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Big Boss
Fantasy Coins: 67

Chapter 40: Netizens’ Public Opinion!Rising Reputation Points!

In the fishing wheel online, the netizens were shocked!
Cheng Wu was the first person to invest in crude oil.
It was the first person to withdraw his capital before the cliff fall.
It happened to be the lowest price of crude oil, the highest valley!
It was simply like an unknown foreknowledge, and the bull was blown up!
A careful netizen counted the profits for Cheng Wu, and he was even more shocked!
“Heavens, I just calculated… Cheng Wu’s five hundred million has now become five hundred million!”
“Net profit of five billion!”Ten times the profit!”
“In this short month, Cheng Wu’s family has doubled by ten times!”
“Crowded into the five billion-dollar club!”
How could there be so many “??”
Some netizens questioned.
One had to know that no matter how much the price of crude oil rose, it would not be exaggerated to such an extent!
“Cheng Wu added twenty times more leverage!”
The netizens all recalled this incident, and all of them gasped!
Cheng Wu was so bold!
He actually added the highest lever!
If Cheng Wu was to retreat for half an hour…
As long as Cheng Wu bought a loss of 275 million in crude oil.
In that case, his five billion yuan would be reduced to nothing!
What kind of risk was this!
“Cheng Wu is so bold!”How dare you take such a great risk!”
“If he fails, it can only be said that he is stunned.”
“But he succeeded!”This means that he already has a plan in mind!”
“This will be the greatest investment in the 21st century!”
The netizens were full of praise, giving their highest praise!
“I seem to remember that Cheng Wu only had 30 million assets four months ago, right?”
“He actually managed to increase his assets by a hundred times in just four short months!”
“In four months, he had obtained wealth that an ordinary person would never have in his entire life!”
Some of the netizens seemed to have recalled something. Their tone was sour, but there was also heartfelt admiration!
Just a month ago, Cheng Wu’s’ Zhan Long’ was released and became popular throughout the Internet.
At that time, it was praised by experts as the most successful investment in the 21st century Dragon Country!
And now, this name had changed!
The one who broke him was none other than Cheng Wu, who was just a month later!
One had to know that Cheng Wu had never come into contact with stocks or futures!
How did he do it?
The netizens were filled with envy and curiosity.
He wished that Cheng Wu’s head would be torn open to see how long it was!
He was actually able to accurately invest in the’ War Dragon’ and then use all his resources to invest in the’ Crude Oil’!
How confident was this!
As for Cheng Wu, who they were paying attention to, he was currently looking at the system notification of the explosion!
[You made five billion for’ investing in crude oil’!Being admired by countless netizens!Reputation points plus five million!]
[Your’ Investment in Crude Oil’ incident, countless netizens praised it as the greatest investment in the 21st century!Reputation points plus ten million!]
[Due to the’ Investment in Crude Oil’ incident, countless netizens thought that you seemed to be very rash, but in reality, you had a strategy in mind!Reputation points plus five million!]
Together with these numerous reputation achievements, Cheng Wu had obtained a total of 30 million reputation points!
And this was only the beginning!
The next day, the most influential media in the Dragon Country released news!
[Shocked!Was it just luck or was it really powerful?From 30 million to 5 billion, he only used four months!]
All of a sudden, it was pushed through the headlines!
Countless netizens, regardless of whether they knew Cheng Wu or not, began to open their doors!
Then there was shock!
Some people outside the circle who didn’ t understand Cheng Wu began to frantically search for news about Cheng Wu!
All of them sucked in a breath of cold air!
They had never imagined that there would be such a perfect man in the world!
Handsome, Gu Clan, gentle!
He could silently accompany, encourage, and wait for his partner until he transformed!
It was even more so because of their ingenuity. Once again, when everyone was not optimistic about Zhan Long, they decided to invest!
In the end, this time, he was buying’ crude oil’ from the lowest valley and selling it from the highest valley!
It was shocking!
He really was a man who was decisive and smart, intelligent and handsome!
Cheng Wu’s surrounding fans were already growing rapidly!
At this moment, Cheng Wu’s comments area was bustling with activity!
Countless netizens were praising Cheng Wu!
[Cheng Wu was in the comments area.]
“F*ck, Cheng Wu is too awesome!”
“It’s actually such a vicious sight. From the’ War Dragon’ to the’ Crude Oil’, no one has lost!”
“And it was extremely decisive to put all the funds into it!”It’s truly a high-level talent!”
“Is this Cheng Wu?”I love you!”
“Road to powder!”
“Add one!”
At this moment, Cheng Wu was lying on the sofa and checking the system notification again!
[Your’media reports’ caused more netizens to know your name.Reputation points plus five million!]
[Because of your past achievements, you were rated by the netizens as a man who was both intelligent and handsome!Reputation points plus ten million!]
[Your achievements this time were completely out of reach, and the number of fans in the entire web had reached a new high!Reputation points plus ten million!]
After the authoritative media reports, Cheng Wu’s reputation points were added together.
It had already reached an extremely shocking sixty million!*

Chapter 41: The Grand Card is here!

Cheng Wu was delighted when he saw so many Reputation Points.
After all, this was a total of sixty million Reputation Points!
In the beginning, he had only gained 30 million Reputation Points in a year!
Now, it had doubled!
However, the things Cheng Wu wanted to obtain were still far from enough!
Cheng Wu had already discovered something since he had upgraded his C-level permanent authority.
That was the Reputation Points required for Level B permanent authority.
It was actually a terrifying billion!
This made Cheng Wu’s heart especially unbalanced from the start after he upgraded to Level C permanent authority!
However, very soon, he discovered that after reaching the C-level permanent authority.
There was an extra circle in the system space that emitted a faint white gold color!
The lowest level of authority was one-time Grade B!
There were also Grade A, Grade S, and Grade SS!
The ratio was not low!
There was even a terrifying level B permanent authority!
Cheng Wu immediately decided that he had to exchange for this platinum lottery!
As for this platinum raffle, the Reputation Points required had reached a terrifying 200 million!
Now, Cheng Wu was still more than a hundred million.
Where should he obtain so many Reputation Points?
Cheng Wu was worrying when the phone rang from his waist!
It was Wang Hao!
“Brother Cheng Wu, it’s my son Hao. Zhong Yong asked me to ask you if you’ re considering another’ big card’?”
Wang Hao’s straightforward voice sounded.
“What?”Another’ big card’?”
Cheng Wu was stunned, but then he was a little amused.
He was just thinking about how to quickly increase his Reputation Points!
Zhong Yong invited him to attend another interview.
He was simply sleepy and someone gave him a pillow. He had to do nothing!
“Yes, Brother Cheng Wu. What do you think?”
“Your investment this time is simply divine!”
“All the experts in the country are keen on studying your investment psychological journey.”
“That’s why Zhong Yong asked me to invite you to an exclusive interview.”
Wang Hao asked in embarrassment.
Actually, since Cheng Wu had been on the’ Big Card’show last time.
Zhong Yong had Cheng Wu’s contact information.
However, Zhong Yong was somewhat unfamiliar with Cheng Wu.
Wang Hao, who was the better person, was the middleman.
Cheng Wu smiled.
The last time he went to’ Big Card’, he had brought him a huge amount of prestige.
Now, Zhong Yong had invited him to an interview.
Obviously, there would be more!
There was no reason to refuse.
He quickly said:
“Sure. I’ ll take your sister-in-law with me, right?”
On the other end of the phone, Wang Hao was delighted to hear Cheng Wu agree.
“Of course!Zhong Yong still begged me to invite Sister-in-law!”
“Then I’ll make an appointment for Monday’s show. Brother Cheng Wu is fine, right?”
After happily agreeing to Wang Hao, Cheng Wu hung up.
Today was Saturday, and Monday was the day after tomorrow.
‘Big Card is here’, the most popular variety show in the Dragon Country.
He could arrange Cheng Wu’s interview on the day after tomorrow.
Presumably, Zhong Yong had spent a lot of time and thought about it.
Cheng Wu looked at the sky. The air was clear and warm.
It was clearly a rare good weather.
He was idle as well. After thinking for a while, Cheng Wu called Chen Jiao to make a trip to the man’s house.
Chen Dong, the man in charge, gave Chen Jiao five million. He said he was helping with the investment, but he probably didn’ t intend to go back.
Now that the’ crude oil’ investment had been made, it was a good time to return the fifty million profits, giving the man a pleasant surprise.
When Chen Jiao heard Cheng Wu’s thoughts, she was also excited and changed into her favorite white pleated dress.
His entire body seemed beautiful and pure, revealing a strand of immortal energy.
The two of them joined hands and unhurriedly arrived at the man’s house.
On the way, he also bought some fruits and tea leaves that the man loved to drink.
When Li Ling saw Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao arrive after opening the door, she was both surprised and delighted.
It was still those familiar words that seemed extremely close:
“Aiya, you’ ve already arrived. What are you bringing with you.”
“Come in and sit.”
Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao stepped into this elegant villa again.
After entering the living room, Chen Dong also smiled when he saw Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao.
During this period of time, he was busy working abroad.
Just when he arrived home yesterday, his daughter and son-in-law took the initiative to visit him today.
How could this make him unhappy?
“What?”Why are you here today?”
“I haven’ t seen you in a month. I missed you, Dad!”
Chen Jiao pounced towards Chen Dong and gave him a big hug, saying in a coquettish voice.
The voice was clear and sweet.*

Chapter 42: Warm Dinner.

Li Ling was watching the warm scene of her father’s kindness and daughter’s filial piety from the side, her face also showing a warm smile.
He stood up and was about to go to the kitchen for dinner.
Cheng Wu took the initiative to grab Li Ling with a smile.
“Aunt Ling, sit down and chat with Chen Jiao.”
“This time, I have to show you a few tricks.”
After saying that, he ignored Li Ling’s reaction and walked into the kitchen with confidence.
Li Ling was unable to react as she watched Cheng Wu enter.
His expression was startled, and then he revealed a smile.
This child was actually thinking of giving them time to catch up.
He was truly sensible.
Shaking her head, Li Ling didn’t refuse. She turned around and joined Chen Jiao and Chen Dong. The three of them chatted with each other.
After a while, Chen Jiao seemed to remember something and said in a charming voice:
“Dad, this is the money you asked me to buy futures for you last time.”
As soon as he finished speaking, he stretched out his hand and stuffed the last card into Chen Dong’s hand.
Chen Dong was a little surprised, then a smile appeared on his face.
This five million was originally just a gift to Cheng Wu.
Could it be that these two children did not hear it?
He actually helped him buy futures and even made money to return them to him?
Chen Dong thought for a moment and did not refuse.
Five million principal, how much money could futures earn?
In any case, it was the filial piety of his children.
Putting the bank card in his pocket, he asked casually:
“How much did you earn?”
Chen Jiao blinked as if she was about to sell a trap:
“Heh…50 million.”
A long tone sounded in the middle.
The ancient spirit was extremely cute.
“50 Million?!”
Chen Dong suspected that he had heard wrong and repeated it again.
Chen Jiao said in a gentle voice.
Not only did Chen Dong not show a relaxed smile, he even frowned.
Fifty million?
This was already a tenth of Chen Dong’s wealth!
Now, Chen Jiao was right. After passing five million, what would he earn in a month?
Chen Dong did not believe it.
If finance were to make such money, what other industries would they do?
They had long gone to play with finance.
Therefore, there was only one reason. This fifty million was Cheng Wu’s money.
Thinking of this, Chen Dong once again took out his bank card from his pocket and solemnly handed it to Chen Jiao.
“Jiao’ er, I know that Cheng Wu has made a huge profit through Zhan Long.”
“But since you’ ve already married off, don’ t bring money to your house.”
“What’s more, it’s not like Daddy can’ t make money.”
Li Ling, who was at the side, also understood what was going on. She helped him out:
“Yes, Jiao’ er.”
“Take this money back.”
“Don’ t take Cheng Wu’s money as an investment.”
Chen Jiao couldn’ t help but laugh when she saw Chen Dong and Li Ling’s serious expressions.
He didn’ t know whether to laugh or cry as he said:
“Dad, Mom, you really earned five million.”
Then, he told Chen Dong and Li Ling in detail.
After a long while, he heard Chen Dong and Li Ling.
The two of them looked at each other and found a trace of shock in their eyes!
Who would have thought that Cheng Wu would make such a large investment in this month of going abroad!
This young and handsome son-in-law actually managed to turn his fortune to over five billion in a short month!
He had far surpassed his own family!
Who would’ ve thought that Cheng Wu would actually be so bold and have such precise eyesight!
It could be considered that he had stirred up the wind and clouds of the Dragon Country within a month!
“Li Ling, your son-in-law helped me earn 50 million!”
Chen Dong didn’ t know what he was feeling. He smiled bitterly.
“Yes!Cheng Wu’s son-in-law was truly outstanding!”
Li Ling was also stunned as she let out a long sigh.
It was truly awesome!
At this moment, after so long, Cheng Wu had already prepared the food.
With a smile on his face, he held a few dishes that were full of color, fragrance and fragrance and placed them on the dining table.
“What are you talking about? It’s time for dinner.”
The three of them went to the dining table and started this warm banquet.
On the dining table, he watched as Cheng Wu gave Chen Jiao a mouthful of dishes.
Chen Jiao’s face was full of happiness.
This warm scene made Chen Dong sigh endlessly in his heart.
This son-in-law really gave him enough joy.
At first, he simply felt that he was handsome, and there was nothing special about him.
The popularity of the War Dragon after that proved his talent.
This’ crude oil’ incident also showed how good his foresight was.
Most importantly, when his daughter was with him, she truly felt at ease, extremely happy!
It seemed that Chen Jiao was entrusted to Cheng Wu.
He didn’ t choose the wrong person!*

Chapter 43: Me!Cheng Wu!It was as if he was back to finance!

Cheng Wu showed off his skills during this warm dinner.
The color, fragrance, and taste were all complete. It was as if the two of them had straightened their tongues.
He stretched out his thumb and called it delicious!
Li Ling, on the other hand, did not forget to rush her child to Chen Jiao while she was tasting the delicacies.
He sighed repeatedly as he grew older. No one was around, and he wanted to hug a grandson.
Chen Jiao’s face turned red.
After this warm dinner, Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao returned home.
By Monday, Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao were on their way to the’ Big Card’.
At this moment, on the Internet, in the live broadcast room where the’ Big Card has arrived’, the netizens were constantly playing.
“F*ck, there are still forty minutes left. There are only so many people in the livestream room?”
“That’s right. I heard that the’ Big Card’ is here this time. I want to invite Cheng Wu to make an exclusive interview!”
“Wow, I’ m really looking forward to this!”
“Time should go quickly!”Hurry up and broadcast!”
“Add one!”
Regardless of the broadcast, Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao had already arrived at the filming location.
‘Big Card’s show was also in City K.
Because he had been here last time, this time Cheng Wu was quite familiar.
Not long after, all the preparations were completed and the program officially began to broadcast.
The originally black screen in the live broadcast room on the Internet suddenly flashed and a scene appeared.
All the netizens’ eyes lit up.
Looking at the show, Cheng Wu was dressed in casual clothes and had a handsome and uninhibited face.
Chen Jiao, who was dressed in a pure white pleated dress with a delicate face, was full of pureness.
A fierce welcome was launched!
“Wow, Cheng Wu is so handsome!”It’s my husband!”
“Yes, that Chen Jiao is mine!”It really is a perfect goddess!”
“The two upstairs have a nap… There’s nothing in their dreams!”
“They were so matched!”You’ re truly a talented woman!”
“Boo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo ho
On the stage, when it was time, the cameraman turned on his camera.
Zhong Yong, dressed in a suit, began his interview today.
“First question.”
“May I ask, Mr. Cheng Wu, how did you choose to invest all your assets in crude oil without investing in stock futures?”
“How did you manage to make this century’s investment with an extremely accurate vision?”
As soon as Zhong Yong finished speaking, the audience and the netizens watching the live broadcast on the Internet.
All of them held their breath!
He stared intently at Cheng Wu, waiting for his answer!
Zhong Yong also looked at Cheng Wu with bright eyes.
This question wasn’ t something the audience cared about the most.
Even he was somewhat curious.
After all, Cheng Wu had never made any investment in stock futures.
Now, he actually had such boldness to suppress all of his family?
To the extent where he could even… make a contribution in one go?
This couldn’ t be tolerated by others.
In fact, on the Internet, countless media outlets began to speculate about Cheng Wu’s psychological path.
In terms of luck, Cheng Wu was pure luck.
There was a conspiracy theory, saying that Cheng Wu had originally been buying and falling… if he was wrong, it would be buying and rising.
None of them believed that Cheng Wu had calculated it on his own.
Because they were unwilling to believe that Cheng Wu was someone who had never invested in stock futures.
He would have a unique insight into this.
Therefore, they were especially curious about Cheng Wu’s mental journey.
This could be said to be their most important concern!
As Zhong Yong asked, the audience all looked at Cheng Wu with extremely expectant gazes.
On the stage, Cheng Wu had suddenly become the center of attention. All eyes were on him
Cheng Wu pondered for a moment and said with a smile:
“I have never invested in stocks or futures.
However, he had already studied finance in the background.
For example, I’ ve learned from financial studies like Behavioral Finance, Bond Market, and Currency War.
In the 64th page of the Currency War, Chapter 3, the first paragraph, I was very impressed.
This explained the essence of finance in detail.
Through this technique, I recalled the delicate and tense international situation.
He deduced that the’ crude oil’ would definitely soar.
I believe in my judgment. I will naturally suppress all my family without any hesitation.
There was no doubt about that.
“The truth finally proved that I was right.”
Cheng Wu’s words didn’ t show any signs of guilt. They were full of confidence.
In reality, all of the works he had mentioned were truly famous financial works.
He also explained the essence of finance.
As for what was specifically mentioned on page 64 of the Currency War, who cared?
Hearing Cheng Wu’s answer, the audience immediately burst into thunderous applause!
The netizens in the live broadcast room on the Internet had even more intense subtitles!
“Tears!”It turns out that Cheng Wu has succeeded in using so much energy behind him!”
“Facts have proved that not only are some people more talented than you, they are also working harder than you!”
“You’ ve actually been able to memorize the entire famous book like a stream. Even 64 pages have been recorded clearly.”
“Cheng Wu’s success wasn’ t an accident!”
“No wonder Cheng Wu was like a stroke of god, investing in War Dragon and Crude Oil!”
“So it turns out that his basic skills are so solid!”
“Hiss… terrifying!”
“As expected of Cheng Wu!”*

Chapter 44: Netizens: Cheng Wu is clearly very powerful, yet he is too modest!

The fishing wheels on the Internet were in an uproar!
They all admired Cheng Wu to the extreme!
If Cheng Wu hadn’t done anything, he would only have known about finance.
The netizens would never believe it.
However, he had done something!
‘War Dragon’s 30 million investment turned into 540 million!
‘Crude Oil’s five billion investment turned into 5.5 billion!
It was as clear as a mountain!
Now, thinking about it, the so-called experts on the Internet all said’ luck theory” conspiracy theory’.
Was this reliable?
He was clearly jealous of Cheng Wu’s talent!
As for what Cheng Wu said, it was obvious that he was backing away from financial studies!
Only by truly linking up with the research of finance could one be so astonishing!
Only Cheng Wu was so hardworking.
He was only worthy of the flowers and applause he had received!
This was also why Cheng Wu was able to accurately grasp the’ crude oil’ increase in lifeblood.
The only reasonable and reliable explanation!
Cheng Wu, he was an outstanding genius!
“I am a professor of finance. Cheng Wu’s financial vision is definitely the best in the country!”
“He was able to buy at the lowest point in the decline of’ crude oil’!”
“And in that short period of time, he decisively threw it out. This did not mean that he had financial talent!”
“I’ m not a genius, but I’ ve also invested in’ crude oil’. But it’s already late for Cheng Wu’s crucial day!”
“When he left the arena, Cheng Wu’s crucial day was too late!”
“The amount of money I invested in has only doubled!”
“Cheng Wu can accurately grasp the lifeblood of’ crude oil’. Without a doubt, he is a financial genius!”
“Moreover, his vicious financial horizons have even led the Dragon Country for a century!”
In a first-rate academy in a certain country, a professor of the Qing Dynasty spoke with assurance on the screen.
He was quite certain that Cheng Wu was a financial genius that had never existed for a hundred years!
As for the netizens watching Cheng Wu’s live broadcast, when they saw the professor’s words, they all exploded into an uproar!
“Sure enough, Cheng Wu is a genius that is clearly extremely powerful, yet is too modest!”
“Hiss… the Qing Dynasty’s authoritative professor said that, it’s a real blow!”
“I’ ll just say, Cheng Wu’s fortune has doubled over a hundred times in just four short months. He’s definitely not an ordinary person!”
“He’s handsome, loving and gentle, yet he’s still so talented!”
“This is Cheng Wu Male God!”
At the’ Big Card’shooting live broadcast.
Zhong Yong looked at Cheng Wu with respect.
He had never imagined that Cheng Wu would actually put in so much effort behind his back!
Sure enough, there was a reason for success!
Zhong Yong spoke slowly with a tone full of respect:
“Good!”Thank you, Mr. Cheng Wu!”
“Next, may I ask Ms. Chen Jiao, when Mr. Cheng Wu invested in Crude Oil, did you ever question his decision?”
As soon as Zhong Yong finished speaking, the audience’s eyes fell on Chen Jiao.
This was also their concern.
Although a month ago, Chen Jiao had sent a round broadcast saying that she did not argue with Cheng Wu and supported his decision.
But that didn’ t mean there was no doubt about it!
Not to mention, he had invested all his wealth into it.
Such a ridiculous decision!
Chen Jiao, who was dressed in a pure white pleated skirt, had bright eyes and a faint smile on her lips.
It was as if he had walked out of a fairy tale.
It seemed exceptionally pure and charming.
She spoke in a clear and graceful manner, like the voice of a lark:
“No, I have never questioned my husband Cheng Wu’s decision.”
“Because I believe that he must have considered me before making this decision.”
“In my heart, the most important thing is him.”
“In his heart, my position is equally important.”
“So, as long as he mentioned it, I can give him 100% unconditional trust.”
“I believe that he will not let me down.”
“In reality, Mr. Cheng Wu has always done this.”
“I don’ t think I need to say anything about our love story.”
“I just want to say, in the past, now, and in the future.”
“Both of us will fully trust each other. We will continue to walk forever.”
There was a faint smile on Chen Jiao’s face as she spoke as she looked at Cheng Wu.
Cheng Wu looked at Chen Jiao, who was dressed in a pure white pleated skirt.
He smiled and held Chen Jiao’s hand tightly without saying a word.
Everything was in silence.
The audience also gave a thunderous applause.
The applause continued to throb, and it could not calm down for a long time.
Meanwhile, the netizens watching the live broadcast were also making their own comments.
“Tears!”That’s right.”
“Why am I a single dog.”
“I’ m truly envious. Cheng Wu, Chen Jiao, is truly a model of love in the modern era.”
“If Cheng Wu’s partner wasn’ t Chen Jiao, he would definitely be unreasonable and unable to understand Cheng Wu’s actions.”
“Cheng Wu has earned five billion centuries of investment this time, he might die!”
“And because Cheng Wu had Chen Jiao, someone had chosen to trust him one hundred percent.”
“Only then can he continue to persevere with his ideals!”
“They are the combination of heaven and earth!”
The netizens all sent greetings to Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao.
In this turbid world, such sincere love was like a ray of light that illuminated their starry sky.
Everyone yearned for the light to appear, but unfortunately, they couldn’ t be touched by it.
Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao brought deep consolation to their desolate hearts.
As for Cheng Wu, he also discovered that he was following the nationwide live broadcast of the Great Card.
His Reputation Points began to rapidly increase!
[Your actions were praised by the netizens as’ clearly extremely powerful, yet overly modest’.Reputation Points +28.88 million!]
[Your financial perspective, it was praised by the netizens as’ the best level in the country’.Reputation points +18.88 million!]
[Your love with Chen Jiao, it was praised by netizens as’ the sum of heaven’!Reputation Points +13.14 million!]

Chapter 45: Counting the harvest!The director’s doorstep!

The system’s notifications were endless, and their reputation was like a wild explosion!
Compared to the reputation value brought by the netizens’ surprise and admiration.
Each and every one of the’ achievements’ brought about a higher level of prestige, especially terrifying!
Cheng Wu gave a rough estimate. Just at this moment in the program.
He actually obtained 80 million Reputation Points!
And if he added the previous 60 million.
He broke through the hundred million mark again!
It had reached a terrifying 140 million!
Cheng Wu smiled. His mood was wonderful.
This time, the’ big card’ came as an exclusive interview for him.
So next was the time for the fans to ask questions.
After answering a few fans’ questions with great skill.
This time, the variety show would be completely over.
At this moment, the netizens who had just watched the live broadcast were still reluctant to part.
“Cheng Wu was really strong!”It really is my male god!”
“Let’s not talk about it. I’ m going to go and savor the War Dragon!”
“Ah, I’ m envious that you’ re still able to brush the’ War Dragon’. I’ ve already done it seven or eight times, and my lines are almost flowing backwards…”
“Plus one!”After watching the War Dragon, there’s not even a movie that has caught my eye…”
After recording the program, Cheng Wu joined hands with Chen Jiao and stepped onto the road home.
After arriving at her home, Chen Jiao was very close to Cheng Wu and ran to the kitchen.
He said he wanted to make some sweet desserts for Cheng Wu.
Reward them for their hard work.
As for Cheng Wu, who had nothing to do, he lay on the sofa and began to think.
The system now had 140 million Reputation Points.
Actually, he could do many things.
But at the moment, the most important thing was to gather 200 million Reputation Points and use them to draw the lottery.
He had invested in more than a dozen films and films, and it should have been released in the next few days.
He didn’ t know how many Reputation Points he could bring to him.
“Dong Dong Dong.”
“Is Teacher Cheng Wu here?”
Just as Cheng Wu was still pondering, a knock came from the door.
Fine, it really was said that Cao Cao had arrived.
Cheng Wu’s eyes lit up as he stepped forward to open the door.
As expected, the director Wang Hammer appeared outside the door.
“Teacher Cheng Wu, I’ m very presumptuous to disturb you.”
“I’ m here today to tell you that tomorrow’s online show will be released.”
Wang Hammer was still wearing that black hat. His expression was a little excited.
“Quick, come in and sit.”
Cheng Wu took Wang Hammer in and made him a pot of tea.
The two chatted for a while before sending Wang Hammer away.
After sending Wang Hammer away, Cheng Wu lay on the sofa again, his eyes flickering with thoughts.
It turned out that’ I never expected’ to be released tomorrow.
Wang Hammer wanted to call Cheng Wu to tell him.
His family was also nearby.
He decided to visit her and express his sincerity.
As for’ I never expected’, this was a network drama.
In this world, there was only a fixed buyout price and advertising share.
With just the sharing of advertising, the system would be able to obtain 10 million in revenue from this small-cost show.
This was enough to make’ Never would’ have thought’ the show would be so hot.
It would definitely bring him a large amount of Reputation Points.
“Ding Ling Ling.”
Cheng Wu’s phone rang again. He raised his hand to see that it was the producer of’ My wife is too cautious and brave’ animation.
He reached out to connect.
“Teacher Cheng Wu?”Our animation is finished!”
“It will definitely be released within three days at the latest!”
The producer’s excited voice filled the phone.
He was extremely excited.
“Alright, I understand. Come on, I have confidence in you.”
Cheng Wu smiled and hung up his phone.
This’My wife is too cautious and brave’ was also an online cartoon.
Apart from buying out the revenue, there was only advertising split and click.
And to be able to reach ten million yuan was enough to predict his popularity.
Cheng Wu took out his phone and opened Wei Xin.
He found out that most of the films he had invested in had sent him messages.
Forget it, almost all of them were released this week.
After replying one by one, Cheng Wu’s eyes were filled with anticipation.
It was unknown that after these films were released.
How much would his Reputation Points be?
Chen Jiao, who was dressed as a kitchen maid, walked out with a smile on her face as she carried a plate.
There were a few small and exquisite pastries on it.
“Hubby, come and try. This is my signature.”
Chen Jiao said coquettishly, her eyes filled with anticipation as she stared at Cheng Wu.
Like a child, he expected the praise of Lord Xu.
Cheng Wu smiled and tasted it. His eyes lit up.
The taste was fragrant and sweet, with a soft and glutinous texture.
After eating, it gave off a refreshing feeling.
“Not bad. It’s really delicious.”
Cheng Wu sighed in admiration.
Hearing Cheng Wu’s approval, Chen Jiao let out a sigh of relief.
Then, a smile bloomed on her delicate face.
It was as beautiful as a spring flower.
Ever since Cheng Wu had shown a hand to her father-in-law, she was afraid that her family’s position as the number one chef would be robbed.
From the looks of it, his status was quite stable!
In the following time, Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao went through a particularly warm life.
Time slowly arrived tomorrow.
At this moment,’ Never would I have imagined’ that the online drama would quietly appear.*

Chapter 46: Running under the setting sun!

At a university dormitory.
When Zhang Qiaoqiao, the female student’s fan, saw that’ I never expected’ to be released, a trace of anticipation appeared in her heart.
She had been too bored these past few days.
As for Cheng Wu’s broadcast, he read the news and then read it.
Cheng Wu’s’ Battle Dragon’ also swiped it.
He always felt that something was missing from other films.
She couldn’ t get interested.
The female university student’s heart skipped a beat when she thought that this’ never expected’ was an investment from Cheng Wu.
She had a premonition that she should not panic.
After all, in her eyes, Cheng Wu was a legend.
There were War Dragons, then Crude Oil, and two large beads of jade.
How could the quality of the film and television he invested in be able to pass?
As the female college student thought about this, she ordered in.
“My name is Yu Dachui. I am filming a low-cost martial arts drama…”
The female student’s eyes lit up. She felt that this play was interesting.
It seemed to have a different style compared to other plays.
Immediately, he began to look intently.
“I remembered the running under the setting sun that day. It was my youth that had passed away.”
“I’ ll be promoted to a higher salary, become the general manager, become the ceo, marry Bai Fu Mei, and reach the peak of my life. Thinking about it, I’ ll be a little excited.”
“What he said makes sense. I’ m actually speechless.”
One episode after another, the amusing plot and classic lines of’ Never had I imagined’ made the female college student laugh to the point of reciting.
Her roommate also noticed it and looked over with a probing gaze:
“What are you looking at?”Why are you laughing so happily.”
“This online show is so funny… Hahahaha.”
“That’s right, it’s Cheng Wu’s investment. That’ never thought’!”
The female university student smiled as she leaned forward and backward, explaining to her roommate on and off.
When the roommates heard this, their eyes lit up.
They were also Cheng Wu’s loyal fans!
After watching War Dragon, he felt that the other films were lacking in meaning.
Who would have thought that his idol, Cheng Wu, would invest in such a happy play to show them!
When they thought of this, they hurriedly took out their cell phones and began to watch.
Soon, the laughter in the dormitory was no longer the female college student alone.
It was four people.
A burst of silver bell-like laughter echoed in the dormitory, filled with a joyous atmosphere.
They had completely immersed themselves in the world of’ never thought’.
One of them covered his stomach and laughed incessantly.
“No, this is too funny. Hahaha.”
“I want to send a wave of Amway to my friends!”
The other three smiled with a hint of enlightenment.
“Right, I also want Amway!”
The four of them took out their phones one after another and started to send friends to their good friend Amway.
This scene happened in many parts of the country.
After countless people had watched’ Never would they have imagined’, they laughed so happily that they could not think of anything.
They all began to serve as tap water for their good friend Amway.
The amount of broadcast that’ I never expected’ also began to increase with the praise.
Five hundred thousand on the first day.
The next day, it increased by ten times, reaching five million!
On the third day, with the praise from the explosion, it was ten times more!Fifty million!
Countless netizens were so amused that they couldn’t close their mouths.
Along with the’ never expected’ explosion, the excited director Wang Hammer also called.
“Teacher Cheng Wu!”Never would I have thought that it would be a fire!”
“The bill that the advertising agency gave us now costs more than five million!”
“Thank you so much for your investment!”
“If it wasn’ t for you,’ I never would’ ve thought that it wouldn’ t be possible filming!”
“Not today!”
Cheng Wu laughed happily and said:
“No, this is your idea.”
“I believe that this isn’ t the end point of’ never thought’.”
“In the end, it should be even more popular.”
After chatting with Wang Hammer, Cheng Wu hung up.
After all, he had never expected that the profits would be distributed to him.
At least ten million!
It was only a few million. It was not surprising.
Not to mention, what Cheng Wu cared more about was the prestige value he had brought!
This was Cheng Wu’s fundamental purpose!
Cheng Wu narrowed his eyes and clicked on the system notification.
[The online film and television series you’ve invested in,’ I never expected’ to be highly praised by many netizens!Reputation points plus 2 million!]
[The Internet TV series you’ve invested in, you’ ve never imagined that the vast number of netizens would be amused by it.Reputation points plus 1 million!]
This wave was just’ never expected’.
It brought him five million Reputation Points!
And this was just the beginning!
Along with the continuous popularity of the film and television series, the film and television series with other investments were released one after another.
A few days later.
The Reputation Points brought to Cheng Wu would reach a terrifying level!*

Chapter 47: The boss behind more than a dozen hot films and TV shows is actually him!

A few days later, as the word of mouth continued to brew.
‘Never would’ ve thought that’ a piece of high praise would completely explode.
A large number of netizens on the Internet were discussing enthusiastically.
It served as tap water.
As for Cheng Wu’s other films, they began to show.
Animation’ My wife is too cautious and brave’ was also a show.
A steady reputation exploded.
It made the netizens who had been lamenting that there had been no good dramas lately, all of them had their eyes full.
He discovered that a batch of rare high-quality goods appeared on the market!
Like a special film and television forum, every day, there were people carrying out Amway.
“Have you seen any good movies recently?”
“Yes, the online drama has recently received a lot of praise from’ Never would I have imagined’, and the animation has a delicate and counter-styled’ My wife is too cautious and brave’.”
“There was also a literary film that was filled with emotions. It was called the’ Belfin Love Song’.”
“Speaking of which, the movies that have appeared during this period of time seem pretty good.”
Many of the netizens were all happy as they lamented that the recent film shows were all very good!
Some of them said,’ Never would I have imagined that’ the current popularity was the highest.
Some said that’My wife is too cautious and brave’ was the highest standard of the country.
He had to fight for one. Which of these recent films was the biggest dark horse?
At this moment, an abrupt comment broke their dispute.
This caused a huge commotion!
“You guys are talking about this batch of films. It seems like… the investors behind them are Cheng Wu!”
“What?”Are you telling the truth?”
“No way! This is simply ridiculous!”
After this comment appeared, it paused for a moment before an even more violent comment erupted!
The netizens were all filled with disbelief!
It had to be known that the recent film and television show that Little Fire had appeared were all sorts of things!
There were television dramas, movies, and even cartoons!
Actually… all the investors were Cheng Wu?!
This made them unable to believe it!
He even suspected that this person was Cheng Wu’s water army!
But very soon, someone went to investigate the investors of the various films with a doubtful mood.
Immediately, everyone was shocked!
These films that were widely praised, Little Fire’s films, were truly all invested by Cheng Wu!
In a split second, the fishing wheels on the various platforms exploded again!
Many media outlets and enthusiastic netizens revealed this incident!
Within the broadcast, a thread silently answered.
[Shocked!Just what kind of god was Cheng Wu?The investment was actually a complete victory!]
The comments of the netizens below were extremely hot!
“My god, I’ ve recently received a lot of praise, and I’ ve been urged by countless people to’ never expected’ and’ my wife is too cautious and brave’.”
“It’s all Cheng Wu’s investment!”
“It’s not just that. In the near future, all of Little Fire’s films and films have Cheng Wu’s investment!”
“Hiss… Terrifying!Cheng Wu had invested so much in film and television, yet none of them didn’ t make any profit!”
“What a god!”
“Cheng Wu’s vision is so unique!”
“It’s simply ridiculous!”
“As expected of Cheng Wu, who was hardworking and talented. He silently recited several books on finance!”
At this moment, under the encouragement of the netizens.
This thread about Cheng Wu quickly ascended to the top of the popular search!
Following that, the ones who quickly rushed up to the top ten of the searches were even more information about Cheng Wu!
[Investment Myth!Cheng Wu, who had a 0% failure rate!]
The boss behind [dozen or so hot films and TV shows was actually him!]
Countless netizens sighed under the related topics!
“Sigh, Cheng Wu is truly a genius that has never appeared in the investment world for a hundred years!”
“If you return a month ago, follow Cheng Wu and invest a bit.”
“I’ m afraid I’ ve already bought a villa!”
“Thank you for your invitation. I’ ve already bought the villa, the’ War Dragon’shareholder.”
A certain Liu Xianjian netizen who didn’t want to reveal his name smiled and commented.
“You’ve already gone to Paris for a tour. You’ re not going to buy a villa with enough money left to invest in War Dragon, right?”
Some netizens asked in surprise.
“Oh, I saw that Teacher Cheng Wu had bought some’ crude oil’, and he had also thrown some at the first moment.”
“He didn’ t listen to Professor He’s sell-off either. He’s already 20 million or 20 million.”
Many netizens were speechless.
They all expressed envy, envy and hatred!
Along with the release of these dozen films and films, the popularity of the news was booming.
Cheng Wu’s Reputation Points had once again reached a peak!
[All the films and films you invested in didn’ t make any profit, you were regarded as a god by many netizens!Reputation points plus 666,000!]
[Due to the 0% failure rate of your investment so far, you have been regarded by many netizens as an’ investment myth’!Reputation points plus 18.88 million!]
[The’My wife is too cautious and brave’ you invested in, it is deeply loved by many netizens.Reputation points plus 5 million!]
[Your investment…]
Over the past few days, the reputation points had always been combined.
More than a dozen film and television dramas, including today’s Cheng Wu’s deeds, were on the hot spot.
The Reputation Points had already reached an astonishing 66 million!
Adding on the Reputation Points he had accumulated previously, he had already reached an astonishing 200 million!
This was already enough for Cheng Wu to trade for the Platinum Lottery!*

Chapter 48: Platinum Draw!An exaggerated SS level authority!

Cheng Wu looked at the white gold lottery table in the mall.
With a look of anticipation, he slowly confirmed the exchange.
In that instant,200 million Reputation Points were wiped out.
In the air in front of him was a platinum turntable that only Cheng Wu could see.
The turntable had five colors.
Yellow, blue, green, green, orange.
The corresponding ones were Grade B, Grade A, Grade S, SS, and Permanent Grade B.
In the entire section, Grade B yellow occupied the largest section.
However, it was not as exaggerated as 70% of the lottery draw circle.
Only a 45% chance.
As for the permanent B-level orange, it was mixed in yellow and occupied 15% of the space.
After passing the yellow color, the blue grade A was next to it.
This layout was about 25% more likely.
Then, the green grade was S, and the green grade was SS.
Next to Blue, they occupied 12% and 3% of the space.
Cheng Wu looked at the platinum dial and thought quietly, his eyes flashing with light.
This 200 million platinum turntable was much more conscientious.
Other than the obviously losing B grade.
Basically, the rest could accept it.
As for those above Grade S, and those above Grade B.
It was blood gain.
This combined had a 30% chance.
Almost a third.
The opportunity was true.
It was now up to him if he could fight.
He won the grand prize.
Cheng Wu’s eyes flickered with anticipation as he used his will to ruthlessly tap the beginning.
At that moment, the light silver needle on the platinum turntable suddenly began to rotate!
They quickly danced on the turntable.
The horses continued to hover from the yellow, orange, blue, and green colors.
He circled around again and again.
After a while, he finally slowed down in the yellow-orange region.
Cheng Wu stared at the turntable as he slowly deviated from the yellow-orange region.
A bit regretful, but he still let out a sigh of relief.
Although he missed the orange permanent B grade.
However, it also meant that the worst part was that it was extremely a.
It wouldn’ t be too bad.
The light silver pointer was walking in the blue area, slowing down.
Cheng Wu’s heart moved along with the needle.
As if hearing Cheng Wu’s thoughts, the needle slowly and with great difficulty left the blue region.
Cheng Wu was slightly taken aback, and then he was overjoyed!
This was a grade that he had never encountered before!
But the super rate of return above Grade A!
Could it be that he obtained it just like that?
But soon, Cheng Wu discovered that things weren’ t that simple!
Although the light silver needle was extremely slow, it still moved inch by inch!
In the end, the pointer passed the green.
He stopped in the entire space, only occupying 3% of the space in green!!
SS grade one-time permission!!!
Cheng Wu was stunned.
Everything he saw in disbelief!
This… was actually an SS rank?
It was even higher than rank S.
Two levels higher than Grade A?!
How much… would this bring to him?
Cheng Wu did not dare to think about it!
A ringtone rang, interrupting Cheng Wu’s thoughts.
Cheng Wu looked at Wang Hao and reached out to connect.
“Brother Cheng Wu, your eyes are as sharp as ever.”
“Congratulations, all the films and films you’ ve invested in have won a great victory, and you’ ve gained a good reputation!”
Wang Hao’s giggling voice came from that side.
“Could it be that your friend is planning to invest in me again?”
Hearing Wang Hao’s hearty laughter, Cheng Wu asked in a somewhat alert tone.
Wang Hao was good at everything. He was too loyal and would not reject anyone.
He probably called this time.
It was also someone else who had seen their generous investment.
He wanted Wang Hao to help build a bridge.
“Yes, Brother Cheng Wu.”
“The day after tomorrow, there will be a director’s party. I want to invite you there.”
“You think about it?”
Wang Hao giggled as he spoke out his thoughts.
Cheng Wu pondered for a moment.
He took the SS grade one-time permission.
He must have put all his wealth into it.
He would not put his spare money on other investments.
Those directors’ little thoughts would most likely be lost.
Just as he was about to refuse, he turned around:
“I… understand. I’ ll contact you the day after tomorrow.”
Cheng Wu suddenly thought that right now, the SS level authority had not appeared yet.
What if that group of directors had a script with a valuable SS-level return?
In the next few days, he could agree first.
In any case, if the SS level authority was triggered halfway, then it would be fine if they refused.
“Alright, Brother Cheng Wu, you should be busy first.”
Wang Hao remained the same as before. He hung up the phone while laughing.
After hanging up the phone, Cheng Wu thought about it.
The most important thing now was to trigger the SS level permission.
He could try his luck online.
As a result, he took out his phone and opened the software.
Stock market, Internet of Things, script fundraising, financial software.
He continued to brush.
As he swiped, he looked at the system subtitle beside him in anticipation.
Unfortunately, most of the investment options did not appear in the system.
It meant that there was almost no investment value.
As for the small portion, it was the rate of return from grade F to grade C.
SS grade did not appear.
After a while, Cheng Wu put down his phone.
He couldn’ t help but laugh.
He was really too anxious.
In the past, several A-level geniuses had appeared.
SS level was two levels higher.
How could he appear so quickly?
He still had to be patient.
Shaking his head, Cheng Wu left the room with a smile and entered the living room.
He planned to put this down today and rest with Chen Jiao.
In the living room, Chen Jiao, dressed in pink pajamas, lay on her back on the sofa.
He watched the cartoon on the television in front of him with relish.
His delicate little face didn’ t shake. He stared at the screen and focused.
Cheng Wu’s heart skipped a beat as he slowly touched it.
He was prepared to ambush Chen Jiao.
Just as Cheng Wu was quietly walking behind Chen Jiao’s sofa, preparing to attack.
He discovered that Chen Jiao’s little head, which was originally looking at the television, had suddenly turned around.
Her delicate face was full of smiles.
“Hubby, you’re here?”Why don’ t I peel the fruit for you?”
“How did you find out?”
When Cheng Wu saw that the ambush had failed, he asked with some curiosity in his disappointment.
“Hubby, I remember you are more familiar with your aura than anyone else.”
Chen Jiao blinked her large eyes.
“Sigh, it’s too failed.”
Cheng Wu grumbled and sat down on the sofa.
Chen Jiao sat up and leaned against Cheng Wu.
He held an apple in his hand and gave it to Cheng Wu.
As for Cheng Wu, watching the cartoon on TV was a little boring.
Thus, he switched to another platform.
The next was a news program, which was being broadcast.
[Praise!Long Wei, the local handset brand, announced that he would develop a high-end A.I. Chip on his own!]
[This would be the Dragon Country’s own phone chip!Let us all cheer for him!]
Cheng Wu was bored and was about to change stage.
Suddenly, the SS level authority in the system suddenly disappeared!
Strands of green smoke filled Cheng Wu’s face.
They formed rows of characters!
Cheng Wu was dumbfounded!
He actually triggered an SS grade event!*

Chapter 49: One hundred times yield!SS grade return!

[Event: A.I. Chip Development]
[SS rate of return:10,000% return on investment]
[Cycle:3 years]
[Note: Because it was an SS-level return, the return on investment was based on the return on investment, which could increase with the incident.]
[Reason: The foreign A.I. Chip had reached the fifth generation, firmly occupying the high-end market of the A.I. Chip at home and abroad.
At this moment, Dragon Country’s mobile phone brand, Long Wei, decided to develop a high-end A.I. Chip that belonged to Dragon Country.
No one had expected that when the foreign A.I. Chip had been upgraded to the fifth generation, the Dragon Country’s technology was far behind.
‘Longwei had completed his pursuit in just three short years!Long Wei’s high-end A.I. Chip was booming in the world!]
Cheng Wu was stunned!
The agreed SS level was two levels higher than A level.
It shouldn’ t be that easy to appear?
This is it?
Then, Cheng Wu noticed the yield.
Instantly, he was stunned!
One hundred times!!
This meant that Cheng Wu had thrown 5.5 billion yuan in.
He could receive a return of 550 billion!
This family would become the richest person in the Dragon Country!
He was simply invincible!
As expected of SS rank!
Cheng Wu slowly returned to his senses and turned his gaze towards the comment.
This was a situation where the return rate hadn’ t appeared before!
As if he had noticed Cheng Wu’s gaze, there were a few more words beside the comment.
It was the system’s detailed explanation!
[This was an SS-level event, it could be combined with other rates of return and produce a wonderful chemical reaction!]
In [event, your strategic choices will increase the return on the basis.]
This was the official version of the note!
Cheng Wu’s eyes lit up.
He had already discovered it as early as in the A-level battle dragon.
A low level of authority would affect the original rate of return.
This was also the advantage of high-level events with long cycles!
As for the system’s note, it could be said.
He placed Cheng Wu’s original guess on the surface!
Moreover, there might be more effects!
Just think about it, it was 100 times the return.
If he were to use the amplification, it would reach one hundred and ten times, one hundred and twenty times.
Even more?
Cheng Wu was completely certain.
As long as he caught this SS grade return rate.
Three years later.
He was the richest man in the world!!
Then, how could he participate in this A.I. Chip incident?
Cheng Wu thought that the owner of Long Wei was also from City K.
Perhaps he knew Chen Dong.
After some consideration, he called Chen Dong.
As expected, Chen Dong had the contact information of Boss Long Wei.
They met at a wine table.
Not long after, Cheng Wu had a way to contact Long Wei.
Chen Jiao watched as Cheng Wu finished calling and handed over the peeled apple.
Her beautiful eyes swirled, and her large eyes flickered.
He asked curiously:
“Hubby, why do you want Boss Longwei’s contact information?”
Cheng Wu smiled gently and explained:
“According to the news,’ Long Wei’ is ready to start developing the A.I. Chip.”
“As a member of the Dragon Country, I also want to see if I can help.”
He was well aware that although the news did not say that the research and development of the A.I. Chip by the Dragon Fore needed investment.
However, the system definitely would not lie to him.
‘Longwei’s boss must be troubled by the lack of funds.
As long as he came to the door, the other party would probably be overjoyed.
“Hubby, can Long Wei develop the A.I. Chip?”
“I think the phones on the market all use foreign A.I. Chip.”
“Moreover, it seems that the research and development of the ugly country’s A.I. Chip has reached the fifth generation.”
Chen Jiao’s soft and pleasant voice was slightly curious as she threw out her own question.
“Wife, we are from the Dragon Country. We must support our own private enterprises.”
“Moreover, your husband, I think that the development of the A.I. Chip by Dragon For is very promising.”
“If there is a chance, we will definitely not lose out if we invest in it.”
Cheng Wu said gently.
“Good husband.”
Chen Jiao looked at Cheng Wu’s confident expression and nodded lightly.
Chen Jiao had always trusted Cheng Wu 100%.
He would not doubt every decision of Cheng Wu.
Not to mention that Cheng Wu’s investment vision had always been extremely accurate.
From the War Dragon to the Crude Oil, to the many films and films that were invested in.
Not a single loss.
Cheng Wu smiled and gently stroked Chen Jiao.
Then, he called Boss Longwei.*

Chapter 50: Talk with Liang Long,7 billion investment!

Cheng Wu called Boss Longwei.
“Hello, I am Liang Long. Who are you?”
Liang Long’s deep voice came from the phone, slightly surprised.
This was his personal contact information. Normally, it wasn’ t that acquaintances couldn’ t get in.
Today, he received an unfamiliar phone call.
“Hello, President Liang. I am Cheng Wu.”
Cheng Wu was very kind of self-reliant.
“Cheng Wu?”You’ re Chen Dong’s son-in-law, that Cheng Wu who invested in’ crude oil’ and made 5 billion?”
Liang Long’s tone carried a hint of uncertainty.
“Yes, Chief Liang.”I have a business with you.”
Cheng Wu smiled and said confidently.
“About investing in the A.I. Chip’s research and development.”
“I want to join.”
Liang Long’s eyes lit up when he heard Cheng Wu’s words.
One had to know that ever since Long Wei adjusted his strategy, he had to develop his own high-end A.I. Chip.
The funds became extremely scarce.
Because of Ugly Country’s A.I. Chip technology, it had been updated and iterated for the fifth generation.
The phones on the market were all the ugly core A.I. Chip.
That was why Long Wei’s actions were not favored by the outside world.
He was plagued by money.
According to what he had learned, Cheng Wu’s investment in Crude Oil had earned 5 billion.
He was indeed qualified to become a shareholder.
“Yes, I remember you are from City K, right?”
“Are you free at two tomorrow afternoon?”Let’s meet?”
Liang Long’s deep voice sounded.
He was about to meet and chat.
“Alright, I’ ll see you at the Sandstorm Pavilion at two o’ clock.”
Cheng Wu hung up Liang Long’s phone with a faint smile on his face.
He had to make sure of his investment this time.
This was a hundred times return!

The next day, Cheng Wu got up early and set up a company.
After preparing everything, he arrived at the Sandstorm Pavilion.
This time, it was quite coincidental.
Cheng Wu arrived outside the door and was just about to step into the Sandstorm Pavilion.
He saw a pure black Bentley parked outside the door.
A man wearing an old Zhongshan suit slowly walked down.
It was Liang Long.
Just like in the news, it looked like an old pedant.
At this moment, Liang Long had clearly seen Cheng Wu as well. A hint of surprise flashed through his eyes.
He quickly took two steps forward and greeted them with a warm voice:
“President Cheng, I’ ve waited a long time.”
“President Liang, I’ ve just arrived.”
Cheng Wu smiled and reached out to shake Liang Long’s hand.
Together, they entered the Sandstorm Pavilion.
In the Sandstorm Pavilion, the welcoming waiter was as enthusiastic as ever.
He brought them into the previously reserved room.
He entered the room and waited for the waiter to finish serving the pastries and tea.
Only then did the two begin to talk.
“President Cheng, this is our’ Dragon For’ business information.”
“This is a follow-up plan for the newly established branch, Dragon Core.”
“You can take a look.”
Liang Long smiled and took out two thick folders from the business bag.
He placed it on the table and pushed it towards Cheng Wu.
Cheng Wu casually flipped through the pages. The number of pages was so large that it was extremely shocking.
This was a simple chapter.
After all,’ Longwei was the first-rate mobile phone manufacturer in China.
If he were to display all the information.
Perhaps even this table could not be put down.
Cheng Wu opened Long’s company plan for the branch, Dragon Core.
‘Dragon Core was the branch of Dragon For.
It was controlled by Dragon for the sole purpose.
It was expected that the first-generation A.I. Chip would be developed within one year. Within three years, the technology would be upgraded to a world-class standard.
Over five years, he surpassed the ugly country and led the international market.
This was the Dragon Core’s five-year plan.
Each of them had a detailed explanation.
Moreover, there was an additional income plan.
This time, Long Wei would release 8% of the Dragon Core.
It was used to raise 8 billion yuan.
At the same time, the system of separation of shares was implemented.
The shareholders had the right to profit and the right to propose.
But the most important decision was made by Long Wei.
Cheng Wu looked around and put down the plan.
Smiling, he asked:
“President Liang, how many billion has Dragon Core raised?”
“”‘Dragon Core has just started to raise money, but it has only managed to raise about 1 billion.”
Liang Long took a sip of the tea and replied.
“I don’ t know, President Cheng, how much are you going to invest in?”
Cheng Wu pondered for a moment.
The investment in the Dragon Core must be a steady profit.
After so many times, the system had never lied to him.
If he were to invest 100 million more now, the basic return would be 10 billion.
This was an SS grade return rate!
You must not waste it!
And his current status was around 5.5 billion.
Then, borrow some money from the man and go to the bank to lend some money.
The remaining 7 billion was barely enough.
He was going all out!
Cheng Wu decisively said:
“President Liang, I’ m going to throw seven billion!”
“7 Billion!”
Liang Long’s hand trembled uncontrollably. Even the teacup in his hand shook violently as it spilled tea.
He looked at Cheng Wu in shock, unable to control himself for a long time!
“Are you serious?”
“Yes, if it’s appropriate, I can sign the contract right now.”
Cheng Wu smiled lightly and said straightforwardly.
Liang Long didn’ t say a word. He picked up the teacup and took two consecutive sips.
Then, a heavy teacup landed on the table, making a clear sound.
7 Billion!
This young man was actually going to take it out silently?
This was about to round up the remaining shares of Dragon Core!
What boldness!*

Chapter 51: Peace Hotel

Liang Long was obviously shocked by Cheng Wu.
One had to know that the figure of seven billion was not simple.
It was not something that a small number like 700 million could compare to.
Cheng Wu actually read the business planning book.
He decided to make a decision to invest!
What a boldness!
However, Liang Long could not agree to him.
A trace of regret flashed in Liang Long’s eyes as he slowly spoke:
“President Cheng, you can invest at most 4 billion in this financing.”
“Other shares have already been reserved.”
‘Longwei’ was a top mobile phone brand company in China.
It was naturally related to the various parties.
For the sake of national support, this time,3% of the shares of Dragon Core had already been reserved at a low price.
As a result, the remaining financing shares were only 4 billion.
Cheng Wu felt a little regretful.
Four billion was still too little.
But if there was only this shortfall, that was the only way.
There were at least 4% shares.
“President Liang, let’s sign the contract.”
“Alright, you can add our Wei Xin. Our company will have someone to contact you later.”
Liang Long replied with a smile.
After adding Wei Xin, Liang Long said that there was a meeting and left first.
Sitting on his pure black Bentley, he sped off.
Cheng Wu looked at Liang Longyuan and thought for a moment before calling Wang Hao.
He originally wanted to invest all his money in the return rate of SS grade.
But now that he saw it, he still had 1.5 billion left.
Earlier, Wang Hao said there was a director’s party.
It was a good time to have a chance.
After a wonderful ring, Wang Hao answered the call.
“Brother Cheng Wu, I was just about to call you when you called.”
“Are you ready to come?”
Wang Hao’s voice rang out, and that joyous joy could not be concealed.
“Yes, I’ m prepared to come over.”
“Where are you from?”
Cheng Wu smiled and asked kindly.
“It’s at the Peace Hotel. It starts at six p.m.”
“Brother Cheng Wu, do you want me to pick you up?”
Wang Hao quickly replied and made a suggestion.
“No need.”
“I’ ll come by myself.”
Cheng Wu rejected Wang Hao.
The Peace Hotel was not far from here, about a kilometer away.
It was already over five o’clock.
He walked over now and arrived in two circles.
After a while, Cheng Wu hung up.
He left the Sandstorm Pavilion and headed towards the Peace Hotel.
After turning two streets.
Finally, he saw the Peace Hotel.
The Peace Hotel was a single building. It didn’t occupy a large area, and it was just like a thousand square feet.
There were three floors on the floor, and the decoration looked exceptionally magnificent.
The two stone lions at the entrance were powerful and domineering, symbolizing wealth and treasures.
The entire Peace Hotel displayed a majestic aura.
However, the Peace Hotel was already occupied by people.
Many people with cameras and hats appeared at the door.
These were all directors who had hurried over to attend the meeting.
The crowd was slightly crowded, covering up the originally imposing stone lion.
This was a gathering organized by the director near City K.
Not only were there many directors looking for an investment, they also invited many investors.
The purpose was to create an opportunity for them to communicate with each other.
When he saw Cheng Wu, who was dressed in casual clothes, but couldn’ t hide his handsome appearance and exuded an unruly aura.
The crowd’s eyes immediately lit up, causing waves of commotion.
Someone immediately began to whisper.
“Look, is that person Cheng Wu?”
“That’s right, it looks like it!”
“He was Cheng Wu!”I didn’ t expect that even this God would be invited to this meeting!”
“What a surprise!”
Cheng Wu’s current fame was not that great.
He was straightforward and had many investment films.
Moreover, the films that were invested in were all small and explosive, without any loss.
In the hearts of the directors who lacked funds, Cheng Wu was simply their angel!*

Chapter 52: City K Director’s Meeting

As soon as Cheng Wu arrived at the Peace Hotel, the crowd at the door started to stir.
At this moment, a black-robed man with a black hat immediately approached.
He said with a face full of smiles:
“Brother Cheng Wu, are you here?”
“Brother Wang Hao is inside. Let me bring you in!”
Cheng Wu pondered for a moment before nodding.
This man should have been sent down by Wang Hao after he answered the call.
He didn’t know why Wang Hao did n’ t come down.
Cheng Wu followed the black-hatted man and walked in from the door.
The surrounding crowd looked at Cheng Wu with a burning desire.
Only after Cheng Wu left did he whisper.
“Which private room is Cheng Wu sitting in?”
“It looks like Wang Hao’s 808?”
“I see. When the banquet begins, I have to talk about it.”
“Maybe Cheng Wu will value my script!”
“Right, plus one!”It would be great if we were to invest.”
“Cheng Wu’s investment has always been a huge explosion!”
“If he valued it, it would be hard to think about it!”
Cheng Wu followed the black-hatted man along the way into the Peace Hotel and directly went to the second floor room.
He discovered that although the hotel was not large, it was extremely luxurious.
The entire floor was made of solid wood, and the lights were made of bronze crystal chandeliers.
The corridor was also filled with framed portraits with strong artistic aura.
It looked exceptionally beautiful and luxurious.
There were four or five people seated in the room.
Among them, Wang Hao was smiling apologetically as he quietly called.
From time to time, two charming shouts could be heard on the phone.
At first glance, he was explaining to her valiant girlfriend.
Cheng Wu couldn’ t help but smile. No wonder Wang Hao didn’ t come down.
So it was being’ executed’!
But this also reminded Cheng Wu.
He also called Chen Jiao.
He told her that he wouldn’t go back for dinner at night.
Chen Jiao was still so gentle and understanding and did not say anything.
After Cheng Wu finished calling, Wang Hao was finally’ reprimanded’.
He grumbled bitterly:
“Brother Cheng Wu, I really envy you. You have a lovely wife like Chen Jiao.”
“That yellow-faced granny of my family doesn’ t give me any face at all. If you catch a if she caught a small matter.”
“Sit down. I’ ll introduce you to each other.”
Only then did Cheng Wu smile and sit with Wang Hao.
At this moment, five or six people had already sat in the room after the call.
He was basically Wang Hao’s close friend.
He specially introduced Cheng Wu to them.
After Wang Hao’s introduction.
Cheng Wu also had a general impression of them.
These five or six people shook hands with Cheng Wu one by one with a face of reverence.
Brother Cheng Wu, Brother Cheng Wu, they kept shouting.
He’ d heard about Cheng Wu’s legend in the industry.
All the films he had invested in had exploded!
If he had to give him a few pointers, he would have invested a bit.
His new film didn’ t need to be said, it was immediately stable!
They looked at Cheng Wu with a feeling of pilgrimage.
Before the dishes were served, there was a bold director, Zhang Hao.
Re Ruoruo looked at Cheng Wu and asked:
“Brother Cheng Wu, I’ ve heard that your eyes are like a torch.”
“I wonder if you are honored to have a look at my script today?”
These words were very tactful.
But everyone could tell what it meant.
He just wanted to see if his script could attract Cheng Wu’s attention and gain investment.
Cheng Wu maintained a smile and said modestly:
“Sure. Let’s talk to each other.”
After that, he took the script that Zhang Hao handed over.
The moment he opened it, a return rate was displayed.
[Movie: Please answer 1998]
[Grade C return:200%]
[Cycle: One month]
[Reason: The main reason was to watch the warm-hearted growth movie. The people who saw it all felt the same. They were quite tearful.]
Cheng Wu’s eyes lit up. He didn’ t expect that the first one would be a pleasant surprise.
He casually flipped through a few pages of the script and pretended to read it.
Cheng Wu raised his head and asked:
“Zhang Yong, do you not lack investment in this play?”
Hearing this, Zhang Yong was overjoyed.
Wasn’ t that his purpose at the beginning?
He hurriedly said:
“Brother Cheng Wu, it’s a great honor for me to see you.”
“To be honest, there is still a difference of five million investments in this show.”
“Alright, let’s add a dimensional letter.”
“We will sign the contract tomorrow.”
Cheng Wu pushed back the script and said with a smile.
Amid the envy and hatred of the other five, Zhang Hao added Cheng Wu’s Wei Xin.
At the same time, the other five looked at Cheng Wu with even more fervent eyes!
What was atmospheric?
This was called atmosphere!
In just a few words, he had finalized a five million contract!
Cheng Wu was indeed like the rumors.
He was a person who did great things!
The five of them looked at each other and said in unison:
“Brother Cheng Wu, I also have a script…”
“Take a look?”*

Chapter 53: He’s actually on the hot spot again!

After receiving the script from these five directors, Cheng Wu casually flipped through the pages.
In that instant, three of the scripts displayed a return notification.
[Movie: A man from a planet.]
[Grade C return:200%]
[Cycle: One month]
[Reason: The popcorn movie, which combines the style of love and tough man, was deeply loved by the audience.]
Cheng Wu pondered for a moment before nodding.
He pushed the script back and pointed at the three scripts with returns.
One grade C and two grade D were of good quality.
He said:
“How much is your budget for these three books?”
The three of them were immediately overjoyed.
Cheng Wu valued his script!
One had to know that Cheng Wu had invested in movies for so long!
This was the rhythm of fire!!
The three of them hurriedly reported their price.
“5 Million.”
“2 Million.”
“3 Million.”
“Yes, I will.”
Cheng Wu said straightforwardly.
Furthermore, they exchanged contact information with the three of them.
They agreed to sign the contract tomorrow.
And the other two directors who weren’t attracted to him.
One of them had an ugly expression.
However, he still held a trace of hope and asked:
“Brother Cheng Wu, what about me?”
Cheng Wu paused and gave him a strange look.
He remembered that this person was called Schuck. The script had an extremely high budget quotation.
It would cost 20 million.
However, there was no return. It was very likely that it would be a loss.
There was a thought to remind him, but then forget it.
After all, the relationship had not reached that level yet.
He calmly said:
“I’ ve read your script. It might not suit my taste.”
Hearing those words, Shuk’s expression immediately turned ugly.
He opened his mouth and closed it again.
As if wanting to retort, he forcefully suppressed it.
Cheng Wu did not care about Shuk’s expression.
In his opinion, this was a very normal investment issue.
Moreover, the difference between their identities was too great.
At this moment, the waiter had already served over a dozen dishes.
The banquet officially opened.
The Peace Hotel was worthy of being a high-end hotel in City K.
The dishes were fragrant and tender.
It made one’s index finger move.
Several directors on the wine table were surrounding Cheng Wu as they continued to toast and praise.
Not long after, Cheng Wu felt that he had some food to eat.
Suddenly, Wang Hao was beside Cheng Wu:
“Brother Cheng Wu, there are some director friends outside.”
“I want you to take a look at the script.”
“Why don’ t we go together?”
This time, the Peace Hotel was a large-scale director gathering.
The entire Peace Hotel’s third floor was wrapped up.
There were more than a dozen private rooms with numerous directors looking for investors.
Cheng Wu thought for a moment and nodded slightly.
It was a good time to see how many scripts could trigger the return rate this time.
If he accumulated more, he could also gain a wave of reputation points and money.
Cheng Wu and Wang Hao stood up and walked out of the room.
As soon as the two left, Schuck slammed the table heavily.
He gave a cold snort:
“This person is too pretentious, right?”
“Call him Big Brother, he really takes me seriously!”
“My film is favored by many industry directors.”
“Why should he refuse?”
“No eyes!”
The other five people on the dining table looked at Schuck strangely.
Wasn’ t this person too shameless?
When Brother Cheng Wu was around, he did not say a word.
Now that he had just left, he had just spoken ill of him?
Zhang Hao immediately stood up and coldly glanced at him.
“Investment is a matter of mutual wishful thinking.”
“What?”I know that Brother Cheng Wu’s vision is extremely accurate. The film and television he has invested in has become quite popular.”
“Now that Brother Cheng Wu doesn’t think highly of you, he’s angered from embarrassment?”
Shuk’s face turned green and white. He suddenly stood up and waved his sleeve.
He left behind a ruthless sentence:
“Cheng Wu didn’ t invest in me, it was his loss!”
“Just wait. Let’s see if this’ Flood Dragon on the Bed’ will be able to ignite!”
Seeing Shuk leave with his tail between his legs, the remaining few people smiled at each other.
They had seen many such self-centered people.
After a few words of conversation, he didn’ t mind and continued to eat.
Not long after, Cheng Wu and Wang Hao had returned.
He went out for a stroll and added dozens of dimensional letters.
He collected dozens of electronic documents.
When he went back to take a look, there should be quite a few good seedlings that could be invested.
This time, the harvest was quite abundant!
“Yi, where’s Shuk?”
Wang Hao first noticed something strange and asked.
Zhang Hao stood up and explained the matter briefly.
Wang Hao’s expression turned ugly.
He kindly introduced the resources to Shuk, and Shuk slapped him in the face like this?
He really didn’ t treat him as a friend!
“Brother Cheng Wu, I…”
Wang Hao wanted to say something, but he stopped. He was extremely apologetic.
“It’s fine.”
Cheng Wu smiled nonchalantly.
He didn’ t even remember Schuck.
The waiter brought in a few more dishes, breaking the awkward atmosphere.
Everyone began to eat and drink again.
After a meal, Cheng Wu returned home.
In the next few days, Cheng Wu signed a contract with a director who had been selected and had a return rate.
It was estimated that he had invested more than a dozen scripts and spent around a hundred million.
On Liang Long’s side, he also sent an assistant to carry out the matters concerning Dragon Core.
Cheng Wu and Long Wei officially became shareholders of Dragon Core.
But Cheng Wu did not expect that.
After entering the stock market, Longwei issued a simple announcement.
He actually went up the search again!*

Chapter 54: Cheng Wu’s investment failure rate of 0%, about to break?

Cheng Wu was surprised to find that he had actually gone up the search again!
As for this post, it was about Cheng Wu investing in the A.I. Chip!
[Shocked!The 0% failure rate of Cheng Wu’s investment was about to be completely destroyed!]
“Hello, everyone. I’ m sure everyone has discovered it.”
The announcement released by the Dragon Fore Group today.
《 Warmly congratulated Dragon Core on its establishment!The first round of financing was 8 billion!》
That’s right. That’s it.
Everyone must have discovered it.
Cheng Wu invested a total of four billion, accounting for half of the first round of financing!
He became the shareholder of Dragon Core!!
Perhaps someone was very strange.
Isn’t’ Longwei the top mobile phone manufacturer in China?
Cheng Wu became a shareholder. It was not worth celebrating.
This investment was definitely not a loss?
Then all of you are completely wrong!
One had to know that Cheng Wu’s company was only a subsidiary of Long Wei.
It was just’ Dragon Core’!!
This subsidiary was specially used to develop the A.I. Chip!
Now, everyone must understand, right?
‘Dragon Core had nothing to do with Long Wei!
It couldn’t be divided into the profits of the dragon!
So, did Dragon Core have a chance to make a profit?
In my opinion, hope was ethereal!
The current top A.I. Chip technology was leading the trend in foreign countries.
Our Dragon Country did not have a successful A.I. Chip on its own!
As for the foreign countries, they had already spent 50 years, constantly innovating their technologies.
The strongest ugly country had already developed the technology to the fifth generation A.I. Chip!
Almost 50% of the phones on the market were patented by the ugly A.I. Chip technology!
The Dragon Country had just started. How difficult was it to develop the A.I. Chip?
Even if he did, could it be that he could defeat the fifth generation product of the ugly country’s renewal iteration?
This was definitely a loss without a doubt!
‘Longwei’ was a large company with a market value of 1.3 trillion ugly yuan. He had the money to try this.
Is Cheng Wu there?
He had thrown four billion, and he was simply unable to turn the tide!
He definitely couldn’ t even escape!
Cheng Wu had done everything in one move, but he didn’ t expect to end up here!
“The investment myth of 0% failure rate is shattered!”
[Attached drawing:[ Dragon for Group Announcement]
Under this post, countless netizens were discussing it enthusiastically.
He directly sent this post to the top of the search!
“F*ck, no way?”That’s right.”
“Was too regretful!This shot was four billion!”It’s all gone!”
“It’s not that I’ m unpatriotic and don’ t support the Dragon Country’s research into their own domestic A.I. Chip.”
“It’s just that the difference in strength is too great!”
“Sigh!Cheng Wu’s investment had a 0% failure rate, so it was shattered!”
“It’s a pity!”
Cheng Wu was now an A-list celebrity, and he had quickly become famous recently.
He was handsome, gentle and gentle as the Gu family, and his investment was like divine calculation.
It was extremely hot.
As for Long Wei, he was a veteran private enterprise.
It could be considered as the best manufacturer of cell phone products in the Dragon Country.
This collision caused an intense spark!
Among the many comments that were not optimistic about Cheng Wu, there were also some comments from fans.
“Cheng Wu’s husband was too handsome!”A.I. Chip!”
“This is to fight for the rise of the Dragon Country’s technology regardless of his own self-interest!”
“Admiration!”If I were Cheng Wu, I would definitely not have done this.”
“Cheng Wu is truly selfless!”
“This character is worthy of being called the National Male God!”
Along with this wave of fish wheel brewing, Cheng Wu’s reputation points were also increasing!
Three million, five million… In the end, ten million!
Cheng Wu looked at the increasing Reputation Points and felt a little disgusted.
It felt a little less.
However, this was a common rule.
In this period of time, his news was too hot.
Many people could see their own news almost every three or five minutes.
It was no longer strange.
Naturally, the increase in prestige also slowed down.
As long as it took some time, it could still recover.
Thinking of this, Cheng Wu couldn’ t help but smile.
After two major events, he actually disliked the fact that ten million Reputation Points were lacking.
One had to know that in the first year, he had only obtained 30 million.
Shaking his head, he ignored the online comments.
Cheng Wu was already used to it.
Those netizens who didn’t think highly of him, as long as this matter was completed.
Then how vicious was the blame now.
When the time comes, the praise will be as fierce as it is.
Now, let’s draw the ten million.
Cheng Wu clicked on the System Shopping Center and exchanged for the lottery table.
The familiar red, yellow, and blue colors occupied the triangle.
The lonely blue was still only 5%.
However, Cheng Wu had sufficient confidence.
He felt that this period of time had passed abnormally smoothly.
Even the white gold lottery draw had a 3% chance of winning an SS grade.
He was simply the son of karmic luck.
The blue grade A turntable was 2% higher than the white gold grade SS turntable.
Who knows?
Cheng Wu stared at the turntable and pressed the exchange key.*

Chapter 55: Draw again!

After Cheng Wu pressed the exchange key, the system’s reputation value was completely consumed.
The needle of the turntable began to slowly rotate.
In the red, yellow, and blue colors, flickering continuously.
After a long time, the needle slowly slowed down.
When Cheng Wu saw this, he immediately lost hope.
The pointer had just passed the blue area.
With his current slow speed, he couldn’ t make a single turn.
Sure enough, the needle didn’ t come as expected.
Finally, he steadily stopped in the yellow area.
Grade B one-time authority!
Cheng Wu smiled.
This was acceptable.
It would be good if it wasn’ t grade C.
Not to mention, he didn’t seem to have won the B-level privilege yet?
It was a good time to try his grace.
After completing the exchange, Cheng Wu packed up and went downstairs to wait for Chen Jiao.
Earlier, he had promised to accompany her to dinner with her father-in-law.
Not long after, the charming Chen Jiao wore a pink winter dress.
During this period of time, the temperature dropped drastically.
Autumn’s tail quietly ran away. In the blink of an eye, it was already winter.
After receiving Chen Jiao, Cheng Wu held her hand.
The two of them slowly walked towards the man’s house.
It was a good time to enjoy the scenery along the way.
At the side of the path, a layer of bone-chilling frost had appeared on the originally green plants.
Even the originally warm sunlight could not feel the slightest warmth.
Only by holding Cheng Wu’s hand could Chen Jiao feel the reassuring warmth.
As she walked forward, Chen Jiao suddenly felt a chill run down her spine.
He reached out his hand to touch it and took a look in front of him.
Chen Jiao was slightly surprised as she let out a cry of surprise:
“Husband, it’s snowing!”
“It’s winter!”
Cheng Wu smiled and waved the snowflakes on Chen Jiaoxiu’s hair.
Unknowingly, it was already winter!
Under the sun, a small snowflake fell wantonly.
Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao sped up on the small path.
Finally, when the snow fell, he arrived at the man’s house.
This time, it was not Li Ling who opened the door.
It was Chen Dong.
He was wearing a briefcase as if he was about to leave.
Seeing Cheng Wu Chen Jiao, a surprised expression appeared on his face as he spoke:
“Ah, why are you here?”
Chen Jiao was slightly startled, and a trace of blush appeared on her face:
“Dad!”I told you two days ago that I’ m coming here today!”
“You won’ t forget, right?!”
When Chen Dong heard this, he scratched his head and smiled awkwardly:
“Ah… I didn’ t forget.”
“You just forgot!”
Chen Jiao stamped her feet. Her red face was extremely cute.
It was unknown whether it was because of the cold winter or because of embarrassment.
“Sigh!”My old friend called…”
“There will be an important gathering.”
“Jiao’ er, you’ re here to accompany your mother.”
When Chen Dong saw that he could not fool around, he could only tell the truth.
Then, when he saw Cheng Wu, he seemed to have recalled something and his eyes lit up.
“By the way, Xiao Wu, go with me.”
“At this gathering, some of the high-level tycoons in City K are here.”
“It’s a good time to bring you to know each other and get in touch with all walks of life.”
“Let’s see. It’ ll be better if we have the opportunity to invest.”
He didn’ t forget about Cheng Wu’s last call to ask him about Liang Long’s contact information.
Now that Cheng Wu had reached the financial level, he lacked an upper class ticket.
This time, it was time to bring Cheng Wu some contacts.
Cheng Wu looked at the pretty Chen Jiao.
He didn’ t forget that he had come to accompany Chen Jiao this time.
“Alright, then husband, you can go with dad.”
“I’ ll be at home with my mother, just in time for you to come back.”
Chen Jiao was a little unhappy, but she thought about it.
Knowing more people would be beneficial to Cheng Wu.
He said in a very considerate manner.
Since Chen Jiao had no objections, Cheng Wu began to think seriously.
He pondered for a moment.
Only now did Dragon Core release 8% of its shares.
In the future, they would definitely have to raise money again.
If he wanted to earn more, this billion was far from enough.
Only by relying on money to earn money and seeking more returns would that be enough.
Get to know more high-end contacts from all walks of life in City K.
It was indeed beneficial to see more returns.
Cheng Wu nodded and agreed.
Then, Chen Jiao entered the room.
Cheng Wu and Chen Dong, who were holding the briefcase, set off together.
He got into Chen Dong’s car and sped off.
On the way, Chen Dong gave Cheng Wu a brief introduction to the situation.
This gathering was a regular activity in City K.
It was basically an exchange of information from all walks of life.
In addition, they contacted each other to protect their feelings.
Basically, all the basic tickets needed to be at the level of a hundred million.
After hearing this, Cheng Wu roughly understood the nature of this gathering.
It was also known as the exchange of benefits.
However, this was quite friendly to Cheng Wu.
After all, Cheng Wu could see the return rate.
He could filter out the truly useful gold from this noisy information.
The car was steadily moving forward while Chen Dong was driving.
After a while, he finally arrived at his destination.
Cheng Wu looked at the familiar shop name and was slightly stunned.
Peace Hotel!*

Chapter 56: Peace Hotel of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Cheng Wu had not expected that the gathering of the billionaires would be here as well.
As if he had seen through Cheng Wu’s question, Chen Dong, who had just parked his car, smiled and explained:
“Every time we meet, we will choose a place.”
“It just so happens that this hotel is opened by an old friend. The place is barely enough.”
“It’s settled here.”
City K was worthy of being a first-tier city.
It really was Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon!
“Let’s go.”
Chen Dong called out and entered.
Cheng Wu followed Chen Dong.
Along the way, there were people with noble and elegant manners.
He naturally greeted Chen Dong.
Along the way, almost a dozen people met.
Chen Dong naturally introduced Cheng Wu.
Cheng Wu had exchanged contact information with them.
By the time everything was done, Chen Dong had already brought Cheng Wu to the door of a private room.
Cheng Wu asked curiously.
“Dad, you seem to have a lot of friends.”
“You know so many people.”
Chen Dong smiled and explained:
“Actually, I’ m familiar with the people participating in this meeting. I have a contact information.”
“It’s not that I have a wide range of friends.”
“Actually, they are the same.”
“You are the only new face in these two gatherings.”
Cheng Wu thought about it and nodded.
It was also true.
At the level of a billionaire, the threshold for all walks of life was no longer as obvious.
Today, you’re still working on wood. Tomorrow, you might be working on finance.
He might be able to use the other party.
Naturally, they had to maintain good social relations.
At this moment, Chen Dong had already pushed open the door.
There were five or six middle-aged men seated inside.
Cheng Wu followed Chen Dong and entered. Under Chen Dong’s introduction, he roughly understood each other’s identities.
Because Chen Dong was made of steel, this table was basically made of related industries.
The two skinny ones were made of sand and cement. They were called Zhang Heng and Li Qiangdong.
The two with normal bodies were contracted for building.
There was also a bald man with a belly of a general and a large belly, called Zhang Zhi.
Just like Li Dong, he started his business as a steel producer.
After introducing them one by one, Cheng Wu sat down with Chen Dong.
“Little brother Cheng Wu is really young and talented!”
“That’s right. Your investment in’ crude oil’ is truly extremely accurate.”
Zhang Heng and Li Qiangdong praised with smiles.
“Just luck.”
“There is no comparison between them.”
Cheng Wu smiled modestly and replied politely.
At this moment, the waiter came up with the dishes and interrupted the commercial exchange.
After the dishes were served to the dining table, today’s banquet began.
On the dining table, after three rounds of wine, the atmosphere began to warm up.
That bald man, Zhang Zhi, who had a large belly on his general’s belly.
At this moment, he put down the wine cup in his hand and said:
“Have you heard?”
“Old Huang didn’ t hear about the subway before.”
“I bought a land in the suburbs and built a house.”
Zhang Heng immediately responded:
“How could I not have heard of this!”That’s right!”
“I reckon that he’ ll be able to earn at least a billion!”
Li Qiangdong also looked slightly regretful:
“Yes, I was a step slower when I received the news.”
“Otherwise, that building would be mine!”
Zhang Zhi smiled mysteriously:
“Fortunately, Li Qiangdong, you were a step too slow to buy.”
“Let me tell you, that old brat Huang Jing is regretting now!”
“Now that the house is not built, the construction site has also stopped.”
“We are all in a hurry to find someone to take over!”
“Can’t it?!”
Zhang Heng was shocked and cried out in surprise.
“That land will steadily rise when the subway is completed!”
“Why is Huang Jing not building now? Why is he looking for someone to take action?”
Zhang Zhi touched his beer belly and burped:
“It’s very simple, the latest news!”
“Subway changed course!”I won’ t pass there!”
“That’s why Huang Jing, that old brat, is now begging all over the place to Grandpa to tell Grandma to take over!”
“Other than his own family, he paid off the loan and smashed it in there!”
Li Qiangdong was delighted:
“True!Fortunately, I was a step too late!”If not, I will be the one who regrets now!”
Zhang Zhipang squeezed out a few greasy smiles on his fat face:
“I don’t know which one of them is going to take over Huang Jing’s rotten tail tower!”
Everyone was amused by Zhang Zhi’s words and burst into laughter.
His father-in-law, Chen Dong, was no exception. He laughed in agreement.
Only Cheng Wu remained expressionless, unmoving!
Only because of their discussion.
Shockingly, the system notification was triggered!
All of his eyes were occupied by the system text!
The investment opportunity had come!*

Chapter 57: Event: Rundown Estate!

This paragraph appeared in front of Cheng Wu. Shockingly, it was the one-time B-level return!
[Event: Lanwei Estate]
[Grade B return:200%]
[Cycle: one month.]
[Reason: The’ Lanwei Estate’ was located in the suburbs. Because the subway changed its course, no one took over.
However, no one knew that a month later, this area was surrounded by a school district!The price of the building soared!]
Cheng Wu looked at the words in front of him and was stunned!
He knew that he had come right this time!
Although the return rate of this incident was only 200%.
But how much money would it take to completely take over a building?
It was probably hundreds of millions!
Together with the expenses of decoration, workers, and so on, it would cost over a dozen to two billion!
This time, it would be more than ten to two billion!
Such a terrifying profit would probably be faster than an A-level incident!
It was simply the pinnacle of a class B event!
It was extremely close to Grade A!
As for this, it was only a business opportunity that they revealed during their casual chat!
Sure enough, it was better to read ten thousand books than to travel ten thousand miles.
Usually, he would need more information to help him trigger a better return rate.
After reading the system text, Cheng Wu smiled as well.
However, they were mocking Huang Jing’s downfall.
As for Cheng Wu, he was secretly planning on the rotten tail tower in Huang Jing’s hands!
After three rounds of wine, the few people on the table took the initiative to exchange some information.
Even Chen Dong had mentioned a few information and secrets about the steel industry.
As they spoke, Cheng Wu’s eyes were constantly showing signs of return.
From level f to level c, everything was there.
However, it was not as good as this Grade B incident, so Cheng Wu ignored it.
Cheng Wu sighed in admiration.
Sure enough, connections were a source of wealth!
If a nouveau riche without any source of income knew about this information.
He could immediately create his own closed-loop business and steadily increase his wealth!
This was just a message exchange in Chen Dong’s small circle!
In the follow-up chat, everyone exchanged cups and drank a toast.
At the end of the day, the people on the table left one after another.
Cheng Wu and Chen Dong left the Peace Hotel and got into the car.
When they arrived in the car, only Cheng Wu and Chen Dong were alone.
Only then did Cheng Wu narrow his eyes and reveal his thoughts:
“Dad, I want to take over Huang Jing’s rotten tail building.”
“Give me his contact information.”
Chen Dong had originally planned to leave on fire, but when he heard Cheng Wu’s words, he was stunned.
The right foot that was originally placed on the accelerator lightly shifted and placed it on the brake.
“Xiao Wu, I know that you’ ve always had a keen eye. You have your own ideas.”
“But listen to Father’s advice. That rotten tail building can’ t accept it!”
“There’s no subway in that area. No one can buy a building!”
Cheng Wu looked at Chen Dong’s anxious face and smiled.
He knew that Chen Dong was truly treating him well.
For his sake.
But he had a system!
But after knowing that a month later, that area would be converted into a school district room!
House prices soared!
Therefore, he had to take over this building and definitely buy it.
However, this reason could not be explained to Chen Dong.
He could not explain where he had received the news.
After some thought, Cheng Wu said:
“Father-in-law, I’ m optimistic about the potential of that piece.”
“You must know that there are more and more migrant workers in City K.”
“City K is a first-tier city. The prices in the city center are too high.”
“Those migrant workers can’ t afford it.”
“Buying houses in the suburbs is their only chance to stay in City K.”
“Moreover, as the economy grows more and more prosperous, more and more land is being built.”
“City K will definitely focus on the suburbs.”
“That’s why I think I’ ll take advantage of Huang Jing’s diversion and find someone to take over.”
“It’s a good time to gather it at a lower price. I’ m sure I won’ t lose.”
Chen Dong immediately fell silent upon hearing Cheng Wu’s words.
He hadn’ t expected Cheng Wu to have such experience!
That’s right. They saw the benefits in front of them, not as long-term as Cheng Wu!
Thinking back now, was the original city of City K as big as it was now?
It wasn’t just a bit of expansion!
It was City K!
Now, in City K, could he bear this slogan?
In the end, one could imagine that City K would definitely focus on the suburbs!
Cheng Wu’s investment was mainly because he valued Huang Jing’s need for liquidity and bought it at a low price.
In the long run, there was a great possibility of profit!
It was only possible that the return period was longer!
“I know about Xiao Wu. What you said makes sense.”
“Since you have ideas, I also support you.”
“I’ ll give you Huang Jing’s contact information.”
“I have more than one hundred million of my working capital. I’ ll lend you one hundred million.”
“You are fully responsible for this matter.”
Chen Dong’s face darkened and he said straightforwardly.*

Chapter 58: Winter Snow

On the carriage, Chen Dong made up his mind to let Cheng Wu take full responsibility.
He directly transferred 100 million to Cheng Wu’s bank card to show his trust.
Furthermore, he pushed Huang Jing’s Wei Xin to Cheng Wu.
Only then did he start the fire and continue driving towards his home.
As for Cheng Wu, after adding it, very soon, Huang Jing passed his friend request.
During the exchange, Cheng Wu expressed his intentions.
Huang Jing was overjoyed. He asked Cheng Wu to talk to him tomorrow.
Cheng Wu chose the old place of old time. Tomorrow afternoon, the Sandstorm Pavilion.
Huang Jing had no choice.
After Cheng Wu finished all this.
At this moment, Chen Dong drove to his home as well.
After Chen Dong stopped the car, Cheng Wu and Chen Dong left the car together.
He walked to Chen Dong’s house.
This time, there was no need for Li Ling and Chen Jiao to open the door. Chen Dong had the key.
Cheng Wu and Chen Dong entered the house after some trivial lockpick sounds.
Just as they entered, they found the direction of the living room.
Chen Jiao and Li Ling were sitting on the sofa, stuttering while watching TV!
That Chen Jiao’s snow-white long leg was curled up on the coffee table. It shook and shook, extremely leisurely.
Seeing that Cheng Wu Chen Dong had returned, he stopped watching the television and turned around to say in surprise:
“Dad, husband, you’re back.”
“Yes, I’ m back.”
Cheng Wu Chen Dong agreed and took two steps forward, sitting on the sofa.
The four of them looked at the television and mumbled something. It was a rare warmth.
Finally, it was about time.
Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao took their leave and prepared to go home.
After Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao left, Li Ling’s mother-in-law’s expression changed and she asked:
“Why are there 100 million less money in your bank card when you go to the party?”
Chen Dong’s bank card was tied to her phone number.
Earlier, Chen Dong had turned 100 million to Cheng Wu.
She naturally received a message.
“Oh, I lent it to Cheng Wu to invest…”
Chen Dong explained the situation to Li Ling.
Li Ling frowned:
“Then this investment was led by Xiao Wu?”
“He’ d never come into contact with the real estate industry before, so you didn’ t try to persuade him. Instead, you joined in.”
“What if we lose?”
Li Ling was not worried about this. One had to know that real estate was an industry that ate extremely well.
As for Cheng Wu, he had never come into contact with anyone, and he had no access to inside information.
With just his eyesight, would he really not make a mistake?
Chen Dong smiled confidently and said confidently:
“No, it’s not like you don’ t know who your son-in-law is after so long.”
“He is handsome, gentle, and never does anything that is uncertain.”
“The most rare thing is that his business sense is extremely sensitive.”
“Look, let’s not talk about War Dragon and Crude Oil, just about the many films he’s invested in.”
“Is there a loss?”
“It’s all a huge profit!”
“This time, I believe in him.”
“Even if we don’t make money in recent months, we will still make money in the next two years.”
“He is a person who does great things.”
When Li Ling heard this, her originally furrowed brows relaxed.
That’s right, how could she forget about it.
His son-in-law was Cheng Wu!
The youngest billionaire in the entire Dragon Country!
The industry legend that invested 0% failure rate!
What else did he need to worry about?
At this moment, on the other side.
Cheng Wuzheng and Chen Jiao took small steps as they walked home.
Looking at the snow covering the road, Cheng Wu couldn’ t help but sigh.
This white snow was ethereal. It really was the aura of winter!
When she passed a small square, Chen Jiao pulled Cheng Wu’s small hand and signaled him to go over.
This small square was covered with deep snow, and it was just covered. It looked extremely orderly.
Chen Jiao squatted down and used her small hand to draw a pattern on it.
From time to time, he would raise his hands and place them on his mouth. His small mouth exhaled softly as he rubbed them together.
His delicate little face turned red.
Cheng Wu looked at it with interest, but he didn’ t say anything and just looked at it quietly.
Soon, Chen Jiao’s’ masterpiece’ was completed.
It was a small figure drawn according to Cheng Wu’s appearance.
“Hubby, look! This is my gift for you!”
“Painted it according to your appearance!”It looks good, right?”
Chen Jiao excitedly called Cheng Wu over to watch.
Cheng Wu took two steps closer and took a closer look.
Uh… This little person.
It couldn’ t be said that it wasn’ t like it. At least it wasn’ t related.
“Did you really draw this from me?”
Cheng Wu asked tentatively.
“Yes!”Beautiful, right?”
Chen Jiao didn’ t notice anything as she crossed her waist.
A tugging expression appeared on her delicate face.
He looked like I was awesome. Quickly brag about my arrogance.
Cheng Wu looked at Chen Jiao’s cute little expression and decided to hide his conscience.
He said gently:
“Wife, you are awesome!”It really looks like it!”
Chen Jiao smiled when she heard Cheng Wu’s praise.
She revealed two intoxicating dimples, her eyes curved like crescent moons.
“Then, it’s husband’s turn to draw it for me.”
Chen Jiao smiled and looked at Cheng Wu with a look of anticipation.
Looking at Chen Jiao’s charming appearance, her eyes were filled with anticipation.
Who could ruthlessly reject such a cute and charming girl?
Cheng Wu smiled.
“Shut your eyes first.”
Chen Jiao forcefully nodded and closed her eyes in anticipation.
He thought happily.
What kind of painting did Cheng Wu Guild paint her?
If the painting wasn’t as good as his own, would you like to praise it?
Hearing Cheng Wu’s voice, Chen Jiao opened her eyes in anticipation.
Looking at the scene before him, he let out a cry of alarm!
Chen Jiao’s portrait was reflected on Snow’s face. It was beautiful and beautiful.
If the portrait were to be colored, it would probably be no different from a photo!
The painting was too good!
“Hubby, you’ re awesome!”
Chen Jiao cried out happily. Never had she imagined that Cheng Wu would actually give her a pleasant surprise!*

Chapter 59: Acquisition of the Lanwei Estate!

After playing with Chen Jiao for a while, Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao returned home.
With the help of the rate-of-return system, Cheng Wu could always be as good as a fish in water in many small details of life.
For example, before, when he had decided, the rate of return below grade F appeared to teach him how to draw on the snow one by one.
Only then did the image that was drawn stunned Chen Jiao, making her happy all day.
After keeping her warm with Chen Jiao, Cheng Wu got up early the next day.
Yesterday, during his communication with Huang Jing, he roughly explained the general capital intentions needed to purchase the Lanwei Building.
Cheng Wu understood that the money he currently had was definitely enough.
However, the subsequent requests for the decoration team, construction materials, and taxes were also a large amount of expenditure.
Therefore, he got up early and went to the bank.
Because Cheng Wu was now a famous person, and there were many savings in the bank.
Therefore, the credit was naturally very high.
After doing some formalities, the loan was worth 500 million yuan, and it would be settled in a few days.
In other words, the outside world was not optimistic about the valuation of the Dragon Core, so it was a little less money to guarantee it.
Otherwise, at least the amount of the loan could be doubled.
However, this was enough.
After all, it was already two billion.
After Cheng Wu finished all this, it was naturally afternoon.
He drove to the old place, Sandstorm Pavilion.
After stopping the car, the familiar welcome lady brought him to the private room with a smile on her face.
“President Cheng, you’ re really young!”
“Handsome and uninhibited!Zhuo Er Bufan!”It really is not as famous as meeting!”
Huang Jing was a skinny old man with a stooped body.
Seeing that Cheng Wu had arrived, he hurriedly stood up and grabbed Cheng Wu’s hand with a face full of smiles.
“Hello, President Huang. I’ ve been looking forward to seeing you for a long time.”
Cheng Wu nodded and said politely.
He knew that Huang Jing’s enthusiasm was to treat him as a life-saving straw.
Earlier, Huang Jing had inside information and quickly bought this piece at a premium.
Moreover, the construction team had been set up. The construction materials were all above the market price.
The reason was to build the building as early as possible.
But later, the news of the subway changing course came out.
He was dumbfounded.
This caused him to be in a dilemma.
If he continued to invest, he would build this building.
Without the subway, who would come here to buy a house in the near future?
The more he continued to invest, the more he continued to throw money in.
When he found someone else to take over, everyone else knew this information.
To the capitalists, not making money was a loss.
Although the price of the entire building was rising in the market.
But this cost included the amount of time and money that could be spent.
The return was clearly not proportional.
In addition, there was a possibility that they would lose blood in the past two years.
How could he take over?
That was why Huang Jing was so enthusiastic after seeing Cheng Wu.
After Cheng Wu and Huang Jing finished holding hands, they naturally entered the private room and sat in the main seat that Huang Jing had left him.
Miss Yingbin smiled and closed the door, leaving them a private space.
Now, the conversation had officially begun.
Huang Jing took the initiative to pour a cup of tea for Cheng Wu and smiled:
“President Cheng, to tell you the truth, it took me a lot of effort to take down this piece of land.”
“In the end, the construction team has already been built halfway.”
“This suburb has great potential. It’s right next to the city. It’ ll definitely appreciate in the future.”
“That’s good. I won’ t make you any money. I’ ll give you two billion.”
After pouring the tea, he pushed over all the materials and documents on the table, indicating for Cheng Wu to watch.
Cheng Jian took a look at the documents and put them down:
“President Huang, your price is a little ridiculous.”
“It will cost this price to complete the construction of the same surrounding buildings.”
“Moreover, since we all understand, we no longer pretend to be muddleheaded. We opened the skylight and spoke in a bright voice.”
“Because of the diversion of the subway, your building is worthless.”
“No one will take over. That’s me. I don’ t plan to make any quick money in the near future. I’ ve chosen the direction of this suburb.”
“I don’ t look at the materials anymore. I’ ve already understood them.”
“This way, a bid of 15 billion.”
Cheng Wu knew the value behind this building, but he was not in a hurry.
Because Huang Jing didn’ t know!
Moreover, the most important thing was that right now, Huang Jing was in a hurry to take off his hands, unable to find the seller.
If he didn’ t kill the price at this time, when would he kill?
Huang Jing paused when he heard Cheng Wu’s words.
Seeing that Cheng Wu was an understanding person, he decided to stop pretending.
“President Cheng,1.5 billion is too little!”
“How about you make me lose a bit less,1.7 billion?”
Cheng Wu smiled and looked down at his watch.
“President Huang, we still have something to do.”
“This price is my highest expectation.”
“Good!Then I’ ll make a friend like President Cheng.”1.5 Billion is 1.5 billion!”
Huang Jing saw that he couldn’t help but agree.
If he missed Cheng Wu, he might not be able to find anyone to take over for a long time.
This would drag him down.
Seeing that Huang Jing had agreed, Cheng Wu glanced at the briefcase he was carrying. He could vaguely see the outline of a drum and an official seal.
“Then let’s sign the contract right now?”
“I’ ll give you 1.5 billion after signing.”
Huang Jing looked at Cheng Wu in surprise.
This was 1.5 billion ah. Cheng Wu actually said he would pay the entire amount?
If he didn’ t sign a deposit contract, then he would have to investigate?
This was too straightforward!
“What?”What’s difficult?”
“No, let’s sign now!”
Huang Jingle smiled, his face as bright as a chrysanthemum.
Since Cheng Wu didn’ t have any objections, what else could he have?
It was too late to be happy!
After a while of busy work, the two of them finally signed a contract and settled the money.
Huang Jing also gave Cheng Wu the materials he carried with him.
Cheng Wu left the Sandstorm Pavilion and returned.
Huang Jingle watched Cheng Wu leave.
Someone had finally taken over this rotten tail building.
Fortunately, he encountered an injustice.
Otherwise, it was unknown how much they would lose!
It was only a loss of one billion or two, and it was still acceptable.
This young man was truly his God of Wealth!
Huang Jing’s face was full of smiles, his heart filled with joy.