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044 To comb the hair of the bride!(8/8) Subscription

The bride sat there in a daze. Her gaze did not look at Lin Feng but at herself in the mirror.
“The comb is there.”
After Lin Feng examined the bride, he naturally had to get down to business!
For the bride, this nightmare-level female ghost combs her hair!
The bride’s comb was on the dressing table.
Her hair was very long.
It was also very dense.
Of course, Lin En still could not see it. He could only observe it through the copper mirror.
Lin Feng stretched out his hand and picked up his comb.
It was a wooden comb. It was quite exquisite, as if it was made by hand.
Of course.
You don’t know if it really exists in the Ghost Region.
The feeling was still very real.
Lin Feng’s eyes stared at the bronze mirror, and then he slowly moved his comb towards the bride’s hair.
It could only be like this.
After all, they could not see the bride in the wedding dress.
At the side.
Tong Tong was still quite alert.
It could be seen from the fact that her dress had been in a red dress.
However, Tong Tong’s red dress seemed to consume a lot of ghost qi. Every time it was n’ t at the critical moment, Tong rarely showed the red dress.
“Tong Tong, recover your white dress. Don’ t worry.”
Lin Feng turned his head and said.
He was worried that Tong Tong’s ghost qi would be exhausted too much.
Tong Tong was really obedient.
After Lin Feng spoke, Tong Tong’s red dress quickly turned white.
The white skirt Tong Tong would not have any consumption.
Although he had returned to his white dress, Tong Tong’s bright eyes could clearly see some vigilance.
Tong Tong’s gaze!
There was also a change!
Like before.
It was impossible for her to have such a gaze.
These changes were good for Lin Feng!
Lin Feng retracted his gaze from Tong Tong Tong and stared intently at the bronze mirror.
Then, his comb slowly touched the bride’s hair.
Lin Feng was not blamed for being so careful.
The main reason was because Lin Feng had never combed a woman, let alone a female ghost.
In the bronze mirror, Lin Feng had already seen the comb touching the bride’s hair.
Then, Lin Feng also felt it.
The comb really touched something.
“This comb can touch her hair.”
Lin Feng thought.
This would be even better.
Because there was a feeling that could be referred to.
As a result, Lin Feng slowly lowered his comb.
“The main thing about combing her hair is to straighten her hair, right?”
Lin Feng had never combed a woman’s hair. Fortunately, Lin Feng had seen some old-fashioned TV movies before and could learn from them.
His comb continued to descend.
Very quickly.
He combed his hair.
Where the comb had been combed, the bride’s hair became especially straight, and it was especially black and bright.
“So it has its own effects. That’s much better.”
Seeing this, Lin Fengyu.
Indeed, in the Ghost Region, it could not be seen by common sense.
In other words, Lin Feng needed to use a comb to pass through the bride’s hair. Her hair would naturally become neat and tidy, becoming the hair she needed.
Instead, Lin Feng had to slowly comb her hair.
Lin Feng was not a stylist…
How could he have any hair style!
It was just right.
Therefore, Lin Feng used the bronze mirror and the touch of the comb as a reference.
He combed the second strand of hair.
Then, it was the third strand.
Of course, this process was not fast.
Lin Feng was still very careful. After all, this was related to a binding mission.
If the force became heavy, it would hurt the bride. If she knew it would hurt… it would be bad.
Yes, it was definitely impossible to get hurt.
But it might bring some unpredictable changes.
Lin Feng spent more than ten minutes, finally combing through the bride’s hair.
During this process.
The bride sat there, motionless.
It was as quiet as a young wife.
It was completely different from that Nightmare-level female ghost who killed people without blinking!
Sure enough, the comb had its own special effects. After brushing it, the bride’s hair style had changed to that of a rather classical hair style.
Although it was classical, it did not show any sense of old age. Instead, it gave her some classical beauty.
“The mission has been completed. You’ ve obtained the bridal bond 15!”
The System’s voice sounded at the right time.

045 Stay in the ghost house for one night!Storage room!(1) Subscribe

“30 Points!”
After finishing the task of combing the hair, it was 30 o’clock.
However, to successfully bind, it would require 50 points of restraint.
He was still 20 points away.
“There should be a follow-up mission.”
Lin Feng thought.
In front of the bronze mirror, after finishing her hair comb, the bride still sat there, looking as if she was looking at her hair combed.
Then, Lin Feng saw her move.
The two drawers of the dressing table opened.
There were some makeup items such as rouge and pencils.
In the other drawer, there were some hair pins and other things.
Through the bronze mirror, Lin Feng saw the bride put her hand into a drawer. Then, Lin Feng saw a makeup pen being picked up by her.
She began to frown.
The bride in the wedding dress drew her eyebrows in a meticulous manner.
“Trash Mission 3: You can complete the mission by staying in the ghost house of the bride. Mission reward:10.”
At this moment, the System’s voice rang.
“One night in the ghost house?”
Lin Feng thought.
He looked at the bride in the wedding dress. The bride in the wedding dress was still drawing eyebrows.
“30 Points, staying overnight should not be a problem, right?”
Lin Feng thought.
Thinking of this, Lin Feng thought about his words and said to his wife,” It’s a little late. It’s a little inconvenient for me to go back. Please arrange a room for me. How about I stay here for a night?”
This was the ghost house of the bride.
To live…
Naturally, he had to ask for the consent of the bride.
After all, it was only 30.
Well, if Lin Feng were to say that to a human woman, it would be too straightforward.
The bride in the wedding dress was a female ghost, so be straightforward.
After Lin Feng finished speaking, he saw that in the bronze mirror, the actions of the bride had stopped.
A few seconds later.
The bride stood up.
“There’s a play.”
Lin Feng thought.
After the bride stood up, she walked out of the room.
Yes, she used to go, not float.
After leaving the bronze mirror, Lin Feng could not see her anymore. He could only see the wedding dress floating in the air, a pair of beautiful embroidered shoes walking on the ground.
“Tong Tong, come quickly.”
Lin Feng quickly followed behind her.
Tong Tong followed behind Lin Feng.
The bride walked straight towards the semicircle arch.
Lin Feng followed behind.
Soon, she passed through the arch and walked to the corridor on the right. Lin Feng was still following her.
The corridor on the right was also connected to a smaller arch.
Lin Feng had already seen a small courtyard over there.
The bride walked through the arch and entered the small courtyard.
Lin Feng also followed in.
After entering the small courtyard, the door of a room in the small courtyard opened. Lin Feng saw that there was a bedroom inside.
There was a bed, a stool, a bookcase and other simple classical furniture.
After the door opened, the bride in the wedding dress stood there in a daze.
Lin Feng walked into the bedroom. The things in the bedroom looked new.
“The ghost house has changed.”
Lin Feng thought.
The current ghost house was different from what it had entered during the previous battle. When it had entered, the house still looked rather dilapidated.
This bedroom could indeed be used for a night.
Lin Feng examined the bedroom and found that the bride was still outside.
“This bedroom is not bad. Thank you for your hospitality.”
Lin Feng said.
Only then did the bride turn around and leave.
Lin Feng noticed that the bride had returned to her boudoir.
After the bride left, Lin Feng looked up at the sky.
“There’s actually a moon.”
The moonlight shone in.
“President Yan and the others seem to have been expelled from the ghost house. Where is the ghost house now?”
Lin Feng did not sleep. Instead, he started to move in the ghost house of the bride.
Tong Tong followed closely behind Lin Feng.
“She’s the only one in this ghost house.”
This ghost was not big, but small.
There were only three entries in total. There was a small courtyard on both sides of each entry.
Lin Feng walked to the small courtyard opposite him. There were no people or ghosts inside, and this small courtyard did not seem to be inhabited.
Lin Feng pushed open the door.
Then, he saw something in the room.
“This is a storage room?”
Lin Feng thought.
“Eh, isn’ t this a ghost spirit thing?”
Then, Lin Feng saw a few Ghost Spirits.
After that, he understood that these ghost spirits should be the ones that were killed by the bride.

046 Useful Ghost Spirits!Get rich!(2) Seeking flowers

These Ghost Spirits had different forms.
For example, there was a pair of old-fashioned cotton shoes, some headscarves, hats, and even a shroud.
These Ghost Spirits were randomly placed on some tables, as if they were thrown in by the bride.
“The ghost spirits inside these ghost spirits should still be there, right?”
Lin Feng thought.
Lin Feng walked into the room and picked up a round hat that looked like a cartoon hat worn by a child. He sensed it.
He could not sense anything.
The Ghost-guarding Ghosts were getting stronger and stronger, and it could also have some beneficial effects on the Ghost-guarding Ghosts themselves. For example, if it was a Ghost Spirit, even if there was no restriction, Lin Feng could still roughly sense the Ghost Spirit inside.
“It should have been suppressed by the bride’s ghost.”
Lin Feng said softly.
The ghost bride was indeed quite special.
Any ghost creature that came into this place was like a dead end.
Unless he summoned the ghost spirit beforehand.
“Tong Tong, cover this hat with a ghost.”
Lin Feng said.
Tong Tong obediently opened the ghost house, but only a little bit, covering the cartoon hat.
In the ghost house of the bride, Tong Tong Tong could not do too much.
The moment Tong Tong’s ghost covered the cartoon hat, Lin Feng could feel that the ghost spirit inside the hat was still there.
Under the stimulation of Tong Tong’s ghost qi and ghost qi, the ghost spirit ran out.
It was a ghost.
However, it was far from as cute as Tong Tong. It was the kind of ghost that could scare children.
After the ghost escaped, it did not launch an attack. Instead, it stood there blankly.
But immediately, the ghost ran back to the ghost spirit.
Tong Tong pulled Lin Feng.
Lin Feng turned around and saw that the bride was standing outside the door.
Lin Feng was about to explain when the bride turned around and left, as if she was just looking at the situation.
“She doesn’ t care about the things here.”
Lin Feng had a guess.
Actually, one could tell from the fact that these ghost spirits were randomly thrown here.
The bride did not care about these things at all.
“These ghost spirits… seem to be useful again.”
Seeing the ghost’s reaction, Lin Feng thought.
Babies in this world had to choose Ghost Spirits for a hundred days. They had to accompany them from a young age. As long as they were good spirits, by the time they were 15 years old, they would than 20 points of bondage. For good spirits, this bondage was enough.
Once the fetters were high, the ghost spirits would fight to the death if the ghost-guisher was killed.
There were also some exceptions. For example, if there was a ghost-guarding person, there would be a ghost weapon like a ghost rope, which could bind the ghost spirit of the other party. However, it didn’t the ghost spirit would quickly deteriorate and become an evil spirit.
As a result, if there was a battle between Ghost Soldiers, they would usually have to deal with their ghost spirits.
The battle between the Ghost King and the Ghost King was not enough. Either you die or I live.
Therefore, no one would try to take away the ghost spirit of a veteran ghost-guarding person, unless it was a new ghost-guarding person who had just awakened the ghost spirit.
Just like this time, they wanted to take away Lin Feng’s ghost spirit, because they felt that Lin Feng had just awakened the ghost spirit not long ago, and the bond with Tong Tong Tong was not high!
But now, another kind of accident had appeared.
That was the special ghost that married the bride. It could suppress the ghost spirits. After killing the ghost-guarding person for a long time, the ghost spirits were still suppressed. There was no way for the ghost spirits inside to come out.
These ghost spirits… did not deteriorate!
Moreover, due to being suppressed for a long time, they were isolated from the Ghost-controlling Realm… These ghost spirits and Ghost-controlling Realm’s bonds were in fact falling.
It didn’t seem like it would be too fast, but it had been a long time… The bonds between these ghost spirits and the Ghost-guarding Man would fall out sooner or later!
Just like that ghost, it seemed to have turned into a ghost without a master, or a good spirit!
And that ghost gave Lin Feng a feeling that his level was not low. He should have a terrifying level of power.
A terrifying level (level 4), an ownerless good spirit!
“If you sell it… you can sell a lot of contribution points, right?”
Lin Feng instantly thought of this!
There were many buyers.
A person with a psychic body would definitely need it!
The good spirit was different from the evil spirit. The good spirit had to be nurtured by itself. The wild good spirit… the terrifying level basically did not exist. Not to mention the terrifying level, even the wild dangerous level (3) the good spirit basically did not exist!
The good spirits themselves were less aggressive, and they were not as fierce and powerful as the evil spirits. There was no one who could control ghosts. The good spirits in the wild would only hide in the ghost spirits, and they would not grow at all.
Therefore, the powerful, wild good spirits almost did not exist!
Other than psychic powers, some powerful ghost-guarding people who were not psychic powers might be tempted by the terrifying level of the godless spirit!
In short…
In Lin Feng’s eyes.
The Ghost Spirits in this room could definitely be sold for a good price.
Even though these things were still married.
But it didn’t take long.
He should be able to become his own!
After all, when the time comes, the bride will be her own, and the bride will not care about these things.
In short, he was rich.
At least there was no need to worry about contribution points!

047 A bowl of rice!Eat!It was only 5 points away!(3) Subscribe

Lin Feng exited the room.
He did not take away the Ghost Spirits.
Although the bride didn’t care at the moment, these things were hers after all. Before binding, Lin Feng would n’ t do anything that might affect the bonds.
After exiting, Lin Feng returned to his previous room and prepared to sleep.
He didn’t take off his clothes. He just took off his shoes, then put on the blanket and prepared to sleep.
This ghost was really cold.
After a while.
Lin Feng was actually a little tired.
After all.
Lin Feng hadn’t slept well for the past few days.
“Tong Tong, go back to the bow. There’s no need to guard.”
Lin Feng said.
After 30 points, the bride shouldn’t act against him.
Tong Tong obediently returned to the bow.
Because he was too tired, Lin Feng fell asleep.
After sleeping for an unknown amount of time, Lin Feng heard the sound of a door opening not far away.
Lin Feng woke up and walked to the door. He opened the door and saw the door open. The bride walked out.
After the bride walked out, the door closed again.
“She left?”
Lin Feng said softly.
Lin Feng did not intend to follow.
After completing this task, there would be 40 ties, and there was only 10 points away from 50 ties!
Therefore, Lin Feng wouldn’t do anything new!
And he really needed to rest.
Soon, Lin Feng fell asleep again.
This time, he didn’ t know how long he had slept.
Then, Tong Tong pulled the corner of Lin Feng’s clothes and woke him up.
Lin Feng woke up and saw that the sky was already bright. Outside… there was a red dress.
The bride came.
“Mission completed, bridal +10.”
The System’s voice sounded.
It was 40!
Lin Feng opened the door and walked out. He saw a bowl of rice floating in front of the red wedding dress.
No, it wasn’t floating.
It was carried by the bride!
It was an exquisite ceramic bowl.
There was a pair of chopsticks beside the bowl!
The wedding bride had brought her food?
Lin Feng was surprised.
At the same time.
After the accident, Lin Feng was a little hesitant. This was the bowl of rice. Do you want to eat it?
This was Ghost Rice!
Ghost Rice… Is it that delicious?
Who knew what it was.
“Take it over first.”
Lin Feng reached out to receive it.
“Thank you.”
He even replied casually.
Then, Lin Feng’s hand touched the bottom of the bowl, the gentle/skeleton fingers of the bride!
He accidentally touched the bride’s hand!
However, the bride did not seem to have much reaction.
Lin Feng did not expect that although the bride in the wedding dress could not be seen, it could be touched.
Of course, it was also possible that she had condensed the ghost qi there.
Her fingers… were indeed soft.
Lin Feng did not take advantage of her. He took the bowl and took the chopsticks over.
He picked it up first. If he didn’t eat it, he would say otherwise.
But what surprised Lin Feng was that the bride did not leave!
Still standing there, motionless.
Was this to keep up with Lin Feng’s eating rhythm?
“Binding Mission 4. Eat the meal that the bride-groom gave you. Mission reward: Bride-groom Binding +5.”
At this moment, the System’s voice rang.
In that case.
Then eat it!
The System probably wouldn’t cheat Lin Feng.
Thus, Lin Feng took a small bite.
Yes, a little bit.
After eating this small mouthful, Lin Feng realized… it was like a real white rice, not a ghost rice.
“Could it be that she went out last night to do this?”
Lin Feng had a guess.
Although the bride in the wedding dress was a nightmare-level ghost, it was impossible for her to make a real meal out of thin air. Thinking back to her trip last night, Lin Feng felt….
The wedding bride went out last night. Perhaps she was going to get this bowl of rice.
Anyway, he was a little hungry. Lin Feng finished the bowl of rice.
“Mission completed, bridal bridal fetters +5.”
The System’s voice sounded.
It was only 5 points away from 50. There was another small mission… It should be able to bind!*

048 What is she going to do?The final binding mission!(4) Seeking flowers

Outside the room, when Lin Feng finished his meal, the bride finally left.
Lin Feng thought for a moment and followed.
The system’s last task had not been triggered yet, but Lin Feng felt that the 45-point constraint was already quite high.
Even if the bride-in-groom was an evil spirit, with 45 restrictions, the bride-in-groom would not be detrimental to Lin Feng. Even if Lin Feng wandered around in her ghost house, it should not be a problem.
Only by following the bride would they have the chance to trigger the last binding mission.
Very quickly.
The bride returned to her boudoir.
Then, she sat in front of the bronze mirror.
When the bride sat in front of the bronze mirror, Lin Feng saw that the bride had completely finished dressing.
Her face was full of makeup, and on her cheeks, there was a nice look, a faint blush.
On his forehead was a little yellow.
In the middle of Ehuang was a little red.
This kind of goose yellow and red gave her a classic beauty.
There was also a beautiful hairpin on her hair.
The current her could be said to be a standard makeup!
The bride sat in front of the bronze mirror, looking at her.
Then, she made another move.
He opened the drawer of the dressing table and took out a red, square piece of paper.
“This is the lipstick.”
Lin Feng thought.
In ancient times, women did not have lipstick, but this kind of lipstick could act as lipstick.
Through the bronze mirror, Lin Feng saw that the bride in the wedding dress folded her lips and took them to her lips.
Then, she opened her lips slightly and held the paper in her mouth.
After holding her lips, she gently pressed her lips together.
After taking a sip, the bride put down her lips.
In the bronze mirror, her lips turned red.
The red-lipped bride looked even more stunning!
That red lips made Lin Feng want to taste it.
Then the bride stood up.
He walked outside.
Lin Feng followed.
“Why hasn’ t the new binding mission been triggered yet?”
Lin Feng thought.
Lin Feng was not in a hurry either. He just followed the bride.
After the bride walked out of the boudoir, she stopped and turned to look at the boudoir.
When Lin Feng walked out, she did not see any action from the bride. The door of her boudoir closed with a creak.
Then, the bride turned around and walked along the straight corridor towards the outside of the mansion.
“What is she doing?”You’ re going out again?”
Lin Feng thought.
At this moment, Lin Feng noticed that from the courtyard where the bride was married to, to the gate of the house, it was unknown when it was already covered with lanterns and some red decorations.
Then, a red square towel flew out from a room and covered the bride’s head!
Red cover!
Wasn’t this something the bride had to get married?
“F*ck… isn’ t this about to get married?”
Seeing this stance, Lin Feng was shocked!.
Was the bride going to get married?
To whom?
It was almost 5 points away, so Lin Feng naturally could not let her get married!
“Binding Mission 5(final): Prevent the wedding bride from boarding the ghost sedan chair and complete the mission. Mission reward: Wedding Bride Binding 25.”
At this moment, the System’s voice rang.
The System’s mission was finally triggered!
Sure enough, it was the last binding mission.
Moreover, this binding mission gave off a lot of restrictions, a total of 25 points!
After this task was completed.
There were 70 points for the bridal couple!
It greatly exceeded the binding requirement of 50 points!
That would be 100% binding.
“Stop boarding the palanquin… the palanquin… is it the palanquin that came to pick up the bride?In that case, the wedding bride wasn’t willing to marry?Otherwise, how could there be 25 points of restraint?”But…”
Lin Feng thought.
“The ghost palanquin… It should be outside!”
Lin Feng looked outside the door.

A ghost sedan chair that could not be destroyed!Pounce!(5) Subscribe

In the ghost house, the bride with a red head on her head walked fast and fast.
There was a red carpet on the ground.
The red carpet extended from the bride’s boudoir to the outside.
In short.
The entire house.
There was an atmosphere of marriage.
There was no music, no drums, no bridesmaids.
Apart from Lin Feng, there was only a bride.
Just like this, the bride walked out of the door step by step.
“Let’s go see the ghost palanquin first!”
Lin Feng quickly rushed towards the door.
He was prepared to take advantage of the slow pace of the bride in the wedding dress to see if the ghost sedan was outside.
At this moment, the door was open.
Lin Feng’s speed was very fast.
He rushed out.
After rushing out, Lin Feng realized that the outside of the gate was probably a wasteland. It looked rather desolate. He did not know where it was.
Lin Feng was not in the mood to admire her charm.
His gaze swept over the door.
Soon, Lin Feng saw it.
On the left side of the door, a big red sedan was parked there.
This palanquin was the standard palanquin of ancient times.
However, this sedan was big red.
There were many festive decorations on it.
No one was seen in front of or behind the sedan chair.
He did not see any ghosts!
Its palanquin curtain was opened, and it could be seen that it was also red. Its structure was quite simple, and there was only a sitting platform with a seat cushion inside.
Inside the sedan chair.
There were no people or ghosts!
It just stood alone outside the house.
It looked like this.
It was rather strange!
“Ghost palanquin!”
Lin Feng said softly.
This was the palanquin that came to pick up the bride!
Of course.
It was impossible for Lin Feng to let it take it away!
“Tong Tong!”
Lin Feng called Tong Tong out.
The reason why he shouted.
It was because Lin Feng was worried that there were hidden ghosts in the ghost palanquin.
If Tong Tong sensed danger, he would run out on his own.
If he didn’t come out now, it meant that there were no ghosts in the ghost palanquin!
“Prevent the bride from boarding the ghost sedan… Then I’ ll burn you to try!”
Lin Feng took out a bottle from his storage space.
This bottle was filled with alcohol!
This was 95% of medical alcohol. The concentration of such medical alcohol was quite high.
This was Lin Feng’s storage space in case he was injured in the wild and could be used for disinfection.
After taking out the alcohol, Lin Feng quickly opened the lid. Then, he tore off a corner of his clothes and put it on the bottle. Then, he poured out the alcohol bottle and soaked the cloth with alcohol.
After soaking, Lin Feng took out a lighter and lit the cloth.
Then, Lin Feng threw the alcohol bottle at the ghost sedan chair.
The wine bottle smashed directly onto the ghost sedan chair.
The alcohol sputtered.
Then, a raging flame ignited.
The ghost sedan was ignited in an instant, rapidly burning.
“Can it be ignited?”
Lin Feng was a little surprised.
Lin Feng felt that such a strange thing should not be destroyed so easily.
The ghost sedan was burning very fast.
In a short period of time, the entire ghost sedan chair was surrounded by flames and burned black.
However, the ghost palanquin had been completely burned and changed.
A gust of wind blew and the charred parts were blown away. A brand new ghost sedan appeared again!
“It really isn’ t that simple!”
Lin Feng wasn’t surprised that he could n’ t burn it!
He only tried it, but he didn’t expect it to destroy the ghost sedan.
“It can’ t be burned down. It seems like it’s just broken down. Maybe it can’ t be destroyed.”
Lin Feng thought.
He turned around and saw that the bride had already walked through the largest courtyard in the middle, two thirds of the distance.
“Tong Tong, can you destroy it?”
Lin Feng asked.
Tong Tong stared blankly at the ghost sedan chair, then… she shook her head.
Tong Tong’s movements grew more and more.
“Can’ t Tong Tong destroy it?”
Lin Feng gave up on the idea of destroying the ghost palanquin, mainly because he didn’t have much time. Otherwise, he could try some more methods.
Now, he had to stop the bride.
Otherwise, she would have come out!
The bride was walking out of the red carpet.
She placed her hands in front of her, and when she got up the road, she felt like an ancient lady.
Lin Feng ran back.
“45 Points of restraint… It shouldn’ t be a problem to stop her.”
Thinking of this, Lin Feng quickly ran back. He opened his hand and blocked the front of the bride.
The bride stopped.
She disappeared.
Lin Feng turned his head and saw that the bride in the wedding dress appeared behind him as if she was flashing. She continued to walk out firmly.
“Can’ t stop it?”
Seeing that the bride was about to leave the door, Lin Feng could only take a little risk.
“Then we can only fight hard!”
After Lin Feng finished speaking, he sped up and rushed forward. He hugged the bride from the back, and instantly… threw her to the ground!
This was the only way to stop her!