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Big Boss
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Chapter 40: Women with Difficulty in Selecting [Seeking Monthly Tickets]

Jiang Han was stunned when he saw this.
He hurriedly went over to pick up the water bottle.
However, he found that the water inside had been completely drained.
One of Song Qian’s small white shoes.
You dare to believe that he was still flowing out.
This miraculous scene was coincidentally caught up by Jiang Han.
“I ……”
Jiang Han no longer knew how to describe his current mood.
“Dingling……Ding Ling ……”
Just at this moment, an alarm rang at the door.
Jiang Han hurriedly went over to open the door.
It was Han Muxue who hurried over.
“Brother Jiang, where’s Qianqian?”
Han Muxue was slightly startled when she saw the towel in Jiang Han’s hand.
“Little Snow, you came just in time.”
“I really can’ t stand Song Qian.”
Jiang Han moved aside and let Han Muxue in.
“What’s wrong?”
As Han Muxue walked in, she asked.
“You go in and take a look, you’ ll know ……”
Jiang Han didn’ t know how to tell Han Muxue about this.
Because it was just too coincidental.
Coincidentally, everything was arranged by Jiang Han.
“This…” Han Muxue didn’ t know what to say after seeing this scene.
“Brother Jiang, did I disturb you?”
Sure enough……
Hearing Han Muxue’s words, Jiang Han knew that she was going astray.
Han Muxue had a conflicted expression on her face.
He seemed to be hesitating whether he should leave.
Jiang Han hurriedly waved his hand and said,” No, you came just in time.”
“I’ ll give you a towel. I’ ll go out and buy her a pair of shoes.”
Han Muxue took the towel from Jiang Han’s hand and glanced at Song Qian.
Only when Jiang Hanlin left did he shout.
“Xiao Jiang, Qianqian’s foot.”
“Got it. Take care of her. I’ ll be right back.”
Jiang Han replied.
He closed the door when he left.
This was the first time Jiang Han had bought clothes for a girl.
Before this, Jiang Han would at most go shopping with his mother or Jiang Qingyi.
As a bag-carrying character.
If he were to choose.
It was time for him to choose to be trapped.
The boy picked clothes for the girl, as if he had no way to do anything.
It was as if Jiang Han was standing in the female shoe store in the mall.
But looking at all kinds of high heels, there was a feeling of bewilderment.
“Hello, sir, can I help you?”
A shopper seemed to have noticed Jiang Han’s dilemma.
He walked over and asked.
Jiang Han heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the sale.
“Hello, I want to buy women’s shoes.”
“Good sir, is it for your girlfriend?”
There was a smile on his face.
Even though Jiang Han, a big man, ran over to buy women’s shoes, it was a little strange. It didn’ t seem like he really wanted to buy them, but he still patiently accompanied them.
Jiang Han shook his head and said,” That’s right, her thirty-six feet.”
“Also, they usually wear flat shoes.”
Jiang Han told the sales guide everything he knew.
“Yes, sir. Please come with me.”
The guide brought Jiang Han to the flat shoe area.
“Both this one and this one are our most recent ones.”
“Take a look at which pair is more appropriate.”
“There’s also this one. It’s also very light on your feet. If your friend likes to exercise normally, it’s also very appropriate to wear this one.”
“I don’ t know if she likes to move or not.”
Jiang Han was slightly startled.
Looking at the shoes in the hands of the shopper, he chose to suffer from difficulty again.
“Forget it, I’ ll pick a pair of thirty-six yards for these three pairs.”
Since he couldn’ t pick it out, he had to buy it.
It was just a few pairs of shoes anyway.
It was nothing to Jiang Han.
“City……”You want them all?”
The shopper was also shocked.
It wasn’t that she had never seen a boy buy his girlfriend shoes.
But if he didn’t even choose, he would just buy it, or would he just buy three pairs?
“Is there a problem?”
Jiang Han said doubtfully.
“No, no problem. I’ ll go get it for you right now. Wait a moment.”
If there was a business that came to the door, of course the sales lead had to accept it.
Could it be that he should persuade the other party to buy two pairs less at this time?
Only a fool would do this.
He glanced at the number of the three pairs of shoes.
The sales guide entered the warehouse inside the store.
When he came out again, he found Jiang Han on the phone.
Mr.”, please check out this way.”
Jiang Han walked over and took out the bank card in his pocket.
Today’s consumption was a bit high.
Mobile payment was directly restricted.
It had to be said that even though prestige was very convenient to use in daily use.
However, if he really spent a large amount of money, it would be more convenient for him to get a bank card.
After all, the two software mobile payments were cut several times in succession.
There were still many restrictions on large consumption.
Mr.”, these three pairs of shoes belong to the new season. I can only get you a 10% discount.”
The shopper explained to Jiang Han.
However, Jiang Han didn’ t care.
Swiping his card, he glanced at the amount deducted and then entered his password.
Three pairs of shoes had a total of eighteen. This price was a little expensive, but it was still within an acceptable range.
After all, the Red Dragonfly should be considered a famous brand.
“You’ re developing a bit fast with Song Qian? Little Jiang, you’ re already buying her shoes?”He even bought three pairs?”
Han Yu’s cheap voice sounded again.
“I knew you two would definitely not be enemies. Hehe.”
Hearing Han Yu’s words, Jiang Han felt a little helpless.
He was just about to retort.
He heard Liu Guangchao shout from the other side of the phone.
“F*ck!”Why is Little Jiang on the headlines again?”*

Chapter 41 Jiang Han’s Attack on Song Qian?[Pray for fresh flowers]

He’s on the headlines again?
Wait, why would he use it again.
All right, it had been so long since the last time they made headlines.
Jiang Han had already forgotten about this matter.
However, he did not expect that he would be on the headlines again ten days later.
But this time, why?
“Brother Yu, what’s going on?”
Jiang Han walked out with three boxes of shoes.
At the same time, he asked.
Han Yu did not answer Jiang Han.
However, he could vaguely hear Liu Guangchao muttering something through his phone.
“After 13 days, Jiang Han, who loved to ignore Song Qian from the school, said.”
“Now, he’s using despicable methods to forcibly take over Song Qian?”
“What is this?”There’s still a video?”
Listening to the voice on the phone.
For some reason, Jiang Han suddenly remembered when he had sent Song Qian to the hotel room.
The two simple slaps he encountered.
He patted him with his phone.
Could it be that they sent the video to the campus online?
Jiang Han frowned slightly.
If that was the case, then Jiang Han could only say that he was truly disgusted.
“Why do you come and tell me something?”
“Brother Jiang, I don’ t know what to say.”
“You should come back and take a look.”
“This incident may have caused a bit of trouble.”
On the other side of the phone, Han Yu’s voice rang out.
However, he was no longer as cautious as before.
When Jiang Han heard Han Yu’s words, he was basically certain that it was the two of them who caused it.
But he glanced at the three shoe boxes in his hand.
He could only say,” Wait half an hour, I’ ll go back immediately.”
He hung up.
This matter was neither big nor small.
The main reason was that Jiang Han wasn’ t sure how the other party’s rhythm was.
This was what needed to be resolved.
Only after he had determined how the other party had brought the rhythm would Jiang Han be able to counterattack.
And it had to be fast.
Once the fishing wheel fell to one side, even if Jiang Han stepped forward to explain, few people would be able to hear it.
He put the phone in his pocket.
Jiang Han trotted towards the entrance of the shopping mall.
He reached out and stopped a taxi towards the hotel.
Ten minutes later, the door of the hotel room was knocked.
Moreover, it was extremely hurried.
Han Muxue’s weak voice rang out.
A few seconds later, the door of the room was opened.
Jiang Han stuffed the bag containing the shoe box into Han Muxue’s hand.
“Little Snow, I have something to do. I’ ll leave first.”
Jiang Han then trotted towards the elevator.
Afraid that the elevator would be pushed down.
“Sigh, Brother Jiang ……”
Han Muxue saw how anxious Jiang Han was.
He was also somewhat surprised.
Just what could make Jiang Han so anxious?
However, when he saw Jiang Han’s figure disappear from the corner of the corridor, he didn’ t ask.
Carrying the shoe box, he returned to the room.
“Just buy one pair. Why buy so much.”
Looking at the three shoe boxes in her hand, Han Muxue was also somewhat helpless.
He glanced at Song Qian who was still sleeping on the bed.
He didn’ t know if he should be envious of Song Qian.
However, after Han Muxue put down the shoe box and sat on the chair.
Her phone suddenly rang.
He took it out and discovered that it was Han Yu who had attacked him.
“Hey, brother, what’s wrong?”
“What about Little Snow and Song Qian?”
The one who responded to her was Han Yu’s anxious voice.
“Qianqian?”She’s drunk. She’s still asleep.”
“What happened?”What happened?”
Jiang Han was so anxious just now. Now, even Han Yu was anxious.
Could something really have happened?
“Still asleep?”
Han Yu’s voice froze. After hesitating for a moment, she said,” Then let Song Qian wake up and hurry to school.”
“You can go to the campus network to see the details. I can’ t say a word or two clearly. Let’s do this first. I’ ll call Brother Jiang.”
Before Han Muxue could agree, Han Yu immediately hung up.
“Hey?Hello?”Big brother?”
Han Muxue called twice before she realized that Han Yu had already hung up.
“What are you talking about? You’ re talking about something.”
Han Muxue muttered a few words before opening the official website of Wealthy University and logging in to her account.
He entered the campus network.
Then, he saw the video that had been pushed to the front page.
After a while, even Han Muxue was shocked.
“This…”What’s going on?”
Only now did Han Muxue understand why Jiang Han and Han Yu were so anxious.
After such a big incident, the school would definitely investigate it.
And no matter what the truth was, at least this wave of popularity had already started to stir.
He glanced at the comments below.
All of them required the school to investigate Jiang Han.
Moreover, he even said that he had to expel Jiang Han.
Han Muxue instantly panicked.
He glanced at Song Qian who was still unconscious on the bed.
Han Muxue almost woke Song Qian up.
But when he thought of how Han Yu had told Song Qian to wake up and rush to school, he hesitated.
He couldn’ t care less.
Han Muxue could only make a call to Jiang Han.
Jiang Han had just hung up on Han Yu.
Han Muxue’s call came in.
“Hey, Little Snow, what’s wrong?”
Ten minutes was enough for Jiang Han to figure out everything.
He had even thought of a solution to this matter.
That was why he was not in a hurry.
“Brother Jiang, what exactly is going on on the online campus?”
“Should I wake Qianqian up and go to school with her?”
“If Qianqian were to testify for you, this matter should be fine.”
Han Muxue was afraid that she wouldn’ t be able to come up with an idea.
“It’s fine. I know how to resolve this matter.”
“Don’ t worry.”
Hearing Han Muxue’s anxious voice.
Jiang Han knew that his friends had not made friends for nothing.
At least those guys in the dormitory and Han Muxue were really worried about him.
“Let them jump a little longer.”
“I’ ll let them know that I, Jiang Han, can not be provoked by anyone!”*

Chapter 42 Adult, right

A freshman.
The idea seemed to remain in high school.
Facing the girl he liked, he was in a hurry to save her.
Jiang Han understood this.
However, he should never have.
They should not be unaware of the true situation.
He directly uploaded the video to the online campus.
Because in this way, it wasn’ t a matter between a few people.
If this matter really couldn’ t be dealt with well, Jiang Han might really be expelled from the school.
In front of the fishing wheels, it was difficult for people to maintain their rationality.
It was precisely because of this.
Jiang Han didn’ t intend to let him off so easily.
Eighteen years old, right?
Should he pay the price for his actions?
To avoid trouble.
Jiang Han lowered his head and returned to the dormitory.
He pushed open the door and entered.
Han Yu and the others were present.
Seeing Jiang Han enter, Han Yu immediately said,” Little Jiang, you’ re here.”
“You’ ve seen the video on campus, have you?”
Jiang Han nodded and asked.
“What’s happening now?”
“This matter is getting more and more serious. If we don’t step forward and clarify it, we will probably be able to resolve it in the end.”
“Brother Jiang, your reputation for wealth has also been ruined.”
“But what’s more important now is that we still don’ t know what the school’s attitude is.”
“Right now, I’ m afraid that the school will directly punish you in order to calm down the students’ anger.”
Punishment was still a great punishment for a college student.
Especially the higher the level of the university.
The more strict he was about this aspect.
It was true that too many major demerits were recorded to prevent graduation!
“Not at all.”
Seeing Han Yu’s anxious appearance, Jiang Han was not anxious.
Even Guo Shaojun and Liu Guangchao looked over.
“Brother Jiang, why are you not in a hurry? If this matter can not be handled properly, the impact will really be great.”
Guo Shaojun frowned.
“That’s right, Brother Jiang. I think you should call the class teacher first to explain the situation.”
“If the head teacher helps explain to the school leader, this matter should be suppressed.”
Liu Guangchao forks the video on his computer.
He was afraid that Jiang Han would be in a bad mood.
Perhaps this was the benefit of having a few good-natured roommates.
At the very least, when something really happened to you, you didn’ t want to fall into a trap.
It was to find a way to solve it for you.
“No need.”
Jiang Han waved his hand and said,” By the way, Old Liu, remember to save that video.”
“There are still screenshots. These are all evidence.”
Jiang Han still wanted to say something.
His phone suddenly rang.
He took it out and found that it was a call from the class teacher.
After the success of the previous election.
The teacher in charge left a call with Jiang Han and the other class leaders.
It was to avoid contact when encountering unexpected situations.
“Teacher Yu.”
Jiang Han made a gesture of silence.
Then, he answered Old Yu’s call.
The three people who had wanted to say something in the dormitory stopped.
He looked at Jiang Han and Old Yu calling.
“Jiang Han, Director Wang of the Teaching Department just called me. Is the matter on the online campus true?”
Old Yu’s voice sounded very steady.
He was not in a hurry to hold him accountable.
This was the attitude of an experienced class teacher.
There were many things that he had seen before, and even his questions were directed at the core.
If this matter was true, Jiang Han would not be able to escape.
If this matter was fake, then there was still hope to turn it over.
“Teacher Yu, this is the case.”
“I’ll go out to dinner with Han Yu today ……”
Jiang Han simply explained the whole matter.
In order to let Old Yu know the true situation.
He added another sentence.
“I’ m in the dormitory now. As for the person in the hotel who takes care of Song Qian, it’s Song Qian’s roommate, Han Muxue.”
“At the same time, Han Muxue is still Han Yu’s younger sister.”
Old Yu quietly listened to Jiang Han’s explanation.
Just now, he said yes.
“I know about this. Don’ t worry, I’ ll explain it to the school leader.”
“I will also ask for my help to delete the online post.”
“Don’ t show up on this matter.”
Elder Yu said.
At this moment, it was difficult for Jiang Han to appear.
This was because Jiang Han was a negative character in the eyes of everyone who had seen this post before the fishing wheel turned around.
He would not be of any use.
On the contrary, it would attract more criticism.
Right now, it was only online.
Once Jiang Han stepped out, it would be equivalent to letting the fishing wheel find a vent.
Jiang Han knew very well that he was protecting him.
However, he still smiled.
“Then thank Teacher Yu first.”
“Let’s do this first. I still have to call the school leader.”
After saying that, Old Yu hung up.
“What do you say, Brother Jiang?”
Han Yu and the others looked at Jiang Han anxiously.
However, Jiang Han replied,” Brother Yu, you should have a lawyer you know, right?”
“Yes, what’s wrong?”
Han Yu was stunned.
He immediately thought of something.
“Don’ t worry, Brother Jiang. I’ ll contact your lawyer.”
“My father has a legal department under his command. Normally, he has nothing to do with them. Now, it’s finally going to be useful.”
“I’ ll just call them over!”*

43 Lawyer’s Letter Warning

To Han Yu and the other two, this matter had been completely confused.
No matter how he dealt with it, it was extremely troublesome.
But after Jiang Han said the word’ lawyer’.
Han Yu and the others suddenly understood.
That’s right!
Although it was something that happened in the school.
But in the end.
Everyone was already an adult!
No one really thought that as long as they were still students, they wouldn’ t have to shoulder their responsibilities, right?
It was not wrong to leave the school matters to the teacher.
However, he carefully thought about what those two fellows had done.
Just a few words of the teacher’s lecture ended.
Wasn’ t that too easy?
Therefore, the lawyer’s letter warned him.
Han Yu was the eldest young master of the family group.
Although he hadn’ t graduated yet, he wasn’ t completely exposed to the company’s employees under Han Haosheng’s discipline.
But no matter what, he was the future successor of the Han Clan.
A call was made to the leader of the Legal Department of the group.
One hour later, Jiang Han and his wife were at the coffee shop outside the school.
He saw the two people rushing over.
He was wearing a suit and golden glasses.
He had that feeling.
“Brother Jiang, let me introduce you. This is Li Hao, Lawyer Li.”
“Lawyer Li, this is my roommate, Jiang Han.”
Jiang Han stood up and shook hands with the other party.
There was still a need for respect.
“Hello, Lawyer Li.”
“Hello, Mr. Jiang.”
Although Jiang Han looked young.
But someone who could make the group’s eldest young master attach such importance to him.
How could it be simple?
As the boss of the Legal Department, Li Hao naturally knew something that ordinary employees did not know.
It wasn’ t wrong to hold Han Yu’s thigh in advance.
“What would you like to drink?”
Jiang Han smiled after shaking hands.
“There’s no need. We’ ll come to Mr. Jiang ourselves.”
“Lil’ Wang, go buy two cups of coffee and settle Mr. Jiang’s account.”
Lawyer Li turned his head and instructed the people who brought him over.
Little Wang replied and turned around to walk towards the counter.
Actually, Jiang Han and the others had already settled their debts.
However, Lawyer Li’s observation made Jiang Han feel very reliable.
“Mr. Jiang, I’ ve already heard about the general situation from Young Master Han.”
“But I still need you to explain it.”
“In addition, please tell the truth when you speak. Only then can I guarantee that your rights and interests will be protected to the maximum extent.”
Jiang Han nodded.
This matter was very clear, and there was nothing hard to say.
“Things were like this. Today, I was with Han Yu at noon ……”
Just as Jiang Han contacted his lawyer.
In Room 1506 of the Starry Hotel.
After nearly four hours of sleep, Song Qian finally woke up.
After seeing his surroundings clearly.
Song Qian was completely dumbfounded.
“Why am I here!”
After Song Qian finished drinking, her entire body was broken.
She simply could not remember why she had appeared here.
He lifted the blanket and took a look.
He was sure that all the clothes on his body were still there, and he felt a little uncomfortable after getting drunk.
There was nothing strange about it.
He let out a sigh of relief.
“Qianqian, you’ re finally awake.”
Just at this moment, Han Muxue walked out of the toilet.
Seeing Song Qian wake up, she hurriedly said.
“Quickly put on your shoes. We’ ll go back to school. Something big has happened.”
Jiang Han and the others had already found a solution.
But Han Muxue didn’ t know.
It was the hardest thing for her to wait like this for these few hours.
However, she could only wait.
After spending two hours on campus.
However, he could only watch as others continued to slander Jiang Han under that thread.
Although the thread was deleted later.
But it was very obvious.
The thread that had been pushed to over a thousand floors earlier wouldn’t just be deleted.
More importantly, the school’s deletion seemed to have angered many students.
Countless new posts appeared again.
Most of them were slandering Jiang Han while questioning why the school should delete the posts.
Han Muxue really wanted to speak for Jiang Han.
But it was very obvious.
The thread that she had posted alone could not lift any waves.
At the same time that they were suppressed, many people turned their guns and aimed at her.
All sorts of curses.
And now, Song Qian had finally woken up.
This was the greatest good news.
“What big matter?”
Song Qian had just woken up.
Although he didn’ t have a headache, he still felt dizzy.
“I don’ t have time to explain.”
“Put on your shoes first. Let’s talk on the way.”
As she spoke, Han Muxue brought over the three pairs of shoes that Jiang Han had bought.
“This is the shoes Little Jiang bought for you. Your previous pair of shoes were soaked in water.”
Han Muxue explained.
Ten minutes later.
Han Muxue and Song Qian checked out and boarded the taxi, heading for the school.
“What!”You mean.”
“After I got drunk, Jiang Han sent me to the hotel to rest?”
“And the video of him carrying me into the hotel was also taken?”
In the back seat of the taxi.
Song Qian’s surprised voice rang out.
Han Muxue said in a somewhat embarrassed manner,” Then I have too many things in my hands.”
“Moreover, I can’ t hold you, so I can only let Brother Jiang send you to the hotel first.”
“Now isn’t it time to say this, has that thread been deleted?”
“Didn’t make a big fuss?”Is Jiang Han affected by this matter?”
Song Qian immediately asked.*

Chapter 44 Up to three years!

“The original post has already been deleted.”
“But the problem is, before the thread was deleted, many people already saw it.”
“After the original post was deleted, many people continued to post the same posts as the original post.”
“It’s like someone is controlling it from behind.”
“If this matter can not be suppressed.”
“The school might be forced to punish Brother Jiang first.”
“That’s why I’ m so anxious.”
Han Muxue explained to Song Qian.
He took out his phone and wanted to give Jiang Han a call.
Song Qian woke up and what should she do now.
However, the call was answered, but it had not been answered.
This was the case even after fighting two.
There was no one to pick Han Yu up.
“What are these two doing? Why are they not answering the phone.”
Han Muxue was truly anxious.
However, in order not to be disturbed, Jiang Han and the others turned off their phones.
Therefore, he did not see Han Muxue’s call at all.
“In other words, Jiang Han was scolded by so many people because of me?”
Song Qian lowered her head and looked at the shoes on her feet.
For a moment, he did not know what he was thinking.
“Could say that ……”
“After all, Brother Jiang invited us to eat, and he sent you back to the hotel to rest. He even ran to buy you shoes.”
“Qianqian, I know you have a misunderstanding with Brother Jiang.”
“But now isn’t the time to care about this. Do you understand?”
Standing on Han Muxue’s side.
Right now, she could only try her best to persuade Song Qian to stand out and explain to Jiang Han.
As long as Song Qian was willing to stand up and testify, it would prove that Jiang Han did nothing but simply send her to the hotel to rest.
Then this matter could be transformed into a small matter.
But the question now was whether Song Qian was willing to stand up.
To take the risk of being told, to give Jiang Han a proper name.
Hearing Han Muxue’s words, Song Qian took a deep breath.
“Little Snow, if I step forward and explain, will this matter be resolved?”
Song Qian asked.
Han Muxue had a bitter smile on her face.
“It’s a bit difficult to suppress this matter.”
“But if you step forward and explain, at least the impact on Little Jiang will be much smaller.”
“At the very least, there is no possibility of recording a demerit.”
“This is already the best result.”
Han Muxue did not know that Jiang Han and the others intended to protect her directly through legal channels.
Perhaps he had never really come into contact with society.
Therefore, Han Muxue still used the student’s method to resolve this matter.
“In other words, I only need to explain. I can’ t exempt Jiang Han from punishment?”
Song Qian mumbled something.
Han Muxue was still calling Jiang Han.
He did not hear what Song Qian said clearly.
“What did you just say?”
Han Muxue turned her head and asked.
Song Qian shook her head.
However, it was as if he had made up his mind.
His eyes became much more firm.
At this moment, in a cafe not far from the school.
Jiang Han and the others finally agreed.
“Mr. Jiang, please rest assured.”
“Although this matter has only been spread within the school, it has not gone out of circles.”
“But based on the influence of the original post and the fact that the new post was constantly appearing on the forum, we can see that.”
“It is very likely that someone is planning everything behind the scenes.”
“Otherwise, a new post would not appear immediately after the original post was deleted.”
“No matter what, this matter is still very influential.”
“It’s enough for administrative punishment.”
“I will act as your lawyer and report it to J. I will also issue a lawyer letter to the other party and make a request for public prosecution.”
“If the other party still refuses to give up, he will try to expand the influence of this matter.”
“I have a 30% confidence that I will be charged with violating the reputation of others.”
“Let him be sentenced to less than three years!”
Lawyer Li knew very well what he should say at this moment.
Only by showing his position could he show that he would wholeheartedly strive for the greatest conditions for Jiang Han.
Only then would they be able to make Jiang Han and Jiang Han accept their love.
The truth was true.
After speaking, Han Yu nodded her head in admiration.
He then raised his hand and shook hands with Lawyer Li.
“This matter has a great impact. If we don’t focus on it, the other party will most likely not restrain itself.”
“That’s why it’s all up to Lawyer Li.”
“Don’ t worry, Young Master Han.”
“This matter is not difficult. I can guarantee that the other party will enter for at least a few days!”
This was what a professional should say.
Jiang Han didn’ t say anything. He only shook hands with Han Yu after he finished shaking hands with Lawyer Li.
“Then let’s go first, Young Master Han, Mr. Jiang.”
“Slow down.”
Jiang Han and Li sent the two of them out of the cafe.
He picked up his phone and prepared to go back.
However, he discovered that Han Muxue had beaten him eight times.
“Why did Little Snow give me so many calls?”
“I also have twelve ……”
Han Yu raised her phone.
“Call her back and ask.”
Han Yu called Han Muxue.
A few seconds later, the phone was connected.
Following that, Han Muxue’s voice rang out.
“Hey, brother, you finally answered the call.”
“Don’ t worry. Qianqian has already settled this matter.”
“Just go to the campus network and see.”*

My name is Song Qian. Jiang Han is my boyfriend

“It’s settled?”
Han Yu was stunned.
Something was wrong.
They had just sent Lawyer Li and the others away.
No matter how fast Lawyer Li was.
It would take at least two hours to implement this matter, right?
But now, Han Muxue said that she had solved it?
And it was Song Qian who took care of it?
What was going on?
“What are you talking about?”I don’ t understand.”
“Song Qian solved it?”How did she deal with it?”
Han Yu still wanted to ask.
However, Han Muxue hesitated and refused to say anything.
“I don’ t know what to say about this matter.”
“You’ ll know when you’ re on campus.”
“By the way, Brother Jiang is by your side, right?”
“Let him take a look as well. After all, he was also a party ……”
After that, Han Muxue hung up.
“What? It’s strange.”
Han Yu muttered.
“What’s wrong?”
Jiang Han said doubtfully.
“Little Snow said that Song Qian had solved this matter, but she didn’ t say what to do.”
“Just let us take a look on campus.”
As Han Yu spoke, she opened her browser.
On campus?
Jiang Han was puzzled, but he also opened the campus network.
Then, he saw the thread that had been sent out more than ten minutes ago.
However, he had already received over 500 replies.
“Explain a few words about my boyfriend Jiang Han being maliciously framed.”
This was the title of the post.
Jiang Han was dumbfounded.
When did he have a girlfriend?
He went in and looked over, and was even more dumbfounded.
“Hello, everyone. I am Song Qian from Class 3, Business Administration.”
“I had a drink this afternoon, so I just woke up and saw a lot of posts about me online.”
“After a bit of understanding, I made a unified answer here.”
“First of all, regarding the person being held in that video, it was indeed me, and the person holding me was indeed Jiang Han.”
“Secondly, Jiang Han is not trying to plot against me as everyone guessed.”
“Because the two of us are male and female friends, he has no reason to do so. There is no need for me to be drunk.”
“What are you going to do to me.”
“Because of my personal affairs, I took up public resources and wasted everyone’s time.”
“I feel very sorry.”
“But this matter is clearly being pushed behind by someone.”
“I hope everyone can see this clearly. Don’ t let anyone who is interested use it.”
“Please stop slandering my boyfriend.”
“We just want to be quiet and not be disturbed.”
“Thank you.”
The thread was very short.
However, the shock brought to Jiang Han was not small at all.
In other words, Jiang Han was now dumbfounded.
Especially the comments below.
It was because of Song Qian’s thread.
It was completely reversed.
After all, not a single person who was able to pass the exam in Shanghai was a fool.
After he calmed down, he could see it after thinking about it.
The thread that slandered Jiang Han could be topped up in such a short period of time.
Moreover, after the deletion of the post, it could be continuously released again.
No one was behind the scenes.
Obviously, no one believed it.
Earlier, these people had caused trouble online.
He also didn’ t want to see a goddess-level existence like Song Qian tarnished by others.
But now.
Even Song Qian stood up to explain the situation.
They naturally could not say anything more.
However, this news was still too shocking to them.
The newly advanced school flower was unexpectedly picked by someone?
And the one who picked this school flower was the one who embarrassed her in public ten days ago?
It could only be said that this world was too crazy.
There were so many people chasing after Song Qian. She didn’ t have any eyes on them.
But Jiang Han, who didn’t take her seriously, was the only one who had a special affection for him?
“Why is this happening? Song Qian, why do you like someone like that?”
“That’s right. That Jiang Han is not handsome either. Why do you like him?”
“Eat your melon online, looking forward to the next reversal.”
“Jiang Han is not worthy of you. Come find me. My family has a hundred cows.”
“Why do all the people I like have boyfriends? Why?”
Jiang Han glanced at the comments below before confirming.
This matter was truly resolved.
The thunder was heavy and the rain was small.
It was because of Song Qian’s post that she had originally criticized Jiang Han, but now, she had become envious.
But to be reasonable, Jiang Han wasn’ t considered ugly.
With more than seventy points, he almost reached the standard of one in a thousand.
Sure enough, envy made people blind.
Jiang Han turned off his phone screen.
He took a deep breath, but he didn’ t know what to say.
He looked up at Han Yu.
However, Han Yu also had a blank expression on her face.
“Brother Jiang, are you really with Song Qian?”
Han Yu said doubtfully.
“What do you think?”
Jiang Han put his phone in his pocket and asked.
“I don’ t know. You haven’ t contacted Song Qian in the past few days. Logically speaking, you won’ t.”
“But ……”
Han Yu took another look at her phone and was sure that she was right.
“There’s nothing, but can’ t you tell that Song Qian is trying to explain her innocence to me?”
Jiang Han shook his head and turned around to walk out of the cafe.*

Chapter 46: A little dizzy, just this?

Song Qian was able to explain her innocence to Jiang Han.
Jiang Han never thought of this.
It seemed like this would make things much easier.
Because of Song Qian’s’ statement’.
All the fishing wheels broke without attacking.
He had already come out to explain the situation.
He admitted that it was a relationship between a man and a woman.
A group of outsiders said something.
Even if Jiang Han really gave Song Qian…Now.
That was also the matter of the two of them.
It had nothing to do with outsiders.
Jiang Han didn’ t expect this.
He had no intention of letting Song Qian sacrifice her’ innocence’.
Although this matter was caused by Song Qian.
But at that time, Song Qian was still drunk.
It was also because Jiang Han was careless.
It was precisely because of this.
Jiang Han was so angry that he didn’ t hesitate to use official power.
It was also necessary to resolve this matter cleanly.
In his opinion, Song Qian had no need to do this.
Moreover, Jiang Han did not have to rely on the girl’s idea.
The matter was resolved just like that?
The thunder was so loud that it rained so much?
Jiang Han had a strange feeling.
He had prepared such a gift package to give to those two people who had secretly taken photos.
In the end?
Moreover, there was a girlfriend for no reason.
After such a thing.
He believed that in a few days, the news would spread throughout the school.
After all, Song Qian’s influence in wealth was quite great.
At least this was the case among the freshmen.
In other words.
He, Jiang Han, inexplicably lost the right to choose his spouse in the next few years?
Jiang Han, who was standing at the entrance of the cafe, had a bitter smile on his face.
“How is it? Do you feel dizzy?”
Han Yu, who followed Jiang Han out, saw Jiang Han standing at the door in a daze.
He laughed.
With Han Yu’s mind, after seeing the thread that Song Qian had posted, he knew that this matter was over.
That was why he was quite relaxed.
He was still in the mood to joke with Jiang Han.
“For some reason, I have a girlfriend. I really feel a little dizzy.”
Jiang Han took a deep breath and slowly exhaled.
“How do you feel?”
“Song Qian is a well-recognized schoolgirl?”
“Why do I not have such peach blossom luck.”
“If I had known earlier, I would have sent them away.”
“What if……”Hehe.”
Han Yu laughed lowly.
Jiang Han rolled his eyes at him.
Then, he raised his hand and stopped a taxi that was passing by.
“What should we do now?”
“That letter from the lawyer has yet to be sent?”
After Jiang Han got into the car, Han Yu followed.
“?”What are you going to do now?”
“Since everything is over, let Lawyer Li stop.”
Jiang Han shook his head.
From his perspective.
Song Qian’s actions were most beneficial to him.
This way, he could break through the rumors and protect Jiang Han’s reputation.
More than ten minutes ago, everyone was shouting at Jiang Han.
More than ten minutes later, it became the envy of most boys.
However, Song Qian’s actions did not relieve her anger.
Originally, a letter from a lawyer was sent over.
At least fifteen days of punishment, even thinking about it would relieve his anger.
It was precisely because of this.
It gave Jiang Han a feeling that he couldn’ t make it out.
But that was the only way.
When the matter had been resolved.
The school must have turned into a small matter.
If he continued to make a fuss, it would be Jiang Han’s fault.
“Then I’ll call Lawyer Li.”
Jiang Han himself said he had stopped.
Han Yu naturally wouldn’ t go deep into it.
As he spoke, he took out his phone and called Lawyer Li who had just left.
Jiang Han drove back.
At this moment, in the female dormitory.
Han Muxue stared blankly at Song Qian sitting in front of the bed.
She couldn’ t help but ask,” Qianqian, don’ t you regret it?”
Song Qian stared blankly at Han Muxue.
Surprised,” What regret?”
“I regret sending that thread.”
“In this way, your relationship with Jiang Han will be completely broken.”
“You don’ t mind?”
Song Qian seemed to have yet to react.
“I care, but isn’ t this what I should do?”
“Jiang Han sent me to the hotel to take care of me.”
“And he didn’ t do anything.”
Han Muxue looked at Song Qian with a somewhat absent-minded expression.
He sighed and said,” Then can you stop acting like this? It looks a bit…”I’ m lost.”
Han Muxue did not know if her words were correct.
However, Song Qian was indeed a bit distracted.
“What is it? I’m not awake yet ……”
Hearing Han Muxue’s words, Song Qian rolled her eyes helplessly,” Either you let me sleep for a while or I’ ll go wash my face.”
“You’ re out of your wits. You’ re truly amazing.”
He looked at Song Qian as if she had suddenly changed.
Han Muxue was also somewhat dumbfounded.
Could it be that everything had its own heavenly will?
For some reason.
Han Muxue suddenly felt as if Jiang Han and Song Qian were somewhat worthy.
One of them did not intend to let the girl bear it.
One was willing to sacrifice his reputation for the other.
However, regardless of the outcome, at least this matter was resolved.
But was it really resolved?*

Chapter 47 Self-Death

At this moment, in the boy’s 605 dormitory.
Wang Yu and Zhao Jun watched as all their posts on the forum were cleared.
Furthermore, the thread that Song Qian had sent was pushed to the top.
Immediately, he felt that his entire body was in bad shape.
They tried their best to stink Jiang Han.
In the end, Song Qian jumped out to block Jiang Han’s attack?
What exactly was this?
Especially when she saw Song Qian personally admit that she and Jiang Han were talking about male and female friends.
This made Wang Yu and Zhao Jun feel like they had been betrayed by their own people.
They were very certain that this was Song Qian.
This was because every account on campus was bound to a student number.
Moreover, the user name would be automatically changed to the name of the person.
It was precisely because of this.
Song Qian’s thread was pushed up so quickly.
“Someone is behind this?”
Wang Yu saw what Song Qian said in that thread.
He was so angry that he could no longer speak.
He really liked Song Qian very much.
But when Song Qian targeted him.
Wang Yu also had a feeling that his wife was carrying him on her back and stealing people.
“Song Qian!”I’ m doing this to protect you. Why are you doing this!”
Wang Yu’s voice was a little hoarse.
It was obvious that he was angered.
Zhao Jun looked at Wang Yu.
He snorted coldly.
“Alright. Don’ t look at it anymore. They’ ve already said so. The rest has nothing to do with you.”
“Give up on your unrealistic thoughts.”
Wang Yu seemed to not want to admit it.
He suddenly turned to look at Zhao Jun.
“Why would Song Qian protect Jiang Han like this?”
“Don’ t tell me that she didn’ t know that if it wasn’ t for this post, Jiang Han would probably have tarnished her!”
Zhao Jun looked at the angry Wang Yu.
After a moment of silence, he said,” I wonder if you can see it.”
“When I saw Jiang Han and Song Qian earlier, Jiang Han came down from a Rolls Royce with Song Qian in his arms.”
“How could it be?”
“This had anything to do with this matter!”It’s just a Rolls Royce!”
“Are you really or are you not?”Zhao Jun frowned slightly as he looked at Wang Yu.
“There are some things that people like us will never be able to afford.”
“Even if you earn twenty thousand a month after graduation!”
“You can’t afford a Rolls Royce without eating it for decades!”
“You still think Rolls Royce is just that?”
“Let’s recognize the reality.”
“And how do you know that Song Qian is really not pretending?”
“Have you ever seen a girl run to drink at noon and even drunk herself?”
Although Zhao Jun didn’t say anything, he did.
However, a sentence struck Wang Yu’s heart.
Both of them knew the subtext very well.
“No!Impossible!”That’s right!”
Wang Yu seemed to have been confused by Zhao Jun’s theory.
He hurriedly denied.
“Ke ke, isn’ t this kind of person?”
“Then why did she get drunk when she was alone with Jiang Han?”
Wang Yu wanted to explain something, but in the end, he still did not say anything.
There were many loopholes in this matter.
After thinking about it, one could discover it.
For example, if Song Qian was truly willing, why would she have to be drunk? Wouldn’ t it be better if she directly left.
For example, if Jiang Han really had ideas, there was no need to go so close to the school.
Since there was a Rolls Royce, wouldn’t it be the same if they went to a hotel a little further away?
Or perhaps he might as well be on the carriage……
There were doubts everywhere.
However, at this moment, Wang Yu’s mind was completely dazed by his anger.
He had never thought of this.
Or rather, he simply did not think about it.
When Zhao Jun instilled this set of ideas into him.
Wang Yu subconsciously accepted this.
Song Qian was a golden girl.
Jiang Han was a rich second generation scum.
He had been secretly in love with the goddess for more than ten days and went to other people’s Rolls Royce.
This was what Wang Yu was thinking.
“Alright, think about it. I’ ll go back first.”
Zhao Jun and Wang Yu were not in the same dormitory.
The two of them were only from the same village, so they had been playing together since they went to university.
Wang Yu did not speak.
He just sat there and flipped through the post that Song Qian had posted.
Ten minutes after Zhao Jun left.
Wang Yu seemed to have been stimulated by something.
He kept tapping on the keyboard.
After the editor finished, he chose to publish.
“Song Qian, since you have chosen the Rolls Royce of Jiang Han!”
“Then don’ t blame me for ruining you!”
He watched as the post was published.
Wang Yu seemed to have been avenged.
The corners of his mouth curled into a cold smile.
On the wealthy campus online.
After clicking Refresh.
A new post appeared.
“Great Goddess?”You’ re just a gold-seeking girl. You’ re just pretending to be drunk and being carried off by Jiang Han from Rolls Royce?”
There were not many words in this post.
However, each of them were all materials.
Although most of them were his own guesses.
However, it did not affect the crowd.
It was just Rolls Royce, a golden lady, a goddess.
These words were enough to make everyone excited.
Especially the line at the end.
All of the above were personally witnessed by me.
Even more so, the comments of this post soared.*

Chapter 48 Not Live!

“So it turns out that Song Qian is such a person. She is the only one to worship Jin Nu.”
“I actually liked her so much in the past. I never thought that.”
“The current person is really, alas.”
“I had just blessed her and Jiang Han, what should I do?”Could it be withdrawn?”
“You guys upstairs don’t understand. Girls like Song Qian are destined to go to Rolls Royce.”
“You guys are not still dreaming that Song Qian will choose you, are you?”
“No way, right? Someone really is dreaming?”
Jiang Han looked at the comments on Liu Guangchao’s computer.
In particular, Wang Yu’s reply was also below the posts that scolded Song Qian for worshipping her.
He remained silent.
On the other hand, Han Yu stood to the side and could no longer hold back.
“F*ck!”Why is this person so sinister!”
“It’s clearly over. What’s going on with this string!”
“Old Liu, excuse me. If I don’t scold him to death today, I wo n’ t be surnamed Han!”
As he spoke, Han Yu had to log in to his account to curse Wang Yu.
However, he was pulled back by Jiang Han.
“Forget it. What’s the use of scolding him?”
“This person is obviously a scoundrel. The more excited you are, the more excited you become.”
Jiang Han shook his head.
“But!”This fellow has gone too far!”
Han Yu wanted to say something, but he heard Jiang Han speak again.
“Let Lawyer Li come.”
“Many times, I have slandered others’ reputations, and I have not changed them.”
“I should be going too far. I don’ t want to see him again at the Capital.”
After Jiang Han said that, he returned to his bed.
Han Yu was slightly startled.
But then he became excited.
He thought Jiang Han had given up.
Unexpectedly, Jiang Han was more ruthless than him.
He didn’ t want to see this fellow again at Cai Da?
Just thinking about it would relieve his anger!
At this point, Han Yu took out her phone and called Lawyer Li.
Jiang Han, on the other hand, lay on the bed and sent Song Qian a message of prestige.
It had been a week since he was a good friend.
However, no news had ever been sent.
“Thank you for today’s matter. You’ ve suffered so much criticism.”
“It’s my fault that I didn’ t just deal with that guy.”
“But don’t worry. I’ ll clean that guy up.”
“Also, I believe you are not that kind of person.”
At this moment, in the female dormitory.
Song Qian was browsing through the online post that slandered her.
Was it uncomfortable?
It would definitely be very uncomfortable.
Especially when they saw so many people commenting wantonly.
Even more so, Song Qian had a feeling of indescribable bitterness.
But she chose the path herself.
It was because of the post she had published earlier.
Only then would a series of events follow up.
Being attacked seemed to be within reason.
However, the pain in his heart was unbearable.
Although she, Song Qian, was no longer a rich second generation.
But it wouldn’ t fall to the level of gold worship, right?
Those who knew her clearly knew that it was impossible.
However, most people did not understand her at all.
This was the most helpless thing.
Just at this moment, Jiang Han’s message arrived.
He looked at the four words sent by Jiang Han.
Song Qian actually had the urge to cry.
However, he was forcefully suppressed.
It was clearly Jiang Han who was the most disdainful of her.
At this moment, he chose to trust her.
On the other hand, it was those who usually called her goddess.
A thread without any credibility made them turn around and attack her.
Before he had truly understood this society.
Most people were still very simple.
It was like the current Wang Yu.
He didn’ t realize that what he did was wrong.
Even if the last thread was deleted.
He was only called by his teacher to scold him.
At least he was happy.
Perhaps it was because he realized the difference between him and Jiang Han.
That was why he felt a sick pleasure in his heart.
But the truth would be told to him.
There were some things that could not be said randomly.
“Dong Dong.”
The door of Wang Yu’s dormitory was knocked.
Moreover, it was extremely hurried.
“Came!”Stop knocking!”
Wang Yu stood up and opened the door of the dormitory.
But after opening the door.
However, he realized that the person standing at the door was not his roommate.
It was a few middle-aged men wearing patrol clothes.
At the same time, there was a man wearing a suit and golden glasses.
“Wang Yu?”
The man in the suit asked.
“Who are you!”What are you looking for?”
He saw the patrol at the door.
Wang Yu’s heart couldn’ t help but tremble.
He subconsciously panicked.
“You wantonly cursed at Mr. Jiang Han and Miss Song Qian online.”
“Write some content that does not conform to the reality to smear the reputation of our two clients.”
“Right now, on behalf of Mr. Jiang Han and Miss Song Qian, I will make a complaint against you.”
The man in the suit supported his eyes, his voice cold.
It was like a heavy hammer hitting Wang Yu’s heart.
“Jiang Han……Song Qian ……”
“I didn’ t!”I didn’ t smear them!”
Wang Yu still wanted to explain.
He had never thought that his speech on the online campus would attract such serious consequences.
There were all the posts that he had gone too far before.
It had never happened before.
Why did the patrol come to his door soon after his post was posted?
Moreover, there was someone who brought a complaint against him?
The man in the suit was Lawyer Li who hurried over after receiving Han Yu’s notice.
Hearing Wang Yu’s words, he shook his head.
His voice was still cold.
“Whether or not you smear my client will naturally be judged by professionals.”
“But I can tell you something.”
“For an event like this, the maximum impact can be up to three years.”
Ps: there was a problem with Han Xiaoxue’s name, so she changed her name to Han Muxue and told the big shots about the other requests.*

Chapter 49′ Top Rich Second Generation’ Jiang Han [Seeking Flowers]

Wang Yu was taken away.
Not only Wang Yu, but Zhao Jun was also taken away.
It was because before Wang Yu was taken away, in order to strive for his generosity.
Therefore, Zhao Jun was dragged down.
But it was very obvious.
This matter was different from other matters.
There was no such thing as leniency.
Even with the school protecting the two of them.
In the end, the two of them were both killed in the Black House of Fifteen Days.
The school would protect Wang Yu and Zhao Jun Jiang Han.
After all, if this matter were to become big, the only thing that would lose face would be wealth.
The school was also thinking about his reputation.
If Song Qian hadn’ t stepped forward earlier.
The school would also suppress this matter.
At the very least, he had to guarantee that he would not be out of the trap.
At most, it was only circulated within the school.
However, this result still satisfied Jiang Han.
In the little black room of fifteen days, those two fellows should be much more honest, right?
Moreover, the punishment for these two fellows was not limited to this.
Through Han Yu’s relationship with that vice headmaster.
Jiang Han knew something before the school announcement was released.
It was because this matter had too much influence.
And its nature was extremely bad.
Therefore, the school decided to wait until Wang Yu and Zhao Jun came out.
He advised them to retreat.
Compared to the small black room of fifteen days.
This was the final explosion of the king!
The video of Wang Yu and Zhao Jun being taken away that day.
It was also circulated among all the rich students.
It was too sudden.
At that moment, Wang Yu was still replying to the post.
But in the next moment, he was directly taken away.
Although the video that was circulated did not indicate who was controlling it.
However, how many of the people who were able to enter the wealth test were fools?
There was no need to think about it. It was definitely Jiang Han who was secretly exerting force.
That was why Wang Yu and Zhao Jun were so straightforwardly dealt with.
They didn’ t even have any hope of struggling.
It was precisely for this reason.
Previously, Wang Yu had posted on the campus online.
The credibility had actually increased by quite a bit.
Jiang Han might really be a rich second generation.
It was from Rolls Royce.
Otherwise, it would be impossible for them to possess such a large amount of energy.
Everyone was guessing exactly what Jiang Han was.
However, no one dared to deliberately target Song Qian.
The examples of Wang Yu and Zhao Jun were right there.
For some reason.
Everyone realized something.
Jiang Han didn’ t make any moves when Wang Yu and Wang Yu framed him.
But when Wang Yu turned his gun towards Song Qian.
However, he didn’ t even last an hour.
Jiang Han wouldn’ t care if he didn’ t provoke Song Qian?
Those who discovered this were all tacitly accepting that Song Qian and Jiang Han were together.
However, if they really were together, only the two of them would know.
“Haha, I’ m laughing to death. Little Jiang, listen to this thread.”
“Deep-digging the top-tier rich second generation Jiang Han.”
Han Yu lay on the bed, constantly flipping through her phone. She even laughed loudly after being amused.
Another week passed.
The matter between Wang Yu and Zhao Jun had gradually been forgotten.
However, the new hot spots once again rose.
For example, Jiang Han was a’ rich second generation’.
Just how many tyrants were there.
All sorts of posts appeared.
Saying his guess.
However, most of them were not reliable.
Because even Han Yu did not know how rich Jiang Han was.
“I accidentally snapped the watch on Jiang Han’s wrist.”
“I only discovered it after searching.”
“This watch on student Jiang Han’s wrist is Patek Philippe’s new model 5146J-001.”
“The official price is 296,2002.”
“And if you want to buy it, you need to wait in line for at least six months.”
“But it’s only three months since that watch was released.”
“The only stock available is for individual high-level members.”
“In other words, besides the watch on Jiang Han’s wrist.”
“Student Jiang Han and his family members or relatives are members of the highest level of Patek Philippe!”
“I should have purchased at least a hundred million-plus Patek Philippe wristwatch.”
“Combined with Jiang Han, he came down from Rolls Royce.”
“I can roughly guess that Jiang Han’s family’s total assets are at least 100 million.”
Han Yu read as she looked.
But after saying that, he curled his lips.
“What I said earlier is quite right, but what I said later is purely nonsense.”
He thought that he had dug something valuable.
In the end?
“The things on the Internet are based on guesswork.”
“If that person really did investigate in detail, I should know that I only spent 260,000.”
Jiang Han sat in front of the table and flipped through a book called Stock Market Legend.
As he spoke.
“You actually think it’s boring to see something useful from this kind of thread based on speculation.”
Han Yu was also a little bored, so she flipped through the thread.
After hearing Jiang Han’s words, he closed his phone and suddenly flipped over a bed.
He silently arrived by Jiang Han’s side.
“Brother Jiang.”
Han Yu spoke.
“What’s wrong?”
Jiang Han tilted his head and glanced at Han Yu before focusing on the book.
“Tell me honestly, how much money does your family have?”*

Chapter 50 Ordinary Family Young Master Jiang [Request for Monthly Tickets]

How much money does the Jiang Han family have?
Jiang Han’s family opened the Sichuan Restaurant.
The shop was rented.
After a few decades of work, he had accumulated some reputation.
However, it was because they had to provide the rent for Jiang Han and Jiang Qingyi, as well as the annual increase.
They said they could live without money.
It was unrealistic to say that he had money.
Because Jiang Han’s father had always wanted to expand the shop a bit.
However, he received a high price from Sheng Qing.
It had not been possible for decades.
If nothing unexpected happened.
With the growth rate of Sheng Qing’s house prices, Jiang Han’s parents would probably find it difficult to fulfill this wish.
Therefore, the Jiang Han family had no money at all.
“My family has no money.”
Jiang Han smiled.
Hearing Jiang Han’s words, Han Yu curled her lips and said,” Stop it. You’ re still playing with me.”
“Ordinary family, Brother Jiang?”
Han Yu waved her hand, refusing to reveal the situation of her family to Jiang Han.
He didn’ t care either.
“Then I’ ll change the question.”
“Little Jiang, how much do you have?”
Han Yu asked with a smile.
Jiang Han roughly estimated it in his heart.
Last time, after spending the private kitchen in the prince’s mansion.
His balance was close to 500,000.
And now, a week had passed.
The daily breathing rate was 46,000.
In other words, Jiang Han’s breathing salary this week had reached more than 320,000.
In addition to the remaining amount from before, it was just eight hundred thousand.
“There are still more than 700,000 on the card.”
Jiang Han casually withdrew his breathing salary from the system space.
“Ding…”Your ICBC account of 4576 has been transferred into a current deposit of 46,000 yuan, and the current account balance is 805,672.”
After Jiang Han finished speaking, the message notification arrived.
The phone screen lit up.
“The stock market’s earnings have reached 800,000.”
Jiang Han didn’ t intend to restrain himself either. He directly handed the phone to Han Yu.
In any case, the system had already wiped out all the profits.
With the system’s power.
It was likely that even if the State Department came to investigate, there would be no gains.
Therefore, Jiang Han was very relieved.
“Transferred to 46,000, the balance of the account was 8……One, two, three……”It really is 800,000!”
Jiang Han took the initiative to hand over his phone. Han Yu didn’ t hesitate either.
He took a look.
However, he was shocked by the text on his phone.
46,000 A day?
And the balance of the account was 800,000?
He clearly remembered that Jiang Han’s card had just been emptied two weeks ago.
Why did Jiang Han have so much time in two weeks?
“Brother Jiang, are you kidding me?”
“Didn’ t you spend all your pocket money on your watch?”
The corner of Han Yu’s mouth twitched a couple times before returning her phone to Jiang Han.
“That’s right. I’ ve already been emptied.”
Jiang Han smiled and brought back his phone.
“Then you are ……”
“You’ ve already said that what you’ ve emptied out is pocket money. It’ ll be earned again in a few days.”
Jiang Han smiled.
Only this smile.
In Han Yu’s eyes, it had become a deep injury.
It turned out that in the eyes of the big shots, pocket money was really just pocket money. It was two concepts: living expenses and assets……
Han Yu had always thought that Jiang Han was relying on his family and would occasionally invest a bit in the stock market.
He started to rely on his family. The stock market was used to practice.
But who knew…
It turned out that Jiang Han’s main benefit came from the stock market.
A day’s profit was 46,000.
Doesn’t it mean that Jiang Han’s capital in the stock market is at the level of ten million?
Moreover, this was based on the stable income.
In normal stock markets, there were losses and gains, and interest rates similar to that of Yu’ erbao were not difficult.
It was because he had an extremely professional team working behind him.
Jiang Han was alone.
Therefore, if Jiang Han wanted to earn 800,000 in two weeks, he needed more capital!
Just what kind of family was it that could satisfy Jiang Han’s pride!
After a careful comparison, he only had twenty thousand allowance per month.
Han Yu only felt that he was so pitiful.
“Forget it. I shouldn’ t have asked this question.”
Han Yu waved her hand and was about to go back to bed.
He wondered if he should discuss it with his father and give him some allowance every month.
“Alright, stop acting like this.”
Jiang Han smiled as he closed the stock market legend.
“Book a private room. We will go to Xu Jiahui this afternoon!”
Cary’s balance had already reached 800,000.
Therefore, Jiang Han decided.
Today, he used a food consumption card.
He also used the beginner shopping card.
It just so happened to push the balance of Cary to over a million.
He had already set a small goal of earning one million a month.
Now that they had a chance, they naturally had to go and achieve the following.
Han Yu was still deeply affected.
But after hearing Jiang Han’s words.
However, a smile appeared on his face.
“This isn’ t good, right?”
Han Yu tried her best to control her smile.
But this expression was too strange.
“Alright, let’s just have fun. By the way, remember to call Little Snow and Song Qian.”
“It’s time to ask them for something.”
“I promise to complete the mission.”
Han Yu pretended to salute Jiang Han.
Then, he took out his phone and called Han Muxue.
“Hey, Little Snow, pack up. Young Master Jiang will treat you tonight.”
“Remember to bring Song Qian with you.”*

Chapter 51 The first cup of milk tea in autumn!]

It was Jiang Han’s treat again.
After Han Muxue received Han Yu’s call, she felt a little complicated.
She knew that Jiang Han and Han Yu were very close.
After all, both sides were on the same level.
He could talk about anything.
The boys did not care about these details.
But Han Muxue cared.
Although Jiang Han and her had become friends during this period of time.
But couldn’t it be that a friend is a friend?
At the very least, Han Muxue could not be as careless as Han Yu.
Perhaps this was the difference between a boy and a girl.
At some times, girls did think much more than boys.
Of course, only a girl like Han Muxue would think of something like this.
“Forget it. In any case, it’s just for him.”
Han Muxue touched the bank card in her pocket and made a decision in her heart.
“Qianqian, pack up. Brother Jiang told us to go out for dinner.”
Han Muxue called Song Qian who was still reading.
“Jiang Han is treating us to dinner?”
“Didn’ t he have no money?”
Song Qian asked doubtfully,” It’s not like it’s another private chef in the mansion, right?”
Han Muxue shrugged.
“My brother didn’ t say anything, but according to Brother Jiang’s personality, I guess he is.”
“How is it? Are you going?”
Han Muxue added another sentence.
“Go, but let me treat you today. Jiang Han has no money in his hands. He should be asking for it again.”
Song Qian did not refuse. She only said that she would treat him tonight.
“We haven’t really been together yet, yet we’ ve already started to plan for him?”
Han Muxue looked at herself in the mirror and smiled at Song Qian.
“But I’ ll treat you tonight. Let’s talk about this first.”
Song Qian glanced at Han Muxue, but she didn’ t argue any further.
There was no point in the two of them fighting here.
The ninth month was about to reach its end.
It seemed to be Autumn Equinox today.
Even though the campus was still filled with all sorts of clothes.
But Han Muxue and Song Qian were still wearing more conservative clothes.
Song Qian had a natural beauty, so it was about time to apply some plain cream.
However, every time Han Muxue walked with Song Qian, she had to carefully make up.
Although it didn’ t have much effect.
If they were to be compared, they would still be compared.
At the very least, Han Muxue had comforted her.
It was precisely because of this.
The two of them had been waiting for more than an hour in the dormitory.
“Autumn’s first cup of milk tea.”
“What is this?”
Han Yu was bored to death.
Then, he saw the information that had been displayed by the’ first cup of milk tea in autumn’.
He asked with a blind face.
Jiang Han was also puzzled.
“What is it again?”
“I don’t know.”
Han Yu opened her browser and searched.
He could not help but laugh.
“It’s a new method of’ online beggars’.”
“What milk tea needs is fifty-two. Even Starbuck doesn’t dare to accept it like this.”
Han Yu was speechless after searching.
Just at this moment, Jiang Han’s phone rang.
He took out a look and found that there was someone in the class in Ait.
“Student Jiang Han, can you treat our girl to the first cup of milk tea in autumn?”
“I don’ t need too much. I only need fifty-two to be satisfied.”
Ait was a girl in his class, called Zhao Mei.
It was a pity that she only had fifty-five points of beauty.
He didn’t even get the pass mark.
Especially after knowing that Jiang Han was a’ rich second generation’, he would occasionally want to interact with Jiang Han.
Jiang Han was already used to this situation.
Zhao Mei immediately received a lot of responses from the group after Eite’s death.
There were people who jeered, and there were people who said that it was not good.
But most of them were girls.
They knew that Jiang Han did not lack money.
Although he didn’ t expect to get as much from Jiang Han’s hands.
But if he really gained something, he would be satisfied.
After all, with Jiang Han’s status, if he were to send a red envelope, how could it not be less?
Han Yu also saw the news that Zhao Mei had sent to the class.
Immediately, he pursed his lips and said,” This Zhao Mei is truly a ghost.”
There were a total of more than thirty girls in the class. If one of them really sent a red envelope according to the 52 criteria.
That was more than two thousand.
Two thousand wasn’ t much.
But the feeling of being treated as a big household commander was still a little IQ tax.
This kind of thing had a good relationship, but now, in the class group, what was happening to Ait?
“Little Jiang, don’ t mess around. I’ ll do it.”
After Han Yu finished speaking, she sent out a fifty-second red packet in the group, and also distributed fifty-second portions.
Jiang Han and the others included Old Yu, which happened to be fifty-two people.
In other words, it was an average person of one dollar.
Han Yu added two words.
“Make arrangements!”
It had to be said that Han Yu was really good at playing.
Jiang Han was amused.
“Brother Yu knows how to play.”
Jiang Han smiled.
“That’s necessary. People like Zhao Mei can’ t give her a chance to climb up.”
If you say fifty-two, I will give fifty-two. If you say fifty-two for girls, I will give it to everyone.
No problem, right?
To deal with people like Zhao Mei, it had to be Han Yu.
Old Yin Yang Master.
Jiang Han smiled and also sent a fifty-two red envelope to the class.
They also split fifty-two portions.
As soon as he arrived, he learned from Han Yu that he followed the two words of arrangement.
How many ps: bought milk tea for girls?The comment area sent a message to take a look.*

Chapter 52 Song Qian’s Transformation [1st and 2nd]

He didn’t know what kind of experience Zhao Mei was experiencing when she received two fifty-two red envelopes.
However, after sending these two red envelopes.
Not only did Jiang Han and Han Yu not feel as if they had been beaten to death.
On the contrary, it was extremely enjoyable.
The two of them looked at each other and smiled.
“The private room has been booked. I want to drink three bottles of peach blossom wine from him tonight.”
Han Yu looked extremely excited, but it caused Jiang Han’s entire body to tremble.
The peach blossom brew was the wine made by the private chef of the Royal Mansion.
“Let’s go. After all, Song Qian will also go.”
Jiang Han really didn’ t dare to let Song Qian drink anymore.
“Don’ t be scared, Brother Jiang.”
“Actually, Song Qian is quite good. Think about it?”
Han Yu laughed wickedly.
How was Song Qian?
In terms of looks and wealth, few people could compare to her.
There wasn’t even a single person who could match her.
In terms of personality.
Before he did not understand Song Qian, Jiang Han felt that Song Qian belonged to the kind of unrepentant character.
As long as they were courting her.
Song Qian would not refuse.
However, he truly understood Song Qian, especially after becoming friends with her.
Jiang Han realized that Song Qian had her own bottom line.
For example, two days ago, Song Qian’s class had no classes.
Go shopping with Han Muxue.
He specially bought Jiang Han a pair of shoes worth over a thousand.
He asked Han Muxue to give it to Han Yu before transferring it to Jiang Han.
It was probably because of the earrings that Jiang Han had sent her last time and the thanks.
This matter, together with the previous time, Song Qian took the initiative to stand out to block his spear.
Jiang Han’s previous understanding of Song Qian was broken.
If it really was to be said.
There weren’ t many girls who could compare to Song Qian, right?
“And more importantly, what Little Jiang do you know?”
Han Yu suddenly began to mutter.
Jiang Han glanced at him.
“Little Snow told me that since you lectured Song Qian last time, Song Qian has turned cold.”
“No matter who it is, as long as it is a boy, she will ignore it.”
“Really?”That’s quite good.”
“As for girls, they should love themselves a bit.”
Hearing Jiang Han’s answer.
Han Yu was also somewhat helpless.
“Brother Jiang, you really are good.”
“Even the steel bars can be bent for you.”
Han Yu was about to say something when the phone rang.
From the looks of it, the lightning showed Han Muxue.
“Forget it, forget it. Anyway, you have your own considerations. Let’s go. Little Snow and the others have come down.”
Han Yu did not answer the call. Instead, she hung up.
But he understood everything.
Hearing Han Yu’s words, Jiang Han merely smiled and didn’ t answer.
There were two missions left today.
He used the food consumption card in his backpack.
At the same time, he tried his best to use the three beginner shopping cards.
However, Jiang Han didn’ t intend to buy anything for him this time.
He didn’ t lack anything right now.
It would be better to prepare some gifts for his parents and Jiang Qingyi.
Eleven was about to leave.
It was a good time to bring it back.
Although many things could be bought in Sheng Qing.
But the meaning was different.
After Jiang Han and the others went downstairs, they saw Song Qian and Han Muxue who were already waiting at the bottom of the building.
Song Qian was still so beautiful, causing the surrounding boys to turn around.
However, the current Song Qian’s face was no longer as attractive as before.
On the other hand, Han Muxue kept talking to Song Qian, her face full of smiles.
“Little Snow.”
Han Yu shouted.
Then, he walked over with Jiang Han.
“Brother Jiang, let’s talk. What’s your plan today.”
“Whether it’s spending or eating, I guarantee that this guide will be in place.”
Han Muxue smiled.
“Shop first before eating?”
“I’m just going to pick some gifts for my parents. You guys help me advise them.”
“I’ll treat you to a private chef in your mansion tonight.”
As expected, it was the private kitchen of the Prince’s Mansion.
Han Muxue and Song Qian exchanged glances.
They could see the helplessness in his eyes.
But that was good.
In any case, they had already made preparations for today’s treat.
The private kitchen of the prince’s mansion could just return it.
If Jiang Han knew what they were thinking.
He was afraid that he would say something ridiculous.
He was treating him and making money.
If he was robbed and paid, wouldn’t that be delaying his earnings?
However, Song Qian and Han Muxue did not say what they were thinking.
“If I buy gifts for my uncle and aunt, I know where to go.”
“I used to accompany my mother to buy things. This matter is on me.”
As Han Muxue spoke, she even patted her not-so-large chest.
This caused Han Yu to roll her eyes.
“Alright, let’s go. I’ ll let Uncle Li wait for us outside the school.”
Han Yu put her hands in her pockets and said.
“Tell Uncle Li to pick him up at school?”
“Brother, are you not afraid of being seen?”
Han Muxue said in surprise.
But who would have thought that Han Yu would chuckle.
“What are you afraid of? Anyway, Rolls-Royce belongs to Brother Jiang’s family.”
As Han Yu spoke, she raised an eyebrow at Jiang Han.
What could Jiang Han say?
The fact that he was a rich second generation had become an accepted fact among the school students.
The retort was extremely powerless.
Therefore, Jiang Han decided not to refute.*

Chapter 53: Not too much. Just 150,000

The truth was as Han Yu had said.
Although there was a Rolls Royce parked at the entrance of Cai Da.
It attracted the attention of many people.
But after seeing Jiang Han’s group of four get into the car.
The crowd no longer felt surprised.
Oh, so it’s Young Master Jiang’s car. That’s fine.
After going to the campus network this week and seeing Jiang Han’s post.
He had basically accepted the fact that Jiang Han was a rich second generation.
A few of them took pictures of Jiang Han and the others on Rolls-Royce.
However, after all, only a few people had seen the thread.
There were quite a few people who didn’ t visit the campus network at all.
“Who are those guys? They actually sat directly on Rolls Royce?”
When he asked the people next to him, he received a surprised answer.
“You don’ t even know that?”
“School’s super rich second generation Jiang Han.”
“Did you see the watch in his hand?”
“One watch is worth three hundred thousand.”
“Some say that the Jiang Han family has more than three billion assets, while others say that it has more than five billion.”
“No less than three billion.”
“Do you understand now?”
He listened to the reply of the people beside him.
The person who asked was shocked.
“Three hundred thousand?”That means you’ re wearing a BMW?”
“Is this the world of rich people?”
“Then you think so.”
His friend waved his hand and said,” I didn’ t say that you should visit the campus network. Don’ t soak in the library all day.”
Ignoring the shock that was left behind by those at the entrance of the Finance School.
After sitting on Rolls-Royce, Jiang Han and the others headed straight for the Xu Clan.
Shanghai was an international metropolis.
It was clear that the business center was not just Xu Jiahui.
But if it really was said.
The most famous one was Xu Jiahui.
A large commercial center.
It made Xu Jiahui a place that he had heard of even if he had never come to Shanghai.
“Brother Jiang, do you have any requests for the things you gave to your uncle and aunt?”
Back row of Rolls Royce.
Han Muxue was still sitting at the very edge while Song Qian was sitting in the middle.
Jiang Han thought for a moment and said,” My parents will each have one, and then prepare a gift for my sister.”
“You don’ t need to be too expensive.”
It did not need to be too expensive.
It wasn’ t that Jiang Han couldn’ t give up on money.
It was because Jiang Han was afraid of buying too expensive things back.
His parents couldn’ t accept that price and couldn’ t bear to use it.
Not to mention anything else, if he really bought a hundred thousand pieces of jewelry back.
It was likely that he would still have to press the bottom of the box.
“Need not be too expensive?”One or two thousand?”
Han Muxue said doubtfully.
Jiang Han was a little silent.
One or two thousand would probably not even be able to reach the threshold of the card.
“Actually, there’s no need for them to be so cheap. Each of them should be fifty thousand.”
Jiang Han smiled awkwardly.
Each of them had fifty thousand dollars, which was just the right time to use the three cards.
However, this sentence fell into Han Yu’s ears.
They were all speechless.
“Brother Jiang, one person is 50,000, three people are 150,000.”
“Do you care about this?”
The co-pilot, Han Yu, seemed to be sighing,” It’s just a gift that will cost me half a year of living.”
“If you don’t restrain yourself, do you want to spend all my one year’s living expenses?”
Based on Han Yu’s twenty thousand a month.
One hundred and fifty thousand was indeed more than half a year’s living expenses.
However, Jiang Han did not care about this.
His goal was to use the three beginner return cards.
So that his assets could break through to a million.
If the assets were to truly break a million.
Jiang Han could consider upgrading his shop after returning home.
But this still needed to be done slowly.
Jiang Han had to think of a way that his parents could accept.
Moreover, wasn’ t Han Yu really poor?
Han Haosheng only restricted his monthly living expenses.
However, there were no restrictions on other things.
Not to mention anything else, a Rolls-Royce would accompany him for a day. Based on the market price, it would be several thousand, okay?
There was also a private room reservation for the private kitchen.
Did Han Haosheng really not know?
But regardless of this matter, it meant tacit approval.
Therefore, Han Yu was completely holding twenty thousand yuan, still living a rich second generation life.
“Actually, if I go shopping next time, I would recommend you go to New Heaven and Henglong Square.”
“Although Xu Jiahui is famous, he still needs to count those few places in the truly top-tier luxury shopping malls.”
“Hmm?”Jiang Han asked doubtfully,” Then why didn’ t you mention it earlier?”
“I don’ t dare to mention it.”
Han Yu said helplessly,” Ever since my father restricted my allowance, those places have become a dream that I can not reach.”
“I can only visit Xu Jiahui to satisfy my vanity.”
Hearing Han Yu’s words, Jiang Han only smiled but didn’ t say anything.
He could invite Han Yu and the others to the private kitchen of the prince’s mansion for dinner.
However, he would not lend money to Han Yu for consumption.
Because that would break Han Haosheng’s previous education towards Han Yu and his sister.
However, it was different to treat guests to the private kitchen of the prince’s mansion.
Once a week would not make Han Yu feel dependent.
At the same time, it could maximize Jiang Han’s profits.
Not to mention that Jiang Han was the wrong person, he spent 50,000 yuan every time he invited guests to dinner.
One more person would earn nearly 50,000 more.
Jiang Han could still tell which one was more and which one was less.*

Chapter 54 Buying Rolex with Patek Philippe

“If your uncle and aunt are here, I suggest you buy some clothes.”
“But if I’ m not here, there’s no need to buy clothes. It’s too troublesome to bring back clothes that don’ t fit me.”
“Little Jiang, what do you want to buy for your uncle and aunt?”
Han Muxue held Song Qian’s arm.
A group of four walked through the mall.
Han Muxue said.
Jiang Han was a little silent upon hearing Han Muxue’s words.
What did his parents lack?
There seemed to be nothing urgent.
“Buy a watch for my father and a necklace for my mother?”
Jiang Han thought for a moment.
The watch and necklace belonged to tens to millions of yuan.
It was still very easy to slip through.
At worst, it would be a fake.
“If it’s a watch or necklace, I recommend Rolex and Tiffany.”
“There’s only one problem.”
Han Muxue frowned slightly and said,” Rolexists are fine. The prices are basically between tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands.”
“But the price of the necklace is generally lower.”
“If you want to increase the price of the necklace, you need to install a lot of diamonds.”
“But in that case, it would destroy the beauty. Too many diamonds would rob the wearer of the limelight.”
“If I gave it to Auntie, it might be a little awkward.”
Jiang Han didn’ t know much about this.
However, the thought of his mother working with a bunch of broken diamonds made him feel a little unrealistic.
“Then buy another set of cosmetics.”
“Is there one that can repair your skin?”
Jiang Han said again.
“There must be. Don’ t worry, Brother Jiang. Just leave this matter to me and add a set of essence.”
Cosmetics are easy to pay intellectual business tax.
Even a top-grade makeup brand would have a high brand premium.
However, this was definitely nothing to Han Muxue.
Even if they didn’t usually buy much.
However, as a top-grade rich second generation, he still had some foresight.
This matter was left to Han Muxue Jiang Han.
“Then what should I do?”
Han Yu beside Jiang Han suddenly spoke.
“You?”I’ ll just carry your bag. I’ ll treat you to dinner tonight.”
Jiang Han smiled.
Afterwards, Han Muxue also stuffed Bao Bao with her wrist.
“Alright, even though it’s a bit of trash, it’ ll be fine if we can get a meal.”
“Song Qian, why don’ t I take your bag for you?”
Girls like to give a bag when they go shopping.
Even if it wasn’ t big, he had to carry one.
It was as if Song Qian was carrying one.
There should be cosmetics and cell phones inside.
“Eh, there’s no need. I’ ll carry it on my own.”
Song Qian did not agree.
Perhaps he wasn’t used to other boys helping her with her backpack.
Seeing Song Qian’s refusal, Jiang Han gently lifted his elbow.
Then, he gave Jiang Han a look.
It was obvious that he wanted Jiang Han to help Song Qian with her backpack.
Jiang Han understood what Han Yu meant.
But he did not say anything.
He pretended not to see it.
Up until now, Jiang Han had no idea what to do with his relationship with Song Qian.
Pursuing Song Qian?
Or perhaps he was just a friend?
Thinking about it, it would be better to let it go.
Compared to Patek Philippe, Rolex’s special cabinets were still many.
After all, Rolex’s product positioning was different from Patek Philippe’s.
Although it was also a top-grade wrist watch.
But it was still a little lacking.
Rich people who truly understood the watch would not choose Rolex.
This was the difference between the strongest kings and Transcendents.
Since there was no way to obtain an advantage in product positioning.
That was to take advantage of the sales channel.
In almost every city’s top stores, there were Rolex’s sales counters.
After Jiang Han and the others walked in.
A guide came over.
One had a look of 80 points, wearing a professional one-step skirt and a lady’s small suit.
It had to be said that the sales quality in this store was not bad.
“Good. May I ask if you can help me?”
There was a smile on his face.
There was no feeling of discrimination because Jiang Han and the others were so young.
Of course, it was because she saw the bag on Han Yu’s back.
Chanel’s logo was placed there. It was clear whether it was genuine or not.
Especially Jiang Han, who looked the most calm.
But there was Patek Philippe’s watch on his wrist?
As a competitor in the same industry, he had to understand the products of his competitors.
Wearing Patek Philippe to buy Rolex?
At first glance, one could tell that a few wealthy young masters had come out to shop.
He must definitely serve them well.
“We want to see the log type.”
Han Muxue spoke directly.
“Alright, please come over here.”
As soon as he opened his mouth, he had to look at the log. Clearly, he already had a target.
It was very likely that this deal would be completed.
The moment he thought of this, the smile on his face became even more intense.
“Please take a look. This is a log-type cabinet.”
“As the best-selling model of our brand, both the male model and the female model have sufficient stock.”
This was the difference between Patek Philippe and other brands.
There were still benefits from being in stock.
In a situation like Jiang Han’s, it was obviously too late to buy Patek Philippe.
“You can try it on.”
Jiang Han swept a glance at the cabinet, and he already had a few models he liked.
“Of course, sir.”
The guide did not say anything that could not be tried.
It was because the test had to be done according to the situation.
For potential consumers like Jiang Han, they still had to grasp it.
“Then please take out this, this, and that.”
As he spoke, Jiang Han removed the watch from his left wrist.*

Chapter 55 The Charm of White John

He watched as Jiang Han removed Baida and placed her on the counter.
Han Yu hurriedly picked it up.
“Brother Jiang, you’ re not careful. What if it breaks?”
He looked at Han Yu’s pompous expression.
Jiang Han said helplessly,” A little boastful. Continue to work hard next time.”
Han Yu didn’ t mind either. She chuckled and said,” There’s no other way. The poor family’s children don’ t have Baudali.”
“I can only borrow someone else’s clothes.”
Jiang Han shrugged his shoulders and put on a wrist watch that he had handed over to him.
As he spoke, he said,” Actually, I can’ t buy Patek Philippe. Buying a Rolex.”
“Brother Yu, why don’ t you think about it?”
“Yes, sir. Although our Rolex products are priced at less than a hundred Da Lili.”
“But the price-performance ratio is still very high.”
“For example, the one on this gentleman’s wrist is very suitable for you.”
If he could work hard on the second piece, he definitely wouldn’ t give up.
It wasn’ t easy to sell a guide that didn’ t want to take a second commission.
However, Han Yu shook her head.
“I’ m sorry, little sister. It’s not that you Rolexes aren’ t good enough, but that’s because I already have something in mind.”
“For the first time in my life, I have to give it to Baida Lili.”
Han Yu was not moved by this.
For the first time in his life, it was a bit exaggerated.
However, it could be seen that Han Yu really liked Patek Philippe.
Jiang Han did not try to persuade him.
It was only a matter of time before Han Yu took down the first Patek Philippe.
In fact, as long as he was willing, he would tell Han Muxue that he would take out one-fifth of Han Muxue’s gold treasury.
They were able to fulfill his dream.
He carefully examined the Rolex on his wrist.
Jiang Han still shook his head.
It was slightly fancy.
Jiang Han and the others could still wear it at their age, but it was still a little inappropriate to give it to their father.
Actually, Rolex’s watches were all similar in style.
The landmark was that the twelve o’clock spot was a king’s crown and the brand name below.
It was still very easy for someone who had a little knowledge of wrist watches to recognize it.
It was precisely because of this that Rolexes were extremely popular among some city white-collar workers.
It was not as if they were buying watches to keep a low profile.
It must be for others to recognize it to satisfy their bragging mentality.
It wasn’ t like Patek Philippe. There was a sense of luxury in his low profile.
Jiang Han wasn’t even very satisfied with the test.
The sales guide seemed to be able to tell that Jiang Han was not very interested in fancy styles.
He took out the third watch from the counter.
“This one is the journal type m126300-0004, selling for 61,500.”
“I can get you a 25% discount.”
“That’s about fifty-eight percent.”
The shopper handed the watch to Jiang Han and wanted to help him wear it.
However, Jiang Han refused.
“I’ ll do it myself.”
Jiang Han was still very satisfied with this third version.
There weren’t that many fancy designs.
If it was for his father, it would still be very suitable.
Even Song Qian, who had remained silent, said,” This one is very suitable for Uncle to wear.”
“My father has one that is similar to the model. It can be worn everyday.”
Jiang Han nodded.
He flipped through it two times and then took it down.
“Just this one. Help me pack it up.”
Although the price was more than 8,000 more expensive than expected, Jiang Han didn’ t care about this anymore.
For him now, the price of 50,000 to 60,000 wasn’ t much different.
In any case, he was buying things for his parents.
Why bother about the price?
“Yes, sir. Please wait a moment.”
Seeing Jiang Han so decisively, he decided.
The shopper’s face was full of smiles.
A fifty-eight wristwatch.
Just this alone, she would be able to obtain a thousand and two thousand commissions.
Although he did not say anything about Han Yu.
However, she was satisfied.
He went back to pick up a brand-new wristwatch and put it in a box.
After that, he gave Jiang Han all sorts of accessories and returned.
Mr.”, may I ask if you want to swipe your card or cash.”
Jiang Han said to swipe his card, then took out his bank card and handed it to the sales consultant.
The password prompt payment was successful.
Jiang Han stuffed the small shopping ticket into his bag and went out of Rolex’s shop next time he sincerely welcomed them.
“Use the beginner shopping card.”
“Ding…Congratulations on using the beginner shopping card.”
“This consumption amount is 58,425.”
“Consumption has returned to 50,000.”
“This time, the return factor is three.”
“Ding…congratulations on obtaining a return reward of 150,000.”
“This time, the return cash will be entered into the host account through the stock market proceeds. Please rest assured.”
After buying a wrist watch, he even returned 150,000 yuan.
It was equivalent to Jiang Hanbai hitting on a Rolex and earning more than 90,000 from the Rolex.
Was this the glamour of shopping?
He was delighted.*

Chapter 56 Which necklace is more beautiful?

After leaving the house, Han Yu returned the Baudali to Jiang Han.
Although he was reluctant to part with it.
But it was useless to keep it.
It would only make him feel even more reluctant.
It was better than bringing excitement to him.
It was better to be straightforward.
“Don’t wear it any longer?”
Jiang Han took the watch with a smile and put it on his wrist.
“I can’t. I ca n’ t bear to wear it any longer.”
Han Yu hurriedly shook her head.
Jiang Han smiled and said nothing.
“Brother Jiang, Tiffany’s cabinet is on the eighth floor. Let’s take the elevator.”
Han Muxue said.
Jiang Han nodded.
Although there was no need to hurry up.
But if he could buy everything as soon as possible, he would be at ease.
Of course, it was mainly because Han Muxue valued Jiang Han more.
Very few ordinary shopping malls were equipped to go straight up and down the elevator.
Most of them were escalators.
However, this mansion was a bit tall.
It was a waste of time going up one level after another.
Therefore, many elevators were arranged.
The four of them took the elevator to the eighth floor.
Then, he went to Tiffany’s cabinet.
Actually, there were many luxury brands that made female jewelry.
Including Chanel, Dior, and the others, they were all slightly involved.
However, compared to a brand that was specialized in this industry, it was slightly inferior.
Tiffany did a good job in the Heavenly Dynasty market.
Including diamond rings, silver ornaments, necklaces, bracelet and so on.
They were at the forefront of the industry.
At least for Jiang Han.
Tiffany’s products could still satisfy him.
The counter was full of sparkling diamonds.
No girl would be able to withstand such a scene.
Jiang Han and Han Yu were fine.
To them, these were not as attractive as their watches.
However, it was different for Song Qian and Han Muxue.
The girl seemed to be born with no resistance to sparkling things.
Even a rich second generation like Han Muxue was the same.
However, he didn’t forget about his promise to Jiang Han.
He knew that Jiang Han had bought a gift for his mother.
That was why the two of them were choosing.
He did not choose those that looked extremely personalized.
But even so, it was still very difficult to choose.
There were still too many styles.
Jiang Han and Han Yu walked around a few steps and found it rather boring.
He went out to buy four cups of milk tea.
However, when they returned, they found that the two of them were paying the bill.
“What are you doing?”
“Could it be that he has already bought something?”
Han Yu handed her another cup of milk tea to Han Muxue.
Jiang Han gave Song Qian the cup in his hand.
“Yeah, but I didn’ t end up with your share. Don’ t worry, Brother Jiang.”
“The two of us took a fancy to a necklace when we first picked it with Qianqian.”
“So I bought one by myself.”
“As for Brother Jiang, if you want to buy that one, you can choose it yourself.”
As she spoke, Han Muxue took out the necklace that was already on her neck.
It looked like a four-leaf grass from afar.
But after looking carefully, he realized that it was actually two small dolphin-like platinum bars.
Then, four diamonds were embedded.
It looked stable but not rigid.
“This necklace is not bad.”
Jiang Han smiled.
“And mine.”
Song Qian also said.
At the same time, he took out the necklace hidden under his clothes.
Jiang Han took a look.
The pendant looked like a firefly.
He drew out the outline with a broken drill, and then used a colored drill at the end as the finishing touch.
“This one is quite beautiful, but it doesn’t feel very suitable for my mother to wear.”
Jiang Han shook his head.
Even though he knew that this was very likely to hurt someone.
However, Song Qian’s disappointed expression did not appear.
Instead, he looked at Han Muxue with a smile.
Jiang Han turned his head to look.
However, Han Muxue shook her head in dismay, and then lifted her hand to remove the necklace around her neck.
“Qianqian, you won.”
Han Muxue handed the necklace to Song Qian.
Song Qian also gave the necklace around her neck to Song Qian.
Jiang Han immediately understood when he saw this.
The two of them exchanged the necklace and then let him choose.
But what was going on with Han Muxue’s face full of disappointment?
What else could she say about Song Qian winning?
“Brother Jiang, quickly pay the bill. Then, let’s go pick out the whitening essence for Auntie.”
Han Muxue obviously did not want Jiang Han to ask about this matter.
He urged.
“Oh, good.”
Jiang Han looked at them suspiciously.
Then, he said to the shop assistant in front of the counter,” Please ask, what are the prices of these two necklaces?”
Hello, Mr.”. These two necklaces are Firefly Necklace and Lynn Necklace.”
“The price of the firefly necklace is 23,800 yuan.”
“The price of Lynn’s necklace is a little more expensive, twenty-six thousand five hundred yuan.”
Together, it just happened to be fifty thousand three hundred?
Jiang Han smiled.
He had originally thought that a necklace would not be enough for fifty thousand, so he had lost out on using the Basic Consumption Card.
He also needed to pick a bracelet or something else to fill up the missing items.
Right now, he had taken down both of the necklaces, just in time to replenish fifty thousand.
As for the other firefly necklace, it would be ready for Jiang Qingyi.
“Please help me get one of the two necklaces.”

Chapter 57 A series of rewards for life achievements!

Hearing Jiang Han’s words, even the sales consultant was stunned.
She thought Jiang Han wanted to ask about the price and then bargain.
But he never thought that.
Jiang Han actually wanted to wrap up the two necklaces.
Two necklaces combined would be more than fifty thousand, okay?
The salesperson wanted to ask Jiang Han if he was serious.
However, when she thought of Song Qian and Han Muxue buying one by themselves, she chose to accept the truth.
As expected, rich people only played with rich people.
He could not buy a necklace for two months.
The other party casually took down two of them.
“Yes, sir. Do you have a membership card?”
“If I have a membership card, I can apply for a 25% discount.”
The profit margin for top-grade luxury goods was quite large.
At the same time, it was also the industry where members’ business was best done.
That was because only those people could afford top-grade luxury goods.
Therefore, they had to do a good job in maintaining their customers.
It was the same for Rolex.
There was also a Rolex membership card that was handed over along with the shopping ticket.
But Jiang Han didn’ t care.
He just bought his father a watch.
If Jiang Han were to buy it himself, he would still choose Baida Lili.
“No, can you apply for a membership card for me?”
“Of course. Sir, please wait a moment.”
Jiang Han nodded and didn’ t mind.
Tiffany’s membership card was still a little useful. It should be used frequently in the future.
However, after a twenty-five percent discount.
The original price of fifty-three was to be discounted.
Therefore, if he wanted to obtain the full amount of cash, Jiang Han still needed to pick one or two small items to make up the difference.
This way, the system and Tiffany’s wool could be plucked at the same time.
“Brother Jiang, you actually don’ t need to take care of my emotions and buy another necklace.”
Jiang Han bought two necklaces at the same time for convenience.
But Han Muxue and the others didn’ t know.
Jiang Han’s current appearance looked like he had specially bought another necklace to take care of Han Muxue.
“It’s fine. I just so happened to give my sister one.”
“Although the necklace you selected is not suitable for my mother to wear, it is still suitable for my sister to wear.”
Jiang Han smiled and explained briefly.
That was the truth. As for whether or not Han Muxue believed it was her own matter.
After the two necklaces were properly packed, Jiang Han picked up another three thousand silver bracelet.
After the discount, it just so happened to raise the consumption amount to over 50,000.
Then, he used the Basic Shopping Card.
It was a waste of two necklaces and 100,000 yuan.
Jiang Han’s balance had finally broken a million!
It had reached more than 1,012,000.
At the same time, the system notification in Jiang Han’s mind began to sound continuously.
“Ding…”Congratulations! Host’s personal assets have reached one million.”
“Triggering his life achievement: Millionaire.”
“Achievement Reward (1): One for a basic house, one for a basic luxury car.”
“1% Discount card for basic housing: The host only needs to pay 10% of the total cost to purchase the real estate. The remaining funds will be replenished by the system.”
“1% Discount card for a beginner luxury car: The host only needs to pay 10% of the total cost to purchase the luxury car. The remaining funds will be replenished by the system.”
“Note: The total value of a 1% discount for a basic house can not exceed 10 million, and the total value of a 1% discount for a basic luxury car can not exceed 3 million.”
Jiang Han was stunned when he heard the system explanation.
1% Discount card?
According to the system’s explanation, if it was a ten million house, he would only need to pay one million, and the remaining nine million would be paid?
This was the true wool!
If both cards were used, Jiang Han would only have to pay 1.3 million.
However, he was able to purchase thirteen million items!
It was equivalent to a whoring system of 11.7 million!
Was there anything more enjoyable than this?
Moreover, the system’s notification sounded out more than that!
“Achievement Award (2): Junior securities investment company.”
“Primary investment company: You need host to build your own company framework. After the framework is successfully built, you will upgrade the professional skills of the main company members.”
“Guarantee that the annual interest rate of the Company in the real industry and financial industry shall not be less than 10%.”
“And the loyalty of the main members of the company has reached 100.”
“Warning: The total amount of capital controlled by a beginner investment company must not exceed 100 million. If the total amount of capital is too large, it may trigger an unknown event.”
Another reward.
However, the reward this time wasn’t as straightforward as a 10% discount card.
However, it was better than fine water.
He set up a securities investment company and then the system helped upgrade it.
In this way, Jiang Han would be able to put the free funds in his company’s account.
Don’t underestimate the fact that the annual interest rate is at least ten percent. This number is double or even triple that of a bank!
But this was not over yet!
The third wave of notification from the system arrived!
“Achievement Reward (3): Interpersonal relationship viewing authority.”
“Human Relations: Host can take the initiative to scan the other party and obtain the following data.”
“Name, age, beauty rating, body rating, special rating, identity background.”
This reward was not as practical as the previous two, but it was even more useful.
The first two rewards were basically giving Jiang Han money.
However, this reward could allow Jiang Han to determine more accurately how to treat someone.
Especially the grade of beauty……No, her figure was graded……Not right.
This was especially true for special grades, which allowed Jiang Han to avoid some small people or green tea.
In order to avoid encountering some small people who were good at disguising themselves, Jiang Han still considered the other person very important.*

Chapter 58 Three Points over 90

The system notification finally stopped.
After a brief understanding, Jiang Han also withdrew his consciousness from the system space.
He looked at the three people beside him.
Then, Jiang Han began to scan.
“Name: Han Yu.”
“Age: eighteen.”
“Figure ……”
“Relations with the host: Close friends.”
“Background: The son of the chairman of Shanghai Haosheng Group.”
Jiang Han first looked at Han Yu’s data.
After he omitted some of the data that he did not dare to look at, he focused on Han Yu’s opinion of him.
Close friends?
At the same time, the system also gave an introduction.
Sixty to seventy points were divided into passersby points, and seventy to eighty were ordinary friends.
Eighty to ninety were close friends, and over ninety were close friends.
As for the same score, the men and women had a slightly favorable impression and the lovers were not full.
As for over 90, they were close lovers.
However, although it was also between eighty and ninety points, the difference between eighty and eighty-nine points was still quite large.
Jiang Han and Han Yu had only known each other for over twenty days, yet they were able to obtain such a high score.
It was enough to prove that Han Yu truly treated Jiang Han.
Otherwise, it would be impossible for them to have such a high score.
He glanced at Han Muxue.
His appearance and figure were all in the 70s.
The special score had reached 95.
More importantly, Han Muxue and Jiang Han were not full.
What was this?
Han Muxue had a good impression of him?
Jiang Han shook his head after glancing at Han Muxue.
Although Han Muxue’s condition wasn’ t bad.
Seventy-five points could be considered as a Banhua level existence.
Not to mention Han Haosheng, who had a wealth of several billion, was standing behind him.
If it were any other boy, he would have long pursued her.
But Jiang Han was different.
Those who did not have money were not that important.
Because Jiang Han didn’ t lack money right now.
The system’s daily reward for breathing was enough for Jiang Han to spend.
Why pursue so much wealth?
That was why Jiang Han was actually more interested in the three items of figures and special ratings.
Perhaps according to Jiang Han’s own criteria, only three scores were above 90 points.
Only then could he reach the point where he was tempted.
If you wantonly live, you naturally have to be realistic.
If he couldn’ t reach more than ninety of the three items, why would he be tempted?
Go around Han Muxue.
Jiang Han looked at Song Qian’s data again.
“Name: Song Qian.”
“Age: eighteen.”
“Body rating:92.”
“Special Rating:92.”
“Relationship with host: The lover is not full.”
“Identity background: Mother passed away, father is the chairman of Pengcheng Real Estate.”
“Note: Pengcheng Real Estate’s capital chain is about to break and will be declared bankrupt next year.”
Song Qian’s appearance and body rating were basically in line with Jiang Han’s psychological expectations.
To be able to become a new freshman’s goddess, Song Qian’s two grades naturally couldn’ t be low.
As for the special grade of 92, it also proved that Song Qian was still a complete body.
It was very likely that Song Qian’s previous actions had affected the special rating.
On the other hand, Jiang Han was surprised by the relationship.
The lover is not full?
He originally thought that Song Qian had the worst impression of him among the three.
After all, it had happened twice before.
Unexpectedly, Song Qian’s relationship had reached the point where her lover was not full.
What was this?
Because of hatred?
But this score also made Jiang Han realize one thing.
Song Qian seemed to be on her way to liking him.
It was just that she had never said it, and it was very likely that she had not discovered it herself.
Jiang Han couldn’ t help but turn his head to look at Song Qian.
Right at this moment, Song Qian also happened to look at him.
Their gazes met.
It was a little awkward.
It was as if he had been caught secretly doing something bad.
Then, Song Qian turned her head back.
A faint redness suffused his face.
Sure enough, there was a reason why the system had scanned Song Qian’s relationship with him.
“Little Jiang, it’s about time. Is Song Qian that pretty?”I can’ t even turn around.”
Han Yu’s voice suddenly sounded with disdain.
“Be careful. Don’ t be too obvious.”
“Otherwise, I will not come out with you next time other than eating.”
Han Yu should have seen through the subtle atmosphere between Jiang Han and Song Qian.
Only then would he say such words to ease the atmosphere.
But at the same time, the subtext in his words also pulled Jiang Han closer to Song Qian.
“Don’ t, why do you have to eat?”
“Don’ t worry. You can not come next time you eat.”
Jiang Han smiled.
After confirming that Han Yu truly treated him as a friend.
Jiang Han didn’ t seem to be on guard against Han Yu.
Even though he had never been on guard before.
“Don’ t. Actually, it’s good to eat some dog food before eating a big meal.”
“At the very least, I’ m not that hungry until the dishes arrive.”
Han Yu chuckled.
“After all, the world’s most beautiful food can not be blamed.”*

Chapter 59 Help me get my bag

To be honest, although Han Yu was acting somewhat shameless.
But if they really got along, Han Yu’s personality would make them feel more comfortable.
He could joke, but he was also serious.
As for what kind of respectful dormitory relationship.
Actually, it seemed that no one could go too far, but everyone was very depressed.
At least Jiang Han did not like that feeling.
Moreover, Han Yu and Jiang Han had the same view.
Indeed, the delicacies could not be let down.
He had already bought the watch for his father and the necklace for his mother.
He also prepared a twenty thousand necklace for Jiang Qingyi.
Actually, there was no need to buy anything anymore.
But it was already here.
If he didn’t use this last card, he would be able to use it.
He almost felt like it.
However, Jiang Han himself was confused as to where the last card was used.
Actually, it was already an exaggeration to prepare a hundred thousand worth of gifts for the family members.
If it was before Jiang Han was able to obtain the wanton life system.
Jiang Han’s family’s profit for a year was only over a hundred thousand.
Just this was the profit that Jiang Han’s parents had earned from the hard work of running a restaurant every day.
How about buying a few clothes?
According to the price of expensive clothing.
It wasn’ t difficult to spend this fifty thousand yuan.
Some brands even had a skirt that was more than that price.
But buying clothes wasn’ t for the price.
“Little Snow, I want to buy two more dresses and other clothes for my mother and my sister. Do you have any suggestions?”
Jiang Han asked.
If he didn’ t know, then he would ask.
Jiang Han wouldn’t try to hold on to his face.
At least not in front of friends.
Putting aside Han Muxue’s feeling that his lover was not full.
He had a good relationship with Han Muxue.
“Actually, buying clothes this season is not a good choice.”
Han Muxue pondered for a moment and said,” It’s a little late to pay for clothes, but it’s a little early to buy thick clothes.”
Jiang Han did not deny this.
At this time, the temperature difference between day and night had already emerged.
However, the weather at Sheng Qing was even more ridiculous than Shanghai.
If he really wanted to feel the chill down, he still had to wait until the end of October.
But it didn’ t matter.
At worst, he could buy a few more sets of thicker clothes and send them over.
For the current Jiang Han.
There was no need to worry about daily consumption.
“If you really want to buy it, I would recommend Valentino to Auntie.”
“If I buy it for your sister, Louis Vuitton, Gu Qi and the like are all fine.”
“Actually, for these top-tier luxury brands, there is rarely a clear division of their professional fields.”
“Although there are some types of main products, in reality, they are all involved in various fields.”
“Basically, go to a brand store and buy whatever you want.”
“Mainly depends on personal preferences and designer styles.”
Han Muxue was telling the truth. Jiang Han knew this very well.
After thinking about it, Jiang Han decided,” Since that’s the case, let’s go to Louis Vuitton’s specialty store first.”
Hearing Jiang Han’s words, Han Muxue and the others didn’ t have any objections.
Anyway, it was still early to eat in the afternoon.
Walking around could also kill time.
Only after arriving at the place did Jiang Han discover it.
He was a bit wrong.
This kind of luxurious clothing did not seem to be considered as a middle-aged woman from an ordinary family.
Not only was the design extremely bold, even the color matching made Jiang Han unable to accept it.
Jiang Han simply could not imagine what his mother would look like after putting on these clothes.
If he really bought it back, his mother would know that Jiang Han had spent tens of thousands of dollars to buy it.
It was likely that Jiang Han would be driven out of the house.
Therefore, for the sake of his own return home, he could also have a few days of peace.
Jiang Han still decided to give up buying these luxurious brands of fashion for his mother.
He obediently went to pick out a few more regular dresses.
Han Yu and the others also saw the astonishment on Jiang Han’s face.
Very cleverly, he did not persuade Jiang Han to continue walking around.
He followed Jiang Han out.
After changing to a shop where Han Muxue’s mother often went.
The senses left for Jiang Han were finally much better.
At least the design and color of the clothes were within Jiang Han’s acceptance range.
Moreover, the clothes here were not conservative enough.
There were also many clothes suitable for young women.
“I’ ll ask you to help me pick it up.”
“After all, only girls know what girls want.”
Jiang Han smiled.
Actually, there were sales guides. As long as they gave the conditions, they would help recommend suitable clothes.
However, Jiang Han’s words left enough face for Han Muxue and Song Qian.
It indicated that Jiang Han still believed in their eyes.
In addition, from the perspective of Han Muxue and Song Qian, they could see that.
It was indeed worthy of trust.
The two of them felt very comfortable.
Just as the two of them were about to turn around to pick their clothes, Jiang Han suddenly called out to them.
“What’s wrong?”
The two turned around and looked over.
“My sister’s height and figure are similar to Song Qian’s.”
“As for my mother, she is slightly shorter, but she is not fat.”
Jiang Han had never bought clothes for his mother and sister.
It could only be roughly described.
“It’s the same as my body?”
Song Qian lowered her head and looked at it. After hesitating for a moment, she handed the bag that had been on her shoulder to Jiang Han.
“Then I’ ll help you with your bag. I can try my clothes first.”
The clothes didn’t look like anything else, so it was best to try it on the upper body. Otherwise, even if you were fat, you would have almost lost your weight.
Jiang Han didn’ t act pretentious.
He took Song Qian’s bag.