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21 Was this how Atlantis appeared?

Zeus looked at the chat group and turned upside down.
All of these people were busy with their business day by day, thinking about what they had. I, Zeus, am the god of men you will never get.
Jupiter said,” I said that all of you can’ t help but be crooked.@For the glory of the Northern God, I wonder if that Creation God Staff is a mission. If it’s a mission, I don’ t know how many points it will have. If you release a mission, please bring me a thank you.”
I wanted to become the Empress.” Jupiter, didn’t you already get 40,000 points?”Could it be that all your points have been spent?”
Jupiter replied,” That’s right. Just as you guessed, I’ ve spent all my points. Moreover, it’s far from enough. I feel that I need at least a hundred times more points to be enough.”
I’ m going to kill Tong Mo.” If I remember correctly, you should have received more than 40,000 points from Jupiter.”
Jupiter:” That’s right, but I took it to use the Dao Comprehension Space. It’s too expensive to receive 100 points a minute.”
The servant of the Rhodesval family:”100 points per minute?”
I wanted to become the Empress.” I’ ve used it before. It’s clearly 1000 points a day. How did it turn into 100 points a minute? I used it once before. Just 1000 points allowed me to reach the Great Perfection realm in all my martial skills.”
Ganwu Sister:” Have you found anything.”
“I also suddenly discovered a blind spot.”
The crimson demon said,” Jupiter, you must have awakened your power.”
Hui Ye from the Four Palaces said,” Because he used the Thunder Blended Body Transformation earlier, it is very likely that he has activated the power hidden within Jupiter’s body. Only this explanation can explain the reason.”
Zeus looked at the chat group and hesitated for a moment. In the end, there was no showdown. If it was a showdown, would their attitude toward him change, or would they be far from him?
Zeus actually enjoyed the atmosphere in the chat group. On the contrary, if he had caused them to alienate themselves because of his showdown, it would not be worth the loss.
It was not good to have friends like these sand sculptures.
Therefore, Jupiter finally chose to hide it.
He followed Si Gong Hui Ye’s words.
Jupiter replied,” Mm, ah, that’s right. Because of the thunderblending body, I seem to be able to control thunder and lightning now. I used the Dao Comprehension Space for these points, but I didn’ t expect to sleep for seven hours in one go, and then spend all my points. It’s obvious that I just felt like I had slept for a while, and I woke up in just that instant. In the end, more than seven hours have passed.”
The scarlet demon said,” In other words, Jupiter, are you finally going to become a big boss?”Jupiter, you need to warm up the bed. No, I can. I can easily push down my delicate body.”
I wanted to become the Empress.” The higher-ups are thinking about eating peaches. I won’ t die in a single day. Don’ t even think about going to the upper echelons. And Jupiter, the reason you’ re@for the glory of the Northern God is because you want to be able to receive missions and then obtain points to continue using the Dao Comprehension Space?”
Jupiter replied,” That’s right, because when I used the Dao Comprehension Space, I felt as if I had transformed into lightning. That omnipotent and powerful feeling fascinated me, so I wanted to continue earning chat group points to strengthen my power. However, don’ t give me all the chat group points and other points on purpose because of this. I can’ t become stronger alone, and you can only watch from behind.”
Zeus was worried that these people would lose their strength in order to curry favor with him.
After all, Zeus wasn’t in a hurry. Slowly, he had plenty of time. As a god, Zeus would not die. Time could not leave any traces on Zeus.
The words’ immortal god’ wasn’ t just casually spoken.
I want to become the Empress:” Little brother Jupiter is so warm.”
The servant of the Rhodesval family:” I really want to give birth to little brother Jupiter.”
For the glory of the Northern God,” I’ ll call you if there’s a mission at that time, but I’ m not sure if there’s a mission.”
Jupiter:” Alright, since it’s like this, please let me know if you have a mission.”
Jupiter:” I have something to do. Let’s go first.”
Zeus left the chat group after speaking.
Zeus looked at Mothis who had walked to his side for some time.
“Mantis, do you have anything to do with me?”
“Zeus, we are trying to find a way to save those golden humans. What do you have?!”
“As a goddess of wisdom, you shouldn’ t ask me this question at all.”
“As the goddess of wisdom, your wisdom should tell you how to act.”
“But as a goddess of wisdom, I believe that only you can solve this matter.”
“If you want me to set foot on the path of fighting God King Kronos, forget it. I will never waste my time fighting Kronos.”
Zeus said to Mantis.
“Why, Zeus, I can feel the justice and kindness in your heart, but why are you unwilling to stand up?”
“Justice and kindness?”
Zeus placed his hand on his heart and said to Curtis,” What if I don’ t have a heart at all?”That’s right.”
Zeus’ words caused Mantis’ eyes to widen.
Zeus could not help but laugh when he saw Mantis’ wide eyes.” I’ m joking with you.”
Mantis exhaled and then fiercely glared at Zeus.” You always scare me.”
Zeus smiled and said nothing.
However, Mantis noticed that Zeus was not completely lying.
“But if you want to save the golden humans, then there’s only one way. The second generation of God King Cronos ca n’ t find the golden humans. The earth and the sky are the eyes of God King Cronos. Only in the deep sea can those golden humans survive. Hand over a portion of the golden humans to God King Cronos and leave a portion of the golden humans to build a city belonging to them in the deep sea. The name of this city is Atlantis.”*

22 Belonged to Zeus’ script

After receiving Zeus’ suggestion, Methys immediately returned to Enos’ temple and told Enos his suggestion.
“Father, this is Zeus’ opinion. I wonder if you agree.”
Methys explained Zeus’ previous instructions on how to set up the golden humans. When Orchanos heard this, he fell into silence.
It had to be said that Zeus’ method was the best way to properly settle those golden humans. The sea was the territory of Ocean God Oche Anos and his wife. Even King Kronos did not want to find those golden humans hidden in the sea.
“This is indeed a feasible method, but Zeus is still unwilling to come forward and overthrow Cronos?”
“Yes, Zeus was still unwilling to overthrow Cronos.”
Methys’ answer made Oke Anos sigh.
“Since that’s the case, let’s start building Atlantis. After Atlantis is built, let a portion of the golden humans migrate to Atlantis. Then, select some golden humans and hand them over to God King Kronos.”
This was the best option. Sacrifice a portion of the golden humans to protect the rest of the golden humans. This was the best option if they did not turn against Cronos.
Enos knew that he was definitely not a match for Godking Kronos.
So Enos could only endure.
“Mothis, you can go down. You can continue to persuade Zeus properly. Only Zeus can defeat Godking Cronos in this world.”
“Father, I understand.”
“Mantis, use your wisdom more. You are the oldest goddess of wisdom. Your wisdom will tell you how to help you achieve your goal.”
Methys left the divine hall of his father, Enos, and then returned to Crete.
Looking at Zeus, who was sleeping on the tree trunk of Trova, he arrived by Zeus’ side.
The faint sound caused Zeus to open his eyes from his slumber. After seeing Mantis, Zeus closed his eyes again.
When he saw Zeus closing his eyes again, Mantis couldn’ t help but feel a little angry. Zeus’ behavior of ignoring her was too excessive.
Mitisy walked towards Zeus and then sat on Zeus’ legs, his hands tightly gripping Zeus’ face.
Zeus, who wanted to sleep, could not help but open his eyes.
“Mantis, don’ t do such boring things.”
Zeus, who was tugging at his face, still spoke clearly.
“No, you made me angry. So, you have to properly calm me down now. Before I get angry, you should obediently accept my punishment.”
Zeus couldn’ t help but feel helpless as he looked at Mantis in front of him. If it were any other woman, Zeus would definitely slap her without any hesitation, but Mantis in front of him was different.
The Mothys in front of him could be considered the foster sister who had taken care of Zeus since he was a child, so Zeus could only helplessly endure this kind of punishment from Mothys.
“Zeus, can you tell me why you refused to become the Godking of Olympus?”Or why did you refuse to overthrow Cronos.”
“Still need a reason to refuse?”You can think that I’m afraid, or you can think that I’ m afraid. You can even think that I’m a coward. It’s a reason that I don’t dare to face Chronos.”
“But these are not your reasons. I believe in Zeus, you and I believe that you are definitely not the kind of situation you mentioned. Moreover, Zeus, you said that you have no heart. Is that really just a joke?”
Mantis’ expression was very serious as he looked at this male deity in front of him, or perhaps the boy.
Zeus couldn’t help but think back to what he had encountered before he was reborn.
However, Zeus spoke to Mantis in an instant.” Of course it’s just a joke. I’ m afraid of death. I’ m afraid of Cronos, so I don’ t dare to face Cronos at all.”
“You are lying. You are lying in front of me.”
“Today, I have to know why you have been running away.”
As he looked at Mothis, who had lost his mind, Zeus felt that he shouldn’ t have said anything before, because that sentence caused everyone to be alert.
“Actually, it’s not a big deal to be called a Godking. It’s easy to defeat Cronos, but I hate the future that has been planned, so I definitely won’ t give in to the future that has been planned.”
“Just because you are the son of prophecy, you are not willing to do what the son of prophecy does?”Because of this willful reason?”
That was why Zeus did not want to overthrow Cronos?
He didn’ t want to take the path that others had planned.
“Methys, if I want to overthrow the God King, Cronos, then I’ll ask you to prepare a potion that can make Cronos vomit. Then I’ ll go to see my mother and ask her to arrange me to pour wine for Cronos by Cronos’ side. Then, I’ ll put the medicine that can make Cronos vomit into the wine and let Cronos drink it.”
“Once Cronos vomited, the heirs of the previous Cronos that Cronos had eaten would reappear.”
“After that, we will escape from Olympus and head to the abyss of hell. Tartarus will save the three Cyclops. With their help, we will build a god artifact that is comparable to the sickle in Chronos’ hands. Then, with the help of the Hundred-armed Giant race, we will launch a battle horn towards Olympus.”
“After obtaining a divine artifact that was comparable to the scythe in Cronos’ hands, I would undoubtedly overthrow Cronos. Then, Cronos would leave behind a prophecy or curse. In the future, I would also be overthrown by my heirs.”
“And that child will be you and my child. In order to avoid this, I will eat you into my stomach. Look at this script.”
Mantis’ mouth was wide open as he looked at Zeus before him.
“As long as Mantis wasn’ t able to break through the set number, then it was unable to change everything.”
“Zeus, you…”
Mantis’ current mood was extremely complicated, because Mantis could sense that what Zeus said wasn’ t a lie…*

23 New member, the big bone finally didn’ t need to be boiled into soup

Mitisy left. It was clear that these words that Zeus and Mitisy said caused Mitisy to suffer a great deal of damage. Mitisy needed some time to properly calm down.
Zeus didn’t try to comfort him. The main reason Zeus did n’ t want to overthrow the king, Cronos, was because Zeus didn’t want to go through the original history.
This made Zeus feel like a puppet with strings. In his previous life, Zeus didn’t feel anything. He directly used the mythology he had learned before he passed through his previous life to topple King Kronos step by step and then enjoy everything he could get. He was in a dream.
Today, it was either on the belly of this goddess or on the belly of another goddess. Zeus felt embarrassed when he thought about his rebirth.
Just like a human-shaped pile driver, Zeus felt a little disgusted. Even Zeus himself felt that the person from before was not like himself, but rather like a puppet.
Apart from not eating Mantis, everything else was simply like everything that Zeus should have done in the Greek mythology. Was that really him?Not a puppet controlled by fate or a certain number?
Therefore, Zeus did not intend to overthrow the Godking Cronos until he understood everything.
Zeus would never allow himself to act like a puppet.
It was fine if he hadn’ t discovered it in his previous life, but Zeus wouldn’ t repeat the same mistakes in his entire life. Although it was truly enviable, Zeus wouldn’ t be envious now. He had already enjoyed it.
The only thing that could make Zeus turn into a puppet was that Zeus, who was already a Godking, was unknowingly affected. As expected, only Ananci, who was the goddess of numbers, was the only one who could do that.
It was even possible that Zeus had not eaten Mothys, which was why he had been killed by the chopper. Otherwise, Zeus might have continued like Zeus in the mythology.
Of course, all of this was to understand his guess. It wasn’t true, but Zeus now felt that it was more than 80% possible.
After opening the chat group, Zeus looked at the 9999+ news in the chat group and could not help but break out in cold sweat.
Jupiter:” You don’t have to attend classes. Are you working?”He’s already in the chat group?”
I wanted to become the Empress.” Please stand up, Little Brother Jupiter. Then I just want to say that everyone here is trash. Although this group leader is only three stars, many people are already in charge of handling some trivial matters according to this group leader. There is no need for me to think about it at all. Every day, I just need to cultivate and think about Little Brother Jupiter’s handsome appearance.”
The scarlet demon said,” A trifling three star trash dares to mock you. I’ m already five star. Do you think I’ m proud of you?”That’s right.”
Hui Ye of the Four Palace Family said,” My family is in the mine. My family has 10 trillion.”
The Wind Capital Queen said,” The entire Wind Capital is the property of my family. Although my father is not prepared to leave it to me, it is still under my control.”
Ganwu Sister:” Tears of envy. I’ m the only one who has to go to class.”
The female servant of the Rhazwar family said,” No, it’s definitely not just you. There’s also Rem. Rem still wants to continue serving as a female servant for that damned Rhazwar. It’s impossible for the other party to see that Rem already knows that the witch school’s attack on the village was caused by Rhazwar.”
I wanted to kill Tong Mo.” I’ ve been taking care of the injured members of the Ghost Kill Squad recently, so I’ m still relatively free. However, I’ ll be busy after a while. After all, as the Ghost Kill Squad’s pillar, there are still many things to do.”
For the glory of the Northern God,” Xiao Jin hasn’ t found the star map yet, so he’s just basking in the sun every day and fighting against a landlord. As a god, his life is so boring.”
The people in the chat group all lived in the chat group.
If not for the fact that Zeus often had Mothis come to look for him, then Zeus would have been living in the same chat group.
After all, only living in the chat group would be able to be the first to know the mission that the chat group released the first time.
Jupiter said,” Speaking of which, I just joined the Queen of Wind Capital last time, but it didn’ t seem like I’ ve been there for a long time. I joined the chat group for the glory of the Northern Gods. Is this chat group’s invitation mechanism so strange?”
I wanted to become the Empress.” Slowly, you’ll get used to it. When I became the group leader of the chat group, the first one to join the chat group was the Dry Matter Sister. Do you know how hopeless I was at that time?”At that time, how much hope did I have for a big boss to let me hug my thigh? However, in the end, the one that was inferior to me was a trash sister. What use do I want you to use.”
Dry Matter Sister:” Little Burial left behind tears of tears. Cat and Cat cried loudly.jpg.”
I wanted to become the Empress.” The second person to join the chat group is the crimson demon. It’s fine now. By exchanging information with the other party and some other resources, I obtained the initial capital from the other party.”
I wanted to become a female emperor.” Previously, the interval between the first chat group and the second chat group was three days. This made me think that every three days I would invite a chat group member to join, but who would have known that after half a year, another newcomer joined. I wanted to kill Tong Mo. After that, I joined Hui Ye of the Four Palaces after another half a month. After that, I joined the servant of the Lozwar family three months later.”
I wanted to become the Empress,” And Little Brother Jupiter, before you joined the chat group, no one has joined the chat group for a year and three months.”
Jupiter:” Waterfall Khan.jpg.”
Jupiter replied,” It seems like this chat group is really strange to invite new members of the chat group. Could it be that a new chat group member will join the chat group the next second?”
“Great Ancient has become a chat group.”
Jupiter:” Have I opened my mouth before?”If that’s the case, then I’ ll say that in the next moment, the Great Ancient will be in danger. After that, the chat group will issue a rescue mission. At the same time, the chat group will also detect the Transmigrator Carrying System.”*

24 Was only a hundred million points lucky

“The chat group mission was released. We detected that the members of the chat group, Da Gu, were in danger. We released a rescue mission.”
“The chat group mission has been released. We have detected that the chat group member Da Gu has become a Light World existence transmigrator. Please kill the transmigrator.”
“The chat group mission has been released. It has been detected that the chat group member Da Gu has become a light world transmigrator with dangerous goods. Please ask the chat group member to retrieve the dangerous goods.”
The entire chat group was instantly silent.
Even Zeus himself felt that his mouth had been opened. Otherwise, why would he say something?”
Zeus muttered to himself and immediately accepted the three missions that the chat group had issued.
Mission 1: Kill the members of the chat group, Da Gu, and become the transmigrators of the Light World.
Mission Reward: Earn points based on the difficulty of the mission.
Number of people who could receive missions:2(chat group members Jupiter and Erica have received missions).
Task 2: Rescue the members of the chat group who were in danger.
Mission Reward: Earn points based on the difficulty of the mission.
Number of people who could receive missions:2(chat group members Jupiter and Erica have received missions).
Task 3: Recover the dangerous goods that were carried by the transmigrator of the chat group member Da Gu into the Light World.
Mission Reward: Equal points will be given according to the items recovered.
Number of people who could receive missions:2(chat group members Jupiter and Erica have received missions).
I wanted to become the Empress.” Erica, you Bi Chi, you actually stole my mission. This enmity is irreconcilable.”
I want to kill Tong Mo.” Miss Erica’s hand speed is really fast. I really want to chop off Miss Erica’s hand.”
The scarlet fiend said,” Hehehe, you bunch of scoundrels, just watch as this young miss and Jupiter go on and on.”
Jupiter:” Don’ t talk about this anymore. Let’s go quickly. Otherwise, something might happen if the Great Ancient becomes light.”
The crimson-colored demon said,” No problem, honey. Okay, honey.”
I want to become the Empress,” Ah, Erica, you little brat Bi Chi, Jupiter is mine, mine.”
Wind Capital Queen said,” Upstairs, you’ re thinking about eating peaches. Jupiter is mine.”
Hui Ye from the Four Palace Family said,” The two upstairs are all psychopaths. Alright, Jupiter, don’ t pay attention to these psychopaths. Let’s hurry home.”
For the glory of the Northern God,” Are you bullying a single dog?”
Jupiter:” Don’ t make a fuss.@Red Fiend, we’ ll set off to complete the mission once we’ re ready.”
The crimson demon said,” I’ m ready to leave at any time.”
Zeus on Crete immediately ordered the mission and headed to the mission world.
The next moment, Zeus appeared in another world. At the same time, a girl in a red dress with beautiful blonde hair appeared beside Zeus.
Seeing the girl Zeus call out her name.
Erica walked forward and hugged Zeus. She raised her head and said to Zeus,” Jupiter, shouldn’ t you be a gentleman and give a kiss?”
Erica looked at Zeus with a blush.
Zeus’ eyes twitched as he broke free from Erica. He then said to Erica,” Stop messing around. We should hurry and find the Great Ancient to turn into light.”
Erica looked at Zeus in disappointment, then said,” If only Jupiter was the same as Zeus. If only Jupiter was the same as Zeus, you could do anything to me.”
The corners of Zeus’ eyes twitched wildly. What happened to all of these women? Could it be that he had to crave my body? I, Zeus, wanted to be a quiet and beautiful man? Why did all of you women want to crave my body.
In his heart, he flipped the table, but on the surface, Zeus looked at the pyramid of light nearby and said,” If I’ m not wrong, it’s very likely that the Great Ancient will become the pyramid of light over there.”
Alika then said to Zeus,” I can use Hermes’ boots to jump over there. Jupiter, hold me tight. I’ ll take you there with me.”
“No, I don’ t need it at all. After the last time I used the Dao Comprehension Space, I’ m no longer an ordinary person anymore. Problems like flying can already be solved. Then I’ ll go over and take a look first. Erica, hurry over as well.”
Zeus then flew towards the pyramid of light.
Erica looked at Zeus who was running away in a sorry state.
“You can’t escape, Jupiter. I, Erica Brandt, must get what I want.”
After that, Erica let out a soft shout,” Fly, Hermes’ boots.”
Following Erica’s incantation, her feet slightly paused on the ground. Immediately, Erica flew into the sky. No, she should have jumped into the sky.When Erica arrived at the scene, she saw Zeus standing in front of a unconscious person.
“Looks like this is our new member of the chat group, Da Gu.”
Zeus scratched his head as he looked at the unconscious Da Gu.
“I say brother, if you don’t turn into light, who will fight the little monster?”Don’ t tell me that the transmigrator will replace you to transform into Bump Man and fight the little monster?”
Zeus squatted down and patted Dagu on the cheek with his palm.
However, just as Zeus finished speaking, a giant of light in the pyramid revived.
Zeus’s eyes twitched as he looked at the pyramid. Did I just say that this was true?
If what I said was really useful then…
“Could it be that this giant will just slip and fall to the sky?”
Zeus had just finished speaking the next moment when the giant fell to the ground, causing the ground to tremble.
Erica landed next to Zeus and looked at Zeus with a strange look.
“Jupiter, do you know how to speak spirit techniques?”Or the great prophecy?”
“No, I think it’s just pure luck.”
Zeus said awkwardly. He was just a bit lucky. It was just a hundred million points.*

25 Erica, you have to hold on, Jupiter.

Erica’s eyes lit up as she looked at Zeus in front of her.” If not, Jupiter, just say that the giant has turned back into a human.”
Zeus’s eyes lit up as well. If he really had the skill to follow, why not give it a try.
“I said that this giant turned back into a human, and then it fell into my hand.”
The next moment, the giant turned into countless specks of light and scattered in all directions. Then, a streak of light flew towards Zeus and landed in Zeus’ hands. Shockingly, it was the divine rod.
Erica looked at Zeus with admiration in her eyes.
Zeus was also shocked by his actions. He was actually able to act like this. Wouldn’ t that mean that he would release a mission just by casually talking about the chat group in the future?
Zeus seemed to have found a way to quickly obtain the points for the chat group. A great path of light, a bright future.
Zeus glanced at the unconscious Da Gu Cheng Guang and then said to Alika,” Alika, why don’ t you take care of Da Gu Cheng Guang first? I’ ll go find that transmigrator?”
Alice refused without thinking about it. She looked at the unconscious Great Ancient and turned into light with a look of disgust. She then said to Zeus,” Little brother Jupiter, I will go wherever you go. I will only live for Little brother Jupiter, you alone. I will only act for you alone. The other men will die for this young miss.”
Sweat dripped from Zeus’ forehead.
“Then let’s go together. As for the Great Ancient being turned into light, it seems that it shouldn’ t be dangerous to stay here.”
Probably, there was no danger.
Zeus took a glance at the unconscious Great Ancient Light and thought to himself.
“Alright, Jupiter, let’s go quickly.”
As she spoke, Erica came to Zeus’ side and grabbed one of Zeus’ hands.
Zeus whipped hard, but he didn’t pull out a hand from Erica’s arms. What Zeus didn’t know was that Erica had already opened the chat group’s live broadcast room. The other guests in the chat group came to Erica’s live broadcast room one by one and cursed at her behavior.
One had to know that they were just a little short of capturing the mission. If they were the ones who had just captured the mission, wouldn’t they be the ones holding Jupiter’s little brother’s arm?
But now, all they could do was watch as Erica hugged Jupiter’s little brother’s arm. This made them furious.
Zeus helplessly said to Erica,” If it’s like this, it’s very inconvenient to dodge if the other party attacks.”
“It doesn’ t matter. At that time, I’ ll use my flesh and blood to protect Jupiter’s city walls. As long as I’ m still alive, I’ ll protect Jupiter’s little brother!”
For some reason, Zeus felt that the best thing he could do was not say anything. Only by doing this could he avoid something that could be avoided.
The chat group’s live broadcast room’s automatic screen had already exploded in an instant.
The servant of the Rhazwar family said,” No one should stop Riem. Riem, I will definitely destroy the dog head of Bi Chi.”
I want to kill Tong Mo.” Count me in.”
Hui Ye from the Four Palace Family said,” Right now, I want to take the 686 Gods and treat Erica’s face with two fierce attacks, smashing the face of this cat.”
The crimson fiend-devil said,” Hehehe, you can’ t accept this. Then wait until Jupiter and I have an even more intimate relationship. Aren’ t you going to explode on the spot.”
“A closer relationship, could it be?” Gan Wumei asked…”
Wind Capital Queen:” Grass (a kind of plant) I will kill you, this bitch. Jupiter is mine. Whoever dares to steal Jupiter from me will kill him.”
For the glory of the Northern God,” You’re all like this now, if Jupiter sees it…”
At that time, the entire livestream room was completely clear.
Ganwu Sister:” Fortunately, I didn’ t say anything. Jupiter shouldn’ t have lost any impression of me.”
The members of the chat group who were in the livestream room immediately started to feel uneasy.
Little brother Jupiter probably didn’t see the flicks they sent out in the chat room, did he?
According to the kind-hearted nature of Jupiter’s little brother, he must be thinking about the matter of the transmigrator and the new member who saved the chat group, Da Gu, turning into light. Therefore, he would definitely not be distracted from watching the live broadcast.
However, when they thought about this, the hearts of those people became increasingly uncertain.
It was not impossible.
Looks like Jupiter’s little brother…
Jupiter: Eh, when did you open the livestream room, Erica?”I’ ve just recalled that I haven’ t opened the live broadcast yet. I was just about to open it, but I didn’ t expect you to have already opened it.”
Everyone’s eyes lit up when they saw Zeus’ message.
Great, great. Little brother Jupiter actually said that it meant that Little brother Jupiter did not see the previous statements. Very good, they were eighty percent confident that Little brother Jupiter would not know about these things.
As for why it was 80% rather than 100%, it was because the reason why Jupiter left 20% was because if Jupiter were to look at their records, hehe.
I want to become the Empress.” Little brother Jupiter, you have to hold onto it. I’ ll definitely do everything I can to seduce Little brother Jupiter.”
I’ m going to kill Tong Mo.” That’s right. This vixen, Alika, has a lot of methods to seduce men. The Grasshopper Hall in the Godslayer is being played around by Alika. So, Jupiter, you must be careful of this woman’s methods.”
Jupiter said,” Alright, alright. You don’ t have to worry. I believe that Erica won’ t use these methods against me. I’ m saying that I’ m not interested in women either. Of course, I’ m not interested in men, so you can rest assured.”
Zeus muttered to himself as he looked at Erica. He probably wouldn’ t seduce him, right? Erica, he should be.*

26 Kondo Yihui: It’s you again!!!

When Zeus and Erica arrived at the scene, they found a man lying in a deep pit, looking suspiciously at the sky.
“I say it was the giant you just turned into?”This thing is yours.”
Zeus raised the divine rod in his hand and asked the man in the pit.
The man inside looked at the divine rod in Zeus’ hands and immediately revealed a look of joy. However, the next moment, he quickly saw Zeus’ face and his expression stiffened.
“It’s you again!”
You again?
It was me again?
Zeus looked at the man in the pit and fell into deep thought. Then, he suddenly knocked on his hand and said to the man in the pit,” Who are you?”
Kondo Yihui almost spat out a mouthful of blood. He was also a famous man named Kondo Yihui.
“My name is Kondo Yihui. Remember it.”
“Alright, I’ ll remember your name. What’s your name again.”
Zeus suddenly forgot about it. I, Jingteng, spat out a mouthful of blood. This time, I really spat out a mouthful of blood.
“My name is Kondo Yihui, the man who will kill you.”
“Kill me?”
Zeus pointed at his nose and looked at Kondo Yihui in the pit, looking suspicious.
“That’s right. It’s me. I will kill you today.”
Kondo Yihui’s face darkened as he looked at Zeus.
Zeus shrugged his shoulders and looked at Kondo Yihui. He didn’t say anything. He decided whatever the other party wanted. After all, Zeus felt that the other party did n’ t have the strength to kill him.
“It seems like you can’t move now, right? And you can tell me why you did n’ t die last time. You should have died last time.”
“The masquerade knight system had tricked me this time. The Altman system had tricked me again. I’ m not afraid to tell you that the last time it was the Altman system that saved me, and then brought me to this world of Dijia Altman. You should be from the Space Administration, right? I know that you are the organization that deals with our transmigrators.”
“The transmigrators still have organizations.”
Zeus was shocked. When would a group like a transmigrator actually form an organization as well.
“Up to now, what else do you need to hide? Do you want to get any information from me?”I definitely won’ t tell you anything. Moreover, the biggest mistake you made was giving me time to recover my strength.”
Suddenly, a strong light shone from the transmigrator.
The next moment, the light from the transmigrator’s body turned into a huge pillar of light. From the pillar of light, a silver-white-robed Altman with a v-shaped timer appeared on his chest.
“Narcissus Altman?”
He could not help but feel surprised when he saw the transmigrator transform into Zeus Nesses Altmann. This transmigrator really had something. Even among Altmann, there were three or nine levels of strength.
There was no doubt that Narcissus Altman’s evolutionary form, Noah Altman, was the strongest Altman. There was no doubt about that.
According to the level of the chat group, Noah Altmann was at least on the same level as Zeus. He might even be stronger than Zeus.
After all, Noah Altmann was the Altmann formed from the first light.
If Zeus were to guess in a larger direction, then Noah Altmann would probably be the supreme god of his own world, Kronos, and Anancius. Of course, this was only Zeus’ guess. It was not necessarily true.
But even if Noah was that powerful, that didn’t mean that the Nexus in front of Zeus was as powerful as Noah.
Looking at Zeus and Alika, who were like two ants in his eyes, Kondo Yihui’s heart was filled with the desire to get revenge.
Last time, it was because of Zeus’ appearance that Kondo Yihui not only untied the masquerade knight system but also paid a heavy price. But now, Kondo Yihui had finally arrived at Di Jiaotman’s world with great difficulty.
But in the end, he met Zeus again.
Kondo Yihui finally understood why he had suddenly removed his transformation after seeing Zeus.
Kondo One Brilliance had already seized the opportunity of Great Ancient and transformed into Dijia Altman. But in the end, when he transformed into Dijia Altman, Kondo One Brilliance indeed felt an indescribable feeling. Then, the light that belonged to Dijia exploded within his body the next moment. At the same time that Dijia Altman was removed from his transformation, the powerful light power destroyed most of his body.
Kondo Yihui was still suspicious of life. He felt that he was too unlucky, which was why this happened. However, the moment he saw Zeus, Kondo Yihui realized that the reason why he was so unlucky was because of Zeus.
Now, even if Kondo had to pay a huge price, he would have to forcibly use the evolved believer provided by the Altmann system to transform into Narcissus Altmann. All he had to do was kill Zeus, the loser.
As for what kind of price Kondo Yihui would have to pay after using an evolver, it did not matter to Kondo Yihui. Even if he did not use an evolver, Kondo Yihui would not be able to live for long. Di Jia’s self-destruction was not something he could bear.
Therefore, before he died, he would kill Zeus, this loser, to avenge himself.
Zeus had no idea how much hatred he had had for himself. He looked at Narcissus Altman who had swung his fist at him, and Zeus looked at Deja Altman’s divine rod in his hand.
He raised the divine rod in his hand and shouted loudly.
Zeus felt as if he was surrounded by endless light.
Meanwhile, in the chat room.
I wanted to become the Empress.” F*ck, Little Brother Jupiter has actually become Shimmering Dejia.”
The same chat group had all turned into a f*ck.
By the time Zeus and the others crossed over, Lin Qingqing had already sent Deja Altman’s plot to the chat group.
Therefore, the others who had seen the plot naturally knew what that Shimmering Di Jia was. It was Di Jia Altman’s final form.*

27 Dagu: What about my part?

Kondo, who had transformed into Nexus Altman, couldn’t help but fall into deep thought as he looked at Deja, who was shining with golden light.
What was the difference between him and this loser?
Why was this loser so lucky to be able to transform into Shimmering Dijia? And why was the difference between people so big?
But soon, the dark thoughts in his heart grew. Jealousy and hatred filled Kondo Yihui’s mind.
“Kill you.”
Narcissus immediately raised his hand and created a cross storm.
Zeus, who had transformed into Shimmering Dejia, only extended a palm to block him. The Cross Storm was directly blocked.
Nexus Altmann’s evolutionary form, Noah Altmann, was indeed the strongest Altmann. It was even more likely that he was the incarnation of the laws of the world where Zeus was.
However, it was clear that the transmigrator in front of him, who had transformed into Narcissus Altman, could not have reached Noah’s level.
The one in front of him was only at the early stage, and his strength was only at the 5-6 star level.
On the other hand, Di Jia, who was standing beside Zeus, looked at the comments of the chat group. Zeus was very satisfied with the comments of the twelve stars.
Wasn’t it easy to beat a Narcissus Altman?
In fact, it was as Zeus thought.
After all, Shimmering Deja’s kick was not just a casual remark.
Narcissus Altman’s childhood honor was against Shimmering Deja?
Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*
“Shimmering Burst.”
Zeus didn’t want to waste any more time with this transmigrator either. Instead, he shot towards the transmigrator in front of him.
When he returned from the outside to the color timer, he concentrated a large amount of light energy. He turned to the golden spiral shock wave released by his right fist. He had once sent Jayne, who was unable to move his powerful form, flying.
Now that he had eaten this move, Nexus Altmann was sent flying like Gatangar.
But this was not the end.
Seeing that Narcissus Altmann had been hit in the sky, Zeus laughed coldly and then arrived right below Narcissus Altmann and kicked out.
“Radiant Destruction.”
Shimmering Dejia stored up a large amount of light energy at the colorful timer and unleashed a golden spiral shock wave from her foot.
Once again, Narcissus Altman, who had already begun to fall, was kicked into the air.
But do you think this is over?
“Brilliant Perry Ao Light Line.”
With a loud explosion, Nexus Altman exploded.
That transmigrator exploded as well.
A black ray of light seemed to want to fly away from the explosion, but it was caught by a hand that shone with golden light.
“Altman discovered a new host and began to bind…Binding 1%…Binding 1%…Binding 1%…”The binding failed, and the Altmann system began to break away.”
“Want to run?”Can you run away?”
Zeus laughed when he heard that Altmann wanted to escape.
A trifling Altman system actually wanted to run away, killing you.
Last time, Zeus received 40,000 points from the pseudo-mask knight system. This Altman system could not possibly have given Zeus 40,000 points or even more points.
How could Zeus possibly have run away with the Altmann system.
“The chat group began to recycle.”
“Start recycling. After recycling, you will receive 100,000 chat group points.”
“The mission has been completed. Do you want to return?”
After the chat group retrieved the system, they immediately asked.
“I won’ t return for now.”
Shimmering Dejia turned into countless golden dots of light and dissipated.
Zeus reappeared as well.
“Erica, Da Gu is fine.”
Zeus, who had removed Altmann’s transformation, looked at Erica and asked.
“Don’ t worry. It should be fine.”
Should it be?
Zeus glanced at Erica and his eyes twitched. Then, he walked towards the unconscious place of Da Gu.
Only when Zeus arrived at the place where Great Ancient was unconscious.
The members and companions of Da Gu’s victory team had already found Da Gu.
“Looks like I can only find a chance to return this divine light stick to Da Gu later.”
Zeus took a look at the members of the Victory Team who had taken Da Gu away and touched his chin.
This time, Altmann received 100,000 mission points from Zeus. Meanwhile, Zeus received 3,000 and 5,000 points from the chat group rescue mission and the destroyer mission.
Now, Zeus had a total of 108,000 mission points.
Looking to the side, Zeus looked at Erica and said to Erica,” You can have eight or two points, right?”
“No need. As long as Jupiter kisses me, all the mission points will be given to Jupiter.”
Erica said to Zeus.
Zeus’ mouth twitched as he ignored Erica. If he agreed to this, he could imagine what would happen to the other people in the chat group. Especially the last time, the Wind Capital Queen did not receive any points from the chat group. Zeus dared to guarantee that if he did, the Wind Capital Queen would definitely ask him for that kiss.
After confirming that the Great Ancient had turned into light, Zeus chose to submit his mission and return to his own world.
Speaking of which, Zeus truly thanked Kondo Yihui for giving him two rewards.
The last time the Mask Knight W had brought him 40,000 or so points, and this time in Dijia Altmann’s world, Kondo was giving him another 110,000 points.
After returning to his own world, Zeus opened the chat group.
Zeus could not be bothered to calculate the numbers. He sent Erica a red envelope with 22,000 points.
Jupiter:” Erica, take it.”
Then, Jupiter sent another red packet in the chat group.*

28 Zeus’ warning

Zeus received a total of 108,000 points. After giving Erica 22,000 points, he still had 86,000 points left.
Zeus sent the 6,000-point red packet to the chat group.
“Jupiter sent out a red envelope. Everyone, hurry and grab it.”
Jupiter said,” Take your points. This is what you deserve for your own mission. Otherwise, I’ ll take the mission points every time. It’ ll be a bit bad, as well as the Wind Capital Queen.”
Zeus once again sent out an exclusive red envelope to Wind Capital Queen. He sent the last chat group points back to Wind Capital Queen and directly sent 15,000 points.
Zeus had 65,000 points left.
65,000 Points was already quite a bit. Compared to the previous mission, there were more than 20,000 points.
Jupiter:” Take all your points. This is what you deserve.”
Erica and Yuan Zhou wanted to refuse.
Jupiter:” You have to increase your own strength as well. Otherwise, if there are more missions in the future, do you want me to protect you?”I don’ t have much to protect you, but what if I get entangled by someone else?”
Jupiter said,” Queen of the Wind, if you want to fight back against your father, then your strength is far from enough. That’s why you have to become stronger to fight back against your strength. And this score is the way to make you stronger.”
Jupiter said,” Erica, there are often gods of disobedience appearing in your world. Do you still want to go back to your old ways? When the time comes, you will be the female lead of the harem in the Herb Garden?”
Jupiter:” If you want to change, then you must have sufficient strength. The fastest way to increase your strength is to increase the points of the chat group.”
Jupiter:” So you should take away the portion you deserve.”
The crimson demon said,” Alright, I understand. I’ ll try my best to become stronger and then let that damn fellow from the Grasshopper Hall die.”
Wind Capital Queen said,” Understood. I definitely won’ t become a burden to you, Jupiter.”
Jupiter said,” Come on, all of you. What fate is fixed? We will definitely be able to break through if we join the chat group.”
The crimson demon said,” Jupiter, I have a question that I want to ask you. Can you honestly answer me?”
Seeing how Erica asked Zeus, she couldn’t help but frown. She could n’ t have seen through her identity.
Jupiter:” Of course. If you have any questions, just ask.”
The crimson demon said,” In that case, I have something to ask. Jupiter, how many stars are you capable of?”
I wanted to become a female emperor.” Indeed, I’ m also curious as to how many stars Jupiter is currently. No matter how you looked at Jupiter, you seemed to have easily toyed with that transmigrator. This gave me the feeling that Jupiter was like an adult beating a child.”
Zeus let out a sigh of relief and thought that his identity had been revealed. He had only asked about his strength.
Jupiter:” I’ m not very clear about this either. Although the chat group shows 18 stars, I don’ t think I’ m that strong.”
I want to kill Tong Mo.” I’ m really envious. If I have the strength of you, I can easily kill Tong Mo. I can avenge my sister, retire, marry Jupiter, and have children for Jupiter.”
The servant of the Rhodesval household said,” If I had Jupiter’s strength, then I would be able to repair my sister’s horn. In this way, I could directly destroy that fellow’s doghead, then marry Jupiter and give birth to a child for Jupiter.”
Jupiter said,” As long as you have a mission, you can take it. As long as you have the chat group points, you can become powerful. At that time, you can do everything you want to do.”
Sister Qianwu said,” I’ m the weakest in this group. Whether it’s Rum Jam or Butterfly Tolerance, it’s much better than Little Buried.”
Hui Ye from the Fourth Palace said,” I’ m just like you, I’ m the weakest +2 in this group.”
Ganwu Sister:” We’ re different.jpg.”
Sister Ganwu:” You’ re home in the mine. You’ re not like a small burial.”
For the glory of the Northern God,” Do you all not receive the red envelope?”
“For the glory of the Northern God, I received the red envelope from Jupiter.”
The entire chat group was immediately silent for a second. The next moment, a notification came from the chat group.
“I’ m going to become the Empress and receive the red envelope from Jupiter.”
“The servant of the Rhodesval family received the red handbag sent by Jupiter.”
“I’ m going to kill Tong Mo and get the red envelope from Jupiter.”
“Sister Ganwu received the red envelope from Jupiter.”
“The Wind Capital Queen received the red envelope from Jupiter.”
“Wind Capital Queen received the exclusive red envelope sent by Jupiter.”
“Hui Ye of the Four Palace Clan received the red envelope from Jupiter.”
“The crimson fiend-devil received the red envelope from Jupiter.”
“Scarlet Demon received the exclusive red envelope from Jupiter.”
“Great Ancient turned into light and received Jupiter’s red envelope.”
Jupiter:”@Great Ancient has turned into light, have you woken up?”
Da Gu turned into light,” Thank you very much for saving me. If it wasn’ t for you, I would have been killed by now.”
Jupiter:” I have something to return to you.”
“Jupiter sent out an exclusive red envelope.”
Great Ancient turned into light.” No need.”
Jupiter replied,” It’s not a point. After all, you didn’ t help much this time. It’s business, so I won’ t give you any points. But this thing belongs to you.”
Jupiter:” Divine Light Rod.jpg.”
Jupiter:” If you don’ t use this, who will fight if a little monster appears in your world?”
Da Gu turned into light.” Eh, I understand.”
“Great Ancient turned into light and received the exclusive red packet sent by Jupiter.”
Jupiter:” Then that’s it. I’ m going to use the Dao Comprehension Space now. If there’s anything you can do, then contact me first.”
Zeus immediately withdrew from the chat group and used the Dao Comprehension Space again.
When Zeus woke up again, he realized that his thunderbolt skill had increased by 2% to 67%.*

29 Zeus’ thunder was furious

He believed that it wouldn’ t be long before the Laws of Lightning could break through by 70%. At that time, his strength would increase by another leap.
If he hadn’ t distributed the points to the others, then it would have been enough for Zeus to break through to 70% of the Thunderbolt Law.
Even though Erica and Yuan Tongzi didn’t do much to help him, Zeus knew that if he was greedy, one day it would be annoying.
Even if the girls were to give everything to Zeus, Zeus would not take advantage of it.
Zeus stood up and stretched.
Suddenly, Zeus felt a familiar fragrance.
“Themites, are you looking for me?”
Zeus looked at Themites, who was slowly walking over.
Holding the Libra Sword in his hand, his eyes were covered with black gauze.
His figure was so good that Zeus could take a few more glances at him.
“Zeus, I came here to ask you to help me.”
Zhou Si sighed and said,” You’re not asking me to help you overthrow Chronos again, are you?”If that’s the case, I won’ t agree to it.”
“No, I don’t want you to overthrow the Godking Kronos this time.”
“Then what else do you need my help with?”
As a second-generation Titan God, Themites was no weaker than any other god. He was no weaker than Ocean God Oke Anos. If Cronos did not have the sickle that Gaia had forged for Cronos, if Cronos did not have the authority of the God King, then Cronos was definitely the weakest among all Titan Gods.
Unfortunately, after becoming a Godking, with Gaia’s sickle god artifact in hand and the Divine King’s authority, Chronos had become a tyrant that no one could stop.
“Zeus, I want to ask you something. Do you think this world is still fair and just?”
Zeus immediately shut his mouth when he heard Themes’ question. Zeus could not answer this question. Zeus looked at Themes deeply.
“I don’ t know who asked you to ask me this question. However, I regret that I can’ t answer your question right now.”
“Because once I answer your question, I have to be responsible for what I said. Themites, can you tell me who asked you to ask this question?”
Timis looked at Zeus in front of him, a hint of disappointment flashing through his eyes.
“So Zeus, can you give me a rib and a portion of your flesh and blood?”
Zeus couldn’ t help but raise his eyebrows when he heard Themes’ words.
“Themites, what do you want to do.”
“Use my bones and your bones, my flesh and your flesh to create new gods, our children.”
Themites’ face turned slightly red as he spoke.
As Zeus’ aunt, Themites was very shy to say such words. After all, Themites had actually said that he wanted Zeus to give his bones and flesh to him, and then combine his bones and flesh to create a new god. It was too shy.
“Themites, tell me who made you do this.”
Zeus suddenly became furious. He looked at Themites in front of him and roared loudly.
Just who had Themites plot against him? Just who had plotted against him over and over again.
The Olympian gods of this era would only create the most primitive life forms.
The Olympian gods of this era had no idea that using the bones and flesh of the male god combined with the bones and flesh of the goddess could create new gods.
Even if he knew, he would not do it because this method violated the laws.
The Olympian gods were now advocating the most primitive reproduction.
It was as if he was an exceptional talent, Uranus.
Why did Unranos, an early god, give up his throne as a Godking after being castrated and banished to the sky, unable to return to the earth?
That was because Unranos, an early Heavenly God, had lost the symbol of fertility and could no longer become a Godking. Otherwise, how could he be so easily banished by Cronos as a Godking.
Timis’ face turned pale as he looked at Zeus’ furious expression.
At this moment, the pressure from Zeus made Themites feel that even though he was facing Godking Kronos, he did not have any strong pressure.
“Themites, tell me exactly who made you do this. Do you know what the consequences will be if you do this.”
Zeus did not know who had caused Themites to do such a thing, but if he did, the consequences would be extremely serious.
If Themeis’s matter were to be exposed, it would not only be Themeis who was going to be sent into Tartarus, but even Themeis, Zeus, and Themeis’ accomplice could not escape.
Just what kind of person was plotting against Zeus? If Zeus agreed to Themites, then Zeus would be able to figure out what kind of end he would end up in next. He would be forced to set foot on the path of resisting Godking Kronos.
This did not count because Zeus acted in such a way as to violate the most primitive laws of this world, so he would definitely be hated by this world. Unless Zeus became a Godking, he could use the authority of the Godking to modify the laws of this world. Otherwise, Zeus would not allow anything to happen.
However, Zeus was not ready to fight Cronos at all. He had no way of exceeding the number set by Anan.
As a result, Zeus was furious as to who was plotting against him.
Dark clouds rolled in the sky, and lightning continuously flickered in the dark clouds in the sky.
At this moment, Themites’ face turned pale.
“Tell me, just who asked You to do this? You actually dared to scheme against me. I will make the other party pay the price.”
Zeus’ fury of lightning was not something that Themites could contend against.
Under Zeus’ divine king’s divine might, Themites slowly knelt before Zeus.
However, he didn’t say who caused Themites to do this.
“Termis, answer me.”
Zeus’ voice was like thunder.
What happened on Crete Island immediately attracted the attention of Ocean God Enos, Ocean Goddess Tess, and the goddess of wisdom Mothis.*

30 Zeus who was framed

Themites could only kneel before Zeus, but he didn’t say anything. Even though Zeus asked her who had instigated her to do this, Themites remained silent.
Zeus was even more furious as he looked at Themites who had been beaten to death.
The lightning in the sky suddenly fell down. The lightning exploded into a huge depression on the surface of the sea. Countless seawater was evaporated by the lightning.
Zeus looked at Themites and continued,” Just who told You to do that? Answer me.”
Themites’ sweat had already drenched her white robes. The white robes were all glued to her body, making Themites’ originally exquisite body even more alluring. However, at this moment, Zeus had no interest in glancing at Themites.
Zeus only wanted to find out from Themes who had asked Themes to do such a thing. However, Themes’ expression of being beaten to death caused Zeus’ anger to rise.
At this moment, Ocean God Oker Anos, Ocean Goddess Tese, and Methys also arrived on Crete Island. They looked at the furious Zeus in front of them and couldn’t help but look astonished.
How could Zeus be so powerful? But all of this was right in front of them. Zeus’ strength was so powerful that even they trembled.
“Zeus is definitely stronger than Cronos. No, Cronos can’t compare to Zeus at all. Zeus has already surpassed Cronos by an unknown amount.”
Okeanos was shocked when he saw Zeus.
His child, who had underestimated his growth, actually possessed such great power.
This was a complete reversal of Enos’s three views. If it was n’ t for the fact, Enos wouldn’t have believed it.
“Zeus, what happened.”
Mantis walked up and looked at Themites, who was kneeling in front of Zeus, asking Zeus.
Mothys was very clear about Zeus’ personality. If Zeus hadn’ t really done something that angered him, then Zeus wouldn’ t have bickered with you. He would only laugh and reveal this matter.
However, Zeus was so furious. The relationship between Themis and Zeus was ten percent intimate. However, the result was that Themis was kneeling before Zeus.
Just what was Themes doing that angered Zeus.
“As long as Themites told me exactly who was behind my back, I will not blame you for everything you did. I know that you were deceived by the other party. Tell me exactly who was behind my back.”
Timis shook his head.
An explosion suddenly rang out in the sky.
This lightning represented Zeus’ current mood. Mantis instantly understood Zeus’ current fury. He hurriedly said to Themes,” Themes, what exactly did you do to cause Zeus to be so furious?”
Ocean God Enos also sat up and looked at Themit before him.” Themit, what did you do to make Zeus so angry?”
At this moment, as long as not a blind person could see how furious Zeus was, Orc Anos and the others could not understand why Zeus was furious or what Themes had done.
Mantis came to Zeus’ side and began to softly calm Zeus.
At the same time, he also asked Zeus what Themes had done, to the extent that Zeus was so furious. Zeus glanced at Methys and then said Themes’ request.
If it was just against Chronos, it would be nothing.
However, in violation of the most primitive laws of this world, Zeus would not only have to set foot on the path of overthrowing King Kronos, but would also have unimaginable consequences.
It was even possible that Zeus would fall on the path of overthrowing Cronos.
Zeus had become a Godking before, so Zeus understood what the consequences would be.
The reason for that was because Themites’ previous actions completely violated the laws of this world. This was equivalent to violating this world. At that time, the consequences would be so severe that it was hard to imagine. As long as they were not Godkings, they could not violate the laws of this world.
That was why Zeus understood just how sinister the person behind the scenes who had caused Themis to do such a thing was.
When Zeus spoke of these matters and the consequences, Themites felt as if he had been struck by lightning.
“Impossible. How could it be like this? This is impossible.”
Zeus frowned as he looked at Themes.
A thunderclap suddenly rang out in the sky, awakening Themites.
Zeus looked at the transparent person in front of him and said to Themes,” Just who told you to do this.”
Timis raised his head to look at Zeus before him.” I don’ t know. I really don’ t know. I can’ t remember at all. I just heard a voice telling me that I can’ t tell you all.”
Zeus frowned when he heard Themites’ words. Was Themites’ words true or false?
But in the end, Zeus still chose to believe in Themes. Zeus believed that Themes would not deliberately set him up, but who was behind this.
A trace of darkness flashed through Zeus’ eyes.
Zeus let out a breath and the dark clouds and lightning in the sky slowly disappeared.
Zeus then walked to Themites’ side and helped Themites up.
“Alright, Termis. Be careful in the future. Not everyone can believe it.”
When Themites heard Zeus’ words, he immediately threw himself into Zeus’ embrace.
“I’ m sorry for Zeus. I didn’ t know that there would be such serious consequences.”
While the warm fragrance and soft jade were in his arms, Zeus’ body was slightly stiff.
Zeus then pushed Themites away from his embrace and looked at Themites before him.” Of course, I know you won’ t do such a thing.”
Themites looked up at Zeus.
“It’s great that you can trust me.”
Zeus shook his head and said nothing. Zeus believed in Themites. The same Themites was too easy to believe in others, so Zeus knew that Themites might have been exploited.
However, just who was using Themis behind him.
Why did the other party use Themis to frame him?*

31 Biggest suspect

Although Enos and the others were shocked by Zeus’ fury this time, Enos and the others were more happy and happy. The more powerful Zeus was, the more likely Zeus would succeed in overthrowing Cronos.
Even though Zeus was the son of prophecy, Enos was still worried. After all, Zeus had never shown that he was powerful since he was a child. However, along with Zeus’ fury, Zeus’ strength was completely exposed to Enos’ eyes.
Enos was completely relieved.
“Enos, I have something to ask you to help me.”
Zeus looked at Ocean God Enos and said.
“Zeus, my child, what is it?”
Enos only wanted to look at Zeus before him.
“You are the Ocean God. Everything on the ocean can not be hidden from you. Therefore, I want to ask you to help me find out who is behind this attack.”
Enos furrowed his brows. After hearing Zeus’ request, Enos said to Zeus,” Maybe it’s better to go through this.”
“No, I just want to be certain who is behind me.”
A fierce expression flashed through Zeus’ eyes. No matter who was behind Zeus this time, Zeus wanted to find him out.
A tooth for a tooth, a blood for a blood.
The fact that he was plotting against Zeus meant that he had no good intentions towards Zeus.
An enemy like this was hiding behind Zeus like a viper. It was possible to bite Zeus at any moment.
Zeus couldn’t be at ease without finding out what he was talking about.
At Zeus’ words, Enos sighed and said to Zeus,” It’s hard to find him. If he’s on the ocean, he wo n’ t be able to escape my eyes. But if he’s not on the ocean, I ca n’ t do anything about it.”
Hearing Enos’ words, Zeus turned to Enos and said,” If you ca n’ t find it, then it’s fine.”
Zeus also knew that an existence that allowed Themites to forget everything was definitely not an ordinary existence.
Zeus had some guesses in his heart, but Zeus didn’t say anything about it. It was possible that Zeus had n’ t guessed it. It was only a safety measure to ask Enos for help.
Enos looked up at Zeus.
“Zeus, why don’t you overthrow Cronos with such strength.”
“I will overthrow Chronos, but not now.”
“Alright, I hope that the time to overthrow Cronos will come sooner.”
After that, Enos brought the goddess of the sea, Tethis, back to the sea. However, Mantis stayed behind.
Themites remained as well. He was extremely ashamed of what he had done before, so Themites hoped that he could make up for Zeus.
Zeus did not stop Mantis and Themes from staying.
If the other party was unable to do so, he would definitely think of a way to continue plotting against Zeus.
Therefore, Zeus left Themes and Mothis on Crete Island as a form of protection for the two of them. At least that poisonous snake could not harm Mothis and Mothis on Crete Island.
In reality, the mastermind Zeus had already guessed.
They were the second-generation Godkings, Cronos, Geya, and Prometheus.
Knowing that breaking the most primitive laws of reproduction would be hated by the world was something that only Godkings could know.
If Zeus hadn’ t been a Godking once in his previous life, he probably wouldn’ t have known about it. Moreover, even if he was a Godking, it wouldn’ t be easy to change this law.
What was the most famous of the Olympian mythology?
It was fertility.
Uranus and Gaia, Kronos and Reia, Zeus and many other goddesses.
It could be said that the entire Olympian myth was completely the story of the birth between the Olympian gods.
Among the three people Zeus suspected, the most suspect was King Cronos and Gaia. Maybe King Cronos already knew about Zeus, so King Cronos naturally did not want to be overthrown by Zeus. However, Zeus was the son of fate. If he were to fight Zeus recklessly, he might be defeated by Zeus.
That was why Cronos had come up with such a method to make Zeus disgusted by the world. At that time, Zeus, the son of fate, would definitely encounter unexpected accidents.
Then, it was the Primitive God Gaya.
As the mother of Cronos, Gaia, who loved this young son, naturally knew all of this. After all, it was because Uranos was castrated and lost the right to be born that he was banished to the eternal sky.
That was why the Primitive God Gaya might have done something like this to protect his son, Cronos, from being overthrown.
Then came Prometheus.
As the prophet god, Promisius might have foreseen a portion of the future. He might even have seen a few scenes of Zeus in the future, or perhaps he might have known the importance of the birth laws. He wanted to force Zeus to set foot on the path of overthrowing Kronos.
However, Prometheus had the lowest chance, while Gaia had the highest chance.
Because according to Zeus’ understanding of Cronos, if Cronos knew of Zeus’ existence, then Cronos’ greatest possibility was to defeat Zeus with his god artifact scythe and then eat Zeus to avoid any future trouble.
And this time, what he did was completely different from Cronos’ style.
Chronos was a tyrant. Chronos, who thought that his strength could no longer be defeated, did not care about a kid like Zeus.
Chronos did not think that he would be defeated by Zeus.*

32 Tyrant Kronos

Therefore, the greatest possibility was that it was Gaia. According to his previous life’s understanding of Gaia, Gaia was indeed like a snake hidden in the darkness.
In his previous life, when Zeus had overthrown Cronos and finally became a new Godking, Gaia had set a trap for Zeus. In order to avenge Cronos and Titan God Tartarus, Titan God Tiffon was born.
This Typhon was the king of all Fiends. He had the title of Demon God and Demon Father. He was a Fire Spit Giant even higher than a mountain. He had 100 snake heads, covered in feathers and a pair of wings.
Moreover, Tiffon and his wife, Ekadna, had given birth to many terrifying beasts, such as the evil hounds of hell, Eberlos, Hydra, Harpy, Gryphon, Gryphon, Chimera, and the vulture that would eat Prometheus’ liver in the future. The two-headed hounds, Otisius and the giant lion of Nimian, and the half-lion and half-vulture, Gryphon.
In the Olympus mythology, Tiffon broke Zeus’ muscles and legs. He was Zeus’ sworn enemy.
Even in his previous life, Zeus had suffered a lot from Typhon before defeating him.
Apart from Tiffon, Gaia had used a golden apple to almost turn the goddess of Olympus into an enemy.
There was a myth in Olympian life. On the wedding of the human hero Peleus and the ocean goddess Thetis, the gods were invited to participate in the wedding. Only the goddess of discord, Eris, was not invited. Therefore, Eris was filled with hatred. Then, on the wedding, he presented a golden apple to everyone. It was written to the most beautiful goddess, which triggered the Trojan War.
Gaia used this method as well. In her previous life, Zeus and Hera had also given a golden apple to her wedding. At the same time, it was written as a gift to the most beautiful goddess.
At that time, Themes, Hera, Demeter, Hestia, Hades, Poseidon, Athena, Leto, Orunomo, Minemos, Mertis, Perthelfogne, Artemis, and many other Olympian goddesses stared at the golden apple.
The world before Zeus’ rebirth did not have any older brothers. All of them were older sisters. The future Underworld King Hades was a beautiful black-haired elder sister.
Sea Emperor Poseidon was a childlike loli.
Zeus didn’t care about that much in his last life. He was completely following his facial features. As long as he was beautiful, he would n’ t care who he was.
As a result, on the day Zeus and Hera were married, a golden apple completely ignited the relationship between Zeus and those women.
Although the relationship between Zeus and the harem was ten percent nervous, it was not enough for those women to do something like giving Zeus a wooden knife.
The Golden Apple was the source of all this.
Hence, Zeus was certain that Gaia was the most likely to do this.
However, Zeus had not planned to overthrow Cronos. Zeus knew that Gaya’s strength could not be underestimated, and this was only Zeus’ guess.
Plus, Zeus only wanted to comprehend 100% of his own laws. Everything else could be delayed.
By the time Zeus had comprehended 100% of the laws, there was nothing that could stop him.
At that time, even if Zeus couldn’t break the number set by Anan, he would n’ t be able to even feel the number set by Anan.
The fury of Zeus from Crete had caused many beings to feel that there was an absolutely powerful god on Crete.
This matter was also conveyed to Godking Kronos.
The majestic Olympus, King Kronos, sat high on the throne, while the other Olympus gods stood below King Kronos.
“I heard that there is an extremely powerful god on Crete Island.”
Godking Kronos looked at the gods below and said.
“Your Majesty Chronos, you are the most powerful god. There is no doubt about that.”
Prometheus looked at Cronos in front of him and complimented him. Prometheus already knew who that powerful god was on Crete. Therefore, Prometheus naturally did not want Cronos to know that the god on Crete was Zeus.
“Hahahahaha, Prometheus, you really know how to speak.”
Chronos praised Prometheus.
“Prometheus, let me ask you if you have predicted the birth of a god that can defeat me.”
“Of course, there is no King Kronos.”
Godking Kronos’ tone was cold.
“Of course, Your Majesty Chronos, do you think anyone can defeat you?”
Hearing Prometheus’ compliment, Chronos immediately laughed loudly.
“You’ re right. Prometheus, there’s no god in this world that can defeat me. There’s no god in this world that can defeat me. He has the authority of a Godking. Plus, there’s no god in this world that can defeat me.”
Many Olympians praised Chronos and praised his strength.
But only Prometheus knew that the Chronos before him was not truly powerful.
That boy was already more powerful than Chronos.
As long as the time came, King Kronos would be driven off the throne by Zeus.
At this moment, the Godking, Cronos, was completely intoxicated by the dream of death. He did not know that the crisis had gradually arrived.
Prometheus, the only one who knew all of this, would never tell Cronos about it.
Suddenly, clouds gathered on Olympus.
After that, the dark clouds gradually formed a vortex, and then countless rays of light flew out from the dark clouds. Several rays of light came towards Godking Kronos.
Before King Kronos could react, the light entered his body.*

33 Prometheus saw the future

No one could react to what had happened. Even the Godking Cronos could not stop the light and was directly penetrated into his body.
“Your Majesty Chronos, you’re fine.”
Prometheus looked at Chronos in front of him and asked carefully. Chronos frowned and then looked at Prometheus in front of him.” Prometheus, what is this? What are these lights? They entered my body, but I didn’t feel any discomfort.”
Prometheus couldn’t help but laugh bitterly when he heard Cronos’ question. He then shook his head and said to Cronos in front of him,” I’m very sorry, Your Majesty. I do n’ t know what’s going on. I do n’ t know what those lights are. Although I’m a pre-knowing god, there are too many things in this world that I ca n’ t understand.”
When Cronos heard Prometheus’ words, he could n’ t help but snort coldly, but he didn’t say anything. Prometheus did n’ t know, but instead, he let out a sigh of relief. If Prometheus knew everything, he would only let Cronos sleep and eat.
“Alright, all of you go and investigate exactly what that light is. Once you have the results, tell me and report to me.”
“Yes, Your Majesty.”
Other than Cronos, the other Titan Gods bowed towards Cronos and left.
Prometheus took a deep look at Chronos who was sitting on the throne as he left. Just then, Prometheus saw Chronos’ blood stained the throne.
This meant that Cronos could no longer sit on the throne for long. Soon, Cronos would be pushed off the throne.
However, Prometheus saw another scene. In that scene, Prometheus saw Zeus and countless goddesses fighting.
Prometheus decided to quickly tell Zeus about this matter, and then let Zeus follow the fate and rule to overthrow Cronos.
After all the Titan Gods left, Chronos frowned.
Chronos had a bad premonition.
The light just now made Cronos feel a premonition that he might be overthrown by someone on the throne.
Even if it was just a premonition, Chronos had a feeling that this premonition would come true.
Soon, however, a fierce look appeared on Chronos’ face.
“No matter whether it’s true or not, no one will be able to defeat me. I’ m Godking Kronos. I’m invincible.”
Godking Kronos raised the sickle that was placed beside the throne and swung it towards the sky.
The next moment, the sky was torn apart.
Soon, however, the sky slowly healed. However, Chronos could feel a gaze staring at him.
“God father Uranus, look at me. I will never fail. Your prophecy is bound to fail.”
Cronos’ prediction that Cronos would be overthrown by his children was also due to this prediction that Cronos would constantly eat his and Reya’s children into his stomach.
The reason was to avoid being overthrown by his child.
That was why Cronos did not believe that he could overthrow him. His children were in his stomach. They could not overthrow him at all. His rights would never disappear.
However, what Cronos did not know was that it was in Cronos’ stomach.
“This is Chronos’ stomach. We’ re back. We’re back.”
“It wasn’t just you who returned to Hades.”
Another voice rang out.
“Poseidon?”Haha, even if it’s another time, do you think you’ ll be my opponent?”
“If the two of us were to fight, you might not be able to win against me. Moreover, you should understand what I mean. If the two of us fight, it would be cheaper for other women.”
“You two want to fight again?”Didn’ t I have enough?”
“Hestia, you were the same back then. Why talk about us.”
“That’s why I regret it. This time, we have a chance to come back. Could it be that you still want to fall into Gaia’s plan?”At that time, we’ ll have to fight each other and even do something like that to Zeus. Is this what you want?”
Hearing Hestia’s words, Hades and Poseidon could not help but fall silent.
Hestia suddenly shouted again.
“Is there something wrong with Hestia?”
“We need to find a way out of Cronos’ stomach?”
“Why not wait for Zeus to save us?”
“Do you think other people will keep their promises like us?”Do you think they’ re going to look for Zeus now?”
Hearing this, everyone else fell into silence.
Hessia said,” We have to find a way out of Cronos’ stomach.”
“This is impossible.”
“We’ ve exhausted too much of our divine power to return to this era. It will take at least several years to recover.”
“I still have a way to transfer their strength to one of us. In this way, we have enough strength to get out of Cronos’ stomach. The rest of us will stay in Cronos’ stomach and wait for their strength to recover before going out of Cronos’ stomach.”
After Hestia finished speaking, everyone else fell silent.
“Would it be appropriate to leave?”Can you believe anyone else?”
Hades’ tone was filled with ridicule.
“I can trust you, but you have to swear. One of the people who gained our power has to swear to the goddess Ananche. If you break the oath, Zeus will definitely hate you.”
The others fell silent.*

34 I still have the right to hurt Zeus?

Crete Island.
Zeus also saw the black vortex in the sky as well as the numerous lights.
“I feel like I have a bad premonition.”
Zeus clutched at his heart, and a familiar feeling emerged in his heart. Zeus completely believed in his feelings, but he could not figure out what it was.
Two rays of light landed on Crete Island, landing on Themis and Mantis respectively.
When the light landed on him, Themes and Temis looked at each other.
They looked at each other. Themites and Mantis spoke with extremely calm tone.
“Zeus has changed. I suspect that Zeus will return from the future as well as ours. If this guess is true, then the result will be terrible. It will be difficult for us to gain a good impression of Zeus.”
“What’s even more unbelievable is just how powerful Zeus is right now. The power that Zeus had unleashed earlier was enough to scare me.”
“We can’ t let Zeus see what’s wrong with us.”
“What should we do?”
“He waited silently.”
“What do you mean?”
“We don’ t know if Zeus is the same as us. If Zeus is the same as us, then Zeus should be completely disgusted with us. But it’s not true. Do you feel Zeus’ disgust towards you?”
“But Zeus is very different from Zeus we know.”
“That’s why I can’ t figure it out.”
“Then what do you plan to do?”
“Let’s just wait and see what’s going on. I believe it won’ t take long. Something will definitely happen.”
“Did you remember the person who asked you to plot against Zeus?”
Mantis asked Themitis.
Themites’ expression immediately became somewhat unsightly. Then, he looked at Curtis in front of him,” It’s her.”
“Sure enough, my guess is correct. The only one who can make you forget about these matters is her.”
“But I don’t really understand why she did n’ t tell Cronos since she had already discovered Zeus?”
“Because she knew Cronos too well, she knew that if she told him about it, Cronos would definitely take action.”
“Cronos might have failed against Zeus, so she hid Cronos and wanted to defeat Zeus or destroy Zeus.”
“Our priority now is to increase our strength. Without strength, we can not do anything.”
“This might be an opportunity for us.”
“Don’ t forget the true purpose of our return this time.”
“I don’t need you to tell me that we need to change Zeus’ fate. But do you think we need to change now?”
Hearing this, Mantis couldn’ t help but fall into silence.
“I don’ t know why I always feel uncomfortable.”
“Because you were ignored by Zeus, Zeus no longer showed any love for us. Zeus no longer showed any interest in us.”
Mantis’ words caused Themites to fall into a bitter smile.
“Yes, I’ m a bit unwilling. I love Zeus.”
“It was as if you were the only one who loved Zeus. Each of us loved Zeus deeply, but in the end, we also hurt Zeus deeply.”
“That’s not what we’ re willing to do. It’s her. It’s all her fault.”
Was “really like this?”It’s not because of the jealousy in our hearts, the hatred in our hearts that prompted us to do that in the end. It’s also because of this that we have returned to this era.”
The problem was when he wanted to say something,
Suddenly, a wave of footsteps caused Themis and Mantis to temporarily stop speaking. The two of them turned their heads to look at the source of the footsteps.”
When they saw Zeus walking over, a trace of excitement flashed through Mothis’ eyes, but soon, both of them regained their calm.
Zeus noticed the excitement in their eyes, but he could not understand why they were so excited.
“Themeis, Mothis, look at two rays of light falling towards this side. Did you guys notice?”
When they heard this, Mantis and Themitis shook their heads, indicating that they didn’ t see it.
Zhou Si frowned as he looked at the two goddesses in front of him.
He nodded and said nothing.
“If that’s the case, then let’s just act like this. Right, there’s one more thing I want to ask you.”
“What is it, Zeus.”
“Artemis, did you remember about that existence that bewitched you?”
Timis was stunned for a moment before shaking his head.
“I’ m sorry for Zeus. I still don’ t remember.”
“Really?”That’s fine. If you remember, please tell me immediately.”
“Good Zeus.”
Zeus nodded and left.
“Mantis, it’s very strange. Zeus is really very strange.”
“Was right. It was too different from the Zeus we remembered. Was this really Zeus?”Is it really the Zeus we know?”
“I have a feeling that he is the Zeus we know, because my heart is telling me that he is Zeus, the Zeus I love.”
He placed his hand on his heart. Themites was certain of the fact that Zeus was the Zeus he loved.
“Meant there was a great possibility…”
“Didn’t we follow Zeus back?”If we can return, then why can’ t Zeus?”
“If it really was Zeus, how would we deal with him? How would we deal with Zeus?”
“Will Zeus resent us?”
Mantis hugged his body and said with a trembling voice.
“I believe Zeus wouldn’t. Even though Zeus blamed us and hated us, the current Zeus was still protecting us?”You’ ve deliberately left us under Crete, right?”
“But how am I going to face such a gentle Zeus.”*

35 Zeus’ light flashed, and he felt something was wrong

Zeus wasn’ t a fool. It wasn’ t that Zeus hadn’ t noticed the abnormal situation on the two of them. It was just that Zeus couldn’ t grasp the current situation of the two of them.
In the past, Themes and Mothis had given Zeus a feeling that these two people were the Mothis and Themes in their previous lives.
Zeus instinctively resisted them. He didn’ t want to get close to them. He wanted to stay far away from them. When he got close to them, Zeus couldn’ t help but think of the final shadow of blood.
The flesh on his body was bitten off by the other party one by one. Zeus felt his hair stand on end when he thought about it.
The light from the black vortex that had appeared in the sky before was the source of the change.
Zeus saw that two of the beams of light had just landed on the island of Crete where he was. Could it be that they had just landed on the bodies of Curtis and Timis.
What was the use of that light?
Zeus could not help but feel goosebumps all over his body.
Thinking back to the abnormality of Methys and Themis, the light descended and appeared, a terrifying guess appeared in Zeus’ heart. Could it be that the light had caused Methys and Themis to be reborn as well?
This was the only way to explain. Otherwise, the expression in their eyes would really make Zeus unable to explain it. Because Themes and Mothis looked at him in the past was the same as Themes and Mothis looked at him in the previous life. Zeus could not forget that kind of expression was filled with love.
However, once this kind of gaze was devoured by jealousy, the end of blood would arrive.
Zeus remembered that they had looked at him like this before the end of the blood.
Zeus had already made a decision in his heart. In the future, he should not be too close to them. The best thing was to stay far from Mantis and still have Amites.
After they were far away from Themis and Mantis, Zhou Si felt as if he had felt a sense of security again.
The shadow that the two goddesses had given Zeus was simply too large. It was so big that Zeus almost wanted to turn around and leave. From now on, he would never meet with Mertis or Themis again.
Suddenly, Zeus thought of a serious problem.
That was if the light that had descended from the sky had been reborn by Mothis and Timis, then Zeus had remembered that the light that had descended from the sky wasn’ t just Timis and Mothis.
In an instant, Zeus felt his hair stand on end.
“No, I have to leave this place and find a place where no one can find me. If my guess is wrong, it would naturally be the best. But if my guess is true, then if I continue to stay here now, it would be like sending sheep into the tiger’s mouth. I have to leave.”
Zeus left Crete without any hesitation.
When Prometheus came to Crete to search for Zeus, he realized that Zeus had long since disappeared.
Mantis and Themes had not even realized when Zeus left the island.
Zeus, who had left Crete, did not leave too far away. He just hid on a desolate island not far from Crete.
Zeus even hid beneath the island and did not want anyone to find him.
Zeus swore in his heart.
He definitely wouldn’ t be able to leave this island without comprehending 100% of the Laws.
“@Jupiter, is Jupiter here?”Could I ask you for your help?”
Jupiter said,” It’s here. Queen of the Wind City, if you have anything you want me to help you with tonight, I’ ll definitely not refuse.”
I want to become the Empress!!!”
The crimson-colored demon said,” If you dare to put forward any false thoughts, we will definitely not let you off. You should properly think about it yourself.”
The servant of the Rhodesval household said,” Please chat with the members of the group, Queen Wind Capital. Don’ t mention anything that makes Little Brother Jupiter difficult. Do you understand?”
Hui Ye from the Fourth Palace said,” Old woman, please pay attention to your own words.”
The veins on the forehead of the fake knight W World Garden Yu Zi jumped out. These little girls and crooks in the chat group were all younger than themselves, all of them calling themselves old women?
Was he old?He was clearly only in his 20s.
However, when she thought of those teenage girls in the chat group, Yuan Zhou felt that she really was a bit older.
However, Yuan Zhou quickly cleared up his thoughts and spoke in the chat group.
Wind Capital Queen said,” Jupiter, it’s not something that makes things difficult for you. I just want to ask you to help me defeat my father’s Imperial Guards.”
Fear mixed?
Zeus didn’t think it was a big deal. It was just a little effort, so he agreed.
Jupiter replied,” OK, there’s no problem. However, you might need to pay for the points yourself. My side is already penniless.”
Zeus said awkwardly.
Zeus used the ability of the chat group to comprehend the Dao.
Basically, the daily chat group points were maintained at 0.
The 100 points that Zeus had signed in every day really didn’t stay at all. The 100 points was enough to use the minimum points required for the Dao Comprehension Space.
For others, the number of points that the chat group had won the most was only a few dozen points. If they were unlucky, there would be less than 10 points. Even single digits had appeared.
Zeus had been maliciously guessing whether the chat group had a non-conventional mechanism. Apart from Zeus and some other people, the points obtained by the chat group members were basically terrible.
Zeus was lucky because the goddess of fortune, Dika, gave Zeus a blessing.
The goddess of fortune, Di Kha, blessed Zeus to be as lucky as he would be as unlucky as he would be. Unfortunately, Zeus would never be able to defeat him. In his previous life, Zeus had ended up in a miserable state.
As a result, after Zeus was reborn, it seemed that Zeus had been blessed by the end of his life. Zeus had never been less fortunate in his life.*

36 You didn’t marry me, why do n’ t we live together?

Without saying these words, Mu Bai spoke in the chat group.
Jupiter:” Then do you need me to help you defeat your father now?”However, I personally suggest that you don’ t need to do this for the time being. After the plot begins, you can see if there will be any missions triggered, or you can directly participate in the plot, and then change the plot. Perhaps you will be able to trigger the missions to obtain chat group points.”
Mu Bai thought back to how he had read the Master God’s spatial stream novels in his previous life. If he changed the plot, he would receive additional plots and reward points. Then would he be able to receive rewards even if he acted like this in the chat group?
Even if he didn’t receive any rewards, it would be great if he could get a chat group mission. It could be considered as a way to get rich.
“Understood, but why did you do this?”
Mu Bai then explained his guess and waited for Yuan Tong Zi to speak in the chat group.
“If that’s the case, then it’ ll be fine for now. However, if you need your help at that time, you can’ t refuse.”
Jupiter:” Don’ t worry, as long as anyone in the chat group asks for help, and I have the ability to help you.”
The Wind Capital Queen said,” Then, the last thing I need to do is remember to call me Hou Zi in the future.”
Mu Bai said,” I understand.”
I want to become the Empress.” Then in the future, Jupiter will directly call me by my name. My name is Lin Qingqing. Jupiter, you can directly call me Qingqing.”
The crimson demon said,” Jupiter, you can call me Alika directly.”
Dry Matter Sister:” Little Burial is the same. Jupiter, just call it Little Burial.”
I wanted to kill Tong Mo.” Jupiter just called me Little Bear. In the past, elder sister called me that way.”
The female servant of the Rhazwar family hurriedly said as she watched the people in the chat group speak.” And Rem.”
Hui Ye from the Four Palace Family said,” No need to worry about others, but Jupiter, you must call me Hui Ye.”
For the glory of the Northern God,” You can also call me Tore.”
Da Gu turned into light,” And me too. Mister Jupiter, please call me Da Gu.”
For the glory of the Northern God and the Great Ancient into Light, it would be fine if they didn’t speak. As the two of them spoke, all the spearheads in the chat group pointed to the glory of the Northern God and the Great Ancient into Light.
I want to become the Empress,” What’s wrong with you?”What does it have to do with us talking to Little Brother Jupiter? Could it be that you, a man and a dog, want to steal Jupiter with us?”
For the glory of the Northern God,” What’s wrong with a dog? I’ m Thunder God Torre. For the glory of the Northern God, what’s the use of you women? You’ ve been fighting in the chat group every day. A real man should be a man. Only a mother can like women.”
A line of words came out for the glory of the Northern God. Everyone almost went blind.
For the glory of the Northern God,” I think Jupiter is quite compatible with Great Ancient.”
Da Gu turned into light.” Even if you lie down, you’ ll get shot.”
“For the sake of the glory of the Northern God, I am going to become a female emperor for 24 hours.”
I wanted to become the Empress,”@For the glory of the Northern God, but next time I find out that you bewitch Jupiter and instill some damnable ideas in Jupiter, I’ ll stew this dog of yours.”
I want to become the Empress.”@Great Ancient becomes light. If you dare to covet Jupiter, I will tear your bones apart and bring you to boil into soup.”
The Great Ancient turned into light…”
In the Di Jia world, True Horn and Big Ancient were all in a bad mood. He was just talking to the other women in the chat group. Why were they targeting him like this?
What else did it mean that I coveted Jupiter as well?
My sexual orientation was normal, okay? I’ ve always liked women.
True Horn Dagu’s heart went berserk, but in the chat group, it was a group of cowardly people.
Da Gu turned into light.” Don’ t talk nonsense. I’ m not, I’ m not.”
The crimson fiend-devil said,” It’s best if you don’ t. Otherwise, you can guess what happens.”
Jupiter:” Why do we gradually turn the building upside down every time we talk?”
Jupiter:” Any of you can come and help me if you have anything to do. My promise will be forever valid. As long as I can help you, I will definitely help you. Then, regarding the question of the title.”
After a pause, Jupiter continued.
Jupiter replied,” There’s nothing too big about the question of address. As a country rushing person, I feel that I’ ll be more used to it if I directly address them by name. For example, the island can only address people who are close to each other by name Others can only address surnames, but I’ m not used to it.”
I wanted to become the Empress,” Jupiter, we are all people who charge towards the country. Does this mean that we have destiny?”
The crimson devil:”???”
Hui Ye from the Fourth Palace:”???”
Sister Gan Wu:”???”
I want to kill Tong Mo:”???”
True Horn Great Ancient originally wanted to strike a line as well?He came out, but when he thought of what had happened before, the True Horn Ancient silently extinguished this thought.
As for the glory of the Northern God, he was still in silence. He could only watch everyone in the chat group speak, but he was unable to speak urgently.
I wanted to become the Empress:” What’s going on? What’s going on? Little Big Brother Jupiter and I are all country-beating people. You all are not envious. This is the fate between me and Little Big Brother Jupiter. It seems that even the heavens want me to be with Little Big Brother Jupiter this time. That’s why Little Big Brother Jupiter, I’ m single. You’ re also single. If you don’ t marry me, you won’ t marry me. Otherwise, we’ ll have to live together.”
Hui Ye from the four palaces said,” I’ ve never seen such a brazen group leader before.”
Everyone in the chat group was shocked by the shameless words that I wanted to become a female emperor. Just how shameless was it to say such words.
Jupiter:” I don’ t like women, and I also don’ t like men. I’ m a bachelor, so I’ m sorry I can only refuse your kindness.”*

37 Zeus: Women, stop licking dogs

I wanted to become the Empress.” Hehehe, Jupiter is clearly the match between us. Why are you unwilling to accept me? As long as Jupiter is willing to accept me, no matter what I do, you can do it.”
Hui Ye from the Four Palace Family asked,” Can you be more reserved?”We’ ve lost all our dignity as women.”
Lin Qingqing looked at Si Gonghui Ye’s words in the chat group and revealed a disdainful smile.
Just like that, he still wanted to fight for Jupiter with me. This Four Palace Hui Ye really did not have a good brain. Did he think Jupiter was an ordinary person?
What kind of thing was that? To meet a good man, one had to take the initiative to attack.
Jupiter said,” Don’ t mention these useless things. My current situation is very dangerous. If there’s nothing, I’ ll continue to train. I’ ve encountered a great crisis in my life.”
I wanted to kill Tong Mo.” Did Jupiter encounter any trouble?”There are no places where we can help.”
Jupiter:” You can’ t help.”
The crimson demon said,” No matter what, I’ m still at Sixth Grade. I can’ t help with a big matter, but a small matter shouldn’ t be a problem.”
Jupiter:” No, it’s useless.”
The servant of the Rhazwar family said,” Jupiter, first tell me what it is. Then let’s see if we can help you.”
Ganwu Sister:” That’s right, that’s right. Even if we can’ t provide help in terms of strength, the three stinky coppersmith still have Zhuge Liang on top of them. So maybe we can also help.”
Big Ancient turned into light.” That’s right. Jupiter saved my life, so Jupiter can help me whenever he needs it. If I transform into Di Jia, I’ m at least at Grade 8. Although I can only last for three minutes.”
Jupiter:” You can’ t help with this matter.”
I want to become the Empress.” Jupiter, first tell me what kind of thing happened.”
Jupiter:” Alright, but you can’ t hate me after you say it. To be honest, I also feel like I was a scum in the past.”
Everyone was intrigued by Zeus’ words. Could Jupiter have done something wrong in the past?
Moreover, he used scum to describe himself.
In everyone’s impression, Jupiter’s personality was quite good.
Jupiter said,” What do you think? In the past, I was very rich and powerful, and then you know that young people are hard to avoid. After that, you found many girlfriends, and also the same kind of people that interact with me at the same time. The girls that interact with me all love me very much.”
Jupiter:” One day, they finally found out, and then they turned black. They all wanted to cut me into pieces.”
Jupiter:” That’s why I don’ t deserve you to like me. You guys shouldn’ t like me at all.”
Zeus still decided to tell the truth about some of the girls. After all, when these girls saw them becoming their licking dogs without any dignity, Zeus felt that it was not very good.
That was why Zeus had used this incident to tell some of the truth to the girls in the chat group.
I want to become the Empress,” Then Jupiter, have you had any relationship with them.”
Jupiter:” I don’ t want to lie to you. There are, and not once. It’s many times.”
The chat group quieted down.
Jupiter:” That’s why I’ m not a good man, and I’ m not worthy of your liking.”
Jupiter replied,” Actually, I’ ve been thinking about whether or not I should tell you about this. Because I’ m worried that you’ ll hate me after I tell you, I’ ve been hesitating about whether or not I should tell you. But looking at you, I think it’s still necessary for me to tell you the truth about these matters. Then you know what kind of person I am. I’ m not someone you like.”
Da Gu turned into light.” Although this kind of thing is indeed a bit excessive, playing with the feelings of a girl, I think Jupiter should have already realized his mistake, right? If it’s like this, I’ m willing to continue to be friends with Jupiter.”
“Who gave you the courage to say such words?”Great Ancient becomes light.”
Wind Capital Queen said,” I’ ll say something here. No matter what kind of Jupiter you are, no matter what kind of mistakes Jupiter made in your past, I’ m willing to tolerate Jupiter. Even if Jupiter hasn’ t played enough outside, it doesn’ t matter. As long as Jupiter is willing to marry me, I’ ll set up a red flag for you. You can play with the colored flag outside. If Jupiter wants to, even if it’s my sister, I can help you lead the way. Jupiter, you can play as you like.”
I want to become the Empress.”@Capital Wind Queen, if you want to be shameless, you can just forget about yourself and even drag your little sister along. Do you know that it’s illegal for many people to exercise.”
I wanted to become the Empress.”@Jupiter, no matter what kind of person you are, I will accept to tolerate you. Moreover, I believe that you must have already realized your mistake in Jupiter right now. Therefore, Jupiter, don’ t be afraid. I will always accompany you to become your strongest backing.”
“@Jupiter, it doesn’t matter. Reim supports polygamy. Many great nobles have several wives, and there are over a dozen or so lovers. As a king, there are hundreds of thousands of concubines. So Jupiter, Reim does n’ t think that you’re wrong.”
The scarlet demon said,” That’s right. An outstanding male like Jupiter has more girls. I don’ t think there’s any problem at all.”
Sister Qianwu:” Although Little Buri isn’ t too clear about it, there are often some issues like rich people and high-ranking officials raising mistresses in the news, so Little Buri feels that Jupiter has nothing to do with it.”
I wanted to kill Tong Mo.” Although we’ ve already started to practice monogamy here, most of the officials and rich merchants still have many wives, so it’s not that I can’ t understand. Moreover, when I was a child, I wanted to marry my sister to the same man, so even if you’ re in love with Jupiter, I can accept it.”*

38 Da Gu: We are different, different

Seeing the words of the women in the chat group, Zeus said that he had nothing to say.
They shouldn’t be looking down on them after they showed up, and then they would really denounce them. But why did they become like this now?
Why did they feel like they didn’t care about this kind of thing at all, instead supporting themselves?
Hui Ye from the Four Palace Family said,” If Jupiter is willing to marry me, then it doesn’ t matter how Jupiter wants to play outside. As a great wife, I still have this kind of generosity.”
I wanted to become a female emperor.” You’ re thinking about eating peaches at the Fourth Palace’s Bright Night. If you want to eat peaches, I’ ll be the leader of this group first. Jupiter will let me become your main wife. If that’s the case, I won’ t have any objections even if you marry all the other female members of the chat group home.”
The scarlet demon said,” F*ck off, Lin Qingqing, you shameless little trash. Jupiter marries me. I treat Lily as a dowry maid, and Aliana is also very cute.”
The female servant of the Rhazwar family said,” Rem and Sister Ram.”
The Wind Capital Queen said,” It seems like only you have sisters. I also have them. If you have a dish, it can be considered as cute and beautiful. So Jupiter should consider me.”
I wanted to kill Tong Mo.” Aiya, aiya, Chanel is also cute with 10 points. Moreover, if I have enough points to chat with, I might be able to revive my sister in the future. Therefore, Jupiter, buy 1 and give 2 points.”
Sister Ganwu:”…”
Hui Ye from the Fourth Palace:”…”
The Great Ancient turned into light…”
In the Dejia world, True Horn Ancient looked at the words of those women in the chat group and tears of envy flowed down his face.
“What happened to the Great Ancient?”
Lina couldn’ t help but ask as she looked at Da Gu with tears.
“Lina, if I have another girlfriend outside..”
Instantly, True Horn Dagu felt a burst of murderous intent that soared into the sky. Lina looked at Dagu with a murderous look.
“Kill you.”
After swallowing his saliva, True Horn said to Li Na,” I’ m joking.”
“Had better be joking, otherwise…”
He nodded vigorously.
He looked at the women in the chat group and at Lina.
As expected, women were all hot pepper and phoenix claws. If she had Jupiter’s appearance, Lina would definitely be the same as those female group members in the chat group.
“No, I’ve decided to enjoy being single from now on. Moreover, the problems on my side have n’ t been solved yet. I’m already afraid to hide, so I do n’ t want to experience women’s problems anymore.”
Jupiter:” You are all good girls. You shouldn’ t have delayed your happiness here.”
Jupiter:” I’ m not a good person. I’ m not worth your life.”
I want to become the Empress.” This concubine is Silo. I’ m willing to support you.”
The crimson demon said…”
Grass, a plant.
Was it amazing to have culture?
Wait, I will go now to learn the culture of the Chong Country.
Zeus discovered that these women were truly hopeless.
“The chat group prompted that there were already 10 chat group members. The chat group opened the arena and opened the enhanced function.”
The sudden notification from the chat group directly allowed Zeus to find a reason to change the topic.
“I’ll go check out the new features of the chat group first.”
I want to become the Empress…”
Lin Qingqing was so angry that she smashed the phone in her hand onto the ground.
If he didn’t tell her earlier, he would n’ t tell her later. Just when this young miss was about to succeed, wouldn’t that Tianqun make things difficult for me?
Lin Qingqing felt that she had a very good chance just now, but in the end, she was given no chance by the chat group.
Buddha Blessing!!!
Hua Q!
Shit! Chat!!
Lin Qingqing felt as if her aunt was about to come out.
However, regardless of Lin Qingqing’s mood, Zeus had already seen the open arena and enhanced functions of the chat group.
The arena could invite members of the chat group into the arena to exchange pointers. Moreover, they would not need to spend much points.100 points was enough.
Of course, if they were stronger, they would need more points in the arena.
Then, it was the enhancement function.
DNF had played it before. The enhancement function was the enhancement of Kai Li’s little trash. It was because she didn’ t know how different the enhancement function in the chat group was from Kai Li’s little trash.
If everything was the same as a scam, then…
Jupiter replied,” I don’ t think that the two functions of the chat group are very useful.”
Jupiter replied,” But I haven’ t used the specific ones yet, so I won’ t comment for the time being.”
Jupiter said,” But let’s not talk about the arena function, but that enhanced function gives me some psychological shadow.”
Jupiter said,” In the past, when you were playing games, the enhancement functions in the game were a bunch of tricks that could make you die of anger. However, there are a few points you can try. The enhancement should still be useful, but I don’ t know how useful it is.”
Wind Capital Queen said,” I’ ve just tried to strengthen the Forbidden Memory. After successfully transforming into a Forbidden Mixed Body, the upper limit of my strength has been raised to a sixth rank. Furthermore, the Forbidden Memory can continue to be strengthened. This can be considered as raising my upper limit of strength.”
Jupiter replied,” If it’s like this, then it’s very likely that this enhanced function will be of great use. It looks like I’ ve underestimated this enhanced function.”
Zeus originally thought that this enhancement function was the same as Kai Li’s enhancement machine, adding a few additional attributes to the weapon at most. But now, it seemed that he had underestimated this enhancement function of the chat group.
“I want to become the Empress and send out an invitation to Jupiter to spar.”
I want to become the Empress.” Jupiter, let’s try the function of this arena.”
Jupiter:” Alright.”
“Jupiter has accepted my invitation to become your number one spar.”
Zeus could only see a flash in front of his eyes when he heard the chat. He then appeared in a huge stadium.*

39 Lin Qingqing

As Zeus agreed to Lin Qing’s invitation to enter the arena, a notification came from the chat group.
“Do you want to enter the arena to watch me become the Empress and Jupiter fight?”
They must have entered. The others in the chat group entered the arena without any hesitation.
Then, the members of the chat group appeared in the stadium, while Zeus and Lin Qingqing were in the stadium.
Lin Qingqing only felt a flash in front of her and then she arrived at a huge stadium.
Then, he saw a man standing in front of him with a smile on his lips.
Without any hesitation, Lin Qingqing rushed towards the other party.
“Jupiter, I finally saw you.”
Lin Qingqing immediately hung on Zeus like a kangaroo.
Everyone was shocked by Lin Qingqing’s actions. Even Zeus didn’ t react immediately. By the time Zeus realized that he wanted to push Lin Qingqing away, he was as young as an octopus. He hugged Zeus’ neck with both hands and wrapped his feet around Zeus’ waist.
Then, he sniffed at Zeus like an infatuated girl.
“Is this the taste of Jupiter?”
Lin Qingqing’s look of infatuation caused the others in the audience to go berserk. At the same time, their hearts sank into deep envy and envy. How could they not have imagined that if they thought about it, wouldn’ t it be him holding Jupiter in his arms?
This made him furious.
“Lin Qingqing, you shameless brat, quickly get off Jupiter.”
Erica cursed at Lin Qingqing in the stadium.
Following Erica’s scolding, the other members of the chat group, apart from the Great Ancient into Light and for the glory of the Northern God, all of them had also transformed into Zu An’s keyboard hero.
He began to greet Lin Qingqing’s eighteen generations of ancestors.
He almost cursed Lin Qingqing to the point of his ancestral grave spiraling into the sky.
However, facing the curses and curses of the chat group members, Lin Qingqing did not care at all.
I, Lin Qingqing, will never become a loser.
Today, I am going to confess and take down Jupiter in one go.
Facing the looks of envy and hatred from the others, Lin Qingqing spoke directly to Zeus.” Jupiter, I like you. Let’s get together. I’ m willing to give birth to children for you. I’ m willing to take a spoon for you. I’ m willing to give your clothes a bit longer.”
Zeus’ body instantly transformed into lightning.
He had already realized that 70% of Zeus could turn his body into lightning.
It was like the element transformation of the Demon Fruit within the Sea Thief King.
However, what made Zeus complain was that although he could transform elementium after eating the devil fruit, he could only transform lightning when he reached 70% of the Laws of Lightning.
Zeus secretly cursed in his heart that he had used elementium to avoid Lin Qingqing.
“I’ m very sorry that I can’ t accept your confession. Because I’ ve decided not to fall in love with any other woman, and I won’ t accept anyone’s confession. Therefore, I can only regret and refuse your confession.”
The red flags in the house had not been settled yet. Zeus did not want to continue to mess around outside. Moreover, Zeus did not have any interest in women.
It would be nice to be a friend or something, but if you crave my body, then I’ m sorry. I, Zeus, have a clean body.
When the others saw Zeus using elementium to dodge Lin Qingqing, they all let out a sigh of relief.
But at the same time, the resentment in his heart towards Lin Qingqing had reached a point where it was hard to eliminate.
This shameless little smack was always leading them to attack Zhu Bite. It was simply a Bi Chi in the Bi Chi.
After cursing in his heart, everyone shouted at Jupiter.
“Jupiter, quickly beat Lin Qingqing to death. The arena will end like this.”
Everyone was shouting at Jupiter, thinking in their hearts that they would wait for Jupiter’s ambassador, Lin Qingqing, to leave the arena. Then, they would invite Jupiter to spar.
Zeus heard the jargon of the chat group in the audience and then said to Lin Qingqing,” Then let’s start sparring.”
“No need. I admit defeat.”
Lin Xingxing directly admitted defeat. Lin Qingqing only invited Jupiter to meet Jupiter and meet Jupiter.
Not only did he see it, but he also spoke of Jupiter. Lin Qingqing had already made a huge profit, so naturally, Lin Qingqing’s matters would not continue.
Moreover, although Lin Qingqing said that she didn’t care about the scoundrels in the chat group, no matter what, if Lin Qingqing was the group leader of the chat group, it would n’ t be easy to collect them.
Zeus nodded in agreement.
The two of them and the members of the chat group were sent out of the arena.
“Jupiter won the spar and gained 50 points.”
Jupiter:” Why did I get 100 points?”That’s right.”
Zeus said in surprise.
I wanted to become the Empress.” Earlier, when I asked Jupiter to spar, I paid 100 points. Then, the winner would be able to get the points to open the arena. The main reason is that I paid all of the points. Usually, the two of them just like each other. The winner would get the points of the loser.”
Jupiter:” In other words, if we spar and win, the winner will be able to obtain half of the points that the other party has opened the arena?”What use is this?”
The crimson fiend-devil said,” Hehehe, of course it’s used to resolve the grievances and grudges within the chat group.”
Wind Capital Queen:” Jupiter, quickly accept my invitation to spar.”
Zeus couldn’t help but frown when he saw several more invitations to compete.
Jupiter:” Thank you for your invitation. People are cultivating, refusing to spar, hiding.”
Jupiter quickly left the chat group.
After Jupiter left, the chat group remained silent.
The crimson demon said,” Lin Qingqing, come out for me.”
I want to become the Empress:” What’s the matter with me.”
The crimson demon said,” Let’s make a trip to the arena. If I don’ t teach you a good lesson today, I’ ll write down my name.”
I wanted to become the Empress.” Hehe, I refuse. I’ m only 4 stars now, and you’ re already 6 stars. Am I going to be beaten by you for nothing?”*

40 Themites and Mantis’ determination

Not to mention what happened in the chat group, after Zeus left the chat group, he fell into an understanding of the Laws of Thunder.
On the other side of Crete Island, Curtis and Themes’ expressions were somewhat unsightly.
“I am certain that Zeus is definitely Zeus.”
“Because he discovered something was wrong with us, he ran away.”
“The current Zeus has left. Where are we going to find Zeus? Prometheus’ prophecy has arrived, but Zeus is gone.”
Themites’ face carried a worried expression as he looked at Mantis and said, while Mantis fell into silence.
In the end, Mantis calmly said to Themites,” There’s another way for Zeus to take the initiative to find us.”
“What method? Hurry up and tell me.”
“Let’s challenge Chronos.”
Themites looked at Mantis in shock.
“Our strength isn’t enough to challenge Cronos at all. Not to mention that our divine power is less than half that of our peak period. Even our peak period strength is n’ t a match for Cronos. Cronos’ time law is at least 30%.”
“Other than Zeus, who was the son of prophecy, other gods would be given time to stop when facing Cronos.”
“There’s another way, right?”That’s the only way for us to be immune to Chronos’ stop time.”
Mantis’ words caused Themites to fall into silence. Indeed, there was another method.
However, other than the five creation gods, as well as Chaos Kaos, the God of Time, Kronos, the goddess of number determination, Ananci, the future Godking Zeus, Sea King Poseidon, and Yama Hades, no other gods could comprehend more than 50% of the laws.
“And my goal is not to defeat Chronos, but to lure Zeus out.”
“If Zeus still cared about us, then Zeus would come to save us. If Zeus didn’t care about us, then we would die at the hands of King Kronos. This would be our recompense for what we did to Zeus.”
Mantis spoke with a trace of self-mockery.
“As a goddess of wisdom, all of the roots lie with me. Zeus had broken the rules of the Goddess Annunciate for me, which was why Gaia had found a chance to cause an internal dispute between us. So this time, let’s just treat it as my atonement.”
Themites was speechless after hearing Mantis’ words.
At that time, all of them had their hearts twisted by hatred and envy. That was why they had done something to Zeus. Each one of them was biting at Zeus’ flesh and blood, but their faces were full of joy. Now that they recalled what had happened back then, they felt their hair stand on end, let alone Zeus’ victim.
As a result, the two of them felt the same about Zeus escaping from them.
However, they could not give up on Zeus.
If Zeus would never meet them again from now on, then they would rather die than atone for their sins.
“Count me in. I’ ll go with you when the time comes.”
“If we are all dead at this moment, then will the number of fixed numbers engraved by the goddess Anan be in chaos.”
Just as the two of them were talking, a huge wave suddenly rose from the sea. A goddess with long blue hair and fiery figure stood on top of the wave and headed towards Crete Island.
“Poseidon is here.”
Mitisy and you were both furious as they looked towards that person like a female deity standing there.
Sea Emperor Poseidon.
“At this moment, she actually ran out of Cronos’ stomach. It should be because the other Overgods in Cronos’ stomach had absorbed all their power. That’s why she was able to run out.”
“But doesn’t Poseidon’s running out like this mean that Anan’s order has been broken?”
The breaking of Anan’s fixed number would cause unimaginable doom and calamity.
Just like Mothis, who should have been eaten by Zeus in his previous life, Zeus did not eat Mothis because of his unwillingness. Even if Zeus knew that Mothis would be born in the future, the God of Creation and Opportunity, Bolos, overthrew his throne of Olympus.
Zeus was still unable to kill Methys. Otherwise, as long as Zeus ate Methys into his stomach according to a certain number, then the God of Opportunity and Creation Bolos would never be born.
Zeus would also become the eternal Olympus King, the King of All Kings, the God of All Gods, until the twilight of the gods, the end of the world.
However, in the end, because Zeus did not have the heart to eat Mantis, it caused the number to change, thus triggering the final end of the blood.
Although the goddess Gaya had helped, this matter undoubtedly had something to do with Zeus breaking the number.
And now that Poseidon had walked out of Cronos’ stomach ahead of time, this had also broken the rules. Would bad luck or disaster befall?
Poseidon stood on the wave and looked at Crete with a hint of enthusiasm in his eyes.
Finally, he was about to see you again. Big sister, I really missed you. I wanted to hold you in my arms and feel the smell coming from you again.
But very soon, Poseidon saw that Mothis on Crete Island still had Themites.
A hint of disgust flashed in her eyes, but Poseidon still jumped down from the huge waves and then she went to Crete to kill herself.
“Poseidon, you shouldn’t leave Cronos’ stomach at this time. You should know that if you do this, you will break the rules.”
“I don’t want to use you to remind me that my true form is still waiting for Zeus to save me in Cronos’ stomach. I also hope to be saved by Zeus like a princess again.”
“Then tell me where Zeus is. I can’ t wait to see Zeus again, and then bring him into my arms.”*