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021 Bugs (5/5)

“That big white bug.”
Chen Mo released his consciousness.
The chief immediately came over,” Are you hungry again? I’ ll go catch him now……”
It was very happy that the big guy had given it a fur, and it was obviously natural that it made some insects.
Moreover, the big men seemed to need someone to feed them.
Chen Mo watched as the chief flapped his wings and took off. Not long after, the forest suddenly remembered the sound of a thud.
The voice was extremely hurried.
Chen Mo’s gaze shifted and he saw the chief’s figure.
The chief was nimbly jumping on the tree trunk, occasionally hitting the tree trunk with his mouth.
It could hear the turn of its body from the trunk.
Soon, he was certain where there was a hole. Then, at the end of the hole, he forcefully lowered his mouth.
Its head was almost like an afterimage.
The chisel-like sharp mouth and sawdust splashed everywhere.
Not long after, a fat insect was pecked out.
Looking at the Heavenly Bull Larva that was thrown under the mushroom, Chen Mo sighed with emotion. This was a profession.
The efficiency of specialized insect catching was different!
It was only less than ten minutes.
Chen Mo didn’ t hold back either. He immediately stretched out his mycelium and wrapped it around the Heavenly Bull Larva.
[Information]: Your gene database data has been updated. You have obtained 23% of the complete gene level of the Tianniu Larva. By analyzing the genes, you have gained a deeper understanding of the Tianniu. Your efficiency of every movement of the Tianniu has increased by 10%.
“I still need it.”
Chen Mo released a brief consciousness.
Communicating with animals was so simple and crude. They didn’ t need to be polite and playful. If they had something to say, they could just say it. Whether or not it was a matter of words.
The Woodpecker sensed Chen Mo’s consciousness and immediately took off.
Soon, it was the second one.
Chen Mo’s efficiency towards the Heavenly Ox was also increasing. Every time the same amount of flesh and blood was collected, more genetic data could be obtained.
Then, the fourth…
The chief skillfully knocked open the wood. Then, a white and red insect directly popped out and opened its large mouth. Its mouth instantly expanded even larger than its body.
It bit the chief’s bird’s beak, as if it was a snake swallowing a wooden stick. It also used all its strength to swallow it into its stomach.
How could the chief have seen this battle? He was so scared that he shook his neck. In the end, the bug covered him with its mouth and could not be thrown away.
One could imagine that this was quite frightening. Suddenly, an insect rushed out and opened its large mouth to swallow the bird’s beak.
The insect’s entire body was supported.
The chief instinctively pecked in front of him. Immediately, the entire bug was pierced through and exploded.
It exploded everywhere.
The chief was confused, and then he walked towards the pond in a sorry state.
Prepare to properly wash its bright and bright hair.
Chen Mo was also stunned, but he immediately understood.
It was a mutation.
The Sky Cow larva had mutated.
Not only did his body’s shape change, it also became more aggressive.
However, it clearly did not have a brain. It actually attacked a woodpecker that was more than ten times larger than itself.
Moreover, this woodpecker was his natural enemy.
The chief gave it a peck, and the impact caused the insect that had its beak to explode from its mouth.
One had to know that the chief was able to peck out rocks. It was normal for a soft bug to directly explode.
However, there was obviously more than one such thing!
Chen Mo could clearly see another bug sticking its head out of that hole and quickly shrinking back.
“That bug just now, and I want to.”
Chen Mo immediately released his consciousness.
The chief was instantly enraged. Just as he rolled a few times in the water, he immediately shook off the water on his body and rushed back to the original place.
Chen Mo released his consciousness again.
It meant that he needed to be able to move, just like the white bug before!
The chief naturally met Chen Mo’s request.
It moved closer to the cave entrance and was just about to take a look.
There was a screech.
A mutated heavenly bull larva rushed out and opened its mouth. Its movements were exactly the same as those of the insects.
Like a snake, he swallowed the chief’s mouth fiercely.
There was even a hissing sound.
He tried his best to open his mouth and squirm~~
Then, the chief’s mouth reached its tail from its mouth.
However, it was clear that this bug could not do any harm to the chief.
Thus, the chief flew back to the mushroom forest.
Then, he rubbed his claws on his mouth and pulled the bug off.
The insect immediately became furious and swallowed the thing after catching it.
It happened to have a branch by its side. It forcefully swallowed it, and then, with a loud bang.
He directly blew himself up.
The ground was shattered again.
“Good fellow, is he so irritable?”You want to self-destruct?”
Chen Mo was amused.
However, his movements did not stop. Mycelium began to grow and spread, devouring the colorful flowers that had blown up the ground.
[Event]: You absorbed the flesh and blood of the mutated Heavenly Bull Larva and obtained 15% of the mutated Heavenly Bull Larva gene. You extracted the available genes from them. You integrated these genes into your own gene map. Your corrupted genes were partially enhanced. Your ability to corrode organic matter was improved. This could speed up mycelium nutrient absorption by +0.1.
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022 Evolution, cystic structure!(1/5)

[Evolution clue]: Effective expansion.According to the available genetic data, you have analyzed a possible evolutionary structure. This structure can improve the expansion of organs, further increase the expansion speed and range. It is expected to increase the adaptability by 0.2-0.5, and the risk level by 0.5-0.7.You need the support of +50 knowledge reserves of carbon-based organisms,100% of the mutated Tian Niu gene map data, and 3-5 gene maps of mutated organisms (depending on the actual value of genes, you can not accurately judge them at the moment).
Beautifully done!
Chen Mo couldn’t help but laugh. He had n’ t finished his original explanation yet, but he didn’t expect another new evolutionary clue to appear.
However, the research results obtained from this evolutionary clue were actually floating values.
However, when Chen Mo thought about it, he was relieved. After all, it was a clue of speculation. The result had some uncertainty and was acceptable.
Even the worst research results could improve the adaptability by at least 0.2 points.
At present, Chen Mo was eager to improve his adaptability.
The requirements of mushrooms for their living environment were just too harsh.
He looked at it and realized that his adaptability was only 1.8.
He estimated that the adaptability of the other normal plants should be around 5-6, while the animals were much higher, at least having a dozen points of adaptability.
Like rats, cockroaches, and so on, their adaptability was probably over a hundred.
It was a hundred times more than him.
“I need more bugs.”
Chen Mo released his consciousness.
The chief immediately took off.
One life, two familiar.
After catching a few more times, the chief could tell whether it was a mutated bug or not by the difference in the echo!
In any case, both of them ate.
However, this mutated Heavenly Bull Larva was simply too violent.
The desire to attack was extremely swollen.
Those who didn’ t know would definitely be shocked by its aggressive appearance.
Actually, it was just a soft bug.
As a result, after seeing the insects explode on the chief’s mouth again,
Chen Mo had no choice but to take action.
Seeing the chief carefully shut his mouth, he brought back a “irritable old brother “.
Chen Mo controlled a large amount of mycelium and condensed it together into a tentacle. Then, he slowly grabbed towards a small branch.
This action was much more difficult than Chen Mo had imagined.
Because there was no nervous system like an animal in his hyphae.
Plants were naturally flawed in their movements.
Controlling the precise growth of so many hyphae was quite difficult.
His movements were as slow as a tortoise……
The reason for that was because if he wanted to extend it, he would actually extend it.
Chen Mo currently didn’ t have the ability to grow rapidly. To be able to grow so quickly was already something that he had fully controlled the supply of nutrients.
Chen Mo grabbed a suitable size, without sharp spikes.
Then, he placed it in front of the mutated Heavenly Bull Larva.
The other party was immediately enraged. He opened his mouth and “strung” himself onto the branch.
Just like fishing for shrimp.
“Catch insects like this.”
Chen Mo released his consciousness. Then, he lifted the branch and slowly swayed in front of the chief.
The chief’s learning ability was very fast.
After two failures, it was already able to use the branches and catch insects!
Normally, it would grab the branch with its feet and wait for it to confirm that it was a mutated bug.
The chief would not open a hole directly above the bug. Instead, he would open a hole in the passage it had drilled through.
Then, he grabbed the branch with his claws and reached out to the hole.
A short while later, he caught out an unharmed, violent mutated bug.
His movements were much more skillful than Chen Mo’s!
If an expert walked through this place at this moment, he would definitely be so shocked that his eyes would pop out!
Exclaiming that the woodpecker had turned into essence.
Chen Mo dared to guarantee that this move would be extremely effective. If the chief were to go to human society, he would definitely be extremely popular. In addition, it had more and more beautiful hair.
His appearance was also very consistent with the human aesthetic.
Becoming a big star was no problem at all.
About every five Sky Bull larvae, one mutated Sky Bull larvae could be found.
This was the way things went.
Chen Mo quickly gathered the amount he needed.
There were even many more Sky Bull larvae.
[Information]: You obtained a 100% genetic map of the Heavenly Bull Larva. By analyzing the genes, you have improved your understanding of the Heavenly Bull. Based on this research, your understanding of the branches of organic species and carbon-based organisms has also improved. The knowledge of carbon-based organisms has increased by 1% for each movement efficiency.
He looked at the hyphae that were slowly sinking on the ground.
Chen Mo sighed inwardly. This was his own power. Being able to plunder their genes and genes from a species was the foundation of a species’ existence, the origin of all secrets.
Obtaining a gene map of a species was equivalent to having a complete understanding of this species. In front of Chen Mo, this species had nothing to hide.
It was equivalent to seeing through the opponent completely.
Chen Mo released his consciousness, indicating that he was satisfied.
The chief immediately let out a loud sound of cheers and then went back to his nest.
Now, it was becoming more and more satisfied with this family.
The leaves inside had already been abandoned by it and all of them had been thrown out.
On the silver wolf’s skin, there was not much red fox fur as an ornament, causing the chief’s eyes to shine.
Chen Mo looked at it for a while before focusing his consciousness back on himself.
He was ready to evolve!
[Evolution clue]: Effective control.Based on the knowledge of the carbon-based organism +4, you analyzed a cyst-like structure gene based on the existing gene data. This gene would act on the bacterial cover and produce a cyst-like structure. It would be used to preserve the spore powder for a long time. Activating this gene would increase the adaptability by +0.2, and the danger level by +0.1.
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022 Spiritual Energy Knowledge +1(Bonus Seal)

“A completely new gene has finally evolved!”
Chen Mo was very excited. Previously, it had been the first time that his gene structure had improved. This was the first time he had combined the specific genes he needed from a large number of genes.
“Immediately activate the cystic structure gene!”
As Chen Mo’s consciousness spread, all the mushrooms began to change simultaneously.
Other than the mushroom in the laboratory, Chen Mo had activated this gene.
Following that, the mushroom cover began to slowly change.
There was a small bag that rose under the mushroom cover.
The small bag gradually grew and became translucent. One could tell that it was hollow.
This was a cyst-like structure.
And the place it covered was precisely the area where the spores were produced!
After the spores matured, they could directly fall off and remain in the storage pouch.
When needed, Chen Mo could inject hormones and directly cause the storage pouch to collapse!
In this way, he could completely control the release time of the spores.
No spore would spread out when it was not needed.
When needed, the spore dust of the Heaven’s Cover could instantly be seen.
One could imagine that if another human came here at this moment, or if a ferocious beast approached.
They would not notice anything unusual!Because Chen Mo had shut down all the genes that produced hallucinogenic substances in the mushroom meat,
And the spores that possessed hallucinogenic substances were tightly covered!
The spores would not fall due to an anomaly, causing others to notice the anomaly!
When the enemy suddenly approached, they looked curiously at the mushrooms. The only thing that greeted them was a loud bang!
Each storage bag was like a bomb hanging on a mushroom.
It was still the type that could be remotely controlled.
The chief was extremely busy with the matter of using small branches to catch insects.
Half a day later, the last mutated heavenly bull larva was in place.
Chen Mo wrapped himself around the mutated Heavenly Bull Larva.
A 100% genetic map of the mutated heavenly ox was obtained!
[Information]: You have improved your understanding of mutant creatures by comparing the genetic maps of normal and mutant Heavenly Bulls. You have improved your understanding of the gene level changes caused by spiritual energy. Your knowledge of spiritual energy effects and organic species has increased. Spiritual energy knowledge +1.
“It seems that spiritual energy really serves as a catalyst. It induces species variation. Moreover, this variation is something that can be traced. To say it is a variation, it would be more appropriate to stimulate race talent.”
Chen Mo carefully observed the genetic map of the Heavenly Ox and the mutated Heavenly Ox. The difference between them was very small!
Only less than 0.1% of the genes were different.
And this part was where the mutation was.
This mutation was too small, to the extent that both of them were theoretically the same species, not forming reproductive isolation.
As a result, Chen Mo’s 100% movement efficiency towards the Heavenly Bull was also most effective on the mutated Heavenly Bull.
This explained why there were so many Sky Bull larvae that had the same mutation method.
If it was a random mutation, then the mutated Heavenly Bull Larva would be different from each other. It wouldn’t have evolved in the same direction as it was now.
Genes were the root of everything.
What was even more fascinating was that Chen Mo had discovered a very similar part of the mutated jungle wolf gene map among the 0.1% genes of the mutated heavenly ox!He also had this part of the gene!
This part of the mutant creature had very similar gene fragments, which Chen Mo called “spiritual energy gene “.
That was the part that could sense spiritual energy.
And spiritual energy relied on this part of spiritual energy gene as a catalyst.
The combination of spiritual energy genes and genes of different species would produce various wonderful reactions, producing different kinds of talents.
To activate your talent, you need to have a spiritual gene as the foundation!
Then, they needed to match the genes of the species.
Both were indispensable.
At this moment, Chen Mo still didn’ t know what kind of gene combination would produce and what kind of talent would it produce?
“Your talent can be modified by adjusting and editing genes.”
Chen Mo made his decision.
At present, his spiritual energy knowledge was only +2, and his understanding of carbon-based creatures was not enough.
This was not even possible.
However, he believed that in the future, he would possess this ability!
Edit genes and give them talent.
It was simply a divine power!
“Indeed, this domain of genes is indeed a domain that only creators can deal with. It is actually so miraculous.”
Chen Mo did not have to look forward to the future.
After looking into the future, Chen Mo returned to reality.
He still had to continue to work hard. He had to gather genes step by step and search for evolution.
“A new clue to evolution has already appeared. I have completed this pre-condition to collect the mutated Heavenly Bull gene. However, there are still two other conditions that will take some time.”
Chen Mo looked at the new evolutionary clues,” effectively expanding “.
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023 Cystic structure, trapping animals (3/5)

If this evolutionary line request was completed, it would bring at least +0.2 in adaptability and +0.5 in danger.
Everything went smoothly. If the samples obtained were good enough, they would be able to increase even more.
The remaining two evolutionary clues were the knowledge reserves of carbon-based organisms +100, as well as an additional gene map of 3-5 mutated organisms.
Three to five species meant that if some species obtained enough knowledge in the genetic data, they might only need three species, but if it wasn’ t suitable, they would need more species to collect the data.
Another cry rang out. Chen Mo looked over. The chief was still playing with the mutated heavenly bull larvae.
Another bug was thrown under the mushroom.
“Don’ t.”
Chen Mo scattered his thoughts.
All he needed was genetic data. It wasn’ t fast to rely on flesh and blood to devour energy.
This was especially true for his huge body. A little bit of flesh and blood, not even a mosquito leg.
His current main source of nutrients was the organic matter accumulated in the forest for hundreds of thousands of years, as well as fallen leaves and dead trees.
At this moment, Miss Black Silk had long woken up. She came over, smelled the bug, and then walked away with a look of disgust.
However, the chief seemed to be very interested in teasing this bug. He hooked it up and then rolled it up and hooked it up. He was having fun.
The insects were extremely furious.
Chen Mo finished ordering the next plan and caught a trace of emotion.
“Yi?”What’s wrong?”
Such a small insect actually had a trace of consciousness.
At the end of the game, the chief didn’ t eat the bug. Instead, he kept it.
The insects were raised inside a dead wooden pile.
It was filled with holes made by its own kind. It was living inside. When it was free, it creaked. It was slowly grinding wood as food.
Because the illusionary gene that was used as a defense was turned off, the entire mushroom forest became full of life. Even the rabbit that had not been seen for a long time had appeared again.
However, as the rabbit ate, it became more and more excited. It ate more and more large mouthfuls of food. Then, it turned its four feet towards the sky and stomped on the ground.
It was completely the same as before.
In fact, because Chen Mo had fully understood the rabbit gene map, the effects of hallucinatory substances were especially fierce for rabbits.
Although Chen Mo had turned off the hallucinogenic gene, it could be activated at any time!
He opened the pill that the rabbit had eaten. He didn’ t even need to completely open it. He just needed to open a small portion of the gene that the rabbit had eaten.
In this way, the originally completely safe mushroom began to slowly increase its hallucinatory substances. This increase was not sudden, but rather slowly increasing.
At first, the rabbit only ate a little bit of it. It could not even smell the hallucinatory substance.
By the time it could smell it, it was over.
It had absorbed enough hallucinatory substances.
At first, he became very excited. Instead, he felt that the taste of this mushroom was getting better and better. The more he ate, the more he ate.
In the end, the level of excitement exceeded the limit that his body could endure, as if he had crossed his head.
But even if it had already started to twitch, its mouth was still moving.
Prepare to swallow the last mouthful of mushrooms.
“There’s food.”
Chen Mo released this consciousness.
Inside the nest, Miss Hei Si, who was looking at the chief teasing the insects curiously, suddenly stood up.
“Long rabbit!”
It released this consciousness.
Then, his nose began to twitch and his ears began to spin.
Very quickly, Miss Blacksilk found a large rabbit on the edge of the mushroom forest.
There were over 30 kilograms of rabbits!
If this was in the past, even Miss Black Silk would not dare to catch such a large rabbit.
This rabbit’s claws also became very sharp, and its eyes were red.
This rabbit meat was actually exceptionally delicious.
The beautiful Miss Black Silk let out another cry.
Chen Mo was able to sense a comfortable consciousness.
It could also express more and more meanings.
After Miss Black Silk finished eating, her eyes were filled with confusion. The hallucinatory substances did not have that strong effects on her, but it was precisely because of this. That kind of feeling of straightforwardness did not have any side effects.
The delicacies, as well as hallucinatory substances, made it unable to give up.
However, Miss Black Silk did not rush back to sleep. Instead, she shot out her sharp claws and tore the rabbit into small pieces of flesh, scattering them on the edge of the mushroom forest.
It did not forget that the rabbit could grow mushrooms.
The big guy would grow even bigger, and at that time, he would be able to grow even bigger rabbits.
Larger mushrooms, larger rabbits.
The logic was that simple.
After doing this, Miss Black Silk was “drunk “. She shook her head three times and returned to her own mushroom room. She fell asleep beautifully.
Chen Mo took in some of the rabbit’s blood.
Unfortunately, this was not a mutated creature.
Although it had changed, there were no spiritual energy genes in its body.
He didn’ t activate his race’s innate talent, which was essentially the same as before.
It was just that he grew taller and faster and stronger.
Other than the rabbit, many more animals entered the mushroom forest one after another.
Most of it came from the flesh on the ground.
Chen Mo did not cover the flesh with mycelium like before. Instead, he allowed the smell of blood to spread.
The first to enter Chen Mo’s line of sight was a group of ants.
Chen Mo thought that they were here to eat meat.
Who would have thought that the ants would form a long dragon, actually supporting a large pile of’ meat’ towards the mushroom forest.*

024 Collection of Wild Boar Genes (4/5)

That lump of meat was the ant queen.
It was too fat. At first glance, it was a pile of meat. As it moved, it was still shaking.
It was completely unable to climb, only able to be lifted by thousands of ants.
“Are you looking at my environment?”
Chen Mo couldn’ t help but chuckle.
There were more and more neighbors.
These ants chose the root of a large mushroom and began digging into the ground, trying to dig out a cave.
Chen Mo was struck by an idea. He flipped his hyphae and formed a hole.
The ants went in and explored for a while before starting to move the ant queen inside.
The ant queen was very large.
In fact, during the transportation process, it was still eating.
Chen Mo was underground, creating a huge space for the ant queen.
After settling down, the ant queen began to lay eggs, while the surrounding area was densely packed with ants. They were currently secreting a type of gray substance, mixed with grass and wood chips on the wall of the cave. After this kind of thing solidified, it could be waterproof.
After the ant, the second animal to arrive was a butterfly.
The butterfly landed on the flesh and began to suck in the gravy.
Chen Mo’s hallucinogen had a very poor effect on insects.
However, the bobcat that had arrived later did not have such good luck.
Before it could eat a few mouthfuls of meat, a muffled sound could be heard from above its head.
The cat was drenched from head to toe with hallucinatory spore powder.
The bobcat reflexively ran a few steps before falling to the ground and unable to move.
After Chen Mo covered the bobcat to death, he was not in a hurry to gain anything.
He continued to wait patiently.
Not long after, another group of wild boars arrived.
The boar could always find all sorts of delicious food.
When Chen Mo saw the boar herd appear, his eyes lit up.
Within this herd of wild pigs, the female wild pig was almost four meters long!
A pair of fangs were like sharp blades. When they walked, the entire ground trembled slightly.
However, Chen Mo noticed that there was a wound on its body.
At the back leg, it looked like a gunshot wound.
The wound had not even completely healed, causing it to move a little slowly and limped up.
Wild boars were very smart, and they would normally not clash with humans.
Even if it was a mutation, it wouldn’ t be.
It should have been caused by protecting her cub.
Chen Moxuan looked at the dozen or so little boars behind him.
This wild boar was probably the most powerful animal in this region.
Even if the Jungle Wolf was still there, the order would not change.
The wild boar was intelligent, tough and fleshy, extremely strong. Its pair of fangs were even more shocking. When a single wolf saw it, it was only able to avoid it from afar.
Wild boars could be said to be one of the most successful animals in the forest. They were omnivores. As long as they could eat them, they would basically eat them, from roots to sod.
Meat was not a problem.
If conditions allowed, if they could catch the fox rabbit, they would not mind beating their teeth.
When she saw the rabbit meat on the ground, the mother boar snorted a few times.
Immediately, all the pigs stopped.
It was like a fixed body curse.
They all pricked up their ears and carefully stared at the surroundings.
The big boar snorted twice before slowly approaching.
His nose twitched, and his eyes also looked left and right.
No danger……
It still could not understand why some delicacies were scattered on the ground.
However, there was indeed no danger in the surroundings.
Thus, it walked over.
The little boar immediately swarmed up after seeing it go.
Apart from the rabbit meat, there was also the corpse of the bobcat. It was even deeper in the mushroom forest.
Seeing the wild boar enter, Chen Mo released the spores without any hesitation.
Sounds rang out.
However, Chen Mo clearly underestimated the resistance of the wild boar. He was worthy of being known as the most rough and fleshy creature in the forest!
This hallucinogenic spore powder was actually not effective in the wild boar.
Immediately, the entire mushroom forest began to ring.
The big wild boar had no choice but to forcefully knock down a few large mushrooms and rush out of the mushroom forest.
However, Chen Mo didn’ t lose. There were two little boars running around in the mushroom forest in panic. Coupled with the fact that the hallucinogenic spore powder was like a smoke bomb, it made people unable to see the path.
As a result, the two little boars were delayed for a while. They sucked in too many hallucinatory substances, and in the end, they lay down.
Fortunately, the mushroom forest was already large enough. The hallucinatory spore dust did not affect the neighbors living in the middle.
The boar was quite large. Even though the two were small boars, it was enough for Chen Mo to obtain a complete genetic map.
Not to mention that some of the spore powder had landed on the wounds of the boar……
PS:4 even asked for flowers and tickets *

025 Basin Hegemon, ready to expand (5/5)

[Event]: You absorbed the wild boar’s flesh and obtained 100% of the wild boar’s genes. You extracted the available genes from them. You integrated these genes into your own gene map, and your growth speed was partially enhanced. Your spore maturation time was shortened by 10 minutes, which increased your expansion speed and gained +0.1% adaptability.
[Information]: Your gene database data has been updated to obtain 100% complete gene level of normal wild boar. By analyzing genes, your understanding of wild boar has deepened. The efficiency of each action of wild boar has increased by 100%, carbon-based biological knowledge +1, and the efficiency of each action of wild boar has increased by 1%.
“Looks like I should evolve my genes as well!”
Chen Mo looked at the wild boar that was hovering outside the mushroom forest in anger and couldn’ t help but sigh.
As expected of a fellow who escaped death from a human. He was simply too powerful.
Such a trap did not stop it.
Instead, he had the other party run away with most of the little boars.
However, Chen Mo did not care.
He had already obtained the wild boar gene.
Moreover, there was still a chance that this big boar was about to activate its race’s innate talent. Just take it as raising it.
Now, Chen Mo had already taken the entire basin as his hunting ground.
Each mushroom was a trap.
As long as an animal came……
A squirrel picked up pine nuts on the ground and walked to the bottom of a lonely mushroom tree.
With a muffled sound, the entire bottom of the mushroom’s cover exploded. Spore dust poured down……
A fox chased its prey through a gray-black mushroom forest. The mushrooms on the side of the road suddenly made a muffled sound, and the entire area was filled with thick fog……
A wild chicken fell from the sky. It fell from the top of the mountain into this basin, searching for a mushroom forest. This place was very spacious, but who knew that the moment it landed, it was drowned by the surrounding dust.
Such scenes happened every day, and the location was different.
When Chen Mo was fine, his consciousness wandered in different places.
Seeing this opportunity, he decisively attacked.
Of course, he had killed many animals.
Actually, it was just a small matter in the entire basin.
Moreover, Chen Mo only grabbed an animal that had not collected any genes. Like a rabbit, it was now safe!
Apart from the mushroom forest where Miss Black Silk was, the rest of them lived in a carefree and unrestrained manner.
Chen Mo also let them eat.
At this moment, there were already too many mushrooms. Eating some of them was completely irrelevant.
Moreover, there was nothing wrong with the rabbits in the mushroom forest. This was the best demonstration!
This meant that this mushroom forest was harmless and safe. It could even eat and drink inside!
The animals were much smarter now, but Chen Mo’s selective capture made all the animals confused.
Moreover, several different types of mushrooms seemed to be in danger!
However, sometimes there was no danger!
The truth was that most of the time, there was no danger in the mushroom forest.
Other than a few unlucky eggs, Chen Mo coincidentally discovered them.
Otherwise, even if it hadn’t collected its genes, it would n’ t have done anything.
In the blink of an eye, five more days had passed.
“Attribute Panel.”
Chen Mo murmured softly.
[Race]: Mutant Mushroom
[Evolution Point ]15
[Gene Bank]: Wild boar gene 100%, fox gene 100%, wild chicken gene 100%…Total 30
[Available Genes]: hallucinatory genes, corrupted genes, metal genes
[Research Bonus]: Carbon-based creature +30, spiritual energy knowledge +2
Organ Attribute Panel
[Mutated Mycelium]: Nutrient absorption efficiency is 1.5
[Spore]: Adaptability to 2
[Fungus Cover]: After maturity, you can begin to produce spores. Each batch has 2.5-2.8 billion spores. The production cycle is 410 minutes per cycle. You need to consume a lot of nutrients.
[Overall evaluation]: The level of danger was level 1.5. You are still very weak. However, you have a large number of individuals. You are already in a sealed area, showing an overwhelming advantage. Your powerful consciousness and hallucinatory abilities have given you a strange power that can bewitch people. You are the undisputed overlord of this area.
Chen Mo’s heart was filled with joy and a sense of accomplishment as he looked at the huge change in the attribute panel.
With the explosive expansion of the number, Chen Mo’s speed of absorbing spiritual energy greatly increased. The number of evolution points had reached 15!
Compared to the beginning, the gene pool was much more abundant. The carbon-based biological knowledge reserve had reached 30 points, and the other aspects had also improved greatly.
The adaptability that Chen Mo cared about the most was 2.
This was already a direct doubling of the initial value.
“At present, my number in the basin has already reached the limit. If I continue to reproduce, it will affect the ecological balance. It will crush the living space of other species.”
This was not only Chen Mo’s own inference, Professor Liu also said the same.
Chen Mo silently stayed in a corner of the laboratory, learning a lot of knowledge.
Of course, he wouldn’ t show that he had broken through natural limits and was able to reproduce without restriction.
Therefore, he would not do anything to destroy the environment.
What he needed right now wasn’t a violent soldier, but a secret technique.
Moreover, no matter how many mushrooms there were, even if they were extremely poisonous, they would at most dominate the forest. One day, humans would be unhappy and directly spray herbicides on airplanes.
Chen Mo was about to burp.
“But I need more mushrooms to absorb spiritual energy.”
Going out was Chen Mo’s only choice.
It was time to leave the basin and develop.
At the very least, Chen Mo would only be able to feel at ease if he spread to a radius of several hundred square kilometers.
That was because in this case, he would be able to avoid the ultimate killing of human weapons.
“At that time, unless I am courting death, I will not be killed by accident. It will be absolutely safe.”
The ground shook slightly as the ants ran out of the cave in panic.
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026 Human Movement (1/6)

These little animals were most sensitive to earthquakes.
Then, there was a loud rumbling sound.
Crash! Crash!
In the forest, another’stone’ rain fell.
“It’s a human.”
Chen Mo shifted his gaze and switched to the mushroom on the mountain top.
Below, another small mountain was blown to pieces.
The humans were doing their work quickly.
In order to make progress, they used a lot of explosives and large machines.
At this moment, an extremely large square had already formed below. It was two times larger than what Chen Mo had seen a few days ago, and it continued to expand.
The area that had been leveled first had already begun to pour cement.
“It’s really fast. We’ ve already started building laboratories and airport buildings.”
From afar, Chen Mo had already seen the army entering.
This place was about to become an observation base to observe the changes within the forest. At the same time, it also collected various samples that were difficult to obtain from the outside world.
This wasn’ t Chen Mo’s guess, but rather a certain intelligence.
Information obtained from Liu Ru.
Right now, Liu Ru was already famous for that paper.
The word spiritual energy spread to the entire world along with her paper.
Everyone in the world was shocked by her bold theory.
What caused the mutation was actually a mysterious energy!
All the scientists began to verify the results.
The result showed that what Professor Liu said was true!
All the scientific experts congratulated Professor Liu.
She was the first discoverer of spiritual energy!
According to the usual practice, Professor Liu had the right to name him forever.
“This kind of energy was named Spiritual Energy by Professor Liu!”
This news spread throughout the world.
In a split second, various studies of spiritual energy rose.
Along with Professor Liu’s household name, when she was dreaming, a flash of spiritual light flashed and she discovered that the experience of spiritual energy also made everyone relish it.
He became a legend.
It was as if Mendeleev had been inspired by a dream and discovered the law of the elementium cycle.
“I believe that Professor Liu’s story will be written in the textbook in the near future.”
A leader received Professor Liu and praised him.
Throughout the day, Professor Liu had been giving interviews, conferences and awards.
At night, when she returned to the laboratory, she felt as if it was a dream.
She was so famous?
He was also regarded as the leading expert in the research of world changes?
“I’ m not qualified yet…”
She couldn’ t help but smile bitterly and shake her head.
At the same time, he felt that the burden on his body was even heavier.
More research must be done……
Otherwise, a flash in the pan would be embarrassing.
“I hope to find out something new about your research. When that laboratory is built, I still have a chance to go and see if your kind is slightly different from you?”
Liu Ru looked at the mushroom and muttered softly to herself.
Returning to the familiar laboratory, Liu Ru felt extremely carefree.
Compared to showing off, she preferred to stay in the laboratory quietly and explore the mysteries of nature.
For some reason, she liked to stay in the research lab.
He always felt that when he stayed here, his body and mind were peaceful and comfortable. His thoughts seemed to be even more active.
She had been studying this mushroom for a while. The more she studied it, the more she felt it was magical.
Especially since yesterday, this mushroom began to absorb a large amount of metal elements. Although its appearance had not changed, if it was carefully measured, it would find that the heavy metal content in its body had greatly exceeded the standard.
In other words, this mushroom had changed from an edible mushroom to an unusable poisonous mushroom.
“However, this characteristic was very useful, perhaps it could be used to treat pollution……Moreover, this type of change was better compared. If the other mushrooms in the native land had similar changes, then wouldn’ t that mean that this was not a mutation?”It’s a stable reaction…”
She muttered to herself.
Liu Ru really hoped to return to Jingyu Town as soon as possible.
Thinking of this, she picked up the phone and asked,” Colonel Liu, how are the construction progress of the laboratory over there?”
“Professor Liu was at ease. At most 10 days!”I’ ll definitely finish the construction within ten days, and then I’ ll be able to transport the equipment in.”
“Didn’ t the military put forward a laboratory modification plan? The project is going to be postponed?”
Professor Liu asked curiously.
“Those fools knew nothing. Time was money. I had to seize every moment and every second. I’ ve already negotiated with their leaders. I’ ll get the main building up first, and the walls will be built.
It couldn’t be because of a wild boar that they slowed down their plan. If this was to be said, they would n’ t be laughed at by their peers.
“Let them send more people to patrol.”
“Happened to use the abandoned highway. This laboratory was built at the end of the highway. Deep in the mountains, it was a perfect ecological observation station!
Ten days later, they could prepare to collect samples. According to our research, the spiritual energy concentration over there might be even higher!”This laboratory is very necessary!”
Principal Liu said with certainty.
Professor Liu was also very happy when he hung up the phone. However, he immediately became a little worried. This plan was one of many research projects in the country, and it had allocated a lot of resources.
She was also one of the experts in charge of the biological group.
The pressure was great……*

027 Active Diffusion (2/6)

“Will people be stationed in ten days?”
Chen Mo looked down at the base below, deep in thought.
In his heart, he sighed inwardly. Such a large project, ten days was enough.
It was truly a terrifying power.
In the past, when he was a human, he still didn’ t realize that he was no longer a human. Suddenly, Chen Mo was extremely envious of this terrifying power. It could be said that at present, humans were the only species on this planet that had the ability to move mountains and fill oceans.
“But this advantage is likely to be challenged.”
Chen Mo muttered to himself.
Of course, it was just a challenge.
Of course, Chen Mo wouldn’ t be considered a champion of the human race. In fact, he didn’ t intend to do this at all.
His advantage was that he knew about humans, and he already had a source of information.
With such an advantage, not taking the path of low-profile development would be a fool.
If it worked well, it could completely spread the entire world.
At that time, it was his turn to appear.
That’s right, Chen Mo defined himself as a late-stage grandmaster.
Super late stage.
Right now, he was focused on gathering experience and fighting wildness.
Not online!
As for the various mutated beasts that had expanded, it would be better for them to hit the muzzle.
Just like the wild boar before, he had been shot. Now, he was much more honest. When he heard the sound of the explosion, all of them trembled, wishing to stay away from the area where there were humans.
By the time the night fell, Chen Mo’s mushroom on the top of the mountain had already spread out spores.
After so many days of unremitting efforts, the most important thing was the improvement of adaptability.
He was next to the ditch at the foot of the mountain. There were also some mountain ditches with mushroom strongholds.
However, there were not many.
The weather had become extremely strange these past few days.
It rained a few days ago.
It was very suitable for him to grow.
But since yesterday, the sun had never been more blazing.
As a result, his growth was greatly suppressed.
Not to mention the mushrooms outside, even inside the basin, they could vaguely feel the terrifying burning from the sky.
Mushrooms were originally a humid and warm environment.
However, the weather had been extremely dry these past few days.
In the air, moisture and humidity were also decreasing.
This greatly increased the difficulty of Chen Mo’s survival.
“It’s too slow, affecting my spreading speed.”
Chen Mo made a slight assessment and discovered that he had only developed five mushroom strongholds one night.
This was much slower than in the basin,
“We can’t delay for too long. We have to spread our surroundings within ten days.”
Chen Mo set a goal for himself.
Ten days wasn’ t long or short, just in time for the scientist to arrive.
When they arrived, if they were to expand, that abnormal phenomenon would easily attract the attention of these professionals.
After ten days, the slow progress was not a problem. Moreover, ordinary people would not notice the mushroom that came out.
They didn’ t have any scientific literacy in this area, so Chen Mo could save a lot of trouble.
“Within ten days……”It’s too random.”
Chen Mo decided to carefully study the randomness of his life and the randomness of his death.
His gaze fell on the chief.
After this period of exchange, the chief’s intelligence had improved. He could understand more.
However, it was still very difficult to complete the airdrop.
It needed to pass through a bit……
As Chen Mo thought this, he released his consciousness.
When the chief heard this, he immediately put down the wooden stick and threw the violent insect aside. Then, he tilted his head and looked at the largest mushroom tree in the middle.
Chen Mo also gave this bug a name because it was always irritable. It made a roar and was called “Roaring “.
“Grab this.”
The mycelium slowly rose, and there was a small mushroom on top of it.
The chief flew over and grabbed the mushroom with his feet.
Then, he flew into the air.
“Continue flying. Throw away a bit and throw it to the mountain.”
Pa ji.
The chief immediately understood what he said.
As soon as Chen Mo’s consciousness was sent out, the other party released its claws.
“I’ ll go…”It’s true that this brain melon seed is too small. The chief’s ability to imitate is strong, but his active learning ability is a bit lacking.”
Chen Mo tried several times but failed.
The chief could not understand the abstract consciousness.
Chen Mo had no choice but to save the country.
“Miss Black Silk.”
Chen Mo called out.
Miss Blacksilk, who was hunting in the distance, heard the awareness of the nearby mushroom. It knew that it was a big man calling out.
Immediately, he disappeared from the ambushed tree.
Not long after, he appeared under the largest mushroom tree.
“Throw this to the place where the rabbits came from.”
Miss Black Silk was originally smart. After being stimulated by spiritual energy, her talent had awakened and her intelligence had improved greatly.
Moreover, to her, the rabbit was no more familiar.
She picked up the mushroom and ran up the mountain. She followed the path of the rabbits, bypassed the mountain ridge, climbed the mountain along a slope, and then turned to the other side.
Miss Black Silk was so familiar with this place that she could no longer be familiar with it. She often hid on this road to attack rabbits.
“Alright, leave the mushrooms here.”
Chen Mo released his consciousness from the mushroom.
This kind of strange thing, if it were a human, it would have long been terrifying.
However, Miss Blacksilk was not surprised at all. It was already used to it, as if it could hear the voices of the big guy everywhere. The big guy was everywhere.*

028 Forest’s Wails (3/6)

She let go of her mouth and left the mushroom on the spot.
In the air, the chief who had followed him curiously was instantly lost in thought.
Got it!
It didn’ t have any other skills, but it was still very good to have the ability to learn.
Not long after, the flapping of wings came from the air.
A mushroom landed on the slope.
The chief was still very attentive as he landed on the ground. He picked up the rolling mushroom and placed it next to the mushroom placed by Miss Black Silk. It was placed neatly.
It called out proudly.
Chen Mo immediately laughed. This little fellow really was a joke, and he was even proud.
“Chief understood?”Come back and take the mushrooms.”
Chen Mo felt that he could proceed to the next step.
As for the two mushrooms here, it was just a demonstration. Chen Mo didn’ t pay much attention to them either. He could live as long as he could. However, the terrain here was quite wide, and it was a grassland on the slope. The conditions were quite bad, so it should be difficult to survive.
However, what surprised Chen Mo was.
Not long after, Miss Black Silk returned.
He even brought a rabbit!
The big fat rabbit was about to catch up with Miss Blacksilk’s size. However, Miss Blacksilk’s sharp claws were obviously much more powerful. The prey was still the prey in the end.
He could only see that he had brought the rabbit over. This rabbit had not even completely broken its breath and was still struggling.
Miss Black Silk stretched out her sharp claws like a dagger.
In an instant, the rabbit’s head fell.
Then, pieces of rabbit meat fell to the ground.
He was like an extremely skilled and elegant hunter.
Chen Mo looked at it, stunned.
He suddenly understood what Miss Hei Si was going to do.
This was giving him nourishment!
After doing this, Miss Black Silk lay on the side and looked at the two mushrooms.
His tail was still swaying slightly.
A rabbit could grow a mushroom, while a big man was inside.
On the other hand, the chief was enraged.
Just now, when Miss Hei Si was bleeding the rabbit with a claw, she was facing it!
Not only was it drenched in rabbit blood, it was also looked down upon one after another!
Immediately, the chief stopped.
It angrily took out its mushroom and placed it to the side. Not long after, it also grabbed a bug and placed it on the mushroom solemnly.
He even smacked it with his claws.
He seemed to be saying, eat well and grow up quickly.
The chief finally understood Chen Mo’s consciousness.
It began to grab the mushrooms and throw them in different directions!
Moreover, he was very considerate and would put the bugs aside!
This was a pleasant surprise.
Chen Mo had never expected his courier to be so outstanding!
As for Miss Black Silk, although it was even more intelligent, first, it couldn’ t fly. It was too difficult to cross mountains and mountains. Secondly, it was too bright. Chen Mo didn’ t dare to ask her to go.
The fiery red fur and the tail were like flames, extremely miraculous.
If it were to be seen by humans, it would be extremely troublesome.
Especially now that there were humans at the foot of the mountain, it was best to stay in the mushroom forest. Only when the forest was more dense and humans could not enter would it be safer.
Moreover, in the future, there would be more and more strange creatures, and it wouldn’ t be that eye-catching.
As for now, if they were to be discovered, humans would definitely come and capture it.
Even the chief, Chen Mo, had asked him to be careful. He circled the surrounding mountains around the human base.
On the way to the base, Chen Mo also poured a lot of mushrooms.
However, all these mushrooms were wasted.
After a short while, a rumbling sound could be heard from the sky.
A plane flew past at a low altitude.
Then, the herbicide seemed to rain.
“What the f*ck! Damn, this doesn’t talk about martial virtue at all!”Let’s go!”
With this kind of dose, the surrounding trees all died on the spot, let alone the mushrooms with only 2 adaptations!
Chen Mo’s vision slowly darkened, and the map that he finally opened with great difficulty darkened again.
The humans seemed to have made up their minds to maintain this heavenly passage.
Then, every day, there were people who came to eradicate the plants on the road. Not only that, they also started to build guardrails to prevent animals from running to the road.
Because of the changes in the heavens and the earth, humans no longer cared about pollution and environmental pollution. The herbicides they released were all extremely powerful, with extremely strong residual properties.
Even the distant trees began to rot, slowly dying.
The trees also had life. As a strange life form, Chen Mo’s powerful consciousness made him feel even more profound.
Every time he flew through the air, Chen Mo could feel the wails from the forests on both sides.
Of course, Chen Mo would not think that he was more righteous. He had done a lot of things like burning, killing, and looting.
Only, they had a new understanding of the competition between all things, the cruel natural evolution, and the new understanding.
Powerful species could do whatever they wanted.
This was the path of evolution!
The weak could only wail in pain. In fact, the other party couldn’ t even hear it.
It was extremely weak.
“Fortunately, I have an evolutionary system. I have a choice. Unlike these trees, I can only watch as I die.”
Chen Mo thought to himself.
Looking at the giant steel beast in the air, the chief let out a look of fear. Immediately after, he let out a few furious claps.
“Alright, let’s continue!”
Chen Mo scattered his thoughts.
Since it was impossible to plant mushrooms on the roadside, it would be better to plant them on the mountains on both sides.
“Forget about the human base’s surroundings. If something happens, it won’ t be fun anymore. I’ ll use the wind to blow it over.”
Around the other end of the laboratory……
The chief was a woodpecker. He couldn’ t fly high and didn’ t like to fly long distances. He habitually liked to find a place to rest.
He was about to land on a tree that could be seen by the base.
“Be careful, we can’ t land here!”
Chen Mo suddenly released a sense of danger.
Immediately, the chief waved his wings and rushed into the forest by the side.
A gunshot rang out.
The tree trunk that the chief was about to land earlier exploded.
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029 Reorganization and Evolution (4/6)

Chen Mo roared in anger.
Fortunately, he was more vigilant!
He knew the nature of human urine!
They were already extremely vigilant, not looking down on humans. However, they had never expected that they would almost be hit from such a distance.
If it really landed just now, the chief would be gone!
Although it was just a woodpecker, for some reason, Chen Mo was furious.
The chief was also frightened by the loud voice. The mushroom didn’ t even catch it and fell to the ground.
It looked around warily, ready to land on the ground to pick it up.
“Dangerous!”Quickly go back!”
Chen Mo immediately released his consciousness.
He was still picking up a fart of mushrooms at this time!
Chen Mo heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the chief safely cross the road and fly into the forest.
He did not leave because three soldiers drove over.
“What a good fellow! He actually managed to fight!”
“The flying birds have all been beaten down. As expected of a sharpshooter from our region.”
“It doesn’ t have to be a bird. From my binoculars, it looks like something it’s grabbing has fallen.”
“I bet five hairs. I must have hit that bird. If there are still intact feathers, I have to make a feather pen for me.”
“It doesn’ t matter. We’ ve already let go of the regulations. We’ ll just go hunting in the mountains. You can get as many feathers as you want. Listen to the people in the forest that there are wolves inside.
“I’ ll get you a wolf fur coat.”
“Wolf skin is too ugly. I want fox skin.”
The few of them were giggling. When you spoke, I spoke.
Chen Mo silently watched as the three soldiers approached.
The spore sac on the mushroom began to mature.
As expected, there was danger where humans were present!
If this base were to remain, it would be a disaster sooner or later!
Of course, he wouldn’ t suffer any losses, but the basin was Chen Mo’s territory.
He did not allow outsiders to cause trouble inside.
The two companions also had feelings for each other.
If they were to be injured, Chen Mo would definitely be furious!
He had to think of a way to get the humans to retreat when they knew what was going on. Only by withdrawing this base would he be able to do so!
“Yi?”He really didn’ t hit a bird!”
“Haha, quickly give me five hairs!”
“That bird actually grabbed a mushroom?”
A soldier carried the spear behind him and bent down to pick up the mushroom.
“What kind of mushroom is this?”How ugly.”
“Don’ t worry about him. Be careful of the poison. Hurry and throw it away. We’ ll go back.”
“You’ ve already come out. Why don’ t you go inside the forest and hunt?”
“Don’ t. Come next time. It’s almost time for dinner.”
“Sigh?There was a bright spot on this mushroom, huh?”It’s like metal.”
“Don’ t mention it. It’s a bit hard to touch. It really looks like metal.”
“The higher-ups seem to say that if they encounter something strange, they can bring it back. If they find something, it will be considered a military contribution. The experts will be here in a few days. Let’s bring it back to the experts and show it to them. Perhaps they will be rewarded.”
Chen Mo smiled and turned his gaze to a mushroom that was constantly moving.
The four-meter-long boar.
At this moment, his injuries were even more severe.
This wound was not enough to kill him, but it made him extremely violent.
The bullet inside the wound was not taken out. The wound was festering and contracting.
This gave the mushroom suitable growth conditions.
A tiny mushroom grew there.
He relied on rotten meat to survive.
The existence of the mushroom increased the infection.
It was because mycelium was constantly secreting corrupt substances.
The boar did not understand what was going on, but he just felt more and more pain.
However, a pig was a very intelligent animal. Chen Mo released his consciousness and communicated with it.
In the beginning, the other party definitely refused.
However, pain could teach it how to speak properly.
“Reorganize and evolve.”
Chen Mo said softly.
In an instant, a screen of light unfolded in front of him.
An evolutionary tree appeared.
Four branches appeared.
They were:
[Illusory ],[ Rotated ],[ Metal ],[ Cystic Structure]
Chen Mo was prepared to devote most of his evolution points to evolve the corrupted and hallucinatory genes.
[Warning]: You are trying to use the evolution point to reorganize and evolve the’ corrupted’ gene. This may increase the ability of decomposing enzymes to corrupt (99% probability). It is worth noting that this operation may result in unknown consequences (1% probability)!Please choose carefully.
“Carry out reorganization and evolution!”
Chen Mo took a look at the probability, and he could still say that.
Chen Mo still couldn’ t understand the principle of recombination evolution. However, this didn’ t affect his speculation. The more he went, the higher the probability of recombination evolution failure would be.
No, it could not be called failure.
It was not controllable.
There was no way to control the outcome.
The unknown outcome was probably something like a runaway mutation, right?
Of course, it could also be an extremely useful ability. For example, it turned out that it was just a slight improvement in the ability of decomposing enzymes to corrupt. In the end, a small probability event was created, which directly caused the decomposing enzymes to explode.
From slowly rotting flesh to directly dissolving steel plates?
Of course, Chen Mo did not want to lose control. If this thing wanted to gain benefits, it would be like winning the lottery.
With that skill, it was better to fight steadily.
He evolved step by step.*

030 Control Boar (5/6)

[Information]: The’ corrupt’ gene has been restructured and evolved. You have obtained the’ corrupt type 2′ gene. With its support, mycelium can secrete corrupt substances at a faster rate. The scope of application of corrupt substances has also expanded. Even living things may be corrupted.
Corrupt type 2 gene!
“Perfect!”This is exactly what I need.”
Looking at the evolution tree, the [Rotated] gene on it had been extended. This branch grew even longer. A [Rotated Type 2] gene appeared in front of it. This represented Chen Mo taking a step forward in the evolution of this branch!
Chen Mo suppressed his excitement and continued to focus on the evolution point. There was also [Illusory Creation] that did not evolve.
[Warning]: You are trying to use the evolution point to recombine the’ hallucinogenic’ gene. This might increase the hallucinogenic ability of the hallucinogenic substance (98% probability). It is worth noting that this operation result in unknown consequences (2% probability)!Please choose carefully.
This’ hallucinatory’success rate was actually even lower?
Logically speaking, the branch of the’ Illusory’ ability evolution tree was not’ corrupted’.
Chen Mo pondered carefully and understood what was going on.
‘Corruption had undergone an additional evolution.
This was the supplement to the Tian Niu gene.
After a closer look, as expected, the trunk of the Evolutionary Tree and the’ rotten’ branch were also thicker and thicker.
This could be considered a vivid expression. The thicker the trunk, the more it could extend. If it was thick enough, it could still continue to extend more branches.
After evolving the Illusory Type 2, Chen Mo turned his gaze to the Wild Pig.
“Go down the mountain.”
Chen Mo said.
There was no doubt that there was still no communication.
The other party could understand Chen Mo’s intentions, but he just didn’ t want to communicate.
However, pain was enough to make the other party learn to communicate.
As the two abilities increased, Chen Mo’s ability to take root in his flesh and blood was increased.
Without a doubt, this ability was extremely terrifying and disgusting when it came to living things.
Even Chen Mo was a little scared.
After all, there was a human’s mentality!
Slowly, the wild boar’s wounds became even more corroded!
At this moment, the mycelium had completely taken root.
If he wanted to, Chen Mo could control the spores and let the boar’s body be covered with mushrooms and die in pain.
But that was unnecessary.
Chen Mo was not interested in the unnecessary slaughter, or even the brutal slaughter.
What he was even more interested in was, what would happen if he injected hallucinogens into the boar’s body at this moment?
He had already obtained the complete genetic map of a wild boar. For creatures like wild boar, he had 100% improvement in movement efficiency.
The effects of hallucinogens in the boar’s body would be extremely powerful.
As for the appearance of the’ decay type 2′ gene, Chen Mo was able to make his hyphae corrode his flesh faster, rather than stay on the surface of animals.
This provided a possibility for Chen Mo to inject a hallucinogen.
Moreover, it was continuously injected with hallucinogens.
Using the animal’s flesh and blood to provide nutrients to create hallucinogens, and then using the hallucinogens to continuously inject into the animal’s body……
With the injection of the hallucinogen, the effect of the’ Illusory Type 2′ was astonishing.
Not long after, the boar began to have an illusion effect.
He actually started to move slowly, as if he was walking in the forest.
He could not feel the pain on his body. Then, he let out a soft snort. Even the little boar that was already far away from him had gathered all over again.
Chen Mo could sense that the brutal invasion had disappeared.
It was because the hallucinogen numbed his nerves, or perhaps it made him feel happy.
This feeling temporarily made it forget the pain caused by the wound.
However, as long as Chen Mo cut off the supply of hallucinogens, pain would immediately descend.
Moreover, it made it even more irritable, unable to adapt.
He might be able to control the boar and make him obey obediently.
However, Chen Mo did not do this. Instead, he used a more effective method.
Fantasy coupled with telepathy.
This was much better than being forced to control.
However, this required a certain amount of effort.
Chen Mo tried to use telepathy to influence the boar’s judgment.
He began to control the boar.
“Not yet. The amount of hallucinogenic agents is too small. Try increasing the amount.”
The boar still instinctively resisted the sound that appeared in his heart.
It could still tell that this was the strange sound from before.
However, as the amount of hallucinogenic agents increased, the boar became even more excited, and its consciousness became blurry.
Chen Mo took the opportunity to release his consciousness.
The boar was very obedient.
He could walk wherever he wanted. Even though he staggered, as if he was drunk, at least he would obey orders!
However, before he could walk far, the boar collapsed on the ground and fainted.
Chen Mo seemed to be stunned for a moment before he realized that due to his continuous experiments, he had unknowingly injected a new year’s hallucinogen into the wild boar.
The other party’s consumption couldn’ t keep up with the injected dose, and it immediately exceeded the maximum amount, causing him to faint.
Fortunately, this hallucinogen was not poisonous. It only had a very strong hallucinogenic effect. If one thought it over, at most, it would be a transition of excitement and result in unconsciousness.
It would not endanger his life.
“Once the boar awakens, it will be able to carry out the plan.”
Chen Mo muttered.
He had already mastered the proper amount of consumption, and he could reach a balance between controlling the boar and maintaining the opponent’s mobility.
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031 Wild Boar Tank (6/6)

While waiting for the wild boar to awaken, Chen Mo’s gaze turned back to the human base.
Now that it was a base, it might not seem like a construction site.
There was only a very simple construction site, and then all kinds of construction machinery came and went back and forth, causing a commotion.
A mushroom was placed on the table in a courtyard surrounded by a plank house.
“This is the special species you found?”
The captain asked.
“Yes, Captain!”Amazing?”
“En……”It’s indeed quite miraculous.”
The captain took his gloves and took a look.
What a strange mushroom. He had never seen it before.
“Hehe, do I have a reward, captain.”
“Why do I have to have a third grade merit?”
“You’ re trying to eat shit.”
Immediately, a group of surrounding soldiers began to laugh and laugh.
“We don’ t understand, so don’ t make a blind guess.”
The captain said solemnly.
“Someone, take a few photos and send them to the expert group.”
“And you guys patrolling tonight!”You dare to leave the camp without permission!”
Immediately, the entire team fell silent.
“Liu Biao, come over here as well!Really?”Go, give me a three-hour target. We’ ll eat after we’!”
“I’ ll repeat, this place is extremely dangerous. The experts have repeatedly warned me that there have been many cases of wild beasts hurting people in the rest of the place. It’s alright this time. If anything happens, let’s see if I won’ t break your dog legs!”
At night.
The construction site was still brightly lit. It was 24 hours and 3 shifts.
In order to make progress.
Many workers were gathered.
A wild boar ran through the forest.
Chen Mo wasn’t in a hurry to interfere with human construction. Instead, his hyphium covered the entire body of the boar. Of course, this hyphium did n’ t grow from the boar’s body. Instead, it climbed up from the ground and hung a large number of mushrooms.
A four-meter-long boar weighing over 500 kilograms was covered with mushrooms.
Bomb Boar!
Start moving!
This boar’s carrying capacity was completely different from that of the little miss Black Silk and the chief.
As the forest ran, Chen Mo released spores.
As he ran, the wild boar was trailing behind him with long thick smoke.
Chen Mo needed three hours to scatter all the spore dust on the mountain around the base.
A soldier on patrol suddenly said:
“Did you hear any strange sounds?”
“What sound?”
“Thump thump thump thump sounds, it was a bit like…”It’s like it’s from the forest.”
“Bang bang bang bang?”Don’ t tell me you’ re going to be foolish enough to lecture the captain, right? It’s obvious who’s farting!”
The soldiers laughed.
However, they still picked up the flashlight and shot it towards the forest.
“Tsk tsk…”It’s like a tree every day. Damn, it’s really scary to see.”
“That’s right. Don’ t tell me, this night really looks sinister and frightening.”
“That’s just a psychological effect. There’s nothing to be afraid of. No matter how big this tree is, it’s still a tree. Last time, that wild boar couldn’ t have weighed more than a thousand kilograms. It wasn’ t that it almost shot me.”
Suddenly, a black shadow flashed across the forest.
The speed was extremely fast. The entire forest seemed to be shaking.
There was a sound of pulling a spear bolt.
“What is it!”
A group of five soldiers raised their weapons.
“F*ck, what was it just now!”
“So big!”It seems like a beast!”
“Did you hear that loud bang!”
“Run……”I’ ve run away.”
A soldier gulped and said.
Everyone couldn’t help but move away from the edges of some forests and patrol too close.
Chen Mo naturally saw a few soldiers as well.
But he didn’ t care.
Actually, if he rushed out just now, it was entirely possible to kill a few soldiers. They didn’ t wear gas masks, and the spore powder was enough to put them down.
However, the spore powder did not take effect immediately. If he rushed out, the boar would definitely be finished.
This wild boar, Chen Mo, still had great use.
The game had just begun.
In the blink of an eye, three hours passed.
The wild boar was only an animal that could be seen by endurance. Even after running for three hours, after a short rest, it completely recovered.
Three hours later, all the mushrooms on the boar’s body exploded, and the spore powder was released.
Next, it happened to be nine o’clock in the evening.
Worksite shift change time.
At this moment, all the workers would walk out of the forklift, the construction truck, and the machines would also stop.
There were also many people.
Looking for a chance, a wild boar rushed out of the forest.
One person was directly sent flying by the boar.
“Ah!”What the hell is this!”
“Quickly call the soldiers over!”There’s a big boar!”
“Ah!”Someone has been sent flying!”
“Help!”I’ ve broken my bones!”
Immediately, the entire construction site was in chaos.
In the face of a thousand kilograms of wild boar, one hundred or two hundred kilograms of human beings flew when they touched it.
Chen Mo controlled the wild boar and played the bumper car game here.
The Wild Boar War Chariot was domineering and domineering.
As the wild boar charged forward, the water tower exploded and two large holes were created by its fangs.
The water rushed out and spread over the electric wires!
Another collision directly knocked over the high-power bulb!
And the diesel generator!
Chen Mo’s eyes lit up as he controlled the wild boar and a pig rushed forward!
The entire diesel engine was knocked over, and the diesel oil inside leaked out. Unfortunately, the diesel oil did not easily catch fire!
But even so, it still caused a large area of power failure!
This caused all the workers to cry out in terror!
“Don’ t shoot!”There’s oil!”
“Oil barrel!”
“Quickly turn off the engine!”It’s about to explode!”
When the soldiers finally arrived.
However, it was useless!
Because it happened to be a shift, there were too many people!
The boar even knocked over the diesel tank!
There was oil everywhere!
There was still electricity leakage and water leakage!
It was another one that was blind!
This wild boar was also an evil thing. It specifically crashed into a pile of people. When someone fell to the ground, it didn’ t attack, instead, it continuously rammed into people!
The soldiers didn’ t dare to shoot at all. One jump shot, or the wrong shot. They were surrounded by equipment and people!
“Spread out!Climbing onto the roof!!”
With great difficulty, the crowd dispersed.
The soldiers all raised their guns.
However, the wild boar immediately turned around and circled behind the car. Everyone immediately vomited blood!
He hurriedly chased after them. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Liu Biao was stunned.
“Biaozi, aren’t you really capable?”You’ re still fighting birds during the day? You missed such a big pig?”
The captain arrived at this time as well. Seeing the chaotic scene, he was instantly enraged.
He berated Liu Biao again.
This fellow usually bragged about how powerful his spear technique was. He shot three times in a row and actually missed that wild boar!
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032 Poison Gene (1/6)

“Captain, this seems to be the boar from the last time. It’s such a big model.”
“I heard that the boar has a very good memory. He must have held a grudge. He rushed over to take revenge and ran away when he saw the spear in our hands.”
“This wild boar is truly a devil.”
As soon as everyone spoke, I spoke.
“Just a wild boar!”
“If you don’ t want to lose face, I’ ll be ashamed!”
“Still have to talk about it!Hurry up and patrol!”Increase your guard!”
Where was “military doctor!”Help the wounded!”
The captain’s expression was extremely unsightly. He immediately berated everyone, hurriedly organizing the rescue and tidying up the scene!
The entire night, all the soldiers did not sleep and were patrolling outside!
Most of the workers didn’t sleep. They were tidying up the messy construction site and rescuing the injured.
The entire night, the construction progress did not advance at all!
“The captain’s accident statistics have come out……”
Some soldiers walked into the office with documents.
The captain held his black eyes and sighed.” What are you looking at me for? Read it.”
“A total of 105 workers were injured. Among them,21 were seriously injured. In addition, two water towers were lost. One diesel generator was lost. There was a three-way diesel leak. There were also workers who were in panic and operated their machines to crash a car.”
“Hu……”It’s alright. It’s fine if there’s no dead person.”
The captain let out a sigh of relief.
If it was a project and someone died, it would really be a big problem!
At first, everyone in the forest was known to be extremely mysterious. Many of the workers didn’ t want to come in. They felt that it was too dangerous. If there were any more dead people, he felt that the academy’s supervisor would tear him up.
But it was about time.
As expected, hurried footsteps came from outside.
“Captain Huang, what should we do!”The workers are all planning to go home!”
“Sigh!It had been a night without construction, and this progress could not even catch up!He had yet to resume work!There were only a thousand people in total, and now there were over a hundred injured!”What am I doing?”
He was waiting for Captain Huang to give an explanation.
They promised to ensure safety!
Now, who would bear this loss?
Not to mention it was only caused by a wild boar!
This loss was ridiculous!
“What? Isn’ t there no dead people? Press matters down.”
Captain Huang couldn’ t help but feel a headache as he looked at the supervisor of the Academy of Sciences. They were only responsible for safety!How could he know what to do?
“I really can’t ask the leader for help. I’ ve already raised my opinion.”
Captain Huang said this.
This really wasn’ t because he was shirking his responsibility. Last time, he said he would build the wall first!
However, this suggestion was not accepted by the construction unit, that is, the Academy of Sciences.
Now that something went wrong, they naturally couldn’ t blame them all. At the very least, the Academy of Sciences had to shoulder half of the responsibility.
Through the mushroom placed in the courtyard by the soldiers, Chen Mo understood the current state of human headache. He smiled lightly, this was only the beginning.
“It looks like this construction site will not return to work in a day.”
It would only take one or two days for the mushrooms to grow and the spores to mature!
Of course, during this period of time, Chen Mo was not idle either. He controlled the wild boar, constantly spreading spores in the forest, and expanding the gene bank!
A 1000 jin wild boar was practically invincible in the forest. At the very least, there was no forest where tigers and bears existed. It was invincible.
A pig rushed forward. With a thud, the entire tree trembled slightly.
A wild goat was directly hit by a tree trunk and died on the spot.
The boar took a bite and tore apart the flesh.
Then, he formed a pit and buried the wild goat in the pit.
A few hours later, the soil began to move. A few mushrooms emerged from within, growing larger and larger.
[Event]: You absorbed the goat’s blood and obtained 10% of the goat’s gene. You extracted the available gene from it. Your gene structure was optimized, and your cell repair ability was slightly enhanced. This could speed up the healing of the wound, thus improving your survival ability and adaptability +0.1.
[Information]: You obtained a 100% genetic map of a goat. By analyzing the genes, you have improved your understanding of the goat. Based on this research, your understanding of the branches of organic species and carbon-based organisms has also improved. The knowledge of carbon-based organisms +1 increased the efficiency of each movement by 1%.
Chen Mo looked at the Attribute Panel. At this moment, he already had a +50 knowledge reserve for carbon-based creatures.
‘Evolutionary clues, efficient absorption. The research progress was 10%.
‘The progress of the research was 90%, only one genetic map of a mutant creature.
Chen Mo hadn’ t been idle for this period of time. His two neighbors had given him strength as well. As a result, he had already captured three mutant creatures. However, his luck was too bad. The genetic maps of these three species weren’ t very helpful to the research. Chen Mo carefully speculated that he needed a more powerful mutant creature.
“It’s still easy to say that there are more than a hundred species in the basin alone. However, this powerful mutated creature might have to search for one or two days…”
Suddenly, a poisonous snake entered Chen Mo’s eyes.
When the venomous snake sensed that a huge creature was approaching, it immediately puffed up its neck and stretched its upper body.
It was a cobra that was at least four meters long!His arm was so thick!
Raising his head, he was actually taller than a wild boar!
Mutated Cobra!
Chen Mo’s heart skipped a beat. On the other side, Cobra arrogantly launched an attack.
He directly spat out poison!
Chen Mo controlled the wild boar to hide behind the tree.
A sizzling sound rang out.
It was as if the bark had been corroded.
This cobra’s innate talent looked like poison!
Chen Mo did not intend to fight this snake.
The boar war chariot was still very fierce. Chen Mo did not intend to scrap it here as a disposable tool.
What if the ground attack encountered strong resistance?Of course, they were calling for air support!
“Chief, let’s go!”
Chen Mo was conscious.
The chieftain, who was teasing him, immediately put down his stick and grabbed the mushroom that had been lifted up by the mycelium.
Take off!
They arrived at the predetermined location!
The mushroom accurately smashed onto the cobra’s head.
Before the cobra could react, the mushroom made another bang, and a large pile of spore powder exploded on its body.
Illusion spore powder!
In an instant, this cobra was no longer enough.
The snake was a cold-blooded animal, and its blood circulation was not that intense. Therefore, its resistance to hallucinogenic substances was stronger.
But this was only a matter of time.
Not to mention, one couldn’ t do it, just two.
The chief grabbed a mushroom with a claw!
He could carry two mushroom bombs at once!
The cobra had just crawled out when it was blown back into a daze.
The snake didn’ t know how to protect it. It was still sticking out its tongue, causing many hallucinatory spores to be swallowed by the snake. This hallucinatory effect was even stronger.
Not long after, the cobra fell to the ground.
When the cobra completely stopped moving, the boar unhurriedly walked up and pressed down on its head.
Such a large snake was enough to plunder enough genes.
[Event]: You absorbed the mutated cobra flesh and obtained 15% of the mutated cobra gene. You extracted the available genes from them. You integrated these genes into your own gene map. Your’ toxin’ gene was partially enhanced. You can secrete toxic substances. The toxins can be effective for most carbon-based organisms. This caused your danger level to increase.+0.5.
[Information]: You obtained a 100% genetic map of the Cobra Mutant. By analyzing your genes, you have improved your understanding of the Cobra Mutant. Based on this research, your understanding of the branches of organic species and carbon-based organisms has also improved. The knowledge of carbon-based organisms has increased by 1% for each movement efficiency.
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033 Fatal Mushroom (2/6)

Chen Mo’s excited voice rang out.
There was also a system message that sounded out with one of them.
[Evolution clue]: Effective expansion.Based on the knowledge of the carbon-based organism +50, you analyzed a kind of porous structure gene based on the existing gene data. This gene will act on the spores and can produce stomatal structure. Under the same weight, the spore powder can increase its buoyancy by 50%, which can extend the dead time. It can rise up to 1000 meters high. Activating this gene can increase the adaptability by +0.3 and the danger level by +0.7.
Looking at the research results, Chen Mo was even more ecstatic. His adaptability was increased by 0.3%. He was stuck in the middle reward, while the danger level was the highest reward!
“If I increase the level of danger by so much, I’ m afraid I can’ t tell from the poisonous nature of my spores.”
Spore powder that was capable of dispersing far away and toxic!
The danger was obvious!
Not to mention the poison, even the poisonous spore powder had already caused the workers in the base to be in great pain these past few days.
Especially those with rhinitis.
Some of them could no longer do their jobs because of their severe rhinitis. They directly left the construction site.
With a sneeze, Captain Huang felt that the pen in his hand was about to fly out.
“What’s going on? So many pollen!”
Some soldiers were sent to investigate the reason, and soon they would report it.
“Captain, it’s not pollen. It’s like a fist-sized mushroom. This thing has grown a lot. Fortunately, it’s hot in the weather. Otherwise, it’ ll have to grow even more.”
The mushroom grew after the rain. This was something everyone knew.
Of course, Chen Mo also knew.
“I have to quickly prepare a batch of masks. According to the weather forecast, it will rain tomorrow. Oh, by the way, get some gas masks too. This forest is getting more and more strange.”
As the captain spoke, he wrote a mask and a gas mask on the material list.
In the past few days, he had truly experienced the difference in the forest. It was a snake with a thick arm, a rabbit weighing 50 to 60 kilograms!
A thousand kilograms of wild boar!
There were also tall trees on both sides of the base.
Now, there was another mushroom that caused a headache.
It wasn’ t that they couldn’ t afford to suffer. It was truly that this thing didn’ t know what was going on. The spore powder was incomparably numerous.
He was fine in the room, and there were still people standing guard outside. The wind blew, and it was not exaggerated to say that sometimes it was just like fog.
Even though a burst of smoke had passed.
However, that clang was truly unbearable.
After knowing that it was a mushroom, he felt even more disgusted.
Chen Mo had already prepared to launch an attack, but he heard that it would rain the day after tomorrow.
He was about to wait again,
Another two days…
The mushrooms around the base had already grown seven times.
The round after the rain was even more formidable.
Mushrooms grew everywhere.
Of course, Chen Mo did not exaggerate.
That was because that was too attractive.
The eighth round’s spores had matured, but they didn’ t release them.
It was because the spores were already poisonous.
This time, the spores were filled with poisonous spores!
Wait for the night.
At this moment, Chen Mo had already fully monitored the base.
Very soon, the boar found a gap in the patrol and slipped into the construction site.
Hit me!
This time, as soon as the boar came up, it bumped into a person standing beside the diesel generator.
That person was scared to the point of pissing. He quickly got out of the way.
However, it didn’t matter. Chen Mo had never bumped into him.
The boar directly hit the diesel generator.
Almost all the headlights went out.
The night in the forest was exceptionally dark.
“Wild Boar is here!!”
A miserable howl resounded throughout the entire construction site.
Taking advantage of the darkness, Chen Mo controlled his own Wild Boar Chariot to rampage. This time, it wasn’ t that easy. The Wild Boar opened its mouth and opened its mouth!
He directly gnawed on the leg of a worker who couldn’t climb quickly.
The bones of his legs shattered!
The fangs were also used.
He directly sent a group of people flying.
When he saw a thousand kilograms of wild boar, the ground was shaking.
Who would dare to face it head on?
All of them fled in a sorry state.
Chen Mo was not relying on the wild boar’s vision, but on the mushroom’s. Therefore, he was always able to dodge the soldiers skillfully and always enter a place where there were many people!
It was about time for the commotion to begin. Everyone left the room.
It just so happened that the wind was blowing.
Chen Mo controlled the boar and quickly retreated.
It was because he wanted to take advantage of the wind that blew towards the base to release the poison.
The toxin spores of the porous structure were activated!
Longer dead time!
It was also poisonous!
This was almost a low-grade poison gas bomb!
Moreover, this gust of wind was just right. Chen Mo was already monitoring the wind speed in the upper air.
The gentle breeze did not slow down the wind speed, but it continued very well.
“Dammit!”Let this bastard run away again!”
The captain gritted his teeth in anger.
This time, he personally brought the spear over.
Unfortunately, he didn’ t find a chance to shoot!
It was as if the other party really knew the spear. They were always far away from them, and there were still people in the middle to stop them.
He could only watch helplessly as the other party knocked over a person, then flew into an oil barrel and directly jumped into the forest.
It was pitch-black inside, its branches hanging down like a terrifying world.
No one dared to chase after them at night.
At this moment, in the depths of the forest, within the darkness, there was also a pair of green eyes that coldly looked outside.
It was a wild boar!
That bastard hasn’t left yet!
It…What did he seem to be waiting for?
“That bastard hasn’ t gone far yet!”
A soldier cried out in alarm.
As he looked at his eyes, his heart couldn’ t help but thump.
He felt a little scared.
Suddenly, a ghost-like wind blew.
This wind blew through the narrow mountain pass that was being dug by the people, and this strange sound was emitted.
Standing at the entrance of this strange forest’s’ foreign world’, a ghost wind surrounded it. In the darkness, there was a ghost-like eye that lit up.
The captain could not help but shiver.
Cough cough cough cough!
Suddenly, a cough sounded.
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034 Human genes, new evolutionary clues (3/6)

The sound of coughing became one piece!
“Cough cough cough cough cough!”
“Ah!”How uncomfortable!”
Everyone fell in pieces.
The captain took a few steps back in terror. He wanted to send a message back to the barracks, but he coughed violently and fell to the ground.
The boar appeared once again, injuring the sniper who had almost injured the chief and killing him.
There was no need to hide anything.
This was how the boar held grudges.
Taking advantage of this opportunity to take revenge was completely understandable. No one would doubt it.
Take this opportunity to plunder human genes.
[Event]: You absorbed the human blood and obtained 15% of the human gene. You extracted a unique gene from it. Your gene was embedded with a nerve gene. You could initially construct a crude neural network and participate in body construction. It could improve your body’s perception ability and increase your response speed to the environment!
[Information]: You absorbed human blood and obtained 20% of human genes…
[Information]: You obtained a 100% genetic map of humans. By analyzing genes, you have gained a deeper understanding of this type of peak mammal evolution species. Based on this research, your understanding of organic species branches and carbon-based organisms has also increased. The knowledge of carbon-based organisms increased by 5% for each movement efficiency.
[Evolution clue]: Perception organ.Based on the available genetic data, you have analyzed a possible evolutionary structure. This structure will create a new type of organ to further improve the adaptability and perception range. It is expected to increase the adaptability by +0.8-1, and the danger level by +0.1-0.3.You need the support of the +100 knowledge reserves of carbon-based organisms, as well as the genetic map of 3-10 different stages of evolution representing evolved organisms.
“Humans are worthy of being the most evolved species on this planet.”
Chen Mo looked at the harvest and was somewhat surprised.
Nerve cells!
He directly obtained the basic gene, neurogenes, to construct an intelligent brain!
With this, he was trying to build a rough neural network. With the neural network, all the complicated senses based on this could develop to a higher level!
Of course, the peak achievement of the neural network was an intelligent brain!
“If I were to build a rough neural network in every mushroom, wouldn’t that be equivalent to every mushroom having the ability to deal with external information?”I don’ t need to change my perspective to every mushroom?”
“It’s equivalent to having countless eyes and countless noses. My perspective is truly complete.”
“I have intelligence, and as the number of individuals increases, my consciousness becomes stronger and stronger. If I evolve a large number of brains, what effect will it have?”
Chen Mo couldn’ t help but ponder this question.
A rough neural network was like a processor. If he wanted to play a real role, he still needed to evolve various sensory organs.
“Ha ha, speaking of it, I haven’t developed a brain yet.”
Chen Mo was in a good mood, so he couldn’ t help but complain.
Opening the Attribute Panel, the attributes had improved greatly!
[Race]: Mutant Mushroom
[Evolution Point ]5
[Gene Bank]: Human 100%, Wild Boar 100%, Cobra 100%…
[Available Genes]: Illusion, Corruption, Metal, Cystic Structure, Poison, Nerve
[Research Bonus]: Carbon-based creature +55, spiritual energy knowledge +2
Organ Attribute Panel
[Mutated Mycelium]: The nutrient absorption efficiency was 1.6(able to quickly absorb the organic matter in the decaying substance, obtain energy and substances, the efficiency was extremely low.They could plunder genes through fresh cell tissue.)
[Spore]: Adaptability is 3.4(fragile seeds, afraid of high temperature, cold, ultraviolet light, dryness, etc. Any normal environment may slow down the growth of the spores, but it usually does not cause the spores to die immediately.)
[Fungus Cover]: When it is ripe, it can start producing spores. Each batch of spores is 3.5-3.6 billion. The production cycle is 410 minutes. It needs to consume a lot of nutrients.
[Overall assessment]: The level of danger is 2.2. You have already exceeded the level of danger for ordinary creatures by 2 points. You are developing towards extremely dangerous creatures. Your existence has affected the surrounding area, and the impact on the ecological environment has gradually appeared.
Another gust of wind blew over, the wind speeding up.
“The effect is not bad. It’s just that the wind speed passed through this narrow place. I didn’ t expect it to speed up a lot…”
Chen Mo continued to observe the construction site.
Almost every human fell.
Only a few quick-witted people covered their mouths with wet towels.
However, this did not matter.
It was roughly estimated that the number of deaths was around ten or so.
This was already a major casualty.
After all, it was not a war.
Such an accident would definitely delay the construction period for a long time.
Moreover, the fact that the mushroom dust was poisonous could also give these people a warning. This area was not suitable for humans to live in!
The humans would probably cancel this base.
Of course, Chen Mo would soon adjust the shape of the mushroom. This kind of gray-black poisonous mushroom would normally grow slowly. Only when it was raining would it grow fiercely and quickly die.
That’s right. Chen Mo was the one who defined this mushroom.
This way, humans would not be worried that this mushroom would grow everywhere, endangering the city.
As for what name this mushroom human gave it, Chen Mo was not interested.
The next morning, a convoy carrying supplies entered.
When the driver saw the people on the ground, his scalp exploded.
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034 Base Cancellation (4/6)

“Professor Liu, hurry and prepare!”Let’s go to Jingyu Town!”
On the principal’s side, he called directly.
After a busy night, Professor Liu, who was about to narrow his eyes slightly, was stunned.
“Hurry up!A helicopter went directly to the school playground!”Speak from the helicopter!”
On the other side, the principal was extremely anxious.
This was the first time Professor Liu had received this kind of treatment. The helicopter directly went to the school to receive it.
Countless students looked over, discussing what was going on.
On the helicopter, a colonel directly took the video and showed it to Professor Liu.
She was immediately stunned.
The entire row of corpses turned black with strange expressions.
There were at least a few hundred or even a thousand injured people at the side!
“At the construction site of the Tranquil Rain Calm Spiritual Energy Research Base, a total of 1,210 people were poisoned. Some of them were slightly toxic, perhaps because of mushroom powder.”
“Professor Liu, we need your help.”
The colonel said in grief.
They had already invited many experts. They had gathered in Jingyu Town.
Because Professor Liu’s’ Quiet Rain Biological Investigation Report’ was too famous, the military immediately thought of her, and she happened to be studying mushrooms recently.
“We’ ve already transported everyone out of the construction site. The higher-ups have already listed that area as a restricted area. Before we can find out, no one is allowed to enter.”
The colonel continued.
At the side, the principal was even more distressed. He had already received a notification. Not only had this research project changed its location, but he had also been drenched in blood by his mother’s dog.
Five hours later, five helicopters arrived at Jingyu Town one after another.
“This seems to be some kind of neurotoxin.”
“Yes, but it is slightly corrosive. It has a strong stimulating effect on the respiratory mucosa.”
“The result of the autopsy is that the poison caused organ failure and renal function necrosis.”
“This is the first time I’ ve seen this poison. It’s very strange.”
“What should we do?”Many of the wounded have been poisoned. There’s no antidote, and there’s not enough hemodialysis equipment. A few are about to fail.”
Everyone was discussing amongst themselves.
“Colonel, can I take a look at the base?”
Liu Ru said.
She was really not good at detoxification. This was more of a doctor’s business. She should try her best to understand the root of the poisoning and avoid such a thing happening again. This was what she could do now.
“Alright, we can set off immediately!”
Seeing that so many people had died, the injured and injured rooms were almost filled with half of the town. As a result, many experts were very afraid and did not mention the matter of the field investigation.
Fortunately, Liu Ru took the lead. The colonel couldn’ t help but feel extremely happy.
Seeing that someone had taken the lead, several experts who were engaged in biological activities also followed.
For the sake of safety, the colonel sent 20 soldiers to follow.
Everyone wore gas masks.
The road to the construction site was completely sealed off. Because of this incident, the surrounding area was completely sealed off. Families informed that no one was allowed to enter the mountain.
After wandering for more than an hour, everyone got out of the car.
Liu Ru carefully observed the mushrooms on the side of the road. After measuring the test paper in her hand, she took off the gas mask.
This thing’s vision was not good, so it was impossible to observe normally.
Professor “, please put on your mask!”
Some of the soldiers immediately broke out in cold sweat and hurriedly asked to bring them along.
If such a great expert were to do something like this, those people who were in charge of protecting them would be extremely sinful. Everyone would most likely be punished.
“It’s fine. The spore powder has already dispersed. Just wear a mask.”
Seeing that the soldier’s expression was extremely difficult, Liu Ru could only take out her mask and make a compromise.
Seeing how she said this, everyone took off their gas masks one after another. They were truly filled with panic.
“Not even half a month ago…”
As soon as she entered her working state, Liu Ru was fully focused.
The more he looked, the more shocked Liu Ru became.
She remembered that she had specially arranged and recorded the vegetation distribution in this area, as well as the species.
The reason for that was to make a comparison the next time he went.
Who would have thought that in less than half a month, there would be such a terrifying change!
“Was a completely new kind of mushroom……”Mycelium branch is a bit similar to Qinggu…”
“The spore actually grows in a transparent cyst-like structure. No wonder it immediately creates an effect similar to poisonous gas…”
The platoon leader hurriedly gave a look, and the soldiers behind them all opened the war recorder.
Professor “, are you saying that this is because you concentrated on releasing… powder?”
“Yes, these mushrooms should all be in the same batch. I checked the weather here. I’m afraid it was the heavy rain the day before yesterday that caused this kind of mushroom to multiply in large quantities. Last night, the mushrooms were all ripe and all of them released spore dust, which caused the poisoning accident.
If it was a mushroom growing in batches, even if there was damage, it would not be so serious.
“Furthermore, if there is no wind, the spore powder will not be that far away.”
“That really was…”It’s too unlucky.”
Everyone was speechless. There were actually so many coincidences that it was raining and blowing.
“Did no one notice anything unusual?”
Professor Liu asked in a strange manner. Logically speaking, he would be more or less aware of it.
“Yes, in reality, there were quite a few people who had allergic reactions before. The captain even applied for a batch of masks.”
“That’s enough……”
Professor Liu nodded.
“Let’s take a look inside the forest.”
Professor Liu also knew that it was dangerous inside, but for some reason, he had a feeling that if he went inside to take a look, there might be some unexpected gains.
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035 He used poison to detoxify himself (1 even)

It wasn’ t too far anyway…Liu Ru thought so and walked forward.
At the entrance of the forest, next to the huge tree, there was a poisonous mushroom that came from a dark gray color.
However, there was a small white mushroom beside him.
Other mushrooms?
Professor Liu’s eyes lit up and he hurriedly went over to take a look.
One had to know that fungi were extremely exclusive!Not to mention this kind of mushroom that could secrete toxins, a mushroom that could grow on the side was not simple.
Liu Ru squatted down and prepared to sample.
Suddenly, a thought flashed through her mind.
“Poisonous……Xenophobia……”This white mushroom might be able to resist the poison!”
“Antidote!”I might have found the antidote!”
Liu Ru said excitedly.
When she told everyone her thoughts, everyone felt that it was very possible!
“Quick!”Pick more mushrooms and go back!”
Everyone began to move one after another. Regardless of whether it was useful or useless, a hope lay before their eyes!
“I hope it will be useful……”
Liu Ru carefully observed. This type of white mushroom’s appearance didn’ t seem to be poisonous. From the looks of it, it seemed like it was edible, or it only possessed extremely weak hallucinatory properties.
Why could she make such a judgment?
Because of Chen Mo.
Chen Mo stayed in the other party’s laboratory every day. It wasn’ t for nothing!
Professor Liu had a few students. Apart from Alice, there were also a few girls who had just arrived. They were diligent and learned, often asking questions in the laboratory.
Chen Mo’s consciousness was so strong that he could not forget it. Books, computers, and the conversation between the students, he didn’ t fall down either!
When Professor Liu was in class, he was like an invisible student.
As a result, it was not difficult to make the mushroom grow to match Liu Ru’s understanding!
Not to mention that he was already too familiar with Liu Ru’s consciousness. It was very easy for him to inadvertently give her some hints.
Chen Mo didn’ t dare to say that the telepathic effect was very powerful, but on Liu Ru, he was truly extremely skilled.
Professor Liu and the others immediately rushed back to Jingyu Town because of a new discovery.
“How did you raise the situation?”
As soon as the platoon leader got off the carriage, he hurriedly asked.
Many of the people lying down were his comrades. It was impossible to say that they were not worried!
Not to mention the fact that he might have some knowledge medicine now, he was even more anxious.
“What?”Eat another mushroom to detoxify?”
The colonel was stunned, his face filled with doubt.
Professor “, this…”Is that possible?”
He looked at Liu Ru.
“Bad!A few people could not do it!”We don’ t have enough blood dialysis equipment!”
A doctor hurriedly ran over to inform them of the aftermath.
“We did our best.”
The doctor felt a little sad.
At this time, he could only die as a living horse doctor!
The principal immediately said coldly:
“Feed mushrooms to all seriously ill patients!”
“Colonel, I’ m afraid…”
The doctor’s face was filled with difficulty. This kind of treatment plan was too ridiculous. He didn’ t want to agree!
“Eat it. There’s no poison. It’s better to try it than there’s no antidote.”
Professor Liu’s tone was calm. He had already shaken several cups and the color of the reagent inside had not changed.
After saying that, she grabbed a mushroom and stuffed it into her mouth.
This action caused everyone to be completely shocked.
But it was indeed as Professor Liu Ru had said, without any toxicity!
On the contrary, the taste had a hint of sweetness.
Liu Ru had only dispelled everyone’s thoughts, but after taking a sip, she discovered that it was actually quite delicious. She carefully smelled it, and there was also a faint fragrance, like a fruit fragrance.
She couldn’ t help but put a little more into her mouth and chew her taste carefully.
“The taste is not bad. Do you want to taste it?”
Liu Ru calmly said.
Seeing this scene, the colonel finally made up his mind and gritted his teeth:
“Feed the mushrooms!”If there’s any responsibility, I’ ll take it on my own!”
He forced the order to arrive.
He was already shocked by the death of more than ten people. His superiors had called to personally inquire!
At this moment, there were still a large number of reporters in the town!
His pressure was extremely great.
If he continued to die, to be honest, he would really be finished.
It would be better to go all out as Professor Liu said.
If he could successfully save him, he might even be able to contribute to this.
However, no one had expected that the warrior who had just returned with him would forget to close the tactical recorder.
He recorded the scene of Liu Ru calmly persuading everyone.
Was this white mushroom that accompanied the poisonous mushroom useful?
Of course!
This was because Chen Mo had designed it.
He had a complete understanding of the structure of the toxin gene. Naturally, he was also very clear about the toxins that were secreted. He could just directly let the Mushrooms in the direction of producing a comprehensive toxin.
The white mushroom was grinded and fed, and the effect was immediate.
“Were useful!!”
Immediately, the entire camp began to boil.
The colonel was ecstatic. He rushed into the emergency room and saw that his face was already normal!
A dead man’s greyish-black color was retreating. Some of them were even less ill. Although they couldn’ t speak, they had already opened their eyes.
“Miracle!”I’ ve already escaped the danger!”
The doctor was shocked.
“Quick!”Let the media reporters in!”
The colonel immediately gave the order.
The pressure that had been placed on preventing reporters from entering was already enormous.
Now that there was good news, quickly submit it!
Otherwise, the situation would be too bad for them.
Not long after, Professor Liu Ru was surrounded.*

036 Let humans help expand (2nd place)

“Professor Liu, how did you discover this!”
“Professor Liu, you saved thousands of people by yourself!”What do you think?”
“Professor Liu, what do you think about this mutated mushroom?”
Liu Ru didn’t want to be interviewed at first. She did n’ t like places where there were many people. She only liked to study quietly. Sitting in the laboratory and looking at mushrooms every day was better than this.
However, the excited headmaster constantly encouraged her and said that she would be given a large sum of money. Furthermore, if the laboratory moved, she would definitely be responsible for it!
In order to better study the conditions, Liu Ru reluctantly agreed.
She asked some questions and answered them.
“I initially think that this gray-black mutant poisonous mushroom shouldn’ t be extremely harmful. Its growth rate and the rate of producing spores are just normal mushrooms. It might even be lower.”
“Then please ask Professor Liu, how do you think this accident was caused?”
“This incident, it was mainly a combination of the environment and various factors of the terrain. I just learned that in order to facilitate the construction, a lot of pesticides had been spilled. This caused the environment to be destroyed, without the suppression of many plants, and the large area that was left was quickly occupied by poisonous mushrooms. In addition to the heavy rain and humid climate, this caused a large number of poisonous mushrooms to multiply.
In fact, nature had a reasonable system of freedom. It was impossible for every creature to grow too much. If we didn’ t break this balance, it shouldn’ t be a problem.
“Of course, that’s just the current judgment. I’ ll conduct a deeper investigation later.”
“There is news that the Academy of Sciences is planning to close this experimental base. What do you think, Professor Liu?”
“It’s fine if it’s closed. There are indeed too many unknown factors in the forest, but we won’ t give up on it. We just need to think about it carefully.”
Liu Ru saw the headmaster beside her and frantically winked at her.
She knew that it seemed like she had said something that she shouldn’ t have said.
Then she should just shut up.
“Aiyo!My aunt!”How could you say that? This pot doesn’ t dare to be stuck on the academy’s head!”
At the end of the interview, the principal almost cried.
If it were anyone else, he would have jumped up and cursed.
But this was Liu Ru. Right now, the entire world was a hot scientist.
It was even more popular than many celebrities!
Under such circumstances, as the principal, he was just a nominal leader. If he was angry, he would immediately change his school if he couldn’ t do it!
He would really cry to death.
This kind of aunt, he could only show a bitter face and try to persuade her.
If necessary, they would sell miserably.
“Aunt, we still have to point our money at the other party. Do you want a new laboratory?”Didn’ t your big mushroom say you want to build a large greenhouse? Do you want to cultivate your mutant plants?”
This was all white silver!
He checked with Liu Ru one by one.
“Alright, I won’ t say anything next time.”
Liu Ru said.
She casually grabbed a mushroom and put it into her mouth.
Sweet and delicious.
The principal nodded slightly and finally let out a sigh of relief.
However, just as they reached the door, another group of reporters frantically surrounded them.
It was because the scene of Professor Liu saving people and eating mushrooms had been exposed!
Looking at the crazy popularity of the Internet, the principal was ecstatic.
He quickly rushed in front of Professor Liu.
“Professor Liu, you should say a few more words later!”Don’ t worry!”
The principal gritted his teeth, wishing he could brag to the reporters himself. However, he knew that this was impossible. At this moment, Professor Liu was completely alive, and his image was completely erected!
It was great wisdom to cure diseases and save people!
This was a true scholar, a professor!
“Alright, I’ ll try my best.”
Professor Liu was speechless. What else could he say?
Wasn’ t that already said?
Right now, she just wanted to rush back to the forest and study it carefully!
“Associated Mushrooms can save people!”
“This mushroom can be eaten!”
“It’s still very sweet!”
In an instant, as Liu Ru calmly ate the mushroom, the scene of persuading everyone was revealed.
A mushroom boom appeared at night.
“Where can I buy that white mushroom?”
“Heavy gold to buy white mushrooms!”
“There an old iron in Jingyu Town?”Please kneel and help me get some mushrooms!”
In the end, the more the rumors spread, the more profound it became. The rumors that mushrooms could activate their abilities were all spread.
In the end, Liu Ru studied carefully and gave the answer.
This mushroom was named Jingyu Mushroom by her, which could be considered as a memorial to the location of the discovery.
This kind of mushroom could be used, and the taste was delicious!It was delicious when cooked.
“There are also some excitement substances that are similar to caffeine, but the content is very low. This might be an important source of delicious taste.”
“Please ask Professor Liu, will this cause addiction?”
“”Won’ t. In fact, a trace amount of caffeine or theophylline is good for activating human body functions. Coffee and tea leaves can become popular in the world. It has nothing to do with these substances.”
“In other words, this kind of mushroom can not only make delicious food, it can also be used as a raw material for producing new drinks?”
“That’s right. Indeed.”
“Our school has set up a special research project to study large areas of cultivation of the Still Rain Mushroom!”
At the side, the headmaster was finally unable to hold back. Professor Liu had not said anything important!
He decided to do it himself!
Is there any money for the project?
No problem!
If this was mentioned, there would naturally be money.*

037 Bug Tribe Queen (3nd place)

There was no need for sunlight, short growth cycles, rich nutrition, and the ability to refresh oneself.
Such a kind of food?
Very good!
The product of Chen Mo’s sudden inspiration was widely praised by Xia Hai University.
Xia Hai University received a large amount of research funds from above.
As for the residents of Jingyu Town, they saw a business opportunity as well. One after another, they planted Jingyu Mushrooms and promoted it as a product with local characteristics.
It was strange to say that this Jingyu mushroom had the best appearance and taste around Jingyu Town. With the analysis of agricultural experts, this might be related to the unique climate and soil in the area.
An even more intelligent farmer was inspired by Professor Liu’s story. He planted the grey black mushroom and the Jingyu Mushroom together and found that the Jingyu Mushroom tasted better!
The deadly poisonous mushroom actually made the Jingyu Mushroom taste even better. In addition, the tortuous story of Jingyu Mushroom entering human eyes.
Once this kind of delicacy was born, it began to become more popular and expensive.
As for the Discoverer of Jingyu Mushroom, there was also the person named after it. Liu Ru was even more famous.
The combination of wisdom, courage, beauty, and many other glorious titles.
She was known as a national treasure rank figure, the goddess in the temple of science.
Time flew by. In the blink of an eye, another week had passed.
Chen Mo already had a very clear concept of time, not only because his consciousness was getting stronger and stronger, but also because Professor Liu’s laboratory would welcome a batch of students to visit every week.
This week, there were another batch of students who had come to visit.
Of course, not a few of them were cute.
Compared to Liu Ru’s students, they were far inferior. The questions they asked were also extremely lacking.
Therefore, Chen Mo listened for a moment before turning his gaze back to the mushroom forest.
The mushroom forest and its original appearance did not seem to have changed at all.
If there was any change, it would be more harmonious.
Chen Mo had learned how to integrate into the ecosystem of the basin and play the role of a mushroom.
Almost every mushroom forest had animals wearing them.
The largest mushroom forest, Chen Mo was the one who liked to stay.
Here, there were a few very interesting little guys.
Miss Blackstone released her consciousness. She was shouting for a big man.
Her hair became more and more beautiful. Yes, it could no longer be described simply as a flame. Instead, it really floated. Sometimes, you couldn’ t even tell if it was a real flame or hair.
“Where do you need to go to throw the bullet today!”
The chief’s voice also sounded.
He jumped excitedly.
Putting a mushroom bomb was his favorite thing to do at the moment, besides catching insects.
After exploding that cobra that was a hundred times bigger than him, it became fascinated by this behavior.
This was too interesting!
This was what the overlord of the forest should do!
Pa ji!
Roaring hard, he opened his mouth and swallowed a passing ant.
It happened to find that the wood didn’ t taste as good as ants!
The ants fled in panic.
Not long after, the ant queen released an angry consciousness.
This ant queen was also very interesting. Its consciousness was actually very powerful. Although it wasn’ t worth mentioning in front of Chen Mo, it was much stronger than ordinary insects.
Moreover, intelligence was not ordinary.
As a result, Chen Mo took good care of him, wanting to see how far he could develop.
Chen Mo named him “Bug Tribe Queen “.
It was called the Queen.
The Queen controlled the entire clan. She had tens of millions of ants under her control. Her nest had grown even larger, and a complicated ant city had been built underground.
Of course, she couldn’ t bear the provocation of a mere’snotworm’.
He immediately sent out troops to attack.
However, Chen Mo quickly calmed down.
“Big fellow, my clansmen are being slaughtered. As the Queen, I must protect my people.”
The Queen was indignant.
“No intelligence, just tools.”
Chen Mo said calmly.
This kind of cross-species conversation was truly a wonderful thing.
The Queen fell silent.” What is that?”
“You have wisdom. I have wisdom. Your people do not have wisdom. Wisdom is creation, gift.”
Chen Mo explained.
“You have wisdom, I don’ t. You created me, you gave me a name, I…”Is it your tool?”
The Queen revealed a feeling of disappointment and sadness.
Chen Mo didn’ t know whether to laugh or cry.
Perhaps it was because the other party was the standard way of thinking through collective consciousness, so it was a little fast.
The Queen’s name was correct. However, it was no longer different from creation. He could not do such a thing.
“Creating a species and giving wisdom is something that only a creator can do. I have yet to reach that level.”
“Big man, you will be there. I believe you.”
“I’ll borrow your words.”
After the conversation ended, the Queen calmed down.
When she was unhappy, it was like this. She was silent and silent.
Chen Mo knew that she must have insisted that she had created her. She was depressed about why she had denied this matter.
However, whatever she thought of, she would definitely be happy again tomorrow.
Chen Mo turned his gaze to the “war chariot “.
This was that wild boar.
Chen Mo used it very smoothly, so he used his mycelium to dig out the bullets in his body. The expansion of mycelium was already domineering, killing all the other bacteria in the wound.
It was equivalent to a disguised form of disinfection.
After the wound healed, Chen Mo tamed the boar.
He gave him a name,” Chariot “.
The chief excitedly stood on top of the war chariot.
“Set off!”Prepare to charge!”
“Crush everything!”
Miss Hei Si also leaped up and landed lightly on the chariot’s back.
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038 Variant Eagle (4th place)

The current war chariot was already very different from the one a week ago.
Two large bags hung on its sides, filled with mushrooms.
The bag was obtained from an abandoned construction site.
There were a large number of human items that had been discarded there. Now, it was just right for Chen Mo to use.
Ever since the forest was sealed off, no one came in. At most, there were helicopters from the sky.
As a result, Chen Mo immediately expanded, occupying the area around the construction site, and growing many poisonous mushrooms on the road.
This was to prevent humans from planning to enter.
He ordered the war chariot to cross the road and enter the forest on the other side.
Chen Mo had already collected almost all the creatures in the basin.
Today’s target was a mountain peak.
Yesterday, he heard from the chief that he saw an extremely large bird in the air. This bird was hovering on a mountain peak not far from the basin.
It just so happened that Chen Mo’s mushroom also spread over here. He carefully observed that there really was a kind of huge bird, as if it was building a nest on the mountain top.
On the largest tree.
It was most likely an eagle.
It might even be a mutated eagle.
Because its wingspan was simply too wide, extremely exaggerated, reaching a level of almost eight meters.
Four meters to the left and right.
This was a bit ridiculous.
At the same time, Chen Mo also obtained information from Jingyu Town. In the past few days, there was a huge eagle that attacked the livestock in the town. Once, it almost took everyone away.
The helicopter that had been flying back and forth for the past few days probably wanted to kill this eagle.
However, Chen Mo also wanted to obtain this eagle.
This kind of creature was very rare nearby, let alone mutated creatures. If he missed this opportunity, Chen Mo might not be able to obtain the eagle gene map for a long time.
He looked at his’ evolutionary clues, perception organs’.
It required 100 carbon-based biological knowledge reserves and 3-10 representative biological gene maps.
At present, he still lacked 10 points of knowledge, and he had obtained two biological gene maps. They were insects. At present, the progress of research on evolutionary clues of sensory organs was 30%, and the progress of research on efficient absorption was 18%.
He flipped over the mountain and saw a stream.
“There are fish!”
The chief spread his wings and rushed over first.
There was actually a small pond here. There were quite a few small fish inside.
The chief was envious, but in the end, he did not dare to rush into the water.
Right now, its intelligence was not low either. It was afraid that there were mutated creatures within it.
Some mutated creatures were extremely cunning, hiding in this seemingly harmless environment.
However, with the arrival of the big guy, it immediately became eager to try and become bold.
The war chariot directly smashed into the pool, but unexpectedly, Chen Mo didn’ t catch a single fish!
On the contrary, the water was mixed up.
Seeing that there were no mutated creatures, the chief rushed down as well. Like a fighter plane, it rushed into the water. With its race talent, it even pierced into a few fishes.
This made Chen Mo unhappy.
He didn’ t believe it. He couldn’ t catch a few fish?
He simply built a small dam and cut off the flow of water!
Then, he directly drained the entire water tank.
There were quite a few creatures in a small pool!
A few animals could not eat much. Moreover, only a few fish could be eaten.
The rest were planted with mushrooms.
[Event]: You absorbed the grass carp flesh and obtained 10% of the grass carp gene. You extracted the available gene from it. Your genetic structure was optimized. Your ability to adapt to the heavy rain environment was enhanced. Adaptability +0.1.
[Event]: You absorbed the flesh and blood of the loach and obtained 15% of the loach gene. You extracted the available gene from it. Your genetic structure was optimized. Your cell repair ability was enhanced. Adaptability +0.1.
[Event]: You absorbed the crab flesh and obtained 5% of the crab gene. You extracted the available gene from it. Your gene structure was optimized. Your metal gene secretion was more efficient, allowing you to mix in calcium.
[Evolutionary clues]: You have obtained a 100% genetic map of grass carp. Your research on perception organs has made new progress. Current research progress is 50%.
A series of new events!
This was the benefit of controlling the war chariot. Normally, Chen Mo wouldn’ t have the slightest chance to touch the creatures in the water.
But with the help of the war chariot, this was all a small matter.
However, this pool was too small. Apart from the quick collection of the grass carp gene map, the rest were much less.
Chen Mo just happened to follow the stream. The direction was similar. Not only could he rush to the Eagle’s lair, he could also gather the genes of aquatic creatures along the way.
From afar, the sound of a helicopter could be heard.
Chen Mo hurriedly released his consciousness, allowing everyone to enter the forest.
This animal combination was very strange. It was more or less troublesome for humans to see it.
The huge boom of the helicopter reverberated in the air above the entire forest. The enormous steel body cast a shadow over Chen Mo’s head.
“Looks like the human first found the eagle.”
Chen Mo couldn’ t help but feel regretful.
Not long after, Chen Mo saw the helicopter circle again and prepared to return.
There was no sound of fire.
It was obvious that the eagle was very smart. It had already run away when it heard the voice.
The human returned with nothing.
However, as the helicopter passed under a cloud layer,
A black shadow swiftly descended from the clouds.
Chen Mo’s eyes narrowed,
It was an eagle!
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