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41, Look at me, Father God Uranus

Zeus, who was fully comprehending the Laws of Lightning, suddenly opened his eyes.
Zeus could sense Poseidon’s power.
“Sure enough, my guess isn’ t wrong. Fortunately, I ran fast. Otherwise, I would have been caught by Poseidon and couldn’ t even run.”
A cold sweat broke out on Zeus’ forehead. Sure enough, what he had done was too correct. He had run away before the others could react. This was definitely the most correct thing he had done in his entire life.
Zeus didn’t even think about why Poseidon would run out of Cronos’ stomach. Zeus only had one thing to think about, how to avoid the goddesses.
No matter what happened on Crete, Zeus once again closed his eyes.To Zeus, nothing was more important than his full strength in comprehending the Laws of Lightning.
As long as he had comprehended 100% of his lightning technique, Zeus would not be afraid even if all the goddesses appeared in front of Zeus.
Meanwhile, on Crete Island, Poseidon let out a wild vent. After that, he looked at Mantis and Themis with a hint of madness in his eyes.
“Mothis, Itis, don’ t let me know that you are deceiving me. Otherwise, I will definitely make you pay the price.”
Hearing Poseidon’s words, Themites and Mothis shook their heads one after another. They wouldn’ t deceive Poseidon on this matter.
“We’re going to challenge Cronos.”
Methys’ words made Poseidon dumbfounded. He looked at Methys in front of him. Poseidon said to Methys,” Is your brain broken? Otherwise, how could you say that you want to challenge Cronos? Even Hades and I would n’ t dare to say that 100% would win against Cronos. And you haven’t even comprehended more than 50% of the laws. Even if Cronos’ time stops, you can’t resist. What are you going to do to deal with Cronos!”
“We want to use this method to get Zeus to come out. If Zeus still resents us for not coming, then our actions will be considered as atonement for ourselves. Poseidon, can you understand?”
“We’ ve hurt Zeus. We don’ t have the right to beg Zeus’ forgiveness. Whether it’s you or us, do you think Zeus will hate us?”
Poseidon could not help but fall into silence.
If he were Zeus, the result would be the same.
Poseidon said that even if he didn’ t split Mothis and Themites into eight pieces, he would already give them face. If he wanted to forgive him, that was simply a fantasy.
But if it was Zeus, wouldn’t that mean Zeus would n’ t forgive them?
Poseidon felt a pain in his heart at the thought of this.
“Will Zeus not see me again?”
“I don’t know. I ca n’ t answer your question, so I want to use this method to atone for our sins. If Zeus were willing to see us, then Zeus wouldn’t just watch us be defeated by Cronos or even the eternal seal.”
“If Zeus resents us, then we should just take it as a sin.”
Hearing this, Poseidon fell into silence.
“No, I won’ t let you do this. You’ ve messed up A’ nanki’s decision. Do you know what the consequences will be.”
“Only those who broke the rules would suffer calamity and bad luck. Poseidon, we were the ones who broke the rules. The same was true of Cronos. This was the last thing we did for Zeus. Cronos would suffer misfortune and bad luck. When that time came, Zeus would definitely be able to defeat Cronos easily…”
“Do you know how stupid your actions are?”
“We know how stupid we are to do this, but the same Poseidon can do anything for Zeus.”
Poseidon looked at Themites and Mothis with firm expressions before him and sighed softly.” If that’s the case, then let me participate. It can be considered to be atonement. I can’ t escape this sin of hurting Zeus.”
As the second-generation king of Olympus, Cronos was in a bad mood. Cronos always felt that something bad was about to happen recently, but as the king of Olympus, Cronos did not know anything.
Even Prometheus did not know where he had gone. He could not even find Prometheus if he wanted to.
Cronos’ expression was gloomy as he sat on the throne.
At this moment, a figure appeared in the temple of Olympus.
“Chronos, my favorite child.”
“Mother God, why did you come to Olympus?”What’s wrong?”
Chronos was a little surprised when he saw this figure.
“Chronos, my child, the day of prophecy is approaching. Your sixth child, he will overthrow your rule.”
When Cronos heard Gaia’s words, his pupils constricted. Hearing this, Cronos finally understood why he had always been restless during this period of time. He always felt that something would happen, so it was like this.
“Mother God, where is that child.”
“Crete Island, but Chronos, don’ t personally meet with the other party. As long as the other party can’ t release the other children in your stomach, he can’ t overthrow your rule. As long as you protect the children in your stomach and don’ t let them out of your stomach, no one will be able to overthrow your throne. As for the sixth child, I’ ll help you solve it. I won’ t let anyone overthrow your throne.”
Hearing Gaia’s words, a hint of warmth flashed through Kronos’ eyes, but it was quickly replaced by tyranny.
“No, Mother God, I will personally defeat the child of fate predicted by Father God. I will prove to Father God that I, Cronos, have surpassed Father God Uranos.”
Chronos looked up at the endless sky.
“Watch me. Father Uranus, I will break your prophecy and prove that I have surpassed you.”*

42 Traces of Kronos, God of Time

“Look at me. Father Uranus, I will prove that I have surpassed you. Even the prophetic son in your prophecy can not defeat me.”
Uranos raised the divine sickle in his hand and fiercely swung it towards the sky. The next moment, the sky split open, but his eyes appeared in the sky.
“Chronos, you will pay the price for your arrogance. Gaia, I also saw your ending. No one could break the number of the goddess Ananci. Just like me back then, I also knew that Chronos would overthrow my rule, but was the end result the same?”No matter how hard you try, you won’ t be able to break the rules.”
“Uranos, don’t think we’ re the same as before.”
Gaia looked at the eyes in the sky and said calmly.
“Really?”Then I will look at you. Ulanus, my youngest son, Gaia, my wife, I will look at you. When you reach the end, you will know my anger.”
Thunder exploded in the sky. This was Uranos’ anger. Uranos was the God of the Sky, and he also had the power to control the thunder. Zeus was the God of the Thunder and Uranos were almost of the same lineage. Zeus could also be said to be the God of the Sky.
After Ulanus finished speaking, his eyes gradually disappeared and the cracks in the sky began to recover.
Chronos looked at Gaia.
“Mother God, I will personally go to Crete Island. I will personally defeat the child predicted by Father God Uranos. I will prove that Father God’s prediction is useless to me.”
Gaia looked at Chronos and frowned.
“No, Cronos, you can’t do this right now. Just in case, you should send the other Titan gods of Olympus to capture Zeus. Listen to me, my child.”
A struggle flashed through Chronos’ eyes. Finally, he exhaled and looked at Gaia before him.” Alright, I’ ll listen to you, my mother.”
“Good child, mother, I definitely won’ t let anyone take away your Godking’s throne.”
Gaia gently stroked Chronos’ face and said.
“Then, mother, who do you think should bring that child with you.”
“Let Cleos go. I believe Cleos will definitely bring that child back.”
Hearing Gaia’s words, Chronos directly shouted,” Cleos, come to Olympus to see me.”
Chronos’ voice rang out from Olympus, and then it entered Cleos’ ears.
“Understood. Your Majesty, I will leave for Olympus now.”
Other than King Kronos, the gods above Olympus could not be above Olympus.
Therefore, even if these Titan Gods were summoned by Cronos, they could only rush to Olympus from their own residence.
Not long after, a god appeared in front of Kronos. His name was Cleos, one of the Twelve Titan Gods who controlled celestial bodies.
“I don’t know what His Majesty the Divine King told me.”
“Cleos, I want you to do something.”
“Your Majesty, please instruct that Cleos will definitely complete it for you.”
“Went to Crete and brought back my child.”
“Your Majesty Chronos, your child isn’t.” Clios asked confusedly…”
At this moment, Gaia appeared. She looked at Cleos and said,” Heavenly Queen Ruiya sent the sixth child out.”
Cleos was shocked and immediately understood what Chronos meant.
“I understand Your Majesty. I, Cleos, will definitely bring that child back and hand it over to you personally.”
“Go, Cleos. I’ m sure you can do it.”
Cleos did not say anything. He bowed respectfully to Chronos before leaving Olympus quickly.
However, as Cleos left Olympus, King Kronos’ brows gradually furrowed.
“Mother God, I always have a bad premonition in my heart. I always feel that Cleos will definitely fail. I still want to go on my own.”
“No, you can’t go to my child. Chronos, your time stop wo n’ t be of any use to that son of prophecy.”
“Even if time stopped was useless to that child, even if I was surrounded by all the gods, I, Cronos, am invincible in the world. I, Cronos, am invincible.”
Cronos said domineeringly. Cronos, who was in charge of the divine sickle, and also in charge of the Divine King, was the confidence that Cronos dared to say these words.
“Chronos, how much have you comprehended the Laws of Time.”
Gaia frowned upon hearing Chronos’ words.
“It’s not enough. It’s not enough. At least you need to comprehend more than 50%. Only then can I be at ease.”
Gaia looked at Chronos.
“Chronos, I have a way for you to quickly comprehend the Laws of Time.”
Chronos looked at Gaia in shock.
“Kronos is also the God of Time, and is also the embodiment of the laws of time.”
“Was Kronos…”
“Follow me.”
Gaia pulled Chronos into the universe.
Chaos Callus, the God of Time, Kronos, the goddess of number.
These were the three Primitive Gods above all the Olympian gods.
No matter if it was Chaos Callus, the God of Time, Kronos, or the Goddess of Numbering, Ananci, they could not appear in physical form. However, this did not mean that Gaia, one of the primitive gods, knew this place.
That place was a miracle that Kronos, the God of Time, had revealed.
“That is.”
Chronos could not help but stare at a slowly spinning nebula.
“That is the scar left by the God of Time, Kronos.”
Gaia looked at Chronos and calmly said.
“Chronos, you should comprehend the law of time here. When did you comprehend 50%? When you go back to Olympus, Olympus will help you watch.”*

43 Poseidon: Cleos, sb

Zeus could not help but open his eyes. Zeus, who was comprehending the Laws of Lightning, suddenly felt his heart become extremely heavy. It was as if something was about to happen. This feeling made Zeus unable to meditate on the Laws of Lightning.
“Something must have happened. Otherwise, this would not have happened.”
Moreover, what happened must be closely related to him.
The thought of this made Zeus nervous.
It had something to do with him?Could it be that those goddesses were going to find him?
For some reason, the thought of those goddesses made Zeus feel a little flustered.
Zeus didn’t hold much grudge against those goddesses. Even if there were, they would be wiped out by the time they were reborn.
Zeus knew that what he had done was wrong.
As a result, Zeus felt that there was nothing he couldn’t understand. He had just died too miserably.
But if Zeus were to do it again, Zeus would never agree to it. He would never want to suffer another torture.
Zeus felt a chill run down his spine when he thought of the sight of his flesh being torn down by the goddesses.
“It seems like I need to change places. Those goddesses should be looking for me, which is why I feel this way.”
Zeus muttered to himself as he prepared to move his nest again, but suddenly Zeus noticed that the stars in the sky were moving towards Crete.
“That was…”
Zeus’ pupils constricted. Zeus noticed it, or perhaps Zeus understood that the feeling he had in his heart was not that the goddesses were about to find him, but that something had happened to them.
Cleos, the god that controlled the heavenly bodies.
Chronos actually sent him over. If there was no mistake in that direction, it should be Crete Island.
“If Mantis and Themis continued to stay on the island at this time, there was a great chance that something would happen. Should I follow them and take a look?”If it really happens that Mantis and Thermis are in danger, how could I help them?”
“Something’s not right, something’s not right. Cleos didn’ t have any reason to catch Themis and Mantis. In other words, Cleos probably wouldn’ t attack Mantis and Mantis. As long as he didn’ t appear, Mantis and Mantis wouldn’ t have anything to do.”
Zeus couldn’t help but think of this in his heart. However, Zeus could n’ t help but follow behind Cleos. Even if Zeus thought that Themites and Mothis wouldn’t have anything to do with them, the worry in his heart about Mothis and Themites still caused Zeus to follow Cleos’ life.
Zeus had to make sure that Cleos would not pose any threat to Themis and the problem. Only then would he be able to leave peacefully.
Zeus followed Clios to Crete.
Clios just flew above Crete.
“Themites, why are you here.”
Cleos looked at Themites who had appeared on Crete Island and asked with a frown.
“I don’ t seem to have anything to do with you. Cleos, it’s why you’ re here.”
“His Majesty the Godking ordered me to capture the child that Heavenly Queen Ruiya had sent away.”
After that, Cleos turned to look at Mantis and Poseidon.
“It’s you?”The child that Tian Ruiya sent away.”
Cleos looked at Poseidon. Poseidon laughed when he heard that. Then, he looked at Cleos and said,” That’s right. I am the child of God King Kronos and Heavenly Queen Rhea. My name is Poseidon.”
After hearing Poseidon’s words, Cleos directly said,” If you’ re so tactful, then follow me back. Otherwise, if you move, you’ ll have to suffer.”
Cleos looked at Poseidon and said calmly.
Hearing Cleos’ words, Poseidon said disdainfully,” Just you?”
When Cleos heard the contempt in Poseidon’s tone, he immediately became furious. He waved his hand and a huge shooting star fell towards Poseidon.
Poseidon curled his lips in disdain. With a wave of his hand, a huge wave surged and engulfed Cleos and a huge meteor.
Although Cleos was a celestial god, Cleos could only control a few shooting stars at most. After all, if Cleos fell down all the stars in the sky, then the world would be heavily injured. Moreover, the God of the Sky, Uranos, would never let Cleos do such a thing.
Poseidon looked at Cleos with a hint of contempt in his eyes. If his comprehension of the Laws was more than 20% of trash.
During Zeus’ time, which of the twelve Olympus Overgods had not comprehended more than 30% of the laws?
As the three giants of Olympus, Poseidon, Hades, and Zeus, they had all comprehended more than 50% of the laws. Even Heavenly Queen Hera had comprehended more than 50% of the laws.
At that time, Olympus was the strongest. It wasn’t like Olympus had only comprehended 40% of the Laws of the Sun, except for King Kronos. There were n’ t many who had comprehended 30% of the Laws of the Sun. Only one sun god, Xu Perignon, had comprehended 30% of the Laws of the Sun.
“How could it be so powerful.”
Cleos came out of the sea and looked at Poseidon. He said in disbelief. Cleos felt that Poseidon had comprehended at least 30% of the laws.
“But even so, you are definitely not a match for His Majesty King Kronos. I advise you to surrender.”
“Hehe, SB.”
Poseidon pointed a middle finger at Cleos.
All of these were learned from Zeus.
Although Cleos did not know what Poseidon meant by his words and actions, as long as not a fool could hear that Poseidon was not saying anything good.
Anger, incomparably angry!
“Themites, and Methys. I wish that I would bring Poseidon to the Godking, His Majesty Kronos.”
Mitisy and Themites took a look, then followed Poseidon up with a middle finger.

44 This woman actually deserves to die for being shameless

Clios looked at the two white middle fingers that Mantis and Temis had put up. Immediately, a wave of qi and blood surged into the sky, and anger surged.
“Themeis, Mothis, you actually dare to betray the Godking, His Highness Kronos.”
“Hehe, God King Kronos, you sh*t! As long as you are killed, who will know that we have betrayed you?”
Cleos was stunned for a moment, but he immediately understood the intentions of Mantis and Themites.
At this moment, Cleos did not want to turn around and run. However, it was obviously too late for Cleos to run. When Cleos appeared on Crete Island, a plot against Cleos was already over.
The next moment, a huge wave surged and directly trapped Cleos in the water, forming a water ball.
“If you want to kill you, you have to master more than 50% of the rules before you can do it. However, Cleos, it’s easy to seal you by 10 points.”
Methys said indifferently. Following that, Methys and the others began to prepare to seal Cleos. Although sealing Cleos at this time wasn’ t the correct choice, at this moment, there was no choice.
Methys and the others definitely could not have Cleos pass the news back to the Godking Cronos. The current Methys and Themites were not completely prepared.
They needed to prepare everything for Zeus.
Zeus, who didn’ t have the staff of lightning, or Zeus?
The problem was that they were not sure if Zeus would save those Cyclops and forge the Thunder Scepter. Therefore, Mothys and the others had to prepare everything for Zeus.
When everything was ready, Mertys, Themis, and the others would challenge Cronos. At that time, regardless of whether they won or lost, Cronos would be a loser.
Zeus, who had followed Cleos, naturally knew everything. Zeus, who was hiding in the dark, observed Themites and Methys, his eyes flashing with complicated expressions.
Zeus did not appear in the end.
Cleos, who was sealed in the water ball, roared angrily at Themites and Methys.” You will regret it sooner or later. Themites, you betrayed His Majesty Kronos. You will definitely regret it. And you, Methis, because you, Oke Anos and Tysis, will also be punished by His Majesty Kronos.”
“It’s not up to you to care about this matter. In short, there won’ t be anything else for you from now on. Let’s leave here.”
He coldly glanced at Clios in front of him, and Mantis calmly said.
Then, the water ball slowly sank into the sea, and then sank into the trench.
Unless one day Cleos could comprehend more than 40% of the Laws, he would be able to break Mantis’ current seal and emerge from the trench.
Otherwise, he could only wait for God King Kronos to think of him and search for him to save him.
Zeus could not help but frown when he saw Mantis seal Cleos’ forehead.
Could it be that Mantis was acting like this without knowing what kind of consequences it would have?
Zeus did not leave. Instead, he chose to hide in Crete.
Zeus could not rest assured of Mantis.
He was still hiding underground, but Zeus focused some of his attention on Mothys and the others.
Zeus felt as if Mantis wanted to make a big news.
In the chat group.
The scarlet demon said,” Jupiter has not been online for several days. What are you doing? Without Jupiter, I’ m about to die.”
I want to become the Empress:” Bitch is just being pretentious.”
The scarlet demon said,” Lin Qingqing, you Bi Chi, if you have the ability to say it, you still don’ t care about Jupiter at all. So even if Jupiter hasn’ t been online for so long, you still don’ t care.”
I want to become the Empress.” Erica, you little bitch, fart. How could I not care about Jupiter? This is me. I believe Jupiter will not have anything to do with it.”
For the glory of the Northern God,” Heh heh, watching you sandcarving women fight every day is my greatest hobby.”
The Wind Capital Queen said,” Why is there a fool like you everywhere? Go to the dead side.”
For the glory of the Northern God,” If you have the ability to walk up the arena, don’ t force yourself if you don’ t dare.”
The Wind Capital Queen said,” Wait for me to reach eight stars. Let’s see if I won’ t kill you, a dead dog. At that time, I will definitely stew you.”
For the glory of the Northern God,” Hehehe, I am Thunder God Torre, for the glory of the Northern God.”
Da Gu turned into light,”@For the glory of the Northern God, if you are too arrogant, you will be banned.”
For the glory of the Northern God,” Even fools know that I still need you to remind me of this, but do you think this way can make Thunder God Thor surrender?”No, I, Thor, will never give in.”
“I feel like this Thunder God Torch dog has a problem with his brain. It’s completely different from the one hundred thousand mocking words of Thunder God Torch, right?”If not, we’ ll all work together to destroy it.”
I want to kill Tong Mo.” Sure, I have no objections at all.”
Ganwu Sister:” Indeed.”
Jupiter:” Destroy what?”Is there another mission?”
As Zeus spoke in the chat group, the entire chat group fell silent.
Jupiter:” What’s wrong?”
I wanted to become the Empress.” Jupiter, you haven’ t been online all this time. I miss you so much. You really don’ t know how to eat. You can’ t sleep at night. Without you, I feel as if my life has lost its light. The entire world has turned dark. And now, Jupiter, you appear like a sun illuminating my dark life.”
The crimson demon said,” Grass (a plant).”
“Grass (a plant).”
The servant of the Rhazwar family:” Grass (a kind of plant).”
Hui Ye from the Fourth Palace:” Grass (a plant).”
I want to kill Tong Mo.” Grass (a kind of plant).”
Dry matter sister:” Grass (a kind of plant).”
Great Ancient turned into light,” Grass (a kind of plant).”
For the glory of the Northern God,” This woman is shameless. She actually has the cheek to say such words. She was clearly fighting with other sand sculpture women in the chat group every day, but now she actually said that she did not know how to eat and could not sleep at night.”*

45 New group members: The color was bone-shaving steel blade, Zhang Junbao

As for the fact that his background had been exposed by Thunder God’s care, I didn’ t care about becoming a female emperor at all. Whatever you say, I’ ve already revealed a face in front of Jupiter. No matter how much you slander me, Jupiter would only chuckle at most.
However, this mother had deepened her impression of Jupiter.
Lin Qingqing gave him a thumbs up in his heart. He was definitely the first person in the chat group to be ranked first. Jupiter would definitely be attacked by him as well. I, Lin Qingqing, am about to reach the peak of my life.
Lin Qingqing smiled even more when she thought of her success in capturing Jupiter.
However, the chat group was completely unable to calm down.
The scarlet demon said,” Jupiter, you must not believe Lin Qingqing’s lies. Lin Qingqing, a shameless Bi Chi, is simply pretending to be pitiful. Jupiter, you haven’ t been online for so many days, and you haven’ t seen Lin Qingqing worry in the chat group.”
I wanted to kill Tong Mo.” Indeed. The group leaders don’ t care about Jupiter at all. We clearly care about Jupiter, and we’ ve been worried about whether Jupiter has encountered any difficulties, but Lin Qingqing, this woman, doesn’ t care about Jupiter at all.”
Ganwu Sister:” That’s right, even I have to condemn the group leader this time.”
The servant of the Rhazwar family said,” Jupiter, you must not believe your group leader. This woman has a different set behind her. You’ d better stay away from this person, Jupiter.”
The Great Ancient turned into light…”
These women were truly too terrifying. They suddenly felt that it was really great that they only had another girlfriend.
If he had so many girlfriends like these people in this chat group, then he would probably have died quickly.
Probably only Jupiter could accommodate these people.
“Hehe, this is a woman. It’s simply laughable. The sisters from before came to the sisters, but now…”
For the glory of the Northern God,” If you want to become Jupiter’s girlfriend, you women are not worthy.”
For the glory of the Northern God,” I, Thor, said this sentence. If you don’ t accept it, come to my world and kill me.”
He looked at the news of the Northern God’s glory in the chat group.
True Horn Ancient had a question mark on its face as it slowly knocked out:”???”
Brother, are you drinking too much?As long as there was a peanut, you wouldn’t be drunk like this. The women in the chat group were currently tearing at each other. Why do n’ t you go out and focus all your firepower on yourself?
What kind of pity do you have?
True Horn Great Ancient was completely unable to understand what was going on for the glory of the Northern God.
If it weren’t for the fact that there was a hole in his brain, he would n’ t have spoken at this moment. Wouldn’t it be good to watch these women fight?
Now, with this statement for the glory of the Northern God, Tsk tsk tsk. True Horn Ancient could almost imagine what would happen next.
Not surprisingly, all the women in the chat group aimed their guns at the glory of the Northern God.
True Horn Great Ancient saw that for the glory of the Northern God in just a short minute, not only was the horse gone, but the father was gone. Even the eighteen generations of ancestors had been gone, and even the ancestral grave was going to spiral into the sky and explode.
Moreover, as I was about to become a female emperor, for the sake of the glory of the northern gods, he could only watch others scold him, but he could not speak.
True Horn Da Gu silently wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead. Harry Luya, Amen, I wish heaven would not have these women.
Zeus didn’t know what to say as he looked at the chat group.
These women didn’t want to increase their strength every day. Instead, they were all fighting in the chat group. They did n’ t know what they were thinking.
Jupiter:” Alright.”
Following Jupiter’s words, the entire chat group quieted down.
Then, after the group of women finished cursing, all of them suddenly realized that they had displayed such a rude side in front of Jupiter. All of a sudden, they pretended to be ostriches and did not speak.
At this moment, the chat group sent another notification.
“His expression was as if he had joined the chat group with a steel blade.”
“Zhang Junbao joins the chat group.”
Jupiter:”@All the members have come out. There are new members in the chat group. Everyone come out to welcome the newcomers.”
Hui Ye from the Fourth Palace said,” Welcome the newcomers.”
The servant of the Rhodesval household said,” Welcome the newcomers.”
Ganwu Sister:” Welcome the newcomer.”
I want to become the Empress:” Welcome the new couple.”
Wind Capital Queen said,” Welcome the newcomers.”
I want to kill Tong Mo.” Welcome newcomers.”
The crimson demon said,” Welcome newbies.”
Da Gu turned into light.” Welcome newbies.”
Jupiter:”@It’s a bone-shattering steel blade@Zhang Junbao. The newcomer has come out to speak.”
Zhang Junbao:” Wuliang Fu Sheng, I’ ve encountered Immortal Fate?”
The color was steel blade.” Mm-hmm, it’s really interesting. There’s no handsome little brother in the group. Let’s go and have a relationship where we break up and kill ourselves.”
I wanted to become a female emperor.” So it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that it’s true that
“Could you please show some face?”Little brother Jupiter is yours. Clearly, Little brother Jupiter is mine.”
Wind Capital Queen said,” Little Big Brother Jupiter’s first time was me. That’s why Little Big Brother Jupiter naturally belongs to me. You shameless women, don’ t covet Jupiter anymore. Come home with me, Jupiter. These shameless women are all craving your body.”
“Little brother Jupiter?Very handsome?”Do you want to have a relationship with me that breaks up and commits suicide?”*

46 Xia He

“Little brother Jupiter?Very handsome?”Do you want to fall in love with me?”
The chat group immediately quieted down when they saw the words of the steel blade.
I wanted to become the Empress:”@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@”Are you sure you want to fight for Little Brother Jupiter?”
The color was steel blade,” A good man naturally wants to snatch it. Moreover, from what you said just now, it’s obvious that Little Brother Jupiter is a very rare good man. It just so happens that I want to fall in love once more and kill myself. So I’ m sorry.”
“Hehe, do you think you’ re worthy of Jupiter?Xia He, who was one of the four madmen of the whole character, had a bone-scrape blade. If you don’t go look for your Zhang Lingyu and fight for Little Brother Jupiter with me, do you believe that I will break your dog legs and shave your face every minute?”
The color was steel blade,” Aiya, ah, what a terrifying thing. Little brother Jupiter, you have to protect me well.”
Jupiter said,”@Zhang Junbao, Zhenzhen Zhang, welcome to join the chat group. If you think about it carefully, the chat group should have already implanted everything into your brain. So as long as you think about it a little, you can understand what this chat group is.”
“Thank you, Little Brother. I’ve already understood what this chat group is. I did n’ t expect this old Daoist to live for a hundred years and join this chat group at this time.”
Jupiter:” Reverend Zhang, this is an opportunity to properly grasp it. I can’ t tell when the chat group will be able to revive the dead.”
When Zhang Sanfeng saw Zeus’ words, the horsetail whisk in his hand fell to the ground.
At this moment, the people’s figures that were deep in their hearts suddenly appeared again.
That figure who had met at the foot of the mountain.
Yuanqiao, Lianzhou, Daiyan, Songxi, Cuishan, Li Ting, Sound Valley.
It was a painting named after his seven disciples. Shockingly, it was the scene when he met that person at the foot of the mountain.
Zhang Junbao said,” I’ve lived for a hundred years. I did n’ t expect that you would still be in such a mess by your words.”
Zeus replied,” There’s no need for this, Reverend Zhang. If you ask what kind of love is in this world, you’ re only asking for life and death. Reverend Zhang is truly envious of Guo Xiang’s heroine. Unfortunately, although I’ m envious, I can’ t do it like you’ ve only loved one person in your entire life.”
Feeling Zhang Sanfeng’s infatuation with Guo Xiang, Zeus felt that he really had something to do with it.
He felt as if he had been a clown for the past life, and he had always been reckless.
Thinking back now was truly filled with black history.
Hui Ye from the Four Palaces said,” Jupiter, it doesn’ t matter. We don’ t mind. Moreover, we know that someone as outstanding as you, those girls will be attracted to you like moths. It’s not your fault.”
“That’s right, I agree with Hui Ye’s words. For a boy like Jupiter, it’s not your fault to have so many girls around you. It’s all because those girls are attracted to Jupiter.”
I wanted to kill Tong Mo.” Jupiter, don’ t blame yourself too much. It’s precisely because of your excellence that you attracted the attention of the girls. Moreover, it’s not because you harmed those girls, but because those girls harmed you.”
Zhang Junbao:”???”
Why did Zhang Junbao always have a sense of deja vu when he looked at the words of these girls in the chat group?
Da Gu turned into light,” Cough cough cough cough, as long as you are used to it, Reverend Zhang. This kind of situation will often appear in the chat group in the future. You don’ t need to take it to heart.”
The color was steel blade,” Aiya, it looks like Little Brother Jupiter is really a good man. Otherwise, the other sisters in the chat group wouldn’ t care about Little Brother Jupiter in this way. So Little Brother Jupiter wants to have a relationship with me that breaks up and commits suicide?”
Sister Qianwu:” Well, just now, the group leader said that this newcomer, Yang Hua, can’ t match Jupiter. What’s going on?”
I want to become the Empress:” Hehehe, this new person’s color is the real name of the steel blade, called Xia He. It’s a character in this cartoon under one person. It’s one of the four full-featured maniacs. It’s a natural freak. You can be considered a freak as an esper. She can control the lust of others.”
I wanted to become a female emperor.” Full-ness was founded by Yang Zhu, one of the hundred schools of thought in the Warring States Period. He emphasized full-ness and fidelity, and didn’ t take the form of things. At that time, Yang Zhu’s idea was that everyone wouldn’ t be harmed at all. However, today, he has become an evil sect that everyone hates. It doesn’ t require any conditions to join, as long as he claims to be a full-ness member.”
I wanted to become a female emperor.” Xia He naturally makes men obsessed with him, and he can’ t control himself. Even if he is disguised as a fat man, he can’ t put an end to it. His own behavior is not correct, and he will even make mistakes against Zhang Huaiyi, who has been dead for more than ten years. It’s more suitable for Zhang Lingyu of Dragon and Tiger Mountain to have a relatives.”
I wanted to become the Empress.” That’s why Xia He is completely a 10% horse and fork bug. He’s not worthy of talking to Jupiter at all.”
It was a steel blade,”???”
The color was steel blade,” Why do you think you’ re innocent?”
I want to become the Empress. Hehehe, do you want to argue?”I’ ll send out a memory instance and let everyone see exactly what kind of horse, fork, bug, or beast you are.”
“I’ m going to become the Empress and upload a memory copy.”
Zeus opened the memory instance and began to watch it. Zeus had seen it the same way in his previous life. He also knew what kind of person Xia He was…
Zeus frowned slightly as he looked at the memory part that had clearly been modified by me to become the Empress.
“Jupiter uploaded a memory copy under one person (revised).”
Jupiter replied,” It’s very likely that the group leaders didn’ t take a look at all. That’s why there’s some misunderstanding. So I’ ve sent another copy. Everyone, just take a look at the one I sent.”*

47 There are flowers that can bend straight and straight, but there are no flowers that can bend branches

Xia He:”@If I want to become a female emperor, how dare you slander me? I’ m not done with you.”
I want to become the Empress.” Hehe, what am I slandering you for? You Xia He is just a horse, fork, bug.”
Zeus frowned as he looked at Xia He and Lin Qingqing who were clearly about to explode.
If the two of them continued to argue like this, then they couldn’t be sure what would happen after that. At that time, they could n’ t be sure if the chat group would continue to argue like this.
Zeus replied,” Alright, alright. Don’ t argue with the two of you. The previous memories uploaded by the group leader are a bit distorted. However, I think it’s because the group leader didn’ t finish reading all of them, and I think the plot below the group leader should be more realistic than the group leader.”
Zeus replied,” With respect to the memory copy you uploaded earlier, it should be that you didn’ t read the memory copy. It caused trouble for you to have a steel blade. You should apologize to the other party. After all, it caused damage to your reputation.”
The veins on Lin Qingqing’s forehead twitched. It wasn’ t because of Zeus, but because of Xia He.
After knowing that Xia He had joined the chat group, Lin Qingqing felt a sense of crisis in her heart. That was because she was worried that Xia He would take Jupiter away.
As a result, the moment Lin Qingqing came up, she directly opened fire on Xia He. She even deliberately modified some of the plots in her lower position.
However, Lin Qingqing had not expected that she would be so greedy.
This made him furious.
Now that Jupiter wanted to apologize to Xia He, this made Lin Qingqing even more worried. The other women in the chat group, Lin Qingqing, were not worried at all. However, Xia He was the only woman that made Lin Qingqing feel nervous.
Because all the women in the chat group combined did not have Xia He alone.
Moreover, once Xia He was targeted at someone, she would do everything she could to obtain them. That was why Lin Qingqing had done something that had lost her intelligence and wanted to destroy Xia He’s position in Jupiter’s heart. Who would have thought that Jupiter had seen someone below him.
However, in the end, Lin Qingqing still chose to lower her head. If she stubbornly resisted at this moment, it would only make Jupiter lower her impression once more. It was likely that Jupiter had seen that she had deliberately tarnished Xia He.
It was only because Jupiter cared about his face that he deliberately did not reveal it.
In other words, at this moment, it was very likely that a bad impression would appear in Jupiter’s heart. The thought of this made Lin Qingqing feel a wave of heartache.
Therefore, Lin Qingqing knew very well that if he refused to apologize, then Jupiter’s impression of him would definitely decline again. Therefore, Lin Qingqing simply apologized.
I wanted to become the Empress.” I’ m extremely sorry, just like Jupiter said. I didn’ t finish reading all of this storyline instance under one person, so if it hurts you, please forgive me.”
Lin Qingqing’s apology made some of the people in the chat group understand what was happening right now.
Most of the girls in the chat group were intelligent people.
They already understood that Lin Qingqing was deliberately smearing Xia He. However, after looking at the lower-class instance, everyone understood why Lin Qingqing was deliberately smearing Xia He.
It could be said that Xia He was the most dangerous and powerful enemy of Zeus among all the women in the chat group.
Therefore, Lin Qingqing should have sensed that this was why she had chosen to do such an unwise thing.
Xia He was also a clever person. After looking at the plot scenario, Xia He also understood why Lin Qingqing did this. The other party was afraid of him.
Xia He said,” It doesn’ t matter. I’ ll forgive you this time. It’s on Jupiter’s face.”
Zeus looked at the chat group. Although it seemed to have returned to harmony, Zeus always felt like a storm was coming.
His brain ached.
Jupiter:” There’s one thing I want to ask you about.”
The servant of the Rhazwar family:” What does Jupiter want to ask?”
Jupiter said,” My predecessors are preparing to do a dangerous thing. I don’ t know if I should stop them, but if I don’ t stop them, they’ ll probably die. But if I stop them, it’ ll be difficult for them to escape after they see me. So, I’ m in a difficult situation right now. There’s no way for them to escape.”
Hui Ye from the Four Palace Family said,” Although I really want to say that I don’ t need to worry about them, I think you’ ll be very sad if something happens to them, right? Or else, you won’ t ask about them, so if you don’ t want them to be hurt, then go and stop them.”
The crimson demon said,” Only this time, I agree with what Four Palace Hui Ye said.”
I’ m going to kill Tong Mo.” I’ ve experienced this feeling when someone who is important leaves my side. I don’ t want you to experience this feeling, Jupiter. Go and stop them.”
The color was steel blade.” I agree with what they said. Don’ t let yourself regret it. They are very important to you, Jupiter.”
Zeus smiled bitterly as he looked at the voices of the people in the chat group.
In fact, Zeus had already made a decision in his heart. The reason he had asked this question again in the chat group was to find a reason or excuse for him.
Jupiter:” Alright, I understand what to do.”
Zhang Junbao said,” Little brother, the old Daoist priest only has one sentence to tell you. Cherish the person in front of you. Don’ t feel regret after losing him.”
Zhang Sanfeng knew the feeling of regret only after he had lost. If he had been a bit brave back then, even if he had been rejected by Guo Xiang, he would not have left behind any regrets.
At least he had the courage to tell Guo Xiang that he liked him.
Unfortunately, the young Zhang Sanfeng didn’ t have the courage to tell him.
However, Zhang Sanfeng didn’t dare to express his admiration.
If he had said that love back then, then Guo Xiang wouldn’ t have died early because of his love injury.
Ever since Guo Xiang died, Zhang Sanfeng had been regretting it all the time. Therefore, Zhang Sanfeng could only give Zeus such a warning.*

48 Showdown. I am the Godking Zeus

Jupiter:” I remember what Reverend Zhang said. I know what to do.”
Jupiter:” If that’s the case, then I still have something to deal with. If there’s anything urgent, we’ ll be in the chat group@me. Otherwise, I won’ t have time to deal with these days.”
Wind Capital Queen:” Jupiter, what are you going to do?”
Jupiter said,” Go do what I should have done, and at the same time prevent them from doing those dangerous things. Even though I’ ve resisted it, even though I don’ t want it, your words have deeply touched me. Now, I should do what I should do.”
Great Ancient turned into light,” Jupiter, is it very dangerous?”
Jupiter said,” I’ ve been very happy with you during this period of time. I think you’ ve already discovered something. Since that’s the case, I won’ t continue to hide it. I’ m Zeus, the God King of Olympus. At the same time, I’ m also a transmigrator. At the same time, I’ m also a reincarnator. After transmigrating into the God King of Zeus, I overthrew the God King of Kronos in my previous life. After that, I fell to the ground goddesses. In the end, many goddesses gave me firewood.”
Jupiter said,” I didn’ t want to step on the path of fighting God King Kronos again. But now I’ ve decided to overthrow God King Kronos. It’s just that I have a bad premonition in my heart. It’s not easy to overthrow God King Kronos this time.”
Jupiter:” This time, I’ m very likely to encounter unimaginable dangers. If it gets cold one day, everyone should remember to give me incense every time Qingming and Chongyang. It’s a joke.”
Jupiter said,” In short, I’ m showing off. I’ m Zeus, the giant horse in Olympus’ mythology, the humanoid seeder!”
Jupiter:” If you want to despise you, just despise you.”
The entire chat group fell silent for three seconds.
I wanted to become the Empress.” Although it’s a bit unexpected, I’ ve already made some guesses. However, I’ ve said before that no matter what kind of person Jupiter is, I’ m deeply in love with Jupiter. No matter what you’ ve done, what you’ ve done, what kind of person you are, it’s all the same as I love Jupiter.”
The scarlet demon said,” Even if Jupiter is the Godking Zeus, I still think that you are Jupiter. I, Erica Brangley, have identified you. Whether you are Jupiter or Godking Zeus, I love you deeply.”
The servant of the Rhazwar family said,” Rem doesn’ t know who Zeus is. Rem only knows that Rem loves Jupiter.”
Hui Ye from the Four Palaces said,” Whether you’ re Jupiter or Zeus, whether you’ re poor or wealthy, no one I’ m sure will give up.”
The color was steel blade.” Jupiter, just bring me one. Anyway, you already have so many wives and lovers. Just bring me one.”
I wanted to kill Tong Mo.” Be it Jupiter or Zeus, my attitude will not change.”
Ganwu Sister:” Little Burial is the same.”
Wind Capital Queen said,” Whether you are Jupiter or the Godking Zeus, I love you.”
Jupiter said,” Thank you very much for your support, but I’ ve already said that I don’ t have any interest in women right now. If everyone is just normal friends, then it’s nothing much, but we can’ t go any further. Our relationship only stops at friends or confidants, not wives or lovers.”
Jupiter:” I hope everyone can understand. Then thank you again for understanding my last good-bye. I don’ t know when I’ ll be online next time, but I think there will be a period of time when I won’ t be online.”
I wanted to become the Empress,” Wait, Jupiter. Did you need to rely on the chat group’s points to become stronger?”
Jupiter said,” That’s right. I need the points from the chat group to help me become stronger. If there’s a mission, remember@me. This time, I’ m always feeling a little uneasy. I always feel that this time’s crusade against God King Kronos wouldn’ t be the same as before. It’s very likely that there will be any danger. So if everyone has a mission, bring me one.”
Zhang Junbao said,” I do have a mission here.”
“The chat group prompted that Zhang Junbao had shared an exclusive mission to change the hundred-year-old birthday, prevent the fifth disciple, Zhang Cuishan, from committing suicide, and protect the Zhang Cuishan family from harm.”
“Mission Reward: A certain amount of points will be given depending on the completion of the mission.”
“Number of people who can receive missions: unlimited.”
Wind Capital Queen said,” Jupiter, quickly accept the mission. If you accept this mission, you should be able to obtain the chat group points.”
“Say, there’s no limit to the number of people that can receive missions. Does that mean that all of us can accept this mission?”I suddenly had a bold idea.”
Hui Ye from the Four Palace Family:” You want everyone to accept the mission and meet in the world where Reverend Zhang is?”
I’ m going to kill Tong Mo.” That’s a good suggestion. I agree, but I’ ll give all the mission points to Jupiter.”
The servant of the Rhodesval household said,” Rem has no objections.”
Jupiter:” Isn’ t this a little bad? After all, this mission is the exclusive mission of Reverend Zhang.”
Although Jupiter wanted some points, this mission was Zhang Sanfeng’s exclusive mission. If he snatched it, it would be a bit inappropriate.
Zhang Junbao said,” Old Taoist, I don’t need these points for the time being. So instead of doing this, I might as well give them to those who need them.”
Zeus thought that he was about to set foot on the road to deal with Cronos. He really needed points. Zeus felt that something would happen to Cronos this time, so Zeus did not refuse.
Jupiter:” If that’s the case, then I’ ll take it back. I owe you a favor.”
No matter how many points this mission had, Zhang Sanfeng was willing to share the mission. Zeus accepted Zhang Sanfeng’s favor.
I want to become the Empress.” Then, everyone prepare and then base themselves on reality in the world of Zhang Zhenren. At the same time, all the points obtained from this mission will be given to Jupiter. I think everyone should have no objections.”*

The first large-scale surface-based activity of the 49 chat group

Jupiter:” If we want to go to that world of Reverend Zhang, then I think we need a little bit of disguise.”
Hui Ye from the Four Palace Family said,” Jupiter, you mean that we need to change into the clothes of Reverend Zhang’s era, right? Avoid causing any misunderstanding.”
The servant of the Rhazwar family:” Understood, but how to solve the problem.”
I wanted to become the Empress.” Apart from clothing, there’s also a problem with hair color. After all, the world of Reverend Zhang is an ancient world with black hair and black eyes. At most, there’s only one blonde hair and blue eyes. After that, the past of your blue hair will probably be treated as a monster.”
The color was steel blade.” Otherwise, wait for me to dye my hair first. After all, this pink hair should be quite attractive in the past.”
Wind Capital Queen said,” It’s still easy to solve the hair problem. Now, do n’ t forget that there’s still a dog in the chat group. If this dog opens its mouth when the time comes, it’ ll be treated as a monster. Sorry, I can’t forget this husky.”
Great Ancient turned into light,” This is too difficult.”
It was too difficult for Thunder God Torch to be targeted again. However, Da Gu only dared to think about it in his heart. If he really dared to say it, Da Gu felt that it would be more than just a Thunder God Torch dog. There was also a possibility that he would be targeted.
Moreover, Da Gu knew very well why the Thunder God Torch Dog was targeted like this. The main reason was that the Thunder God Torch Dog had such a low EQ that it had nothing to do with him. However, the Thunder God Torch Kingdom had to step in, so who was targeted like this?
The pitiful Thor was still in silence. Even if he wanted to talk in the chat group, he couldn’t say anything. He was really angry.
I want to kill Tong Mo,” Then what good method is there?”
The crimson demon said,” Don’ t worry, leave it to me. When the time comes, I’ ll use my magic to cause some problems in the other party’s understanding. Let the other party treat us like them. There’s no need to worry so much about this.”
Ganwu sister:” If that’s the case, then what are you waiting for, gogogo!”
Xiao Bui couldn’t wait to see the others in the chat group. He had n’ t been in the chat group for a long time, and this time, he could meet the others.
Of course, the most important thing was to see Jupiter.
I want to become the Empress.” Then if there’s nothing to do, we’ ll be ready to set off. I’ ll count 123 and then everyone will set off together.”
I want to become the Empress:”3.”
I want to become the Empress:”2.”
I want to become the Empress:”1.”
In the next moment, everyone in the chat group chose to accept the mission. After that, a door appeared in front of them. After crossing the door, they felt that their eyes lit up and immediately appeared in the hall.
Zeus was the first to arrive.
After Zeus came out, Zeus looked at Zhang Sanfeng, who had the hair of a crane. He nodded slightly at Zhang Sanfeng and said,” Reverend Zhang.”
“I’ ve seen a Godking before.”
Zeus laughed bitterly when he heard Zhang Sanfeng’s words,” Don’ t tease me.”
Zhang Sanfeng laughed. Then, the doors around him opened. Butterfly endured in the Ghost Kill Team uniform, Si Gong Hui Ye in the school uniform of Xiu Zhi Yuan Academy, Xia He in the same school uniform, Xia He in the T-shirt and shorts, Da Gu in the Victory Team uniform, Riem in the female servant outfit, Yuan Bianzi in the OL outfit, Alika in the red dress, and Lin Qingqing in the casual dress.
Then there was a husky wearing a red cloak.
As soon as they met, everyone surrounded Zeus. Zeus’s eyes twitched, but he did n’ t refuse. He just smiled, but kept a certain distance from these women.
Zhang Sanfeng smiled as he looked at the girls. It was obvious that Zhang Sanfeng had thought of the time when he was young. If Zeus knew what Zhang Sanfeng was thinking about, then Zeus would definitely tell Zhang Sanfeng you, an old bachelor, that you don’t want this. Even if you like an old bachelor that Guo Xiang did n’ t dare to say, you still remember youth. Who gave you the courage.
One had to know that Zeus had almost reached the level of a hundred people.
All of them were first-class goddesses. However, Zeus had already begun to cultivate his body and nature. The red-powder skeletons were no longer able to make Zeus move.
When the girls in the chat group saw Jupiter’s appearance, they knew that Jupiter was somewhat resistant to this sort of thing. After that, they did not surround Jupiter with the enthusiasm from the beginning. Everyone displayed a rather reserved expression.
Zeus let out a sigh of relief. Otherwise, Zeus really didn’t know how to deal with these girls.
If they were too far away, it would obviously hurt the pride of these girls, but if they didn’t, Zeus would feel embarrassed. However, at least these girls were all ten percent clear about what was going on. It was n’ t difficult for Zeus to do it.
After seeing the group of girls calm down, Zhang Sanfeng also said,” Everyone, please take your seat first.”
After Zhang Sanfeng arranged the seats for everyone, everyone immediately began to explain some of the problems in this banquet.
“This time, my fifth disciple, Zhang Cuishan, came back from overseas to celebrate my life. However, after looking at the memories of the chat group, the old Daoist priest would rather that Cui Shan did not come back from overseas. This way, at least my disciple would not have anything to do.”
“Don’ t worry, Reverend Zhang. This time, I promise that your disciple won’ t have anything to do with him. After all, we have to live up to your trust.”
Zeus looked at Zhang Sanfeng with a smile. This person of Zhang Sanfeng was a lover of Zeus, so Zeus had to protect Zhang Sanfeng’s disciple. No one would dare to let Zeus lose face, and Zeus would let him lose his life.
Not to mention that this time, Zhang Sanfeng had brought them here to give Zeus the mission points. Therefore, neither Yu Gong nor Zeus would let Zhang Sanfeng’s disciple, Zhang Cuishan, have any problems.
With Zeus’ guarantee, Zhang Sanfeng naturally trusted him. After all, through the translation in the chat group, Zhang Sanfeng already knew that Zeus was the Heavenly Emperor of the myth. With Zeus’ help, Zhang Sanfeng believed that there should be no problem.*

50 A broken-spined dog dared to bark at him

The disciples of Zhang Sanfeng who walked in from outside couldn’t help but feel black lines on their foreheads as they watched the so-called best friends suddenly appear from their master.
When did his master know these people? Why did they become disciples? What was most important was that these people looked as if they were only in their teens. His master had not been in Wudang Mountain for many years. However, since his master said that he was a good friend, he must be a good friend. As long as they listened to his master, it would be good.
Song Yuanqiao looked at Zhang Sanfeng and said,” Does Master need to prepare guest rooms for these guests?”
After hearing Song Yuanqiao’s reminder, Zhang Sanfeng finally recalled the people in front of him and said,” Everyone, if there’s nothing to do, why don’ t you stay here for a few days so that I can do everything I can.”
After hearing Zhang Sanfeng’s words, the others shook their heads, especially Zeus.
“We don’t know how long it will take for us to return. If something goes wrong on my side, we’ ll be in trouble. I’ll leave first when things are over here. If other people are interested, they might as well stay here to visit for a few days. After all, it’s also a famous mountain of Taoism. The scenery naturally goes without saying, let alone this old immortal, Zhang Sanfeng.”
Hearing Zeus’ words, Zhang Sanfeng smiled and said to Zeus,” I don’ t dare to call myself a god in front of you.”
Zeus chuckled but did not say anything. He just looked at the others and said,” What’s your opinion.”
Everyone shook their heads. Clearly, the other girls in the chat group didn’t have much interest in this old man Zhang Sanfeng. The reason they came here was because they wanted to meet Zeus, not Zhang Sanfeng. Zhang Sanfeng had long expected these girls to shake their heads, so he was not disappointed.
“Long Bridge, have those people from all sects and clans come.”
A trace of killing intent flashed through Zhang Sanfeng’s eyes. Not only did he not make those martial artists respect Zhang Sanfeng in the past few decades, he even made those martial artists dare to force him into Wudang Mountain.
If Zhang Sanfeng wanted to threaten his disciple, Zhang Cuishan, to reveal the whereabouts of the Golden Lion King Xie Xun, it wouldn’t be good if it was Zhang Sanfeng’s temper a few decades ago.
However, even now, Zhang Sanfeng didn’t intend to let them off like this. If they dared to threaten their disciple to reveal the whereabouts of the Golden Lion King Xie Xun this time, Zhang Sanfeng would have to teach these people a good lesson to show them how to respect Senior Wulin.
Zhang Sanfeng’s disciples couldn’ t help but feel their bodies slightly stiff as they sensed the killing intent in their master’s heart. His master had not been angry for decades, but in the end, his master had produced a killing intent at this moment. Thinking of the recent rumors in the martial arts world, Song Yuanqiao could not help but understand who his master’s killing intent was targeting.
In his heart, he silently prayed for those Wulin people who were about to enter the Wudang Mountain. After that, Song Yuanqiao no longer cared about those matters.
In any case, it would be fine if his master was in charge of Wudang Mountain, Song Yuanqiao, and so on.
Song Yuanqiao didn’ t have much ambition and ambition. What he wanted to do was to pass on the Wudang Mountain and not let it fall in his hands.
After hearing his master’s question, Song Yuanqiao still replied,” Master, those people have already arrived at the foot of Wudang Mountain. If I’ m not mistaken, then those people should be about to reach the True Martial Hall.”
True Martial Hall was the hall where Zeus and the others were located.
“Go and receive those guests. Today, I want to see who dares to ask me about the whereabouts of the Golden Lion King Xie Xun in Wudang Mountain. None of them actually want to live. Then I will give them a trip.”
“It’s Master.”
Song Yuanqiao respectfully replied before leaving the Zhen Wu Hall to make arrangements.
At this moment, Zhang Sanfeng said to the others,” I’ ve made everyone laugh.”
“Reverend Zhang, this is your true nature. On the contrary, if you are forced to the doorstep by the other party, you will make us feel disappointed.”
Zhang Sanfeng laughed as he looked at Zeus.
“Speaking of which, I wonder if you’ ve discovered anything.”
Suddenly, Lin Qingqing spoke. Everyone could not help but look at Lin Qingqing. They did not know what Lin Qingqing was talking about.
“Sitting by Jupiter’s side, I felt as if my breathing could become stronger. I wonder if it was my illusion.”
Hearing Lin Qingqing’s words, the rest of the people couldn’ t help but be stunned. After that, Erica carefully felt it and nodded.” That’s right. If it wasn’ t for Lin Qingqing’s reminder, I wouldn’ t have noticed it. Just like that, the curse power in my body has become active. If I were to cultivate at this time, my cultivation speed must be ten times faster than before.”
Zeus was stunned for a moment. He scratched his head and said,” I still have this kind of function?”
Xia He looked at Jupiter and smiled.
“You really deserve to be the person I like.”
Xia He was about to approach Jupiter when he said that, but in the next moment, everyone’s eyes were fixed on Xia He.
His eyes revealed the intention of killing you if you dare to go further.
Although Xia He was unwilling to continue to approach Jupiter, he could only give up in the end.
“But when it comes to Jupiter, are you not affected by my ability?”
Hearing Xia He’s words, Lin Qingqing couldn’ t help but curled her lips and said,” The functions in the chat group can protect us from your innate abilities.”
Xia He said,” I’ ve never felt such a pity before. If only Jupiter could be affected by my innate energy.”
Hearing Xia He’s words, everyone revealed an expression of killing you.
Da Gu tried his best to hide his body so that he didn’ t seem to have any sense of existence.
On the other side, the husky thunder god Torch desperately barked.
However, everyone looked at Thunder God Torch and directly ignored him. A dog was barking at it.
Finally, Lin Qingqing couldn’t help but be upset by the call. She looked at Thor and smiled coldly.” A dog with a broken spine dares to bark.”*

51 Dagu felt like he was in a bad mood

“I’ m sorry. I couldn’ t hold back.”
Zeus coughed dryly and then looked at Lin Qingqing.” After all, everyone is a member of the chat group. It’s a bit too damaging to say such words.”
Zeus looked at Lin Qingqing and said.
Hearing this, Lin Qingqing smiled sweetly at Zeus. She looked at Zeus and said,” Alright, I understand.”
The other members of the chat group looked at Lin Qingqing with a hint of realization in their eyes.
Damn it.
The woman was truly too despicable to use such a method to talk to Jupiter.
The other members of the chat group also swept their eyes over Thunder God Torre and True Horn Ancient. Clearly, they were also planning to use this method to talk to Jupiter.
Dagu was shivering as he looked at the women in front of him. He was secretly muttering to himself. These women were really unscrupulous. The pitiful Thor had actually become their tool dog.
At the same time, he was praying in his heart that these people wouldn’t put their ideas on him. His dignified Di Jia Altman actually felt like he was fleeing in the face of these women. It was just too terrifying. Women were just too terrifying.
Zeus’ face was also somewhat embarrassed.
Thundergod Torre looked at Lin Qingqing, gritting his teeth as he rushed forward and fiercely bit at Lin Qingqing.
However, you sneered and hooked your finger at Thor.
“If you have the ability, bite me.”
The next moment, Thunder God Torre was enraged as expected and fiercely bit at Lin Qingqing.
Zeus looked at Thor with pity.
There was no medicine to save a fool. Thundergod Thor, this fool, forgot that members of the chat group could not harm each other.
Just as expected, when Thunder God Torch was about to bite Lin Qingqing, or perhaps Thunder God Torch had already bitten Lin Qingqing. However, nothing happened to Lin Qingqing when he was bitten. On the contrary, Thunder God Torch made a miserable bark.
The next moment, Thunder God Torch’s teeth were completely broken.
Lin Qingqing looked at Thor proudly.
Zeus sighed and picked up Thor.
“Members of the chat group can not harm each other. Remember this in the future.”
Zeus gently stroked Torr’s dog’s head.
Thundergod Torr gave a gentle bark. Zeus smiled and then put Thundergod Torr on the ground. Everyone looked at Thundergod Torr in astonishment.
Tore’s teeth, which had been completely broken, had now recovered.
Everyone looked at Zeus and took a deep breath. There was no doubt that Zeus had done it.
“It’s just a little time reversal.”
The corners of the group of people’s mouths twitched. This was called a little time reversal. Did you have any misunderstanding about time reversal? This was something that people could do?
No, he suddenly thought that this person in front of him was not a human, but a real god. Moreover, he would be a Godking in the future. The brief description in the chat group was the King of All Kings, the God of All Gods.
“Jupiter, aren’t you the god that grasped lightning?”How could time flow back?”
Lin Qingqing looked at Zeus and asked.
Hearing Lin Qingqing’s question, Zeus smiled and replied to Lin Qingqing,” My main understanding is the Laws of Lightning. The other laws are only because I was a Godking in my previous life and grasped the authority of a Godking. Moreover, the authority of a Godking also grasped all things in the universe, so I have a little understanding of other laws.”
The corners of everyone’s mouth twitched. So this was called the comprehension of fur?
Everyone no longer knew what they should say. If they didn’ t say anything like Jupiter in front of them, they would definitely suspect that the other party was acting pretentious.
But since Jupiter was speaking this sentence, it could only explain one thing. To Jupiter, this kind of thing was as simple as eating and drinking water. It was really awesome.
Jupiter didn’t need to be pretentious, so it must be an extremely simple matter for Jupiter.
Zeus coughed dryly and then said to Zhang Sanfeng,” Reverend Zhang is a hundred years old birthday today. I don’ t bring any gifts either. Just treat it as a gift for you.”
Zeus waved his hand and a sapling emerged from Zeus’ hands.
Zeus then tossed the sapling outside the main hall.
The next moment, the sapling grew at a speed visible to the naked eye. In just two or three minutes, a towering tree appeared.
“Cultivation under this tree should be able to achieve twice the result with half the effort. It should be considered as a cultivation accelerator.”
The corners of everyone’s mouth twitched.
It should be said that he was indeed worthy of being an 18-star high ranking boss. He casually attacked and directly killed everyone.
They had also prepared a birthday gift for Zhang San, but all of them were embarrassed to take it out.
Mu Bai sensed what they were thinking in their hearts and directly turned around to say,” A gift is not precious, but rather a gift.”
After hearing Zeus’ words, the others coughed dryly and took out their gifts.
Lin Qingqing took out a gift that was said to be an inner core of a five star demon beast.
The gift that Erica took out was a precious sword that cut iron like mud.
Four Palace Hui Ye took out a 100-year-old ginseng.
Yuan Zhou gave her a memory.
The gift that Butterfly endured was some ordinary medicine.
Rem took out the meat of some magical beasts.
Some tea leaves were buried in the ground.
Xia He simply took out a cultivation technique.
Thundergod Torr just put a bone in his mouth before Zhang Sanfeng.
Dagu was dumbfounded as he looked at the other members of the chat group.
It was obvious that everyone had suddenly decided to come over. Why did all of you prepare gifts? What the f*ck, could you still be a member of the chat group? It would be difficult for me to deal with your appearance.
When he thought of what he had not prepared for, Da Gu immediately felt that he was not well.
“Why did all of you actually prepare your gifts? It was only a temporary decision to come, but in the end, all of you had already prepared your gifts.”*

52 Life is not as good as dog series

Hearing True Horn Da Gu’s question, everyone looked at Da Gu with disdain.
“Isn’ t this a matter of course?”We’ ve already prepared ourselves after we heard of Zhenren Zhang’s birthday. Even if we didn’ t come to this world, we would still give our congratulatory gifts to Zhenren Zhang through the red envelope of the chat group.”
Si Gong Hui Ye’s words made Da Gu feel like his head was about to fall to the ground. He was really stupid. How could he not have imagined that if he had thought of it earlier, he would not have come here without any preparations.
Dagu looked at Zhang Sanfeng in front of him and said,” I’m sorry that I did n’ t bring anything here this time. I’ll make it up when I get back.”
After hearing Da Gu’s words, Zhang Sanfeng shook his head.
“Little brother Jupiter had already said that the gift was valuable. The most important thing was a gift. The old Daoist had already received a gift. This gift was not worth it.”
“This won’ t do. I’ ll immediately fill it when I get back.”
Dagu was also stubborn.
Seeing this, Zhang Sanfeng did not say anything else.
Zeus suddenly realized that there was something on his feet looking at him. He lowered his head to see that Thor was rubbing against his pants.
Zeus wasn’t wearing a white robe like the other Greek gods. He was wearing modern clothing.
Seeing that Torre was dawdling on his pants, Zeus quickly picked up the child.
“Awoo, awoo.”
The women in the chat group looked at the dog that Zeus held in his arms. Suddenly, they felt that their life was not as happy as a dog. They wanted to be held in Jupiter’s arms.
In the end, it was only natural envy and hatred. Looking at the dog that Zeus held in his arms, the corners of their mouths curled up, and a trace of cold laughter hung out.
Thor, right? Who gave you the courage to steal Jupiter from us?If he wanted to die, he would help you.
The group of people had already sentenced Thor to death.
Thundergod Torre looked up from Zeus’ arms as if he had sensed the envy and hatred of those women. After that, he looked at those women with provocative eyes.
Of course, in the eyes of those girls, this provocation was definitely a provocation.
Just at this moment, there was a sudden commotion outside. Zeus and the others knew that this was probably the arrival of those martial arts elites.
Thinking of those so-called official martial artists, Zeus and the others slowly revealed a cold smile on their faces. They had already seen the records of the Heaven-reliant Dragon Slayer. They really did not have any good feelings towards these so-called official martial artists.
“Actually, I’m quite curious about why Reverend Zhang did n’ t kill all of these people in the original plot. With Reverend Zhang’s strength, there should be no problem if he wants to do this. However, in the original plot, Reverend Zhang actually asked them to leave. I ca n’ t understand this.”
Yuan Bianzi asked Zhang Sanfeng in confusion. In Yi Tian Tu Long’s memory, there was no doubt that Zhang Sanfeng was the number one in the world. However, the number one in the world was forced into his own house and forced his disciple to death. In the end, this number one in the world actually did not help his disciple take revenge. Instead, he allowed those who forced his disciple to die to leave.
To Yuan Tongzi, this was very unusual.
“Because of his concern and concern, Reverend Zhang can not take action.”
Zeus spoke. Zeus understood what Zhang Sanfeng was thinking. If it was him, he would be different.
“If you think about it, if Reverend Zhang killed all of them, then how would the martial arts community evaluate Reverend Zhang and Wudang Sect? If it was just Reverend Zhang himself, I think Reverend Zhang would not care about it. However, Reverend Zhang and Wudang Sect, as well as other disciples and grandchildren, Reverend Zhang doesn’t want them to have a bad reputation.”
Zhang Sanfeng also smiled bitterly and then nodded.” If it’s just the old Daoist, then it doesn’ t matter if the old Daoist is willing to cut himself into pieces. After living for more than a hundred years, his reputation has long been ignored. However, this Wudang still has many disciples and disciples. The old Daoist can’ t make them become the devil that everyone in the Jianghu calls. The old Daoist can only let down my five disciples.”
Everyone understood when they heard this, but there were still people who couldn’ t understand.
For example, Yuan Bianzi.
Was that thing like fame useful?As long as you have sufficient strength, then everything is not up to you.
However, even though he had doubts in his heart, he did not give Xuan Zhi the question.
After all, it was different from the others in the chat group. Yuan Tongzi was a real villain. Even if she was finally purged, it would not change the fact that she was a villain.
If she cared about something like fame, then she wouldn’t sell it in the wind anymore. After all, it was a matter of being scolded by someone.
But she did it without any hesitation.
Although she had already changed after joining the chat group, some things in her mind still needed time to change.
“Let’s first avoid it. If these so-called martial artists really want to threaten Reverend Zhang at that time, it will be our time to attack.”
Zhang Sanfeng looked at Zeus with a hint of gratitude. In the end, the world of martial arts was focused on the famous master. Those people in the martial arts forest did not threaten or even threaten Zhang Sanfeng before Zhang Sanfeng attacked them. It was almost as if they were completely self-defeated. At that time, the reputation of Wudang was about to plummet.
People outside would say that we had come to celebrate your birthday with good intentions, but what happened to you?
On the contrary, if they wanted to threaten Zhang Sanfeng and ask Zhang Cuishan to reveal the whereabouts of the Golden Lion King Xie Xun, then Zeus and the others would have a good reason to take action. It was because you did not give him face first.
“Qingfeng, bring a few honored guests to rest first.”
Zhang Sanfeng shouted to the daoist guard outside the door.
“Yes, Ancestral Master.”
Zeus glanced at the others and said,” Let’s give the place to those who will die first.”
Everyone could not help but laugh when they heard Zeus’ words, but no one showed any pity.*

53 The luck and misfortune of the golden human

In the side hall next door, Zeus looked at the people in the martial arts forest outside with a hint of disdain and disgust in his eyes. These so-called righteous people were at best people who sought fame and fortune.
“That’s why gods can’ t like this kind of human at all. Unfortunately, those golden humans from back then, since the golden humans, the humans have been inferior to each other. In the end, the gods directly gave up on those humans.”
The voices of Zeus, who was standing outside, were heard by everyone.
“Jupiter, what did you mean by a golden human?”
“You must have heard of the Olympus myth, right? Then you should know of those golden humans that were destroyed by the 2nd generation King Cronos.”
“Golden Human?”
Rem didn’t know anything about it. Clearly, Rem did n’ t know about Olympus’ mythology. However, it was a matter of course. How could the other world where Rem was located have Olympus’ mythology?
“In the mythology of Olympus, there was the era of gods, followed by the era of humans, the so-called gods that created humans. According to the relationship between gods and humans, the era of humans was divided into five.”
“The first era is the golden era. This era is the era ruled by the second generation of God King Cronos. In this era, golden humans lived carefreely with God’s happiness and obeyed God’s orders piously. They have all the advantages and advantages of human beings. Moreover, because of abundant food and no need to work, there is no need to worry about disease and death. The life of the golden era is extremely long, almost as old as human beings. It is almost different from the gods.”
Erica’s words aroused the envy of the others, especially the burial of the earth.
“The humans of the Golden Age are really good. If I were able to appear in the Golden Age, then I would not be old and die. Moreover, even if I didn’ t need to cultivate, I would still be ten points stronger.”
The words buried in the earth caused the friendly laughter of others. It was clear that they did not have any intention to laugh at the question of buried in the earth, and even their hearts did not have the same thoughts as buried in the earth.
“However, in reality, the humans of the golden age were not lucky because the ruler of the golden age was the second-generation God King Cronos. The second-generation God King Cronos was an extremely cruel god.”
Erica looked at Zeus to the side. She seemed to be asking Zeus if he could continue.
“Let’s continue. I want to know what the Olympian myth is like in other worlds.”
“Since that’s the case, I’ ll continue.”
Erica smiled at Zeus and continued,” The 2nd God King, Cronos, is an extremely brutal ruler. Under the rule of the 2nd God King, even the gods of Olympus trembled under the terrifying rule of the God King, Cronos.”
“The death of humans in the golden age was the product of the second-generation Godking Cronos’ drunkenness.”
“Second-generation Godking Cronos’ product after being drunk?”What do you mean.”
The group of people didn’t understand. After all, not everyone was like Erica, memorizing all the Olympian myths in their minds.
“After getting drunk, the second-generation God King Cronos used the legendary god artifact that overturned the first-generation God King Uranos to cut the land that originally belonged to a continent into seven pieces.”
“Could this be the reason for the seven continents.”
Big Ancient complained.
After that, Da Gu had never thought that his casual remark would be approved by Zeus.
“That’s right. The so-called seven continents were actually things that Godking Kronos did after he was drunk. He used Gaia to cut the divine artifact scythe made from the deepest black stone to the ground and cut the original piece of land into seven pieces. Thus, it formed the so-called seven continents.”
“But right now, there are five continents and four oceans?”How could there be seven continents.”
“Actually, in the past, there were seven continents. It wasn’t just North America, South America, and Antarctica. Instead, there were seven continents. The last two continents sank into the ocean.”
“You should know that one of the continents is called Atlantis.”
“It’s that legendary super ancient civilization Atlantis?”
“But what does this have to do with those golden humans?”
“Rem didn’t understand. There were also some who could n’ t understand.”
“Actually, it’s very simple.”
“Those golden humans caused huge floods and other disasters when Chronos cut the earth. Those floods and natural disasters destroyed those golden humans.”
“In other words, all the golden humans were just those golden humans who accidentally cut a whole continent into seven pieces because of the great flood and disaster caused by the moving plates.”
All of a sudden, everyone felt that those golden humans seemed to be unlucky. It was just because of Chronos…He was drunk and then destroyed.
“Jupiter, is there anything wrong with what I said?”
“In terms of the system, I’ m not wrong. However, one thing you’ re wrong about is that the golden humans weren’ t completely wiped out. At least in my world, the golden humans weren’ t completely wiped out.”
“What’s going on?”
“I gave the ocean god Oke Anos and the other gods that protected the golden humans some small suggestions, such as building a place for those golden humans where Cronos could not find the hiding place of these golden humans. And guess where this hiding place is.”
“Couldn’t be…”Atlantis.”
Butterfly looked at Zeus in shock.
“That’s right. I proposed to Ocean God Orion to build a city where golden humans live in the ocean, and I named this city Atlantis.”
“However, in the end, there are not many golden humans. Moreover, the most important thing is that it is too difficult for golden humans to be born. Their numbers can not be recovered at all. There may not be a new single life in hundreds of years.”*

54 Kiss, what do you do?

“This is very normal. If those golden humans reproduce quickly, then I believe that the world will soon be occupied by these golden humans.”
“Didn’ t it mean that those golden humans didn’ t die?”How could there be dead people? I can’ t understand.”
“What the Immortal didn’ t die for was that he wouldn’ t die if he wasn’ t killed. If a person was killed, he would die. This will never change. If he didn’ t, he wouldn’ t be a person. The only person who won’ t die is God.”
Zeus answered the question.
“Speaking of which, I have some curiosity.”
“In the myth of Olympus, after the humans of the golden age, the humans of the silver age were created…”
Erica looked at Zeus.
“That’s why other than those golden humans, I hate the rest of the human race. All the gods can see is the evil of the human race forever, not the kind side of the human race.”
A trace of unsightly expression flashed across Zeus’ face. He then explained to the others,” From the second generation of silver-colored humans, these humans no longer obey God’s orders. They are strong but lack reason. Their childhood has lasted for a hundred years, but their adulthood is very short and they quarrel endlessly. These humans are like irrational beasts. For this reason, I will destroy all of these individuals and turn them into spirits that are forever floating in the underworld.”
After that,” were the third bronze age humans. The humans of this age were even more disrespectful towards gods. They were passionate about war, blood and slaughter, death and war. This was their eternal theme. They enjoyed the feeling of tearing apart the strong bodies of the enemy, and they enjoyed the pleasure of pouring the blood of the enemy on themselves. That was why the bronze age humans suffered from our disgust. We destroyed these bronze age humans and locked their souls into hell,The reason why the humans of this era were named bronze was because the tools and weapons they produced and even the houses were made of bronze.”
“After that, it was the fourth era of heroism. This era was much better than before. Humans in this era learned the lessons of humans in the previous era and began to learn courage and justice, justice and kindness. Moreover, the gods would also combine with beautiful women or handsome men in this era to give birth to demigods. Therefore, humans in one era were closer to the golden era. Therefore, it was called the era of heroism. The famous Trojan War in Olympus myth belonged to this era. This era also had many heroes who shone their own light in history.”
“I know that I know that there are many heroes in this era, such as Hercules, Persis, Achilles, Odysseus, Yin Song, Hippolyte, Theseus, and so on.”
He raised his hand excitedly.
Zeus nodded.
“But the era of heroes has its limits. You should understand that to become a hero, you have to experience things that ordinary people can’ t do. War, revenge, and so on are often the opportunity for heroes to be born. In the end, the gods have ended the era of heroes.”
“And then, the last era, the last humans created by the gods. The humans of the Black Iron era are the so-called humans of your era.”
“As for a human called the Black Iron Age, it was completely abandoned by the gods. In other words, the gods had abandoned all humans. After experiencing the Silver Age, the Bronze Age, the Hero Age, and the last Black Iron Age, the gods found it impossible to create a human that could rival the humans of the Golden Age. Therefore, the gods abandoned humans.”
“The reason why the gods gave up on humans was because of the greed that humans would never be satisfied with.”
“Then, Jupiter, are you treating us?..”
Lin Qingqing looked nervously at Zeus.
“In the past, I hated humans, but I didn’t come back after I was reborn. Humans were still shining, and the gods were n’ t much different than those individuals. Just look at me. It’s like an incarnation of lust. I’ m never satisfied. You might as well tell me that Olympus’s slightly beautiful goddess had a relationship with me before I was reborn in my previous life. Although some of them were just love affairs, even so, there were nearly a hundred of my official wives and lovers.”
Zeus laughed at himself.
“It’s truly unimaginable.”
Yuan Zhou looked at Zeus in front of him and said that he could not imagine it.
“You all think that the current me must be against the one I mentioned, right? Actually, even I myself don’ t understand why I did that in my previous life.”
“No, Jupiter, you misunderstood me. What I want to say is, since Jupiter is like this, why do you have to restrain yourself?”Even if it’s just your love, I’ m willing. Are you willing to give me a chance?”
“Grass (a plant).”
Everyone couldn’ t help but curse in their hearts. Yuan Tongzi was truly shameless. He actually wanted to do so openly…
“Jupiter, actually, I think there should be no problem with me being your lover.”
Xia He also cheered.
Zeus looked at the people in front of him with a straight face and said,” I, Zeus, keep yourself clean.”
“Was just a normal physiological requirement, right? We were all grown men and women, so…”
As he spoke, Xia He moved closer to Zeus.
“You damned woman, leave Jupiter for me. Stay away from Jupiter.”
Riem took out the Meteor Hammer, and Erica took out her love sword, Reinhardt. Butterfly smiled and pulled out the Solar Blade on her waist.
The corners of his mouth twitched wildly. These dead women, all of you, stay away from me. Don’ t let me go.
“All of you, calm down.”
Zeus roared.
All of a sudden, the entire side hall was silent. Everyone was as if a primary school student had been scolded by his teacher. They lowered their heads and did not dare to speak.
“What do you want now?Were they trying to tear this place apart?”I don’ t care what you’ re thinking, but I have to tell you that I won’ t fall in love with any woman anymore.”
“It doesn’ t matter. We don’ t need Jupiter to fall in love with us. As long as you fall in love with us, that’s enough.”
Zeus’s eyes twitched wildly. What were these women doing?*