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01 I, Zeus, am not a Godking

At the beginning of the universe, Callus was the first to be born alone. It was an endless, dark crack.
After Callus, Gaia, the God of the Earth, was born first. After that, the Infernal Abyssal Deity Tower, Altarus, and Eros were born independently, and the world began.
Callus then gave birth to the Netherworld God, Erebus, and the Night God, Nix.
Eribos and Nikes combined to produce Ethel in space and Hermela in daytime, corresponding to their parents.
Gaia had created the Sky Uranos, Ocean God Pontos, and Mountain God Uria.
With the birth of the gods, the world was born.
The sky, the earth, the sea, mountains, rivers, day, night.
After the world was born, Callus returned to chaos and fell into long sleep.
Erepos, the Netherworld God, transformed into the Netherworld, while Tartarus entered the Netherworld, transforming into an abyss of hell.
The God of Darkness, Nikes, similarly entered the underworld.
After that, Gaia had made Ulanus the king of the gods. It was only a long time ago. Ulanus’ power was on the rise, and he was under a complete dictatorship. His temperament was gradually rough and obedient, and he was just acting on his own. He did not even have much respect for Gaia. His actions had finally aroused Gaia’s strong dissatisfaction. Gaia decided to eliminate Ulanus and establish another king.
Of course, there was another saying that because of Ulanus’ greed for power, he had bound Gaia and his child’s hundred arms and one-eye to Gaia’s body. In the end, Gaia could no longer endure Ulanus’ s desire to let his son overthrow Ulanus.
In order to overthrow Uranos, Gaya used the black rock from the deepest part of the earth as raw material. Sekross made a very hard and sharp scythe and then called his Titan sons together, hoping that someone would assassinate Uranos.
Everyone was silent, but the youngest son, Cronos, agreed.
With Gaia’s help, Kronos successfully overthrew the first-generation Godking Ulanus, and then became the second-generation Godking.
On the other hand, the exceptional God King, Uranus, returned to the sky and never returned to the ground.
Along the way, it was worth mentioning that in the blood that Ulanus had shed after being castrated by Cronos, there were three goddesses of vengeance, many terrifying giants, and three beautiful female eucalyptus immortals.
After that, the thing that Ulanus had been castrated had created Aphrodite.
The second God King, Cronos, was just like the first God, Uranos. He was a cruel God, but unlike the first God, Cronos had Gaia’s protection.
Chronos was a combination of the creativity and destructive power of time. The God of Creation and Destruction of Time and Space devoured all time.
Cronos overthrew his father. The first Godking, Uranos, was the second Godking.
When he overthrew Uranos, the angry god Uranos made a curse-like prophecy to Cronos: Cronos would also be overthrown by his own child.
Cronos was extremely afraid of this prophecy. Therefore, every child born to his sister and wife, Rhea, Cronos ate one.
When the sixth child was born, Rui Ya was determined to protect this newborn child.
Ruia wrapped a piece of cloth around a stone and lied that it was a newborn baby. Cronos swallowed the stone without hesitation.As a result, the newborn baby escaped a calamity. After that, the newborn baby was brought to his uncle, Titan’s Twelve Gods, by Ocean God Orion and Sea Goddess Tess.
And the name of this newborn baby was Zeus!
The next three generations of Godkings, universe, all things, gods, sky, lightning, god of power!
Zeus should have been like a prophecy, overthrowing his father and becoming a new Godking…
An island on the ocean.
The lazy Zeus lay on the grass, enjoying the cool breeze.
“Zeus, you are lazy here again.”
A silver and waist long hair, and a white dress wrapped around her exquisite body.
Mothys, one of the goddesses of the ocean, represented the goddess of primitive wisdom. When she saw Zeus lying on the grass, she immediately walked over and pulled Zeus up from the ground.
“Mantis, if I get to move, I will die. Therefore, don’ t touch me, just let me continue to lie like this.”
Zeus’ lazy voice immediately caused the veins on Mantis’ forehead to pop.
Mantis’ originally elegant appearance immediately disappeared without a trace.
“Zeus, you idiot, do you think you can use a few hundred excuses?”
Mantis’ roar caused Zeus to fall silent.
“Then why don’ t I change it?”
When he heard this, Mitisy was directly angered, and he began to dryly cough.
Mothys then said to Zeus,” Shut up. Now get up and train. You have the responsibility to overthrow the Godking Cronos. Do you understand?”If you don’ t work hard, who will overthrow the Godking Kronos.”
“Whoever likes to go, I, Zeus, will not go.”
If it had been Zeus, he would have chosen to overthrow the second-generation King Cronos and become the King himself. However, the current Zeus was not the original Zeus.
This was a Zeus who had passed through and increased his life.
And Zeus, who was invincible.
If Zeus was willing, he would be able to easily overthrow the king, Kronos, and then become the new king of Olympus. Unfortunately, Zeus had already done such a thing in his previous life. The current Zeus only wanted to be a salted fish.
In his previous life, Zeus had overthrown Cronos and become a new Godking, but in the end…
Because he had become a Godking, he didn’ t resist the temptation. He acted like a dog and horse, messing around with the relationship between men and women. In the end, Hera, Hestia, Demetri, and many other wives joined forces to join hands with the firewood knife and then he was reborn.
Therefore, I, Zeus, will not do what this Godking likes to do.
In this lifetime, I will become a salted fish!*

02 Me, Zeus, join the chat group

Methys was extremely worried about Zeus not wanting to become a Godking. One had to know that Zeus was the son of Prometheus who could overthrow the fate of Godking Cronos in his prophecy, but in the end, Zeus did not want to overthrow Cronos?
If God King Kronos was doing well, no one would think of overthrowing God King Kronos. However, God King Kronos was even more brutal than the first God King Uranos.
The second-generation Godking, Cronos, cut the earth into seven pieces, causing the great flood to destroy the first-generation golden human.
The first generation of golden humans were carefree and carefree with God and obeyed God’s orders. In the end, those golden humans had cut the earth into seven pieces because Chronos felt bored.
Then, in the great flood, those golden humans were destroyed.
The gods were all ten percent resentful of what Ulanus had done, because the gods were extremely appreciative of those golden humans who were pious and obeyed God’s orders.
But in the end, just because of Cronos’ boredom and random actions, all the golden humans were destroyed. In addition to all the cruel actions before, the gods could no longer endure Cronos. Some gods were prepared to overthrow Cronos under the alliance of Prometheus.
Zeus was the son of God King Kronos’ fate in Prometheus’ prophecy. But now, this son of fate did not want to overthrow Cronos?
How could this be possible? The reason the gods wanted Zeus to overthrow Cronos was because only Zeus could defeat Cronos. Cronos was a combination of time’s creativity and destructive power. The God of Creation and Destruction of Time and Space possessed incomparable power.
None of the gods were a match for Cronos. Only Zeus, who was in the prophecy, could defeat Cronos.
Mantis could not understand why Zeus had to escape to overthrow Cronos’ fate.
In the end, something went wrong with Zeus. Zeus was unwilling to overthrow Cronos?
“No, I have to tell god father this news.”
Curtis released Zeus’ arm and went back to the sea to tell Enos that Zeus was unwilling to overthrow the king.
Zeus let out a soft sigh as he watched Mothis leave. In his previous life, Zeus spoke with a fierce tone. As one of Zeus’ wives, Mothis had forcefully bit a piece of flesh and blood off Zeus’ body when he was on the chopping block.
At the thought of that scene, Zeus felt goosebumps all over his body. Could you imagine the scene of a group of wives and lovers constantly biting his flesh and blood?
As a Godking, Zeus naturally wouldn’ t be killed by those lover’s wives because of this. However, what was terrifying was that those wives and lovers actually ended up in the end…
At the thought of that scene, Zeus felt like he was in a bad mood.
“Sure enough, a woman is truly a terrifying creature. If I touch a woman again in my entire life, I will be struck by a wooden blade.”
Zeus swore in his heart that Zeus, who had been once cut by firewood, would never repeat what he had said this time. A woman like this, ha ha ha, don’t let me go. Scram.
Zeus was about to close his eyes and continue to enjoy the cool breeze, but in the next moment.
“Ding… The All-heaven Chat Group invites you to join. May I ask if you want to join.”
His eyes widened.
After transmigration and rebirth, this old man had lived for three lifetimes. In the end, this golden finger of yours had only come now. This old man was already invincible in the world. What use did you come for?
At the thought of the Golden Finger, Zeus’ resentment immediately rose.
In his previous life, Zeus didn’t have any system. He relied on his own efforts to overthrow the second-generation God King Cronos. The second-generation God King Cronos was a combination of the creativity and destructive power of time. The God of Creation and Destruction of space and time. In other words, Cronos could control time, stop time, or even retreat time.
He forcefully relied on all sorts of schemes to overthrow the God King Cronos and seal it in time and space. At the same time, he locked all the remaining Titan gods of Cronos into Tartarus and became the God King.
It was precisely because Zeus had experienced a great deal of suffering that Zeus was able to enjoy himself after becoming a Godking. However, he did not expect that…
This time, Zeus came back and brought all the power he had before his rebirth. After becoming a Godking, Zeus became even stronger. Therefore, even Godking Cronos was no match for Zeus.
A mere golden finger was no longer useful to me, so I chose…Join.
Of course, he had to join. This group of people from the heavenly planes knew that they belonged to the group chat. Plus, with the word heavenly planes, he might be able to leave this world and travel to other worlds in the future.
Zeus, who was no longer interested in women, wanted to go to other worlds to enjoy the scenery of other worlds, so how could he refuse.
As for power?
What was the use of that thing? Wasn’ t right just for better obtaining a woman?
What was the use of Zeus, who had no interest in women, asking for power?
“Please set your nickname in the Heavenly Chat Group.”
Zeus?No, this wasn’ t a direct revelation, and Zeus’ reputation wasn’ t good either.
Olympus Godking?This wasn’ t even more direct.
Great Zhongma?Pah! I, Zeus, will never touch a woman in my life. So, Big Zhongma, get lost.
Otherwise, he might as well call it Jupiter.
That’s right. That’s right. It’s Jupiter.
The reason he was called Jupiter was because Zeus’ other name was Jupiter, which corresponded to the sky and the God of Light Law in the Roman mythology.
“Ding… Jupiter joined the chat group of the heavens.”
I want to become the Female Empress.” Spray Flowers, welcome the new members to join the chat group. As the group leader of this group, I am committed to creating this chat group into a harmonious family. Therefore, when the new members enter the chat group, please watch the group announcement first.”
I wanted to kill Tong Mo.” Jupiter, I feel like I’ ve heard of this nickname. Where are you?”
The crimson demon said,” Jupiter is the leader of the Twelve Sovereigns of Rome, symbolizing the sky and the God of the Laws of Light. I’ m certain that this is a big shot.”
“What?Was he a big shot?”Big Boss, look at me. As the most adorable of my group, Big Boss, please look at me.”
Hui Ye from the Four Palace Family:” God?”It’s truly inconceivable. I didn’ t expect a god to appear in our chat group.”
“God?” The servant of the Rhodesval family asked.” God?”I wonder if I can ask Lord God to repair my sister’s horn?”
Jupiter?”I just happened to be Jupiter. It has nothing to do with that Sovereign of Rome. It’s an ordinary person.”
Instantly, the entire chat group fell silent.*

03 The women in the chat group were so real?

I want to become the Empress:” What, what did you just say!”
Jupiter:” I just happened to be called Jupiter. It has nothing to do with that Sovereign of Rome. He’s an ordinary person. His surname is Jupiter.”
I wanted to become a female emperor.” What the f*ck! I originally thought that a big boss would be able to hug my thighs, but in the end, you were teasing me.”
The crimson demon said,” I thought it was a thigh, but I didn’ t expect it to be a trash.”
The female servant of the Rhazwar family said,” When will Raim be able to find a way to repair my sister’s horn.”
Ganwu sister:” Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I want to kill Tong Mo…”
I wanted to kill Tong Mo, but I secretly rejoiced in my heart. Fortunately, I didn’ t say that I wanted to hug my thighs, or else I would lose face now.
Hui Ye from the Fourth Palace:”…”
Hui Ye from the Fourth Palace said,” Why are all of you so stupid? Don’ t you guys see the information about the newcomers?”
I want to become the Empress:” Wait, I’ ll go check out the information about the new couple.”
A minute later.
I want to become the Empress:” Big Boss, look at me. Big Boss hugs me.”
Sister Gan Wu: Ah?”What’s wrong with you?”
I want to kill Tong Mo.” Boss, please look at me.”
Zeus looked at the people in the chat group and opened his personal information in confusion.
Information of the group: Jupiter (Zeus), the son of the second-generation King Cronos, the future King of Olympus, the King of All Kings, the God of All Gods, the supreme god that controlled all things in the universe.
Strength level: eighteen stars.
Looking at the group members’ information, this chat group’s own information had all been sold out. Was this chat group so intelligent?
I didn’t even see that I had a Jupiter’s name just to experience the joy of being an ordinary person. In the end, you directly exposed my identity.
Jupiter said,” There must be something wrong with the chat group. I’ m just an ordinary blogger, so there must be something wrong.”
I want to become the Empress:” Ah?”
I want to become the Empress:” What’s going on?”
The crimson demon said,” Group leader, do you not know what kind of world or anime novel this newcomer came from?”
I wanted to become the Empress.” I know a ghost. It’s not like I know everything. I just happen to know something. Just like Erica, one of the leading female characters in your Godslayer world. Riem is one of the leading female characters in the world from scratch. Then, Hui Ye is the leading female character in the world that Miss Hui Ye wants to confess to. Sister Ninja is one of the supporting roles in the Ghost Destruction Blade world. Little Bury is the leading female character in Little Bury. It’s just because I just happened to have to see your cartoon that I knew. I’ ve already explained it to you.”
“So you don’ t know which world’s main character or supporting character this person is?”However, this is the first male in the chat group. I thought the chat group would only let women join.”
Zeus couldn’t help but touch his chin as he looked at what was being said in the chat group.
“This group leader of the chat group didn’t just pretend to be a god and say that he was a prophet or something, but directly show off?”Why do you feel like this is a clear stream in the chat group?”
Before transmigrating, Mu Bai had never seen such a novel before. Most of the protagonists in the novel had obtained chat groups, or guilds. They would pretend that they were a prophet, or could predict, or something, and then obtain benefits from chat group members.
Mu Bai thought that this was no different from a liar.
Therefore, he had made a decision to tease these people.
Jupiter:” Sigh, are you really all characters in anime?”I thought you were an animation lover, but I didn’ t expect you to look like a real person.”
I want to become the Empress:” What the hell?”
Jupiter:” I’ ve seen it before. Your cartoons are like the little burial of a dried-up girl, the Ghost Destruction Blade, Miss Hui Ye wants to confess, the life of an alien world from scratch, and Campione Godslayer!”
I want to become the Empress:” You can’ t possibly have even seen their books.”
Jupiter:” Hey hey, don’ t slander me. I’ ve never seen anything like that before. However, the animation in the 12th episode of the Godslayer isn’ t much different from the script in the end.”
The crimson demon said….”
The crimson demon said,” Can I cut you down?”
Jupiter:” No, I’ m just telling the truth. Also, I really don’ t have any interest in this book.”
I wanted to become a female emperor.” From your tone, I know you’ re a dead man. You actually dare to say that you’ re not interested in this book, hypocritical, hetui.”
Jupiter:” Hey, hey, you begged me to hug my thighs just now, but now you’ re talking to me like this. Do you still want to hug your thighs?”
I want to become the Empress:” You’ ve already said that you’ re an ordinary person. If you’ re really a big boss, then there’s no need to pretend to be yourself. That’s why there must be something wrong. You’ re not a big boss, so I don’ t need to flatter you at all.”
Jupiter:” Is this realistic?”
Zeus could not help but smile.
Sure enough, this chat group was very interesting.
Jupiter:” Then if I become a real boss someday, it’ ll be too late for you to hug your thighs again.”
I want to become the Empress:” Impossible. If one day you really become a real boss, then at that time, I will definitely become a big boss. At that time, there’s no need to hug you anymore.”
Jupiter:” As expected, women are all pimples and phoenix claws.”
The servant of the Rhodesval family:” Hmm?”
Hui Ye from the Four Palace Family:” Hmm?”
The crimson demon said,” Hmm?”
Sister Ganwu:” Hmm?”
I want to kill Tong Mo.” Hmm?”
I wanted to become a female emperor.” I’ m telling you, because of that sentence just now, you’ ve already offended all the female compatriots in our chat group. If you open the live broadcast, then we can still forgive you. Otherwise, I can open the ballot and kick you out of the chat group. More than half of the group members agree to give you a flight ticket.”
Jupiter:” Wow, is it so real?”
The crimson demon said,” So quickly activate the live broadcast and let us see what you look like. If you’ re handsome, then we’ ll forgive you a little, but if you’ re ugly, then we’ ll be very sorry. I’ ll give you a flight ticket. I’ ve never been in a chat group with ugly men.”
Zeus’ mouth twitched. This woman was so real.*

04 These women all craved my beauty

The female servant of the Rhazwar family said,” That’s right. It’s divided into the only male in the chat group. If you can’ t satisfy us, you’ ll have to give you a free flight ticket.”
Hui Ye from the Four Palace Family said,” No matter what the other party looks like, I don’ t intend to let the other party stay in the chat group. In the future, I’ ll just treat this chat group as a female chat group. All the men will kick out of the chat group. What do you think?”
Ganwu Sister:” Isn’ t this a little bad? Personally, I think it’s better for us not to do this. Of course, if you guys have to do it, there’s nothing I can do.”
I wanted to kill Tong Mo.” Aiya, aiya, I can’ t do anything about this. I can only follow the trend.”
Black lines could not help but appear on Zeus’ forehead as he watched the women in the chat group speak.
These women were all real. If they were Zeus just now, then these women would probably have to hug their thighs. As expected, all of them were pimples.
However, in order not to be kicked out of the chat group, Zeus still searched for the function of the live broadcast. Then, he suddenly realized that his current scene was wrong. If the live broadcast was activated, they would definitely find something wrong.
With a snap of his finger, the surrounding rooms immediately turned into a doghouse that Zeus hadn’ t crossed before.
“The chat group prompted that Jupiter had already started the live broadcast.”
“I want to become the Empress and enter the livestream room.”
“I want to kill Tong Mo and enter the livestream room.”
“Hui Ye from the Fourth Palace entered the livestream room.”
“Sister Ganwu entered the livestream room.”
“The servant of the Rhodesval family entered the livestream room.”
“The crimson fiend entered the livestream room.”
However, the moment this group of women entered the livestream room, the next moment, they immediately exploded.
I wanted to become a female emperor.” So handsome, really handsome. I’ ve never seen such a handsome boy. He’s cute, sexy, handsome, cold. I don’ t know what kind of adjective to describe him anymore. I feel like anyone that has anything to do with beautiful words can be used on him.”
Hui Ye from the Four Palace Clan said,” Jupiter, as the heir of the Four Palace Clan, I admit that you are a worthy man. Come to my world, confess to me, and then become my man.”
The servant of the Rhodesval household asked,” Really take a good look. So Jupiter is such a handsome male?”Why is the male beside me not as good-looking as Jupiter.”
The crimson demon said,” For the sake of your handsome appearance, I’ ll forgive you for your repeated statements. However, as a gift for apology, I need you to send me some personal photos. Take a look at your private room. Those who don’ t wear clothes.”
I wanted to kill Tong Mo.” I have to say that Jupiter is the most handsome man I’ ve ever seen before. I really want to have a relationship with him.”
“I love you. So the only male in the chat group is so handsome. Little brother, do you have an appointment?”I’ m Loli Yin.”
Jupiter:” Woman, can you not be so superficial.”
I want to become the Empress:” Just like a man who likes beautiful women, a woman also likes handsome men. A handsome man like you is definitely more attractive.”
Jupiter said,” Shallow. I’ m not interested in women. I’ ve already finished the live broadcast. The live broadcast is off.”
Ganwu sister:” Little brother, don’ t shut up. Let me have a good time to enjoy your glorious beauty.”
The crimson demon said,” Cough cough, if you let me take a look at that again, I can give you some benefits. It’s like magic on our side. There’s definitely no place in your world right.”
The servant of the Rhazwar family said,” That’s right, that’s right. I support what Miss Alika said.”
I want to kill Tong Mo.” I also support what the two people above said.”
Hui Ye from the Four Palace Family said,” Since you live in the modern era and look at the decoration of your room, you’ re definitely not rich, right? So as long as you let me look more, ten kilograms of gold will immediately send you a red envelope.”
Jupiter:” Hehe.”
In the next moment, everyone was forced out of the broadcast room.
It was clear that Zeus had already shut down the livestream room. Everyone was forced out of the livestream room.
I wanted to become the Empress.” Tsk, the one who looks handsome can do that. However, I am willing to be a sister.”
Jupiter:” I said, can you not just keep looking at my beauty? Can you show me a little more meaning? And do you like me?”You guys are greedy for my body. You guys are lowly.”
Zeus scratched his head to show that he was helpless. Zeus realized that he had appeared to have gained a charm from birth. Women would always have a good impression of him after seeing him at first glance. Moreover, the weaker the woman was, the more favorable she would have. It was because of this ability that Zeus had slept through all the goddesses of Olympus in his previous life.
Even before her reincarnation, no goddess was immune to Zeus’ charm.
Originally, he had thought that it wouldn’t matter if he started a live broadcast across the world, but who knew that it was just a live broadcast. Those people were all mesmerized by him. Zeus could n’ t help but sigh. This ability was useless now. After all, Zeus had already decided to be an honest salted fish. Zeus definitely didn’t want to experience something like the firewood knife.
In other words, Zeus inexplicably felt that this skill was like an enhanced version of the red-faced youth. It had an effect on both men and women. Women would have a good impression, while men would have a charismatic charm.
I want to become the Empress:” Jupiter, let’s make a deal. As long as you’ re from me and from now on, we’ ll chat with your boss and your second brother. If it’s really not possible, your boss and your second brother will be fine as well.”
The crimson-colored demon said,” Group leader, are you trying to eat shit? Do you think we’ re dead?”Today, Jupiter’s reinforcements will be formed. If any shameless little Bi Chi dares to seduce my Jupiter, this young miss will flatten her chest, especially the group leader, you airport.”
Hui Ye from the Fourth Palace said,” Erica, you seem to be very arrogant.”
As the poor side of the gap between the rich and the poor, Si Gong Hui Ye was clearly unhappy with what Erica said.*

05 Fair Lady Themit

The servant of the Rhodeswal family replied,” Probably because you’re full of confidence. After all, Ram is full of confidence. Men should always like girls like Ram, rather than just one.”
Ganwu Sister:” Xiao Bu is so scared that he doesn’ t dare to speak.”
I’ m going to kill Tong Mo.” If you want to talk about this, I won’ t lose to anyone. So, Jupiter, if you want to have a relationship, you must find me. I’ m the best candidate.”
Zeus said that he could not understand what was going on among the women in the chat group.
Jupiter said,” Hey, hey, hey, all of you, wake up. Don’ t be fooled by my face. Even though my face seems to have been cursed by someone, women will always have a good impression of me after they take a fancy to me. However, it’s just too much for you to directly envy my body.”
I wanted to become a female emperor.” I’ m just going to show off. I’ m greedy for your body, and no matter if you’ re cursed or not, it’s useless in the chat group. The members of the chat group can be immune to the attacks of the chat group members, including curses. In other words, if even if your face is truly cursed, it’s useless to us. We’ ll be greedy for your body.”
The crimson demon said,” That’s right. In short, we’ re just greedy for your body.”
Zeus felt like he was about to split open. Was the women in the chat group all so direct?
The servant of the Rhodeswar family said,” If love has a color, then it must be Riemann. Jupiter, Riemann is your best choice. Go to the hall, enter the kitchen, fight the second wife, and fight the hooligans.”
Dry Matter Sister:” Little Burial has shed tears of envy, but Little Burial also has the advantage of Little Burial. Little Burial is so cute, so Jupiter will definitely like Little Burial.”
Jupiter:” I’ m sorry, I’ m a man you’ ll never get.”
Hui Ye from the Four Palace Clan said,” Come to my world and I will keep you in my care. From now on, all you need to do is smile at me alone and talk to me alone. You will always stay by my side. I will give you whatever you want.”
The scarlet demon said,” It’s as if you can come out alone. This young miss has a large family of Scarlet Bronze Black Cross, so she’s better than any ordinary world in your world. Moreover, there are not many other worlds in our world. There are many beautiful girls. If Jupiter comes to our world, I can introduce the other beautiful girls in our world to Jupiter as well.”
I want to kill Tong Mo.” Chanel is very cute. Jupiter should come to our world.”
Jupiter:” Thank you for your invitation. People are at home. They want to be salted fish, and they don’ t have any interest in women. All of you, go further away and don’ t suffer from me.”
Zeus coldly rejected the words of the women in the chat group.
What kind of joke was this? In his previous life, the Saber Asura Division had experienced the same thing as Zeus. Now, Zeus only wanted to be an ordinary salted fish. He had to keep a distance from women.
In any case, he had already had enough fun in his previous life. In his entire life, he would obediently become an ordinary salted fish. He would be single for the rest of his life, and he would definitely not be cut off by others. Moreover, joining the chat group now was not better than being a Godking?
In Zhou’s words, it was that the people in the chat group were both good-natured and pleasant-sounding. They were all talented people. I really liked this place.
I want to become the Empress.” Little brother, I am extremely gentle. As long as you follow me, from now on, I will guarantee that everything will follow you.”
Jupiter:” Hehe, do you need me to take a screenshot of all your previous statements and slap your face?”
I wanted to become the Empress.” Previously, I was stolen by someone. Now that I’ ve recovered my account, everything I said when I was stolen has nothing to do with me.”
The crimson-colored demon said,” Amazing. This is the first time I heard that the chat group’s number can still be stolen. I believe it.”
I want to become the Empress…”
The servant of the Rhazwar family said,” Mm-hmm, Ram, I also believe that the chat group will be stolen.”
I want to become the Empress:” Don’ t go too far.”
Jupiter:” I said, can you be more normal? Have you never seen a man before?”
Hui Ye from the Four Palace Family said,” We’ ve seen many men with two legs, but this is the first time we’ ve seen a handsome man like you.”
I want to kill Tong Mo.” That’s right, it’s like this. It’s the first time we’ ve seen someone as handsome as Jupiter.”
Zeus let out a long sigh. Being handsome was indeed a bad thing. It was too easy to attract women. This was simply torture to Zeus, who had already been struck by firewood once.
Just as Zeus was about to go on, a figure suddenly approached from afar.
His plump body was wrapped in a white dress. He held a sword hilt in his left hand, which was a Libra sword.
One of the Twelve Titan Gods that symbolized justice and fairness.
Before his rebirth, Zeus and Timis had also given birth to six daughters, the three goddesses of fate and the three goddesses of time.
At this moment, Themites’ eyes were covered with a black gauze, because he didn’ t want to see the injustice and injustice of this world again.
As a goddess that symbolized justice and fairness, in the era of Cronos, there was no fairness or justice at all. For this reason, this goddess covered her eyes with gauze.
However, Zeus remembered that he had never seen an animation before. It was the same as the Saintess holding the Libra Sword among the Goblin assassins.
“Zeus, I heard Methys say that you do not want to overthrow Cronos. Can you tell me why?”
Looking at Themites who was close to him and then sitting next to him, Zeus smelled an enticing fragrance. This was the fragrance that Themites brought with him. In his previous life, Zeus had held Themites and buried his head on Themites’ body as he breathed heavily.
However, when they were finally struck by the firewood, Themites was also one of the merciless participants.
“The reason?”There’s no reason for that. I just don’ t want to do such a boring thing. I don’ t want to fight with Cronos. I want to enjoy the life of a gentle breeze.”*

06 Fate could be broken, but the number must be obeyed

Hearing Zeus’ answer, Themites fell into silence. Zeus’ request was simple, but he wanted to live a quiet life. However, Themites knew that once Zeus stepped onto the path of overthrowing Kronos, the quiet life Zeus wanted would never return.
As Zeus’ aunt, Timis could not ask Zeus to do such a thing. However, as the goddess of justice and law, Timis knew that only Zeus could save this world at this moment.
If Zeus did not overthrow King Cronos, then this world would continue to be ruled by King Cronos. At that time, this world would be destroyed. The current King Cronos was too cruel.
Destroyed the earth, destroyed the golden humans. If Kronos continued to serve as the Godking, then the world would eventually return to chaos.
For the sake of the world, Timis had no choice but to persuade Zeus.
“Zeus, you are the one who overthrew Cronos in the prophecy of Uranos. Even if you don’t overthrow Cronos, one day Cronos will still attack you. Therefore, even for yourself, you must defeat Cronos.”
Timis looked at Zeus with anticipation.
Zeus merely shook his head.
“Cronos can’t defeat me. I’ m stronger than Cronos. If Cronos comes to provoke me, I’ll defeat Cronos.”
When Themites heard Zeus’ words, he could n’ t help but persuade Zeus.” You don’t know how powerful Cronos is, so you think you’ re very powerful. But in reality, Cronos’ strength is beyond everyone’s imagination, Zeus.”
Zeus didn’t say anything else. Zeus knew very well that Timis could n’ t understand how powerful he was without truly seeing his own strength. A mere Godking, Kronos, Zeus had already defeated Cronos in his previous life.
Not to mention that the current Zeus was still a strengthened version of Zeus who had been reborn. After becoming a Godking, Zeus’ strength had been further strengthened, and after this rebirth, Zeus had returned with all his strength.
“Since Chronos is so powerful, why should I overthrow him? You’re right.”
Themites felt as if he had lifted a stone and smashed his foot. He looked at Zeus in front of him and then helplessly said to Zeus,” If someone else says you can’t defeat Cronos, but Zeus, you are different. You are the one who can overthrow Cronos in the prophecy of Uranos.”
Timis quickly exhaled Zeus. Unfortunately, Zeus had no intention of agreeing.
Whether it was Chronos’ destruction of the world or anything else, Zeus did not intend to pay any attention to it. In his previous life, Zeus had already done everything he should have done, and he had also used his horse and whip. He had enjoyed what he should have enjoyed, and he had obtained what he should have. Zeus had no regrets. He had been a salted fish in his entire life, and he had no motivation to fight.
“Forget it. I still don’t want to do such a troublesome thing. It’s good to be an honest salted fish. Aunt Temis, you can find someone else.”
In the Sea God Shrine, Tesi spoke out with a worried expression.
Enos and Tysis said worriedly,” Zeus, who overthrew Cronos in the prophecy of Uranos, didn’t want to overthrow Cronos. It really shocked me. Why did Zeus refuse to overthrow Cronos?”
“We don’t know, but no matter what, we have to let Zeus overthrow Cronos. Otherwise, the earth and the sky will definitely return to Chaos because of Cronos.”
A worried expression appeared on Fu Bai’s face.
“Don’ t worry.”
“Everything has been decided. His Highness Zeus has broken his fate, but it can not be disobeyed.”
The last Titan God said that he was Prometheus. He knew that Zeus would definitely overthrow Cronos’ Prophet God.
The other Titan Gods fell silent and looked at Prometheus.
“Do you really care about anything?”
“Don’ t worry. Zeus will definitely overthrow Cronos’ brutal rule and become the king of kings, the god of gods, and the master of the great universe. This is the number, far beyond the number of destiny. You can’ t predict the future, so you can’ t see the glorious future. I, Prometheus, promise you that Zeus will be the greatest Godking after overthrowing Cronos.”
Prometheus had the divine power to prophesy. He was able to know what would happen in the future, so Prometheus could see what would happen in the future.
“Prometheus, can you predict what has changed Zeus?”
Themites looked at Prometheus and asked. However, Prometheus only looked at Themites and said,” Fate, when the Wheel of Fate turns, even if His Highness Zeus doesn’t want to, he will set foot on the journey against Godking Kronos.”
“Before that, we just have to wait and see what happens.”
Following Prometheus’ words, everyone sighed deeply.
“I think maybe I need to see that future Godking.”
Prometheus stood up and said.
“Are you going to meet Zeus?”
“Yes, my divine power guides me.”
He stood up and bowed slightly to the others.
“Please forgive me for leaving first.”
Prometheus, who had left the divine hall, directly found Zeus.
“Prometheus, are you here to persuade me to go against Chronos?”
“Of course, it’s not His Highness Zeus. No one can let you do something you don’ t want to do. No one can disobey your will. However, your current strength can’ t break the fixed number. Even if you break your fate, the fixed number will guide you to the path of your original fate bit by bit.”
“Are you sure?”
The Primitive God, Kronos, Ananci, was a god above the Primitive God and the Creation God.
Chronus: God of Time, God of Space, God of the Heavenly Universe, Father of Chaos; everything was born because of his power.
Anance: Definitely the goddess of numbers. The fate of Kronos’ wife could be broken, but the number must be obeyed.*

07 Miscalculated Prometheus

Prometheus left, but Zeus’ heart was no longer as calm as before. Prometheus clearly told Zeus that you could break fate, but you could not break Anan’s decision.
Although Zeus was very proud, Zeus also knew that he was very strong right now, but in the face of Ananci, who was the supreme god, Zeus was equally powerless to resist.
He could only follow the path of destiny.
This made Zeus, who had thought he could relax without any worries, feel a little displeased.
Zeus didn’t like what was binding him above his head.
However, Zeus quickly settled his mood.
The Super Origin God Kronos and the Super Origin God Ananci represented the laws of this world. They did not mimic humans, but the laws themselves.
Unlike the two gods, Uranos and Gaia, which symbolized the sky and the earth, they had their own thoughts. However, Kronos and Ananche were different. They were the world itself. They did not exist but existed. If they wanted to transcend Ananche, they had to be able to sense and understand that if they did not, they would not be able to transcend.
However, Zeus believed that as long as he was given time, whether it was Kronos or Ananche, Zeus would definitely surpass them.
“Prometheus?”It’s truly worthy of being the most intelligent god.”
Zeus softly praised Prometheus. Prometheus only spoke a few words, causing Zeus’ heart to be stirred. The current Zeus no longer had the same mindset as Salted Fish.
“But your luck isn’ t that good, Prometheus.”
If Zeus didn’t join the chat group, then Zeus would indeed be like Prometheus had thought, stepping on the path of fighting against the Godking Kronos. After overthrowing the Godking Kronos, he would become the Godking and gain the authority of the Godking to make himself stronger.
This was the only way Zeus could become stronger in the shortest amount of time in this world. If not, Zeus would only be able to slowly comprehend the laws, but that time would be counted at least ten thousand years.
However, with Zeus joining the chat group, Zeus had another way to become stronger. Prometheus’ plan had failed.
Speaking of that chat group, Zeus had yet to carefully examine the chat group’s function.
After all, Prometheus had already left. For the time being, no one would disturb him. Zeus planned to study the chat group properly.
Once again, he entered the chat group.
Zeus did not speak in the chat group. Instead, he looked at the functions of the chat group. Not long after, Zeus understood the functions of the chat group thoroughly.
Apart from the red envelope functions of most of the gold fingers of the chat group, this chat group function also had the function of strengthening the deduction of cultivation techniques, as well as the Dao Comprehension Space. The Dao Comprehension Space was able to quickly let people grasp the cultivation techniques that they knew. If they grasped the Laws, then the Dao Comprehension Space would be able to quickly increase their comprehension of the Laws.
Apart from that, there was also the ability to travel through other worlds. As long as the chat group members agreed, the chat group members could spend a certain amount of points to travel to the world where the other chat group members were.
Zeus lightly whistled.
Prometheus would never have thought that with the existence of a god artifact like a chat group, Zeus no longer worried that he would be unable to surpass the two Primaltwin Gods.
Even if he didn’t need to become the Godking of Olympus, Zeus could still have a chance to break Anan’s order!
“Prometheus, I’ m afraid you definitely won’ t think of this.”
Zeus’ lips curled into a smile. Prometheus succeeded in lifting Zeus’ desire to win. However, Prometheus had never imagined that Zeus would not follow the original route, but instead, he would take another path.
After watching the chat group function, Mu Bai sent a message to the chat group.
Jupiter:” My family is really annoying!”
I want to become the Empress.” Little brother Jupiter, you can tell me something. Little sister, I will help you resolve your worries.”
Hui Ye from the four palaces said,” I’ ve never seen such a brazen group leader before.”
A certain world where spirit energy was revived.
Lin Qingqing curled her lips. It would be strange if she met such a handsome little brother without licking his little brother. Just Si Gong Hui Ye, this iceberg dead face, wanted to catch up to his little brother. Hehe, in the next life.
In his previous life, as a residence girl, Lin Qingqing stayed up all night to catch up with her sudden death. When she opened her eyes again, she realized that she had passed through this world of spiritual energy recovery.
Moreover, he had actually become the heroine of a certain Feng Aotian novel. He had defeated countless male prodigies along the way and then stepped on those male prodigies to become female emperors.
However, before Lin Qingqing could be happy for a long time, Lin Qingqing discovered a problem. It was because she was wearing clothes when she crossed over. Everything about the Female Empress had been replaced by her. It was like the glaring Xia Nali. Lin Qingqing had replaced everything about the Female Empress.
However, the problem came. Lin Qingqing was a cultivation waste that lacked Feng Aotian’s cultivation talent.
This made him furious.
Fortunately, before Lin Qingqing was in despair, Lin Qingqing’s golden fingers arrived. The transmigrator would bring the Golden Finger Heavenly Chat Group to invite Lin Qingqing to join the chat group. After that, because Lin Qingqing was the first member to join the chat group, she directly became the group leader of the chat group.
As the group leader of the chat group, welfare grand prize, Lin Qingqing, had obtained a chance to easily cut through the marrow.
Lin Qingqing had become a cultivation genius, a genius of martial dao, and a leader of a chat group. In the short period of time, Lin Qingqing had relied on all sorts of tricks and tricks in the chat group to obtain resources, as well as the information he knew. He had already reached the strength of three stars.
Initially, Lin Qingqing had thought that he would lose interest in all the men under his feet just like the original plot, and then end his entire life alone. Lin Qingqing had never expected that he would be captivated by that man with just a single glance.
Jupiter, a member of the chat group who had just joined the chat group, was the only male member in the chat group. Just because he looked at the other party more, Lin Qingqing knew that he would be defeated by this man in his entire life.
It was an indescribable feeling. When Lin Qingqing saw the man’s first glance, she understood that she had never married this man and wanted to give him a monkey.
But the same Lin Qingqing did not become stupid because of love. She understood that Jupiter was probably not simple.
The personal information of the chat group showed Jupiter (Zeus), the son of the second-generation Godking Cronos, the future King of Olympus, the King of All Kings, the God of All Gods, the supreme god who controlled all things in the universe.
Strength level: eighteen stars.
If Jupiter really told him that he was an ordinary person, Lin Qingqing would turn her head and kick him.*

08 The group to sign the group mission

Lin Qingqing thought that she was not a shallow person, but the little brother Jupiter was truly handsome. He was so handsome that Lin Qingqing could only take a glance at him and determine that this little brother was his life’s goal. As long as he could lick the little brother Jupiter, he would be willing to die.
Not to mention that his appearance was unparalleled in the world, but he was definitely a type of person that could topple cities and topple countries. Therefore, it was not a problem for him to Little Brother Zhu Bite.
However, Jupiter’s little brother’s group of information made people somewhat concerned.
The second-generation king, the son of Kronos, the future king of Olympus, the king of all kings, the god of all gods, the supreme god of all things in the universe.
There was no mistake in the group information. It was just like Lin Qingqing’s own group information.
Group information: Lin Qingqing, female emperor under the heavens, the granddaughter of the Ji family, the female emperor who would dominate the world in the future.
Strength level:3 stars
There was no way the information that the chat group had introduced could be wrong. Jupiter must be Zeus, but it was very likely that Jupiter’s little brother hadn’ t awakened his power as Zeus for some reason.
Therefore, if Lin Qingqing wanted to lick her little brother, then she had to hurry up now. Otherwise, if her little brother awakens, there would be something like Hera, Themit, and the like. She wanted to snatch her little brother away.
But how could he lick his little brother?
Lin Qingqing couldn’ t help but fall into deep thought. Just what method did she have to use to lick her little brother’s hand.
It was truly distressing.
Lin Jingjing temporarily put this thought down and looked at the chat records in the chat group.
Jupiter:” How do you know how to obtain the points for the chat group?”If anyone knows, please let me know. I’ m extremely grateful.”
The crimson demon replied,” It’s actually not that difficult to obtain the chat group points. The main thing is that you can obtain the chat group points from 1 point to 100 points every day after you sign in. Then, the chat group will also issue some. After completing the chat group tasks, you can obtain the points. However, Jupiter, if you need the chat group points, then I have some chat group points here that I can give you. However, as a price, you need to send me some personal photos, such as swimwear.”
Hui Ye from the Four Palace Family asked,” As a woman, can you be a little more reserved?”It’s too embarrassing. What you’ ve done is simply throwing away the face of all the women in the chat group.”
Sister Dry Matter:” As long as Jupiter says that Little Burial is the most adorable thing, I like it the most. Then Little Burial will give all the accumulated points to Jupiter.”
Seeing this, Lin Qingqing immediately felt that her scalp was about to explode.
These cheap women actually dared to seduce my little brother Jupiter while I was thinking about something. All of them died for me.
“Sister Ganwu was banned by the group leader for 24 hours.”
“The crimson fiend-devil was banned by the group leader for 24 hours.”
“Hui Ye from the Fourth Palace was banned by the group leader for 24 hours.”
“The servants of the Rhodesval family were banned by the group leader for 24 hours.”
“I will kill Tong Mo for 24 hours.”
I want to become the Empress:” Little Big Brother Jupiter, don’ t pay any attention to those flirtatious bastards. If you don’ t have any points, tell your sister that even if she goes to steal an electric car, she will come to raise you.”
The other members of the chat group were completely given to the horse fork bug by Lin Qingqing.
Want to show some face?
Looking at your own actions, this was something that people could do?
The members of the chat group rolled their eyes, but they could only stare helplessly. They cursed Lin Qingqing for not being able to lick Jupiter’s little brother. Even if they were to lick their heads, they would become the Green Grassland.
This woman was extremely shameless.
Jupiter said,” No need. I’ ll just sign in slowly. Also, if I have a mission, I can accept it. Although I’ m slightly stronger than an ordinary person, my luck has always been very good, so I believe my luck will be of great help in completing the mission.”
After Jupiter finished speaking, he found the sign-in function of the chat group and then signed it down.
“Congratulations to Jupiter for signing into the Lucky King this day.”
A notification from the chat group instantly caused everyone to subconsciously open the sign-in leaderboard.
Shockingly, the first person in the list had changed from Hui Ye of the Fourth Palace to Jupiter.
Jupiter: Sign in for 100 points.
Hui Ye of the Four Palace Family: Sign in for 77 points.
Lozwar’s maid: Sign in for 66 points.
I want to kill Tong Mo: Sign in for 64 points.
Red Fiend: Sign in for 23 points.
Sister Gan Wu: Sign in for 18 points.
I want to become the Empress: Sign in with 9 points.
Jupiter:” Look, my luck has always been pretty good.”
This was not because Zeus was talking nonsense, but because Zeus’ luck was really ten points good.
If it was expressed by the attributes of the Moonform World, then Mu Bai’s luck value would be at least a+. In fact, if Mu Bai became a Godking, then Mu Bai’s attribute value would directly increase to ex.
I wanted to become the Empress.” I’ m about to split open. Why is Little Brother Jupiter’s luck so good? I remember that our most recent signing-in points were 88 points. It’s still a damn European like Si Gong Hui Ye. My signing-in points never exceeded 20 points.”
Jupiter replied,” Group leader, let’s first break the silence of the others. Otherwise, if the others are really angry, you can’ t keep all of them silent.”
I wanted to become the Empress.” Since you’ ve already said that, little brother Jupiter, then I’ ll reluctantly agree.”
After the silence of the chat group was removed, the chat group immediately began to fight Lin Qingqing.
Erica and the two men buried in the ground could be said to have been silenced. After all, they had robbed a man with the group leader. The Fourth Palace’s Hui Ye was not innocent, but the others were silenced without even saying a word. This was too much.
Jupiter:” Those chat group missions are all released missions. Can anyone tell me something?”
Burial Earth:” As for me, as for chat group missions, it’s usually the elimination of transmigrators or reincarnators. What’s more, a member of a chat group has been given a dangerous rescue mission.”
Burial between the soil:” However, if I deliberately created danger, then I won’ t be given a rescue mission by the chat group. So, Jupiter, you don’ t have to do anything dangerous.”*

09 Members of the group became my licking dog

Zeus finally understood how the mission in the chat group was to be completed.
However, although he had told Zeus not to think of any shortcut, it did not mean that Zeus would not consider how to take the shortcut. After all, taking the shortcut was not a shameful thing. If Zeus wanted to surpass Anan’s limit, he would have to obtain a large number of points to use the Dao Comprehension function. Only by using the Dao Comprehension function would Zeus be able to quickly comprehend his own lightning laws.
Zeus had only grasped the Laws of Lightning at first. Laws like the laws of the sky and universe were only comprehended after Zeus became a Godking. To Zeus, they were far less profound than the Laws of Lightning.
The most suitable law for Zeus was the law of lightning.
As long as Zeus had fully comprehended the lightning laws, he would be able to use the lightning laws to forcefully break the number of Ahnan’s orders.
“Transmigrators and reincarnators?”I wonder if the chat group will issue a mission to kill me if I reveal my identity as a transmigrator?”
Zeus thought to himself, but it was clear that Zeus would not be idle to verify this.
Jupiter replied,” When will the chat group release the mission? Is there any need to accept the chat group mission?”
I wanted to become the Empress.” There’s no fixed time for a random chat group mission to be released. Moreover, there’s no requirement to accept a chat group mission. As long as you think you can complete it, you can accept it. However, there will be a limit to the number of chat group missions.”
Jupiter:” If you can, if you have a chat group mission in the future, please give me a place. I, Jupiter, will remember this favor. I will definitely repay you in the future.”
I want to become the Empress.” As long as you promise me something, Jupiter, I won’ t snatch the mission from you in the future.”
Jupiter:” Let’s make it clear first. I’ ll refuse anything that’s yellow.”
I wanted to become the Empress.” Jupiter, you don’ t have to think too much. We’ re still at the stage of mutual understanding. So even though you’ re handsome, my request is for you to call my name Qingqing. My name is Lin Qingqing. Jupiter, just call my name Qingqing.”
The scarlet demon said,” Me too. If Jupiter calls me Erica directly, I won’ t snatch the mission from you in the future. My name is Erica Brantley. Jupiter, you can call me Erica directly.”
Hui Ye from the Four Palace Family said,” Plus one, my name is Four Palace Hui Ye. Jupiter, you can directly call me Hui Ye.”
I’ m going to kill Tong Mo.” Hey, hey, don’ t forget about me. My name is Butterfly Tolerance, Jupiter. You can call me Little Tolerance.”
Ganwu Sister:” Me too. My name is Earth Burial. Jupiter, you can call me Little Burial.”
The servant of the Rhazwar family said,” My name is Ram. Jupiter would be very happy if you called me by my name.”
“Haven’t you seen my group’s information before?”Even though I don’ t understand what’s going on and why I’ m planning to become Zeus, you don’ t have to forget that Zeus is a great horse. Don’ t tell me you don’ t have the slightest idea of wanting to be a bit farther away from me?”
I wanted to become the Empress.” Becoming Zeus is a matter of the future. We only know that it’s enough for you to be Jupiter right now. And who makes Jupiter so handsome? I, Lin Qingqing, am not a shallow woman. However, Jupiter, you’ re too handsome. No, it should be said that you’ re too attractive. Ever since I saw you, I’ ve been thinking about you.”
The others in the chat group were all shocked by Lin Qingqing’s shamelessness. Lin Qingqing, this dead woman, had actually taken the opportunity to confess her feelings to Jupiter. This didn’ t mean that regardless of whether Jupiter accepted or not, Lin Qingqing, this dead woman would be different from them in Jupiter’s heart from now on.
A group of people cursed in their hearts. Then, they began to talk to Jupiter in the chat group.
Hui Ye of the Four Palace Family said,” Jupiter is the most special person I’ ve ever seen. If Jupiter is willing to confess to me, then I will do everything I can to train Jupiter into a man who can match my Four Palace Hui Ye.”
“Hehe, you want to eat the peaches upstairs. Jupiter and you confess?”If you confess to Jupiter, Jupiter is willing to accept you. Thank God, I’ ll leave your words here. I, Erica Bulangter, will not give up on your position as the Palace Lord of Jupiter.”
Rodswall’s maid:” If Rem doesn’ t mind becoming Jupiter’s exclusive maid, as long as Jupiter can help Rem repair the broken corner of her sister, no matter what Rem does.”
I wanted to kill Tong Mo.” When I kill Tong Mo, I’ ll retire from the Ghost Kill Team. Then, I’ ll cross the world to find Jupiter and marry Jupiter to Jupiter’s heir.”
Dry Matter Sister:” Sigh, although Little Burial is just a cripple, Little Burial will act cute. So is Jupiter willing to accept Little Burial?”
Zeus looked at the words of these women in the chat group and black lines appeared on his forehead.
Hey, hey, do you know that all of your people have collapsed into dogs? Do you know that your male lead knows how to lick dogs like this?
Jupiter said,” I’ m sorry that I can’ t accept your confession. I’ m really sorry that I don’ t have any thoughts on that aspect of women.”
I want to become the Empress,” Not interested in women?”Don’t tell me you like men.”
Lin Qingqing felt as if her heart was about to break. She had met a male god with great difficulty and a person who wanted to marry.
He discovered that his male god actually liked men.
Jupiter:” Please don’ t tarnish my innocence. I don’ t like women, but I don’ t like men even more.”
Zeus rolled his eyes and said.
Pah! I, Zeus, don’t play tricks.
I wasn’t the Zeus in the mythology.
The thought of the legends of Zeus and Gannimedes made Zeus goosebumps all over his body.
He didn’t do anything to make up for his weaknesses, but instead, he just acted as a sh*t stick.*

10 Divine Appearance

Zeus felt that there was nothing wrong with the mythical Zeus becoming a big horse. Men, everyone knew that, but the problem was that you couldn’t become a sh*t stick. Especially when so many goddesses did n’ t like it, the last one actually liked a man.
Zeus did not know how to complain.
Jupiter said,” Don’ t think I’ ve never seen Zeus and Gamaides’ fairy tales. I’ ll tell you that I, Jupiter, will never like men.”
I want to become the Empress.” I don’ t believe it unless Jupiter and I have a monkey.”
The crimson demon said,” I’ ve never seen such a brazen group leader before.”
The others in the chat group were all shocked by Lin Qingqing’s shameless statement. You were clearly prepared to give it for nothing. How shameless.
Everyone roared in their hearts.
However, as the group leader of the chat group, Lin Qingqing’s skin was definitely the thickest in the chat group.
Lin Qingqing directly ignored the criticism from the chat group members. She even said with a clear voice,” All of this is to prove that Jupiter is not crooked. I am sacrificing my own innocence to help Jupiter prove himself.”
The scarlet demon said,” If you need it, then you can let me come. I can also help Jupiter prove it, so I don’ t need to trouble you to sacrifice yourself. I’ m very happy to help Jupiter.”
I want to become the Empress:” What did you say? Say it again,[ Silence Warning.jpg ].”
Looking at the pictures of the group leader’s forbidden words warning, Erica obviously didn’ t care.
The scarlet demon said,” Jupiter, if it’s you, I’ m willing to offer you my first night.”
Jupiter:” Ha ha, women, each and every one of you spoke beautifully. In the end, didn’ t you want my body.”
I wanted to become the Empress.” I, Lin Qingqing, am not a shallow person. However, you’ re too attractive, Jupiter, so there’s no other way.”
The crimson demon said,” I agree with the words of the group leader.”
Hui Ye from the Four Palace Family said,” I agree too. My Four Palace Hui Ye has never been that kind of superficial woman. However, Jupiter is too attractive.”
The servant of the Rhodesval House said,” Me too. Ram has never been attracted to a man like this before, so it’s all because Jupiter is too attractive.”
Sister Ganwu:” That’s right, that’s right. I’ ve never seen anyone as attractive as Jupiter. Not even half of you are attractive.”
I wanted to kill Tong Mo.” Although I’ ve seen many handsome men in the Ghost Killing Team, such as the water column, the flame pillar, the sound pillar, and the Xia pillar. They are all 10 points or handsome or cute men, it’s the first time someone like Jupiter has seen them.”
Jupiter:” It’s not like you women are superficial. You think of me because I’ m handsome.”
Zeus was completely disappointed with these women. He had thought that all of you would find out what I meant, but all of you were attracted to my appearance. It was too superficial.
However, Zeus knew very well that these women should have been bewitched by his divine appearance. After all, Zeus’ divine appearance was not immune to even the other goddesses, let alone these ordinary people.
The chat group should only be immune to direct damage from the members, but the charm of Zeus’ appearance was not an injury. Therefore, the chat group members were not immune to Zeus’ charm.
Previously, when Zeus had started the live broadcast, he had thought that he would be unable to entice them through the world, but he never thought that he would.
These people were all captivated by their looks from across the world.
Zeus’ divine appearance did not belong to the kind of charm that made the other party fall in love with him directly, so the chat group was probably not immune.
The ability of God’s appearance was that once any woman had a good impression of Zeus, then this kind of good impression would become like poison that would constantly corrode her heart, and then fall in love with Zeus.
This made Zeus feel a little fortunate because women could not help but fall in love with Zeus. His charm was only a leader to men, believing that Zeus would be an outstanding leader.
If even a man was madly in love with him, Zeus would not dare to think about that scene.
Just as Zeus was about to chat with the others in the group, a roar made Zeus realize that he could not be in the group.
Jupiter:” I’ m busy with something. I’ ll hide first.”
After speaking in the chat group, he left the chat group.
“How could Chronos dare to do this.”
In Enos’ palace, Enos roared. That madman of Enos actually planned to cleanse the earth and cleanse all the golden humans.
Previously, Cronos had cut the entire land into seven pieces, causing more than ninety-nine gold humans to die. Only some gold humans under the protection of the gods could survive.
But now, Cronos was actually planning to attack these golden humans that had escaped and clean up all of them.
Because Chronos felt that since the golden humans had already died by ninety-nine percent, he might as well let all the golden humans die and then recreate them.
Therefore, Cronos gave orders to all the gods that protected the golden human.
Hand over all the golden humans.
Enos, as one of the few gods that protected some golden humans, roared after hearing Chronos’ orders.
The roar that Zeus heard earlier was the roar of Enos.
On Zeus’ side, Mothys came to Zeus’ side.
“Zeus, you should take on your mission to overthrow the cruel God King Cronos.”
Mothys sat beside Zeus and said to him. At the same time, Mothys looked at Zeus with a hint of admiration.
Without a doubt, Mantis was also one of the goddesses who had fallen under Zeus’ divine appearance.
It was precisely because of the depth of love and hatred.
In his previous life, Zeus had used his divine appearance to mess with men and women. The reason why he had been killed by firewood was eighty percent because of his divine appearance.
Every goddess wanted to take over Zeus by herself. That was why Zeus was being struck by a blade.*

11 Ocean God Enos

Zeus said that he had no interest in Mantis’ proposal.
Zeus, who had already become a Godking in his previous life, no longer had any intention of becoming a Godking again.
After becoming the king of Olympus, what should he do every day? Speaking of which, after becoming the king of Olympus in his previous life, what he did most every day was on a woman’s belly. Cough, cough, cough. There was no need to remember such things.
“Mantis, instead of looking at me, it’s better to find someone else to overthrow the Godking Cronos. You should know that my decision will not change. If I say that I don’ t want to do something, I definitely won’ t do it.”
Zeus, who had been raised by Enos since he was a child, was accompanied by Mothis. He naturally understood Zeus’ character and no one could change Zeus’ decision.
It was worth mentioning that when Zeus was sent to Enos, Methys was already like this young girl. And now that Zeus had grown up, Methys was still like this young girl.
Mantis was the goddess of the oceans, the daughter of Orion, and the purest blood of Olympus flowed within his body.
As for gods, they did not die.
Gods could be imprisoned and sealed, but they could not be killed.
It was like Zeus’ father, Cronos. As a Godking, Cronos could n’ t kill his newborn child. He could only eat it and seal it in his stomach.
As for Mantis, whose body was flowing with the pure blood of Olympus, there was no doubt that he was a true god who could not die.
Even if Mothys was devoured by Zeus in the legends, Mothys did not die. Instead, he became Zeus’ intelligence and lived in Zeus’ body.
“Zeus, this is fate. Fate wants you to overthrow the Godking Cronos. No one but you can overthrow the Godking Cronos. Do you understand?”You must stand out.”
Mantis spoke seriously to Zeus.
Zeus smiled and did not continue to argue with Mantis about this topic.
Zeus did not want to argue about this topic because there was no need for it.
That thing had already been broken by me a long time ago. Right now, what was restraining me was the determination of the Origin God Anan. Mantis.
However, even if it was a fixed number, it would not be long before Ananci, the goddess of fixed numbers, could not restrain me.
Methys suddenly sensed a powerful pressure emanating from Zeus. Even his father, Oke Anos, had not given him this powerful pressure.
But in just an instant, the pressure disappeared without a trace.
“Zeus, what’s going on with the pressure you just released?”
“Mantis, you’ re probably too tired, so you’ re hallucinating. I completely don’ t know what kind of pressure you have.”
Zeus expressed that he didn’ t know anything about Mantis’ question.
“Illusion, are you trying to fool me, Zeus?”
Mantis gave a cold snort, and then his hands fiercely gripped Zeus’ face that caused her to sink into oblivion.
“If I don’t destroy this face, there wo n’ t be any other woman who will see Zeus’ appearance. Only I will love Zeus and Zeus will belong to me.”
Holding on to Zeus’ face, Mantis suddenly thought of something.
Zeus instinctively felt a bad feeling. He immediately slapped away the hand that Mantis was holding on to his face.
The thought in Mothis’ heart that Zeus had slapped away was immediately interrupted.
Mantis was shocked. Why did he have such terrifying thoughts?
“I’ m sorry, Zeus. I still have some matters to attend to.”
After taking a deep breath, Mantis left. However, before he left, he didn’ t notice Zeus and said,” There’s also god father looking for you.”
“Got it. I’ ll be there.”
In the glorious temple, Oker Anos looked at Zeus with indescribable satisfaction. As his raised child, Oker Anos knew very well what kind of child Zeus was. If Zeus were to become the new king of Olympus and the new king, then the world would be very beautiful.
However, the problem was that the child in front of him was too lazy. He was actually unwilling to become the Godking of Olympus.
“Zeus, I heard that you are not willing to become the Godking of Olympus. Can you tell me why?”
Enos asked Zeus with a kind and kind tone. Enos was a benevolent elder to this younger generation that he was optimistic about.
Of course, this was due to Zeus’ divine appearance.
“I’ m sorry. I don’ t have that kind of thoughts or ambitions to overthrow the Godking Kronos and become the Godking of Olympus. For me, this kind of day is very good and peaceful.”
“But Zeus, do you know that?God King Kronos’ cruelty was constantly hurting others. God King Kronos ordered us to offer all the golden humans that were protected, and then God King Kronos killed all the golden humans. This God King was too cruel. The golden humans believed in the gods and worshipped them, but what they got was the current situation. Do you think God King Kronos did something wrong?”Don’ t tell me you’ re not willing to stand up and overthrow Godking Kronos?”
“I agree with God King Kronos’ cruelty, but I do n’ t want to personally overthrow God King Kronos. Without me, there will still be others who will step forward to overthrow God King Kronos.”
“There are indeed brave people who dare to fight against Cronos, but you are the only one who can overthrow Cronos. You are the proponent of the prophecy of Uranos that overthrew Cronos, the choice of fate.”
“Fate can be broken.”
“But what about the fixed number?”Zeus, fate can indeed be broken, but the number must be obeyed. You have overthrown the second-generation king, Cronos, and become the new king of Olympus. This is the number. You can’ t escape and resist. Zeus, my child, accept it.”
Zeus fell silent.*

12 Tree elf Trova’s warning

Zeus leaned against a giant tree on the island of Crete.
“Trova, even you want to persuade me to overthrow the Godking Kronos?”
Zeus’ voice carried a hint of helplessness, as if everyone in the world had betrayed him.
Tree Elven Trova was one of the few people Zeus could talk to as friends.
The tree’s Elven Trova was an existence that existed since the birth of heaven and earth. He possessed incomparable intelligence and knew everything in this world, but the same Trova could not leave Crete Island.
This was the price Trova had to pay for knowing everything.
“Zeus, I don’t want you to overthrow the God King, Kronos. I just think you should obey the fixed number. Even if you’ re ten points strong, before you can’t break the fixed number, you must learn to hide and keep a low profile. Otherwise, if the fixed number changes, it will cause unimaginable consequences.”
Zeus could not help but frown upon hearing Trova’s words.
“Trova, A’ nanche, the Primitive God, can’ t even be humanized. In other words, the number must be dead, and it can’ t be changed. Then why are you trying to persuade me like this?”
“Kronos and Ananci can not be humanized, but Zeus, you need to be careful. I can’t give you too many hints. I can only tell you that if you touch a certain number without authorization, you will definitely encounter the calamity.”
Zeus didn’t let go of Trova’s brows at all. Zeus didn’t think that Trova would deceive him. In other words, there was a real possibility that something might threaten him. That was why Trova reminded him.
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation
“Trova, what kind of strength do you think I need to be able to break a certain number.”
“Zeus, no one can break the fixed number. If the fixed number is broken, there will be a great disaster and the world will be destroyed.”
Zeus frowned even more. Trova’s words were too shocking.
If it wasn’t for the fact that Trova would n’ t lie to him, Zeus would have thought that Trova was trying to scare him, but Zeus knew that Trova wouldn’t.
Gritting his thumb’s fingernail, Zeus said to Trova,” Could it be that my only way out is to set foot on the road to overthrow the Godking Kronos?”
“Zeus, I don’ t understand why you want to resist fate?”It’s impossible for many gods to become the Godking of Olympus. Why did you refuse?”
“After I become a Godking, I will be overthrown by my child in the future. Right, this is the so-called future, so I am not willing to do this.”
“If it were you, the future could change. Even though I don’ t know if the future is good or bad, Zeus, as your friend, I have no choice but to remind you, don’ t change the future, don’ t destroy fate, and don’ t think of breaking the rules.”
Trova did not have the complicated thoughts of humans and gods. Trova was more like an ordinary computer program. He did not have feelings. He only existed to record everything in this world, just like a witness.
Even if Trova acted like a human or a god.
However, Trova did not have any feelings.
“I’ ll think carefully about what you said, Trova.”
“Maybe I shouldn’t have told you, but as a friend, Zeus, if you really want to surpass a certain number, then only you can become the Godking of Olympus.”
Zeus did not deny what Trova said. Zeus admitted that he would receive a gift from the world after becoming a Godking. Not only would he be able to obtain the authority of a Godking, but his own understanding of the laws would also improve.
In his previous life, Zeus had directly comprehended 60% of the lightning laws after he became a Godking. After all, Zeus had only comprehended less than 30% of the lightning laws before he overthrew Cronos. He had relied on his weapon, lightning, to forcefully increase his own laws to over 50%.
However, that power was not his.
After becoming a Godking, Zeus’ lightning law comprehension had reached 60%. It seemed to have doubled, but in reality, it wasn’ t the case. With the deepening of the law comprehension, the later the law comprehension, the greater his strength would be.
If a Zeus who had comprehended 30% of the Laws of Thunder was facing a Zeus who had comprehended 60% of the Laws of Thunder, then Zeus who had comprehended 60% of the Laws of Thunder could easily kill 100 Zeus who had comprehended 30% of the Laws of Thunder.
If Zeus once again became a Godking, then he would receive another gift from the world. Based on the fact that Zeus had already comprehended about 65% of the lightning laws, it was possible that Zeus could break through to 80% or even 90% after this world gift.
Trova did not guess what Zeus was thinking. Instead, he continued,” The Primitive Gods, Kronos and Ananche, are laws themselves. You can see them as having comprehended 100% of the laws. If you don’ t have the same 100% of the laws, you won’ t be able to defeat them.”
Trova’s words shocked Zeus.
Zeus thought that as long as he comprehended 80% of the Laws, he would be able to break Anan’s limit. But who would have thought that Trova would be able to say that he needed 100% of the Laws, which scared Zeus. No one could comprehend 100% of the Laws, no one.
“Moreover, you can not defeat Kronos just because you have comprehended 100% of the Laws. You will only be defeated by Kronos.”
Zeus did not doubt whether Trova would deceive him, but Zeus was still shocked.
“You mean that if I want to defeat Kronos and Ananci, then I have to comprehend two 100% laws?”
“Might need more because of Kronos and Ananche…”
Before Trova could finish, the sky suddenly exploded.
“I’ m sorry, Zeus. I can’ t continue. They’ re already warning me.”
They?Was it Kronos and Ananci?
Zeus did not ask any questions.
Because Zeus didn’t want to cause trouble for Trova.*

13 New group of people, the Wind Capital Queen – Yuan Tongzi

After opening the chat group in the sky, Mu Bai couldn’ t help but reveal a black line on his forehead as he looked at the 999+ message displayed. Did these people all live in the chat group?
Mu Bai opened the chat group and began to read the news that they had sent out. However, the more Mu Bai looked at it, the more strange his expression became. The women in the chat group were all discussing their looks.
Following that, the women in the chat group began to say that Zeus belonged to them. The others didn’t want to fight over him or the like. The next moment, the hot-blooded women that were originally discussing started to fight.
Zeus counted about 200 of them to discuss how handsome he was. The rest of them were all about the women in the chat group.
Mu Bai couldn’ t help but be speechless as he looked at the various aggressive statements that were constantly refreshing. Just what kind of terrifying creature was a woman? How long had she been trying to force?
Mu Bai asked,” Are you all planning to continue fighting like this?”
Following Mu Bai’s words, the interface that was rapidly refreshing suddenly stopped.
I wanted to become the Empress.” Little brother Jupiter, there’s actually a virus that appeared in the chat group just now. This virus directly took over our account and constantly sent out all sorts of strange and strange statements. Fortunately, Little brother Jupiter, you appeared in time for that kind of virus to Little brother Jupiter’s handsome appearance. Otherwise, the chat group would probably be ravaged by that virus for a long time.”
Hui Ye from the Four Palace Clan said,” That’s right, it’s really too terrifying. I didn’ t expect that there would be such a virus in the chat group.”
The crimson demon said,” That kind of virus is indeed terrifying. I didn’ t expect that even the creation of the All-heaven Chat Group, which spans all worlds, wouldn’ t be able to escape.”
Ganwu Sister:” That’s right, what you said upstairs is right [Cat and Cat nodding.jpg ].”
I want to kill Tong Mo.” I agree with what I said above.”
The servant of the Rhodesval family said,” I agree with what the upstairs said.”
Sure enough, it was a woman’s mouth that was lying. I believed in your evilness.
Do you think I didn’ t read the chat group records?
And even if they didn’ t look at the chat group’s records, what kind of virus could cause your accounts to be stolen and then be forced to speak?
Just as Zeus was about to say something, a newcomer suddenly appeared in the chat group.
“Capital Wind Queen joined the chat group.”
“I’ ve detected that the members of the chat group, the Wind Capital Queen World, have transmigrated. The chat group has issued a mission.”
What happened in Zhou Aston was a surge of energy.
There were transmigrators in the chat group, and there were missions that the chat group had issued.
Traverser = Chat Group Mission = Chat Group Points = Dao Comprehension Function = Laws Comprehension = Equal to Transcendence Number.
A formula instantly took shape in Zeus’ mind.
Zeus chose to accept the mission without looking at it.
“The chat group member Jupiter has already accepted the chat group mission.”
With the chat group notification, Zeus had time to check the chat group mission.
Mission: Destroy the transmigrators of the Wind Capital Queen’s World.
Mission Reward: Earn points based on the difficulty of the mission.
Number of people who could receive missions:1(chat group member Jupiter has received missions).
Jupiter replied,” This mission can only be one person, so there’s no other way. I’ m sorry that I really need to chat group points. Please forgive me.[ Selfie.jpg ].”
Zeus apologized in the chat group. He used the chat group function to randomly take a photo of himself and send it to the chat group. Then, he did not feel guilty.
Zeus had to earn enough points for the chat group. After that, he quickly comprehended his own lightning laws through the chat group’s Dao Comprehension function, pushing his comprehension of the lightning laws to 100%. Only this way would Zeus feel safe.
Zeus, who had been killed by many of his wives and lovers for his entire life, was currently feeling very insecure. In addition to the things Trova had told Zeus about earlier, Zeus was even wondering if there was a hidden mastermind behind his world controlling everything.
I wanted to become the Empress.” I forgive you. I forgive you. No matter what little brother Jupiter has done wrong, I will forgive you because Jupiter is truly too handsome.”
“Does Jupiter have nothing to do with it?”What if it’s dangerous to take the mission alone?”
The crimson demon said,” Jupiter, I’ ll send you some magic tools privately. If you encounter any danger, you can use the magic tools I gave you.”
“The crimson demon sent a red envelope to Jupiter.”
Jupiter said,” There’s no need. I still have ten points of trust in my own luck. No matter what kind of problem I encounter, I believe that luck will be on my side. Alright, let’s not talk about it now. I’ ll go to the world where Wind Capital Queen is, and complete the mission.”
Ganwu Sister:” Wait a moment.”
Jupiter:” Is there anything else?”
“I’ m going to@become a female emperor at this time. Group leader, why don’ t you send out the information about the world where the Wind Capital Queen is from? This way, you can increase Jupiter’s safety.”
I want to become the Empress.” Wait, let me see who this Wind Capital Queen is.”
Even Zeus opened the chat with the Wind Capital Queen.
The crowd’s information was as follows: Queen Wind Capital (Yuan Zhou’s son), the eldest daughter of the Yuan Zhou family. She possessed a forbidden memory and could transform into a forbidden mixed body.
Level 1(3 stars).
Notification: The strength within the brackets was the strength of a forbidden body.
I wanted to become the Empress.” I know which world this is. I’ ll send the information about this world to the chat group right now. Jupiter, please remember to check it out before heading to that world. That world is quite dangerous.”
Zeus looked at the information of the Wind Capital Queen’s group and knew that the Wind Capital Queen was the Garden Queen among the fake knights.
However, before Zeus could reply, another mission was sent out from the chat group.
“Group of members, the Wind Capital Queen, had encountered a life-threatening situation. Now, she had released a chat group rescue mission…”
Zeus didn’t even look at it. He took over the mission as well.*

14 This transmigrator was a bit unlucky

Zeus took over the rescue mission without looking at it. Zeus then spoke in the chat group.
Jupiter:” It’s urgent. I’ ll go to the world where Wind Capital Queen is. I know something about the fake knight W. I’ ll go save him first.”
After Zeus finished speaking, Zeus clicked on the chat group mission and chose to finish the mission before leaving. The next moment, a door appeared in front of Zeus. Zeus pushed open the door and walked over.
After passing through a door, Zeus arrived at a modern-style building from Crete.
However, when Zeus came, he saw the forbidden adulterants, that was, the chat group members, Queen Wind Capital, being severely beaten.
Zeus opened the broadcast.
Jupiter:” As soon as I arrived, I saw the Wind Capital Queen being severely beaten.”
At this moment, Yuan Zhou’s forbidden body was being severely beaten by a half-green and half-black mask knight.
Zeus could even sense that the forbidden adulterated body was about to reach the point of removing its transformation. No wonder the chat group would issue a rescue mission. Based on the appearance of this fake knight, he would continue to beat the forbidden adulterated body. As one of the chat group members, Yuan Zhou could probably be killed soon.
But wasn’t this the main character?
Zeus remembered that the main character of Mask Knight W should have left the battle immediately after he transformed. Why was he being severely beaten?
After looking around, Zeus was certain that this was the time line for Zuo Xiangtai Lang to transform into a fake knight.
Suddenly, Zeus saw a person lying on the ground. Something was wrong, or perhaps two people.
That seemed to be Zuo Xiangtailang and Minghai Zhuangji.
Black lines appeared on Zeus’ forehead.
Jupiter:” Looks like that transmigrator has transformed into that mask knight.”
Zeus said that the live broadcast was aimed at Zuo Xiangtailang and Minghai Zhuangji.
I wanted to become the Empress.” Jupiter, hurry up and use the magic tools in the red envelope that Erica sent you. Then, go up and defeat that transmigrator. This transmigrator looks only three stars. If you use the magic tools that Erica sent you, you still have a chance to kill that transmigrator. Plus, with the help of the Queen of Wind, your chances of success are very high.”
The crimson demon said,” Use your magic tools. If it’s not enough, I still have some. Don’ t be polite with me.”
Jupiter:” It doesn’ t matter. It’s easy to defeat this transmigrator without using those magic tools.”
I want to kill Tong Mo.” Jupiter, don’ t try to be brave at this time.”
Ganwu Sister:” That’s right, that’s right. Don’ t try to be brave at this moment. If Jupiter were to be injured, Little Burui would be very distressed.”
Jupiter:” We’ ve settled down. Just watch.”
As Zeus spoke, he shouted at the masked knight who was beating him,” Hey, that black and green guy over there. If you have the ability, come hit me. Hit a woman who doesn’ t have the strength to bind a chicken. What are you capable of?”
After hearing Zeus’ words, the fake knight who was enjoying the pleasure of beating the Queen of Wind City stopped beating the forbidden body.
He turned to look at Zeus.
“Is there this person in the plot?”
It seemed that the transmigrator was still a little dumbfounded by Zeus’ appearance. However, the transmigrator soon discovered Zeus’ handsome face that made him jealous.
“I will kill you and ruin your face.”
With that, the fake knight rushed towards Zeus.
The chat group members in the livestream room were all shocked.
The servant of the Rhazwar family said,” Jupiter, quickly use the magic tools that Erica gave you.”
Hui Ye from the Four Palace Family said,” That’s right, Jupiter. Hurry up and use it. Otherwise, it would be a pity if your face suffered any damage.”
Jupiter:” Don’ t worry, I won’ t do anything.”
Just as Zeus finished speaking in the broadcast room, the fake knight who was attacking Zeus suddenly slid off his feet and glided to Zeus’ feet with his face.
The entire broadcast room immediately fell silent.
The crimson-colored demon said,” This fellow is able to defeat the three star-level Wind Capital Queen without the ability to retaliate. Then, this fellow is at least three star-level. However, can someone with such strength slip their feet?”
I wanted to become the Empress.” Impossible. I’ m also at the 3 star level right now. Even if my foot slips, I can adjust my body’s balance as soon as possible. It’s absolutely impossible for me to glide with my face like this transmigrator.”
Jupiter:” Look, I’ ll just say I’ m lucky.”
Zeus knew his luck very well. Even if Zeus did not take action, this transmigrator would undoubtedly be defeated by Zeus’ luck.
“So, is this really luck?”Is Jupiter lucky?”
Rum’s words immediately made the entire room quiet.
“This is most likely just a coincidence. Jupiter, in short, we have to use it quickly now…”
Before I could finish speaking, the transmigrator beside Zeus stood up the next second.
“Damn it! You actually dared to ambush me? I’ m going to kill you.”
Zeus was silent for a moment when he heard what the transmigrator said. He then said to the transmigrator,” Looks like you slipped and fell. I didn’ t ambush you.”
“Shut up. If I say you ambushed me, then you ambushed me. Do you understand? Now, go die for me.”
“Moon God Trigger.”
The other party directly switched forms.
“Count your sins carefully.”
He pulled the trigger of the Mai Lin Spear in his hand and 240 rounds of bullets were shot out in one second. Those bullets were twisted and then hit him.
Jupiter:” I always feel like this transmigrator looks a little unlucky.”
I want to become the Empress.” Little brother Jupiter, you don’ t need to leave face for the other party. Just say that the other party has bad luck.”*

15 Ji Yuan Zi

Zeus rubbed his head as he watched the travers who had retreated from the mask knight’s form.
“I said, are you alright?”
Zeus looked at the transmigrator and asked the transmigrator. However, the transmigrator seemed to have fainted, not moving at all.
Seeing that the transmigrator fainted, Zeus walked towards the forbidden substance.
The forbidden adulterated body had not recovered from the vicious beating of the mask knight that had transformed from the transmigrator.
Seeing Zeus walking over, the other party was clearly on guard.
“Hello, Queen of the Wind, right? I am Jupiter, a member of the chat group. A transmigrator has appeared in your world, and you are in danger. The chat group has released a rescue mission, and then I came to help you.”
Zeus scratched his head and said,” If you don’ t believe me, you can enter the chat group to confirm it. The chat group has issued a mission, and as members of the chat group, we can’ t harm each other. At least the others in the chat group told me this.”
About three seconds later, the Wind Capital Queen released her forbidden transformation. She was about to stand up, but she fell to the ground. Zeus quickly grabbed the Wind Capital Queen.
Zeus asked the Wind Capital Queen.
As for the Wind Capital Queen, she looked up at Zeus. Her eyes were filled with a hint of happiness as if she had succeeded in her plan.” I’ m fine. I’ m just a bit weak. Can you help me out and wait for my strength to recover?”
“It doesn’t matter. However, what should we do with that one over there.”
However, Zeus didn’t know that the other members of the chat group in the live broadcast had already broken through to the sky as Zeus supported Wind Capital Queen.
I want to become the Empress,” Bi Chi, Bi Chi, Bi Chi.”
“Kill this woman, kill this woman, kill this woman, kill this woman,” Hui Ye from the Fourth Palace said…”
Ganwu sister said,” Wow, this Capital Wind Queen is so shameless. She actually used this method to contact Little Big Brother Jupiter.”
The servant of the Rhazwar family said,” Rem really wants to blow up this woman’s dog head.”
I’ m going to kill Tong Mo.” This Wind Capital Queen’s forbidden adulteration body should also belong to non-human beings, right? With that, I’ ll be able to chop off his head, right?”
The scarlet demon said,” Damn it, this shameless woman actually used this kind of method to deceive the pure and kind Jupiter.”
Yuan Zhou took a look at the voices of the defeated dogs in the broadcast room. Then, with a gentle smile on her face, she said to Zeus,” Jupiter, as long as you take away that Gaia memory, the other party will no longer be able to transform. By then, there will be no threat at all.”
“Then you stand on your own. I’ ll go take the other party’s Gaia memory.”
Just as Zeus was about to let go of Yuan Zi’s hand, Yuan Zi collapsed into Zeus’ arms.
“No, I can’ t. My legs are soft, and I can’ t stand steadily.”
Zeus looked at Yuan Zhou and felt a headache.
How could Zeus not tell what the other party was thinking, but how could he let the other party hold onto his hand without hurting his dignity?
Zeus indicated that he was having a headache.
The other members of the chat group in the broadcast room started to blur out all sorts of dangerous words. Clearly, Yuan Zhou had become the number one enemy of the other members of the chat group.
“Alright, then I’ ll help you over.”
Zeus was about to help Yuan Zhou over, but at this moment, the unconscious transmigrator woke up.
“Damn it, I will kill you all.”
The transmigrator once again picked up the Gaia memory that had fallen on the ground and inserted it into the Lost Drive.
The transmigrator inserted the trump card memory into the lost drive at his waist. At the same time, the other hand held the Gust memory and inserted it into the lost drive at the waist of the gardener.
He wanted to transform into a fake knight again.
However, the next moment, the lost drive suddenly emitted sparks, and then a black smoke rose.
The Lost Drive was broken.
The scene was silent.
In the end, Zeus asked,” How about you change a drive?”
Hearing Zeus’ words, the transmigrator spat out a mouthful of blood.
“I *** you ***, I *** you ***.”
Zeus spread his hands and said,” Young man, calm down. When you’ re in despair, calm down. Don’ t let despair affect your judgment.”
Hearing Zeus’ words, the transmigrator wasn’ t angered to death. He had truly fallen for Zeus for eight lifetimes.
Kondo Yihui was a transmigrator. He had passed through this world of Masked Knight W and successfully seized the Masked Knight W transformation weapon through his own efforts. In addition, he had also reached a contract with Yuan Zhou’s men and transformed into Masked Knight W.
However, who knew that it wouldn’t last long? Just now, he had wanted to kill Yuan Tongzi, who was the official of the museum, and wipe out a great enemy for him. In the end, a guy who did n’ t know who he was suddenly appeared. Then, a series of tragedies were triggered.
First, he glided on the ground with his face. Then, all the bullets from the trigger Mai Lin’s spear that had been fired out of control hit him. He directly pulled himself out of his transformation. Then, he wanted to transform again, but he realized that his lost drive was actually broken.
As for what was said, if I were to switch to another drive, then I would change your head. Do you think I don’ t want to?But it also required me to have the ability to change.
Jin Teng Yihui, who was not angered to death, looked at Zeus.
It was all because of this fellow. Ever since this fellow appeared, he had always been unlucky. No matter what, he had to kill this fellow to avenge today’s arrow.
However, Yuan Zhou suddenly said,” You can’ t transform without the drive, right?”
Thinking of how he had just been beaten by this fellow, a burst of flames rose in Yuan Zhou’s heart.
It would have been fine if Jupiter hadn’ t seen it, but in the end, Jupiter happened to have seen her lose face.
Yuan Zhou narrowed his eyes dangerously.*

16 Wind Capital Queen’s Love Story

In the end, however, Yuan Bianzi didn’t do anything too much. The main reason was because Zeus was here. Yuan Bianzi did n’ t want Jupiter to have a bad impression of him because of a tiny bug that had jumped out of nowhere.
That was why even if he wished he could kill the bug right now, he was not willing to show his brutal side to Zeus.
Yuan Tongzi didn’t want to leave Zeus the impression that she was an extremely cruel woman.
If he were a man, he would probably like a weaker woman. After all, no man would like a woman to be stronger than him.
Zeus should be the same.
Yuan Zhou thought to himself.
As the Queen of Wind Capital, Yuan Tongzi was like an ordinary girl at this moment. The emotions that should not have appeared on her had appeared on Yuan Tongzi.
Yuan Bianzi knew very well that the first thing he saw after seeing the man in front of him was that he was deeply attracted by the man. He fell in love with the man.
It was even because he fell in love with this man that Yuan Zhou Zi did not even want to reveal his dark side. He wanted to let the man in front of him only see his beautiful side.
As a result, even if Yuan Zhou wanted to cut the person in front of him into pieces, he still looked at Zeus and said,” Jupiter, he was defeated by you, and you also accepted the mission of chat group, so this person is left to you to deal with. Besides, the others in the broadcast said that Jupiter really needs points, so if I make a move, it’s very likely that I’ ll split Jupiter’s points, so everything will be left to you.”
As expected, this woman was also craving my beauty. As expected, those who looked handsome were much more distressed.
“Yes, I really need points. That’s why I don’ t stand on ceremony with you. Thank you. If you need help in the future, you can call me at any time. No matter what, as long as I can help you, you can find me at any time. I will do my best to help you.”
Upon hearing Zeus’ promise, Yuan Zhou’s face immediately revealed a smile.
It was obvious that Yuan Bianzi had shown his kindness on purpose just now, so that he could make a deep impression on Zeus. Now that Yuan Bianzi had received Zeus’ words, it meant that Zeus had already left an impression on him.
He was closer to Zhu Bite than the other women in the chat group.
Meanwhile, in Jupiter’s live broadcast, the other members of the chat group were already in an uproar. Yuan Tongzi, a shameless old woman, actually dared to do this.
Everyone was now treating Yuan Zhou as an opponent that had to be excluded.
This woman was a great enemy. If he wanted to take possession of Jupiter, this woman was definitely an opponent to defeat.
The crimson-colored demon said,” This woman simply deserves to die. If I had known earlier, I would have accepted the mission and told this woman to die.”
Hui Ye from the Fourth Palace said,” Yes, I agree.”
Right now, the others in the chat group were filled with all sorts of resentment towards the garden brood in front of them. Jupiter’s little brother had been taken away by this old woman for the first time.
The first rescue mission for Little Brother Jupiter was the first to meet Little Brother Jupiter in reality. The first to speak to Little Brother Jupiter was the first to touch Little Brother Jupiter’s hand…
All sorts of things had been taken away by this old woman for the first time.
The Wind Capital Queen said,” Hehehe, you bunch of losers, just watch as Piggy and I enter the marriage hall together with Little Brother. Then, all of you shed tears of envy and envy.”
All of a sudden, Queen Wind Capital sent such a play in Jupiter’s live broadcast.
Instantly, the entire live broadcast room paused for three seconds.
After that, everyone seemed to have transformed into Zu An’s Piano Hand, and numerous scenes flashed through the live broadcast. However, no matter which scene was, it was basically greeting the 18th generation of the Queen of Wind City.
Now, the group of people in the livestream room did not care if this was the livestream room for Little Brother Jupiter. They had completely displayed the ability of Zu An’s piano player.
One second and eight shots. Basically, one shot had already blocked the previous one before the next shot could be seen clearly.
The Wind Capital Queen glanced at the scene in the live broadcast room. Not only did she not get angry, but instead, her lips curled into a beautiful smile.
Did these fools forget who this livestream room was?
They were actually cursing in Jupiter’s broadcast room like this. Now, these women’s impression in Jupiter’s heart was already greatly reduced.
Jupiter must have had a negative impression of these women.
As long as he tried harder and harder, he would be able to successfully hold the handsome man back. The others in the chat group could only watch him deceive Little Brother Jupiter into their hands with envy and hatred.
Zeus looked at the Wind Capital Queen on the side, and at the same time, he was also paying attention to the broadcast. He could not help but break out in cold sweat. These women were all true…
However, Zeus did not have time to care about them. He looked at the transmigrator. This was a living point that could walk and jump. If the other party ran away, Zeus would be angered to death by this cooked duck.
Just as Zeus was about to attack.
Suddenly, the transmigrator stood up. Then, the transmigrator looked at Zeus in front of him and said,” You forced me. This time, I’ ll kill you and cut you to pieces.”
After saying that, the transmigrator opened his palm. There was a memory socket in his palm.
The transmigrator picked up the ace memory and the Gale memory and inserted it into the socket on his palm.
“This is a mixed body?”Can a fake knight become a mixed body?”
Zeus looked at the scene before him and could not help but mutter.*

17 Thunder Body

The sudden occurrence of the transmigrator in front of him shocked Yuan Tongzi. He immediately stood in front of Zeus and said,” I’ ll protect you.”
A cold sweat broke out on Zeus’ forehead, protecting him?
Seeing this woman, Zeus wanted to complain. You were clearly hit by the fake knight.
However, Zeus did not refute him. After all, this was because of his good intentions. He just put his hand on Yuan Zhou’s shoulder and said,” You’ re not his opponent. Moreover, your current body is ten points weak. If you were to be knocked down by the other party, your life might be in danger. So leave it to me. I’ ll protect you.”
It was as if a strange switch had been turned on. Yuan Zhou’s eyes were filled with joy. He then said to Zeus,” In that case, are you willing to use this?”
“What is this?”
Zeus took the golden USB from Yuan Zhou’s hand and said.
“Thunderbolt Memory.”
Looking at the golden Gaia memory that Yuan Bianzi took out, Zeus was a little surprised. He had not expected that the other party would actually take out a golden high-grade Gaia memory.
Golden high-grade memory was something that only the upper echelons of the museum could use. Who would have thought that Yuan Tongzi would actually take out one to use. However, why did Yuan Tongzi still have a golden high-grade memory?
Moreover, the lightning memory did not appear in the fake knight’s w.
After that, Yuan Bianzi took down the Gaia drive from his waist and carefully brought the drive for Zeus. He said to Zeus,” If you have the determination to protect me, then please transform into a lightning hybrid.”
Although Zeus felt that Yuan Tongzi’s attitude had become a little strange, Zeus did not think too much. He held the lightning memory and hesitated for a moment before inserting it into Gaia’s drive.
Even though Zeus could easily kill that fake knight without using the thunderbolt memory, Zeus didn’t want to reject Yuan Zhou’s kindness.
The most important thing was that Zeus wanted to see if he could comprehend the lightning laws of this world through this lightning memory. He wanted to see if he could improve his understanding of the lightning laws. Now that Zeus’ understanding of his own lightning laws was extremely slow, it would take him some time to improve. That was why Zeus wanted to quickly improve his grasp of the lightning laws through chat groups.
Zeus didn’t mind trying to improve his understanding of the lightning laws of other worlds.
Although Zeus felt that the chances of success were very low, if he succeeded, then wouldn’ t he just make a profit from blood?
If he failed, there would be no loss. If he succeeded, it would be a huge profit.
There was nothing to hesitate about.
As Zeus inserted the thunderbolt memory into Gaia’s drive on his waist, the next moment, a thunderbolt suddenly appeared in the sky.
At the same time, the entire world’s sky was covered by a layer of dark clouds. Lightning was constantly flickering within the clouds.
This scene was directly broadcasted.
In the chat room of Jupiter.
I wanted to kill Tong Mo.” Does this mixed body have such a powerful power?”It’s actually able to change the weather in the sky?”
The servant of the Rhazwar family said,” I think this has nothing to do with the Thunder Doped Body. The truly powerful one is Jupiter. If someone else were to use this Thunder Doped Body, it would be impossible for them to have such strength.”
I wanted to become the Empress.” That’s right. I also feel that Jupiter’s own power, or perhaps the thunderbolt adulterated body, might have triggered a trace of Jupiter’s power. Don’ t forget about Jupiter’s chat group introduction.”
As I wanted to become the Empress’ reminder, the others also recalled the information Jupiter was chatting with.
Information of the group: Jupiter (Zeus), the son of the second-generation King Cronos, the future King of Olympus, the King of All Kings, the God of All Gods, the supreme god that controlled all things in the universe.
Strength level:18 stars.
I wanted to become the Empress.” It’s very likely that Jupiter hasn’ t awakened yet. You should remember Jupiter’s power level, right? That’s an 18-star rating. However, Jupiter thinks that he’s just an ordinary person. It’s very likely that Jupiter’s power hasn’ t awakened yet, and the current lightning body is very likely to become a guide to Jupiter’s awakening.”
The crimson-colored demon said,” It’s reasonable and convincing.”
Jupiter replied,” I feel like there’s a powerful force in my body. I need to use the power in my body a little later.”
Jupiter looked at the group of brain mending emperors in the chat group’s live broadcast. He spoke and then looked at the fake knight’s mixed body.
“You and I are naturally enemies, so I won’ t show mercy to you, and you obviously won’ t show mercy to me. Since that’s the case, let’s fight to the death.”
“Go die, fake knight kick.”
The fake-faced knight let out a furious roar and then leaped up high towards Zeus before kicking Zeus.
“Gather in my hand, sparkling lightning.”
There was a sudden explosion in the sky, and then a bolt of lightning fell into Zeus’ hands.
The thunderbolt was caught by Zeus. It was not as violent as it should be. Instead, it was extremely docile.
It was as if the child had seen his father.
“Go. Kill my enemies.”
He casually threw the thunderbolt out of his hand.
The next moment, the thunderbolt transformed into a thunderbolt and landed directly on the fake knight’s body.
With a bang, the fake knight’s body was directly cut into ash by the lightning.
At that moment, there was a ray of light in the ashes that seemed to want to escape. However, the next moment, a bolt of lightning quickly landed under that ray of light.
“The chat group prompt, if the masquerade knight system is able to capture and capture the masquerade knight system, the masquerade knight system will receive the chat group points.”
“Capture it.”
While Zeus was quite interested in the masquerade knight system, as expected, the chat group points were better.*

18 Rageful Yuan Tongzi

After Zeus gave the order, the chat group captured the so-called fake knight system.
“The pseudo-face knight system has finished capturing it. After recovering it, you will receive 40,000 points.”
The chat group immediately disappeared.
At this moment, Zeus looked at Yuan Tongzi.
“Alright, we’ ve settled this matter.”
Zeus released his transformation and handed over the golden lightning memory to Yuan Zhou.” I’ ll give it back to you.”
Yuan Zhou didn’ t take the thunderbolt memory that Zeus handed over. Instead, he said to Zeus,” I’ ll give this to you. Only by using the thunderbolt memory in your hand can you truly unleash your power.”
Zeus shook his head. The Thunderbolt Memory was indeed an extremely advanced memory, but to Zeus, it was extremely useless.
This thing was only capable of displaying Fifth Grade strength at most. Zeus himself was far more powerful than this one.
Moreover, there were no laws in the thunderbolt memory. It was useless to Zeus. Zeus wanted to use the thunderbolt memory to see if he could comprehend the thunderbolt laws of this world through the thunderbolt memory, so that he could achieve the effect of touching.
However, the result was somewhat disappointing: there was no law in this world.
However, it was only natural to think about it. This world could only be considered as a low-level world. Naturally, there were no laws or other things. If one wanted to have laws, one needed at least a high-level world, and one needed to have gods.
Although this world had Gaia’s memory, which was something that could give others power, this world wasn’ t too high, and there were no lightning laws.
After returning the thunderbolt memory to Yuan Kezi, Zeus said to Yuan Kezi,” I’ ll take a look at how many points I have after this mission. We’ ll give you one. How about eighty-two points?”
Zeus looked at Yuan Tongzi and asked.
“There’s no need. If it wasn’ t for Jupiter, I might have been killed by that transmigrator right now, so you can just keep the integral Jupiter.”
“That won’ t do. If you don’ t have any objections, you can just give me eighty-two points. If I didn’ t really need points, I wouldn’ t mind giving you fifty-five points.”
Yuan Zhou nodded when she saw Zeus’ appearance.
“Then I’ ll go back after the mission.”
Suddenly, Yuan Zhou stopped Zeus who was about to leave.
“You’ ve saved my life. If you don’ t let me properly entertain you, I don’ t know how to be polite. So please make sure that I properly entertain you and thank you.”
Zeus thought for a moment and then said to Yuan Zhou,” Since you’ re like this, you can treat me to a meal.”
“How could a meal be enough? At the very least, it would take a lifetime. Cough cough cough. I mean, at the very least, it would take a few more.”
You must have revealed some ill-intentioned thoughts just now. I can’ t pretend that I didn’ t hear anything for the rest of my life.
However, Zeus did not reject this invitation. After all, Zeus did not dare to flatter Zeus for the food he had given him.
Although deities said that they did not need to eat, they would still eat something for the sake of their appetite.
However, Zeus said that unless Zeus made his own move after he had transmigrated, others would throw it directly onto the fire and roast it for you. It was simply dark cooking.
Zeus didn’t mind having a good meal now that he had entered this modern world.
After eating with Yuan Zhou, Zeus returned to his own world.
Zeus had spent nearly three hours in the world where Yuan Tongzi was in, but when Zeus came back, he realized that only a second had passed.
Time flow was different?
Zeus didn’t bother to open the chat group and submit the mission.
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation
Jupiter replied,”@Capital Wind Queen, you’ ve gained a total of 43,000 points. According to eighty-two points, I’ ll leave behind 34,000 points. I’ ll send you a red envelope for the rest.”
“Jupiter sent a private red envelope to the Wind Capital Queen.”
Zeus left behind 34,000 points for 43,000 points, which meant that Zeus wanted the Wind Capital Queen to send 9,000 points in red packets.
Wind Capital Queen said,” Jupiter, don’ t give me a red envelope or something. I definitely won’ t want it. If it wasn’ t for you coming here, I would’ ve been beaten to death by that transmigrator right now. It’s really embarrassing to say. You’ ve seen my shameful scene.”
Jupiter:” But didn’ t we agree?”
“That’s right, but if I didn’ t say that, would you agree?”I’ ll give these points to Jupiter for the time being. I’ ll compensate you when Jupiter doesn’ t need points in the future.”
I wanted to become the Empress.” F*ck, Yuan Bianzi, you old woman, shut up for me. You old woman is even more shameless. As soon as you come, you will hook up Jupiter.”
The scarlet demon said,” Even though we understand that you’ re old and want to marry off earlier, I ask you to take a look at yourself. Which point do you think you deserve Jupiter.”
The female servant of the Rhazwar family said,” She’s clearly a malicious woman. Even her husband could kill Bi Chi, yet she still has the face to fight for Jupiter with us.”
I’ m going to kill Tong Mo.” That’s true. He’s ruthless. Perhaps he wants to use Jupiter now. Jupiter, remember to stay away from such a woman.”
Hui Ye from the Four Palace Family said,” You can’ t match Jupiter, Yuan Zhou.”
Ganwu Sister:” What you said above is correct. I agree.”
Yuan Zhou looked at the voices of the group members in the chat group and veins bulged on his forehead.*

19 I want this world to follow my heart

Yuan Zhou could not wait for the members of the chat group to be in front of him and tear them apart.
Yuan Zhou, who had already seen the fake knight W, naturally knew very well how unpopular he was among the fake knight W. Apart from looking better, it could be said that there was basically no place that was popular with men.
At this moment, with the excitement of these women in the chat group, Yuan Zhou’s anger surged from his heart.
When she thought of Jupiter’s misunderstanding of her, and even if Jupiter thought that she was that kind of woman, the Wind Capital Queen felt that she would collapse. Her heart was filled with fear and anger.
At this moment, Jupiter in the chat group suddenly spoke.
Jupiter:” Everyone, calm down. Listen to me.”
Following Jupiter’s words, the entire chat group immediately quieted down. Jupiter had to give face. After all, they were all craving Jupiter’s body.
Jupiter:” Indeed, the Yuan Tongzi in the fake knight W is as vicious and vicious as you say.”
When the Wind Capital Queen saw this place, her entire body felt as if it was icy cold. However, in the next moment, she felt as if she had fallen into hell. However, in an instant, she felt as if she had ascended into heaven.
Jupiter said,” But you can’t do anything. Moreover, the current Yuan Bianzi is n’ t the Yuan Bianzi in the fake knight w. He has already joined the Yuan Bianzi in our chat group. He will definitely not become the Yuan Bianzi in the fake knight w. Please give Yuan Bianzi a chance. I want to join the Yuan Bianzi in the chat group and will definitely change myself.”
Jupiter said,” And the reason why Yuan Zhou’s son would become like that in the family knight W is because of his father’s fear of transforming into a mixed body. Yuan Zhou’s son longs for an expert to protect him. However, the Wind Capital Queen found that the husband she chose could not protect her, so she did so in disappointment.”
Jupiter said,” So I hope everyone can give Yuan Zhou a chance. Don’ t look at Yuan Zhou with colored glasses.”
Seeing this, Yuan Bianzi spoke directly in the chat group,” Jupiter, thank you for trusting me. I promise that I will never become like that.”
Jupiter replied,” Yes, I believe in you, so I’ d like to ask the other members of the chat group to believe in Yuan Zhou once.”
The entire chat group was quiet for a minute. Then, I wanted to become the Empress before speaking,” Alright, I won’ t care about that much for Jupiter’s sake. But here, I want to make an appointment with the Queen of Wind Capital. If Yuan Tongzi can’ t do it, then I’ m sorry. I’ ll vote to kick Yuan Tongzi out of the chat group.”
I wanted to become the Female Empress.” I’ ve already talked to you privately. Let’s talk about it ourselves. There’s no need to bother Jupiter.”
Soon, Yuan Zhou and I were about to become female emperors. They were already talking about each other. About half an hour later.
I wanted to become the Empress.”@Jupiter, I’ ve already reached a condition with Yuan Zanzi, so Jupiter, you don’ t need to worry about our relationship.”
Wind Capital Queen:” Yes, Jupiter, you can rest assured. I’ ve already discussed with them all that I’ ll definitely not become the one in the fake knight W.”
Jupiter:” That’s good. Then I’ ll need to use the Dao Comprehension Space next. Let’s talk back.”
Zeus activated his spatial ability to comprehend the Dao.
“Use the Dao Comprehension Space to consume 100 points per minute. Are you sure you want to use it?”
100 Points per minute, so how about 6000 points per hour?
If it wasn’t for the recovery of the fake knight system, I had obtained 3000 points for two missions, but it still lasted for half an hour. Zeus could n’ t help but take a deep breath. This Dao Comprehension Space was really a big consumer of points.
However, Zeus made some confirmation.
The next moment, Zeus fell asleep.
Zeus felt as if he was incarnating the Laws of Lightning. His understanding of the Laws of Lightning continued to deepen, but it seemed that Zeus had woken up in just a moment.
“What happened instead of using the Dao Comprehension Space?What?..”
Zeus suddenly realized that his chat group had 43,000 points, plus the points he had signed in, which had been completely consumed.
Zeus took a deep breath. More than seven hours had passed.
After exhausting all his points, he kicked himself out of the Dao Comprehension Space.
However, Zeus only felt that he had only just passed for a moment, not even a second.
However, Zeus soon realized that his lightning laws had risen from 65% to 66%.
It had increased by less than 1%, but this 1% had saved Zeus at least a few thousand or even ten thousand years.
“Up by nearly 1%?”
Zeus’ heart gradually became excited.
If he had obtained 400,000 points,4 million points, or even 40 million points this time, would he be able to directly grasp the Laws of Lightning to 100%?
The chat group was indeed a magical place. The Dao Comprehension Space was an incomparably magical place. He had to obtain more points. As long as he had enough points, he would be able to comprehend 100% of the thunderbolt laws, not to mention 100% of the other laws.
To surpass the Primogenitor Gods, Kronos and Ananci, they needed to constantly comprehend the laws and must have comprehended 100% of them.
And if he had to score points, Zeus would be fearless.
Kronos, the God of Origin, and Ananqu, the goddess of number determination, would no longer have anything that could bind him.
Even if Zeus didn’t want to become a Godking again, Zeus still did n’ t want someone on top of his head to hold him down, or to be bound by fate.
In the words of Wu Kong’s biography, it was that I wanted this day to be unable to hide my eyes. I wanted this land to be unable to bury my heart. I wanted that heaven and earth to disappear.*

20 People’s hearts were unpredictable, and the Heaven’s Will was the hardest to guess

Unfortunately, Zeus only gained 40,000 points this time. Moreover,40,000 points out of 40,000 points this time came from the pseudo-face knight system. After completing the mission, he only had 3,000 points.
One could imagine just how difficult it was to obtain points.
Zeus couldn’t help but feel a pain at the thought. It was as if he had a golden mountain in front of him, but he did n’ t open the key to the golden mountain.
Fortunately, Zeus wasn’t in a hurry, so Zeus temporarily put down the idea of raising his own law to 100% as soon as possible.
He switched the chat group interface again.
Zeus was surprised to find another member of the chat group.
Jupiter:” There’s actually a new member in the chat group?”
Wind Capital Queen:” Welcome Little Brother Jupiter back.”
I want to become the Empress:” Welcome Little Brother Jupiter back.”
Sister Ganwu:” Welcome Little Brother Jupiter back.”
The servant of the Rhodesval family:” Welcome Little Brother Jupiter back.”
I want to kill Tong Mo.” Welcome Little Brother Jupiter back.”
The crimson demon said,” Welcome, dear.”
Hui Ye from the Fourth Palace said,” Welcome, dear.”
Hui Ye from the Four Palace Family said,” Erica, why did you suddenly change? Why are you so sweet?”
The world where the Fourth Palace’s Bright Night was located.
In Si Gong Hui Ye’s room, Si Gong Hui Ye’s entire body started to feel shy. He was rolling on the bed. He covered his face with both hands and could see Si Gong Hui Ye’s already red face through the cracks in his palm.
The crimson-colored demon said,” What’s wrong? I’ m talking to my beloved. It’s none of your business.”
I want to become the Empress.” You’ re thinking about eating peaches. Jupiter is this mother’s. All of you who coveted Jupiter are dying.”
The servant of the Rhazwar family said,” Rem said that you should hurry back, Hubby Jupiter. Those flirtatious people outside are looking for your body. Come back to Rem.”
Ganwu Sister said,” Pfft, ram sauce, how can you say such a tiger and wolf word.”
I want to kill Tong Mo.” You’ ve gone too far. Jupiter is clearly my dear.”
Seeing the chat group getting more and more crooked, Zeus couldn’ t help but feel a black line on his forehead.
Jupiter:”@For the glory of the Northern God.”
Jupiter:” Newcomers come out to speak.”
For the glory of the Northern God,” Woof, woof, woof, woof.”
Jupiter:” Who can tell me exactly what happened to this newcomer?”
I wanted to become the Empress.” I’ ll tell Little Brother Jupiter that you’ re alright. This is Thunder God Torr for the glory of the Northern God. However, this Thunder God Torr is a dog. Little Brother Jupiter, you can take a look at the hundred thousand cold jokes I’ ve uploaded.”
Following the words that I was about to become a female emperor, Zhou Aston remembered that Thunder God Torre was indeed a dog among the hundred thousand sneer.
Thinking about it, it didn’t seem strange that Thor could n’ t speak.
However, Zeus was thinking about the God of Creation scepter in the hundred thousand cold words that Thor Tuo’ er was in.
To be honest, Zeus felt that there were a hundred thousand sneering words. No matter what the world said, there were all sorts of strange things that were truly terrifying.
The dimensional descent strike, as well as the River God’s BUG.
There seemed to be a Zeus in that world.
If there was a chance to meet Zeus in that world, it might help him.
For the glory of the Northern God,” Woof, woof, woof.”
Jupiter asked,” Is the chat group so unintelligent?”Can’ t you help me translate it?”
“Ding… I found a chat group bug. The chat group patch has been upgraded. I’ ll sort out the chat group member Jupiter’s 100 points.”
Jupiter?”I’ ll have 100 points in one day.”
After saying this, Zeus sent another message.
Jupiter:@For the glory of the Northern God, can you speak now?”Has the plot started on your side?”
For the glory of the Northern God,” I am Thunder God Torre, for the glory of the Northern God.”
I want to become the Empress.” I guess I won’ t be able to react for a while. I think this Thor will be able to react in a while.”
For the glory of the Northern God,” I am Thunder God Torre, for the glory of the Northern God.”
I want to kill Tong Mo…”
The crimson demon said,” This dog doesn’ t look too smart.”
For the glory of the Northern God,” You’ re not that smart. I just didn’ t react for a while.”
For the glory of the Northern God,” I’ ve seen that hundred thousand sneering words. But the plot hasn’ t begun yet.”
Ganwu Sister said,” To be honest, the gods of your world are too irresponsible. Those ordinary humans can only build weapons for you if they want to live. Moreover, if they are not careful, they will be affected by the war of you gods and then die.”
For the glory of the Northern God,”…”
For the glory of the Northern God,” There’s nothing we can do about this. Back then, when the Solar God La stole the God’s Staff, the other three gods were worried that the Solar God La would use the God’s Staff to do evil. That’s why they had no choice but to strengthen their strength. Hopefully, they could stop the Solar God La from obtaining the God’s Staff.”
For the glory of the Northern God,” But now that I’ ve already learned that Sun God La won’ t use the Divine Staff of Creation to do evil, I’ ll tell the other gods about this later. The war in this manner should be over.”
Hui Ye from the Fourth Palace said,” You’ re thinking too much. Let’s not talk about whether you have any evidence to convince the other gods to believe in you. Even if they really believe in you, are you sure that the other gods will not covet the Divine Staff of Creation?”
“That’s right. People’s hearts will never be satisfied, let alone gods. The more you obtain, the more you want.”
Jupiter:” The heart is unfathomable, and the will of heaven is the hardest to guess.”
The servant of the Rhazwar family said,” My husband has literary talent.”
The scarlet demon said,” You’ re shameless upstairs. Who’s your husband? That’s clearly my darling.”
I want to become the Empress:” The two upstairs are thinking about eating peaches.”*