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001 Rebirth into Spores

The night was thick, and no one could see his fingers.
However, the depths of the mountains and forests weren’ t calm. There were wild beasts roaring, grinding their teeth and sucking blood.
In the depths of the dense forest, the darkness and moisture were extremely thick. Suddenly, a light shone.
Upon closer inspection, it was actually a mushroom. Then, it was covered by fallen leaves in the night. The gray-white umbrella cover was forcefully raised from the rotten trunk, and a gentle glow slightly spread.
“Is this… my golden finger?”
A soft voice sounded from the bottom of his heart, but it was not heard by outsiders.
A gentle breeze blew past and the mushroom head slowly opened.
Chen Mo,
A transmigrator, who was still in Station B not long ago, just gulped down a mouthful of happy fat estate water and left the world.
When he woke up again, he was surprised to find that it had become a mushroom spore. After it sprouted and grew, it was a mushroom.
Yes, a mushroom.
Moreover, it was the type of mushroom that could be eaten.
Chen Mo didn’t know how to call this Mandarin. After all, he often picked it when he was young. When the sun was shining, the mushroom head turned green, and he could pick it home and cook it.
The taste was delicious.
Of course, it was delicious, but this thing was very ordinary. Usually, once it rained, the next morning, it would spring up like a mushroom after the rain.
Moreover, it was not poisonous and it looked delicious. This was very troublesome.
Chen Mo didn’ t feel anything about transmigration. He could only say that his luck was not bad.
However, crossing into a mushroom spore was a bit ridiculous.
He had to work hard to absorb nutrients and grow.
However, Chen Mo was still grateful.
After all, it was an extra life. It was equivalent to picking it up for nothing.
Moreover, Chen Mo was also a relatively large person. This was a good time. He had saved everything by ordering take-out food. He had also saved the old noodles from bad health. He directly lay on his corpse without even moving.
Moreover, Chen Mo also had a very good golden finger.
His field of vision turned. In the breeze, the mushrooms swayed gently, pulling out a longer stalk. The mushroom head began to open, and water droplets began to form on it,
This was Chen Mo’s current body.
“Evolution system.”
With a soft voice.
In the next moment, a translucent holographic screen appeared in front of Chen Mo. Only he could see this screen.
Main Attribute Panel
[Race]: Mutant Mushroom
[Evolution Point ]:0.9(Absorbs spiritual energy, used for reconstitution evolution)
[Gene Bank]: None (Enriching gene data, initiating gene level changes, until gene ascension)
[Available Genes]: None (Adjust your own gene configuration, activate or deactivate genes to activate various abilities or adapt to various environments)
[Research Bonus]: None (Analyze knowledge, understand the mysteries within, obtain unmatched power)
Organ Attribute Panel
[Mutated Mycelium]: Nutrient absorption efficiency is 1(only able to absorb the organic matter in the ready-made rotten substances, obtain energy and substances. The efficiency is extremely low, and it is at the bottom of the food chain.They could use fresh animal cell tissue to effectively plunder genes.)
[Spore]: Adaptability to 1(extremely fragile seeds, afraid of high temperature, cold, ultraviolet light, dryness, etc. In short, any accident could cause the spore to die.)
[Fungus Cover]: After maturity, you can begin to produce spores. Each batch has 1.5-1.6 billion spores. The production cycle is 8 hours per cycle. It requires a lot of nutrients.
[Overall evaluation]: The danger level was level 0, silently born, silently dying, weak, helpless, pitiful, edible, it was your true reflection.
“Mutated fungus?”No wonder I grew so fast.”
Chen Moxuan looked at the content displayed on the Attribute Panel.
He looked at his roots. His hyphae expanded and spread, constantly absorbing the humus from the dried tree and extracting nutrients from it.
As a result, the mycelium was equivalent to a tree root, and almost all of its nutrients were absorbed by it.
Chen Mo looked at the mushroom that was much longer than it was, and the hyphae were much more dense. However, a strange thought arose in his heart. Can I control it?
With this thought, Chen Mo gave it a try.
It really could!
With a startled cry, he saw a small piece of mycelium. Under his control, it trembled as it rose up, growing upwards.
It could control the direction of growth!
However, a gust of wind blew past, and the tiny hair-like mycelium broke.
Chen Mo was shocked. This was part of his body!
It was actually broken!
He quickly let all the hyphae lie on the rotten trunk.
However, they couldn’ t stand upright, but they could climb!
Chen Mo’s heart began to spin, consuming nutrients. His hyphae began to spread and spread like a net, penetrating into the rotten wood.
There was more organic matter and abundant nutrients that could be absorbed.
Immediately, the mushroom cover grew even larger.
Chen Mo was getting nutrients to grow.
For the first time, Chen Mo was very excited.
Just like a baby who had just learned to crawl, he was filled with curiosity about the world, always thinking of crawling all over.
Chen Mo was the same. He attached his vision to the mycelium. He felt that he had come into contact with another completely different world.
More nutrients were being absorbed by the mycelium and continuously transported to various parts of the body.
With a soft sound, Chen Mo’s mushroom head (mushroom cap) was completely opened!
A breeze blew past, and the mushroom head dried up. It shook slightly, and countless powders drifted out from the folds below.
It was spore powder.
It contained 1.5-1 billion spores!
“Is this part of me…”
If Chen Mo were a human, he would definitely narrow his eyes and think carefully.
“I can feel every spore spread through the spores.”
Chen Mo’s heart sank and he carefully felt it for a moment before speaking with some certainty.
He could vaguely sense the state of the spores. This kind of feeling was much weaker than mycelium, but it really existed.
As the surrounding spores landed on the rotten plants, they quickly began to sprout. This feeling immediately became clear.
It was incomparably clear!
Chen Mo’s consciousness could freely shift between different mushrooms!
They were so small that they were almost invisible to the naked eye. They were very light and floated in the wind. They could reach several kilometers or even dozens of kilometers away.
When the spores were scattered to the right place, they would be able to develop into hyphae. Then, they would absorb nutrients and continue to develop into mushrooms. Then, they would open the mushroom cover again. When the spores under the umbrella were ripe, a new cycle would begin.*

002 Evolution point

“If that’s the case, I don’ t seem to die easily. No, I shouldn’ t die!”
As long as one of the spores survived, Chen Mo’s consciousness would have to rest on it.
Chen Mo sighed with emotion as he looked at the umbrella cover that was shaking slightly in the breeze, and there were still spores scattering down.
He had originally thought that he would become a mushroom, and the ones waiting for him would be extremely boring lives. In fact, he would be trampled to death or eaten alive by animals.
No matter how lucky they were, they would be picked by humans and cut into small cubes to make crisp and delicious fried mushrooms.
He hadn’ t expected that in just a few hours, he would have a “power” that could save his life.
With a chuckle, Chen Mo was a little excited. He continuously felt his body.
Chen Mo laughed.
This breeze did not disappoint him. His spores had fallen as far as a hundred meters away, and they began to sprout smoothly.
Of course, the most spectacular was his own surroundings.
A patch of mushrooms was growing.
By the time it was almost dawn, Chen Mo’s surroundings were already covered in mushrooms!
There were several hundred of them.
Moreover, as the number of mushrooms increased, Chen Mo realized that his lazy self became more and more spirited.
His thoughts began to become active, and his reaction speed was also increasing.
“Originally, my body wasn’ t able to fully rely on my consciousness. Right now, my thinking speed is probably only half that of a human, or even less…”
Chen Mo muttered to himself.
As for how slow he was thinking, he did not have a reference and could not compare it.
Fortunately, his intelligence was not damaged, but his thinking speed was limited!
“I already have a mushroom colony, ten roots, which can effectively increase my vision and speed of thinking!”
Chen Mo happily observed the surroundings. At this moment, he no longer used a small mushroom to measure his body. Instead, he used a community to divide his body!
At present, he had a mushroom community, which was the most primitive one. There were more than 300 mushrooms, covering the entire rotten tree trunk with an area of about ten square meters.
“When the mushrooms mature and release spores, I will be able to expand the nine roots into a mushroom community.”
By observing the location of the sun, Chen Mo figured out that every eight hours or so, he would be able to release a new round of spore expansion.
Chen Mo was already looking forward to something interesting happening.
Those big mouths that caused him to fear were extremely annoying wild rabbits. If you want to eat, you can eat it. You can’ t hold on to death.
Yesterday, Chen Mo was quite frightened by the rabbits. They had just finished eating this piece of mushrooms.
Chen Mo’s place was in the middle of the mountains. It was considered a basin. There were often rabbits running down the mountain ridge from the back of the mountain. Was there not enough grass to eat there? Chen Mo didn’ t know that he couldn’ t see that far.
But these rabbits really liked to run over and eat mushrooms.
As for how tall the mountain was, Chen Mo didn’ t know. He guessed that it might be five to six hundred meters or even higher.
He was too short. The highest-looking mushroom was only five or six meters tall on the fallen tree trunk. He couldn’ t see it very far.
However, this situation should not continue for too long.
This was because Chen Mo’s vision could be switched over on all mushrooms, and he had 360 degrees of vision.
This feeling was extremely strange. He didn’ t know how he had seen it, but it actually existed.
Through this kind of vision, Chen Mo could freely observe the surroundings where there were mushrooms.
“These trees grow really fast!”
Looking at the surroundings, the branches that had just taken out the tender shoots yesterday were covered with leaves today.
Chen Mo was a little puzzled. So fast?
It wasn’ t just these trees, there were also those mushrooms. Some of them were of the same species as him. After 16 hours, they also grew up.
It was only two times slower than him.
One had to know that his hypha was mutated.
However, one thing was certain.
This was not normal.
This was not something ordinary soil nutrients could support.
It was as if there was some kind of energy in the air.
Chen Mo sometimes had a strange feeling. It was as if something was pouring into his body. It was like a warm current, making people want to sleep. The mycelium had expanded a bit, and it was beyond the size of the umbrella cover. It could extend even further.
At the same time, he noticed that the evolution point had slightly increased to 1.
So this was the spiritual energy that could be converted into evolution points?
In that case, Chen Mo began to ponder over this matter and wanted to absorb it with great interest.
But not long after, he gave up.
He could not absorb it at all. It was like the air, unable to see or touch it.
How to absorb it was completely unclear.
Just by absorbing it naturally, it seemed that he could absorb some of it naturally every day.
However, after a few hours of grinding by Chen Mo, he found that his body was even larger. Among the mushroom colonies, there were usually fist-sized mushrooms, and even larger ones that were the size of human heads.
This kind of growth seemed to have broken through a certain type of coolness…
Although Chen Mo’s body was filled with countless mushrooms, his consciousness still needed to rest, especially after such a long time.
He turned off his vision. In front of him was darkness, as if he had fallen asleep.
In the blink of an eye, it was afternoon. There was a bit of sunlight. Finally, it broke through the cover of the dense forest, scattering a bit of mottle.
In the deep forest, the damp mist dispersed quite a bit.
Suddenly, a voice sounded. Chen Mo immediately opened his eyes.
A pair of large teeth gritted their teeth and a mushroom was torn in half.*

003 Evolution System

The hare began to chew.
“Damn it, you scared me again”
Even though he knew that he wouldn’ t die, the sudden appearance of red eyes and front teeth was quite frightening.
Chen Mo was rather agitated.
It was as if he had thought of something. Only then did he feel relieved:
“Hurry up and eat. Take the mushrooms and hop around.”
After that, the rabbit jumped up.
As the rabbit moved, more spores scattered and flew further away to reach Chen Mo, who had always wanted to go to the “nutrient-rich” pile of fallen leaves.
“Hmph, if you eat so happily, you’ re not afraid that others will eat you!”
Chen Mo said unhappily.
After all, he had painstakingly grown so many mushrooms. If he had eaten them for free, no one would be unhappy.
Suddenly, a fox rushed out!
Under Chen Mo’s stunned gaze, the fox was like a sharp red sword as it charged over, a fatal blow!
Following that, there was a sound of grinding his teeth and sucking blood. His throat was broken and blood splashed everywhere.
“Look at my mouth, it’s completely opened…”
Chen Mo was stunned as he looked at the rabbit that was still stuffed with half a mushroom in its mouth. It was already dead without rest.
This fox was truly formidable.
Just as Chen Mo was stunned, a voice suddenly rang out in his mind.
[Event]: You absorbed rabbit blood and obtained 10% of rabbit genes. You extracted available genes from them. Your genetic structure was optimized. Your nutrient absorption ability was enhanced. Mycelium nutrient absorption speed was +0.1.
[Information]: Your gene database data has been updated to obtain 10% of normal rabbit gene integrity. By analyzing the genes, your understanding of the rabbit has deepened. The efficiency of each movement of the rabbit has increased by 10%(damage, enslavement, genetic modification, etc.)
Hearing this voice, Chen Mo immediately became ecstatic.
“This is truly an unexpected surprise!”
His words were filled with excitement. If he were a human, he would have jumped up.
One had to know that just now, he was still in pain for how to become stronger. He didn’ t know where to start!
But now, because he accidentally absorbed the rabbit blood, he immediately became stronger.
Sure enough, there wasn’ t no reason why a rabbit would be loved!
From today on, I also love Rabbit!
I want to eat a rabbit!
Cough cough…
Actually, they didn’ t eat it. They only extracted their genes. They would be with me in the future.
It was just a glorious evolution.Come, join the glorious evolution.
The Spore Galaxy adventure was a game that Chen Mo liked in his previous life.
The creatures inside evolved from a single cell, and could develop into a creation god-like existence.
You could choose to develop into an individual, or a civilization, creating a resplendent culture, or a swarm of creatures like the Bug Tribe, ruthlessly engulfing one world after another.
It was even like the orcs in the War Hammer World.
Chen Mo clearly remembered the description of the orcs.” Orcs have half of their animal genes and half of their plant genes. They reproduce without sex by spores.
The land they passed by would soon be filled with orcs.
The skin of the orcs was green, because it could be used for photosynthesis.
These fellows could almost be said to be muscular men who could walk and photosynthesis.
“It’s not only that, but it’s also able to activate the power of my thoughts. They think that a bulletless spear can sound, and this spear can sound. They think that if the war chariot is painted red, then it can run faster, and then it can run faster. They think that if a god is killed, then it can!”
Tsk tsk, this was simply running the entire universe.
Chen Mo didn’ t want to be able to change the world’s laws by relying on “I’ m thinking” like the green-skinned beasts. He only wanted to be able to strengthen himself and not die.
This could be imagined that the space was too large. Young Master Chen Mo had fallen into a state of dementia.
After all, he didn’ t need to undergo a series of cruel evolution. With an evolution system, he could reach the future!
Of course, if he did not die or die, then he would probably be lying.
Although evolution was powerful, there was no evidence that evolution had no end, unless there were other forces involved……
The rabbit’s corpse fell to the ground, waking Chen Mo from his dream.
His consciousness pulled back to reality.
This fox was very picky with food. It only ate the best part, and left the rest.
With graceful steps, he left.
Chen Mo was instantly amused. He hurriedly tried his best to spread the mycelium and absorb the blood!
His spores also spread to the rabbit’s corpse along with the breeze.
Unfortunately, there were too many plants and animals in this deep forest. Nature really didn’ t waste a single bit. While he was trying to absorb the material, ants, butterflies, even wild dogs and wild boars all came!
Chen Mo’s spores didn’ t even have time to wait for the rabbit’s flesh to rot!
Such a large rabbit, Chen Mo actually didn’ t get anything!
Fortunately, he had absorbed some blood and obtained a total of 30% of the rabbit gene data.
Then, he immediately entered the main topic.
He had to quickly evolve!
As the lowest level true fungus of the biological chain, he really couldn’ t catch up with the heat even if he ate shit.
Chen Mo had originally planned to accumulate some evolution points to deal with possible dangers, but he had never expected that he would not be able to win the spoils of war.
In this way, Chen Mo naturally preferred to evolve.
With strength, the meat would be delicious!
Chen Mo could use up all the points of evolution.
Reorganization and evolution.
With the support of the evolution system, Chen Mo could directly see his genetic map.
It was like a sapling that hadn’ t grown up yet. Like a technology tree, it had a trunk.
There were three places, some branches extending out.
This was a gene that Chen Mo had. It could be enhanced through the point of evolution.*

004 Reorganization and Evolution

They were:
[Illusory [Poison ],[ Detoxification]
Most common genes, almost all mushrooms, more or less, contained these three genes.
It was just a question of strength.
Chen Mo was an edible mushroom, so almost all three abilities were weak.
Therefore, in the evolutionary tree, it was just a small branch protruding.
Fortunately, he had an evolutionary point in hand.
One evolution point.
It was enough for him to choose to evolve into a branch.
The essence of evolution was a random mutation. If a good mutation remained, it would be evolution. Of course, there would also be bad mutations, such as genetic diseases and cancer.
The other species were all randomly mutated and evolved, but Chen Mo was different. He had an evolutionary system that allowed him to choose the genes that needed to evolve.
The result of evolution was predictable and controllable.
Therefore, this type of evolution was called recombination evolution.
Chen Mo thought carefully and made his own choice!
“Let’s evolve!”
The mushroom trembled slightly, accompanied by dots of fluorescence.
At this moment, Chen Mo could clearly feel that all the mushrooms were undergoing intense changes at the deepest genetic level.
However, when one looked carefully, the mushroom did not change at all.
But if there were animals to eat……
“Kick, kick…”
A rabbit jumped out of the forest and directly landed next to the mushroom. The head-sized mushroom made it slightly puzzled, but the color and smell made it certain that this was something that it could eat.
It had come here a few days ago.
He ate fiercely. The rabbit was able to eat vigorously, but his actions were also blurry.
He jumped and accidentally hit the tree trunk.
However, it did not seem to notice anything. In the end, it fell to the ground like it was drunk.
Then, the fox appeared again. At first, it just leisurely passed by, but when it saw the rabbit, its eyes instantly lit up.
There was actually a rabbit sleeping here?
A trace of human doubt flashed through its eyes.
“Ha ha……”In the future, this fox will not come to pick up rabbits every day, right?”
Looking at the scattered blood, Chen Mo was extremely excited.
The only pity was that this fox was too gentle, unhurried, causing not much blood to come out. Fortunately, there were many mushrooms in this area.
[Information]: Your gene database data has been updated to obtain 40% of normal rabbit gene integrity. By analyzing the genes, your understanding of the rabbit has deepened. The efficiency of each movement of the rabbit has increased by 40%(damage, enslavement, genetic modification, etc.)
Chen Mo was happy to hear this pleasant voice.
The gene had been collected to 40%!
If he reached 100%, wouldn’t he have a complete understanding of the entire rabbit? Would n’ t he have directly doubled his control over it?
Perhaps there would be other uses!The ability of gene data was definitely more than that.
Chen Mo couldn’ t help but feel anticipation.
The ability to secrete hallucinogenic substances was just that comfortable!
All of his mushrooms, as well as those that would grow in the future, possessed the ability to secrete hallucinogenic substances. Anyone who ate them would be unconscious.
The ones who ate too much were like rabbits, lying down and being slaughtered.
Moreover, based on his knowledge of the rabbit gene, the hallucinatory substances had a 40% hallucinatory effect on rabbits!
This was just a small area to’ catch’ animals.
When it expanded, that scene could be imagined.
At the side, the fox, who had drunk rabbit blood and touched its mouth, also had a slightly bright look on her face. She seemed to be very excited as she circled around in place, her mouth making a happy sound.
Chen Mo laughed. This was the first time he had heard a fox call. Hehe, no wonder everyone said that it was a fox spirit. This call was too spoiled.
This red fox was obviously hallucinating too.
This was just indirect consumption. If a fox ate vegetarian too…
Moreover, this was only a beginner hallucinatory ability, and it could still continue to evolve. If it was a high-level hallucinatory ability, wouldn’ t it just smell it……
Thinking of this, Chen Mo smiled……
At that time, I was afraid that I would not have become a big devil.
There was no sun or moon in the mountain, and Chen Mo did not have the concept of day or night.
When he woke up, he observed the surroundings. When he was tired, he fell asleep.
Time was the least valuable thing for him.
In the blink of an eye, five or six days had passed.
At this moment, in the basin surrounded by the mountains, there were already many large mushrooms, clustered in rows and rows, filled with rotten trunks.
There were 20 such mushroom communities. The largest one occupied over a hundred square meters of land.
There were countless mushrooms.
The climate inside the basin was humid and warm, with many plants.
However, as long as someone walked through this place, they would definitely notice this mushroom.
Because it was truly too big!
Moreover, there were a lot of them.
If one looked carefully, one would find that there were often animals in the mushroom community that were wandering about, unwilling to leave.
At this moment, there was a rabbit that was holding a mushroom. Then, it slowly lay down, its four limbs facing the sky, and with a confused stomp, it stomped.*

005 Gene integrity 100%

A fox jumped down from the tree.
It carefully didn’t step on the mushroom. Instead, it slowly made a bend and entered the space. Then, it picked up the rabbit and began to taste it slowly at the edge of the mushroom zone.
The mushrooms seemed to shake slightly as hyphae spread across the ground.
Tens of thousands of mycelium slowly grew in the soil. Climbing, it was as if they were eroding the ground.
There was even a hissing sound due to too many things.
But the fox was not afraid,
It was already used to it.
These hyphae would not pose any danger to it.
The fox slowly ate the rabbit and dragged the rabbit’s corpse around the mushroom.
Only then did he jump onto a nearby tree with a dazed expression and doze off.
“Ke ke, really a clever fox……”
Chen Mo smiled.
In just five or six days, that beautiful and pointed-haired female fox had discovered a phenomenon.
When she finished eating the rabbit, mushrooms would grow the next day, and when there were mushrooms, rabbits would grow.
Rabbit long mushroom, mushroom long rabbit.
It simply and straightforwardly linked these two matters together.
It could be said that most of the mushroom community was due to the fox.
Where there was no humus (rotten trees, fallen leaves, and other organic matter), spores could hardly grow.
However, if the rabbit’s blood was dragged over, and even a bit of rotten flesh would occasionally be left behind, then the spores would be able to obtain the initial nutrients and quickly develop into hyphae.
After that, they could grow into mushrooms.
On the other hand, the mushroom’s hypha was corrosive!
If someone passed by and opened the rotten tree skin around the mushroom, they could see a large number of white silk-like objects underneath. That was the mushroom’s hyphae digesting the rotten tree. The enzymes they released could corrode cellulose and lignin.
It could slowly cause the organic matter in the surroundings to rot and artificially create nutrients. It was just like the principle of bacteria causing the plant fruits to rot.
As a result, as long as the mushroom grew, Chen Mo would be able to stand firmly there.
A mushroom was carrying more than a billion spores.
Chen Mo was always looking for an opportunity to spread his mushroom community.
Although it was located in the deep valley of the basin and the wind was extremely small, the spores did not spread to the outside world.
However, there was one thing that made Chen Mo feel very gratified.
His mushroom community grew stronger and stronger, especially this main community. With the protection of foxes, most of the small animals didn’ t dare to cause trouble, while the big animals didn’ t have any interest in mushrooms.
Chen Mo was unexpectedly safe.
Moreover, due to the activity of the fox, many of his spores landed on a large tree. In some places on the tree where there were rotten leaves, he grew mushrooms.
Chen Mo’s gaze finally rose.
The highest had reached a height of more than ten meters.
Moreover, when spores were scattered from this height, the spores would be able to spread far away.
At this moment, Chen Mo was most afraid of humans, spraying pesticides, or burning mountains in large areas.
As for this kind of worry… where did it come from?
Over the past ten days, Chen Mo had heard more than ten human voices. They were like large-scale logging, tree collapse, ear-piercing sound of electric saws, and the sound of shovels.
Every time, his heart skipped a beat.
Furthermore, based on this, he could tell that this was a modern world. Combined with the plants and animals he had seen recently, it was not too strange.
This was most likely the world he was familiar with.
However, one thing was very strange. It was the warm current that occasionally appeared in his body, as well as the large tree that was already over a hundred meters tall.
The trees grew too fast, growing crazily.
It was still impossible for him to absorb the spiritual energy in the air. If he could, he really did not know what the entire forest would look like.
Not only that, Chen Mo also noticed that the animals had also changed, although it was not obvious.
However, there was indeed a change.
For example, this one.
Chen Mo glanced at the fiery-haired fox. He had personally watched it change from day to day.
His hair grew brighter and brighter. Now, it was like a flame.
His big, fluffy tail had a great desire to be rubbed.
However, the changes of the animals seemed to be slower. It was not that obvious. Perhaps they were still brewing, waiting for a critical value?
Or was the ability to absorb that kind of spiritual energy different?
Now, the animals only ran faster, and their senses were even sharper.
But that was not a good thing.
Now, there were fewer and fewer animals that had fallen victim to the attack. Even the number of rabbits that had the ability to analyze their genes was even fewer.
Chen Mo vaguely understood that it might be that the hallucinatory product he secreted had a taste. It turned out that the animals didn’ t have that keen sense of smell and couldn’ t smell it.
With the strengthening of the spiritual energy, the nose became even more spiritual.
But Chen Mo’s evolution was even faster!
He continued to absorb the rabbit’s blood on the ground.
[Information]: Your gene database data has been updated to obtain 100% completeness of normal rabbit genes. By analyzing genes, your understanding of rabbits has deepened, and your efficiency of each action of rabbits has increased by 100%(absorption, modification, trapping, predation of genes, etc.).
[Information]: You obtained a 100% genetic map of an ordinary rabbit. By analyzing the genes, you have improved your understanding of the rabbit. Based on this research, you have improved your understanding of carbon-based organisms. The knowledge of carbon-based organisms +1, increased the efficiency of each movement by 1%.
PS: new book!*Kneeling for support, asking for flowers, asking for evaluation*

006 People?

[Race]: Mutant Mushroom
[Evolution Point ]:3(Acquisition method, absorption of spiritual energy, used to reconstruct evolution)
[Gene bank]: Rabbit gene 100%(enrich gene data, initiate gene level change, until gene ascension)
[Available Genes]: Illusory Genes
[Research Bonus]: Carbon-based creature +1(Analyze knowledge, understand truth, understand mysteries, obtain unmatched power)
Organ Attribute Panel
[Mutated Mycelium]: The nutrient absorption efficiency was 1.1(only able to absorb the organic matter in the ready-made rotten substances, obtain energy and substances. The efficiency was extremely low, and it was at the bottom of the food chain.They could use fresh animal cell tissue to effectively plunder genes.)
[Spore]: Adaptability is 1(extremely fragile seeds, afraid of high temperature, cold, ultraviolet light, dryness, etc. In short, any normal environment may cause the spores to not grow.)
[Fungus Cover]: After maturity, you can begin to produce spores. Each batch has 1.5-1.6 billion spores. The production cycle is 8 hours per cycle. It requires a lot of nutrients.
[Overall evaluation]: Risk level is level 0.5, silently born, silently dying, barely edible, slightly poisonous, extremely harmful.
As expected, Chen Mo was not disappointed by the update of the gene bank!
After reaching 100% gene analysis, he actually increased his understanding of the entire mammal!
Increase efficiency by 1%!
In other words, no matter what ability he developed, his efficiency towards mammals could be increased by 1%.
And this was just an analysis of rabbit genes!
If there were more animals, wouldn’t the entire mammal be under control?
By extension, could it be considered that the deeper his understanding of any species was, the more effective he could do to that race?
Moreover, the more genes he knew, the more he could optimize his genetic structure. All kinds of abilities would be enhanced. By analyzing the rabbit gene, Chen Mo had optimized his genetic structure. The absorption efficiency of mutant hyphae had changed from 1 to 1.1.
Don’ t underestimate this 0.1. Chen Mo’s original nutrient absorption efficiency was only 1. If it was increased by 0.1, then it would be increased by 10%!
If he could obtain the genes of every species, he would be able to optimize his own genes.
Then, wouldn’ t it be…He continuously optimized his genetic structure, becoming stronger and stronger, endlessly evolving?
When Chen Mo thought of this, he couldn’ t help but be shocked.
He subconsciously looked at himself. Now, each mushroom had grown to about a meter in size.
In this large area, there were more than a few thousand mushrooms, secretly spreading out mycelium.
As the efficiency of nutrient absorption increased, Chen Mo’s growth rate was still increasing, and his hyphae continued to spread on the ground.
Chen Mo looked at the slow growth and gradually occupied the entire area’s hypha.
Even he himself was shocked.
The entire mushroom community’s hyphae finally grew together, like a large net, woven and interweaved, all over the ground!
If it could be even more dense and tough…
When Chen Mo saw this, he couldn’ t help but think.
“I can make my hyphae weave into a blanket, spread all over the ground, even spread to the ground, wrap up plants and animals, let them break down and become my food!”
“Hehe, it’s a bit like a bug blanket in the interstellar space……”
Chen Mo looked at the growth and spread of the mycelium with satisfaction. Suddenly, with a thought, a piece of mycelium worked together to overturn a leaf, revealing the soil covered with white mycelium.
Chen Mo could control the movement of mycelium.
The way he controlled the movement of mycelium was accomplished through growth. A single hyphae only needed to control the different growth speeds on the left and right sides to control the direction of mycelium growth. It was reflected that Chen Mo controlled the mycelium to move according to his will.
This method was no different from the other plants. Sunflowers could rotate with the sun, which was also the reason.
The essence was that the growth speed of each part of the body was different.
Soon, however, the mycelium slowly retracted into the ground.
Because Chen Mo heard the commotion.
There were people who came, not just one person, but a group.
There were loud noises and dense footsteps.
Like rabbits, they also walked in from the other side of the mountain.
Dr.”, you’ re right!”It’s truly an even more severe mutation!”
“Tsk tsk tsk……”Look at this mushroom! This f*ck is already big!”
“F*ck, I don’ t even know this is a mushroom!”
“Alright, stop talking nonsense!”Quickly open a path for Professor Liu!”
At the side, a person wearing protective clothing laughed and cursed. Then, he turned around and said to the female professor:
“Professor Liu, don’t mind. These guys from our forest farm are just some melon skins. Their mouths are dirty.”
Professor Liu nodded.” Captain Luo, are you always here?”
Captain Luo smiled.” The number of poaching has decreased in the past few years. We’ve only been here twice a year. Last time, we brought those guys from Xiu Gaozhou with us.
“That’s right.”
“It’s not just cultivation. I think we won’ t be able to enter soon.”
A member of the Forest Guard sighed.
Professor Liu understood. Now that the world had changed, even animals had become dangerous. Even plants…
She squatted down and carefully examined the mushrooms before taking pictures.
“Alice, sample.”
The graduate student who had casually instructed him.
“Girl, don’ t move. Let’s do this rough work!”
“Aiya, I’ ll do it myself!”This mushroom has been pulled out by you!”
Alice was so angry that she jumped to her feet. There was a special method for sampling, so she had to gather all the roots.
The nearby team member immediately laughed awkwardly.
This graduate student was simply too beautiful. The members were all looking at him with bright eyes. As for Professor Liu, that was also…
Tsk tsk…How could there be such a young professor?
This question mark also appeared in Chen Mo’s heart.
He had been observing these people for a long time.
From when they entered the basin to when the basin was close to the center.
Professor Liu was observing the mushrooms. What she didn’ t know was that the mushrooms were also observing her.
Moreover, it was a 360-degree observation.
Even in an extremely hidden corner, Chen Mo was able to observe through the mushrooms everywhere.
“It’s a variation from an ordinary mushroom. From the looks of it, it seems like it’s only growing in size and mycelium has become very developed. However…”
Professor Liu paused for a moment and looked at a large area of mushroom forest. Yes, this could be called a forest. It really was a large area. The tallest mushroom was over a meter tall!
“This mushroom should have mutated into poisonous or other harmful ingredients.”
These words shocked everyone. They immediately reacted. No wonder they grew so much!There was no animal to eat!
“Look!”This is bone!”
Another member flipped open the fallen leaves and revealed the bones below.
“Here too!”
A hollow skeleton.
The inside was filled with white mycelium, looking strange and terrifying.
Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air, and A’ Li’s face turned pale with fright. She couldn’ t help but take a few steps back.
As for the ground beneath his feet, he felt a chill run down his spine.
He might be stepping on a pile of bones.
“This place is terrifying.”
Alice patted her chest,
It was a dense forest that couldn’t penetrate the wind. It was a forest that could n’ t shine for many years. In the corner, there seemed to be darkness spreading. There was a strange sound of snorting. Even Professor Liu couldn’t help but panic.
Captain Luo, who had been on the mountain for many years, felt a bit scared. There was something strange about this forest, as if it was no longer the deep forest he was familiar with!
Suddenly, a branch fell!
With this, the atmosphere immediately became even more tense. There were mutated animals around!
Professor “can rest assured. The most powerful animal nearby is just a lone wolf. There is nothing to be afraid of.”
As he said that, he waved the blade in his hand, and the five or six team members also displayed the mountain saber.
And wild wolves!
Alice’s face turned pale from fright.
Seeing this stance, Professor Liu had no choice but to give up on the idea of moving forward. Since his goal had already been reached, he could almost return.
An hour later, everyone turned over the ridge and looked at the high speed that had reached the foot of the mountain. They finally let out a sigh of relief.
Captain Luo had a smile on his face, but in his heart, he swore to himself that he wouldn’ t bring the cultural people from these cities into the mountain again. Even if the chief called him personally, he wouldn’ t be able to!
He thought about it carefully. If something were to happen to him, as a great grandpa, it would be a crime for him to not protect the female comrades. He would probably have to be held accountable by the superiors.
Fortunately, there was no danger. He easily patted his pants,
A piece of powdery dust immediately drifted apart……*

007 Corrupted Genes!(1/10)

Taking advantage of the signal from the mountain peak, Captain Luo said again:
“Xiao Chen, make a call and have the dishes prepared in advance!”
What he was thinking was, he quickly finished entertaining them and sent them away.
They would be able to get out of the mountain in another hour by driving at the high speed that had not been repaired yet.
Hearing this, Alice turned around and looked at the basin where the mist was lingering. She couldn’ t help but sigh with emotion.
Her graduation thesis journey was finally over.
Professor Liu also revealed a relaxed smile. At this moment, there was a complete mutant mushroom in her backpack. This would become her focus for the next period of time.
Human……Chen Mo looked at the departing figure for a long time.
The wild wind at the top of the mountain whistled, breaking a withered tree branch.
With a cracking sound, Chen Mo finally came back to his senses.
Thanks to these people, his spores had already landed on the mountain top.
Fortunately, one of them landed in an area that was barely suitable. The spores quickly grew into mycelium.
However, there was a strong wind and sunlight on the mountain peak.
It wasn’ t long before this poorly developed mushroom stopped growing and roped in to form a small lump, carefully shrinking in a damp corner.
This tiny mushroom was the limit of Chen Mo’s current vision.
Finally, he could clearly understand the current location!
Looking around, this was an incomparably vast forest. There was a high speed of digging, all the way through the mountain, splitting rocks. However, it happened to stop outside the basin.
This was the sound Chen Mo had heard over half a month ago. However, from the looks of it, these construction machines were slowly retreating.
There was no reason for that. The ground that had just been leveled and had yet to be compacted by a roller had grown weeds.
The entire world seemed to have gone crazy. Everything was growing crazy.
However, humans were still powerful.
It was extremely powerful.
From the perspective of another species, the road that extended out of the horizon and the giant machinery that slowly crushed the trees were like mythical beasts.
As expected of a species that dominated the entire planet.
Chen Mo couldn’ t help but sigh with emotion. At the same time, he also realized how weak he was.
He wasn’ t strong enough, far from enough.
There were not enough environments to adapt to.
In fact, just the direct burst of sunlight was enough to make him half dead.
However, Chen Mo tried his best to keep this mushroom alive. He even spent a large amount of time controlling its precise germination and the direction of each of its hyphae, trying to conserve nutrients.
The reason was to occupy this high spot.
As for placing more spores?
At this moment, it seemed that it was not ideal. As soon as many spores left the protection of the mushroom umbrella, they were directly killed by the scorching sun.
The temperature of the sun and its ultraviolet rays were still too intense for Chen Mo.
“I can only wait for the night to try.”
Chen Mo muttered, but at the same time, he didn’ t hold too much hope. After all, he had already realized that the environment in which he could exist was a bit too harsh.
He had to continue to evolve.
Thinking of this, Chen Mo pulled out the attribute panel. He had already accumulated two evolution points.
These evolution points were enough to start the next step.
Chen Mo had no choice but to find a way to improve the recipe, considering that he had almost consumed the humus.
It was because the territory he occupied was not small, but humus was limited. After the nutrients in the rotten organic matter were absorbed, he would no longer have any food.
As for the decomposition of deciduous and dead trees, it was too slow.
To put it bluntly, despite Chen Mo’s current age, he was a scavenger plant.
He still couldn’ t eat most of the rotten ones!
Pick food.
This was also a reflection of the lack of adaptability. Of course, from the human point of view, there were also weaknesses such as fear of sunlight, fear of high temperatures, easily damaged by machinery, and so on.
All of this had to be improved.
However, it was the same. Chen Mo’s heart was calm and composed.
First, solve the most important problem of eating.
Compared to hunting animals, as food, for example, it could increase the toxicity of mushrooms or hallucinatory abilities.
It was obviously easier to increase the absorption ability of mycelium.
After all, now that the world had changed, the animals were all becoming stronger.
Although he had become much stronger, he could not count on a small mushroom to eat a rabbit in less than a month.
Moreover, eating a rabbit wasn’ t necessarily a good idea. His actions were too explosive, and he kept a low profile. Was it not fragrant?
[Warning]: You are trying to use the evolution point to reorganize and evolve the’ corrupted’ gene. This might increase the ability of decomposing enzymes to corrupt (99.99% probability). It is worth noting that this operation may result in unknown consequences (0.01% probability)!Please choose carefully.
“Confirm your choice, reorganize and evolve!”
Chen Mo calmly spoke, but his voice was filled with uncontrollable excitement.
Compared to the [hallucinatory] gene,[ decay] required two evolution points at the beginning.
However, all of this was worth it. With the [Rotting] gene, Chen Mo could secrete the corresponding secretions, which contained special enzymes that could decompose organic matter faster!
From the looks of it, it was actually making things rot and deteriorate.
Since he could only eat rotten things for the time being, then he would rot the plants and animals!
With this ability, he could eat meat!
Chen Mo was also looking forward to the scene after the evolution. He could use his hyphae to wrap up the trunk and leaves. A day or even half a day later, he would be able to enjoy the delicacies with the help of decomposing enzymes.
In fact……Some slow-moving animals, if I continued to increase my ability to corrupt them, wouldn’ t I be able to corrupt them while they were alive and let the spores grow on them?
Slowly decomposing their flesh and blood, their hyphae took root in it, just like Cordyceps sinensis.
Ugh…This was too terrifying!
When Chen Mo thought about it, he felt like he was retching.
That scene was likely to scare people.
A terrifying fungus, a walking mushroom monster?Or was it an indescribable terror?
Just as Chen Mo was imagining…
Evolution had worked.*

008 Fox’s tail (2/10)

In an instant, Chen Mo felt his entire body tremble.
In a daze, the ground seemed to emit a hissing sound!
An intense transformation was taking place in the depths of the gene.
Chen Mo could only feel his soul tremble. A large amount of power surged out from the countless mushrooms. This was the power of the evolution point’s strengthening moment. Time was too short, and they had nowhere to release.
The ground was truly making a sizzling sound, not an illusion.
A large amount of decomposing liquid was secreted out, and the objects around the mushroom community began to turn black and corrupt at a speed visible to the naked eye. White hyphae grew madly on them.
All of this happened in an instant, causing the entire ground to appear as if it had suddenly been poured with sulfuric acid, or as if it had been corrupted by some unknown terrifying energy.
The red fox stood up warily.
She poked her head out from the trunk of the tree and warily looked down at the mushroom ground that was able to grow a rabbit. It was rapidly spreading towards the surroundings, making strange sounds.
This caused her to feel a trace of danger, but she was more curious.
Not long after all of this happened,
Chen Mo’s evolution finally calmed down.
Looking at the strange surroundings, the twisted mycelium spread out. They were lying on the pitch-black, sticky rotting objects, as if the devil beasts were climbing over the ground, leaving behind the rotting and falling.
The pitch-black and sticky ground suddenly rose up and gave birth to a tainted monster. Chen Mo felt that he would not be surprised!Err…Would this look be a bit unfriendly?
No matter how one looked at it, he seemed to be walking further and further on the evil and terrifying path.
What about that cute and delicious little mushroom back then?
Chen Mo couldn’ t help but smile when he thought of this.
However, he had also seen the power of evolution points.
This power,
Just looking at it alone was enough to shock people.
As he evolved, he felt that he couldn’ t make it easy for him to lose his SAN points as soon as he appeared.
It was indescribable. It was like an evil god.
A thick, evil feeling assaulted his face.
However, this was only because of the power of the evolution point that Chen Mo had used to corrupt so many trees and leaves.
After he absorbed all this and buried the hyphae underground, the entire ground would still look more normal.
Although Chen Mo really liked all sorts of cool and wild looks, and even weird and strange looks, at present, especially when the anthropologist had just left, it was better to keep a low profile.
The friendly and harmless appearance was not bad either.
However, there were still spectators around, seeing this terrifying scene.
Chen Mo smiled as he looked up. The fox’s eyes were filled with curiosity.
“Tsk tsk, it looks like a human’s eyes. What a clever fox.”
His fiery red eyes flickered, and he finally couldn’ t endure it.
It leaped and landed next to the mushroom community.
What was interesting was that the red fox’s limbs were covered in black hair, while its entire body was covered in red hair.
“Ha ha, I brought my own black hair. This is…”
Chen Mo carefully observed this fox. It was even more mysterious than the previous few days. Especially its tail, its fiery red tail, slightly swaying in the air, like a flame.
In the darkness, at first glance, he even thought that it was a burning tail.
In the depths of this forest, it was truly strange and beautiful.
Moreover, her eyes turned slightly red, as if there was a small flame that was about to burn.
Without a sound, the fox took graceful steps as its nose twitched slightly.
However, she was not particularly nervous. She was just curious.
This mushroom ground was like a day.
Chen Mo smiled when he saw the other party coming over.
The mycelium on the ground contracted, revealing the ground. It slowly led to a path.
The fox was not afraid either. It followed the path left by the hyphae and walked into the mushroom forest.
At this moment, the mushroom forest had once again risen.
The highest one in the middle, the most primitive one, was already nearly two meters tall.
Chen Mo estimated that this wave of rotting material was enough to allow him to absorb nutrients that were over three meters long.
To Mushrooms, this was undoubtedly a huge monster.
The only thing that restricted Chen Mo’s body size was the strength of the mushroom itself.
Reaching 3 meters was already the limit.
When he grew up, Chen Mo’s own roots couldn’ t bear it. He couldn’ t support such a large mushroom umbrella.
With a gust of wind, the entire mushroom would break itself.
Suddenly, the fox’s ears twitched. She heard the sound of danger.
His entire body became nervous.
Chen Mo was a step faster than it. He already knew that it was a wolf.
From Lin Lang.
Wolf and fox were incompatible in the forest.
Once the wolf saw the fox, it would think of a way to kill it.
However, the interesting thing was that they usually did not eat foxes.
The reason for killing the fox was because the fox and it were fighting to hunt small animals.
As the jungle wolf approached, the red fox hid behind the mushroom. Its body was tensed like a bow, ready to run at any moment.
This was an adult jungle wolf weighing around 40 kg. It had rich hunting experience.
Not long ago, it smelled a loathsome fellow.
A faint green light swept across the mushroom forest. This strange area made it somewhat unsure what to do.
There was a faint strange smell inside, which made it alert.
It tried to slowly enter, but for some unknown reason, some small things on the ground, like white spider webs, wanted to climb onto his claws.
This truly scared it quite a bit. It roared and quickly jumped out.
After circling around a few times, the Jungle Wolf had no choice but to leave.
The fox hid inside the mushroom forest. After a long time, it cautiously peeked out.
Chen Mo was amused. This little fellow was really cautious.
The fox’s nose twitched, and after confirming that there was no such terrifying smell around it, it jumped up and landed on the highest mushroom.
It was because the mushroom was too big. The umbrella cover in the middle was sunken down and formed a round shape.
The fox simply lay there, gently sweeping its tail, and lazily turned around.
His tail swept across the mushroom cover.
Although Chen Mo didn’ t have a clear sense of touch, he also smiled. It seemed that this fox tail must be exceptionally soft.
Coincidentally, a ray of sunlight landed on the mushroom cover.
The lazy fox was like a giant mushroom that emitted a gentle flame.
It was like a beautiful magical scene.
Harmonious coexistence…*

009 Talent activation (3/10)

Chen Mo thought of this interesting phenomenon.
At this moment, he and the fox were truly alike.
He was responsible for providing a safe residence, while the fox would come back with some game.
At this moment, the mushroom forest was already the overlord of the entire region. Other than the higher trees and the lower ones, Chen Mo had completely suppressed them.
Any dead thing that fell into this place would be Chen Mo’s nourishment.
Even some living things, if their movements were slow, it would be difficult to escape death.
[Event]: You absorbed the ant’s blood and flesh, obtained 10% of the ant’s gene. You extracted the available gene from it, and your genetic structure was optimized. Your cell wall strength was enhanced, enough to support you to grow even with a diameter of +1 meters.
[Information]: Your gene database data has been updated. You have obtained 90% of the gene map of ordinary ants. By analyzing the gene map, you have improved your understanding of ants. You have increased the efficiency of various movements of ants by 90%(absorption, modification, trapping, predation of genes, etc.)
Chen Mo was fighting with the ants when the air suddenly became extremely heavy.
It seemed like it was about to rain.
Just now, the sun was still shining, but now, it was suddenly dark clouds.
The weather was just like this dense forest. It became more and more strange. Even humans could not predict it.
Through the sight of the mushrooms on the mountain peak, Chen Mo also saw the humans on the highway. They were hurriedly packing their things and rushing into the plank house.
Because the wind blew past, many withered leaves fell down.
Suddenly, the fox jumped up and bit a large leaf, then placed it at the root of the big mushroom.
By the time it bit the second piece, Chen Mo could tell.
Damn, he really was prepared to make a nest here.
A piece of mycelium spread out, raising withered tree leaves from all directions.
The hyphae on the ground trembled like an elevator.
The fox called out a few times and leaned in front of the fallen leaves, looking curiously.
Every once in a while, under the large mushroom, there were piles of withered leaves.
The fox happily rushed in and compacted it. Then, it made a nest and rolled inside.
At this moment, large grains of rain fell down.
A torrential rain came.
Rain drops formed a line and fell from the edge of the mushroom. The red fox stuck out its tongue and let the rain hit its mouth.
At first, the fox narrowed its eyes and was quite happy.
However, it wasn’ t long before she felt a little damp. Raindrops splashed onto her body. She stood up and couldn’ t help but shake off her fur.
At this moment, the mushrooms on both sides grew up and gradually approached.
A hint of vigilance flashed through the fox’s eyes, but it immediately relaxed.
This mushroom had built a mushroom house. It was hiding on the ground, but it couldn’ t get any rain.
Then, the fox felt its feet tremble.
There was actually a mushroom that grew directly from the ground. This way, it was on the second floor of the mushroom room. There was no more wet mist here.
Chen Mo was only able to help. As for the temperature drop, it should be a small matter.
After all, in the wild, it should be difficult for a fox to find a better place than this.
But then, Chen Mo was stunned.
The fox’s body trembled, but it didn’ t stop. Instead, it trembled slightly.
Then, he sneezed.
She seemed to be enduring something.
The red fox’s condition became more and more strange.
It tightly grabbed the withered leaves, its claws also cutting through the mushroom cover, leaving behind a scratch.
Then, another sneeze!
Then, Chen Mo was stunned.
The fox’s mouth and nose actually spat out flames!
Sparks flew out and landed on the withered leaves scattered by the side.
The withered leaves immediately began to burn.
This scene shocked the fox.
It jumped backwards.
The wild beasts in the forest naturally feared the flames.
It was because the fire often meant death.
But this time, it seemed to be different.
It sneezed again, personally seeing the flames coming from its mouth and nose.
It was scared out of its wits. It wasn’t until the heavy rain stopped that it gradually got used to it.
He leaped out of the mushroom room and allowed strange power to flow through his body.
Its tail actually began to burn with flames. Strangely, the flames didn’ t burn it.
There was also a raging flame burning in its eyes.
“Was this the power that the spirit in the air could bring?”Let’s start Transcendent evolution?”
Chen Mo muttered to himself. In his heart, he became more and more curious.
The fox would spit fire, tsk tsk……
What exactly would this world be like in the end?
After half a day, it was already dark.
The fox, who had already left, came back again with a rabbit in its mouth.
This one was still alive.
The fox was under the mushroom and killed the rabbit. Instead of eating it, it jumped onto the nearby mushroom and looked down.
Chen Mo smiled. It was really interesting. This fox was getting smarter.
He actually took out a rabbit to thank him.
Perhaps in its eyes, he was also a living creature, and it was extremely huge.
This was an animal.
They didn’ t have the complicated thoughts of humans. Even the sly fox, who was famous for its cunningness, was foolish and cute.
If you were to treat it well, even if it was very close to you, it did not know that it was afraid.
If you protect it, it will provide food in return.
Chen Mo smiled happily.
Mycelium surged and wrapped around the rabbit’s corpse.
The fox narrowed its eyes and shouted a few times before jumping into the mushroom room.
It was about to sleep.
Fire-red hair fluttered in the breeze like a flame.
The entire mushroom house was in the dark, as if a lamp was on.*

010 Cheap woodpecker (4/10)

In the morning,
Knock knock!
Chen Mo’s consciousness woke up amidst a series of hurried noises.
It was a woodpecker that was beating the trunk.
Another day…
Chen Mo felt it. Last night, his spores drifted far away and spread across the basin.
The mushroom on the top of the mountain could be considered to be very spirited, and a few more mushrooms grew around it.
Unfortunately, they did not fall to the foot of the mountain.
However, Chen Mo was not discouraged. Every night, it was an opportunity.
As long as they were able to germinate and grow the first strand of mycelium, the following matters would be easy to deal with.
Moreover, he could continue to evolve.
After a night of sleep, there was actually another evolution point.
More than the previous night!
Could it be that the larger the volume, the more it could absorb spiritual energy?
Compared to before, Chen Mo’s most obvious change was the continued expansion of the mushroom community and the increase in the volume of individual mushrooms.
“There really is such a possibility. After all, they are all unconsciously absorbed. The larger the volume, the greater the probability of absorption.”
Chen Mo couldn’ t help but be excited when he thought of this.
In theory, his number and size could increase infinitely!
Now, he already had more than 30 mushroom communities. The largest one occupied over 200 square meters.
It was a mushroom forest.
There were countless mushrooms.
Every mushroom had a chance to absorb spiritual energy!
If this hypothesis was true, then his advantage was simply too great!
Even the arrival of spiritual energy would open a new era.
In that case, he was also the one who was at the forefront of the era.
Thinking of this, Chen Mo’s heart suddenly skipped a beat, and his entire body inexplicably became excited.
He had a premonition that he might witness a grand and magnificent era.
Among all things, there was already a prophet who had already stepped onto the path of Transcendence.
For example, the red fox stretched lazily in front of him, or a large group of mushrooms.
Also, this annoying woodpecker.
Its mouth was truly no different from that of a pile driver. Its speed had already become a blur, and in a short amount of time, it was a hole.
After eating the insects inside, it smacked its lips and lowered its head curiously.
What was this?
It had never seen a “big tree “.
He warily glanced at the fox that was standing at the highest place. Its eyes were rolling, and then it flapped its wings and fell onto a mushroom in the distance.
It was also a high point.
The fox was much more intelligent and knew that he could not catch the woodpecker.
He slowly turned his head to the other side, not looking at the woodpecker.
Who would have thought that this woodpecker would stop.
Its throat rose up and down, making sounds of clatter.
“Tsk tsk, this evolution is really interesting. It’s not just a change in strength, even intelligence and courage…”
This evolution was definitely different from the evolution of creatures like the Cambrian Great Explosion.
After some thought, Chen Mo came to a conclusion.
Then, he observed with interest.
What was this woodpecker trying to do?
The sun rose, and there was an oblique sunlight that shot in through the dense leaves of the tree trunk. The fox fell under the sunlight, shaking its entire body’s hair, and also used its claws to slowly comb through it.
He even let out a few stinking cries. He seemed to be very satisfied with the fur on his body.
“He hasn’t finished yet. He just likes to show off.”
Chen Mo smiled.
“Da da…”
From his hurried voice, it was as if he could hear his excitement.
The woodpecker was about to make a move. It was actually taking a risk and flew over with a whoosh. Then, it took out a fur that fell down.
It was truly lightning-fast. It seemed that it had long been paying attention to this beautiful fur.
The fox immediately became angry and tried to chase, but it was completely useless.
And after the fox went out to hunt, the woodpecker sneaked into the mushroom room again.
Not long after, it came out with five or six fox hairs.
There was even a clatter of excitement.
It was as if he had collected some peerless treasure.
At the back, the woodpecker didn’ t leave either. He directly stayed on a mushroom for a long time and made a nest with withered leaves and fox fur.
Chen Mo laughed as he looked at it. He simply made a small mushroom room for the woodpecker.
The woodpecker was also smart enough to move in.
Moreover, it discovered that as long as it was close to the mushroom house, the fox would not chase after it.
This nest was extremely safe.
Just like that, another resident appeared in the mushroom forest.
Every morning, the woodpecker got up. The first thing he did was fly to a nearby big tree, and then he started to knock on the “alarm clock “.
Knock knock!
Very soon, the fox lazily came out, stretched out its waist, and combed the extremely smooth hair.
The entire mushroom house shook slightly, indicating that it had awakened.
In Crow’s eyes, this large mushroom was alive.
It was an extremely large, harmless big guy who would also provide it with protection.
When the fox went out to hunt, it rushed over impatiently and began to collect its treasures.
It would shine, still warm!
It was fascinated by these red and sparkling hair.
After doing this, it flew up. Not long after, it grabbed a large and fat insect.
However, he did not eat it. Instead, he tossed it to the side.
Seeing that the insect was still crawling, it jumped angrily and lightly poked the mushroom beside it with its long mouth.
This was what it learned from a fox.
The woodpecker was very smart, and its ability to imitate was very strong. It discovered that the fox would feed the big guy, so it had a style.*

011 Telepathy (5/10)

“Alright, I saw it.”
With a smile, Chen Moman stretched out her hyphae and wrapped around the large white bug, swallowing it.
[Event]: You absorbed the flesh and blood of the Heavenly Bull (larval body) and obtained 10% of the Heavenly Bull gene. You extracted the available gene from it, and your genetic structure was optimized. Your spore growth speed was slightly improved, which in turn improved your viability. Spore adaptability +0.1.
[Information]: Your gene database data has been updated to obtain 10% of Tian Niu’s gene integrity. By analyzing your genes, you have improved your understanding of Tian Niu and increased the efficiency of Tian Niu’s movements by 10%.
Adaptability plus 0.1!
This was great. The higher the adaptability, the more relaxed the environment in which the spores could grow!
In other words, if the adaptability was directly pulled to 100, then Chen Mo believed that the spores could immediately take root and sprout in any corner of the planet!
Even living things could devour flesh and blood!
“Thank you for your snacks.”
Chen Mo smiled in satisfaction.
A strange fluctuation was transmitted through space.
The woodpecker seemed to have sensed Chen Mo’s consciousness, and it let out two happy cracking sounds.
Chen Mo was also stunned.
Just now…What was going on??
He felt as if he was connected to the woodpecker!
He vaguely felt the joy of the woodpecker.
“This, could it be my Transcendent talent, just like a fox spitting fire.”
“Attribute Panel!”
Realizing this, Chen Mo immediately called out the Attribute Panel.
[Race]: Mutant Mushroom
[Evolution Point ]:3(Acquisition method, absorption of spiritual energy, used to reconstruct evolution)
[Gene bank]: Rabbit gene 100%, Ant gene 90%, Tian Niu gene 10%
[Available Genes]: Illusion, Corruption
[Race Talent]: Telepathy
[Research Bonus]: Carbon-based creature +1
Organ Attribute Panel
[Mutated Mycelium]: Nutrient absorption efficiency of 1.1, low efficiency to plunder animal genes
[Spore]: Adaptability 1.1(extremely fragile seeds, afraid of high temperature, cold, ultraviolet light, dryness, etc. In short, a little abnormal environment might cause the spores to not grow.)
[Mushroom Cover]: The largest area is 4 meters in diameter. When it is ripe, it can begin to produce spores. Each batch of spores is between 2 billion and 2 billion. The production cycle is 8 hours per cycle. It needs to consume a lot of nutrients.
[Overall assessment]: The level of danger is level 1, and you are still very weak. However, you have a large number of individuals. You are already in a small area, showing an overwhelming advantage. Your powerful consciousness and hallucinatory abilities have given you a strange power that can bewitch people. You have changed, making it difficult for people to swallow, and even a little evil.
Indeed, at the bottom of the main attribute panel, there was another ability called race talent.
Race talent: Telepathy (countless fungal individuals, forming you. The enormous number of individuals makes your consciousness extremely powerful. It is already enough to communicate directly with other species through your consciousness, or to sense the ideas they reveal. This is an extremely efficient way of communicating.)
Chen Mo smiled as he looked at the additional talent of the race.
As expected, he did not expect it.
“Since that’s the case, I’ m a little aware of why I started to slow down.”
Chen Mo thought carefully.
Previously, when he sensed that his thinking speed was very slow, he guessed that there were too few mushrooms to bear his consciousness. Now it seemed to be correct. The more mushrooms there were, the faster his thinking speed was.
It wasn’t just the speed at which humans had recovered from their previous thoughts, it was even a step further!
With the support of a large individual, a race talent appeared!
What this meant was self-evident.
The more he had, the more his consciousness would increase. His speed of thinking would far exceed that of humans!
“Ha ha, my computing speed is probably comparable to the strongest computer, right?”
Chen Mo didn’ t have to wait.
Just the name alone, Chen Mo knew that this ability was extremely cool.
Moreover, regarding the spiritual aspect, he could finally communicate with others.
After holding it in for so long, Chen Mo muttered to himself every day, feeling as if he was almost mute.
With this thought, Chen Mo focused his attention on the woodpecker again. He used his will to express his intention to let it catch another bug.
“Crack! Crack!”
The woodpecker let out an excited cry. It jumped twice and approached the mushroom, feeling much more intimate.
Just now, it clearly sensed the existence of the big man.
It immediately flew up, and then a ticking sound rang out in the forest.
Not long after, another bug landed on the ground.
Chen Mo immediately smiled.
He was extremely satisfied.
This joy also passed on to the woodpecker. It jumped up happily and landed on the top of the mushroom.
“If this continues, wouldn’ t I be able to control many animals?”
No, it couldn’ t be said to be a drive, a mutual benefit, or exchange. Perhaps it was more appropriate.
Chen Mo didn’ t want to control anything.
He relied on himself to spread the entire world.
Of course, the premise was to keep a low profile.
Some strange little animals could be considered as decorations in life.
After all, Chen Mo wasn’t born with a mushroom. He needed to communicate, and he liked to be more lively. He did n’ t make the mushroom forest look like a cemetery, lifeless.
Along with the sound of a dense collision, the woodpecker produced several more insects.
It was extremely excited. It was extremely happy.
The fox came back. Seeing this scene, it immediately became furious. This was its territory!
This hateful woodpecker was feeding the big guy something strange!
“Quiet!”Get along peacefully!”
Chen Mo released a gentle consciousness and comforted the two animals.
Especially the fox. Only then did the flames in its eyes slowly extinguish.
It also brought back a rabbit. This rabbit was a bit too big, and even its claws became sharp.
However, all the animals were evolving. The fox was still stronger than the rabbit, and it was much more powerful.
All of a sudden, the ground shook. The fox was so scared that its fur exploded. The woodpecker also took off in an instant.
“Was a human!They were putting explosives!Mountain opening?”What?”
Chen Mo’s heart sank.
This was not good news.
The humans did not seem to intend to leave the forest.
From the point of view of the mountain peak, one could see that the sky-high dust had dispersed. The original high speed cultivation team was expanding the high speed, forming an extremely large earth flat.
Build an airport?
Human……They must know more.
Chen Mo’s heart was heavy, and he felt that he needed to keep a low profile.
He understood humans too well.
The most terrifying predator in the history of this planet was not a joke. The species that had provoked them had all been swept into trash heap of history.*

012 Woodpecker Race Talent (6/10)

Crash! Crash!
The entire deep forest trembled, as if it was raining.
Actually, it wasn’t. It was just a pile of rubble.
The rubble from the explosion fell as far as ten kilometers away.
At Chen Mo’s place, a thumb-sized stone fell.
A fist-sized stone fell from the sky and directly inserted into the mushroom cover.
Knock knock!
The woodpecker was furious.
It pecked at the stone.
It already regarded this mushroom as its companion.
The stone was inserted inside, causing it to feel angry and anxious.
The woodpecker’s mouth was already very sharp. It looked like a spear, but it was still trembling. When one looked carefully, there was even a sharp light flickering at the tip of its mouth.
A loud explosion sounded.
The stone was actually pecked to pieces!
The tremors penetrated through the entire mushroom. Bang!
With a muffled sound, a wave of fallen leaves appeared on the ground.
There was actually a thumb-sized hole!
“F*ck, is this powerful?”
Chen Mo’s mouth immediately stirred up the air. It was even more powerful than the air cannon. He looked at the woodpecker that was already a little shaken by the excessive force. He revealed a surprised expression.
This mouth was truly powerful.
With a peck, the skull was probably broken!
What was even more terrifying was that type of shock wave. Even if it didn’ t break through the bones, the brain inside would probably be blasted to pieces.
It was almost impossible to defend.
An inconspicuous woodpecker could actually kill a human?
This, what kind of joke is this?
If it could continue to attack,
This was especially true for the first time he had fallen by his side…
Tsk tsk…
Chen Moguang thought about it and felt a chill run down his spine.
Fortunately, he didn’ t have a brain shell. At this moment, he didn’ t have any fatal weakness. There was no possibility he would be killed by a single attack from a creature, unless it was a nuclear bomb……
Crack! Crack!
With a few more cries, the woodpecker finally couldn’ t hold it back anymore. It wobbled around and fell down.
It seemed like it was completely knocked unconscious.
“This fellow really is…”
Chen Mo was instantly speechless.
This time, the fox finally got a chance. It came over and grabbed the woodpecker with its claws.
However, Chen Mo’s consciousness spread over. It also knew that it didn’ t make a move.
Instead, he flipped around a few times and tossed the woodpecker into its own nest. He then walked away with disdain.
Chen Mo was intrigued when he saw the dim woodpecker.
This fellow was actually no weaker than a fox. In fact, if he were to find a chance, it might even kill a fox in a single strike.
It’s kind of piercing attack that seemed to pierce through everything was probably a race’s talent.
A terrifying innate ability.
Although the attack distance was simply too short, it was more like an assassin. As long as they matched their speed and flight ability, if they landed from the sky, they would be able to succeed most of the time.
Of course, if he didn’t succeed, his small body would probably be difficult to deal with. In reality, even if he succeeded, the shock he received was n’ t small. It might be because he hadn’t completely evolved.
After a few simple comments, Chen Mo looked at the woodpecker and began to think.
This woodpecker was very strong, but it obviously wouldn’ t use it.
In fact, he was still instinctively afraid of the fox.
However, Chen Mo believed that under his guidance, it would perfectly display its own abilities.
The fox was the same.
In this era, where all things were extraordinary, everything seemed to be moving in the direction of Transcendence.
Suddenly, right at this moment,
It was filled with violent roars. There were even metallic sounds.
Crack, crack…
A pair of bright silver claws appeared.
Chen Mo looked over,
It was actually that Jungle Wolf.
It didn’ t give up, coming again!
Moreover, his appearance had changed greatly.
However, Chen Mo could sense his emotions.
It was the wolf from last time.
In fact, it had been wandering around for a long time. This time, it finally felt that it had found an opportunity.
It was staring at the fox.
He actually felt that it was a bit threatening.
The Jungle Wolf jumped between the tree trunks, and it did not even touch the ground!
His speed and flexibility were many times faster than before!
The sharp claws stretched out long, like blades. They scratched the trunk, leaving deep scratches.
The claws were faintly suffused with a metallic luster.
Tsk tsk…Was this a creature that could appear in the world?
If he continued, would his entire body turn into metal?
This hissing sound also caused the entire forest to tremble slightly as leaves swished down.
In a vague sense, this wolf actually had a trace of a king’s aura.*

013 Spore Dust (7/10)

This voice frightened the fox to the point it instinctively trembled.
This time, it had already been discovered. No longer hiding, it would be useless.
Chen Mo’s heart sank slightly.
It was not that he was afraid.
He wouldn’ t be afraid of a thousand wolves. The only thing that could make him afraid was humans.
However, the woodpecker was still lying in the bird’s nest, and his feet were still twitching.
Chen Mo could sense that it was fine.
However, it might be a while before he woke up.
Therefore, the Jungle Wolf must not be allowed to enter.
As for the fox, under Chen Mo’s pacification, it was not afraid.
Chen Mo tried to chat with the silver wolf.
He gave out his goodwill, wanting the other party to leave.
The wolf, whose hair had already turned silver, let out a wild roar, and the cruelty in its eyes increased.
It had no intention of retreating.
Chen Mo could only feel it from his roar, either death or submission.
The giant silver wolf even flapped its powerful claws. With a cracking sound, a branch that was as thick as a wrist broke and was cut off by the sharp claws.
It was the overlord of this region, refusing any communication!
“Haha, in that case…”
Chen Mo had nothing to say anymore. He did not have much patience in the face of such provocation.
Then the battle was over.
He waited for the silver wolf to enter.
However, what surprised him was that this fellow was actually walking around outside without coming in.
It wasn’ t that it didn’ t dare, but that it sensed danger!
A faint strange smell filled the air,
This kind of taste often indicated danger.
This caused the silver wolf, who already felt that it was extremely powerful, to hesitate.
This was especially true for the Will that had just spoken to it. It felt a bit terrified. From within, it could even smell a trace of danger.
F*ck, can you enter?
Chen Mo was a little agitated.
Not to mention him, even the tensed fox was anxiously pacing back and forth.
Chen Mo could feel the trouble of being a mushroom. No one could destroy him. However, at this moment, even if he wanted to hurt a beast, it would be so troublesome.
His mycelium was already lying in ambush, surging under the leaves, waiting for the other party to enter.
His plan was to use mycelium to pull him onto his body and then secrete hallucinogens and enzymes to harm him.
This was entirely feasible.
That was because no matter how powerful a creature was, it had eyes, ears, buttocks, and so on.
Countless hyphae crawled into these places, thinking about the people who had all sorts of cowhide mosses.
That was the fate of infecting fungi.
Mushrooms were essentially a collection of fungi.
Although Chen Mo was still unable to allow his own fungal cells to reproduce on the other party’s body, the mycelium still existed in a relatively humid and warm place on the other party’s body for a short period of time. After that, it secreted a decomposition enzyme, which was still barely possible.
This was enough to cause the silver wolf to be in extreme pain, even to the point of losing its life.
But at this moment, the plan had failed.
The other party’s sharp beast intuition sensed the danger.
Moreover, even if Chen Mo deliberately hid it, the other party could still smell the hallucinogenic substance emanating from his body.
This could be considered to be an improvement in the ability of evolution.
“But… if you don’ t come in, do you think I have no choice?”
A wind blew past the mountain peak.
He could feel a gust of wind approaching him.
Chen Mo immediately had an idea.
He needed an opportunity to take the initiative to attack.
There was no need for a powerful attack, but it had to have miraculous effects.
The wind was blowing. This was an opportunity!
“Grow!”The spore is ready!”
Chen Mo consumed a large amount of nutrients, allowing the spores that had been suppressed to rapidly mature.
The mature spores easily fell off.
The entire mushroom forest was filled with dense growth sounds, hissing sounds as if countless vipers were surging.
At this moment, under the covers of countless mushrooms, tiny spores that were almost invisible to the naked eye had matured.
At this moment, the spore was not just a seed.
It was also equipped with hallucinatory characteristics!
Chen Mo now had two genes, hallucination and corrosion. He could also choose whether to produce spore-induced spore dust, corroding spore dust, or two random production methods.
The wind blew.
The trees at the top of the forest made a swish sound.
A wind blew over.
Release the hallucinogenic spore dust!
A circle of mushrooms on the edge of the mushroom cluster began to shake.
It was like a broken flour bag.
Countless spore dust was released from the mushroom cover.
Just in time, a gust of wind blew over.
It was also blowing towards the side of the silver wolf.
In an instant, a gray mist enveloped an area. Not only that, the mist that was filled with spore dust continued to spread.
Swish sounds rang out, as if they had been sprayed with pesticides. There were squirrels, large beetles, butterflies, and others on the ground.*

014 Path of evolution!(8/10)

How had the silver wolf seen this battle before? It was so scared that it turned around and ran away. However, it was still a wolf in the end. How could it run past the wind?
Moreover, it had not been able to figure it out. It had been running along the wind all this time, and it could not escape!
Spore dust swept over in the wind, instantly drowning it.
In such a situation, even if the spores were not poisonous, it might be fatal.
This kind of particle was extremely small, enough to be sucked into the lungs, extremely damaging to the body.
Moreover, these spores were still under Chen Mo’s control.
He could control the growth of the spores. Fortunately, the spores were too weak. Otherwise, the silver wolf would explode in an instant.
This was too evil.
Even Chen Mo himself hurriedly shook his head when he thought of that scene.
Let the woodpecker deal with it later.
The silver wolf was submerged by the hallucinogenic spore dust. It struggled and ran several hundred meters away. Only then did it crash into a large tree and faint.
This didn’ t even count. His feet were still pulling and he was running reflexively.
When Chen Mo saw this, he burst out laughing.
The silver wolf actually had an illusion. It was dazzled as it fiercely smashed into a tree trunk.
This was just too heavy. The entire tree shook and leaves fell.
If someone was in the sky, they would see this extremely strange, but spectacular scene.
Grey dust spread out like a thick fog. As the wind blew, it gradually spread across the treetops, as if it was some sort of fog that was devouring this world.
The sudden scene frightened the fox.
She immediately retreated to her own mushroom house. Instinctively, she felt that it was safe there.
Chen Mo also noticed this and hurriedly released his will.
“Miss Black Silk, don’ t be afraid.”
Chen Mo’s voice rang out in his mind. The fox was no longer afraid, but its eyes were still filled with doubt. There was a curious side in its personality.
Miss Black Silk, this was the name Chen Mo had given the fox. Although the fur on the fox’s body had turned red, even when its emotions were intense, it would still seem like it was on fire.
However, all four of its limbs had black hair.
This was a black thread.
As a result, Chen Mo gave this name to the other party with an evil taste.
Of course, this was Chen Mo’s expectation.
If spiritual energy could really bring about miraculous evolution…
But when Chen Mo thought about it, this was probably impossible.
Perhaps it could only be an expectation forever. After all, spiritual energy was not omnipotent. At least according to Chen Mo’s observation, it was not.
Of course, the world was still developing violently. In the future, no one might know what to do.
Miss Black Silk cried out a few times, but her legs were a bit weak. It leaned against the side of the mushroom room, and it was in a daze.
Chen Mo didn’ t know whether to laugh or cry when he saw this scene.
In order to ensure the efficacy of the medicine, he released many hallucinatory spores in one breath. Inevitably, some of them drifted over.
In the end, the fox was unfortunately hit.
When the wind changed, the woodpecker and the fox would have to lie down for a while.
At this moment, it was a dangerous move to keep the fox away from the mushroom forest. It was because she was already a bit confused. It would be difficult to deal with any more accidents.
As a result, Chen Mo could only comfort it and let it lie back in his own mushroom room.
As for that giant wolf……
Chen Mo had no choice but to do it himself.
However, he didn’ t need to use an overly violent method. He simply sealed the other party’s mouth and nose.
There were mushrooms growing on the ground. Soon, mycelium spread.
The unconscious silver wolf was covered to death by the mushroom.
This was the natural law of the Primitive Forest.
Natural selection. Humans eat wolves, while wolves eat humans.
This time, a new player joined the game.
A large group of fungi began to eat meat.
Hard, steel, sometimes not the best choice.
After all, it was a cell. It was impossible for it to add metal ingredients without limit. Even the silver wolf only had obvious metalization in bones, teeth, claws, and other places.
However, it was a pity that the sharp claws that it was most proud of had no effect in the process of fighting Chen Mo.
It didn’ t even launch a decent attack.
As long as it was still a creature, with genes and cell structures, then he would definitely have a weakness.
Of course, Chen Mo also had weaknesses. Being unable to move was his greatest weakness!However, no one would notice this.
The Jungle Wolf’s weakness was obvious. Whether it was intelligence or methods, Chen Mo was far stronger than the other party.
After all, he was an existence that could create biochemical weapons.
“I never thought that killing this wolf would result in an unexpected harvest.”
Chen Mo looked at the evolving points on the attribute panel. He had a feeling that he had discovered a rich mine and was fully exploiting it.
The mutant creature’s body actually contained spiritual energy!
This giant silver wolf had completely devoured it, bringing Chen Mo the income of two evolution points.
This was almost Chen Mo’s income for two days.
“It seemed that spiritual energy had indeed accelerated the evolution of species. It was like a catalyst that greatly accelerated the evolution process, and most of the time, it was harmless.
“It’s not like magic. It’s born from nothing. Everything is still within it.”
Chen Mo pondered.
He had a lot of time to think about it, because countless mushrooms could use their instincts to absorb nutrients and spread spores.
At this moment, the same was true for the silver wolf.
Of course, Chen Mo’s intervention could slow down or speed up the process.
[Event]: You absorbed the flesh of the mutated jungle wolf and obtained 10% of the mutated jungle wolf gene. You extracted a unique gene from it. Your gene was embedded with a metallization gene. You can absorb free metal elements, participate in body construction, effectively increase body strength, and at the same time improve your adaptability to heavy metals and highly alkaline environments!Adaptability +0.5
[Event]: You absorbed the flesh and blood of the mutated jungle wolf and obtained 20% of the mutated jungle wolf gene……
Reminders rang out continuously.
Mycelium was breaking down flesh and blood.
It was slow, but it would completely devour the wolf’s body.
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015 From then on, the mushroom stood up (9/10)

Metallization gene?
Chen Mo was ecstatic. If he had a foot, he would have jumped up. He realized what this meant.
As long as he collected more genes, he could have many additional abilities!
Chen Mo opened his genetic map.
Sure enough, apart from his original three evolutionary branches, there was another evolutionary branch,[ Metal] gene.
This one was just a little, and it wasn’ t long. However, Chen Mo knew that he could use up the evolution points at any time to strengthen this tree.
He could use this [metal] gene at any time to activate or shut it down.
The gene bank was like a weapon bank. If he wanted to use it, he could take out the genes inside. If he didn’t want to use it, he could just put it inside.
The evolution point was the energy needed to strengthen the weapon.
More weapons allowed Chen Mo to have more methods, more evolution points, and stronger and sharper weapons!
In fact, Chen Mo could use this gene locally.
“If that’s the case, wouldn’ t I be able to disguise myself as a variety of mushrooms?”
Chen Mo couldn’ t help but think of this question. As his body size became more and more exaggerated, how to hide himself became a question that Chen Mo often thought about.
Low-profile development was the king’s dao!
He would do whatever he said.
A day later, the mushroom community did not seem to be a unified variety.
Chen Mo looked around. The largest mushroom community alone looked like there were at least three varieties that could be easily distinguished by the naked eye.
Because they carried different types of spores, their appearance was different.
This was actually a change in appearance caused by the selective activation of genes.
Only Chen Mo knew that they were essentially the same. As long as Chen Mo was willing, they could activate their genes and transform each other at any time.
Of course, this change would take time. In terms of heaven, it was not as miraculous as magic.
However, even if that was the case, it was still extremely shocking.
If humans found out, they would definitely be shocked.
Not to mention others, even Chen Mo himself instinctively recalled the group of creatures.
The ants and bees, including the Bug Tribe that only existed in their imaginations, all belonged to the group of creatures.
Their eggs were completely the same from the start. They were not even gender-specific, but only according to the environment, or the needs of the entire population, they changed into all kinds of “tool people “.
It was also classified as worker ants, army ants, and the like.
In terms of learning, this was called abnormal development.
Chen Mo carefully recalled his high school biology textbook. It was funny to say that when he was born, this knowledge was not useful. Instead, when he became a mushroom, he hated that he had learned too little.
Chen Mo had a feeling that if he had the level of a Ph.D. in biology, he would definitely be better and stronger than he was now.
However, he could only think about it.
He didn’ t feel sorry for not being able to survive.
[Information]: You obtained a 100% genetic map of the mutated jungle wolf gene. By analyzing the gene, you have improved your understanding of the wolf. Based on this research, your understanding of the branches of organic species and carbon-based organisms has also improved. The knowledge of carbon-based organisms +1 increased the efficiency of each movement by 1%.
[Information]: Your understanding of mutant creatures has deepened. Your understanding of the genetic level changes caused by spiritual energy has deepened. Mutations and race talents are no longer completely mysterious to you. Your knowledge of spiritual energy and organic species has increased. Spiritual energy knowledge +1.
Chen Mo glanced at the silver wolf’s flesh that had already disappeared. After the mycelium faded, there was only a complete silver fur and a withered bone left on the spot.
Even these bones were slowly sinking.
The ground seemed to be alive as it slowly wriggled. Every moment, the skeleton was a bit lower.
As for the silver fur, it slowly moved towards the mushroom cluster.
This was Chen Mo’s first trophy.
The first mutated creature that was killed was worth remembering.
This fur was silver-colored. If it were to be used in human society, it would definitely be the most top-notch fur. Its value was immeasurable.
Chen Mo was relieved when he saw that the white bones had completely disappeared into the ground and that this place was completely harmonious and completely safe.
Then, he thought.
“Metal gene, immediately activate it!”
After that, the entire mushroom forest trembled slightly.
A strange swish sound rang out.
Following that, it was as if there was ice condensation or the sound of glass shattering.
This sound rang out in a dense manner, sharp and ear-piercing.
This attracted the attention of many animals. However, when they discovered that the commotion had originated from a strange mushroom, they were no longer interested.
More and more of these mushrooms could be seen everywhere in the basin, causing most animals to keep their distance.
They had already evolved. After most of the animals had seen it, or even suffered a loss from this mushroom, they knew that this kind of place could not be entered.
Of course, this was only the beginning.
It was even more unbelievable that Chen Mo himself was caught off guard.
All the mushrooms were constantly expanding. The speed was neither fast nor fast.
For Chen Mo, it was the time to sleep.
In one night!
The first mushroom was already as thick as a single person’s embrace!
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016 Think about the path of evolution (10/10)

Mushrooms continuously grew, one after another rising, giving one the illusion that the ground was rising.
From afar, a few flashes of light could already be seen in the basin. This light was not dazzling and was still very weak. However, if one looked carefully, one would be shocked to discover that this light was actually scattered all over the place.
It spread throughout the entire basin.
The obtained metallization gene improved the adaptability of spores to heavy metals and highly alkaline environments.
The extent to which Chen Mo could survive was greatly expanded.
Some of the beasts saw the mushroom community from afar and stopped their steps. The birds also warily bypassed the mushroom sky……
In a daze, there seemed to be a huge danger hidden there.
A formless terror was spreading through the basin.
The diameter of the mushroom reached one meter.
The lid had reached a height of five meters and seven meters. It was close to the height of two floors!
This was nothing in a basin that was only a hundred meters tall.
But the problem was that it was only a short night!
Moreover, this type of change was still continuing…
Chen Mo closed his eyes and carefully understood.
Now, his’ body’ was already incomparably large, scattering in every corner of the basin.
He could feel that all the mushrooms were absorbing the metal elements in the soil. The harmful heavy metals and the harmful elements that he wanted to exhaust were all gathered.
They gathered on the surface of the cell, increasing the overall strength of the cell. They were secreted onto the branches of the mushroom. The strength of the weak mushroom had increased.
Although it was not as strong as the trees due to the rush of time, it could be considered as having “bones “.
As a result, the rigid limit to the growth of mushrooms was practically nonexistent.
Looking at the attributes, the maximum diameter of the mushroom cover was already 50 meters!
Of course, Chen Mo didn’ t want to grow that big right now.
It was strange to think of such a large mushroom.
Moreover, a mushroom was so large that it was completely meaningless. Chen Mo was concerned about the strengthening of the cells by metal.
His cells became even more tough, and the strength of his mycelium also increased. It wasn’ t like the wind was about to break!
Although the mycelium could not be compared to the roots, if a large amount of mycelium condensed together and twisted into a rope, it would also reach the level of ordinary roots!
Underground, in an invisible area, the hyphae were spreading, increasing their strength, allowing them to enter more areas and absorb more nutrients.
Even the withered bones that had just been buried couldn’ t help but grind and kill them day and night.
With the continuous expansion of the mushroom community, Chen Mo now had more than ten square meters of mushroom community, more than a thousand.
There were dozens of large mushroom communities over a hundred square meters.
The area of the main community was more than 500 square meters.
Chen Mo could no longer count how many individuals he had. In the beginning, he would count them every day. However, with the increase in numbers, he couldn’ t be bothered to count them anymore. He only focused on the number of mushroom communities.
“Now that my adaptability has improved a bit, my form has also changed. Let’s try again at night. I should be able to spread it outside the basin.”
Thinking of this, Chen Mo’s gaze fell on the mountain peak. He had the highest appearance and the best line of sight, acting as a cluster of mushrooms at the radar station.
The spores under the fungus cover were about to ripen. As long as Chen Mo injected nutrients, the spores would ripen and fall off within five minutes, scattering in the wind.
However, this was not a good time. Although it was said that a batch of spores could be produced every eight hours, producing spores required a large amount of nutrients. However, the nutrients were still limited.
Chen Mo had to find a suitable time to reduce the amount of nutrients and improve the survival rate of spores.
These five mushrooms were something that Chen Mo had spent a great deal of time trying to control. Only then did he manage to survive on the mountain top.
Even so, it was still somewhat malnourished.
Now, these five mushrooms all appeared black.
That was because a lot of metal elements were gathered on the umbrella cover to block the terrifying power from the sun.
The sun was exceptionally large today. There was no cloud in the sky.
If it was normal, Chen Mo could only choose to sacrifice the outermost mushrooms and use their bodies to protect the mushrooms in the corner.
But now, with the existence of metal genes, the survival ability had improved, and all the mushrooms had survived.
It turned out to be a weak Mollusca. Now, it was like a snail with a protective armor.
“I have four evolution points right now. If I have more, I can evolve my metallization gene. This way, my ability to resist sunlight will be enhanced.”
Chen Mo made a plan.
“But just avoiding the sun is too inefficient. If only I could absorb the sun.”
Sunlight was the largest source of energy for all living beings on the planet. If he could absorb it, Chen Mo would be able to save a large amount of nutrients and increase his adaptability.
At that time, there would be no need for the spores to be released at any time. They could be released immediately!
Adequate nutrition was enough to make such a waste.
The spores that covered the heavens and the earth fell to the ground and began to sprout. After that, the spores spread out. In such a cycle, the entire world would soon be filled with his figure!
Just thinking about it, Chen Mo felt very happy.
Unfortunately, mushrooms could not be used for photosynthesis. If they were to be used for photosynthesis, they would need to obtain plant genes.
In order to obtain plant genes, it was necessary to strengthen mycelium’s ability to plunder genes.
Currently, mutated hyphae could not plunder genes from plants.
“There should be a way to evolve a more powerful gene plunder.”
How did he evolve?
Now, the ability to plunder genes was a little slow.
Large animals were easy to say. For a little fellow like an ant to swallow a single gene, it was actually impossible for him to obtain even 1% of the gene. Only by swallowing a lot would he be able to obtain a complete gene map. If it wasn’ t for the fact that his understanding of the ant gene had deepened and his efficiency had increased, Chen Mo suspected that he would have to spend more than ten days to gather the ant gene.
Chen Mo pondered for a while before finally turning his gaze to the gene bank.
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017 Evolutionary clues, new possible structure (1/5)

He already knew quite a bit about genes.
Based on these genetic knowledge, some research and deduction could be made……
[Tip]: It was an inefficient and slow method to completely let go of one’s own path of evolution. Why did n’ t one step ahead of biological evolution and become one’s own designer?
By analyzing genes and enriching the data in the gene database, you already have a shallow understanding of the genes of carbon-based organisms. The knowledge of carbon-based organisms +2 is enough to allow you to deduce some possibilities for future evolution.
[Evolutionary clues]: Efficient absorption.According to the analysis of the existing genetic data, it was necessary to design a path of evolution to develop a more efficient way of energy intake. It was like a plant, absorbing minerals and sunlight. Undoubtedly, it was an efficient and clean path. It was extremely fast to directly search for ready-made organic materials.However, you still lack some key genetic data support. The carbon-based organisms’+500 knowledge reserves are expected to obtain more detailed information.
[Evolution clue]: Effective control.Based on the available genetic data, you have analyzed a possible evolutionary structure. This structure will improve the expansion of organs and further increase the energy utilization rate. It is expected to increase the adaptability by +0.2 and increase the risk level by 0.1.You need the knowledge reserve support of carbon-based creatures +4, as well as 100% of ant gene map data and 100% of Tian Niu gene map data.
“Interesting. Evolution clues…”
Chen Mo studied it carefully. In other words, he had two evolutionary clues. One of them was the one he had thought about earlier, which was to find a new way to ingest nutrients. This was a relatively difficult evolutionary mission.
On the other hand, according to the current knowledge, there were some missions that could be completed in the short term.
“If I were to increase my level of danger, would my attack power increase?”
Chen Mo looked at the Attribute Panel. His current level of danger was 1.
This level of danger was extremely low.
If it was increased by 0.1, it would be equivalent to 10%. This value was not low.
It was just that he didn’ t know how to increase it.
Chen Mo carefully studied the gene pool and found that this might have something to do with improving the structure of the bacterial cover.
It could control the spore powder more efficiently.
Thinking of the spore powder, Chen Mo’s gaze turned and he didn’ t know whether to laugh or cry.
There was also spore powder spreading through the mushroom forest.
Although it was rare!
However, this was enough to make the fox and woodpecker who had been poisoned by the hallucinogenic agent unable to wake up.
“It seems that I will only wake up in the afternoon.”
Chen Mo could feel it. Both of their consciousnesses fell into an illusion. Their appearance looked like they were asleep.
This conclusion made Chen Mo speechless.
It seemed that it was necessary to put this plan on the agenda.
Otherwise, every time Chen Mo released the spores, the two little fellows would be greatly affected.
Although Chen Mo could make the spores not hallucinate, the tiny powder itself was extremely unfriendly to the body when inhaled into the lungs for a long time.
However, it was impossible for this spore to be completely controlled by Chen Mo. Sometimes, even if it wasn’ t mature and the wind blew past, this spore would fall down a bit.
There were too many of them. A single mushroom had billions of spores. If it fell a little, it would be enough to make the entire mushroom forest suffuse.
In the past, the height of the mushroom was low. This problem was not obvious. The longer the mushroom grew, the higher the number of spores. Unless Chen Mo wanted to make the entire mushroom forest lifeless and didn’ t want to have neighbors accompany him.
Otherwise, this problem would have to be solved.
Chen Mo was prepared to immediately carry out the mission deduced from the evolutionary clue of “effective control “.
It was easy to find ants.
Chen Mo occupied a vast territory. There was a figure in the entire basin. Under a mushroom, an ant was surrounded by a ball of mycelium.
Then, he began to secrete decomposition enzymes.
One of them was not enough. They had to do more.
In many places, such scenes were happening.
[Information]: You obtained 100% genetic map of ants. By analyzing genes, your understanding of ants has deepened. Based on this research, your understanding of organic species branches and carbon-based organisms has also deepened. The knowledge of carbon-based organisms +1 increased the efficiency of their movements by 1%.
Next was Tian Niu.
This, to be honest, was hard to find.
Chen Mo’s consciousness wasn’ t a radar. He couldn’ t scan it with a single glance and all of them knew.
He wouldn’ t say about the skills within his clone. His consciousness could only be concentrated in one place!
Therefore, it was still equivalent to Chen Mo searching for bugs in the Great Forest alone.
However, his speed was extremely fast, allowing him to quickly switch between the mushrooms.
However, even if this was the case, Chen Mo still couldn’ t find a cow after working for more than ten minutes!
Right now, the Tian Niu was still not an adult, and the larvae were hiding in the trunk.
Chen Mo realized this and could only wait for the Woodpecker to awaken.
He couldn’ t help but rejoice. Fortunately, he treated this little fellow with a friendly attitude!
If he had chosen to expel the woodpecker back then, then this seemingly simple matter would probably take a long time to complete!
Chen Mo wouldn’ t be surprised if he dragged on for a month or two!
Now that the woodpecker with the Bug Grasping feat was here, Chen Mo’s efficiency was greatly improved.*

018 Professor Liu Ru (2/5)

“Heh heh, it should be a pleasant surprise.”
Chen Mo looked at the unconscious woodpecker and couldn’ t help but laugh. At first, he didn’ t expect this little fellow to be of any use.
After that, while waiting for the woodpecker to awaken, Chen Mo’s consciousness was projected outside the mountain.
There was also a mushroom there, and it was extremely nutritious.
It was very useful.
“Be careful. Don’ t break it. Find a large paper shell and cover it up.”
Professor Liu watched as the workers were loading the truck.
Professor “, don’t worry. Our workers have sharp hands and feet. However, such a large mushroom is really rare!”
The worker walked up and habitually took out a cigarette and handed it to Captain Luo.
“Female comrade is here.”
Captain Luo glared at him.
The worker immediately reacted, smiled sheepishly and quickly put away the smoke.
Professor “, this mushroom looks really fast. If it is a bit bigger, we can’ t find a suitable paper shell to cover it.”
Captain Luo said from the side.
He did not have any doubts about why the professor had to do anything unnecessary, fearing that he would break a bit of a mushroom. He was even more concerned than transporting notes.
He had admired this professor for the past few days.
He was knowledgeable, extremely polite, and admired this cultured woman!
Over the past few days, he had heard about various rumors of heaven and earth changes.
It was also because of Professor Liu that these tech workers had the hope of helping humans to survive.
“That’s right. Otherwise, I would have wanted to stay for a few more days. After all, there are many more variations here than in the big cities. I can observe them more carefully.”
“This wasn’t urgent at all. If the professor wanted to, he could just make a phone call. My side was immediately ready. Jingyu Town would always welcome Professor Liu!
However, Lin Zi, we might not be able to enter. The higher-ups gave orders to seal the mountain.
“However, if the professor needs any samples, I can help you get them. We don’ t have much culture. If Professor Liu thinks highly of us, I can still do these hard work.”
After the mountain was sealed, Captain Luo had lost a lot of things. He didn’t have to worry about the professor running into the forest again. As a result, his words were very heroic.
What they didn’ t know was that Chen Mo had actually arranged his itinerary.
Because Chen Mo was eager to obtain more information.
The professor continued to stay in the small town, obviously not in line with Chen Mo’s wishes.
Thus, he began to grow up.
Day by day, until it was about to be difficult to transport.
Professor Liu had no choice but to return to the laboratory in advance.
Chen Mo had overheard quite a bit of information in the past few days.
For example, Professor Liu was from the Biology Laboratory of Xia Hai University.
This laboratory was not that good, but at least it could study plants and animals.
Under the circumstances where all the technicians were mobilized, Professor Liu, a genius, naturally joined the army to study the changes.
With her own profession as the starting point, she was naturally prepared to start studying plants.
Chen Mo’s “mushroom” was chosen by her as the key research object.
These past few days, Professor Liu and her student, Ali, had to spare time every day to conduct a comprehensive physical examination of Chen Mo.
Testing various changes.
However, it was clear that such a measurement was futile.
When placed on the computer, there was no pattern at all.
Chen Mo was able to control the gene shut down and the expression of various traits!In fact, his growth rate was at his will.
For this reason, Professor Liu was so worried that he could not sleep at night.
Sometimes, in pajamas, they ran over and looked at the mushrooms.
“Teacher, today’s data has come out. The mushroom’s volume has increased by 30%. Compared to yesterday’s 50kg and now 78kg, the weight increase is not proportional to the current 78kg. The density has increased. I think it’s entering the adult stable period.”
Alice walked over with the data, her expression becoming more and more strange.
This mushroom and the mushrooms they had known before seemed to be completely two species!
“Not necessarily. Perhaps the type of elementium that was ingested had changed.”
Professor Liu rubbed his temples and did not look at the report.
“It’s no longer meaningful to just study these things on the surface. We’ ll have some equipment when we go back. Let’s do a thorough study.”
“What do you mean by something that affects the entire world?”
Professor Liu looked at the loaded mushrooms and couldn’ t help muttering to himself.
This thought lingered in her mind, filled with doubt.
Alice stood to the side, not daring to speak.
The teacher did not know, how could she know.
“I heard from other experts that it might be a change in the magnetic field, or it might be an alien substance that was related to the Leonids’ meteor shower, or it might be a divine revival…Sigh……”Are these people really scientific?”
Professor Liu sighed.
At the side, he listened to their conversation.
Chen Mo couldn’ t help but glance at Professor Liu and confirm his plan.*

019 Telepathic senses, placing chess pieces (3/5)

He deliberately displayed some strange things in order to reflect the value of his research, so that the other party wouldn’ t “abandon” him.
Who would have thought that the reason for the increase in weight was immediately guessed.
“Teacher, you should rest first. I’ ll call you later when everything is ready.”
A hint of heartache flashed through Alice’s eyes. Her teacher had not closed his eyes for several days. She had been observing the various plants that she had brought back, recording data, and researching comparisons.
Even now, he did not have the time to relax for a moment. He was still worrying about this strange change.
In contrast, she was much less.
Ah Li also had to work hard……She thought to herself in shame.
Professor “, take a seat here. When the team is ready to leave, I’ m calling you.”
Captain Luo immediately brought over a chair.
Professor Liu looked at the dozens of plant samples that were not loaded and immediately nodded.
She was indeed very sleepy. She didn’t even sleep last night. She had thought that she could spend some time in the car today. Who would have thought that loading the car would take so much time.
At this moment, she was no longer able to hold on. As a result, as soon as she sat down, she lay on the table. Her eyes closed and she fell asleep.
Not long after, she suddenly jumped up again.
“Quickly bring my notebook over!”
Professor Liu acted like he was crazy.
She kept on talking about something.
At the side, A’ Li was used to it. Professor Liu was like this. If she had any ideas, she would immediately remember them to avoid forgetting them.
“I know why, some mysterious substance……”Perhaps it’s some kind of strange energy…”
Professor Liu carefully recalled the voice that echoed in the dream.
“Spiritual Energy!”
Just call this name!
Just like that, Professor Liu sat at the loading and unloading site, writing an article that was destined to shock the entire world.
Although it was just a guess, Professor Liu was convinced that this was the truth!
Chen Mo looked at the excited Professor Liu and couldn’ t help but reveal a wicked smile.
It wasn’ t that he felt that this woman was so beautiful, or that she was working hard.
It was purely because he wanted to use humans.
On this planet, if there was something that was most worth using.
That must be human intelligence.
With the help of human intelligence, Chen Mo could learn more about spiritual energy.
With regard to the existence of spiritual energy, this was not a shocking secret. Humans could discover it at any time with their own intelligence. Chen Mo was only slightly speeding up the process.
This was mainly to improve Liu Ru’s status in the academic world!
She had a high status, so she was naturally able to access more classified information.
With this paper at the bottom.
She would definitely be a rising star in the academic world.
At that time, the most advanced technology and information could be obtained through her.
No one knew.
As for him, through his powerful consciousness, he was able to transform silently. Liu Ru felt that he was very important. He had great scientific research value and needed to be placed in the laboratory for a long time to study.
This way, he could always obtain information from Liu Ru.
Of course, Chen Mo was extremely careful at this step.
He had thought of this plan the moment he allowed the other party to take away the mushroom sample.
It was very simple for Chen Mo to not take the mushrooms away.
Just let that mushroom stop absorbing nutrients and go on a hunger strike and commit suicide.
However, Chen Mo didn’ t do that. In the beginning, he only had the purpose of gathering information.
However, after that, the Illusory Spore had evolved, as well as the ability to activate the race’s innate talent and telepathic senses.
Chen Mo’s thoughts gradually refined, and he became even more imaginative.
However, it wasn’ t all just a whim, there was still a possibility of realization!
To be honest, it was extremely difficult for others to realize this possibility. For example, Professor Liu’s student, Ah Li, Chen Mo, had not succeeded.
This was because the other party was very clear-headed at all times. He never slept in the laboratory again.
Therefore, Chen Mo had no chance at all!
However, Professor Liu had given Chen Mo too many such opportunities.
If he didn’ t give it a try, Chen Mo felt like he was sorry for her.
On a quiet night, Professor Liu was once again very tired. As Chen Mo had expected, he narrowed his eyes for a while in the laboratory.
Chen Mo took the opportunity to ripen the Illusory Spore prepared in advance and activate his telepathic senses.
The two cooperated.
The effect was quite good.
Chen Mo succeeded in causing Professor Liu to hallucinate, and he believed that this mushroom was very important.
Only after the hallucinogenic spores landed did Chen Mo stop manipulating them.
Professor Liu was doing experiments with him. Chen Mo, wasn’ t he also doing experiments with Professor Liu?
Through Professor Liu, Chen Mo’s telepathic ability increased.
After many attempts, Chen Mo still had no confidence in others.
However, Chen Mo already had some insights into how to guide Professor Liu to create a “inspiration “.
After all, telepathy could not only speak directly in the minds of others, it could also continuously sense their emotions.
Professor Liu stayed by the mushroom every day.
Chen Mo often sensed the thoughts that came out of her mind.
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020 Miss Black Silk and Chief (4/5)

Therefore, he was already very familiar with Professor Liu.
The more familiar it was, the faster it was to control it. Moreover, it did not leave any traces.
Just like the idea of instilling spiritual energy, he succeeded at once.
After that, Chen Mo returned to the largest mushroom forest.
This place was completely his world. A large area of mushrooms occupied over 600 square meters. If Chen Mo was willing, he could even slowly kill the tall trees.
As long as the roots slowly rotted, it would be fine.
However, this was meaningless.
Chen Mo needed them as a cover.
In this basin, he would never become the overlord on the surface.
“Keep a low profile. Humans are still very powerful.”
Chen Mo didn’ t know about other places, but on this continent, this country was still orderly. Everything was running in an orderly manner.
The humans had just left the forest, and their strength had almost not been lost.
At least within a short period of time, no signs of loss could be seen.
Not to mention that the variation of plants did not all become dangerous. From Professor Liu’s mouth, Chen Mo knew that many crops had increased their yields.
Dozens of times, three hundred times more.
Under such circumstances, even if humans gave up on all remote areas, there would be no fundamental danger.
Chen Mo didn’ t know what the other mutated beasts were thinking, but as a human, he knew very well about the power of humans. Heaven and earth changes were an opportunity for any species, and this was especially true for humans.
If it wasn’ t for him, the humans would probably be the ones on this planet.
However, Chen Mo did not intend to lower himself.
As for whether to fight or cooperate in the future?
There was no way to deduce this. He could only take one step at a time.
However, Chen Mo had one advantage: as long as he didn’ t expose himself, he wouldn’ t expose himself!
He could evolve into various shapes of mushrooms, hide in the forest, and develop in a low profile.
Among humans, he also had Professor Liu as a source of information. Not only that, under his operation, Professor Liu would step by step walk through the core circle of scientific research.
This way, he would be able to obtain a large amount of information from the humans under the condition of paying a little bit of information.
Even under more optimistic circumstances, he might have made Professor Liu the number one figure in the scientific community and put him in the position of leader of human scientific research.
At that time, it was possible to affect the development of the entire human technology tree!
All of this was done under the circumstances that God didn’ t know what to do.
This familiar cry pulled Chen Mo back to reality.
The little fellow finally woke up.
Moreover, she woke up earlier than the fox, Miss Black Silk.
This was obviously because of Chen Mo’s hallucinatory abilities. From the start, it was aimed at the evolution of mammals.
Therefore, the effect on birds was not that obvious.
The little fellow’s two legs kicked off in disorder, and only after a while did he get up in a daze.
He walked to the opening of the mushroom room and took a few breaths of fresh air.
Chen Mo felt it. It gave off a very comfortable thought.
He lifted his head and fell down again, continuing to sleep.
He couldn’ t continue to sleep.
Chen Mo’s heart was tickled by the evolution.
As a result, he sent out a thought,” Wake up quickly. There are shiny fur.”
Brilliant fur!
The woodpecker stood up and flapped its wings before jumping out of the mushroom room.
The animals had just awakened the concept of weak command and deception.
Naturally, he would not think in the direction Chen Mo had deceived him.
Chen Mo said that it had shiny fur, and it ran out without any hesitation.
Moreover, he was extremely excited.
Chen Mo naturally did not lie.
It really had beautiful fur.
His first trophy was the fur of the mutated silver wolf.
Seeing this fur, Mu Mu was startled. He recognized the overlord of this forest!
It was that hateful wolf!
However, it soon realized that this was actually just a piece of skin. With its current intelligence, it was still unable to understand why the powerful wolf had taken off its own hair.
But that was not important,
The most important thing was that this shiny, soft skin!
It could not bear to let go. It happily landed on its fur, flapping its wings, and then rolled about.
Then, he stood on the wolf’s head, his head held high and his chest held high, as if he was looking down on the world.
“Big guy, I…”I like this.”
This thought came from the woodpecker.
Chen Mo smiled and said.
As more consciousness was exchanged, there was still evolution.
Chen Mo realized that his two neighbors had been affected by him and began to slowly learn to express their thoughts.
This was actually the same as a human child.
Language or communication was not natural. There were people who had done experiments before. If they didn’ t communicate with babies at all, the babies that grew up wouldn’ t speak or communicate at all.
Communication promotes wisdom. Wisdom is the language of birth.
This was the case for the Woodpecker and Miss Blacksilk. They had obtained the opportunity to communicate with Chen Mo.
The skill of expressing his thoughts became more and more skillful and accurate.
With the big guy’s permission, the woodpecker became excited. It vigorously flapped its wings and took a lot of effort to drag its fur into its nest.
However, what was interesting was that the wolf head just happened to be exposed outside, slightly drooping like a staircase that entered the mushroom house.
If this was the case, it would be a bit of a primitive tribe.
It just so happened that the woodpecker came out again and stood on the wolf’s head. It was very proud.
At first glance, there was a chief’s domineering aura.
If he had a few more feathers on his head, it would be more like it.
“Hehe, I’ ll call you chief in the future.”
Thus, Chen Mo’s two neighbors had names.
One was called “Miss Black Silk” and the other was called “Chief “.
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