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300 kilograms is actually 150 kilograms, this is mtl versions

Chapter 1:300 kilograms of bride,30 million dowry!

“Have you heard?”
“Right!”It’s the man who married a 300 Jin wife and a 30 million dowry!”
“Sure enough, it’s just for the dowry. As soon as I get it, I’ ll throw away the woman.”
“Forget about him. If it were me, I would definitely do the same.”
“Envy ah! In just a year, there will be 30 million dowry!”
Beneath the square was a dense crowd of people, all of them whispering amongst themselves, discussing endlessly.
At the center of their discussion was the news segment broadcast on the giant screen of the square.
[300 Kilograms of bride dowry 30 million!One year after the incident, the male lead decisively changed his mind and roamed the yacht with Miss Miaoling!]
[Was this the distortion of human nature or the fall of morality?Today, our reporter will follow up on you.]
On the giant screen, a delicate-looking reporter was on the beach. Behind him was a giant cruise ship.
She spoke with a microphone in her hand:
“The cause of the incident was still the’ fat bride’ incident that erupted a year ago.”
A woman weighing three hundred kilograms was facing the Internet for a wedding, and she was marrying 30 million.
After a man had killed many layers of selection, he finally took the lead and hugged the beauty back.
Now, a year later, he was openly flirting with a beautiful young lady and abandoning his wife in the most bustling port of City K!
Today, this station had the honor of inviting the male lead of the incident to receive an exclusive interview.
“Let’s follow this reporter and enter the inner world of the scum man. Let’s see how shameless he is!”
As soon as the reporter finished speaking, he motioned for the photographer to raise his camera and follow her onto the cruise ship.
This time, it was a live broadcast!
Under the square, the huge crowd was filled with righteous indignation as they chatted.
“It’s too ruthless. I’ ll just say, there’s definitely no true love in the world!”
“That male had said that he was a young girl and had been secretly in love with her for a long time!”
“I didn’ t expect to throw her away in just a year!”
“It really is a man’s mouth, a liar!”
The atmosphere in the crowd was furious, all of them condemning the incident’s male lead.
It couldn’t be helped. Last year, the’ fat bride’ had gone online to get married, causing too much influence!
In the online audition, there were only three million applicants!
Although the bride weighed three hundred kilograms, she could not endure the dowry of thirty million!
After all, it was one hundred thousand yuan!
This time, there were naturally many people who registered.
Moreover, he made oily comments online.
“I love her, not for the dowry!”It’s a soul that loves her fat body!”
“I’ ve been her childhood sweetheart and I’ ve been her deskmate for twelve years!”
“This time, I don’ t know if I have a chance to select the entire web.”But I know that if I don’ t stand up, I will regret it for the rest of my life!”
These greasy remarks were all from the same person.
It was also the male lead of the incident. Today, the cruise ship was carrying Miss Miaoling!
While mocking him for marrying a fat pig and returning home, everyone was envious of the dowry he had obtained,30 million!
Now, he suddenly realized that he had already gotten his money and was holding Miss Miaoling on a cruise ship.
His heart was exceptionally unbalanced.
“Hello, Mr. Cheng Wu, I am honored to be able to interview you today and greet the audience in front of the screen!”
The delicate-looking reporter was already on the cruise ship.
He came to the side of Cheng Wu who was lying on his back in front of the beach chair.
When Cheng Wu saw the reporter arrive, he was not in a hurry.
He first ate a grape that the young lady had brought to his mouth and then lazily waved his hand.
He didn’ t even get up, but he just acted like a greeting.
The audience became even more furious.
“Really a scum!”How dare you be so arrogant!”
“I was so moved by him last year that tears began to flow out of my eyes!”
“Really was not worth it for the fat bride!”We’ ve recruited a scum!”
“Did I notice that the girl is pretty?”
At this moment, the crowd’s eyes landed on the woman beside the camera, silently peeling grapes for Cheng Wu.
For a moment, countless eyes lit up.
This woman’s skin was as smooth as snow during the day. Her beautiful eyes revealed a charming charm.
Her little mouth was red and lustrous, giving off a feeling of pity.
It made people want nothing more than to properly pull them into their arms.
It was devastating!
Countless spectators instantly gave their comments.
At this moment, the delicate-looking reporter clearly noticed the beauty of the woman.
He decisively asked the people the most concerned questions:
“Mr. Cheng Wu, what is the relationship between this lady and you?”
For a moment, the audience in front of the screen was immediately attracted by the news, looking forward to Cheng Wu’s reply.
Was it to clear away the responsibility and say it was his “cousin “?
He was still complaining about his ex-wife, describing how miserable he was, suffering from domestic violence.
Only then did he find Xinhuan?
All of the audience’s attention was focused on Cheng Wu with the reporters’ cameras.
He could only see Cheng Wu lying on the sofa and even turning over comfortably.
“Oh, that’s my wife!”
All the spectators were stunned.
They had never expected Cheng Wu to admit it!
One had to know that since the incident last year, Cheng Wu had also succeeded.
He squeezed into many variety shows and became a big star!
At this moment, Cheng Wu, who had relied on his wife to get angry, not only had he publicly abandoned his wife, but he was also messing with his third son.
Now… he actually openly admitted it?
The crowd was in an uproar!
“This man is too shameless!”
“I’ ve seen a few episodes of his variety show and even turned him into a fan!”
“Abandon the original match and search for the third child. His moral character is ruined!”
“I suggest we seal the entire network!”
“Add one!”
At this moment, the delicate-looking reporter had an expression of disbelief. He swallowed his saliva with difficulty.
Then, when the inside realized that they had encountered the big news, their expressions became excited.
In fact, tomorrow’s headline had already been thought of!
It was called Cheng Wu, a scum male celebrity, who relied on his 300 Jin girlfriend to ascend to the throne, and publicly married Little Three a year later!]
It would definitely explode!
Thinking of this, the reporter became even more excited, and his voice trembled faintly:
“Mr. Cheng Wu, I heard correctly. You said that this lady is your wife?”
“Then, your original match, Miss Chen Jiao, who weighs three hundred kilograms, have you divorced her?”
As soon as the reporter finished speaking, the city-willing woman’s hand that peeled the grapes paused, and her pretty face flushed with shame!*

Chapter 2: I am Chen Jiao!It was just that he had successfully lost weight!

Cheng Wu was also stunned. Immediately after, a trace of mischievousness appeared on his face as he replied jokingly:
“No, I have a good relationship with her!”
In front of the screen, the audience watching the live broadcast were filled with righteous indignation once again. Some even started to curse loudly.
“Scum!”The red flag of our family is still on the spot, and the colored flags are floating outside!”
“Really had a face!”I’ ve already raised my third child outside. I’ ve even said that I have a good relationship with my original partner!”
“Really was not worth it for the fat bride!”Three hundred kilograms is enough to be pitiful, yet you still have such a husband!”
The reporter was obviously shocked by Cheng Wu’s shameless words.
His small mouth opened slightly, and he was extremely shocked.
One had to know that this was a big thing!
Monogamy was a tradition since ancient times!
Now, Cheng Wu was not only speaking in front of Xiao San, he was also speaking in front of the entire country’s audience. He was speaking with such outrageous words!
This was definitely a huge scandal!
Not only would it affect his newly rising star career.
Destroy it.
It was even more likely that they would violate the Yuan Family’s punishment. They would have to eat in prison!
Why was he so unable to think of it?
Are you crazy?
The reporter was stunned for a long time before he recovered.
The microphone in his hand trembled as it was handed over to Cheng Wu’s mouth.
“Mr. Cheng Wu, do you have any objections to Miss Chen Jiao doing this?”
“Then, go ask her.”
Cheng Wu lay on the beach chair in a carefree manner as he pouted at the country-willing woman beside him.
At this moment, that peerless woman couldn’ t help but feel embarrassed and angry. Her clear and melodious voice said:
“I am Chen Jiao!”
Ms.”, I am asking about Mr. Cheng Wu’s original match. Ms. Chen Jiao, who weighs three hundred kilograms, is not you.”
“But are you also called Chen Jiao?”What a coincidence. Is it Mr. Cheng Wu’s Cheng?”
The reporter curiously glanced at the stunning woman and sized her up.
Her skin was bright in the daytime, and her face was pretty. Her straight nose carried a small red lips, and it really made people lose their lives.
Originally, the reporter thought that he was a great beauty. Otherwise, he would not be able to become the first sister of the television station.
Now that he had encountered this lady, he had no choice but to bow down to her. This lady was definitely more than one level stronger than him!
It could even be compared to an A-list celebrity!It was a bit more pure.
It was just that his brain didn’t seem to be working well. I was obviously asking the original matching Chen Jiao!
Hearing the reporter’s words, Chen Jiao’s face had already turned red.
It looked like a big red apple, causing people to drool, wishing they could bite it down.
At this moment, she gathered all her courage and said clearly:
“I am that fat bride who weighs three hundred kilograms!Thirty million parties to marry!”Chen Jiao!”
His voice was gentle and moving, and it was clear and pure.
“What?You are the client?Miss Chen Jiao?!”
The reporter’s mouth was slightly open and he was extremely shocked.
He looked at Chen Jiao with doubtful eyes.
Her figure was proud and her face was extremely beautiful. At this moment, her cheeks seemed to have become extremely rosy due to her shyness.
He was a goddess of all!
There was no connection between it and a three hundred jin fat bride!
“Lady, this joke isn’ t funny at all.”
“I understand that you want to save Mr. Cheng Wu’s reputation, but this is useless.”
In line with his professional ethics, the reporter reminded him kindly again.
She understood what this lady was thinking.
He definitely didn’ t want his cheating target, Cheng Wu’s celebrity career to be destroyed.
At this moment, he was using his own method to save him.
But what was the use of this?
It was useless.
Not only would Chen Jiao, who was watching the live broadcast, be the one who would definitely initiate a divorce lawsuit.
Even the audience in front of the screen would not believe a single word.
How could this be possible?
One was a fat bride weighing three hundred kilograms, and the other was a beauty that could topple cities and topple countries.
Who would associate them with each other?
At this moment, a trace of shame and anger appeared in Chen Jiao’s eyes. Her cheeks were flushed red, and she couldn’ t hold back anymore.
He took out his phone, opened the photo album, and quickly flipped through the pages in front of the camera.
Her voice was bashful as she confirmed once again:
“I really am Chen Jiao!”
“It’s just a success in losing weight!”
In the photo album, there was a dynamic short video.
Inside, Chen Jiao was sweating like rain as she did an anaerobic exercise in the private gym.
From time to time, he lifted the dumbbell, from time to time pushed the barbell, and finally tossed two thick ropes.
As the video slowly appeared, the 300 Jin Chen Jiao slowly transformed.
250 Jin,200 Jin,150 Jin,90 Jin.
It didn’ t take long before she turned from a’ fat bride’ who needed to get married in the entire web to a beautiful and charming beauty!
After watching the video on Chen Jiao’s phone, the reporter was instantly shocked!
She never thought that what Chen Jiao said was true!
There was actually someone who really had such great willpower!Under one year’s unremitting efforts, he lost 210 kilograms of fat meat!
Moreover, Chen Jiao’s background was so good!
After his transformation, he had become a charming and charming person, revealing a pure beauty in his bones!
This… was really using strength to put on what the real potential was called fatty!*

Chapter 3: Full web discussion!Super Return System

The audience, along with the reporters, clearly saw the video.
At this moment, all of them were stunned.
“No way!Am I mistaken?”It really is a person!”
“Such a beautiful, national beauty, actually the fat bride herself?”
“F*ck! Truly inspiring! It’s my goddess!”
“I’ ve already confessed to the fatest girl in the class!”
“I really envy Cheng Wu. He has such a pure and beautiful wife!”
The audience was filled with heated discussion as they all lamented their lives.
They had never imagined that this devastatingly beautiful woman would actually be alone with the fat bride!
So it wasn’ t Cheng Wu’s change of heart, but the goddess was too self-motivated and had been reduced!
Thinking back to a year ago, when Cheng Wu hugged the beauty back, he said with a spirited tone:
“We really love!”
The faces of the crowd turned green.
At that time, they even ridiculed Cheng Wu for asking for money and not for anyone, just to fight for twenty years less.
The various variety shows aimed at this popularity. They also invited Cheng Wudang’s guests to tease him.
From the looks of it, Cheng Wu was the one with the true wisdom pearl in his grasp. He had foresight!
He actually married such a motivated and beautiful wife!
And that enticing 30 million dowry!
The real winner in life!
For a moment, the entire audience watching the live broadcast fell into a frenzy along with Chen Jiao’s words!
There were endless discussions!
Cheng Wu’s mouth curled into a sly smile when he saw the reporter’s mouth slightly open and forgot to close his lips.
There was no need to think about it. The entire net must be boiling now!
This was another wave of Reputation Points!
The next time he activated his Golden Finger, he would definitely be stable!
That’s right, Cheng Wu wasn’ t from this world.
Because the author wanted him to transmigrate, he had transmigrated.
There was also a golden finger that the main character needed!
Super Return System!
Just by accumulating enough Reputation points, one could see the return of all things!
This was also the reason why he had agreed to join the variety show and accumulate fame.
As for the system’s novice gift package, it would be given a free opportunity to check the return rate!
At that time, he saw the astonishing rate of return on Chen Jiao’s body!
Name: Chen Jiao
Money:30 million
Beauty:300 Jin Fatty (three hundred and sixty-five days later, it will turn into a beautiful woman that will bring down a country and bring down a city.)
Event: The entire web of marriages, obtaining 30 million Reputation!
As a result, he immediately volunteered and decided to participate in the audition, returning the beauty!
Otherwise, even if he had been with Chen Jiao Qing Mei Zhu Ma for so many years, he would definitely not have met!
Not to mention that his original body was a handsome and elegant male god.
There were many girls chasing after them. From a young age, most of them were stars that shone in the crowd.
Even an ordinary person would not be able to see it.
Because Cheng Wu himself wasn’ t lacking in money!
He had been a male god of the school since he was young, and he had become a social elite when he grew up.
He relied on his own ability to fight for a suite in City K, a car, and a deposit of over one million.
This was a flourishing city!
It was unknown how many girls were secretly convinced that they had made him a golden turtle son-in-law.
After passing through, Cheng Wu naturally received all the memories of his original body. He was especially proficient in financial management.
Even if he didn’t rely on the help of the system, Cheng Wu would definitely be able to return to work at the top 500 financial companies according to his original trajectory.
If it wasn’ t for the fact that Chen Jiao would soon become a beautiful woman that could topple the country, Cheng Wu wouldn’ t have signed up for the audition.
Chen Jiao saw that the male god from a young age had actually confessed to her.
Naturally, he was extremely happy, and he agreed immediately!
A year ago, the incident of the 300 Jin fat bride’s wedding was finally concluded!
After a long time, the reporter recovered from his daze and remembered his job.
He handed the microphone to Chen Jiao with an expression of surprise:
“Miss Chen Jiao, I’ m really sorry!”I really didn’ t expect it to be you.”
“Can you share it with everyone? How did you grit your teeth and stay fit for this year?”
“This was too inspiring!”I believe everyone will be very curious.”
“How did you lose two hundred kilograms of fat meat and become such an outstanding beauty!”
Chen Jiao’s face was filled with happiness. She stretched out two simple hands and hugged Cheng Wu.
His voice was clear and proud:
“Of course it’s because of my husband, Mr. Cheng Wu!”
“Continuously give me encouragement, believe that I can do it!”
“For me to be able to do so now, I will rely on his encouragement!”
The reporter handed the microphone to Cheng Wu again, his voice filled with heartfelt admiration and curiosity:
“Mr. Cheng Wu, did you ever think of this scene today when you married Miss Chen Jiao through the audition?”
Cheng Wu finally sat up. With a charming smile on his face, he cleared his throat:
“No, no matter what my wife, Chen Jiao, looks like, I always love her.”
“I’ ve said from beginning to end that what I love is her soul, not her skin.”
“We really love!”
The entire country’s audience, following the cameras of the reporters, all saw such a magnificent scene!
For a moment, there was endless discussion!
“Tears streamed down Cheng Wu’s face. Sure enough, Cheng Wu wasn’ t for money. They really loved each other!”
“Good one loved her soul, not her skin!This was Cheng Wu!”As expected of my male god!”
“Road to powder!”From now on, I’ ll be the male god’s dead faithful!”
As soon as Cheng Wu finished speaking, he could sense the system’s continuous notification.
[Your words caused people to cry. Reputation value +1000]
[Your words caused people to be moved, Reputation Points +700]
[Your words attracted a large number of fans, Reputation Points +4700]

The corners of his mouth curled up into a beautiful smile, and his heart was filled with joy.
Soon!Right now, the Reputation Points would be enough. It could be exchanged for that item.
This was a nationwide broadcast!*

Chapter 4: Tears!They were truly loved!

This was a nationwide broadcast!
There were not many television stations that could do this!
As for the person who interviewed Cheng Wu, he happened to have this qualification. He was a famous ccta!
It was a program that everyone in the country was well-known for watching!
Not to mention that the ccta had even entered the most popular platforms!
98 Million fans of Dou Yin!
Breaking through to 30 million fans!
Quickly leave,78 million fans!
There were also a few other platforms, such as surround broadcasting, fart shrimps and so on, countless!
Three hundred million fans!
Now was the Internet era, and the transmission of information was extremely fast.
Not to mention such explosive news!
In an instant!The recording and broadcasting of this live broadcast were filled with commentary on the various platforms!
Everyone’s minds were attracted by Cheng Wu, who was elegant, handsome, and extremely fond of his wife!
This nationwide live broadcast was like a virus, and it was already transmitted at an extremely shocking speed throughout the entire network!
In a split second, countless tap water and spawned seeds appeared like bamboo shoots after rain!!
“What kind of marriage is only Cheng Wu!”
“‘Cheng Zi, the best protector of Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao!”
“Tears!”They really love!”
All the netizens in the country, all those who were watching this live broadcast were all fanned by Cheng Wu!
There was no choice. In this impetuous society.
Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao’s love was like a clear stream, deeply warming their hearts!
It was like a rod hitting everyone’s heads!It made people understand!
So there was still love!
Among them, a long comment from a female fan on the broadcast platform was full of popularity!
They were reposted by many vs, and the praise was over ten million!
Her comment was like this:
[It turned out that every goddess who had successfully defeated her had a deep male god who loved her!]
Hello everyone, I am one of Cheng Wu’s original black fans!
Like everyone else, he thought that this handsome boy with a leather pouch had a foul heart.
He was greedy for money and was only with the fat bride!
This idea was originally revealed by the reporter’s report!After Cheng Wu’s wedding, the scum star cheated and flirted with Miaoling on the cruise ship!]
And reached the peak.
However, this matter soon attracted a reversal!
He originally thought that Cheng Wu was a heart-wrenching man who had taken 30 million dowry to feed Little Three.
Who would have thought that not only was he not, he was even so pure!
He silently encouraged his girlfriend of three hundred kilograms. In her most difficult moments, he kept on encouraging her. In the end, he allowed his girlfriend to reap the best of himself!
What could these men do?
In the past, I didn’ t believe in love. I thought that the sweet words and honey in a man’s mouth were just greed for your body!
Until I saw Cheng Wu!Wen Er was elegant, handsome, and so pure and loyal!
It turned out that there really were men in this world. They didn’ t care about their skins, only their souls!
It turned out that as long as the two hearts tightly hugged each other, they wouldn’ t be afraid of any tribulation from the secular world!
Now, I believe in love again!
It was because Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao had personally told me that there was truly love in this world!
I announced that from today onwards, I would completely withdraw from the title of Black Pink!
Join the vast team of Orange!
I am’ Orange’!I am here to protect the best Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao!
They were truly loved!
Under this broadcast, there were also many moving comments!
“I love him, but now I’ m not in contact with him anymore!”
“Life does not have a second youth, just like life does not have a second identical Cheng Wu!”
“But with Cheng Wu!”I believe in love and light!”
“I firmly believe that one day, I will meet that Cheng Wu who belongs to me!”
Countless netizens were wailing and wailing as they let out their emotions!
In this world, who had never encountered a scum before?Who didn’ t have any sorrow?
Under this impetuous world, the love between Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao was even more precious!
For a moment, countless people from all over the country turned into fans and joined the ranks of Orange!
Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao were the best guards!

In a cozy little room, Cheng Wu was enjoying Chen Jiao’s massage while carefully checking the system news!
[Your love story caused a large number of netizens to cry. Reputation value +1,000,000!]
[Your love code attracted a large number of netizens’ admiration. Reputation value +1,000,000!]
[Your love story spread throughout the country, with a reputation value of +3000000!]
Cheng Wu was slightly delighted.
Soon!Five million Reputation Points!He could exchange it for that!
At this moment, only a few hours had passed since he had accepted the interview!
At this moment, he was extremely confident that this system would completely change his life!
Just a single chance to see a return allowed Cheng Wu to hold onto a beauty that could topple a country and topple a city!
He obtained 30 million dowry!He had become a celebrity and gained 30 million Reputation!
And if he could see the return of things forever?
Just imagine how wonderful Cheng Wu’s life would become?
Invest in Sacred Hand!A person with luck!
The charm exploded!Emotional Quotient Sentencing!
As for Cheng Wu, he only lacked five million Reputation Points, and he was able to exchange for everything that was enticing!
Permanent!Seeing the return rate!
Ps: Apart from collecting this book, the other data were a bit miserable. Did anyone read it?*Because of flowers*

Chapter 5: Permanent authority!The gentle Chen Jiao!

Cheng Wu’s system was simple.
It was not complicated.
As long as they had Reputation Points, they would be able to see the return of all things.
The rate of return was divided into F-level and Sss-level. There were a total of nine levels.
As the level increased, the return rate would be even greater.
A year ago, Cheng Wu decided to come to Chen Jiao’s side through layers of auditions.
The only thing he saw was the extreme return rate!
This was also included in the system novice grand prize!
It was just one-off!
Through this incident, Cheng Wu had gained 35 million Reputation Points!
Thirty million reputation points had been accumulated over the past year by Cheng Wu on variety shows!
As for the five million reputation points, they were given this interview one year later!
This was still Friday!The lord went to work and the students went to school!
Only tomorrow would this storm completely engulf the entire country!
At that time, it was unknown how much prestige Cheng Wu would gain!
Cheng Wu was not greedy either. He only wanted to obtain another five million Reputation Points!
This way, he could exchange the permanent authority from the f pole to the d pole!
Although at first glance, it was not as good as the rate of return of a pole.
But this was permanent!
It meant that… you could eat, sleep, or even kill people!
They were constantly exerting their effects!
The most basic level of f-permanence could allow you to see what posture would have a greater return on deep sleep.
A few bites of food had the highest rate of return, allowing you to eat more and digest it better.
When the deceased chose the opportunity to release the highest return rate, it was not a problem for him to bring his sister one dozen nine.
Although it didn’t seem to be of any use, it actually improved the person’s most fundamental constitution!
The most healthy work!
With him, you would basically be on the same level as the long-lived centenarian!
The ultimate lifespan of a human was a few years, and you would only live for a few years!
This was the terror of permanent authority!
As for the D extreme permanent authority, it immediately crossed the F and E levels. It was even more terrifying!
With a single glance, one could tell which one of the highest returns was from Scratch Music!
He could see what was going on and what was going on. The return rate was the greatest!
It was to the extent where extreme d authority could give others a return!
Although it was passive!
As long as they had good intentions towards Cheng Wu’s heart, they would be able to gain a happy mood!
The principle was to treat the mood as an investment and naturally gain a better mood!
This made Cheng Wu speechless.
What was this?
Cheng Wu’s background was definitely not bad.
His sword-like brows and star-like eyes seemed to contain a vast starry sky. He could definitely be called handsome.
Otherwise, how could he possibly become a variety player and compete with a celebrity just by relying on the hot events of a year ago?
Just like other hot spots, after a few media interviews, they quickly disappeared as time passed.
From a year ago to today, Cheng Wu was able to go from an ordinary person to a star. Naturally, it was his unique’ artistic feeling’!
To put it more bluntly, it was just that the looks were extremely impressive!
Right now, with extreme authority, he actually added another charm value?
This was the rhythm of turning into a charming male god!
Cheng Wu shook his head and tossed this thought out of his mind.
Let’s talk about it tomorrow!
After all, he still lacked five million Reputation Points!
He slowly withdrew his thoughts. At this moment, he felt a wave of gentle energy coming from his shoulder.
Cheng Wu couldn’ t help but be stunned.
Turning around, she saw that Chen Jiao’s face was as soft as water. There was nothing else in her charming eyes other than Cheng Wu.
Seeing Cheng Wu turn around, he seemed to be a little frightened.
Because of Cheng Wu’s free struggle, the two Su Mu hands were placed somewhere else.
He looked extremely helpless, causing others to feel pity.
After a while, he carefully said:
“Hubby, it’s me that’s weak. Did you feel uncomfortable?”
“I will pay attention to it next time. I have the strength!”
As soon as her soft voice fell, Chen Jiao seemed as if she wanted to prove herself. She puffed up her cheeks and clenched her delicate fists, lifting them up and shaking them.
Cheng Wu sized up this gentle and brave girl and was both angry and amused.
There were traces of fine beads of sweat hanging on the face of a country-devouring city, which already explained everything.
How could he be so stupid?He didn’t even rest until he was tired.
She was thinking that she hadn’t paid attention to something. Would n’ t she speak?
Seeing that Cheng Wu did not reply, Chen Jiao’s clean eyes stared at Cheng Wu.
Like a little beast that longed for recognition, it was looking forward to the praise of the Lord.
His eyes were filled with pureness. Only Cheng Wu was reflected.
Cheng Wu originally wanted to blame Chen Jiao and warn her to pity him in the future.
At this moment, he had no intention of doing so.
Who could ruthlessly blame a girl with eyes full of stars?
Cheng Wu smiled gently and extended his hand towards Chen Jiao’s bright and clean forehead, gently caressing her.
Chen Jiao enjoyed herself like a small beast. She even narrowed her eyes in excitement.
Cheng Wu’s hand quickly touched it, and he vigorously rubbed it, causing Chen Jiao’s delicate hair to become a mess!
“Let you not cherish yourself!If you’ re tired, then rest!!”
“Don’ t do it again next time!”*

Chapter 6: Full Fire!Rapidly increasing Reputation Points!

The warm noon sun shone through the warm window.
She waved it on Chen Jiao’s pretty face, causing her sparkling eyelashes to tremble.
Then, he muttered a few words like a dream. He turned around and hugged Cheng Wu, then fell asleep again.
They were too tired!
Chen Jiao changed her mind and stayed in the gym every day.
Cheng Wu was busy on the variety show to earn some points.
It’s been a long time since I’ ve relaxed so recklessly!
What was there to fall asleep with his arms around the person he loved the most? When he opened his eyes, it was a gentle morning.
What was more fascinating?
Now that the grand achievement had come to fruition, he naturally did not mind sleeping in the warm sun.
Compared to the warm calm in the room, the Internet could be said to have caused a huge commotion!
It could even be said that the incident was getting worse and worse, and it was beyond control!
With the arrival of Saturday, a portion of the commuters and students’ party attracted a rare holiday!
When he was in a hurry to steal time, he naturally had to eat such a large meal!
Dou Yin, break the ground and leave quickly.
Bullsh*t, shrimps, iron.
Without exception, all of them were on a conspicuous news list!
[Cheng Wu: We really love each other!The man behind the three hundred kilograms fat bride to ninety kilograms peerless goddess!]
Countless upps were frantically borrowing this hot spot to publish a video about understanding!
[300 Jin Bride and 90 Jin Goddess, which do you choose?Cheng Wu: I want all of them!]
[Goddess Chen Jiao had a proud figure.Cheng Wu: I love her soul!]
[Flags were fluttering outside, and the red flags of the family were not falling!Cheng Wu: I have some tricks!]
For a moment, all sorts of eye-catching topics appeared endlessly.
If Cheng Wu saw it in his dream, he would definitely be dumbfounded.
It was clearly the truth. After being processed by these heartless overlords, the meaning changed.
Fortunately, the title was new and different. The contents were all the same.
After all, this was a phenomenon-level hot event in the Internet!
Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao’s love story caused many people to cry, and it was the ideal love of many people.
He had long since become a model!
If there were any signs of distorting the truth, then wait for the mainstream values to immediately bombard them!
They will tell you what Zu An has parents for eight years!
Many people who didn’ t pay attention to the news also knew about Cheng Wu’s deeds.
First was shock!No matter how unbelievable it was!Finally, he searched for the relevant news with great hope!
They seemed to have seen their ideal love!
Under their frenzied search, the’ orange”s long comments were broadcasted, and the amount of praise reached a new high!
He had broken through thirty million!
Everyone was filled with tears, as if their hearts had found a resonance!
Was this… my ideal love?
Who would have thought that someone would actually be able to do it!
They were truly loved!
The heated search was quickly seized by this incident.
In the top ten, article 8: The best protected Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao!]
In the top ten, the fourth was Orange’s long comment:[ So every goddess who successfully defeated her has a deep male god who loves her!]
There were only two words in the top ten searches:[ Cheng Wu]!
Cheng Wu’s short words quickly turned red!
From the originally not-so-small C-list celebrities, they immediately squeezed into the B-list!
In fact, on this day, Cheng Wu’s popularity was revealed!It caused the A-list celebrities to tremble endlessly!
Countless pure and pure girls were quickly turned into fans by Cheng Wu, a handsome, uninhibited, refined, and loyal person!
Of course, there were also countless young men.
This was because Chen Jiao had not registered for any surveillance!
As a result, countless youths who regarded Chen Jiao as the goddess in their dreams could only secretly hate Cheng Wu!
This was the only way they could see Chen Jiao taking a closer look!
It had only been a short morning!Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao were completely enraged!
The number of fans on the various platforms of Cheng Wu was constantly increasing!
At this moment, Cheng Wu, who was in his dream, was hugging Chen Jiao, who was in a state-willing and city-shattering state, completely unaware of it!
His system was also silently broadcasting!
[Your entire web of threads has broken through to 20 million!Reputation Points +2000000!]
[Your love affair was inspiring the hearts of countless people!Reputation Points +3,000,000!]
[Your loyal character and handsome appearance left a deep impression on millions of people!Reputation Points +1,000,000!]
Shockingly, there was no sign of stopping!
Even now, the reputation he had obtained had already surpassed the five million reputation points Cheng Wu lacked!
It was even to the extent that the Reputation Points were still asking for another prize that Cheng Wu didn’ t dare to ask for!
However, at this moment, Cheng Wu completely didn’ t know that Chen Jiao’s hand was even tighter. He slept soundly.
It was likely that when he woke up, it would be a great surprise to welcome him!*

Chapter 7: The terrifying power of permanent authority!

When the noon warm sun quietly hid behind Bai Yun, the shadows of the sun in the room disappeared.
At 2:15 p.m., Cheng Wu finally woke up.
As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw Chen Jiao curled up in his embrace like a kitten.
He did not use Cheng Wu’s arm as a pillow, but his head gently touched the skin of his arm.
He would rather sleep a little uncomfortable than make sure that Cheng Wu’s arm wouldn’ t ache from long-term reliance.
Afraid of crushing Cheng Wu.
Chen Jiao’s little head was tightly leaning against Cheng Wu’s embrace, and the corners of her mouth were still curled into a beautiful smile.
It was filled with happiness and peace.
Looking at Chen Jiao’s pretty face in his embrace, Cheng Wu smiled.
What a gentle and sensible person.
He stretched out his hand and pulled Chen Jiao into his embrace. Cheng Wu opened the system notification.
[Your entire web of threads has broken through to 20 million!Reputation Points +2000000!]
In an instant, the accumulated notifications from last night until now surged forth!
After Cheng Wu finished reading the notification, his left eyebrows couldn’ t help raising slightly.
He had thought that there would be many Reputation Points, but he never thought that there would be so many!
From last night until now, a total of fifteen million Reputation Points had been obtained!
One had to know that Cheng Wu had only obtained a mere thirty million in the past year!
And now, in just one night and morning, he had obtained fifteen million!
Half a year!
This far exceeded Cheng Wu’s expectations!
Cheng Wu thought for a moment and his eyes revealed a look of understanding.
This increase in reputation was due to the combination of many factors.
The media’s reports and the crazy commentary on the short video platform made Cheng Wu completely out of the loop.
Almost everyone in the country knew about Cheng Wu!
Handsome and handsome, gentle and elegant, loyal to his wife!
In an instant, Cheng Wu had unlocked many achievements!
With the accumulation of achievements, there was only a shocking result of fifteen million!
Cheng Wu estimated that the Reputation Points provided by this incident were almost at the end.
The reputation value that the subsequent shockwaves provided was at most one or two million.
This was because he had already triggered his reputation.
However, even now, Cheng Wu was satisfied.
One had to know that in the beginning, he only wanted to gain another five million Reputation Points!
And now, Cheng Wu’s family was fifty million!
Ten million more than his original expectations!
Without saying another word, Cheng Wu first raised his permanent authority to the extreme!
After deducting the Reputation Points, Cheng Wu immediately felt a warm current surge in his body.
He swam about in his body, then swam upwards, rushing towards his eyes.
Cheng Wu closed his eyes and felt a warm substance appear on his eyes. It was extremely comfortable!
After a while of absorption, the comfortable feeling disappeared.
Cheng Wu slowly opened his eyes.
The world before him was still that world.
But it was completely different!
Just as Cheng Wu was about to pick up his phone, the words suddenly jumped out.
[Incident: Turn on the phone after five minutes.]
[Return: The eyes were even calmer.]
At the side, there was also a thoughtfully equipped option [Do you disregard the following prompt for extreme return]!
Cheng Wu naturally chose yes.
He did not want his eyes to be occupied by such useless information.
The words in front of him were empty.
Cheng Wu took out his phone and opened a stock market software.
He discovered that there were some stocks inside, and there were clear notes on the side!
[Waxia Group Shares]
[F-level return:2% return on capital]
[Time: One month]
[Qiangsen Technology Company Stock]
[E Extreme return rate:4% return on capital]
[Time: One month]
[Huawang Electric Company Stock]
[Grade D return:5% return on capital]
[Time:15 days]
Cheng Wu pulled the software to the bottom and found that most of the listed stocks did not show any comments.
On the other hand, most of the stocks that showed the comments were grade F, while a few were grade E, with only two or three grade D.
Cheng Wu guessed that most of the shares were either because he didn’ t have enough authority.
Either it was in a state of loss!
After all, this was the Big Bear City. Many of the people’s families were locked inside.
He could only watch as his assets plummeted without daring to sell them off!
In this big bear market, Cheng Wuru, who could see the return rate, was alive!
If he were to throw all of his wealth into this place, he would earn 1.5 million in fifteen days!
By analogy, Cheng Wu’s family would probably double in less than a year!
This was the terrifying power of permanent return!
Then, Cheng Wu turned off his phone and shifted his gaze to another item in the system.
This was something he originally didn’ t dare to wish to buy!
Now, due to the extra ten million reputation points, he could afford it!

Chapter 8: Mysterious Draw!Once again, the rate of return of Grade A!

This item that Cheng Wu originally didn’ t dare to imagine.
That was the kryptonite draw!
Thinking back to his previous life, Cheng Wu’s fear of playing games and being dominated by penguins!
Even now, when he recalled it, there were still shadows!
As for the System Mall, the cheapest lottery table would cost ten million reputation points!
It was more expensive, but there was a reason for it.
The lowest prizes among them were all Grade C returns!
In the stock market, it was a soaring stock!
And the highest prize was a grade A return!
It had the same effect as Chen Jiao’s incident!
It had to be known that this incident alone had brought Cheng Wu a devastatingly beautiful bride and thirty million dowry.
With 30 million reputation points, he had become a big star!
What kind of reward would he receive if he was given such a Grade A grade?
30 Million,50 million, or 100 million?
Cheng Wu swallowed his saliva, not daring to think about this anymore!
He resolutely chose to exchange!
In that instant, a raffle disk appeared in front of him.
The surface of the disk was red, yellow, and blue. Red represented Grade C, yellow represented Grade B, and blue represented Grade A.
As for the entire disk, seventy percent were occupied by red and twenty-five percent by yellow.
Blue only occupied a pitiful 5%!
Cheng Wu immediately regretted seeing the situation before him.
This was ten million reputation points!
It only took 40 million to obtain the permanent level D authority!
Wouldn’t it be good to keep the C-level permanent authority?
Right now!
It had become one-off!
Yes, Cheng Wu no longer held any hope.
What was the difference between the amount of space occupied by the red color and the one-time permission directly exchanged for the C-pole?
To think that he still felt conscience!
Cheng Wu cursed inwardly as he clicked on the lottery draw in a lack of interest.
Soon, the truth told him that there was really a difference.
The pointer spun around on the disk and crossed the red area with great difficulty, walking through the yellow area.
In the end, just as he was about to stop, he miraculously crossed the yellow color and stopped in the narrow blue area!
Grade A one-time permission!
True conscience of the lottery table!
Cheng Wu’s heart was filled with joy as he unconsciously smiled.
He completely forgot what he had just said.
True fragrance!
This was a Grade A one-time permission!
It had the same effect as Chen Jiao’s incident!
Who knew what kind of reward would he receive this time?
At this moment, Chen Jiao had already woken up.
Her beautiful eyes stared at Cheng Wu and blinked:
“Hubby, are we still going?”
Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao had agreed to go shopping with her last night.
“Go, why not?”
Cheng Wu replied slowly.
He had waited for a full week last time.
As for his 30 million yuan, he must keep it.
What if this grade A capital was needed?
Therefore, the current Cheng Wu had nothing important to do. It would be better to accompany Chen Jiao properly.
Enjoy life.
Chen Jiao was extremely happy when she heard Cheng Wu’s words.
He hugged Cheng Wu’s neck and gave him a fragrant incense before he washed up happily.
This was their first time shopping together.
Chen Jiao had her own insistence. Before she succeeded in losing weight, she deliberately kept away from Cheng Wu and did nothing close to her.
She wanted to leave this beautiful thing to her best self.
He also showed his best self to Cheng Wu.
Now, it was time to enjoy life!
Cheng Wu was sitting in the car. Occasionally, he would roll down the window and look forward. Occasionally, he would look at his watch without any reliance.
A helpless smile appeared on his handsome face.
It had been half an hour!
After she washed up, Chen Jiao said that she would dress up for a while and let Cheng Wu go down to wait.
And now, half an hour had passed since Cheng Wu drove the car out of the garage!
Chen Jiao still hadn’ t appeared!
He really dressed up for a while!
Just as Cheng Wu was about to call Chen Jiao to ask, his eyes suddenly lit up!
A beautiful girl with a clear face slowly appeared!
She was wearing a snow-white knee-length dress as she charged at Cheng Wu with a brisk pace.
Seeing Cheng Wu, his steps were even more brisk. He walked over and sat in the front passenger seat.
Cheng Wu examined it with rapt attention.
Chen Jiao put some makeup on her face and put on a light makeup.
His delicate facial features were even more gorgeous.
The most unique thing was that this kind of beauty was not the type of beauty that would make an ordinary net red face.
Instead, it revealed a very clean aura, appearing exceptionally pure.
Those long eyelashes seemed to be able to speak and blink.
It was as if a fairy had descended into the mortal world.
Chen Jiao’s pure face turned red as she watched Cheng Wu stare at her.
His voice was sweet and melodious, with a hint of shyness:
“Husband… Hurry up and drive. It’s getting late.”
Cheng Wu smiled, feeling a little complacent.
This was a beautiful girl that belonged to her!
When he returned home, wasn’ t he looking at it like that?
It wasn’ t that short!
Holding the steering wheel in his hand, he stepped on the accelerator and drove off!*

Chapter 9: Enchanting!Merit!

In a commercial street, Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao, the male and female generals, walked in hand.
When the passersby saw this, they all whispered.
“Wow, look at that pair of lovers. They are really golden girls!”
“The man is handsome, and the woman is pure and charming!”
“So envious!”These two looks are too impressive!”
“Wait!”I’ m a bit familiar with that man and woman!”
“All of you, open the air and take a look. Is that Cheng Wu?!”
A passerby was shocked. He took out his phone and opened the broadcast.
He would take a look at the pictures on the broadcast and then look up at Cheng Wu.
Suddenly, a scream rang out!
“Cheng Wu, that’s Cheng Wu!”
“What?”Cheng Wu has appeared?”
Where was the “?”Where is it!”
The bystanders were alarmed by this person’s voice. First, they were shocked, then immediately became excited.
Cheng Wu was the legendary male lead of the Internet!
He could be seen on the headlines of all the websites!
Who would have thought that he would actually see it with his own eyes today?
He looked around. Soon, the surrounding crowd discovered Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao!
Even those who did not know them felt that they were not ordinary people!
There was no other way. Their appearance and temperament were too outstanding.
The man was handsome and uninhibited, and Wen Er was elegant.
The woman who was devastatingly beautiful was pure and pure!
If anyone was the most likely to be a celebrity, it was not him or her!
For a moment, the surrounding crowd came forward and surrounded Cheng Wu!
A young girl with three spots on her face was filled with excitement. She walked forward and asked in a trembling voice:
“You are Cheng Wu!I am your fan!He was also a member of the’ Orange!’
“Can I share a picture with you?”
Cheng Wu was stunned.
He had forgotten that he was no longer like before!
Moreover, the popularity was high, so it was not uncommon to be recognized without wearing a mask.
The heavens could see that he would not be like this a day ago!
This time, he finally experienced the troubles of a celebrity.
Cheng Wu could only smile bitterly and take a photo with these excited fans.
When they finally managed to deal with the surrounding fans, the surrounding passersby began to gather.
Cheng Wu hurriedly pulled Chen Jiao’s hand back and ran to where the car was parked.
If these passers-by were to be dealt with once, there would be no need to do anything today.
Cheng Wu pulled Chen Jiao. On the way back, he would always encounter a few excited fans.
He had no choice but to stop and deal with it.
However, the crowd around them grew more and more.
There was even a growing situation.
Seeing this, he could no longer leave.
Suddenly, Cheng Wu swept across a shop on the street and found that there were bright words.
[Aiyi Shop]
[F rate of return: Entering this store can effectively reduce the time to return to the car.]
[Reason: The shop owner is your hardcore fan. The shop has a back door.]
He hurriedly pulled Chen Jiao and walked in.
When the shop owner saw Cheng Wu enter, his face was filled with joy.
Then, when he saw the crowd behind Cheng Wu, his face sank again.
Let the shop assistant form a human wall to block the passionate fans.
Just as Cheng Wu was about to speak, the shopkeeper waved his hand and said warmly:
“Teacher Cheng Wu, I am your hardcore fan!”
“You don’ t need to say anything!”I’ ll help you get out of your predicament!”
After saying that, he quickly led the way to the back door.
When Cheng Wu saw that this person was in such a hurry, he didn’ t say anything and hurriedly followed.
After leaving the back door, it happened to be a parking lot.
The shop owner walked to the nearest parking space and signaled Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao to get into the car.
Cheng Wu was also stunned. He didn’ t expect to receive a package!
How could this be a grade F return? To this moment, it was simply a grade A!
He hurriedly sat in.
After Cheng Wu got into the car and sat down, the shopkeeper said excitedly:
“Teacher Cheng Wu, I never thought I would be able to help you!”
“There’s a disposable mask on the car. Take it first.”
“Tell me, where are you going!”
Cheng Wu replied with a smile. He didn’ t stand on ceremony and revealed his parking place.
The shop owner was clear and quickly drove away.
After a while, Cheng Wu had already arrived and sat in his car.
His hands slid and passed the shop owner’s friend request.
He couldn’ t help but sigh in his heart:
“Fortunately, I have Level D permanent authority!”
“If not, I’ m afraid today’s time will be wasted here!”
After this incident, Cheng Wu became even more cautious.
Cheng Wu didn’ t want to encounter such a’ warm’scene again!
He turned on his phone and headed towards a high-end shopping mall.*

Chapter 10: Warm daily life and the appearance of Grade A events!

Hua Ying Shopping Mall was truly a high-end shopping mall in City K.
Inside, Chanel, Versace, Louis Vuitton and other luxury brands had everything.
Originally, Cheng Wu’s first choice was to come here.
Helplessly, Chen Jiao said that there were only a few people in the shopping mall who had an atmosphere. She couldn’t stop herself from going to the shopping mall.
However, Cheng Wu also knew that Chen Jiao really wanted to save him money.
Chen Jiao, who was sensible, would not compete with a man when paying the bill.
“Wife, didn’ t you like to be lively?”Are you satisfied this time?”
Cheng Wu looked at Chen Jiao, who was holding a large bag and a small bag in his hand, and smiled.
The scene in the commercial street was still vivid in her mind, causing Chen Jiao to feel lingering fear and grumble endlessly.
Even though he was unwilling to come back to Hua Ying Shopping Mall, he muttered to himself three or four times.
She wasn’ t willing to be blocked by the’ enthusiastic’ fans just like the commercial street. She separated from Cheng Wu’s small hand.
However, Hua Ying Shopping Mall was indeed worthy of being a high-end shopping mall. There were too few people compared to the commercial street, and no one recognized them.
Only then did his wish come true. He walked around properly.
“Hubby, don’ t tease me. I didn’ t expect you to suddenly become so famous…”
“Looks like we’ll have to wear masks in the future.”
Chen Jiao held a large bag and a small bag and said in a somewhat panting tone.
“No, it will be fine in two days.”
“Wasn’ t this a television station that interviewed us yesterday.”
Cheng Wu replied casually, knowing that he didn’ t have such a reputation at all.
It was just that today’s news had exploded. They were standing in the air.
The netizens had all forgotten about it. After a few days, they wouldn’t encounter such a thing as a crowd encircling them.
“Speaking of which, you really are. You don’ t need to buy anything for yourself.”
Cheng Wuhu said in a loud voice. He looked at Chen Jiao, who was carrying a large bag and a small bag, without any intention of helping.
Because… he had more things in his hands.
Ten fingers, each holding more than one bag. It didn’ t look like someone who came to buy clothes, as if they were coming to buy something…
Cheng Wu was also very helpless. Chen Jiao bought things and specifically picked men’s supplies.
Almost all the big and small bags in his hands were bought for him.
When he advised Chen Jiao to buy more things for her, Chen Jiao said with a face full of pride:
“If I want to buy something for me, why would I need you to accompany me?”
Hearing this, Cheng Wu was completely convinced.
Since Chen Jiao didn’ t listen to him, she decided to oppose him.
As long as Chen Jiao tried to wear the clothes, she would buy one word!
As long as Chen Jiao picked up the item she was looking at, she would buy one word!
As long as Chen Jiao’s eyes stayed on a certain item, she would still buy it with one word!
In the end, Chen Jiao was so scared that she simply stared straight at the entrance of the shopping mall.
It was also because of their hard work that they had planned to leave. Otherwise, they really did not know if his hands could move around.
“Hubby, don’ t talk about me anymore. You’ re different!”
Chen Jiao puffed up her cheeks and said in a tender voice.
“Yi!What was that?”How cute!”
Suddenly, his eyes were attracted by something and he cried out in surprise.
Cheng Wu followed Chen Jiao’s gaze and looked over.
Near the exit of the shopping mall, there were all sorts of cute accessories.
All of them were pink in color, extremely gripping the girl’s heart.
What caused Chen Jiao to speak was a single-person doll.
It was the shape of a bear. It was pink and tender, and it looked charmingly naive.
“It cute?”Then let’s carry him home.”
Cheng Wu smiled and said in unison.
This was the first time Chen Jiao had clearly expressed her joy.
She hadn’t taken the initiative to buy something for herself since she had wandered through the entire mall!
He didn’ t care if he could take it or not, so he walked over.
“I’ m sorry, sir. This is not for sale. We can only rely on the lottery.”
At the workbench next to Wawa, a staff member politely stopped Cheng Wu.
“Yes, how much is the lottery draw?”
Cheng Wu did not think too much and asked.
If he failed once, he would be able to pull it out twice.
“There’s no money for the lottery. You can just spend it in the shopping mall, but everyone can only draw it once.”
“But this doll is the first prize. The probability is quite low, only 0.1%.”
The staff explained.
“Forget it, husband, we have too many things in our hands, so we won’ t take them away.
“And this bear isn’ t good-looking at all. There’s nothing strange about it.”
Hearing those words, Chen Jiao withdrew her gaze from the doll and reluctantly said.
They couldn’ t even take anything out of their hands. With such a low probability, there was no need to draw a lottery.
When Cheng Wu saw Chen Jiao’s appearance, he became even more determined.
After walking through the entire shopping mall, he hadn’ t seen Chen Jiao’s appearance before!
Sure enough… the girl could never resist the pink thing!
As if hearing Cheng Wu’s decision, a row of characters appeared in the lottery box!
[Supplies: Pink Bear Baby]
[Return: Chen Jiao’s joy]
[Reason: If you helped Chen Jiao obtain this doll, Chen Jiao would be happy all day.]
It turned out that this was the rate of return below grade F that Cheng Wu had blocked. When he saw Cheng Wu’s need, he took the initiative to show up!
Cheng Wu smiled. Looks like this system is quite intelligent!
He put down the item in his hand and stretched it towards the paper box.
He left behind a light and domineering sentence:
“It’s fine. Let’s see your husband!”
He reached into the box and touched the lottery ticket that represented the doll.
With the help of the system, this lottery box was as transparent as it was, allowing Cheng Wu to easily obtain the lottery ticket.
“Congratulations, Sir, for winning our grand prize!”
The staff member’s eyes revealed a trace of surprise after looking at the medal, and he hurriedly congratulated them.
Not long after, he packed the pink bear and handed it to Cheng Wu.
Chen Jiao’s eyes were filled with joy. She quickly put down the item in her hand, stood on tiptoes, hugged Cheng Wu’s neck, and spoke.
Then, he grabbed the pink bear and played with it.
“This bear is really beautiful!”
“Hubby, you can even draw this. You are truly amazing!”
He completely forgot who had just said’ This bear is not good at all’.
True fragrance!
After laughing with Chen Jiao, Cheng Wu discovered a problem.
Looking at the large and small bags of their’spoils of war’ on the ground, he also felt worried.
How should he bring them back?
Fortunately, the staff members were warm-hearted enough to help them bring the items to the car.
This allowed Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao to bring everything back.

After returning home, Chen Jiao went to the kitchen with great interest.
He said that he wanted to make a love for himself and reward his next journey.
On the other hand, Cheng Wu was lying on the sofa, swiping his cell phone, looking for a trace of a Grade A return.
“Ding Ling Ling.”
A bell rang out and Cheng Wu looked at it. It was Wang Hao.
Wang Hao was a friend of Cheng Wu’s acting circle.
At first, he also warmly introduced Cheng Wu to a few variety arts and pulled him out.
He didn’ t know what was going on this time.
Cheng Wu reached out to answer the call.
“Cheng Wu, there’s a production director who asked me for your contact information. I’ ll give it to him and tell you something.”
“But I advise you not to agree to him. This director has no good work at all.”
“Moreover, the funding is tight. It is said that the funding for the production team is not complete yet!”
“Forget about all of this. I just have to learn how to create a new type of film, what kind of tough movie!”
“I was also forced to give you a call. You must not agree!”
Wang Hao said smoothly and quickly as he complained to the director.
Just as Wang Hao finished speaking, Cheng Wu felt that the Grade A return had suddenly disappeared!
A word silently appeared in the sky!*

Chapter 11: Grade A Return Rate!1,000% Profit!

In the sky, as soon as Wang Hao’s voice fell, a word suddenly appeared.
[Movie: War Dragon]
[Grade A return rate:1000% return on investment!]
[Cycle:3 months]
[Reason: The normally unknown film team decided to make a tough movie this time!It was originally a move against the trend, but it was unexpected that the domestic audience would be tired of watching the movies.
The moment the film appeared, it hit the audience!Once it was released, Kuanglan had received countless box office sales and praise!Breaking the country’s highest box office record!He won numerous awards!]
Cheng Wu was stunned. Never had he imagined that a grade A return would appear at this moment!
Moreover, it was a movie investment!
One had to know that this parallel world was different from the previous world.
The filming and release cycles were extremely short!
It was completely a place for quick money!
As for the current popular movies in China, they were all fresh meat love stories like the castle on the sea.
The film companies were also very keen on inviting young meat to take part in films like the’Sea Castle’!
A tough man like the’ War Dragon’ was completely thankless. There was no one to beat him!
If it wasn’t for this reward, Cheng Wu would n’ t have agreed to star under the advice of his good friend!
But now that he saw it, not only would Cheng Wu participate!He still had to think of a way to invest!
How much would it cost to be a star actor?No matter how many, it was a fixed number!
Not only was Cheng Wu going to participate in the show, he was also going to invest 30 million in his entire family!
A profit of 1,000% and a fortune of 30 million would be tenfold in three months!Three hundred million!
This was more likely than stealing money!
“Hey, Cheng Wu?”Can you hear me?”
“Don’t tell me I’ m cheating you. I’ve already told you the exact situation. Do n’ t star in!”
Wang Hao continued to chat on the phone.
Cheng Wu smiled, not to mention you cheating?
Thank you!
You really are my treasure!
“Alright, Wang Hao. I understand.”
Cheng Wu hung up after chatting with Wang Hao for a while!
He took out his phone and searched for information about the preparations for the War Dragon movie!
After all, Wang Hao had also told him that the’War Dragon’ crew lacked money. If they searched the Internet, they might be able to find an investment channel!
Cheng Wu searched on the Internet. What surprised him was that the movie’War Dragon’ was actually publicly raising funds!
[War Dragon Film raised 50 million, releasing 40% of the net profit share.]
[Reason: The total investment in movies was 100 million.The original investor had left his position halfway, but now, he had no choice but to raise money from the internet!]
[Income: You will receive the net income share after deducting the distribution fees and channel fees according to your investment amount, without any need for you to do anything!]
[Investor List: Liu Xianjian 500,000!Xu Shiqing 400,000!…]
[Details of the movie: tough style…][ List of actors: male lead (vacancy) female lead (Zhu Bingbing)…]
[Amount raised:10 million/50 million ][ Remaining time: one month!]
Because this parallel world was different from the previous world, the filming cycle was extremely short.
This led to an extremely special industry culture, movie investment!
The film owners who lacked funds could publicly raise funds from the masses on the air. They just needed to share the promised net income.
The relevant regulatory authorities would monitor the public accounts of the film owners in real time.
What Cheng Wu didn’ t expect was that Zhan Long had actually publicly raised funds all over the Internet!
In addition, there was still a month to go!
In this world, the longest time for a movie to be raised could not exceed six months.
If they had not finished raising funds, they would drop the funds and return the investment amount to the netizens.
Right now, the hot-flesh love movie was saying,’ War Dragon’, a tough movie, naturally wouldn’ t be popular in this kind of environment.
That was why after five months of raising money, he had only raised ten million!
If he did not have a large amount of money to enter in the remaining month, he would most likely have a miscarriage!
Cheng Wu smiled when he saw this.
Under such circumstances, he definitely wouldn’ t be worried about his investment!
Cheng Wu saw an unfamiliar phone call and reached out to connect.
“Hello, is it Mr. Cheng Wu?”My name is Luo Wenyi. I’ m preparing a movie called’ War Dragon’.”
“I hope to invite you to participate in the role of the hero of the’ War Dragon’. I wonder if you have a deadline?”
A warm voice rang out, heading straight for the main topic.
“I agree!”
“But I heard that your film crew hasn’t finished raising funds yet?”
Cheng Wu readily agreed and asked casually.
“What?”That’s great!”
“You don’ t have to worry about the funds. With you participating in the show, you will definitely be able to raise funds by the end of the month!”
Director Luo Wenyi was slightly shocked and immediately responded with even greater enthusiasm.
He had never thought that Cheng Wu would agree so straightforwardly!
One had to know that Cheng Wu had suddenly burst into flames yesterday, and his popularity was rising.
Through this incident, he had risen from a C-list celebrity to a B-list celebrity!
In addition, in these few days, the heat had gone crazy, directly suppressing a line!
To be honest, Luo Wenyi did not have much confidence.
It was only because the production team had not hired a famous male lead.
As a result, the funds that had been planned for three months had not been collected in five months!
Now that Cheng Wu had agreed to participate, Luo Wenyi was confident.
As long as the news was released, a large number of netizens would pay attention to it.
With a degree of attention, wouldn’ t it be easy to raise money?
“Yes, I will not hide it from you. I also have some ideas about investing.”
“Are you free tomorrow afternoon?”It seems like your crew is also in City K, right?”
Cheng Wu was stunned. Knowing that Luo Wenyi had misunderstood his intentions, he directly said.
Since they could directly contact the parties involved, why would they invest online?
Perhaps, the’ War Dragon’ film crew would give him even more benefits!
“Ah?”Alright, let’s meet at the Sandstorm Pavilion at 1pm, right?”
Luo Wenyi was overjoyed and hurriedly said.
He never expected that Cheng Wu would not only participate in the show, he would also invest!
It really was the life-saving straw of the’War Dragon’ crew!
This call was really worth it!*

Chapter 12: Chen Jiao’s unconditional trust!To participate in the’ War Dragon’!

After hanging up the call from the director of the production team, Cheng Wu stretched his back.
A profit of 1,000% wasn’t something that could be encountered even in a return.
This time, he had to take a good hold of it and smash his entire family into it!
Not surprisingly, three months later, Cheng Wu’s name would be squeezed into the youngest billionaire in the Dragon Country!
At this moment, Chen Jiao had already prepared her love.
He held a tray full of delicious dishes.
On the other hand, Chen Jiao wore a small black apron with a few dark golden lace on her skirt.
His face was clear and pure as he walked over affectionately.
He was a little cook at home.
“Husband, quickly taste the love I made for you!”
Chen Jiao placed her love in front of Cheng Wu and sat by her side, looking at him with expectant eyes.
“There’s no rush. I’ ll discuss something with my precious wife.”
Cheng Wu hugged Chen Jiao in his arms and whispered in his ear.
Cheng Wu’s strong aura struck Chen Jiao’s earlobe, making Chen Jiao blush.
His face turned into a red apple, making people want to bite it.
“Hubby, can you… finish your meal first?”
Chen Jiao’s voice was as fine as a mosquito. It was extremely light, and her face was extremely red and shy.
“It’s fine. Let’s talk first.”
“I’ m going to take our house property certificate to the mortgage tomorrow morning and invest it.”
“Do you have any objections?”
Cheng Wu did not pay attention to Chen Jiao’s expression and quickly explained his thoughts.
It had to be known that the production team of War Dragon lacked 40 million yuan.
The profit ratio of 1,000% was really not low. He had better swallow it in one gulp.
At that time,40 million investment would be able to exchange for 400 million returns!
His property was more than ten million yuan in the center of City K!
“Ah… So it’s like this.”
Chen Jiaoyou’s voice rang out. Then, she snapped back to her senses and thought seriously:
“Hubby, I support you unconditionally!”
“But if you want to invest, how much can a mortgage be?”
“Why don’t I ask my father for more?”There’s not a lot of them!”
Chen Jiao had incomparable trust in Cheng Wu. She did not even ask about the purpose of the money.
Just directly consider whether Cheng Wu was in short supply of funds. Should he ask his mother for more!
Chen Jiao’s father was a famous tycoon at the top of City K, with a fortune of several hundred million!
They were extremely fond of their daughter. Otherwise, they would not have given 30 million dowry plus a set of property in the city center!
If Chen Jiao spoke, he would definitely not even ask, so he took it out without any hesitation!
“There’s no need to trouble this man anymore. I’ ll have enough money to mortgage this!”
“If nothing unexpected happens, I will be able to step into the youngest billionaire in City K in three months!”
Cheng Wu said confidently. He was not surprised by Chen Jiao’s obedience.
This was also Chen Jiao’s most dazzling advantage besides her beauty.
Gentle and sensible,100% trusted Cheng Wu!
It could be said that after Cheng Wu and his father fell into the water, they made a choice.
He tossed it to his father’s life buoy, and he went to save Cheng Wu’s person!
“Wow, husband is so powerful!”
“Then am I not the wife of the youngest billionaire in City K?”
When Chen Jiao heard this, she cried out in shock, not doubting the truth of Cheng Wu’s words.
He turned around and looked at Cheng Wu with a face full of love.
“Yes, my wife, eat quickly!”
Cheng Wu giggled as he extended his finger to scrape Chen Jiao’s nose and said gently.
After dinner, the two of them stayed warm and fell asleep.
The next morning, Cheng Wu got up early and found the bank with the property certificate.
This house was completely purchased, and its aptitude was very good.
Moreover, the credit system in this world was very developed, and the payment was very fast.
By noon, Cheng Wu had received ten million loans.
Following that, he headed straight for the’ Sandstorm Pavilion’!
‘Sandstorm Pavilion was a famous high-end place in City K.
Inside were private business rooms, which guaranteed the best privacy for customers.
The coffee inside was all made by hand with a limited foreign supply.
The pastries and pastries were personally produced by the world famous chef.
In City K, the Sandstorm Pavilion was synonymous with high-end.
Director Luo Wenyi, taking the initiative to arrange the meeting place here, was enough to prove his sincerity!
After all, he had asked for Cheng Wu, so it was impossible for him to let Cheng Wu pay, right?
After entering the Sandstorm Pavilion, the elegant and beautiful waitress gently stepped forward:
“Was it Mr. Cheng Wu?Director Luo Wenyi had been waiting for a long time!”
“Room number 888, please come with me.”
The Sandstorm Pavilion would provide the most intimate service to every customer, making people feel as if they were in a spring breeze.
Cheng Wu nodded slightly and followed the steps of the waiter to enter a luxurious room.
Luo Wenyi sat on the sofa. When he saw Cheng Wu push the door open and enter, he immediately stood up and took a few quick steps.
Holding Cheng Wu’s hands warmly:
“Is it Teacher Cheng Wu?”I’ ve heard of you for so long!”
“I’ ve long heard that Teacher Cheng Wu is handsome and elegant, and has an extraordinary bearing. I didn’ t expect it to be all fake!”
“Teacher Cheng Wu is not handsome!”You’ ve reached the pinnacle of human beauty!”
“It really is better to meet when you hear this!”
Cheng Wu’s hand shook, and he fiercely patted a rainbow fart.
“Er, I’ ve heard about it for a long time. I also have a deep impression of Teacher Luo’s work!”
Cheng Wu was a little frightened by Luo Wenyi’s enthusiasm and replied politely.
Then, he suddenly realized that it was bad food!
Luo Wenyi was a rich second generation director. He was both the director and the investor of this film.
‘Zhan Long was his first debut novel!
How could there be any works that could make him’ deeply impressed’?*

Chapter 13: Sandstorm Pavilion Secret Talk!Cheng Wu was certain of his investment!

When Luo Wenyi heard Cheng Wu’s words, he didn’ t care about anything. He was still extremely enthusiastic.
He closed the door and pulled Cheng Wu’s hand towards the room.
“Teacher Cheng Wu, are you the same?”
“As expected!”I just feel that we are extremely close to each other!”
“Hurry up, please come inside. Let’s sit down and chat!”
As he spoke, he arranged for Cheng Wu to sit on the sofa beside him.
The next conversation began as the service staff served the delicate pastries and brewed coffee on the tea table.
“Teacher Cheng Wu, do you intend to invest 100,000 or 200,000?”
Luo Wenyi asked with a face full of smiles.
He had already thought about it. If Cheng Wu didn’t have much money, then Luo Wenyi would n’ t even accept it. He would just give it to him.
It was all a price to pay for Cheng Wu’s role.
One had to know that this movie,’ Battle Dragon’, was the largest share of Luo Wenyi’s shares!
A total of 30% of the net profit!
With Cheng Wu’s role, the funding gap would definitely be institutionalized.
It wouldn’ t be much if Cheng Wu didn’ t receive hundreds of thousands of dollars.
“I’ m going to invest 40 million.”
Cheng Wu leisurely took a sip of coffee and said unhurriedly.
“Like this, I’ ll give it… what?!”
“Teacher Cheng Wu, are you serious?”You want forty million?”
Director Luo Wenyi was about to press the draft he had prepared earlier and say that the shares of the money were given to Cheng Wu.
He suddenly reacted and suddenly stood up, saying in shock!
He had never imagined that Cheng Wu would actually make such a big move!
Moreover, the moment he spoke, he had already filled up the most crucial funding gap for the production team!
“I’ m serious. I’ m prepared to invest 40 million yuan. I can make a payment today.”
“I wonder if Director Luo Wenyi can represent the investor?”
Cheng Wu put down his coffee cup and looked at Luo Wenyi who was standing up with a face full of shock as he said with a smile.
“Yes. Thank you very much, Teacher Cheng Wu!”
“That will give you 32% of the net income according to the proportion of the net proceeds.”
“What do you think of Teacher Cheng Wu?”
Only then did Luo Wenyi realize from her shock. She looked at Cheng Wu with a happy expression as if she was a new parent.
This was the’ Sandstorm Pavilion’!
The commercial room naturally had a machine for printing documents.
As the investor and director, Luo Wenyi naturally carried the official seal with her!
If they were to hurry, they could immediately sign the contract and arrange for the filming crew to start filming in two days!
How could this make Luo Wenyi unhappy?
All of a sudden, the male lead’s funding gap was complete!
“Yes, I want to share 36% of the net income with the situation where I’ m going to get a share of the profits!”
Cheng Wu smiled.
The reward was a dead salary. How could there be an investment profit?
At this moment, if he could take more, he would take more.
In three months, it would be ten times the return!
After hearing this, Luo Wenyi frowned and pondered.
A 4% net income harvest would cost four million!
Cheng Wu’s reward was at most one million, not worth that much money!
Although Cheng Wu was currently on the hot side, who knew what would happen in three months?
Cheng Wu’s overall popularity, from a macro perspective, was merely a squeeze into a B-list celebrity!
If the amount of money was reduced, the amount of money spent on special effects would be reduced.
This film was Luo Wenyi’s painstaking effort, and he firmly believed that he would definitely be able to make the most perfect work!
Otherwise, they would not have opened up the right to profit for the sake of capital.
Thinking of this, Luo Wenyi said tentatively:
“Teacher Cheng Wu, what do you think?”
“If you are willing, you will be reduced to 2%, plus 34% of your investment?”
“If there are too few funds, I’ m afraid I’ ll have to raise money online later!”
Luo Wenyi said tactfully, thinking that Cheng Wu was definitely satisfied.
Business, there must be a price and a return.
Cheng Wu’s reward was only a 1% share of net income. Giving him 2% was definitely a big deal.
When Cheng Wu heard this, he decided to follow suit.
He opened his mouth and naturally prepared for Luo Wenyi’s counter-offer.
If he had reported 2% in the beginning, he would have definitely been killed to 1%.
Luo Wenyi only felt that it was one or two million.
He didn’ t expect that in three months, this 2% share would become more than 20 million!
Cheng Wu was just about to nod and agree when he suddenly noticed that a text appeared in the air!*

Chapter 14: Bet!Director Luo with tears in his eyes!

[Event: Gambling Agreement]
[D-level return:4%’ War Dragon’ movie net profit share!]
[Reason: Even though Director Luo Wenyi was extremely confident in him, he did not have the confidence to break the domestic box office record.If someone were to gamble with him, he would definitely agree.]
When Cheng Wu saw this, he was slightly delighted. He turned to look at Luo Wenyi and said indifferently:
“Director Luo, I firmly believe that my role will be worth this price!”
“In this way, we can sign a betting agreement. If Zhan Long can break through the domestic box office record, then we will do as I say.”
“If I don’t, I can play for free!”
Hearing Cheng Wu’s extremely confident words, Luo Wenyi’s mouth grew slightly wide as shock appeared on her face.
How could Cheng Wu be so confident?
One had to know that Luo Wenyi was an unknown person in the industry!
Moreover, this movie, War Dragon, was clearly a tough man’s style. It was not in line with the current mainstream style!
Why was Cheng Wu so optimistic about him?!
Could it be…
I’ ve comprehended it. Cheng Wu must be the same as himself. There was a fierce man in his heart!
These words were simply to encourage him!
In reality, Cheng Wu had no intention of asking for this reward!
Luo Wenyi immediately felt his eyes wet, and a stream of heat surged towards his eyes!
Those who are friends die!
How could Luo Wenyi not be moved by this?
He immediately said decisively:
“Teacher Cheng Wu, how could this be?”You must give me your reward!”
“If the results of the’ War Dragon’ are really good, let alone breaking the national record, it’ ll only be the top three!”
“I’ ll give Teacher Cheng Wu another 36%!”
Cheng Wu was slightly taken aback. He didn’ t expect Director Luo Wenyi to be so straightforward.
One had to know that what Luo Wenyi had said was not the 40% that had been raised online!
He took it from his 30% to Cheng Wu!
Now, he actually gave him 4% for free!
What a straightforward person!
“Alright, then sign the contract!”
Cheng Wu said straightforwardly.
They were in a special business room in the Sandstorm Pavilion.
After calling the service staff, the contract was printed out shortly.
They immediately signed a contract and a bet.
Of course, in the end, Cheng Wu still put his reward on top of it, sharing the 4% net profit.
The main reason was that he was afraid of Luo Wenyi’s simple gift, but later on, he didn’ t admit it.
If there were documents, he would be much more relieved.
Since he had a return system, he knew that he would not lose.
On the other hand, Luo Wenyi’s eyes were filled with tears as she drew Cheng Wu as her confidant!
Handsome and unruly, Wen Er was elegant, and just like him, there was a fierce man in his heart!
It was actually… that one million or so rewards were not allowed, just to support him!
In the beginning, he thought that Cheng Wu was trying to kill the price. He really felt ashamed!
Sure enough… a good man is him, he is Cheng Wu!
He must take care of the War Dragon, and he must not let down his trust!
In the end, Luo Wenyi stood at the door and reluctantly waved his hand to bid farewell to Cheng Wu.
Cheng Wu sat in the car and shook the window with a strange expression as he left with a loud bang.
He was secretly puzzled.
Was Director Luo a little too enthusiastic?
Although he had saved the funding gap of the’War Dragon’ film crew, he wasn’t that enthusiastic, right?
Perhaps this was Director Luo’s character?
However, no matter what, his goal had already been exceeded.
Shaking his head, Cheng Wusuo did not think too much. He concentrated on driving and returned home.
At this moment, the network was also surrounded by an announcement, causing a huge commotion!
[Warmly congratulated Teacher Cheng Wu on joining the production team of War Dragon!The Battle Dragon began shooting!]
There were heated discussions on the internet!
“What?Cheng Wu was actually going to participate in the’ Battle Dragon’!And the male lead?!”
“F*ck, I know this movie is not a popular style at all!”
“It’s over. Cheng Wu’s reputation, which won’ t be easy to come by, will definitely be ruined!”
“Heh heh, I think he has a reputation. He doesn’t have any acting skills at all!”It’s just right!”
One of the black fans on the Internet was full of nonsense and was instantly praised by countless netizens!
However, following this comment, countless surging replies were received!
“Cheng Wu had some points!There was also a wife like a flower like a jade!”What do you have?”
“Even if there is nothing in the movie, as long as there is Cheng Wu’s face, our’ Orange’ will also support him!”
“Cheng Wu had the courage to challenge him!”I’ ll definitely be able to use my own strength to make the War Dragon explode!”
The surging’ oranges’ were actively commenting, cursing the black powder until it was too painful to live.
By the side of this comment, the number of’ tread’ words soared, immediately equal to the praise!
However, after they had maintained the process of martial arts, a wave of worry arose in their hearts.*

Chapter 15: Internet discussion!The exploding fishing wheel!

The heated discussion on the internet started to support a lot.
Although there were occasionally malicious comments, they were quickly drowned out by the support of Orange.
However, the situation quickly reversed!
The reason was because someone had discovered that the film crew of’Warm Dragon’ had closed the funding entrance!
The person who had originally discovered immediately posted a post online, attracting a huge commotion!
[Shocked!As soon as Cheng Wu joined the production team of’Warm Dragon’, the production team collapsed and lost their lives!]
Then, he was ruthlessly slapped on the face!
“Tower Lord, are you from the Dragon Country?”You’ ve made such a simple mistake!”
“Raising money was a matter of six months before they were all gathered!”It’s only been five months. It’s obvious that the film crew has gathered all the funds!”
“Your eyes are a good thing. I hope you have one too!”
“Headline Party, everyone, let’s disperse!”
Everyone swarmed over to curse at this person.
Then, they were a little curious. Who had invested in the’ War Dragon’?
‘War Dragon’ was an obvious anti-tide movie!
In the Dragon Country, you were not in line with the trend. Even if you invited the Heavenly King to perform, you still had to rush into the streets!
As a result, many people followed the thread and returned to the’War Dragon’s gathering!
He discovered that the name Cheng Wu was in the group of investors!
[Investor: Cheng Wu Investment Amount:40 million!]
The entire net was in an uproar!
The netizens never expected that Cheng Wu would not only participate in this work, but also invest in it!
One investment was forty million!
Immediately, he began to mock him!
“I admit that Cheng Wu is very handsome, and has a unique personality. He is a perfect male god.”
“But that doesn’ t mean that Cheng Wu’s vision will be so accurate!”
“Cheng Wu, you are too confident!”
These comments were the passersby’s true evaluation of Cheng Wu!
As for those black sons, at this moment, another big thing had exploded!
“Cheng Wu’s 40 million is not his own!”
“30 Million was Chen Jiao’s dowry!”There’s still ten million… that’s their wedding room!”
“Cheng Wu is completely dependent on a woman’s soft egg!”
This revelation immediately pushed this incident to the peak!
“I’ll say Cheng Wu ca n’ t!”It seems like this’ War Dragon’ movie will push him down into the abyss!”
“Cheng Wu willfully squandered his wife’s money. I didn’ t feel any pain at all. I thought he was a lover!”
“After losing all the money this time, I’ m afraid that I’ ll have to beg my father-in-law again, right?”
Countless black sons carried the rhythm, turning the path of many unknown passers-by into darkness!
These past few days, Cheng Wu’s popularity was simply too hot!
As long as there was a topic about him, it would be very popular!
That was why these Hei Zi Hei was so happy!
Cheng Wu’s fans were so tiny in the midst of all the cursing!
Those words of support were instantly drowned in the ocean of cursing!
The mainstream comments online all felt that Cheng Wu was floating!
If he didn’ t use his wife’s money as money, he would waste it!
For a moment, all the drool on the internet was spitting at Cheng Wu!
Chen Jiao stared at her mobile phone in their warm love nest. Her beautiful eyes were ghastly, and her green fingers were moving swiftly.
Cheng Wu leaned his head closer and noticed that Chen Jiao had just registered a surround broadcast and was madly fighting Hei Zi.
Two green fingers defended Cheng Wu, one against three or five black sons.
Cheng Wu couldn’ t help but laugh.
The moment he saw the return rate, he knew what the netizens were saying.
After all, they didn’t have their own system. They did n’ t know that this anti-trend movie would explode.
Just how intense they were now, when the War Dragon exploded, they would boast how fierce it was.
On the Internet, they were speaking with facts.
As for Chen Jiao, when she saw Cheng Wu’s big head come over, her pretty face turned red and she said angrily:
“Hubby, these netizens are really strange!”
“The day before, he even expressed his blessing to us, and now he is scolding us!”
Cheng Wu didn’ t care at all. Instead, he extended his finger and scratched Chen Jiao’s nose, praising:
“The netizens are all fickle. Don’ t worry.”
“But I really didn’ t expect you to be so kind-hearted, wife. You cursed people so maliciously.”
“It really is cute!”
Chen Jiao’s face was slightly red and her voice was as soft as a mosquito as she muttered:
“I didn’ t swear at them!”
“However, they indiscriminately slander your husband. How angry I am.”
Cheng Wu smiled and stroked Chen Jiao’s hair.
“My dear wife, don’ t be angry anymore. It’s not worth it to be angry.”
“You have to understand that there are always slurs and insults behind successful people.”
“Someone scolded your husband, that means your husband is growing up.”
“Not to mention that they will apologize for themselves in three months.”
At the end, Cheng Wu’s face was extremely confident, with an indescribable charm.*

Chapter 16: Chen Jiao’s voice!

The next morning, Cheng Wu stood up and prepared to go to the production crew.
‘Other than the male lead, the filming crew of War Dragon had already summoned the other characters and were ready to stand by at any time.
As soon as the funds were in place, Luo Wenyi decided to quickly start the auction.
As for Cheng Wu, after being given a good morning kiss by Chen Jiao, he also set foot on the path to the film crew.
Chen Jiao, on the other hand, took a happy mood and started cleaning up at home.
Logically speaking, with their current status, they were enough to hire a high-quality nanny.
However, Chen Jiao did not wish for anyone to break the world between her and Cheng Wu.
Please wait until the baby is born!
As a result, the current household chores were all done by Chen Jiao.
Chen Jiao also enjoyed all of this, enjoying the sacrifice of this’ love nest’ that belonged to them.
After finishing the housework, Chen Jiao tidied up and changed into her casual clothes and jeans.
He looked youthful, energetic, and valiant.
She was prepared to go out and purchase some ingredients, so that Cheng Wu could cook something delicious for him when he returned.
Cheng Wu must have had a hard time going to the filming crew today on his first day.
But he had to make a big meal to treat him.
Chen Jiao thought as she left the house.
As usual, Chen Jiao walked past the small path by the side of her home and just left the entrance of the community.
A group of reporters suddenly appeared in front of her.
“Hello, Ms. Chen Jiao, is it convenient to delay you for five minutes and give you a simple interview?”
Chen Jiao was slightly taken aback as she sized up the reporter.
There was a Mickey’s mark on the microphone. It was one of the most famous media in China.
It was perfect!
At first, Chen Jiao was a little resentful towards those netizens.
She did not love her and let her down.
In the end, had he ever asked this person’s opinion!!
Right now, it was time to speak to the Internet through this media.
With Chen Jiao’s approval, the reporter signaled the cameraman to turn on the camera.
As one of the most famous media outlets in the country, they were still very talented.
He would not secretly take pictures of others without their consent.
The reporter cleared his throat and officially began the interview:
“Hello, Ms. Chen Jiao. I am honored to be able to interview you today.”
“May I ask your opinion on Mr. Cheng Wu’s participation in the anti-trend movie War Dragon?”
“I think it’s very good. My husband has always been very bright and strong. I believe he is capable of being a tough character.”
Chen Jiao replied after some thought.
She didn’t expect that the reporter would not ask any sharp questions. This media did n’ t look bad.
“Then you are supporting Mr. Cheng Wu’s career?”
“Then you used your dowry to Mr. Cheng Wu and even mortgaged your wedding room to invest in this movie. Do you know?”
“The netizens said that Mr. Cheng Wu had let you down and squandered your family background. What do you think?”
The reporter quickly asked two questions, but it was actually one.
He was trying to find out if Chen Jiao knew whether she would support Cheng Wu.
Just as the netizens had said, Cheng Wu had let Chen Jiao down and the myth of love had sunk.
There was still something fishy!
This time, Chen Jiao’s beautiful brows knit together. Her pretty face was filled with a baleful expression, and she revealed a glacial beauty’s aura.
“I don’ t know if this is a normal netizen’s question or if someone has ulterior motives!”
“It’s enough to prove our feelings to be able to accompany me silently for a year!”
“We have always loved each other. I will always support my husband!”
“Not only did I know about this entire time, I also agreed with it!”
“Because my husband has always been a very thoughtful person, I believe in his investment vision!”
“I hope the netizens don’t try to speculate and ruin our relationship!”
The reporter looked at Chen Jiao who was serious, and his eyes lit up.
“Good. Thank you very much, Ms. Chen Jiao. I wish you a happy life!”
Then, he signaled the cameraman to turn off the camera.
She knew that she had received a huge piece of news!
At this moment, the entire web almost cursed Cheng Wu, blaming him for letting down the best Chen Jiao!
Right now, the Lord’s response was such a love affair!
Chen Jiao nodded and walked past the reporter.
She still had to buy food for her husband and cook a big meal!
As for the reporters, they quickly returned to the company and worked overtime to edit the film.
Two or three hours later, this interview appeared online!
Looking at the beautiful Chen Jiao, her pretty brows were filled with a baleful expression as she defended Cheng Wu.
An uproar erupted on the internet!
“I was wrong!So Cheng Wu had not let Chen Jiao down!”So they are so loving!”
“Cheng Wu spent the entire year silently accompanying him and encouraging him. He didn’ t give up, and in the end, he obtained the best Chen Jiao!”
“As for Chen Jiao, she also had 100% confidence in Cheng Wu. She unconditionally supported any of his actions!”
“Let’s ask, how many boys are able to accompany them so silently?”
“How many more girls can support you unconditionally and trust your partner 100%?”
“They were simply models of lovers in this world!The two of them snuggled up to each other and walked through any predicament together!”
“I actually secretly guessed that their relationship was incompatible!”I’ m guilty!”
“Tears!”They really love!”*

Chapter 17: War Dragon Begins!Classic scene!

The fishing wheels on the Internet were all reversed!No one said that Cheng Wu had let Chen Jiao down.
However, there were some black powder, yet they were still unwilling to accept it, and they persevered there.
“I admit that Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao are very loving.”
“But so what?”
“Cheng Wu can’ t save Zhan Long!”
“Trash crew!An unknown director!”It’s against the tide!”
“Cheng Wu would only accompany this show and become bankrupt!”Fall into the dust!”
Cheng Wu was already the most famous actor in the show!
What kind of good film could such a film crew produce?

On the other side, Cheng Wu, who they were discussing, was shooting a movie in full swing.
Cheng Wu reached out his hand to wipe away the sweat on his forehead. His eyes were burning as he stared at Director Luo Wenyi in front of him.
Director Luo Wenyi raised a big horn and said:
“Next, it’s a high court scene.”
“Everyone is familiar with the plot, right?”
The densely packed actors nearby responded with a loud bang,” I remember it!”
Most of these actors were extras.
Due to the tight funding, Director Luo Wenyi had put all the scenes that needed an extras in the previous few days.
The next scene was a grand scene.
Cheng Wu acted as the male lead. He brought Long Qiao with him and prepared to return to his motherland.
In front of them was the battle between the two armies.
The enemy’s artillery fire was fierce. Cheng Wu needed to raise the national flag of the Dragon Country and stand on the top of the truck as he looked at the enemy without fear.
In the end, the truck slowly started, passed through the enemy battlefield and returned to the Dragon Country.
This scene didn’ t require much from the others, but it especially required Cheng Wu’s performance.
Director Luo Wenyi instructed other actors to trot to Cheng Wu’s side and softly said:
“Teacher Cheng Wu, your burden is extremely heavy. It’s been hard.”
“I’ ll tell you about your current mental journey.”
“You are now the hero of the Dragon Country. You are going to lead Long Qiao back to China.”
“When you travel through the battle area, you must have a great and fearless style.”
“At that time, you will hold the national flag in both hands and stand on the top of the truck. Do you understand?”
As soon as Luo Wenyi finished speaking, a word suddenly appeared in Cheng Wu’s air!
[Event: Filming of War Dragon Film]
[D rate of return: the performance was even more outstanding. After the movie was released, a large amount of prestige was increased!]
[Reason: Director Luo Wenyi asked you to raise the national flag with both hands to display the bold demeanor.However, in reality, if you put the national flag on your right hand and raised it high, displaying a wave of fearlessness, you could even conquer the audience.]
Cheng Wu was stunned. He didn’ t expect the return rate to actually appear!
It seemed like this scene was really important!
If they were done, Cheng Wu’s reputation would be greatly boosted!
Cheng Wu carefully tasted it.
That’s right!Putting the national flag on his right hand was indeed better than raising his hands!It could even reveal the hero’s fearless and tragic feelings!
The previous protagonist had gone through a lot of hardships with great difficulty, and it seemed like he was about to complete a great success and lead Long Qiao back to China!
However, a few kilometers away from the border, the two armies were blocked by the battlefield!
At this moment, the main character was not sure that he could survive!
Behind this unyielding and tough thought was a strong patriotic feeling!
Cheng Wu savored it and quickly spoke to Director Luo Wenyi.
Luo Wenyi’s eyes suddenly lit up!
“Okay… okay!”
“Teacher Cheng Wu, follow your plan!”
“Let’s try the effect!”
Luo Wenyi was astonished at Cheng Wu!
Who would have thought that Cheng Wu would be so confident in his character!
It had to be known that even he, who had studied this character day and night, was not as confident as the main character!
The main character only took a few hours to get the script!
He had reached such a level of mastery!
His understanding of the theme of the movie was so thorough!
It could only be said that there was a fierce man in his heart!*

Chapter 18: In the end, Zhan Long will make everyone who questions him shut up!

“All the actors are in place, the cameras are in place, ready to shoot!”
Following Luo Wenyi’s furious roar, the film slowly began to shoot!
The truck slowly advanced, and the watchtower seemed to have discovered something. He cried out in alarm!
“The battle zone ahead, what should we do?!”
Following this shout, everyone on the truck looked at Cheng Wu.
Cheng Wu took a deep breath and gestured for others to pass the flag to him!
Cheng Wu thought about the main character’s state of mind as he climbed onto the top of the truck and slowly pulled out the flagpole.
His face revealed a bit of sorrow, a bit of decisiveness, and an extremely fearless aura.
He slowly put the national flag on his right arm and raised it to the sky!
“Let’s go!”
Cheng Wu roared with a firm and strong voice!
The truck slowly advanced, passing through the border of the two armies’ battlefields!
Under the threat of the enemy’s artillery fire, Cheng Wu held the right hand that represented the national flag, not shaking it!
He didn’ t retreat either!
It was because behind them was the powerful Dragon Country!
Under Cheng Wu’s leadership, the entire convoy gave off an aura that seemed as if they were going to die.
It was clearly weak, but it was exceptionally strong. It was as if an enormous creature was silently descending!
The commanders of the two armies waved their hands to stop the artillery fire!
“Was the Dragon Nation!”Don’ t attack!”
Under the roar of the flames of war, the battlefield that was covered in gray and black had been led out of a grand path by the convoy!
The national flag, which was blown up by the wind and emitted a powerful sound, showed what was the dignity of a great country!
As for Cheng Wu’s tall figure and right hand, it was like the soul of a convoy. It was so majestic!
Cheng Wu had used himself to truly demonstrate what the Dragon Nation’s Windbone was!
“Cheng Wu, you acted too well!”
Director Luo Wenyi excitedly ran over and praised Cheng Wu!
“Teacher Cheng Wu, you’ ve played this role alive!”It’s truly absolute!”
“Yes, Teacher Cheng Wu, you have become the hero of the Dragon Country in my heart!”
“With Teacher Cheng Wu here, I am even more confident in Zhan Long!”
The surrounding actors were also discussing amongst themselves as they cheered loudly!
One had to know what kind of emotion he had to feel to convey to the audience.
As for Cheng Wu, he had completely deduced the essence of the Dragon Country’s Windbone!
When the actors acted, they were all driven by Cheng Wu, their blood boiling!
Such a scene was definitely the most classic and real scene!
There were originally a lot of actors, but they were just preparing to make a show. They didn’t expect to be famous on this show.
Now that Cheng Wu’s performance had been instigated, it was as if he had given a strong heart injection. They were all filled with confidence in Zhan Long!
Under this kind of atmosphere, the filming crew quickly finished filming one after another.
It was basically just one time. There were very few replays!
As time passed, the sky gradually darkened.
Because there were very few scenes to be remade, the production team completed the work ahead of schedule and announced their dissolution!
Luo Wenyi happily walked to Cheng Wu’s side.
“Teacher Cheng Wu, thank you for your hard work today!”
“Are you alright later?Let’s go! Today, I’ ll be the east!”Let’s have a good drink!”
“Good Director Luo.”
Cheng Wu thought for a moment and said happily.
The sky had just darkened and it was still early to return.
The two of them left the filming crew together and went to a restaurant to stir-fry two household dishes.
After three rounds of drinking, Director Luo Wenyi took out his heart.
His eyes turned crimson as he slammed the wine cup in his hand onto the table.
He said angrily:
“Teacher Cheng, have you seen the fishing wheel online?”
“Is our War Dragon really that trash?”
“You’ re actually not optimistic at all?”
“I just don’t want to follow the flow, I want to make a tough movie in my heart!”
“Why did the netizens not understand?”Don’ t like it?”
Director Luo Wenyi, this man with a smile on his face, finally removed his disguise.
Cheng Wu looked at the man in front of him.
He had always been straightforward and honest. The smile on his face had disappeared.
His eyes were bloodshot. He seemed to be angry, but he was actually worried.
He was worried that his sacrifice was not worth it. His insistence was laughable.
He was afraid that the War Dragon would not receive the approval of the masses. His dream would be destroyed.
There was nothing more cruel than the dream of destroying a man.
Cheng Wu patted Luo Wenyi on the shoulder and smiled calmly.
“Director Luo, I believe you. You don’t have to worry about the netizens’ comments.”
“They just haven’t discovered the true secrets of the tough movie.”
“I’ ve never seen a good tough movie before.”
“In this world, I have always spoken with facts.”
“In the end, Zhan Long will make everyone who questions him shut up!”
Luo Wenyi was a bit stunned as she sensed the power that Cheng Wu had passed over. It was called trust.
This power told him that he was not alone.
On the way forward, there were people accompanying and trusted.
Therefore, his insistence was meaningful!
With a boom, Luo Wenyi fell to the dining table and fell into deep sleep.
He drank too much today.
However, a peaceful smile finally hung on his face.*

Chapter 19: Cheng Wu: I think Zhan Long can break through to 5 billion!

Looking at Director Luo who was drunk at the table, Cheng Wu had a helpless expression.
If you can’t drink, just drink less!
Look at the fish in the cup!
Cheng Wu complained, but he still called a taxi and helped Luo Wenyi back home.
He also knew that this man was too tired.
The original investors had withdrawn their capital in the middle of the road, and with great difficulty, they had ushered in themselves. The Internet was once again looking down on them.
After sending Luo Wenyi home, Cheng Wu drove home.
Returning home on time, the rule of life, had always been his advantage.
He opened the door of his house and saw the pink light.
Meanwhile, the kitchen table was filled with delicious dishes.
Chen Jiao sat on the sofa in her pink house pajamas.
Seeing Cheng Wu return, he immediately walked towards the dining table and said as he walked:
“Hubby, you’ re back. The dishes are already cold. I’ ll heat them up for you.”
His voice was incomparably gentle, as if there were tens of thousands of tender feelings.
Cheng Wu looked at the table’s unmoving dishes and was slightly startled.
Could it be that Chen Jiao had never eaten anything and was waiting for him to return?
It was already past eight at night!
He grabbed Chen Jiao and said in a tiger voice:
“Wife, are you still waiting for me?”
Chen Jiao’s pure and beautiful face was slightly red, as if she was a mosquito:
“I ate it.”
She was not good at lying, but she did not want Cheng Wu to worry about her.
Chen Jiao forcefully nodded and gave a heavy snort.
An untimely tummy cry rang out from Chen Jiao’s graceful body, indicating everything.
Chen Jiao’s pure and beautiful face was instantly covered in red light as if she was drunk.
He looked at this gentle girl whose face was red and tender.
A trace of warmth rose in Cheng Wu’s heart as he swallowed the blame that came to his mouth.
Who would blame such a silly girl who was full of joy and full of joy?
He didn’t come back, so he did n’ t know to call and ask. He just waited here by himself.
Cheng Wu reached out to stroke Chen Jiao’s pretty face. Her skin was silky, fair and elastic.
Chen Jiao narrowed her eyes as if she was enjoying it. Then, she seemed to remember something and said warily:
“Hubby, you won’t mess up my hair again.”
Cheng Wu smiled. His face moved forward and he quickly spoke on Chen Jiaotong’s red face.
Then, he heavily pressed it on the sofa and got up to the kitchen.
He wanted to cook Chen Jiao some good dishes.
He returned late this time, which could be considered as a compensation for Chen Jiao.
Not long after, Cheng Wu came up with a few dishes of delicious dishes.
The fragrance was rich and did not disperse for a long time. It immediately aroused Chen Jiao’s greed.
“Hubby, you are awesome!”
Chen Jiao looked at these delicacies and said excitedly.
“Little fool, you can’ t refuse to eat in the future.”
Cheng Wu shook his head with a smile and touched his slightly bulging stomach. He still ate this dinner with Chen Jiao.

Time passed bit by bit. In the blink of an eye, more than a month had passed.
In the past few days, Cheng Wu had been filming in the production crew during the day, and when he went back to work with Chen Jiao at night, he had lived a fulfilling life.
However, this fulfilling life ended with this day.
The crew.
Cheng Wu and Luo Wenyi were standing in front of the actor.
Holding three incense sticks in his hand, he bowed three times to the statue in front of him.
The actors behind him also held incense and bowed three times.
Afterwards, Cheng Wu and Luo Wenyi took two steps forward and inserted the incense in their hands into the altar.
The killing ceremony was simply over.
It was noon. The sun was hot, and the scorching sun shone on everyone’s heads.
Luo Wenyi wiped the sweat off his forehead and said sincerely:
“Teacher Cheng Wu, thank you for this show.”
“You really are the best actor I’ ve ever met!”
Over the past month, Cheng Wu had the help of a god-level return rate. His acting skills had repeatedly exploded, and he was able to unleash his Primitive Water skill.
He had long won the admiration of everyone on the set.
“I’ ve overpraised Director Luo. It’s better for you to guide this play.”
Cheng Wu smiled and said politely.
“With Teacher Cheng Wu’s performance, Zhan Long’s complexion has improved greatly. I am even more confident.”
“Speaking of which, Teacher Cheng Wu, how much do you think the box office would be for us to broadcast this movie?”
Luo Wenyi took out the cool mineral water and gulped it down before asking curiously.
At the end of this time, he would go through at most one or two weeks of editing, communicate with the distributor, and arrange films for the academy.
At most, the War Dragon would be released in more than a month.
At that time, who knew how much of the box office would be?
After filming the entire battle dragon, plus Cheng Wu’s Primitive Water Ability, Luo Wenyi had sufficient confidence to return to his original position!
Could the box office of War Dragon break through 400 million?In fact, it was even more than 700 million, one billion?
Luo Wenyi wanted to see if Cheng Wu, as the starring, had the same confidence as him!
“I think I can break through to 5 billion.”
Cheng Wu said indifferently.
Luo Wenyi choked on the mineral water and coughed twice. The ground was covered with water stains.
He didn’ t care about this either. His pupils widened as he looked at Cheng Wu strangely.
5 Billion?
What astronomical numbers were they talking about!
One had to know that the current record holder of the domestic box office was the’ mermaid romance’ a year ago!
It was only 3.4 billion!
On the other hand, many experts in the country directly predicted that no one could break this record within five years!
‘War Dragon’s film had a total investment of 100 million.
After deducting the distribution fee, channel fee, academy line fee, taxes and other miscellaneous fees, the production crew would probably get about 25%.
As long as the box office was more than 400 million, it would be guaranteed!
As for every 100 million increase in the box office, the net profit of the film crew would be 25 million more!
If he could break through to one billion, he would gain 150 million!A full 150% return!
Five billion?How much could he earn?
Luo Wenyi didn’ t even dare to dream!*