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Big Boss
Fantasy Coins: 67

Chapter 1 Foodstuffs and Late System

“Fatty, are you going to eat when your stomach is almost broken?”Lin Tian said unhappily.
“Brother Tian, you should make the best use of your time to eat something. Once you reach the island, you won’ t be able to eat such fragrant chicken legs and pig hooves anymore.”The fatty didn’ t even raise his head. His mouth quickly gnawed on the chicken leg in his left hand and the pig’s hoof in his right hand. He answered Lin Tian while swallowing.
Lin Tian raised his hand to support his forehead. He could only smile bitterly.
How could he survive in the wilderness?
Fatty’s name was Chi Huo. He was born from Old Master Chi. Old Master Chi and his wife had worked hard for most of their lives to create a noble family. They were rather emotional about paying a share of the goods, so they gave Fatty a single name.
It was said that people were like their names, and Lin Tian deeply suspected that Fatty was so delicious. It was all thanks to Elder Chi’s name.
Chi Huo Chi Huo was clearly a foodie.
However, although the fat man was still buried in bitter eating, Lin Tian was not angry.
Lin Tian had traveled through this parallel world.
At the time of his most downfall, Chi Huo’s family had taken him in. How many Spring and Autumn Periods had accompanied him, and the two of them had long since had a deep friendship.
“, It’s almost time to gather in the hall.”If we miss out on the equipment, we’ ll really have to drink the wind on the island.”Lin Tian hurriedly urged the fatty when he saw that he had another big pig’s hoof.
“Aiya, Brother Tian, don’ t be anxious.”You’ ve never heard of such a saying before. You don’ t have to work hard to eat and drink today.”The fatty was finally willing to leave the dining table. Of course, when he got up, he didn’ t forget to pick up two roast pig hooves.
“You caw, you can’t say something good?”We’ re going to live on a desolate island. How unlucky are you to say this?”Lin Tian glared at Fatty.
“Hehe, Brother Tian, didn’ t you say I’ m a lucky star?”If not, how could Da Hua’s several hundred million people register to participate in this wilderness survival?”Fatty was not angry at all. He grinned and took out a white tooth.
Lin Tian no longer refuted this point.
Dahua’s richest man had organized this’ Man vs. Wild 666 Days’ event with some ancient plutocrats.
This was a huge match, and the bonus was enticing to the point!
“If you persist for one month, you will receive a 1 million bonus.”
“If you persist for 100 days, you will receive 5 million bonus.”
“If you persist for 365 days, you will receive 50 million bonus.”
“If you persist for 666 days, you will receive 500 million bonus.”
Once the event was announced, hundreds of millions of people signed up.
However, the final selection was only 100 groups, with a total of 200 people.
Lin Tian, who had traveled for many years without a gold finger, felt that he definitely wouldn’ t have such good luck, so he paid a little attention and left it behind.
Who would have thought that the fatty would secretly report the names of the two of them, and actually successfully selected them!
Fatty was praised by Lin Tian as a lucky star.
“Yes, yes, yes, yes. You are a lucky star. Lucky Star would be best able to ensure that we can run into a large amount of resources as soon as we get onto the island. This way, even if we can only last for a month, we will still be able to receive a 1 million bonus.”Lin Tian replied with a smile.
“Ah, a 1 million bonus will be enough to buy many chicken legs and pig hooves.”The fatty’s eyes lit up.” Big Brother Tian, with you around, there’s no problem staying for a month, right?”
“I don’ t dare to bid for this. After all, this is an original undeveloped island. The difficulty factor is not low.”Lin Tian frowned slightly.
“That’s right. That’s the Primitive Forest. Didn’ t the organizer even ask us to sign a contract, saying that there’s a risk of death.”At this point, the fatty stopped gnawing at the pig’s hooves. Clearly, he was also worried.
He paused for a few seconds.
He bit down another piece of pork hooves and looked at Lin Tian with a serious expression.
“Brother, if I am unlucky to fall on the Desolate Island, you should take care of the old man and the others with a pension.”
“I don’ t want anything else. Every year, Qingming remembers to burn 365 chicken legs and 365 pig hooves.”
“Yes, I’ll burn another 100 portions and two waiters. I’ m tired of eating chicken legs and pig feet.”
After saying that, the fatty gnawed on the pig’s hoof in his hand again. He looked like it was fragrant.
Lin Tian didn’ t pay attention to Fatty’s teasing. Instead, he thought about what he had just said.
Indeed, survival in the wilderness was far from as simple as he had imagined. It was difficult for him to have a chance to become rich. If he couldn’ t grasp it, it would be a lifelong regret.
[You look calm, but your heart is already beginning to worry. You have decided to do everything you can to persist on the island for a long time]
[You have gained +2 Spirit]
Suddenly, some subtitles appeared in Lin Tian’s mind!
This is… the system?!
As a transmigration party, Lin Tian realized that his late system had finally arrived.
He looked at the fat man who was still eating his pig’s hooves with excitement. He resisted the urge to share this joy with Brother Tie.
[Heartless Fatty]
[Attitude: Absolute trust]
[Favorite: Love to eat all the delicacies in the world, especially chicken legs and pig hooves]
[Specialty: A fool is a fool. Being close to him will always bring unexpected good luck]
[Monologue: Those who know food are handsome]
As he stared at Fatty Chi, the subtitles in his mind appeared again.
It was like a string of narratives.
Lin Tian could see the narration!
“Fatty, perhaps we might be able to survive for 666 days.”*

Chapter 2: The small commotion caused by the fat and thin combination!

By the time they arrived at the main hall, the place was already filled with people.The contestants, the staff, the numerous news media reporters… Everyone was in a heated mood as they talked about the upcoming wilderness survival topic.
Lin Tian and Chi Huo entered.
Very quickly, it caught everyone’s attention.
Fatty’s body size was too strong. He was 1.9 meters tall and weighed over 260 kilograms.As a result, Lin Tian, who was over 1.7 meters away from him, appeared to be a little small. The two of them formed a sharp contrast.
One thing that could not be ignored was that the fatty was gnawing on half of the pig’s hooves.
The organizers gave the participants a chance to eat the last meal in half an hour.
All kinds of delicacies were enough.
In that half an hour, from beginning to end, only Lin Tian and Chi Huo were in the restaurant.
There were no other participants.
It was obvious that Chi Huo’s conspicuous figure and his character of not forgetting to eat had become a topic of discussion.
On the field, the aircraft camera quickly found a spot to get a close-up shot for Lin Tian and Chi.
The entire country’s largest live broadcast platform, Shaking Sun Live, also switched to their entrance screen. This reaction speed was extremely fast!
At this moment, tens of millions of fans were already paying attention to everything here.
“What did I see?”Is this a humanoid tank?”
“Who can tell me that this tonnage can survive for a few days?”
“I bet he won’ t hold on tonight!”
“What was he holding in his hand, a pig’s hoof?”Are you going to go to the end?”
“Fatty’s gluttony participation in the wilderness will become the hottest topic in this phase!”
“In front of us, shut up. Where have you left our beautiful little sister Mu Yufei!”
“As well as Shanghai’s Young Master Sun, that’s the real topic.”
As soon as the screen was over, the +1 on the screen followed closely behind. Clearly, this woman named Mu Yuffi and that Shanghai’s young master Sun were extremely popular. Even though the close-up pictures were of Lin Tian and Chi Huo, the screen was instantly dominated by their crazy fans.
A reporter-like man immediately came over and handed a microphone to the fatty’s mouth.
“Could you tell me how you feel about having such a heavyweight figure but having the opportunity to participate in this program?”Are you worried that you won’ t be able to eat enough on the wasteland?”
The fatty was just about to continue eating the pig’s hooves when the microphone and questions that came suddenly made him feel a little confused.
[All-pervasive reporters]
[Attitude: scornful]
[Specialty: No matter how boring a topic is, it can attract popularity with dog blood]
[Monologue: Heh, bro, do you have any privacy?Do you want me to explode the ingredients for you!]
Lin Tian looked coldly at this reporter. He was almost unable to tolerate his rudeness towards Fatty.
The caption just happened to appear in his mind.
He didn’t dare to flatter this male reporter’s character, and the coldness on his face became heavier.
“Fatty, ignore him. Let’s go.”
In the end, Lin Tian still endured it and pulled down Chi Li’s clothes.
[The disrespect of the reporter to his friends made you especially angry. You really want to punch him in the nose]
[You have gained +2[ Strength]
Huh?How could it still be like this?
This sudden confession made Lin Tian a little surprised.
He secretly clenched his fist. Sure enough, he felt that his strength was much stronger than before.
The male reporter had no choice but to go over to the camera and continue to explain,” Looks like our fat and thin team’s players are full of confidence in the competition. What will they do next?”We will continue to focus on reporting for everyone. This is Yang Wei’s report, the host.”
“There any delegates paying attention to the contestant information?”I’ ll give you three seconds. I want to know the name of that little brother with Fatty.”
“Little Big Brother is a bit arrogant. His expression just now is cold!”
“It was that reporter who went too far, asking directly like this would hurt your self-esteem.”
“Ha, I know that little brother’s name is Lin Tian. That fatty’s name is actually Chi Huo!”
“Chi Huo… foodie?”That’s right.”
“Are you going to laugh to death?2333…”
“This little brother Lin Tian seems to have quite a bit of energy. Why isn’t his brain too bright? Is n’ t it obvious that he’s choosing a’ pig’ teammate?”
“The’ Pig Teammate’ upstairs is clever!”
“No, this team must make a bet. I’ ll bet on a rocket. They won’ t last for three days!”
“I bet on a yacht. Not to mention three days, tonight will be terrible!”
“Did I only notice the name of the reporter?”
Lin Tian didn’t expect that the moment the two of them appeared, they had already attracted a large number of fans’ attention. The number of fans in their independent broadcast room was also increasing.
“Brother Tian, that reporter was just like we thought. Do you think there are enough coconuts on the island for us to eat?”But just eating coconuts is really not enough!”
Fatty had a melancholy expression on his face, but his mouth did not stop. This last pig’s hoof had to be chewed clean. God knows when to eat the next pig’s hoof.
“Don’ t worry. Follow me. I won’ t let you starve.”Lin Tian patted Chi Huon on the shoulder and said.
If it weren’t for the System, Lin Tian would n’ t have dared to say such words. Now that he had the System, he still had some confidence.
“Yes, that’s good.”The fatty replied vaguely.
He was usually stupid. Other than eating, he was half a beat slower. All these years, it had been Lin Tian who had taken care of him and made up his mind, so he had absolute trust in Lin Tian.
Before the host could announce the rules of the competition, Lin Tian was a little bored, so he looked around and observed the participants in the hall.
Suddenly, a beautiful figure appeared in Lin Tian’s vision.
“This girl has something.”*

Chapter 3 Unusual Rules of Competition

“Everyone, calm down.”
The host suddenly appeared.
Clearly, they were about to announce the rules of the competition and head to the island.
“Hello, everyone. I am the host, Xiao Sa. I am very honored to be able to host this challenging program of “666 Days of Man vs. Wild” jointly organized by Mr. Ma and many large clans.”
“200 Lucky children, the audience and friends in the live broadcast room. Where are your cheers?”
Xiao San was indeed an outstanding host. He quickly mobilized the atmosphere in the live broadcast room and the live broadcast room.
Lin Tian agreed with what the narrator system had given Xiao Sa.
This was a man born for the host.
“Next, I will announce the rules of the competition.”
“Number one: Everyone can get a set of suitable charging clothes before they leave. Be careful, they are suitable charging clothes. Don’ t think that you can choose a set of the largest charging clothes to use when you live on the Desolate Island.”Xiao Sa said with a charming smile.
“It’s just a set of clothes. Is it so true?”
“The organizers set the rules so carefully?”This is to force us to a dead end.”
As soon as Xiao Sa finished speaking, the scene began to discuss.
The broadcast room was filled with scenes.
“Well done!”
“The program team is too ruthless, but I like it.”
“Is the organizer a devil?”
“Some people’s small plans were overturned…”
“Sympathized with the contestants for a second. Haha, I laughed at 2333……”
Theo had already calculated the reaction from the live broadcast and the live broadcast, so he didn’t worry too much. He asked everyone to calm down and continue reading the rules.
“Each team member would not give out any survival tools here.”You will receive the tools that you randomly placed there.”
“Theoretically, there are two tools for each group. However, to increase the randomness and interest of the program, some groups may only get one tool, while some groups will get three tools.”
“And all of this will be decided by your luck.”
Once this rule was announced, the crowd became restless again.
“This program team really knows how to play.”
“The Fortune Bell Divine Show has no show!”
“It seems that it’s useless to be drawn. If you’ re not lucky enough to obtain a tool, then the difficulty of surviving will increase a lot.”
“Luck is also part of strength.”
“In front of me, I’ m afraid I’ m dumbfounded by reading a novel.”
“I wonder how lucky our little brother Lin Tian and big brother glutton are?”
“I want to protect my Yu Fei from obtaining three pieces of equipment…”
“The one upstairs isn’ t awake, right? Yu Fei is also yours?”
“Wake up, everyone. Shanghai’s young master Sun has also been selected. He is Mu Yufei’s hardcore follower.”
Xiao San and the others quieted down and then said.
“Actually, we don’ t need to worry too much. The program team didn’ t block everyone’s path. We still randomly hid 10 locations of treasures on the island. Someone who is destined to find them will be able to obtain the equipment and supplies inside.”
It seemed that the program team had indeed made a lot of moves. This time, the content of the Challenger League had become much richer and more interesting.
“Finally, there’s another rule that allows team formation during the challenge process. However, the island is not small. It’s not easy to form a team.”
“It’s okay to fight, but it won’ t kill anyone.”
“At the end of the day, I wish everyone a victory and a grand prize.”
After the host finished his speech, Lin Tian brought Chi Shou to change his clothes.
Lin Tian didn’t feel regretful that he could only choose clothes that fit him. With the support of the system, what else could he be afraid of?
Coincidentally, when he went to the charging clothes collection place, he encountered the beautiful woman who had been secretly sighing.
The discussion among the crowd made it easy for Lin Tian to confirm the identity of the beauty.
Mu Yufei, a graduate student at Haitong University.
Compared to before, this girl was indeed a delicate beauty.
Her nose was quite curved, and her eyes were like a sea of stars. Her dark shawl’s long hair reflected the fair and cold beauty of her skin.
[Cold and hot young lady]
[Attitude: neither servile nor overbearing]
[Specialty: Smart and vigorous, good at brain-moving outdoor sports]
[Monologue: Apart from the beauty online, I have many advantages that deserve everyone’s attention]
It seemed that this girl’s cold appearance was most likely fake. Her outstanding appearance caused her to receive too much attention. Her peaceful personality made her use an ice-cold mask to resist some unpleasant harassment.
Lin Tian thought to himself.
[A simple girl has successfully attracted your attention. You tried your best to tell yourself that you only like her personality, but you can not change the fact that you crave her body.[1]
Heh, Brother Bai, don’t play around. I, Lin Tian, am not that vulgar.
[You are trying to attract the attention of the girl. If you can form a team, you will have more opportunities to capture Fang Xin]
[You have obtained +10 Charm Points]
[You have obtained the Love at First Sight Skill]
Mu Yufei suddenly looked at the boy beside her curiously. For some reason, she felt her heart racing when she first met him.
[The girl’s gaze made you feel happy. You decided to throw a flirtatious glance at her and turn her down.[1]
“Hello, this is Lin Tian. Can we form a team after we get to the island?”Lin Tian stopped his steps and sincerely invited Mu Yufei.
As for the flirtatious operation, Lin Tian definitely wouldn’ t believe the system’s nonsense.*

Chapter 4 Violent Girl and Shanghai Rich Young Master

“My god, I heard it correctly. Little brother Lin Tian actually sent out an invitation like a goddess!”
“Sure enough, his brain isn’t bright. Although Lin Tian looks pretty handsome, it’s still impossible for him to soak up Yu Fei.”
“The toad wants to eat swan meat. I wish the fat and lean combination would be eliminated tonight.”
Because Mu Yufei’s popularity had always been high, several aircraft cameras continued to monitor the goddess’ every action from various angles.
Lin Tian’s bold invitation instantly went on the hot spot in the live broadcast room. However, there were only a few people looking after it.
“Hey, young man, can we go out in the mirror?”You’ re still inviting me to form a team like this?”
Before Mu Yufei could say anything, the female companion beside her took off her sunglasses, and her old-fashioned demeanor landed on Lin Tian.
[An obedient young lady]
[Attitude: Irony of the Red Fruit]
[Specialty: martial arts combat, smart teeth]
[Monologue: Don’t be afraid. Let’s have a three hundred rounds before we speak.[1]
Martial arts combat?
Lin Tian had a large number of young girls in front of him. They were dressed in strong clothes and had a hot body.It could be seen that he was indeed a person who trained frequently, but he did not seem to be able to fight.
However, the system’s judgment had always been one of three points. Lin Tian didn’ t dare to easily attempt a spar.
“What are you looking at? Then, look at your wolf eyes.”The young lady’s big eyes widened, her warning full of meaning.
The young lady was wearing sunglasses before, and it wasn’ t very eye-catching. Now that she took off the sunglasses, her appearance wasn’ t much inferior to Mu Yufei’s. In an instant, it ignited the heart of the man in the livestream room.
“This beautiful young lady is very spicy. My dishes are correct.”
“Upstairs, don’t you dare to shout about your food before you are ready to lose your arms and legs.”
“Jing Qiuyun’s little sister is on the line. She’ ll let us mourn for Lin Tian for three minutes.”
“Little sister, come hit me. I’ m willing to…”
“The one upstairs seems to be driving, but I have no evidence.”
[You can’t help but want to have a fight with a girl. You think it must be very refreshing to destroy flowers with hot hands]
[You’ ve obtained +10 power]
Lin Tian asked himself that there was no tendency to be violent. How could such a cruel thing like killing flowers with hot hands be done only when he could not bear it?
The joy brought by the increased strength of both fists could easily counteract the displeasure caused by the sharp teeth and sharp mouth of a beautiful woman.
“Qiuyun, don’ t make a fuss.”Mu Yuffi hurriedly pulled Jing Qiuyun’s arm. This young miss could break the man’s arm at any time, so she couldn’ t stop him.
“Sister Yu Fei, why don’ t you look at the situation between these two? One of them is as thin as a pig and the other is as fat as a pig. If you cooperate with them, then you won’ t be able to think too much?”Jing Qiuyun said in front of Lin Tian and Lin Tian, regardless of face.
“Who do you think is too thin?”The pig’s hoof bone in Fatty’s hand was crushed.He could be said to be fat, but if someone wanted to insult Lin Tian with words, he would definitely not agree.
“Yu Fei, what’s going on?”
There was a deadlock on this side. Two more people came from the side.
One person’s muscles were knotted, cold and capable.
One of them had a handsome face and handsome appearance.
The latter spoke.
[Graceful young master]
[Attitude: High and mighty]
[Specialty: Pretend to show off your wealth]
[Monologue: I have to buy two helicopters, one with the other]
Because of the narration, Lin Tian quickly gained a preliminary understanding of this person.
“It’s fine. A little misunderstanding.”Mu Yufei looked at the person and said with a far-fetched smile.
“Sun Yu, Grand Young Master Sun, you’ re acting like a flower protection emissary. Nuo, I can’ t even endure this kid inviting Sister Yu Fei to form a team. Can you endure it?”Jing Qiuyun was immediately excited. He was afraid that things wouldn’ t be serious.
At this moment, the broadcast room had completely exploded.
“F*ck, Lin Tian and Sun Shao are stealing the goddess online?”
“You’ re dead or I’ m alive!”
“Even this skinny kid is worthy of fighting with Sun Shao. A single finger can kill him!”
“Ah… Sun Shao is too handsome. Where did this country bumpkin come from? How dare he offend my husband?”
“I’m a fanatic. I’ m looking at him. This Lin Tian Hall is shining. It’s obviously someone with great fortune.”
“The fortune-teller upstairs, when did he see Yama?”It’s already 2020. There are still people who come out to talk about superstition.”
“No one really thought that they would fight, right?Could it be?”No way?”
For a moment, the livestream room was divided into two camps. One side thought that Lin Tian could be defeated by Lin Si and the other side thought that Sun Yu was Prince Charming.
Brother “, give me some face and stop pestering Yu Fei. In front of the entire country’s audience, I promise you that even if you can only hold on for one day, how about our Shanghai Sun Young Master pay you one million as a soothing fee?”Don’ t worry, one million is just an allowance for my little friend.”Sun Yu said to Lin Tian with a smile on his face, but his disdain towards Lin Tian and the others was obvious.
As a well-known rich second generation, he knew that the entire country’s media must be paying close attention to his every move at all times. Therefore, it was impossible for him to make a move. That would destroy his image as an elegant young master.
As for one million yuan, he couldn’ t even buy him a watch chain. It was just a handout to this toad, but this could show off his wealth in front of the goddess and the entire country’s audience. Why not?
“Wasa,1 million is just an allowance for a child. I want to be that child.”
“Elder Sun Yu, I want to give you a monkey.”
“If you have money, you can do whatever you want.”
“Lin Tian is too miserable. Being slapped on the face in front of the goddess is something even a man can not endure.”
[You think the little white face on the other side is really noisy. Breaking his third leg might make him shut up.[1]
[You have gained +10 power]
Lin Tianping calmed down.
He knew that ignoring someone like this was the most direct form of contempt.As a result, he didn’ t even look at Sun Yu. Instead, he smiled at Mu Yufei and invited her again.
“When we arrive on the island this afternoon, how about we team up?”
[Your sincerity and unafraid of power have caused the goddess to take a new look at you. Your charm has increased endlessly]
[You have gained +10 Charm]
Only ten?Lin Tian silently cursed as he agreed that his charm would increase endlessly.
However, this was no longer urgent, because Lin Tian had already received Mu Yufei’s affirmative reply.
“Alright, I’ ll meet you all the way to the west after we get to the island.”*

How could there be them everywhere?

“I admit I’ m sore.”
“This is no longer a dream, right?”Did Lin Tian successfully invite the goddess?”
“Sun Shaoxi’s defeat, I’ ve rekindled my hope for life.”
“Lin Tian is our idol!”
“Let’s go. I’ ll just forget about it. Don’ t worry about the water in the world. He looks like he’s a young man. I want to marry his daughter to him.”
“My father-in-law/mother-in-law in front of me, do you still lack a son-in-law?”
The broadcast room exploded, but the scene was a little quiet.
Mu Yufei didn’t know why she had agreed. Now that she recalled it, her face turned red like a ripe peach.
Jing Qiuyun stared blankly at Mu Yufei, his mouth opening into a beautiful form 0.
Sun Yu and Bai Jun’s face turned green, and they began to pant as their eyes shifted back and forth between Lin Tian and Mu Yufei.
Even the muscular and fierce man who was with him was slightly surprised.
Only Fatty chuckled.
“Brother Tian, you’ re still strong. Such a beautiful girl has already arrived.”
Fatty’s words undoubtedly landed a heavy slap on Sun Yu’s face. This time, it could be considered as losing face to all over the country.
He took a deep look at Mu Yufei. For the first time, a feeling of disgust rose. However, he couldn’ t give up on his pursuit. The best way was to get his hands on it first. After playing enough, he would throw it away.
No matter how good-looking a woman was to him, she was just a clothing item that he could throw away after wearing it twice.However, this dress was special. He didn’ t mind enduring this tone and playing with them.
“You guys are very good. It’s best not to touch me on the island. The rules allow you to fight.”
Sun Yu smiled coldly and said to Lin Tian before leaving without looking back.
“Are you allowed to fight?”Lin Tian thought to himself.Feeling the power of the explosion, he cast a sympathetic gaze towards Sun Yu’s back.
“If Lin Tian dares to offend Young Master Sun, he’s dead.”
“I suspect that Lin Tian doesn’t have a chance to go to the island today. Young Master Sun wants him to die tonight. Who would dare to leave him to Tianming?”
“Don’ t look too high at Sun Yu. No matter how awesome he is, can he break Mr. Ma’s wrist?”
“A battle between dragons and tigers is about to take place. Which one of you said would withdraw first?”
The popularity of the livestream room became more and more prosperous. Lin Tian’s independent livestream room was filled with a large number of fans who were frantically buying gifts like the rocket yacht.
There were very few people who dared to fight against Shanghai’s young master Sun. Not only was Lin Tian not afraid at all, he had even defeated Sun Yu in this round of moves. Immediately, many people couldn’ t help but praise Lin Tian angrily!
After saying goodbye to Mu Yufei, Lin Tian hurriedly brought Chi Kai to change his clothes. It was not far from the time he left.
The scene in the broadcast room turned to the host of the broadcast room.
At this moment, there were two more guests sitting beside the host. Theo began to introduce them to everyone with a smile.
One was a famous man for survival in the wilderness, Grandpa Bei.
As soon as Grandpa Bei appeared, the screen in the broadcast room started to swipe wildly.
“Spicy werewolf, he’s here.”
“I’ll give full marks for the Mandarin on the upper floor.”
“Salute to the man standing at the top of the food chain!”
“Call Lord Bei!”
“Everyone knows that Grandpa Bei is the most awesome.”
The other was a famous beautiful actress, Song Yi.
“Wow, I finally saw my wife.”
“I admit that I am a lemon essence.”
“Sister Tie is getting prettier and prettier.”
“It’s over, this elder sister’s eyes will be seductive,”
“Mom, I’ m in love.”
Originally, the host’s image should have been broadcasted, because they were responsible for explaining the entire challenge process.
However, the incident just now involved Shanghai’s young master Sun. After all, he was the only son of a great figure. Someone came over to tell him not to interfere and let things naturally develop.
Actually, it wasn’ t just Sun Yu. Mu Yufei and Jing Qiuyun’s backgrounds were also frighteningly large. Otherwise, Sun Yu wouldn’ t have been so easy to talk to.
They were all high-ranking people. It was best for them to solve their own problems.
When the three of them transferred to the main screen of the livestream room, the three of them didn’t mention just this.
Xiao San said,” In the next moment, Grandpa Bei, Song Yi will be with Xiao San to explain the entire competition.”
“Next, let’s see which team the most popular team will be.”
However, when the scene changed, Little Thea was a little surprised. Why were there them everywhere?!
The broadcast wasn’t about the goddess Mu Yufei, nor was it about Shanghai’s rich young Sun Yu.
It was Lin Tian and Fatty.
Their popularity had actually temporarily surpassed Mu Yufei and Sun Yu’s!
Xiao San could understand this. He had been silently observing the entire scene, and he had long noticed Lin Tian and the others.
As soon as the two of them entered the arena, due to their body size and other factors, they caused a small commotion. Soon afterwards, they had an encounter with Mu Yufei and Sun Yu. The two of them had countless fans. There were definitely many people who began to notice the two of them.
In the blink of an eye, it wasn’t even a few minutes before the two of them were able to catch the attention of the audience.
Lin Tian and Fatty were arguing with the staff at the place where they were collecting the charge clothes.*

Chapter 6: The clothes are too small!

“Our program team’s data are very accurate. You are 131kg, and you can only give up to 8XL yards of clothes. Otherwise, you’ ll be suspected of drilling holes.”
The staff member said to the fatty in an amiable manner.
He had already heard him repeat these words four times. Every time, they were exactly the same as a repeater.
“Look at how tight my stomach is!”It’s not convenient for me to walk so fast. How do you want me to participate in the competition?”
The staff member said,” Your clothes have already been given 9XL code numbers on an exceptional basis. You really can’ t change more codes.”
Fatty:” But I still can’ t wear it.”
“Forgive me for being blunt. I think your stomach is full of food. I suggest that you go to the bathroom first before you pick up your clothes.”The staff members kindly reminded him that he still remembered the scene where the fatty was still holding the pig’s hooves when he first arrived.
“Please pay attention to your words!”Lin Tian really couldn’t continue listening. If it was n’ t for the system, Lin Tian knew that this staff member didn’t mean to mock Chi Huon. Lin Tian might have wanted to make a move again.
[Attitude: meticulous]
[Monologue: The boss’s instructions, even when facing his wife, he must strictly follow them.[1]
This was the system’s summary of this staff member’s personality.
“Chi Huo really did not disappoint us. His stomach was so strong that he couldn’ t put on any clothes. This is simply unheard of.”
“Fatty’s faces have been thrown away.”
“I think this is not a survival show. This is simply a fun show.”
“First go to the bathroom and then come pick up the clothes. Was this worker serious?”It’s a little cute.”
In the Dou Yang live broadcast room, the fans responded enthusiastically. Lin Tian and Chi Huon were getting more and more attention in an extremely short period of time.
The broadcast room.
“Master Bei, as a veteran wilderness explorer, do you think the charge suit is important to these contestants?”What do you think?”Theo asked.
“First of all, the charge suit is extremely important to the field explorers. I’ ve carefully looked at our charge suit. It’s waterproof, windproof, and breathable. It’s all professionally designed. It’s undoubtedly very important to the participants.”
“But similarly, a slightly larger charging suit could at most provide the contestants with some extra cloth. The impact was not that great.”Furthermore, this contestant is indeed unable to wear the current size of clothes. It’s reasonable for me to ask for a larger size.”
Master Bei replied after some thought.
“Yes, Lord Bei’s analysis is very professional.”Miss Song Yi, what do you think?”
Song Yi smiled gently, and her lips parted slightly.” I think Chi Huon has always been quite sincere. Moreover, it’s true that he can’ t wear these 9XL clothes, so I think it’s unfair to him if I don’ t let him change the size.”
“Since our two guests all felt that it was reasonable for Chi Huon to change a larger size of clothes, we should give this contestant a chance.”
“With a responsible attitude, as well as respect for the rules of the competition and other contestants, the program team decided to have the netizens in the live broadcast room vote to decide whether or not to change the size of their clothes.”
The result of the vote quickly came out.95.4% of the people agreed to change the larger size of clothes.
As soon as the news came out, the staff received the news.
“Our program team decided by voting that Chi Huo could change his 10XL assault suit.”The staff member continued to speak in an amiable manner.
Not long after they changed their clothes, Lin Tian, Chi Huo, and the others were sent to the main island of Manos Islands, Odin Island.
Odin Island was located in the depths of the ocean. It belonged to the tropical rainforest climate. The primitive forest was vast, a paradise for animals and plants, and a forbidden area for humans.
Each group of players would be sent by helicopter to the landing point drawn by lots. The distance between each landing point was not close, so each group of players could not meet in a short period of time.
They set off in the morning. At about two o’clock in the afternoon, the contestants would arrive at the landing point. At this moment, the sun was still very vicious, and it would be a great test for their stamina.
In addition, it would be dark at 6 p.m. on Odin Island. In other words, the contestants only had less than five hours to prepare for the first night. Overall, it was quite difficult to survive in wilderness this time.
Sitting on the helicopter, Fatty had been fiddling with the satellite watch on his wrist. Lin Tian also looked at his own piece.
[A watch. When your life is threatened, it will be your life-saving straw]
Everyone wore a watch like this before they left. If they wanted to leave or were in danger, they would press the red button on it for about 10 minutes and a helicopter would come to rescue them.
There was also a blue button on it that was used to turn off the four aircraft cameras that had been shooting the two of them.Although it was a live broadcast, the privacy was still protected. The cameras could be turned off if three emergencies were solved every day.
He raised his eyes and saw the 2 mini-aircraft cameras hovering in front of him continuously shooting.
[Solar-powered aircraft camera, long-range,360-degree monitoring]
Lin Tian knew that the audience in the livestream room was watching his every move through the camera in front of him.
Through the small window on the helicopter, Lin Tian could see the boundless ocean. Green waves rippled slightly, extremely beautiful.
Turning around, Lin Tian smiled at the camera.
“For survival in the wilderness, I’ m here.”*

Chapter 7: Can this be used as a survival tool?

Lin Tian Deng Island was quite lucky.
Yes, from the perspective of scenery.
A sandy beach wasn’ t too big. The yellow and brilliant sand grains had been washed out by the waves for many years, and the waves were rolling up and down on the beach tirelessly.
[Attractive coastline. Apart from beauty, it also breeds life]
In the live broadcast room.
“Wow, this place is too beautiful.”
“Request the coordinates. I want to go on vacation.”
“What kind of godlike luck is this Lin Tian and Fatty? He’s just a few blocks away from the other competitors in his birthplace…”
Did “upstairs not have a brain?”It’s life, sunshine, no matter how beautiful the beach is, what’s the point of not having a living resource?”
“That’s right. The next-door competitor can see the coconut tree while on the plane. That’s the winner of life.”
“Lin Tian doesn’ t seem to have a sigh. As expected, there’s no harm without comparison.2333…”
Whew, he finally landed on the beach. The moment he stepped onto the beach, Lin Tian knew that his and Fatty’s survival journey had officially begun. The helicopter had already gradually departed. The next time he saw it, it was time to leave.
“Ah, this beach is really comfortable. It’s just that the sun is a little bit too hot.”As soon as Fatty arrived at the beach, he lay down. Judging from his appearance, he clearly came to take a vacation.
The comments that the broadcast had made the most were:
“I left the wrong scene?”I think Fatty is here for a vacation.”
He kicked the lying fat man and said,” I don’ t want to be hungry or have nowhere to sleep tonight. Don’ t lie down. Let’s see what equipment we’ ve got first.”
The program team dug a hole in the sand and threw the equipment inside. They definitely wouldn’t leave any bags or boxes for the survival contestants to use.
Lin Tian looked at the pit and silently cursed at the program team’s actions.
“True Pit!”
“Big Brother Tian, it’s a saber and shovel!”Our luck is not bad.”
Then, he knelt down and lit up his equipment.
“F*ck, what did I see? The fat pig is actually so agile.”
“Why do I have the same weight as Fatty? Why do I have to take two steps to catch my breath?”
“Same fatty, different vital capacity.”
“A machete and an engineer shovel. This equipment is too great.”
“Don’ t be happy too early. Without the tools and pots, their days will not be easy.”
Lin Tian took the machete from Fatty’s hand first.
[Sharp weapons, whether they were cutting trees or killing pigs, would be especially handy.[1]
He took a look at the shovel again. It was a folded-type engineer shovel.
[Multifunctional tools, you also have a shovel, pickaxe, crowbar, saw and blade]
Looking at the narration in Lin Tian’s mind, he could not help but sigh that Fatty was truly a lucky star. With this equipment, it would be much easier to survive.
[You think that if you take advantage of the equipment, the difficulty of survival in the wilderness will be reduced. You can live on this island with the wind and water]
[You have gained +5 Stamina,+2 Spirit [1]
Originally, after getting off the helicopter, the sun was so hot that people still felt a little dizzy. At once, Lin Tian felt that his body had recovered a bit. Even a half marathon was not a problem?
Lin Tian’s tools could be considered a normal situation, but others might not be so lucky.
Mu Yufei and Jing Qiuyun’s landing site.
“Did this program team’s brain sink into the ocean?”Jing Qiuyun cursed, not caring at all that her words were being transmitted to the ears of the audience all over the country through the live broadcast.
However, the audience could still understand the feelings of the two beauties.
Mu Yufei held a pan in her hand. Yes, it was the type used by the Red Wolf.
The first pot was actually quite good. It could cook food or be used as a weapon. Especially when the pot was in Jing Qiuyun’s hands, it was the real Red Wolf.
They had allocated two pieces of equipment.
On the other hand, Mu Yufei wasn’ t too embarrassed to show it in front of the entire country.
However, Jing Qiuyun was different.
She had specially walked into the camera so that the audience could clearly see this special equipment.
“This is…”A jacket?”
“Does the program team want Old Moon?”
“It’s also true. If the male and female team members meet, in a few hundred days, if there is a spark of love, the necessary protective measures will still be needed on the desolate island.”
“The program team is too considerate.”
“Little Sister Qiuyun should consider using it?”(Bad laugh)”
“The fools upstairs have a lot of uses. They can hold water, make slingshots, and so on. If they don’ t have any culture, they can just read more. Don’ t embarrass themselves.”
Due to the special nature of the equipment that Mu Yufei and the others had given out, they were originally beautiful women. The two of them added together, causing their popularity in the live broadcast room to soar!
The broadcast room.
“First of all, I want to clarify with the audience that every item released by the program team can be used as a survival tool. The key is to see how the contestants will use it.”Next, let’s have Grandpa Bei analyze this set of equipment for everyone. Apart from being a protective measure, what other wonderful uses it can have in the process of surviving in the wild.”
“There’s actually a lot more use for a condom.”I’ ll talk a little bit about it. For example, some netizens have mentioned that it can be used as a tool for holding water, and it can be made into a slingshot. For example, it can be used as a shoe cover in rainy days. If it is injured, it can be used as a bandage tourniquet. If it is bitten by a snake, it can be used to cover the wound with drug-using liquid. That way, the rescuer will be much safer.”
Xiao San said,” It seems that our Lord Bei is indeed an old hand. He knows how to use the condom like the back of his hand.”
The fans responded positively to the explanation from the studio.
“The class representative should come out and take notes.”
“Master Bei’s analysis was too accurate. Unlike the previous scenes, it was actually some hooliganism.”
“Xiao Sa, I suspect you were just driving, and I have evidence!”
His favorite friend gave a fresh flower evaluation ticket.*I’ll get out of here first ~*

Chapter 8 Some Happy Others Worry

After listening to Grandpa Bei’s explanation, the audience immediately felt that Mu Yuffi and Jing Qiuyun were actually hidden Ou Huangs. This box of 24 suits could bring them great help.
However, whether or not the party concerned could think through these matters was unknown.
Compared to the fat and thin group, the Shuangmei group and the Fu Shao group were not that lucky.
Sun Yu only received one piece of equipment.
A bottle of mosquito repellent.
Sun Yu had a gloomy face. Although he knew that he had the mosquito repellent liquid, he could not suffer from mosquito bites on the island.
But other than that, without any other equipment, the difficulty of survival would increase exponentially.
“Young Master, don’ t disturb me. Even if I don’ t have too much equipment, I will let Young Master successfully complete the challenge.”The robust man who had been following Sun Yu had finally spoken.
“Yes, I have to trouble Uncle Dugu.”Sun Yu forced a smile.
In the live broadcast room.
“Sigh, I feel that my husband has been unhappy lately. My heart aches for a second.”
“After the appraisal, there is no doubt that the woman’s boss is upstairs.”
“What kind of identity does Young Master Sun’s bodyguard look like? He looks very powerful.”
“I heard that the Sun family has a housekeeper, Dugu.”
“No way. According to my understanding, Housekeeper Dugu is someone who has passed the Flower Armor. However, this person looks like he is only in his 30s.”
“What’s so strange about this? A great clan has a deep foundation. It’s no wonder what kind of strange person there is.”
There was more than one team like Sun Yu.
Gao Zhiyuan, an extremely unknown barefoot doctor in a certain city.He took off his glasses and sat down on the beach.” Old He, it’s not a good start. There’s only one piece of equipment. I’ ll definitely lag behind others.”
He Kaifu played with the dagger in his hand and sat down as well.” Don’ t be discouraged. At least it’s a dagger. It’s still quite effective. Moreover, I’ m a’ hunter’. You’ re a doctor. Perhaps we can work with others?”
Gao Zhiyuan grabbed the dagger and said,” Everyone knows who we are. Don’t brag. My half bucket of water medicine is taught by my great grandfather. I usually watch cartoons and forget about a lot of knowledge.As for you, you’ ve been fishing with a friend twice and you’ re a hunter?”How did you learn to brag when you opened an excavator?”
Gao Zhiyuan was a little cute. Their popularity wasn’ t too high for the time being, but their fans were very strong and their popularity had been rising.
“This medicine hunting group is just fun. I’ ve already seen that they’ re hiding something funny.”
“What kind of powerful mining technique is it? It’s a boasting hunter reading the wolf flying.”
“Sure they were watching cartoons normally?”I think the action movie is more beautiful.”
Of course, if there were unlucky teams, there would be lucky teams.
For example, Lu Xiaoqiao and Zhang Dawei.
The two Dragon Set Actors were intoxicated with their movie career. However, they couldn’t receive any more characters. They were usually insignificant characters, and they could n’ t survive two episodes.
As the saying goes, the wind and the wind are turning and the wind is turning.
They finally made a move.
It was enough to prove that their luck was not bad.
In addition, they had obtained three pieces of equipment as soon as they reached the island.
“Engineer shovel, pan, windproof lighter.”Little Bu, we’ re about to send it!”Zhang Dawei was in high spirits, dancing and dancing.
“Yida, you must know that there is no rehearsal in life. Every day is a live broadcast.”I’ m sure many beauties are paying attention to us, so I can’ t be too excited. I can’ t mess with my hair.”Lu Xiaoqiao flicked her hair at the camera and tried to make a pose.
“Right, right, right. Xiao Bu, you’ re right.”Don’ t mess with your hair.”As a result, Zhang Dawei also made a pose for the camera.
In the live broadcast room.
“These two are a bit different?”
“Speaking of which, that hair-raising action is still a bit handsome.”
“I heard that they are two dragon actors, or the kind that can not live two episodes. Do you think they can live two days now?”
“Let me see.”
“I agree…”
The 50 teams of contestants walked and landed on the shoreline of Odin Island. Most of them normally obtained two pieces of equipment, and only a few of them had one or three pieces.
However, no matter what kind of situation, the first thing that 99% of the people had to do after entering the island was to check what equipment they had obtained first.
However, the world was so large that there was nothing strange about it.
On a beach, the young girl Wen Chuyao sat down with her grandfather with a helpless expression. She glanced at the coconut trees beside her. She always felt the coconuts waving at her.
Not far away from them, there was also a hole with equipment on it, but Sir Wen did not let her take it.
All their actions had to be arranged according to Grandpa’s hexagrams.
As soon as he landed, he found five shells from the beach. Then, he muttered something and tossed the shells to the ground.
“Grandfather, what do you say on the hexagram?”Wen Chuyao asked nervously.
“Judging from the hexagram, my luck isn’t very good. If I were to pick up my equipment now, I would probably only have one item, and it’s not that useful.”Sir Wen sighed.
“Grandfather, you’ re so powerful, you must be able to solve it, right?”Wen Chuyao wiped away her sweat and asked. The sun was too hot.
“Yes, but I have to suffer a bit.”
“I’ ll listen to Grandfather.”
As a result, as everyone in the broadcast room had seen, they walked to the hole and sat down cross-legged.
Sir Wen said that after sitting for an hour, three pieces of equipment could be produced from the pit.
Wen Chuyao didn’t seem to doubt it at all. After all, they were fortunate enough to participate in this wilderness challenge. It was only after their grandfather had counted the specific time and seconds to sign up for it.*

Chapter 9 The Map in Your Mind

“Is there really a divination in this world?”
“F*ck, I think this old man is probably not senile, right?”
“Even if the old man is senile, how can you explain that girl? It seems that she completely trusts her grandfather.”
“Two hucksters, and it’s the kind that has a bad brain.”
“I have to sit in such a big sun for an hour. I love that girl with kindness.”
Sir Wen and Wen Chu Yao’s unusual actions could be said to have caused everyone to be stunned.
The broadcast room.
“Miss Song Yi, do you believe in fortune telling and Yi Jing?”Theo asked with a smile.
Song Yi said,” Dahua’s culture has been extensive and profound for thousands of years. I believe that there is a certain basis for the existence of those Feng Shui fortune telling and other things that ordinary people can not understand.”However, to be honest, I don’ t think it’s possible for me to be able to change the amount of equipment extracted by sitting in the sun for an hour.”
“Master Bei, what do you think of Master Wen and his granddaughter’s actions?”Xiao San replied to Song Yi with a smile and then asked Grandpa Bei a question.
“Dahua was a very miraculous country. It was like martial arts, making us curious.”If this old grandpa can succeed, I think I will be even more fascinated by Da Hua’s ancient culture.”
Theo said,” We can’ t give an absolute answer if Sir Wen’s actions are credible. So let’s wait together. Time will reveal all the answers.”
After obtaining the machete and the folding engineer shovel, Lin Tian began to ponder over the next plan.
The acquisition of [equipment made you feel happy. The uncertain future made you worried.You should calm down and decide to look for the prime minister first.]
Good old friend?Elder God Stomp Horse was in good company.
Even if there was anything to do with Mu Yufei in the future, it couldn’t be described as an old prime minister, right?This narration system definitely failed the Chinese exam.
Perhaps it was because the system had fallen in love at first sight, but now, Lin Tian was also a little obsessed with the girl he had just met.
Lin Tian began to ponder.
Mu Yuffi said that she would meet me all the way to the west. I would have to form a team all the way to the east.
“Fatty, do you know which side is the east?”Lin Tian asked.
“I know where the sun rises.”Fatty chuckled.
Yes, this answer.
No problem.
[You want to meet up with Mu Yufei, you don’ t know the direction.[You think it would be great if you had a map]
[You have obtained the map of the view of God]
After speaking, Lin Tian was surprised to find a map in his mind. Where had he seen it before?
It was the map of Odin Island!
Odin Island was an undeveloped island. There was no chance for Lin Tian to see its map on the market.The reason why he was familiar with each other was because he had seen the entire island in a helicopter.
Soon, he saw his location on the map, the landing beach.
There was even a name on the map for this beach.
[Meng Qi Beach: Where Dreams Begin]
Meng Qi still had two symbols on the beach. One was golden “!”One was a blue dot.
When Lin Tianxu locked onto the golden exclamation mark, a new caption appeared.
[Lucky Heavenly Chosen: Lin Tian]
[Five Sense:8(+0)]
[Lucky Value: Lucky Star as a companion, Lucky Burst]
[Remarks: Ordinary people have 10 attributes in all aspects]
So all my attributes were only 80% of the normal attributes of ordinary people?
This was Lin Tian’s first reaction.
However, in the future, he would become more and more awesome.
Since the golden exclamation mark represented him, the blue dot should represent the fatty.
Fatty was indeed his lucky star, which was why he brought his luck.
He locked onto Fatty’s blue dot.
[Attitude: Absolute trust]
[Monologue: I feel a little hungry again. I miss the taste of chicken legs and pig hooves]
It seemed that the narration of the same person was not the same.
Apart from him and Fatty, there were also some other blue spots on the map along the coast. Lin Tian counted them carefully.198 of them represented the other 198 competitors.
These blue dots were not exactly the same.Two of them were closer to the two blue dots, with golden “?”Another two distant blue dots were marked with a red “!”.
After some thought, Lin Tian understood.The question mark blue dot represented Mu Yufei and Mu Yufei, while the red exclamation mark was a warning sign. It represented Sun Yu and Sun Yu who had been in conflict.
He placed his thoughts on Mu Yufei’s blue dot and a new caption appeared.
[A man of nine words, and a girl’s promise to crawl over there as well]
Climbing was impossible, but since she had already determined Mu Yufei’s location, she could think of a way to meet up with her.
Fortunately, from the map, Mu Yufei was the contestant closest to him. As long as she walked along the coastline to the right, she could meet up.
Of course, the two of them weren’ t close to each other. They weren’ t suitable to travel far today. There was only one afternoon left. It was best to find a shelter, water, and food.
Lin Tian looked around. Meng Qi Beach might be able to find something to eat, but freshwater and temporary shelters needed to explore the island.
The island usually had high tides at night. If they didn’t want to spend the night in the water, then the shelter would be far away from the beach.
All the granddaughters, with the support of a bunch of fresh flowers, gave the little author the idea that he was not a single person.*I’m rolling away again ~*

Chapter 10: Cutting Grass and Removing Roots?Brother Tian was ruthless!

Lin Tian held a machete while Fatty held an engineer shovel.
The two of them prepared to search for resources around the beach and determine where to spend the night.As for the resources on the beach, they could just come back and explore before the tide.
[Water was the source of life. Without water, people could only live for three days. However, there was no water under the sun, so it was still a question if they could live for three hours.[You think the forest on the left is more lush and verdant than the forest on the right. Maybe you can find fresh water there]
Just as he was worried that there was no direction, the narration caption appeared at the right time.
“Fatty, let’s go. Follow me to the forest on the left.”Lin Tian called out and headed towards the forest.
It was only about 100 meters from the beach to the forest on the left. Along the way, there were many shrubs, rocks, and twos and threes.
As soon as the two left, the fans in the livestream room began to complain.
“Why don’t you go to the beach and look for crabs and snails?”
“That’s right. I’ ll watch the video of the sea rush. I can find many fish and shrimp by the sea.”
Of course, no matter how much the audience ridiculed, Lin Tian could not hear it. Moreover, even if he heard it, he would probably only say one sentence: You are all brothers.
The little sass in the broadcasting room said,” Lord Bei, if you were on the island now, how would you start your own survival?”
“It’s past two in the afternoon. The temperature is still very high, and the evaporation of water in your body is increasing. Therefore, we need to find fresh water.”It’s better to find a shelter for the night.”
Xiao San said,” We can see that most of the contestants have indeed started to search for resources. As for the results, everyone can continue to pay attention to their favorite contestants. If there are any special events, the broadcasting room will broadcast them to everyone as soon as possible.”
“Brother Tian, are we looking for food?”Fatty asked.
“Let’s go to the forest first to see if we can find fresh water. If we can find something to eat together, it would be best.”Lin Tian said as he walked.
“Sigh, aren’t there coconut trees on the beach?”I saw those wild survival programs earlier. The main characters can easily find coconut trees, banana trees and so on at the seaside.”The fatty looked around and muttered.
“Most of the programs for survival in the wilderness have scripts and arrangements, which are different from our reality.”Lin Tian explained.
Not long after, the two of them had already approached the forest. The closer they got to the forest, the more dense the vegetation became. The trees grew even taller.
Lin Tian had always used his machete to continuously beat the shrubs and bushes on both sides, and then confirmed that it was safe before moving forward.
Grass-busting snakes were especially important in forest exploration.
“Aiyo!”Fatty who had suddenly walked behind let out a cry of alarm. He staggered towards Lin Tian.
“It’s over. Mount Tai is pressing down. Brother Tian will probably be crippled.”
“This is to add men to men.”
“I heard the sound of bones breaking.”
The fans in the livestream room didn’t even dare to watch anymore. Fatty suddenly fell over and suppressed Lin Tian. Lin Tian probably could n’ t take it.
[Sensed the pressure coming from behind. You realized that Fatty should have tripped over something. You don’t want to be overwhelmed by Fatty. Although you might not be able to hurt you, you really do n’ t want to add a man to the list.[1]
[It’s already too late to react. You’ re very unwilling to accept it.[1]
[You obtained +10 Agility]
Soon, Lin Tian turned around in the blink of an eye. His left hand firmly supported Fatty.
“F*ck, what kind of reaction speed is this!”
“Little brother Lin Tian looks weak. I didn’ t expect his strength to be so great.”
Lowering his head, he realized that Fatty was caught by a vine that he didn’ t know. Those vines were already broken.
“Watch your steps.”
Lin Tian replied and continued to leave.
[Lie down wherever you fall. Maybe you will find something new.[1]
However, just as he took a step forward, the caption suddenly appeared again.
Could there be something wrong with this vine?Lin Tian hesitated for a moment before returning to observe the vines.
“What’s wrong, Big Brother Tian?”Fatty also squatted down.
However, Lin Tian was very helpless. After observing for a long time, he still couldn’ t see what was wrong with this vine. He didn’ t know about this kind of vine, but it wasn’ t thick. It shouldn’ t be a water vine either.
[You have a flash of light. If you can’t find an answer on the ground, perhaps the answer is on the ground]
“Fatty, use the engineer shovel to dig.”Lin Tian pointed at the root of the vine and said.
“Brother Tian, there’s no need to be so ruthless, right?”That’s right.”The fatty scratched his head and said.
“If you have a grudge, you will definitely get revenge. Kill the grass and root. Brother Tian is ruthless!”
“This Lin Tian is too careful, right?Wasn’ t he just tripping the fatty’s foot?”Are you going to dig out this vine?”
“No, no, no, no, no, no, no.”
“This vine seems to be some kind of wild yam, right?”
“The yams grow in the earth?”
“Are you from Mars upstairs?”Could it be that the yam grows on a tree?”
The audience in the livestream room couldn’t understand Lin Tian’s actions as well. All sorts of speculations and discussions were on the screen.
“Don’ t waste time. Just dig it.”Lin Tian urged again.
Fatty had always listened to Lin Tian. Since Brother Tian had said to dig, he should dig.
As a result, the fatty began to dig up the soil. That movement was so familiar that it made people’s heart ache.
Everyone knew that the first day data was especially important to an author.*There are flowers in hand that don’t want money, so give the little author some motivation ~*

Chapter 11 Food in the Earth and Fresh Water in Bamboo

This excavation lasted for more than ten minutes until a large hole was dug at the root.
Fatty had already come to his senses. Lin Tian shouldn’ t be so bored as to let him pick the root of this vine.
“Brother Tian, you have something!”Suddenly, Fatty cried out in alarm.
Lin Tian squatted down and used his hands to peel away some of the dirt. He should have dug out this vine’s tubule, and it looked a little familiar?
“Continue digging. Don’ t break this tuber.”
After spending some time, he finally dug out the entire tubeworm.
“This is… yams?”
Looking at the item in his hand, Lin Tian and Fatty exchanged glances and finally recognized it.
As the saying goes, he had never seen a pig run before. Who had never eaten pork before?They couldn’ t recognize the wild yam’s Teng Miao, but when they saw the yam’s true body, they still had some common sense.
[Wild yam: a kind of tuber food]
[Enough. With it, you can survive on the island very well]
The caption once again confirmed the item in front of him.
“Sure. Fatty, your luck isn’t ordinary.”Lin Tian praised.
“It’s all because of Big Brother Tian. If it wasn’ t for Big Brother Tian letting you dig, we would’ ve missed this yam.”The fatty chuckled and didn’ t try to compete for merit.
“It’s not that I missed this yam, but this yam.”Lin Tian pointed at the surroundings and said with a smile.
The fatty fixed his eyes on it. There were quite a few vines around him. Every single one of them should be able to dig out yams. There was no need to be hungry tonight!
“Brother Tian was careful?”Why didn’ t you speak?”
“There are some people who haven’t seen their own experience and are blindly commenting on others. They deserve to be slapped in the face.”
“My brother Tian is something you can guess?”
“Wow, it turns out that Wild Mountain Herb is like this.”
“My Big Brother Tian is so powerful. Even Wild yam can recognize him.”
“This fatty’s luck is just too good. He stumbled out of a mountain medicine ground.”
“Yam: I’ve been hiding underground. You can still find me?”
The live broadcast room had always been very popular. The people who had ridiculed Lin Tian earlier did not make a sound. Most people praised Lin Tian for his wealth of experience and Fatty’s luck.
Fatty “, you have to work hard to dig a few more. It’ll be enough for tonight and tomorrow.”I’ ll take a look in the forest first. I think I might be able to find fresh water over there.”Lin Tian greeted the fatty and continued to walk into the forest.
The more he walked inside, the more dense the vegetation became. Without a machete, it would be difficult to advance.
[Every single thing will leave traces behind. You are good at observing. You can see that the trees on this side are darker in color, lighter in color, and there is a layer of white powder at the connection between the two.[1]
[You have obtained five senses +5]
Lin Tian felt that he had become even more sensitive. His vision and hearing had increased a bit, and he could even smell the faint fragrance of plants and vegetation in the air. It could be said that his overall perception of the surroundings had increased by quite a bit.
Lin na? ve wanted to sigh. It wasn’ t that I was good at observing, but that Bai Jun was good at observing.
Lin Tian squatted down and wiped the powder with his finger to sense it. This should be the mark left behind by the tide.
It seemed that if they wanted to establish a camp, they had to choose another place.
Lin Tian continued to advance. Unfortunately, he didn’ t find any berries or other food.
Suddenly, a special green color appeared in front of Lin Tian’s eyes.
This is…A bamboo forest?
Lin Tian was pleasantly surprised. Bamboo had too many uses, and it could be used to make various practical tools.
This forest was not small. It should be some kind of bamboo. If one could find bamboo shoots, then there would be another kind of food.
Lin Tian held onto a bamboo and extended his fist to make a gesture. Yes, the bamboo was even larger than his fist.
Looking at this bamboo forest, Lin Tian had already seen a container of water and a bowl of food.
[You have found a multi-functional plant. Using it will greatly improve your life]
[You think you should carefully study this bamboo forest. If you are lucky, you might find clean water in a certain bamboo festival]
Thus, the audience in the livestream room realized that Lin Tian had made another strange move.
He continued to walk closer to a certain bamboo. Then, he held a machete in his hand and knocked on it. He tapped his ears against the bamboo pole while listening.
“What kind of flirtatious action is Big Brother Tian?”
“Brother Tian: Little Bamboo, is it painful to beat up your farts? Come on, cry for your brother to hear~”
“Is the devil descending from the mortal world upstairs…”
Finally, the sound of a bamboo section was strange. Lin Tian smiled. The machete cleanly cut off the upper part of the bamboo section and then separated the bamboo section from the lower section. Finally, he obtained a slightly heavy bamboo barrel.
“Ah, my eyes are blind. This blade is so fast.”
“So Big Brother Tian is a hidden martial arts expert.”
Lin Tian’s move caused many spectators to cry out in alarm.
According to the law, Lin Tian found another three bamboo tubes with water.There were a total of four bamboo tubes, which should be enough for him and Fatty to consume temporarily. However, this method could not be used for a long time. Based on the probability, this bamboo forest would probably be able to find another twenty or so bamboo tubes with water.
After solving the problem of using water, Lin Tian decided to go back and meet up with Fatty. He had water and food, and the rest was to find a shelter to build a fire.
Before he left, Lin Tian picked a few more large bamboo tubes and brought them back to make rice bowls and cups.
He glanced at the satellite watch. It happened to be three o’clock sharp.
From the moment he landed, he and Fatty had already finished the food and water in an hour.
Wasn’ t it that difficult to survive in the wilderness?*

Chapter 12 Fraud?Or a deity?

Lin Tian’s good fortune attracted quite a few new fans, but everyone didn’ t always pay attention to him alone.
There were quite a few others in the group of 50.At around three o’clock, the crowd gathered in the same broadcast room.
It was obvious that the broadcasting room had also discovered this situation. Little Thea came out to explain to the two guests.
The screen of the broadcasting room changed to “Fraud Group”
The Fraud Team was the name given to Sir Wen and his granddaughter Wen Chuyao by the netizens.
Their strange actions of sitting cross-legged under the scorching sun were constantly reported by many netizens.
It was also because of the magical prophecy that had been silent for an hour. The equipment had changed from one to three. Before three o’clock, many netizens came to their livestream room and wanted to watch Sir System’s livestream slap on the face.
“Grandfather, it’s already an hour.”Wen Chuyao’s mouth split open, her voice slightly weak.
“Ah, good intentions hurt Chu Yao’s little sister. Why would she listen to that old huckster.”
“Sigh, you are so stupid and cute. You look so beautiful in vain.”
Wasn’ t there a coconut tree next to “?”Why don’ t you pick a coconut to relieve your thirst first.”
“Just came from upstairs?”It’s just that I’ ve said that I don’ t need them to pick that coconut. I’ ll be able to obtain it after I take out my equipment.”
“It’s three o’ clock. Next, it’s time to witness a miracle.”
“Next, I’m afraid it’s to witness the moment Fraud Tian smashes his face.”
Sir Wen’s condition was n’ t much better than Wen Chu Yao’s. He was an old bone. The scorching sun caused his eyes to go bloated, and his throat was even drier to the point of smoking.
“Alright… alright, help me up.”Sir Wen’s voice was a little hoarse.
“What’s the point of this.”Some netizens commented.
Wen Chuyao hurriedly stood up to help her grandfather. Perhaps it was because she had crossed her legs for too long, or perhaps it was because the sun had become dizzy. When she stood up, she staggered and almost fell.
The two finally got up with great difficulty. Wen Chuyao slowly walked towards the pit…
At this moment, the netizens were frantically swiping the screen.
“I think there are only 1 equipment button,1 3 equipment buttons.”
A large number of people thought that it was one. Similarly, those who thought that three of them were equally matched.However, there were still some people who clearly had their own considerations. Why couldn’ t they be two pieces of equipment?They continuously used two screens…
Even Xiao San, Grandpa Bei, and Song Yi all held their breath and gathered their energy to witness Wen Chuyao’s grandfather’s actions.
The camera of the aircraft was well controlled by the remote control of the staff. No camera went to the pit to shoot the exposed answer. Instead, it followed the camera from afar, allowing Wen Chuyao to display the final result herself.
Finally, Wen Chuyao got her equipment.
She had a bitter smile on her face as she held a pot in her hands.” Grandfather, you’ re not accurate.”
“It just a pot?”It’s not scientific. There will be three hexagrams.”Sir Wen frowned. Clearly, he was not satisfied with this result.
“Let me just say, how could there be such a miraculous thing.”
“There really are people who believe that one piece can be changed into three pieces, laughing to death.”
A camera shot a close-up shot towards the pit. It was completely empty, and thus it completely declared that Sir Wen’s prophecy had failed.
“It seems that Sir Wen had accidentally made a mistake. What will he do next?”Theo made a comment regretfully.
Song Yi said,” I think Sister Chu Yao is very optimistic. Even with this result, she didn’ t complain and praised this strong girl.”
“Perhaps Dahua has some ancient culture, but unfortunately, I have no chance to see it today.”Grandpa Bei’s tone was filled with pity.
However, just as everyone was certain that Sir Wen had no doubt, the scene changed again.
“Grandfather, don’ t be so depressed. Nuo, there’s still a lighter in this pot.”Wen Chuyao took out another lighter from the pot.
Previously, because she was holding the pot, the flying machine didn’t look at the close-up camera, but she did n’ t find a lighter in the pot.
“Haha, it’s two pieces of equipment. Please continue your performance.”
“Chu Yao is too bad. She actually hid a piece of equipment.”
“Even if it’s two, it still means that Sir Wen is a huckster.”
“I’ ve never believed in fortune telling. One or two of them are all luck. As for the three of them, I’ ll laugh.”
“That’s right. I really don’ t understand why there are so many nt that we can have three.”
Wen Chuyao walked to Sir Wen’s side and handed over the pot and lighter to the latter. At this moment, the camera also gave them a big inspection. It was indeed only these two pieces of equipment.
“Two?”That’s right.”It was obvious that Sir Wen still didn’ t give up. He frowned all the time. He felt that the hexagram was rather accurate this time, and there was no way anything would go wrong.
“Aiya, Grandpa, two of them are not bad either. Besides, your divination isn’ t just a bad thing.”Chu Yao smiled and said. The wind lifted up her hair, and her face was exquisite and small.
The wind blew.
Hai Feng was still a bit bigger.
Suddenly, a loud noise caused Sir Wen and the crowd in the livestream room to jump.
Sir Wen’s gaze suddenly turned to one place!
The camera immediately followed Sir System’s gaze and switched cameras.
It was those few coconut trees!
It wasn’t hard to discover that just now, a coconut was blown down by the wind and landed on a slightly strange stone under the tree.
“Heh, Sir Wen is still a little level-headed. They really don’t need to pick coconuts themselves.”Immediately, a netizen teased in the broadcast room.
The wind was still blowing. They all said that the trees were not wrong. The tops of those coconut trees continuously swayed in the wind.
Another coconut landed on the stone.
Looking at it, that stone had actually been smashed apart. Moreover, this stone was still hollow?
“Let’s go. Little girl, go and take a look.”Sir Wen greeted him.
It was only ten steps away. Wen Chuyao, who was a little weak earlier, quickly ran to the stone.
The joy in her eyes was clearly visible on the screen of the broadcast room.
It was only a few hours left on the first day. My favorite friend, the flower evaluation ticket, walked up. Your little support was my motivation.*The little author will also cheer up and try to get more ~*

Chapter 13 You are still you!

“Grandpa, Grandpa, you’ re hiding your rewards!”
Wen Chu Yao was so happy that she wanted to jump, but considering that this was the live broadcast, she still slightly restrained herself.
It turned out that this was a highly simulated stone. Previously, the program team had said that they had hidden 10 rewards on the island. Clearly, this was one place.
“This is fine???”
“As expected, your grandfather is still your grandfather.”
“My mother asked me why I was kneeling and watching the live broadcast.”
“Were the people who satirized Sir System in front of them?”Should I send you a bag of ice compress?”
The livestream room exploded once again. Unexpectedly, it really made Sir Wen predict accurately.They had indeed obtained three pieces of equipment.
“Just luck.”
Some people still refused to accept it. They believed that no matter how many pieces of equipment, it was possible for them to appear.They truly could not believe that there was someone with the ability to foresee the future and change.
However, no matter what, Sir Wen still added a mysterious color to everyone’s hearts.
“It’s too inconceivable. Da Hua indeed hid some strange and strange people.”Master Bei sighed in admiration.
Wen Chuyao opened the special stone skin and took out an automatic umbrella.
“Was an umbrella!”But it’s useless.”
“Silly girl, the umbrella is much more useful. You have to think more.”Sir Wen recovered his vitality again. This time, the things passed down by the Ancestor could be considered as exuberant.
“Yes, with an umbrella now, it’s really comfortable not to be exposed to the sun.”Wen Chuyao walked to her grandfather’s side and supported the old man’s umbrella.
Through a remote camera, the netizens could clearly see that the girl had covered most of her umbrella with the old man. In fact, most of her body was still basking in the sun.
“Chu Yao is too filial.”
“Sigh, that girl of my family only knows how to be more intimate when asking for money from this old bone. Why did she not know how to learn from Chu Yao.”
“Don’ t even try to steal from me. My mother said that Chu Yao’s wife is about to be decided.”
In the main broadcasting room, Xiao San, Bei Ye and Yi looked at each other in dismay.
“It’s too inconceivable.”
Grandpa Bei was constantly exclaiming in admiration.
As soon as Sir Wen’s enthusiasm passed, the host studio switched to another hot scene.
It was actually the location of Sun Yu and Dugu.
At this moment, the scene was a little nervous.
Dugu was in front, Sun Yu was behind, and one could clearly see that the latter’s face was slightly pale.
Dugu still had a cold expression. He held a two-meter long stick in his hand. The tip of the stick had already been sharpened. At first glance, it looked like a simple wooden spear.
The tip of the wooden spear was tilted to the ground. On the other side was a fierce tiger that grimaced and confronted the two of them.
After receiving the news, the program team immediately sent out helicopters to stand by the nearby island. As long as Sun Yu and the other two pressed the survival button on the satellite watch, the helicopters would rescue them.
However, depending on the situation, they did not seem to have such plans. However, due to the signing of the contract, it was not easy for the program team to send out a rescue team without asking for help. If the player died unexpectedly, the program team would at most release some soothing money.
“F*ck, I feel like Young Master Sun is about to finish.”
“Sigh, a good rich second generation isn’ t suitable. He insisted on coming here to join in some fun.”
“The tiger didn’ t dare to go up to Dugu’s formidable appearance?”
Why did “program team not save him?”This… could it be that we’ re going to broadcast the tiger eaters?”
“Looks like this bonus isn’ t that easy to take. Money is tempting, but life is the most important.”
The netizens were discussing amongst themselves, and the few people in the broadcasting room were also a little nervous.
Song Yi had already covered her mouth with her hands. She was deeply afraid that she would cry out.
Grandpa Bei frowned. Clearly, if it was him at the scene, it would be quite troublesome.
“Please rest assured. Our helicopter is already on standby. Once the situation gets out of hand, the rescuers will immediately move out.”Theo tried his best to stabilize the hearts of the audience.
“And everyone might not know much about this warrior with a wooden spear in his hand. In fact, Xiao Sa was confident in them.”Young miss Song Yi, I heard that Sun Yu is also your good friend. You should know something about the person with him, right? Can you tell everyone about it?”
Song Yi calmed down. Just now, something had happened, and she was a little nervous.
“Yes, I know a bit too.That was Senior Dugu. Although he looked to be only thirty or forty years old, he was already 67 years old.”As the old housekeeper of the Sun family, he’s a low-profile, deep-seated person. Therefore, very few people come into contact with him.”
After a pause, Song Yi continued,” Everyone, don’ t worry too much. Senior Dugu is an ancient martial art practitioner, and even seven or eight special-class bodyguards can’ t hold on for two moves in his hands. I think this fierce tiger can also Senior Dugu’s strength.”
After listening to Song Yi’s explanation, the netizens in the broadcast room immediately became restless.
“Sixty or seventy year old demon?”Are you mistaken?”
“Why do I feel that the old man is so powerful?”
“Because you’ re still your uncle…”
“I always thought that Gu Wu was lying.”
“Young man, read more books, and feel more reverence towards unknown things.”
“Hurry up and fight. I want to see grandpa tear the tiger apart.”
“Tiger: This is a werewolf. It can’ t be provoked!”
When they heard that Dugu was very powerful, the netizens instantly changed from worrying to watching the show. They wished they could start a great battle.
Very soon, the audience’s hearts that had just calmed down rose to their throats.
Dugu moved.
Gudu’s cold eyes were sharp as he took a step forward with his left foot. The aura of self-respect could be clearly felt through the screen.
The tiger let out a low roar. It wanted to pounce on the human’s neck and crush it. However, the animal’s natural sensitivity to danger made it unwillingly retreat.
Far away in a suburb of Shanghai, in an ancient and simple house, there were two people staring at the screen.
“Master, don’t worry. Old man Dugu’s move is even difficult for me to defend against. There should be no problem with dealing with a tiger.”
“Yes, I am not worried about Gudu’s ability.”That’s right.”
*(Thank you for your fresh flower evaluation tickets and rewards ~)*

Chapter 14 Big Brother Tian is in danger!

In the end, Dugu still did not fight the tiger.
Dugu’s imposing manner was powerful, and the tiger retreated as he knew it was difficult.
However, this move caused Sun Yu’s popularity to rise even higher. His status as a rich young master and mysterious guard. Such a combination could provide thousands of netizens with countless topics.
“I remember a sin called Lin Tian from before, Young Master Sun?”
“This is called self-defeating. Previously, that Lin Tian was in a complete mess. Next time, Young Master Sun will teach him a new life.”
“Pitiful little brother Lin Tian ……”
“Finished, how could Lin Tian be stronger than a tiger?”I’ m afraid he can only kneel down and sing to conquer.”
“I really hope that they will meet soon.”
It was unknown who was the first to mention the conflict between Lin Tian and Sun Yu, which caused a new wave of discussion in the live broadcast.
Meanwhile, Lin Tian’s livestream room also flooded into a large group of people.
“They all say that impulse is a devil. Brother Tian shouldn’ t have offended Young Master Sun before.”
“It was Sun Yu who was lying to others. Brother Tian was not wrong.”
“The question isn’ t whether it’s right or not. Rather, it’s that Lin Tian can endure facing Dugu?”
“The program team will not allow Dugu to hurt anyone!”
“Innocent. Since he allowed a fight, he might be injured by mistake. Lin Tian has caused trouble for him.”
“Brother Tian is in danger. Please put your protection on the public screen.”
Many true fans were already beginning to worry about Lin Tian, but the parties involved were completely unaware of this.
Lin Tianzheng happily hugged a pile of bamboo tubes to meet up with Fatty.
“Fatty, how many have you dug?”
Lin Tian put the bamboo tube aside and looked at the muddy fatty.
“I dug two more. Fortunately, the soil here is sandy, so this engineer shovel is also very efficient.”Fatty wiped his sweat and said.
Lin Tian looked at the three wild yams that he had dug out. Each of them had a long arm, and it was also very thick. Together, it was probably about twenty kilograms.
Lin Tian said,” With so many, it should be enough for us to have a couple of meals. We can go to the seaside to find out if there’s any seafood before the tide goes down. Let’s stop digging.”
“Fine. Brother Tian, I’ ll listen to you.”By the way, Big Brother Tian, have you found any water? My throat is about to burst with smoke!”
“Nuo, this is it.”Lin Tian pointed at the bamboo tube beside him.
“These bamboos?”Apparently, the fatty had yet to react.
Lin Tian brought out a bamboo tube with water, and then stabbed a hole with a machete.Then, two large cups were made from a dry bamboo tube. The bamboo tube tilted and a stream of water flowed into the cup.
There wasn’t much water in the bamboo tube. Each person only had half a cup of water.
“Come, drink some water first. The rest is better to go back and heat it up before boiling it.”Lin Tian handed Fatty a bamboo cup of water. Although the water looked very clear, the bacteria were not visible to the naked eye. If there was a condition, Lin Tian still believed that he wanted to boil it.
“Brother Tian, you are too powerful. You can even find the water hidden in the bamboo.”Fatty was very happy. He took the bamboo cup and began to gulp.
“Ah, so Big Brother Tian discovered that there was water in the bamboo before cutting it.”
“As expected of my brother Tian. Fresh water and food are all minor matters.”
“I also drank the water from the bamboo when I was young. It tastes very good.”
“Aiya, I’ ve lived in the city since I was young. I even saw less bamboo, let alone drinking the water from the bamboo. What a pity.”
“”Group, go to the mountains to search for water, sign up~”
Lin Tian also finished drinking his cup of water. The entrance was clear and sweet, and there was a faint smell of bamboo. This hot day really wanted another cup.
After packing up their things, the two of them returned to the beach.
He found a grass to put the wild yams and the bamboo tube. Lin Tian called Fatty to go to the beach to find food.
Most of Meng Qi’s beach was a golden beach. At a glance, other than sand, it was still sand.
“Brother Tian, I feel like there’s nothing on this beach.”Fatty muttered.
“Be patient. Look carefully. Many shells are hidden in the sand.”Lin Tian said as he carefully searched.
“Is there anything you can gain from living on the beach?”
“There should be a lot of white toads on the beach. I wonder if Lin Tian and the others can discover them.”
The enthusiastic netizens had been paying attention to their every move.
Perhaps because the five senses had increased, Lin Tian felt that the beach was somewhat different when he looked at peace. He could easily notice some details.
Suddenly, he discovered that there were two inconspicuous holes on the beach in front of him. If it wasn’ t for the improvement of his eyesight, he might have been ignored.
[Shells hid themselves in the sand, but the air holes made it difficult for them to escape the fate of being caught.[1]
Seeing the caption in his mind, Lin Tian smiled. Now, he was sure to receive it.
Fatty “, come here.”It’s like this. There’s usually shells below. Don’ t let it go.”Lin Tian called out.
“Where?”No holes.”Fatty stared at it for a long time.
The netizens in the broadcast room were also stunned.
“I’ m blind!”
“I can’ t compare to Brother Tian’s Fire-Eyed Crystal.”
After Lin Tian pointed it out with his hand, the fatty finally saw it. Without saying anything else, he directly shoveled this pile of sand with an engineer shovel. Sure enough, he found a plum-sized shell in the sand.
“Brother Tian, this flower armor is very large.”Fatty laughed happily.
“This should be called the white toad. Find more and eat seafood at night.”
With the first to receive the goods, the two of them began to search carefully on the beach.*

Chapter 15 Jing Qiuyun: I want Lin Tian to be an ox!

To the east of Lin Tian’s location was Mu Yufei and Jing Qiuyun’s landing site.
The two of them had good luck. If they were to use the equipment properly, it would be quite useful. However, Miss Jing had a tricky appetite and was very dissatisfied.
The pot was fine. Jing Qiuyun grabbed it and felt it.
Yes, it was very convenient.
It must be very refreshing to slap people.
However, she was not satisfied with that box of gloves!
Just this thing, besides satisfying a man’s idea, what else could it do?
She started to think about the use of the sleeve.
When the balloon blew.
However, she would get tired of playing with air balloons all the time. After using her hands to break through the second set of balloons, she completely lost interest in this thing and threw the remaining set to Mu Yupi.
As a diligent and studious beauty graduate student, Mu Yufei was not a vase that only relied on beauty to eat. At least she was good at brainwashing.
“Qiuyun, I have an idea.”Mu Yufei smiled sweetly.
“Sister Yu Fei, tell me.”Jing Qiuyun sat under the shade of a tree, holding his chin in his hand and asking with a lack of interest. At first, she was very excited when she was chosen, but the boredom after going to the island had already made her a little fidgety.
Her family was also a prestigious family, so she didn’ t care about bonuses at all. She didn’ t want to think about what to do after going to the island.
“We can’t just sit here all the time, right?”That’s right. I’ m afraid that I’ m not going to be able to do anything to you.”Mu Yufei frowned and said.
Their luck was indeed good. Not long after they landed, they found a rather clean cave on the nearby high ground. It would be no problem for them to settle down tonight.
“Are you a demon? My young miss, why are you still thinking about that Lin Tian?”When he spoke of Lin Tian, Jing Qiuyun instantly became spirited. He jumped up and stared at Lin Tian with his hands on his hips, filled with disdain.
Mu Yufei couldn’ t tell why she was particularly impressed by Lin Tian after meeting this morning. Could it be that the legendary love at first sight really appeared on her?
In the beginning, she was still embarrassed by her rash decision. However, because Jing Qiuyun had been holding her back on Lin Tianyun for so many times, she could treat him as usual.
“It’s not that I’ m worried about him, but I promised him that he would join up with him. You don’ t want me to be a renegade, right?”Mu Yufei had her own reasoning.
“There’s nothing that you can not disobey.”Jing Qiuyun did not buy it.
“Alright, even if you’ re right.”But since you hate him so much, you should go meet him.”Mu Yufei said seriously.
“You think, how could the two of us find food and shelter?”That’s right.”
As a good sister, Mu Yufei knew very well how to talk about moving Jing Qiuyun.
Sure enough.
Jing Qiuyun’s eyes lit up and he instantly came back to life.
“That’s right. Why didn’ t I expect that I would still want to woo you? I want Lin Tian to work for us.”
The conversation between the two of them was transmitted to the live broadcast room by the original video camera.
“Ha, this little sister Qiuyun is a little bit different,2333…”
“I’ m afraid that Yu Fei sold it and helped me count the money.”
“Fireproof, anti-theft, and anti-girlfriend!”
“From upstairs, this doesn’t seem to be the case, right?”
“Sigh, Mu Yufei is determined to find Lin Tian. If Young Master Sun meets her later, Lin Tian will suffer.”
“That’s true. In these days, you really aren’ t someone you can provoke…”
Mu Yufei smiled as she looked at her good friend who had regained the pleasure of life.
She and Jing Qiuyun had been playing with each other since they were young. They were not the kind of plastic sister flowers. It was impossible for her to sell her best friend for a man.
“That’s why we need to find a way to continue meeting them.”Mu Yufei continued to guide her.
“But what can we do? I can’ t do anything without tools.”Jing Qiuyun was instantly drenched in cold water.
Originally, she thought that she still had some skills. In the past, when she went hunting in the hunting grounds, when did she not return with full load?
But there was no way this place could match you with a hunting spear. It was impossible for a woman to cook without rice.
“This.”Mu Yufei lit up the jacket in her hand.
“Yes, listen to me.”As a result, the two beauties bit their ears and muttered. The more Jing Qiuyun listened, the more excited she became. It was obvious that Mu Yufei had said something that she was interested in.
However, because they were speaking quietly, the audience could not hear the details of their conversation.
“What are they plotting?”
“Is there someone like me who feels that Yu Phoebe Qiuyun is still in danger?”
“It’s too much. I can’ t afford to offend it.”
“If it’s true, I don’ t think they can hold on until they meet up with Lin Tian.”
“Lin Tian, hurry and save Little Sister. I don’ t want them to be eliminated so quickly.”
“Look at your words earlier. Yu Fei is from Young Master Sun.”
“I just feel that Lin Tian and Yu Fei are worthy of each other. You bite me, dog!”
The bickering in the livestream room did not affect the two beauties. They had already started their own survival career with their gloves.
*The two big-legged little sisters asked the little author to ask all of them for fresh flowers to evaluate the monthly tickets ~*Get out and beg for support~*

Chapter 16 Natural Shelter and Dangerous Aboriginals!

After filling the two bamboo barrels with the white toad, Lin Tian and Fatty stopped.
Who would have thought that this beach wasn’t too big, and only half of them found so many white toads.
There will be some seafood tonight.
After searching for the white toad, it was already past four o’clock. During this time, the two of them drank another bamboo tube of water.The weather was hot, and the consumption of fresh water was too fast.
Moreover, the fatty was already hungry. Lin Tian and the others needed to find a shelter as soon as possible, then start a fire to cook.
[After working hard all afternoon, you feel a little tired. The sun is very big, the pain of burning your skin makes you dislike it very much]
[You have gained resistance +5]
The system once again leveled up against his body. Lin Tian felt that his body’s fatigue had disappeared a lot. His endurance and resistance had improved.
“Fatty, can you still hold on?”Let’s find a shelter and start to think of a way to cook. I’ ll make you a good meal.”Lin Tian patted Chi Huon on the shoulder.
Chi Huo was sitting on the beach and rolling up his pants again. Because he changed his large size of charging clothes later, his clothes were suitable, but his pants were much longer, so he could only roll up his pants from time to time.
Lin Tian’s question caused his stomach to growl, but he still said,” Brother Tian, I’ m fine. I’ m not hungry.”
Although his belly wasn’t loud, Lin Tian was still a person with five senses. His hearing was n’ t as strong as an ordinary person, so he could still hear it clearly.
[The hunger of your companions made you even more anxious to find a suitable shelter. You think that the terrain on the right side is higher and the leeward slope might have a good discovery]
Lin Tian turned his head to look. On the right, there was a gentle slope slanting upwards. Then, there should be a small forest. A towering rock wall could be seen in the forest.
The Leeward Slope must be behind the wall.
“Fatty, grab something. Let’s go under that rock wall.”Lin Tian called out and headed in the next direction.
Lin Tian raised his head to look at the still hot sun. It should be able to wreak havoc for another two hours.
The two of them held a pile of bamboo tubes and took the wild yams and tools that had been washed by the sea. After spending half an hour, they finally arrived at their destination.
Along the way, the two of them did not stop to carefully search for anything that could be eaten. After all, time wasn’t enough, but Lin Tian, who had strengthened his senses, still tried his best to keep an eye on the surrounding plants and trees. Only by being careful enough could he make full use of everything.
The terrain on this side of the forest was relatively flat. There were shrubs and vines in the forest.
“Brother Tian, look!”Fatty’s sudden exclamations made Lin Tian, who was still observing from left to right, recover from his shock.
Not far in front of them was a stone mountain. However, it was very miraculous that there was a huge stone hall about two meters away from the ground.
Lin Tian smiled. Actually, he had already seen this place a long time ago. It should be the system notification that it could be used as a shelter destination.
Fatty’s exclamations did not attract much attention from Lin Tian. Instead, they attracted the attention of the fans in the broadcast room.
“I discovered that Big Brother Tian and Fatty are true European Sovereigns. Such a natural shelter is waiting for them.”
“Congratulations to Big Brother Xiti for entering the new residence.”
“Next door, the contestant had painstakingly built a grass hut to compete with Brother Tian’s natural villa ……”
The two of them sped up their steps and finally reached the bottom of the mountain. A gentle slope passed through the stone hall. If they were to use engineering soldiers to repair a row of stairs, it would be even more perfect.
[Successive success made you feel a little complacent. Your rash intrusion angered the natives here, and you paid a painful price.[1]
Lin Tian was indeed immersed in the joy of everything going smoothly. This sudden caption shocked him instantly.
Pay a painful price!
This was the first time he had been told that something bad would happen. Lin Tian’s heart instantly turned cold.
“Don’ t go!”Lin Tian pulled the fatty who was about to crawl into the stone hall.
“What’s wrong, Big Brother Tian?”The fatty asked in confusion.
Lin Tian did not reply. Instead, he began to think quickly.The caption said that he and Fatty had rushed in rashly, so they had angered the natives in the stone hall. That was why he had paid a painful price.
This meant that there were any aggressive animals in the cave?If he didn’ t rashly enter, he might be able to avoid it by checking the situation first.
Lin Tian slowly calmed down. Indeed, the caption was only a reminder, and it was not a complete prediction of the future. Earlier, the caption had said that he would throw a flirtatious glance at Mu Yufei, so it was actually up to Lin Tian to deal with the situation.
[You decided to observe the situation in the stone hall first. You racked your brains and finally solved this group of aboriginals]
With this thought, the subtitle changed again, and it also provided an important piece of information: this group.
This meant that there was more than one danger.
At this moment, the map in his mind also automatically appeared. A red dot appeared in the stone hall.
Red represented hostility or danger.
His mind locked onto the red dot.
[Cute little elf, but if you provoke it, you will risk your life with you]
Alright, in the end, we can’ t provoke him, right?
“There might be danger in this stone hall. Be careful.”Lin Tian reminded him.
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The European Emperor was undoubtedly happy too early?

The broadcast room had also noticed Lin Tian’s actions.
“Our fat and thin combination has always been extremely lucky. Seeing that the sky was about to darken in more than an hour, they continued their good luck and found a natural stone hall.”Xiao Sa had a deep impression of these two youngsters.
“Yes, they stopped?It turned out that Lin Tian felt that there might be danger in this stone hall. Grandpa Bei, what do you think of this problem?”
“I think that Lin Tian’s methods are very accurate. In the caves and caves in the wild, there are often some animals like snakes and bats.”That’s why it’s best not to enter the cave rashly.”
“Thank you, Lord Bei, for your reminder. This should be something that all of us explorers must learn and remember.”Miss Song Yi, what do you think?”
Song Yi replied with a smile,” I think Lin Tian is very old-fashioned and very careful.Most of us had always thought that Lin Tian was the European Emperor. He was very lucky, but after thinking about it carefully, it was often because Lin Tian was good at observing and discovering things. Or rather, he had a lot of experience before, would bring us so much joy.”
“Looks like our beautiful Song Yi girl is not stingy with Lin Tian’s praise.”If Lin Tian finds out, he probably won’ t be able to sleep tonight, right?”
The netizens also expressed their support for the teasing.
“I’ m envious of Big Brother Tian. It’s fine if I successfully invite Goddess Yu Fei. Now, Goddess Song Yi is also attracted to him.”
“A happy man.”
“Song Yi’s smile is so beautiful.”
On the other side of the stone hall, Lin Tian had Fatty guard the things. He took a machete and carefully crawled towards the stone hall. Due to the angle, they could not find the source of danger at the foot of the mountain.
[You think thirty-six tricks are the best.[If I can’ t beat him, I’ d better run]
[You have gained +5 speed]
Very good, very powerful. Lin Tian wanted to praise the system to the heavens.
Closer to the stone hall, Lin Tian could finally see its full appearance. The stone hall was very large, with a width of about 3 meters and a depth of about 5 meters.
The ground of the stone hall was relatively flat. Looking at the top, irregular stones hung upside down. The front part of the stone hall was only less than 4 meters high, but the higher it was, the higher it was. The highest part might be about 7 meters.
Lin Tian had already arrived at the entrance of the stone hall, but he still did not discover who the dangerous aboriginals were.
Looking at the map in his mind, the golden self and the red danger almost got together. Trying to enlarge it, it actually succeeded!
Lin Tian took a few more steps into the stone hall. His gaze was fixed on a hanging stone pillar with its target behind it.
[You’ re too nervous to ignore something. Maybe you should carefully observe the surroundings.[1]
[You’ ve obtained five senses +3]
There was a sweet smell in the air, stimulating Lin Tian’s nose and even stimulating his appetite.
Buzzing sounds rose and fell from the eardrums. It was the sound of wings vibrating.
He could feel his pupils contracting rapidly. Any movement of wind and grass could be perfectly captured. A small elf appeared in his pupils.
It was a bee.
Perhaps it was because they felt that someone was disturbing them, and a few more bees flew out. They buzzed, not knowing whether they were welcoming or warning the intruders to leave quickly.
“It’s actually a bee. I’ ve eaten some honey.”
“It’s definitely the European Emperor. Absorb European energy…”
“It’s too early to be happy upstairs. With bees around, it’s still a question whether Lin Tian and the others can stay overnight.”
“When I was a child, I was stung by a bee. How could it be so painful.”
Lin Tian found bees in the stone hall. Some felt that it was a good thing to obtain honey. Others held different views that bees would threaten the lives of Lin Tian and Fatty.
The director of the broadcasting room, Bei Ye, was invited out to explain.
“Normally, if you encounter a beehive while living, that will be good news. Because honey can provide abundant energy.”
“As long as you do not provoke the majority of the bees, they will not actively sting them. If you want to obtain honey, you can use the method of smoking to drive away the bees.”Grandpa Bei smiled and said.
Xiao San:” Then let’s wait and see what our Lin Tian contestant will do.”
Actually, Lin Tian did not have any good methods. As for the bees that were afraid of being smoked, he knew a bit about it. However, the problem was that they did not have any flames.
After a visual inspection, he realized that the hive was about 3 meters away from the cave entrance. Furthermore, he felt that the bees flying around were not clearly attacking. Perhaps he could settle down and try.
Lin Tian arrived at the cave entrance and called Fatty up.
The two of them placed their equipment and food at the entrance of the cave. Fatty heard that there was a beehive inside, so he was happy.
He also loved to eat desserts.
“Brother Tian, let’s find a way to chase this bee away. I want to eat honey.”Fatty chuckled and explained his thoughts to Lin Tian.
“Want to eat honey?”Let’s go to the forest and find the fire-inducing materials.”Lin Tian said angrily.
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Chapter 18: I’ ve never heard of such a method!

The two of them returned to the forest and began to search for materials that were suitable for lighting the fire. Fatty’s task was to find more large branches and wooden sticks.
On the other hand, Lin Tian was prepared to find some suitable wooden sticks and fleece grass as tools to drill wood for fire.
After spending nearly half an hour, the two of them successfully returned to the stone hall.
“Brother Tian, hurry up and use the method of drilling wood to get the fire up.”The fatty held a fresh branch in his hand, which was used to ignite and make smoke.
He had always been thinking about eating honey.
Lin Tian didn’t reply. Instead, he was thinking about the process of drilling wood for fire.
[Looking at this bunch of withered branches and leaves in front of you, you are worried that you can’ t be sure if the wood drilling fire that you’ ve watched on TV can ignite the fire.[1]
[You have obtained the [Drill Wood Fire]
Lin Tian’s mind instantly grew more and more detailed knowledge of drilling wood for fire. It was as if he had experienced countless times.
[Use your right hand to pick up a wooden stick and prepare to make a fire]
Lin Tian took out a sturdy wooden stick in his hand and then took out a machete. He prepared to cut one end of the wooden stick as a drill bit.
The blade had just pierced through the bark of the wooden stick when Lin Tian’s hand stopped abruptly. As if he had thought something, he glanced at the folding engineering shovel that was leaning against him.
[Everyone used the method of drilling wood for fire to create a fire pile. You think it’s too old-fashioned, so handsome you’ ll think of a more handsome method]
Yes, Bai Lintian still agreed with him.
[The scene of the blacksmith beating the iron sheet with a heavy hammer in your mind flashed through your mind. I think that the friction between the machete and the folding engineer shovel will also cause sparks of love.[1]
[You have obtained the Love Friction and Fire Skill]
The title was updated again.
Lin Tian placed the flammables and withered leaves together. He picked up a machete and folded engineer shovel in the fatty’s puzzled eyes. The machete met each other, and then quickly and skillfully slashed.
Mars quickly enlarged in the fatty’s eyes.
The fleece grass in front of him lit up with flames, and the flames illuminated Fatty’s stunned face.
“Crouching Grass… Brother Tian, how did you do it?”That’s fine?”
Even Fatty couldn’t help but utter a rough sentence.
“This is too awesome!”
Fatty spoke incoherently. He couldn’t help but admire him.
[If you succeed in putting on a show, your heart will be filled with satisfaction and pride, so much so that your expression will be happy and vulgar]
[Your Charm Value +2]
You’ re the one who’s vulgar!Lin Tian said unhappily.
“Heavens, what did I miss?”
“Help me. I used my father’s Swiss military knife and kitchen knife to cut. The fire did n’ t light, but the blade of the military knife was curled.”
“Brother Tian is able to make a fire like this. I’ ll kneel down for Brother Tian.”
“Brother Tian is definitely going to hang up. How could he possibly light the firewood?”
In the broadcasting room, Grandpa Bei took the initiative to speak,” I’ ve never heard of such a method of lighting fire!”
Lin Tian quickly added a few large branches and surrounded them with a few more stones. A fire was completed.
“Brother Tian, give it.”Fatty was very happy. He handed Lin Tian a fresh tree branch torch because Lin Tian had told him that he would be responsible for obtaining honey.
Lin Tian took it and tightened the branches, making the space inside as small as possible.
Light the branch on the fire. Because it was a fresh branch, the gaps between the branches and leaves were small, and the air did not circulate. Although it could be ignited, there was basically no open flame. It just continued to smoke.
“Fatty, go and hide.”
Lin Tian most likely used the smoke to smother the bees. If Fatty were to stand at the entrance of the stone hall, he would probably be surrounded by bees.
[You were holding a smoke torch to approach the beehive, the scene of the bees escaping from the smoke did not appear.[1][1][1][2][3][1][1]
Just as Lin Tian had walked two steps, the threatening narration appeared in Lin Tian’s mind.
Lin Tian’s footsteps paused. He could still endure being stung by a bee once or twice. However, if his face was swollen into a pig’s head, then it would be ruined!
[Were truly fierce warriors. They dared to face the miserable life and the swollen pig head.[You regain your courage and bravely walk to the hive]
[You have gained courage +5]
Lin Tian stuffed his pants into his shoes and tightened his sleeves. After he put on his cap, his entire face and hands were exposed to the air.
Then, he strode forward, the fear and worry in his heart swept away.
“Brother Tian is powerful. At first glance, he looks like he’s from a professional demolition team.”
“If such a large beehive were to attack, would Lin Tian be stung into a pig’s head?”
“The smell of smoke will stimulate the bees. It is likely that they will suck honey and run away.”
“I should make a beehive first.”
“Upstairs, this was a true wilderness survival. Do you think it was a game of famine?”Where did the materials come from?”
“Bee: Little people, it’s time for the team to gather and fight the bayonet!”
Lin Tian had overcome his fear, but the netizens in the livestream room were sweating for him.
The gray smoke quickly drifted towards the hive.
The swarm of bees were stimulated. They hurriedly drilled out of the hive and flew up and down. Buzzing sounds could be heard. A bee stopped on Lin Tian’s charging clothes and crawled up and down.
Suddenly, the figure of a bee grew clearer.
Lin Tian saw it landing on his nose.
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Chapter 19 Taming the Queen Bee

[The delicate legs of the bee on its nose trembled slightly. You feel a little itchy. You sneezed, and the bee on its nose was blown away. However, it successfully attracted a large group of bees to fly towards you.[1]
Lin Tian did feel that his nose was itching, but no matter what, it was someone with increased resistance. He still had this bit of endurance.
That was why the system was once again excited.
He continued to smoke the beehive with his left hand. More and more bees began to suck honey and flee.The bee on its nose, however, did not seem to be aware of it. It continued to crawl leisurely.
From the corner of his eyes, Lin Tian could even see the sharp needles on the bee’s tail shaking from time to time.
Could it be that he was studying where the needles were suitable?
Lin Tian stretched out his right hand. His thumb and middle finger were tied together. Then, he quickly and accurately flicked at the bee on his nose.
“He died on the spot!”
The netizens made a complete summary of the bee’s tragic fate.
His nose no longer itched. Lin Tian was finally able to use the smoke to drive away the bees.
“These bees are too honest. They are actually not stingy?”
“Brother Tian is a professional brawler!”
“He succeeded in stealing the house. The enemy crystal is about to be destroyed.”
[You saw that the Queen Bee had already drilled out of the hive. If you could control it before it flew away, you would be able to obtain the entire swarm of bees]
Wasn’ t this nonsense?
Lin Tian silently cursed. No matter how inexperienced he was, he still knew the principle. The Queen Bee was the main body of the entire swarm. Where the Queen Bee was, the swarm usually followed.
If there was a big bag or wooden box, perhaps he could try to drive the swarm inside.Unfortunately, this operation was still a little hasty. There was nothing at the moment.
[You’ re upset about why you didn’ t prepare enough. You decided to take off your charging clothes and use it to capture this nest of bees.[1]
[You have obtained a beast tamer skill]
Take off your charge clothes?Should he be so ruthless?
Lin Tian didn’t agree with the system’s suggestion, but the beast tamer skills that followed gave him new surprises and hope.
A three-dimensional image of the Queen Bee appeared in Lin Tian’s mind, so he tried to use his thoughts to touch the Queen Bee.
[You controlled the Bee King and successfully obtained a free labor force from a hive]
Lin Tian felt a strange connection between him and the Queen Bee. He could give the Queen Bee some simple instructions.
For example, if King Bee was to control the swarm of bees, they would not be allowed to attack him and Fatty.
The bees were still buzzing around. The pungent smell of smoke made them feel extremely uncomfortable.However, Jian Yi could feel that the bees were no longer hostile towards him. The map in his mind turned into a mini blue bee.
Blue represented companionship or friendship.
Lin Tian put the smoke torches on the ground and stamped them out. Since he had already subdued them, there was no need to torture these elves.
Lin Tian’s strange actions once again made the netizens unable to understand. Although most of the bees had already left the hive, it was too early to kill the smoke torches right?
“Brother Tian is floating…”
“Bees, your enemies have already abandoned their weapons. What are you waiting for? Go up and take revenge!”
“I just want to say that I won’ t die if I don’ t do it. I’ ll laugh when Lin Tian is stung into a pig’s head.”
“More than half of the bees have flown away. It should be fine to exterminate the smoke right now.”
The netizens were still discussing amongst themselves, but the stone hall changed again. The fleeing bees flew back.
“Brother Tian, those bees have flown back.”Fatty reminded him anxiously at the cave entrance.
Lin Tian made a gesture to reassure him. He stood there patiently and waited for all the bees to return. This was why he had asked the Queen Bee to recall the bees.
“Look, let’s play.”
“The bee flew back again. Is Lin Tian planning to laugh to death?”
“Sigh, my Big Brother Tian has also failed…”
As the netizens watched the bees fly back, they all said that Lin Tian Mie Yan was asking for trouble. It was too floating.
But then, they were even more dumbfounded.
Lin Tian slowly took off his charging clothes and tried to rush all the bees into the charging clothes.
The netizens knelt down once again when they saw Lin Tian with his bare arms exposed.
“Brother Tian is feeding the bees with his body?”
“Brother Tian is also a fierce warrior.”
“Today next year, remember to burn more paper money for Big Brother Tian.”
“If I can even receive this nest of bees, I will eat it live*”
Lin Tian was very calm because he had already controlled the queen bee. Very soon, all the bees entered his charging clothes. Then, he took a pack of bees out of the stone hall with ease. He was ready to let the bees settle in the forest outside the stone hall first.
“This…”Not scientific!”
“Lin Tian must have gone off!”
“Brother Xintian, you must live forever.”
“Let’s start your show.”
The netizens went completely crazy. Lin Tian refreshed their understanding time and time again, and even the little Sass in the broadcasting room expressed his admiration.
“Lord Bei, can you explain Lin Tian’s actions? This is something an ordinary person can do?”Theo asked.
“Lin Tian’s performance was very impressive. Indeed, many beehive hunters were able to successfully capture honeycombs in the wild when they were fully prepared.However, like Lin Tian, he took off his clothes and calmly completed the entire process. He was the first person I’ ve seen before.”Grandpa Bei gave a thumbs-up, expressing his praise for Lin Tian.
“So, in reality, using clothes or other tools like Lin Tian to collect and capture bee hives also exists in real life. However, Lin Tian’s courage and calmness made us viewers even more shocked. Did you mean that?”Theo asked.
Grandpa Bei:” Yes.”
“Could it be that Lin Tian has raised bees before?”That’s right.”
Theo teased,” I now think that Lin Tian has experience in everything he does.”
Lin Tian, who had already arrived at the entrance of the stone hall, suddenly stopped.
He looked at the camera suspended by the side and smiled.
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Chapter 20 Bamboo tube rice, large-scale eating and broadcasting site

Lin Tian placed the beehive on a large tree in the forest and prepared to make a special hive after settling down.
Of course, Lin Tian could order the Bee King to lead the swarm to settle down in the forest from the start. This was also why he extinguished the smoke.
However, the subtitles that appeared after the smoke was extinguished changed his mind. Only then did he realize the shocking action of the light-armer collecting the bees.
[You’re going to let the bees settle in the forest, so you put out the smoke. The netizens did n’ t understand what you’re doing and felt that you’ re a retard. You decided to use a wave of tricks to hit their faces]
This was the first time the title mentioned a netizen. This filled Lin Tian with curiosity.He decided to make a joke with these fake fans who might have ridiculed him in the live broadcast. Perhaps there would be people who would be so proud that if he succeeded, he would have a live broadcast and eat* or something?
It was fun to think about it.
By the time Lin Tian returned to the stone hall, the fatty had already eaten his mouth full of honey.
The bamboo cup contained half a cup of fresh honey. The fatty didn’t care about his image at all. He did n’ t know where the whole tree branch came to pick up honey and eat it.
“Brother Tian, where did you leave the bees?”Let me tell you, this honey is too sweet.”Fatty ate happily.
“The beehives are now in the forest. Don’ t eat them for now. I’ ll use bamboo to make you a pair of chopsticks later.”Lin Tian said helplessly.
“Brother Xingtian, I’ ll listen to you.”The fatty nodded as he picked up another piece of honey. En, it was too sweet.
After tossing around for a whole afternoon, there was only orange and soft light left outside. The forest and the wilderness were all covered in a layer of gold. If he wasn’ t hungry, it would be a good thing to lean against the stone wall and see this ruined sun fall.
It was obvious that Lin Tian was temporarily not in such a mood. Not to mention Fatty, even he himself was very hungry.
“Fatty, you should take care of the white toad tonight.”Lin Tian greeted him.
“What a pity!”He immediately ate some. Fatty was full of energy.
A large stone, a small stone, this was Fatty’s tool. If he put the white toad on a large stone, he could smash the outer shell of the white toad with a single smash. Then, he picked out the white flesh and put it in a bamboo bowl.
Lin Tian himself used a machete to peel off the wild yam that had been washed clean by the sea. Then, he put it in a bamboo bowl and crushed it into mud.
After the materials of the two of them were properly processed, it was already dark outside. Fortunately, tonight, the moonlight was bright and reflected the light of the stone hall.
Lin Tian took a bamboo tube.
The bamboo tube was a complete section, but when Lin Tian was at the beach, he used a machete to open a square hole on the bamboo tube. The inside had already been washed with seawater.
The rammed yam paste and the white toad meat were put together. Then, some honey was added into it, mixed well, and then put it into the bamboo barrel bit by bit. Finally, with the clear water in the bamboo, the bamboo slice cut from the opening was put back.
Half of the meal was completed, and the rest was roasted on the fire.
There were a total of three bamboo tubes of rice. Fatty had a large amount of rice. At least two of them were needed to eat.
Don’t slack off on the cooking bamboo tube rice. You must turn the bamboo tube frequently to make the entire bamboo tube heat evenly.
“Brother Tian, how much longer will it take to eat?”Fatty’s nose twitched. He could already smell the fragrance coming from the bamboo barrel’s lid.
“Let’s roast it for a while. After the bamboo robe turns yellow and becomes soft, we can eat it.”
After about twenty minutes of roasting, Lin Tian announced that the bamboo tube rice was ready.
Taking off the bamboo cover, a fragrance assaulted the face. The snow-white yam paste was decorated with white toad meat. Just this color had already tempted you to swallow your saliva continuously.
“Wow, it looks so fragrant.”
“I just finished dinner, and now I’ m hungry again.”
“You’ ve had a meal in front of me. I just got off work and I look even more hungry!”
“When I saw them eating bamboo rice, I suddenly felt that the pig hooves in my mouth were no longer fragrant.”
Lin Tian was quite polite. He tasted it one by one. Perhaps it was because the five senses had increased. He could taste the various types of taste in the bamboo tube rice.
The fragrance of bamboo, the softness of yams, the freshness of white toads, and the sweetness of honey. The combination of several types of Dao Seeking, and the fine ones could be well distinguished Lin Tian had no choice but to sigh: High-end delicacies only require simple cooking.
Bamboo bowls, bamboo chopsticks, bamboo rice. On this desolate island, this kind of eating method actually had a unique art.
The fatty’s food was still fierce and fierce. He wasn’ t afraid of scalding either. He took large mouthfuls of food into his mouth and quickly wiped out the two bamboo barrels.
“Fatty, are you full?”Fatty Lin Tianchong asked.He had basically finished his bamboo meal.
“I’ m full. Brother Tian, I didn’ t expect this wild yam to be so fragrant with the bamboo rice roasted by the white clam.”Fatty replied with a smile.
“It’s good that you’ re full. Today’s time is short, so I can only make do with it first. Tomorrow, I’ ll make you something delicious.”Lin Tian said.
“Yes, I wish I could eat chicken legs or pig feet tomorrow.”Fatty chuckled.
“I haven’t even figured out the situation on the island. Where are you going to get your chicken legs and pig’s hooves?”Lin Tian laughed and cursed.
Lin Tian and the others were lucky to be able to eat warm food on the first night on the island.Many other teams were still hungry.
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