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Chapter 1: Seizing the Goddess Watermelon

On the playground of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.
Thousands of students were standing in camouflage uniforms.
“All had it!”Rest in place!”
The serious instructor looked at the watch on his wrist and gave the order.
When they heard the instructor’s words, the students of Team Fang immediately collapsed on the ground as if they had lost all their strength.
Jiang Han was the same.
He pulled off his hat.
He scratched his hair.
His hair was already drenched in sweat.
Even a few drops of sweat could be wrung out from his hat.
“How could the weather in Shanghai be hotter than in the north.”
“At this time, the military training is really going to kill people. What’s more, there are still seven more days to end!”
The boys beside Jiang Han muttered.
However, it sounded rather weak.
It was no wonder.
Standing under the sun for three days.
Normal students were already weak.
However, these boys would occasionally turn their heads to look at a girl sitting on the ground not far away.
It was different from the rest of Team Fang’s sitting posture that did not care about their image at all.
This girl’s sitting posture was much more elegant. After all, she was a girl.
His long hair was scalded into waves, and he used his skin to tie it up.
From Jiang Han’s perspective.
It happened that she could see the girl’s side face.
Her fair skin was accompanied by large waves.
No wonder the surrounding boys were attracted to him.
This girl’s appearance was indeed very high.
If Jiang Han were to give a score, a full score of 100 points would be enough to get 90 points.
To the young freshmen.
It seemed that only such a beautiful woman could bring a trace of comfort to life during the intense military training.
Just like now.
“Student Song Qian, are you thirsty or not? Why don’ t I go buy you a bottle of water?”
“Student Song Qian, I saw a senior selling watermelon not too far away. Why don’ t I go buy one and buy half of us?”
“Song Qian ……”
After the instructor walked away.
The surrounding boys could no longer hold back.
All of them immediately surrounded him.
Then, one word at a time.
Song Qian seemed to enjoy the feeling of being sought after.
Hearing the surrounding boys’ words, he couldn’ t help but laugh,” Alright, but aren’ t you afraid of being trained?”
Seeing Song Qian respond to him.
“What’s there? What do you want to drink?”I’ ll go buy it now.”
Jiang Han saw everything.
He felt strange.
These guys were way too much.
Two minutes later.
The instructor who had left had returned.
However, the instructor was holding a bag in his hand.
Jiang Han saw a few watermelons in the bag.
Was this a welfare payment?
But this watermelon is too few, right?
Jiang Han’s group consisted of about forty people.
But in the bag in the instructor’s hand.
At most, there were only five watermelons.
Not enough points at all.
“All had it!”Line up!”
The instructor who came over with the bag looked at the crowd surrounding Song Qian.
His brows furrowed slightly.
He could not help but berate.
He was berated by the instructor.
Everyone shivered.
He hurriedly stood up.
“The weather is a little hot. Let alone not taking care of you, I went to buy you watermelons.”
“But I have limited funds, so I only bought five.”
“Now, eight people, one by one, sit down!”
The instructor ordered everyone to sit down.
Jiang Han was not far from Song Qian.
The two of them happened to be in a small group.
“Now, I’ ll give you the watermelon.”
“As for who will eat this watermelon and who won’ t, it’s up to you to decide.”
The instructor held the bag.
He placed the watermelon on the empty space in the middle of each team.
“You can start now.”
The instructor turned his back after saying that.
Hearing the instructor’s words, everyone looked at each other in dismay.
Eight people divided into a watermelon?
This was a matter.
It was a question of who would eat and who would not.
Of course, everyone could eat a mouthful.
But it was easy to say that they were all boys or girls.
Like Jiang Han’s team.
Seven boys and one girl.
This was the most awkward.
Let Song Qian eat the watermelon they had eaten?
The first boy to get the watermelon looked at it and then at Song Qian.
In the end, he did not choose to say anything.
“That, I won’ t eat it anymore. Student Song Qian, I’ ll eat it for you.”
The boy had a shy smile on his face.
As he spoke, his tanned face carried a hint of redness.
The other boys saw this person speak so loudly.
He did not say anything.
“This isn’ t good, right?”
Although Song Qian’s words were not good, her hand had already reached out.
The meaning was obviously obvious.
When the other boys heard this, they hurriedly said,” It’s fine. Student Song Qian, hurry up and eat. We’ re all boys It’s fine if we don’ t eat.”
The look of a licking dog could be seen everywhere.
Jiang Han couldn’ t help but curled his lips when he saw everyone’s appearance.
Just at this moment, an electronic synthesis sound suddenly rang out in his mind.
“The Unbridled Life System was successfully bound.”*

Chapter 2 The Unbridled Life System

“I have detected host’s current environment and have released a novice mission.”
“Ask the host to make a choice within ten seconds.”
“Option 1: Like others, compliment Song Qian. Reward: None.”
“Option 2: Take the watermelon in Song Qian’s hand and eat the portion that belongs to her. Reward: One yuan for each breath.”
The sudden electronic synthesis caused Jiang Han to be slightly stunned.
What was going on?
Could it be because the military training was too tiring?
Jiang Han expressed some panic.
However, that voice rang out in his mind.
Jiang Han listened to the electronic synthesis in his mind, making sure he didn’ t hear anything.
Did he get the Golden Finger in the novel?
“Please make your choice as soon as possible.”
Hearing the system’s urging in his mind.
Jiang Han couldn’ t care less about this.
One of the two options had no rewards.
Normal people know how to choose, right?
Jiang Han lifted his right hand to the ground and stood up.
Then, they grabbed the watermelon in Song Qian’s hand in shock.
Including Song Qian who had been robbed of the watermelon.
At this moment, his eyes widened as he looked at Jiang Han.
However, the one who responded to her was Jiang Han who bit the watermelon in the middle.
“Ding… detected that the host has made a choice.”
“After the mission is completed, the system rewards have been released.”
“Current breathing salary:1……2……”
Every time Jiang Han took a breath, the system would prompt him.
After completing the mission, Jiang Han chewed the watermelon in his mouth twice.
Then, she saw Song Qian staring at him.
He then handed the watermelon in his hand to Song Qian.
“You can eat now.”
Song Qian did not seem to be able to react.
He looked at the watermelon in front of him in a daze.
It was unknown how long.
This was Song Qian’s first time…
Being treated like this by a boy.
“Er…No need. You can eat it ……”
Song Qian watched as Jiang Han bit the sweetest piece in the middle.
Immediately, he lost interest.
“Oh, do you still want to eat?”
Jiang Han didn’ t feel embarrassed after seeing Song Qian stop eating.
He glanced around and said.
However, the only thing that responded to him was the eyes of the boys as if they were looking at an enemy.
It was clearly the watermelon they gave Song Qian.
But now, Jiang Han had cut him off.
This feeling was simply too sullen.
But what did this have to do with Jiang Han?
If you want to lick Song Qian, I won’ t.
Then again.
For the system mission, this watermelon must be eaten!
Seeing that everyone was silent.
Jiang Han didn’ t say anything else.
After eating the watermelon in his hand three or two times, he threw the watermelon rind in his hand into the trash can.
“Alright, you guys have eaten the watermelon as well. You’ ve rested as well.”
“Now, continue training in military posture.”
The instructor’s voice rang out.
No matter whether they were willing or not, they could only stand up.
The sun was still so hot.
However, compared to before.
At this moment, Jiang Han was about to endure the gazes of the surrounding boys.
However, Jiang Han didn’ t take it seriously.
He was currently studying the system he had just obtained.
The sound of breathing salary plus one was continuously heard in his mind.
“What exactly is going on? Can you explain it?”
Jiang Han muttered softly.
“The reckless life system serves the host.”
“The novice tutorial has already been released.”
“The reckless life system will help host live the life she wants.”
“Host’s current state is as follows.”
“Host: Jiang Han.”
“Level: Lv1.”
“Right now, every time you breathe, your salary will be:1 court currency.”
“Current remaining withdrawable salary:32.”
“Experience points required for next upgrade:0/100000”
A stream of information surged into Jiang Han’s mind.
In just a moment.
Jiang Han already understood what was going on with this sudden system.
The system didn’t have a clear purpose, just to help Jiang Han live the life he wanted to live?
The novice tutorial didn’t contain much information. It only allowed Jiang Han to roughly understand the system and no longer confuse its existence.
And the reward for completing the mission?
Jiang Han thought to himself.
One breath after another.
One person took about sixteen breaths a minute on average.
Jiang Han could obtain sixteen yuan in a minute?
That hour was nine hundred and sixty breaths, or nine hundred and sixty dollars.
One day was 23,040.
A month was 6,912,000.
A year would be eight hundred forty nine thousand six hundred dollars?
The hourly salary was close to 1,000, the daily salary was 23,000, the monthly salary was close to 700,000, the annual salary was 8,400,000?
Jiang Han calculated this number.
He was shocked.
More importantly.
According to the novice tutorial that Jiang Han just received.
The salary of the breathing reward would increase with the increase in grade.
As for raising the level.
He needed Jiang Han to spend money to obtain experience points.
For every dollar spent, the experience points would be increased by one.
This meant that.
Jiang Han wanted to advance to the next level.
It would cost 100,000!
The system was giving him money at every moment.
Then he would use more money to attract him to spend money!*

Chapter 3: The School Fires [Requesting Support]

After all, he was a person who was able to pass the examination of the wealthy in Shanghai.
Jiang Han’s intelligence was naturally not low.
He had already seen through the essence of this matter after he had understood everything.
Simply put, he had developed.
Even if the system did not upgrade.
Over eight million breaths per year.
It was enough for Jiang Han to live a luxurious life.
As for the matter of the system attracting him to spend money.
Jiang Han could only say that he had invited him to be more fierce.
Meanwhile, Jiang Han was thinking about it for a while.
Breathing wages were also increasing.
In just a few minutes, it had already broken hundreds.
“System, extract the breathing wage.”
“Ding. Currently, the remaining breathing salary is 108 yuan.”
“The breathing wage has been extracted.”
“According to host’s current status and environment, the breathing salary will be distributed through his parents’ WeChat red envelope.”
“All the breathing wages are traceable. Please rest assured, host.”
The phone was in Jiang Han’s pocket.
After the system notification was successfully extracted.
The phone in Jiang Han’s pocket trembled slightly.
It really succeeded!
Jiang Han was delighted.
Life was like this.
Everything was filled with joy.
It was like the current Jiang Han.
He was hit by a huge surprise.
Even the sun above his head didn’t feel like it was basking in the sun.
It was only one afternoon.
Jiang Han’s breathing salary increased by 4,000 yuan.
After disbanding, Jiang Han went to buy a bottle of water and returned to the dormitory.
He raised his breathing salary again.
However, this time, the amount was quite large.
The respiration rate did not change through Jiang Han’s parents’ WeChat message.
Instead, he found an excuse to turn in the stock market.
The only common point was that there were traces of the source of funds.
This was what Jiang Han was most satisfied with.
If there was no way to explain the source of the funds.
They might not be discovered when the amount was small.
However, if the amount was too large, it would be troublesome if others noticed it.
As expected of the reckless life system.
Jiang Han only needed to wantonly enjoy his life.
The rest of the system would help.
After drinking two mouthfuls of water, Jiang Han lay on the bed and fell asleep.
After obtaining the system, Jiang Han’s spirit was always very excited.
But in the end, he spent the day in the sun.
The exhaustion of his body could not be stopped.
After lying down, he fell asleep.
He didn’ t know how long he had slept.
Jiang Han was woken up.
“Jiang Han, wake up. Your colonel is inside!”
Jiang Han woke up in a daze.
He realized that his roommate had already returned.
Shanghai University was a dormitory for four people.
Apart from Jiang Han, the other three were Guo Shaojun, Liu Guangchao, and Han Yu.
It was Guo Shaojun who woke Jiang Han up.
A large and thick man from the northeast.
“Hmm?”You’ re back?”
Jiang Han rubbed his eyes in confusion.
Then, he sat up.
At this moment, the other two people in the dormitory were holding their phones and swiping something.
From time to time, cries of alarm rang out.
Then, he turned to look at Jiang Han.
“Jiang Han, that’s fine. I haven’ t seen you in the afternoon yet you’ ve made such a big news.”
“That’s right. He went to the campus network without saying a word. I admire him.”
The four people from the dormitory came from the south and the north.
Fortunately, his personality was not bad.
Although the registration period was only four days.
But at least the initial friendship had been established.
“What are you guys talking about? It’s strange.”
Jiang Han flipped over and got off the bed. He stepped on his slippers and washed his face.
“What did you guys just say?”
“What campus network?”
Jiang Han grabbed a bun brought back by his roommates and bit.
Liu Guangchao handed his phone to Jiang Han.
Then, she pointed to her phone and said,” You stole Song Qian’s watermelon this afternoon, and then her pursuers were unhappy.”
“They are collectively fighting against you. Haha, I’ m laughing to death.”
“There’s no one else who would do this on purpose to attract Song Qian’s attention.”
Jiang Han quickly scanned through it.
The person who posted the post was a freshman.
There was no signature on it, so Jiang Han didn’ t know who sent it.
However, it should be one of the boys who were in the same team with him during the military training today.
The entire article briefly described what had happened.
The rest was about Jiang Han’s punishment.
Finally, a few photos of Song Qian were attached.
Perhaps it was because Jiang Han’s actions were too excessive.
There were too many pursuers for Song Qian.
This post had actually been added to the first post on the campus network.
The comments below had already broken three hundred.
Most of them had expressed their admiration for Song Qian while fighting Jiang Han.
Jiang Han swept a glance before he lost interest.
After returning the phone back to Liu Guangchao, he began to concentrate on eating buns.
He was in the mood to pay attention to those people.
Jiang Han might as well take a few more breaths.
After all, this was real money.
In addition.
Jiang Han seemed to think about it.
It would take a hundred thousand for the system to reach level two.
It was more appropriate where these hundred thousand were spent.*

Chapter 4 Jiang Han’s Enemy [Request for Flowers]

The financial military training in Shanghai lasted ten days.
Other than the two days of rain in the middle.
All the time left was due to the scorching sun.
Almost all of the students participating in the military training had gone dark.
Of course, Jiang Han was also included.
If Jiang Han’s skin was fair before the military training, he would be considered a little handsome.
After the military training, Jiang Han, who had darkened a lot, could no longer find anything more prominent.
One white cover over the hundred ugly.
Without Bai, all sorts of ugliness would naturally occur.
However, this kind of situation was normal in the entire freshman year.
Jiang Han didn’ t care too much.
The ten days of military training had already ended. It would only take a while for them to recover and be back in vain.
In order to take care of the military training students, the school specially gave the freshmen two days off.
Let them rest properly.
But the Duke of Heaven was not beautiful.
After the military training, a continuous torrential rain began.
All the freshmen were complaining.
It would have been great if these two torrential rains had been placed during the military training.
On the online forum.
The popularity of Jiang Han’s post had already dropped.
After all, every day, various things appeared.
They quarreled with each other.
The university students who had excess energy were able to shift their attention quickly.
Even Jiang Han occasionally went to take a look.
The most terrifying thing was that Jiang Han had even sent a post of cheating.
The male lead’s girlfriend showed up and started tearing at a big girl.
Unfortunately, this post only existed for an hour before it was deleted by the forum manager.
One week.
It also caused Jiang Han’s breathing salary to successfully break 100,000.
He had arrived at 160,000!
Together with the tuition fees and living expenses brought by Jiang Han.
The cash balance in Jiang Han’s hands.
It had reached over 183,000!
Previously, the military training did not have time to leave the school.
The military training had already ended.
It was time to spend some time.
Jiang Han could not help but want to spend a large amount of money.
“Finally had a good rest. How about we go eat hot pot?”I’ ll treat you.”
Jiang Han looked at the three roommates lying on the bed and said.
“Hotpot?”I can do it.”
When Liu Guangchao heard Jiang Han’s words, he suddenly sat up.
“It’s a rainy day with a hot pot and a bottle of beer. It’s very comforting.”
Liu Guangchao was from the Heavenly Mansion.
The most famous thing in the Heavenly Mansion was the hot pot.
This fellow probably hadn’t eaten the hot pot for such a long time, so he had long been greedy.
Liu Guangchao agreed, and the other two naturally sat up as well.
“You can go out and have a pot to warm your body.”
“Speaking of which, our dormitory has never had a proper meal together.”
Han Yu also said,” But let’s forget about your treat. I’ ll do it.”
Han Yu was a local from Shanghai. She looked a little handsome, and she felt like she was a little cute.
Moreover, his family had small assets, and it was said that his parents had a company.
Jiang Han and the others hadn’t inquired about the details. After all, when they first met Han Yu in the dormitory, he was wearing a brand name.
Since the three of them had said that, as the northeast masters, Guo Shaojun naturally had to.
As the others spoke, Guo Shaojun had already flipped himself down from the bed.
“Let’s go, let’s go. I’ ve been cooped up in the dormitory for so long. I feel like my body is getting hairy.”
“It’s time to go out for a hot pot.”
When the northerners came to the south, it was hard for them to adapt.
After all, the south was much more humid than the north.
Especially for a man like Guo Shaojun.
Long hair wasn’ t enough, but it was definitely true to feel uncomfortable.
Jiang Han’s proposal was approved by the others in the dormitory.
As soon as the man said that, he left.
Apart from Han Yu’s somewhat flirtatious head wash, she also made her own hairstyle.
There was also a restaurant in the hotpot restaurant.
However, Han Yu insisted that he knew of a very delicious hotpot restaurant.
Moreover, he also had members there.
It only took ten minutes to take a taxi.
Jiang Han and the others didn’ t have any objections.
This was the benefit of having a host and a roommate.
Otherwise, if the place of life was not familiar, and he didn’ t even know where there was delicious food, wouldn’ t it be very sad?
And with Han Yu’s family conditions.
He said that places that tasted good would definitely not be any worse.
However, their arrival seemed to be a bit coincidental.
There were a few people in this hotpot restaurant.
The room was already full.
There were two empty tables in the hall.
This was the case without an appointment in advance. It was easy for the shop to have no place.
Han Yu wanted to wait for a private room.
However, Jiang Han and the others persuaded him.
“There’s no need. Besides, the hot pot only feels like sitting in the main hall.”
“Yes, there’s no need for a private room.”
Seeing that Jiang Han and the others had said that.
Han Yu could only give up.
However, the fact that he did not get the private room made Han Yu feel embarrassed.
“I’ m sorry, my brothers. I’ ll reserve a private room before I come next time. If you want to order it today, it’ ll be mine.”
“By the way, my sister is also rich. I just sent her a message asking her to bring her roommates over. It should be almost here.”
“You guys won’ t have any objections, right?”
Han Yu took the menu from the waiter and handed it to Jiang Han and the others.
Although it was very good for the four of them to come out together for dinner.
However, it would be better if a sister could accompany him.
College life, didn’t it all start from a relationship between two dorms?
Especially Guo Shaojun.
Hearing that Han Yu’s sister was about to come over, she immediately called her eldest brother-in-law.
Even Jiang Han and Liu Guangchao didn’t fall down. They all called out their great uncle.
Han Yu did not know whether to laugh or cry.
She could only say,” My sister is not beautiful, but I heard that she has a roommate who is very beautiful. When the time comes, you can’ t be sentimental.”
“Big brother-in-law, don’t be like this. This big brother-in-law, you must be certain.”
Guo Shaojun laughed.
However, Liu Guangchao pointed his right hand and said,” Jiang Han, see if that person is your enemy?”*

Chapter 5 This classmate likes to eat watermelon [begging for flowers]

Jiang Han followed the direction Liu Guangchao pointed at.
He immediately saw a few people who had just entered the shop.
One of them was Song Qian.
The three girls beside them were not that old either.
It should be Song Qian’s roommate.
“It really is.”
When Han Yu and Guo Shaojun heard Liu Guangchao’s words, they turned around and looked over.
Song Qian was instantly recognized.
There was no other way. A person who looked beautiful would always attract more attention.
Moreover, after taking a glance at it, he would basically leave an impression.
What do “say?Why don’t I call you here?”I think they’ re here to eat hotpot too. Why don’ t we fight for a table.”
Guo Shaojun smiled.
Northeastern masters like to play such a joke.
Including the word Song Qian was Jiang Han’s enemy.
It was also from Guo Shaojun’s mouth.
“Don’ t mess with me. I really have nothing to do with her.”
Jiang Han said helplessly.
Song Qian was indeed very beautiful.
It belonged to the type Jiang Han liked.
But what happened last time was really a misunderstanding.
If not for the system mission.
Jiang Han naturally wouldn’ t do such a thing.
Furthermore, since that incident last time, Song Qian had changed to Team Fang.
In the next few days, neither of them had any interaction.
He didn’t expect to see her at this hotpot restaurant.
“I understand. You just like eating the watermelon in his hands.”
Guo Shaojun laughed.
However, although he liked to say hi.
However, she did not really call Song Qian over.
Because doing that was too embarrassing.
Although Guo Shaojun had a straight personality, he wasn’ t giving up.
At least take care of others’ emotions.
The four people in Jiang Han’s dormitory did well.
After hearing Jiang Han’s words, Han Yu smiled bitterly.” I’ m afraid today…”We really have to go all out and sit.”
“What do you mean?”
Jiang Han and the others looked at Han Yu in astonishment.
Then, he heard a woman’s voice.
The voice came from the door.
It happened to be one of the girls who came in with Song Qian.
Jiang Han and the others subconsciously looked over.
Then, Song Qian also saw Jiang Han.
Coincidence was definitely a coincidence.
But this was too coincidental.
Jiang Han’s eyes met Song Qian’s and then he moved away.
However, it was clear that Song Qian had already discovered Jiang Han.
Then, the footsteps got closer and closer.
“Jiang Han, I didn’ t expect such a coincidence ……”
Han Yu wanted to explain something.
But the girl who had just called Han Yu had already pulled Song Qian and the others over.
“Brother, what is this coincidence?”
“Nothing ……”
Han Yu had an awkward smile on her face.
Then, he got up and changed his seat.” Little Snow, you can sit here with your roommate. I’ ll go sit here with my roommate.”
After saying that, Han Yu stood up and sat beside Jiang Han.
Han Yu’s sister didn’ t feel anything.
He pulled Song Qian and the others and sat down.
On the other hand, Song Qian’s gaze was on Jiang Han.
It seemed to be confirming whether Jiang Han was Jiang Han or not.
Only after she sat down did Song Qian say,” What a coincidence.”
Jiang Han and the other two naturally knew why Song Qian said that.
On the other hand, the other three girls on Song Qian’s side had blank expressions.
“Qianqian, do you know my brother and the others?”
“I don’ t know.”
Jiang Han had originally thought that Song Qian would directly tell them that there had been some conflict between the two sides.
Unexpectedly, Song Qian had no intention of mentioning it.
But was this even more awkward?
Jiang Han was fine.
The advent of the reckless life system had greatly changed his mind.
Jiang Han originally belonged to that kind of unruly character.
Right now, his mentality was extremely good.
It was the three people beside Jiang Han.
It seemed that they were the ones who did that.
All of them lowered their heads slightly.
He didn’ t dare to look at Song Qian.
Although it was in the hall.
But it was a round table.
The eight of them felt a little crowded.
However, it was still fine.
“Brother, have you ordered?”
Perhaps he had noticed that the atmosphere on the stage was slightly awkward.
Han Yu’s sister spoke first.
“Cough, not yet. Isn’ t this planning to wait until you all arrive.”
“Waiter, menu.”
Hearing Little Snow’s voice, Han Yu smiled in embarrassment. Then, she beckoned to the menu.
It was based on the tradition of priority for ladies.
Jiang Han and the others didn’ t say anything. They gave Little Snow and the others a chance to order.
“Qianqian, what do you want to eat?”
Little Snow held the menu and turned to look at Song Qian.
He asked.
Song Qian glanced at the menu.
Then, he picked two vegetables.
He ordered two more watermelons.
“Qianqian, why do you want two watermelons.”
Little Snow looked at Song Qian with a puzzled expression.” There’s quite a lot of watermelons here. Don’ t eat too much.”
Facing Little Snow’s doubt.
Song Qian merely smiled.
Then, he turned to look at Jiang Han.
“It’s fine. This classmate also likes to eat watermelon.”
“I’ m afraid he’ ll snatch it from me.”
Would ps: watermelon be eaten?*

Chapter 6 Bridging the Relationship [Seeking Flowers]

Although Song Qian did not make it clear.
However, the incident before was so hot.
Most people in Shanghai knew about this.
Not to mention Song Qian from the same dormitory?
After Song Qian finished speaking.
The girls knew why.
Little Snow’s eyes widened.
He glanced at Song Xue and then Jiang Han.
Clearly, he was unable to accept this scene.
This was especially the case when they thought of how they had expressed strong indignation towards the person who had snatched Song Qian’s watermelon.
He felt even more embarrassed.
“No way…”Don’ t tell me you’ re mistaken.”
Little Snow was speechless.
Who would have thought that their entire dormitory’s common enemy would be her brother’s dormitory?
Still sitting together and eating hot pot?
The other three, including Han Yu, heard Little Snow’s words.
His head lowered even lower.
It was too embarrassing.
Earlier, they could tease Jiang Han.
However, the principal was sitting opposite.
However, none of them could say anything about Sao.
It was normal.
They had just come out of high school. All of them were very pure.
He didn’ t dare to speak to the girl.
Jiang Han was the person involved.
Facing the tanned skin, he saw the four girls looking at him.
He grinned.
A row of white teeth appeared.
This scene was a bit strange.
Jiang Han, who was clearly a client, didn’ t feel any shame at all.
On the other hand, the other roommates lowered their heads.
For some reason.
On the other side were four girls, including Song Qian.
After seeing Jiang Han’s smile.
They could not help but be amused.
Did this fellow really not feel that the atmosphere was a little strange?
“Let me introduce myself, Jiang Han.”
As he spoke, Jiang Han extended his hand.
The other three girls looked at Song Qian.
His attitude was clear.
If Song Qian didn’ t forgive Jiang Han, they would have to go back and forth with Song Qian.
Even the originally slightly lowered Han Yu and the others raised their heads.
“Fishing for Frost River Snow alone?”
Song Qian did not leave as she had imagined.
Instead, he read a poem.
Then, he raised his hand and held it together with Jiang Han.
“Song Qian, she’s not that Xi who has the same name as a celebrity.”
Song Qian’s hands were cold.
Although he would only lightly shake it and release it.
Jiang Han still felt the delicacy in Song Qian’s hands.
Seeing that both parties had temporarily put down their grudges.
The others also let out a sigh of relief.
If the relationship between the two dormitories was not deep, it would be easy to say.
At worst, they would not meet again in the future.
However, there was a relationship between Little Snow and Han Yu.
It was inevitable that they would meet again in the future.
At that time, it would be truly awkward.
After the awkward atmosphere dissipated, Han Yu and Little Snow’s role became apparent.
They introduced each other to their roommates.
After leaving Song Qian, Jiang Han remembered Han Yu’s sister’s name as Han Muxue.
The main reason was that the other two girls were too ordinary.
Song Qian and Han Muxue.
Star dormitory.
Guo Shaojun and the others even intended to use the opportunity to introduce each other.
Like Jiang Han, he went to shake hands with Song Qian.
It was also a good idea to feel the hand of a beauty with a face value of more than 90 points.
However, Song Qian was obviously not interested in them.
He didn’ t move at all. He just nodded.
Guo Shaojun and the others could only pull back their hands.
But no matter what.
At the very least, the atmosphere on the table was not as awkward as before.
After the dishes arrived, Han Yu and Han Muxue would bring them along.
The atmosphere became even more harmonious.
In fact, Guo Shaojun and Han Muxue were even joking.
Guo Shaojun was from the north, and that girl was from the south. Her personality was gentle, and she was complementary.
After a meal of hot pot, the relationship between the two of them was obviously much closer.
He even added WeChat.
As for the last two sets of watermelons.
One of them was eaten by everyone.
As for the other plate.
Under everyone’s jeering, Jiang Han ate on his own to make amends.
The Grand Xia’s Heavenly Eating of Watermelon was indeed very enjoyable.
However, he couldn’ t bear eating too much.
Jiang Han only felt his stomach swell.
If he had known, he wouldn’t have eaten so much hotpot just now.
Eight people ate a pot, and in the end, they only spent four hundred.
This price was not expensive.
It could even be said to be far below the normal consumption level of Shanghai.
After all, you can enter a restaurant in Shanghai.
It was very difficult for the eight of them to come out.
This wasn’t Jiang Han and Su Hei. High wages determined high consumption levels.
If it wasn’ t for Jiang Han obtaining the wanton life system.
He had directly reached the level of eight million a year.
Just this hotpot meal alone would cost Jiang Han a quarter of his monthly living expenses.
However, it was nothing to Jiang Han.
However, after the hot pot was finished, Jiang Han’s purpose of coming out this time seemed to be incomplete.
There were still over a hundred thousand in the bank account waiting for Jiang Han to spend.
After Han Muxue finished eating, she held Han Yu’s arm and didn’ t let go.
“Brother, my essence is gone. Just buy me another bottle.”
“Still buy it?”You’ re drinking a bottle of 1,000 essence?”
Hearing that Han Muxue was about to rob her wallet, Han Yu immediately indicated that it was impossible.
“Let’s talk about it. Mom and Dad will give you 50,000 yuan a month and only give me 20,000 yuan. How dare you let me buy it for you?”
“I don’t care. Anyway, if you do n’ t buy it for me, I’ll tell my parents that you’ re bullying me.”
“Do you still want your pocket money next month?”
It could be seen that Han Yu was often threatened by Han Muxue.
Hearing Han Muxue’s words, he immediately became terrified.
“I’ ll buy it.”
Han Yu shook her head helplessly.
Then, he turned to look at Jiang Han and the others.
“Why don’ t we go take a look?”
Guo Shaojun and Liu Guangchao shook their heads.
Are you kidding me?
A bottle of essence liquid was worth a thousand yuan. It was not something they could afford to stroll about.
In order not to be attacked by the tyrant beside them, it was better for them to return to their dorms obediently.
Even the other two girls were the same.
It meant that he didn’ t want to go.
Seeing this, Han Yu looked at Jiang Han.
“Jiang Han, are you going?”
Jiang Han nodded and said,” It’s a good thing. Let’s go take a stroll together.”
“Qianqian, come with me.”
Han Muxue grabbed Song Qian’s arm.
He shook it twice and said as if he was acting coquettishly.
Song Qian couldn’ t stand being shaken by Han Muxue and could only agree.*

Chapter 7 Fifteen1 Set of Essence [Request for Evaluation]

Shanghai was the economic center of the Heavenly Dynasty.
They were in contact with the imperial capital far north.
Perhaps in terms of political status, they were not as respectful as the imperial capital.
But in terms of economy.
Shanghai was going to be more open and trendy.
Many brands were entering the Heavenly Dynasty market.
They subconsciously chose Shanghai as the test ground.
All sorts of commercial buildings stood tall in this city.
It was the world-famous Yida.
In this city, however, it seemed that it was impossible to enter the threshold.
This was because there were simply too many stores higher than Yida.
It was as if Jiang Han and the others had entered this mansion.
There were a total of eighty levels, all sorts of big cards.
There were many brands that could not be seen in Yida.
But could you say that they could not reach the threshold of Yida?
It could only be said that the positions of the two sides were different.
Yida was more inclined to become a commoner.
As for these products that easily cost five digits, there was a certain conflict with Yida’s own positioning.
Under such circumstances, if it wasn’ t for Jiang Han already obtaining the wanton life system.
With just one month’s living expenses of two thousand, he probably would n’ t even be able to surpass the light luxury level products.
Jiang Han wouldn’t eat instant noodles for a month just because his friend smiled.
That was not consistent with his attitude towards life.
More importantly, he did not have a girlfriend.
“Brother, I still want this.”
Han Muxue held a small bottle in her hand. It looked like it was only twenty to thirty milliliters.
He looked at Han Yu and said in a flattering tone.
Shocked, Han Yu hurriedly glanced at the price tag.
He let out a sigh of relief after discovering that there were only two hundred of them.
“Buy it.”
He waved his large hand and said boldly.
Actually, just like a girl’s cosmetics and skin care products, just a bottle.
Actually, it wasn’ t that expensive.
The price was already at its limit.
However, there were many types that could not withstand it.
It was as if after buying a single product, he naturally had to match the other products in the same set.
“Help me with this set.”
Han Muxue looked at the guide and said with a smile.
Han Yu did not hear the difference in Han Mu Xue’s words.
The difference between a bottle and a set was not small.
It was as if right now, after seeing Han Muxue take over a large bag in the hand of the shopper.
His eyes turned red.
“Han Muxue!”I told you to take a bottle, not a set.”
Han Yu only felt that her heart was dripping with blood.
With this set, he basically emptied out his monthly living expenses.
“Aiya brother, just help me pay half. I’ ll pay the rest.”
Han Muxue knew that she couldn’ t be tough at this moment.
She could only hold Han Yu’s arm and act coquettishly.
“Your sister is already tanned. Don’ t you feel distressed?”
“And this one is the same as that of a man. You and Jiang Han can also buy one.”
Han Muxue’s words caused Jiang Han to be somewhat moved.
The military training caused him to lose a few points.
If he could turn white, Jiang Han would not insist on the theory of black spot health.
“How much is this set?”
Jiang Han, who had been following behind him, asked aloud.
The shopper glanced at Jiang Han, who had been following behind him the entire time.
However, he could tell that the set of clothes on Jiang Han’s body was not worth more than five hundred.
However, he didn’ t have any thoughts of looking down on Jiang Han.
The luxurious brand shop was not a fool.
When recruiting staff, they would naturally be trained.
That’s why the sand sculpture in the novel that you ca n’ t afford to close your mouth when you see others wearing cheap clothes.
It was basically impossible for them to appear in such a brand shop.
The next day, that person would receive a notice of dismissal.
This was the true rule.
“Hello, sir, this is a ladies’ suit of fifteen thousand six and a man’s suit of thirteen thousand four.”
“Men’s suit included a bottle of fifty milliliters of whitening essence, a bottle of healing essence, and a bottle ……”
Jiang Han did not listen carefully to what the guide said later.
He only secretly said that he was really ruthless.
From more than two hundred to fifteen thousand six.
It was just the difference between a jacket and a bottle.
It was no wonder Han Yu refused to accept half of Han Muxue’s payment.
Even if it was only half, it would still be more than 7,000.
So what if he lived on 20,000 yuan a month?
If you have the ability, go around for a while.
Not to mention twenty thousand, any amount could be set up for you.
However, Jiang Han obviously didn’ t care.
He came here to spend money.
No matter what, he had to obtain a hundred thousand experience points to the full level.
Compared to the increase in earnings after upgrading.
This 10,000 plus should not be considered IQ tax, right?
Just as Han Yu and Han Muxue were still struggling to buy or not.
Jiang Han had already pulled out his bank card.
“Get me a set of men’s. Swipe your card.”
Jiang Han didn’ t pretend to be a bighead and directly paid for Han Muxue’s trick.
That sort of thing was simply too stupid.
Could Han Muxue really not afford this money?
Obviously not. She just wanted to empty out Han Yu’s pocket money.
Since the siblings were not lacking in money, why should Jiang Han pretend to be generous?
Moreover, the relationship between the two sides had not reached that level.
Even Han Yu had only known each other for ten days.
Not to mention that it was only the first time he had seen Han Muxue today.
Jiang Han was so decisive that he was a little dumbfounded.
However, after a short moment of surprise, the shopper respectfully took the bank card in Jiang Han’s hand.
Han Yu and the others looked at Jiang Han in astonishment.
“I didn’ t expect that Jiang Han would actually be such a wealthy person. If you were to buy thirteen thousand items, you would just buy them?”*

Chapter 8 Old Father’s Theory [Seeking Flowers]

Han Yu was truly shocked.
The main reason was that Jiang Hanping was acting too normally.
Apart from the slightly higher appearance, there was no obvious difference from the others.
Right now, even her skin had darkened a few degrees, and she was not that outstanding.
His clothes were also very ordinary.
But now, he was about to buy a set of over 10,000 essence liquids without a word?
Although this number was nothing to Han Yu and Han Yu.
But someone who could casually take out more than ten thousand to buy a set of essence.
The pocket money in his hand was obviously more than ten thousand.
Even Song Qian’s eyes were filled with deep doubt.
Those who could spend more than 10,000 to buy a set of essence.
He actually snatched a watermelon from her during the military training?
Are rich people such a bad taste?
Song Qian said she should not.
The contrast was too great.
“Brother, look at Jiang Han. He doesn’ t even feel sorry for spending money.”
“Why is it so difficult for you to buy a set of essence for your sister.”
Han Muxue was obviously stimulated by Jiang Han.
As he spoke, his voice carried a burst of tears.
However, Han Yu did not take her as a trick at all.
“Han Muxue, don’ t come with me like this. I’ ve been tricked so many times. Do you think I’ ll still fall for it?”
“Shua, shua, shua. Password for your birthday.”
Han Yu originally wanted to stiffen.
But in reality, when she saw the tears in Han Muxue’s eyes.
However, he still couldn’ t hold back.
He could only take out his own bank card.
As for Han Muxue, who was still’ pear blossom with rain’, she turned gloomy after Han Yu took out her bank card.
“Brother, I knew you were the best to me.”
Han Muxue happily pulled Song Qian’s hand to pay the bill.
Jiang Han also wanted to laugh as he watched the two of them fight.
Han Yu said that she would not buy it.
But even the bank card password was Han Muxue’s birthday.
It was enough to show how indulgent he was towards this sister.
Han Muxue was the same.
If it were any other girl, she would probably have changed her target and found a way to touch Jiang Han.
It had to be said that this method of understanding each other made Jiang Han very comfortable.
What he was afraid of was the kind of person who relied on knowing each other and then tried to ask for nothing.
It was difficult to deal with, yet it was also a person’s mentality.
Fortunately, the few people who came out to shop this time weren’ t that kind of people.
Han Yu, who had compromised with her sister, finally took a break and walked over to examine Jiang Han.
Then, he sighed,” I can’ t tell, Jiang Han.”
“I thought I was the richest person in the dormitory. I didn’ t expect you to be more wealthy than me.”
“No, you have to pay half of that meal just now.”
Han Yu had a smile on her face. She was obviously joking with Jiang Han.
Jiang Han replied with a smile.
“No problem, but I’ ll give it half.”
“I’ ve agreed that you invited me.”
“However, it’s no problem to treat you to an afternoon tea after you’ ve finished shopping.”
This kind of treat was something that came and went.
It was as if someone from the dormitory was going out to eat.
Of course it was good.
However, it was inevitable that there would be a feeling of mutual affinity.
Have you ever seen any old father who wants to eat with his son?
Compared to aa, Jiang Han still liked to treat guests who came and returned.
Of course, Jiang Han could only say that he shouldn’t dirty his eyes for the few people who licked their faces.
“It’s easy to say. I know a tea restaurant. It’s just a little expensive. Don’ t worry about it later.”
Han Yu chuckled.
How could he look like a rich second generation?
“Oh right, Brother Yu, do you know which family’s clothes are good?”
Jiang Han asked again.
“Clothes?”If it was in the past, I would recommend Adi, even though she is a sports brand.”
“But the clothes are still very comfortable to wear.”
“But now, let’s go and take a look at the luxurious clothing area upstairs.”
Although it wasn’ t Han Yu who had bought it himself.
However, being able to enjoy himself was also very enjoyable.
Who said that the lives of rich second generation were all kinds of purchases?
It was not true at all.
Rich second generation would also feel distressed for money, okay?
Of course, this was not the case in front of a favorite girl.
Even if it was just an ordinary person, they would be willing to throw a thousand gold in front of their favorite girls.
It was just that this daughter might not be a real daughter.
But it was nothing to Jiang Han.
Jiang Han and Han Muxue walked out with a bag in their hands.
Then, he headed straight for the light and luxurious area on the higher floor.
Generally, high-end stores would plan how many floors to sell before attracting investment.
It was as if no matter which market it was, the first thing they saw was definitely those jewelry stores.
This was a marketing concept that came into being after a certain degree of research on consumer psychology.
Take Yida as an example.
The elevators were never connected.
If he wanted to find the elevator that was going up, he had to take an extra walk to the other side.
Normally, he didn’ t feel anything.
However, it brought a lot of traffic to the merchants.
As for this mansion, it could be considered to take care of the mood of consumers.
He did not do that.
However, a large number of luxurious service stores were arranged in a row, which could stimulate consumers’ desire to buy.*

Chapter 9: Double Happiness [Flowers and Plus]

Jiang Han remembered that he had read a piece of news before.
There was a statistic done.
It ranked the purchasing power of a family.
At the top was a woman/wife.
At the second place was the child.
Then was the old man at home.
And pets.
Finally, it was the man.
This ranking was somewhat dramatic.
It could not be completely trusted.
But from a certain level, it also showed that men were consuming this piece, especially the piece of clothing.
It was very casual, otherwise, it wouldn’ t be ranked below a pet.
You can casually name a lot of light luxury brands that make products for women.
However, it was hard to say a male luxury brand that everyone knew.
Just like now.
At a glance, the entire floor was filled with shops selling female clothing.
Even Dior, Givenchy, and Armani could see it on this level.
However, it was very difficult to find a shop that specialized in male clothing.
No, there were two families.
Being squeezed into a corner, he trembled.
This was too tragic.
Was it really that lowly?
Jiang Han felt a little helpless.
Even Han Yu and the others discovered this.
It was a little awkward.
Actually, there were very few clothes Han Yu usually wore that he bought himself.
Most of it was his mother, or Han Muxue saw it while shopping and bought him two.
Therefore, he did not know exactly where there was a clothing store for men.
Jiang Han’s requirements were not very high.
He just wanted to spend the money in his bank card and purchase some items that he could use.
But in the end, Jiang Han still found a problem.
The clothes in these shops seemed to be quite old.
The clothes inside were not suitable for Jiang Han’s age.
It was no wonder.
The stage in which men had the most ability to consume was the stage of young and middle age.
Even though the married man might not have much money in his hands.
But their wives were rich.
Moreover, taking it out alone, in fact, men’s clothes weren’ t much lower than women’s.
Just like now.
Han Muxue volunteered to choose a casual shirt for Jiang Han.
The price had reached over two thousand.
However, the upper body effect was still very good.
Jiang Han was over 1.8 meters tall.
He arrived at 1.3 meters.
There were also a few abdominal muscles.
He was able to support this shirt.
It belonged to the type of clothes that looked skinny, stripped, and fleshy.
He looked at Jiang Han who came out of the dressing room.
Han Muxue nodded in satisfaction.
Then, he turned to look at Han Yu.
“Brother, look at his figure and your belly. Have you not been stimulated?”
In the face of Han Muxue’s constant attacks, Han Yu directly rolled her eyes and replied.
Then, he sighed,” I didn’ t say that Jiang Han’s figure was truly extinct.”
“If I were a woman, I would be tempted.”
“How is it? Why don’ t you consider it?”
“I’ m not interested in you.”
Jiang Han looked at Han Yu’s lowly expression and felt a little powerless to complain.
“Don’ t, Brother Jiang.”
“I’ ll settle the debt for you.”
Hearing this, Han Yu smiled and said,” You have money. I also have money. We don’ t need to spend the other party’s money together.”
“Why don’t you live when the Internet Cafe is open?”
“There’s no need to find another girlfriend to let them spend our money.”
“You’ re right?”
“What is this called? This is called double happiness.”
Jiang Han was already speechless at this guy’s theory.
Han Yu was different from the other rich second generation.
All day long, he didn’ t want to show off his wealth. Instead, he was full of flirtatious actions.
But it made sense.
Was he really double happy?
Even Han Muxue couldn’ t bear to glare at Han Yu.
Song Qian remained silent.
After taking a few glances at Jiang Han’s figure, he turned around and walked towards his pants.
“Qianqian, wait for me.”
Seeing this, Han Muxue hurriedly followed.
“What did they do?”
Han Yu looked at Jiang Han doubtfully.
“How do I know.”Jiang Han shrugged.
After a long while, the two of them returned.
He held two pairs of pants in his hands.
“Try these pants.”
Song Qian stuffed a pair of pants into Jiang Han’s hand and a cold voice rang out again.
So he went to pick out his clothes.
Jiang Han looked at Song Qian’s cold expression.
For a moment, he did not know what to say.
However, he turned around and saw Han Yu’s face showing a cheap smile.
“Brother Jiang, there is a situation.”
As he spoke, Han Yu raised an eyebrow.
Jiang Han was speechless.
“Let’s try it first. It should fit.”
Song Qian added.
Jiang Han replied with a good word and took his pants into the fitting room.
It had to be said that Song Qian’s eyes were still very high.
Even if he had had some unpleasant experiences with Jiang Han before.
However, the clothes that Jiang Han chose were very suitable for Jiang Han.
Especially after she came out, Song Qian chose a pair of casual shoes for Jiang Han.
The size was just right.
After changing into Jiang Han, his temperament had improved greatly.
At the very least, it was no longer as it had been before.
Ignoring Jiang Han’s tanned skin.
He was still very handsome.
Only the skin that had been tanned, if more than ten thousand essence liquids had no effect.
Jiang Han wanted to suspect that it was a fake.
“Ding…Congratulations on having a satisfactory shopping experience.”
“Get a basic shopping card.”
“Primary Shopping Return Card: The maximum amount is 50,000 yuan. After use, you will receive 1-3 times the random return card.”
“The amount of cash returned will be transferred to your bank account through the stock market. Please rest assured.”*

Chapter 10: Wool System [10/10]

What was this?
Jiang Han subconsciously immersed himself in the system space after hearing the system notification.
He flipped through the shopping card.
Jiang Han became excited when he finally understood.
A beginner shopping card was equivalent to his consumption. The system would pay for it and give him a reward.
According to the maximum of three times the amount of cash returned, it would be 150 thousand.
Wouldn’ t it mean that Jiang Han would be able to earn a hundred thousand if he bought fifty thousand things?
This feeling……
It gave Jiang Han a feeling of’ whoring’.
Indeed, that was the case.
He had originally thought that breathing would be enough to earn a salary.
However, he never expected the system to have this hidden benefit.
No wonder it was called reckless life.
If he didn’ t wantonly buy things, could he be called the wantonly life system?
“F*ck, Jiang Han, why are you laughing so cheaply.”
Just when Jiang Han was checking his shopping card and expressing his satisfaction.
Han Yu suddenly said.
He immediately pulled Jiang Han back to the display.
Then, they saw the three of them, including Han Yu, looking at Jiang Han with disdain.
Including the pretty cashier in front of the cashier, he could not help but laugh.
“Take a look. The cashier’s little sister can’ t stand you anymore.”
Hearing Han Yu’s words, the cashier hurriedly withdrew her expression.
One of them said seriously,” Sir, we’ ve all received professional training. We won’ t laugh at guests.”
“Unless I can’ t help it?”
Jiang Han shook his head helplessly.
Then, he asked,” What’s the total amount we just spent?”
Hearing Jiang Han’s words, the cashier glanced at the bill.
Mr.”, you just bought three shirts, four pants, and a pair of casual shoes.”
“A total of 35,000 yuan.”
“I’ ve already opened the Hailan membership for you.”
“You can make a 10% discount.”
“The discount is 31,860 yuan.”
“Just pay thirty-one thousand yuan.”
It was a 10% discount. Based on this price, it was estimated to be around 8% discount.
Jiang Han was still very satisfied.
But there was a problem.
The beginner return card could provide up to 50,000 yuan.
If the consumption was less than 50,000, it would be calculated based on the actual consumption.
Now that he had only spent thirty-one yuan, wouldn’ t it be a loss for him to use the Basic Recovery Card?
Even though Jiang Han’s breathing rate was currently over twenty thousand a day.
However, if he could pluck a bit of wool, he could pluck a bit.
It wasn’t Jiang Han who wanted to earn this bit of money.
The main reason was that if he didn’ t earn money, he would feel very sorry.
Could it be that the system was not cheap?
“Well, do you have a belt or something?”
Jiang Han asked again.
Enough clothes, no need to buy too many.
It could be done with some accessories.
Inside the pants Song Qian had selected for him.
Two of them needed to be pulled back.
However, when Jiang Han came from his home, he acted lightly.
With only a bag on his back, there was no belt.
It was quite good to pick two belts now.
He tossed the wool in his hand.
“Yes, sir. Please come with me.”
“This area is the exclusive counter of Hai Lan’s merchant Jin Lilai.”
The cashier brought Jiang Han and the others to a corner.
On one side of the wall was a belt wallet or something.
“Jin Lilai’s wallet and belt are quite good.”
“Ranked in the forefront of the country.”
“But it’s almost fifty thousand.”
“Brother Jiang, you have plenty of pocket money.”
Han Yu was speechless.
His family’s conditions were considered rich even in Shanghai.
However, the monthly living expenses were only twenty thousand.
Jiang Han had bought more than fifty thousand items today.
It was almost three months of his living expenses.
He actually wanted to buy it now?
Compared to Jiang Hanyi, this rich second generation was a bit shabby.
“I just happened to make some money on the stock market during this period of time, so I just bought some more things.”
Jiang Han didn’ t mention his family. Instead, he said he was making money.
Actually, it was not wrong.
The breathing salary provided by the system was transferred to Jiang Han Bank account through the stock market.
Even if Han Yu went to investigate, there were enough traces for him to investigate.
Of course, Han Yu was not that idle either.
“That’s good. I thought your family would be so lenient towards you. A month’s allowance would be worth a hundred thousand.”
Hearing Jiang Han’s explanation, Han Yu let out a sigh of relief.
As long as it was not given by the family.
Otherwise, he, a rich second generation, would really be a poor person when compared to Jiang Han.
“Brother, have you heard it clearly.”
“I earned it myself.”
“How can I be like you.”
Han Muxue couldn’t bear to point out Han Yu.
But who told her that she liked to do this kind of thing the most.
After Han Muxue finished speaking, she only responded with Han Yu’s somewhat resentful gaze.
“If you dislike me, please give me the money you just bought. Thank you.”
“I’ m not.”
With great difficulty, it took Han Yu over 7,000 years to buy a set.
How could Han Muxue retreat?
“Brother Jiang, do you need me and Qianqian to help you pick two?”
Han Muxue caused Han Yu to be frustrated. She looked at Jiang Han with a smile on her face.
Although they had only known each other for a few hours, Han Muxue had already called Little Jiang like Han Yu.
“Of course, I believe in your eyes.”
Jiang Han did not refuse.
Han Muxue should often buy men’s clothing for Han Yu and her father. She had a very unique vision.
Song Qian was no different.
It was even to the extent that the items chosen were more suitable for Jiang Han.
“By the way, there’s no need to save me. This time, I’ ve earned a bit more.”
Jiang Han smiled.
Han Muxue and Song Qian nodded and went to pick.
On the other hand, Han Yu, who was at the side, said with a face full of resentment,” Little Jiang, I beg you to be a person.”*

Chapter 11 Did Big Boss lack thigh hangers [1/10]

The facts proved that not all rich second generation were hedonistic children. All they knew was to drink and soak in girls.
Han Yu was the best example.
And at the same time, the facts also proved that not all rich and second generations were able to achieve something more outstanding than their father.
Han Yu was the same example.
Actually, Han Yu was not bad either.
How many people were able to enter Shanghai.
Han Yu had already surpassed most of the rich second generation by herself.
But the truth was.
When Jiang Han revealed that he had made hundreds of thousands of profits from stock speculation.
Han Yu fell into Han Muxue’s contempt.
However, the two brothers and sisters were fighting each other’s mouths, and it was just fun.
If other people wanted to join in.
It was purely because he was looking for trouble.
Jiang Han or Song Qian knew this very well.
After Song Qian and Han Muxue picked out the items, Jiang Han settled the bill.
There were two more belts, a wallet, and even several pairs of stockings of 200 yuan.
The total consumption was still only 43,000.
But that was enough.
Everything was about to be done.
There was no need to worry about the seven thousand yuan.
Even if it tripled, it would only be twenty-one percent.
Jiang Han was only paying for one day’s breathing.
“Ding…Congratulations on using the beginner shopping card.”
“The reward this time is three times.”
“The current total consumption is 43,117 yuan.”
“Congratulations to the host for obtaining a return of 129,510 yuan.”
“This reward will be transferred to the host account through the earnings of the stock market. Please use it with confidence.”
Before he arrived, Jiang Han’s balance had reached over 183,000.
The purchase of essence cost over ten thousand.
Now it had cost another forty-three million.
A total of fifty-six.
Originally, Jiang Han’s account balance should be 127,000.
However, after this card was used up.
Jiang Han’s account balance had broken through to 200,000 levels.
He arrived at more than 256,000.
May I ask what kind of experience would it be to spend money instead of reducing the balance?
He looked at the 250,000 in the balance of his account.
Jiang Han was extremely satisfied.
But he suddenly discovered something.
According to this rhythm.
He seemed to have nothing to buy anymore.
A large bag was already in his hands.
No matter how much he went to buy clothes, he couldn’ t bring them away.
There was still more than thirty thousand to upgrade the system.
When he thought about it, he really didn’ t seem to have anything left.
Could it be that he couldn’t afford it?
“Brother Yu, what are my shortcomings?”
Jiang Han had never faced such a difficult problem before.
It was all about what they wanted to buy and what they lacked.
But now, he was spending money for the sake of spending money.
More importantly, he didn’ t understand luxury goods at all.
In the past, his family conditions could not satisfy his desire for luxury.
Hearing Jiang Han’s words.
Han Yu and Han Muxue, who were still playing around, stopped.
It was as if he had been asked by Jiang Han.
Han Yu sized Jiang Han up.
Then, he said with a strange expression,” Big Boss lacks a thigh hanger?”
“It’s easy to say. Fifty thousand a month is enough. I’ ll follow you all day and shout 666.”
“How was it?”Is it a good deal?”
As Han Yu spoke, she even made the move to hug Jiang Han’s thigh.
This caused Jiang Han to feel goosebumps.
But this thought was not bad.
It could make a rich second generation call 666.
It was quite refreshing to think about it.
But it was a pity.
This kind of behavior system would not admit it.
Because at the same time that Jiang Han planned to rely on this to gain experience.
The system notification arrived.
“The channel for obtaining the consumption experience is the main character’s daily consumption expenditure. No gift will produce consumption experience.”
The system immediately blocked Jiang Han’s path.
Sorry, Young Master Han.
Although I really wanted you to call 666, the system did not agree.
“Stop joking ……”
Jiang Han could only wave his hand and signal Han Yu to be more serious.
“I’ m serious. Look at me.”
Han Yu carefully examined Jiang Han and then looked at Song Qian.
He had originally expected Han Yu to say something constructive.
But seeing his gaze.
Jiang Han and the others were speechless.
Suggesting that Jiang Han lacked a beauty by his side?
“Brother Jiang, how much money do you have?”
Han Muxue sized her up and suddenly asked.
“A little over 250,000, what’s wrong?”
He spent more than 50,000, and the balance of his account was still 250,000.
No wonder Jiang Han didn’ t feel any pain at all.
It was like buying cabbage.
“More than 250,000, it should be about the same.”
Han Muxue murmured.
Then, he looked at Jiang Han.
“If Brother Jiang still wants to spend, I can make a suggestion.”
“It just so happens that I need to take care of my watch.”
“Actually, Brother Jiang, you can buy a watch.”
“That’s right!”
Hearing Han Muxue’s words, Han Yu also came to a sudden realization.
“You’ re such a rich person.”
“Since you want to spend money like this, why don’ t you buy a wrist watch.”
As she spoke, Han Yu raised her wrist and revealed the exquisite mechanical watch on her wrist.
“Poor to play with cars, rich to play with watches.”
“Brother Jiang, you deserve it.”
Even Song Qian nodded in agreement.
“Just now, I felt that there were still some shortcomings. Now that I know, adding a wristwatch is appropriate.”
Ps: I want a monthly ticket.*

Chapter 12: Scramble Table [2/10]

Han Yu and the others recommended it together.
It proved that buying a wrist watch was still feasible.
Jiang Han himself was a little moved.
Without deliberately buying luxury goods.
It seemed that it was possible to buy a wrist watch.
More importantly.
A watch was a man’s luxury.
A more expensive watch could easily start at tens of thousands.
Hundreds to hundreds of thousands, and even millions of watches.
And hundreds of thousands of watches were on his wrist.
It was almost as if he was carrying a house with him.
It was no wonder there were poor cars and rich play watches.
After all, his watch was not as bold as a sports car.
As for being able to spend hundreds of thousands to buy a watch, he didn’ t show it.
Probably only he really liked it.
Such a person really did not lack money.
More importantly, after Han Muxue made this suggestion.
The system informed Jiang Han that he had started a branch mission.
“Congratulations to the host for opening a branch mission. How could Shen Hao not have a wrist watch ornament.”
“Current mission stage: Beginner.”
“Mission completion requirements: Host will need to purchase a Patek Philippe entry-level wristwatch within three days.”
“Mission Failure Punishment: The branch mission will automatically fail, and such missions will not appear in the future.”
“Reward for successful mission:3 initial purchase cards.”
He triggered another mission?
This trigger frequency was a bit high.
According to this rhythm.
Jiang Han guessed that every time he experienced something new, he would probably trigger it once.
Moreover, this time’s mission reward made him very moved.
The basic purchase return card was fifty thousand, up to three times.
In other words, these three cards could give Jiang Han a maximum return amount of 450,000.
A millionaire had achieved half of the tempo?
More importantly, this was a continuous mission.
However, in the initial stage, he provided Jiang Han with three shopping cards.
If the mission were to proceed to the end, the rewards would only be even richer, right?
“Let’s go.”
After receiving the mission, Jiang Han immediately made a decision and pulled Han Yu out.
Facing Jiang Han’s character of saying that Feng was Yu, Han Yu and the others were somewhat helpless, but they didn’ t say anything.
Originally, he had accompanied Han Muxue out shopping to buy skin care products.
In the end, he inadvertently became Jiang Han’s home ground.
The three of them turned into Jiang Han’s companions.
However, none of them said anything about this.
Even though he couldn’t afford to go shopping with a big boss, it would be great if he could n’ t worry about all sorts of money.
It was as if he was going to buy a wrist watch now.
Han Yu was more excited than Jiang Han.
After leaving Hai Lan, he had been giving Jiang Han all sorts of knowledge about watches.
“Brother Jiang, to be honest, I’m going to give you the first place on my watch.”
“Patek Philippe is simply my life dream.”
After Han Muxue said that she had called a special car, Jiang Han and the others waited by the roadside.
Hearing Han Yu’s words.
Jiang Han couldn’ t help but look at him doubtfully.
“You’ re living on 20,000 yuan a month, so you should be able to buy Baudali if you save a little, right?”
Jiang Han had just checked.
Baeda Lili’s entry-level price was around 160,000.
If Han Yu really wanted it, she could still buy it by gritting her teeth.
At most, he would only live as an ordinary person for a few months.
When Jiang Han said this, Han Yu suddenly turned her head to look at Han Muxue.
This caused Han Muxue to feel a little embarrassed.
With a raise of his neck, he glared at Han Yu.
“Why, shouldn’t you be a big brother for your sister’s birthday?”
“I’ ll talk about it. Didn’ t I also buy you a gift ……”
After Han Muxue finished speaking, she seemed a little embarrassed.
She shrunk her neck and grabbed Song Qian’s arm.
“You still have the nerve to say that?”
Han Yu seemed to have been mentioned about something sad.
Hearing Han Muxue’s words, he rolled his eyes.
“I saved a year’s allowance, and I managed to save 200,000.”
“You actually turned around for me.”
“What else do you want to save me for my wife?”
“You gave me a cuff link on my birthday?”
“Or a gift?”
Han Yu looked at Han Muxue with a pompous expression.
This caused Han Muxue to feel a little embarrassed.
“It was my mother who asked me to take care of you. If a man has money, he will become bad. I can’t let you develop the habit of spending money freely.”
“You ……”
Han Yu still wanted to say something.
Han Muxue waved her hand.
“The carriage is here, the carriage is here.”
Seeing this, Han Yu could only restrain her somewhat exaggerated expression.
However, it was obvious that his heart was blocked.
He directly sat in the passenger seat.
“Sigh ……”
Jiang Han originally wanted to call Han Yu to the back seat.
However, seeing that Han Yu was already in the car, he could only give up.
The group of four drove one by one.
It was destined that three people would be squeezed behind.
Jiang Han only discovered it after he got into the car.
Han Muxue sat inside.
Song Qian sat in the middle.
Seeing Jiang Han about to get into the car.
Song Qian subconsciously moved towards Han Muxue.
But it was very obvious.
The space in the back of this car was not large.
Jiang Han sat down at a height of 1.85 meters.
It was hard to avoid having some contact with Song Qian.
He smelled the faint fragrance from the side.
Jiang Han suddenly thought of buying a car as soon as possible.
A BBA-level car was only more than 300,000.
In fact, if Jiang Han didn’ t buy a wrist watch, he could just get one.
However, Jiang Han was no longer satisfied with the BBA.
One day, he would earn more than twenty thousand yuan. Why not wait for a period of time and start from the Super Run?*

Chapter 13 The Greatest King of the Watch World [3/10]

Patek Philippe had only two sales centers in the entire court.
One was located in the imperial capital and the other in Shanghai.
The sales center in the capital was not mentioned for the time being.
The sales center in Shanghai was located in Huangpu.
There was a distance from Jiang Han and the others.
Plus, it was time for work.
There was a traffic jam.
More than thirty kilometers of distance had taken two hours.
Jiang Han also smelled the fragrance of Song Qian.
Sitting in the back of the car for a long time.
It was inevitable that his legs would become numb.
Song Qian moved from time to time to calm down.
But every move.
They were all wiping Jiang Han.
For a moment, Jiang Han was confused.
To avoid embarrassment, every time Song Qian moved.
Jiang Han tried his best to lean towards the door.
Two hours later.
The first thing Jiang Han got out of the car was to stomp his feet.
The feeling of being squeezed into a small space for a few hours was simply too difficult.
Song Qian and Han Muxue were not much better than Jiang Han.
Only Han Yu was sitting in front of him, looking very satisfied.
“If I had known, I would have asked the company’s car to come and pick us up.”
Han Muxue muttered.
The Han family had a rich background, and having a certain amount of strength in Shanghai was already a secret of the two dormitories.
However, judging from the personalities of Han Yu and Han Muxue, they were still very easy to get along with.
Han Muxue’s words might really have been squeezed.
“Alright, we just came out to buy something. There’s no need to trouble Uncle Liu and the others.”
After two hours of travel, Han Yu had long forgotten about what had happened earlier.
Anyway, everything had already happened.
It was useless to say so much.
“Let’s go, Brother Jiang. Let’s go and see just how heroic Baudelight is.”
Since the mission had been triggered, there was no need to go to another brand shop.
Moreover, Han Yu was so respectful towards Baida Yili.
Jiang Hansuo decided to come directly to Baidali.
A hundred and twenty thousand Baudali.
Although it was only an entry level.
However, it was more than enough to satisfy the consumption experience.
Patek Philippe’s only decoration had revealed a sense of pride.
In a place like Huangpu.
Patek Philippe’s sales center was like a small castle.
The door was filled with all sorts of luxurious cars.
“Brother, dad’s car.”
Han Muxue suddenly pointed out.
Jiang Han and the others followed the direction Han Muxue pointed at.
He happened to see a Rolls Royce.
Jiang Han didn’ t know much about luxury cars. He couldn’ t tell exactly what model this was.
But with the word Rolls-Royce, the price would start at four million, right?
“That’s true, dad wouldn’ t have come to buy another watch, right?”
Han Yu muttered.
But after looking at Jiang Han, he smiled.
“Brother Jiang, you really know how to do it.”
“My father is a platinum member of Patek Philippe.”
“If I buy a watch by his hand, I will save a lot of trouble.”
“More importantly, there is no need to wait.”
Han Yu explained to Jiang Han.
Patek Philippe was the strongest king in the global watch industry.
In order to ensure that the product could maintain its value.
The annual output was limited.
This was also why many rich people liked to buy Patek Philippe as an investment.
After all, rare things are precious.
As for the limited output, it was destined that some consumers would not be able to buy it.
Or they would have to wait a long time to make an appointment to buy in line.
The entry fee was fine.
Wait for two or three months.
However, it was common for a million-level Patek Philippians to wait for more than half a year.
Jiang Han really had a feeling of coincidence.
If he really needed to wait two or three months.
Meanwhile, the system had completed the task based on obtaining the wrist watch.
It was truly awkward.
For the current Jiang Han, the amount of rewards for the three Basic Consumption Cards was quite large.
More importantly, there were a series of subsequent missions.
It was a pity to just let go.
“Then I’ ll ask Brother Yu to help me speak well with your father.”
“Let him buy one for me.”
At this moment, Jiang Han naturally wouldn’ t pretend to be shameless.
Not to mention friends.
It was only when there was a chance that they could get closer.
“Don’ t worry. Just one sentence.”
Han Yu patted her chest and agreed.
Compared to the old gate outside, it was a little quaint.
Patek Philippe’s interior seemed even more luxurious.
Apart from the exhibition area.
There were also many separate rooms.
It was specially used for users to watch watches.
After all, he was the strongest king in the watch world.
He had to have an aura.
It couldn’t be the same as those watch shops that could buy one piece at a hundred yuan.
Three or four counters were directly discharged. Which one would you like to take?
There was still a need for style.
What surprised Jiang Han was.
After the four of them entered.
Patek Philippe’s shop assistant obviously knew Han Yu.
“Young Master Han, long time no see.”
Perhaps this was the face of the rich second generation.
When they walked into Patek Philippe’s sales center, the shop assistants knew each other.
Han Yu, who had been feeling extremely distressed for seven thousand yuan, was probably fake.
Han Yu’s expression was serious.
Hearing the greetings from the salesperson, he nodded.
“My father is here, right?”Bring us over.”
“Alright, Young Master Han, please come with me. President Han is in room four.”
The salesperson walked in front.
Jiang Han and the others followed behind.
Han Yu quietly explained to Jiang Han.
“My father used to bring me here. My interest in Patek Philippe was nurtured at that time.”*

Chapter 14 How the True Boss Cultures the Future

Rolls Royce was used as a daily carriage.
When Han Yu was a child, she often brought him to Baedali.
He was now a platinum member of Patek Philippe.
Jiang Han estimated.
The Han Yu family’s assets were probably over three billion.
Only in this way could he have enough spare money to invest in his watch.
Three billion was not much in the world of true bosses.
But to ordinary people, it was an unattainable existence.
Even for Jiang Han, he was also an extremely distant existence.
Based on Jiang Han’s current breathing salary of eight million a year.
Three billion.
Even he needed three hundred and seventy-five years to save it.
Of course, along with Jiang Han’s continuous consumption.
Breathing wages would only increase.
But even so, it still took quite a while for him to earn three billion with his breathing salary.
It was precisely because of this.
Jiang Han was quite respectful when he saw Han Yu’s father.
Even if he cast aside his identity as a family of several billion.
Just the identity of Han Yu’s father.
Jiang Han would not be too impudent.
After all, the other party was an elder.
If Jiang Han really was like some novel.
After obtaining the Golden Finger, he was like a leading character that no one cared about.
Sooner or later, they would be excluded from this social rule.
Unbridled life did not mean that one could not abide by the rules.
It was to live the life he wanted to live under the social rules.
“Dad, let me introduce you.”
“This is my roommate, Jiang Han.”
“That’s Little Snow’s roommate, Song Qian.”
“Jiang Han, Song Qian, this is my father, Han Haosheng.”
Han Haosheng seemed to be in his forties.
He was dressed in a suit.
There was a watch on his wrist.
After seeing Han Yu and Han Muxue, a spoiled smile appeared on their faces.
This was especially true after Han Muxue called out her father and grabbed his arm.
Han Haosheng raised his hand and rubbed Han Muxue’s head. The smile on his face grew even more spoiled.
“Hello.”Han Haosheng nodded to Jiang Han and Jiang Han.
“Hello, Uncle Han.”
“Hello, Uncle Han.”
Jiang Han and Song Qian bowed respectfully and greeted him.
“Dad, which watch do you like?”
After introducing them, Han Yu walked over with a smile.
He wanted to see the wrist watch that Han Haosheng had tried on.
Han Haosheng did not stop him either.
He gave it to Han Yu.
“Three Questions?”
Han Yu was slightly startled when she saw the specific appearance on Han Haosheng’s wrist.
“Young Master Han has good eyes.”
“This is the new 53303R-001.”
“The official price is 3.28 million.”
The salesperson at the side explained.
It was clearly for the people who had just entered.
Could this be considered to be a true bragging level?
Even if he didn’t say anything, there would still be people around to help?
All right, even though Jiang Han had already prepared himself.
But after hearing this number, he was still a little shocked.
Three million two hundred thousand watches, just like that?
Jiang Han had to admit that not only did the money in his pocket not support him.
Even his mental state could not support him.
He really had to wear more than three million watches every day.
He must be careful.
Afraid that they would bump into each other.
However, if the mission was to proceed, it would be necessary to buy a watch of this level.
Jiang Han’s family background was probably about the same.
Just like now.
He was here to buy the entry-level version of Patek Philippe.
It was worth more than two hundred thousand.
In the eyes of ordinary people, it was still an unattainable existence.
However, Jiang Han no longer felt too much.
It was just a watch.
Han Haosheng’s purchase of a three million watch was probably the same as Jiang Han’s purchase of a two hundred thousand watch.
Nothing was absolute.
However, Jiang Han was unable to accept it.
“Hehe, Dad, you’ve already bought a new watch. It’s better than your previous one ……”
What did Han Yu mean? How could Han Haosheng not understand?
Hearing this, he glared at Han Yu.
“You are a student now. What do you mean by wearing millions of watches?”
“If I really want it, I will find a way to make money.”
It could be seen that Han Haosheng was somewhat strict in educating his children.
However, this was very normal.
Apart from those coal bosses who had risen up by relying on mineral resources.
Generally speaking, those who started from nothing would not relax their education towards future generations.
Even a king who treated one hundred million as a small target.
It was only after Lil’ Wang had returned from his studies that he received his first start-up fund.
How many people in the world could graduate from London University?
Another example was the horse that took turns to be the richest man.
Who had ever seen their children exposed on the Internet because of their pretentious actions?
It was likely that many people didn’ t even know what their children were.
Only the next generation was equally outstanding.
Only then would they be able to rely on the fate of being less than three generations rich.
Han Haosheng did this very well.
After hearing Han Haosheng’s words, Han Yu wasn’ t angry either.
Smiling, he said,” It’s fine if you don’ t give it, but I want to ask you for a favor.”
Han Haosheng saw Han Yu retract that thought.
The seriousness on his face was also restrained.
“What do you want me to do?”
“It’s like this. My friend wants to buy a Patek Philippe entry form.”
“But you also know how long Patek Philippe has been waiting.”
“It just so happens that you have a platinum member.”
“So ……”
Han Yu had already said that.
How could Han Haosheng not understand?
“So you want me to buy one?”
Han Haosheng turned to look at Jiang Han.
Hai Lan’s clothes didn’ t look like that kind of dandy.
“Don’ t worry, Jiang Han’s money for his watch was earned by him. He didn’ t ask for it from his family.”
Han Yu knew that Han Haosheng didn’ t have a good impression of a rich second generation that was waiting to die.
He hurriedly explained.*

Chapter 15:260,000 Tables [5/10]

Hearing Han Yu’s words.
Han Haosheng’s expression softened a lot, and he even revealed a smile.
Those who were close to the ink were close to the ink.
Han Yu was able to live in a dormitory with Jiang Han, a person who could earn money to buy Baeda Lili.
It should be able to make Han Yu feel more motivated, right?
Of course, the premise was that Jiang Han earned money through regular channels.
“Oh?”Where is the Jiang family?”
Han Haosheng smiled.
“Uncle Han, my family is from Sheng Qing.”
Jiang Han did not hide anything.
He knew that Han Haosheng was merely asking around.
If he really wanted to investigate him, he could do it from behind.
“Sheng Qing?”There are a few old friends over there.”
Han Haosheng seemed to be sighing.
After saying that, he stopped talking about this topic.
“Let’s take a seat first.”
Han Haosheng slightly raised his right hand, signaling Jiang Han and the others to stop standing.
After Jiang Han and the others sat down, they asked.
“I wonder if Xiao Jiang has any style he likes?”
Jiang Han shook his head.
“I don’t have much research on expensive watches. Does Uncle Han have any recommendations?”
Jiang Han smiled.
“I would recommend 5146J-001 for the entry level.”
“This watch is a bit historical in Patek Philippe’s product list.”
“As the first Patek Philippe wrist watch in his possession, it is still very valuable to collect.”
“In reality, the first Patek Philippe I bought was 5035, belonging to the previous generation of 5146J-001.”
Classic models still had the benefits of classic models.
At the very least, it was a classic style.
Especially after the refinement of time.
Jiang Han was either buying them for daily wear or collecting them.
It was all very meaningful.
“Then I’ ll listen to Uncle Han.”
Since he was asking for some advice.
Jiang Han naturally wouldn’ t deny Han Haosheng’s face.
The boss’ eyes were always better than his.
Hearing Jiang Han’s answer, Han Haosheng nodded in satisfaction.
Then, he turned to look at the salesperson.
“Little Wang, are there any available items for 5146J-001?”
The salesman nodded when he heard this.
“Yes, President Han. I’ ll go fetch it for you now.”
The salesperson turned around and left the room.
A moment later, he knocked on the door again.
He held a display box in his hand.
There was a watch lying quietly inside.
Jiang Han didn’ t understand the watch.
However, after seeing the appearance of this watch, he already liked it.
“President Han,5146J-001.”
The salesperson placed the display box on the table in front of Han Haosheng.
“Xiaojiang, try?”
Han Haosheng smiled.
If it were an ordinary person, they might not be able to try it so easily.
However, who asked for Han Haosheng.
It was just an entry-level watch.
Jiang Han didn’ t reject Han Haosheng’s words.
He reached out to pick up the watch in the display box.
He put it on his left wrist.
It was a little cold.
However, the more Jiang Han saw it, the more he liked it.
“May I ask what the price of this watch is?”
Jiang Han looked at the salesperson.
“Dear Sir, the official guide price for this 5146J-001 is 290,600 yuan.”
“If it was President Han, he would only have to pay 263,000 yuan.”
Jiang Han thought to himself.
He only had over 250,000 cash on him.
In this half a day, he had earned more than 15,000 through breathing.
It was just enough to pay.
As for this matter, he would empty out his small gold treasury after paying.
Jiang Han did not care too much.
In any case, there would be more than 20,000 breathing wages recorded every day.
He silently raised his fifteen thousand breathing wages.
Just now, he looked at Han Haosheng.
“Uncle Han, I might have to ask you to take down this watch.”
“Give me an account and I’ ll transfer the money to you.”
Hearing Jiang Han’s words, Han Haosheng didn’ t refuse.
He gave out a card number.
Jiang Han took out his phone and operated it on the ICBC app twice.
“Uncle Han, the money has already been transferred. Thank you.”
Han Haosheng did not check the bank.
After hearing Jiang Han’s words, he looked at the salesperson.
“Put these two watches together. In addition, register a member for Xiao Jiang.”
The salesman nodded.
“President Han, Mr. Jiang, please wait a moment.”
As he spoke, the salesperson reassured the display box of the two watches that Han Haosheng and Jiang Han had taken off.
He carried the display box and left.
Patek Philippe’s service attitude was pretty good.
More importantly, all kinds of attentive services and small details.
It was as if the salesman had returned.
It was already packed.
At the same time, he was holding a small jewelry box.
There were some exquisite women’s jewelry, as well as men’s cufflinks, brooches and so on.
They were all items that were not expensive, but revealed details.
“Mr. Jiang, this is a gift that Baida Yili prepared for you.”
“You can choose two.”
The value of these gifts was around one to two thousand.
They were all light and extravagant items outside.
However, it was only a gift when they arrived at Baida Yili.
Jiang Han didn’ t make a choice when he heard this.
Instead, he looked at Han Muxue and Song Qian.
“I don’ t need one for each of the two ladies.”
This could be considered as borrowing flowers to offer Buddha.
Although it was a gift, its value was there.
Of course, Jiang Han was mainly for Han Muxue to choose.
It could be considered as expressing gratitude to Han Haosheng for helping him purchase his wrist watch.
Judging from Han Haosheng’s attitude towards his children’s education.
It was not convenient to thank them alone, and it was not good that the price of the gift was too high.
On the other hand, these small gifts that were inherently valuable but treated as gifts were more suitable.
Ps: remember the martyr, do not forget the national shame.*

Chapter 16: Han Haosheng’s Superhigh Evaluation [6/10]

Han Muxue did not hold back.
From a young age, he had been affected by it.
She naturally knew what Jiang Han was doing for.
So, he directly picked it up.
Even though these accessories were nothing to her.
However, not taking it in was actually denying Jiang Han and Han Haosheng’s face.
Because Jiang Han was thanking Han Haosheng.
Han Muxue even picked a pair of earrings for Song Qian.
The two pairs of earrings were a bit alike, only the difference in color.
“Qianqian, what do you like?”
Han Muxue held the two pairs of earrings and asked Song Qian.
“Your right hand, right? Silver is more suitable for Song Qian.”
Jiang Han took a look and said.
Song Qian and Song Qian’s attire was a bit more mature.
Especially that big wave.
Not to mention, Song Qian herself liked that pair as well. She just didn’ t have the nerve to say anything.
After all, everyone with bright eyes knew that Jiang Han wanted to thank Han Haosheng.
She was merely an accessory.
“Then I’ ll give you this pair. I’ ll bring this pair of pink ones.”
Han Muxue didn’ t care either. She had plenty of jewelry anyway.
He handed the pair of silver earrings to Song Qian.
Song Qian reached out to take it.
He said thank you.
“Alright, I bought your wristwatch. You guys should be fine, right?”
“I’ll treat you to a meal?”
Han Haosheng stretched out his hand and picked up the two boxes with watches.
He handed Jiang Han over and said with a smile.
“It just so happens that I haven’ t seen my precious daughter for a while. I’ ve tanned a lot.”
“That’s right. I’ ve already tanned so much. My brother doesn’ t even care about me.”
Han Muxue was very spoiled in front of Han Haosheng.
It was just that Han Yu seemed to have acted subconsciously.
Hearing Han Muxue’s words, Han Yu immediately reached out to grab the bag in Han Muxue’s hand.
It contained the whitening essence that Han Muxue had bought earlier.
“I don’t care about you?”Give me seven thousand yuan.”
Han Muxue immediately hid behind Han Haosheng.
While hiding, he said,” Dad, look at him.”
Han Haosheng had a smile on his face.
They did not stop them from fighting.
Their relationship was harmonious, and they all relied on their own abilities to enter Shanghai’s financial capital.
To Han Haosheng.
This was what he wanted to see the most.
As for how much money to earn.
If his value had reached three billion, how much money would he care about?
It was only after they had caused a commotion that Han Haosheng stopped Han Yu.
“Alright, your friends are still here. You don’ t care about your image at all.”
“Pack up. I’ ll treat you to dinner.”
Hearing this, Han Yu shook her head and said,” There’s no need, Dad. You have to start lecturing again when you eat with you.”
“I feel uncomfortable, let alone Jiang Han and the others.”
“I know that you still have business to do with the company. We’ ll leave first.”
“You brat.”
Han Haosheng was not angered by Han Yu’s refusal.
“I want your Uncle Liu to send you off?”
This Uncle Liu should be Han Haosheng’s full-time driver.
“No need. Dad, just take a taxi and go back.”
“Dad, let’s go first.”
As she spoke, Han Yu grabbed Han Muxue’s arm and dragged her out.
She was still muttering to herself, waiting for her to return.
“Dad, let’s go first.”
Facing Han Yu’s threat, Han Muxue didn’ t mind either.
He greeted Han Haosheng.
“Uncle Han, let’s go first.”
Jiang Han and Song Qian bowed slightly as they bid farewell to Han Haosheng.
Han Haosheng nodded and said nothing.
Until Jiang Han and the others walked out.
Only then did Han Haosheng withdraw his gaze.
“Little Wang, what do you think of that young man?”
Han Haosheng opened the box and played with a watch worth three million. At the same time, he asked.
Little Wang, that Bai Da Lili saleswoman, heard Han Haosheng’s question.
He didn’t have any thoughts of pretending to be.
“You are young, but you are not full of anger. You also know how to be polite. Very good.”
To be able to serve a customer like Han Haosheng in Baudali, this little prince was also a talented person.
“However, your young master is even better.”
Han Haosheng laughed when he heard Little Wang’s words.
“I asked you to comment on Jiang Han, but I didn’ t ask you to flatter me. Can I not know what my own son is like?”
Han Haosheng shook his head helplessly.
“Compared to Jiang Han, my son is much weaker.”
“By the way, I’ ll remind you that Jiang Han is very likely to become a regular guest of Baida Lili.”
“If you don’ t want to be robbed by others, you’ d better pay more attention to Jiang Han.”
Little Wang’s heart skipped a beat.
Han Haosheng’s gaze was much more accurate than his arrival.
To be able to obtain Han Haosheng’s evaluation, this Jiang Han really wasn’ t simple.
Jiang Han, who had already left the door of Baudali, naturally did not know that Han Haosheng had given him such a high evaluation.
If he knew, he would only smile as if he had heard nothing.
After obtaining the wanton life system.
Jiang Han already rarely cared about the eyes of others.
Back then, he could have snatched Song Qian’s watermelon in front of so many people.
Now, he was naturally able to face Han Haosheng’s praise without being arrogant.
If one didn’t enjoy things, then one could only live the life one wanted to live.
“I didn’ t expect you to be a straight man.”
However, at this moment, Song Qian’s voice sounded in Jiang Han’s ear.
“Straight male?”
Jiang Han was slightly taken aback.
“Why do you say that?”*

Chapter 17 Not licking a dog is a straight man?[7/10]

This was the first time Jiang Han had been called a straight man.
In high school, Jiang Han relied on his handsome face and high EQ.
Not to mention the girl’s friend, no one had ever spoken of a straight man.
But now, he heard the word straight man from Song Qian’s mouth.
Although he denied that he was a straight man.
But it was very obvious.
Before that, Song Qian had always treated him as a straight man.
Song Qian shrugged.
“If you can pick out a pair of earrings that I like, it proves that you are not a straight man.”
Han Muxue and Han Muxue, who were still fighting, heard the conversation behind them.
They all stopped.
He turned around to look at Jiang Han and the others.
Han Muxue smiled and grabbed Song Qian’s arm.
“Brother Jiang, you don’ t know, right?”I didn’ t know you in our dormitory before. I said you’ re a straight man of steel.”
“You’ re actually able to rob a beautiful woman like Qianqian.”
“What is a straight man.”
Jiang Han was speechless when he heard Han Muxue’s explanation.
“Could it be that in the eyes of your girls, not licking a dog and licking you guys are straight men?”
Jiang Han asked back.
Song Qian and Han Muxue were stunned.
If he didn’ t lick a dog, he would be straight?
They didn’ t know how to answer.
In their usual understanding.
Although the two words had different meanings, they seemed to be connected together.
“Why do boys have to let girls do it?”
“Of course, the girl’s weakness should be a little more generous.”
“But Song Qian, when you took the watermelon that someone gave you, did you say thank you?”
Jiang Han’s expression was serious as if he was lecturing.
Song Qian and Han Muxue were stunned.
Especially Song Qian. She had always enjoyed the benefits of beauty.
This kind of habit had been cultivated over time.
As for thank you, that day did not seem to say anything.
“Yes…Sorry ……”
Song Qian’s eyes suddenly reddened.
After muttering a few words of apology, he seemed to have collapsed.
His eyes reddened.
Then, he ran to the side of the road.
“Sigh, Qianqian, Qianqian.”
Han Muxue did not know why Song Qian had suddenly become like this.
And Jiang Han, who had just been modest and courteous.
He suddenly became so powerful.
It made Han Muxue feel a little flustered.
This was a pure suppression of the aura.
But now was not the time to struggle with these things.
“Qianqian, wait for me.”
Han Muxue shouted and chased after Song Qian, who had already run away.
Han Yu was also stunned by this sudden scene.
He didn’ t know why Jiang Han would lose his temper.
Not to mention why Song Qian suddenly ran away like she had collapsed.
“Brother Jiang, are you alright?”
Han Yu asked.
“It’s fine. What can I do? What’s wrong with Song Qian?”
Jiang Han was also a little dumbfounded.
He didn’ t want to make Song Qian cry.
“You ask me?”I’ ll ask who to go.”
Han Yu rolled her eyes.
“But to be honest, Brother Jiang, your actions are really good.”
“You were the one who stole Song Qian’s watermelon, but your words turned into Song Qian’s fault.”
“I admire you.”
Han Yu had this kind of personality, the Le Tian Sect.
“Could it be that you don’ t agree with me?”
Jiang Han asked back.
“I agree.”
“The current girl is being praised too high.”
“As long as you can’t do what she’s satisfied with, Xiao He will be called a straight man.”
“If you don’ t tell me how others know, you have to guess. Are we close?”
Han Yu seemed to feel quite deeply.
However, after a few sighs, the wind changed.
He returned to his lowly expression.
“But I think you should think about how to coax Song Qian.”
“If the school’s people who admire Song Qian find out about it.”
“I’ m afraid you’ re going to be the target of everyone’s criticism.”
“After all, you are now a famous straight man in our school.”
Jiang Han waved his hand.
“I can tell you this, afternoon tea is gone.”
Facing Jiang Han’s threat, Han Yu didn’ t mind.
“You still have money to treat me to afternoon tea if you go out for more than three hundred thousand a day?”
That’s right. Today, he actually spent more than 300,000 yuan.
Jiang Han glanced at his account balance.
Not even five digits were left.
Only a pitiful few thousand yuan.
However, after Jiang Han immersed his consciousness into the system.
The system notification also arrived.
“Ding… Congratulations! Host’s consumption experience has reached 100,000, triggered breathing reward upgrade condition.”
“Breathing reward has leveled up.”
“Current level: Level 2.”
“Reward two yuan for each breath.”
“Current remaining breathing bonus:1,324……Thirteen times twenty-six ……”
“Current consumption experience points:213,000.”
“The next upgrade will require one million experience points.”
After the watch was purchased, the system was upgraded.
Although he had only risen from level one to level two.
But his income had indeed doubled.
In other words.
Jiang Han’s daily breathing salary would reach over 40,000.
And one year was more than sixteen million?
One year to the north, a suite?
Just a simple calculation, Jiang Han felt that he had reached the peak of his life.
Calm down, not float.
Jiang Han secretly warned himself.
However, his arm landed on Han Yu’s shoulder.
“Let’s go. Brother Yu, I’ ll treat you to afternoon tea. If you can’ t drink it, you can’ t spit it out.”
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Chapter 18 Whole Family Milk Tea [8/10]

In the face of a direct doubling of the breathing wage.
In the face of a year of more than 16 million breathing income.
In the face of a large house in the north every year, it was still full.
Jiang Han floated without any doubt.
If it were anyone else, they would be floating.
Jiang Han was not an immortal.
It was normal to be excited.
He and Han Yu found a coffee shop.
After sitting down, Han Yu called Han Muxue.
He asked where they were.
However, they received the news that they had already taken a carriage to the school.
From time to time, a girl could be heard sobbing through the car horns.
Although his voice was not loud.
However, Jiang Han and Han Yu still heard it.
The two of them exchanged glances.
Then, Han Yu hung up silently.
“Brother Jiang, are you really going against Song Qian ……”
Although as a contemporary college student, this was not good.
But Han Yu really felt a little confused.
Jiang Han and Song Qian had met twice.
And it happened to make Song Qian cry twice…
“What is it? Let me tell you, Brother Yu, atheism is what we should pursue.”
Jiang Han waved his hand.
“Then explain to me what’s going on.”
Han Yu pushed the phone forward.
It showed Han Muxue secretly taking a photo of Song Qian.
There was no way Song Qian could still look like the ninety-point goddess when she first saw her.
Although it was only a side face, Song Qian’s eyes were still slightly red and swollen.
“Tsk, tsk. That cry is heart-wrenching.”
Han Yu was still speaking coolly to the side.
“Perhaps…If he really had a life, then he would have charged ……”
What was going on?
Jiang Han was also very helpless.
He didn’ t intend to make Song Qian cry.
“I think you should think about how to coax Song Qian.”
“Although we don’ t want to lick dogs, we don’ t want to become scum.”
“I think if the news about you causing Song Qian to cry again spreads.”
“You are about to upgrade from a straight man to a scum man.”
“Four years of courtship, Brother Jiang, you must consider it carefully.”
In any case, Han Yu had to worry about it.
He looked at Jiang Han’s face as he looked at the photo.
He chuckled.
“Of course, if you can promise me a meal, I can consider asking my sister about it.”
“After all, you can only win a hundred battles and win a hundred battles.”
“Where did this crooked theory come from? It’s a hundred battles and a hundred victories. Do you think this is a war?”
Jiang Han returned the phone to Han Yu.
Then, he picked up the menu.
“Just a cup of milk tea. Do you want it?”
“Hehe, milk tea is fine too. I am not a pick.”
Han Yu came over again.
Then, he ordered a cup of 40 yuan milk tea.
He might be trying to take advantage of Jiang Han.
But only later did he realize that he was wrong.
This large cup was truly a large cup.
Only two hands could hold the bottom of a cup.
After coming up, Han Yu was dumbfounded.
“F*ck, is this shop so conscientious and not afraid of losing money?”
This was what Han Yu had said.
However, he wanted to finish the milk tea he ordered.
When he left the house, Jiang Han was afraid that Han Yu would spill the milk tea. He even asked the waiter for a watermelon bag for him.
The most terrifying thing was that the bag was actually red.
When Han Yu saw this, her mind collapsed.
He wanted to give up, but Jiang Han forced him to hug him.
If he didn’t bring this cup of milk tea with him, he would n’ t be invited to dinner next time.
Han Yu, who had almost half of his living expenses taken away by Han Muxue.
He could only’suffer this humiliation’.
While waiting for the taxi by the roadside, even the girls who passed by laughed.
When they passed by Jiang Han and Jiang Han, they were all hiding away.
The driver was also shocked when he got into the taxi.
He forced himself to smile and said that the young man was pretty good at drinking.
What could Han Yu do?
He could only reply one sentence.
At the same time, he rolled his eyes at Jiang Han.
In the morning, there was a heavy rain at the school.
It stopped for a while at noon.
Now, Jiang Han and the others had arrived at school.
The sky began to rain again.
After returning to the dormitory with great difficulty, Jiang Han and Han Yu’s clothes had already been drenched.
The two guys in the dormitory had had a whole afternoon of fun.
Seeing Han Yu enter, she was holding a cup of milk tea that looked like a bucket.
He was also a little shocked.
“Brother Yu, are you robbing the milk tea shop?”
“Other people’s family buckets are fried chicken, you’ re milk tea?”
Facing the two people in the dormitory, Han Yu didn’ t care much about her image.
“What? My kidney is good. Do you have any objections?”
He had stayed with Guo Shaojun, a burly man in the northeast for a long time.
Even the people of Shanghai, Han Yu, had been taken away.
From time to time, a sentence from the Northeast would appear.
“It’s fine. As long as Brother Yu, you’ re not afraid that you won’ t be able to sleep at night. Hehe.”
Drinking a bellyful of water at night would probably be enough to afford a few nights, right?
Han Yu could not be bothered to refute anything.
He endured it for the sake of a feast.
“Brother Jiang, I’ ll go take a bath first.”
Jiang Han didn’t fight over Han Yu either.
Shanghai’s rich dormitory was equipped with an air conditioner, and it was an independent bathroom.
Jiang Han and the others were satisfied with this.
Han Yu only went in and took a cold shower, then Jiang Han went in and washed.
After Jiang Han came out.
Han Yu had already heard about Song Qian’s current situation from Han Muxue.
“Brother Jiang, Song Qian has already fallen asleep.”
“But from Little Snow’s words, she seems to have been hit a bit miserably this time.”
“I think you should find a time to apologize to her.”
Jiang Han nodded and said nothing.
In reality, he didn’ t know that his words were wrong, causing Song Qian to have such a huge reaction.*

Chapter 19:[9/10]

However, Jiang Han was too lazy to think about it.
Let’s wait a few days for Song Qian to calm down.
After taking a shower, he took apart the whitening essence he bought in the afternoon.
Then, it was applied one by one according to the order that the salesperson instructed.
It had to be said.
The tanned skin of the military training was truly awkward.
He wasn’ t the type of person who was completely black.
It was a black color that was black and white.
Any place covered by clothes was white.
Ten days later, the place without any clothes was exposed to the sun.
It was in sharp contrast to those fair skin.
It was like a dividing line.
His black skin couldn’ t even move an inch.
On the contrary, Jiang Han seemed to be full of drama.
Especially when Han Yu rushed in with her bare arms, wanting to use Jiang Han’s whitening essence.
The two exchanged glances.
They all laughed loudly.
“F*ck, what are you two doing inside? Ji, are you all shooting?”
Guo Shaojun’s voice rang out.
“Can I laugh a little? I’ m a bit afraid.”
Even Liu Guangchao agreed.
Han Yu picked up a bottle of essence and poured it over her hand.
As he shouted,” Don’ t you guys come and feel the essence of Brother Jiang?”
Guo Shaojun:” Eh?”
Liu Guangchao:” Eh?”
It had that taste.
“Let’s just forget about it. Be careful. Remember to clean it up before you come out.”
Guo Shaojun laughed loudly.
“That’s right. Brother Jiang, you just have Brother Yu. Let me and Guo go.”
Only then did Han Yu realize that something was wrong.
“F*ck, what did you two dogs say?”
Han Yu suddenly pushed the bathroom door open.
The latter said,” I’ m talking about the whitening essence that Brother Jiang just spent 10,000 yuan in the afternoon.”
“Where do you want to go?”
“More than ten thousand?”
Jiang Han was in the bathroom and did not see anything outside.
However, they heard the creaking sound of Guo Shaojun and Liu Guangchao running over to squeeze out the chair beneath them.
“You’ re truly willing to spend more than ten thousand essence.”
The next moment, Guo Shaojun and Liu Guangchao arrived at the bathroom door.
He wanted to squeeze inside.
However, the bathroom was just a small place. One person used the bathroom, and the four people who came in at the same time were naturally a little crowded.
“F*ck!”Guo Shaojun, don’ t move!”
“Liu Guangchao, slow down. Brother Jiang’s essence is mine!”
“Hey, hey, hey, you guys, slow down. There are so many of them, it’s enough for you guys to use. Don’ t grab them!”
“Han Yu, it’s about time. Don’ t smear it on your body!”
The voices of four people continuously rang out in the bathroom of the dorm room.
The bathroom was open with a window, which was used to ventilate the bathroom.
The voices of these four naturally drifted out of the window.
The students who passed by the corridor downstairs heard the sound above their heads.
The woman blushed.
The male was’ Heart Smile’.
Even the people in the two nearby dorms couldn’t help but peek out from the window curiously after hearing the commotion.
He wanted to see what the 301 dormitory was doing.
One set of essence was a month’s worth.
Even if the four of them used it together, it would still be enough for a week.
As for whether it would be effective for a week, it could also be seen.
If it was useful, he would buy another set.
In any case, it was only ten thousand.
For Jiang Han, who was paying more than 40,000 a day.
It was nothing anymore.
If it was useless, there was no need to buy it.
In any case, everyone had a clear black and white appearance.
No one should laugh at anyone.
With great difficulty, the four of them had finished painting.
Han Yu and the others laid on the bed in satisfaction.
“I didn’ t say that these ten thousand-plus sets of essence were really useful.”
“I feel like my skin is crisp and itchy.”
Guo Shaojun lay on the bed, enjoying himself.
“Let’s wash and sleep. The 100,000 essence isn’ t as effective as you said.”
Han Yu played with her phone. After hearing Guo Shaojun’s words, she bluntly retorted.
Guo Shaojun was not angry either.
Whitening and not whitening was not important.
He thought that it would be good if he was white.
“By the way, Brother Jiang, my sister wants your prestige. I’ ll give it to her.”
Han Yu suddenly said something.
“, What?”Are you afraid that I’ ll be your brother-in-law?”
Jiang Han was playing with his phone as well, and he muttered when he heard this.
“I really want you to be my brother-in-law. That way, I’ ll be able to rub your meal openly.”
“Save twenty thousand a month. It only takes an entire year.”
“When I was a sophomore, I could also buy a watch that was the same as yours.”
Jiang Han only smiled when he heard this.
The youth was still too naive.
He was afraid that Han Muxue would save it for you as a wife.
A few minutes after Han Yu finished speaking.
Jiang Han’s phone suddenly shook twice.
After looking through it, he realized that it was the news of two friends.
One was Han Muxue, because her head was Han Muxue herself.
As for the other one, if Jiang Han was right, it should be Song Qian.