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Chapter 61 Pottery Boiled Soup, Delicious to the point of swallowing your tongue!

Finally, the clear stream of water was poured into the pot.
As for the water that had just returned, there were still some mixed things. Lin Tian was prepared to settle down and use it tomorrow.
Cover the lid of the pot. This way, the water opened quickly.
At this moment, it was obvious that Lin Tian’s craftsmanship was superb.
The lid and mouth of the pot perfectly matched.
A large thread was too tight, a small thread was too loose.
Moreover, there was a small hole on the lid of the pot that was used to vent.
“Brother Tian’s technique is awesome!”The netizens sighed.
Most of the fish were roasted into dried fish. Fresh fish only had some grouper, green crab and conch.
In fact, Lin Tian ate very little seafood and made even less seafood.
Plus, there wasn’t any seasoning right now, so he did n’ t have to think about it.
A pot of stew.
Braised!Boil out the thick soup!
After stewing the fish and crabs in the pot, Lin Tian started to pack the dried fish.
The aquarium containing the dried fish also had a lid, and its sealing was exceptionally good.
In that case, the storage time of the dried fish could be extended by a lot.
However, there were only two small pots, only half of the dried fish.
However, without any hesitation, Lin Tian once again placed a new pottery embryo into the earth kiln. This time, there were three pottery vats.
Two were then used to store sealed food, and one could be used to store some drinking water.
The thermal conductivity and thermal insulation of the pot should be much better than the bamboo pot.
They waited for more than ten minutes after the dried fish was put away.
Then, Lin Tian opened the cover and inspected the seafood stew.
As soon as the lid was opened, a unique fragrance of seafood assaulted his face.
The soup was rich, but it was still slightly white with milk. The decocted grouper, the red green crab… looked incomparably delicious.
“Wow, it looks like the fish meat is fresh and tender. I want to eat it!”
“Crab: I’m finally red~”
“The original taste of seafood is really great. Every time, it makes people want to stop.”
“Ah ~ It means that a child who grew up in the interior has never eaten seafood in his teens. I’ m so envious.”
Before Lin Tian and the others could eat it, the netizens started drooling.
Lin Tian added another bit of honey to it, bringing it up.
Moreover, this was the only seasoning that the two of them had.
He used chopsticks to stir the fish soup and fish meat. The sweet fragrance of honey mixed with the fresh fragrance of the fish meat, causing people to immediately swallow their saliva!
“Let’s eat, Big Brother Tian?”Fatty could no longer endure it.
“Alright, I’ ll give it to you.”
The spoon that scooped the soup was made of bamboo by Lin Tian. It was the same as the bamboo spoon that was used for drinking or soy sauce in the ancient times.
However, Lin Tian had made a leak through the hole.
One person, a large bowl of fish soup, some fish meat, and a large green crab.
The taste was really good.
The soup was exceptionally rich. The taste of eating into one’s mouth would stay at the root of one’s mouth for a long time, making one’s taste endless.
“Friends who had never eaten seafood recommended you to eat it just like this. It’s original, and it’s completely different from the salty, spicy, and numbing that we usually eat!”It’s simple. It’s mellow.”
Lin Tianchao explained to the camera.
“Brother Tian… This soup is too delicious… You said that when we speak to the camera, can the audience hear it?”The fatty said as he gulped down the soup.
“It should be possible. Right now, the technology is so advanced.”Indeed, the technology of this parallel world far surpassed Lin Tian’s mother planet. There was also a slight difference in the popularity of people.
“Could hear it!Can Big Brother foodie not drink so much soup?”I’ m even more hungry!”
“That’s right. You must never look at the way Fatty eats. It’s too tempting to eat!”
“Fatty can come out and become a gourmet host ~”
“Brother Tian was so calm and collected when he ate. He was simply too handsome!”
After drinking some soup, Lin Tian began to deal with the large green crab.The crab belly was square, which meant that it was a female crab.
Such a large female crab should have crab roe, right?
Peel off the crab shell. It was full of crab cream!
Lin Tian didn’t use his chopsticks anymore. Instead, he took out the delicious crab roe with his mouth.
It was no exaggeration to say that.
It was too delicious!
He was simply about to swallow his tongue!
“Can’t do it anymore. I want to take the pass!I was excited to see you all suffer in the wilderness, yet you ended up eating so much?………”Ah, look at the real fragrance~”
“I’ m so hungry, but not long after I finished my dinner~”
Not long after dinner with “, they were also hungry!2333……”
Lin Tian and Fatty finished a large pot of seafood. They didn’ t even have any soup left!
“Brother Tian, this soup is too delicious!”
The fatty obviously ate so darnly that he temporarily forgot about the chicken legs and pig hooves.
“Yes, it might be a problem with the pot. It will make the food taste more perfect.”
It could also be a problem with the system. The taste of the food had a certain amount of added value.
Of course, Lin Tian could only think about this in his heart. He could not say it.
After eating and drinking.
He could not go to bed immediately.
It was not like a pig.
The two of them sat at the entrance of the stone hall and looked at the moon.
The moonlight was like water.
Anyone who saw this scene alone would not think that they were here to live in wilderness.
After all, she was too satisfied with her sitting posture and expression, right?
“Fatty, I’ m almost going to look for Mu Yufei and the others.”Lin Tian said.
Are “going to find sister-in-law?”I’ ll go with you!”Fatty chuckled.
Lin Tian:”?????”
You were more active than me.
Lin Tian did not refute and explain.
There was no denying that Mu Yuffi was indeed one of the best goddesses.
But he wasn’t a pervert!
Lin Tian knew very well in his heart that the most important factor in his constant concern for Mu Yufei was the system’s random selection of mandarin ducks!
And from the very beginning, the system had indicated that they wanted to meet up with them. It was like a system mission.
Up until now, completing the system mission was a good reward!
There was no reason not to receive the prize, right?
Lin Tian patted Fatty on the shoulder and smiled.
“You’ ll guard your home. I’ ll go back quickly.”
‘I’ m finally going to find the female lead ~ begging for support ~*

How could someone be luckier than fatty?

Lin Tian said that going alone wasn’t an aimless thing.
After checking the map of his mind, the distance between him and Mu Yufei was not close.
Even if it was him, his speed bonus could directly strike the target straight ahead.
It would take a few days to be conservative.
The wilderness was ultimately a wilderness, and danger could happen at any moment.
Although Lin Tian felt that since the system was directing the mission to the other side, it would probably be able to sweep away a wave of resources along the way.
But there was no absolute situation. What if there was danger?
He could not let Fatty take the risk with him.
“Brother Tian, how could you go alone?”How many can I help you with!”Fatty was a little impatient. He also didn’ t want Lin Tian to take risks alone.
“Don’ t worry. You know I’ m very powerful.”
“You’ re here. There’s fresh water, food, fire, and shelter. It’s not certain if you follow me out.”
Fatty said,” Brother, I’ m not someone who can not endure hardships!”
Lin Tian said,” I know, but think about it. It’s easier for me to find food and fresh water for one person in the wild than two people, right?”
Fatty said,” But… I don’ t trust you to go alone. Old Patriarch and the others will never let me eat chicken legs and pig hooves!”
Lin Tian:”?????”
Lin Tian did not know whether to laugh or cry when he was still thinking about chicken legs and pig hooves.
“We’ve roughly looked at the nearby resources, but we did n’ t find any pheasants or wild boars. I went out to investigate the surrounding environment and resources.”If you want to survive on the island for a long time, the resources you can find are not enough.”
“Moreover, I don’ t want to persist here. Believe me, I will find more useful things. We want to live a good life on the island!”
“Must we go?”Perhaps Mu Yufei and the others have already been eliminated.”
“I don’t think they are that easy to eliminate, and even if they are eliminated, we still have to explore outside, right?”It’s one thing to find them. After all, they’ re the people I’ ve taken the initiative to make an appointment with. I’ m a grand seven-foot man. I can’ t break my promise!”
“You can’ t go back on your word.”But…”
Fatty was a little powerless to refute.
“Don’ t worry, I’ m very strong.”
Lin Tian smiled faintly.There was no fear or worry about exploring alone.
“It’s over. My Big Brother Tian has actually been blinded by the woman!”
“Heroes can’t pass Beauty Pass. No matter how powerful Brother Tian is, he ca n’ t escape.”
The hero of “farts was clearly a person with a high level of respect and a low level of friendship!”It’s such a big island. By the time Lin Tian finds Mu Yufei, she’ ll be like a monkey!”
“Brother Tian has also said that finding someone is one aspect, and finding resources is also one aspect. I think it’s no problem.”
“Young Master Sun has been clamoring to find Mu Yufei all this time. Tell me who will find her first.”
The netizens had different opinions about Lin Tian’s plans. There were many people who supported him and many people who opposed him.
Lin Tian could imagine everyone’s reaction.
There were definitely quite a few people who said that they cared more about friends than about friends. However, it was fine. With the help of the system, those people would soon swallow back what they had said.
He had indeed decided to go out to look for resources.
There were also hidden treasures mentioned by the program team. With the help of the system, they might be able to try their luck and find one or two places.
That’s right!
Lin Tian suddenly had a flash of light.
The things that [ignored finally became clear in your mind. You think the location of the treasure should be marked on the map.[1]
Lin Tian was pleasantly surprised. He quickly checked the map in his mind.
As expected, the patterns of treasure chests gradually became clearer on the map.
It really was possible!
The hidden treasure that others had to use their luck to discover was something that he could use to grab!
What was going on?
Lin Tian was shocked.
Nine of the ten treasure chests were closed.One of them was opened!
Someone had already discovered and opened the hidden treasure!
Just who was it?
Such powerful luck?
The hidden treasures of the program team were definitely not so easy to discover. There were ten treasures on the vast island, and without a certain amount of luck, a certain amount of luck.
Could this person be even better than Fatty?
Lin Tian was bewildered.
However, he soon became happy again.
It was near Mu Yufei and the others.
Shockingly, there was a diagram of a treasure chest!
Sure enough, the system wouldn’ t let him run for nothing. What a joke! How could the Heavenly Chosen be able to run for nothing?
“Alright, brother.”I support you.”
Fatty heavily patted Lin Tian on the shoulder.
“Old Patriarch and the others have been urging us to find a wife to get married and give them a few fat boys.”
“Brother, your conditions are better than mine. I will teach you this task.”
“Even if we can’ t last for a month, it doesn’ t matter. As long as you take care of Sister-in-law, we won’ t make a trip for nothing.”
Lin Tian:”!!!!”
The netizen:”????”
“The others are here to live in the wilderness, and they are here for blind dates?”
“So it turns out that the fatty is the one who is ruthless. It’s fine to find a wife, but it’s normal to have a child. It’s too much to have a few more ~”
“Right now, it’s not like a multi-faceted treasure trove is popular…”
“Brother Tian’s future had already been decided by all of you before the words left?”It’s true that the emperor is not anxious.”
“I’ m happy~”
“Ah~ I want to give Big Brother Tian a monkey ~”
This decision was decided.
Tomorrow morning, Lin Tian would set off and head east, looking for someone to find a treasure.*

Chapter 63 Special breakfast, departure!

“Gulp~ Gulp~”
Early in the morning, Lin Tian was awakened by a coo.
Lin Tian opened his eyes and fondly touched his cooing head.
[Knew you were going to travel far away. My little friend went out to find you some delicious food and wanted to give you the last breakfast in the world]
Early in the morning, Bai Jun, could you say something auspicious?
“Pu…” Gugu flapped his wings and flew to the side of the pot.
Lin Tian looked over and found the delicacies in the caption.
It was actually three bullfrogs!
It was obvious that Gu Gu had gone out to catch him last night or early in the morning.
He had told Gu Gu yesterday that he didn’ t bring Gu Gu along with him when he was traveling. He had him help Fatty and try to hatch that bird egg.
However, Lin Tian didn’ t have much hope for the eggs to hatch. He knew how long it would take for them to be outside.
However, it should be no problem to help Fatty hunt some food.
These three bullfrogs were the best proof.
“Coo, so awesome!”
Lin Tian walked over and once again touched his head and killed Gu Gu.
At the same time, he checked the situation of the bullfrog.
The three bullfrogs were not dead yet.
The carbon roast bullfrog would become their final destination.
“Coo is too powerful. Three bullfrogs a night?”
“How could it be one night? I had already knelt down for Gu Gu. Gu Gu went out three times in half an hour, one bullfrog at a time.”
“10 Minutes to catch a bullfrog?”Should I be this powerful?”
“Brother Tian is so happy. With such a powerful coo, are you afraid that you won’ t have meat to eat?”
Lin Tian woke Fatty up.
“A bullfrog eat this morning?”Great!”
“Although it’s not a chicken leg, a frog leg is also a leg!”
Fatty was so happy that he got up.
“Brother Tian, I’ ll take care of the bullfrog. Cut a few bamboo sticks!”
Lin Tian smiled. Fatty had always been diligent, but he was even more diligent when it came to eating.
It was very easy to cut the bamboo slips. Last time, Lin Tian had a large number of useless ones.
“Last time, there were more.”
Anyway, it was fine. Lin Tian stood to the side and watched Fatty deal with the bullfrog.
The fatty first hacked the bullfrog’s head with a machete.
Actually, it wasn’ t that the entire head was chopped off. It was that the upper part of the head and the lower part of the mouth were actually still left.
After cutting off his head, the bullfrog was still alive. Fatty quickly used a toothpick stick to stab at the air hole, ending this pitiful pain.
Then, he pulled the frog’s skin from the cut and took off the bullfrog.
The last step was simple. He used a machete to cut open the belly of the bullfrog, without any internal organs.
His internal organs were thrown into a special bamboo bowl beside him. The fish and shrimps were also placed there. They could be used as traps for fishing cages.
The whole set was only a minute.
Fatty took care of a bullfrog.
His movements were extremely skillful.
“Look at Fatty’s movements, he hasn’ t eaten much in the past!”
Why would “eat frogs?”Isn’ t a frog a beneficial insect?”
“This was the wilderness, not eating people, not starving to death?”Furthermore, the program team’s official website has also stated that all the resources on the island can be used at will. It has already been approved.”
“Actually, those bullfrogs that we usually eat in our store are produced by a large number of farms. It’s not much different from eating chickens and ducks.”
The bullfrog was handed over to Lin Tian. He used a string of bamboo sticks and placed it on the fire to slowly cook.
Lin Tian had done this before. He was already skilled at it. Last time, he had also obtained the bonfire roast fish skill.
This charcoal roast bullfrog was actually connected.
When the roast bullfrog’s appearance had already changed color and started to drizzle slightly, Lin Tian applied another layer of honey.
The brush was also made of bamboo, simple and practical.
This caused Lin Tian to feel quite emotional. What a bamboo forest. It really greatly improved the quality of life.
The sky was getting brighter and brighter.
The popularity of the livestream room also increased.
“Damn it, let me see such a tempting thing early in the morning. I’ ve already promised the male potty not to eat greasy food in the morning. Forget it, I should be fine just once…”
“Coordinates: City A, District B, please recommend it. Where are there delicious charred bullfrogs nearby~”
“Brother Tian, a great gourmet, early grilled bullfrog.”
“That’s why the rhyme ghost on the upstairs got up so early?”
Three bullfrogs. This time, Lin Tian ate two.
Although the fatty had been shouting that the frog leg was also a leg, he was not greedy at this moment.
He knew that the wilderness was alone, and there was no guarantee of food. He wanted Lin Tian to eat two bullfrogs!
Lin Tian was not pretentious either. They were all his brothers.
After finishing the bullfrog, Lin Tian was about to leave.
He didn’ t want to bring many things with him. The two bamboo tubes had already precipitated fresh water.
He made a bamboo cover that could be closed tightly. Then, he tied two straw ropes to his back.
One bamboo tube was pure dried fish, one bamboo tube was dried fish and the remaining smoked snake meat.
Fatty said that there was a variety of different flavors of meat.
A bamboo tube of yam and yam were broken into proper pieces. When they were eaten, they would not be damaged if they were peeled.
In addition, there was a tiny bamboo tube containing some honey.
Then, he also prepared an empty bamboo tube to store things on the road.
A pottery bowl that left the kiln in the morning was used to boil water and cook food on the road.
There were six large bamboo tubes, one mini bamboo tube, and one pottery bowl. This was Lin Tian’s resources.
Originally, he was going to give the machete to Fatty, but Fatty refused.
“I will try my best to stay near the shelter and wait for you to return. Don’ t worry about me.”
“Then, Big Brother Tian, you must be careful on your way.”
The two of them hugged each other.
Lin Tian smiled brightly.
“Let’s go, fatty!”*

Chapter 64: Walking by the river often, how can there be shoes that are not wet

9 AM.
When Lin Tian had already left for almost two hours.
Two new guests were welcomed to the broadcasting room.
“Good morning, everyone. The new day has begun again. Today, we have invited two special guests. The familiar audience must have already recognized them.”Xiao Sa said warmly.
“Hello, everyone. I am Senior.”
“Hello, everyone. I am Old He.”
Shockingly, the two guests were Gao Zhiyuan and He Kaifu who had been eliminated yesterday.
The two greeted the three of them and their friends.
“Elder He is fine, right?”Theo asked with concern.
He Kaifu:” Thank you for your concern. I’ m fine now. I wasn’ t injured at the time, so I was a little scared.”
Xiao San:” It’s good that you’ re fine, but that situation was really scary.”
Song Yi said,” It was really dangerous back then. I didn’ t even dare to look at it.”
Old He:” The main blame is on me. I even got tired of Old Gao’s withdrawal from the competition so early.”
Gao Zhiyuan said,” Old He, how do you say that? I can’ t refuse to save my life.”
Old He sighed and did not reply.
“I think that most of our competitors have watched the beginning and end of the matter through the live broadcast or live broadcast.”
“Now let’s review the situation through video playback.”
Xiao San said to the audience, and then the scene in the studio changed to the scene of the incident.
It turned out that the two of them had always used food traps to hunt small rodents for a living.
However, there were only a limited number of mountain rats nearby, and they could not eat them every day.
As a result, Old He suggested expanding the scope of his exploration and trying to find a new source of food.
They really succeeded!
They found a swamp with plenty of water and grass, where they could obtain fresh water and fish and shrimp hidden in the water and grass.
Such a precious place was simply heaven!
But soon, they discovered that there were existences they could not afford to offend in the swamp.
A crocodile.
A crocodile that was nearly two meters long!
The crocodile was occupying the marshland, which undoubtedly destroyed the two’s idea of including the marshland into their territory.
However, the two of them were truly unwilling.
He had already eaten the mountain mice for a few days, and even his meat was a bit greasy.
They urgently wanted to obtain more other food in the swamp.
He had no choice but to face the crocodile.
This kind of even more terrifying and bold thought appeared.
Hearing that crocodile meat was very delicious, the two of them decided to find a way to kill this crocodile!
The two of them only had a single dagger and used it to cut off two spears.
They couldn’ t be as careful as Ouyang Manman. Their spears weren’ t even carbonized.
However, they wouldn’ t just bring two spears to the crocodile.
They could not fight against each other, they could only use their wits.
The two of them quickly thought of’ I can’ t take it for granted’.
If he were to smear the mountain rat’s body full of liquid, perhaps he could pull the crocodile over as well?
It was because every day, there were mountain rats that had gained something.
The two of them were already extremely confident in the effect of being unable to take it.
The two of them thought about it and felt that there was a play.
As a result, under the worries of the netizens, they started their own crocodile hunting plan.
They had wiped away a large amount of liquid from the trapped three mountain rats.
Then, he went to the swamp to search for crocodiles.
However, the crocodiles always hid themselves in the grass, only revealing their noses and eyes on the surface of the water. They simply could not find it.
The crocodile locked onto them.
They were attacked by the crocodile!
Old He’s trouser leg was bitten by a crocodile and instantly tore apart. How good luck was this, yet he didn’ t hurt his leg!
Elder Gao quickly inserted a spear into the crocodile and pulled Elder He away.
The spear did not injure the crocodile. Instead, it provoked the crocodile’s ferocity.
As a result, the audience was horrified to see a large crocodile chasing after two people.
Suddenly, He Kaifu let out a cry of alarm. Because it was a swamp, some places could bear weight while others would sink.
He Kaifu’s luck wasn’ t good, he fell into the swamp.
His legs couldn’ t be pulled out, and he was still sinking. The crocodile behind him was already approaching.
He Kaifu felt that his life was about to be handed over here.
Gao Zhiyuan turned around to look at the place where he was safe and sound. Why did he sink in?
Seeing the crocodile getting closer and closer.
If he ran away, he would probably be fine. This place was almost at the edge of the swamp.
However, if he ran, one could imagine how he would end up being rich.
But if he went back.
He himself would be in danger.
Moreover, it might be a risk of losing his life!
He hesitated for a moment.
All of his thoughts flashed through his mind.
He hadn’ t even figured out the pros and cons before he picked up the wooden spear and returned.
“Run!”Don’ t worry about me!”He Kaifu shouted.
“Don’ t move. The more you move, the deeper you sink!”Gao Zhiyuan roared.
He crossed He Kaifu and grabbed the wooden spear with both hands to fight the crocodile to the death!
Perhaps it was because Old Gao had already thought of risking his life when he returned.
His aura was exceptionally vigorous!
The moving crocodile slowed down.
One man and one crocodile faced off.
The scene was somewhat tragic.
The battle was imminent.
At this moment, the sound of a helicopter boom rang out above their heads…*

Chapter 65 Elimination, Another New Student

He was the first to die before he could defeat his master.
He Kaifu and Gao Zhiyuan were all talking about.
The mountain rats that had been prepared to smear on them had yet to come in handy. They had almost become crocodile food themselves.
Like Lu Xiaoqiao and the others, when the program team saw that the two of them were going to trap the crocodile, the rescue team had already left.
If Lu Xiaojiao and the others were to risk making a raft to cross the river, there was a certain probability that they would successfully reach the other side, then Gao Zhiyuan and the others would basically have no chance of survival if they had made a crocodile decision.
It was also because their lives were high that the rescue team arrived in time.
They had used their withdrawal from the competition to exchange for precious lives.
“If you have a chance to return to the time when you first discovered the crocodile, would you still choose to trap it?”
Gao Zhiyuan said,” Then I definitely won’ t go. Only when I’ ve truly faced death will I know how precious living is.”
He Kaifu:” Indeed, in front of nature, we are truly too insignificant. This crocodile has warned us.”
“That’s right. We can’ t underestimate any natural phenomena.”
“Especially a ferocious creature like a crocodile. Don’ t provoke it.”Theo added.
After a pause, Theo continued to ask Grandpa Bei a question.
“Master Bei, you’ ve hunted crocodiles many times before. Can you introduce them to us?”
Grandpa Bei said,” Crocodiles are carnivorous eggs that produce spine-like reptiles. They are the oldest reptiles of the same era as dinosaurs over 200 million years ago. They are also one of the most primitive animals that have survived so far.”
“There are 20 or 30 crocodile species. Their body is between 1 to 9 meters long. Their bite force is astonishing. After biting their prey, they will use the’ Death Roll’skill. They are extremely dangerous creatures.”
The “crocodile attacks on humans occurred from time to time, and the number of people who died of crocodiles had also increased.”That’s why if you encounter crocodiles in the wild, especially large crocodiles, it’s best not to provoke them.”
Theo said,” Indeed. After all, not everyone has such a reaction and skill as Grandpa Bei. In the face of a terrifying crocodile, ordinary people will first panic. If they panic, they will be unable to resist the crocodile’s attack.”
“There are quite a few crocodiles on Odin Island. If our other competitors encounter them, I hope they can treat them cautiously.”
“At the same time, our rescue team will be on standby at any time. When the contestants’ lives are threatened, they will rush to rescue as quickly as possible.”
He Kaifu and Gao Zhiyuan were still lucky. Under such circumstances, not only did they escape, they even suffered a few skin injuries.
“Then what were the plans of the next two?”I heard that many people have contacted you again?”Theo asked with a smile.
This was also a very natural phenomenon. In fact, no matter when each group of competitors left the competition, no matter how they performed during the challenge competition, there would definitely be many people who would contact each other after returning to the city.
Of the hundreds of millions of people, the entire country’s people and even the other foreign people were watching.
What kind of flow was that?
Traffic brought benefits and money.
Not to mention that Gao Zhiyuan and He Kaifu had quite a few fans because of their personalities and special hunting methods.
Moreover, Gao Zhiyuan’s performance of not abandoning his companions at a critical moment was highly praised by the audience.
This was also a good stunt.
In short, they successfully attracted the attention of the crowd.
“There are indeed many people who have contacted us. We are still considering it.”He Kaifu replied.
“Then I wish you two a good future. In addition, if you have a chance to return to the stage of survival in the wilderness, are you willing?”
“Yes, of course!”
The two of them spoke in unison.
The three of them then had some interactions and questions with Gao Zhiyuan and the others.
At the end of the match, Theo sent another important message to the audience.
“The program team has a prediction about the outcome of this wilderness survival.”
“But, after all, it’s an undeveloped primitive island. The contestants are randomly selected. There’s a lot of uncertainty.”
“Judging from the current situation, the difficulty of survival in the wilderness is not low. The elimination rate is high.”
“If the late-stage competition rate is too high, the program team can arrange some of the contestants that the audience likes to’ revive’.”
“The specific program team will continue to discuss it. If the audience has any suggestions or support, they can also leave a message in our comment area.”
Most of the audience did not object to the program team’s plan.
After all, no matter how much they revived, the bonus was also distributed by the program team. It would not affect their interests.
A small portion of the audience saw a new opportunity.
“If the program team wants to add a contestant, please come and pick again!”
“If I had the chance to go to the island, I would definitely be able to shine!”
“Choose me to choose me. I want to meet up with Big Brother Tian!”
The fans were especially excited. Not only were they playing in the live broadcast room, but there were many other public platforms where everyone was discussing intensely.
As for whether the program team really had such plans, or just creating a fishing wheel to attract traffic, no one knew.
No one even considered this matter.
The eliminated contestants might already have a good home.
Perhaps this was something that the’surviving’ players on the island had not expected.
I think my suggestion is obvious enough. If you have any suggestions, please leave a message in the comment area.*Thank you ~*)*

Chapter 66 One Person’s Journey!

Lin Tian left alone.
He and Fatty were separated from each other.
Before he left, he checked his attributes.
[Lucky Heavenly Chosen: Lin Tian]
[Five Sense:8(+15)]
[Luck: Lucky Star is concerned about it, but luck is still the same]
[Remarks: Ordinary people have 10 attributes in all aspects]
Among the various attributes, the increase in strength and charm was the largest, but the increase in speed and stamina was slightly smaller.
What made him most happy was that even if he wanted to leave the fatty, he was still lucky!
Fatty was truly lucky. Lin Tianan swore to himself that the next time he came back, he would have to eat chicken legs or pig hooves.
He could not treat his brother unfairly.
Lin Tian walked along the coast.
If they walked in a straight line, they had to pass through the stone mountain where the shelter was located. From the map, they could see that the stone mountain was deep and deep, and the altitude was not low.
Although the coastal shoreline had made a little detour, it was actually much easier to walk.
Lin Tian walked in front, two mini cameras shooting behind him.
“Why is Big Brother Tian leaving alone and facing the wilderness alone? He is still so calm.”
“I don’ t know how long it will take to find Yu Fei and Qiuyun. I really don’ t know if Lin Tian’s decision is right or wrong.”
“Theoretically, as long as both sides are facing each other along the coast, they will definitely encounter each other.”
“You’ re in theory. Actually, Mu Yuffi and Jing Qiuyun are still in the same spot right now. Moreover, they might be going inland tomorrow. I think Lin Tian is just a simple-minded person!”
As for the discussion among the netizens, Lin Tian could not see it. If he saw it, he would continue to follow his own plan.
There was no right choice in the world. All we could do was work hard to make the right choice.
Lin Tian knew.
From the moment he was chosen by the system.
His survival in the wilderness wasn’t just as simple as surviving in a place where the challenge competition ended.
Adventure was the essence of most people.
Besides, Lin Tian only seemed to be taking risks.
In reality, following the instructions of the system would always be more rewarding than paying.
For example, now.
After advancing for about three hours.
[The storm had affected all the creatures on the island without any difference. The injured lamb was hiding in the grass and muttering in a low voice]
There was a sheep?
Moreover, he was injured!
Lin Tian was overjoyed.
He carefully observed the surroundings.
In the grass not far to the left, one could vaguely see a bit of white moving.
Cat Lin slowly touched it.
The netizens in the broadcast room stared fixedly at the screen. They had no idea what Lin Tian had discovered.
Soon, Lin Tian saw the lamb.
[Injured Lamb]
[Attitude: Panic [1]
[Specialty: Foraging, Tricking]
[Narrator: A sheep is so scared]
Feeling someone coming over, the little lamb cried out in shock.
It was just that its cries were inexplicably cute?
But at this moment, Lin Tian couldn’ t care less.
It was because that lamb had actually stood up from the grass and was about to flee!
An adult goat could run about 13 meters per second, faster than a world champion sprinter!
[You’ re worried that the big meat you’ ve finally encountered ran away, so hurry up and chase after it]
[You have gained +5 speed]
Just as Bai Jun was worried that his speed wouldn’t increase much, he immediately arrived.
Too powerful!
But just as Lin Tian was about to catch up.
The lamb fell to its knees again!
This time, Lin Tian saw clearly that the lamb’s right front leg was injured, so he probably couldn’ t run fast.
Lin Tian quickly walked over and hugged this little lamb, trying to calm this little fellow down and not struggle.
“Wa!The European Emperor discovered the lamb. Tonight, Big Brother Tian will probably eat the roast lamb!”
“This lamb’s leg was injured, otherwise, Lin Tian wouldn’ t have caught it so easily, right?”
“This lamb is so cute ~ Brother Tian, can you not eat it?”
“Don’ t be silly. The contestants won’ t be able to see what we’ re doing. Moreover, if we don’ t eat this, we won’ t eat it. Will the contestants drink seawater?”
“The little lamb is basically useless. Lin Tian must have killed someone who eats meat. If it was a pregnant ewes, it might have been stored up.”
[You captured a lamb, and then you began to think happily. Would you like to boil the mutton soup or eat the roast lamb?[1]
Of course it was roast lamb!
Lin Tian chose it without hesitation.
[You decide to euthanize this lamb and turn it into a delicious roast lamb]
[You successfully missed the sheep]
A flock of sheep?
Lin Tian straightened his upper body and continuously looked around, but he didn’ t find any traces of the sheep.
Could it be?
Was this little lamb unable to eat?
It would bring him to find the sheep?
[You decided to save this lamb and tame it]
As expected, a new caption appeared.
Taming lamb?
Lin Tian didn’ t know whether to laugh or cry.
If it was a sheep, then taming would still have a great effect. Taming a lamb with fur thread?
However, since the system had informed him.
Then let’s do it first.
Perhaps it would bring other pleasant surprises.
An image of a lamb appeared in his mind.
Lin Tian was familiar with the road and tamed it.*

Chapter 67: Yellow Thistle!

He felt an inexplicable connection with the lamb.
This meant that it had been successfully tamed.
The title in his mind was still at the beginning.
[Injured Lamb]
However, the other contents had changed.
[Attitude: Intimate]
[Narrator: Finally, there is no need for a sheep to be alone]
Seeing the change in state, Lin Tian knew that he had another little pet lamb.
Then, Lin Tian thought of the Queen Bee, Stone, and Coo.
Only Gugu had the same introduction as the lamb.
Lin Tian suspected that perhaps only a certain level of biological grade or an individual with extremely spirituality would have similar introductions?
He didn’ t go into this.
At this moment, he had to solve the problem of this little lamb first.
It couldn’ t be that the little lamb wouldn’ t resist him for no reason, right?
“Be good ~ I won’ t hurt you ~ In the future, follow me ~”
Lin Tian gently caressed the lamb’s soft wool, as if he was coaxing a child.
Then, the netizens saw that the little lamb that had been struggling in Lin Tian’s arms was no longer afraid.
Instead, he stuck out his tongue and licked Lin Tian’s face.
Lin Tian did not expect it to come here.
However, if they did all of this, the netizens would at most suspect that they were trying to coax the little lamb into their hands.
Thus, he could only grit his teeth and endure the two intimate actions of the little lamb, and then he secretly ordered the little fellow to obediently stay still.
“This little lamb was subdued by Big Brother Tian just like that?”
“There was a young owl in the past, and then a young lamb in the future. As for Big Brother Tian, he was very good at abducting young animals. He’s capable of abducting an adult again. I’ ll take a look/bad laugh”
“What if Big Brother Tian succeeds in abducting an adult animal?”
“If this is to succeed, I will definitely broadcast it!”
“Sigh, now that there is a good show to watch, is Big Brother Tian able to gamble?”
Lin Tian could only guess that he had almost finished his performance before stopping.
He picked up the lamb’s right leg and took a look. There was a split in the joint, and there was still faint blood oozing out.
It was probably due to the injury from the object.
[You think this leg injury is too heavy, so there’s no need to treat it anymore. Why don’ t you just eat the roast lamb?]
By the side, Bai Jun would occasionally play, and Lin Tian directly skipped this subtitle.
Since they had already been tamed, they had even said in front of the entire nation that they wouldn’ t harm this little lamb.
There was no need to think about roast lamb.
Last time, Gu Gu was a superficial wound. Moreover, the wound was shallow. Lin Tian directly applied honey to treat it.
As for the little lamb’s leg injury, it was much heavier. If the wound was large, honey would increase the wound’s infection.
There was no need to think about honey saving sheep.
Honey was only suitable for roast sheep.
[If you feel sure to observe the surroundings, you might be able to find herbs with good effects]
This was good news.
Lin Tian placed the lamb in the grass and touched its head.
Then, he stood up as if he was talking to himself.
“You stay here obediently and don’t move. I’ ll see if there are any herbs nearby that can be used.”
Lin Tian searched around.
He continued to touch the branches and leaves of the weeds and shrubs.
He hoped to trigger a subtitle reminder.
Unfortunately, he didn’ t notice anything after a round.
This wasn’t scientific. Since the title had already been announced, there should be some rewards around.
Back in the grass where the little lamb was waiting, the little fellow was very obedient and didn’ t move.
The moment he saw Lin Tian come over, he intimately called out.
Suddenly, Lin Tian stared at the little bush behind the little lamb and didn’ t know whether to laugh or cry.
It was truly a journey through the ages.
He actually had an impression of that small bush!
However, when he started to announce the “surroundings “, he ignored the place closest to him.
It was a cluster of yellow thistles.
[You’ ve discovered a bunch of yellow thistles that have the effect of stopping blood and turning blood stasis, speeding up wound healing]
[You have obtained a medicinal effect bonus]
It was indeed this thing.
Huang Jing was actually very common. There were many green belts, and some people used the old roots of Huang Jing to make bonsai.
Lin Tian remembered that if he had cut his hand when he was a child, his family would be poor at that time, and without a band-aid, he would usually use three methods to stop the bleeding: tobacco, spider nests, and yellow Jing Juice.
Although it sounded strange, it did work.
Lin Tian picked some yellow Jing leaves and crushed them on a nearby stone.
“This kind of shrub is called Huang Jing. It’s leaves are crushed. It can be used to stop the bleeding and accelerate the healing of the wound.”
“I’ ll make some now, and then I’ ll cut a cloth and wrap it around the lamb’s legs. This way, it should be able to walk on its own.”
Lin Tian knew that the camera was definitely broadcasting the scene of him destroying Huang Jingye, so he decided to explain.
As for the so-called cutting cloth, it was just cutting his own sleeve. He didn’ t have any other cloth.
The little lamb was very obedient, not moving at all. It had Lin Tian apply medicine for it, bandaging it.
After he finished, the little fellow probed the ground and slowly walked around, and it succeeded.
The effect of the system’s bonus was simply terrifyingly fast. It was only a minute since he was old.
A new caption appeared.
[Healthy Young Lamb]
[Narrator: I can run and jump again]
Lin Tian hurriedly stopped the little lamb’s crazy thoughts.
You’ ve just applied the medicine, you can run and jump. You want me to be caught and sliced?
The little lamb let out a resentful cry.
It did not understand why Lin Tian did not allow it to run freely.
And he had to pretend to be limping and walking hard?
Only an idiot could do this, right?!*

Chapter 68 You haven’t weaned yet?

Lin Tian didn’ t care if you were stupid or stupid.
If it wasn’ t for the early announcement of the caption.
Can you still act cute?
It had long become a roast lamb!
As a result, Lin Tian had to obey his orders.
However, when the little lamb obediently followed Lin Tian and walked forward.
Lin Tiancai realized that this was not enough.
The speed was too slow!
There was no choice but to carry the little lamb.
“Brother Tian can’ t understand this?”
“That’s right! Carrying a sheep away was clearly a burden!”How could Lin Tian be so stupid today!”
“You guys are underestimating Big Brother Tian too much. In my opinion, Big Brother Tian isn’ t convenient to kill sheep right now. So, I’ ll first coax the lamb to treat him to his side and kill him when there’s no food. This way, there’ ll be fresh lamb.”
“I’ m afraid that the enemy has not sent us here to attack Brother Tian, right?”
“That’s right. Is my brother Tian a bad person?!”
Lin Tian hadn’ t expected the audience to have such a powerful brain healing ability.
Just like that, Lin Tian became the most exotic of all the contestants.
He carried a little lamb and hurried on.
“Lin Tian, what are you trying to do?How can I explain this?”What if I say something wrong?”
Song Yi exclaimed inwardly,” Lin Tian is truly too caring. Even if helping the lamb might drag him down, he still did this. Such a man is truly too charming!”
After walking for a while.
The little lamb in his embrace cried out. Lin Tian could understand what it meant.
The wrong way?
Lin Tian put the lamb down and slowly turned left into a bush.
[You feel that the little lamb is guiding you. Even though you feel that this is inconceivable, you are in a happy mood to accept it.[1]
It really was as the system had said.
He had originally wanted to walk straight along the previous path. If he hadn’ t had a lamb, he definitely wouldn’ t have turned left into this bush.
Lin Tian followed the little lamb for a while. After confirming the direction, he picked up the little lamb.
Time was running out, so he walked quickly.
This trip lasted more than an hour.
During this period of time, Lin Tian had changed directions many times, and he had continued to turn around and walk towards a certain place.
He stopped halfway and drank some water.
“Why do I feel like this little lamb is guiding us?”
“I also feel that, but would such a small lamb be able to direct the way?”
“Upstairs, he thought that a lamb would not be a lamb, right?”You want to laugh to death…”
“It makes sense for the old horse to know the path. If it was an old goat, it might have a fixed path, but the little lamb shouldn’ t have this ability.”
“I’ ll know if I look at it.”
As he walked, a pile of objects in the grass in front of him caught Lin Tian’s attention.
[Sheep Dung: Soya Bean Size Particles.[Good use, good fertilizer]
A sheep manure was discovered here, which meant that there might be a flock of sheep nearby!
It was just that Lin Tian didn’ t need to be curious. Along the way, he had also observed it, but there were no other sheep manure.
How did that lamb find this place?
Could it be due to Bai Jun?
Since he couldn’ t think clearly, then he shouldn’ t think about it.In any case, it would not hurt him.
[The sheep left traces behind. Perhaps the lamb had already smelled the scent of milk on its mother]
Lin Tian looked at the little lamb in his embrace.
You still haven’ t weaned yet???
If it really came from smelling milk fragrance, then it would be too exaggerated!
At this moment, the audience with sharp eyes also discovered this pile of sheep dung.
“That’s sheep manure. Did Lin Tian find the sheep?”
“Silly lamb, actually brought the bad guys home. It’s over, it’s about to end up in a nest!”
“In the end, I’ ve underestimated Big Brother Tian. I should’ ve thought of it earlier. How could a little lamb satisfy my Big Brother Tian?”
“Realistic Idiot Sheep and Wolf Lin!”
Lin Tian placed the little fellow on the ground and asked it to continue leading the way.
The little lamb cheerfully called out.
Then, he slowly walked towards a place.
As Lin Tian followed, he observed the surroundings.
It was not hard to discover that the tender grass on the surrounding ground and the tender leaves on the shrubs all had traces of gnawing.
Especially the traces of the tender leaves being eaten were even more obvious.
[Goats have a wide range of food habits. They especially like to feed on branches and leaves. Their hind legs can stand upright, allowing them to fully feed on higher-level vines and shrubs]
Indeed, the fittest survived.
“Baa~ Baa~”
Not far away, a goat’s cry rang out from ahead.
Lin Tian saw the sheep.
[A large group of running and jumping flesh, and their fur also had a great effect, provided that you could catch them]
Lin Tian was not prepared to hunt sheep.
To be precise, he was not prepared to hunt the sheep now.
His current goal was to find Mu Yufei and the others. Perhaps he could consider how to deal with these goats when he returned.
The lamb happily walked towards an ewe.
When the mother and son reunited, both sides were extremely happy. If it wasn’ t for Lin Tian’s control, the little lamb would have jumped up in joy.
First, it used its head to hold onto the ewe’s body to act coquettishly.
Then, he turned around and looked at Lin Tian in embarrassment.
Lin Tian gave a look of encouragement.
Wasn’ t it just being spoiled? What’s there to be embarrassed about?
Then, in the next second.
Lin Tian was dumbfounded.
The little lamb burrowed into the mother sheep’s belly, its mouth skillfully finding its spot, and then began to eat happily.
He really hadn’ t weaned yet!
The little author of this chapter is still quite fond of writing it. He’s been looking at himself as if I’ m narcissistic. What about you?Do you like this style?)*

69 Zhu Ge, Fire Plow Technique

Although the little lamb had already been tamed by Lin Tian.
However, its bloodline relationship with the ewes still existed. This was the most instinctive thing for creatures.
Lin Tian did not really laugh at this little fellow. He just felt that it was very cute.
The netizens were also amused by the little lamb.
“Haha, so it’s just a lamb that hasn’ t been weaned.”
“Ah, what a shame. The little lamb’s drinking looks actually starved me…”
“Do you want to drink fresh goat milk?”
“Brother Tian was mercilessly abandoned just like that, pitying my Brother Tian for a second.”
“Brother Tian has finally lost to an ewe.”
Lin Tian looked at the satellite watch. It was already eleven o’clock.
After a whole morning, he drank some water and felt a little hungry.
Especially when he saw the little lamb’s mouth sucking in that satisfied expression, he became even more hungry.
The bamboo wine contained yams, dried fish, and snake meat.
However, he had to raise a fire.
[If you decide to take a look around, you might be able to find the materials for the fire.[1]
Lin Tian took the bamboo tube and the pottery bowl from his back and placed it on the grass.
That pottery bowl was protected by Lin Tian’s straw vine net, so he didn’ t have to worry too much about breaking it.
Then, he picked up his machete and began to explore the surroundings.
The flock of sheep not far away looked at it curiously. From time to time, they would bleat out, but they did not run away in fear.
Soon, Lin Tian discovered useful materials.
[Zhu Ge: Light in texture and low in moisture. It is especially suitable to be used as the base for the Fire Plow Technique]
Even if the caption didn’t indicate anything, Lin Tian had already recognized this kind of shrub that was very common in tropical islands.
Lin Tian had learned about the use of Zhu Ge as a base and the use of the Fire Plow method to ignite fire in Grandpa Bei’s video.
In fact, the so-called fire plow method was extremely simple. The two corks rubbed against each other, and the wood chips produced by the two corks were extremely easy to produce sparks in high temperatures.
It was coupled with a flammable fleece.
A fire could be created.
However, the Fire Plow Technique was a test of one’s stamina and patience. It would take a long time to rub quickly before sparks could come out.
Lin Tian was quite familiar with this.
He found two dried hibiscus and some fleece grass.
He then spent some time building the fire.
“Set fire on the mountain and go through the prison!”
“A fire in the morning and the police station in the afternoon.”
“Brother Tian has finally used a method that normal people can use to make a fire.”
“Is this a live fire ready to slaughter the sheep?”Bad laugh”
Lin Tian naturally wasn’ t going to kill sheep. He cut a few wooden sticks with a knife and used his machete to string the snake meat and dried fish on the wooden sticks.
He took a few more pieces of yams from the bamboo tube.
For lunch, he was going to simply eat some roast dried fish and roast yams.
After lunch, Lin Tian found a tree shade and closed his eyes to rest.
[The sheep spent most of their time in this area. Understanding the surrounding environment would help them deal with these goats in the future]
This place was almost half a day away from the shelter.
Of course, if it was Lin Tian alone, he would be faster.
Most of the surrounding area was covered with shrubs, low forests, and the grass on the ground was quite beautiful.
If the flock of sheep were to move around this area as often as the subtitles said, then this place would become an important stronghold for them.
Lin Tian stood up and began to probe the surroundings.
The little lamb was already full of wine, and then it threw down the ewe and arrived at Lin Tian’s place.
“Little fellow, are you drunk?”
Lin Tian bent down and touched his head.
He licked Lin Tian’s hand with his tongue. This was the expression of the little lamb’s happy mood.
“Where do you usually drink water?”
The two bamboo tubes had already consumed half of the water.
He had to find a source of water to replenish.
The little lamb called Lin Tian to follow him.
The water source was not far from the bushes.
There were some small hills around them, and under them was a patch of grass.
It was vaguely visible that some water was slowly flowing in the grass.
It could barely be called a small swamp.
[The sheep are all replenishing the water in the swamp. If you want to be safe, you’d better find the source of the water]
At this moment, one could see some goats running in the distance. They were also drinking water here.
Seeing Lin Tian coming over, he immediately ran away.
Drinking a water source with animals, if there was a large amount of water, then there would be no problem.
However, if the water flow was small, it might even be stagnant.
He had to be careful. Unless he had no other choice, it was best not to drink together.
Lin Tian followed the direction of the flow of water.
Ten minutes later, Lin Tian found a ditch between the two hills.
There were still some thorns and shrubs outside the ditch. No sheep would have eaten enough to get in here to drink water.
Lin Tian used his machete to cut out an entrance that could pass through. There was a small pool inside.
The water was clear, and the bottom of the pond was filled with fine sand and gravel.
There was actually Goldfish Grass.
One could vaguely see the little shrimp swimming about.
The water quality should be pretty good.
He brought two empty bamboo tubes. Originally, there was only one, and the other had some water. He poured it into a pottery bowl and put it first.
After the two bamboo tubes were filled with water, they decided to return to their original path.
When he left, he cut down a small tree’s treetop from the side, just in time to block the entrance he began to cut out.
After finding the water source, this place could become a temporary stronghold.
Due to the lack of containers, he could only drink a portion of the boiled water from the shelter.
This way, the newly-installed water could be boiled in a pottery bowl several times to cool.
Although he was tormented, in the end, he still had a belly full of water. There were also two half-bamboo barrels of cold white open inventory.
He was about to pack his things and proceed.*

Chapter 70 Discovering Cong Guang!

The little lamb came over to bid farewell.
Lin Tian did not intend to bring it forward together because it would truly become a burden!
As for staying here, together with the sheep, the lamb would be able to play a greater role.
Because even now, the connection between Lin Tian, Coo, and Stone was still maintained.
Although it was only simple to confirm their exact location.
But that was enough.
The little lamb was the GPS that Lin Tianan had planted on the sheep!
As long as this little fellow did not leave the team again, or was not eaten by other ferocious beasts.
Even if the sheep were to migrate, he could still find the sheep through the lamb.
“Little fellow, follow your mother and your companions here. I will come back to pick you up in a while.”
“Also, let me give you a name.”
“I remember a novel I’ ve read before. The main character loves to drink beast milk. Everyone calls him the devilish brat.”
“Look at you being so naughty and loving to drink milk, why don’ t you just call you devilish brat?”
The little lamb happily replied.
A sheep was named the devilish brat.
One person and one sheep did not find it strange at all.
“!”What kind of brain is Big Brother Tian?”
“This is a great expectation for the little lamb. Is my Desolate Heaven Emperor’s legend going to continue acting on a little lamb?”
“Why can’ t I understand where the devilish brat came from?”Is there a big boss explaining?”
After parting with the devilish brat, Lin Tian extinguished the flames and continued to leave alone.
After checking the map in her mind, Mu Yufei and the others should still be there.
In reality, most of them were still on the spot.
Because it was not easy for an accident to happen.
Therefore, someone like Lin Tian, who was unwilling to be lonely and wanted to explore the map, instantly attracted the attention of the netizens.
“Are you going to turn back to the beach again?”
Lin Tian’s heart was underestimating him. The map showed him turning towards the sea. Of course, he followed the map.
[The midday sun was like a furnace. Rolling hot air poured down from the top of people’s heads, as if it wanted to evaporate their water and blood.[1]
[You wiped off your sweat and raised your middle finger at the sun. Then, you cursed and continued to advance]
[You have gained +3 Stamina]
[You have gained resistance +5]
After the resistance increased, Lin Tian immediately felt that the sun was no longer as hot as the sun. The increase in physical strength made his footsteps even lighter.
Of course, Lin Tian wouldn’t do such a middle-and-second action as pointing at the sun.
To be reasonable, he really wanted to give Narrator a thumbs up.
Even though it was always self-happy and playful.
Time passed by.
The water in the bamboo tube slowly decreased.
After Lin Tian found the correct route, he continued to advance along the coastline. He directly walked in a straight line to find Mu Yufei’s path was too obvious.
At this moment, he was walking in a forest.
This was a pine forest.
These pines grew straight and tall. Their branches and leaves were luxuriant, so they could block out quite a bit of sunlight.
As Lin Tian advanced, he observed. He knew that the pine forest produced mushrooms.
He didn’ t know if the timing was wrong. He didn’ t find any traces of mushrooms.
Suddenly, a collapsed pine tree in front of him caught his attention.
This was a large pine tree.
The stump was probably as thick as a bucket.
The reason why the pine tree collapsed and broke was unknown, and there was no meaning to explore.
However, the pine tree’s fracture was worth exploring.
Generally, the inside of the pine tree was yellow and white. However, from the fracture, the pine tree looked as if it was made of red sauce, like bacon.
It seemed like he had come into contact before?
Some images flashed through his mind.
This was Cong Guang?
Lin Tian was pleasantly surprised.
Cong Guang was a dialect.
It refers to a special product produced by the secretion of pine oil and its infiltration into the pine tree.
Lin Tian quickly walked over. From a close observation, he was certain of his guess.
“Wow, it seems like Song Mingzi. Brother Tian’s luck is too good!”
“Man vs. Wild has discovered that Song Mingzi is a bit of an emperor~”
“My heavenly brother has always been an emperor, okay?”What is Song Mingzi?”
“Don’ t you know how to ask Mother Du?”
[A dead pine tree]
[Your good luck continues, this pine tree can extract quite a few pine seeds. Whether it’s playing or drawing fire, it’s a good choice]
The caption appeared in his mind.
More information about Song Mingzi appeared in his mind.
“I wonder if any friends can recognize what this is?”
Lin Tian asked the camera.
After leaving alone, loneliness and loneliness would also quietly grow.
Lin Tian knew that his fans were watching behind the camera. The fans could hear what he said.
It was better to talk.
“Our dialect calls this Cong Guang because this thing is flammable and can burn easily. In the past, when there was no flashlight in the countryside, lighting a cluster of light as a fire handle can illuminate it for a long time.”
“Perhaps Cong Guang has heard of a few people. Most people call it Song Mingzi”
“Song Mingzi usually only had old trees and big trees.”It must be a dead tree.”
“Now that the technology has developed, there are all kinds of lighting equipment such as flashlight. Almost no one is using Song Mingzi as a light source or torch.”
“However, if there were anyone who came into contact with the art, they would definitely be able to recognize this item. In the art world, it had a more refined name, North Agarwood, Amberwood.”
Lin Tian introduced a bunch of them in one breath.
After the introduction, he prepared to mine some Song Mingzi for backup without looking up.
The netizens were boiling again.
The Encyclopedic Book man was something to be admired!
The number of words reached 120,000 in the morning.Tonight, he would fight.*Thank you for your support ~ This is the first chapter. At 4 o’clock, there is another chapter ~)*

There was also a reward for not slacking off?

“I really want to know if there is anything in this world that Brother Tian does not understand?”
“Huang Jing, Song Mingzi, I’ ve never heard of them before!”Brother Tian, you know that.”
“With such a large tree stump, will Big Brother Tian bring it along?”
Of course, Lin Tian would not bring such a large piece of wood to travel.
Song Mingzi was usually a large piece, and Lin Tian chopped down three long rolling pins with arms.
As for the others, he had to stay here for now. He would come back and retrieve them when he returned. With the help of the map in his mind, he didn’ t have to worry that he wouldn’ t be able to find a place.
“With these three pine seeds, we can basically handle some unexpected situations.”
It was not long before the sky darkened.
Lin Tian decided to find a place to build a temporary shelter.
[If you can’t find a suitable place to build a shelter before dark, it will be hard for you to get a good sleep tonight]
A suitable place?
As Lin Tian pondered, he explained to the camera.
“It will not be long before it gets dark. I want to find a place to build a temporary shelter before it gets dark.”
“The ideal shelter is usually waterproof, windproof, and protected from beasts.”
“That’s why I’ m looking for a place where the terrain is open and the vegetation is sparse. Because with more vegetation, it’s easy to hide mosquitoes, ants, and even poisonous scorpions and vipers!”
After a while, Lin Tian’s eyes lit up.
This place should be fine.
[It is suitable to build a temporary shelter so that you can spend a night safely and smoothly]
The caption displayed in his mind gave Lin Tian certainty and confidence.
There were no trees or weeds in this place.
The slightly raised slope in the middle ensured that water was not easy to accumulate here.
On the right side of the slope, there was a huge rock that could be used as a wall of the shelter.
Lin Tian cleaned up the area on the slope that was close to the boulder. At the very least, there were no stone or hidden ant nests.
A few branches were cut from the nearby area and laid on the boulder. The roof of the shelter was already rough.
[It’s a sunny night, so you won’ t have to worry about rain]
Very good.
Since it wasn’t raining, it would be better tonight.
However, Lin Tian did not slack off as a crude shelter.
“I’ ve already built the shelter, but I still need to find some big leaves to strengthen the shelter’s roof to prevent rain.”
This area was empty. If one wanted to find large leaf plants, one had to go a little further.
In the tropical islands, large areas of ferns were still very common. Lin Tian quickly used a machete to cut a large hug.
Place the fern leaves on the branches in the same direction, then tie them tightly with the straw.
Holding the fern leaves was not enough. Lin Tian returned to continue cutting.
[You didn’t slack off. You continued to mow the fern grass to strengthen the shelter’s roof. Fortunately, you found a cluster of grass [1]
So there was a reward for not slacking off?
Lin Tian’s blade, which was cutting the fern leaves, paused, and his gaze locked onto a cluster of grass beside him.
There were many types of argy grass, some of which could even be eaten. For example, Qingming’s green balls, some of which were made from argy grass.
However, Lin Tian was not very familiar with it. He only knew that there was a big difference in plant size between it and the green grass.
[Grass: A plant with abundant functions.If it were to be applied to its body, it could breed mosquito bites.[1]
[You’ve obtained the enhanced effect of Aloyae Mosquito Repelling]
It was actually a plant that could repel mosquitoes!
Moreover, the system had also enhanced its effects!
Lin Tianqiang couldn’t hold back his laughter. The stone was n’ t there. He was worried that he would become a mosquito feeding place after sleeping tonight.
With this plant.
That question would be easily solved.
Moreover, not only at night, but even when walking in the woods during the day, there were mosquito bites. It was just that there were not many at night.
Lin Tian had been troubled by this problem before, but he had not thought of any effective method.
It seemed that he hadn’ t seen this plant at Meng Qi Beach before. At that time, he could transplant some back.
Lin Tian first continued to mow some grass and carry it back. He completely completed the construction of the shelter roof and found some hay to make a bed.
After that, he returned again and picked up most of the branches and leaves of the grass. He looked around for a few more.
Each clump of argy grass only took branches and leaves, not destroying the roots. In a few days, it would sprout new leaves and buds.
After collecting the leaves and branches of the grass, it was almost dark.
After returning to the temporary shelter, Lin Tian quickly lit up his flames.
The tool was the same as the one he had used in the morning. He had brought two of them with him, so he could use the Fire Plow to create a fire at any moment.
However, it was only people like Lin Tian who had greatly increased their strength and strength that were able to carry a large pile of items into the wilderness.
The fire quickly began to rise.
The darkness dispersed from the surroundings of Lin Tian.
Although it was not difficult to use the Fire Plow Technique to make a fire, it was still unpleasant to have to work hard at every place.
Perhaps he could try to make a firecracker?
Lin Tian looked at the three pine trees on the ground and thought.
However, it was far from enough for Huo Zhezi to rely on Song Mingzi alone. This could only be a plan.
Now, the fire had started.
Lin Tian was going to cook some food first, then find a stone and beat it up with some grass juice.
He had just put the snake meat into a pottery bowl to boil soup.
Suddenly, a wolf howl rang out in Lin Tian’s ears.
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