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24 Summon Guild

Everyone, don’t be stingy with the flowers and tickets in your hands!)
Lin Ling had already accumulated a tenth of his experience in just a month. In other words, with his current speed, he would only need another nine months to successfully upgrade to an Intermediate Summoner. This speed was extremely terrifying in the entire Runic Lands.But he was still unsatisfied!
“Don’ t continue eating steamed buns?”
Lin Ling nodded as he spoke to a doll.
Wei nodded in satisfaction.” That’s right, kid. I’ m in a good mood today. I’ ll take you to the Summoner Guild to practice. Remember, you’ ll have to control me later. If I lose, I’ ll lose.I’m going to turn your ears off.”You know!”
“These words are true!”Lin Ling’s eyes lit up as he hurriedly asked,” But big sister, I’ m just a summoner. I don’ t even have a summoner’s badge. Can I enter the Summoner Guild?”
Lin Ling was deeply doubtful.
There was almost a Summoner Guild in every big city, and the virtual advancement of the Hero Alliance would allow them to fight in a special place in the Summoners Guild.
Under normal circumstances, these summoners only had a few limited heroes, and they were just models without consciousness. Very few summoners were able to invite a certain hero to join the battle between summoners.
If you still can’t understand how terrifying an operating hero’s consciousness is, then fight a proportional battle.There was always a limit to one’s attention, and it was very likely that there would be an attack that could n’ t be detected in time. If the hero you summoned had the consciousness of that hero, plus the summoner himself.It was just two people!If the two of them cooperated more closely, their power would not be as simple as 1+1.
Lin Ling had no idea how lucky he was. He had encountered three heroes in such a short time.And his relationship with him was quite good!
“I am a hero in the Hero Alliance!Who would dare to block me?”Let’s not talk about Pirvov’s Summoners Guild, even if I want to bring someone in, I’ ll see who dares to stop me!”His domineering aura was exposed. Wei’s big hand led Lin Ling towards the Summoner Guild, ignoring his objections.
“Big Sis, can you put me down……”It’s too embarrassing…” Lin Ling covered his face and said to Wei with a numb face,” Do n’ t you think I’ll go? I have a foot and do n’ t hold me like a thing.I am a glorious Pirvovian policeman!I want human rights……Wuwuwuwu ……”
As he listened to Lin Ling’s complaints, Wei seemed to have gotten used to him. His left ear went into his right ear.He forcefully pushed Lin Ling to the door of the Summoners Guild.
“”‘Ve arrived.”After throwing Lin Ling down, Lin Ling, who was unable to react, fell to the ground. His butt hurt and he grimaced again.
“So it was Lord Hero!”Welcome, welcome!”
Before the two of them could say anything, a blue-robed summoner walked out of the guild. From the badge on his chest, Lin Ling could tell that the summoner was a high-level summoner.
The Summoner’s Beginner badge was engraved with a magic book. There was only one star on the cover of the magic book.Intermediate Summoners were two stars, while Advanced Summoners were naturally three stars.Then there was a Master Summoner. Only a Master Summoner could be considered a top-level Summoner on the entire continent. By then, the badge would change from star to crescent moon. After all, Lin Ling had never seen a badge above.
“So it’s Chairman Howard. I didn’ t expect to see you.”When Wei saw this person, the corner of his mouth curled into a fox-like smile. He said with a mischievous grin, It just so happens that I brought a newcomer today!”I’ m planning to come to your summoner guild to collect the badge.”
“Oh!””Sir Wei, are you kidding me?” The guild leader named Howard’s face beneath his hood revealed a rare look of surprise. He subconsciously looked at Lin Ling who was wearing a police uniform beside him.”If he really is a summoner, why is he wearing your police uniform.”
“Ha!You Howard, when did I lie to someone!He actually didn’ t believe my words!Lin Ling, go!”Let’s show him your Summoner skill!”Not satisfied with Howard’s distrust of him, what about wearing police uniforms?Could it be that wearing police uniforms would not allow others to be summoners!This mother was still wearing police uniforms, so she was still a hero!
Inadvertently, this Howard had offended Wei. From the looks of it, it was impossible for him to control Wei’s virtual hero in his entire life……
“Alright, Big Sis!”Lin Ling didn’t give this guild leader a good look. He raised his eyebrows and his nose twitched.He began to figure out what kind of skill to use to scare this old man!
When it came to skills that Summoners could comprehend alone, there were many.Almost every one of them was extremely abnormal. Almost every one of them could instantly turn the situation around!
Take the punishment that Lin Ling had once used. If a party encountered a powerful magical beast outside, if there was a summoner who could punish the party, the damage to the magical beast would be fatal!Real damage that could not be defended against.
“Healing Technique “. Both sides of the battle entered a state of injury. If they used Healing Technique, the advantage of the entire battle would instantly expand.
“Clever Technique” The mages wanted to use the Clever Technique the most.
That was why every Summoner skill was extremely useful in this world!That was why Summoners became so precious.
(According to the strength of each person, the effect of Summoner skills will also change)
In the past month, Lin Ling didn’t put all his experience on the thief. He knew that Rebirth was only a legendary skill for other summoners. Only a legendary summoner could comprehend it.To revive another person in reality!This was simply too heaven defying!Up to now, not a single Summoner had obtained this skill. It only existed in classical literature.
The game was removed, but the world I had set was not removed. It was just that it never appeared.)
He was dissatisfied with Howard, but his words were still very modest. He said modestly,” Then, President Howard, I will use the Summoner skill!”

Chapter 25 Beginner Summoner

He was dissatisfied with Howard, but his words were still very modest. He said modestly,” Then, President Howard, I will use the Summoner skill!”
Taking a deep breath, Lin Ling was no longer the same as he was a month ago!With the meditation technique Caitlin had given him, Lin Ling’s mana had finally changed from 0 to 10!
Cough cough……Although it was only 10 points, it was enough. He had his own system, and casting Summoner skills did not require any mana.It was strange to say that even though the Summoner’s skill did not require magic, all the Summoner’s skills could not be used without mana.It was as if there was a prerequisite to force Lin Ling to continuously improve.
Apart from Rebirth, the cooldown time of all Summoners was 180 seconds. In other words, as long as the cooldown time was good, Lin Ling could use any magic or not.As for Rebirth, this skill was simply too abnormal. Once it was used, the cooldown would be a terrifying 3 months!Furthermore, the target of Rebirth had to die for less than a month.Even if Lin Ling wanted to revive a corpse for more than a month, he would still be powerless.
Lin Ling felt that this skill was not as powerful as he had imagined.
To pretend to be a Summoner like everyone else, Lin Ling naturally wouldn’t use all of his skills at once. This way, he could only make Howard look at him as a monster. There might even be Frankenstein like Mondo who would dissect him.
Choosing a skill display was also a key.
As a virtual world battle, what was the most important?Naturally, he would reach the other side!Destroy their main crystal hub!
That was very good, but it had nothing to do with the skills Lin Ling planned to use.
“I’ m about to start!”Just as he finished speaking, a golden light flashed. Lin Ling, who was standing beside Wei Wei, had already arrived behind Howard.
“It’s a rare flash talent!”Howard swallowed his saliva. He couldn’t believe what he saw in front of him. A police officer wearing a police uniform was not only a noble summoner, but also a rare summoner skill!
One had to know that Summoner skills were all about looking at the face!From the moment you became a Summoner, two or three skills were determined.
Summoners were stronger than Summoners. Apart from that, Summoners were no different from other mages.A good Summoner skill meant a different future.
Howard,50 years old, a high-level summoner, a LV 7 mage.There were only two Summoners.Barrier and teleportation.It was because he had teleportation skills that he had the chance to become a vice-president when he was an intermediate summoner. Now that he had become the president of the Summoners Guild in Pirvov City over the years, it could be seen how important a good Summoner skill was to a person’s future.
As a Summoner skill that was comparable to teleportation, Flash was even more popular.
Flash anywhere within a hundred meters. No matter if it was used to travel, chase, or escape, it would be one of the first choice abilities of everyone.
The disdain on his face disappeared, and instead, it was filled with deep coquettishness. He affectionately pulled Lin Ling’s hand and asked with concern,” This little brother has some face!Was it just here?Aiya, such a good talent did not register as a Summoner. Your master was really irresponsible.I, Howard, just happened to be the guild leader here. I’ll give all the details of the little brother’s badge to my assistant!”I promise I’ ll get it done quickly!”
Wei disdainfully curled her lips. With her personality, she naturally would not be used to those people who played official roles all day and changed their faces faster than flipping through books.The first time he heard that Lin Ling was a Summoner, Wei wasn’t very willing to take him with him. It was only when he discovered that Lin Ling and those people were two different people that he liked Lin Ling.
“Lin Ling, I’ll wait for you.”
Very soon, after learning that Lin Ling’s innate skill had flashed, Howard had simply replaced another person with him. The long time he had spent dealing with the Summoner badge had also been reduced by him. In less than 10 minutes, he had completed the Summoner’s registration and successfully obtained the Beginner Summoner’s badge.In addition, he received a magic robe that represented a Summoner for free.
He lightly put on this large robe that looked like a cloak and put on his hat.Looking at Wei who was sitting in the Summoner’s hall, a wicked smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. Lin Ling lowered his head and walked towards Wei.
“Aiyo, a little lighter!A little lighter!”Big Sis is me!”Stealing a chicken was a waste of rice. He had planned to pretend to be a passer-by and harass Wei who was sitting on the side.Who would have thought that before Lin Ling could speak, he would be grabbed by Wei’s head.
“I said, Lin Ling, you’re dressed like this.”Could it be that you want to eat this old lady’s tofu?”With a strange smile, Wei released her hand and continued,” Actually, I haven’t liked someone so much for a long time.If you can’t hold it in, you can tell me that I might just give it to you if I’ m in a good mood.”There’s no need for such petty theft.”
“Big Sis, stop joking.”He rubbed his sore arm. His strength, which was comparable to that of a rank 1 warrior, was as weak as a baby in a swaddling cloth.
“You don’t know, I’ m a serious person.That was not what you thought.”So far, I haven’ t even talked about a girlfriend.”These words were true. On Earth, a man who didn’t look outstanding, had a fat figure, and had bad family conditions, how could he have a girlfriend!
“Was the person who had passed through?”If it’s a normal person, why are you always staring at my chest when it’s raining in the 4th weather.”Wei tilted his head and said calmly.His face was somewhat shy, but he hid it very well, and it was hard to detect it.
Although Wei was usually the same as a man, she had the same emotional experience as Lin Ling.Wei was actually even more shy than Kate Lin, who had changed many boyfriends, Bai Fumei (all arranged by Caitlin’s father). It took a lot of courage to say what she meant to Lin Ling.
“Uh ……” Lin Ling coughed dryly when he saw that something had happened a few days ago. His eyes rolled around and he quickly thought of an excuse,” Actually, you’ ve misunderstood. I’ m not looking at Big Sis’ s chest, but at Big Sis’ s face……”

Chapter 26 My Big Sister can’t be so happy

“Uh ……” Lin Ling coughed dryly when he saw that something had happened a few days ago. His eyes rolled around and he quickly thought of an excuse,” Actually, you’ ve misunderstood. I’ m not looking at Big Sis’ s chest, but at Big Sis’ s face……”
“What!”Wei’s heart throbbed violently as he thought to himself ……”
“Cough cough……”Big Sis, I think you misunderstood.”Jian Wei’s face turned red as the pair on her chest rose and fell violently. Only then did Lin Ling realize the ambiguity in his words. He quickly corrected it,” Actually, I think if you remove the makeup on your face and change this punk style to a normal one, it should be very beautiful.”
“Oh…” Wei Shuangyu replied weakly. She was a little disappointed. It turned out that Lin Ling wasn’t looking at her likely, but was looking at her.
“That……”Big Sis, don’ t be too disappointed. I didn’ t say I didn’ t like you either.”As a homestead, at least on Earth, it was an unforgivable crime to make a woman grieve for herself!Shangxin softened and added.
“Really!”With a sharp tone, Wei ignored the crowd and grabbed Lin Ling’s shoulders with two giant Hicks gloves. He asked in a slightly trembling voice,” You really do n’ t hate me?”
“Yes!”He endured the pain on his shoulders and tried his best to reply,” It’s just that I prefer to see a pure-looking big sister’s head instead of a big sister’s head with thick makeup on her face.”
“Then what kind of hairstyle do you like?!”Wei seemed to have grabbed the straw and asked again,” Twin-Tail?Shoulder hair?Short hair?Baldy…” The more he spoke, the more ridiculous he became. In the end, he realized that Lin Ling had never even heard of him before.
“Normal hair was enough, such as a ponytail or shawl.”After all, Big Sis is also a woman, and she’s already very beautiful. There’s no need for her to deliberately dress up!”Lin Ling’s face had already turned into a ball as he clenched his teeth.
“Hate to pull!”This was the first time Wei had been praised for his beauty. For a moment, he was too shy. He released his hands and covered his shy face with his right hand. His left hand slapped Lin Ling……
“Cough!”Poor Lin Ling instantly felt as if he had been hit by a rhinoceros. He fell to the ground and pretended to be dead.
“Heavens!Do you really want to have fun?”My big sister won’ t be so happy!”It wasn’t easy to get up from the ground and work with Wei Zai. These things were often things that needed to be faced.Lin Ling was already used to this.It was even because of Wei that Lin Ling’s body became more durable!
According to the news that Caitlin had secretly revealed to her, Wei Wei had not done it alone. It was just because she had “accidentally” taken her partner into the hospital. It was fine if she was the first to be careless, but the second third was the same as the first. Both of them were hospitalized.From now on, no one dared to go against Wei.Everyone thought Wei was intentional. If it wasn’t intentional, it would be even more terrifying!If that happened, wouldn’t it mean that he could n’ t even protect his life!
It was not until the newborn calf, who was not afraid of the tiger, came to Lin Ling. With a longing for a hero, Lin Ling decisively signed up to follow Wei to catch a criminal. This was what happened today.
In the past month of Pirvov, Lin Ling had met Wei almost every day. On the other hand, it was Bai Fu Mei Kaitlin. She had never seen a single person in the past month. She had only met her once in a month, but she still hurriedly called out a few words before leaving.A busy man!
“Then just ponytail. How is it?”After casting his fist through the gaps, he looked at Lin Ling, who was lying on the ground, shyly. He did not notice Lin Ling’s sorry state at all. In her eyes, Lin Ling had already transformed into a handsome man. It was true that there was a bit of jealousy in a lover’s eyes.
“OK……”Alright, I can do anything.”Lin Ling nodded repeatedly.
“This is the place where the summoners will spar with each other in the virtual arena.” Lin Ling finally managed to get through Wei’s time. Under Wei’s guidance, he went to a door on the left with a dense magical aura.Of course, we all called this place the “Battle Family “.”Let’s go, let’s go in and help me do a good job!”
After entering the Home of Combat, Lin Ling did not appear. Instead, it was a long passageway. There were separate compartments around the passageway, each with only one door.
He narrowed his eyes and broke out in cold sweat.” Why does this place give me the feeling of a love hotel ……”
“What love inn?”Wei wasn’t an Earthling, so naturally, he did n’ t know what this name represented. He innocently blinked at Lin Ling.
“Er……This, that……”It’s just a hotel name!”
“Oh.”She took a deep look at Lin Ling. She wasn’t stupid. Since it was a hotel, she could probably know something from face.
Wei actually quite agreed with Lin Ling’s suggestion. He had never considered this aspect before. Now that he saw that every small room was protected by magic, there would be no sound or anyone watching. No one knew what people were doing inside.This was just like the hotel room.
Wei’s face turned red at the thought of this.
“Come with me.”He walked all the way to the seventh door and found that there was no user room.Opening the door, there was only a bed, a crystal ball, and a table. There was a little cake and a glass of water on the table.
The Bed Summoner could use it while resting, allowing the hero to rest after entering the virtual world.
“I told you the exact method.”You shouldn’ t have forgotten.”
“Of course.”
“Take it, I’ll enter the virtual world first.”If you choose a hero later, you’ ll find my hero’s head. If you choose me, you’ ll be able to control me to compete.”
By the bedside, Wei slowly lay down, wearing a helmet-like hat emitting magic power, and soon fell into a deep sleep.
Here, I decided to use the same method as a sci-fi game, allowing the hero to use this method to integrate his consciousness into the virtual self.The summoner used the crystal ball to control the virtual hero.)
Taking a deep breath, Lin Ling circulated his Dantian and two invisible magic powers in his hands buffed the crystal ball……

Chapter 27 The legendary Pig Teammate

Taking a deep breath, Lin Ling circulated his Dantian and two invisible magic powers in his hands buffed the crystal ball……
The magic was connected to the crystal ball. Soon, the image in the crystal ball was directly projected into Lin Ling’s eyes, giving him a feeling as if he was on his own.
The smoke gun flashed. Soon, Lin Ling realized that he was no longer in the previous room. Instead, he had arrived in a huge hall. There were four people standing around him, and the opposite was the same.
“Where is this?”For the first time he had participated in a virtual battle, Lin Ling said something that even he felt stupid. The moment he said that, he immediately regretted it.
“Pfft hahaha……”It’s really top grade. To think that we’ re going to torture this time!”On the other side, a slightly horizontal Summoner laughed, his mouth mercilessly.
Although Lin Ling’s teammates were dissatisfied with the other party’s attitude, they were even more unwilling to partner with a novice like Lin Ling. They did not say anything, but their eyes betrayed them.
Lin Ling shrugged helplessly.
Soon, he began to observe the huge virtual image in front of him. Apart from the three heroes that could be used for free, Ice Shooter Ai Xi, Magic Machine Gun Reeds, and Cluster Lun, there were 10 other heroes.
“These are the so-called Zhou Mian heroes. Looks like this world is not completely different from the game!”Seeing this, Lin Ling’s heart calmed down slightly. He found Wei’s head and his intuition was certain.
As soon as he was certain, Lin Ling realized that his body seemed to have undergone some different changes. His height had shrunk!There was an extra pair of giant fists in front of him. He could even see things clearly, and there was a pair of highly familiar Hicks technology fists on his hands.
“Isn’ t this the body of Big Sister Wei!Why would I……!”
As for his surprise, Lin Ling quickly calmed down. He lowered his head and looked at the huge pair in front of him. Just as he was about to think of something bad, a voice in his mind jumped.
“Lin Ling, even though I like it, I didn’t expect you to think that your thoughts just now are so vulgar…” Wei’s extremely disdainful tone suddenly appeared in Lin Ling’s mind causing Lin Ling’s three souls to lose seven souls.
“Big Sis!Where are you?!”Ignoring his teammate’s strange gaze, Lin Ling looked around but did not find Wei’s figure. He rubbed his head and mumbled,” Am I really in love with Wei?Why did she hear her voice ……”
“Hey!Did you just say you fell in love with me!”Brat, quickly explain it!”Wei’s excited voice rang out again.
Only then did Lin Ling confirm that Wei and his consciousness had become one. Now he was Wei and Wei was him!
“Big Sis, are you in my head?”
“Kid, don’t change the subject. Did you just say you fell in love with me?For example……If… really…It was like this… I’ ll say first, I don’ t want any wedding.”But you have to treat me well. If you let me down, I’ ll personally tear off your lower part!”
“Err…” It was too cruel. He was actually going to drag things down, wait!Now was not the time to talk about these things!
While the two of them were communicating, both the opponent and their side had already made the choice of hero. After making sure that there were no talent and runes in the game, Lin Ling chose the punishment talent and the flash talent. Only then did he slowly wait for the countdown to end.
“Hey!”You haven’ t answered me yet!”Wei continued to remind Lin Ling of his dissatisfaction. He had to give her an explanation today, or even sleeping Wei would lose sleep tonight.
“Like is certain, love……I’m not sure, Wei. You also know that I’ m just a small Summoner, and you’re a great hero. We want to be together. Although no one will stop us, what will others think?”That’s why I hope I can discuss these things when I become stronger. Do you think I can?”Lin Ling changed his usual style and did not call Wei Wei’s name. Instead, he gently called Wei Wei’s lifeblood. That voice, that expression, that gaze.Wei’s heart trembled.
Because the two of them had temporarily fused together through this magic system, it was clear if Lin Ling was lying.Lin Ling didn’t give him a perfunctory answer, but rather was sincere and honest!
“Okay……Alright!Since you’ ve already said that, then……I’ll just wait.”After all, I’ ve been single for so many years. I don’ t have much time left.”At a certain age, a single woman’s voice grew louder and louder. In the end, she could n’ t even hear what she was saying.
After the countdown ended, there was no heroic loading interface. Lin Ling and the other five players were quickly surrounded by five pillars of light. The next second, the pillar of light disappeared, and Lin Ling realized that he had arrived at a huge base.
A bearded Yodel was lying behind a giant dragon-shaped creature. The table in front of it was filled with all sorts of equipment and weapons.Only then did he return to his senses and happily said,” Am I already at the legendary Summoner Canyon!”
“Yes, Newcomer. Don’t waste your time. Your name is really good. You actually have a Punishment Summoner skill, so what are you waiting for?”Hurry up and buy some equipment to fight in the wild!”A teammate who chose Ash as a hero bought five bottles of red medicine and five bottles of blue medicine and swaggered towards the lower line.
“……” Seeing this guy’s appearance, Lin Ling was so scared that he jumped back and said,” Is this the legendary 5 Red 5 Blue Ray?!”
“What’s wrong with this guy? He’s clearly a rookie who has just played a few games. He won’ t even buy his initial equipment.”Wei Wei helplessly complained.
Lin Ling was a little confused. Playing LOL equipment on Earth, even a novice would act as if they weren’t stupid to the extreme. How could this happen?” No, I think my teammates and the other five are quite professional.Why did he not even know these basic knowledge?”Don’ t tell me they didn’ t teach?”
“Sect?How to teach.This system was independently maintained by Zhanzheng College’s main crystal. Summoners’ battles would be matched by many times. This was your first time participating, and the people you met were naturally newbies.”If you don’ t match an expert, you’ ll be a bunch of newbies. What can you teach? It’ ll be good if you don’ t mislead each other.”
After hearing Wei’s words, Lin Ling looked at his four teammates and said with a somewhat unnatural expression,” Are these legendary pig teammates?”

Chapter 28 First Virtual Battle

There was a system protection on the battlefield, so it was impossible for them to take off their clothes, thus protecting those who wanted to be vulgar and blasphemous.)
After hearing Wei’s words, Lin Ling looked at his four teammates and said with a somewhat unnatural expression,” Are these legendary pig teammates?”
Thinking back to before, Lin Ling felt as if he had been despised by these newbies, and he was instantly in a mess……He had many years of experience in the game, and he had always been so modest. They were good, a bunch of new recruits, and they were all pretending to be masters.This was simply a toad with chicken hair and a shan to pretend to be a big tail wolf!
He watched as his ADC Ice went down the road to assist Galen. On top of that was a hero plane that was open for use this week……The one on the middle team was also the one that could be used forever. The hero Reitz was quite good. Apart from the one on the top team, the entire lineup was pretty good.
What do you mean by their initial outfit?Summoner skill?Forget it……Lin Ling didn’ t even see it……
As for that, Lin Ling had come to the Rockman’s place by himself. Because the place where Blue Fang was born was on the way down, Lin Ling could only go and beat the Rockman.
He did not expect these stupid teammates to help him fight the field.
After all, it was a virtual battle in the real world. The Summoner Canyon was much larger than the game. Lin Ling actually took five minutes to run from the base to the wild!
Around them were towering trees, towering into the clouds. Lin Ling had also tried to destroy these buildings, but it was obvious that they could not be destroyed.
“The enemy still has 30 seconds to reach the battlefield…” Following a familiar woman’s voice, Lin Ling stood up from the grass and stood obediently at the spot where the Stone Golems were spawned.
“Wild, why don’t you go to the Lizard Lord’s side?”Very soon, the monsters will be spawned!”The teammate who controlled Frost continued to chat.
“Lin Ling, what are you thinking about?In more than 20 seconds, the monsters would be spawned!”Why aren’ t you going to go to the Lizard Lord’s side and get famous? What are you doing in front of these two broken stone men?”Wei looked at Lin Ling in confusion.
Lin Ling smiled mysteriously and ignored his teammates. He said to Wei,” Wait, you’ ll know what I’ m thinking.”
This was a real virtual world, not a 100% game. That meant that the enemy’s attack was n’ t necessarily hit, so was his own attack.Thinking of this, the battle became much easier.
“Entire army!!!”
Following the sound of the horn from the huge army, this battle slowly began.
The crystals on the three sides flickered with rays of light. Even if Lin Ling was in the depths of the forest, he could see countless white lights flashing through the sky. Small soldiers were constantly teleported out and headed towards the target.
“Since you’ ve said that, I believe you!”
Wei’s current relationship with Lin Ling was like two people sitting in the same car. One was in the driver’s seat, while Wei was in the passenger’s seat. There was another assistant.
The difference between helping another hero was much greater!
First, there were some attacks that Lin Ling couldn’t dodge. Wei’s body would automatically react to dodge the attack. If he couldn’t dodge the attack, he would naturally move closer to the hero himself. If these were n’ t important, then what about a pair of eyes?
Lin Ling looked ahead, and Wei could help Lin Ling look at his back.It was a 360-degree angle.
The soldiers were still on the way to the battlefield, but the stone people in the wild area had already appeared.
The ground shook, and then the wall that could not be destroyed was broken into a huge hole. From inside, a giant stone man with a body size of at least 3 meters tall crawled out. Beside the giant stone man was a small stone man with a body size of about 2 meters tall.
“Obediently!”This is too big!”Lin Ling had never seen such a scene before. He was immediately intimidated by the two stone people’s powerful appearance.
What was “stunned about?The defense of the wild monsters was very strong. Why didn’t you attack them quickly!”Don’ t tell me you want to be entangled with a thick-skinned stone man?”
“Oh, oh!”After Wei’s reminder, Lin Ling finally realized that both sides had reached the battlefield.
“Kill!”With a soft shout, Lin Ling cheered himself up. Two Hicks technology boxing gloves, he punched the little stone man. At the same time, Lin Ling also used the skill “Explosive Punch “.
Explosive Heavy Punch: Wei’s punch will break her opponent’s armor, causing additional damage and providing her with additional attack speed.Each third attack on the same target would cause additional physical damage. If the damage value was the target’s maximum health value, it would reduce the target’s armor by 20% and provide Wei with a certain speed bonus.)
“It’s just a bunch of ignorant wild monsters. It shouldn’ t be that difficult to fight.”
However, in the next second, Lin Ling wanted to retract this sentence.
It wasn’t hard to fight, it was very hard to fight.
This was a magic virtual war in another world, not a hero!The wild monsters were just like those in the Forest of Reality.
When the little stone man was hit by Lin Ling’s punch, he immediately let out a wailing cry. The Wild Blade that Lin Ling had purchased had also been activated. The area where Lin Ling had attacked was obviously burned, and there was a huge shield effect on his body.
When the big stone man saw that his little brother was being bullied by Lin Ling, he would see that Lin Ling was bullying his little brother. His body shrunk and he turned into a ball and charged towards Lin Ling.
“F*ck you!”Just a punch. Should I be so excited!The stone man rolled, and Lin Ling naturally rolled, dodging the big stone man’s attack. Ignoring the small stone man’s attack, he launched another attack!
The attacks of the monsters in the virtual world were all set up. No matter how cool and gorgeous the attack was, it was always calculated according to the prescribed damage.Apart from the Dragon’s different skills, the damage of all other wild monsters increased with the passage of time.)
“You don’ t have to dodge its attacks. They’ re just wild monsters created by the system. As long as you have an ordinary attack, you won’ t die.”
After killing the little stone with great difficulty, Lin Ling rolled his eyes when he heard Wei’s words,” Then tell me earlier!”
Lin Ling did not have any worries about being instantly killed by a single move. Lin Ling was a light of punishment towards the Stone Golem, and then he gave it a beating. After triggering the Stone Golem buff effect twice, he successfully killed it. He successfully leveled it up and used the Q Skill Strong Punch. He quickly took out a bottle of red medicine and threw it into his mouth……

Chapter 29: Blood!

Lin Ling did not have any worries about being instantly killed by a single move. Lin Ling was just a light of punishment towards the Stone Golem, and then he gave it a beating. After triggering the Stone Golem buff effect twice, he successfully killed it. He successfully leveled up and used the Q Skill Strong Punch. He quickly took out a bottle of red medicine and threw it into his mouth.
When Lin Lingkong reached the middle of the river, his HP automatically returned to full health again under a bottle of HP and the passage of time.[Remind me again, this virtual world is much bigger than the map in the game.The ratio was also 1:1. Humans were really tiny here.)
The hero in the middle was Reeds, while the hero in the middle was Ash. Reeds was great!He still had control over the damage output. He squatted down in the grass on the river. Lin Ling directly said in his teammates’ chat,” Brother Reeds, hold on and I’ ll help you catch the hero!”
“Many brothers!Who would have thought that the first time you played, you would actually catch someone!”Looks like I underestimated you!”Imagination was beautiful, reality was cruel.Our big brother in the middle was so excited that he forgot to set his voice on his teammates’ channel and directly said it on the public channel.
Reiz’s unique voice was heard by the other nine celebrities……
Originally, he had caught Ai Xi one by one. The middle path cooperated with Lin Ling. As long as Lin Ling was able to hit the other side, Ai Xi, who did not have the ability to flash, would only die.
However, they were completely wasted by Reeds’ words. Ashe, who was in the middle of the other side, was so scared that he hurriedly withdrew from the tower, not even daring to fight a small soldier.
“……” Lin Ling squatted in the grass and tightly gripped the ground with his fists. He gritted his teeth and said,” Remember to open the teammate channel next time you speak!”
“Ah!There was actually another teammate channel!So it was like this. I used to say it directly.”No wonder I’ ve always lost!””Thank you, brother! You’ve helped me a lot!”Let’s add a good friend after this match!”
I’ll add your sister!Good friend!Lin Ling covered his face with his dirt-covered fist and ran away with tears.
“Pigmate!”Pigmate!”Just like that, One Blood lost contact with him and turned his grief into strength. Lin Ling plunged into the wilderness and began to fight against the three Shadow Wolves.
“Calm down.”
“Calm down, how can you tell me to calm down, Wei!This was clearly a good chance to take a good chance, but because of his words, he ran away!”Let’s go!”
“This is just training!A virtual world formed by magic!It wasn’t true. Why was he angry for a small matter.”I’ ll have a good drink with you when it’s over. Cheer up and let us win this match!”
“Wei!”Lin Ling was so moved that he couldn’t help but cry. Everyone had a few life teachers in their lives, and Wei was fortunate enough to become Lin Ling’s first Taoist priest and the most important!
“Damn it!”Lin Ling was so angry that he quickly knocked down Blue Buff. At this moment, Lin Ling was at Level 3!The red puff was about to disappear.
As for the plane on their own side, it was like a kindergarten when the other party’s Galen cut down the remaining blood and fled.
Lin Ling didn’t give any notice. Divine Armament General normally used his right hand to accumulate energy and activate his powerful punch. When he was sure that the opponent was going straight, he charged towards the opponent!
The powerful heavy punch struck the opponent’s back, causing the opponent to be shocked. It was obvious that he was n’ t an old hand at all. Facing Lin Ling who had appeared in the sky, he didn’t have any mental preparations. He was in a mess, and when his HP was extremely satisfied, he chose to run instead of fighting.
Because the two of them were running too far away, they could not attract the aggro of the soldiers. Coupled with Lin Ling’s Red Buff’s slowing down and burning effect, how could they allow Gallon to escape from their sight with his own eyes?”Do you want a drop of blood?”If you want to, just rush up and kill this Galen with me!”
“1 HP!”When the escaping plane heard this word, it stopped in its tracks. Its eyes shone with a shocking light as it roared at Lin Ling,” I want it!”As he spoke, he activated Valkyrie’s dive and instantly rushed to the battlefield.
“He didn’ t even use Valkyrie to escape. When he heard that One Blood was so excited, what the hell was this?”At the same time, Galen, who had been slowed down, could only ask Mentor Wei.
Wei patiently explained,” Because every time someone gets 1 HP, they will get an additional 50 gold coins after the match!”
“Gold coins?”You can still obtain gold coins from this item?”
“No!”If Wei could use his body now, he would definitely give Lin Ling a slap in the face.” You’re full of money!”This gold coin is not the real gold coin.”
“Not?”What’s the use of it.”Hearing this, Lin Ling furrowed his brows and was unhappy. He was going to use his body-penetrating strength to chase after Garen!This was the third attack. Due to the effect of the Heavy Punch, the enemy’s HP dropped to half.” Plane, where are you!”
“Don’ t tell me that as a Summoner, you don’ t know that a virtual gold coin can buy a hero model!”
“I’ m here!”The plane roared and the ammunition in the gun barrel frantically swept towards Galen.
“F*ck!Why didn’t you say it before!”Don’ t you think that only a good impression is enough to use that hero!”
Wei rolled his eyes.Who knew that you didn’ t even know this.To gain a hero’s good impression and obtain a hero’s virtual use right was just one way. The other way was to participate in a battle and continuously obtain gold coins. When there was a certain amount of gold coins, they would go to the store and buy a hero’s virtual use right.”Of course, you can use half of the price to temporarily rent a hero’s right to use it.”
“I see!”After knowing this, Lin Ling was like an airplane. He looked at Galen running in front of him as if he was looking at moving gold coins.
Seeing that Gallon was about to run back to his tower, Lin Ling’s Q had just turned around. If he were to use the usual attack method, based on Gallon’s HP, he would definitely not be able to kill him, so he could run back to his tower.
Just at this moment, Lin Ling resolutely activated his Q skill. He used his right fist to accumulate power. Just as the plane thought that he was going to charge straight towards Gallon, a golden flash appeared around Lin Ling. In the next second, Lin Ling disappeared from his original spot and appeared in front of Gallon. He smiled evilly,” Hey big brother, let’s leave one blood behind!”

Chapter 30 Crushing Wall Warrior

Just at this moment, Lin Ling resolutely activated his Q skill. He used his right fist to accumulate power. Just as the plane thought that he was going to charge straight towards Gallon, a golden flash appeared around Lin Ling. In the next second, Lin Ling disappeared from his original spot and appeared in front of Gallon. He smiled evilly,” Hey big brother, let’s leave one blood behind!”
Flash, flip, and punch!The powerful impact immediately stopped Gallon’s footsteps. Seeing that the head was right in front of him, the plane unleashed its own skill as if it was crazy. With the two of them attacking, Gallon’s blood instantly dropped to a dangerous level.
“One Blood is mine!”
Hearing the ghost roar of the plane, Lin Ling just smiled faintly. People who could kill would never be too Zhang Yang. Lin Ling was such a person.He was waiting, waiting for the plane to explode. By the time Gallen’s blood left, his left punch still had a body-penetrating energy, waiting for the appropriate time KS (kskillstolen is to grab a person’s head).
“Right now!”Just as Gallon was about to return to the spring of water as soon as he was attacked by anyone, Lin Ling fiercely swung his left fist towards the only face without any armor on Gallon’s body!
Blood immediately flowed out. Lin Ling could even see a tooth fall from his mouth.
Following that, the words “firstblood” appeared in the air above the virtual battlefield. The scarlet words were so dazzling.
Gallon’s body gradually became transparent. Soon, even the tooth that had been beaten out disappeared from the spot. It seemed like it was back in the spring to be revived.
“You!”He actually stole the head!”The plane laughed, but when it saw that the icon that killed Gallon was not a plane, it immediately stopped laughing and came to ask for forgiveness.
“First of all, I’ m not talking about stealing people’s heads. I’ m helping you carry. You’ re playing with a plane to fight Gallen. If I don’ t come, you’ ll probably be chased and chopped to death, turning into 300 yuan to receive it. With my help, my help, not only did you not die, you’ ve also obtained assistance, experience with the enemy, and you can even go home and buy a wave……Forget it, just pretend I didn’t say anything. Continue…” Lin Ling subconsciously glanced at the number of mending blades on the plane and closed his mouth.
Level 4(killing Galen and leveling up) was only five mending blades. Including the money for assists and the money for every second increase, the plane was not enough to go home and give out any equipment.
He turned his head and headed towards the wild area of his home.
Lin Ling’s words made the plane suddenly realize. Indeed!Although he didn’t get the first drop of blood, he had already led the other party indirectly with Lin Ling’s help. After thinking about it, the plane repeatedly waved at Lin Ling.” Hey!Don’t leave!Brother, I’ll let you grab your head!Add a friend!!”Looking at Lin Ling who was gradually fading away, the plane cried out loudly.
However, the lone warrior, Lin Ling, did not care about the plane that was about to hug his legs. This was just a virtual battlefield. What happened here did not mean anything. He was not the kind of person who would be complacent about his achievements in the game.
The virtual world was always the virtual world. No matter how good the battle record was here, in reality, he was still just a beginner summoner, a level 1 mage and warrior.
Back in the wild area, the punishment had already turned around. With a few punches and a punishment, he sent this giant toad over 3 meters back to his old home.At this moment, Lin Ling was only half way to Level 5. He took a glance at the remaining half of his HP and the remaining bottle of HP and decisively returned to the Three Wolves’ lair once more, attacking the three Shadow Wolves that had just spawned.
“It’s time to return to the city.”Just as Lin Ling was about to return to the city, Wei’s voice appeared in time.
“Yes, the two of us really agree.””Big sister, if you really change your hair style,” Lin Ling teased Wei.”Can you scare Caitlin?”
“Scram!”I’ m just so scary!”
“Big Sis……”You can’ t say that to me.”With a giggle, Lin Ling once again returned to the water spring.
Stepping on the spring water, HP and mana were recovering at a crazy rate.Soon, it became full.
Looking at the 1242 yuan in his hand, Lin Ling took out 450 yuan to upgrade the Wild Blade to the Blade of the Hunter. After upgrading the Blade of the Hunter, Lin Ling’s attacks increased once again. Now, the punishment could not only punish the Wild Monster, but also punish the enemy, causing a small amount of real damage and stealing 20% movement speed!
To a wild hero, this was undoubtedly a killing weapon!
After buying the Hunter’s blade, Lin Ling only had 308 gold coins left. He waited in the spring for a while, and only then did he leave the base satisfied.
(The gold coins here are growing very slowly. It’s only one gold coin in 5 seconds, compared to 1.5 gold coins per second in an instant, it’s simply slower than Xiang Xiang)
It had only been 5 minutes since the start……
After going on the road, Lin Ling was already on the way to take off. With a probing heart, Lin Ling used the help of Punishment to kill the four ugly birds with a true BUFF effect and headed straight for the other party’s wild area!
Since he wanted to fight, he had to go and see the other party. As a person with culture and education, who had received higher education on Earth, Lin Ling had to visit the person opposite him who used Zhou Mian and Zhao Xing to fight.
Then, with the effect of BUFF, Lin Ling sneakily touched the grass to the left of the other party’s red buff. He took a glance at the red buff that was actually undamaged and lying on the spot with his two little brothers. However, he could vaguely hear the strange cries of the nearby stone man.
Shua~!Suddenly, Lin Ling turned his head to the left. Looking at the high mountain wall in front of him, his powerful punch began to accumulate power and rushed towards the stone man’s position!
There was a change here. A skill like Wei Q could destroy a certain wall that could not be destroyed. Of course, the hole that was punched out could only be shuttled by the hero that was punched out and instantly repaired.EZ’s E-Shimmolation skill, which had no track, was still the same as before. It did n’ t make any changes and just flashed past the wall.)
“Rumble!”The incomparably hard iron fist instantly opened a hole in the stone wall that could not be destroyed. Zhao Xing was stunned by this scene!

The first victory in the first battle

“Rumble!”The incomparably hard iron fist instantly opened a hole in the stone wall that could not be destroyed. Zhao Xing was stunned by this scene!
At this moment, the entire world seemed to have slowed down. It was as if it had entered the slow screen. The exploding Right Fist Lucky Mech flew towards the enemy Zhao Xing without any hesitation. A small part of this place was full of luck. Most of on Lin Ling’s familiarity with this game on Earth.
The powerful punch hit Zhao Xing’s body and flew back a few meters. After hitting a rock wall, it slowly stopped.
Lin Ling’s current level was Level 5!Zhao Xing, on the other hand, was only Level 3 because he didn’t have any talent for punishment. Seeing that Lin Ling did n’ t have the slightest chance to retaliate, he touched the blood on his lips and decided to wipe the bottom of his feet.
How could Lin Ling agree to the punishment!A blue ray of light descended from the sky and struck Zhao Xing’s head. At the same time, Lin Ling felt that he was faster than before. He took two steps and caught up to Zhao Xing.
“You can’ t escape!”Cruelly smiled, and the Hicks Technology Boxer in his hand landed heavily on him.
“Cough cough!”Another mouthful of blood spurted out from his mouth. The Stone Golem was already half crippled, and with Lin Ling’s interference, Zhao Xing was in a mess.Seeing that there was no hope of escape, he gritted his teeth and went all out!
“Triple Claw Attack!”Like a mad dog, Zhao Xing’s eyes were filled with madness. He roared and the spear in his hand suddenly lit up.” Fearless Charge!!!”
The fast Lin Ling could only see a blur. By the time Lin Ling reacted, Zhao Xing had already arrived in front of him. The spear in his hand was stabbing towards him!
“Bad!Block more!Zhao Xing’s “Triple Claw Strike” was definitely not hit!”Otherwise, there’ ll be danger to your life!”
This isn’t a game. Once you’ re sent flying, the enemy can attack as much as possible during the time you’re sent flying, or even kill you instantly!)
“I know!”Hearing Wei’s warning, Lin Ling touched the sweat on his forehead. With the first three attacks, Lin Ling luckily dodged the opponent’s shot. Otherwise, Lin Ling would have been sent flying by Zhao Xing.
The difference in level made Zhao Xing’s attack on Lin Ling’s body not as painful as he had imagined. Coupled with the effect of the passive “Burst Shield “, Lin Ling was not in any danger for the time being. As long as he didn’t!
Zhao Xing saw that Lin Ling was actually retreating. His comrades were greatly increased, and his attacks were even more joyous.Lin Ling used all his strength to dodge. From time to time, he used the opportunity to punch Zhao Xing.However, the horse had lost its feet. Lin Ling was accidentally hit by Zhao Xing. Instantly, Lin Ling felt that his body was no longer under his control. Zhao Xing bellowed and jumped up high, stabbing at Lin Ling!
Lin Ling’s HP instantly decreased. By the time Lin Ling fell to the ground again, his HP had already dropped by a third!
Looking at his HP, Lin Ling couldn’t help but take a deep breath.” Hiss!What terrifying damage! He was only a Level 3 player!He could actually unleash such damage!”This is cheating!”
“Of course!Although it was a virtual battle, all the heroes were carved out of the same model as the real world!Deppon was one of Demarcia’s most powerful heroes!”Of course, your strength isn’ t that weak. You should be glad that your opponent isn’ t Zhao Xing himself. Otherwise, if it was me, you might have fallen!”
“You want to be this crazy!!!”Lin Ling didn’t care about his surprise. He did n’ t hesitate anymore. He punched Zhao Xing twice in a row and then took him back to the spring water bath.
“Was such a freak!Back then, prior to the formation of the Alliance, Lexus was famous for its spectacular Meat Grilling Competition.This was a cruel and distorted wrestling match: When a fighter won the match, the number of opponents he had to face at the same time would increase.This meant that every competitor would die in the end.
Zhao Xin, where had he trained this skill!At that time, when he was about to face 300 soldiers, Jia Wen II gave him a chance to live. He could help him escape, but as a condition, Zhao Xin had to serve Demarcia.
“That’s why we have the current director of Debang!”
Meat grinder!It really was a meat grinder!
Hearing Wei tell him these stories, Lin Ling silently stole the other party’s red buff and went home to compose himself,” Hunter’s Blade Demon: Warrior.”He also bought five speed shoes and bought two bottles of red medicine on his body.
The second time he left the base.
With the previous two rounds of success, Lin Ling’s momentum was simply unrivaled. It was as if he had entered the uninhabited realm to rush into the tower and kill people. He had also taken one person after another. After all, he was a novice. In the end, as long as he was hit by Lin Ling, he would go home immediately.They were so scared that they did not dare to go out.
Everyone knew that they had met an iron plate today.His teammates all planned to hug their thighs.In the end, he chose to surrender.
“Are you really a beginner summoner?”Don’ t tell me you’ re lying!”The corner of Wei’s mouth twitched as he took off his helmet. He had seen the battle just now. It was impossible for a rookie to show off his performance. Even some old hands were not as skilled as him.
“Big Sis, don’t tell me you still do n’ t know me? I’m just a level one mage, plus a half-baked warrior.”Don’ t tell me I can lie to you.”Lin Ling did not look at the virtual gold coins that he had obtained after the match. He put down the crystal ball in his hand and looked pitifully at Wei.
“‘S right. Speaking of which, I’ ve told you many times that you’re already a warrior with magic power!Did you read too many novels?In our world, there were only runes and magic. Where did the battle qi come from?”Wake up!”
“Yes Yes Yes Yes……Big Sis was right.”No battle qi, no battle qi.”He nodded his head repeatedly and shrunk back in fear. He turned his eyes and said with a probing attitude,” Big sister, I actually prefer a gentler woman.”
“Is……Yes, yes!In the future, I will try my best to make myself a lady. Would you be happy……”You like me a bit?”Once the topic changed to the relationship between men and women, Wei once again turned from a heroic elder sister to a delicate and delicate one.
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Chapter 32 Different Wei

Although it was a little late, I still completed the chapter!)
“Is……Yes, yes!In the future, I will try my best to make myself a lady. Would you be happy……”You like me a bit?”Once the topic changed to the relationship between men and women, Wei once again turned from a heroic elder sister to a delicate and delicate one.
As the steam gushed out from his fists, Lin Ling quickly retreated in fright and hid in the corner of the room. Unfortunately, this room was too small. There was no difference between Lin Ling’s dodging and not dodging.
Under normal circumstances, if Wei’s gloves emitted steam, it meant Wei was about to launch a fierce attack. Right now, there was only Wei and him in the room. Lin Ling subconsciously thought Wei was going to attack her, so he squatted in a corner in fear.
“Big Sis, if you have something to say, I don’t like ladies anymore.”I like you being so aggressive.”Wailing, he squatted in a corner and said weakly.
“Chi~” The sound of the air being compressed echoed in this small room for a long time.
Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Cl
“This…” Lin Ling was stunned for a moment as he was stunned.
Wei’s face was red as she took off the Hicks Technology Boxer that had been following her, revealing two fair and tender arms.His hands were carrying such a huge box, but Wei’s arms did n’ t turn into a muscular arm because of the weight of the mechanical arm. Instead, they were long arms that didn’t carry any extra flesh.
Lin Ling had never seen such a beautiful arm. Many people on Earth were controlling their legs, but none of them were controlling their arms. If someone asked Lin Ling if they were controlling their arms before, Lin Ling would definitely disdainfully tell them,” Labor is controlling their legs.”
But now, everything had changed. His body trembled, and Lin Ling’s mouth unconsciously left behind a series of long slashes.” I did n’ t expect his arms to be so beautiful, my God!”This is simply a work of art!”
Wei had wrapped his hands in the Hex Technology Boxer for a long time. He was not exposed to the sun or the rain. Even sweat would be absorbed by the Hex Technology Boxer at the first time. In the New Year, Wei would only take off his fist when he was in a bath. Normally, he would sleep with it.
This was the first time she had removed the Hicks gloves in front of outsiders. It was obvious what this meant.
With his legs together, he took off the goggles on his head with his small white hand. He took out a basin from the bed and poured all the water in the water cup into the basin. He buried his head and began to use his hand to clean up the thick punk face outfit on his face.
Lin Ling slowly stood up and gulped.” Gulp…” His beautiful face was once again flashing in his mind.
A basin of water was washed until it was muddy. Wei finally stopped moving. It was clear that Wei’s face was covered with multiple foundation, and he took out a towel to wipe off the water droplets on his face.
Wei knew that even though he hadn’t completely cleaned it up, it was only like this right now.
Slowly raising his head……
“Dong!Dong!”Bang!”Lin Ling’s heart had never jumped so violently!His eyes widened as he took a deep breath and slowly spat out two words:” How beautiful!”
He was stunned!Wei was actually more beautiful than Caitlin!Under Su Yan, there was a hint of shyness. With this rebellious hairstyle, there was a huge contrast. In an instant, Lin Ling’s heart stopped……
“Me……”Me, do you like me like this?”
Without hesitation, Lin Ling blurted out,” I like it!”
“As long as I like it.”She smiled shyly, as if she had encountered something most happy.
If Annie was cute with beauty, then Wei was beautiful with shyness and shyness. No matter what kind of man saw Wei’s current posture, he would want to embrace Wei and love her.
“Annie……Sorry, it wasn’t that I did n’ t insist, you were still my only one!However, I seem to have seen my goddess…” Lin Ling had completely forgotten about Annie and was captivated by her.
“I will allow you to hug me.”His mouth opened and closed as he exhaled.Wei was Wei, after all, and his personality was still so hot.
Lin Ling’s heart was in a mess as his ten fingers wildly held empty claws, his face carrying an unnatural smile.” This……”That’s not good.”
He didn’ t dare!No matter how beautiful Wei was or how alluring she was, she was always Wei.That punch was enough to make Lin Ling spit out his meal!
He endured the madness in his heart, and his reason temporarily gained the upper hand.
“You can’t hold it!This old lady is like this!”You still don’ t hold on!”When Wei Wei heard that Lin Ling had actually rejected him, his smile froze and his shyness faded away. That sticky voice also disappeared, returning to its usual refreshing tone.He took the initiative to approach Lin Ling and hugged Lin Ling. At this moment, his voice slowly softened,” You bastard, you are too timid!If I had to take the initiative, I was also a woman ……”
Feeling the warm and soft touch and feeling from her skin, Lin Ling’s body relaxed. Due to the back of Lou Wei’s, his tight hands greedily absorbed the fragrance from Wei’s body. He closed his eyes and asked indifferently,” Big sister, why do you like me, a nobody.”With your beauty and strength, even Demarcia’s prince will bow down to you.”
“I just like you, what?Don’t tell me you’ re not happy!Also, don’t mention that Jarwin IV, that playboy. Who knows how many women’s stomachs had been enlarged in Demarcia? He was just a big horse.With his status as a prince, he had already married over 30 wives!”I don’ t care.”
“It true?”30 Is more than one wife?”Who would have thought that at such a romantic moment, Lin Ling’s awkwardness would gradually decrease as he could hear such explosive gossip about Jia Wen IV.
“Don’t talk. This is the first time I’ m hugging someone. You can’t just be quiet and let me have a good feel,” said Lin Ling.”We must destroy the atmosphere.”
“……” Lin Ling had just remembered that he was the same.
Annie’s little loli, Lin Ling, had only the desire to protect and protect her. She could not even think of the relationship between men and women.
Whether it was Earth or the Land of Runes, this was the first time Lin Ling had such intimate contact with a woman, and she was also such a beautiful woman. Moreover, she was also a famous hero!
Poor Lin Ling was not prepared for such a huge benefit at all. His nostrils reddened, leaving two traces of blood on his nose.

Chapter 33 Wei’s Change

Only then did he realize that the title of Chapter 26 had been wrongly typed. He could not change it now.It should be shy……[1][2][3][4][5][5][6][7][8][8][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][9][I would advise you to drink as little coffee and cola as possible……)
Poor Lin Ling was not prepared for such a huge fortune at all. His nostrils flushed red, leaving two traces of blood on his nose.
After this, Lin Ling and Wei’s relationship became completely ambiguous.
On a new day, Lin Ling had just come out of the dormitory when he was about to go to the street vendors to eat a cheap breakfast. Unexpectedly, Wei Wei was already waiting outside early in the morning.
“Morning, Wei.”Thinking of yesterday’s ambiguous situation, Lin Ling even gave a normal greeting.
Wei really went to get his hair cut!The original punk style had completely turned into a ponytail. Only the part on the left that had been shaved was unable to grow its hair in time. It looked like it would take a while longer to grow its hair, but it was also covered by the long hair on the right.
Her pink lips were bright and simple. Her large eyes were not covered by any heavy makeup, and her skin was naturally rosy.Coupled with Wei’s warning uniform.If it weren’t for that pair of eye-catching Hicks technology gloves, no matter how one looked at it, it would have been a different person!
“How is it? Do you like it?”He looked around and found that there was no one on the road. He turned around with a red face and asked in a low voice.
“I like it…” Lin Ling nodded repeatedly. This uniform really matched Wei. After all, it was specially made for Wei by a senior tailor.
Just helplessly, those two gloves!Another pair of gloves!If it weren’t for that pair of fists, perhaps Lin Ling would have the illusion of returning to Earth and having a female policewoman girlfriend.
“Yes!As long as he liked it.”I still feel like wearing this police uniform.”
Wei was different from other women. Her family only had pants and no dress. Did you ever think of a woman with a huge mechanical gloves, a face full of punk, and a dress?
“I swear, if one day I can solve the problem of carrying items, I will definitely be the first to tell Wei about this good news and make her as far away from this pair of broken gloves as possible!”With a smile, Lin Ling secretly swore.
“Just……7 Points.To……”No, let’s go eat breakfast!”Like a rigid robot, Wei’s words took more than ten seconds to say.
Today was a day off, so there was no need to go to work.)
Lin Ling looked at Wei suspiciously. He felt like every word Wei said today. Even when he turned around, it seemed like someone was deliberately teaching her to do that.
Looking around, he found that everything was normal. No one was nearby.
Confused, he grabbed his head and said gloomily,” Shouldn’t it be? Why is n’ t there anyone?”Logically speaking, someone should be there.”
The day before, Wei was still using tough tactics for a hug. A day later, she would dress up and even act like such a young daughter.Lin Ling couldn’t believe that this was her own idea!
“You scared me to death.”100 Meters away from Lin Ling, on the top floor of a building, a beautiful woman wearing a police uniform but wearing a dress held a huge sniper rifle and did not mind the dirt on the ground. She immediately hit the ground and patted her heart, causing her chest to tremble.He seemed to be a beginner Summoner, a part-time mage!Why did he have such terrifying insight?”Don’ t tell me his talent is insight?”
“If he had some insight in his talent, perhaps I would add He Wei to it. Maybe I could really catch that destroyer who hasn’t been caught so far!”At this thought, Caitlin’s eyes lit up. This little thief was not only challenging Caitlin’s anger, he was also challenging the entire Pirvov!
“But then again, Wei was actually a bit prettier than me when he became normal.Really not willing……”If I had known, I shouldn’ t have helped with this matter.”When Lin Ling stopped looking around, Caitlin raised the sniper rifle in her hand again and used the sniper rifle’s sight as a telescope. Looking at the clear and pure appearance below, she bit her lips unwillingly. Her confidence was severely affected.
“Can’t!In order to catch that little thief, it seemed like he had to rely on Lin Ling’s power.We couldn’ t let Wei lure away that kid’s soul.”Looks like I’ m going to make a move too!”
Holding the huge sniper rifle, Caitlin stood at the edge of the tall building, as if she did not see that there was no way forward.Taking another step forward, there was a huge gap of over 40 meters!
“This young miss will fight one by one!”
She still stepped out. The next second, Caitlin fell from the tall building and fell freely in the air.The scenery below the short skirt could be seen without a trace. Unfortunately, no one nearby was lucky and just happened to pass by.This beauty was completely wasted.
Just as she was about to fall on the ground, Caitlin took out a special round bullet from the back and inserted it into the muzzle. She twisted a special button on the sniper rifle, aiming and shooting!
The entire movement was completed in one go.
The huge bullet was pushed out as the bullet shot out, and a huge net appeared from the broken bullet. Caitlin’s entire body was also stuck in the air with this huge momentum, causing her body to stagnate for a period of time, using the cushioning force to minimize the gravity of the earth.With her high heels standing steadily on the ground, Caitlin landed safely. She held a sniper rifle and took a standard catwalk.” Da, da…” There were rhythmic sounds.He brought the sunglasses in his jacket pocket to his face and a confident smile appeared on his face.
“Hi!”Long time no see.”The huge sunglasses covered his eyes, and his long blue hair ran down his cheeks. His red mouth opened slightly.
Seeing that Lin Ling and Wei were chatting, they happened to be heading towards Caitlin.Caitlin smiled and waved at Lin Ling.
When the two worlds were disturbed, Wei Dai frowned. She turned her head and thought,” Why did Caitlin appear?”Isn’ t it just looking from afar?”
“Caitlin!”Long time no see!”Seeing that it was Kate Lin, Lin Ling immediately smiled sincerely.
Caitlin not only helped her, she also gave her a decent job.Baking (middle and evening meals), with double rest.His salary was high, and he still had a bonus at the end of the year!If it was Earth, it would be treated like a civil servant!
If Annie was Lin Ling’s only motivation to survive in this world, then Caitlin had added a great amount of oil to this motivation!Lin Ling became more accustomed to this world and understood this world.
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34 Caitlin Plays in

Everyone, I’ m still in the hospital……Good, don’t rush it so fast……Pity and pity for me. You can read another book of mine. You can’t get busy with your illness……)
If Annie was Lin Ling’s only motivation to survive in this world, then Caitlin had added a great amount of oil to this motivation!Lin Ling became more accustomed to this world and understood this world.
“You are a busy person.”I didn’ t expect to see you again in this month.”
Unlike Lin Ling, Wei said unhappily,” What are you doing here.”
“I don’t want to interrupt your date. Although Lin Ling looks pretty handsome and has a quest.”
“Are you mistaken!”Let’s rest today!”
“As your captain, I can’t even let you work for another day?”Caitlin threw her sniper rifle onto the ground. Her two slender hands were placed on Willow’s waist and she leaned forward. The huge pair in front of her instantly entered Lin Ling’s sight.
She did not dare to look straight at Caitlin. She blushed shyly.
“Oh~!”With a meaningful “Oh” sound, Caitlin faintly smiled as if she was a little demon. She thought to herself,” I see.”
Caitlin wasn’t an ordinary person. There were more men than Wei had caught. Most of them were famous families, and there were people everywhere. Most of them did n’ t marry a wife, but in private, they didn’t know how many beautiful civilians they played with. When a man like this met Caitlin, his eyes would unconsciously reveal his desire. Even though he hid it well, the ice and snow-smart Caitlin could find it.
Without good observation ability, how to be a police officer, how to solve a case.
He also had the desire to see!She didn’t hide it at all. Caitlin glanced at her, but what surprised her was that Lin Ling was obviously interested in her figure, but why did she turn around.
Could it be that his charm was not enough?Looking at Wei, who was beside her, and her pure little face, Caitlin’s heart was filled with a violent ripple. She was known as the number one beauty of Pirvov, and her looks had actually lost!And the opponent he lost to was Wei!
If his looks were a bit better, he would have to go all out!
If Wei’s figure was one of the front and the back, she could only be described as a devil.
Pirvov’s title as the number one beauty wasn’ t for nothing. Her figure was still slightly superior to Caitlin’s. She lowered her head and looked at her proud D cup V-neck. White Flower was outside.He stole a glance at Wei’s cup C, which was a little smaller than himself, and the feeling of defeat in his heart vanished.
“Come, let me beg you.”With a cunning smile, Caitlin pointed her leg and pulled her hand to Lin Ling’s side. Her small hand grabbed Lin Ling’s right arm and held his arm deeply in the softness.
“Hiss!”Lin Ling stopped breathing and felt the temperature coming from her arm. The elegant fragrance from Caitlin’s body rushed into his nose. He really looked like he was pulling out his hand, but his body seemed to have been cast as if he was not under his control.His entire body was boiling with blood, something that could not be controlled was about to stir.
“Hey!”Caitlin, he’s the man I’ ve chosen. Go away!”Wei could only see what was happening. Caitlin was simply trying to seduce Lin Ling!His heart ached, and he said in anger.
“Scared, Wei, you don’t want to talk nonsense.” He blinked his large eyes, his eyes full of cunning.Lin Ling was my good friend. If you say this, you have to consider Lin Ling’s reputation even if you do n’ t think about my reputation.After all, he was already a beginner Summoner.Reputation was very important to him.”If others hear something, the worst thing is Lin Ling!”
“Uh…” She was not sure about this Wei at all. She only knew how to fight, catch a thief, catch a thief in battle……Hex scratched his head and questioned,” Yes, is that so?”
Too naive!How could it be that his reputation would be ruined just because he was tied up with two women? At most, he would be said to be a fan.Moreover, becoming a summoner was equivalent to becoming a noble. So what if a noble married three wives and four concubines? As long as you had the ability to marry all the women in the city, no one else could say anything about you. At most, it was because they were jealous of your ability to pick up girls.
Such a low-level scary skill could only work for those who did not understand these principles. Even Lin Ling knew that Caitlin was completely teasing Wei.However, considering that both of them were great heroes in the Alliance, Lin Ling decided to compare themselves to their mouths.
Some things, even friends and close friends had no room to interrupt.For example, the quarrel between two women.If Lin Ling had the same strength as them, he would definitely become a peacemaker and stand between them to persuade them.
Strength determines everything!!!
“Looks like I can only raise my Summoner level to Intermediate level first. Maybe these two girls will notice me.”The current Lin Ling’s sense of existence was really too low. If he was caught between the two of them, he would be ignored. This aroused Lin Ling’s desire for power.
“Wei, let’s not talk about it. After all, Caitlin is my chief, so it’s only natural that she wants me to work now.”With great difficulty, he managed to resist this deadly temptation. He pulled himself away from Caitlin’s body and calmed Wei who was excited.
“I didn’ t expect the two of you to have reached such a stage. You actually called her by name.”
Caitlin looked at Lin Ling with interest. She said that the most handsome man was Lin Ling who had just met the handsome man. His face was sharp and sharp, and his facial features were pretty good. He liked to leave a little bit of scum when he was fine. This was something Caitlin liked. After all, a man with a beard was a real man. He had no hair on his face, and it was no different from a sissy.It was strange that the beard was too long, just like Lin Ling.
He had a good temper and was very gentle to everyone. From Annie’s mouth, he knew that Lin Ling was able to take his life for a person who had only known him for a month. Compared to those noble children who were afraid of death, Lin Ling was many times better.
Xiao Shuai’s appearance, his kind personality, and his potential (Summoner) all seemed to suit his preferences.
Looking at it, Caitlin’s heart skipped a beat. At this moment, Caitlin realized that her parents had always forced her to go on a blind date. Unknowingly, she had resisted men. There were many rich children, so they would always wear colored glasses when they saw men.
Now that she understood, she realized that Lin Ling was actually such a good man!Unfortunately, Wei seemed to be one step ahead of him……
He looked at Wei provocatively and said,” Wait!”My mother once said that when I meet someone I like, I’ ll fight for it. My father was someone she stole from dozens of competitors. Hmph, what’s a good relationship? Even if I get married, I can still get divorced. I’ ll take a fancy to this man and see who wins in the end!”

35 Katrina’s Personal Action

He looked at Wei provocatively and said,” Wait!”My mother once said that when I meet someone I like, I’ ll fight for it. My father was someone she stole from dozens of competitors. Hmph, it’s a good relationship? Even if I get married, I can still get divorced. I’ ll take a fancy to this man and see who wins in the end!”
It had to be said that when a woman was jealous, it was definitely a terrifying thing. Even a pure girl like that who knew nothing about love (cough, I know that it was inappropriate to use a girl in her 20s, but she hasn’t become a woman yet) would instinctively feel a hint of hostility towards Caitlin.
She could feel a slight change in the way Kate Lin looked at Lin Ling at this moment. Even she herself did not know why she was able to discover this feeling. She was very certain!
This might be the so-called sixth sense of a woman.
They had to work overtime, but they had to eat before they worked overtime.
Being sandwiched between two top-grade beauties, Lin Ling felt that the pressure was not ordinary. Not to mention that before Lin Ling arrived at Pirvov, Wei and Caitlin were already a bit at odds.
I wonder if it would reduce the friendship between them.
With the two beauties by his side, Lin Ling naturally could not go to a roadside stall to buy a head full of food. He could only endure the pain and take out some of the money that he had barely left behind and bring them to a slightly better restaurant to eat.
As a police officer, he had 50 silver coins per month. If it was on Earth, it would be about 5000 soft coins. It could be considered a high-paying job.(1 Copper coin is equal to 1 yuan,100 copper coins is equal to 1 silver coin,100 silver coins is equal to 1 gold coin.)
After leaving over 40 silver coins, Lin Ling ate five silver coins after breakfast!This was equivalent to over 500 yuan!It was just a breakfast!
Lin Ling’s heart was dripping with blood.
Even so, as Bai Fu Mei, Caitlin still had some dissatisfaction in her eyes.It wasn’t that she was pampered, nor was it that she was n’ t mouth-watering. After all, she couldn’t get used to eating these ordinary foods for a moment if she ate too much of them.Even in Lin Ling and Wei’s eyes, they were already a big meal.
After eating and drinking, Caitlin brought Lin Ling and Wei to the police station and followed her into a room. Due to the rest day, the police station was empty. Only a few people working overtime were on duty here.
“This time, the quest you’ re calling for isn’ t as simple as capturing a small thief. This time, the target is a super criminal!”Caitlin slapped the table with her right hand. Her eyes were filled with anger as she said angrily,” Not only have I been chasing this guy for a long time, even Wei is the same.”Even if the two of us work together, every time we let her escape!”
“Could it be……”Caitlin, you mean!”When Wei heard this, he temporarily put down his dissatisfaction towards Caitlin. His breathing slowed down and his heart seemed to stop.She had already guessed who Caitlin was talking about.
She was alive for the sake of wreaking havoc everywhere, leaving behind only chaos and panic behind her.She was a violent and cruel criminal, and just because she was bored, such an extremely simple reason had destroyed everything.
In order to search for excitement, she had arrived at the most secure place in the entire continent, Pierwhov!
With her appearance, Piette Wolf had always been known as the City of Progress and had fallen into the highest crime rate ever.
And even the two heroes had nothing to do with her!
Her speed was simply too fast, so fast that it was hard to imagine……
Kaitlin’s father had also invited the last successor of Unaionia’s Sword of Extreme Sword, Everlasting Sword Sage-Master Yi. As an elite warrior with the highest speed in the Alliance, Master Yi’s speed was extremely terrifying. In the last second, he was 100 meters away from you, and in the next second, he might be in front of you.
However, even if this was the case, this cunning criminal had escaped!
This made this mysterious criminal even more famous, even adding a group of worshippers!There was no logic or reason for these crimes.The animals in the city zoo were released on the street and put on circus costumes.Ignition of the airship caused it to fall vertically from the sky, and fireworks spread through the clouds, forming a mad kitten and heart-shaped shape.The city’s largest paint factory exploded, and the surrounding area was dyed bright pink.Along with the spread of the crime wave, it also announced the appearance of offenders.
The current Pirvov looked calm on the surface, but in reality, the entire city was already in an extremely long period of time. Not long after Lin Ling had just crossed over to this continent, the police officers of Pirvov had woven a capture operation in the same city.
She had marked the treasury of Pied City. This was the most secret building in the city. This was undoubtedly the most direct challenge for the police.A caricature of the satire department was posted on the outer layer of the vault, along with the time and date she was about to plunder.To publicly challenge Wei to have the law enforcement officers stop her robbery.
After receiving the notification, Wei naturally would not stay out. At the agreed time, she would stand outside the vault and observe until the agreed time finally arrived.
But in the end, it still ended in failure. Wei chased after her and broke through a wall, unable to stop her from igniting the vault. This had also become Wei’s greatest stain in his life!
When Wei finally crawled out of the ruins, countless blurry eyes appeared in the sky. Following several explosions, a few typing words appeared in the sky,” You will never catch me!”
It was a blatant mockery and contempt.
From then on, Wei swore that as long as she was still alive, she would not give up on her pursuit of this mysterious person!
The only thing he knew now was that the criminal was a woman.
Lin Ling looked at the information Caitlin had given him and felt a wave of agitation in his heart.Who would have thought that this mission would be to capture Jinx!”But, even Master Yi can’ t catch her. Can I really do it?”
Lin Ling was confused. Just as Lin Ling was unsure of himself, Wei’s hand landed on Lin Ling’s shoulder. A familiar pain came from his hand, which made Lin Ling wake up from his wild thoughts.
“Don’t think about it. This enemy is very strong!Even Caitlin and I couldn’t catch this cunning fellow.”Don’ t bear the psychological burden. This isn’ t an official action. It’s just Caitlin’s own personal action. It’s just an experience.”
Lin Ling was stunned, then a relieved smile appeared on his face.
That’s right. What’s the point of thinking so much now? With his current strength, he couldn’t do anything with Jinx.

Chapter 36: Riot Loli Jinx!

(Mm, I’ m already thinking about how to get in touch with Kinkes. From a hostile perspective, this is really quite difficult……But there would always be a way, huh……)
That’s right. What’s the point of thinking so much now? With his current strength, he couldn’t do anything with Jinx.
Lin Ling was speechless as he stood by the side of the road, wearing sunglasses and clothes that only nobles had the right to wear. He hugged Caitlin to the left and hugged her to the right. From the looks of it, he looked like the eldest young master of a noble family, bringing his own woman out to shop.
“Is this the secret quest you mentioned…” She looked at Caitlin on the left and whispered in a voice that only three people could hear.
Lin Ling was extremely suspicious of the reliability of this so-called private operation!
“Of course. According to reliable information, today, she will come here to destroy this area!”On the surface, Caitlin was nestled in Lin Ling’s arms. Her expression was as sweet as it looked. Her police uniform had been replaced with a noble dress. Her two snow-white shoulders were exposed in her breath and she was hugged by Lin Ling.
“I think there will be a few more covert operations this time.”Wei on the right also changed his outfit to make it easier for him to move. He rested his head on Lin Ling’s right shoulder, and his red face seemed to have the urge to pinch. He muttered in a low voice.
She was completely in love!Hey!
Time returned to 10 minutes ago.
The three of them squatted in the police station and discussed the mission.
“This mission was very simple!The mysterious person would cause damage to Mart’s street today!”Our mission is to pretend to be a noble on the street. We’ ll go shopping and wait for the chance to catch her!”
That was how it was. Caitlin had the faith and determination to win, and Wei did not object. She wanted to regain the dignity she had lost.Just like that, an extremely unreliable secret operation started……
As for why he had to pretend to be a noble, please ask Matt Street to be a noble street!Almost all of the people who were able to arrive here were well-known figures. As one of the main roads of Pirvov, there were very few civilians on Mart Street.If the three of them were dressed up as civilians, it would arouse suspicion.
“But……”You guys can’ t be like this either. I’ m a man!”The two beauties were so close to each other that two fragrant body fragrances entered his nose from left to right. The fragrance filled Lin Ling, who was already hot, even more agitated.
“The two of us didn’t despise you, you should despise us first.Do you like ……”
“Stop!”Lin Ling laughed bitterly and quickly stopped Caitlin. She wanted to say something later. Even if Lin Ling moved his toes, he would know that Lin Ling liked men rather than women.
“I like women, please don’ t doubt this!”
As a modern man, in the era of the Great Information Explosion, there were many signs of rotten women and gay Lin Ling. He had always followed his sexual orientation and would never change anything!Absolutely!
“Oh!!!””So you’re shy, hee hee, I have n’ t seen a cute boy like you in a long time.”Ah, I really want to hug you!”
“You’re already holding me ……”
Wei was not satisfied with the conversation between the two of them, but she was helpless that she was stupid. She didn’t know what to say right now and could n’ t get into the conversation between the two of them. She could only gloomily shift her gaze to another place and carefully observe the surroundings.
“Cough cough……”What? There seems to be something up ahead.”As expected, he had gained a lot from careful observation. Very soon, Wei discovered that there were a few absent-minded people on the street in front of him, as if they were avoiding some suspicious person.
Only then did Lin Ling wake up. Wen Xiang and Soft Jade were calling him to forget about his business. This was the biggest mistake!It seemed that his willpower was still not enough!
“Soft Jade was in her bosom. Heroes’ Tomb…”Tell me how to concentrate.”
“Hee hee, I didn’ t expect your mouth to be so sweet.” Soft Jade is pregnant.”Caitlin giggled. Her beauty was capital, and she did not reject Lin Ling’s praise.
On the other hand, Lin Ling was a little embarrassed.
Caitlin finally let go of her arms around Lin Ling’s waist. There was a wave of space fluctuation in front of her. The sniper rifle that belonged to Caitlin appeared out of nowhere in front of her. She smoothly took over the sniper rifle that had fallen and chose to use the anaesthetic cartridge mode to aim and shoot out!
“Touch!”The sniper rifle exploded with a loud sound as it shot towards the shortest and weakest person in the group.
“Aiya!”He’s actually discovered!”At the same time that the sniper shot sounded, Jinx took off the black hood covering her head. With a push of her two legs, she was several meters tall and easily dodged Caitlin’s shot. For the first time, she revealed her true face in front of Caitlin and Wei.
“It’s actually a child!”The two women were stunned by this scene!
In the sunlight, Jinx’s face was completely imprinted in the eyes of the three of them. This exposed blue-haired girl with two ponytails should n’ t be described as more appropriate by a loli. Her fair face had a wild and confident smile. She tilted her cute little head and didn’t fear the three of them at all. She looked at Lin Ling in the air for a second.
He flipped over and landed on a house. He took out a three-hole revolver machine gun from behind him. Carrying a shark-shaped metal cannon on his left shoulder, he began to mercilessly bombard the surrounding buildings!
“Bad!Don’t let her destroy the building!”Otherwise, our action will be completely ruined!”Caitlin exclaimed in shock.
In order to capture Jinx, she had put in a lot of effort. Every time she did research, she would get an answer like this. No matter what Jinx did, her speed was not very fast in normal situations. However, once she started to destroy endlessly, her speed would become extremely terrifying!
Lin Ling had played in the Hero Alliance, so he naturally knew why Jinx ran so fast. She relied on her perverted passivity. Whether it was killing or destroying the building, as long as it was destroyed, Jinx would have a perverted movement speed boost. During that period of time, even Sword Saint would not want to catch her!
That was why he had the title of Berserk Loli.
However, this was not the Hero Alliance. This was a real world. How many houses were there on every street?Can you count it?Theoretically, as long as Jinx destroyed any building in the city, she would become an invincible existence!

Black Tiger Heart

However, this was not the Hero Alliance. This was a real world. How many houses were there on every street?Can you count it?Theoretically, as long as Jinx destroyed any building in the city, she would become an invincible existence!
At that time, Lin Ling did not think too much about it. He had long forgotten how terrifying the difference between a hero and a rookie like himself was in reality. He only had one thought!Stop Jinx from shooting!
Once he shot, he would no longer be able to stop her!
In the next moment, he had not even expected that he would make such a bold move when facing Jinx.
Wei Wei rushed towards the group of people even faster. Wei Wei immediately shouted,” Lin Ling, don’t go!”Those people are all warriors!”However, Lin Ling didn’t seem to hear Wei’s shout as he continued to head towards Kinkes.
Wei angrily stomped on the ground as white smoke emerged from the gloves in his hand. He turned into a black shadow that instantly surpassed Lin Ling and knocked the criminals who were planning to attack Lin Ling to the ground. He turned his head and opened his hands to stop Lin Ling’s foolish actions.
Seeing that Lin Ling was about to clash with Wei, Wei withdrew his arms and planned to hug Lin Ling. At this moment, the mutation appeared!A golden flash flashed as Wei’s hands flew into the air. She stood there foolishly. By the time she reacted, Lin Ling had already appeared on the wall 70 meters behind her. At this moment, he was only four meters away from Kinkes!
“Damn it!”How could I forget that silly Lin is a Summoner!”Caitlin cursed in anger.
“Bang!”The sniper rifle shot out in an instant. Lin Ling could only hear the sound of violent friction in the air beside his ear and the muffled groan of the bullet hitting his body. When he looked to the right, he realized that a ferocious criminal had unknowingly appeared beside him. The huge axe in his hand still carried a faint smell of blood……
A cold sweat broke out in fear. He secretly thanked Caitlin in the distance. If it wasn’t for Caitlin’s support, it wouldn’t have fallen in the next second. Instead, he would have been split in half!
Don’t underestimate the power of a warrior, even if he’s just a level 1 warrior!Even the current Lin Ling, if he really wanted to attack a person with a knife in his hand, let alone a person, even if it was a fat pig, Lin Ling had the confidence to kill it!
If the effects of a fatal blow were to appear from the Luck Blast, killing one person would be even easier than cutting tofu!
Why was Lin Ling and Ghost Blade so tired?The first point was because he didn’t have a weapon. Although Ghost Blade’s blade wasn’t a powerful weapon, it was still a runic weapon after being touched!This was an excellent equipment!The power of an ordinary weapon wasn’t even a fraction!It wasn’t hard to make a decision.
The second point was because Lin Ling didn’t have any magic power at that time. Without magic power, Lin Ling was only a half-deck. The current Lin Ling was n’ t a half-deck, but a true warrior, plus a Dharma Master, plus a Summoner!
In this world, both the warrior and the Dharma Master used mana. As already mentioned, the only difference was that the warrior used continuous training and mana to temper his body, making him stronger.As for the Magicians, they used mana to strike long-range attacks. Usually, they ignored the training of their bodies. Of course, there were also exceptions. For example, Master Reeds, a magic machine gun, was a typical long-range battle-type Battle Tank. His body was strengthened to the extreme by runes, not losing to the warrior’s body at all.
Lin Ling’s talent and the passive effect of the critical strike had just eliminated this, making him, a useless piece of wood that had barely been trained, instantly become a warrior with an active foundation!At the same time, as a Summoner, he was naturally not bad at magic!
In other words, Lin Ling was now in a fake invincible state among opponents of the same level!Melee distance combat was enough!
Lin Ling was overjoyed when he saw that his enemy was less than 1 meter away from him was knocked down by Caitlin. After flashing, he once again regained his gravity. His legs bent down, and a terrifying explosive power exploded out. His body pounced at Kinkes with a tiger!
Jinkes was shocked by Lin Linghu’s action. He grabbed the trigger and forgot to press it. He paused for a second.
What could you do in a second? Blinking your eyes, yawning, or using your computer to type a few words?
Such a short period of time was nothing for ordinary people. However, for Lin Ling, who was a dual martial arts practitioner, there were too many things he could do in this second. Because he did not have enough time to think about it, he made a decision that made him suffer for a long time!It was also because of this that Lin Ling knew that women could not be treated in a rude way……
“I’ ll catch it!”
In just a short second, Lin Ling had used Black Tiger’s heart, which had been lost on Earth for a long time. If the power of that aura were placed on Earth, it would definitely be an expert among experts!Killing those so-called national martial arts masters in an instant would leave five holes even if it was a stone!
Caitlin was stunned. Ulster stood where she was. Jinx’s crazy smile froze at this moment.
Ideal was full, reality was bone-like……
When he attacked, he didn’t have the flesh and blood he had imagined. He grabbed a soft, soft and elastic item. Although it was a little small, it felt very good, so he subconsciously pinched it again.
Lin Ling hadn’t considered the difference between a woman and a man since he had been trying to catch a male criminal. If it was a man, Black Tiger’s heart wouldn’t have been like that.However, Lin Ling was facing King’s. Such a famous hero. Even if it was a gunman, King’s physical strength could not be attacked by a level 1 warrior like Lin Ling.
Lin Ling’s confident strike did n’ t hurt or itch when it hit Jinx. Instead, it was more like a wet uncle in a dirty girl’s chest.
Jinx’s rare expression turned red. She slapped Lin Ling’s dishonest claws and quickly retreated. Jinx raised the shark cannon in her hand and took a deep look at Lin Ling. She pressed the trigger in her hand and two long braids swayed in the air. Her slender body was like an elf and disappeared from Lin Ling’s sight.
Only when Lin Ling saw the two red spots on Jinx’s sickly white cheeks did Lin Ling realize how stupid he had done.
His gaze was fixed on the shark cannon in Jinx’s hand. Seeing that she had pulled the trigger, a cannonball was burning with flames. It was constantly enlarging in Lin Ling’s eyes……

38 Injuries

His gaze was fixed on the shark cannon in Jinx’s hand. Seeing that she had pulled the trigger, a cannonball was burning with flames. It was constantly enlarging in Lin Ling’s eyes……
The two women screamed madly.
Wei and Caitlin were even more desperate than Lin Ling himself. They could only helplessly watch as the cannonballs approached Lin Ling bit by bit, but there was nothing they could do.
Now, they were thinking of exchanging positions with Lin Ling and letting themselves defend against Jinx’s cannonballs.
His mind went blank as he stared foolishly at the cannonball.
Flames shot out in all directions, and the house collapsed. In an instant, the flames ignited, and Lin Ling’s figure was instantly engulfed in a sea of flames……
At the same time that the cannonball exploded, Jinx’s entire body trembled as if she had been beaten to death. She cried out excitedly,” Ahhhhh!”The speed at his feet increased rapidly as if he had gone crazy. In just a few breaths of time, Jinx brought her signature crazy laughter to escape in front of Wei and Caitlin.
When Jinx left, Caitlin finally reacted. Every time the sniper rifle pulled the trigger, a criminal would fall to the ground. Wei was even more like he had gone crazy. His fists destroyed everything in front of her and he finally arrived near Lin Ling’s explosion.
“Lin……Ling, hold on……”I’ ll save you right away!”With a sobbing and trembling voice, Hicks’ gloves continued to dig the ruins after the explosion.
The perpetrators were all eliminated, and so was Caitlin. The beautiful dress that the two women were secretly wearing today had already been dirty by the dust.
Caitlin also put down her sniper rifle and joined in despite the mess.
A hand with blood appeared, and Wei’s heart tightened. Her body trembled violently, and tears finally flowed down her face.Just like the devil, he kept muttering,” Impossible, impossible!That kid Lin Ling was so smart, he would never die!They would never die ……”
“Wei ……”
Caitlin also patted Wei’s shoulder in pain and swore in a low voice,” Jinx, I will definitely catch you in my life!”
A hand, arm, blood, half a broken body, and intestines that flowed out from the gap in his body……
With Wei’s continuous digging, Wei’s mental endurance almost reached a limit!
His lower body was gone!They were all blown away!The bloody intestines fell onto the ground casually. In a trembling state, Wei Wei slowly stretched out towards the head of the corpse, leaving only the last two broken stones. At this moment, Wei Wei closed his eyes, as did Kaitlin.
Neither of them dared to look at the corpse’s face. They were afraid, afraid that that face was the person they thought of……
“I think I can still save them. Can you help me out, Caitlin?” At the moment when the two girls were the last to open their eyes, Lin Ling’s voice sounded from their right.
“You are the ghost!”Your entire family is a ghost. I haven’ t died yet. Don’ t tell me you want me to die just like that.”Lin Ling grumbled.
Wei Lima stopped her tears and looked at the half-body in front of her. As expected, her face was not Lin Ling. She looked for Lin Ling’s voice and found that Lin Ling was only 3 meters away from the unknown corpse. Although her body was injured, she still did not die. She just could not move.
“Just be fine!”I’ m fine!”The tears that had just stopped flowed down again because of his joy. He had long forgotten that Lin Ling was still under pressure. No matter what, he pounced on Lin Ling and hugged her head.
“Hiss!Pain ~ pain ~ pain!Really dying, Wei!”Light it up!”
“Ah!”Sorry, I forgot!”
Caitlin looked at Lin Ling’s grimaced expression and knew that it really was n’ t a problem. She turned around and used an invisible angle to wipe the tears from her eyes.” These two living treasures ……”
Such a big explosion was still in the center of the city. Soon, the police and the people from the hospital arrived at the scene. Lin Ling was also sent to the hospital. This was probably the second time he had entered the hospital, and the doctor was the one from the last time.
Until now, Lin Ling still hadn’t figured out why he was able to survive the explosion. The price was that his internal organs had suffered a bit of damage.
It was clearly a cannonball that was aimed at him, but just as Lin Ling thought that he was about to collide with the cannonball and his body would be blown into pieces, he realized that the cannonball actually had a slight deviation. It slashed his cheek and exploded behind Lin Ling.
Golden Clara would be biased?Even if Lin Ling was beaten to death, he would not believe it.Which of these gunmen wasn’t a God’s shooter? It wasn’t in their dictionary. Not to mention the violent loli Jinx, this super destructive king!
The only possibility was that Jinx had never wanted to kill him!That was why he was lucky enough to survive.However, it was only the first time Lin Ling and Kinkes had met. Without any friendship, why would she let her go?
It didn’t make sense!
“Ah!”I don’ t want to!”With Lin Ling’s head, it seemed like he could n’ t figure out what the reason was.Feeling frustrated, he covered his head with a blanket and planned to have a good sleep. He accidentally glanced at his experience points and suddenly realized that the Summoner’s experience points had already reached 50 points!He still had half of his experience points left from Intermediate Summoners!
Lin Ling’s casual appearance instantly disappeared, and he crawled out of the blanket.Two big eyes stared at the ceiling, muttering to themselves,” I didn’ t seem to have done anything before. Why did I increase so much experience?”
He had no choice but to be excited!From 13 points to 50 points!Only Lin Ling himself knew how hard it was to come by!
“Could it be that the people Wei and the others defeated would also receive experience points?F*ck!Was this the legendary team formation mode?!”
The answer was right, but it was only half right. Only when a teammate defeated or killed an enemy within 1,000 meters would he be able to gain experience points. Moreover, the experience points he obtained would be 80% less than when he personally defeated. In other words, if a level 1 enemy could increase Lin Ling’s experience points by a bit, then if Caitlin and the others defeated, Lin Ling could only gain 0.2 experience points. However, even such a battle would increase Lin Ling’s experience points by 50 points!It could be seen that there should be higher-level enemies among those people!
This time, Lin Ling’s body didn’ t hurt either. He fell into a state of ecstasy, as if he had seen a beautiful future.” Looks like in the future, it’ ll be the right thing to go out on duty with two heroes and beautiful eyebrows to level up!”

He came to the door

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This time, Lin Ling’s body didn’ t hurt either. He fell into a state of ecstasy, as if he had seen a beautiful future.” Looks like in the future, it’ ll be the right thing to go out on duty with two heroes and beautiful eyebrows to level up!”
No wonder so many people in the online game liked to have large players and small players level up. This was simply the speed of a rocket being upgraded!
Summoners were not at the same level as sorcerers. A level 10 sorcerer could only stay at the beginner level for the rest of his life. A highly talented mage might have become a mid-level summoner by the time they reached level 5.
Every Summoner had a chance to become a Summoner, but everyone’s talent was locked down from the moment they were born. This was n’ t the reason why they weren’t working hard. If their talent was n’ t enough, even if you spent 24 hours every day on the level of a Summoner, you couldn’t improve, even if it was just a small step!
Do you want to be admired by thousands of people?Do you want to invite those professionals to come and go?Do you want this noble to be the first to come to you after he gets sick?No matter how high your offer is, you will willingly hand over your money and be grateful to you.
Then he would become a Summoner!Summoner’s healer’s skill increased as the level of the Summoner increased. When it reached the level of a high-level Summoner, as long as there was still a breath left, most of the body needed organs to exist, and it could instantly save your life.
As for the higher level, it was said that they had reached the terrifying realm of human flesh and bones. Of course, everyone knew that this was a rumor, but they could tell from the side that the Summoner was terrifying.
In this world, the most terrifying was not those famous heroes, but those summoners who could invite heroes to attack!
The Summoner’s role was n’ t just that. If that was the case, the Summoner could at most be classified as an auxiliary class. Only when a Summoner reached Intermediate would they have a skill to increase their combat strength!
Be careful, this is everyone!As long as they could reach Intermediate Summoners, they would have the power to communicate with Heaven and Earth. They would summon a huge magic circle and summon powerful creatures from other worlds!
According to the records, the weakest summoner had summoned so far would also reach Level 2!
Who would dare to provoke such a terrifying class?
Only the most powerful existence heroes among the countless Professionals could speak in front of the Summoners!
A huge Pirvov City. How many summoners were there in this city?
Less than 100 people!Only the pitiful 73!Not to mention Lin Ling, there were only 72 people!Of the 72 people,69 were Beginner Summoners, and only 3 were Intermediate Summoners!
One of them was the president of the Peelwaterfu Summoner Division. Lin Ling had already seen him before. The other two were in the Peelwaterfu’s top family in front of a position of worship. They lived freely every day, living like gods.
That night, Lin Ling slept very well. Normally, he didn’t dream about it. It was rare for him to dream about it.
In his dream, he held his staff in his left hand and waved it at the enemy in the distance, sending out several destructive spells, burning the enemy to death!His right hand held a long sword and killed one enemy after another, standing on the pile of corpses and laughing arrogantly at the countless enemies below, as if looking down on them……
“Don’ t make a fuss, little Anne……”Let me sleep a little longer.”Early in the morning, in the hospital, Lin Ling was in, a small pink hand was holding a green grass as it streaked across Lin Ling’s nose, causing Lin Ling to feel uncomfortable.The sleepy Lin Ling mumbled and wanted to turn around to continue sleeping.
“Huh?Hmm?Huh???”One failure, two failures, and three failures.Only then did Lin Ling gradually wake up. His eyes did not open as he vaguely felt a light body sitting beside him. It turned out that this was the main reason why he could not turn around.
The drowsiness gradually faded and Lin Ling’s head woke up.
Annie?Such a light body could only be Annie.But didn’t Annie leave without saying goodbye? It was impossible for her to return in a short time.Apart from Annie, the only female friends Lin Ling knew were Wei and Caitlin.
However, no matter how good they were, they could not be so light.
This question appeared in his mind.” Who exactly is it?”
After thinking for a while, he still couldn’t find a candidate. Helpless, Lin Ling could only reluctantly open his eyes.
He opened it slightly and the sunlight that came through the window immediately shone into Lin Ling’s eyes. The piercing Lin Ling could only cover his eyes. Looking at the slender and blurry figure sitting on him, Lin Ling felt as if he had seen her somewhere before.
“Excuse me, Miss, are you looking for me for something?”Even though Lin Ling knew that this was not appropriate, he did not know what to ask. He narrowed his eyes and looked at the figure, waiting for his answer.
“Let’s play with you!””Get up quickly! I know you’re not injured. Come play with me!” The girl’s voice was clear and melodious!”Destroy!”
“Nani?Destroy?!”Perhaps it was because of the police’s side effects that Lin Ling’s body tensed up when he heard the damage. His sleepy eyes immediately gave off a shocking light. His previously blurry figure was finally completely seen by Lin Ling.When Lin Ling saw his face and his signature smile, his expression froze and he spat out three words with difficulty:” Gold!Ke!”Sh*t!”
“Aha!You really know my name. Looks like you should be one of my admirers!Who would have thought that you would actually break into the police!Sure enough, I didn’t blow you up yesterday!”Let’s go, go play with me!”Jinx’s two beautiful eyes blinked at Lin Ling and said in a deranged manner.
The police were frantically searching for her tracks outside. They didn’t expect that she would actually come looking for her. How daring!
Lin Ling shook his head repeatedly. He didn’t have time to think about how Jinx came to the hospital right now. He immediately refused.” Wait!You seem to have misunderstood something!”I’ m not a criminal!”
He was an honorary police officer of Pildewoff. How could he possibly be a criminal? Even a criminal would not be related to such a terrifying figure as the violent loli Jinx.
She was a famous little madman. She would not care if she was a criminal or not. If she were to play with her, she would most likely be killed by this violent loli!

Chapter 41 Wait until you win!)

“Aiya, I think it’s unnecessary to be here. I’ ll go out first.”Caitlin looked at Lin Ling on the bed with a sour expression. She stepped out of the room and closed the door.
For a moment, only Lin Ling and Wei were left in the room. A loli had been completely forgotten by Lin Ling.
For the time being, he had forgotten about Kinkes. After thinking about it, Lin Ling realized that Wei was really wronged by him.
Who was she?Pirvov’s hero!Even in front of a king of a super empire like Demarcia, a super expert who would speak with great weight!It was unknown how many people’s blood had been contaminated in the hands of those who had joined the army and conquered one enemy after another. Not to mention whether Wei’s previous actions were true or not, she belonged to the type of super strong general who could not defeat the top ten thousand.
However, when she was by her side, she had become such a pitiful girl. She even took the initiative to change her image for herself. Although she had never said anything about it, it was a headache for a person to let her change her favorite hairstyle.
If this continued, Wei Chi would have a problem and suffocate.
“Wei……I ……”
He and Wei were the only ones in the quiet room. Lin Ling’s face was filled with self-blame as he bit his tongue.If it weren’t for Kinkes’ presence, Lin Ling would definitely slap himself twice!How could he let Wei give up so much for him?He actually……
“I like you!”
“What did you say?”Forgetting to cry, that pair of beautiful big eyes now forgot to even shed tears. They looked at Lin Ling in disbelief and covered their mouths excitedly,” Can you say it again?”
“That……”I’ m too shy, can you not say it.”After venting his emotions, Lin Ling regained his senses. He rubbed his nose and asked tentatively.
“No!””You’re such a hateful person!” Wei Xiu frowned and shouted in dissatisfaction.”I’ ve just moved me, and I’ ve destroyed the atmosphere.”
“Heh…” To pretend to be stupid at this moment, Lin Ling was just looking at Wei with a silly smile on his face.
“Don’t think you can just fool around.”Come on, let’s talk about what you said earlier.”With both hands in his waist, his two beautiful legs parted and bent down, feigning anger as he ordered,” Otherwise, you’ ll look good!”The corner of his mouth curled into a small arc. It seemed like Wei was no longer sad.
“Really?”Gritting his teeth, he stomped his foot……He accidentally mentioned Kinkes and was bitten by a puppy. Wasn’t it just a sentence? Was it a man? He said it!
That pair of black eyes was as deep as the universe right now, staring at Wei who was standing in front of the door with his waist full of desire.A gentle voice rang out from his mouth,” Wei, become my woman!”
“Small!”If you want to become my man, you’ re still not qualified. You’ ll have to wait until I win.”He had already obtained what he wanted. Wei Xiao’s flower branches were trembling. At this moment, the beauty was suffocating. Lin Ling, this poor little boy, was instantly toppled by Wei’s beauty.
“Hey!I’ve already confessed, so why do n’ t you give me this answer?!”When Lin Ling came to his senses, he realized that Wei had already left the ward. Caitlin also left with Wei.The originally lively ward became cold again.” Are you kidding me? When I can win against you, I’ ll have to wait until the Monkey King and the Horse Moon. By that time, perhaps your granddaughter will be able to make a fool of herself!”
Oh, by the way, there was also the little loli, Jinx, hiding under the sheet.
“Are they gone?”Hearing that there was no sound outside for a long time, Jinx stretched out her little head and asked Lin Ling’s head.
Lin Ling replied unhappily,” The ward is so big. Do you think they’ ve left?”
“I said, you’re someone who’s been with me. It should be hard to become a spy.Who would have thought that he would pretend to like that old woman with an imbalance in her endocrine system.”It’s really hard for you!”After confirming that there was really no one else in the vicinity, Jinkes jumped out of Lin Ling’s embrace and sat cross-legged on Lin Ling’s belly. He patted Lin Ling’s shoulder and said angrily.
How did that person look at the scene of a mobster talking to a little brother on Earth? It was just like a touch in a movie.
How could you tell that I was pretending?I really like Wei!To be able to meet such a good girl was a blessing that had been cultivated for countless years.
She rolled her eyes at Jinx, a crazy little girl, and said that she was not bad at all.
Lin Ling had read the file in his spare time.Although every explosion was known to everyone in the city, the number of casualties was very small. The total number of casualties was only a pitiful one.It was said that that person had not died because of the explosion, but because he had suddenly seen the explosion and had not been treated in time for a heart attack.In other words, he died of a heart attack.However, the police didn’t care about that. It was a heart attack caused by someone who was scared by Jinx, so they put this dead person on Jinx.
If it wasn’t for the police, Lin Ling really did n’ t know that there was such a ridiculous inside story.
This was the same as bin Laden on Earth. Although he was a wanted criminal, he still carried a lot of blame. A lot of things were clearly not done by bin Laden, but the authorities had thrown all their mistakes onto bin Laden and pushed him to the Windy Wave.
Don’t challenge the government. They have 100 ways to make you unable to survive in this place.
“Jinx, are you coming here?”For some reason, Lin Ling didn’t know what was going on in his mind. He suddenly said that.
“Of course I did, but killing is not as fun as blasting.”Jinx lifted her chin and gave a snort.” Those people want to kill me, I have no choice but to kill them.”
There was still hope!It was better to try to persuade a criminal than to catch a criminal.
She rolled her eyes and asked again,” Do you like killing people?”
What was “good about killing people? A pile of meat.Explosion is the art!BOOM!!!”As he spoke, he made a nervous explosion and giggled.
“Then how about I take you to a place to play?There were many houses there that could be exploded for you!”I won’ t be wanted by the police.”
“Are you telling the truth?”Is there really a good place?”As soon as she spoke of the explosion, Jinx instantly became spirited. She pulled Lin Ling up from the bed and ignored the blood-stained bandages on his body.” Quickly bring me!”
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Chapter 42 Revisiting the Old Land (Collecting, Flower)

He had been in a bad mood recently, but he had turned it into a motivation for three consecutive days.If he didn’t say anything, he would ask for fresh flowers. It would be better if he rewarded them.)
“Are you telling the truth?”Is there really a good place?”As soon as she spoke of the explosion, Jinx instantly became spirited. She pulled Lin Ling up from the bed and ignored the blood-stained bandages on his body.” Quickly bring me!”
There were people who didn’t drink too much every day. They felt incredibly uncomfortable!There were also people who didn’t drink a day and were powerless.Kinkes was the same. She didn’t fight a day and she did n’ t have any energy.If she didn’t see the explosion in a few days, Jinx could n’ t guarantee that she would do something crazy.
This wasn’t the case. With the explosion, Jinx had completely switched to another person. Along the way, Jinx chatted with Lin Ling about something that had blown up a place before and was chased by someone.Lin Ling was so shocked that he broke out in cold sweat. Good boy, like Kinkes, Extrajudicial Berserker and Card Master, they were all wanted terrorists on the entire continent!
Fortunately, Jinx didn’t like to kill people. In essence, she was a good loli. Unlike the Extrajudicial Berserker and Card Master, she could still be saved as long as she could make a true guide……Ahem, he could only do his best.
If she used her passion for exploding as a benefit, then Jinx would no longer be wanted by Caitlin and the others.Heroes were different from ordinary people. If they changed their evil ways and returned to the right, the local authorities would take the initiative to clean up all the stains from the previous ones. They would also use a very reasonable excuse to convince the people that you were a good person. What they had done was just to disguise everything they had done.
Every hero would be the target of any faction. Wei was the best example. It was once a bad person, but now it turned into Pirvov’s law enforcement officer.
Lin Ling really wanted Jinx to turn her back to the right.
Once again, Lin Ling sighed. Time was really fast.It was already over a month ago that he had come here last time.Lin Ling’s hands tightened when he came back to this slum. If he had the strength at that time, he would not have been able to see Annie’s last side.
“Why did you bring me here?”Jinx followed Lin Ling like a tail. She looked at the small houses, rocks, and wood.
“Don’ t you want to blow up something? That’s right.”Lin Ling endured the pain and brought Jinx here. It wasn’t to tease her. Lin Ling was n’ t that cheap, thinking that he could escape from a hero’s hands.
Even if he had a chance to revive, he would not easily use it. After all, the time to revive was three months!Unless they had no other choice, they would not die at will.
In the slums, most of the people here were civilians. Apart from civilians, most of the criminals were hiding in this area.
Using this densely populated place to use the commoners as cover, taking the mountains as the king, and being a carefree Earth Emperor, he often bullied the commoners.
Ghost Blade was just one of these factions.
There were also a lot of Ghost Blade-like beings that were active in this region.
As a human from Earth who had seen the Seamless, Lin Ling had the honor of becoming a glorious police officer of Pirvov. After less than a week, he had thought of secretly developing his own faction. Now, in the slums, Lin Ling already had four informants. They were all criminals with a foundation. Although none of them were reliable, they managed to escape a few times with Lin Ling’s help. They were very polite to Lin Ling. If Lin Ling wanted any news, they would tell Lin Ling that they would work hard to find out.
Ever since Lin Ling had fallen here and learned from his seniors about the crimes of these slum criminals, he had never wanted to capture them personally and even give the commoners a free sky.
What kind of shape was the hope in the eyes of the children?Could they get hot food every morning?
Spider-Man’s uncle’s words were right. The greater the power, the greater the responsibility. Do you want to be an evil person without Law or a saint praised by everyone?Lin Ling didn’t want to do either. He only wanted to be a good person, a good person with a clear conscience, worthy of his conscience!
If he didn’t get these criminals out of this area one day, Lin Ling’s heart would always be filled with a huge lump, making it difficult for him to sleep and eat.
This should be considered as a kind of cooperation. Reciprocity was given to each other. Lin Ling needed the intel here, and they needed Lin Ling’s protection.
Black and white, no matter what world it was, there was always a dark relationship.
“There were many bad guys who bullied people here, you can bomb their houses as much as you like.And I promise that Caitlin and the others will not come to catch you!”Do you believe it?”
“This fake?”Don’ t lie to me! I’ m really amazing!”With a pout, Jinx’s pink fist swayed in front of Lin Ling. Although it was a blatant threat, Lin Ling did not feel any pressure. Instead, it gave Lin Ling a cute feeling.
She patted Kinkes’ thin little body and said in a heartbroken tone,” Wait, I’ ll treat you to dinner.”
“Why are you so nice to me?”Don’ t tell me you’ re trying to fool me!”Jinx tilted her head in a nervous manner, almost looking like 90. She looked at Lin Ling strangely,” But you’ re not my type.”
“What nonsense!”Lin Ling’s face flushed red. It’s really a f*ck. He just looked at Kinkes’ thin body and felt a sense of sympathy. Why did Jinkes’ eyes turn into ulterior motives?!
Lin Ling swore to the heavens that he was wronged!
“These past few years, living alone has been hard. Look at how thin you are.”If you don’ t mind, come and find me to eat in the future. Although my salary isn’ t high, I can still be considered a well-off person. It’s okay to raise a few people.”His eyes softened once again. He couldn’t help but caress Jinx’s thin cheek. At that moment, he didn’t know why he had the courage to do this. It was clearly just a coincidence. Could it be that he was such a good person?
Kinkes was a hero, but she was also a child and a girl.Unlike the extras like the Extrajudicial Berserkers, Kinkes’ childhood should have been accompanied by cannon fire and the pursuit of the police.
Lin Ling could not imagine how many difficulties she had experienced alone. The tattoo on her fair skin was actually to cover the scars on her body. Perhaps her heart was like the scars on her body, hidden under the mask.The only thing he could do was understand her more and doubt her less.Give her as much care as possible. She was just a child……

< Title > The Summoners of the Hero Alliance are also crazy_Pirvov Volume (Chapter 21-40).txt

This was the Berserk Loli!(Collect)

“I advise you to forget about it. The largest gang nearby was called the Stone Gang, and it had more than 50 people under it!Boss’ strength was even higher than Level 3!I heard it was still a Mage!”It’s a huge criminal gang!”
“Make a choice!”Yes, or no!”Lin Ling interrupted Carmen and called out the choice to Jinx. This time, he had come for Jinx. Otherwise, he would have been forced to challenge a Level 3 expert.
“Is this really not wanted?”That look of anticipation, the adorable Lin Ling’s heart was about to melt.
“Of course not. You believe me.”
“Wait!”Boss, who is she?”Carmen pointed at Kinkes, his eyes filled with curiosity.
“It’s best if you don’ t know her identity. Otherwise, you’ ll be in trouble.”Lin Ling patted Kamen’s shoulder and kindly reminded him.
“Forget it then. I still don’ t want to die early. Boss, don’ t tell me.”
Carmen lost interest when he heard that. He was a person with a lot of rules. Curiosity killed the cat. He knew that.As a small person, he had to be prepared to become a small person. He definitely could not know what he should not do, or else he would be in danger.Only by observing their duties could they live longer.
“Good!I’ll listen to you!”If you’ re really wanted, I’ ll take you with me!”
“Carmen leads the way.”A low cough called Carmen back to his senses.
Kamen touched his nose and said without hesitation,” Come with me. This way.”
At the same time, he took a look at Kinkes and ordered the two of them to follow closely behind him.
Three rounds and nine turns, the smaller the place was, the more densely populated the houses. Lin Ling had already forgotten how many streets he had walked through. The entire area was like a maze, and it was a loss for Carmen to lead the way. If he only used one day, he would not be able to find it.
Carmen stopped in front of a tavern. He lowered his voice with a serious expression and said in a low voice,” Boss, the person you’ re looking for is in this neighborhood. The place where they gather is marked with a sheep’s head.”Pointing at a small house similar to a horse shed, he said,” That place isn’ t a horse shed. It’s usually people that catch people. I saw people being caught before.”
“Alright, Carmen, you can leave now.”Nodding his head, he took note of everything Carmen had said and patted him on the shoulder.” To be honest, you’ ve made quite a bit of money. You’ re not small. You should also consider finding a good woman to marry and have a child. After all, you can’ t do for the rest of your life.”
“Hehe, let’s talk about it later. I’ ll leave first. Be careful!”
“You should’ve heard it earlier,” Lin Ling said vaguely. After watching Carmen leave, he focused his attention on Kinkes.”As long as we destroy those buildings with signs, we’ ll leave that horse shed behind. I’ ll take a look at more than 20 houses. It should be enough for you to destroy them.”
Jinx nodded excitedly. These 20 houses were much larger than that vault. Jinx didn’t care how beautiful the buildings were, but in the end, they would only become a pile of debris. She only wanted to destroy them. The more they destroyed, the happier they would be.
“I’ ll help you block those people first. Be careful.”As he spoke, Lin Ling noticed that the people in the vicinity of the tavern had become greedy when they looked at him. Clearly, they were in a bad mood. He took out his dagger and said.
“Hehe, thank you!”You’ re really my good friend!”Crazy, she kissed Lin Ling on the face. Jinx leaped into the air and landed a three-barrel machine gun on Jinx’s right hand. She carried a shark cannon on her left arm. With a loud explosion, a yellow egg shell fell to the ground, causing the entire area nearby to boil!
Those who were planning to plot against Lin Ling just now saw Jinx’s crazy actions and a name appeared in their minds:” Hero “!They were so scared that they instantly backed down. This was a good opportunity for Lin Ling. He held his dagger and listened to the continuous explosions and the unique laughter of Jinkes. Lin Ling unconsciously felt that the blood in his body was boiling!
“From the looks of it, you guys are not good people. As expected, they are from the Stone Gang.”Lin Ling smiled cruelly. The dagger in his hand drew a beautiful arc in the air as blood beads swayed in the air.”For peace, please die!”
With his blade raised, the dagger turned into a god of death in Lin Ling’s hand. He continued to harvest these useless bastards. After 5 seconds, four corpses were lying on the ground. Each of them covered their necks, their expressions distorted when they died.
“Haha!”Boom!”Every house exploded and burned under his own cannon fire, and Jinx’s spirit instantly soared. Her petite body was so fast that Lin Ling could only see a series of afterimages, each one as if they were real people.
“Who?”How dare you come here to cause trouble!”Finally, under Jinx’s cannon fire, the Level 3 gang leader in Carmen’s mouth appeared. He looked at the destroyed house with a sinister expression and roared at Jinx’s direction.
Jinx’s right phone gun disappeared, and she stretched out three fingers in a nervous manner. The corner of her mouth curled into a large arc,” I’ ll give you three times.”
“What 3?!”This person still didn’t know who he was facing. Seeing that Jinx was a little girl, and she looked very beautiful, he immediately thought of something evil. However, because Jinx’s shark cannon on his shoulder didn’t attack.
“3!Time is up!Do you have any last words?”No, go die!””Bang!”A huge cannonball shot out from the cannon barrel. Before the Level 3 man could react, he was instantly blown into a pile of meat and splattered onto the ground……
From the beginning to the end, Kim Kris was just acting alone. That guy didn’t have the right to choose at all. Was a Level 3 expert very strong?Lin Ling saw that it was indeed very strong. It was an existence that could not be surpassed at all. However, in Jinx’s eyes, he was no different than a little bug. Moreover, that person’s eyes made Jinx extremely hateful.
Level 3!He could at least be a small leader in the army, but Jinx could not even defend against a single attack!In fact, before he could even say his last words, he had turned into a pile of flesh, completely dead.
The super criminal gangs in the eyes of others were destroyed in less than a minute……This was the violent loli!
The main characters of the PS: were all bad guys. If everyone thought that he was bloodthirsty, think about it. If you had faced a life and death war, would all the enemies have pity?If you let him go, you will not!
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Chapter 45: How does it feel when a bullet passes by his ear?

The super criminal gangs in the eyes of others were destroyed in less than a minute……This was the violent loli!
The boss was dead, and many of the remaining criminals fled in all directions, scattering as birds and beasts.
The boss was all hiccup. What was the use of these people? This young lady looked like a super expert!It wasn’t something they could match. Instead of giving their lives away in vain, it was better to save their lives and run!
Seeing that these people were running away, Jinx had some intention of pursuing them. She allowed them to dodge. Seeing this, Lin Ling angrily stomped his feet and rushed forward with an arrow and roared,” Where are you running!”
Facing these frightened enemies, Lin Ling’s harvest was extremely relaxed. Among them, he even stabbed a level 2 enemy who was only focused on escaping and not looking at the path. The corner of Lin Ling’s mouth was split open with a smile.
“Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep be
“Why did the police rush over so quickly? Damn it!”He cursed in his heart and ignored Jinx, who wasn’t satisfied with the movement in his arms. He left this place from a nearby uninhabited land.
A dozen or so police cars came to a halt and left black marks on the ground. Caitlin and Wei, who were in the lead, were fully armed. They took out their battle attire and walked out of the car aggressively. Looking at the mess ahead, they immediately commanded their subordinates to search!Grab all the people nearby!”This is the Stone Gang’s place. Someone reported that this place was attacked by artillery fire. The other party is most likely our wanted criminal. If anyone finds anything out, immediately send out a signal!”
Not far away, Lin Ling and Jinx were quietly lying on a tall building. They looked at Wei and Caitlin below. Just as they shifted their gaze to them, they looked over at each other. Lin Ling immediately lowered his head in fear and pressed Jinx’s head down.
Wei and Catherine couldn’t see anyone, so they looked back in confusion. Could it be that they were mistaken?
“What are you doing.”Jinx patted the hand on her head unhappily and said,” Why are you so afraid of those two old women with dysfunctional endocrine system? Just go up and do it.”
“I’ll fuck you two!”She rolled her eyes at Kinkes and complained helplessly.
Why did Jinx always say that Wei and Caitlin were old women? They were obviously two big beauties. Was it because she was envious?He subconsciously glanced at Kinkes’ flat body and sighed deeply.” Sigh ”
“What do you think? What’s wrong with my flat chest?” Jinx’s face was red, and she was both embarrassed and angry!I’m proud of my flat chest!”It’s not like the two cows running with two lumps of meat. They’ re so tired!”This was a typical case where the grapes could not be eaten and the grapes were sour!
Poor Little Golden Kos didn’t know that the more weak she was, the more pitiful Lin Ling was.
How pitiful! Such a young girl had become like this under fate. She grabbed Jinx’s cold hand and said,” Never mind, I’ ll raise you in the future!Save the fat one you raised!”I’ m still a Summoner. By the time I reach the intermediate level, I’ ll completely eliminate the wounds on your body!”
“Why are you so nice to me.”Jinx’s nose ached and she curled her lips. She turned her head to the side and did n’ t dare to face her. The grievances she had suffered for many years turned into two streams of tears.” You think I’m a pig. I raised it for nothing.”
“Heh heh…” Lin Ling giggled for a while before he recovered his composure and focused his attention on the spot in front of him.
“Wei, the bullets are enchanting, there’s still heat left!”
Caitlin held her gun in her hands and lowered her head to look at the yellow egg shells on the ground. She used her hand to find that there was still residual heat. Her expression immediately became nervous. She immediately placed her sniper rifle in front of her and looked around. Whenever she found any suspicious person, she would immediately shoot.
When Wei heard this, a wave of magic wave appeared in his fists. A large shield blocked Wei’s body and shouted at the surroundings,” Jinx, I know you’ re still nearby. Come out!”I want to capture you personally and avenge Lin Ling!”
Jinx played with her braid and said sarcastically,” You and the punk girl are so close. You actually came to catch me for you.”
“Hehe, if I can become stronger in the future, Wei will become my wife.”Lin Ling smiled happily. Thinking of Wei’s beautiful smile, Lin Ling’s heart skipped a beat. He swore that this was definitely the most beautiful smile he had ever seen.
“Abnormal Imperial Daughter control!”I’ ll go first. You can play slowly!”
“Wait……Just as Lin Ling stretched out her hand, Jinx had already disappeared. If there was not a lingering temperature on the ground, Lin Ling would have thought that he had encountered a ghost. She scratched her head and whispered,” It’s obviously the one who controls Loli that is called a pervert. I hope she won’ t go out and play around.”
He got up and patted the dirty clothes on his body before jumping off the third floor.
“Swoosh!”Bang!”As soon as he landed on the ground, Lin Ling could only feel the sound of tearing the air in his right ear. His ears were burning with pain, and a loud explosion sounded behind him.
What was the feeling of a bullet passing by his ear?Five words, the feeling of death!
“Don’ t shoot yourself!”There was no need to guess. This shot was definitely fired by Caitlin. It was a good thing that Caitlin didn’t have a killing intent. Otherwise, this bullet would n’ t have been as simple as shooting past her ears……Tears rolled down Lin Ling’s face as he raised his hands.
“Lin Ling, how could it be you!”Seeing that it was Lin Ling or him in his sick uniform, Caitlin immediately dropped the sniper rifle in her hand. She felt a wave of fear in her heart. If her own hand had just moved a little further to the left……Then Lin Ling……
“Caitlin, are you crazy!Lin Ling, you should fight as well!”Wei Li immediately left the matter behind and ran to Lin Ling’s side. He only let out a sigh of relief when he saw that there were no new wounds on his entire body. He then scolded Caitlin.
Caitlin did not reply. She lowered her head and let You Wei blame her. She was also very regretful.
“Wei, you can forgive Caitlin. After all, she is in combat. I’m not dead. It’s already her mercy.”If you want to blame me, you can only blame me for appearing without saying a word.”Lin Linglian quickly calmed down,” Everyone is a family. Why should we be angry? It’s just that.”
“Who is a family with you!”
“Who is a family with you!”
The two women blushed and replied in unison.
PS:’ve done it already. It’s time to go and level up. There will be some surprises after that~

46 Lin Ling’s Decision

“Who is a family with you!”
The two women blushed and replied in unison.
“Well, I mean, the police are all family.”Knowing that he was wrong, Lin Ling rolled down the hill and added another sentence.
“That’s more like it. Tell me, why don’ t you leave a good hospital and come here in your sick clothes?”Caitlin suddenly asked.
After all, she was Lin Ling’s boss. She had the right to ask Lin Ling.
Lin Ling rubbed his hands and said shyly,” You’ re saying that. I’ m not trying to do my best. No matter what, I’ m also a policeman.”
“Aiyo, your sister is really happy to hear this, but you still need to rest first. Your little body can’ t afford to do this. It’s related to a hero!”
It was also because of his strength. On the surface, Lin Ling did not seem to be much, but his heart was dripping with blood. This was not the first time he had been underestimated because of his strength. If this happened, he would definitely be treated by those people in the police station as a pretty boy who relied on his face to eat food.
Well, in fact, in private, the policemen had long been gossiping about the relationship between Lin Ling, Caitlin, and Wei. Lin Ling’s nickname was not the first day.It was just that he didn’t know about it. Wei and Caitlin did n’ t tell him about it. They were afraid that it would hurt Lin Ling’s pride.
A man’s self-esteem was very high. Once he acted up, it was very likely that he would do a lot of extreme things. On this path where he could n’ t walk without strength, a novice like Lin Ling was still cultivating in the police station. Only when he had some strength would he be able to move to the mainland.
After thinking for a moment, Lin Ling was still prepared to say what he had thought about for a long time ……”
“What’s wrong?”Wei looked at Lin Ling.
“, It was time for me to go out to train for a while. It wasn’t a good idea to stay here. Every time I saw you busy, I could only watch.”I feel so useless.”Lin Ling smiled weakly and finally said what he had hidden for a long time.
“I don’ t agree!”Wei immediately rejected Lin Ling’s idea.” You have no idea how chaotic this world is!With your current strength, you wouldn’t be able to go out and explore!”I definitely won’ t agree!”
Caitlin didn’t agree,” Wei is right. Little Brother Lin, I do n’ t suggest you go out and explore now. You’re only at the first level. You just stepped into this circle. What can you do if you go out?To become a mercenary?”You’ re going to hunt low-level magical beasts in the uninhabited forest all day long, yet you still have to be on guard against high-level magical beasts?”
“Was at least better than here, right? Could it be that he’s always catching thieves?This way, my strength would not be able to increase at all!Thank you for giving me that meditation technique. If it weren’t for you, perhaps I would n’ t even be a level one now. Thank you, Caitlin.Didn’t you say before that only if I could win against you would you agree.”That way, you have no reason to refuse me to leave.”
Wei’s mouth moved slightly. He wanted to say something but was unable to say anything.
No woman would like her man to be weak. Wei’s words earlier were just to motivate Lin Ling. But now, she seemed to be overstimulating. Lin Ling’s actions completely exceeded her expectations.
“I don’t mean to let you ……”
“I know, I know!”At this moment, Lin Ling was like a bird that had gotten rid of a birdcage. He finally had the courage to say this,” I know what you think and what you are trying to do, but I want to rely on myself. Don’ t tell me you don’ t want me to become stronger?”
“Hope is hope, but this is not the result!”Wei smiled bitterly and said hurriedly.
Looking at Wei with a bitter smile, the corner of Lin Ling’s mouth was slightly soft as he gently stroked Wei’s face.” If you can, please give me a chance to become stronger. I promise that the next time I see you, I will drive a rainbow cloud to see you!”I’ ll miss you.”
“What seven-colored rainbow clouds, you think you are Sun Wukong’s monkey.”Lin Ling had already made up her mind, and Caitlin knew that persuasion was useless. She could only complain to the side.
“Let’s go now?”Wei also saw Lin Ling’s determination and could not bear to ask,” Could it be that we can not wait until today?”
“Yes, I’ m afraid that today, my heart will soften again. Gentle Village Hero Tomb!”She turned around and waved at the two women. She felt a strange pain in her heart as well. She was about to see them immediately, and her heart was filled with mixed emotions. Sweet, sour, bitter, spicy, salty and their drops surged into her heart.
He stopped and turned around to Lin Ling, as if he had forgotten something. He knocked on his head,” Oh right, how many levels are you now?”
Wei’s eyes darkened as he whispered,” Level 13.”
“Level 13!”He sighed,” This level is really high!”
Wei and Caitlin forced a smile. Of course, they knew that this level was very high. Level 6, Level 11, and Level 16 were the three levels that were the most difficult. Some people could not reach Level 6 in their entire lives. If they didn’t go that far, even Lin Ling could n’ t see the end of the level 2 handle in front of them. Just this most ordinary meditation technique alone couldn’t improve their cultivation.
“And me, Xiao Linzi, sister, my level is level 12, don’t forget!”If you really become an expert one day, how about elder sister marry you with Wei Ban, who’s half-seller.”Caitlin threw a flirtatious look and gathered her courage as she said jokingly.
Instead of marrying those rotten nobles who only knew how to eat, drink and gamble, Caitlin would rather choose Lin Ling.
“Yes, if you’ re not afraid of your father killing you.”After pondering for a moment, Lin Ling also said jokingly. He didn’t take Caitlin’s words seriously. This policewoman was used to joking with him.
“Then let’s just say it’s settled!”Caitlin’s eyes lit up when she saw Lin Ling agree. She waved her arms excitedly and shouted to the distant man,” Little man, remember to miss us!”If you really can’ t help venting your anger on your own, you can’ t fool around outside!”
Lin Ling’s feet were unsteady. She staggered a few times before stabilizing her body. Could she be any stronger?If he didn’t pass through, he would have to pass through. If he did n’ t pass through, he wouldn’t have to!
“Puchi.”When the two women saw Lin Ling’s miserable back, their bitter faces finally burst into smiles. However, no one would notice the sadness in their eyes.
After returning to the police dormitory and packing up his luggage, Lin Ling finally set foot on the road to become stronger with two months of savings.