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Big Boss
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Chapter 20: A sneak attack and assassination!

“There’s another beast material?”
When the staff of the Treasure Beast Pavilion carried a large bag of beast materials onto the truck, Zhang Hengde, who had been protecting them in the dark, was puzzled.
He had guarded Su Xiao Bai for so long.
Su Xiao Bai only eats, drinks, and plays every day…Cultivation?What was cultivation?!
Zhang Hengde had never seen any shadow of cultivation on Su Xiao Bai before!
This was enough to make Zhang Hengde puzzled.
However, the appearance of the Beast Treasure Pavilion increased Zhang Hengde’s doubt.
Su Xiao Bai hadn’ t even trained, let alone fighting against vicious beasts……But it just so happened that the people from the Beast Treasure Pavilion were able to withstand a large pack of things from Su Xiao Bai’s house every time. This made Zhang Hengde truly puzzled!
“What kind of medicine does this fellow sell?”
Zhang Hengde did not understand.
Su Xiao Bai was a genius.
But what kind of genius did he practice every day?
Even the prodigies of the great clans needed to work hard, right?
However, Su Xiao Bai was too exaggerating. From start to finish, he hadn’ t seen him cultivate in Pan Xi, or even practiced cultivation before…Could it be that he would secretly practice in the room by himself?
At the same time, another person was hiding in the shadows.
This person’s figure was slender, his face pale, and his cheekbones were prominent. His pair of eyes were half lowered, as if they were powerless……However, if Zhang Hengde noticed him at this moment, he would definitely be able to recognize him with a single glance. This was not someone else. Shockingly, it was the well-known assassin in Base 18, Mad Drake!
Mad Drake.
Senior martial practitioners.
His most powerful battle record was to successfully assassinate a junior martial artist’s target at the level of a senior martial artist!
It was precisely that decision that made his name shake the entire assassination world!
It also made him a wanted target for the government and large clans.
However, assassins had always been hidden. Unless Wu Shuai personally searched for them, he wouldn’ t be able to find them at all……A person like Wu Shuai who was in the clouds was too busy with his own affairs. How could he have time to care about the affairs of such a small character?
From then on, Drake had specialized in receiving extremely difficult orders.
To the extent that he was once called a madman by the industry!
He originally didn’ t want to accept this order.
However, after hearing the other party’s narration, Mad Drake became very interested.
Seventeen-year-old, a high-level prospective practitioner, had mastered two cultivation techniques.
This was a rare true genius!
Being able to personally kill such a genius, that sense of accomplishment…Mad Drake just thought about it and felt that it was incomparable!
Therefore, he accepted the order.
However, the information provided by the other party was limited. He was seventeen years old, a high level prospective practitioner, and his surname was Su.
Drake needed to investigate the rest.
After several days of running, he had locked onto five targets.
He had basically confirmed the first four targets. Almost all of them were ordinary people without any fluctuations……After all, a person who was able to become a prospective practitioner at the age of seventeen could already be called a genius. How could there be so many?
And now, what he wanted to confirm again was his fifth target.
If even this target didn’t match, Drake had to go back and have a good talk with the “Rat” who provided the information. Whether it was cutting his arm or ear!
Just at this moment, Su Xiao Bai walked out and sent the people from the Beast Treasure Pavilion away.
As soon as Su Xiao Bai appeared, Madman Drake’s pupils constricted!
He noticed.
Su Xiao Bai’s walking posture was heavy and solid.
His breathing was even and natural.
Even though he looked like a young man, the muscles on his entire body were exceptionally sturdy!
Even though it was too far away, Madman Drake couldn’ t sense the aura from Su Xiao Bai’s body, all of this was in line with the standard of the physical fitness of a prospective fighter!
“That’s right, it’s him!”
Crazy Drake could almost instantly confirm that this person in front of him was his target!
Seventeen years old, Advanced Prospective Warrior……Indeed, it was true!
Without any hesitation, Mad Drake immediately took out a bone flute-like thing from his waist.
He slowly put in a needle that had been poisoned with poison. His eyes stared fixedly at Su Xiaobai.
“Being able to see such a genius die in pain in front of me is truly too pleasant!”
Madman Drake revealed a cruel smile.
He placed the bone flute in his mouth, and then the spirit energy within his body surged.
The target was firmly locked on.
Suddenly, a cold light flashed through the air!
In almost an instant, that poison nail that had been poisoned with poison had already arrived in front of Su Xiaobai.
The place it was about to pierce through was Su Xiao Bai’s neck.
Once stabbed, the poison would instantly seep into Su Xiaobai’s internal organs. Su Xiaobai would fall to the ground and be unable to get up, spit white foam from his mouth, his entire body twitching, until after the poison erupted, he died in pain!
Zhang Hengde, who had been staring at him all this time, had already sensed it.
He was an intermediate rank martial artist. He was more than a great realm higher than Mad Drake. His quick reflexes made his eyes instantly catch the existence of the poison needle.
However, Zhang Hengde could not do anything other than change in expression!
It was too sudden, too sudden.
There was no sign at all!
In almost an instant, Zhang Hengde’s mind already revealed Su Xiaobai’s fate—death!
However, right at this critical moment, Su Xiao Bai suddenly raised his head. An invisible sense of danger caused him to directly use the’ Vajra Body’!
The poison needle struck a faint golden color, and its entire body was like an arhat-like Su Xiao Bai’s neck. It couldn’ t move any further, and it instantly collapsed!
Originally, he was full of confidence, waiting for Su Xiaobai to die from poisoning, preparing to properly watch the show. When he saw this scene, he immediately became stupefied. His entire person was stunned!*

Chapter 21 Beginner Warrior vs Advanced Warrior!

His poison needle had killed a martial artist before!
Even a Martial Master could not react to this sudden situation!
A mere high-level prospective warrior actually managed to block it?
After a short period of shock and shock, Madman Drake’s expression gradually changed. His lips curled into a cruel smile as bloodthirsty killing intent appeared in his eyes…
“Advanced Prospective Warrior was actually able to block my poison needle……”This is the only way to kill!”
Madman Drake grinned, his cruelty self-evident.
Almost without any hesitation, Madman Drake flipped his hand and took out two poison needles again. He used the bone flute to spit at Su Bai’s place like lightning!
“You’ re still here?”
Su Xiao Bai had already turned around. His eyes were filled with ice-cold intent!
He could clearly sense the killing intent contained in the poison needle that had landed on his neck earlier…The other party was here to take his life!
Turning his head, two poisonous needles arrived one after another.
Su Xiao Bai raised both of his fingers. There was an almost solid golden thread on both of his fingers. He casually twirled it twice in the air, and the two poisonous needles that attacked him were sent flying by him, falling to the ground with a clang.
“Over there!”
At the same time, Su Xiaobai followed the direction where the poison needles were flying towards. His eyes narrowed as he caught sight of the figure of Madman Drake in the shadows!
Ling Xiao Transformation!
Su Xiao Bai’s figure suddenly vanished on the spot, and his entire body transformed into a flash that shot towards Madman Drake in the shadows with a bang!
“So fast!”
“This kid……”He’s even stronger!”
Zhang Hengde, who was about to attack, instantly stopped moving.
His pupils constricted, and astonishment appeared on his face!
In order to protect Su Xiao Bai, he had been following closely for the past few days, not slacking off at all.
However, after observing for such a long time, he didn’ t notice that Su Xiao Bai had any actions or intentions of cultivating…Every day, other than eating, drinking, playing and sleeping, they were on the way to eating, drinking, playing and sleeping!
However, under such circumstances, Su Xiaobai’s strength had increased!
It wasn’ t just a little improvement, it was a leap in strength!
Whether it was speed, explosive power, or the micro-level cultivation technique that had just been used to block the two poison needles…It was far more powerful than in the Zhang Clan!
This left Zhang Hengde extremely shocked!
This fellow……How did he become stronger?
There was no sign at all!
When he thought of this, Zhang Hengde didn’ t choose to take action. He wanted to see exactly what step Su Xiaobai’s true strength had reached…
“Wait, this aura…He had advanced to a martial artist?!”
Zhang Hengde took another breath.
At this moment, Su Xiao Bai erupted with spiritual energy fluctuations. Naturally, the aura of a martial artist was not concealed in the slightest. Zhang Hengde sensed this genuine martial artist’s aura and instantly sucked in a breath of cold air!
A few days ago, in the Zhang Clan, Su Xiao Bai was still a high level prospective practitioner……In just over a week, he had already reached the level of a martial artist?!
Are you kidding me?!
No matter how awesome his cultivation talent was, he still hadn’ t broken through at such a terrifying speed!
Zhang Hengde felt that his world view had been fiercely refreshed!
Not only Zhang Hengde could sense it.
Madman Drake also felt the aura of a fighter from Su Xiao Bai!
“Good…”Very good!”
“I’ m more and more fond of this mission!”
Mad Drake’s smile was crazy.
He flipped his hand and took out a special alloy-grade poison-quenching dagger.
Cold light swirled, and Mad Drake’s figure suddenly disappeared——
“Instant Kill!”
In the next instant, Madman Drake appeared beside Su Xiao Bai. The poison-quenching dagger in his hand transformed into a sharp glow that fiercely slashed across Su Xiao Bai’s neck!
A layer of gold appeared on Su Xiao Bai’s neck, making his skin incomparably hard……The alloy grade dagger only left a large, deep scratch on his neck!
“Micro-level Body Forging Technique!”
“Furthermore, according to his current level as a beginner martial practitioner, this body forging technique has reached at least the intermediate level. Only then will it be able to withstand my attack!”
Crazy Drake’s pupils constricted, and his eyes became even crazier.
An unprecedented, unprecedented genius!
Such a genius could actually allow him to encounter him, and he was about to die in his hands…Just thinking about it was enough to make him extremely excited!
Mad Drake went to the top.
He began to use his advanced’ Instant Kill’ technique to launch a storm-like attack against Su Xiao Bai!
Arms, chest, thighs, back, forehead……
Every part of Su Xiao Bai’s body had become his target!
“Madman Drake……”The Yuan Clan has indeed received the news and issued an assassination order!”
Zhang Hengde had already recognized it.
However, he was still enduring, not at the first moment.
It was because Zhang Hengde knew that Su Xiaobai hadn’ t reached the end yet, yet he hadn’ t produced a true trump card!
He took out his large blade and clenched it tightly in his hand. As long as Su Xiao Bai appeared in any terrible situation, he would immediately rush out to kill Mad Drake!
In the dark alley, a beginner martial practitioner and an advanced martial practitioner were fighting madly!
Tinkling sounds rang out continuously.
However, from the battle between the two sides, one could tell that the two sides were actually on par!
“Interesting!Interesting!”That’s too interesting!”
“Your physical fitness has reached the same level as mine, even higher!”
“Only my reaction power was slightly inferior to mine!”
“A beginner martial artist is actually able to achieve this!”
“Hahaha…This was too interesting!I will definitely kill you!”You must die in my hands!”
Crazy Drake looked like he was crazy.
After the fight just now, Madman Drake had already figured out that Su Xiao Bai had mastered two entry-grade cultivation techniques. One was for strengthening his body, and the other was for strengthening his agility……This made Crazy Drake even more excited!*

Chapter 22 One Attack Kill!

The joy of killing such a genius fighter would be incomparable!
Su Xiaobai did not retreat in the face of Madman Drake’s storm-like attacks.
“I really can’t keep up with the mobility of advanced martial artists ……”
Su Xiao Bai’s eyes trembled slightly.
He tried to use Ling Xiao to dodge the attack of Mad Drake and attack again……Unfortunately, Ling Xiao had only become a beginner. Mad Drake was a high-level practitioner two levels higher than him. He couldn’t attack the opponent at all!
Several times he saw Drake,
But it just so happened to be the wrong one!
“But the good news is that his attacks are useless against me. The addition of the Vajra Body makes it impossible for him to break through my defenses!”
“I can still find a chance to kill him!”
《 Vajra Body had already reached the intermediate level. With the strengthened physical body and the super defense of spiritual energy, even a high-level fighter like Madman Drake couldn’t cut open any wounds!
Fortunately, this was the case.
Otherwise, Su Xiao Bai wouldn’ t have been able to hold on until now. He had already lost his life under Mad Drake’s attack!
“Looks like this kid can’t beat him ……”
“Although I don’t know how he managed to become a martial artist, he has only just reached it recently. It’s normal for him to be defeated by an elite warrior who has long become a high-level martial artist, or an assassin!”
The two of them fought in the alley, and Zhang Hengde witnessed the entire battle.
He could already see that Su Xiaobai’s power, defense, endurance, explosive power, and so on were all fine……Only in terms of reaction, there was a slight difference between him and Mad Drake.
However, he also understood.
One was a beginner martial practitioner who had just broken through for a few days.
One was a high-level martial artist who had long been famous for many years, as well as a veteran of the assassination world.
If it were any other beginner martial artist, facing a strong opponent like Mad Drake, he would have already belched on the spot…To fight back, to fight back?What a joke!
“Wait two more minutes!”
“Two minutes later, regardless of the battle situation, he directly attacked!”
Zhang Hengde secretly made up his mind.
He didn’ t know where Su Xiao Bai’s limit was.
However, he did not dare to continue betting.
If Su Xiao Bai was really accidentally killed, then he would be the sinner of the Zhang family. The Zhang family would also completely lose a chance to rise up!
“Was too slow!”Too slow!”
“With your speed, you won’ t be able to touch me at all!”
“With your fist, can’t you use more force?”
Crazy Drake laughed loudly. He laughed as he crazily attacked Su Xiao Bai!
He already had an absolute advantage in this battle!
Even if he was unable to break through Su Xiao Bai’s Diamond Body defense in a short period of time, a martial practitioner’s spiritual energy was limited!
Just like playing a game, the spiritual energy was equal to your blue. Once the blue was depleted, naturally, you would not be able to release any more skills!
At that time, no matter how strong Su Xiao Bai’s physical defense was, it was simply unable to withstand the sharp edge of a high-level martial practitioner’s blade!
“How arrogant!”
A sharp glint flickered in Su Xiao Bai’s eyes.
What he hated the most was this kind of pretentious guy!
He was two levels higher than himself, yet he still had the right to shout?
He really had an advantage. He didn’ t know what his surname was!
“Very good……”I’ ll take you as the first person to practice my attribute cultivation technique!”
Su Xiao Bai’s eyes flashed.
In an instant, he once again seized the opportunity to turn his fist into a palm and fiercely attack!
“You’ ve changed your offensive stance?”
“So what?”
“I’ m sure you won’ t even be able to touch my clothes!”
Mad Drake didn’ t care about Su Xiaobai’s sudden attack.
At this moment, he had completely gained the upper hand!
Su Xiao Bai was like a beast trapped in a cage. When the cage disappeared, he would be able to easily kill Su Xiao Bai!
However, just as Madman Drake was about to easily dodge this palm strike and continue to attack Su Xiao Bai, he suddenly——
A wave of heat assaulted his face!
The surrounding temperature immediately rose.
A hot flame suddenly rose from Su Xiao Bai’s palm. In a short instant, his palm transformed into a scorching hot iron that shone, like a hot iron that was taken from a boiler!
Madman Drake, as well as Zhang Hengde who had seen this scene in the distance, were so shocked that their scalp went numb, and their hair stood on end!
Attribute cultivation technique!
Moreover, he had already entered the primary stage of the attribute cultivation technique!
“This…This…This ……”
Zhang Hengde was so shocked that his pupils were trembling!
Seventeen years old, a beginner martial practitioner.
He cultivated two minor cultivation techniques.
With the level of a beginner martial artist, he could contend against an advanced martial artist.
Every single one of the above was enough to cause shock!
However, they were all fused into one person.
However, right now, there was another one that needed to be added. He had grasped the attribute cultivation technique and reached the beginner level!
Was this a genius?
No, it could no longer be described as a genius.
This was a monster.
It was a monster!
His comprehension ability was already so terrifying that ordinary people could not understand it!
“Information had never mentioned that he had practiced attribute cultivation techniques!!!”
“How could this be?!”
Mad Drake roared in his heart.
Right now, his face was no longer as arrogant, savage, ferocious, and crazy as before…
Only fear of death!
Attribute cultivation techniques were not a joke!
Even a high-level martial artist like him would be extremely difficult to cultivate a cultivation technique!
Even if it was just an entry level, it was something only a Martial Artist could grasp!
He immediately wanted to dodge.
But it was already too late.
“True Flame Hand!”
The scorching red flame palm left his body and pierced through Mad Drake’s body in just an instant…He felt a chill run down his spine!
The remaining power directly hit the wall, and an intense explosion sounded out. The wall was forcefully punched out with a scorched black palm pit!
“I……I…I ……”
Madman Drake lowered his head to look at his heart that had already been penetrated and his flesh that had turned into charcoal and smoke. His face was filled with astonishment and disbelief…But most of them were unwilling!*

Chapter 23: Entering the Minor Attribute Cultivation Technique!

In the fantasies of Mad Drake.
He would either die in the hands of a martial artist.
Either they died under the siege of a large number of martial cultivators.
The most reliable thing was to die at the hands of their peers……It was because he killed too many people, causing too much hatred. There were always people who would reward him, and there were also people who would take off his head for money.
However, he never would have imagined that he would end up dying in the hands of a beginner martial artist who was two levels lower than him!
That was why he was unwilling.
Even if they died, they would still be unwilling.
Even though he fell to the ground and blood flowed everywhere, Mad Drake’s eyes were still filled with shock and unwillingness!
“Attribute cultivation technique……”I’ ve truly grasped the attribute cultivation technique, and I’ ve already mastered it to the point where I can easily use it!”
Cold sweat oozed out of Zhang Hengde’s forehead.
That’s right, he broke out in cold sweat from Su Xiao Bai’s terrifying talent!
He was an intermediate rank martial artist, and he had also cultivated an attribute cultivation technique.
In order to cultivate this attribute cultivation technique, he had spent a lot of time and effort, and even used some precious resources of his family…He finally managed to comprehend it with great difficulty.
And so far, he had stayed at the beginner level, unable to improve.
On the other hand, Su Xiao Bai was actually using his status as a beginner martial arts practitioner to master attribute cultivation techniques so skillfully!
“No, that’s not right!”
“Mastery of attribute cultivation techniques was definitely not a day’s work. Moreover, I’ ve never seen any cultivation techniques in the past few days, and I’ ve never come into contact with anything related to cultivation techniques…”That’s right, I’ m not a beginner martial artist. I’ ve already mastered the attribute cultivation technique when I was a high level prospective martial artist!”
“So…”That’s right!”
The more Zhang Hengde thought about it, the more shocked he became.
When he was a high level prospective practitioner, he had mastered the attribute cultivation technique……How shocking was this?
As long as Su Xiao Bai was willing, there would immediately be a Martial Commander who would personally step into the sky and beg to take Su Xiao Bai as his disciple!
“No, I have to go back and report the Yuan Clan’s assassination order and this news!”
Zhang Hengde didn’t stop and quickly disappeared from the spot.
“Looks like the effect of the attribute technique is not bad!”
“Instantly killed a high-level martial artist…Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk”If you can cultivate to a Micro-level attribute cultivation technique, then you’ ll be extremely awesome!”
Su Xiao Bai looked at the corpse of the madman Drake on the ground and sighed.
“However, my situation has become a bit dangerous.”
Su Xiao Bai took a deep breath.
The appearance of Mad Drake had already explained the problem.
Someone had set their eyes on him and started to cause trouble for him!
This time, it was a high-level practitioner.
What about the next time?
If he couldn’ t do it, he would be a Martial Artist!
Right now, Su Xiao Bai was still able to use the addition of a minor cultivation technique as well as an attribute cultivation technique as a trump card to kill a high-level practitioner once…But if it was an even more powerful existence, Su Xiaobai probably wouldn’ t even have the strength to resist!
“There aren’t many people who know about me right now. The Zhang family’s head has already spoken. The news should have been sealed!”
“But the news was not sealed tightly enough ……”
“During this period of time, apart from the Zhang family, I had never contacted anyone, and I was even more unlikely to offend anyone……”If anyone wants my life, it should be them——Yuan Clan!”
Su Xiao Bai’s eyes became incomparably sharp.
Zhang Henglong had told him that day,
The Zhang family had always had a sworn enemy of the Yuan family.
The Yuan Clan’s methods were extremely spicy, and they could do anything at all……How could he not do such a thing as sending people to kill him?
“Yuan Clan……”I need to completely eradicate it!”
Su Xiao Bai’s killing intent soared.
All along, he had shown no harm to humans or animals…It was because he didn’ t want to argue with others, nor did he want others to provoke him.
But now that the other party had directly killed him, how could Su Xiao Bai easily let him go?
From the moment he arrived in this world, Su Xiao Bai knew that this wasn’ t a kind place……The law was not very useful here. What was truly useful was that heaven-reaching martial power!
“The strongest person in the Zhang family is a senior martial artist.”
“The Yuan family suppressed the Zhang family, but they still did not ascend. It was enough to show that the strongest was also a high-level Martial Artist……”It’s just a bit more.”
“I have to increase my strength as soon as possible…”If I don’ t eradicate the Yuan Clan for a moment, I won’ t be at peace for a moment!”
“Bank card……”It’s useless without a password.”
“So little cash……”Forget it. Mosquito legs are also flesh. I’ ll just reluctantly accept them!”
“These weapons can be sold!”
“Poison Needle……”That’s true!”
“These medicinal ingredients should be refined from venom, right?”
Su Xiao Bai didn’ t let go of the madman Drake. He stripped his entire body clean.
Unfortunately, all the spoils of war had been counted. Apart from those alloy daggers and some medicinal ingredients that were used to make poison, the others were basically useless.
Suddenly, Su Xiaobai noticed that something was wrong with his clothes.
“Was a bit thick ……”
Su Xiao Bai gently exerted strength, tearing apart all his clothes.
A few pages of old paper fell out.
Su Xiao Bai fixed his eyes on it.
When he read the contents on the paper, his pupils suddenly shrunk!
“This is…Micro attribute cultivation technique?!”
Su Xiao Bai almost cried out in alarm.
These few pieces of paper didn’ t contain much content, but Su Xiao Bai had specially learned the entry-level cultivation method before. He knew the difference between the entry-level cultivation method and the entry-level cultivation method……
From the looks of it, the contents on these pages were actually extremely precious. Even Martial Masters were willing to sacrifice their lives to snatch a Micro-level cultivation technique!
“Fu Ri……”Really!”
After flipping through the pages in one breath, Su Xiao Bai sucked in a breath of joy and joy……He hadn’ t expected this fellow to have such a good thing hidden on him!
Everyone knew that attribute cultivation techniques were the most rare thing.
The highest level that the Martial Artist Hall could provide was only an entry level. There wasn’t even a single entry level.
Su Xiao Bai felt a little regretful for this.
He had never thought that he would be able to find a place without finding anything, yet he actually encountered a cultivation technique that entered the Micro-level!
“Unfortunately, this part is just a fragment of the beginning, not complete.”*

Chapter 24 Spatial Attribute Cultivation Technique!

Su Xiao Bai felt a little regretful.
There were only a few pages in his hand.
The contents of the last one were not finished. There must be quite a few more.
“I’ m afraid he’s probably the one who obtained it. He’s always treated it like a treasure, and he’s planning to wait for him to become a Martial Master or become even more powerful before cultivating!”
A high-level martial artist was only a step away from a martial artist.
Once he crossed over, it would be like stepping into a new world and becoming an even more extraordinary existence…At that time, regardless of any cultivation technique, it would be smoother than before!
Obviously, this was what Crazy Drake thought.
Attribute cultivation techniques were too precious.
Even the Zhang family only had one or two entry-level attribute cultivation techniques.
Those who entered the Minor Rank were simply extravagant hopes!
Only the true large clans in Base 18 could possess a cultivation technique that entered the Minor Stage!
Crazy Drake kept the item hidden in the interlayer of his clothes and kept it with him at all times. It was because he knew very well that if the news of this item was leaked out, what awaited him would be the madness of countless Martial Masters!
It wasn’ t an exaggeration to say that even Martial Generals and even Martial Generals would come to join in!
At that time, his life would be compared to a minor attribute cultivation technique……Damn it!
“Can the system recognize this?”
“Forget it. Let’s try it later!”
Holding the attitude of a dead horse as a living horse doctor, Su Xiao Bai carefully put away these pages.
In the end, Su Xiao Bai did not bury Mad Drake.
Instead, he used the True Flame Hand to smash his corpse into ashes, and then all of it was thrown into the river!
After returning home, Su Xiao Bai nervously took out the pages.
Carefully spread out on the table, Su Xiaobai began to read every word carefully!
Due to the fact that the content was relatively small, and due to the fact that the practitioner’s senses were strengthened, his memory was also greatly improved, so Su Xiao Bai’s memory speed was very fast.
“Hiss ~~~”
Suddenly, Su Xiaobai seemed to have seen something inconceivable. She revealed an expression of seeing a ghost as she sucked in a long breath of cold air.
“This…”This is a spatial attribute cultivation technique!”
Su Xiao Bai’s eyes were wide open!
Among the attribute cultivation techniques, the five elements, metal, wood, water, fire, and earth, were the easiest to obtain.
Next was wind, lightning, ice, poison.
Then, it was a cultivation technique with such special attributes as darkness, light, space, and life……
If the attribute cultivation techniques were also graded, there was no need to doubt that the paper in Su Xiao Bai’s hand recorded it as a top-level spatial attribute cultivation technique!
“No wonder that fellow had covered it so tightly!”
“Micro-level spatial attribute cultivation technique……”It’s simply the best of the best. Even the War God will be tempted!”
Su Xiaobai sighed as he watched.
It was already extremely rare to enter a minor attribute cultivation technique.
This was a spatial attribute.
It was like a bomb!
Su Xiao Bai finally understood why there were only a few of them……Most likely, the rest were snatched away by others, as if they were treasures!
“Rumors said that spatial attributes could create space out of thin air and move it. They could also use spatial cutting ability, spatial compression ability, killing without form, not even able to resist…”If you really can cultivate, then you’ ll have developed!”
Su Xiao Bai was especially excited.
If it was possible to create a space out of thin air, Su Xiao Bai would be able to place all sorts of things. In the future, there would be a designated place for vicious beast materials, so there was no need to worry about being discovered.
Spatial movement meant that when Su Xiaobai encountered danger, he was able to teleport away!
Not only that, after mastering the space, killing people was much easier. There was no need to rush up to the Soldier Pong Pong to fight. With just a single movement of his finger, his opponent would be cut in half!
The benefits of space attribute cultivation techniques were far more than these…
In short, it was a BUG level existence……It would definitely cause an unimaginable sensation!
“Can the system place this attribute cultivation technique?”
Very quickly, Su Xiao Bai memorized everything and impatiently asked the system.
He was filled with prayers.
This was just a few pages, lacking too much content.
If he could not place it, it would be completely useless!
“Scanning host’s brain!”
“We’ ve already searched for the Cosmos Technique!”
A system notification sounded out.
So the name of this spatial attribute cultivation technique was called Cosmos Technique!
“Due to a large amount of lack of contents in the’ Cosmos Technique’, it can only be cultivated to the beginner level. Will host continue to place it?”
The system continued.
“You mean…”Can you place it?”
Su Xiao Bai’s face gradually turned into an expression.
“Yes, host.”
After receiving the system’s exact answer, Su Xiao Bai couldn’ t hold back anymore. He immediately jumped up from his chair, and then he began to laugh loudly at the sky!
“Yuan Clan, Yuan Clan…”You’ ve really done a great deed for me!”
Su Xiao Bai was overjoyed.
Even the Yuan Family had not expected that the high-level martial artist assassin that they had invited would be killed in the end, not to mention giving Su Xiaobai such a large gift!
“System, place it for me!”
Su Xiaobai didn’ t forget to quickly place the cultivation method.
After placing the cultivation technique, the shadow in the training space immediately changed its original posture and started to practice in a strange posture.
“System, you have to wait for this cultivation technique to reach the beginner level?”
Su Xiaobai excitedly asked.
This was his future trump card. Of course, he had to focus on it!
“According to the current spatial velocity, it will take 200 days!”
The system replied.
“200 Days?So long?!”
Su Xiao Bai was speechless.
One had to know that the shadow in his cultivation space was already very powerful.
And now, it was four times the spatial flow rate, which meant that four days had passed inside and one day had passed outside……In addition, it would take 200 days to continuously train for 24 hours. If it were an ordinary martial artist, he wouldn’t have that much comprehension ability. If he only trained for one or two hours every day, he might not be able to train this Cosmos God Technique to the primary stage in his entire life!*

Chapter 25 Stupid Zhang Henglong!

“No, we have to speed up our progress!”
Su Xiao Bai immediately decided.
200 Days, more than six months. If it was in the past, he didn’ t think it would be long……After all, his progress was already faster than all the outsiders!
But now, the danger was approaching.
An invisible sword was hanging on his head, and it could fall at any moment……It didn’ t happen that before the cultivation technique could be completed, a martial artist had already come to the door!
“It’s a good thing. I just sold a batch of beast materials and exchanged for 3.8 million spirit coins. I need 1.6 million level 4 training space. That’s enough!”
“System, upgrade me to automatic training!”
Su Xiao Bai immediately gave the order.
“Upgrade completed!”
With the feedback from the system, the logo in the upper right corner of the automatic training space changed from “*4” to “*8”!
In an instant, the speed of the shadow’s automatic cultivation had increased to eight times!
“Based on the current speed, it would still take 100 days to complete this cultivation technique……”We have to continue to speed up our progress!”
“Level 5 of automatic cultivation required 3.2 million. At present, there was only 1.2 million left. It was definitely not enough……A level 3 automatic monster hunting cost 3.6 million, even less……”I can only wait for the next wave in a week!”
“The remaining 1.2 million will be used to upgrade and train automatically!”
Su Xiao Bai decisively put all the remaining money into automatic cultivation.
Now was not the time to save money.
The few days to wait might be just a few days for his strength to rise……As a result, if he could improve as soon as possible, he would immediately improve!
“Upgrade completed!”
Following the system’s notification, the upper right corner of the automatic cultivation space changed from “*4” to “*8”!
Eight times the cultivation speed, one could imagine how fast Su Xiao Bai’s current cultivation speed was!
Presumably, others would have to work hard for several years to raise their level. When they reached Su Xiaobai, it would only take a few months, or even a few days!
“All done!”
“The remaining problem is to find a new place to stay as soon as possible!”
Since the other party was able to find the villa, it meant that the other party already had his own address. If he continued to stay, it would be unsafe……He had to change to a safe place first. Only when he killed the Yuan Clan would this crisis alarm be lifted!
At the same time, Zhang Hengde had already returned to the Zhang family.
“Big brother!”
Zhang Hengde hurried over. Along the way, all the servants respectfully greeted him, but he ignored everyone. His eyes were as wide as a bell, and his expression was flustered.
He went straight to Zhang Henglong’s study and pushed open the door.
“Why are you back?”Didn’ t I let you stare at Su Keqing?”
Zhang Henglong, who was dealing with the clan affairs, raised his head and frowned.
“Big brother, I have something very important to tell you!”
Zhang Hengde carefully looked around and quickly closed the door.
He felt that it was not hidden enough, so he pulled up the curtains and other things.
“This is my study room. It’s under my eyes at all times. If even this place is invaded, the entire Zhang family will not have a safe place.”
Zhang Henglong said indifferently. He closed the document in his hand.” Speak, what’s important.”
“The Yuan Clan has taken action!”
After confirming that there was no problem, Zhang Hengde approached Zhang Henglong. He lowered his voice and said seriously.
“Have you encountered an assassin?”
Zhang Henglong’s eyes narrowed, his expression grim.
“The Yuan family is smart. They didn’t choose their own people to attack. Instead, they found Crazy Drake!”
“Mad Drake?”The Yuan Clan is truly willing to sacrifice their lives!”
Zhang Henglong’s eyes darkened.
Of course, he had heard of the name of Mad Drake. If he wanted to invite him, not only would he have to receive an exceptionally generous reward, he would also have to have enough challenges……Obviously, this mission was in line with Mad Drake’s appetite!
“You came back intentionally, which means Mad Drake’s assassination failed, right?”
Zhang Henglong glanced at Zhang Hengde.
He understood his second brother’s character.
Although he was reckless and had a violent temper, the mission he had given him would definitely be completed meticulously.
Zhang Hengde’s return was enough to prove that everything on Su Xiao Bai’s side was fine……And Mad Drake didn’ t succeed!
“Not only did he fail, Mad Drake even lost his life!”
“You’ re at least an intermediate martial artist. Killing a high-level martial artist isn’ t rare.”
“No…”I didn’ t kill Crazy Drake, it was Su Keqing!”
As soon as Zhang Hengde said that, Zhang Henglong suddenly raised his head and stared at Zhang Hengde with wide eyes.
The meaning in his eyes was very simple: How could this be possible?!
Zhang Hengde swallowed hard.
“What exactly is going on?”
At this moment, Zhang Henglong could no longer maintain his composure.
Su Xiao Bai was only a high level prospective practitioner.
Mad Drake was a real high-level practitioner.
Although the difference between the two was only one word, the difference between the two was the difference between heaven and earth!
He had never heard of a high-level prospective fighter who could kill a high-level fighter…This was simply too shocking!
“Matter was like this ……”
Zhang Hengde broke everything that had happened just now and explained everything in detail.
The more he spoke, the more shocked Zhang Henglong became.
Especially when he heard that Su Xiaobai had unknowingly broken through to become a beginner martial artist and even blocked Madman Drake’s poison needle, his pupils suddenly contracted!
But this was not over yet.
After hearing that Su Xiaobai and Madman Drake were fighting in the alley, Su Xiaobai was actually at the level of a beginner martial practitioner. When he fought against an advanced martial practitioner, his entire body unconsciously trembled!
Beginner martial artists, against advanced martial artists.
A level difference was enough to form a crushing stance.
There was almost no chance of victory between the two levels!
But Su Xiao Bai was able to face it head on…It was simply inconceivable!
However, this was not the most unbelievable.
Zhang Henglong suddenly stood up from his chair. Due to his shock, the aura of a high-level martial artist was involuntarily released, causing the entire study to become chaotic…He was shocked, as if he had seen a ghost!
“You……You mean Su Keqing…He had mastered attribute cultivation techniques?!”*

Chapter 26 Unlocking New Functions [Dual Life]!

(In the previous chapter, the 200 days had been written for more than three months. The calculation was wrong. According to the 100 days, it has been revised. Thank you for the book review readers’ correction~)
Zhang Henglong also had attribute cultivation techniques, and he had already reached the intermediate level.
However, when he cultivated this attribute cultivation technique, he had already reached the Elementary Martial Arts Master Realm……But even so, it still took almost half a year to reach the beginner level.
After reaching the intermediate level, he continued to cultivate diligently for nearly two years!
However, Su Xiao Bai was only seventeen years old. Not only did he become a beginner martial practitioner, he even successfully comprehended attribute cultivation techniques……
In Zhang Henglong’s understanding of this type of cultivation talent and comprehension ability, Su Xiao Bai was the number one person!
“Beginner realm practitioner……Attribute cultivation technique……In addition to the two minor cultivation techniques……”I’ ve even killed a high-level warrior, Madman Drake!”
“This Su Keqing is far more terrifying than we imagined!”
Zhang Henglong took a few deep breaths before finally suppressing the shock in his heart.
“Madman Drake failed this time, the Yuan family would not let things go easily……”I’ ll definitely send even more powerful Martial Masters to assassinate you!”
“Second Brother, continue to protect Su Keqing. No matter what, we must not let Su Keqing slip away in the slightest!”
Zhang Henglong said in a deep voice.
“Yes, big brother!”
This time, Zhang Hengde did not resist at all.
Everything he saw earlier had already greatly changed Su Xiaobai’s image in his mind…Protecting Su Xiao Bai was almost the same as protecting the Zhang Clan!
“Hu, today’s matter has also ended a knot in my heart.”
Zhang Henglong let out a long sigh of relief.” Since the Yuan Clan is taking action, I’ m sure Su Hak-Qing has guessed it. With this level of conflict, the Yuan Clan will not be able to report this matter to the big clans again…”That’s right!”
At first, Zhang Henglong was most worried about the Yuan Clan reporting this matter to the big clans.
At that time, if the big clans were to recruit them, what else would the Zhang family do?
However, the Yuan Clan was worried that if Su Xiao Bai went to a large clan, he would help the Zhang Clan instead, so they decided to kill him.
He didn’ t want to fail, yet he still completely fell out with Su Xiao Bai!
If the Yuan Clan were to report this matter to the large clans at this time and the large clans would take action to recruit Su Xiao Bai, then after Su Xiao Bai agreed, he would use the might of the large clans to easily destroy the Yuan Clan!
In the eyes of the great clans.
A genius monster like Su Xiao Bai, a future expert, was far more valuable than a mere Yuan Clan!
From this, it could be seen that the current situation was actually more advantageous to the Zhang Clan and Su Xiao Bai!
Zhang Henglong could analyze this. How could Su Xiao Bai know about this?
If he knew that the Yuan Clan did not dare to act rashly and that there was still an intermediate Martial Artist protecting him at all times, he would definitely be happy and carefree!
But precisely because he wasn’ t sure about this, Su Xiaobai left the villa overnight with Su Ling’ er and found a relatively remote residential area to temporarily settle down.
“Ling’ er, it’s not easy for you to live in a big house. Now that you have to change into a small house, you won’ t blame me, right?”
Su Xiao Bai rubbed Su Ling’ er’s head.
“Big house and small house don’t matter. As long as I can stay with my brother, I can live anywhere!”
Su Ling’ er smiled brilliantly.
Even though Su Xiao Bai’s decision to move was somewhat incomprehensible to her, since Su Xiao Bai had said so, she would follow suit……No matter what, as long as they could be together with Su Xiaobai, nothing else was important!
“Haha, as expected of my good wife!”
“Let’s go. Changing into a small house is already enough to be sullen. We can’ t be sullen anymore. Let’s eat a big meal!”
Su Xiao Bai laughed.
In the blink of an eye, seven days had passed.
The Yuan family hadn’ t received any news from Madman Drake yet. They couldn’ t contact him on their own initiative, so they couldn’ t help but feel anxious.
However, in the assassin industry, one month was basically the boundary. It had only been less than half a month since then. Moreover, during the mission, in order not to reveal any traces, the assassin would never appear. Therefore, the Yuan family had no choice but to endure.
It was time to accept the goods once a week.
Su Xiaobai contacted the Beast Treasure Pavilion in advance and changed to a trading place.
Perhaps it was because of the previous reason that the Beast Treasure Pavilion’s attitude towards Su Xiaobai was obviously much better than before. They directly agreed!
Mr.”, the total is 4,988,812 yuan spirit coins!”
“This is a list. Please take a look!”
The members of the Beast Treasure Pavilion respectfully handed over the bill.
In a week, it was nearly 5 million spirit coins, more than a million more than last week!
Clearly, after the automatic cultivation had increased to eight times the spatial flow rate, not only did Su Xiao Bai’s own strength gradually increase, but the shadow’s efficiency in fighting monsters also increased by quite a bit.
After all, there was an increasing space between all levels.
24 Hours a day for automatic training, and every other time he tried to break through…Even if Su Xiao Bai didn’ t clearly raise his level, his strength was still growing rapidly!
Once the breakthrough was successful, it would be a huge increase!
“Dear host, the system has detected that you have money. Would you like to upgrade the system?”
“If you upgrade your one-touch cultivation space to level 5, you can unlock the new function of one-touch cultivation space!”
As soon as Qian arrived, the system notification immediately arrived.
“A new function of the training space?”
Su Xiao Bai’s eyes flashed.
“Yes, each system’s functions were raised to level 5, level 10, and level 15……”I’ ll be able to unlock an additional function!”
The system replied.
This was awesome!
To be able to unlock a new extra function after reaching level 5 was equivalent to being hung up. One could imagine how awesome it was!
Su Xiao Bai immediately became excited.
“Upgrade!”I’ ll definitely upgrade my training system!”
“Upgrade completed!”
Following the system notification, Su Xiao Bai’s account immediately lost 3.2 million.
“Ding!”The one-touch cultivation space has been upgraded to level 5, unlocking additional new functions [Dual Life ]!”
“”[ Double Life!”*

Chapter 27 Selection of Weapons – Dagger Blade!

When Su Xiao Bai heard the system notification, his entire body couldn’ t contain his excitement. His face was filled with joy. If it wasn’ t for the fact that he still had some reason left behind, he would have immediately raised his head and cried out loudly!
At the same time, he cultivated two cultivation techniques!
This new function was simply tailor-made for him!
One must know that Su Xiao Bai’s most urgent task right now was to increase his own strength……Although self-cultivation was fast, the later one’s cultivation level was, the more time it would take, the slower one’s progress would be!
There was no other choice but to spend a large amount of money to upgrade the automatic cultivation space and increase the space flow rate.
But the automatic training was different.
Successful comprehension of a cultivation technique meant that Su Xiaobai’s strength could be greatly increased!
One could easily imagine Su Xiaobai’s strength by comprehending a few more cultivation techniques, and he would increase his strength by leaps and bounds!
However, due to the restriction that one cultivation technique could only be placed at a time, Su Xiaobai could only wait patiently.
However, right now, he could place two martial arts. In this way, it meant that Su Xiaobai’s strength would be able to usher in an explosion!
“It’s so refreshing!”
Su Xiao Bai’s heart surged.
Immediately, without saying a word, he directly placed the “Ling Xiao Transformation” inside.
One could only see that the shadow who was training in the Cosmic Law suddenly split out another identical clone and began to train in the Ling Xiao Transformation.
Moreover, the speed of cultivation had increased to 16 times as fast as the automatic cultivation had reached level 5!
16 Times the cultivation speed.
16 Days inside was equivalent to one day outside.
Shadows had a high level of comprehension.
From this, it could be seen that it would not be long before the Ling Xiao Transformation successfully reached the intermediate level!
Of course, what Su Xiaobai was most concerned about was the progress of the Cosmos Technique.
“16 Times, it is equivalent to compressing 100 days to 50 days!”
“This is not enough!”
“We need to continue compressing!”
After entering the micro-level attribute cultivation technique, it was destined to become Su Xiao Bai’s greatest assistance and trump card!
Fifty days didn’ t seem like much, but no one knew what would happen within fifty days……That was why Su Xiao Bai wanted to use the fastest speed to grasp his strength!
“Spent 3.2 million, there was still 1.8 million left……”That’s enough!”
As long as they reached level 5, they would be able to unlock new additional functions!
“System, raise my automatic cultivation to level 5!”
Su Xiao Bai immediately gave the order.
“Upgrade completed!”
As the system’s notification sounded out, the balance on the card was quietly deducted by 1.6 million. The mark on the upper right corner of the automatic cultivation space also changed from “*8” to “*16”!
“Ding!”One-touch cultivation space has increased to level 5, unlocking additional new functions [Speed up ]!”
“[ Growth]: Based on the current cultivation speed, continue to increase the cultivation speed by two times!”
The System said this.
Shockingly, the “*16” mark changed again, reaching “*32”!
It was simply too comfortable!
He spent the money to upgrade to level 1, and he managed to upgrade to level 2!
This kind of extra pleasant surprise made Su Xiao Bai feel so refreshed from head to toe!
“32 Times the cultivation speed.”
“16 Times training speed.”
“His strength had soared…”I’ m afraid even I can’ t believe it!”
Su Xiao Bai smiled so much that he couldn’ t close his mouth.
He believed that if he continued to increase his strength at this rate, it would not be long before his strength could directly soar to the level of a Martial General, a Martial General, or even a Martial Commander!
He didn’ t need decades of cultivation, nor did he need to spend a large amount of money. He would spend a lot of resources and enter various dungeons to risk his life. He would be able to easily possess the strength that no one would ever be able to achieve!
Was there anything more enjoyable than this?
The next day, Su Xiao Bai wasn’ t idle.
He decided to use less than 200,000 spirit coins left in his hands to invest in himself.
To increase one’s strength, apart from cultivating and cultivating, there was also one thing that needed to be borrowed!
The most common thing was a weapon.
A good weapon could increase the strength of a martial artist by 50% or even double it!
Su Xiao Bai hadn’ t picked any weapons before, because he felt that his strength was enough……At the age of seventeen, what was there to be content with reaching the level of a martial artist or even crushing a martial artist?
However, after experiencing Madman Drake’s assassination, Su Xiao Bai realized that his strength was far from enough!
Moreover, Su Xiao Bai was currently cultivating the Body Tempering Art and the attribute cultivation art. The only thing that he didn’ t cultivate was the weapon cultivation art!
If there was a weapon, plus the aid of a weapon technique……One could imagine that Su Xiaobai’s strength would continue to increase by several levels on the current basis!
At that time, let alone high-level martial artists, even if a martial artist came, he would be able to easily deal with it!
However, since Su Xiaobai had never been in contact with a martial artist’s class, nor did he understand the specific matters of a martial artist, nor had he tested which weapon was suitable for him, he had tried all the weapons he wanted to use.
Sword, dagger, heavy sword, broad sword.
Long blades, short blades, sharp blades, large blades.
Fire Water Stick, Eight Divination Stick, Vajra Stick.
Su Xiao Bai tried everything.
“I feel that every one is suitable. I can use every one!”
Because Su Xiao Bai had the strength of a martial artist.
No matter how you brandish any weapon, it would be effortless, and the compatibility would be even better…Any weapon in his hands could display extraordinary strength.
However, it was not as good as being specialized.
Not to mention that Su Xiao Bai was fighting for every second. Of course, it was best to choose a weapon that was most suitable for him……If he had the strength in the future, he would not be able to use any other weapon with the help of automatic cultivation.
“That’s it!”
After choosing for almost an hour, Su Xiaobai finally decided on his weapon, the dagger!
The reason why he chose the dagger was because Mad Drake had inspired him.
The dagger could be used for long range throwing attacks.
They could also kill enemies at close range.
Although it didn’ t have a particularly powerful destructive power, in terms of the level of killing intent, it was undoubtedly the most suitable!
Of course, it had the most important thing—it was easy to hide!
With a shake of his wrist, he immediately put it into his sleeve. No one could notice it.
His wrist shook once more, and he immediately held it in his hand and flashed forward……In the midst of killing the mortal world, within the white blade of escape, ten steps to kill one person, one thousand kilometers without leaving behind!*

Chapter 28 Blood Kill!

This was what Su Xiao Bai wanted the most!
Before you could react, his dagger had already cut through your throat……
By the time blood sprayed out, he had already disappeared into the crowd!
Killing people without anyone noticing.
Keep a low profile into the dust!
Not only that, Su Xiaobai and Madman Drake were slightly different.
Madman Drake was tightly restrained by the blade. Due to his agility, his body forging technique had long been abandoned to the point where it was impossible…This was also why the moment True Flame’s hand appeared, it directly struck Mad Drake with a chill!
If it was a martial artist who specialized in body forging techniques, Su Xiaobai’s attack could seriously injure him. If he wanted to kill him on the spot, it wouldn’ t be that easy.
And the automatic training was precisely to make up for this weakness!
Not strong enough?
Then place the Body Tempering Art!
One copy was not enough. Place two copies and cultivate at the same time!
Not fast enough?
Then, he placed a body forging agile movement technique and increased his speed to an explosion, so that you could not even catch a human figure!
Not enough power?
If that was the case, he would be able to set up a body forging power cultivation technique. Even if it was just a short blade, it would still be able to instantly kill!
Any weakness could be made up for.
From this level, Su Xiao Bai was an all-powerful type…This kind of explosive attack of the dagger was the most suitable for him!
“If you have a weapon, you should also choose a suitable weapon cultivation technique!”
Weapon cultivation techniques were difficult to determine.
Body forging techniques were simple.
As long as you were willing to endure hardships and painstakingly cultivate, no matter how weak your comprehension ability was, you would always have some gains.
Attribute cultivation techniques must have a high level of comprehension. This was a mandatory requirement, and there was no way.
The weapon technique was between the two.
Some weapons and techniques were easy to use.
However, some of them were extremely difficult. It was even more difficult than studying cultivation techniques!
Fortunately, this was a problem for Su Xiaobai?
There was no pressure at all!
“《 Blood Rainbow 》……”
“《 Red Moon 》……”
“《 Tianjun flashed 》……”
“《 Green Devil Blade 》……”
“These sword-type weapons and techniques are quite dazzling!”
“Looked around and found that most of the weapons and techniques that entered the Minor Stage were similar……”I’ m sure there won’ t be anything that’s particularly powerful!”
The Martial Artist Hall was facing everyone. As long as they had money, they could learn it.
However, how could a truly awesome and extraordinary cultivation technique be learned with money?
As soon as that item appeared, it was immediately snatched away by the large clans and used by their clansmen!
As a result, most of the people present here were of similar power.
“”《 Blood Kill!”
Su Xiao Bai directly chose one of them according to his preferences.
He paid 80,000 spirit coins for one hour.
As for the weapon, Su Xiaobai took out a low grade alloy blade from Madman Drake.
There were blood grooves on the blade. It looked as if it was filled with a sense of futuristic science. It was exceptionally cool.
The value of a low grade alloy weapon, if it was placed in the outside world, it would cost seventy to eighty thousand……Apparently, Mad Drake had saved him a lot of money!
“Ding!”The Ling Xiao Transformation has risen to the intermediate level!”
Su Xiao Bai was still seriously looking at the contents of the cultivation method when a system notification sounded out.
Su Xiao Bai’s eyes flashed!
Entering the Minor Agility Technique and reaching the Intermediate Level meant that his movement speed had reached the Advanced Warrior level……If he were to face Crazy Drake once more at this moment, he would no longer be like the last time. Every attack would be dodged by Crazy Drake. Any single attack would be able to heavily injure Crazy Drake!
“That’s right. It just so happens that I can leave it empty and place’ Blood Kill’!”
It didn’ t take an hour. Half an hour later, Su Xiaobai had already memorized the entire contents.
“Scanning host’s brain!”
“I’ ve searched for the cultivation technique’ Blood Kill’ and have already placed it!”
After the system notification sounded out, Su Xiao Bai stood up and stretched his waist.
All done!
Next, he only needed to wait for about six hours before he could reach the beginner level!
After six hours of mastering a cultivation technique for entering a micro-level weapon, no one would believe this kind of thing if it was said……However, for Su Xiaobai, this was just the lowest level basic operation!
If it wasn’ t for the fact that he didn’ t have enough money, he wouldn’ t have needed six hours to upgrade a few more times. It would have been done in a few minutes!
“Both self-cultivation and self-cultivation had reached level 5, but self-killing was still level 3…”I need to quickly raise the automatic monster to level 4. I want to see what the next system function is!”
Before the three system functions all reached level 4, Su Xiao Bai was unable to even know what the next system function was.
However, even with his heels, he could understand that the Absolute Wall was an extremely awesome weapon!
Even if it wasn’ t as good as self-cultivation, self-cultivation, and self-killing monsters, to Su Xiao Bai’s personal growth, it would definitely be a huge help!
That night.
“Ding!”Blood Kill!”
Su Xiao Bai was still in his bedroom, trying to brandish the dagger by himself. Suddenly, a system notification sounded out. The beginner’ Blood Kill’ had already been successfully completed!
In an instant, Su Xiao Bai only felt a large amount of information appear in his mind!
He closed his eyes and unconsciously waved his hand, holding the dagger.
In just two minutes, Su Xiao Bai seemed to be in another space. He waved his blade over a million times, cultivating Blood Kill over and over again, completely engraved in his bones!
When he opened his eyes again, a sharp light flashed in his eyes. This sharp light had once been seen in the eyes of Mad Drake!
“So…”This is Blood Kill!”
Su Xiao Bai waved his hand.
At the corner of the wooden chair, the next wooden block slid down…The cut surface was smooth and smooth like a mirror, and it was extremely sharp!
Su Xiao Bai looked at his current state:
Human: Su Xiao Bai
Level: Beginner fighter
Strength Level: Advanced Warrior
Endurance Level: Advanced Warrior
Agility Level: Advanced Warrior
Cultivation talent: Minimum
Mastering techniques: Vajra Body (Intermediate), Ling Xiao Transformation (Intermediate), True Fire Hand (Elementary), Blood Kill (Elementary)
Unlocked system functions: One-click Training (Level 5), One-click Training (Level 5), Automatic Monster Fighting (Level 3)
(PS: Answer some questions from the readers of the Book Review Area.1: The main character is a waste of wood for cultivation, but the automatic cultivation system is not. I mentioned that it belongs to a medium cultivation talent.2: The subsequent protagonist will definitely not be a guest elder!3: Maybe I accidentally deleted some book reviews while I was focusing on it. I am extremely sorry!4: The Book Review Area is unable to reply, but everyone has any questions. Welcome to ask them. Thank you ~)*

Chapter 29 Intermediate Fighters, comparable to Martial Masters!

The addition of a cultivation technique was both apparent and hidden.
Just like when he successfully cultivated the’ Vajra Body’, Su Xiao Bai’s strength and endurance level immediately increased to a high-level fighter……This belonged to dominance.
However, after he used the technique of’ Vajra Body’, his body was once again strengthened through spiritual energy, becoming like a golden Buddha, and his entire body was covered in golden brilliance. This meant that Su Xiao Bai’s defense level was even higher, reaching a level that even high-level martial practitioners could not penetrate……This was also the reason why Crazy Drake couldn’ t break through Su Xiao Bai’s defense.
As a result, all of Su Xiaobai’s attributes had been upgraded to high-level martial practitioners.
At this moment, he seemed to have the strength to crush an advanced fighter!
In addition to the fact that he possessed a low grade alloy blade, as well as a weapon cultivation technique that greatly increased his strength, these were not displayed in the system state……Without exaggeration, Su Xiaobai was already able to fight a junior martial artist!
“If I run into Crazy Drake again, I’ ll be able to cut through his throat in less than a second!”
Su Xiao Bai’s eyes flashed.
《 Blood Kill gave him not only a large amount of experience in training weapons, but also a surge of killing intent within cold weapons!
Blood Kill, Blood Kill, Blood Shower Kill.
If he didn’ t move, then it was already a shocking move!
Suddenly, Su Xiao Bai released a breathtaking aura!
As soon as this aura was released, all the surrounding furniture seemed to be shaken by an invisible force, causing it to shake!
“Intermediate Warrior!”
Su Xiao Bai’s expression flickered with joy.
That’s right. Just now, his cultivation level had successfully broken through to the intermediate level!
According to the original progress, if Su Xiao Bai wanted to advance to an intermediate level practitioner, he would have to wait a while longer……However, after the automatic cultivation space had increased to level 5, plus the additional two times of speed and 32 times of speed, Su Xiao Bai’s speed of absorbing spiritual energy had greatly increased. At the same time, the number of breakthroughs had also increased rapidly. In just a single day, he had crossed this difficult problem that many people had been unable to overcome for many years, and he had become an intermediate cultivator!
“Strength of an intermediate fighter……”It’s much stronger than before!”
Su Xiao Bai casually clenched his fist. The power hidden within that fist, even he himself felt heavy!
It was as if a punch could pierce through the metal and stone plates!
Moreover, his entire body became even more relaxed. With a single jump, he could feel that he could ignore gravity and soar into the sky!
Even the muscles in his body became even more solid.
Most importantly, the spiritual qi vortex in his dantian had expanded several times!
Human: Su Xiao Bai
Level: Intermediate Warrior
Strength Level: Beginner Martial Artist
Endurance Level: Beginner Martial Artist
Agility Level: Beginner Martial Artist
Cultivation talent: Minimum
Mastering techniques: Vajra Body (Intermediate), Ling Xiao Transformation (Intermediate), True Fire Hand (Elementary), Blood Kill (Elementary)
Unlocked system functions: One-click Training (Level 5), One-click Training (Level 5), Automatic Monster Fighting (Level 3)
Su Xiao Bai subconsciously took a look at his current state.
When he saw that his strength level, endurance level, and agility level had all become low-level martial artists, he couldn’ t help but exclaim!
He himself was shocked by this huge increase!
Originally, he had thought that the breakthrough of an intermediate fighter would only be a token improvement……As for the system’s dominant level, it wouldn’ t increase too much.
However, Su Xiao Bai clearly underestimated his strength.
《 Vajra Body, and Ling Xiao Transformation had reached the intermediate level.
Plus, the invisible amplification of Bloodkill.
Su Xiao Bai’s strength was already infinitely close to that of a beginner martial artist.
Now, with the breakthrough of his cultivation level, he immediately broke this shackle, directly making Su Xiaobai’s strength reach the level of equilibrium with a beginner martial artist!
“This means that my current strength is already comparable to that of a beginner martial artist!”
“If you add in’ Blood Kill’, I can completely fight a junior martial artist!”
Su Xiao Bai’s face was filled with excitement.
It was different from the level of a martial artist.
A beginner fighter could kill an advanced fighter by leaps and bounds…Although this was an extremely rare phenomenon, it was still within reason.
But once he crossed the shackles of a great realm and was able to contend against a higher level of a great realm, it would be completely two different things!
There was a huge gap between martial artists and martial artists.
The gap between them was even greater than that between prospective and martial practitioners!
Previously, in the Zhang family, Su Xiao Bai had easily defeated Zhang Feiang, a beginner martial artist, with the level of a high-level prospective fighter. It had already shocked the entire audience.
If they had to know that Su Xiaobai was now able to contend against a beginner martial artist with the status of an intermediate martial artist, they would probably be so shocked that even their eyes would pop out!
Everyone knew.
The path of a martial artist became more and more difficult.
In front of a beginner martial artist, no matter how awesome a high-level martial artist was, he could only be crushed and killed in an instant……If you encounter a beginner martial artist attacking you, you have no choice but to run away!
Moreover, for the martial practitioners themselves.
Forget about crossing a small realm, if you were to sweep through the same level, you would already be respected by everyone!
Su Xiao Bai forcefully crossed two levels. Among them, there was a great level of cultivation, such as a martial artist to a martial artist……If this matter were to spread out, it would definitely cause a great storm!
The most important thing was that he was only seventeen years old!
A 17-year-old intermediate martial artist was actually comparable to a beginner martial artist?
Just hearing it was enough to make one’s scalp go numb!
“Ding!”Host, I’ ve detected that your strength has increased greatly. The system has automatically selected a new place to attack monsters. Would you like to send a shadow to go?”
(PS: There’s still one more question that I have n’ t answered. At present, I’m at the 4th of every day. After I get on the fight, I’ ll keep the bottom 5th of every day without setting a limit!As a result, all the readers and friends who like this book, please send more flowers to comment. The subsequent plot will become more and more exciting. Please look forward to ~)*

Chapter 30 Shadow Reverse Kill!

A system notification sounded out.
Su Xiao Bai didn’ t hesitate at all.
What he wanted was this effect!
His strength had increased greatly, and the level of vicious beasts he had killed had also increased accordingly. The materials he had obtained from vicious beasts were also more precious and valuable…With the money, he could continue to upgrade the system functions and greatly increase his own strength, thus completing the best cycle!
“They have already dispatched their troops!”
Just as Su Xiao Bai gave the order, the system on the other side quickly executed it.
The two figures who were fighting monsters were still fighting tirelessly.
With a casual punch, the beast’s brain pulp exploded.
With a casual kick, the beast’s organs were shattered.
A flame palm was shot out from the air, and the vicious beast not far away was instantly penetrated!
The surrounding ferocious beasts that were attracted by the dense smell of blood flowing through the air involuntarily revealed expressions of fear when they saw this scene, and they all chose to turn around and flee!
They were ferocious beasts, not idiots.
When faced with experts, they also instinctively felt fear!
The two shadows were about to give chase, but suddenly, they seemed to have received some sort of signal. They all stopped moving and stood in place.
The next second, the two shadows disappeared.
The distant beasts noticed that their aura had disappeared, and only then did they stop and carefully look back……
As for the two shadows, they were sent to an even more desolate place of ferocious beasts!
Most of the people who resided here were vicious characters among Class C ferocious beasts. Occasionally, they would see Class B ferocious beasts wandering and touching……
“Hmm?”Has anyone appeared there?”
“It’s a black clothed fellow!”
“In terms of spiritual energy fluctuations…”An Intermediate Warrior?”
“Hehehe…”Are you looking to die?”
“Instead of letting him die in the mouth of the vicious beast, it would be better to die in our hands……”Let’s go!”
It was different from the location that had been teleported from before. There was a group of other martial artists in this place…He had never encountered anyone before, because there were a lot of lower-level beasts, and there were many places where monsters could be sent.
In contrast, the number of places where powerful beasts resided was obviously much less.
It was not uncommon to encounter other martial artists under such circumstances.
In the wild beast land, without the restrictions of the rules and regulations in the base, all the dark side of human nature would be enlarged here…Kill and rob?It was just the most basic!
If he encountered some extreme ones, there would be even people eating them!
This group of martial artists discovered a shadow that had arrived from the teleportation. Because it was already night, it was pitch-black and could not see the situation clearly……As for the spiritual energy fluctuations emanating from the shadow, it belonged to an intermediate cultivator. Therefore, they subconsciously treated the shadow as a human who had come to hunt ferocious beasts. They had a malicious intent!
Boss “, do you want to interrogate him?”If he dares to come to this place, there might be another team here as well. They can ask for some valuable information!”
“Question!We’ ve been in this place for almost half a month. We’ ve finally completed the mission with great difficulty. What are we waiting for?”Kill him! Go back and enjoy yourself!”
“It’s alright. If he’s unlucky, he’ ll just kill him!”
There were a total of eight members in this group of martial artists. All of them were high-level martial artists. Even at Base 18, they were considered to be quite famous hunting teams.
Wouldn’ t it be easy to deal with an intermediate fighter?
If it wasn’ t for the fact that this Intermediate Warrior had sensed and sent out any distress signals, they wouldn’ t have used such a big show of skill. Any one of them could easily kill him!
When the eight of them surrounded the shadow from the eight directions, preventing him from having any chance to escape, the aura of a high-level fighter exploded out. The eight of them used lightning-like attacks to instantly envelop the shadow within!
Blade shadow.
Sword light.
Cold light.
In the blink of an eye, they had arrived before the shadow!
The shadow suddenly raised its head. The faceless pitch-black figure caused everyone’s pupils to constrict.
“What is this?!”
At the same time.
“Ding!”Host, the shadow is being attacked by humans. Would you like to retaliate?”
The system prompted.
“Hmm?”Human attack?”
Su Xiao Bai raised his brows.
Previously, the gathering of materials had gone too smoothly. He had forgotten about the fact that the Shadow would be attacked by powerful enemies in the wild…The moment the map was changed, it immediately appeared.
“Since it’s the other party that took the initiative to attack, there’s no need to ask. It must be the bandits that don’ t have eyes in the wild!”
“There’s no need to think that these people are human beings. Kill them all!”
Su Xiaobai said indifferently.
As the system received Su Xiaobai’s order, on the other side, in the Dark Black Forest.
“An intermediate fighter, how could he be so agile?He was actually able to dodge the attacks of the eight of us…”Senior martial practitioners in our department!”
“Normal!Some martial artists cherished their lives and specialized in body forging techniques that improved their agility and reaction…”Don’ t you see? He didn’ t even dare to retaliate!”
“But his movement technique was too sensitive!”That’s right!”
“Could it be that he has already sent out a distress signal?”
“Alright, stop talking nonsense. Hurry up and take care of him!The longer it took, the more trouble they might encounter!”
“Wait!Take a closer look. What exactly is going on with this fellow?Why did I not look like a human, more like…”Shadow?”
As the eight of them attacked, they were puzzled.
They frantically attacked the shadow.
But the shadow kept dodging, making them unable to even touch it……
The shadow seemed to have suddenly received an order and suddenly raised his head.
In an instant, the aura of an intermediate fighter erupted.
“He’s finally going to retaliate!”
“Kill him!”
However, with a step, the shadow instantly disappeared in front of them!
Before they could react, a cold light flashed across the darkness. All eight of them froze in place!
In the next second, all of their necks were raised back at an unbelievable angle. Blood splashed out from the large wound on the bowl!
“Good…So fast ……”
This was their only thought before they died.*

Chapter 31: New Functions: One Button Pill Refining!

“Ding!Received spoils of war:11.58 million spirit coins *1, minimum grade alloy weapon *6, low grade alloy weapon *14, initial grade alloy weapon *3, rock melting ice *3, thunder ghost Ganoderma *5……”
Less than ten seconds after Su Xiao Bai gave the order to counterattack, a series of system notifications suddenly rang out in Su Xiao Bai’s mind.
After that, a pile of trash fell out of nowhere to the place Su Xiaobai had designated.
“My Cao?Trophy?!”
Su Xiaobai was shocked.
However, he quickly reacted.
Not only did the Shadow kill vicious beasts to obtain materials and treasures, he could actually directly plunder the entire property of others!
Large amounts of spirit coins, weapons, medicines, genius earth treasures, supplies……
From the list of spoils of war, one could tell that more than one person had ambushed the shadow……It was a group of ancient martial art practitioners in the wild. There were quite a few people, and their strength was definitely not low!
“11 Million……F*ck, now I finally know why the teams of wild warriors like to kill and steal……”This money is even faster than the materials I used to beat vicious beasts!”
Su Xiao Bai sighed.
He had thought that he would just let the shadow kill him to prevent the shadow from being killed. He had to enter the cooldown time. That way, he would have no return for a day.
Who would have thought that not only had the Shadow killed him, he had also directly slaughtered a group of martial artists. Moreover, he had also sent all the materials and property on these martial artists over as his spoils of war!
This kind of feeling of falling pie in the sky and picking up money on the ground was simply not too sour!
It was no wonder that the fighting among the field warriors was so chaotic.
As long as he killed the other party, he would be able to obtain all the spoils of war……This kind of business was much more worthwhile than any way to earn money!
“11 Million spirit coins, developed!”
“System, I’m going to upgrade to fight monsters automatically. Quick!”
Su Xiao Bai shouted impatiently.
If Su Xiao Bai didn’ t make full use of the heavenly fortune, how could he be worthy of those martial artists who “transported resources” to him?
This time, there was no need for the system to give an active notification. Su Xiao Bai immediately asked the system to upgrade the automatic monster fighting function.
“Upgrade completed!”
The system notification sounded out and a new shadow appeared in the space where the monsters were fighting.
“Automatic dispatch!”
Without the system’s complicated question and answer, Su Xiao Bai directly said.
“Automatic dispatch succeeded!”
The shadow disappeared from its original spot and was sent to the designated location by the system.
Su Xiao Bai felt his entire body relax.
Three shadows, three times the profit!
Moreover, he might be able to encounter a martial artist who couldn’t open his eyes and attack the shadow. As long as he casually killed the shadow, a large amount of material wealth would roll over……Just thinking about it made people excited!
“Right now, the Shadows have already changed the Monster Slayer Map. The weekly earnings will have to be increased by one or two times, plus one more. This is equivalent to an immediate increase of three or four times!”
“If that’s the case, wouldn’ t it be like 20 million spirit coins in a week?”
Su Xiao Bai casually calculated it, and he could feel that the ground was filled with golden gold waiting for him!
“Ding!”My dear host, I’ ve detected that all three of your system functions have reached Level 4. The system has already prepared a new system function for you. One-click pill refinement!”
“You only need 800,000 to activate the pill refinement space!”
The system’s notification came again.
“One Pill Refining?!”
Su Xiao Bai’s expression was stunned, and then his eyes widened.” System, you’ re talking about refining pills with a single key. It shouldn’ t be an alchemy pill, a marrow cleansing pill, pill, a bone-growing pill…”That kind of pill refinement?”
Pill refinement, in this era, was a talent that was even more rare than a martial practitioner!
Due to the restriction of spiritual energy, the modern technology of biopharmaceuticals could not compare to medicinal pills!
Some medicinal pills could cleanse the meridians and allow cultivators to transform.
Some pills could produce bones, and no matter how large the wounds were, they could heal quickly.
Some medicinal pills could quickly recover their physical strength, and could continuously fight against ferocious beasts…
The value of medicinal pills in this world of martial practitioners roaming the world was beyond imagination!
It was an essential item for every martial artist!
There was only an extremely rare group of people who could produce pills— Pill Masters!
To become a pill master, one must pay attention to the pill refinement aptitude……This was the legendary affinity of attributes.
Su Xiao Bai himself was not very clear about this.
In any case, it was something that could not be explained clearly. It could resonate with any kind of metal, wood, water, fire, earth…Once you have this special talent, you will have the opportunity to become a Pill Master!
Because this special talent was extremely rare, the number of alchemists that had been created was extremely small.
The existence of any alchemist was enough to attract the attention of the great clans!
Moreover, Pill Masters were different from martial artists.
There was no doubt that a martial artist would show one’s strength by using his cultivation level.
However, even if he was only a high-level prospective practitioner, an ordinary person would not dare to easily provoke a pill master…That was because you simply did not know how terrifying a power was standing behind such a high level prospective practitioner!
Su Xiao Bai had never been in contact with pills before.
Because he didn’ t need to go out to hunt beasts.
There was no need for any cultivation resources to increase the cultivation level.
But this didn’ t affect a bit—the pills made money!
Even an ordinary Golden Creation Pill would start with 10,000 spirit coins.
If it was a bit more powerful, it would cost fifty thousand.
As for the Marrow Cleansing Pill, it was even more valuable!
The most important thing was that even if you had money, you might not be able to buy some pills!
Therefore, every Alchemist was like a walking money tree……Who didn’ t want to catch him?
“Yes, host. That’s it!”
“One Pill Refining Space can help you refine pills without interruption for 24 hours. You don’t need to personally operate it. You just need to put in the appropriate materials and choose the pill refining formula. You can easily wait for the pill to be released!”*

Chapter 32 Five Minutes Quick Alchemy!

When he saw the Book Review Area, he realized that he had made a huge mistake [Hand-to-Hand Face-To-Hand]. He was only at Level 3 in automatic monster hunting. I actually managed to make a one-button pill refinement. Sorry, sorry!However, it had already been written out. In order not to affect everyone’s reading experience, everyone could use it as an automatic level 3 unlocking function. It was harmless and elegant. Thank you for pointing out your mistakes. Thank you very much ~)
He only needed to put the corresponding materials in order to automatically refine medicinal pills……
This function……This was simply too awesome!
Su Xiao Bai almost cried out in surprise!
One must know why pill masters are precious?
Because of his special aptitude.
Because of the special alchemy technique.
This was something that no one could imitate!
Even though many ancient martial art practitioners had rare and precious geniuses and earth treasures in their hands, it was impossible for them to turn these mountain spirit medicines into pills with miraculous effects without the help of a pill master!
This was also why Pill Masters were so respected.
Not only that.
Alchemists were more precious than martial artists. Naturally, there were many more resources that needed to be invested in them than martial artists!
What does alchemy need?
Beast Spirit Fire.
If an ordinary flame was used to refine pills, it would be no different from cooking.
He had to use the special beast spirit fire that he had picked from the special beast’s body to fuse with the spiritual energy. Only then would he be able to truly fuse the various genius earth treasures and mountain spirit sea treasures together and become a priceless medicinal pill!
However, was the beast spirit fire that easy to obtain?
Even the lowest level beast spirit fire had to be picked from a level A beast……It was also a Martial General level vicious beast!
From this, it could be seen how much risk it would take to harvest the beast spirit fire!
Next was the cauldron.
An ordinary furnace, how could you endure the burning of powerful beast spirit flames?Moreover, how could an ordinary cauldron have the effect of gathering energy with concentration?
He had to meet the spirit energy acceptance criteria. At the very least, he had to be a furnace cauldron at the level of a “beginner spirit weapon “!
If he were to refine a higher grade medicinal pill, the furnace and cauldron level he needed would be increased accordingly!
As for these, they all needed to be purchased at a large price……There were even some that you couldn’t buy even if you were to spend money. You could only compete for martial power from other large clans!
It was followed by all sorts of auxiliary things needed for refining pills.
There was also.
Can you ask the Alchemist to help me without paying a price?How could others contribute in vain?
Last but not least, the success rate!
No matter how awesome a pill master was, there was no guarantee that every pill refinement would be 100% successful……In the process of refining pills, there were differences in the ingredients, the size of the flame, the alchemy techniques, and so on. As a result, almost all the pills that were refined were useless.
This was also why ancient martial art practitioners would prepare several more copies of the same materials when they asked the Alchemist to refine pills……Moreover, there was an unwritten rule that if the pill refinement was not successful, cultivators would not be allowed to blame pill refinement masters, and even more so, not to find trouble with pill refinement masters!
As a result, the higher the rank of the Alchemist, the more popular it was……After all, with high levels and rich experience, the success rate of refining pills was naturally higher than that of an ordinary alchemist!
The one-touch pill refinement system had solved all the pain points!
Beast Spirit Fire?
No need, the system had its own!
No need. The system could handle it!
Success rate?
As long as you place the materials, you will be 100% successful. It will only be a matter of time!
As for the other miscellaneous items, there was no need for them!
There were only two things he needed— pill refinement materials and recipes!
“Unlock, immediately unlock!”
With such a new opening god artifact in front of him, what was Su Xiao Bai hesitating for?
Of course, it was decisively unlocked!
“Congratulations host, unlock the’ One Key Pill Refining’ function!”
The system notification sounded out, and a fourth brand-new space appeared next to the three spaces, one key training, one key training, and the automatic monsters.
In the space, a cauldron that was refining pills was slowly floating within it. Immortal energy was dense, and it was as ethereal as a painting.
“Host, please place the pill refinement materials and choose the pill you want to refine!”
The system said.
“I don’t have any alchemy materials either……Wait!”Wasn’ t there many genius earth treasures in those spoils of war?”
Su Xiao Bai remembered.
He hurriedly went to the place where the spoils of war were stored and picked out all the mountain spirits and sea treasures.
“We have already scanned through the pill refinement materials. Host, please choose the pill refinement formula!”
The system prompted.
“Alchemy formula?”
“I’ ll search again!”
Su Xiao Bai searched through the spoils of war for another half a day.
Pill refining recipes were not rare. After all, even if you knew what materials to use, you would not be able to refine them without the help of a Pill Master. Therefore, many pill refining recipes were open to the public……Its only function was to tell you what pill refinement materials needed to be collected. Once you have collected them, you will have the ability to find pill refinement experts!
Sure enough, Su Xiao Bai actually flipped through several pill refinement formulas!
“Golden Creation Pill, Augmentation Pill, Marrow Cleansing Pill…”It’s all the pills that have the greatest demand on the market, the most incorruptible and easy to refine!”
“The Golden Creation Pill can heal wounds and heal blood. Let’s create this first!”
Su Xiao Bai made a choice.
“He’s scanning the host’s brain. He’s already scanned through the Golden Creation Pill formula!”
“The materials have been placed automatically!”
“Was currently refining ……”
Following the system notification, a few materials disappeared into thin air and were sent into the alchemy refining space.
The lid of the alchemy furnace floated up and all the materials were automatically added into it.
Following the cover of the furnace, a nameless flame surged up. A seven-colored progress bar appeared above the furnace!
The progress bar was slowly loading.
Su Xiao Bai roughly measured it. Based on the current speed, about five minutes, the progress bar would be completely loaded!
“Five minutes to refine a furnace of medicinal pills?”
“I…”This pill refinement speed is invincible!”
Su Xiao Bai clicked his tongue and sighed.
Although he did not understand the details of the Alchemist.
However, pill refinement was a skill job, as well as a job that took extra time and energy……Even the most common Golden Creation Pill would require a pill master to sit beside the furnace and painstakingly refine it for a few hours!
However, it only took five minutes for a single pill refinement space……
Even if the pill kings who had long been famous for many years saw this speed, they would still cry and kneel on the spot!*

Chapter 33 Fourth Grade Pills!

What was the concept of refining a furnace of pills in five minutes?
In such a short period of time, you just had to prepare yourself for the pill refinement!
But there was no other way.
Su Xiao Bai also wanted to keep a low profile, but his strength wasn’ t allowed!
“Ding!He successfully refined the pill: Golden Creation Pill *16!”
Five minutes later, the rainbow progress bar was completely completed and the system notification sounded out.
The lid of the pill refinement furnace flew up, and a wave of white smoke floated out. Following that, a total of sixteen Golden Creation Pills that were still warm were freshly released!
With a thought, Su Xiao Bai immediately displayed a Golden Creation Pill in his palm.
“This was a Golden Creation Pill of 10,000 spirit coins…”You’ ve succeeded in refining sixteen pills in one breath. That’s equivalent to 160,000!”
Feeling the hot aura on the medicinal pill, Su Xiao Bai carefully sized up this Golden Creation Pill. His eyes were filled with excitement!
The Golden Creation Pill was merely a “low-grade pill “.
The pills were divided into nine grades.
Grade one, grade two, and grade three were low-grade medicinal pills.
Grade four, grade five, and grade six were mid-grade medicinal pills.
Grade seven, grade eight, and grade nine were high grade medicinal pills.
Similar to the Rising Spirit Pill, the Marrow Cleansing Pill, the Primal Yang Pill, the Qi Recovery Pill…They were all low-grade medicinal pills.
However, no matter how low-level it was, it was still a medicinal pill!
It could also be sold for more than 10,000 spirit coins!
In fact, the cost of a Golden Creation Pill was less than 3,000 spirit coins……But without the help of the Alchemist, where would you go to change the cost of these 3,000 medicinal ingredients into 10,000?
That was why Pill Masters were so popular.
“If I could buy medicinal ingredients in large quantities and sell them out in large quantities, I would be able to earn more than two times the profit if I bought them and sold them.”
Su Xiao Bai couldn’ t help but start his small plan.
However, he quickly rejected this idea.
He could sell a large amount of vicious beast materials. No matter how many, it would not affect his low profile……
But the pills were different.
Once he took out too many of these things, disrupting the market was one thing, and the other was to immediately attract the attention of the big clans!
A large amount of medicinal ingredients were purchased.
Large amounts of medicinal pills were sold.
If he wanted to check it out, he would be able to check it out!
This kind of behavior was no different than telling the entire world that he had a Divine Pill Refining Divine Artifact. Everyone, hurry and attack me!
Su Xiao Bai didn’ t want to cause trouble for him because of a small profit!
“We have to follow a fine route!”
Su Xiao Bai had a new decision,” I need to buy a higher grade medicinal pill formula, then go collect the corresponding medicinal ingredients!It was best if it was a pill that an ordinary alchemist could not refine……”I’ ll make a huge profit in one breath!”
Using medicinal pills to make a large amount of money was not feasible.
Unless Su Xiao Bai already had enough strength, he was completely not afraid of others coming to cause trouble……At that time, Su Xiao Bai would refine as much as he wanted, profits surging over!
By the way, he could also refine some medicinal pills for Su Xiaobai himself.
He was also a martial artist himself.
Although it might not be useful right now.
But if he encountered a powerful enemy one day, it might be useful!
“System, what is the effect of one-touch alchemy upgrade?”
Su Xiao Bai asked.
“Level 2 One Key Pill Refining requires 2.4 million spirit coins. After upgrading, you can refine a pill to a mid-grade level!”
“Level 3, one key pill refinement requires 7.2 million spirit coins. After upgrading, you can refine a pill to a high grade!”
It was obvious that one-touch pill refinement was the same as automatic monster refinement. It would take three times as much spirit coins to upgrade, but the level of a pill refinement could increase by a straight line……This meant that as long as the level was high enough, any tier of medicinal pills could be refined for you!
“There’s only one million left in my hands. Tomorrow, I’ ll go to the martial artist’s hall first to see if I can use this money to buy high grade pill formulas!”
“But now, it’s time to put all the remaining money into other system functions!”
“Self-training has already reached Level 5. It will cost 6.4 million to upgrade to Level 6. It’s just enough!”
Su Xiao Bai’s eyes flashed.” System, upgrade me to automatic cultivation!”
“Upgrade completed!”
The mark on the upper right corner of the training space changed from “*32” to “*64”!
The cultivation time required for the spatial attribute cultivation technique was reduced from 43 days to less than 22 days!
“It’s getting closer and closer!”
Su Xiao Bai clenched the dagger in his hand, his eyes shining brightly.
Only by completing this spatial attribute cultivation technique could Su Xiao Bai be considered to have a trump card that truly belonged to him, as well as the confidence to contend against the clan!
The next day, Su Xiao Bai went to the martial artist’s hall.
After walking around for a while, he already had more than ten fourth grade pill formulas in his hands!
A fourth grade medicinal pill was already the highest grade medicinal pill formula that the Martial Artist Hall could provide……And the person it was facing was a Martial General, a great figure at the level of a Martial Commander!
Ordinary martial practitioners would at most use a first grade medicinal pill. A first grade medicinal pill could already be considered a luxury to martial practitioners……This was also the reason why those high-level martial artists had a first grade medicinal pill formula in their hands.
Only when they reached the Martial Arts Grandmaster did they begin to be able to use a bit more of a grade one, a grade two, and a grade three.
As for the fourth grade, high-level Martial Masters were simply reluctant to part with it. They could be used as a clan’s guardian treasure to worship it……Even a Martial General would not dare to use it casually.
As a result, a random grade four medicinal pill would have to jump up to ten million levels…Moreover, there was no market!
If Su Xiao Bai could refine a dozen or so grade four pills in a single breath, it would be worth hundreds of millions of dollars!
As for the formula, it didn’t matter.
Even if he openly told you, it wouldn’t matter unless you were able to gather enough materials and willing to pay a large price to invite a Alchemist to refine pills for you!
“Great ……”
Su Xiao Bai looked at one of the recipes in his hand, his expression excited.
Su Xiao Bai knew all the ingredients in this grade four pill formula!
This was because there were all the spoils of war!
As for those medicinal ingredients, they could be purchased directly through the martial practitioner hall.
The most important thing was—the cost of removing the materials from the ferocious beasts. The cost of the medicinal ingredients was less than 1 million spirit coins!
Even if the cost of materials for beasts was added, it would only cost 2 million spirit coins.
However, due to the relatively low success rate of tier 4 pills, it was only possible to sell the high price of ten million yuan!
“This is the destiny of the heavens to make me rich!”*

Chapter 34 Golden Crow Pulse Protection Pill!

Yuan Clan.
In the conference hall.
The atmosphere was deathly silent, and all the higher-ups were silent.
“It’s been so many days and there’s still no news of Mad Drake. I’m sure everyone here knows what’s going on, right?”
The Yuan Clan’s Patriarch, Yuan Feihe, said coldly.
“Undoubtedly, the Zhang family is protecting him!”
An intermediate martial artist spoke in a deep voice.
“And protection was extremely powerful…”That’s right!”
“At the very least, it’s an intermediate Martial Artist!”
Another high-level member of the Yuan Clan analyzed.
The others nodded in agreement.
Indeed, no one would have thought that the famous madman Drake among the grand assassins would actually be killed by a mere Advanced Prospective Warrior!
The most likely suspect would naturally become the Zhang family.
“Zhang Clan guest elder, he should have protected the Zhang Clan, but instead, he was protected by the Zhang Clan……”That’s right!”
“At the moment, the Zhang family had completely sealed off the news, not even a trace of news could be leaked out. So, I was thinking that I could have a third party intervene to resolve this matter and place our Yuan family outside…”That’s right!”
Killing intent flickered in Yuan Feihe’s eyes.” Yuan Qi!”
An intermediate martial artist stood up.
“From now on, we will secretly search for all the people surnamed Su and seventeen years old in Base 18!”
“As long as there are any spiritual energy fluctuations on your body, you can kill them on the spot!”
Yuan Feihe’s voice was icy cold.
“Yes, Patriarch!”An intermediate martial artist nodded and accepted the order.
Everyone present felt a cold and murderous aura.
The family had taken the initiative!
They all knew that this extremely talented little fellow was about to be completely finished!
“All done!”
On the other side, Su Xiao Bai knew nothing about the Yuan Clan’s true search for him.
However, just in case, when Su Xiaobai needed medicinal ingredients to purchase a fourth grade medicinal pill, he forcefully covered his face and ran to several places in Base 18. He spent nearly a million spirit coins before finally gathering all the medicinal ingredients!
“System, I want to refine pills!”
After returning home, Su Xiao Bai directly instructed.
“Host, please place the pill refinement materials and choose the pill you want to refine!”
Su Xiao Bai followed the system’s instructions and put all the materials in.
“He’s scanning the host’s brain. He’s already scanned through the recipe for the Golden Crow Pulse Protection Pill!”
“The materials have been placed automatically!”
“Was currently refining ……”
Following the system’s notification, all the materials were placed into the pill refining furnace. A seven-colored progress bar appeared on the furnace lid.
It was still five minutes.
It seemed that no matter how much time it took to refine any tier of medicinal pills, the time required was exactly the same.
From this point of view, the ability to refine pills with a single key was already enough to cause countless alchemists to go crazy!
The more advanced a pill, the more time it would take to refine it.
For a pill master to refine a higher grade pill, it was not uncommon for him to spend a month without rest!
Even so, there was still no guarantee that the final pill refinement would be a perfect success.
Only Su Xiao Bai.
There was no need to sit for a month.
There was no need to worry about failure.
Just wait for five minutes patiently, then——
“Ding!He successfully refined the pill: Golden Crow Pulse Protection Pill *3!”
It’s done!
Su Xiao Bai’s eyes immediately lit up when he heard this beautiful sound of nature.
When he thought about it, three hot medicinal pills that emitted a bit of dense yellow smoke and covered his entire body like golden pearl glass were still present in his palm!
Fourth grade Golden Crow Vein Protection Pill.
As its name implies, its function was to protect its meridians!
There were many people who yearned for it……Advanced martial practitioners, beginner martial artists, intermediate martial artists, and even advanced martial artists could not rely on its help!
Everyone knew that when a martial artist advanced to a breakthrough, he needed to calm down and constantly break through the barriers and shackles. After breaking through, he could break through the bottleneck and advance to a new level of cultivation.
During the breakthrough period, you need to mobilize all the spiritual energy in your body, wash your meridians over and over again, and attack your meridians so that you can break through the barriers and shackles.
This kind of operation was dangerous.
If it wasn’ t good, it could damage his meridians!
Qing Yi spat out blood, cultivating for ten days and half a month or even longer.
On the other hand, his meridians were heavily injured, and his internal injuries were permanently left behind. He had almost completely lost his future in advancing!
This was also why some martial practitioners would stop for the rest of their lives.
Similarly, it was also why a martial artist would rather spend a large amount of money to purchase these medicinal pills……Because his future was far more important than spirit coins!
“A grade four Golden Crow Meridian Protecting Pill is said to be worth at least 15 million spirit coins. Moreover, it’s worth nothing!”
“Right now, I have 45 million!”
“As long as you cash it, then this business will be even more profitable than killing monsters!”
Su Xiao Bai’s heart surged.
He had only run the entire city for a day. He had collected a bit of medicinal ingredients and then returned to wait for five minutes. He had already earned 45 million……This kind of good thing, if it were to be said, it would most likely be unbelievable!
But it just so happened!
However, the only difficulty was how to let these three tier four Golden Crow Pulse Protection Pills be successfully realized!
“When he bought the medicinal ingredients today, he heard the boss say that the Treasure Pill Pavilion was a chain of large pill stores in many bases. It was also a giant in the pill auction……”Perhaps I can try going to the Treasure Pill Pavilion’s consignment auction!”
Su Xiao Bai thought to himself.
The bigger the scene, the more unlikely it would be.
Only a few small places would have crooked thoughts.
“But just in case, we still have to prepare everything!”
The next day, a figure wearing a black cloak and a black mask and gloves appeared in front of the door of the Treasure Pill Pavilion.
Apart from Su Xiao Bai, who else could it be?
Originally, Su Xiao Bai still felt that his body was somewhat eye-catching……He was dressed in black, so well-dressed. Wasn’ t it obvious that something was wrong?
However, only after arriving at the Treasure Pill Pavilion did Su Xiao Bai realize that it wasn’ t just him who did this, many people did this!
Wearing a mask.
At the extreme, there were even some wearing headgear!
There was no other way. Pills were valuable.
If someone were to think about it, how could it be?
Seeing this situation, Su Xiao Bai slightly heaved a sigh of relief, and then walked to the consignment window.
“I want to sell medicinal pills on consignment!”*

Chapter 35 Are you a Pill Master?

In order to disguise himself, Su Xiao Bai deliberately used his spiritual energy to change the sound line, making his voice sound quite thick. He didn’ t seem like a young man, but rather like a middle-aged man in his thirties and forties.
On the other side of the consignment window was an old man wearing glasses.
The bespectacled old man was very relaxed. He sat on the rocking chair, swaying around while tasting the tea. He was almost like an immortal……After all, pills were high-value items. Usually, there were many people who came to buy them, while there were few people who were on consignment.
“What grade is it?”
After barely opening his eyelids, the bespectacled old man glanced at Su Xiao Bai. When he saw Su Xiao Bai’s black body, he unhurriedly pulled out a sentence.
“Fourth grade.”
Su Xiaobai said.
“Fourth grade?”
The rocking chair immediately stopped.
The bespectacled old man completely opened his eyes, seriously sizing Su Xiao Bai up.
Intermediate martial practitioners.
There was nothing strange about it.
He was actually able to obtain a tier four medicinal pill. It seemed that he had left a lot of shit.
“Take it out.”
The bespectacled old man slowly straightened up.
Su Xiao Bai slowly stretched out his hand and placed a grade four Golden Crow Pulse Protection Pill into a wooden box under the window.
“A fourth grade Golden Crow Guardian Pill?”
“Still a perfect grade?”
The bespectacled old man only took a single glance and his expression immediately became serious. His eyes shone brightly.
Within Base 18, there were only a few medicinal pills above the fourth grade.
One was the Lin Family, one of the four great clans in Base 18. Their family had a genuine fourth rank alchemist who could refine a fourth rank pill!
The other was to purchase from other bases. The price would definitely be much higher.
Moreover, it was to head to the wild beast land and kill the other base’s Martial Masters. Perhaps if they were lucky, they could obtain it from the other Martial Masters!
As for the Lin family’s request for a fourth grade medicinal pill, how could they need to sell it at the window?
The Treasure Pill Pavilion had a special person to hand over. As soon as the Lin Family let go, the Treasure Pill Pavilion would immediately send someone over!
As a result, the bespectacled old man naturally subconsciously believed that this grade four Golden Crow Guardian Pill was obtained by this black-robed cloaked man from a certain place……Otherwise, there was no need to hide it so tightly.
“It really is a perfect grade!”
After taking a closer look, the bespectacled old man could not help but nod.
“Perfect grade?”
Apart from the rank classification on the surface, there was actually a deeper difference between each rank.
For example, it was also a grade one medicinal pill, and there were some [inferior] medicinal pills. The medicinal effect was only less than 20%, and it belonged to the ranks of crippled pills……They were all used to deal with the black market cheaply.
Some were [inferior grade], and the medicinal effect was about 50%.
Normal [good grade], the medicinal effect was 100%.
On top of the good items were [rare items]. The medicinal effect of the rare items was 150%.
Above the rare [Perfect Grade] was an extremely rare [Perfect Grade]. The medicinal effect was enough to reach a good grade of 300%……It was equivalent to three pills!
Su Xiao Bai had only known about the approximate grade of the medicinal pill before.
He had no idea what kind of inferior grade, good grade, precious grade, perfect grade…After all, he didn’ t need this thing.
“May I ask your name?”
The bespectacled old man put away his languid state and nodded slightly, showing a trace of respect.
No matter what channel the other party had obtained this medicinal pill, just the words’ fourth grade’ and’ perfect grade’ were enough to become a VIP customer of the Treasure Pill Pavilion……As a member of the Treasure Pill Pavilion, he naturally had to show some respect.
Su Xiaobai said concisely,” I heard that your Treasure Pill Pavilion doesn’ t need an identity card and can be auctioned anonymously?”
“That’s right. Our Treasure Pill Pavilion does have this business.”
“Mr. Bai, if you want to auction this perfect Golden Crow Guard Pill on an anonymous consignment, we’ ll be happy to help you. However, after the auction is completed, you’ ll need to charge 15% of your formalities, right?”
The bespectacled old man said.
Su Xiao Bai nodded.
“Then I’ ll give you a bill now.”The old man with eyes said.
“Don’ t worry. I have two more here. You can help me sell them on consignment.”
Su Xiao Bai placed two more Golden Crow Meridian Protection Pills on it.
The eyeglasses old man’s pupils constricted immediately!
Perfect grade!
These two Golden Crow Guards Pills were all perfect!
Lord “, take the liberty to ask…”Are you a Pill Master?”
The bespectacled old man asked carefully.
He was just an ordinary person, but because he had more information about pills, he had become a professional alchemist…He still had full respect for a true alchemist!
He wouldn’t be surprised if he took out a fourth grade perfect pill.
It might be enough to take out three pills in one go, and they were all perfect pills of the same type…This meant that the other party was most likely a pill master!
Su Xiao Bai pondered for a moment.
If he admitted it, it might attract attention.
If he didn’ t admit it, he would also be noticed because he took out too many medicinal pills.
In the future, he would definitely sell medicinal pills again. It was impossible for him to pretend to be another person every time……Moreover, it was obviously too late to retreat.
After some thought, Su Xiaobai said,” En.”
Jian simply said one word, without any unnecessary nonsense.
“It really is a Pill Master!”
“And he’s a pill master who can refine a fourth grade perfect pill!”
The bespectacled old man’s expression instantly became excited.
“This…Mr. Bai, these three Golden Crow Guard Pills may be beyond my scope of decision. Could you please move to the VIP room?”
The bespectacled old man had completely lowered his posture and said respectfully.
Su Xiao Bai nodded.
At the same time, he let out a sigh of relief.
Looks like he guessed right.
After acknowledging the identity of the Alchemist, he would receive a higher degree of courtesy……If he didn’ t admit it, others might start investigating him!*

Chapter 36: How terrifying a Pill Master is!

Following that, under the lead of the bespectacled old man, Su Xiaobai passed through the corridor and took the elevator to the eighth floor.
When the elevator door opened, Su Xiao Bai seemed to have entered a resplendent world. There were extremely luxurious decorations everywhere…From this, it could be seen how rich and bold the Treasure Pill Pavilion was!
Entering the VIP room, the decorations were similarly luxurious……Any sofa would be worth at least a few hundred thousand spirit coins!
“What kind of tea do you want?”
“No need. I still have something to do. Let’s end it as soon as possible.”
Su Xiaobai said indifferently.
“Alright, please wait a moment. I’ ll be back immediately!”
The bespectacled old man left.
Only five minutes later.
As the hurried footsteps approached, the door of the VIP room was pushed open and an enchanting figure walked in on high heels.
“Mr. Bai, I’ m sorry to have kept you waiting for so long!”
Su Xiao Bai looked up at the person who came.
Apart from the bespectacled old man, there was also a tall lady with a fragrant fragrance.
What a demon!
Su Xiao Bai inwardly cursed.
“Mr. Bai, I am the person in charge of the Third Division of Base 18, Rose.”
“I’ ve already arranged for someone to help you enter the auction process for the three Golden Crow Guard Pills that you want to sell on consignment. Please wait a moment and the list will be sent to you soon!”
“In addition, Mr. Bai, this is your VIP Diamond Card. You have already become the most senior member of our Treasure Pill Pavilion. In the future, no matter if you buy it in our Treasure Pill Pavilion or sell it on consignment, you can enjoy a 10% discount!”
Rose slightly bent her body and placed a diamond-like card in front of Su Xiao Bai.
The card was printed with the unique logo of the Treasure Pill Pavilion and special anti-counterfeiting treatment.
At the same time, her exceptionally plump, yet alluring career line was undoubtedly revealed in front of Su Xiao Bai.
Fortunately, Su Xiaobai had cultivated the’ Blood Kill’. Under the influence of martial arts, his mind was not that easily shaken.
“Yes, I understand.”
Su Xiao Bai’s tone was indifferent.
But it was precisely Su Xiaobai’s indifferent tone that made Rose even more interested in Su Xiaobai’s identity.
There were only a few alchemists at Base 18 who could refine tier 4 pills.
Only one belonged to the Lin family, while the others came from various bases.
As the person in charge of the Treasure Pill Pavilion, she naturally heard about it……How could she not be curious about the sudden appearance of a new alchemist who could refine a fourth grade perfect pill?
“Mr. Bai, this little girl dares to ask, do you have any powers or clans that you have joined?”
Rose did not beat around the bush and directly asked.
She knew that Pill Masters had a strange temper.
If you were to beat around the bush, he would be unhappy. If you were to speak directly, you would be able to get better feedback.
Su Xiao Bai’s answer was still as concise as before.
Rose couldn’ t hide her disappointment.
When the bespectacled old man introduced her, she was filled with hope that she would be able to absorb a rank four alchemist……After all, a rank four Alchemist was too rare for the entire Base 18. If she could rope in one, it would be enough to become her greatest confidence!
The most important thing was that this was an alchemist who could refine a fourth grade perfect pill!
His true grade was above grade five!
A pill master at the fifth rank or above, even the Martial Commander would have to bow respectfully……One could imagine how heavy the weight was!
Rose then asked several more questions.
However, Su Xiao Bai’s answer was the most ordinary “En “.
Su Xiao Bai knew how many mistakes he made. He tried his best not to make a sound, nor did he reply.
Soon, the order was ready.
“Mr. Bai, I’ m sorry to have kept you waiting. This is your order!”
“Three days later, the sixth floor of our Treasure Pill Pavilion will hold a VIP auction of the Diamond Card. At that time, you can visit and get your auction money!”
Rose smiled sweetly and handed the invitation letter to Su Xiao Bai.
“Alright, I understand.”
Su Xiao Bai didn’ t say anything. After putting away all the orders, invitations, and diamond VIP cards, he directly left the Treasure Pill Pavilion with Rose.
“Lord Rose, do you need me to help you follow him?”
Beside the floor-topped window, Rose’s hand was shaking red wine as she watched Su Xiao Bai’s cloaked figure disappear from the corner……Suddenly, a high-level Martial Artist walked out from the shadows and asked respectfully.
“Follow a tier 5 alchemist?”
“You want us to be buried with you?”
Rose glanced at him and said coldly,” Have you forgotten the lesson of the Sun family from Base 67?”
The high-level Martial Artist was silent for a moment.
The Sun family was a large family from Base 67.
Commander Wu, a bunch of Martial Generals under him. Martial Master level could only be a follower……
He happened to encounter a pill master from another base. Because he coveted his identity as a pill master, he was unable to rope him in many times, and in the end, he used martial power……Who would have thought that on the day that the Alchemist was kidnapped by the Sun Family, a huge battle boat appeared above Base 67.
The War God personally brought people over, and no matter how much the Sun Clan begged for mercy, in the end, they didn’ t escape the end of annihilation!
As soon as this happened, many bases were shocked.
Everyone had a common understanding: Never provoke a pill master easily, because you have no idea how terrifying the power behind him is!
“Yes, Lord Rose, this subordinate is leaving!”
Three days later, the fully armed Su Xiao Bai came again.
However, he was not here to participate in some kind of waste auction. Instead, he was here to collect his own auction money.
“Mr. Bai, during the auction just now, your medicinal pills had caused quite a stir. Three Golden Crow’s protective pills had been sold for a high price of 80 million!”
“Since you are a Diamond VIP, we have already given you a 10% discount on the service fee. This is all your money. A total of 66.5 million yuan. Please accept it!”
Rose smiled.
Rose personally handed Su Xiaobai a bank card.
When Su Xiao Bai heard this number, he couldn’ t help but be stunned.
F*ck…This was even more profitable than he had imagined!*

Chapter 37 Unluckily!

Su Xiao Bai originally thought that it would be enough to auction 45 million yuan.
This was his expected price.
If it could be higher, it would be better if it was lower.
However, he never expected that the auction price would almost double!
After being shocked, Su Xiao Bai was naturally filled with joy.
In an instant, more than sixty million people had arrived, and he could go crazy and level up without restraint!
“Alright, I understand.”
Even though Su Xiao Bai’s heart was filled with joy, he still had to do more on the surface, and his tone was still indifferent…It was as if sixty million was nothing to him.
After putting away his bank card, Su Xiao Bai took out a small wooden box from his chest and placed it on the table.
“Let’s help me auction this.”
Su Xiaobai said indifferently.
Rose carefully opened the wooden box and saw that there were 12 golden pearl-like pills lying quietly inside……That’s right, it’s still a fourth grade Golden Crow Meridian Protection Pill. In terms of color, spiritual energy, it’s still a perfect grade!
During these three days, Su Xiaobai wasn’ t idle either.
He sold another wave of vicious beast materials and obtained 16 million profits.
In order to be able to successfully cultivate the Cosmos Technique, he spent 12.8 million to raise his automatic cultivation to level 7, and the time was reduced to less than 10 days!
As for the remaining money, he didn’ t use it to upgrade his skills. Instead, he poured all of it into the Golden Crow Pulse Protection Pill’s medicinal ingredients……As a result, a batch of vicious beast materials were left behind.
The 12 Golden Crow Meridian Protection Pills in front of him were the result of Su Xiao Bai’s expenditure of 3 million……Each furnace produced four Golden Crow Meridian Protection Pills!
If it was based on the price of 22 million pills today,12 pills would be an entire 264 million!
Three million turns into 264 million, eight hundred percent of the profit. Could it not make Su Xiaobai’s heart move?
“This ……”
Rose’s cherry lips unconsciously opened slightly as surprise appeared in her eyes.
If it was said that she had not been able to determine whether this “Mister Bai” was a rank five alchemist she had imagined…Then, with the appearance of these 12 Dollar Crow Guards Pills, she was completely certain!
Apart from rank five pill masters, who could refine so many perfect rank four pills in such a short period of time?
Even if he didn’ t refine it, it still meant that he knew a rank five alchemist!
“Good, Mr. Bai!”
Rose smiled respectfully.” I’ ll give you orders now. I’ ll definitely do everything I can to help you pay a high price for these pills!”
Su Xiao Bai silently nodded.
Afterwards, there was another small talk. Rose took the opportunity to ask Su Xiao Bai a few more questions……Especially regarding the origin of these 12 Perfect Grade Golden Crow Guardian Pills.
Su Xiao Bai heard the meaning of Rose, and only a few responses were received.
“……Mr. Bai, the person who auctioned off your three Golden Crow Meridian Protecting Pills this time was the well-known Yuan Clan from Base 18……”I have a bit of understanding of the Yuan Clan. Their Patriarch has asked me to see you. I wonder if you’ re willing?”
Yuan Clan?
Hearing these two words, Su Xiaobai’s eyes immediately turned cold. He couldn’ t help but chuckle……His laughter was filled with ridicule.
There really was no coincidence. How could there be a coincidence?
Who would have thought that the medicinal pills he refined would be taken away by the Yuan Clan!
However, he had to thank the Yuan Clan.
He had provided him with over 60 million yuan.
He had also dug a large enough grave for his family!
“You know the Yuan Clan?”
Hearing Su Xiao Bai’s chuckle, Rose said in surprise.
“I don’ t know.”
Su Xiaobai said indifferently.
“Oh, what do you mean ……”
It was not the time to meet!
When Su Xiao Bai truly wanted to meet the Yuan Clan, it was time for the Yuan Clan to completely disappear from this world!
“Alright, Mr. Bai, please wait!”
Soon after, he received the gold-stamping order. Under Rose’s gaze, Su Xiao Bai directly left the Treasure Pill Pavilion.
“If he was able to rope him in to my Treasure Pill Pavilion, how good would that be…”What a pity!”
Rose sighed.
She was just about to say something when she was talking to Su Xiao Bai, but then she stopped. She was just about to dig for a wall……Although the power behind such a pill master was definitely not vulgar, the Treasure Pill Pavilion was not a vegetarian either!
However, in order not to offend her, Rose still endured it.
Let’s wait a few more times.
Perhaps he would be able to ask about the power behind Mr. Bai.
Rose thought to herself.
“I’ m finally rich again!”
When he returned home, Su Xiao Bai directly took off the black cloak on his body, and his eyes shone brightly.
“System, upgrade me to automatic training!”
Without saying another word, Su Xiao Bai decisively chose to upgrade his automatic cultivation.
Two days ago, he had increased his automatic cultivation to level 7, spending 12.8 million.
If he were to reach level 8, he would need to double it to 25.6 million!
“Upgrade completed!”
After deducting 25.6 million, the logo in the upper right corner of the automatic training space changed from “*128” to “*256”!
256 Times the time flow rate…One could imagine how terrifying it was!
“4 Days……In just four days, I’ ll be able to comprehend the Cosmos Technique!”
Su Xiao Bai’s eyes were filled with excitement.
Once he 《 the Cosmos Technique, his strength would completely change!
Only then would Su Xiao Bai truly not have to worry about being discovered by the Yuan Clan……That was because he had the strength to contend against the Yuan Clan!
“System, raise the level of self-cultivation and self-killing respectively!”
Su Xiao Bai continued.
With the money, of course, he had to quickly improve!
All of this money was used by the Yuan family to buy themselves a coffin…Of course, he had to fulfill them well!
“Upgrade completed!”
After deducting 3.2 million, the space flow rate of automatic cultivation jumped from 64 times to 128 times.
After deducting 10.8 million, the automatic monsters were quickly split into a fourth clone and sent to a new area.
“26.9 Million!”
“One-touch pill refinement is already enough. There is not enough automatic cultivation, and there is not enough automatic monster hunting. All I can do is pile it up on automatic cultivation!”
“System, continue to upgrade and train automatically!”
After deducting 6.4 million, he would automatically reach level 7 and increase the spatial velocity by 256 times.
After deducting 12.8 million, he would automatically cultivate to level 8 and increase his spatial velocity by 512 times.*

Chapter 38′ Heavenly Law’ was completed!

“Hu ~~”
Su Xiao Bai only let out a long sigh of relief after spending all the 60 million that he had just obtained in one breath.
Now, whether it was his cultivation speed, his cultivation speed, or his earning speed, he had all reached a shocking height!
Automatic cultivation 512 times.
Automatic cultivation 256 times.
The four shadows continuously helped him kill the ferocious beasts 24 hours a day.
There was also a key to refining pills as an aid. To the side, it would bring him huge profits…One could imagine how terrifying Su Xiao Bai’s current speed of advancement was!
It wouldn’ t be long before he could officially become a Martial Artist…No, a Martial General, a Martial Commander, or even a Martial God, or even a higher level than a Martial God!
Su Xiao Bai looked at his current state.
Human: Su Xiao Bai
Level: Intermediate Warrior
Strength Level: Beginner Martial Artist
Endurance Level: Beginner Martial Artist
Agility Level: Beginner Martial Artist
Cultivation talent: Minimum
Mastering techniques: Vajra Body (Advanced), Ling Xiao Transformation (Advanced), True Fire Hand (Intermediate), Blood Kill (Intermediate)
Unlocked system functions: One-click Training (Level 8), One-click Training (Level 7), Automatic Monster Fighting (Level 4)
The level of the “panel had not improved ……”
Vajra Body, Ling Xiao Transformation, True Fire Hand, Blood Kill……These minor cultivation techniques were all in the past few days, when Su Xiao Bai placed a second cultivation technique, all of them were completely improved!
However, after all, the level on the system panel was still at the “Beginner Martial Artist” stage.
Obviously, relying on these minor cultivation techniques alone, it was not enough for an intermediate fighter to have the strength to match an intermediate fighter.
Unless he was able to obtain an even more powerful “Minor Art “!
However, in the entire Base 18, only the four great clans that had the power to dominate the power were able to possess the Minor Art!
As for the higher cultivation techniques, the entire Base 18 couldn’ t find a single one!
“Forget it, I can’ t be bothered to think so much. The only thing I have to do right now is lie down and wait for time!”
“Once time is up, I will naturally be able to advance!”
Su Xiao Bai made a trip to the bed and went to sleep comfortably.
On the other side, in Su Xiao Bai’s original villa.
At this moment, everything had turned into a mess.
Several Intermediate Martial Artists, more than ten Advanced Martial Artists, as well as many Intermediate and Elementary Martial Artists, were searching the entire villa.
“Stop searching.”
All the martial artists stopped moving and looked at one of the intermediate martial artists.
“He has already left!”
“The Zhang family’s inner line has already received accurate information. There is no trace of that kid!”
He hadn’t been to the academy to report to the “academy for many days ……”
“According to the information in the Martial Warrior Hall, we found no one here!”
“This little bastard, it seems like he’s hiding quite deeply!”
Yuan Qi’s eyes were gloomy as he gnashed his teeth. His expression was not very good-looking.
In order to catch this Zhang Clan guest elder, Yuan Qi used a large amount of manpower and resources.
They found Su Xiaobai’s name.
He followed this name and found many relevant information……However, they had already confirmed all the information, but they still could not find any traces of the other party!
As for the Beast Treasure Pavilion, the Treasure Pill Pavilion, and other places, with his authority, Yuan Qi had no right to search.
“Yuan Qi, in my opinion, there’s no need to continue searching.”
“The next wave of’ beast tide’ is coming. This is a great opportunity to deal with the Zhang family. No matter how talented his guest elder is, he will only be a beginner martial practitioner in a short period of time. How could he be able to cause a huge wave?”
“That’s right. The patriarch could raise his’ Shadow Blade’ to the highest level in a month!”That old thief, Zhang Henglong, will only be killed by hand!”
The other Yuan Martial Masters persuaded.
The ferocious beast tide is annual.
Every year, all the cultivators in the human base were preparing for this battle!
All clans had to participate in the battle!
Every time a beast tide came, many warriors would die.
As for whether he died from the mouth of a vicious beast or from the hands of a martial practitioner…Who would care?
This was the best chance for the Yuan Clan to overthrow the Zhang Clan!
Yuan Qi’s eyes flickered with thought.
“In the end, we will search for a few more days. If we can’ t find it, we will all return to the clan and be on standby. We will do our best to prepare for the beast tide and destroy the Zhang clan!”
Four days passed.
Su Xiao Bai was enjoying a delicious lunch with Su Ling’ er while flirting with her.
“Ding!”Heaven and Earth Technique!”
As the system’s notification sounded out, Su Xiao Bai’s movements suddenly froze. Then, an unprecedented excitement erupted in his eyes!
It was finally settled!
“Brother, what happened to you?”
Su Ling’ er saw Su Xiao Bai’s pleasantly surprised expression and asked curiously.
“Ling’ er, I remember an important matter. I’ ll go back to my room first and come out to play with you later!”
As Su Xiao Bai spoke, he already ran back to the room impatiently.
“Mad…”I’ ve waited so long and spent so much of my resources. I’ ve finally managed to get you here!”
After closing the door, Su Xiao Bai’s expression became excited. His hands couldn’ t help but tremble slightly.
The next second.
A huge amount of information directly entered Su Xiao Bai’s mind.
Space……This was the spatial attribute!
So it was like this……It turned out that the spatial attribute was like this!
Using its principle, it was actually so mysterious and wonderful!
Su Xiao Bai wandered through the vast ocean of information about the cultivation technique.
About three minutes later, the transmission of information finally stopped.
In these short three minutes, Su Xiao Bai seemed to have read tens of thousands of chapters about space, and studied the strategies of countless attribute cultivation techniques……He even practiced the spatial attribute cultivation technique countless times!
Finally, at a certain stage, everything had merged to a certain point, becoming the current beginner’ Cosmos Technique’!
Su Xiao Bai suddenly opened his eyes, and then an invisible spiritual force quickly radiated out!
This spiritual energy had no roots or sources.
It was as if it grew out of Su Xiao Bai’s mind.
However, its effect allowed Su Xiao Bai to clearly see every corner in the surroundings!*

Chapter 39 Crossing Two Levels!

The dust in the corner.
The contents of the book.
The reptile that was moving through the cracks in the ground.
After passing through the space between the rooms, Su Xiaobai could still see Su Ling’ er eating while watching TV……If she were to get closer, she could still hear her muttering,” What exactly is Big Brother doing ……”
His vision continued to extend, and he flipped through the window and arrived outside.
Trees, flowers, plants, birds and insects.
There were also neighbors coming and going.
Even a strand of hair on their faces flickered, all of them within Su Xiaobai’s “vision “!
It continued to spread……
The pedestrians on the street, the street vendors, the passing vehicles……Everything was in sight!
Suddenly, Su Xiao Bai frowned.
He “saw” a familiar figure.
“This is not from the Zhang Clan……”Second Master?”
Su Xiao Bai recognized it with a single glance.
The person who was sitting on the roof of the building was none other than Zhang Hengde!
“His angle, he could perfectly monitor every move of my family…”I see. He’s been protecting me!”
Su Xiao Bai suddenly understood.
He didn’t think that Zhang Hengde was spying on him and coveting him…After all, he was now a guest elder of the Zhang family, someone from the same ship.
Even if they really wanted to watch, it was impossible for them to send the Second Manager over personally.
To have an intermediate martial artist monitor him as an intermediate martial artist?Can it be drawn?
Moreover, if the other party really had any intentions towards him, he would have acted long ago. There was no need to wait until now……Especially when his strength was growing so terrifying.
“No wonder the last time I fought with Crazy Drake, I always felt like there was an aura beside me. It was him!”
Even though Su Xiao Bai was only a high-level martial artist at that time, due to Zhang Hengde’s anxiety, he faintly sensed a trace of aura……However, he didn’t pay much attention because he was fighting against Mad Drake.
Now, it seemed that the Zhang family had already sent people to protect themselves from the very beginning!
“My choice this time is quite right!”
Su Xiao Bai lightly laughed.
His senses continued to radiate.
But very soon, Su Xiao Bai realized that his senses had reached their limits.
At most, he could only sense a distance of about 50 meters.
Over this distance, the perception quickly became weak, as if it had changed from normal vision to 1,000 degree myopia. Everything was blurry…If it extended to 100 meters, it would basically reach its limit. His eyes were blinded, and nothing could be seen.
It was unknown how “spatial perception compared to the cultivation of a Martial General’s sea of consciousness ……”
Su Xiao Bai retracted his senses.
Opening up his sea of consciousness was the greatest characteristic of a general. Su Xiao Bai had already understood this…This was also why a Martial General-level expert would carry an indescribable aura that caused one’s heart to palpitate with a casual glare!
To a certain extent, the perception of the spatial attribute had reached a level similar to that of a Martial General’s sea of consciousness!
“Cosmos Space, open!”
Su Xiao Bai’s index finger was pulled together, and he slashed towards the void in front of him.
He saw that the space in front of him had actually been unseen and opened up a long and narrow white opening!
This was the Cosmic Space.
An existence that was completely independent of another dimension.
Because Su Xiaobai’s current level of the’ Cosmos Technique’ was at the beginner level, plus he had yet to open up his mind sea, this Cosmos Space currently only had less than 100 square meters.
But even so, it was already an extremely large space.
It was completely enough to place anything. It was the most suitable place to place the spoils of war!
Moreover, the size of this space would continuously increase and increase with Su Xiaobai’s strength…
“Unfortunately, no living things can be placed in this space. Otherwise, if I encounter danger, I can still hide.”
At present, the Cosmos Space could only store dead objects, not live objects.
As for whether or not he would break this shackles after he continued to upgrade the Cosmos God Technique, it was unknown.
“Last one, Space Movement Amplification!”
Su Xiao Bai slowly took a step forward.
When he raised his foot, there was nothing special about it.
While his steps were in the air, he remained motionless.
But when his steps completely fell——
Su Xiao Bai’s figure suddenly appeared at the other end of the room!
It was as if it was an instant movement. Without any thrust, without any air resistance, it disappeared into thin air and appeared out of nowhere!
This was the most useful of the three effects that the Cosmos Technique had brought to Su Xiao Bai!
Space movement amplification.
To a certain extent, this had already reached the initial effect of “teleportation “. However, this effect was extremely close, only less than 5 meters away.
“Use the attribute of communication space to achieve the effect of short distance teleportation……”Kill!”
Su Xiao Bai’s eyes flashed.
One could imagine that as long as it was within the range of 5 meters, in just an instant, before you could react, your throat had already been cut silently!
“Not only that, my movement speed increased by at least three times as fast as before!”
Space movement amplification, and another even more crucial benefit was that it doubled Su Xiaobai’s speed!
By using his control over the spatial attributes and increasing his movement speed, he could achieve an unimaginable speed change!
Su Xiao Bai quickly took a look at his current state.
Human: Su Xiao Bai
Level: Intermediate Warrior
Strength Level: Beginner Martial Artist
Endurance Level: Beginner Martial Artist
Agility Level: Advanced Martial Artist
Cultivation talent: Minimum
Mastering techniques: Vajra Body (Advanced), Ling Xiao Transformation (Advanced), True Fire Hand (Intermediate), Blood Kill (Intermediate), Cosmos Technique (Elementary)
Unlocked system functions: One-click Training (Level 8), One-click Training (Level 7), Automatic Monster Fighting (Level 4)
“The agility level has actually reached the advanced Martial Arts Grandmaster realm!”
Su Xiao Bai was pleasantly surprised.
He had only cultivated a Cosmic Art, yet he had actually made his Agility level leap over two levels!
This strengthening effect could be said to be abnormal!
It was no wonder that a micro-level spatial attribute cultivation technique was enough to cause the generals to snatch it!
Just as Su Xiaobai was still immersed in the joy of space movement amplification, suddenly——
A brand new and captivating aura erupted from Su Xiao Bai’s body!
“Senior Martial Warrior!”*