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Chapter 1: One Key Cultivation Space!

“Host, after testing, your body’s level is the weakest.”
“Host, after testing it, your cultivation talent level is also the weakest.”
“Host, after testing it, you haven’ t practiced any cultivation techniques.”
“Host, after testing, you are currently useless trash.”
“Can you stop reminding me?!”
This was a simple conversation between Su Xiaobai and the system that had just activated.
Su Xiao Bai.
Earth Human Clan.
Ten minutes ago, he had traveled through a world that was exactly the same as Earth, but in reality, it had changed greatly.
In this world, ferocious beasts and mutated monsters were rampant.
In order to survive, humans set foot on the path of martial practitioners. They set up huge walls, as well as defensive lightning barriers, forming a human base, isolating the mutated beasts from the outside.
Ferocious beasts have different grades, and martial artists have different strengths and weaknesses.
A powerful martial artist could fly into the sky and escape the earth, move mountains and fill the sea. He could turn into a human-shaped nuclear bomb, and with a flick of his finger, he could create a scene of landslides and earth shattering!
As a result, in this world, the strength of martial practitioners was paramount.
With strength, you can obtain privileges that ordinary people can not enjoy!
With strength, you could be favored by countless beauties!
With strength, you could easily obtain countless wealth of glory!
Su Xiaobai, who realized this, was very excited.
Although he had transmigrated from a harmonious society.
Although his body didn’ t have any spiritual energy fluctuations, he was a waste of wood.
Although the cultivation talent was trash into the dust, trash could not be trash anymore.
But he had a system!
That beautiful “System is activating…” made Su Xiao Bai’s entire body become excited. He almost roared towards the sky!
However, after the system activated, he actually told him that the first function of the system needed money to activate!
Moreover, it required 100,000 spirit coins!
“100,000 Spirit coins……”Why don’ t you just kill me and travel again!”
Su Xiao Bai’s face was filled with despair.
If he were a martial artist,100,000 spirit coins could be saved within a few years……After all, martial artists had the strength to obtain much more rewards than ordinary people. There were more than a thousand spirit coins each month and three to four thousand more.
The strength of key martial artists could be increased, and their income would also increase.
However, he was just a waste!
No background, no strength, no talent, and a poor stroke……If he were to go out to work, with an average person earning less than a hundred spirit coins a month, how many years and months would he have to save?
“Can’ t the system accept credit?”
Su Xiao Bai did not give up.
“Host, have you ever heard of a credit with the system?”
The system said in an innocent and cute tone.
“Then you activate it for a reason!”
Su Xiao Bai rolled his eyes.
At this moment, a clear and human voice sounded from outside the room.
Su Xiao Bai raised his head and pushed open the door. A cute little beauty who was about fifteen or sixteen years old and had a ponytail walked in. Her skin was white and beautiful, and her eyes flickered.
“Brother, you’ re awake!”
The little beauty gave a brilliant smile, as if all things were revived, as if she was bathed in the spring breeze.
Su Xiao Bai was momentarily distracted, but soon, he was awakened by the memories in his head.
Su Ling’ er.
Su Xiao Bai’s sister.
At the same time, she also had another identity, Su Xiao Bai’s child’s daughter-in-law!
Su Xiaobai was an only child, and her parents were ordinary people. A few years ago, when vicious beasts invaded, Su Ling’ er’s parents died from a disaster. In order for her son to find a wife in the future, her parents adopted a girl from her orphans, named Su Ling’ er.
As a result, when she was young, her parents treated Su Ling’ er as their daughter-in-law. As a child, Su Ling’ er also knew that her future husband was Su Xiao Bai, always treating Su Xiaobai as her future lover.
“Alright, let’s not talk about my trash and trash. I also have a wife!”
“Although this wife is extremely beautiful, this burden is quite heavy!”
Su Xiao Bai had a helpless expression.
“Brother, are you hungry? Do you want to eat something?”
Su Ling’ er said cleverly,” Today, I worked for the fat aunt next door and earned five spirit coins!Brother, don’t you like beef noodles the most?”Let’s go eat beef noodles!”
Hearing Su Ling’ er’s words, Su Xiao Bai deeply sighed.
Su Xiao Bai was currently 17 years old, still a student.
Ever since her parents unexpectedly died, it was Su Ling’ er who worked outside to earn money to support Su Xiao Bai.
If he was lucky, he would be able to earn five spirit coins a day.
When his luck was bad, he did not earn a single cent a day.
“That…”Ling’ er, does our family have any savings?”
Su Xiao Bai probed.
Su Ling’ er nodded.
“How many?”
Su Ling’ er said obediently.
“When did our family have so much money?!”
Su Xiao Bai suddenly jumped up from the bed, his face full of shock.
How did he not know that his family was so rich?!
100,000 Spirit coins, he could buy a house outside Base 18!
“It was Mom and Dad who paid for the accident.”
Su Ling’ er’s tone was a bit sad,” Mom asked me to secretly take it, not letting me tell you, saying that when you get into college, use this money as your college tuition.”
The tuition fees of universities in this era were extremely expensive!
Just like studying abroad in that era, the tuition fees alone cost twenty to thirty thousand spirit coins each year. Ordinary people simply could not afford it!
“I still don’ t know!”
Su Xiao Bai was speechless.
However, they did not blame their parents. This was the money they had exchanged for their lives.
Presumably, his parents were also worried that after Su Xiao Bai knew about this matter, he would spend a lot of money. If he didn’ t use it a few times, then naturally, he wouldn’ t be able to go to university either…This wasn’ t the case. Their concealment was right. Right now, it was time for them to set up a grand scheme!
“Quick, quick, quick. Ling’ er, give me all the money!”
Su Xiao Bai hurriedly said.
Su Ling’ er listened to Su Xiao Bai’s words. She hurriedly pulled out a box from her room’s bed, then took out a box from the pile of clothes, and then took out a bank card from the box.
“100,000 Spirit coins ……”
Su Xiao Bai was holding a bank card, his hands trembling.
“Brother, this money is for you to go to college. You can’ t spend it carelessly.”
Su Ling’ er reminded him.
“How could he spend it carelessly?”
“Right now, I want to spend it in the most meaningful place!”
Su Xiao Bai’s eyes shone brightly.
“Ding!The system has detected that the host has money!”
“Dear host, did you use 100,000 spirit coins to activate the first system function?”
The system’s voice rang out.
Ke ke.
When they had no money, they didn’ t see you shouting “Dear “!
Su Xiao Bai inwardly cursed.
But he still chose “agree “.
“System, you have to give me some good functions!”
“I don’t want to dominate the starry sky or anything, but at least I can reach the peak of my life, right?”
Su Xiao Bai prayed in his heart.
Right now, he was completely exhausted.
If the system didn’ t give it any strength, he and Su Ling’ er probably wouldn’ t even be able to afford to eat!
“Congratulations host, unlock the’ One Key Cultivation Space’!”*

In the second chapter, he broke through while playing!

“One key cultivation space?”
Su Xiao Bai was stunned.
Soon, a message appeared in his mind——
[One Key Training Space]: After activation, the host could train automatically every minute in the space. It would run every minute for a small week, every hour for a large week, and every 24 hours for a breakthrough. It would cycle back and forth!
At the same time, there was a personal message about Su Xiaobai.
Human: Su Xiao Bai
Level: None
Strength level: None
Endurance Level: None
Agility Level: None
Cultivation talent: Minimum
Mastering techniques: None
System function activated: One Key Training Space (Level 1)
“One minute to run a small week, one hour to run a large week, and once every 24 hours?”
“Fu Ri……”Isn’ t this cultivation speed comparable to a middle grade talent?”
Cultivation aptitude points [minimum grade ][ low grade ][ first grade ][ middle grade ][ high grade ][ top grade ]……It was said that there were even more powerful cultivation talents, but he didn’ t know exactly what it was.
The cultivation aptitude determined the final level of achievement of a practitioner.
The lowest level. Undoubtedly, the lowest level ordinary person.
Low level: There was a chance to become a prospective fighter, there was also a chance to become a true fighter, but this kind of chance was similar to winning the lottery.
Elementary: One hundred percent to become a martial artist. If one had the chance to become a [Martial Artist].
Medium: One hundred percent to become a Martial Artist. If you have a chance to become a [Martial General]
Advanced: One hundred percent to become a Martial General, one who has the chance to become a [Martial Commander], or even more awesome [Martial King]
As for top talent, Su Xiao Bai had heard of it. However, they were all people who stood at the top of the human race. Their achievements were not only Martial Kings, but also Martial Emperors, as well as legendary Martial Gods!
Now, one key of cultivation space was activated. Each minute, it would run for a small week, and one hour, it would run for a large week……It was almost as fast as a medium cultivation talent!
Not only that, he was operating every single moment in 24 hours, which meant that he could even increase his cultivation by lying down!
For ordinary martial artists, it was amazing to be able to practice for three to four hours a day.
He had been cultivating for 24 hours, absorbing spiritual energy to level up!
In terms of cultivation efficiency, he was faster than those martial artists with medium cultivation talent!
Plus, with a 24-hour automatic breakthrough, it meant that Su Xiao Bai didn’ t need to bother with all sorts of preparations to make a breakthrough. All of it was left to the system to deal with!
It was simply extremely beautiful!
“One Key Training Space has been activated!”
Suddenly, as the system’s notification sounded out, Su Xiaobai’s consciousness jumped into the air and suddenly arrived in an empty space.
There was a figure sitting cross-legged in the void space…From the outline, it was shockingly Su Xiao Bai!
Within the shadow, there were countless meridians and a spiritual energy vortex in his dantian. A faint spiritual energy was circulating within it…It directly absorbed the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, and then continued to cultivate for 24 hours!
“Host, according to your current cultivation speed, within three days, you will have a certain chance of reaching the level of a prospective practitioner!”
The system’s voice filled the entire space.
Three days!
One had to know that a human with the lowest level of talent, let alone three days, might not be able to reach the level of a prospective practitioner in his entire life!
To be able to become a prospective practitioner in just three days, wouldn’ t it be possible to become a practitioner in a short period of time?!
Once he became a martial artist, his fate would be completely reversed…At the very least, it was no longer a problem to escape from the current predicament!
“By the way, what was level 1 behind this one-touch cultivation space?”Could it be that this thing can still be upgraded?”Su Xiao Bai asked curiously.
“Yes, host!”
The system replied,” One-click cultivation space can be upgraded by consuming money. Level 2 requires 200,000 spirit coins. After upgrading, you can increase the space flow rate!”The internal time has passed by two days, and the outside world has only passed by one day!”
When Su Xiao Bai heard this, a brilliant glint immediately appeared in his eyes.
This explanation did not mean that his cultivation speed had doubled after he had upgraded his cultivation space to level 2?
“What about level 3?”Su Xiao Bai impatiently asked.
“Level 3 requires 400,000 spirit coins. The internal time has passed four days, while the external time has passed one day!”
“Level 4 requires 800,000 spirit coins. The internal time has passed eight days, while the external time has passed one day!”
“Level 5……”
The system listed all the levels.
The rules were very simple.
The consumption of money increased by two times, and the flow of time increased by two times!
“F*ck…”It’s developed!”
Su Xiao Bai was ecstatic.
If he continued at this speed, how terrifying would his cultivation speed be in the future?
What kind of cultivation talent could be completely ignored. His cultivation speed would be hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of times that of other geniuses!
“Dear host, I’ ve also prepared a’ One Key Automatic Cultivation Space’ for you. You only need 200,000 spirit coins to unlock it!”
One-click automatic training?
Not only was he able to level up with one key, he was also able to train automatically with one key. This was a great pleasure!
But this was the 200,000 unlocking fee……
“Mader, in order to be able to train automatically with one key, you must make money!”
Su Xiao Bai gritted his teeth.
Right now, he didn’ t have the strength, but in a few days, he would have the strength.
Once he had the strength, he would be able to go out to hunt beasts and exchange their corpses for money……In exchange for money, he would be able to unlock new functions or upgrade his cultivation speed…
As a result, his Snowball continued to roll down. Sooner or later, he would be able to become the pinnacle existence of the entire human race with his lowest cultivation talent!
Following Su Ling’ er’s shout, Su Xiaobai’s consciousness jumped, returning to reality.
A white jade hand swayed in front of him.
“Brother, what happened to you?”
Su Ling’ er asked worriedly.
“Ling’ er, I’ m going to become stronger!”
Su Xiao Bai, who was still in a state of excitement, went up and fiercely kissed Su Ling’ er.
Brother “……”
Su Ling’ er pouted, and her little face immediately turned red.
“Spiritual energy, so much spiritual energy!”
Su Xiao Bai took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He could already clearly sense that a large amount of spiritual energy was pouring into his body!
One had to know that at the very least, one would not be able to spend an hour in meditation to absorb so much spiritual energy…But now, one minute was a small day, and one hour was a large day. One could imagine the amount of spiritual energy absorbed!
When the spiritual energy entered his body, it felt exceptionally wonderful!
“Ling’ er, let’s go!”Let’s eat beef noodles!”
In the past, a bowl of Beef Noodles was a luxury item. He didn’ t dare to eat it casually, but now it didn’ t matter anymore……He, who was about to become a prospective fighter, or even a fighter, or even an even more powerful martial artist, a martial general, or a martial general, was nothing compared to a mere bowl of beef noodles?
Three days passed quietly.
In these three days, Su Xiao Bai didn’ t do anything every day, eating, drinking, and playing…He also didn’ t let Su Ling’ er go out to work, instead playing with him at home.
Brother “……We’ ve been playing for three days, and we’ ve run out of money ……”
Su Ling’ er couldn’ t help but speak.
“Ling’ er, don’ t worry. I’ ll be able to make money soon!”
Su Xiao Bai smiled and touched Su Ling’ er’s little head.
Ordinary people earned money, only two or three spirit coins for a single day. If they were lucky, they would be able to obtain five spirit coins just like Su Ling’ er before.
However, if it was a prospective martial practitioner, it would be different. It would not be a problem to ease up on a few dozen spirit coins a day!
At this moment, within the cultivation space, it happened to be a great day——
Following a clear sound, a formless aura suddenly spread out from Su Xiao Bai’s body!*

Chapter 3 What?He broke through again?

“It’s done!”
Su Xiao Bai’s eyes shone brightly.
He had finally crossed the level of an ordinary person and become a prospective practitioner…At this moment, Su Xiaobai could already be called a Half Martial Warrior!
Brother “, you ——”
Su Ling’ er’s beautiful eyes lit up.
“How was it?”I didn’ t lie to you, right?”
Su Xiao Bai smiled proudly.
“But brother, I didn’ t even see you cultivate. Why did you suddenly break through?”
Su Ling’ er blinked her large eyes and asked curiously.
“Do you still need to say this?”Your brother’s talent is extraordinary. He can break through without training!”
“Prospective martial practitioners are just the beginning. In the future, I will become a martial practitioner, a martial master, a martial general, and even a martial general!”
“By that time, you will be Madam Wu Shuai!”
Su Xiao Bai’s words caused Su Ling’ er’s little face to turn red again.
“From today on, you should obediently stay at home and let me make money!”
“In the past, it was you who was supporting it. This time, it should be me!”
Su Xiao Bai smiled and rubbed Su Ling’ er’s head.
“En!In Ling’ er’s heart, brother is the most powerful!”
Su Ling’ er’s small face revealed a sincere and happy smile.
Su Xiao Bai casually threw a few punches.
The wind of the fist fluttered!
Su Xiao Bai tested the strength of a prospective fighter.
He had just made a breakthrough, and he was only a beginner prospective practitioner.
He had to cross the intermediate level and the advanced level to reach the level of a true practitioner.
However, even if it was just a preliminary prospective martial practitioner, Su Xiaobai had the power to casually kill a cow!
If it were an ordinary person, he wouldn’ t even be able to withstand a single punch!
Not only that, but after becoming a prospective martial artist, his speed of absorbing spiritual energy also increased slightly.
“As expected of a world where strength is respected!”
Su Xiao Bai clicked his tongue and sighed.
He had already sensed the difference in strength between himself and ordinary people…They were not on the same level at all!
To ordinary people, Su Xiao Bai was now a little superman!
He looked at his current state.
Human: Su Xiao Bai
Level: Beginner Prospective Warrior
Strength Level: Beginner Prospective Warrior
Endurance Level: Beginner Prospective Warrior
Agility Level: Beginner Prospective Warrior
Cultivation talent: Minimum
Mastering techniques: None
System function activated: One Key Training Space (Level 1)
“As expected, it has improved completely!”
“It just so happens that once you become a prospective practitioner, it’s time to go and receive a wave of money!”
Every month, the base would provide a certain amount of subsidy to the fighters.
The higher the level, the more subsidies.
Su Xiao Bai, a beginner prospective martial artist, didn’ t do anything every month. Just the subsidy alone would receive 100 spirit coins……It was far better than a normal person to earn it after being exhausted to death!
“Yo!Isn’ t this Little White? You…”Heavens, you’ ve become a quasi practitioner?”
“Aiyo!”There’s actually a prospective practitioner in our neighborhood!”
As soon as Su Xiao Bai walked out, the spiritual energy fluctuations on her body caused the neighbors’ faces to reveal shocked expressions.
In terms of proportion, the entire number 18 human base had a total population of nearly 5 million, and the number of prospective martial practitioners was one percent. The number of people was not small……However, the appearance of prospective martial practitioners in this type of slum where ordinary people lived was still so young. That was a big news, and it was naturally worthy of shock!
“It’s just luck!”
Su Xiao Bai smiled.
Sure enough, with strength, just leaving a door would be different!
Base 18’s fighter hall.
When they arrived at the martial artist’s hall, Su Xiao Bai completely disappeared.
This place was filled with prospective martial practitioners and martial practitioners. Occasionally, they would see martial practitioners walking around……Martial generals and above were the rare figures here!
“This is my identity card. I’ ll get the subsidy!”
Su Xiao Bai placed the identity card on the counter.
“Yi?Su Xiao Bai?”He’s actually promoted to a prospective martial practitioner?”
In another corner of the martial artist’s hall, a person who was shopping for weapons frowned when he saw Su Xiao Bai.
Zhang Hengxing.
He was one of the few prospective candidates among Su Xiao Bai’s classmates.
He had already revealed his initial cultivation talent. It took him two to three months to finally break through to become a prospective martial artist after spending a large amount of time with his family’s cultivation resources.
However, he never thought that Su Xiao Bai would actually become a quasi-fighter!
Before the school holidays, Su Xiao Bai was still an ordinary person.
After only a month of vacation, Su Xiao Bai became a prospective martial practitioner……Obviously, his advancement speed was even faster than him!
“Had never heard of any clan backing Su Xiao Bai. Could it be…”Is his cultivation talent even higher than mine?”
Zhang Hengxing’s eyes flickered.
In the same class, they were both classmates and competitors.
Su Xiao Bai’s promotion attracted Zhang Hengxing’s attention.
However, he did not speak too loudly.
He had been watching Su Xiao Bai from the side until Su Xiao Bai left the martial practitioner hall.
“Let’s see who’s even higher after school starts!”
Zhang Hengxing retracted his gaze and placed it back on the weapon selection.
When they returned home with a full 100 spirit coins, Su Xiaobai and Su Ling’ er were especially excited.
“Brother, why don’t you go and buy some cultivation resources?”
“Now that you’ ve become a true martial artist, you have to save some money!”
Su Ling’ er knew that ancient martial art practitioners used up a lot of money.
Training resources required money.
He needed money to purchase a cultivation technique.
Buying weapons required money.
The base paid 100 spirit soldiers per month, which was the reason why they had specially bought cultivation resources for prospective martial practitioners……If he was lucky, he might be able to train a martial artist?
“Ling’ er, don’ t worry. To me, cultivation resources have long been useless!”
“We have money right now, just care about the flowers!”
Su Xiao Bai said boldly.
With a key of cultivation space, whether he was sitting, standing, or lying, he could cultivate automatically. How could he cultivate?
What cultivation resources were useless, unless there was enough money to upgrade the cultivation space!
With this cultivation technique, it was better to use it to enjoy life!
“But ……”
“Don’ t be. You’ re my wife. In the future, just listen to me!”
As soon as the word wife appeared, Su Ling’ er’s face turned red.
She did not say anything more and nodded obediently.
As a result, the next month, Su Xiaobai and Su Ling’ er began to live a life of’ eating, drinking, and playing’!
It was on the seventh day of eating, drinking, and playing.
Another light sound rang out. Su Xiao Bai successfully advanced to an intermediate level prospective practitioner!
“Feeling that he could raise his level without training……”How refreshing!”
Because of the increase in level, Su Xiao Bai was able to receive an additional portion of the intermediate prospective martial practitioner’s allowance.
“Dear Mr. Su, this is your 200 yuan spirit coins subsidy. Please accept it!”
The counter staff respectfully handed over 200 yuan spirit coins to Su Xiao Bai.
“Alright, thank you!”
Su Xiao Bai hummed and left the martial artist hall.
Just at this moment, Zhang Hengxing came to the martial artist’s hall again. When he saw Su Xiao Bai walk out of the martial artist’s hall, he unconsciously frowned.
However, the Martial Artist Hall handled a lot of business. He did not care too much and directly walked in.
“What kind of business did he manage with the person who just left?”
Zhang Hengxing asked casually.
“Oh, that gentleman just received the allowance of an intermediate prospective practitioner!”
The counter staff replied.
Zhang Hengxing’s entire body trembled as his eyes widened!*

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Chapter 4: He’s actually promoted again!

He clearly remembered that a week ago, Su Xiao Bai had just received the subsidy from a beginner prospective practitioner!
Moreover, it was different from the staff on the counter. He was very certain that Su Xiao Bai was a prospective martial practitioner that had only been promoted in the last more than a month……In just a few days, he had actually advanced to an intermediate level prospective practitioner?!
“How could his cultivation talent be so high?”
Zhang Hengxing was shocked.
If it was said that Su Xiao Bai was a member of a large family, then it would be fine. With all sorts of resources stacked, it wasn’ t a strange thing to quickly advance……But Su Xiao Bai clearly didn’ t have any background!
Which person with a real background would be bored to come to the martial artist hall to receive 100 or 200 spirit coins?
“I am too proud…”That’s right!”
“No, I have to continue to improve and catch up!”
Zhang Hengxing thought to himself.
“Give me a Class B room……”No, Grade A cultivation room!”
“Three days!”
Zhang Hengxing did not believe that the number of people he had become a prospective practitioner would suddenly surpass that many…No matter what, he had to catch up to his slow progress!
Su Xiao Bai naturally didn’ t know that if he casually received a subsidy, it would bring excitement to his classmates.
Of course, even if he knew, it didn’ t matter.
No matter how awesome your cultivation was, could it be that you could cultivate continuously for 24 hours?
He was fine!
No need to sit cross-legged and cultivate, no need to use any cultivation resources. Eating, drinking, and sleeping every day could upgrade…How could they chase after him?
Therefore, Su Xiao Bai didn’ t need to worry about any problems at all.
As long as he was given enough time, what elites, what geniuses, what monsters…He would crush him to the point of being completely untempered!
“Ling’ er, let’s eat hotpot tonight!”
After receiving 200 yuan spirit coins, Su Xiaobai’s life became even more unrestrained.
This was the salary of an ordinary person for two months!
He didn’ t hold back at all. He went out every day, bringing Su Ling’ er everywhere.
Nearly 20 days later, when the 200 yuan spirit coins were about to be spent——
Following another light sound from Su Xiaobai’s body, he once again leveled up!
From an intermediate level prospective practitioner, he leaped to an advanced level prospective practitioner!
Su Xiao Bai felt an unprecedented warmth flowing through his entire body, making his body feel as if it was soaking in a hot spring. It was exceptionally comfortable.
He looked at his current state.
Human: Su Xiao Bai
Level of cultivation: Advanced Prospective Warrior
Strength level: Advanced Prospective Warrior
Endurance Level: Advanced Prospective Warrior
Agility Level: Advanced Prospective Warrior
Cultivation talent: Minimum
Mastering techniques: None
System function activated: One Key Training Space (Level 1)
All of his physical fitness had basically risen with the increase in his level, and it had ushered in a huge increase!
Su Xiao Bai also clearly felt that the power on his fist was much stronger than before, and his entire body became even lighter…If he ran casually, his speed would be comparable to the flying Bolt!
“You can go and receive another wave of money, please!”
Every time he raised his level, he would be able to receive an extra allowance for the current month.
After all, in normal conditions, it would only take you two times to ascend to the next level in a month…Who would have thought that Su Xiao Bai would rise to three levels in a month?
That was why when Su Xiao Bai handed out his identity card, the counter staff was a bit dumbfounded.
She could clearly see the identity card on it.
Su Xiao Bai received a 100 spirit coins subsidy from a beginner prospective practitioner 27 days ago.
Twenty days ago, he received a 200 spirit coins subsidy from an intermediate prospective practitioner.
Today, he actually came to receive the 300 spirit coins subsidy from this month’s advanced prospective practitioner!
This promotion speed was too fast!
However, shock was nothing but shock. The counter staff did not say anything.
Although there were only a few people who had advanced three levels in a month, there were also some. For example, some geniuses from large clans could use a large amount of resources to fight head on. They could completely accomplish this…That was why she still helped Su Xiao Bai handle the high-level prospective fighter subsidy.
“Chi ——”
At the same time, the door to the A-class cultivation room opened.
Zhang Hengxing, covered in sweat, walked out.
“Star, you’ re too desperate. You’ ve been cultivating in the A-class cultivation room for four hours……”If this continues, it won’ t take you half a year, and you’ ll be able to advance to the intermediate level!”
A companion came forward and handed him a bottle of water, saying with a smile.
“Half a year is too long. At most three months, I have to reach the intermediate level as a prospective warrior!”
Zhang Hengxing took the mineral water and looked determined.
If he could not reach an intermediate level prospective practitioner in three months, he might be left far behind. How could he become a practitioner in the future, how could he become a martial artist?
Although he was only a low level cultivation talent, his pursuit in this lifetime was to be able to surpass the shackles of a Martial Artist and become a true Martial General!
Just as Zhang Hengxing took a sip of the water, his gaze was so close to death when he saw Su Xiao Bai, who was waiting for the money at the counter in the hall. He immediately couldn’ t help but spit out all the water he drank on the spot!
“What’s wrong?”His companion asked in confusion.
“He……He ……”
Zhang Hengxing’s eyes widened as he stared fixedly at Su Xiaobai.
The counter staff checked out 300 yuan spirit coins and handed it to Su Xiaobai with a smile.
Su Xiaobai thanked him, then took the 300 yuan spirit coins in his hand and excitedly turned around and left.
“300 Yuan subsidy……”Senior Prospective Warrior!”
“He……He wouldn’ t…No…How could this be possible?!”
Zhang Hengxing’s face was filled with disbelief.
This was only 20 days!
Only 20 days had passed since Su Xiao Bai came here last time to receive the monthly subsidy from an intermediate prospective practitioner!
Now that he had already advanced to a high level prospective fighter, he had to receive a monthly allowance from a high level prospective fighter?
Doesn’ t this mean that Su Xiao Bai only took 20 days to advance from an intermediate level prospective practitioner to an advanced level?
This cultivation speed……It was simply terrifying!
“Star, what’s wrong with you?”Why are you looking like a ghost?”
His partner was puzzled.
“Maybe I just came to receive the mission reward!”
Zhang Hengxing did not believe it. He tried his best to convince himself.
He directly walked up to the counter.
“Let me ask you, that guy who jumped and left just now, he…”What kind of business did he manage?”
Zhang Hengxing stared at the counter staff with a face full of hope.
He really wanted to hear the answer that did not fit his imagination.
However, reality was incomparably cruel——
“Oh, that gentleman just received the monthly allowance from the Advanced Prospective Warrior!”The counter staff replied with a smile.
Zhang Hengxing was struck by lightning!
He……He’ d actually advanced again!*

Chapter 5:1 million spirit coins!

If he hadn’ t seen it with his own eyes, Zhang Hengxing wouldn’ t have believed it was true!
After 20 days, he advanced from an intermediate level to an advanced level.
How talented was this cultivation!
“Madre, you’ re still cultivating!”
Zhang Hengxing fiercely threw the mineral water bottle in his hand to the ground!
It was clear that he was deeply struck, completely stimulated by Su Xiao Bai.
He had thought that he could work harder and then use the resources of his family and his cultivation talent to complete this magnificent reversal…In the end, he was strangled to death in the cradle without a sound!
“But…”I’ ve discovered such a genius. I can’ t let other clans take the lead!”
Zhang Hengxing took a few deep breaths before finally calming down.” If we can make friends with him and get his help, in the future, my Zhang family might have a place in Base 18!”
Base 18 had a population of 5 million.
The Zhang family was considered to be a wealthy family, but it was pitiful to say how much power and status they occupied.
Otherwise, why would he need to come to the cultivation room in the martial artist hall to cultivate?
Wouldn’ t it be more convenient to spend a lot of money at home to build a cultivation room?
The talent elite was the king.
If he could recruit enough talents and elites, he would be able to add bricks to the clan and prepare for the future prosperity!
As a result, as long as each clan discovered a genius, they would immediately throw out heavy gold to recruit him!
“Su Xiao Bai!”
When he thought of this, Zhang Hengxing no longer hesitated. He decisively chased after Su Xiaobai and stopped him.
Su Xiao Bai turned around and saw Zhang Hengxing. At first, he was a bit unfamiliar, but soon, information about Zhang Hengxing popped up in his mind.
He was also one of the people in the class who had advanced to the beginner level.
At the same time, Su Xiao Bai’s eyes also revealed detailed information about Zhang Hengxing.
Human: Zhang Hengxing
Level: Beginner Prospective Warrior
Strength Level: Beginner Prospective Warrior
Endurance Level: Intermediate Prospective Warrior
Agility Level: Beginner Prospective Warrior
Cultivation talent: Elementary
Mastering techniques: Moon Ghost Spear (Beginner), Tiger King Technique (Beginner)
“You’ re at the beginner level, but your endurance level has reached the intermediate level?”、
“He is a talented person!”
Su Xiao Bai silently sized it up.
However, compared to his entire body, Zhang Hengxing was obviously not on the same level.
“Zhang Hengxing, are you looking for me for something?”
Su Xiao Bai asked.
“Su Xiao Bai, you……”You’ ve already reached the Advanced Prospective Warrior stage?”
Zhang Hengxing hesitated for a moment before asking.
Su Xiao Bai’s brows raised, and immediately, a vigilant expression appeared in his eyes.
In a society where martial power was respected, even if they had strength, they would be respected, but at the same time, if they had strength, they would also be envied!
Some powerful clans and powers, in order to stabilize their status, would silently assassinate any genius that threatened their status!
This was the cruelest dark side of this world.
It was precisely because Su Xiao Bai knew this that there was no reason for her to be too public……Who would have thought that he would still be discovered!
“Don’ t misunderstand. I don’ t have any other intentions, nor did I deliberately investigate you……”It’s just that when you came to the Martial Artist Hall to receive the subsidy, I just happened to see it!”
Zhang Hengxing hurriedly explained.
Forget about this!
Su Xiao Bai suddenly understood.
If he had known that he should have split up to collect it, he would have been able to collect it three times a month. As long as he paid a little attention to it, he would have been able to discover it!
But there was no way……After all, he had lost all the money in front of him. If he didn’ t receive any subsidies, he would have to go out to work later!
It was impossible to work. It was impossible to work in this lifetime.
“Then why are you looking for me?”
Su Xiaobai said.
“I want to invite you to join my Zhang family!”
Zhang Hengxing said seriously,” Before the school holidays, you haven’t even become a prospective fighter. However, you’ ve only been on vacation for two months. You’ve actually reached the advanced prospective fighter level…”Your cultivation talent must be extremely high!”
“I can send you an invitation on behalf of the Zhang family. As long as you become a guest elder of our Zhang family, our Zhang family will treat you with the highest courtesy!”
Su Xiao Bai now understood.
Seeing that he had advanced so quickly, the other party thought that his cultivation talent was extremely high and that he was a genius and wanted to recruit him in advance.
However, it was also true. If it was him, he would have thought the same way in this situation. At the same time, he could not help but throw out an olive branch!
“This…”I have no intention of joining any clan power for the time being.”
As soon as Su Xiao Bai said this, the hope in Zhang Hengxing’s eyes became much dimmer.” However…”If your Zhang family can show enough sincerity, I can consider it!”
Hearing this, Zhang Hengxing’s eyes lit up again.” What do you want?”As long as my Zhang family can take it out!”
“Actually, I don’ t want much either. How about this? Give me 1 million spirit coins and I’ ll become a guest elder of your Zhang family. What do you think?”
Su Xiao Bai said tentatively.
He really didn’ t want to join any clan.
But if he wanted to give the money, why would he refuse it?
He had to unlock the system first!
And he wanted to say 200,000 at the beginning.
But when he thought of the conditions he could open, why not open more?
After all, apart from the 200,000 unlocking and activation fees, he still had the need to upgrade one key cultivation space!
“1 Million spirit coins?”
“Good!”No problem!”
Zhang Hengxing immediately agreed, his face full of excitement.
So straightforward?!
Wow!It was a loss!
Su Xiao Bai’s heart was filled with regret.
If he had known that Zhang Hengxing had agreed so straightforwardly, he would have given him five million!
“Forget it, forget it…”Let’s just treat it as a small loss. After all, with this 1 million, I don’ t have to go all out to make money!”
If it wasn’ t for Zhang Hengxing’s invitation, Su Xiao Bai would wait for him to become a martial artist and choose a hunting team to join. Then, he would go outside the base to hunt beasts and sell their corpses……It was only until the cost of unlocking the one-touch training space was 200,000.
During this period of time, it would take several months to complete.
In addition, when fighting in the wild, if it wasn’ t done well, there would be any accidents. Injuries were trivial matters, and it wasn’ t new to die on the spot if it was serious……The arrival of Zhang Hengxing could be considered to have saved Su Xiaobai a great deal of energy!
“Mr. Keqing, this is the practitioner’s hall’s bank card. There are 1 million spirit coins in it. The password is six zeroes!”
Zhang Hengxing respectfully handed a bank card to Su Xiaobai.
Although they were of the same generation, they were due to be polite to guest elders.
Su Xiao Bai looked at this bank card with a balance of 1 million spirit coins, his eyes shining brightly!*

Chapter 6 One Key Training Space!

Sure enough, the heavens still cared for him!
He had thought that after the 300 spirit coins were spent, he would have to spend more and more money. He had never thought that he would drop a Zhang Heng star and bring him a whole million!
At this moment, not only was unlocking not a problem, even upgrading was also solved!
His cultivation speed could be doubled!
After that, the two of them signed a guest elder contract.
The guest elders were different from ordinary thugs. The most important things were:
1. A guest elder had absolute freedom. He didn’t need to obey the orders of the Zhang family.
2. The Zhang family could ask the guest elder for help, but whether or not to make a move depended on the guest elder’s wishes.
These two points were completely enough for Su Xiao Bai.
It could be seen that Zhang Hengxing was still very sincere.
If it was the kind of contract that would give people their lives if they took the money, perhaps Su Xiao Bai really had some resistance……However, after seeing this guest elder contract, Su Xiao Bai didn’ t hesitate to sign it!
Of course, there were also some requirements in the guest elder contract.
For example, once a guest elder joined one of the clans, he could not join another clan at the same time. Otherwise, it would be deemed as a breach of contract.
A guest elder would at least do a favor to the clan every month. No matter how big or small it was, it could be considered worthy of that reward.
“Zhang Hengxing, I’ ve seen Su Keqing before!”
After signing the contract, Zhang Hengxing respectfully bowed to Su Xiaobai.
“Alright, alright. They’ re all classmates. They’ re also the same age. Just call me Su Keqing and call me Little White!”
Su Xiao Bai was extremely happy right now, so naturally, he didn’ t mind these formalities.
“That won’ t do. Right now, you’ re a guest elder invited by my Zhang family. This Su guest elder is right!”
As a member of the clan, Zhang Hengxing’s etiquette was very good.
“Alright, then I won’ t argue with you anymore. If I’ m fine, I’ ll go home first!”
Su Xiao Bai couldn’ t wait to go home and unlock the new function.
“Su Keqing, since you have already become a guest elder of my Zhang family, I wonder if you can choose a day to visit my Zhang family?”
Zhang Hengxing hurriedly said.
“No problem!”
Su Xiao Bai agreed.
No matter what, the other party had given him 1 million. Now that he had become a guest of another family, it would be right to visit him!
“Alright, then I’ ll await Su Keqing’s arrival!”
Zhang Hengxing watched Su Xiao Bai leave.
“Haha, this is good. After successfully inviting such a high cultivation talent person to join, my Zhang family will finally be able to stand out!”
Zhang Hengxing was extremely confident.
Su Xiao Bai would be their Zhang family’s future trump card!
It had to be said that Zhang Hengxing had indeed guessed correctly.
In the future, how could Su Xiao Bai be more than an ace?
It was simply a nuclear bomb!
Along the way, he sprinted and jogged. He didn’ t even have time to greet the neighbors, so Su Xiao Bai quickly returned home.
“Brother, you’ re back!”
“I’ m cooking and I’ ll be able to eat soon!”
When Su Ling’ er saw Su Xiao Bai in the kitchen, she smiled sweetly.
“Alright, just call me later!”
Su Xiao Bai replied, then hurriedly entered his room.
“Ding!The system has detected that the host has money!”
“Dear host, did you use 200,000 spirit coins to activate the new system function?”
The system notification sounded out continuously.
“You’ ve been urging him several hundred times!”
Su Xiao Bai said unhappily.
This system was truly eye-catching!
Normally, he would not say anything.
As soon as he saw that he was rich, he immediately jumped out and gave various greetings and reminders.
“Dear host, did you use 200,000 spirit coins to activate the new system function?”
The system repeatedly asked.
“I really can’t do anything with you. Unlock it!”
Although Su Xiao Bai’s tone was filled with unwillingness, seeing that his hopeful expression had already betrayed him.
“Congratulations host, unlock the’ One Key Cultivation Space’!”
Following the system’s voice, Su Xiaobai’s consciousness suddenly jumped out!
The next second.
Su Xiao Bai appeared in an empty space.
In front of him, besides the original cultivation shadow, a new shadow appeared beside him.
This shadow stood straight like a sharp sword……From the appearance, it was still Su Xiaobai’s outline.
“Ding!”Host, there’s no training content in the training space. Please place it!”
The system notification filled the entire void.
“Put the Basic Body Forging Technique on it!”
Su Xiaobai said.
《 Basic Body Refining Technique was the school’s entry-level cultivation technique. It was also the most basic type of body refining technique……It was used to strengthen one’s body. Every student had it.
The reason why Su Xiao Bai’s personal cultivation method didn’ t have this kind of method was purely because his comprehension ability was too poor, and he didn’ t work hard to practice it. Thus, up until now, he hadn’ t even reached the beginner level of the Basic Body Refining Method.
This was not to blame for Su Xiao Bai.
Su Xiao Bai knew that his cultivation talent was trash. No matter how much he practiced, it would be useless. It was better to choose the path of literature. In the future, he would be able to find a job when he stepped into society, so he had long abandoned the path of martial artists.
“Scanning host’s brain!”
“Have already scanned the’ Foundation Body Forging Technique!’
“《 Foundation Body Forging Technique was successfully placed!”
The moment the system finished speaking, Su Xiaobai’s shadow began to move in the training space.
“What standard action!”
Su Xiao Bai only took a glance, but his eyes couldn’ t help but shine.
The Shadow’s’ Basic Body Refining Technique’ movement, let alone him, even the teacher who taught him felt ashamed to be inferior!
In just five minutes, the Shadow had completed the complete set of Basic Body Refining Technique with incomparable standards!
“How warm~”
As soon as the shadow was done, Su Xiao Bai could clearly sense a warm current flowing through his body. His entire body had undergone some perceptible changes!
“Ding!”Basic Body Refining Technique has reached the beginner level!”
Suddenly, a system notification sounded out.
“My Cao, so fast?!”
Su Xiao Bai was shocked.
One had to know that cultivation techniques were different from cultivation levels.
This was something that took time, energy, and comprehension to train!
Other people’s’ Basic Body Refining Technique’ wanted to reach the beginner level, it would take several months to train unremittingly every day……He had already let the Shadow practice it, but it had actually leveled up!
“Now, the automatic training space would be trained once every five minutes. It would be uninterrupted for 24 hours. The posture was still so standard…With this speed, I’ m afraid that in a few days, my Basic Body Refining Technique will reach the highest level!”
Su Xiao Bai was excited.
The achievements of cultivation techniques were divided into [Beginner ][ Intermediate ][ Advanced] and [Highest]!
Not to mention that the Basic Body Forging Technique was only the lowest and most basic body forging technique.
But if he cultivated it to the highest level, it would also bring a lot of benefits!
And the most important thing was…He didn’ t need others to work hard to train!*

Chapter 7 simultaneously rose to level 2!

“Dear host, I have detected that you still have the remaining funds. Are you considering upgrading your system functions?”
The system continuously reminded him.
He spent 200,000 to unlock the one-touch training space.
Su Xiao Bai still had 800,000 yuan left.
“System, what’s the advantage of a level 2 cultivation space?”
Su Xiaobai asked.
“Level 2 One Key Training Space is the same as the One Key Training Space. After upgrading, you can increase the space flow rate. After reaching Level 2, the internal time has passed two days, which is equivalent to the external time has passed one day!”
“Level 3 One Key Cultivation Space, the internal time has passed four days, which is equivalent to the external time has passed one day!”
“Level 4 One Key Training Space ……”
This was awesome!
Su Xiao Bai immediately became excited!
One had to know that training was actually more difficult than training.
If you were to cultivate, all you needed to do was meditate in the river, absorb spiritual energy, run the Little Zhou Tian, the Great Zhou Tian……It was enough to continuously cycle back and forth, without much technical content.
But training was different.
This thing needed to be comprehended, studied, pondered, understood, and personally practiced. Sweat and fatigue…Moreover, when you train in your krypton time, you can still see a clear return. However, even if you train in your krypton time, you may not be able to see a return!
It was precisely because of this that once one gained some gains in cultivation, the gains they obtained were far higher than cultivation!
For example, if two people of the same level had different cultivation techniques, it was very likely that one-sided crushing would happen!
As a result, a single key of cultivation space could increase the speed of space flow, which meant that Su Xiao Bai could use a shorter time in the future to grasp a cultivation technique faster!
“If that’s the case, I’ ll be able to learn the body forging technique, weapon technique, and attribute technique together!”
Su Xiao Bai’s eyes shone.
Body Tempering Art: As the name implies, strengthening the body, strength, agility, and endurance all belong to the Body Tempering Art.
Weapons and techniques: blade technique, sword technique, stick technique, spear technique, etc……It could greatly increase the combat strength of a martial artist!
Attribute Cultivation Techniques: Metal, Wood, Fire, Water, Earth, Five Elements, Wind, Lightning, Ice, Poison, etc…Generally speaking, attribute cultivation techniques had the highest amplification and strongest power, but it was also the most difficult to cultivate!
Taking Zhang Hengxing as an example, he only had two cultivation techniques: a weapon cultivation technique and a body forging cultivation technique.
It was extremely difficult to comprehend the attribute cultivation technique!
If it was possible, who didn’ t want to learn a few more cultivation techniques?
But there was no other way.
Time and energy were not allowed.
If you cultivate a cultivation technique, it means that you can not cultivate it at the same time as your own…Su Xiao Bai was different. He used both methods, both sides simultaneously. The speed at which his strength increased was obvious!
“This price is a little more expensive!”
The initial unlocking cost of the training space was 200,000 spirit coins.
Level 2 required 400,000.
Level 3 required 800,000.
Level 4 required 1.6 million……
With Su Xiao Bai’s remaining 800,000 yuan, at most, it would only reach level 2.
“If you use 800,000 to upgrade your cultivation space,200,000+400,000. If you use 600,000, you can directly raise it to level 3 and increase its cultivation speed by four times!”
“If he split it up, he could only rise to level 2 and increase his cultivation speed by two times, but his cultivation speed could increase by two times ……”
“This is a bit difficult to choose!”
Su Xiaobai thought for a moment.
In the end, he gritted his teeth.
“Forget it, no matter how much it is, we’ ll talk about it once it’s upgraded!”
“System, raise the one-touch cultivation space and one-touch cultivation space to level 2 at the same time!”
As soon as Su Xiao Bai said these words, the next second, a huge “X2” mark suddenly appeared in the upper right corner of the two spaces in front of him, indicating that the spatial velocity had increased by two times.
Within the cultivation space, the speed of spiritual energy flowing through the Qi Paths of the Shadow’s body had doubled!
In the one-touch training space, the shadow’s movements that were continuously practicing the Basic Body Refining Technique were also doubled, as if he had pressed the fast-forward key, his movements were swift and standard!
Su Xiao Bai immediately felt more spiritual energy and warmth flowing through his body!
Su Xiao Bai’s entire body was completely refreshed.
These 600,000 spirit coins were not wasted!
“Dear host, since you have already upgraded the one-click cultivation space and one-click cultivation space to level 2, the system has prepared the next new system function for you. One-click automatic monsters!”
“You only need 400,000 spirit coins to activate it!”
The system notification sounded out in time.
“Attack monsters with one click?”
Su Xiao Bai’s eyes lit up.” How can I fight monsters automatically?”
“According to your strength, the system will split out a shadow with the same strength as you. It will automatically head to a region where you can hunt ferocious beasts and hunt them!”
“Shadow will automatically select the beasts that can be killed. After killing them, all the spoils of war will be stored in the temporary space for 24 hours!”
“Within 24 hours, the host only needs to take out the spoils of war from the temporary space. If the host has a designated location, the system will take out all the spoils of war from the temporary space every 24 hours at your designated location!”
This Tramp……It was simply a god artifact that was even more open and open than open and open!
Before the system could finish speaking, Su Xiaobai’s eyes were already wide open. His face was filled with shock, shock, and a wild joy that was gradually brewing!
At first, he had thought that once he had a cultivation level and a powerful cultivation technique, he would be able to go out to hunt monsters and earn money to upgrade his “external trap “.
In the end, this system was quite good.
He didn’ t even need to fight monsters himself. He actually prepared to fight monsters with one hit!
If that was the case, wouldn’ t he not even need to move his hand? He just needed to lie at home. Not only would he be able to upgrade his cultivation techniques, he would also be able to complete all his cultivation techniques, and even earn money together?
“But host, your shadow is not invincible. Once you receive a fatal attack, it will disperse and disappear on the spot. The cooldown time for reappearing is 24 hours!”
The system warned.*

Chapter 8: Entering the Minor Cultivation Technique!

“Enough!”Alright, alright!”
“System, I’ ll give you 120 praises for this new system function point. Hahaha!”
Su Xiao Bai couldn’ t help but laugh loudly.
It didn’ t matter if the shadow died!
Just be able to automatically regenerate!
Although this way, the efficiency of fighting monsters would be a little lower, it was still better than taking action!
Just think about it. As long as he unlocked this automatic monster fighting function, Su Xiao Bai would receive the beast’s spoils of war every day……These were all valuable things!
Just by selling a few tens of thousands of spirit coins, after a period of time, Su Xiao Bai would be able to continue to upgrade his cultivation space, cultivation space, and automatically fight monsters!
The increase in level meant that Su Xiao Bai’s strength became stronger.
It also meant that the shadow’s strength became stronger.
The efficiency of automatically fighting monsters was even higher, and the beast spoils obtained were even more valuable!
This way, his speed of upgrading was even faster…
This was a perfect upgrade cycle!
“By the way, will the system increase the spatial flow rate after the automatic monsters are upgraded?”
Su Xiao Bai asked curiously.
“No host, the level 2 automatic monster hunting requires 1.2 million spirit coins. However, at the same time, two shadows are released to hunt beasts in two different regions!”
“Level 3 automatic monster hunting requires 3.6 million spirit coins. At the same time, three shadows can be released to hunt beasts in three different regions!”
This upgrade was simply terrifying!!
Su Xiao Bai originally thought that upgrading was just to increase the speed of attacking monsters. He didn’ t think that he would directly appear another shadow and separate the beasts from two places……This was equivalent to automatically fighting monsters and leveling up. Su Xiaobai was able to receive twice as much spoils of war and obtain twice as much money!
Moreover, with the continuous upgrade of the ability to automatically fight monsters, he would release more shadows and harvest more spoils of war!
The only drawback was that the amount of spirit coins required to upgrade had increased.
One-touch cultivation and one-touch cultivation were two times more powerful.
When it came to fighting monsters automatically, it had become threefold!
“But he could still understand…”How could it be cheap to use such a powerful weapon?”
“It’s more expensive to upgrade. When your strength rises, you still lack some money?”
Su Xiao Bai was delighted.
Once he had strength, these spirit coins were nothing more than meaningless!
“I still have 200,000 left in my hands. With this one-touch cultivation space, it’s time for me to learn some new cultivation techniques and increase my strength!”
“200,000, How could it be enough for me to learn a few [Lesser Grade] cultivation techniques?”
Entry level, just like the Basic Body Refining Technique, it was at the entry level……However, other than this public Basic Body Refining Technique, other entry-level cultivation techniques were extremely rare!
On top of the entry-level cultivation technique, there was also an entry-level cultivation technique!
Entry level was hard to come by.
One could imagine entering the minor level!
Or a family member like Zhang Hengxing would spend a large amount of money to purchase it for his own cultivation.
Only by obtaining outstanding results in the school and being recognized as an elite genius would one be able to give one a chance to learn a dangerous cultivation technique…However, it was only an opportunity, not a gift for the entire cultivation technique!
Either they had to go to the Martial Secret Pavilion in the Martial Artist Hall and pay a high price in exchange for learning time……For a minor cultivation technique, the minimum was 10,000 spirit coins!
This was also the reason why ancient martial art practitioners burned money.
How could an ordinary person be able to support such a terrifying consumption?
However, Su Xiao Bai had 200,000, as well as an automatic cultivation space……He didn’ t need to train much, as long as he could remember the contents!
200,000, How could he still remember a few minor cultivation techniques?
As a result, the Martial Storage Pavilion in the Martial Artist Hall became his largest treasure vault!
“I’ m here for a minor cultivation technique!”
In the core area, within Zhang Clan Manor.
At this moment, Zhang Hengxing stood respectfully in front of a few middle-aged men and told them everything that happened during the day.
One of them was a middle-aged man with sharp eyebrows and starry eyes. He was Zhang Hengxing’s father, Zhang Henglong, the current head of the Zhang family, and was a real high-level martial artist!
Senior Martial Masters were only a step away from Martial Generals.
As long as he stepped through the shackles of a Martial General, the Zhang family would be able to take another step up and become a famous clan in Base 18!
“Star, are you mistaken?”You actually spent 1 million to hire a classmate as a guest of the family?”
Another middle-aged man couldn’ t help but say,” This is simply nonsense!”
This middle-aged man was Zhang Hengxing’s second uncle, Zhang Hengde.
He was also a Martial Artist, but he was one level lower than Zhang Henglong, only at the intermediate level.
Standing next to him were all Zhang Clan Martial Masters, ranging from beginner to intermediate……These were the core strength of the entire Zhang Clan!
“Second Uncle, his cultivation talent is really very high. I personally witnessed him going from a beginner prospective practitioner to an advanced prospective practitioner within a month. I believe that his cultivation talent has already reached an advanced level!”
Zhang Hengxing hurriedly said,” To be able to become a guest elder of my family is a great good thing for my Zhang family!”
“If your cultivation talent is not high and you say otherwise, let a kid of your age be my Zhang family’s guest elder. If this matter is spread, how will my Zhang family stand on the ground?”
Zhang Hengbo berated.
When the other Zhang Martial Masters heard this, they all nodded silently.
Zhang Clan’s guest elders were at least Martial Masters!
The more powerful a guest elder was, the more powerful the clan was. Only then did outsiders dare not trespass.
However, Zhang Hengxing actually invited a small hair who was still a prospective fighter to become a guest elder of the Zhang family. What was this nonsense?
“Second Brother.”
Zhang Henglong raised his hand and looked at Zhang Hengxing with a sharp gaze.” Star, if the student you invited is really high-grade in cultivation, then this matter will be up to you. Even if it’s middle-grade, I will admit that he is a guest elder of my Zhang family, but if his cultivation talent is low or below…”Star, there’s no need for me to say anything more, right?”
Of the tens of thousands of cultivators in the entire Base 18, there were very few of them. To be able to recruit such a talented person, who would be unhappy?
Even if it was at the middle level, it was still at the elite level. Martial Masters were something that would happen sooner or later. If they were lucky, they might even reach the rank of Martial General!
As for the elementary level……That was definitely useless.
“Father, don’t worry. Su Xiao Bai will ascend the door in a few days. At that time, he will definitely make your eyes and ears refresh!”
Zhang Hengxing said confidently.
He believed that the person he had chosen would definitely not be wrong!
The next day, in the Martial Artist Hall, the third floor of the Hidden Martial Pavilion.
“《 Netherworld Steps, a micro-level body forging technique that could strengthen agility and movement techniques…”15,000 Spirit coins per hour.”
“《 Demon Destroying Saber “, a minor weapon cultivation technique, a layer of sword intent could increase the attack power by 50%……”30,000 Spirit coins per hour.”
“《 Purple Lightning Technique, an entry-level attribute cultivation technique, it could unleash lightning out of nowhere……”100,000 Spirit coins per hour!”
“F*ck!”How could an ordinary person be able to withstand this price?”*

Chapter 9 Comprehending a cultivation technique one day!

Su Xiao Bai selected the cultivation method that he wanted to cultivate.
Although there was an automatic cultivation space, at present, he could only cultivate one cultivation technique at a time. Of course, Su Xiaobai had to carefully select one that was most beneficial to him!
However, after he casually took a glance at the fees of those minor cultivation techniques, the corner of his mouth twitched.
This thing really wasn’t something that ordinary people could learn!
Any minor cultivation technique would start with 10,000 spirit coins, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands!
Especially the most precious attribute cultivation technique.
There were no entry-level students, only entry-level ones.
Even if it was an entry-level one, it would cost at least 100,000 spirit coins per hour!
“It was no wonder those rich clans were getting richer and richer……”Just the training costs are not at the same level!”
Su Xiao Bai spat.
Even though it was very expensive, he did not give up on choosing.
Moreover, it was precisely because of these prices that Su Xiao Bai was able to clearly understand which cultivation methods were awesome and which cultivation methods were mediocre.
The cheaper the price was, it meant that the cultivation method must have been verified by the predecessors.
The more expensive the price was, the more obvious it was that the martial artists were rushing for it. Only then did they raise the price.
Of course, there might be something missing.
But how could there be so many missing items in this world?
Su Xiao Bai looked back and forth several times.
“Body Tempering Art. It can strengthen your body and strengthen your strength. Those who have reached the Minor Rank must have one!”
“Weapon cultivation technique. At present, I haven’t cultivated any weapons. I do n’ t need them for the time being.”
“”Attribute cultivation technique, you can use wind, lightning, and fire to attack out of thin air. Moreover, your attack power is strong enough, so you have to use one!”
After Su Xiao Bai thought about it, he finally made a decision.
“There are only three of you!”
He chose three different cultivation techniques.
Two of them were micro-level body forging techniques—Vajra Body and Ling Xiao Transformation!
One was an entry-level attribute cultivation technique, the True Flame Hand!
There was no doubt about the Vajra Body. It was a technique that strengthened the body’s defensive endurance and emphasized the strength of the body. The price was 30,000 spirit coins per hour.
Ling Xiao changed into a pure movement technique, a movement technique speed that could double the speed of a beginner level……If he reached the highest level, his speed would be ten times faster than before!Price:20,000 spirit coins per hour.
Even though the True Flame Hand was only an entry-level attribute cultivation technique, its power was also extremely terrifying. After reaching the beginner level, the True Flame Hand that was condensed would be able to melt gold stones. Thinking about how terrifying the consequences would be if it were to hit an ordinary person!
Therefore, its price was the most expensive:140,000 spirit coins per hour!
In this way, Su Xiaobai’s 200,000 spirit coins just happened to be about ten thousand.
“Start training!”
Because Su Xiao Bai had consumed 190,000 spirit coins in one breath, the martial artist hall opened an additional A-level cultivation room for him to use for three hours.
In a Grade A cultivation room, the spiritual energy was several times more concentrated than in the outside world. Whether it was cultivation or cultivation, it would be twice as hard as half!
However, this was completely meaningless to Su Xiao Bai.
Because he didn’ t need spiritual energy at all.
All he needed was a table and a chair. After that, he calmly flipped through the three books.
However, it had to be said that cultivation techniques were different from textbooks.
There were not only words but also pictures on it.
The posture on the drawing had to be remembered in every detail. If you couldn’ t remember it, you wouldn’ t be able to train it, so Su Xiao Bai was extremely serious……After all, he spent so much money!
A day later.
“Ding!”The Vajra Body has already reached the beginner level!”
Hearing this notification from the system, Su Xiao Bai only felt a huge change in her entire body!
His originally fair skin seemed to be covered in a layer of golden light that reflected back light.
His muscles became stronger than before, and his entire body became heavier and heavier. A casual fist was completely different from before!
“As expected of a minor cultivation technique. This effect is simply!”
Su Xiao Bai was overjoyed.
He casually took out a fork and thrust it at his skin.
The fork was twisted, not even a white mark could be left on its skin!
It was truly extraordinary to enter the Minor Body Forging Technique!
Even if he only reached the beginner level, it was far more beneficial than the Basic Body Refining Technique!
One had to know that body forging techniques were different from weapon techniques and attribute techniques.
It was a permanent enhancement.
Weapon cultivation techniques, when you activate them, you need to consume spiritual energy. The same attribute cultivation techniques…As a result, you were unable to keep up with your spiritual energy, and you would soon be unable to use it.
However, as long as his body was strengthened, it would be his entire life!
“It’s easy to pinch something!”
Su Xiao Bai clenched his fist and directly kneaded the iron fork into a ball of iron balls.
He grabbed the stone on the table.
The stone immediately shattered!
And his skin was completely undamaged!
“Haha, great!”
Su Xiao Bai enjoyed all sorts of experiments, experiencing his new strength.
The next day.
“Ding!”The Ling Xiao Transformation has reached the beginner level!”
That night, Su Xiao Bai changed his cultivation method because it was easy to reach the beginner level, but it was more difficult to reach the intermediate level.
Su Xiao Bai found a wide area, and with a step, his entire body suddenly transformed into an arrow that left the bowstring and rushed out!
It took him less than 20 seconds to finish running within a kilometer!
This speed was even more terrifying than an ordinary martial artist!
After all, he was already a high-level prospective fighter. He was only a step away from a fighter.
Now, there was a double speed increase in the entry-level “Ling Xiao Transformation “. His body movement technique, speed, and reaction were all greatly improved!
“That’s great!”
“This feeling of strength is truly fascinating!”
Su Xiao Bai’s eyes shone brightly.
He could finally understand why the path of martial artists was so difficult. There were still countless people rushing forward……It was because once you broke through, you would become infatuated with the feeling of transcendent transformation!
The higher you go, the more you will become addicted!
On the seventh day.
“Ding!”True Flame Hand has reached the beginner level!”
This notification from the system caused Su Xiao Bai, who was eating, to suddenly tremble.
It was finally here!
He waited a day for 《 Vajra Body.
《 Ling Xiao Transformation, he only waited a day.
However, he had waited for five days for the True Flame Hand!
From this, it could be seen that the cultivation difficulty of attribute cultivation techniques was much higher than other cultivation techniques!
Even if it was an automatic cultivation space with two times the speed of space, it would take a full five days to complete the cultivation space without the need for spiritual energy consumption 24 hours a day……If it was anyone else, they would need to consume spiritual energy, and they would need to learn from it. They would need to practice constantly. In less than a year and a half, they might not even be able to reach the beginner level!
“Brother, where are you going?”
“I’ m full, I’ ll go out to run and eat!”
After Su Xiao Bai left a sentence, he directly arrived in the open area.
He looked around and was certain that there was no one. Only then did he stare at a man-sized stone in front of him and slowly raise his hand.
A wave of spiritual energy gathered over. Su Xiaobai’s palm seemed to be burning, and it began to shine like flames and lava!
Su Xiao Bai’s palm seemed to have turned into a burning hot iron. It looked extremely horrifying!
“True Flame Hand!”
Su Xiao Bai threw out a palm, and the flaming palm suddenly struck the stone. The stone immediately exploded!*

Chapter 10 Cultivation aptitude: Minimum!

“My Cao!”
Seeing that the surroundings were scattered and scattered, the rubble that was contaminated with sparks, and the palm-shaped pit that was still emitting black smoke on the ground, Su Xiao Bai couldn’ t help but cry out in alarm!
It was only an entry-level attribute cultivation technique, yet it had such power…What if he had reached the intermediate, advanced, or even the most advanced level, or had it been converted into a micro-level attribute cultivation technique?
Just thinking about it was extremely terrifying!
Now, Su Xiao Bai finally knew what kind of terrifying power those experts on the television were…They had already left the realm of human beings and become gods!
Su Xiao Bai immediately checked his current state.
Human: Su Xiao Bai
Level of cultivation: Advanced Prospective Warrior
Strength Level: Beginner Warrior
Endurance Level: Beginner Warrior
Agility Level: Beginner Warrior
Cultivation talent: Minimum
Mastering techniques: Vajra Body (Beginner), Ling Xiao Transformation (Beginner), True Fire Hand (Beginner)
System functions activated: One Key Training Space (Level 2), One Key Training Space (Level 2)
Su Xiao Bai cried out again.
His strength, endurance, and agility level had actually directly crossed the level of a high-level prospective fighter and reached the level of a low-level fighter!
In other words, with his current strength, he was already able to fight against martial artists!
Moreover, even martial artists might not have mastered so many techniques like him…Especially attribute cultivation techniques!
Perhaps even a martial artist was not his match!
“No wonder cultivation techniques are so expensive.”
“No wonder so many martial artists have been cultivating their cultivation techniques all day and night.”
“The benefits of cultivation techniques are too terrifying!”
Su Xiao Bai couldn’ t help but sigh.
Just three cultivation techniques reaching the beginner level had brought him such great benefits.
What if all three cultivation techniques had reached the intermediate level?
After that, how could he continue to reach the highest level?
Wow…Su Xiao Bai couldn’ t help but feel excited when he thought about it. At that time, he would probably be able to cross several great realms and kill his opponent, right?
“I wish I had money.”
“Upgrade one key training space and one training space to a higher level……”This way, I can cultivate more cultivation techniques!”
Su Xiao Bai’s current lack was still money!
Only money could obtain more cultivation techniques.
Only money could upgrade those heaven-defying system functions.
Only money could unlock more “new external traps “!
“By the way, it’s time to visit the Zhang family, right?”
Suddenly, Su Xiao Bai recalled the Zhang family’s matter.” I’ m a guest elder of the Zhang family right now. It shouldn’ t be a problem to ask for a few million, right?”
The Zhang family had a great career.
One million words were given.
If he showed a bit of strength, he should be able to give more!
“For my self-destruction, for my cultivation method, for my one-touch cultivation and one-touch cultivation upgrade……”I have to make a trip to the Zhang family!”
That afternoon.
Su Xiao Bai entered the core area as a visitor for the first time.
“The house here……”It’s too imposing!”
Su Xiao Bai was endlessly envious.
Base 18 was divided into two areas, the outer area and the inner core area.
The outer civilian area occupied 90%, and the core area only had 10%. However, the defensive facilities, equipment, personnel, and so on in the core area were far more powerful than the outer area!
In addition, in order to deal with all kinds of emergencies, the core area also had a complete set of internal ecosystems. This was to ensure that the core area would still be in good condition when the outer perimeter of the base fell.
Therefore, those who could live in the core area were either wealthy and powerful clans or high-ranking government officials……In short, there were no ordinary people!
“In the future, I must bring Ling’ er here to have a villa that belongs to me!”
Su Xiao Bai thought to himself.
Only by entering the core area could one truly guarantee their safety.
At the periphery, the lives of ordinary people were not guaranteed……Even if you were killed by a martial artist, the government would only punish the martial artist symbolically, imprison and fine, but it would not choose to execute the death penalty because of an ordinary person.
Ordinary people’s lives weren’ t worth a single finger of a martial artist!
This was the cruel truth!
Only by entering the core area and becoming a resident of the core area, even if you were an ordinary person, you would still have a noble “noble status” and receive the recognition and protection of the government!
Soon, Su Xiao Bai arrived in front of the Zhang family’s manor.
Not long after the announcement, Zhang Hengxing ran out excitedly.
“Su Keqing, you can count it!”
Zhang Hengxing said happily,” Come, come! My father and uncles are waiting for you!”
“Are you waiting for me?”
Su Xiao Bai’s heart stirred.
He was just a small person, so he wouldn’ t be able to stir up so much trouble, right?
Su Xiao Bai clearly underestimated the meaning of the word “guest elder “.
In the clan, apart from the clan’s own strength, the guest elder’s strength could also be considered as a great reference point.
Your family has a guest elder, what kind of strength is a guest elder, how many powerful guest elders are there……Wait a moment, they were all proof of the strength of the clan!
Moreover, becoming a guest official of a clan was equivalent to becoming a guest of the clan.
Even the clan head had to be slightly courteous.
Naturally, he had to mobilize a bit!
A moment later.
Su Xiao Bai stood in a large hall.
At the front, on the left and right sides, were Zhang Clan’s high-level people.
Everyone’s gaze was on Su Xiao Bai.
“Advanced Prospective Warrior……”You’ re not even a martial artist. You actually invited me to become a guest elder?”
“Don’ t underestimate him. It was said that he was a high cultivation talent. His future achievements were at least at the level of a Martial General……”If you’ re lucky, you might be able to reach Commander Wu!”
“Heh, no matter how powerful a genius is, before he grows up, nothing counts!”What’s more, we’ re currently in a stalemate with the Yuan Clan. How could a mere prospective martial practitioner be able to help us?”
Everyone was discussing in whispers.
Because they used their spiritual energy to compress their voices, Su Xiaobai didn’ t hear what they were saying……However, from the looks of these people, it could be seen that they were all skeptical of him.
Su Xiao Bai completely understood this.
Almost all of the people present were martial practitioners and above. Several of them had even reached the Martial Arts Master level……Even if it was several meters away, Su Xiao Bai could feel that powerful heat wave that existed within a Martial Artist’s body——This was a symbol of blood energy rising and the strength of his body!
“Mr. Su, I am Zhang Henglong, the head of the Zhang family.”
“My son invited you to become a guest elder of my Zhang family without my family’s consent. Therefore, I can’ t call you a guest elder yet. Please forgive me!”
Zhang Henglong’s ancient well’s waveless voice rang out,” Because it concerns the face of my Zhang family, I would like to ask you, Mr. Su, to test your cultivation aptitude first!”
After saying that, Zhang Henglong gave a hint of expression and his subordinates carried a sensing stone in front of Su Xiao Bai.
Test your cultivation aptitude?
Su Xiao Bai was speechless.
However, when he saw that everyone around him was staring at him, Su Xiao Bai curled his lips and placed his hand on the sensing stone without a care.
A gray glow appeared on the sensing stone.
“Cultivation talent, minimum.”
The sound of his subordinates’ judgment spread through the entire hall.*

Chapter 11: Refunding is impossible!

Instantly, everyone was in an uproar!
Actually, there was no need for his subordinates to speak these words. The moment Liang Guang appeared, everyone’s expressions changed!
“This…”How could this be?”
When Zhang Hengxing saw the gray light on the sensing stone, he was stunned as if he had been struck by lightning.
How could this be possible?!
He clearly saw that Su Xiao Bai had reached the advanced level from a beginner prospective fighter within a month!
This was definitely not wrong!
But the cultivation talent that he had tested……
This was impossible!
“The lowest?!”
“What did I say?”Haha, this young master has caused a great disaster!”
“Can’t be! The lowest!”How did he become a prospective martial practitioner?”
“That’s not right…”If it’s the lowest level, he won’ t even be able to reach a prospective practitioner!”
Anyone who had a slight understanding of martial artists knew that the lowest level of cultivation talent meant that they would be ordinary people in their entire lives. Even prospective martial artists would not be able to step into it!
However, right now, Su Xiao Bai, who was standing in front of everyone, was not only a genuine high level prospective practitioner, the most important thing was……He was exactly the same age as Zhang Hengxing. He was only seventeen!
Seventeen-year-old Advanced Prospective Warrior.
Undoubtedly, it was an extremely high cultivation talent!
Even if there was something fishy about it, the cultivation potential might not be that high, but it would not be the lowest level!
“The lowest?”
Zhang Henglong and the other Zhang family members all frowned. They looked at each other and saw a look of doubt in their eyes.
They had guessed that Su Xiaobai might not be the high cultivation talent that Zhang Hengxing had predicted.
However, he never thought that it would be the most useless cultivation talent!
“With such talent, how did he become a prospective martial practitioner?”
Zhang Hengde was puzzled.
The other higher-ups were similarly puzzled.
This kind of useless talent was destined to be difficult to become a martial artist for the rest of his life. Even if he were to crazily use resources to smash it, he would not be able to smash it!
“Mr. Su, can I ask, how did you break through to become a high level prospective practitioner with the lowest cultivation talent?”
Zhang Henglong asked in a clear voice.
All of their gazes quickly gathered, wanting to hear Su Xiaobai’s answer.
“I don’ t know either!”
“In any case, I’ ll just cultivate and break through!”
Su Xiao Bai shrugged and spread out his hands.
The clamor erupted again.
Everyone was discussing.
Zhang Henglong, Zhang Hengde, and the others were discussing in a low voice.
“Have you agreed?”
“If you want to cancel my status as a guest elder, there’s still time!”
Su Xiaobai said indifferently.
Even if this guest elder’s identity was gone, Su Xiao Bai had the ability to hunt beasts and slowly accumulate everything……As a guest elder, he only wanted to save a bit of effort, unlock and upgrade his external connections as soon as possible, and increase his strength as soon as possible.
As a result, this guest elder would do whatever he could. If he couldn’ t, he wouldn’ t care.
“Mr. Su misunderstood. We just have some doubts!”
Zhang Henglong looked at Su Xiao Bai, his eyes flashing.
After thinking for a moment, he had already made a decision.
“Su Keqing!”
Zhang Henglong slowly stood up and bowed to Su Xiaobai,” In the future, you will be the eighth guest elder of my Zhang family!”
“Big brother!”
As soon as Zhang Henglong said that, the expressions of Zhang Hengde and the Zhang family warriors below immediately changed as they shouted.
He had the lowest cultivation talent.
He was still a prospective practitioner.
They were actually able to become the guest elders of their Zhang family, ride on their heads, and let them treat each other with courtesy?
In this world where strength was paramount, how could anyone be willing to accept it?
“I am the Patriarch. I have already made a decision on this matter. I can not say anything more!”
Zhang Henglong glanced at those people and said with dignity.
Su Xiao Bai inwardly nodded.
This Patriarch was still alright!
Not to mention being able to calm down when faced with such a situation, he could also be considered a wise clan head.
With Zhang Henglong here, even if the Zhang family didn’t thrive, at least they would n’ t decline!
“Patriarch, I’ m not convinced!”
A black-clothed man with a scar on his face walked out from the crowd. He knelt on one knee and coldly said,” A mere high level prospective practitioner, how could he be the head of my Zhang family?”If this matter were to spread, how could Zhang Clan’s face remain!”
The others didn’ t say anything, but they all silently nodded their heads. In their hearts, they agreed with what this Zhang family martial practitioner said.
Su Xiaobai glanced at this person.
Human: Zhang Feiang
Level: Beginner fighter
Strength Level: Beginner Warrior
Endurance Level: Beginner Warrior
Agility Level: Beginner Warrior
Cultivation talent: Elementary
Mastering techniques: Rainbow Demon Strength (Intermediate), Shadow Devil Killing (Intermediate)
“Elementary warrior.”
“Two intermediate level cultivation techniques.”
“Not bad!”
Su Xiao Bai already had a rough idea.
“Zhang Feiang, how do you want to decide?”
Zhang Henglong said indifferently.
“I won’ t bully Mr. Su either!”
“As long as he can defeat any of our Zhang family’s senior high level prospective martial practitioners, I will accept him as my Zhang family’s guest elder!”
“But if they couldn’ t defeat him, the clan head would not be the only one who wouldn’ t be convinced. Most likely, the other members of the Zhang family wouldn’ t be convinced!”At that time, I’ ll ask Mr. Su to give me one million spirit coins back. Today’s matter will be treated as if nothing had happened!”
Zhang Feiang said in a deep voice.
Everyone nearby nodded in agreement.
Even Zhang Hengde nodded.” That should be the case!”
Zhang Henglong thought to himself.
“Su Keqing, are you willing to accept this proposal?”
Zhang Henglong asked.
“Su Keqing had only just become a high-level prospective fighter for a few days. He didn’ t even have time to cultivate his cultivation technique. How could he fight?”This is unfair to him!”
Zhang Hengxing could not help but say.
He had only taken a fancy to Su Xiao Bai’s high cultivation talent, so he had only invited him……After all, when Su Xiao Bai grew up, it would be too late for him to rope him in!
Even though he didn’ t know why Su Xiao Bai’s cultivation talent was at the lowest level, a person who had just become a high level prospective practitioner and hadn’ t cultivated a cultivation technique before, didn’ t even have any combat experience. How could they fight fairly?
Su Xiao Bai was invited by him.
He naturally had to stand on Su Xiao Bai’s side!
“Right, this is indeed not too fair!”
Before Zhang Henglong could respond, Su Xiao Bai directly said,” What’s the point of letting a Zhang family’s senior high level prospective martial practitioner come?”
“Since I’ m a guest elder, then I have to show the courage of a guest elder. This old brother, since you’ ve questioned me, how about you be my opponent?”
Su Xiao Bai’s words once again caused an uproar!
A high level prospective fighter, would he want to challenge a beginner fighter?
The gap between them seemed to be only one level, but it just so happened that this level of difficulty was comparable to the wrath of heaven!
Actually, Su Xiao Bai originally didn’ t want to be so high-profile.
But there was no other way!
Are you kidding me?!
He had already spent all the money, how could he withdraw it?
Originally, he wanted to get along with everyone in a peaceful manner, but today, there was nothing he could do. Su Xiao Bai didn’ t pretend anymore, he could only show off!*

Chapter 12 Meet Su Keqing!

“Mr. Su, are you serious?”
Zhang Feiang stared fixedly at Su Xiao Bai and said coldly.
“Su Keqing, you may have just stepped into the ranks of prospective martial practitioners not long ago. You are not too clear about the gap between prospective martial practitioners and martial practitioners, right?”
“Even though there is only a single word difference between a prospective martial practitioner and a martial practitioner, their strength is different from a heavenly chasm!”
“Su Keqing, you can think about it again.”
Zhang Henglong also spoke.
He didn’ t know how Su Xiao Bai had reached a high-level prospective practitioner at the age of seventeen with the lowest cultivation talent.
But he knew that Su Xiao Bai was worth investing in!
This was a good seedling for the future.
If it could be nurtured by their Zhang family, their Zhang family would definitely benefit!
Therefore, Zhang Henglong was also giving Su Xiao Bai a step, not wanting to embarrass Su Xiao Bai too much.
“I know everything you said!”
“Don’ t worry. I know what to do!”
Su Xiao Bai smiled.” Moreover, no matter what, I’ m still a guest elder of the family. If I don’ t have any strength, how can I sit in this guest elder’s seat?”
Zhang Feiang shouted loudly before his entire body erupted with a thick and heavy aura.
This was an aura unique to martial practitioners.
It couldn’ t be seen, touched, but it was enough to capture one’s soul!
It was like an ordinary person facing a tiger. Even if they were more than ten meters away, they could feel the tiger’s ferocious aura, and they were terrified.
The moment his imposing manner appeared, everyone’s gazes instantly gathered on the two of them.
Everyone was curious.
Just how could this Su Xiao Bai actually say that he was going to use the level of a high level prospective martial practitioner to fight a real low level martial practitioner.
Seeing this, Zhang Henglong did not say anything to stop him.
“Mr. Su, you are a high-level prospective martial practitioner. Seeing that there is a great difference between you and me, I will slightly restrain myself!”
“As long as you can draw with me in ten rounds, you will win!”
Zhang Fei said loudly.
Martial practitioners were facing prospective martial practitioners.
Just like a lion killing a rabbit, it didn’ t even need to waste any effort!
Being able to last ten rounds was already enough for everyone present to take a high look at Su Xiao Bai!
“Ten rounds?”
Since there was someone acting pretentiously, how could Su Xiao Bai not let people act happily?
“Then I’ ll go!”
Zhang Feiang made a defensive stance.
A cool breeze blew over, blowing Su Xiao Bai’s clothes.
Su Xiao Bai smiled slightly.
“Ling Xiao changes!”
In the next second, smoke and dust rose under Su Xiaobai’s feet. His entire figure suddenly transformed into an arrow that left the bowstring and shot out in the air with lightning speed!
Zhang Feiang’s pupils constricted.
Zhang Henglong, Zhang Hengde, and all the higher-ups of the Zhang Clan, including those Zhang Clan martial practitioners nearby, couldn’ t help but widen their eyes!
“King Kong Whip!”
In the blink of an eye, Su Xiaobai had already arrived.
Golden light suddenly suffused his skin, and it seemed as if he had turned into a faint golden Buddha. His body’s hardness had increased greatly, and the strength of his legs had exploded to the extreme!
With an explosive sound, Zhang Feiang’s reaction was already fast enough. His arms immediately blocked in front of him……However, even so, his body still couldn’ t control itself and flew out on the spot. He crashed straight into the wall, forcefully creating a shallow hole in the wall, and it was covered in cracks like spider webs!
“It’s the Vajra Body and Ling Xiao Transformation that have entered the Micro-level!”
“Are you kidding me?He……He actually grasped two minor cultivation techniques?!”
Everyone present who witnessed this scene with their own eyes widened their eyes as if they had seen a ghost. They cried out in disbelief!
At the age of seventeen, it was enough to become a high-level prospective practitioner.
He had actually grasped two advanced cultivation techniques!
What kind of concept was entering the micro level?
Even if it was an entry-level cultivation technique, a prospective practitioner would not be able to enter the primary stage in less than a year and a half…Not to mention entering the micro level!
In terms of martial artists, entering a minor level cultivation technique was just like the Heavenly Book. Even if you were given a few years, you might not be able to reach the beginner level.
However, Su Xiaobai was actually able to successfully cultivate a Micro-level cultivation technique with the attitude of a prospective practitioner…At the same time, he had mastered two of them!
“My Heavens ……”
Zhang Hengxing was stunned.
He no longer knew how to describe the MMP in his heart.
It was fine if his cultivation speed was abnormal.
You can admit that you have a cultivation talent, right?
However, what was the point of mastering two minor cultivation techniques?!
Entering…This was a minor level!
There were still two of them!
Even if he was given five years to successfully comprehend two minor cultivation techniques at the prospective martial stage, he would still have to reach the primary stage……Zhang Hengxing did not have any confidence!
“A true genius!”
Zhang Henglong’s eyes were filled with joy.
Advanced prospective martial practitioners had mastered two cultivation techniques.
This was enough to show how astonishing Su Xiao Bai’s comprehension was!
What was the lowest cultivation talent?
In the face of such a clear truth, true strength was nothing at all!
“I’ m not convinced!”
Zhang Feiang roared furiously.
He was a dignified low level martial artist, beaten to such a sorry state by a high level prospective martial artist……How could he swallow this?
“Rainbow Demon Force!”
In an instant, Zhang Feiang mobilized all of his spiritual energy and gathered it all on his fist!
The Rainbow Demon Strength was an entry level body forging technique.
However, it was different from strengthening its outer body. It was strengthening its inner spiritual energy.
Zhang Feiang rushed forward, his fist that was surrounded by rich spiritual energy fiercely smashing towards Su Xiao Bai!
“You’ re too slow!”
Su Xiao Bai shook his head.
After cultivating the Micro-level Ling Xiao Transformation, Zhang Feiang’s speed was no different from being slow.
Su Xiao Bai simply raised his hand and firmly grabbed Zhang Feiang’s fist!
All of the spiritual Qi’s inner strength surged out, pouring into Su Xiaobai’s palm. Then, it was transmitted to his arm, and then to his body……
Unfortunately, the sturdy body that had been strengthened by the Vajra Body only shook slightly, and all of its inner strength was completely eliminated!
At this moment, the entire place was silent.
It was almost possible to hear the cold gasps of many ancient martial art practitioners.
Everyone was so shocked that they couldn’ t say anything!
Zhang Feiang’s face was similarly filled with shock and shock. After that, he gradually turned into dejected…It was because he discovered that Su Xiaobai’s palm was like an iron pincer. He couldn’ t even draw out his fist.
The difference in strength between the two sides was too great!
Su Xiao Bai didn’ t use his full strength at all!
“Are you still fighting?”
Su Xiao Bai said with a smile.
“I……I lost ……”
Zhang Fei said in a trembling voice.
He could not believe that he would lose to a high level prospective practitioner……
Moreover, he had released his wild words earlier. If Su Xiao Bai was able to withstand ten rounds, then the other party would win……In the end, the truth was that he didn’ t even block a single attack and directly defeated it!
“Everyone, follow me together. I’ ve seen Su Keqing!”
Zhang Henglong immediately stood up and said excitedly.
At this moment, everyone present didn’ t hesitate at all. They all stood up and respectfully saluted Su Xiaobai, shouting in unison——
“I’ ve seen Su Keqing!”
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Chapter 13 Automatic Monster Attack!

How about the best use of strength?
There was no need to waste words to explain anything. The most powerful dialectic was speaking with strength!
Not satisfied?
Then I’ ll beat you down!
With the level of a high-level prospective fighter and the ability to grasp two cultivation techniques at the same time, a true fighter could be beaten to the point where he could not retaliate……At this moment, the doubts in everyone’s hearts had completely transformed into shock and admiration!
Before today, they had never heard of such a thing happening.
Even the world-famous experts had never heard of anyone who could grasp two cultivation techniques at the advanced level of a prospective fighter, and even beat a fighter to the point where he could not fight back.
If one crossed a great realm and was able to draw a draw, or if one were to retreat, one could already be considered to be quite powerful.
He directly crushed it with a one-sided stance……This kind of thing was unheard of, unheard of!
The shock that he personally witnessed caused everyone present to feel unprecedented reverence towards Su Xiao Bai!
However, what they didn’ t know was that these two cultivation techniques were only Su Xiaobai’s’ appetizer’.
At first, he was still thinking about whether he should use an attribute cultivation technique True Flame Hand.
However, based on the current situation, it was obvious that there was no need.
If they knew that Su Xiao Bai didn’ t only have two cultivation techniques that entered the Minor Stage, but also possessed attribute cultivation techniques, they would most likely be shocked to the point of kneeling on the ground on the spot!
“No need to be so polite!”
Su Xiao Bai said this, but his heart had already blossomed with joy.
Actually, he wanted this kind of effect!
Now that he’s done with this, he shouldn’ t have asked for a refund, right?
“Su Keqing, I was reckless earlier. Please forgive me!”
Zhang Feiang knelt on one knee and sincerely apologized to Su Xiao Bai.
He was truly beaten!
Even though he hadn’ t taken out the Shadow Devil Killing Technique, Zhang Feiang believed that even if he used all his trump cards, he wouldn’ t be a match for Su Xiaobai……The terrifying degree of this advanced prospective fighter had completely exceeded his expectations!
“Normal sparring, no one can see it!”
Su Xiao Bai said magnanimously.
“From today onwards, Su Keqing will be the eighth guest elder of my Zhang family!”
“Everyone in the Zhang Clan, no matter when and where they see Su Keqing, they must treat each other with the highest etiquette!”
“Do you understand?”
Zhang Henglong said sternly.
Everyone said in unison.
“Furthermore, I hope that other than everyone present, no one else will know about today!”
Zhang Henglong’s words changed, and his tone became cold.” If I know who’s sending the news in private, don’ t blame my subordinates for not showing mercy!”
Everyone’s hearts trembled.
They knew that a genius like Su Xiaobai was an existence that all clans coveted!
With such achievements at such a young age, he would definitely become an expert in the future!
However, such an existence had joined their Zhang family. If the Yuan family, the sworn enemy, knew about it, they would definitely not let it go!
“Looks like I don’ t need to emphasize it anymore!”
Su Xiao Bai raised his brows.
He had originally intended to say these words to prevent the people of the Zhang family from spreading their news.
After all, no matter how powerful a genius was, he couldn’ t grow up and died prematurely. What kind of genius was that?
Su Xiao Bai knew how dark this world was.
It was absolutely not a strange thing to kill with a single move!
In order to prevent you from growing up and affecting their interests, some clans would specifically kill geniuses that did not belong to them!
Therefore, it was better to keep a low profile before they had sufficient strength.
Everyone answered.
“Su Keqing, today, I am grateful that you think highly of my Zhang family and have become a guest elder of my Zhang family. My Zhang family is greatly honored!”
“According to the usual practice, this is a small token of appreciation from the Zhang Clan to the guest elder. Please accept it with a smile!”
With a wave of his hand, Zhang Henglong immediately brought a bank card and a blank identity card to Su Xiao Bai.
“The one on your left is the Martial Arts Practitioners Association’s bank card. It has 3 million spirit coins.”
“This one on your right is a blank ID card for the core area. You just need to fill in your name and it will take effect. In the future, you can freely enter and leave the core area!”
This gift was in place!
Hearing this, Su Xiao Bai’s eyes immediately surged with joy.
He had originally wanted to take some spirit coins from the Zhang Clan as a guest elder……Right now, there was no need for Su Xiao Bai to personally speak. The other party had already offered three million spirit coins with both hands!
In fact, even Su Xiao Bai’s identity as the core area of his inner thoughts had also come to an end before he arrived…He didn’t need to queue up and pay for the application to test his strength. He directly sent the core identity card to him!
It seemed that this Zhang Clan guest elder had made the right choice!
“Alright, since it’s the clan head’s intention, I will not accept it!”
Afterwards, everyone retreated, and Zhang Henglong chatted with Su Xiaobai for a while.
From the chat information, Su Xiao Bai learned three things.
1. The Zhang family was not a big family in the core area. It could only be considered a small family with a little bit of fame. Therefore,3 million spirit coins were relatively small. Please don’ t despise him.
2. The Zhang family had a sworn enemy. Although the Yuan family was also a small family, the other party had more momentum and strength. The Zhang family had been suppressed for many years.
3. If they encountered any danger, they would immediately crush the identity card in the core area. All the alarms in the surrounding area would instantly be heard, and there would immediately be a fighter going to rescue them!
Obviously, becoming a guest elder was not an easy task.
At the same time that Su Xiao Bai obtained the benefits, he also had to endure the negative effects of these benefits!
However, this wasn’ t something Su Xiaobai should have considered.
As long as he was given enough time, enough money, what Yuan Clan, what big clan, in front of him were all dog shit!
In the end, Su Xiaobai was sent home by the Zhang family.
In this era, cars were no longer driven by oil, but by spiritual energy.
As a result, the price of a car was extremely high. A non-rich family could not afford it!
“If I want to cultivate, don’ t disturb me.”
After Su Xiao Bai warned the people accompanying him to protect him, he closed his eyes in the back seat.
As expected of a genius, he didn’ t forget to train for a moment.
The person in charge of protection sighed in his heart.
“Ding!The system has detected that the host has money!”
“Dear host, did you use 400,000 spirit coins to activate the new system function?”
The system’s voice was already heard.
Without any hesitation, Su Xiao Bai decisively chose to activate the new system function.
“Congratulations, host. Unlock the’ One Button Automatic Monster Fighting’!”*

Chapter 14: Twice the profits from fighting monsters!

Su Xiao Bai’s consciousness jumped off and once again arrived in that void space.
A new space appeared next to the one-touch cultivation and one-touch cultivation space……One of them was a pitch-black shadow. From the outline, it was Su Xiao Bai.
It stood silently, without any movement.
“System, do you have a designated destination?”
“If not, the system will automatically send your shadow to the corresponding beast destination!”
The system said.
“Send it automatically!”
Su Xiao Bai hadn’ t left the base, how could he know where the vicious beast was?
The shadow quickly disappeared.
At the same time, about 6 kilometers away from the base, a black shadow appeared.
As soon as the shadow appeared, due to the spiritual energy fluctuations on its body, it immediately caused a Dark Moon Wolf that was sleeping in the surroundings to become vigilant
Dark Moon Wolf, D-class vicious beast.
Fierce Beast Grade [D ][ C ][ B ][ A ][ S].
The D grade was a prospective practitioner.
Class C martial artist.
Level B Martial Masters.
A rank corresponds to a Martial General.
S-level corresponded to Commander Wu.
A level D beast was enough to easily tear apart a high level prospective practitioner……Therefore, if a prospective fighter wanted to kill a D-class ferocious beast, he had to use a small group to attack. Otherwise, if he fought alone, he could only be reduced to belly food of the beast!
However, Su Xiaobai’s shadow possessed 100% of Su Xiao Bai’s own strength.
This meant that even though the shadow was a high level prospective practitioner on the surface, its true strength was something that could crush an elementary practitioner!
Without any extra movement, the shadow directly charged forward and directly attacked. Ling Xiao changed and the Vajra body simultaneously attacked. With a single punch, the Dark Moon Wolf’s head was smashed open!
“Ding!”We’ ve already harvested the spoils of war: Dark Moon Wolf Skin *1, Dark Moon Wolf Meat *12!”
As the system’s notification sounded out, a nearly complete wolf skin and twelve Dark Moon Wolf Meat that was still stained with blood fell out of nowhere in the space where the monsters were killed!
“So fast!”
Su Xiao Bai couldn’ t help but be surprised.
This efficiency was not bad!
In less than two minutes, he had already taken care of a ferocious beast and sent the spoils of war to the temporary space!
“If I remember correctly, the Dark Moon Wolf is a level D beast. The price of wolf skin and wolf meat will not be less than 1,000 spirit coins!”
“With that in mind, wouldn’ t that mean that I would soon be able to step into the ranks of more than ten thousand people?”
Su Xiao Bai said excitedly.
As long as the shadow could kill 10 Dark Moon Wolf’s level D beasts every day, just these spoils of war alone would bring over 10,000 spirit coins to Su Xiao Bai every day!
Lying on the ground would be able to reach ten thousand in a day……This was a life that Su Xiaobai didn’ t even dare to think about.
But right now, he had done it!
Sure enough, it was still the best thing to do!
“Ding!He had already harvested the spoils of war: Black Ribbed Snake Skin *1, Black Ribbed Snake Meat *5, Black Ribbed Snake Tendon *3!”
Su Xiao Bai’s side was still planning happily. Before he could finish his plan, another new spoils of war fell into space.
“My Cao!”
“Black Tendon Snake’s Black Tendon!”
“This thing can be used as an alloy weapon. It’s worth at least 1,000 spirit coins!”
Su Xiao Bai’s eyes lit up.
Weapons were divided into ordinary weapons, alloy weapons, and even higher spirit weapons.
Any alloy-grade weapon would cost more than 100,000 spirit coins. If the level was a bit higher, the price would be doubled…He had seen an alloy weapon on television selling for a high price of millions of spirit coins!
Therefore, the materials used to make alloy weapons naturally wouldn’ t be cheap.
Each beast would bring different spoils of war.
Some of these spoils of war were of high value, while others were of average value……Once they met someone of high value, it would be equivalent to making a fortune. This was also the reason why all the martial artists were eager to go to the wild to hunt beasts!
“Ding!He had already harvested the spoils of war: Black Ribbed Snake Skin *1, Black Ribbed Snake Meat *5, Black Ribbed Snake Tendon *3!”
The system once again sent out a notification. Clearly, the shadow had easily killed the Black Tendon Snake again!
“If I were to hunt it down at this speed, I would not have been able to enter ten thousand a day……”It’s not a dream for a hundred thousand!”
Su Xiao Bai couldn’ t help but become excited when he thought of this.
A hundred thousand!
If he had this income, he would be able to eat whatever lobster and crabs he wanted every day. He would be able to live in the luxurious villa in the core area, get in and out by luxury cars, and have servants to serve him!
Just thinking about it made him feel comfortable!
“Host, I’ ve detected that you still have money left. Would you like to upgrade your system?”
“Upgrade, you must upgrade!”
“Let’s not talk about anything else. Give me a hit and automatically raise the monster to level 2!”
Su Xiao Bai said without any hesitation.
He had already thought of it.
The high efficiency of fighting monsters represented the high efficiency of obtaining benefits……With this benefit, he would be able to upgrade his cultivation space and cultivation space!
As a result, among the three system functions, Su Xiao Bai completely focused on fighting monsters automatically.
“Upgrade completed!”
Following the system’s notification, Su Xiaobai saw a shadow that was exactly the same as before appearing in the space where the spoils of war were stored.
“Automatic dispatch!”
Without waiting for the system to ask, Su Xiaobai had already spoken.
The shadow disappeared and was automatically teleported to another place outside Base 18, where the beasts resided.
It was only two minutes.
“Ding!”We’ ve already harvested the spoils of war: Steel Ox Horn*2, Steel Ox Armor*21, Steel Beef*35!”
“Ding!”We’ ve already harvested the spoils of war: Tin Wing Beast Skin *1, Tin Wing Beast Meat *16!”
Two system notifications sounded out. Within the temporary storage space, several beast spoils of war fell out of nowhere.
Looking at the materials on the ground in the space, Su Xiao Bai couldn’ t help but smile.
Two shadows, double profits, simply not too comfortable!*

Chapter 15 Private Bodyguard!

If he continued to accumulate at this speed, it wouldn’ t be long before he had a mountain of materials……The speed of earning money was simply faster than stealing money!
With this benefit, Su Xiao Bai naturally no longer needed to rely on his family, or work hard or something. He could completely lie down and eat until he died!
“400,000+1.2 Million, it’s already 1.6 million.”
“System, give me the rest of the money to raise the automatic cultivation and the automatic cultivation to level 3!”
After leveling up, Su Xiaobai didn’ t forget to upgrade the other two functions.
Level 3 self-cultivation required 400,000.
Level 3 training required 800,000.
The two added up to 1.2 million.
“Upgrade completed!”
In the upper right corner of the two spaces, the original “*2” logo turned into “*4”!
This meant that the flow of time between the two spaces had already turned four times!
“Spiritual energy……”So much spiritual energy!”
Four times the amount of cultivation space was equivalent to doubling the original amount of spiritual energy. Naturally, the amount of spiritual energy absorbed was not the same!
With the current speed of absorbing spiritual energy and the effect of automatic breakthrough, Su Xiao Bai would probably be able to officially break through to the advanced prospective fighter ranks in less than a few days!
Not only that, even in the area of automatic cultivation, the shadow figure’s movements became even faster…The speed of the cultivation technique had doubled!
“Strength, wealth…”Haha!”
In the past, Su Xiao Bai still didn’ t believe in such a good thing as pie falling from the sky.
But from the looks of it, this kind of good thing really happened, and all of it descended on him!
“There any new system functions?”What’s next?”
Su Xiao Bai asked.
“Host, at the moment, I can’ t tell you about the new system. What I can tell you is that the new system functions require you to upgrade these three system functions to Level 3 before you can unlock them!”
The system replied.
“Why didn’ t you recommend a new system function to me? So there’s a requirement to unlock it!”
“Both self-cultivation and self-cultivation had already reached level 3, so there was only one thing left to fight monsters……”We need 3.6 million spirit coins to fight monsters automatically. This is not a small number!”
“Looks like I’ ll have to wait a bit longer!”
Su Xiao Bai pondered for a moment.
Fortunately, it wasn’ t a big problem.
As long as there was enough time,3.6 million would be a matter of time.
“Then there’s only one problem left: find a warehouse for storing materials!”
The spoils of war were Su Xiao Bai’s greatest source of income.
The temporary storage space could only be stored for 24 hours. If it was not “withdrawn “, it would automatically be emptied after 24 hours……That was why Su Xiao Bai needed to quickly find a fixed place to have the system place the materials there. This way, he could also carry out daily cleaning and selling.
“Good thing. I still have 200,000 left. I can buy a slightly larger house with a basement in the outer area!”
The big house and the basement were basic operations.
Humans all had the instinct to seek advantage and avoid harm. Even though it seemed peaceful now, many people were imagining that if one day a vicious beast broke through the city…At that time, the basement would be able to set up a big use ground!
“Go back and discuss this with Ling’ er. She will definitely be extremely happy!”
Su Xiao Bai couldn’ t help but smile.
At the same time, in the Zhang Clan Manor.
In the room, blood-colored light splashed everywhere, and a head flew up.
After losing his head, the corpse fell to the ground, blood flowing everywhere.
“Big brother, you’ re right. The Zhang family has indeed joined the Yuan family!”
Zhang Hengde slowly put away his saber and said sternly.
The person who killed him was his second uncle, Zhang Hengde.
Standing by his side was the Family Proposition Henglong.
Zhang Henglong frowned deeply. He looked at the secret communicator in the hands of the headless corpse on the ground and said with a serious expression,” We’ re late. The Yuan family should have received the news!”
“Big brother, are you going to send someone to protect that kid?”
When he was in the main hall, Zhang Hengde was forced to face him and called Su Xiao Bai Su Keqing.
However, in his heart, he still didn’ t accept Su Xiao Bai. He didn’ t want to admit that such a young fellow’s status immediately rose to his head!
“I’ m worried about the people I sent!”
Zhang Henglong turned his head to look at Zhang Hengde.” Second brother, go protect him!”
“Big brother, are you mistaken?”
Zhang Hengde’s eyes widened.
“Can’ t. At least I’ m a grand middle rank martial artist. Let me protect a high rank prospective practitioner……Even if he was a true genius, he was still a junior. How could I condescend to do this?”
Zhang Hengde immediately chose to refuse.
In a world where experts were respected, many people only admired experts……Even if it was a genius, before he had grown to a sufficiently high level, unless there was a large family and background behind him, many martial practitioners would not be convinced.
Zhang Hengde was such a person.
To him, face was greater than heaven!
A grand middle rank martial artist, the second manager of the Zhang family, with over a hundred martial artists under his control, as well as several thousand people from the Zhang family……Making him a personal bodyguard was too bad!
“I’ ve already decided on this matter. I’ ll leave it to you to secretly protect me!”
“If Su Keqing left the half-way, I’ ll ask you!”
Zhang Henglong couldn’t help but reply.
Big brother “, you ……”
“I’ m using my status as the Patriarch to order you!”
Zhang Henglong’s tone was serious.” Su Keqing’s talent is unheard of, unheard of. If he can rise up, he will definitely be able to help my Zhang family soar into the sky!”
“Second Brother, I don’ t blame you for your short-sightedness, but you definitely can’ t let anything happen to Su Keqing!”
“Do you understand?”
Seeing his normally close brother being so serious, Zhang Hengde knew that he could not dodge.
He could only reluctantly nod and finally agree.
“Hoped that the Yuan Clan would have some self-awareness……”Kill the residents of the core area! They can’ t bear the wrath of a large clan!”
Zhang Henglong’s eyes flickered.*

Chapter 16 was targeted!

Once they entered the core area, they couldn’ t kill at will.
This was a rule set by the government and the big clans together, so they naturally had to follow it together……Although the Yuan Clan suppressed the Zhang Clan, in the end, it was still a small clan. If they really broke the taboo, the big clans and the government could not spare them!
However, Zhang Henglong was not sure about this.
Because there were many crazy people in the Yuan Clan!
For the sake of their interests, they could even attack their own people. What else could they not do?
Once they found out that there was a genius with such terrifying talent in Zhang Clan, they would definitely do everything they could to kill him……Even the residents of the core area!
Therefore, Zhang Henglong wanted Zhang Hengde to protect Su Xiaobai.
From this, it could be seen how optimistic Zhang Henglong was towards Su Xiaobai’s future!
The core area, east, Yuan Clan Manor Garden.
“Zhang Clan’s eighth guest elder?”
“Seventeen-year-old, a high-level prospective practitioner, has mastered two cultivation techniques that enter the Minor Stage!”
“Genius!”Absolute genius!”
When the Yuan family members received the news, they immediately gathered the higher-ups for a meeting.
After all the higher-ups had read the information about Su Xiaobai, their expressions couldn’ t help but change greatly!
Too terrifying!
At the age of seventeen, he had already reached the level of a high-level prospective practitioner. He even grasped two entry-level cultivation techniques…Such a genius, whether it was in terms of cultivation aptitude or comprehension aptitude, was definitely at the top!
Even those Martial Gods might not have such talent!
“We must kill them!”
Yuan Feihe spoke coldly.
The aura of a high-level Martial Artist shot out from his body and radiated into the entire conference room. Everyone could feel a rising heat wave rushing towards them……
This was a raging killing intent from a high rank martial artist!
“Patriarch, this matter must not be rash!”
“Had never killed a guest elder in the past, not only because he was strong, but also because they were all residents of the core area…”If I were to assassinate him rashly, I’ m afraid that it would offend the Iron Law and annoy the government and the great clans. There will be endless future troubles!”
An intermediate martial artist from the Yuan Clan spoke.
The others nodded heavily.
Killing wasn’ t the point.
The main point was the price to pay for killing!
The residents of the core area could not be killed. This was an iron rule issued by the government and large clans.
The purpose was to prevent elite warriors from fighting each other, thus reducing human combat strength.
Breaking this iron rule was equivalent to breaking the government’s and big family’s anti-scales……How could he feel better?
The Yuan Clan was just a small clan. Although they had gained some confidence by clinging to a large clan, it was still too far off the line to violate Iron Law…If the government and the great clans were to go against each other, then it would be difficult to take a single step. If the future was worrying, then it would be very likely that the entire clan would be destroyed!
No one was willing to take such a huge risk for a mere person.
“Do you think we have a choice?”
Yuan Feihe said coldly,” What’s the concept of such a genius growing up?”The Zhang Clan and my Yuan Clan have long been determined to fight to the death. Since he’s already become a guest elder of the Zhang Clan, it means that sooner or later, he will join the Zhang Clan to deal with my Yuan Clan!”
Everyone’s hearts trembled.
A seventeen-year-old high-level prospective practitioner was already extremely terrifying.
Moreover, with such a strong comprehension ability, he had already grasped two cultivation techniques that entered the Minor Stage……If he allowed it to continue, it wouldn’ t take a few years, and it would reach the point of sweeping through the Yuan Clan!
There was no way back for the Yuan Clan!
“If we don’ t kill them, the Yuan Clan will die sooner or later!”
“But if we kill them, the Yuan Clan will not die!”
“Who says that there are no loopholes other than Iron Rule?”
“How did those geniuses in the past be assassinated? It shouldn’ t be that everyone doesn’ t know, right?”
Everyone recalled.
Indeed, any iron rule had loopholes.
For example, the residents of the core area could not slaughter at will within the base.
However, if the other party were to force an attack and you were just defending yourself, then if the other party died, you wouldn’ t have to be responsible.
Moreover, the other party was not in the base, but in the wild……When they arrived in the wild, they didn’ t even have any communication signals. They didn’ t know if they were alive or dead, so how could there be any rules of iron law, the supervision of large clans?
At that time, death would be death. No one could be blamed for it!
Finally, it was a professional assassin.
Professional assassins, as long as you can afford an extremely expensive price within the normal range of assassinations, they are willing to take action!
“Right now, he’s just a little fellow, taking the initiative to attack us.”
“It’s very difficult to lure him to the wild.”
“Assassin is undoubtedly the best choice!”
A cold glint flashed in Yuan Feihe’s eyes.” In terms of assassinations, they have a lot of experience. Moreover, no matter whether they succeed or not, they won’ t have any relationship with our Yuan family. This is the most stable method!”
“, However, there was only one problem now……From the information that came back, we only knew that this guest elder’s surname was Su, and he was seventeen years old. Other than that, we didn’ t know anything else!”
“Judging from the situation, that fellow has already been killed. The Zhang family will definitely seal off all news outlets at the first moment. So the most important thing now is to find this eighth guest elder in Base 18 and then issue an assassination order!”
“Xiu Ming, I’ ll leave this task to you!”
A high-ranking member of the Yuan Clan stood up and nodded solemnly,” Yes, Patriarch!”
“Personally killing such a genius was indeed a pity…”If you want to blame him, you can blame him for not having a good life. However, if you join the Zhang Clan, you can still be considered to have deserved death!”
Killing intent surged in Yuan Feihe’s tone.
At the same time, Su Xiao Bai returned home.
He had no idea that his front foot had left. His back foot had already been targeted.
“Brother, you’ re back!”
When Su Ling’ er saw Su Xiao Bai, her face immediately revealed a heartfelt happy smile.
“Ling’ er, come, write your name on this card!”
Su Xiao Bai handed the blank identity card to Su Ling’ er.
To him, it didn’ t matter if he had the identity of the core area.
But to an ordinary person like Su Ling’ er, it was different……If he encountered any danger, Su Xiao Bai happened to not be by his side. This core area identity card was the greatest guarantee!*

Chapter 17:200,000 spirit coins per day!

Su Ling’ er had never seen the identity card in the core area. She didn’ t know what this was, so she obediently wrote her own name.
From this moment on, the identity card in the core area officially came into effect. Su Ling’ er had also become the’ noble’ character in the core area!
“Ling’er, if I do n’ t stay by your side in the future, you will immediately break this identity card if you encounter any danger. Do you know that?”
Su Xiaobai reminded him.
Brother “, where are you going?”You can’ t leave Ling’ er alone!”
When Su Ling’ er heard this, she thought that Su Xiao Bai was going to leave her alone. Immediately, her eyes turned red, and large, sparkling tears were about to fall down.
“Ling’ er, don’ t cry. I’ m just reminding you this!”
Su Xiao Bai hurriedly explained everything. Only then did Su Ling’ er understand that what she had just completed was an identity card for the core area. As long as she forcefully broke it, she would be able to get the nearby martial practitioners to come to support her as quickly as possible.
Brother “, in that case…”Can we go to the core?”
Su Ling’ er wiped away tears.
“Don’ t worry for now!”
“Tomorrow, we’ ll go buy a house on the bustling street. We’ ll go buy a house in the core area after a few days!”
Su Xiaobai said.
Right now, he only had 200,000 yuan in his hands. Any house in the core area would start with ten million yuan. How could he afford it!
“Brother, I heard that the core area is filled with extremely luxurious houses. They are extremely expensive. Where did you get your money!”
Su Ling’ er curiously smelled it.
“You don’ t know about Ling’ er, right? Right now, I’ m a guest elder of a large clan. I can earn 100,000 spirit coins every month!”
Su Xiao Bai raised his head and said in a pleased tone.
Every month, a guest elder had an offering. Not much,100,000 spirit coins……But if the guest elders did too much for the clan, the rewards would naturally increase accordingly!
“I knew you were the most powerful!”
“Brother, let’s go now!”I want to see the house!”
Su Ling’ er’s large eyes flickered, and her entire body became excited.
It was unknown if all the women were naturally excited about the house. The moment they heard about buying the house, they immediately became extra positive.
The two of them went to several places.
In the end, he chose to buy a two-storey duplex, a small garden, and a villa and cottage in the basement in the opposite district of a bustling street……The total value was 750,000 spirit coins, but because Su Ling’ er was a resident of the core area, she directly made a discount. As a result, Su Xiao Bai only paid 150,000 spirit coins as a down payment, as well as other miscellaneous fees, and bought it!
Not only that, this villa and cottage were already available. Su Xiao Bai and Su Ling’ er could directly move in that day!
“Wa!Great!”Big brother, let’s go to the villa!”
Su Ling’ er excitedly rolled around on the sofa, silver bell-like laughter spreading through the entire villa and cottage.
“Ling’ er, get familiar with it first. I’ ll go take a look in the basement!”
As Su Xiaobai spoke, he entered the basement from the garden.
The basement was huge, about 120 square meters!
Moreover, after special renovations, all kinds of underground facilities were especially perfect. Regardless of the power, water, sewage channels, and so on, all of them were complete. As long as there was enough food and water, it would be no problem for humans to survive in this basement for several years…This was also the reason why it sold such a high price of 750,000!
“System, let’s put all the spoils of war here in the future!”
Su Xiao Bai found an empty room and directly said.
“The location has been specified!”
“Was extracting the spoils of war ……”
Following the system’s notification, a pile of vicious beast materials fell from the air!
These beast materials were all exceptionally complete, almost not too damaged. Moreover, the classification was extremely clear. The fur and fur were placed together, and the beast meat and beast meat were placed together.
In just a moment, the room was filled with a quarter of the space!
“These are all spent money!”
Su Xiao Bai was extremely happy.
Su Xiao Bai immediately picked out a batch of vicious beast materials and used a large backpack to pack it up, heading straight to the martial practitioner’s hall.
The Martial Artist Hall was a place set up by the government to serve martial artists.
Record identity information, sell weapons, sell medicinal pills, provide cultivation methods, provide special cultivation rooms, release information on hunting beasts……Wait, it covered all the needs of martial practitioners!
“This, let’s estimate the price!”
Su Xiao Bai came to the place where the beast materials were specially sold and poured out all the beast materials in his backpack.
The appraiser came up and pulled it a few times, then nodded,” The integrity is not bad, the appearance is also very good……”You’ re here to sell beast materials for someone, right?”
Su Xiao’s eyes rolled as he said,” How can I see it?”
For “to be able to obtain so many good-looking and high-complete materials for ferocious beasts, it would be necessary to have a group of eight or more practitioners……”It’s nothing new for a normal martial artist team to be so arrogant. It’s nothing new to find a prospective martial artist who won’ t be targeted to sell the materials!”
The appraiser said lightly.
So it was like this!
Su Xiao Bai suddenly understood.
In that case, he was at the lower realm, but it was actually a bit beneficial!
A moment later.
“There’s a total of 36,872 spirit coins. This is the list. You can look at Dian Dian.”
The appraiser handed a list to Su Xiaobai.
“36,000 Spirit coins!”
Su Xiao Bai’s eyes lit up.
He hadn’t even specially selected the materials for this vicious beast. According to his estimation, the amount of spoils of war in the basement could be filled with two or three backpacks. Did n’ t that mean that in less than half a day, he had already gained nearly 100,000 spirit coins?
Based on this rate of return, he could easily receive 200,000 spirit coins a day!
The goal of reaching 200,000 a day was actually easily achieved!*

Chapter 18 Becoming a Martial Warrior!

However, the only problem was that he had to go back and forth several times a day to sell…
“That won’ t do. I have to accumulate more time and sell it in one go. Otherwise, if I go in and out too frequently, I’ ll be noticed sooner or later!”
After learning Zhang Hengxing’s lesson last time, Su Xiao Bai had considered the issue of low profile this time.
But in other words, if he were to sell a large pile of beast materials at once, he wouldn’ t be able to keep a low profile!
You can’t carry such a large package all over the street, can you?
Wasn’ t this clearly telling others that there was a problem?
“That…”Master, do you have any channels to collect the materials of ferocious beasts?”
Su Xiao Bai tentatively asked.
“Yes, if you sell a large quantity, you can consider contacting the’ Beast Treasure Pavilion’!”
“The Beast Treasure Pavilion specially collects all kinds of materials for ferocious beasts. They don’ t care what your source of materials is. As long as you sell them, they will collect them. However, the price will definitely be lower than here!”
“If you’ re willing, after you’ ve agreed on the time and place, the people from the Treasure Beast Pavilion will come to collect it at a fixed time!”
The appraiser casually took out a business card and handed it to Su Xiaobai.
Clearly, this was not the first time he had encountered such a problem.
He was also happy to be an intermediate introducer.
“If you don’t ask for the source, you can still receive the goods?”
“That’s good!”
Su Xiao Bai immediately became happy.
After saying a word of thanks, Su Xiaobai quickly returned home.
He dialed the number on his business card.
“Are you trying to sell materials for ferocious beasts?”
A calm voice came from the other end of the phone.
Su Xiaobai said.
“How much can I provide every month?”The other party casually asked.
“This…”I’ m not sure, but many are right!”
Su Xiao Bai said carefully.
“What about the material level?”
“Grade D!”
“Alright, let’s first declare that the Beast Treasure Pavilion doesn’ t care about the source of your materials, but the price is 70% of the market price. If you can accept it, please give me the address and time to receive the goods.”
“No problem!”
Seven to seventy percent!
As long as they didn’ t attract attention, this price wasn’ t much……In any case, there was no need for him to go out and fight to the death!
Su Xiao Bai directly reported the address and time.
“Take it once a week?”
“Your team is really diligent!”Alright, I’ ve already recorded it. Someone will come to you tomorrow!”
The next day, someone really came to visit.
A truck directly arrived at Su Xiaobai’s villa. At the door was a man wearing a baseball cap and a blue uniform, with several companions behind him.
“Someone from the Beast Treasure Pavilion?”
Standing nearby, he was staring at Zhang Hengde. When he saw these people, a look of doubt appeared on his face.
There were only a few organizations that privately bought materials for ferocious beasts.
As a high-level member of the Zhang family, he naturally knew.
“This kid has never been out of the base. Why is he related to the Beast Treasure Pavilion?”
Zhang Hengde was puzzled.
“This way, please!”
On the other side, Su Xiao Bai had already opened the door to invite the people from the Beast Treasure Pavilion to enter.
“All of them are prospective martial practitioners!”
Su Xiaobai sensed the spiritual energy fluctuations.
Bringing them to the basement, Su Xiao Bai directly pointed at the beast materials on the ground,” These, all of them are for sale!”
After an entire day of self-destructing monsters, the two shadows brought back quite a few beast materials to Su Xiaobai……It almost filled the entire room!
If this amount of materials were placed in the Martial Warrior Hall, it would definitely be extremely eye-catching. However, in front of these members of the Beast Treasure Pavilion, it was nothing at all……They had truly seen twenty meters tall, piled up with a mountain-like majestic beast material!
How about they be professional?
He took out a special large bag and directly put it into the bag. As he put it, he explained the quantity, grade and price of the materials of the ferocious beasts, and then the special financial department was responsible for the liquidation.
“Hmm?He brought out something from inside?”It’s not like it’s a beast material, right?”
“That’s not right…He had never left the base before. Where did he get the beast materials?”And there are so many!”
Zhang Hengde was filled with a hundred thousand reasons.
A moment later.
“A total of 214,362 spirit coins!”
“The list is here. Please confirm it. If there is no problem, please accept a transfer slip.”
This was the price Su Xiao Bai had expected, so naturally, he didn’ t have any objections. He collected the money and signed it on the spot.
“The feeling of lying on the ground and collecting money is really refreshing!”
With the money in hand, Su Xiao Bai was naturally all sorts of unrestrained and unrestrained.
Buy luxurious furniture that he never dared to think of before, go to a high-end restaurant that he never dared to approach before, and go to a famous restaurant that he would retreat from when he saw the price before……Su Xiao Bai looked like a nouveau riche!
Su Ling’ er didn’ t know where Su Xiaobai’s money came from. She originally wanted to refuse, but under Su Xiaobai’s unyielding attitude, especially the words “How can buying things with your wife be cheap?” made Su Ling’ er feel extremely sweet!
“Hehe, so what if it’s a genius?”
“After the poor become rich, they are all the same.”
Zhang Hengde, who was in charge of protecting Su Xiao Bai, snorted.
Just like that, three days passed.
Su Xiao Bai was enjoying himself in the bathtub. Suddenly, a powerful aura that was completely different from that of a prospective fighter erupted from his body!
Su Xiao Bai suddenly opened his eyes. Spiritual energy was flickering within them!
It was at this moment that he suddenly crossed the shackles of a high-level prospective fighter and leaped into the ranks of martial practitioners!
He could feel a wave of energy that was different from before circulating within his body.
At the same time, his entire body underwent tremendous changes!
The muscles in his entire body became even stronger…Even if he didn’ t need to drive the Golden Rigid Body, he could still block the blade and spear!
Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The senses of his facial features were even sharper. The scene before him seemed to have changed from “480P “to “720P “. Even some tiny things could be quickly captured!
“This is a martial artist ……”
Su Xiao Bai clenched his fists. His strength was far more terrifying than before!
He checked his current state.
Human: Su Xiao Bai
Level: Beginner fighter
Strength Level: Intermediate Warrior
Endurance Level: Intermediate Warrior
Agility Level: Intermediate Warrior
Cultivation talent: Minimum
Mastering techniques: Vajra Body (Beginner), Ling Xiao Transformation (Beginner), True Fire Hand (Beginner)
Unlocked system functions: One-click Training (Level 3), One-click Training (Level 3), Automatic Monster Fighting (Level 2)
“Strength, endurance, and agility…”I’ ve actually crossed over to the intermediate level!”
Su Xiao Bai was excited.*

Chapter 19 Respect for the powerful!

Everyone knew.
The higher the cultivation level, the more difficult it would be to advance!
Even if it was just from the beginner level to the intermediate level, it would still have to break through countless difficulties and obstacles. It was hard to reach it.
This was also the reason why Su Xiao Bai was shocked when he killed a beginner martial artist at the advanced level.
Now that Su Xiao Bai had just advanced to the beginner level, it seemed like he had the strength of an intermediate level practitioner……Moreover, with the addition of a minor cultivation technique, it could even kill an intermediate cultivator!
How could Su Xiao Bai not be pleasantly surprised by such a huge leap?
“With every move, I can feel the power waving!”
Su Xiao Bai believed that with his current strength, if he used another kick to kick Zhang Feiang, it was likely that the other party wouldn’ t just hit the wall……It was likely that the bones in his arm would break on the spot. His entire body coughed up blood and couldn’ t even stand up!
“After detecting the change in host’s level of cultivation, the system has re-planned the location of the monsters. Host, do you agree to the shadow heading to the new monster hunting area?”
A system notification sounded out.
“Can you change the monster map automatically?”
Su Xiao Bai was amused.
A rise in his cultivation level meant that a level D beast could no longer satisfy the need to fight monsters. A level C beast on the higher level was even more suitable!
Of course, there were risks.
If he encountered some C-level beasts that were comparable to high-level martial artists, the shadow would probably be in danger of “life” and delay the progress……However, the materials on the body of a C-class vicious beast were not a little bit more than before!
What kind of risk was this?
Su Xiao Bai decisively made a choice.
“Shadow is heading to a new designated area!”
As the system’s voice rang out, the shadows that were still killing monsters in the wild on the other side instantly disappeared. In the next second, they appeared in a new area.
The sudden appearance of the shadow had attracted the attention of the surrounding C-level vicious beasts. If it were an adult, it would have been a little scared. However, the shadow didn’ t have any emotions and charged forward to do it!
“Ding!He had already harvested the spoils of war: Swift Snake Skin*1, Swift Snake Meat*7, Swift Snake Tendon*4!”
“Ding!He had already harvested the spoils of war: White-eye Bear Palm*4, White-eye Bear Meat*20, White-eye Bear Skin*1, White-eye Bear Bone*67!”
“Ding!He had already harvested the spoils of war: Great Liu Hu Skin*1, Great Liu Hu Meat*14, Great Liu Hu Palm*4, Great Liu Hu Bone*49!”
Almost every few minutes, a new system notification sounded out.
From the names of these spoils of war, one could tell that all of the beasts killed by the shadows were C-class beasts. Moreover, there were even more spoils of war that were peeled off……Before, there were no bones, or bear palms, tiger palms, or the like. Now, there were all of them!
From this, it could be seen that the entire body of a C grade vicious beast was covered in treasures!
In the future, they would be replaced with level B beasts, level A beasts, and even level S beasts……Without a doubt, there was no need to deliberately peel off the corpse. The entire corpse was the best treasure, selling the sky-high price in minutes!
Another two days passed.
“Ding!”The Vajra Body has reached the intermediate level!”
Su Xiao Bai was at home with Su Ling’ er trying out the clothes she had just bought while shopping. Suddenly, a system notification sounded in her mind.
He had reached the intermediate level with a minor cultivation technique……
This meant that Su Xiaobai’s strength, along with the improvement of the cultivation method, once again increased by a large amount!
Human: Su Xiao Bai
Level: Beginner fighter
Strength Level: Advanced Warrior
Endurance Level: Advanced Warrior
Agility Level: Intermediate Warrior
Cultivation talent: Minimum
Mastering techniques: Vajra Body (Intermediate), Ling Xiao Transformation (Elementary), True Fire Hand (Elementary)
Unlocked system functions: One-click Training (Level 3), One-click Training (Level 3), Automatic Monster Fighting (Level 2)
Strength, endurance, advanced!
“No wonder so many people flocked to enter the Micro-level Qi Method. They were only at the beginner level and had actually increased my strength and endurance to the advanced level!”
Su Xiao Bai sighed.
Generally speaking, martial artists were trying to figure out how to cultivate an entry-level cultivation technique. Occasionally, some clan geniuses or Tian Zi Jiaozi would think about how to cultivate a micro-level cultivation technique……On the other hand, Su Xiao Bai was eating, drinking, playing, and training. A few days later, he easily reached the intermediate level!
Another two days passed.
“Ding dong!”
The bell rang out.
Su Xiao Bai looked up.
It was still that car.
It was still those few people.
He took it once a week. It was indeed on time.
Su Xiao Bai led those people into the basement.
When these people saw Su Xiao Bai and sensed the fluctuations in the aura of a martial artist, they couldn’ t help but pause in their hearts……But he did not say anything.
When they saw the materials piled up in the basement, they could not help but reveal surprise in their eyes.
When they came to collect it a week ago, it was clearly all made from the materials of grade D beasts!
However, after a week, aside from a third of them being grade D beast materials, the remaining two thirds were all grade C beast materials!
In an instant, the three of them looked at Su Xiao Bai with reverence.
In their understanding, Su Xiao Bai was a middleman……This sort of thing was rare and ordinary, not worth it.
However, the D grade beast materials represented a small group of warriors behind them.
Class C vicious beast materials represented that there might be a group of great martial practitioners behind Su Xiaobai. Among them were high-level martial practitioners!
Otherwise, how would it be possible to harvest so many C grade beast materials in such a short period of time?
The most important thing was that there was actually the corpse of the Yanquan Centipede among these Grade C ferocious beast materials!
One had to know that the Yan Quan Centipede was in the wild. Even if a high-level martial artist encountered it, it had to be measured slightly……Without a certain degree of certainty, he didn’ t dare to attack.
Therefore, the three of them could tell that the group of martial practitioners behind Su Xiao Bai was definitely not simple!
Mr.”, it’s a total of 3.856643 spirit coins!”I’ ll give you 3.86 million spirit coins. This is the list. Please take a look!”
3.86 Million spirit coins!
Using seven days to calculate, it was equivalent to recording more than half a million dollars every day!
C grade beast materials, they really were old and valuable!
Unknowingly, even the members of the Beast Treasure Pavilion became respectful.
This was the respect for experts!*