!
Although the area was very small.
Tong Tong’s Ghost Region instantly enveloped President Yan!
It was equivalent to saying that in the Ghost Region where the bride was married, she had created an independent space for President Yan!
President Yan was overjoyed. Then, a red paper man rushed out!
Her first ghost spirit looked like a red paper man. However, this red paper man had a special ability and could do many things for her.
Moreover, this red paper man was different from what Lin Feng had seen before.
This red face wasn’t red paper, but some colorful makeup.
It looked like the faces of those Flower Dan in Beijing Opera!
The red paperman was a consumable item.
This one.
It was President Yan’s authentic ghost spirit!
As soon as this red paper man came out, the red wedding dress stopped nearby!
Other than Lin Feng, the people here would probably die instantly because Tong Tong would only protect Lin Feng with all his strength!
The others… Tong Tong naturally wouldn’ t be able to split their strength!
Even President Yan might not be able to survive!
“She stopped!”
When they saw the red paperman leave, the red wedding dress stopped and everyone let out a sigh of relief.
President Yan even realized… that his back was drenched in cold sweat!
The middle-aged woman and the other Ghost Soldiers were even more pale!
This was the first time.
They felt so close to death!

040 Perfect balance!Deliver shoes!Success!(5/8) Subscription

President Yan let out a long sigh.
“Thank you, Lin Feng.”
She looked at Lin Feng gratefully.
At the same time.
She was also shocked by Lin Feng and Tong Tong Tong’s abilities.
Although Tong Tong didn’t show any ability to fight the bride in front of him, Lin Feng was able to summon Tong Tong in the ghost domain of the bride in front of him. Tong Tong was able to force out a small ghost domain, which was enough to surprise President Yan.
“It must be the function of the hidden spirit body!”
President Yan’s brain started to fill again!
Of course.
She didn’t have much time to be surprised and think about it!
The bride was still there.
At this moment.
The bride in the wedding dress was parked on the other side of the courtyard, only a few meters away from President Yan.
The red paperman stood in front of President Yan, but the red paperman did not attack.
Lin Feng’s gaze had already turned to the bride.
The wedding dress bride… seemed to be in an invisible state, unable to see her appearance at all.
It could only be seen that the red wedding dress was floating there. From the outline of the red wedding dress supported by the bride, it could be seen that the bride’s figure must be quite good!
His waist was very thin.
He was very bullish.
A standard small waist.
His legs must be very long.
Grade S body!
“Lin Feng, Xiao Hua’s strength is comparable to hers. Now that they’ re in a state of confrontation, my ghost spirit can’ t be separated. You let your ghost spirit use the Ghost Domain to protect Xiao Yun, let Xiao Yun and the others summon the ghost spirit. If you work with your ghost spirit, you’ ll be able to deal with the bride!”
President Yan hurriedly said.
It should be her red paper man with floral makeup on his face.
Little Blossom… Little White…
Lin Feng couldn’t help but spit out President Yan’s name.
The red paper man and the bride in the wedding dress did not seem to move.
But in reality, they were already fighting.
Their strength was similar.
So no one could do anything to anyone.
In a battle between ghosts, if the difference in strength was large, it was basically a single move. If the strength was close, it would be possible to fight for a long time, even if the outcome could not be determined.
President Yan’s plan was to let Lin Feng use the previous method to help the middle-aged woman and a few other ghost guides summon ghost spirits… and then… attack the bride!
In Lin Feng’s opinion, the level of the bride in the wedding dress was probably level 5, which was also a nightmare level ghost!
It might be the most powerful among Nightmare Ghosts, but she should not have reached Level 6.
The wedding bride relied on this special ghost domain.
As long as the Ghostmaster entered without knowing the special circumstances of her Ghost Region, he would probably be a Level 6 Ghostmaster. He might even be hit!
This was also the reason why the doors of the Ghost Region where the bride was married opened.
She was not afraid of others entering.
In fact.
She was eager for others to go in openly!
And so far.
Knowing that the bride-in-groom, this special person from the Ghost Region… was dead!
Other than the few people present!
But now…
The situation was very favorable to Lin Feng.
President Yan’s ghost spirit had indeed formed a balance with the bride!
It was still a perfect balance!
According to the situation on the stage.
In reality, the bride was at a disadvantage.
Even if Lin Feng didn’t let Tong Tong release the ghost spirits of the middle-aged women.
Lin Feng directly asked the child in the red dress to make a move. The bride in the wedding dress could not beat him.
Tong Tong’s red dress was equivalent to half a Nightmare Level, but when faced with it, it was definitely not a normal Nightmare Level match.
But now, the bride still had to deal with the red paper man!
Tong Tong attacked again.
The threat was huge.
The bride could only run away, and even if she could run away at such a close distance, it would be greatly damaged!
Lin Feng’s carefully created opportunity to deliver shoes came!
If they were able to suppress the bride, they would only send out the red embroidered shoes!
Therefore, there was no hesitation.
Lin Feng took out the red embroidered shoes!
When he saw the red embroidered shoes, the red wedding dress obviously moved.
This represented.
The bride’s gaze came over.
“Lin Feng, what are you doing?”
Seeing that Lin Feng took out the red embroidered shoes and Tong Tong did not make any movements, President Yan could not help but say.
Then, President Yan saw Lin Feng walking step by step towards the bride!
Tong Tong followed behind Lin Feng. The Ghost Region had opened up and protected Lin Feng.
However, Tong Tong’s ghost domain did n’ t cover Lin Feng. It was equivalent to showing off the ghost domain.
“Lin Feng, it’s dangerous!”
Chief Yan shouted.
Lin Feng did not listen at all. He walked in front of the red wedding dress and handed out the red embroidered shoes.
“Is this your item?”I just got it. I’ ll give it to you.”
Lin Feng said gently.
Then, Lin Feng felt…
The red embroidered shoes were caught by an invisible hand.
Lin Feng withdrew his hand!
“The mission has been completed. You’ ve obtained the bridal bond 15!”
At this moment, the System’s voice rang out!
The shoe delivery was successful!*

041/042 Had become stronger!Head comb mission!(6/8) Flower

“Lin Feng, you… you… you don’ t want to control her as the second ghost, right?”
On the other side, when Lin Feng saw that he had sent out his embroidered shoes, a bolt of lightning flashed through President Yan’s head!
She instantly understood what Lin Feng meant!
Because President Yan had always thought that Lin Feng was another rare spiritual body, the hidden spiritual body.
A spiritual body could have many ghost spirits.
The hidden spirit body was also a type of spiritual body, so naturally, it was also possible.
Moreover, the Ghost Spirits possessed by the Tongling Spirit Body were not limited to the Good Spirits.
It could also drive evil spirits!
Not all evil spirits could be driven!
There must be checks and balances!
In other words, your good spirit must be able to suppress the evil spirit, or at least equal in strength!
Otherwise, even a Spirit Transforming Body would lose control!
Of course.
You can also use two evil spirits to balance each other.
Dozens of years ago, in order to fight against ghosts, the Ghost King used this method to control two or even three evil spirits, allowing them to balance each other!
But that was quite risky!
Dozens of years ago, there were countless amazing Ghost Soldiers who finally burned themselves with fire.
But… in that era, there was no other way.
If they didn’t do that, they would be doomed if they could n’ t stop the ghost’s attack.
It was a time of sadness.
Seeing Lin Feng giving him shoes, President Yan immediately thought of this possibility.
“It’s too dangerous. Even without this Ghost Region, the bridal gown has Nightmare Level power. She still has such a Ghost Region. Your Ghost Spirit hasn’ t reached Nightmare Level yet. Even if it’s Nightmare Level, the feeling that the bridal gown gives me is almost impossible to control. Your ability to control her is too low!”
President Yan hurriedly shouted.
Now in the eyes of President Yan.
Lin Feng was a more outstanding genius than her.
President Yan valued Lin Feng very much.
Lin Feng had just saved their lives.
President Yan was also quite interested in Lin Feng. Naturally, she did not want to see Lin Feng walk the wrong path before he grew up.
That was why he tried his best to remind him!
But Lin Feng did not hear her voice at all.
Lin Feng’s attention was on the bride.
After the bride took the embroidered shoes, Lin Feng saw that the embroidered shoes were descending.
“She wants to put it on!”
Lin Feng thought.
Sure enough.
An embroidered shoe quickly landed on the ground.
Then, it was the second one!
The bride had put on her shoes.
As a result, the bride was in an invisible state. Now, it looked like the red wedding dress had a pair of red embroidered shoes on it.
“It’s quite worthy.”
Lin Feng thought.
It was indeed quite worthy.
But immediately…
Lin Feng felt that something was wrong.
On the other side…
President Yan also felt that something was wrong.
“Not good. She’s even more powerful after putting on her shoes. Little Blossom is about to lose his grip. Lin Feng, help Xiao Yun and the others release the ghost spirit!”
Yan will grow up and shout.
She was even ready to release another sleeping ghost!
“What the f*ck, you’ re even stronger after you put on your shoes?”
Lin Feng was speechless.
15 Points of restraint seemed useless?
“Task 2: Enter the bridal bride’s boudoir and comb her hair. Task reward:15.”
At this moment, the System’s voice sounded again!
Binding Mission 2!
There was another binding mission!
Moreover, he had also given 15 rewards!
15+15, That was 30 points!
“Let’s go, Tong Tong!”
Upon receiving this mission, without any hesitation, Lin Feng called Tong Tong to walk inside.
“Lin Feng, don’ t go, it’s dangerous!”
Chief Yan shouted.
She was ready to forcibly awaken another stronger ghost spirit.
The difference between Nightmare Level and Level 6 was huge. Even if the bride wore red embroidered shoes, in President Yan’s opinion, she was still a little short of Level 6.
If she awakened another ghost spirit, she would be able to deal with him.
But just as she finished speaking, she saw the bride’s sleeve move.
The next second.
Whether it was President Yan or the middle-aged woman, the scene in front of the Ghost King changed.
Little Fengshan.
Once again, he appeared in his vision.
Under their feet was the mountain that Lin Feng had killed before.
The wedding bride and her ghost domain were nowhere to be seen!
He ran away?”Lin Feng… is still in her Ghost Region!”
President Yan looked around. The red paper man with floral makeup on his face also began to look for him, but the bride had indeed disappeared!
“President, what should we do?After the bride had those shoes, my ghost suddenly couldn’ t track her!”
The middle-aged woman, Xiao Yun, had already summoned her ghost spirit and said.
Her ghost spirit was originally good at tracking.
Like before, she had been chasing after the bride.
After the bride got the red embroidered shoes, not only did she become stronger, she started running faster!
She could not even trace her ghost spirit!
This made the middle-aged woman feel that… the red embroidered shoes’ bonus to the bride’s wedding dress was most likely not in terms of strength, but in terms of escape ability and anti-tracking ability.
President Yan frowned.” This is troublesome!”
“President, the feeling that Lin Feng gave me is not simple. Maybe he can really control this bride. We might as well think about the benefits.”
The middle-aged woman said.
Yan Hui said,” But you can’ t give up on searching. You’ ve been tracking for so many days and you’ re tired. Go and rest. I’ ll go and chase you personally.”
“Yes!”Guild leader!”
The middle-aged woman said.
President Yan’s gaze swept over her and the other three Ghost Soldiers.
These three Ghost Soldiers were all female Ghost Soldiers, and they were not young anymore. They were basically in their thirties.
“You are my confidants.”
President Yan suddenly spoke.
When the middle-aged woman and the three ghost guards heard her words, they immediately became serious because they knew that President Yan must have something to say.
President Yan looked at her and said,” The Ghost Spirit’s special abilities are strictly confidential to the Ghostmaster. Now, let’s think about what if Lin Feng takes over the bride.”
The middle-aged woman and the three Ghost Soldiers nodded.
“So, you’re not allowed to reveal the strangeness of the wedding dress and bride’s ghost domain. It’s her big killing weapon.Unless……”Lin Feng has failed. He was killed by the bride… Then there’s no such limit. Once Lin Feng succeeds, you all have to keep your mouth shut. You know what?”
“Yes, President, we promise not to reveal it!”
The middle-aged woman and the three Ghost Soldiers said one after another.
Only then did President Yan nod in satisfaction.

043 Boudoir!A handsome bride!(7/8) Flower

“This is the bride’s room?”
In an antique room, Lin Feng stood there, sizing up the surroundings.
He had already reached the deepest part of the house.
At the house.
Compared to before, it was obviously different.
It was as if he was “alive “.
It didn’t look so shabby, but it had a brand-new taste.
This boudoir was actually quite large.
There was a screen in the middle with pictures of ladies. Through the screen, one could see a wooden bed behind it.
Next to the window was a classic dressing table.
There was a bronze mirror on the dressing table.
Lin Feng’s appearance did not appear on the bronze mirror. It was Tong Tong who was illuminated by the bronze mirror.
The bronze mirror looked like it was a little deformed.
But the part was more authentic.
“This copper mirror looks like a ghost!”
Lin Feng thought.
The Ghost Region was rather strange.
From the human point of view, it was hard to say that the things in the Ghost Region were “true “. However, if you were in the Ghost Region, you would feel that everything here was true.
The concept of “true” and “false” was different from the outside world.
Using illusions and illusions to explain the Ghost Domain would not work.
As an object of the Ghost Region, it was unknown if this bronze mirror was real or not.
But it could only look at ghosts.
And no one could be seen.
Lin Feng was invisible in the bronze mirror.
“In some movies before the journey, the mirror couldn’ t see a ghost… I didn’ t expect that the copper mirror in the Ghost Domain couldn’ t see a person. If the person was a bit more powerful, would it be like a person afraid of ghosts?”
Lin Feng thought.
Then his gaze turned.
The bride came.
At this moment, the bride was still in an invisible state.
She could only see her graceful figure in the red wedding clothes.
The red wedding dress just stopped at the door.
Lin Feng knew that the bride would not know what he wanted to do.
After all.
The system’s mission was impossible for the bride to know.
15 Points…
It worked.
The bride would definitely kill Lin Feng right now.
Just like how she had killed all the Ghost Soldiers she had encountered before.
“I can’ t even see it. How can I comb my hair?”
Lin Feng thought.
Then, he thought of the bronze mirror.
“Come here.”
Lin Feng pointed at the wooden stool in front of the bronze mirror.
This copper mirror could reveal ghosts.
That would definitely look like a married bride.
After Lin Feng opened his mouth, he looked over the collar of the red wedding dress.
It should be the head of the bride. Although Lin Feng could not see her, she could definitely see Lin Feng.
Then, Lin Feng saw it.
The red embroidered shoes jumped on the ground.
No, not jumping.
It was the bride walking, but she could not see her.
The wedding dress moved as well.
The bride came over.
Tong Tong was still in a red dress.
“Don’ t worry, Tong Tong!”
Although Lin Feng was a little nervous, he was not worried.
Tong Tong… Actually, he was not worried at all!
Right now, she wouldn’t give birth to a kind of “worry” emotion, but when faced with danger, she would only stand in front of Lin Feng!
Then, Lin Feng saw that the red wedding dress was in front of Lin Feng, sitting on a simple wooden stool.
The bride sat down.
Lin Feng looked into the bronze mirror.
To be honest.
Lin Feng was really worried about seeing a ghost face.
For example, some ghost spirits of the Ghost-controlling People were Ghost Nanny. That Ghost Nanny was actually quite scary.
This was because Granny Ghost’s face was also covered in the makeup of a dead person, as well as maintaining the face and appearance of a dead person. Cultivating a bond with such a granny was really a torture!
Therefore, Lin Feng could understand.
Some Ghost Controlers would not summon their Ghost Spirits.
What the f*ck was he trying to make?
There were still quite a few ghost spirits like Tong Tong Tong!
In the bronze mirror.
As expected, the bride’s face was revealed.
She had long black hair.
His hair was very long.
It was a little messy, but it did not affect it.
Then, Lin Feng looked at her face.
Her face… was slightly distorted by the bronze mirror, but she could still tell that it was a rather delicate and handsome face.
It looked like a pretty little lady.
There was also some makeup on that face.
These make-up looks were classic and looked rather unique.
His eyebrows were also curved.
The standard willow leaf eyebrow.
It was indeed a pretty little wife!
No, it was a beautiful woman.
Her eyes were the same as those of the child before.
There was no light inside.
In fact, there was not the slightest bit of anger.
Of course, her eyes didn’t affect her looks. However, she did n’ t look so perfect.
“If the binding is successful… it should be the same as Tong Tong’s. With the increase in strength, the binding will become more flexible, right?”
Lin Feng thought.*