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Big Boss
Fantasy Coins: 69

Chapter 60 The Trouble of the Rich Second Generation

Song Qian and Han Muxue went to pick their clothes.
Only Jiang Han and Han Yu were left sitting in the resting area.
There were two cups of milk tea in front of everyone.
“Brother Jiang, do you have any feeling that the two of us are just like guards.”
Han Yu suddenly turned to look at Jiang Han.
“What do you mean?”
Jiang Han picked up his cup of milk tea and took a sip.
“The woman has already gone to pick things. The man is waiting in the rest area.”
“Don’ t tell me you don’ t look like a guard?”
“I’ m just waiting for my sister, and you’ re waiting for your future girlfriend.”
Han Yu smiled and teased.
Obviously, he could tell that Song Qian and Jiang Han had a strange relationship.
When he was drunk, Jiang Han sent Song Qian to the hotel.
After all, it was because Song Qian was unaware of it.
However, this time, the two of them were clearly aware of the situation.
Song Qian was willing to hand over her bag to Jiang Han for safekeeping.
This proved that Song Qian was more willing to believe Jiang Han.
Jiang Han also took it.
Normally, there might be nothing to see.
However, Han Yu had only been rejected by Song Qian earlier.
Therefore, he could sense that Song Qian’s attitude towards Jiang Han was somewhat unusual.
But so what?
Jiang Han glanced at him.
Then, he asked,” When can you wait for your girlfriend?”
“I ……”
Han Yu was speechless.
He was just trying to tease Jiang Han.
However, he didn’ t expect Jiang Han to directly throw out a royal blow.
“I also want to wait.”
Han Yu’s tone was filled with frustration and helplessness.
“But you also know that my father taught me so harshly.”
“If nothing unexpected happens, I guess my future girlfriend or wife.”
“I will only be able to see him after I graduate from university.”
Could this be considered one of the worries of the rich second generation?
Actually, what Han Yu said was pretty much the same.
According to his current trajectory, the biggest possibility was that Han Yu and Han Haosheng had arranged the girls together.
As for that girl, it was very likely that she was the young miss of a family that had the same strength as the Han family.
It might not be the business sector, or it might be the political path.
Although the feudal residual poison was not desirable.
However, there was a certain reason for the door to the door.
Only a strong alliance could allow both sides to go further.
This principle applied at all times.
“Anyway, I only have one wish right now.”
“That’s the girl my father arranged for me. She can be a bit more beautiful. It would be better if she was even prettier than Song Qian.”
Han Yu chuckled.” If that’s the case, I’ ll be able to suppress you in the future.”
Jiang Han shook his head helplessly.
He shouldn’ t have expected this fellow to say anything good.
However, Jiang Han could tell.
Although Han Yu was dissatisfied with Han Haosheng’s arrangement, she chose to accept it.
Most likely, it was for Han Muxue.
In order for Han Muxue to be able to choose the person she liked?
To sacrifice his brother voluntarily?
Jiang Han smiled but said nothing.
He didn’ t have the ability to change Han Yu’s fate, so he naturally wouldn’ t advise Han Yu to make any changes.
Perhaps the only thing he could do right now.
It was only after the securities investment company was established.
Receiving the million yuan in Han Muxue’s hands.
After that, the benefits of the money would help Han Yu to survive without being so’ poor’.
Only Jiang Han would dare to think so if he lived on twenty thousand yuan a month.
But that was the truth.
Who would have thought that Jiang Han was wearing Patek Philippe on his wrist, while Han Yu was not.
The heavy words caused Jiang Han and Han Yu to become somewhat silent.
However, just at this moment, a ringtone broke the silence of the rest area.
It wasn’ t Jiang Han or Han Yu’s phone.
“Little Snow’s phone rang?”
Jiang Han turned to look at Han Yu.
“No, Little Snow’s phone ringtone has always been pure music.”
Han Yu was at a loss as well. She then looked at the bag beside Jiang Han.
“Song Qian’s?”
Jiang Han picked it up and the bell really rang out from Song Qian’s bag.
“Wait a moment. I’ ll go give Song Qian a ride.”
Han Yu did not say anything.
Jiang Han didn’ t pull Song Qian’s bag and took out her phone. It was a bit rude.
However, Song Qian had no idea where she had gone.
Even Han Muxue could not find anyone.
The phone in the bag rang a few times and was not connected. It also stopped.
Without finding Song Qian, Jiang Han could only give up.
He returned to the resting area.
However, just as they arrived at the rest area, Song Qian’s phone rang again.
Jiang Han helplessly opened his bag and took out the phone.
Then, he saw that the caller ID was a mother.
“Who are you? You’ re such a persistent enemy, right?”
Han Yu joked.
Jiang Han shrugged and gave Han Yu a look.
Han Yu tactfully stopped joking.
“Take it. What if it’s something important.”
Jiang Han nodded and answered the call.
“Qianqian, I heard that you were dating a boyfriend at school?”What’s going on?”
“Didn’ t I already tell you that I’ ve found a blind date for you?”
“Why are you still so ignorant?”
The moment the call was answered, a middle-aged woman’s urgent voice rang out.
However, this voice didn’ t seem to be concerned, but rather it was like accountability?*

61 Song Qian’s stepmother

Hearing the voice of accountability on the other side of the phone.
Jiang Han suddenly reacted.
Earlier, when she was scanning Song Qian’s information, she revealed that Song Qian’s mother had died.
Then what exactly was going on with this remark?
Others would lie, but the system would not lie, right?
“You speak?”What’s going on?”
Hearing this, there was no response.
The middle-aged woman on the other side of the phone urged him again.
Jiang Han hesitated for a moment before saying,” I’ m sorry, auntie. Song Qian went to pick her clothes.”
“Wait a moment. I’ll ask her to call you back.”
No matter who the other party was.
Song Qian was able to add this remark.
It should be an important family member.
Could it be Song Qian’s stepmother?
This thought suddenly appeared in Jiang Han’s mind.
Moreover, this possibility was very high.
The system did not indicate when Song Qian’s biological mother had died.
But it was probably not the past two years.
As for Song Qian’s father, he should still be very rich before the company was in trouble.
It was also extremely normal to turn around and find a new one.
It was not normal to not find a new one.
After Jiang Han finished his sentence.
The phone suddenly fell silent.
But then there was a series of questions.
“Who are you?”
“Why are you holding Qianqian’s phone?”
“I warn you, stay away from Qianqian!”You’ re not worthy of her!”
“She has a fiancé right now!”
Hearing the voice on the phone.
Jiang Han didn’ t even have the intention of being polite with the other party.
He immediately hung up.
If Jiang Han still had some doubts just now.
Now, he was certain.
This was definitely Song Qian’s stepmother.
Moreover, his relationship with Song Qian was not very good.
“What’s wrong?”
Han Yu did not hear the voice on the other side of the phone clearly.
Seeing that Jiang Han didn’ t even bid farewell to Song Qian’s mother, he hung up.
A little surprised.
Jiang Han shook his head and did not tell the truth.
Regardless of what was going on in Song Qian’s house, it was his own personal matter.
Jiang Han answered the call and it was already a little inappropriate.
If she were to reveal Song Qian’s personal matters, it would be too much.
However, to prevent the other party from calling again.
Jiang Han turned off Song Qian’s phone.
Then, he put it into his bag.
Turning off the volume was indeed useful.
At the very least, Jiang Han and Han Yu didn’t hear any more noise.
The two of them sat in the resting area and chatted.
About ten minutes later.
Just now, he heard Han Muxue’s voice.
“Brother, Brother Jiang, come and take a look.”
“Let’s go.”
Jiang Han threw his cup of milk tea into the trash can.
Then, she picked up Song Qian’s cup of milk tea and walked over with her bag.
Han Yu was the same.
He hung Han Muxue’s bag on his arm and walked over with a cup of milk tea.
Then, he saw Han Muxue and Song Qian change their clothes.
Song Qian’s loose clothes turned into a white dress.
It looked less lazy and more young.
In particular, there was a belt around his waist.
Song Qian’s waist was completely displayed.
This was a dress that could display a woman’s figure.
It was probably because Jiang Han had said that Jiang Qingyi’s figure was about the same as hers that he had chosen this way.
Then, he looked at Han Muxue.
Han Muxue, who was originally dressed in a sweet outfit.
At this moment, he changed into a dress that was more suitable for middle-aged women.
The hem of his skirt surpassed his calf.
The fabric looked like silk.
The overall color seemed to belong to a dark color.
Especially the upper body effect was not bad.
However, Jiang Han and Han Yu had a strange feeling.
Although Han Yu’s figure was inferior to Song Qian’s.
But it wasn’ t enough to help Jiang Han’s mother try her clothes.
How much determination would it take to be like this?
How could he compare his figure to the middle-aged woman?
Han Muxue was also going all out.
“Brother Jiang, how does it look?”
Han Muxue looked at Jiang Han and asked.
Jiang Han didn’ t know how to answer.
Could it be that Han Muxue was wearing the same size as his mother?
Jiang Han did not speak.
Han Yu didn’ t seem to have any intentions of blocking her.
“Let’s not talk about it. This dress is quite suitable for you.”
Han Yu clicked her tongue in wonder.
However, he also saw Han Xiaoxue’s threatening expression.
He quickly changed his tone and said,” No, it’s a good match for Mom.”
“Why don’ t you buy one for Mom?”
Seeing that Han Yu had changed her words in time, Han Muxue’s expression, which was about to lose her temper, had also shrunk a bit.
However, Han Yu immediately muttered.
“This way, we should be able to spend 50,000 more money next month.”
This shop was not considered a top-class luxury brand.
A skirt couldn’t last five thousand.
Five thousand for fifty thousand.
It was worth it no matter what.
But why was it fifty thousand?
Jiang Han didn’ t ask, but Han Muxue couldn’ t help but go berserk.
“Han Yu!”Even if I buy it, I’ ll buy it. After all, I picked the dress, and I’ ll try it out.”
“Aiya, don’ t worry about these details.”
Han Yu did not mind either.
“What about the clothes on my body?”
While Han Yu and her sister were arguing, Song Qian looked at Jiang Han and asked.
“The version is quite good, very suitable for you.”
“If I had another pair of high heels, it would have been even more perfect.”
Jiang Han could not comment on what Han Muxue was doing.
However, there was nothing to be afraid of about Song Qian’s actions.
Actually, Song Qian herself wasn’ t low.
Jiang Han’s vision should be between 1.8 and 1.7 meters.
If he wore high heels, he would only be a little lower than him.
After all, it was a score of 92 points.
No matter how tall he was, he had passed.
But the dress was like this.
Although Little White shoes could be worn as well, they still felt that high heels were more suitable.*

Chapter 62: Upgrade the store for Mom and Dad?

Hearing Jiang Han’s words, Song Qian seemed to have seriously considered it.
He nodded, but he didn’ t mean to pick a pair of high heels.
“I even picked a few more clothes. I’ ll go change them now and wait a while.”
After saying that, Song Qian turned around and entered the fitting room.
“Sigh ……”
Jiang Han wanted to stop her and tell her that someone had just called her.
But Song Qian had already entered.
He could only give up.
On the other side, Han Muxue and Han Yu were still arguing.
However, it seemed like they were discussing something.
There was a disagreement.
“What happened to the two of you?”
Jiang Han looked at the two and asked.
“It’s fine.”
“It’s fine.”
Facing Jiang Han, the two stopped at the same time.
Han Yu scratched her head and said,” I said I’ ll buy this dress, but Little Snow won’ t let me.”
“My only chance to earn pocket money has been taken away.”
Han Yu stretched out her hand helplessly.
“”‘Ve been holding on for so long. I’ m sure you can’ t make a bad habit at this time.”
“If you guys have money, it will become bad.”
Han Muxue snorted lightly.
He ignored Han Yu’s expression.
Turning his head to look at Jiang Han, he said,” Little Jiang, how about this dress.”
“If you think it’s okay, I’ ll let you buy two.”
Han Muxue seemed to be deliberately diverting Jiang Han’s attention.
However, Jiang Han didn’ t mind.
“Then I’ ll take two. However, I’ ll settle this debt together. Don’ t fight over it with me.”
Based on an average of five thousand for a skirt.
Jiang Han needed to buy ten items to reach fifty thousand.
He did not deliberately buy clothes for Han Yu and her mother.
Just to gather the total amount of consumption.
“No need. Brother Jiang, I’ ll just come.”
Han Muxue hurriedly waved her hand.
Jiang Han didn’ t argue with Han Muxue. He smiled and said,” If it’s convenient, help me pick a few more dresses.”
“Alright, I’ ve already chosen it. I’ ll go change it now.”
Han Muxue did not refuse.
He only tried clothes for his mother once and countless times.
Just like a female dress.
It had to be said that Han Muxue often accompanied her mother to buy clothes.
He had a good understanding of the middle-aged woman’s preferences.
At the very least, the clothes he had picked out made Jiang Han feel like giving them to his mother.
His mother would probably like it very much.
The premise was that his mother could not know the price of these clothes.
Otherwise, no matter how much he liked it, he would not bear to wear it.
Jiang Han had to find a way to change the mindset of his family as soon as possible.
This was especially true of their parents.
The best way was to let his parents own money.
Tell them the truth.
This could be considered the most gentle and safe.
Therefore, Jiang Han changed his mind.
He originally intended to give his parents hundreds of thousands of dollars after returning.
But that did not change anything.
The system just happened to give him another property card.
It was better to buy a large shop in Shengqing.
He then asked his parents to move the store over and hire someone to manage it.
This way, it should be able to affect their parents by stealth.
To prevent them from thinking that a few hundred thousand would be considered a lot of money.
As for Jiang Qingyi, this girl.
Jiang Han didn’ t doubt it.
If she knew the truth, she would only be excited.
Because her dream had come true.
Don’t underestimate how strong a girl who has been a president’s older brother, Meng Meng, is to accept.
Song Qian and Han Muxue kept coming out of the dressing room before entering.
Both of them changed into several sets of clothes.
And most Jiang Han was very satisfied.
Apart from one of the women’s suits that Han Muxue had chosen, Jiang Han rejected it.
The remaining clothes were basically suitable for his mother and Jiang Qingyi.
“Please help me get a new set of clothes.”
Jiang Han turned around and said to the shopping guide who was waiting by the side.
Mr.”, are you saying you want it?”
The shopper was slightly startled.
She had seen rich people buy clothes, so she directly bought them if she liked them.
However, he had never seen anyone buy so many items at once.
Especially this season, it was about to change seasons.
“That’s right. I want all of them.”
Jiang Han nodded and then said,” By the way, take two of that dark-colored dress from the beginning.”
“Yes, sir. Please wait a moment.”
Jiang Han confirmed the answer.
The sales consultant was also excited.
Although they had already entered the season-changing discount period.
However, the price of the skirt was high.
They sold so much at once.
Today’s commission was enough for her to get another spa pavilion’s monthly card.
The shopper thought to himself.
Then, he began to take out new clothes from the warehouse and pack them one by one.
“Hello, sir, your total consumption is sixty-two thousand yuan, because these clothes are within the range of end-of-season discounts.”
“So I’ ll give you a twenty percent discount.”
“You only need to pay 49,600 yuan.”
A total of eleven clothes.
After 20% discount, the price did not reach the threshold of 50,000.
This was the number that had only arrived when Han Yu’s mother was given an extra skirt.
But in the end, Jiang Han couldn’ t be bothered to fill the gap of four hundred.
Even if it was three times more, it would only be 1,200 yuan.
Jiang Han paid directly by swiping his card.
Han Yu and the others did not stop him.
It was as if he was thinking about something.
“Alright, Sir, this is your payment voucher. Welcome to visit us next time.”
The shopper had a sincere smile on his face.
When would he laugh when facing such a big customer?
Jiang Han nodded and silently used the beginner shopping card.
Then, he split half of the bag in his hand and gave it to Han Yu.
“By the way, Song Qian has never come to tell you.”
“Your mother called you when you changed your clothes.”
After leaving the shop, Jiang Han finally told Song Qian about it.

Chapter 63: Sneaking out the bill [Ask for the first order at ten o’clock]

“My mother called me?”
Song Qian was stunned.
However, it was as if he had thought of something.
He took out his phone and glanced at it.
Jiang Han looked over and saw what was on Song Qian’s phone.
Seventeen missed calls and a bunch of text messages.
Jiang Han didn’ t look carefully, but he was mostly asking what was going on with Song Qian.
Who was the person who had just answered the call.
Song Qian looked at her phone, but she didn’ t choose to call back.
He only raised his hand and rubbed his brows.
It was as if this matter gave her an extremely headache.
“Are you alright?”
Jiang Han asked.
“It’s fine. I just have a headache.”
Song Qian shook her head and did not say anything in detail.
Jiang Han and the others did not ask.
If Song Qian didn’ t say anything, there would definitely be a hidden problem.
If she continued asking, it would only embarrass Song Qian.
“It’s almost six now.”
“Why don’t we go to the private kitchen in the prince’s mansion.”
Jiang Han raised his wrist and glanced at the time.
Then, he took the initiative to change the topic.
“It’s about 7:30 p.m., so it’s about time.”
Han Yu also agreed.
Han Muxue seemed to know something.
She grabbed Song Qian’s arm.
The latter said,” Qianqian, don’ t pay any attention to the family matters. Let’s go, let’s go and eat delicious food.”
“As long as I’ m satisfied.”
Hearing Jiang Han and the others consoling him.
Song Qian forced a smile and said,” Then let’s go. I just happened to be hungry.”
Although something unpleasant had happened.
But on the whole, Jiang Han was very satisfied with this shopping.
Other than preparing the gifts for the family members.
The three Basic Shopping Return Cards also allowed Jiang Han’s account balance to reach 1.12 million.
He only needed to use another food consumption card tonight.
Jiang Han’s money could reach 1.3 million.
At that time, the two houses in the system space and the luxury car would be saved.
Basically, it could be achieved.
However, Jiang Han did not have the intention of buying a house in Shanghai so early.
Therefore, it seemed better to use the property discount card to upgrade the store for parents.
On the other hand, that luxurious car was one hundred percent.
It could be considered.
Three million luxurious cars.
How to choose was also a question.
After all, he was the first car in his life.
When Jiang Hanguo graduated, he used that holiday to apply for his license.
Moreover, his luck was quite good. It had already passed once.
There was no supplementary test.
If it was hundreds of thousands, Jiang Han would prefer to buy cars or suv.
But the price had already reached three million.
It was a little unreasonable not to have a sports car.
Can’t we just let this card be wasted?
Jiang Han’s group of four came out of the mall.
It happened to be the beginning of the evening peak.
It took an hour to’ teleport’ to the private kitchen of the prince’s mansion.
There was no other way. Even if you were a Rolls Royce, you would have to wait for the red light.
The standard of a private chef was still the same.
There were only ten tables a day.
It definitely wasn’ t much, but it wasn’ t much either.
This time, Han Yuding wasn’t from that room.
The main dishes were also different.
However, according to the standard of the private kitchen of the prince’s mansion.
No matter which room was the main menu.
They were all worthy of expectation.
This was especially the case when they were forced to accept dishes.
It gave people a feeling of anticipation as if they had opened a blind box.
Before he finished eating all the main dishes in the ten rooms, he would always be filled with anticipation towards the dishes in the next room.
This was also the most successful part of the private chef’s work.
Forget about the taste of the food.
Other star restaurants relied on service and environment to cater to customers.
On the other hand, the private kitchen of the Prince’s Mansion had clients cater to them while ensuring the service and environment.
From the fact that the private chef of the prince’s mansion had been standing for so many years, one could see the success of this point.
“Brother Jiang, two more bottles of peach blossom brew?”
Han Yu asked Jiang Han.
Jiang Han glanced hesitantly at Song Qian.
Song Qian knew why Jiang Han looked at her when she saw Jiang Han’s gaze.
His face turned red.
“If you want to drink, drink it. I won’ t drink it today.”
Song Qian said in embarrassment.
Sitting by the side, Han Muxue watched everything and started to laugh.
“Then two bottles.”
Jiang Han did not act pretentiously.
After all, peach blossom brewing was just fruit wine.
The degree was actually not high.
Apart from Song Qian, she had a body that could be poured in one cup.
It was still difficult for others to get drunk.
“Please bring me two more bottles of peach blossom brew.”
Han Yu said to the waiter.
“Good sir.”
The waiter nodded and left.
After the waiter left, Han Muxue suddenly called out to Han Yu.
Han Yu also glanced at Han Muxue.
Then, he nodded.
“Brother Jiang, I’ ll go to the bathroom.”
Without waiting for Jiang Han to respond, Han Yu stood up and left the room.
“Why is this fellow so strange today?”
Jiang Han muttered.
However, he did not think too much.
However, after Han Yu entered, Jiang Han finally reacted.
“Are you going to pay the bill?”
Seeing Han Yu silently spread out her hands.
Jiang Han finally understood why Han Muxue and Han Yu had a disagreement this afternoon.
Even Song Qian looked at Han Muxue in astonishment after hearing Jiang Han’s words.
Didn’t “agree that I won? Did n’ t I treat you today?”You lied to me again.”
“Aiya, Brother Jiang, Qianqian, we’ ve invited you again this time.”
“Since there are still so many dishes that the private chef of the prince’s mansion has never tasted, you will have a chance.”
Han Muxue seemed a little embarrassed.
But when Song Qian wanted to say something else.
The phone in her bag suddenly rang.
He took out a look.
The caller ID was’mother’.
Song Qian’s expression once again turned cold.
Ps:10 o’ clock.*

Chapter 64 Song Qian’s Mind

“That is my friend. I was just buying clothes.”
“It has nothing to do with you!”Can you stop asking!”
“Matchmaking?”Haha, this time, which rich second generation are you planning to push me to?”
“What’s good for me? It’s just to be able to exchange funds for me, right?”
“You don’ t need to tell me this. All these years, I’ ve been using it for my mother.”
“I’ ve never spent a single cent of your money!”
“Also, please return my phone card to me!”
“That is something my mother left me, not something you can use!”
Jiang Han and the others looked at Song Qian, whose emotions were getting out of control.
For a moment, he didn’ t know how to deal with such a situation.
However, from Song Qian’s words.
Jiang Han had roughly understood the whole story.
Han Muxue sat beside Song Qian.
Seeing that Song Qian was about to collapse.
Han Muxue gently comforted Song Qian behind her.
There were some things that others could not say.
No matter how good the relationship was, it was best not to comment on it.
Even though Song Qian seemed to have a bad relationship with her stepmother.
However, Jiang Han and the others could only accompany him quietly.
He made a call for more than ten minutes.
Song Qian’s mood also seemed to have stabilized.
From the initial excitement to the current cold expression.
However, Jiang Han and the others could clearly sense it.
Song Qian was not calm.
Instead, he became numb.
“Let’s see if there’s anything I can do when Eleven returns on vacation.”
“Originally, I was in a very good mood. I didn’ t want to affect my friends because of you.”
He didn’t wait for the phone to say anything.
Song Qian hung up.
Then, he switched it off.
“Qianqian ……”
She watched as Song Qian turned off her phone.
Han Muxue hesitated, wanting to say something.
However, he didn’ t know where to start.
The situation in the Song Qian family was very complicated.
It was not something that could be explained in a few words.
Moreover, if he was not careful, he might encounter Song Qian’s grief again.
“What’s wrong?”
Song Qian locked her phone on the table.
Then, he smiled at Han Muxue.
“Are you alright?”
Han Muxue’s eyes were filled with worry.
“It’s fine. What can I do?”
Song Qian grabbed the hair behind her forehead.
He smiled and shook his head.
However, this smile seemed somewhat reluctant.
“As long as I’ m fine, as long as I’ m fine.”
He clearly knew that Song Qian was feeling extremely uncomfortable.
However, he could not comfort her.
She could only try her best to change the topic and make Song Qian ignore it.
But how could he just ignore it?
Just at this moment, the waiter who had just left came in with two bottles of peach blossom wine knocking on the door.
Then, he placed the wine on the table and asked Han Yu to start serving now?
Han Yu nodded.
“Let’s eat something. Just eat something.”
Jiang Han said.
“That’s right. There’s nothing that can’ t be solved by a meal.”
Even Han Yu no longer had any intention of being skinned.
The joke was also played when everyone was in a good mood.
Now that he was joking, wasn’ t that asking for embarrassment.
However, he listened to Jiang Han and the others.
Song Qian’s eyes stared straight at the two bottles of peach blossom brew on the table.
Then, he reached out and grabbed him.
The wooden cork that had been pulled out of the bottle began to pour it into his mouth.
Sure enough.
Song Qian chose to use alcohol to relieve her worries.
However, Jiang Han and the others didn’ t stop him this time.
Before, Song Qian was not allowed to drink because Song Qian was too drunk.
However, right now, Song Qian was completely intent on getting drunk.
What reason did Jiang Han and the others have to stop him?
The adult world was often accompanied by various kinds of life pressure.
Although Jiang Han’s family was not wealthy before.
Fortunately, the family was healthy.
There wasn’ t much money, but at least life was guaranteed.
Therefore, Jiang Han was simply unable to understand Song Qian’s current feelings.
Especially after his biological mother died.
He was forced to go on a blind date by his stepmother.
Jiang Han and Han Yu exchanged glances.
They were all able to see the helplessness in his eyes.
Jiang Han reached out and picked up another bottle of peach blossom brew.
After opening the cork, he poured three cups.
“Alright, stop drinking.”
“Let’s drink with you. It’ ll be easy to get drunk by yourself, and you’ ll fall in two mouthfuls.”
Jiang Han put down the bottle and said to Song Qian.
Song Qian gulped down the wine in her mouth and then looked at Jiang Han and the others.
“I didn’ t expect that I hadn’ t encountered anyone who was willing to drink with me in the past eighteen years.”
“I actually ran into him after going to university.”
“You don’t need to be like this, I just feel a little uncomfortable. I’ m fine, really ……”
Song Qian shook her head as if she had refused.
However, Jiang Han could sense it.
Song Qian wasn’ t really rejecting them. Instead, she was afraid of relying on this friendship.
If he continued to develop according to the current process.
Perhaps Song Qian’s final result would be to follow her family’s plans.
But would Jiang Han accept Song Qian’s intention and give up on touching the wine?
“I understand. I don’t think we’ re holding a cup.”
“Brother Yu, if you want a few more bottles of peach blossom wine, you have to drink it up.”
Jiang Han turned to look at Han Yu.
Han Yu was stunned when she heard this.
However, he immediately reacted.
“Alright, I’ ll need a few more bottles.”*

Chapter 65: Jiang Han, can you be my boyfriend?

Wine should not be greedy.
However, the situation was different.
At this moment, Jiang Han and the others were still willing to accompany Song Qian to get drunk once.
However, that was the case.
When he didn’t want to get drunk, he poured a cup.
But when he wanted to get drunk, he had no way of sleeping.
Song Qian poured a cup.
This time, after drinking a bottle, he was still leisurely sitting there.
There was a hint of redness on his face as his eyes were extremely blurred.
Including Jiang Han and the others, each of them had two bottles of peach blossom brew.
He was already a bit trapped.
The taste of the fruit wine did not rush, but its back strength was not bad.
“You guys don’ t know.”
“My stepmother……Wrong!”Huang Ying.”
“Ever since she married my father…Just looking at me……”I’ m sorry.”
“Was actually thinking…Burp……”Sell me.”
“I can make her wishful?”
Song Qian waved her right hand.
His entire body almost shook.
Fortunately, Jiang Han sat beside her and hurriedly reached out to support her.
Song Qian looked at Jiang Han in confusion.
“That definitely won’ t do!”
“Sold you for money so she could continue to live a rich life?”Dream on.”
Han Muxue and Han Yu were almost drunk.
After hearing Song Qian’s words, he agreed.
“Right!”I can’ t let her be happy!”
“That’s why I want her to give up!”
Song Qian seemed to have suddenly become ruthless.
“If not for her existence, how could my mother die!”
“That’s why I want her to have a taste of that!”
“Since she wants to sell me, I’ d rather kill myself than let her do it!”
Song Qian’s words startled Jiang Han and the others.
They had thought that Song Qian would resist.
However, she never thought that Song Qian would have such extreme thoughts.
With death?
Or would she not let her stepmother get her wish to die?
No matter what the situation was, it seemed to be extremely bad for Song Qian.
Song Qian had committed suicide, and her stepmother’s desire to use Song Qian’s marriage to obtain money would surely be destroyed.
The final result would be Song Qian’s death and her father’s business going bankrupt.
But was this really the end result for Song Qian?
“Don’ t worry, Qianqian. Don’ t think about it.”
Han Muxue hurriedly spoke and grabbed Song Qian’s arm with both hands.
Han Yu suddenly straightened up.
“You’ re dead and your stepmother is still alive. Is this what you want?”
Han Yu’s words were not consolation.
However, Song Qian fell silent.
Jiang Han just sat there quietly.
He did not say anything. He held a glass glass cup and looked at the wine inside.
“Then what should I do now?”
“I can’ t resist, nor can I.”
“If Huang Ying really had the heart to ask me to marry someone, my father would definitely agree for his company.”
“I really have no choice!”
Song Qian hugged her head in pain.
Grabbing his own hair.
“Actually, what your family wants is very simple.”
“It’s money. It’s money that can help the company survive.”
Han Yu burped.
Then, he continued,” You just lack the ability to fight against your family.”
“If you can force you to find a boyfriend who can fight against them before you go on a blind date at home.”
“All of this has been resolved.”
“Burp ……”
“Of course, if you like it.”
“Burp ……”
As Han Yu spoke, she burped.
“Found a boyfriend ……”
Hearing Han Yu’s words, Song Qian suddenly muttered.
Then, Jiang Han, who was still in a daze, suddenly heard the system notification.
“Ding…”I’ m not sure if I’ m going to kill you.”
“Ding…”That’s right.”
“Congratulations host. Because Song Qian’s three scores were all over 90, and she had reached a close relationship with host.”
“Reward Song Qian’s character card.”
“Song Qian’s Characterization Card: The effect is unknown. It can’ t be used.”
A series of system notifications made Jiang Han confused.
Song Qian’s relationship with him had reached an intimate level?
So fast?
Jiang Han turned to look at Song Qian.
Then, she saw Song Qian staring at him in a daze.
“Jiang Han, are you willing to be my boyfriend?”
“Ding…”Congratulations, host.”
“Choose one: Reject Song Qian and tell her that this feeling is not true.”
“Choose a reward: Song Qian’s character card will disappear. You will be rewarded with 10 million Chinese coins. Your breathing salary will be doubled.”
“Choose two. Promise Song Qian and protect her remaining hope.”
“Choice Reward: Song Qian’s relationship with the protagonist has been upgraded from an intimate lover to a one-time stock market trend card.”*