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Chapter 20 Three Million Golden Treasure [10/10]

He added a good friend and did not speak.
It was as if he had fallen asleep after sending a friend request.
On the other hand, Han Muxue had sent a message to Little Jiang as soon as Jiang Han passed the application.
Jiang Han was so relaxed that he chatted with Han Muxue.
Both of them did not mention Song Qian.
Apart from chatting.
Han Muxue also asked about Jiang Han’s actions on the stock market.
Jiang Han thought Han Muxue knew something.
Only after a few words did he know.
Han Muxue intended to find a place to belong to her small gold treasury.
In the past few years, besides saving her pocket money.
He was constantly searching for Han Yu’s inventory.
In Han Muxue’s words, that was true.
In order to make Han Yu not become as bad as other rich second generation, she could only make him become not rich second generation.
From the front to the back, Han Yu had collected nearly a million.
Plus the money she had saved.
Han Muxue now had three million.
This number was basically a number that an ordinary person would only be able to obtain if a lifetime.
But it was nothing to Han Muxue and her family.
After all, Han Haosheng’s watch was worth more than three million.
This was just one of Han Haosheng’s many collections.
Jiang Han even felt that Han Muxue was a little lacking.
Two rich second generation young masters and young misses.
The sum of money in his hands was only three million.
It was a bit unnatural.
However, the money was still in the bank.
There was no other possibility than taking interest every year and waiting for it to depreciate.
No matter what, they were all students of Shanghai Finance University.
At the very least, the advantages and disadvantages of asset appreciation and asset depreciation could be clearly identified.
It was precisely because of this.
Only then did Han Muxue find Jiang Han. She wanted Jiang Han to help her invest these three million.
Or perhaps he could ask Jiang Han to teach Han Yu to speculate.
These three million were the starting funds that Han Yu had given him.
Jiang Han saw the message from Han Muxue.
He also felt a little touched.
He glanced at Han Yu who was already asleep on the bed.
He had always thought that Han Yu was the only one who favored Han Muxue.
However, he never thought that Han Muxue was not inferior to Han Yu either.
He had obviously saved for several years.
Now, he was willing to directly take it out for Han Yu to practice.
Training for a pure rookie.
Han Muxue had already made up her mind to lose everything.
Even though these three million were nothing to their families.
If they lost, they would lose. They would not be able to harm the Han Clan’s foundation.
But it was still Han Muxue who had saved up to a few thousand.
According to common sense, Jiang Han should agree directly.
But the problem was.
Although his breathing salary was entered into his account through the stock market.
However, Jiang Han had never fired.
Of course, the situation of the simulation disk could not be considered.
The price of simulating Pan Jianghan was already ten million.
But if someone really thought that the simulation board was the same as the real stock market.
Then, he had to make a plan to lose everything.
Therefore, Jiang Han could not agree.
Facing Jiang Han’s rejection.
Han Muxue did not try to force him.
Everyone had their own thoughts.
After chatting for a while, the conversation ended.
The ten days of military training made all the freshmen, including Jiang Han, extremely sleepy.
Plus, he had taken a taxi for so long today.
Jiang Han also fell asleep.
The next day was still the rhythm of a day of wild sleep.
This was how people were.
He suddenly escaped from a fast-paced state.
He would fall into a weak state.
After the military training, he slept like six days in a row. The principle of sleeping a day on weekends was similar.
After the rest of the next day.
It also meant that Jiang Han’s college life had officially begun.
Even if it was more than ten thousand essences.
After a day, they couldn’ t change Jiang Han’s skin back.
But it didn’ t matter.
At the very least, there was still a bit of use in his heart.
Just like now.
When they headed to the classroom.
Guo Shaojun looked extremely confident.
It was as if the whitening essence really made him become much more handsome.
In reality, it was Guo Shaojun, a burly man in the northeast. He was extremely burly on the road.
He didn’t know where this fellow had refined his tendons.
It looked like a’ thug’.
Anyone who saw him could not help but walk around him.
However, it gave Guo Shaojun an illusion.
“Brother Jiang, I found that I’ m actually quite handsome.”
Guo Shaojun looked at Jiang Han beside him.
Suddenly, he chuckled.
“Hmm?”It’s spring?”
Jiang Han glanced at Guo Shaojun and smiled.
“Let’s go and talk about business. Didn’ t you notice that those seniors couldn’ t help but lower their heads after seeing each other?”
“I feel like they lowered their heads shyly.”
Guo Shaojun’s face was still full of pride.
“Brother, why is your understanding of yourself so one-sided?”
Hearing Guo Shaojun’s narcissistic words.
Even Han Yu and Liu Guangchao could not hold back.
“If you don’t wear your tight-fitting half-sleeve, those girls would n’ t have avoided your gaze.”
“Guo, have you noticed that you look like a bodyguard right now ……”*

Chapter 21 Beautiful Class Teacher?Non-existent [1/10]

The universities were all mobile courses.
It was rare to divide a classroom into classes.
The location of the class was also not fixed.
That was why it often happened that the semester was almost over.
There were others who did not know where a certain class should be.
However, Jiang Han and the others were full-time.
As a result, the school would have a special classroom for them to study.
As for how many people would go to self-study after two weeks, it might be possible.
It was said that the university was here to fall in love.
He was a self-study, unless he was with someone he liked.
Otherwise, not many people would be able to afford it.
In fact, today should be the first day Jiang Han and the others officially started school.
At the end of the registration, it was only a simple meeting that was announced to be dissolved.
Following that, the military training lasted for ten days.
Apart from the few people in the dormitory, Jiang Han basically did not have any interaction with his classmates.
The four of them entered the temporary classroom arranged by the school.
There were already many people sitting in the classroom.
Shanghai Finance University had established 22 departments.
Even excluding classes like MBAs.
There were still many departments.
Jiang Han was from the Financial Academy.
He majored in applied economics.
It could be considered as one of the trump card majors in Shanghai’s financial capital.
Even in the entire country, they were ranked first.
In simple terms, the application of economics was to quickly train a high-quality talent for all major financial institutions, securities companies, and large enterprises.
Back then, Jiang Han chose this major because he had taken a fancy to applied economics and found a job.
However, Jiang Han no longer needed to find a job.
Jiang Han’s class was the seventh class of applied economics.
The number of men and women was relatively average.
It wasn’ t like accounting.
The four of them laughed as they headed straight to the last row.
It was eight in the morning.
Other than a bit sleepy when he got up.
After waking up, it was the most energetic time of the day.
Most of the students who had already arrived were sitting together in a dormitory.
Everyone had a sense of xenophobia.
Although the relationship between the ten days and the rest of the dormitory might not be as good as it was.
But at the end of the day, he still knew each other.
Under such circumstances.
Sitting with someone he knew.
At the end of the day, he could reduce his panic.
Of course, a dormitory like Jiang Han and the others that was always familiar with each other.
There were always a few.
Especially Guo Shaojun.
Although Lao Guo’s skin was a little black, he was not popular among girls.
But in the end, it was a burly man from the northeast.
Among the boys, they were still quite popular.
Of course, this popularity wasn’ t that kind of popularity, but rather that it was compatible in character.
After the four of them sat down, Old Guo began to wander around the other boys in the class.
They were called brothers when they met.
Those boys were naturally embarrassed not to respond.
He was familiar with the conversation.
Then, Old Guo turned to the next one.
In half an hour, all the boys in the class knew him.
When he returned, he looked at Jiang Han and the others with a proud expression.
“How is it? This bro is still popular, right?”
Han Yu did not even look up as she played with her phone.
“What’s the use of being welcomed by a male student? If you have the ability, go and get all the female students’ contact information.”
Old Guo glanced at the girls in the class who were already in place.
Then, he shivered.
Well, he had to admit that he was scared.
The main reason was that the girls in their class seemed to have a poor collective quality.
It wouldn’t be any better if he did n’ t say that.
Of course, it was not ruled out that in the future, learning to make up would become a bit more beautiful.
But the truth was right in front of him.
Compared to the students who had just finished their military training and had been tanned.
The older boys preferred the fair-skinned seniors who calmly revealed their long legs.
There were students who had been single for the entire school year.
Why did he not want to find his classmate?
Wasn’t it because the seniors were n’ t high enough?
Jiang Han and the others couldn’ t help but laugh when they saw Old Guo’s cold expression as he sat down.
The life in the university was quite interesting.
Chatting and playing with the phone.
He waited until around nine o’clock.
Everyone in the class arrived.
Jiang Han and his class teacher finally arrived.
There wasn’t the schoolgirl who had expected to stay in school.
There wasn’ t the charm of a divorced young woman that he had imagined.
Jiang Han’s class teacher was an ordinary middle-aged man.
The old scholar usually wore a checked shirt and wore black-framed glasses.
His hair was messy and sparse.
A typical middle-aged oily man.
Of course, Jiang Han’s idea was not to scold the teacher in charge.
He sighed.
This kind of situation was normal.
For example, in some novels, a beautiful teacher in charge of a class was simply nonsense.
Even though Jiang Han himself had a bit of fantasy before he met his class teacher.
However, after disillusionment, Jiang Han chose to accept it.
Beauty or something, it wouldn’t exist.
The standard was full marks.
A 90% beauty was basically one in ten thousand.
The entire Shanghai was rich, and Jiang Han had also seen Song Qian’s appearance on her own.
The remaining ones were not bad enough to reach seventy points.
How could there be so many beauties around you all day?
Ps: don’t talk about the male lead and the dog. I can write a male lead who does n’ t lick it, but can you guys do it?*

Chapter 22 Wan Shiyu [2/10]

The middle-aged man had the benefits of a middle-aged man.
Compared to those teachers who had become class teachers at such a young age.
Jiang Han’s current teacher in charge.
It could be considered to be the type with rich experience.
When should he do something? He was already familiar with it.
Just like now.
After the class teacher came in.
Behind them were a few boys and girls holding books.
After putting the books on the stage, they all obediently told the class teacher.
“That teacher, let’s return to our seats first.”
Jiang Han could see everything.
In his heart, he guessed that these people should be trying to obtain a position as an off-duty officer.
Otherwise, how could he have worked so hard to help?
The teacher in charge in front of the stage should have his own thoughts on this.
College officials were not like high school officials.
Many things were done by the class officials instead of the class teachers.
It was not an exaggeration to say that he was the acting director.
In fact, some of the rights exercised by the student union were the same as those of the higher-ups.
That was why it was said that the university was a small society.
But none of this was important.
Jiang Han had always believed in this view.
I don’t take the initiative to cause trouble, but you should n’ t cause trouble for me.
It had nothing to do with Jiang Han that these students wanted to compete with the class officials.
Jiang Han didn’ t want to compete with them either.
Wouldn’ t it be nice to be a college student and enjoy his own life?
Jiang Han’s attitude was still very calm.
It was a few minutes past nine.
The teacher in charge in front of the stage looked at the watch on his wrist.
After confirming that it was about time, he spoke.
“Hello, everyone. I am your class teacher, Teacher Yu.”
“There are many students here who have met me before the military training, so I just have to introduce myself.”
“Now that the military training is over, everyone’s report has been completed.”
On the stage, Old Yu was talking about the old routine.
The students below the stage also listened with relish.
He was truly curious about college life.
He wanted to hear some useful information from Old Yu.
“Your classes have already been arranged. Now, I’ ll invite a few classmates to help me distribute the textbooks.”
Old Yu looked at the people sitting in the first row.
The few of them had no idea of sitting back after moving the book.
Hearing Old Yu’s words.
Those people immediately stood up.
“Teacher Yu, let’s go.”
Old Yu did not refuse.
Of course, it would be best for someone to be aware of such a thing.
Even though they all had some thoughts in their hearts.
The courses in applied economics were more complicated.
However, it was still possible.
Other than the number of people that were more torturous.
But it was economical.
It must be more sensitive to numbers.
Moreover, when looking at the market market, he also needed a certain number of skills.
Only then could he make a rough prediction.
Unless someone could act like Jiang Han.
Every day, the system automatically transferred 40,000 yuan from the stock market to Jiang Han’s account.
This was the way to make a steady profit.
Otherwise, he could only try his best to improve himself.
“Hello, classmate. My name is Wan Shiyu. Please take care of me.”
“Hello classmate, my name is Wan Shiyu ……”
But just as Jiang Han picked up a new book and flipped through it.
A girl’s voice rang in his ear.
He sent the book to Jiang Han.
As he greeted them, he said hello.
It was as if he wanted to leave an impression on everyone in the class.
Jiang Han looked up at Wan Shiyu.
Well, he shouldn’ t have any expectations.
Wan Shiyu had just passed the pass mark.
It was one of the most outstanding among ordinary people.
But that was all.
It wouldn’ t arouse the disgust of others, but it couldn’ t touch Jiang Han.
On the other hand, Liu Guangchao heard Wan Shiyu greet him.
He replied with a stutter.
Then, he lowered his head.
Wan Shiyu smiled and continued to walk down.
Until Wan Shiyu left.
Only then did Liu Guangchao raise his head.
He looked at Wan Shiyu again.
“Old Liu, interested?”
Han Yu sat on the other side of Liu Guangchao.
He naturally noticed Liu Guangchao’s strange behavior.
Although Liu Guangchao was not as careless as the other three in the dormitory.
But at the very least, he had a cheerful personality.
But now, even his words began to stutter.
It was clear that there was a situation.
“If you have any ideas, just tell me. Big brother, help you.”
Han Yu chuckled and said,” Wan Shiyu is fine too. Don’ t hesitate to be defeated by others in the end.”
Han Yu’s words weren’ t rough.
The university had just opened, and it was a high incidence of love.
Many people found their male and female friends within two weeks of the official opening.
After all, they were all young girls who had been suppressed for three years in high school.
There was nothing wrong with the idea of having a relationship after going to college.
But after hearing Han Yu’s words, Liu Guangchao’s expression suddenly turned grim.
“Wan Shiyu is not that kind of person.”
“I’ m from the same school as her in high school.”
“She is a highly motivated girl.”*

Chapter 23: The Role of She Friends in Unrequited Reflection [3/10]

Liu Guangchao’s words stunned Jiang Han and the others.
Especially Han Yu, who was about to say something.
However, he did not say anything.
“Others praised girls as beautiful, kind and gentle.”
“Old Liu, you’re good. You’ re motivated?”
Jiang Han sat on the other side of Liu Guangchao and said what Han Yu wanted to say.
Liu Guangchao’s face turned red.
“Actually, I don’ t like it either.”
“I just feel that Wan Shiyu is very close to my girlfriend.”
“Unfortunately, we weren’ t in the same class when we were in high school.”
“She doesn’ t even know me.”
Liu Guangchao sighed.
Jiang Han and the others looked at each other.
They all knew what the other party was thinking.
He chuckled and did not say anything else.
One-sided thinking.
College roommates liked to meet one-sided thinking the most.
As long as you were single-minded, their flirtatious actions would be endless.
A total of eight books.
From high to philosophy, from macro economy to stock market.
In the first semester, it was decided that the study mission would be more important. There was no other way.
After building a group of prestige face to face.
Old Yu placed the curriculum in the group.
Only Wednesday had no classes, and the rest of the time was almost full.
Was this really a university?
He had promised to sleep until he woke up naturally. What about just one lesson a day?
Fine, it was just a semester, yet he could still endure it!
“I believe you all know that I have very little time to accompany everyone in the next period of time.”
“So we need to select a few class leaders to ensure that the class is normal.”
“If there’s any activity for the class officer to directly connect with me.”
The class teacher in college usually brought a few classes together.
In fact, the majors in each class were different.
It was obviously impossible for each class to care about it with all their might.
Especially someone like Old Yu who had been in this position for so long.
He had already figured out what it was that could save him the most effort.
He picked up a chalk and wrote down the positions of monitor, regimental committee, art committee, sports committee, etc. on the blackboard.
Old Yu looked at everyone on his seat.
“Now, those students who have the intention to bid for these positions can come forward to introduce themselves and give a speech.”
“But before bidding, I want to remind all of you.”
“The position of class leader is for the students.”
“If you only enjoy the convenience and don’t perform your duties after the successful bidding, please do n’ t come up.”
As soon as Old Yu said that.
Most of the people who were still interested seemed to have been splashed with cold water.
Although there were many officials in the university, they didn’t care.
However, there was also a certain amount of preferential treatment.
For example, a scholarship or a scholarship.
There would always be some rewards for paying.
Moreover, after becoming a monitor, leaving school was also an experience.
Although very few companies would look at this.
But at the very least, wasn’t that a brilliant resume?
Some of them were hit.
However, the few people who had helped carry the book and even helped distribute it were still looking at Old Yu with burning eyes.
They had already decided before they came.
Naturally, he wouldn’ t give up because of his words.
Especially Wan Shiyu.
After Old Yu announced that he could come up, he was the first to walk up.
“Hello, everyone. My name is Wan Shiyu.”
“I was the one who just sent out the textbooks to all the students.”
He came up to explain what he had done for everyone.
It was easy to win the favor of others.
However, in Jiang Han’s eyes, this kind of thought was still rather low-level.
This was because it was easy to offend people.
For example, those people who wanted to compete with Wan Shiyu for class officials.
“I want to compete for the position of regiment commander.”
“I’ ve held this position since I was in high school.”
“I have a certain understanding.”
“I will definitely help my classmates deal with this matter.”
“Please vote for me. Thank you.”
Wan Shiyu’s words weren’ t long, but they were straightforward.
When they went up like everyone else, they were somewhat restrained.
It had to be said that Wan Shiyu was actually very smart.
She knew very well whether the position of Class President would be given to girls at the beginning.
It was not that girls were inferior to boys.
It was because boys would be more straightforward than girls in dealing with unfamiliar situations.
More importantly, girls couldn’t be tough when facing boys.
Therefore, she chose to compete for the position of regiment commander.
This position was no less important than the squad leader.
If he could work for four consecutive years.
He had a good relationship with the regiment commander’s teacher.
When they graduated, there was still a great chance that they would be left to work.
Therefore, Wan Shiyu’s purpose was very clear from the beginning.
No wonder Liu Guangchao had treated Wan Shiyu like this.
But when he thought of Liu Guangchao.
For some reason.
Jiang Han felt that this fellow was not likely to be with Wan Shiyu.
Perhaps their personalities were too different.
Or perhaps it was because Jiang Han felt that with Wan Shiyu’s personality, her eyes would definitely be very high.
But when he saw Liu Guangchao looking at Wan Shiyu’s back, he was stunned.
Jiang Han did not say anything in the end.
Since Liu Guangchao liked it, those who were friends naturally had to assist him.*

Chapter 24 Jiang Han has become the Health Committee [4/10]

As a roommate, Jiang Han felt that he needed to help Liu Guangchao.
But the situation was also different.
As for whether they could succeed in the end, it would depend on the two of them.
Jiang Han was also not the kind of person who would give up.
The main problem now was that Liu Guangchao did not even have the courage to confess.
Wan Shiyu came down after speaking.
Immediately, a male classmate went up to compete for the Class President.
At this moment, it was out of the best of his abilities.
He still had to take the lead.
It was because going forward would leave a deep impression on everyone.
There were a total of seven spots.
There happened to be seven people.
It had to be said that it was very profound.
However, it was clear that such a position as the Mental Health Commissioner.
No one would compete.
Being a marginalized class official would be a waste of effort.
He couldn’ t write it on his resume after graduation.
My university has been a mental health committee member for four years.
I was very healthy.
This kind of experience was written.
The other party probably felt that you were a simple-minded person at first glance.
Therefore, it was very normal for no one to take those positions.
Old Yu was also very helpless.
This was the case every year.
He asked if anyone else had come to bid.
However, he did not receive any response.
He could only give up.
“Let’s begin to sing.”
“I will start from the position of monitor.”
“When you read the name of a classmate, just raise your hand.”
“Student Wan Shiyu, come up and help me remember the ticket.”
Only Wan Shiyu was bidding for the regimental committee.
After all, no one had the nerve to rob Wan Shiyu, a little girl.
Most of them were staring at the position of monitor.
As a result, Wan Shiyu was almost certain.
That was why Old Yu had Wan Shiyu come directly.
Wan Shiyu did not refuse.
He took a notebook and walked to the stage.
This process was actually rather boring.
At least Jiang Han felt a little bored.
It was their second time meeting.
No one knew who.
How to choose?
It was a bid.
In fact, twenty days later, when Eleven returned.
There was still another election.
But at that time, everyone had a simple understanding of each other.
Now, Old Yu was going through a process.
He had just chosen a spokesperson first.
Except when he was reading Wan Shiyu, Jiang Han raised his hand.
The rest of the time was just watching quietly.
Ten minutes.
The positions of five class officials were confirmed.
The squad leader was taken away by a Shanghai native called Fang Long.
The regimental committee was Wan Shiyu.
There were also sports committee members, life committee members, and art committee members.
However, there were only two posts left for the Health Committee and the Mental Health Committee.
These two positions were a bit awkward.
They were not class officials.
It was specially instructed by the school to set it up.
They should be class officials.
Even Old Yu himself did not know what the use of these two positions was.
Regularly organize students to go to the hospital for physical examination?
It was as if he was joking.
Old Yu turned his gaze to the two students who had lost their election.
However, they all lowered their heads when they met his gaze.
The meaning was obvious.
They could not see these two positions.
It was useless to know how to force it.
Old Yu sighed inwardly.
“Are there any students who volunteered to bid for these two positions?”
Old Yu scanned the entire scene for a week.
If there was no one else, he planned to share these two positions with the squad leader and the regimental committee.
In any case, there was nothing to do at ordinary times, so it was just a part-time job.
He glanced around and no one agreed.
Old Yu knew the result.
“Those two positions ……”
Old Yu was just about to announce that there was no one in the squad leader concurrently by the squad leader and the regiment commander.
The last row of people raised their hands.
“That classmate, do you want to bid?”
“Which position are you bidding for?”
Elder Yu’s eyes lit up as he hurriedly said.
Everyone in the class looked over in astonishment.
Then, he saw Han Yu stand up with a smile on her face.
“Teacher, my name is Han Yu. I want both of these positions.”
Han Yu said loudly.
“You want both positions?”
Old Yu frowned slightly.
If he could, he still hoped that another person could stand up.
However, it was as if it was to comply with the old man’s wishes.
Han Yu’s words changed,” If teacher feels that it’s difficult.”
“You can also give the position of Health Commissioner to my roommate, Jiang Han.”
Jiang Han’s face darkened.
He didn’ t say he wanted to bid for this position.
However, he saw Han Yu give him a look.
Jiang Han still held back his silence.
Old Yu laughed when he heard Han Yu’s words.
“Student Jiang Han, what do you say?”
Jiang Han thought for a moment and still stood up and nodded.
“If my teacher and classmates believe me, I am willing to accept this position.”
“Alright, that’s the decision.”
“Student Jiang Han is the health committee member and Student Han Yu is the heart health committee member.”
After saying that, Old Yu seemed to be afraid that the two of them would regret it.
He directly announced the dissolution of the class meeting.
Then, he left the classroom with his briefcase.
“Brother Yu, why are you suddenly interested in such a position?”
Jiang Han sat down and looked at Han Yu doubtfully.
“Yes, Brother Yu. What exactly happened?”
Even Guo Shaojun and Liu Guangchao were puzzled.
“Come over.”
Han Yu beckoned them closer.
Only after Jiang Han and the others came over did they speak softly.
“My father knows a vice headmaster of our academy.”
“Speaking of which, I should call him Uncle Li.”
“Uncle Li just sent me a message saying that the school has decided to pay more attention to the health committee and the mental health committee.”
“These two positions will be rewarded with credits on a monthly basis, just like the squad leader.”
“I enjoy the same treatment as the squad leader, but there is nothing troublesome about it.”
“Brother Jiang, you dare say you’ re not soul-stirring?”
Han Yu chuckled.
This was the use of connections.
Jiang Han finally understood.
No wonder Han Yu suddenly changed her temper.
So it was because of this relationship.
Ps: Although I was a pouncing street, at least I had written more than three million words. They were all arranged. Please rest assured.
It wasn’ t too late to spit out any poison.*

Chapter 25 Part-time job in canteen [5/10]

Han Yu was never someone who took the initiative to take responsibility for himself.
Jiang Han knew this very well.
Even if Han Yu’s body didn’ t have the usual arrogance of rich second generation.
But after all, it was a rich second generation.
He could enjoy the university time easily and happily.
Who would cause trouble for him?
As for the seniority of the squad leader and the regiment commander.
Stop joking.
Have you ever seen any rich second generation need these things?
No wonder Han Yu suddenly stood up today.
Credits were all caused by credits.
The Wealthy University was able to become one of the rare elite schools in the country.
Naturally, there was a strict standard there.
As for this criterion, it was credits.
Hanging up?The supplementary examination was not enough?
It doesn’t matter. Just deduct credits.
Want to graduate?
No problem. If you have enough credits, you can graduate on the spot.
Even a rich second generation like Han Yu.
He was willing to stand out for the few credits of the class officials.
It was enough to prove how important credits were to Jiang Han and the others.
“Give it to Brother Li Aoyu.”
Jiang Han was a little excited after hearing Han Yu’s explanation.
He didn’ t expect this kind of good thing to be missed by him.
Of course, Jiang Han wouldn’t say that he would study well. If the credits were sufficient, he would definitely be able to.
Are you kidding me?
The students said that the credits were sufficient.
Just like a merchant saying that he had earned enough money, he was not trustworthy.
Even Guo Shaojun and Liu Guangchao were envious.
“Both of you blame me for not bringing you here.”
“After all, there are only two spots.”
“The main reason is that I want to eat a meal with Brother Jiang.”
Han Yu looked at Jiang Han with a smile.
“How is it, Brother Jiang.”
Jiang Han waved his hand as well.
“No problem. I’ll treat you to a meal this afternoon. You can make a reservation.”
Ever since Jiang Han casually bought a set of more than 10,000 whitening essence.
The fact that Jiang Han was even more wealthy than Han Yu had been recognized by the few people in the dormitory.
Especially Han Yu.
The meal that Xin Xin Nian remembered finally came to an end.
He chuckled.
Of course, according to his conditions, he had never eaten a big meal.
But with friends.
This kind of atmosphere was the only thing he wanted.
But in the end, he chose to stay in the school canteen.
Apart from having classes this afternoon, it was not convenient to run out.
It was also because the rich canteen was not inferior to the outside.
No matter what, they were both first-class universities, okay?
If the canteen wasn’t up to par, it would n’ t be worthy of being a wealthy person.
It was already past ten after the class meeting.
Eating breakfast at this time was not enough.
It was a bit early for lunch.
However, Jiang Han and the others naturally didn’ t care about this.
Just eat and drink. What do you care about?
There was an advantage to coming over to eat at this point.
That was because there was no one in the canteen.
Just think about it.
Apart from Jiang Han and the others, they were suddenly interested in coming over to eat.
Who would eat at this point?
Apart from the’ large pot of vegetables’ window that could meet the needs of the students in the school canteen.
There was also a special small stir-frying window.
The purpose was to satisfy Jiang Han’s demand for food.
As well as the usual dormitory meals.
Jiang Han’s group of four found a seat close to the window and sat down.
Then, a girl wearing an apron walked over with a menu in her hand.
Only after entering did Jiang Han and the other two discover something was wrong.
“Class President?”
“Why are you here?And…”This dress.”
Han Yu asked.
It was Wan Shiyu.
He was wearing an apron and his hair was coiled up.
If it wasn’t for the fact that he had just met him in the classroom.
Jiang Han and the others should suspect that Wan Shiyu was already working in the canteen.
“Student Han Yu, Student Jiang Han.”
Wan Shiyu clearly recognized Jiang Han and Jiang Han.
As for Guo Shaojun and Liu Guangchao.
Earlier, she had acted too low-key, not leaving any impression on Wan Shiyu.
“Hello, Class President.”
Jiang Han smiled and greeted him.
However, from the corner of his eyes, he saw Liu Guangchao who was lowering his head.
“Class President, let me introduce you. This is Guo Shaojun from our dormitory.”
“This is Liu Guangchao.”
“Speaking of which, Liu Guangchao and your Class President are still from the same school.”
Jiang Han introduced Wan Shiyu.
Of course, the main thing was to introduce Liu Guangchao.
Didn’t everyone say that when a fellow countryman saw a fellow countryman, his eyes were filled with tears.
The first step to assist was to leave an impression on the opponent.
When Wan Shiyu heard Jiang Han’s words, she smiled and glanced at Liu Guangchao.
Unfortunately, this fellow, Liu Guangchao, was simply unable to support him.
He kept his head low, not daring to look at Wan Shiyu.
Seeing Liu Guangchao’s posture.
Jiang Han also knew that it was impossible for him to make progress in a short period of time.
He didn’ t insist.
“By the way, Class President, why are you here?”You haven’ t said anything yet.”
Han Yu answered and asked again.
“Just take a part-time job. In any case, I’ve been idle for the past two days. I happen to have a roommate who works part-time here, so I came together.”
Part-time job?
For some reason.
The word “part-time” was mentioned in the university.
Jiang Han and the others did not think about self-reliance.
It was because the family level was not good.
Jiang Han and the others were not blamed for being too realistic.
It could only be said that when he was a freshman, unless his family level was not good, he would be more and more proud.
How could he be part-time?
It was still in a place like the school canteen where it was easy to meet acquaintances.
However, Jiang Han and the others did not mention this matter.
No matter what the real situation was, it was hard to say anything.
The four of them still had this little EQ.*


After asking Wan Shiyu for the menu.
Jiang Han ordered Han Yu and the others to order a dish.
It was all home cooking.
Jiang Han ordered another four bowls of rice and a soup.
Wan Shiyu glanced at Jiang Han and the others’ dishes.
“It’s all Sichuan cuisine?”Then you’ ll have a good time today. The chef just so happens to have a Sichuan cuisine chef.”
“Really?”Let’s wait.”
Jiang Han replied with a smile.
“I’ ll serve you later.”
Wan Shiyu took back the menu.
He turned around and walked towards the kitchen.
Until Wan Shiyu entered the kitchen.
Jiang Han and Han Yu looked at Liu Guangchao with disappointment.
“Old Liu, what’s going on with you.”
Han Yu sat opposite Liu Guangchao and couldn’ t help but speak.
Jiang Han and Guo Shaojun didn’ t speak.
But he also looked at Liu Guangchao.
However, Liu Guangchao let out a long sigh.
“Brother Yu, Brother Jiang, Old Guo, don’ t force me.”
“I have no intention of dating Wan Shiyu.”
“Furthermore, with her personality, it is impossible for her to have a relationship with me.”
Even though he hadn’t tried yet, Liu Guangchao seemed to have seen the end.
This kind of timid performance before fighting.
Jiang Han and the others frowned.
Han Yu still wanted to say something.
He was stopped by Jiang Han.
“Forget it. Old Liu has his own thoughts. Let it be.”
Jiang Han could tell.
With Liu Guangchao’s attitude towards feelings.
It was no longer something they could affect.
And Jiang Han did feel it too.
The two of them were not suited to be together.
Hearing Jiang Han’s words, Han Yu sighed and said nothing.
As for Guo Shaojun.
Jiang Han and Han Yu didn’ t say anything, so he naturally didn’ t try to persuade Liu Guangchao.
Under Jiang Han’s guidance.
The four of them turned the topic to the upcoming party.
The welcome party was basically a must for all schools at this time of year.
Up to the capital, down to the higher vocational schools.
Without exception, there would be a welcome party after the freshmen entered the school smoothly.
This was almost a tradition.
“You guys haven’t seen the seniors dancing in the upper class.”
“That’s called an enchanting.”
“Especially that long leg. Tsk tsk.”
Speaking of a sister, Han Yu immediately became interested.
However, this image was too vulgar.
“Young Master Han, wipe the saliva off your mouth.”
Jiang Hanrui smiled,” The accounting class’ s senior is pretty. I didn’ t see you take action.”
Han Yu knew Jiang Han was joking, and she didn’ t mind.
He waved his hand and continued,” You think I didn’ t make a move?”
“But unfortunately, her senior’s eyes are too high.”
“I’ ll go ask for WeChat. What do you think he said?”
“What do you say?”
Jiang Han thought Han Yu was just joking.
Who would have thought that this fellow would actually take action.
However, judging from his expression, it seemed that the progress wasn’ t very smooth.
Even Guo Shaojun and Liu Guangchao looked at Han Yu curiously.
“That senior looked at me and said,” Let me laugh so that she can see where I am.”
“I ……”
He originally thought that the senior would directly reject Han Yu.
But he never thought that he would refuse in such a way.
It was a good smile to determine where the person was.
Even Jiang Han couldn’ t help but smile.
“It’s no wonder you went crazy to apply the essence after returning last night. So that’s why.”
Actually, Han Yu wasn’ t black either.
However, like Jiang Han, this fellow’s skin was very white.
As a result, after tanning, his appearance dropped by a lot.
But it wasn’ t as if he couldn’ t even see where it was.
“You guys don’ t know how embarrassed I was back then.”
“There are so many girls rehearsing together. After that senior finished speaking, everyone looked at me and smiled.”
Although the night had passed.
But recalling what happened last night still made Han Yu feel a little unforgettable.
“Brother Yu, you need to apply more essence after you return.”
“Anyway, Old Liu and I have already given up.”
“After you’ ve done this, I suddenly feel that your sister’s roommate is quite good.”
After hearing this, Guo Shaojun made a proper correction.
“At least the two of us are just as black. She can’ t laugh at me either.”
After Jiang Han’s essence was bought back, Guo Shaojun and Liu Guangchao had only used it once.
Just to experience what kind of good place there was in more than 10,000 sets of whitening essence, it was actually so expensive.
However, the two of them did not touch each other again after that time.
The relationship between her roommates was good.
But in the end, it was more than ten thousand.
Even if Jiang Han didn’ t say anything, he still let them go.
They had never touched it again.
Some things could not be measured with money.
However, there were some things that had already been put there with money.
At this point, Guo Shaojun and Liu Guangchao still knew what to do.
“What are you talking about?”What beautiful girl?”
However, at this moment, Wan Shiyu, who had left earlier, returned.
In his hand was a set of palace chicken guards.
However, this time, Wan Shiyu was followed by a girl.
He lowered his head slightly, his long hair covering part of his face.
Jiang Han and the others couldn’ t see exactly what it looked like.*


After following Wan Shiyu, he placed the dishes on the dining table.
That girl only pulled the corner of La Wan Shiyu’s clothes.
Then, he whispered that I should go back first.
He turned around and returned to the kitchen.
He didn’ t even greet Jiang Han and the others.
However, Jiang Han and the others did not mind.
Perhaps it was the chef in the restaurant.
On the other hand, Wan Shiyu opened her mouth when she saw the girl leave.
He wanted to say something, but he didn’ t say anything.
In the end, he sighed.
“What happened?.”
Jiang Han saw that Wan Shiyu seemed to have something to say.
He couldn’ t help but ask doubtfully.
“It’s fine. Here, chopstick.”
“Just try the taste.”
Wan Shiyu quickly restrained her emotions.
A smile appeared on his face again.
“This is an authentic Sichuan cuisine. It’s much more authentic than what you ate in the restaurant outside.”
It was obvious.
Wan Shiyu greatly admired these dishes.
Jiang Han and the others didn’ t have any intention of being shy.
Of course, other than Liu Guangchao.
After seeing Wan Shiyu, this fellow started to use the’ ostrich’ mode.
He picked up a piece of chicken and put it into his mouth.
That kind of numb and spicy feeling.
“Ding…”Congratulations, host.”
“A top-notch Sichuan cuisine should make the customers reluctant to put it down while their taste buds are stimulated.”
“Ding…”Congratulations, host.”
“Primary Gourmet Consumption Card: Host can invite up to three people to enjoy the delicacies and give a comprehensive reward according to the consumption situation and customer satisfaction.”
“Consumption Limit of Primary Food Consumption Card:50,000 yuan.”
“Ding…”Congratulations, host.”
“There is no limit to this branch mission. Every time the host tastes a great delicacy, he will receive a basic food consumption card.”
“Ding…”Congratulations, host.”
“There is no introduction to this mission. You need to explore it yourself. The reward for this mission is uncertain.”
A series of system notifications rang out when Jiang Han ate the first mouthful of chicken.
Jiang Han was stunned.
It was just a dish, not at all?
But now was not the time to check the system’s information.
There were so many people nearby.
Jiang Han planned to wait until he returned to the dormitory and slowly check what was going on.
How could a dish allow the system that had been silent for so long to suddenly jump out?
Moreover, there was still so much news.
“How is it?”
Wan Shiyu seemed a little impatient.
Jiang Han nodded in satisfaction.
“It is indeed much better than the Sichuan cuisine outside.”
“If I were to give a score, it would definitely be more than nine points.”
Jiang Han said honestly.
“Just nine points?”
Wan Shiyu seemed to be dissatisfied with Jiang Han’s score.
Even Han Yu, who was standing by the side, said,” Little Jiang, how can this be extremely good? I’ ve never eaten such a delicious Gong Bao Chicken Ding before.”
Even Guo Shaojun couldn’t help but say something.
Jiang Han smiled and shook his head.
He picked up a chopstick and put the chicken into his mouth and chewed for a while before saying,” You guys forgot?”I’ m from the grand celebration.”
“I’ m used to eating Sichuan food.”
“However, this dish is indeed stunning.”
This was a joke. Could it be that the dishes that could make the system jump out on their own?
“That’s true.”
Jiang Han’s explanation sounded normal.
“Team Leader, please hurry up and get the rice. I feel like it’s here.”
Han Yu put another piece of Mapo tofu into her mouth.
He muttered.
This was not good for Sichuan cuisine.
It was too spicy.
People like Han Yu who couldn’t eat spicy food started to feel spicy after a few bites.
“Alright, wait a moment.”
Wan Shiyu naturally knew what Han Yu was saying.
The first time she ate it, it was Han Yu.
Wan Shiyu returned to the kitchen and served four bowls of rice.
After a few more minutes, the last two dishes were served as well.
At this moment, Han Yu and the others were so hot that they could not speak.
His mouth continuously gasped.
He wanted to suppress the numb and spicy feeling of his tongue.
However, every time it was slightly better, it would be another chopstick.
This was the charm of Sichuan cuisine.
It was clearly so spicy that it was unbearable.
But he couldn’ t bear to give up.
Compared to Han Yu and the others, it was unbearable.
It was Jiang Han who ate with relish.
Jiang Han didn’ t pursue luxury.
He was extremely eager for food.
It wasn’ t that he had to eat as luxurious as possible.
It was the feeling that Jiang Han liked to enjoy the delicacies.
At the same time, Jiang Han also possessed a constitution that was acceptable to both desserts and Sichuan cuisine.
As long as the taste was good, Jiang Han would not refuse.
In the past, there was no chance or condition.
Now, Jiang Han was no longer worried about money.
He even had the urge to travel around the world to taste the delicacies of various countries.


The university life always fluctuated and fell.
He was full of passion and wanted to experience the university life.
However, they discovered that they had only changed places to continue high school.
Perhaps the only difference from high school was that.
The university would wake up much later.
Of course, he was able to pass the examination for the wealthy in Shanghai.
In high school, not to mention absolute overlords.
At the very least, they had put in more effort than others.
Even if they reached the university, they wouldn’t really give up on studying.
He got up at seven every morning.
303 People went to the dining hall to have breakfast together and then went to the classroom to study.
Even Jiang Han and Han Yu had never been absent.
So what if he had a system?
Jiang Han didn’ t want to waste his studies after obtaining the system.
The system was always an aid.
It could make Jiang Han’s life even more exciting.
But what kind of attitude should he use to face life.
This was the decision Jiang Han should make.
Although he himself did not know how long this state could last.
But at least the current Jiang Han was full.
He was not blinded by money.
There was no desire to give up on learning because they could earn money by lying down.
Every day, he went according to the schedule planned by the school.
At noon or at night, he would go to the dining hall to eat a Sichuan dish.
Jiang Han’s current performance was completely an ordinary college student.
The whitening essence really worked.
One week had allowed Jiang Han and Han Yu to recover at least seventy to eighty percent of their fair skin.
Although he had not completely recovered.
But at the very least, if Han Yu went to ask for her sister’s prestige, it wouldn’ t be said that she couldn’ t see where she was.
Han Yu regained her confidence.
He went to find that senior again.
But this time, it was even worse.
She saw the sweet scene of her sister kissing her boyfriend.
This greatly stimulated Young Master Han, who had billions of assets in his family.
He even said that in the future, if anyone said that the senior had no target, he would be in a hurry to talk to anyone.
Song Qian also seemed to have disappeared.
Ever since Jiang Han said a few words to her and cried.
She disappeared in front of Jiang Han.
However, on the online campus, she could often see posts about her.
There was an endless stream of praise for her beauty.
Of course.
The news came from Guo Shaojun and Liu Guangchao.
These two fellows seemed to be so energetic that they had no place to vent their anger.
In his spare time, he wandered around the campus network.
After a week of accumulation.
Jiang Han’s breathing salary had reached 300,000!
This was a very significant number.
After all, an ordinary BBA was only at this price.
He had earned 300,000 in a week?
Was there anything more enjoyable than this?
After saving up to three hundred thousand yuan, Jiang Han withdrew all of the money.
However, it was only placed in the bank account and did not move.
Jiang Han planned to bring the money home to his parents.
Even Jiang Han planned to bring back his breathing salary for the next period of time.
Jiang Han and the others started their studies on the 25th of August.
Seventeen days had passed.
According to his current rate of capital accumulation.
It was probably when Eleven returned home.
His assets could touch the threshold of a million!
However, Jiang Han was a little worried.
If he gave his parents so much money at once, it was likely that the two of them would not be able to accept such a huge stimulus.
Therefore, Jiang Han was thinking about whether to give them in batches or at once.
However, there was one more thing that made Jiang Han a little concerned during this period of time.
That was his system space. There were also three beginner shopping cards.
And a food consumption card.
Kajiang Han had already figured it out.
According to the four of them, the system’s explanation was that the four of them would be satisfied with the delicacies.
In other words, the theory could get up to 200,000!
Just these four cards.
If they all had the highest level of return.
He could bring six hundred and fifty thousand cash to Jiang Han!
It was fake that Jiang Han wasn’ t moved by money.
Facing 650,000.
He was also greedy.
So he pondered.
Should he take advantage of the weekend?
Find a chance to turn these cards into cash.
It was better to put interest in the bank account than to seduce him in the system space.
You might not believe it.
It really was those four cards who seduced Jiang Han first.
“Brother Yu, is there a restaurant where four people can eat 50,000?”
“Maybe we should spend another wave?”
Saturday morning.
Jiang Han still raised this question to Han Yu.
“A meal of fifty thousand?”
Han Yu looked at Jiang Han as if she was looking at a fool.
“It’s like Little Jiang, you still have pocket money.”
Han Yu’s expression was full of doubt.
He had personally witnessed Jiang Hanhua go out and buy a hundred and sixty thousand Baudali.
Jiang Han himself also said.
He only had so much money on him.
Jiang Han had no spare money to spend.
Something was wrong…
After saying that, Han Yu seemed to remember something.
He suddenly turned to look at Jiang Han.
“Brother Jiang, as long as you don’ t say that you’ ve made a lot of money from the stock market, we can still be friends.”
Jiang Han did not say anything. He just looked at Han Yu quietly with a smile on his face.
“F*ck!”Could it be true?”
Han Yu was bewildered.
It was so difficult for others to make money. Why was it so easy for Jiang Han to make money?
“Honestly, how much did you earn this time?”
Han Yu flipped over and sat up.
“Not much, but there’s nothing wrong with having a big meal.”
Jiang Han did not tell Han Yu the exact number.
Sometimes, there was nothing wrong with leaving a bit of mystery behind.
“Let’s go and put on our clothes. I know a western restaurant. I’ ve been craving it for a long time.”
“Since you said that, I will definitely meet your requirements.”*

Chapter 29: Imperial Chef and Court Cuisine [9/10]

The four of them wanted to eat fifty thousand yuan.
It was still very difficult.
When they spent two to three thousand yuan in a star-level restaurant.
He wanted to eat fifty thousand without any alcohol.
It seemed unrealistic.
However, Han Yu had clearly prepared her plan for this.
“Don’ t worry, Brother Jiang. I know a private chef.”
“The taste is absolutely good!”
“Head Chef’s ancestors were imperial chefs, all of them imperial dishes!”
With Han Yu’s family background, he was naturally able to reach a level that ordinary people could not reach.
For example, this restaurant that Han Yu recommended to Jiang Han.
Although it was not clear how much each person consumed.
However, Jiang Han had already said that he would eat fifty thousand.
Han Yu was still able to recommend it.
This proved that the consumption of this restaurant was definitely not low!
Especially for Jiang Han.
It was only the key words of the imperial chef and palace dishes.
The temptation was already sufficient!
“Is it really that delicious?”
Jiang Han also sat up from the bed.
“That must be!”
When Han Yu saw Jiang Han’s doubt, she seemed to be somewhat unaffected.
“My father only brought that restaurant when he was entertaining guests.”
“How do you feel about the taste?”
Why would Han Haosheng bring the guests here?
Jiang Han was stunned.
To be able to make Han Haosheng admire him so much.
It seemed that the quality of this restaurant was indeed very high.
“Then let’s go. Old Guo, Old Liu, put on your clothes. I’ ll treat you to a meal today.”
More than ten days had made the entire atmosphere in the 303 dormitory become familiar.
They had not dared to joke in the past, but now, all of them opened their mouths.
It was as if Jiang Han was claiming to be his father.
Han Yu and the others did not show any signs of anger.
“Let’s not go. This is too expensive.”
After hearing the conversation between Han Yu and Jiang Han.
Even Guo Shaojun, who had always been careless, refused.
If he went to the dining hall to have a meal of Sichuan food.
He would definitely get up without a word.
But now, he was going to eat tens of thousands of palace dishes.
Guo Shaojun couldn’t pull off such thick skin.
Although he knew that Jiang Han might not care about the 50,000 yuan at all.
But he cared.
Eating fifty thousand in one meal was not something an ordinary student could understand.
Liu Guangchao was the same as Guo Shaojun.
They had accepted Jiang Han’s good intentions, but he didn’ t want to go.
Even if Jiang Han was willing to invite him.
But to be honest, as long as this happened.
It would definitely leave a deep impression on Guo Shaojun and Liu Guangchao.
Every time he saw Jiang Han, he would remember this.
More importantly, there were some things that the two of them could not bear.
Jiang Han could take them once, but could he always take them?
Therefore, in order to avoid being unable to recover after experiencing the life of rich people.
The two of them decided not to go.
Jiang Han and Han Yu exchanged glances.
He did not try to persuade her.
In the end, they were from two levels.
In the dormitory, Jiang Han and Han Yu could lower their standards and get along with Old Guo Lao Liu.
But at other times, Jiang Han and the others could not force Old Guo and Old Liu to their level.
“Alright, I won’ t force you to go.”
“Come back this afternoon and invite you to eat Sichuan cuisine in the dining hall.”
Jiang Han said as he got out of bed.
“No problem.”
If it was just Sichuan cuisine, there would be no problem.
After all, it was in the school canteen.
Even if they were to invite them back, they would be able to invite them.
Going to the dining hall to eat Sichuan food seemed to be a must for a meal in their dormitory.
She clearly could not eat spicy food.
The three of them were obsessed with that kind of taste.
But now, there was a problem before Jiang Han.
Old Guo and Old Liu did not want to go. He understood.
However, the problem was that the food consumption card given by the system belonged to four people.
In addition, when the settlement was completed, the four of them would return to their satisfaction.
Right now, he and Han Yu were the only two.
This meant that he wanted to reduce the rewards that two people had given him without any reason.
If it was calculated according to the highest standard.
That was a hundred thousand!
One meal cost fifty thousand, and then one hundred thousand.
If only the two of them went to eat, Jiang Han could only earn 50,000.
It was a loss.
“Brother Yu, looking for two more people is too boring for us to eat.”
Jiang Han could not say that it was because of the system.
He could only find an excuse.
As the two went downstairs, Jiang Han said.
“Find two more people?”
Han Yu nodded in agreement.
“We should find two more people.”
“The palace dishes over there were all decided to die according to the mode of the set meal.”
“You can’t order the dishes alone. You can only order them according to the set meal.”
“It’s said that it’s a rule set by the chef’s grandfather.”
“Because in the past, it had always been this rule in the palace.”
“The two of us can’ t eat that large table of dishes. Otherwise, it would be a waste.”
Han Yu said another little rule that Jiang Han did not know.
Because of Old Guo and Old Liu’s attitude, Jiang Han and Han Yu didn’ t know who to call.
It seemed that only rich second generation could accept a meal of fifty thousand.
“Why don’ t we call your sister?”*

Chapter 30 Select Rolls-Royce, trunk size [10/10]

Thinking about it, it seemed that only Han Muxue could match their consumption values.
A meal of fifty thousand, an ordinary person might not be able to save so much money a year.
But even if they called Han Muxue, they still lacked one.
“Speaking of which, you don’ t have any rich second generation friends or anything?”
“Call a random one to gather some.”
Jiang Han looked at Han Yu, puzzled.
It shouldn’ t be.
With Han Yu’s family background.
He should know many rich second generation talents in Shanghai.
In any case, Jiang Han just wanted to gather a few more people to get himself a maximum return amount of 200,000.
As long as the person Han Yu called was not that kind of playboy, it would be enough.
“Rich second generation friend?”
Hearing Jiang Han’s words, Han Yu felt a little helpless.
“It’s not like you don’ t know about my situation, Little Jiang.”
“Although my father has money, I have no money.”
“And my father won’t let me go out to fool around.”
“I know quite a bit about the rich second generation.”
“But none of them were able to play together.”
“Even if he took the initiative to come up and play with me.”
“It was all because I knew my father. You know.”
Han Yu’s words were filled with helplessness.
With the severity of Han Haosheng’s treatment of the Han Yu siblings.
Han Yu did not have any extra pocket money to spend.
Even though Han Yu had more than ninety percent of them in a month.
But how about a meal of fifty thousand?
“Forget it. Call your sister first and call her down.”
Jiang Han waved his hand.
No matter what, Han Muxue’s guaranteed sum of 50,000 would be taken first.
Han Yu nodded and took out her phone to call Han Muxue.
She was told that she was shopping with Song Qian.
There was a distance from the school.
As expected, the girl had a special motivation for shopping after the holidays.
“What should I do, Brother Jiang.”
“Why don’ t we just bring Song Qian along.”
“The four of them should be the same.”
Han Yu smacked her lips and said,” Even though you guys caused a misunderstanding last time.”
“But after such a long time, they should have calmed down, right?”
Han Yu seemed to be afraid that Jiang Han would feel embarrassed. She explained,” Little Snow told me that day.”
“Actually, Song Qian was also a pitiful person ……”
Jiang Han shrugged.” What, am I that kind of cautious person in your eyes?”
“Besides, Song Qian did not offend me.”
“Just shout if you want.”
“There’s no need to worry about finding someone else.”
Jiang Han didn’ t feel good about Song Qian, so he naturally didn’ t hate her.
Apart from the last time Song Qian started to cry.
The others were still within Jiang Han’s acceptable range.
Since Jiang Han had already said that, Han Yu naturally had no other opinions.
They left the school together.
Then, he took a taxi to the shopping mall where Han Muxue and the others were.
Before arriving, Han Yu called Han Muxue to let them down.
After the taxi arrived, they saw Han Muxue and Song Qian standing by the roadside from afar.
Everyone held two cups of milk tea in their hands.
However, each cup was already open.
Han Yu paid the fare and got off the car. She beckoned to Han Mu Xue.
He saw Jiang Han and the others.
Han Muxue whispered a few words to Song Qian before walking over with her.
“Brother, this is for you.”
Han Muxue handed Han Yu another unopened cup of milk tea.
“In the future, let alone your sister, I’ m being petty. Although these cups of milk tea were invited by Qianqian.”
“But at least I still remember you.”
Han Yu immediately felt a little helpless.
However, he still took it over. As long as he had milk tea to drink, he did he care about so many details?
“I’ ll give you this cup.”
Seeing that Han Yu had already put the straw in and started drinking.
Song Qian hesitated for a moment before handing the milk tea to Jiang Han.
Jiang Han didn’ t hold back either.
Song Qian took the initiative to greet him.
If Jiang Han continued to taut, it would be a little unreasonable.
“Thank you.”
Jiang Han did not immediately open the tea after receiving it.
“Let’s go. I’ ll treat you to dinner.”
“Brother Jiang, are we really going to eat that palace dish?”
“A meal of fifty thousand is simply too expensive.”
The palace dishes were indeed expensive.
To be able to make a rich second generation like Han Muxue feel her heart ache.
That was enough to explain the problem.
However, this was nothing to Jiang Han.
In any case, it was the system that sent out benefits.
On the other hand, Jiang Han’s heart ached before reaching 50,000.
“It’s fine. It just so happens that the stock market has made another profit this week.”
“Moreover, Brother Yu blew that palace dish so well. It should be worth it.”
“Alright, let’s take a taxi.”
In order to prevent Han Muxue and the others from giving up their previous thoughts because of their heartache.
Jiang Han could only urge him.
“There’s no need to take a taxi. Today, I’ ll have Uncle Li come out to accompany me and Qian Qian.”
“Right now, the car is parked in the parking lot.”
Alright, as expected of a rich second generation.
He had a special car to accompany him when he came out for a stroll.
However, Jiang Han didn’t realize it until he arrived at the parking lot.
This was not just a special carriage.
He drove a Rolls Royce to accompany him on a shopping trip?
Moreover, the license plate seemed to be Han Haosheng’s.
“Little Snow, why don’ t you drive your father’s car?”
Jiang Han asked.
“Use it. There’s still a Phantom at home. If it’s not possible, he can drive Bentley.”
“Anyway, he usually goes to and from work.”
“The main reason is that this car has a large trunk.”
Jiang Han knew he shouldn’ t talk too much.
So which car did the rich second generation choose to drive out was because of the trunk space?
Some car companies should really pay close attention to this point.*

Chapter 31: Song Qian was once a rich second generation [1st, even more, seeking flowers]

The private banquet of the prince’s mansion.
It had been more than forty years since the 1970s.
It was said that the head chef had changed his generation.
Of course, the chef and the boss were the same person.
His name was Wangfu, and it wasn’ t what his highness meant.
It was because the chef’s surname was Wang……
Well, Jiang Han originally thought it was a prince’s mansion that had passed down.
Who would have thought that this was the reason.
No matter what.
At least this name was domineering.
“This restaurant only serves ten tables a day.”
“Five tables at noon and five in the afternoon.”
“The main reason is that only the chef can cook individual dishes.”
“That’s why the number of guests is limited.”
“I heard from my father that a restaurant company had planned to pay ten million to buy the chef’s technology.”
“I was told how to stay calm and stay there.”
Han Yu sat in the front passenger seat and spoke endlessly.
This was very normal.
Although this prince’s private banquet only had ten tables per day.
However, according to this consumption standard, one day’s income was forty to five million.
One month’s turnover was fifteen million!
Ten million to buy technology was simply a joke.
“If it wasn’t for my father’s frequent dinner, I would have known the chef.”
“We have to make a reservation for at least two weeks before we can line up.”
When Han Yu said this, she still had a proud look on her face.
Although his father had restricted his allowance.
However, he could still borrow this kind of relationship.
Sitting on the other side, Han Muxue seemed to have heard what Han Yu was saying.
He said mercilessly,” It’s as if you can eat without Xiao Jiang.”
Han Yu’s originally complacent expression froze slightly.
“Han Muxue, don’t say anything if you’ re just going to eat.”
“Wuu, it seems like you’ re not asking for food.”
The two siblings were always the main theme when Han Yu and Han Muxue were together.
Jiang Han was already used to it.
Han Yu called Han Muxue over when she was eating Sichuan food in the canteen again.
Both of them were clearly sucked in cold air.
However, they still had to fight each other.
However, this feeling was quite good.
The two siblings were black each other.
Jiang Han’s thoughts unknowingly drifted to Sheng Qing.
Jiang Han also had a younger sister named Jiang Qingyi.
He was on the same level as him.
But it wasn’ t good to learn.
Only one of the ordinary two books in Sheng Qing’s local area was tested.
His personality was similar to that of Han Muxue.
There was no need to be careless. Meeting Jiang Han was also the rhythm of fighting each other.
Jiang Han’s lips curled slightly when he thought of that girl.
When they heard that their school required thirty days of military training, they were excited.
Su Qian sat in the middle.
Rolls-Royce’s back row was obviously much looser than those taxis.
At least she and Jiang Han did not sit next to each other.
Even though he would occasionally encounter it.
However, it was still within Song Qian’s acceptable range.
He tilted his head slightly and just happened to see Jiang Han’s mouth curled up slightly.
For some reason.
Song Qian felt that Jiang Han’s smile was a bit despicable.
“Last time, I’ m sorry.”
After Song Qian gathered her courage, she finally spoke.
Jiang Han’s mind was still thinking about how much darkness it would take for Jiang Qingyi Eleven to return home.
Suddenly, she heard Song Qian’s voice.
He was slightly stunned.
“It was last time. I shouldn’t have said that you were a straight man. I officially apologize to you.”
“If you can, I can treat you to this lunch today. I’ll treat you as an apology.”
Song Qian hesitated for a moment before finally speaking.
Just as Song Qian spoke, Han Yu and Han Muxue stopped.
He happened to hear Song Qian’s words.
She came to invite him at noon?
No way.
“Qianqian, what are you talking about.”
Han Muxue said doubtfully.
“Do you know how much you want to eat this lunch?”
Even Jiang Han couldn’ t help but ask.
“I know. I came to eat here with my father. I know the price.”
Song Qian’s words were shocking.
“You and your father came to eat?”
Not only Jiang Han and Han Yu were shocked.
Even Han Muxue was puzzled.
She stayed in a dormitory with Song Qian for more than ten days.
Only now did she realize that Song Qian still had so many things to do.
Hearing this.
Song Qian was also a rich second generation!
What was going on?
Something was wrong.
Jiang Han suddenly reacted.
Song Qian had already exposed the fact that she was a rich second generation.
The last time he was shopping in the mall.
While Song Qian was picking out clothes that cost several thousand yuan.
He did not look as surprised as an ordinary person at the price.
Especially when it came to matching.
It looked even more professional than Han Muxue.
“You don’ t need to be surprised.”
“Moreover, I am not a rich second generation.”
Song Qian shook her head and said,” My father’s company has a problem.”
“If nothing unexpected happens, at most, by the end of this year, we will enter the stage of bankruptcy liquidation.”
Song Qian forced a smile.
All right, it was normal for them to earn money from business.
Jiang Han no longer bothered with this matter.
Shaking his head, he said,” No need.”
“I’ ve agreed that I’ m here to invite you.”
It wasn’t easy to find a chance to use this food consumption card.
How could Jiang Han give it to Song Qian?
He could use the system wool, but Song Qian could?*

Chapter 32 Cute in front of sexy [Two more requests for votes]

“Then you can forgive me.”
Seeing Jiang Han refuse, Song Qian spoke again.
Even she herself did not know why she was so interested in Jiang Han’s opinion of her.
Perhaps it was because of Jiang Han’s words that touched her.
Facing Song Qian’s gaze, Jiang Han nodded.
“Of course, there’s nothing to forgive and not forgive.”
“I didn’ t really care.”
Jiang Han was not that kind of petty person.
He had already lowered his head.
Jiang Han naturally wouldn’ t put on a show.
He received Jiang Han’s response.
Song Qian said nothing more.
The atmosphere in the car was silent for a moment.
Fortunately, they were almost there.
It had to be said that although the private banquet of the prince’s mansion was not the prince’s mansion.
However, this old mansion that seemed to be of some age was also quite valuable.
Shanghai’s old room.
To some extent.
It was on the same level as the Four Academies in the imperial capital.
Even though their cultural background might not be as profound as that of the Four Academies.
But in terms of price, it was not inferior at all.
Especially when he brought such a large garden.
Jiang Han estimated that it was only this old room.
The price would probably exceed two hundred million.
Han Yu seemed to have guessed Jiang Han’s surprise.
He smiled and explained,” This old house is indeed owned by the boss himself.”
“This is the chef’s private property.”
“It covers an area of more than a thousand square meters. If it were based on the current price of the old foreign house and its location.”
“This old house is worth 390 million.”
“A house like this would only exist when it was born.”
Han Yu sighed.
Jiang Han couldn’ t help but laugh.” You big group’s successor still have the nerve to say this?”
“How shameless.”
Han Yu chuckled and did not care about the details.
He sighed.
In reality, if Han Haosheng Flower was close to 400 million yuan to buy an old ocean room, it was not impossible to afford it.
But there was no need.
The style of living in the old room was that.
Usually, it was an old man living in Shanghai.
Instead of buying an old house, it was better to buy a newly repaired villa.
All kinds of modern high technology were much more convenient than the old ocean room.
Rolls-Royce drove in.
Immediately, a gate attendant helped him to stop the car.
“Uncle Li, do you want to go and eat together.”
After the car stopped, Han Yu invited the middle-aged man in the driver’s seat.
However, the middle-aged man shook his head.
“No need. I just had breakfast this morning and I’ m not hungry now.”
He could become Han Haosheng’s driver.
All kinds of rules must be understood.
For example, never having dinner at the same table with the boss was an insurmountable rule.
No matter how good the relationship was, it would not work.
Seeing Uncle Li refuse.
Han Yu did not say anything.
Today was Jiang Han’s treat.
He only politely asked Uncle Li a question.
Because he knew very well that Uncle Li would not agree.
“Uncle Li, please wait for us for a while.”
“Good young master.”
This place was a bit far from the school.
Han Yu didn’t want to take a taxi anymore.
After the group of four got off the car, a receptionist dressed in a suit immediately came over.
“Hello, do you have an appointment?”
“Yes, the Cool Breeze Pavilion that I ordered an hour ago.”
“Alright, Sir, please come with me.”
Each time, there were only five guests.
The receptionist naturally knew who the guests were at each table.
“Alright, please come with me.”
It was obvious that the old room had been modified later.
Apart from keeping the appearance outside.
It was completely renovated.
This was something that Jiang Han could sense after entering.
The first thing to enter was a spacious banquet hall.
It was not much different from what Jiang Han had seen on television.
It was estimated that a few decades ago, this place was the place where socialites would dance and communicate every night.
The real place to eat was on the second floor.
There were many rooms upstairs, but most of them had been renovated.
Apart from the ten rooms that were used as the kitchen.
And the kitchen.
However, Jiang Han felt like he was using this old house as a restaurant.
He was still a little too boastful.
It could even be said to be a waste.
But this had nothing to do with him.
He only came to enjoy the palace dishes.
It was just a reward for the food consumption card.
After introducing Jiang Han and the others into the room, the receptionist left.
Within a few seconds, a woman in professional attire walked in.
Judging from his clothes, he should be a waitress.
It was worth mentioning that this woman was very beautiful.
Or rather, it was extremely beautiful.
By Jiang Han’s standard, this woman’s appearance was definitely above ninety points.
Even Song Qian, who had come with her, seemed to have been suppressed by her beauty.
It wasn’ t that Song Qian was truly inferior to this woman.
Although Song Qian was beautiful, she still had a feeling of greenness.
However, this woman was completely mature.
This was especially the case when a professional was wearing two long legs, stepping on high heels.
His entire body was radiating charm.
Wasn’t there a sentence that said that?
Being cute in front of sexy was worthless.*

Chapter 33. A woman who can make Young Master Jiang Han struggle for several years

“Hello, everyone. Is there anything you want to eat?”
The woman did not take the menu and directly asked.
Jiang Han was a little puzzled. This restaurant was so bold, didn’ t they even introduce it?
“Sister Yanran, I haven’t seen you for a long time.”
However, Han Muxue, who was sitting opposite Jiang Han, was pleasantly surprised when she saw the woman.
Even Han Yu stood up and said something to Sister Yanran.
“Little Snow?”
“Why are you here today?”
“Your father gave you a reward?”
The woman named Yanran smiled when she saw Han Muxue.
“No, my brother’s friend invited us to dinner.”
“With my father’s pettyness, how could he reward me?”
Hearing this, Han Muxue muttered.
The woman looked at Jiang Han and Song Qian in confusion.
Then, he focused on Jiang Han.
Han Yu’s friend seemed to be only a boy, right?
If it was a girl, this combination would be too strange, right?
“Sister Yanran, let me introduce you.”
“This is my roommate, Jiang Han.”
“This is Little Snow’s roommate, Song Qian.”
“Jiang Han, Song Qian, this is Wang Yanran, the daughter of the private banquet owner.”
“Just like me and Little Snow, just call me Sister Yanran.”
At this moment, Han Yusuo acted as the introducer in the middle.
Jiang Han and Song Qian were very nice.
She also stood up and said something to Sister Yanran.
Wang Yanran didn’ t put on any airs as she smiled and greeted Jiang Han and the others.
The daughter of the private banquet owner?
This was another rich second generation with an identity that wasn’ t inferior to Han Yu and the others.
Jiang Han said in his heart.
Especially when he saw Han Yu being restrained in front of Wang Yanran.
For some reason, Jiang Han felt that Wang Yanran’s status was even higher than Han Yu’s.
The feeling of confusion was very real.
“Sister Yanran, didn’ t you always stay in the imperial capital?”Why did you suddenly come back?”
Han Muxue held Wang Yanran’s arm in one hand.
“Do you know that my father wants to open a family in the imperial capital?”
Wang Yanran said helplessly,” But he wants me to manage it.”
“So I can only come back and see what is going on.”
“I just didn’t expect to meet you here to eat.”
Hearing Wang Yanran’s words, Han Muxue was a little surprised.
“Didn’ t Uncle Wang always refuse to open another shop?”I’ m afraid the recipe will spread.”
“That’s right, but you also know.”
“My father is only my daughter. If you really spread the private banquet to me, I’ m afraid that it will only slowly decline.”
“That’s why he wanted to take advantage of the fact that he could still teach his younger brother.”
“Opening a few more houses can be considered as leaving me a way out.”
Han Muxue nodded in agreement.
“Actually, I have to say that Uncle Wang should have had this idea long ago.”
“After all, Uncle Wang’s cooking is so delicious. He will definitely be popular even if he drives to the imperial capital.”
Wang Yanran smiled and shook her head.
However, he did not reply.
“What do you want to eat?”I’ ll go report.”
Han Muxue and Han Yu both looked at Jiang Han.
After all, it was Jiang Han who paid for it.
Of course, Jiang Han had to come to order.
Otherwise, they would not be able to occupy the magpie nest.
“What are you looking at me for?”I’ m here for the first time. You can just order it. I just need to pay.”
Jiang Han expressed his helplessness.
He didn’ t even have a menu. How could he order it?
Wang Yanran seemed to see what Jiang Han was thinking.
Smiling, he said,” Jiang Han, you might not know.”
“Our prince’s private banquet has no menu.”
“Because they were all made according to the set meal.”
“And the main dishes in each private room are different.”
“, For example, the Clear Breeze Pavilion was mainly focused on bamboo and dishes ……”
Wang Yanran briefly explained to Jiang Han.
Finally, he added,” This is the first time you’ ve come here. I’ d rather recommend the Green Bamboo Flower.”
“Then let’s go.”
Jiang Han didn’ t have much research on this.
After all, he had never had a chance to come into contact with this before he obtained the System.
But it didn’ t matter.
According to what Wang Yanran had said.
There were ten private rooms for the private banquet.
This meant that there were a total of ten combinations of different styles.
If this’ Green Bamboo Yellow Flower’ could satisfy him.
He would definitely come here frequently in the future.
In the future, there would be a place to use the food consumption card.
“Don’ t worry. I won’ t let you down.”
“If the dishes were to let down this price, wouldn’t that mean that I would smash my signature?”
Wang Yanran smiled and then greeted Han Muxue and Han Yu before turning around and leaving.
After Wang Yanran left.
Only then did the atmosphere in the room become relaxed.
Of course, the main reason was that Han Yu became relaxed.
“How is Little Jiang? Sister Yanran is pretty enough, right?”
The party involved was not here.
Han Yu was also in the mood to joke.
“It is indeed very beautiful.”
Jiang Han nodded honestly.
If he were to follow Jiang Han’s standard.
Song Qian was probably about ninety-one percent.
As for Wang Yanran, she would definitely reach 95 points.
“If you feel beautiful, you can try to pursue Sister Yanran.”
“Sister Yanran has never talked about a boyfriend until now.”
“Although we are several years older, this age is the most beautiful time for a woman.”
“The most important thing is that if you are able to marry Sister Yanran, then you will have to fight for a few decades!”
Han Yu chuckled.
He revealed a smile that even a man understood.*

Did he really not feel it?

According to what Jiang Han had learned.
Wang Yanran was the only child of the private banquet owner.
In the future, these things would definitely be passed on to Wang Yanran.
As for the private banquet of the prince’s mansion, just an old ocean room was worth nearly 400 million.
Every year, the running water was around 180 million.
Even if the cost was deducted, it wouldn’ t be a problem to get 80 million in the end, right?
The catering industry was extremely profitable, not to mention this kind of high-end restaurant with a meal worth 50,000 yuan.
After all these years, Jiang Han didn’ t believe that the other party didn’ t have much assets.
That was why Han Yu was right.
With Jiang Han’s current income, if he could marry Wang Yanran, it would indeed be the rhythm of a few decades of struggle.
But did he really need it?
Jiang Han went after Wang Yanran.
It was only because he liked it.
It wasn’ t like he was greedy for Wang Yanran’s future.
Very boring, okay?
If Jiang Han had a wanton life system, he would need this method to obtain the life of a human.
Most likely, not many people would be able to truly enjoy life.
However, Wang Yanran was really pretty.
Jiang Han had to admit this.
If 90 points were one in ten thousand.
It was estimated that 95 points would be one in tens of thousands of li, or even one in a hundred thousand li.
How many beauties were there in this country?
Jiang Han was a little silent after hearing what Han Yu said.
This was because he was trying to figure out what level Wang Yanran’s appearance could be.
But it was in the eyes of Han Yu and the others.
It was as if Jiang Han was seriously thinking about Han Yu’s suggestion.
“That’s not right, Brother Jiang. I’ ll just tell you.”
“Don’ t take it seriously ……”
Han Yu couldn’ t help but laugh or cry when she saw that Jiang Han seemed to have a genuine intention.
“Even though Sister Yanran has never talked about a boyfriend.”
“But she has a pursuer.”
“More importantly, her pursuers are still very powerful.”
At this moment, Han Yu spoke.
He could not help but shudder.
It was as if he was truly afraid of someone.
Just who was able to make Han Yu have such an attitude.
Jiang Han was curious, but he didn’ t ask.
“Don’ t worry. I don’ t have any feelings for Wang Yanran.”
Jiang Han waved his hand.
Whether Han Yu and the others believed it or not, Jiang Han believed it anyway.
Han Yu and Han Muxue looked at each other, but they did not continue to discuss this topic.
On the other hand, Song Qian was sitting opposite Jiang Han.
After hearing Jiang Han’s words, he asked without a trace. Did he really not feel it?
The three people in the room looked at her.
Perhaps he realized that his words had some other meaning.
Song Qian explained,” I just casually asked. After all, Wang Yanran is so beautiful.”
Well, whether Jiang Han and the others believed it or not, Song Qian believed it.
A real waiter came to brew a pot of tea for Jiang Han and the others.
The fresh Tie Guanyin.
Although Jiang Han didn’ t know about tea, he could guess that it was expensive.
The faint fragrance was still very comfortable to drink.
Jiang Han wanted to set up a tea set in the dormitory and buy a box of high-grade tea leaves.
In his spare time, he would drink tea and talk about the impulse of life.
But after thinking about it, it was better to forget about it.
The few people in the dormitory had a carefree personality.
Having them sit down and taste the tea was like eating a peony.
The private kitchen of the prince’s mansion was still very fast.
Half an hour later, when Wang Yanran came in, a few waiters followed behind her.
But this time, they didn’ t talk much.
It was just that she wanted Han Muxue and the others to eat well. She still had something to do and wanted to go out.
Then, he left.
A set meal consisted of eight dishes and one serving of soup.
If it was just the price of the dishes.
On average, each dish was more than five thousand.
However, after the dishes arrived.
The entire room was filled with fragrance.
It wasn’ t that greasy taste.
It was filled with the faint fragrance of bamboo.
No wonder this set meal was called the Green Bamboo Flower.
Just the fragrance of this bamboo made one’s appetite soar.
However, even if the dishes were ready, Han Yu and the others had no intention of moving their chopsticks.
Obviously, he was waiting for Jiang Han to move first.
They were just following Jiang Han to eat. They had to give Jiang Han face.
Jiang Han didn’ t mind either.
He picked up a bamboo shoot and put it into his mouth.
After chewing twice, he nodded in satisfaction.
As expected of selling thousands of dishes.
The bamboo shoots did not have the smell of dirt.
It was obvious that some procedures had been added to the process.
However, these processes did not remove the crisp fragrance of the bamboo shoots.
If he wanted to give this dish a score, Jiang Han would still be willing to give it a full score.
He had probably eaten some food recently.
There were only a few Sichuan dishes in the school canteen.
However, after this thought appeared in his mind, Jiang Han was slightly stunned.
Why would he compare the dishes in the dining hall to those of the private kitchen in the mansion?
There should be no comparison between the two.
After all, the private kitchen of the palace was passed down by the imperial kitchen.
How could it be comparable to a school canteen?
But that was the truth.
In Jiang Han’s score, the Sichuan food in the school canteen was not much lower than that of the private kitchen in Wangfu.
While Jiang Han was overthinking things.
The system’s notification sounded out at this moment.*

Chapter 35: Recurrence of Consumption:198,000[ Request for Flowers]

“Ding…”Congratulations! The host has obtained a Basic Delicious Consumption Return Card.”
“Ding…”Congratulations, host.”
“You will receive a basic delicious consumption card every time you enjoy a palace dish.”
“There is no time limit for this mission.”
“But I can’ t repeat it.”
“Mission Hidden Notification: After the host has tasted the palace dishes ten times, it will greatly increase the host’s ability to appreciate the delicacies.”
A table of palace dishes and so much system news?
Not only did he return the food consumption card that Jiang Han planned to use.
He even started a mission that could always use the Gourmet Return Card?
Wasn’t this a pleasant surprise?
Of course!
According to the Gourmet Consumption Return Card, it could provide up to two hundred thousand returns at a time.
These 11 food consumption return cards could provide Jiang Han with 2.2 million return cash!
Even if not every time, the reward coefficient was full.
But would he be able to obtain 1809,000 at a time?
Even if it cost 50,000 each meal.
In the end, Jiang Han was still able to gain around 130,000.
Together, it would be a profit of 1.5 million!
If this wasn’ t a pleasant surprise, then what was it?
It seemed like the private kitchen of the prince’s mansion would come often in the future.
Jiang Han thought to himself.
Then, he tasted the other dishes.
The taste was very good.
They were basically on the nine points line.
To be able to guarantee this score was enough to prove that the head chef of the private kitchen of the prince’s mansion was indeed a master.
After all, it was’ difficult to talk about’.
No matter how experienced the chef was, it was impossible for him to make a perfect meal that suited the guests’ taste without being familiar with the guests.
However, what they did in the private kitchen was still very good.
After the original taste of the food was preserved, it was fine-tuned.
Instead, it matched the tastes of most people.
Jiang Han still admired the chef.
As expected of the craftsmanship passed down from the palace.
“It’s gone. This taste is truly gone.”
After Jiang Han moved his chopsticks, Han Yu no longer restrained himself.
They were much more’ wild’ than Han Muxue and Song Qian.
A bit of a rich man was no longer pretending.
Han Muxue only glared at Han Yu as she looked at him.
He did not say anything.
Clearly, he had long accepted Han Yu’s appearance.
“Sigh, sh*t, you shouldn’t bring the plate to eat in front of you even if it’s delicious.”
Han Muxue must have cared about Jiang Han.
“Aiya, I’ ll try this two more times. You guys should eat some other dishes first. Sigh, don’ t grab it, don’ t grab it.”
There were so many dishes on the table, actually, there was no need to grab them.
The only thing he wanted to eat with his brother was this feeling.
It was good enough to eat.
In any case, there were no outsiders here. Jiang Han and Han Yu were so happy.
On the other side, Han Muxue and Song Qian looked at the two of them stealing food.
They looked at each other and felt a little helpless.
It was worth mentioning.
There was also a bottle of wine on this table.
It was not that type of wine.
It belonged to the fruit wine made by the private chef of the prince’s mansion.
The taste was fragrant and not spicy.
Even Han Muxue and Han Yu tasted a few cups.
Anyway, they didn’t need to drive.
After drinking, he drank.
But what Jiang Han didn’ t expect was.
Although the taste of the wine did not rush.
But the backlash was still quite strong.
Although Jiang Han didn’ t drink often.
But at this moment, he still felt a little tipsy.
Jiang Han and Han Yu, who had eaten their fill, collapsed onto their chairs.
There was a toothpick in his mouth.
It looked extremely comfortable.
After throwing aside a table of dishes for 50,000 yuan.
This was the real delicacy.
If he could eat so well every meal in the future.
It wouldn’t take long for Jiang Han’s weight to rise.
“Satisfied. This should be the life that rich second generation enjoys.”
Han Yu stretched.
“I really don’ t understand why my father has to care about me.”
“Your father is also for your own good.”
Jiang Han picked up his teacup and took a sip. He then stood up and said,” Pack up. I’ ll go pay the bill.”
“It’s easy to say. Thank you Little Jiang for your gracious hospitality today. Hehe.”
After Han Yu finished speaking, she still remembered to bow to Jiang Han.
Jiang Han ignored Han Yu’s playful actions.
He pushed open the door and walked out.
He settled the bill at the front desk.
A total of 4,998 meals were spent.
It was less than two yuan, but it was more than forty thousand yuan.
He really didn’t understand what this pricing meant.
However, Jiang Han didn’ t care too much.
It was only two yuan, but the effect was not great.
After the payment was completed.
He directly chose to use a food consumption card.
“Ding…”The host has successfully used the food consumption card.”
“I’ ve detected a consumption of 49,900 yuan this time.”
“Is currently testing the satisfaction of the consumer.”
“This time’s satisfaction is as follows: Jiang Han:0.98.”
“Han Yu:1.”
“Han Muxue:0.99.”
“Song Qian:1.”
“The reward factor is 3.97.”
“Congratulations, host, for obtaining 198,449 yuan.”
“Your current consumption will be transferred to your account through the stock market proceeds. You can use it with confidence.”
This number was fine.
It was not much different from what Jiang Han had expected.
However, before Jiang Han could see how much he still had.
Not far away, the door to the private room was opened.
Han Muxue helped Song Qian staggering out.
Han Yu was at a loss for words.
He didn’ t know whether to support Song Qian or not.
Seeing Jiang Han looking at them, Han Yu hurriedly shouted.
“Brother Jiang, Song Qian is drunk. Come and help her.”*

36 Song Qian was drunk [Request for evaluation]

Jiang Han didn’ t think too much.
Put the order card that the cashier handed over into his pocket.
He walked towards Han Yu and the others.
Han Muxue did not have enough strength and could only barely support Song Qian.
They almost fell down.
Jiang Han could only pull Song Qian’s arm and let her put it on his shoulder.
“A few dishes. They’ ve drunk like this.”
Jiang Han said helplessly.
There wasn’t much fruit wine. It was about five hundred milliliters and four people drank it separately.
Even if he had some back energy, he shouldn’ t be drunk, right?
“Eight dishes, one soup.”
Han Yu obviously did not expect Song Qian to get drunk.
“I’ll get Uncle Li to drive over. Wait a moment.”
After saying that, Han Yu trotted downstairs.
Jiang Han originally wanted Song Qian to sit on his shoulder and go upstairs.
But it was very obvious.
She was already drunk and a little unsteady.
Even walking was a problem, let alone going downstairs.
Jiang Han could only grab Song Qian’s hand.
Then, he held her waist with his left hand.
Song Qian was wearing a loose shirt and jeans today.
It didn’ t seem like Song Qian had a good figure.
However, when Jiang Han’s hand grabbed Song Qian’s waist, he clearly realized what the ant waist was.
Jiang Han suddenly realized something.
Although Song Qian was well dressed, she looked very open-minded.
But wearing clothes had never been exposed.
Even during the military training, it was so hot that Song Qian did not remove the buttons on her clothes.
Xia Tian’s clothes were not thick at all. They were separated by a layer of clothes.
A warm feeling could be heard.
Song Qian, who had been in a daze, felt someone hold her waist.
He also looked up in confusion.
However, after seeing Jiang Han clearly, he lowered his head again.
“Let’s go.”
Jiang Han said.
“Oh, good, good.”
Han Muxue, who had originally tried her best to support Song Qian, immediately felt much more relaxed after Jiang Han supported her.
She only held Song Qian’s arm.
“Qianqian really is. She can’ t drink anything but wine.”
As she walked downstairs, Han Muxue was still complaining.
“Thank you, Brother Jiang.”
He even thanked Jiang Han.
“It’s fine. If I had known that Song Qian’s alcohol consumption was so low, I wouldn’ t have let her drink.”
This Jiang Han was truly unexpected.
After all, he had never drunk with Song Qian before.
In any case, she would never let Song Qian drink in the future.
When she went downstairs, Song Qian was completely soft.
He stumbled down the stairs.
Han Yu had already called the Rolls Royce over.
He opened the rear door.
“Brother Jiang, wait a moment. I’ ll go up first and sit inside to help.”
Han Muxue said.
Jiang Han nodded.
After Han Muxue released Song Qian’s arm, Song Qian collapsed onto Jiang Han’s body.
“Alright, Brother Jiang. You can just bring Qianqian in.”
The words were used well.
Jiang Han sighed.
He directly carried Song Qian up.
Then, he put it in.
Song Qian wasn’ t serious. Jiang Han probably didn’ t break a hundred.
This weight was definitely not considered fat to Song Qian’s height of 1.5 meters.
It was even very light.
It wasn’ t all said that they were under a hundred pounds, was it not for A or short?
Song Qian wasn’ t low, that……
Alright, don’t look down on me.
Jiang Han also sat up after putting Song Qian up.
Close the door.
“Brother Jiang, why don’t you go back to the dormitory?”
Han Yu, who was in the passenger seat, asked.
“Where are you going?”
Jiang Han asked back.
He originally wanted to go shopping after dinner.
He also used those beginner shopping cards.
However, with Song Qian’s appearance, Han Muxue definitely wouldn’ t be able to go back alone.
He could only come out tomorrow or next time.
In any case, the shopping card would not disappear.
It was the same if he used it earlier and later.
Hearing Jiang Han’s answer.
Han Yu merely chuckled.
Then, he told Uncle Li in the driver’s seat to go to school.
Normally, they would not be able to take a car when they were drunk.
It was easy to be tossed out.
Fortunately, Rolls-Royce had a very good ride experience.
The journey was smooth, without feeling any bumps.
Song Qian fell asleep after getting on the train.
His head tilted slightly.
Half-laying on the back.
Jiang Han took a glance and did not care.
His consciousness entered the system space.
He needed to check his cash balance.
Before he arrived, Jiang Han’s cash balance had reached 300,000.
He had just spent fifty thousand to eat, but the food consumption card had earned Jiang Han more than nineteen eighty thousand.
In other words, Jiang Han’s meal was equivalent to not spending a single cent, and he even earned over 148,000.
Even the food consumption card that had been used had been replenished.
Could this be the legendary White P?
It was a bit refreshing.
He watched as the cash balance in his account was close to five hundred thousand.
Jiang Han was still very satisfied.
Maybe he should work harder.
The private kitchen of the Prince’s Mansion spent two more times.
Jiang Han could break a million before the 11th holiday?
A month in college, what kind of experience was it?
Just as Jiang Han’s mind was constantly spinning.
His shoulder suddenly fell.
He retreated from the system space.
However, Song Qian’s head was already resting on his shoulder.
He wanted to ask Han Muxue to help Song Qian over.
However, Han Muxue had already closed her eyes and fell asleep.*

Chapter 37: Going to the front page or opening a room [Requesting monthly tickets]

There was a faint fragrance on Song Qian’s body.
It wasn’t the kind of scent that was sprayed.
It was more like a young girl……
Jiang Han didn’ t understand how to describe this taste.
It sounded very comfortable anyway.
He tilted his head slightly.
From his perspective, he could see Song Qian’s closed eyes.
It had to be said that Song Qian was able to become a wealthy new goddess.
The idea of waking her up didn’ t end.
With Song Qian’s current state, it was uncertain whether she could wake up.
So what if he woke up?
Could she sit down?
He had drunk a bit of wine earlier.
Although not many.
But in the car, especially in a Rolls Royce class car.
Sitting in the back seat was easy to doze off.
Plus, Han Yu didn’t say anything after eating.
The interior of the car became much quieter.
Even Jiang Han closed his eyes and fell asleep, but he really fell asleep.
It was unknown how long had passed.
Jiang Han only woke up when he heard Han Yu call him.
He woke up and found that the car had already stopped at the school gate.
Although Cai Da was a famous school.
However, there weren’t that many luxury cars in and out of the city.
After all, it was a big fortune, not a dance academy or a film and television academy.
Even the luxurious car that came to wait for them did not have a water bottle on the roof.
There were many students coming and going this weekend.
Especially after recognizing the golden imp on Rolls Royce’s head.
He turned around repeatedly.
He wanted to see who came out of the car.
“Young master, master called me back, so I won’ t go in.”
Uncle Li in the driver’s seat said.
“It’s fine. My father told you to hurry back. Besides, it’s not good to be seen when you drive in.”
Han Yu said.
However, there were even more people at the entrance of the school.
Han Muxue was also awake.
However, everyone was clearly in a daze.
“Brother Jiang, I’ ll bring something. Please carry Qianqian down.”
Han Muxue opened the other door as she spoke.
“Brother, come and help me.”
After getting off the car, Han Muxue shouted again.
“You’ re here. You want me to help you get anything?”
“F*ck!”Why did you buy so many!”
Jiang Han opened the door and got out of the car.
Then, she saw Han Muxue hand over a bag to Han Yu.
He walked over and glanced at the trunk.
Alright, Jiang Han thought that Han Muxue and the others would buy two pieces.
However, judging from the number, it would probably be more than a dozen or twenty pieces.
He had originally wanted to ask Han Muxue to help support Song Qian.
Seeing so many clothes bags, Jiang Han knew that this idea was completely unrealistic.
“Brother Jiang, I’ m sorry. Qianqian might ……”
“How about I have Uncle Li send us in.”
Han Muxue was a little embarrassed.
After all, she had brought Song Qian out.
Now, he had to send Jiang Han back.
“Isn’ t it autumn soon? I went to buy a few autumn clothes and accidentally bought too many ……”
Hearing Han Muxue’s explanation.
Jiang Han was also somewhat helpless.
However, it was already like this. What else could he do?
“No need. I’ ll help her in.”
Jiang Han returned to his back seat.
She shook Song Qian who was still asleep.
“Song Qian, wake up and come to school.”
Jiang Han shook Song Qian’s shoulder, trying to wake her up.
However, Song Qian merely muttered a few words.
Jiang Han didn’ t hear what he said clearly.
However, there was no sign of waking up.
Jiang Han immediately felt his head grow big.
What should he do?
Could it be that Song Qian was carried in?
“Brother Jiang, how about you bring Song Qian in?”
The two Han Yu, each carrying a pile of things, saw Song Qian still sleeping.
He smiled.
It was unclear if Han Yu wanted to do something.
Standing by the side, she continued,” Song Qian is clearly unable to walk.”
“It’s not the same as holding it.”
“And holding Song Qian will not be a disadvantage.”
Usually in the dormitory, Han Yu and the others liked to make such jokes.
But the current situation was obviously different from being in the dormitory.
There were so many students coming and going around.
Many people even stopped.
Jiang Han was hugging and not hugging.
“Perhaps you might as well take Song Qian to a room and let her wake up first?”
“How about I have Uncle Li send you over?”
Jiang Han glanced around.
According to the current situation.
If he carried Song Qian out.
He and Song Qian were most likely to be in the headlines tomorrow.
“I can only do this.”
Jiang Han frowned slightly.
Then, he sat back in the back row.
“Uncle Li, please send Brother Jiang and the others to a hotel first.”
“Then return to the company.”
Uncle Li nodded and did not refuse.
“Brother Jiang, remember to come back tonight. If you don’ t come back, I’ ll go save you with Old Guo and the others.”
After Han Yu finished speaking, she did not wait for Jiang Han to say anything.
He directly closed the rear door.
Rolls-Royce slowly left the school door.*

Chapter 38 Kid, I advise you to be kind [beg for fresh flowers]

“Uncle Li, please find a clean hotel nearby to stop.”
Han Yu and the others were called Uncle Li, and Jiang Han followed suit.
Especially since the other party was still rushing back, Jiang Han naturally couldn’ t let the other party carry them around.
“Good, Mr. Jiang.”
Uncle Li could sense how much Han Yu valued Jiang Han.
Therefore, his attitude was still very good.
Even if his own matters were delayed, he still had no intention of losing his temper.
“I remember there was a three star hotel in front of me. The environment and sanitary conditions were up to standard.”
“Then let’s go to that house.”
Jiang Han hadn’ t opened the room yet.
However, the quality of a three star hotel should still be acceptable.
In any case, it was just for Song Qian to make up for it.
“Alright, Mr. Jiang.”
Uncle Li had a clear goal.
He stepped on the accelerator.
It had to be said that cars of the Rolls Royce class.
There was a natural buff.
That was no matter how you opened it.
There was no car around.
It wasn’t that there was really no car on the road.
It was because the cars on the road were very clear.
Rolls-Royce couldn’t get up.
That was why he would automatically dodge.
No matter how big your temper was.
They all lowered their heads in front of Rolls Royce.
Under such circumstances.
Uncle Li only used three minutes to stop in front of the hotel door.
“Mr. Jiang, we’ re here.”
“Alright, wait a moment. I’ ll carry her down.”
Jiang Han opened the door.
He then reached out and carried Song Qian out of the carriage.
Especially Song Qian.
Jiang Han had to be careful when he carried her down.
To avoid touching her head.
Fortunately, Jiang Han was still very strong.
It wasn’ t difficult for Song Qian to hold a hundred kilograms.
“Uncle Li, thank you. You can leave now.”
After Jiang Han said this, he closed the door behind him.
Rolls-Royce slowly left.
Jiang Han hugged Song Qian who was still drunk.
He glanced at the hotel opposite him.
He sighed.
Who would have thought that for the first time in his life, he would actually give it to Song Qian?
Well, no matter what, Song Qian was one in ten thousand.
She seemed to be able to accept the first chance.
But why did it feel so strange?
She was holding a 90% beauty in her arms. She was still drunk.
Although it was daytime.
However, Jiang Han felt that he was still playing the role of a bad person.
Forget it, why do you think so much?
Jiang Han shook his head.
He walked up the steps in front of the hotel door.
Two boys came from the side.
Jiang Han didn’ t mind and directly carried Song Qian into the hotel.
On the other hand, the two boys stopped after passing Jiang Han.
“Wang Yu, was that boy from your class, Song Qian?”
“F*ck!”Zhao Jun, you saw it too?”
The boy by the name of Wang Yu was initially somewhat puzzled, thinking that he was mistaken.
But first, he heard the people beside him say that.
He was immediately certain.
“Aren’t you talking nonsense?”
“Song Qian is so beautiful. Can anyone remember her with a single glance?”
Zhao Jun frowned.
“But why was Song Qian here?”And it’s still being carried by a boy!”
“Especially that boy who is so ugly!”
Wang Yu was puzzled.
“Can you stop talking nonsense?”
“Did you not see that Song Qian was unconscious?”
“And more!”What’s more, Song Qian is being carried into the hotel!”
“Under such circumstances, you actually asked why Song Qian was here?”
Hearing Wang Yu ask some useless nonsense.
Zhao Jun was also speechless.
“Think carefully about what Song Qian will face in the future.”
“Didn’ t you always say that Song Qian was your goddess?”
“Why don’t you hurry up and save her?”
“That’s right!”
Wang Yu suddenly realized what Zhao Jun had said.
He immediately pulled Zhao Jun and ran inside.
At this moment, the front desk of the hotel.
Jiang Han held Song Qian in his arms, unable to take out his identity card.
He could only put Song Qian on the sofa first.
He took out his ID card and opened a room.
He went back and picked Song Qian up.
A boy’s voice rang out from the entrance of the hotel.
“Heh!”That kid!”
Jiang Han subconsciously turned to look.
He happened to see the other party holding his phone.
He was currently patting him.
Jiang Han’s brows immediately furrowed when he saw what the other party was doing.
“I’ ll warn you, your appearance has already been taken down by us.”
“If you dare to do anything to Song Qian, the video in my hand is proof!”
The more he spoke, the more excited he became.
It was as if he was doing something extremely great.
“Right!I advise you to be more kind!”Let Song Qian go!”
“Otherwise, we will call the police!”
Another boy by the side also spoke.
“Your brain is sick.”
He looked at these two silly fools acting on their own.
Jiang Han muttered.
Ignoring the two of them, he turned around and walked towards the elevator.
“Sigh, stop right there!”
Wang Yu, who was holding his phone in his hand, saw that Jiang Han didn’ t bother with them at all.
He wanted to catch up and stop Jiang Han.
However, they were stopped by the hotel security.
“I’ m sorry, sir. It’s not allowed here.”
“If there is nothing else, please leave.”
The two guards blocked in front of them, making it impossible for Wang Yu and Jiang Han to catch up.
Seeing Jiang Han carrying Song Qian into the elevator.
The two of them could only give up.*

Chapter 39 Water……Water……[Request for evaluation]

After leaving the hotel, Wang Yu seemed to have suffered a bit.
Watching his goddess being carried into the hotel by another man was really depressing.
“Zhao Jun, what do you think we should do now?”
“Why don’t we just call the police!”
Wang Yu was still brooding over what had just happened.
He said anxiously.
“The security guard should not dare to stop the police.”
“That’s right. Hurry up and call the police. Otherwise, if it takes too long for that kid to succeed, everything will be over.”
As he spoke, Wang Yu wanted to pull out his phone and call the police.
However, he was stopped by Zhao Jun.
“Did you become stupid because of Song Qian?”
“If you call the police now, if that kid doesn’ t do anything, wouldn’ t we just call the police?”
“Furthermore, we don’t even know what the other party is called. We do n’ t have any information about the other party at all. We are very passive.”
“Let’s talk about it. You have a video right now. Are you afraid that he’ ll do anything wrong?”
“If he dares to act recklessly, this is proof!”
After Zhao Jun’s analysis, Wang Yu became a little more calm.
However, when he thought of Song Qian still on top.Wang Yu was inevitably anxious.
“What should we do now? We can’t just wait here, right?”
“It’s simple.”
Zhao Jun said with a cold smile,” I think that fellow’s appearance should be similar to ours.”
“I know Song Qian. It’s very likely that she’s from our school.”
“All you need to do is post the video in your hand to the online campus. Someone from the school will definitely know this guy.”
“If the impact is too great, this fellow really dares to act recklessly?”
After all, Shanghai Finance University was a top-notch university.
Not to mention anything else, he was still very strict in terms of discipline.
If it really was revealed that a student had used methods to give a girl…Now.
It was likely that this student would have to face criminal responsibility.
“That’s right!”
“I’ ll send it now!”
After hearing Zhao Jun’s analysis, Wang Yu immediately felt a sense of enlightenment.
The phone unlocked and then opened the university’s campus network.
Jiang Han didn’ t know what these two people were doing.
He only knew how painful it was to hold a girl for so long.
Even if Song Qian was less than a hundred.
Even though Jiang Han’s strength was actually very strong, there were also abdominal muscles.
But the truth was that Jiang Han only felt that his waist was about to break.
Even his arms were trembling.
“Wu…Don’ t shake it. It’s so uncomfortable ……”
Song Qian, who was in her arms, murmured.
This caused Jiang Han to collapse.
He could only try his best to hold on.
Seeing that the elevator had reached the fifteenth floor, it finally stopped.
Jiang Han carried Song Qian and left.
Fortunately, the room was not far from the elevator.
Jiang Han didn’ t put the room card in his pocket when he came up.
Swipe the card and open the door.
Then, she placed Song Qian on the bed.
Jiang Han only felt that his arms were about to be crippled.
He really didn’t know how the male lead in the movie and television drama carried the girl so far.
Could it really not be heavy?
Looking at Song Qian on the bed, she flipped over and continued to sleep.
Jiang Han was also somewhat helpless.
She shook her trembling hand and took off the small white shoes on Song Qian’s feet.
He covered her with a blanket.
He then walked to the window and took out his phone to give Han Muxue a prestige call.
“Hey, Little Jiang, I just put my things in the dormitory. Where are you?”
Han Muxue’s voice rang out.
“We are at the Starry Hotel near the school.”
“Come here.”
Jiang Han hung up after saying that.
After washing his face in the bathroom, he sat by the window and rubbed his sore arm.
This kind of feeling of losing strength was truly uncomfortable.
Moreover, if he did not rub it, the next day would definitely be very painful.
However, at this moment, Song Qian on the bed murmured two times.
Jiang Han glanced at Song Qian.
He ignored them.
After all, Han Muxue would be here soon. Let Han Muxue take care of her.
However, Song Qian had no intention of stopping.
No one bothered with her.
The drowsiness grew louder and louder.
“Alright, alright. Stop shouting. I’ ll go get it for you.”
Song Qian seemed to be able to hear what Jiang Han said.
After Jiang Han finished speaking, Song Qian really didn’ t make a fuss.
There was usually water in the hotel.
Especially in a three star hotel like this.
Compared to the customer’s satisfaction, it was just a few bottles of water.
Jiang Han took a piece of mineral water and unscrewed the bottle cap.
He walked to the bed and turned over Song Qian who was lying on her stomach.
“Give it. Drink it.”
Song Qian did not move.
“Would you like to drink it?”No, no.”
Jiang Han saw that Song Qian did not make any movements, so he unscrewed the bottle cap.
However, Song Qian murmured again.
“Water……Shui ……”
Jiang Han could only unscrew the lid once more.
He looked at Song Qian with her eyes closed.
Jiang Han helplessly sighed.
“You really are hard to serve.”
He grabbed Song Qian’s chin.
She opened her mouth a little.
Then, he poured some water into her mouth.
However, Jiang Han clearly did not have the experience of taking care of others.
Song Qian was completely unconscious.
When the esophagus was closed, even if the water was poured in, it would not be able to swallow it.
They all flowed out from the corner of their mouths.
He soaked the pillow.
“You ……”
Jiang Han was at a loss for words.
He could only put his level on the bedside table.
Then, he went to the bathroom to grab a towel and wipe it.
However, when she returned, she discovered that Song Qian had beaten her level.
The bottle just happened to be on her shoe.
The water that seeped out made the carpet in the room wet a lot.