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Big Boss
Fantasy Coins: 41

Chapter 40: Controlling the Strength of Senior Martial Masters!

Level 8 self-cultivation, a 512-fold increase.
One day from the outside was equivalent to 512 days from the automatic cultivation space. Moreover, it was a 24-hour continuous cultivation type……Even so, Su Xiaobai still took four days to finally reach a high-level martial artist.
From this, it could be seen that the path of a martial artist, the further one advanced, the more difficult it would become!
If he didn’ t have some precious cultivation resources or other experts to help him, it would be difficult to ascend the heavens if he just wanted to rely on himself to absorb a little bit of spiritual energy and continuously cultivate and break through!
Fortunately, this wasn’ t a problem for Su Xiao Bai.
Now it was 512 times, the next level was 1024 times, and the next level was 2048 times…If he continued to rampage like this, he would be able to train for ten years and a hundred years!
No matter how difficult the path of a martial artist was, it was just a piece of cake for him.
“Power……”My entire body is surging with power!”
As he had just broken through, the spiritual energy within his body was surging and surging……His flesh, bones, and meridians were all undergoing a complete transformation and strengthening!
Every time his cultivation level increased, it would be a baptism…As for the cultivators who were slowly cultivating, they could still feel an obvious change. Not to mention Su Xiao Bai, who had suddenly increased his cultivation, the change was even more obvious. His entire body was like a new student!
Human: Su Xiao Bai
Level: High-level Martial Warrior
Strength level: Intermediate Martial Artist
Endurance Level: Intermediate Martial Artist
Agility Level: Advanced Martial Artist
Cultivation talent: Minimum
Mastering techniques: Vajra Body (Intermediate), Ling Xiao Transformation (Intermediate), True Fire Hand (Elementary), Blood Kill (Elementary)
Unlocked system functions: One-click Training (Level 8), One-click Training (Level 7), Automatic Monster Fighting (Level 4)
Shockingly, Su Xiao Bai’s strength had completely risen to the intermediate rank!
“No…”This is just the power displayed on the system panel. I feel that I’ m even stronger than an intermediate Martial Artist!”
Su Xiao Bai’s eyes were blazing.
He had once felt the power and aura of a high-level martial artist from close range.
Now, from the surging power within his body, he could also sense an aura similar to that of a high-level Martial Artist!
It was no exaggeration to say that he was completely qualified to fight a high-level Martial Artist!
If it was combined with a spatial attribute cultivation technique, it would be possible to kill a high-level Martial Artist!
“If I continue to go up, I will become a Martial General. Then, I will become the true overlord!”
When you become a Martial Artist, you can enter the core area, open up a family, own your own small business, and make a living…If they were lucky, they would be able to enter the government and become officials.
Becoming a Martial General was basically a very important person in the government. It was not a problem to be in charge of a district, so there was the saying of “Martial General Council “……The more powerful a Martial General was, the more he had the right to speak. The clan powers behind him could also expand and become stronger!
To become a Martial Commander, there was no doubt that he would definitely be the peak figure of Base 18. He would turn his hands into clouds and turn his hands into rain, and he would control the life and death of five million people. At the same time, his strength had reached a shocking and terrifying state!
At present, apart from the’ base governor’ of Base 18, the rest were the four great clans. There were a total of five Martial General level experts!
Each and every one of them was able to step on the mountain and shake the earth!
This was also the largest guard capital of the human base.
“I really want to find a martial artist to fight. Let’s see who’s strong!”
“But for the sake of keeping a low profile, let’s just forget about it, lest it be too shocking and scare them!”
Su Xiao Bai’s battle intent surged.
He really wanted to find out what level he had reached.
However, he knew his current status.
He was 17 years old. He had only been an ordinary person two or three months ago. With a blink of an eye, he had actually become a high-level martial artist. Moreover, he possessed the strength comparable to a high-level martial artist……This kind of shocking increase in strength, once he was targeted, the consequences could be imagined!
“Wait…”It seems like this spatial attribute can hide the spiritual energy fluctuations on my body!”
Su Xiao Bai suddenly recalled something.
His thoughts stirred.
With the movement of the spatial attribute, the spiritual energy fluctuations on Su Xiao Bai’s body that originally belonged to high-level martial practitioners continuously decreased.
In next to no time, the spiritual energy fluctuation fell to the level of an intermediate warrior.
He continued to descend to the level of a beginner martial artist.
After descending, it turned into a weak fluctuation of a high level prospective practitioner!
“Hahaha…Mad Drake was really my lucky star!”It’s too perfect!”
Su Xiao Bai couldn’ t help but let out a laugh.
If Crazy Drake heard this, he would probably be furious.
Helping Su Xiao Bai was the second. The key was that Su Xiao Bai actually learned something that even he couldn’ t cultivate or even understand!
“Now we can finally move freely!”
“Let’s wait a bit longer. After my cultivation level rises to another level, I’ ll go find the Yuan Clan and completely break it!”
Su Xiao Bai’s eyes were suffused with a surging sharp intent.
Zhang family guest elder was his choice. He did not regret it.
However, the current situation was brought by the Yuan Clan!
He was not a reckless person.
Even if he had the strength to fight against high-level Martial Masters, he was not impulsive.
As long as he increased his cultivation level by another level, he would truly be qualified to crush the Yuan Clan…The fate of the Yuan Clan would end here!
“Yuan Clan, wait ……”
In a flash, three days passed.
Su Xiao Bai once again put on his black cloak and came to the Treasure Pill Pavilion to collect the price of his 12 pills.
In order to not be too arrogant, he suppressed the spiritual energy fluctuations to intermediate level practitioners,
Rose personally received him.
“Grandmaster Bai, the pills you refined are simply too perfect. A few large clans are trying to obtain them!”
“A total of 280 million was successfully auctioned for you!”
“After deducting the fees from the Treasure Pill Pavilion, the remaining amount is 2,558,580,000. It has already been transferred to your account!”
Rose smiled sweetly.
“Yes, alright.”
Su Xiaobai glanced at the transfer record, nodded, and then stood up.
This time, he didn’ t bring any more pills.
After selling so many Golden Crow Guardian Pills in succession, it was enough to attract the attention of ordinary people. If they continued to sell, there would definitely be a problem!
“Master Bai, please stay!”
“The buyer of your pills this time is the Young Master of the Lin Family, Lin Chen!”
“He wanted to see you ……”
Before Rose could finish speaking, Su Xiao Bai directly raised his hand to interrupt her.
“No.”Su Xiaobai said indifferently.
After saying that, he left the VIP room without stopping.
However, just as the door to the VIP room opened, a young man dressed in luxurious clothes was already standing at the door.
“Don’ t, Grandmaster Bai, why are you so anxious to leave?”
“I still have something to talk to you about!”
The young man grinned and made a gesture of invitation.
At his side, two high-level Martial Masters coldly stared at Su Xiao Bai. Their imposing aura quietly emanated out, faintly suppressing others with their might.*

Chapter 41: Lin Family!

“Is there something wrong with you?”
Su Xiao Bai coldly said.
Ever since the Mad Drake incident, he had become more and more annoyed with the attitude of some clans…Especially those people who relied on their power to bully others.
For example, this young man in front of him.
Su Xiaobai’s eyes unconsciously sank when he saw that the corner of his mouth was curled up and that there was a look of contempt on his face.
“Master Bai, my name is Lin Chen. I’ m from the Lin family. What is there to disturb Master Bai? Please forgive me!”
Lin Chen cupped his hands and bowed slightly. He said respectfully.
This was the status of a Pill Master.
Even the descendants of the Lin Family from the four great clans had to be respectful towards the Alchemist.
“I’ m leaving now. You’ re blocking my path.”
Su Xiao Bai said indifferently.
“Master Bai, I know that you have a lot of resources. Don’ t worry, I won’ t delay you for too long!”
Lin Chen smiled and said,” I heard that you are a rank five alchemist. I want to represent our Lin Family. Please help us refine a rank five pill……”We’ ve already prepared all the materials. You will also receive an exceptionally generous reward. May I ask if you can?”
“I don’ t have time.”
Su Xiao Bai directly chose to refuse.
Ask him to help refine pills?
What a joke!
He was a pill master. If he were to run to a large clan, wouldn’ t that mean he would fall into a trap?
Moreover, this Lin Chen’s attitude made him extremely uncomfortable.
On the surface, there was a happy smile.
He was definitely not a good person behind his back!
“Grandmaster Bai, do you not think about it anymore?”
“My grandfather had specially instructed me to invite you over!”
“Oh, by the way, my grandfather is Lin Futian.”
Lin Futian.
This was the name of Base 18!
This was because he was a Martial Commander-level expert, and he was also one of the commanders of Base 18. He had many Martial General-level experts following him!
As a person born in Base 18, how could Su Xiao Bai not know Lin Futian’s name?
However, Su Xiao Bai knew very well that a great figure like Lin Futian, how could he have the intention to pay attention to such matters?It was purely because this fellow had brought out his grandfather’s name to scare him!
“Oh?Really?”Let me ask your grandfather. I have something to do. I’ ll leave first.”
After leaving behind a sentence that was neither salty nor indifferent, Su Xiao Bai directly left.
This time, Lin Chen didn’ t stop him.
However, the gaze that he turned his head to look at Su Xiao Bai was full of gloominess!
When the elevator door closed.
“All of you, go and follow him.”
Lin Chen said calmly,” I’ ve collected all the information about him. Come back and tell me.”
Two high-level Martial Masters accepted the order.
“Guy who doesn’t eat the wine of punishment……”Do you really think you’ re an alchemist?”
“If it’s a pill master above the sixth rank, then that’s fine. A mere fifth rank pill master, would he dare to show me his authority?”
“It really has turned the heavens!”
Lin Chen’s eyes were sinister.
As one of the four great clans of Base 18, the Lin Family’s inheritor had absolute dominance over the entire Base 18. He was completely qualified to walk horizontally!
Even if the Martial General Council saw him, they had to nod slightly and ask.
It wasn’ t that he hadn’ t seen anyone’s expression before, but a mere rank five alchemist……It wasn’ t enough to show his face!
“Was really afraid of something ……”
Through space sensing, Su Xiao Bai could clearly hear all of Lin Chen’s words.
“Good, high-level Martial Masters……”It’s time for me to see how powerful I am!”
Su Xiao Bai grinned.
The elevator reached the first floor.
Su Xiao Bai directly walked out of the door of the Treasure Pill Pavilion.
The two high-level Martial Masters restrained their auras and pulled a distance behind him.
Zhang Hengde, who had been secretly protecting Su Xiaobai, immediately changed his expression when he saw two high-level Martial Masters following behind Su Xiaobai.
“Those two people……”It’s the Lin family’s elite!”
Zhang Hengde recognized it immediately.
He had met the Lin Family in the past, but the Zhang Family was just an ant in front of the enormous Lin Family. He could easily crush them to death with just a finger…Therefore, he had a deep impression of the Lin Family. No matter what, he must not provoke those great clans.
As for these two people, Zhang Hengde remembered that they were the bodyguards of the Lin Family’s eldest young master……Could it be that the Lin Family’s eldest young master had targeted Su Xiao Bai?
“This is terrible ……”
Zhang Hengde’s expression turned ugly.
If it was someone from the Yuan Clan, he could still take action. After all, he was a mortal enemy.
But how did the Lin family members make a move?
The most important thing was that he was only an intermediate rank martial artist. The other party was two high rank martial artists. If he went on, he would only be crushed!
Moreover, he didn’ t know if he should report this to Zhang Henglong.
Su Xiaobai had already turned the corner of the street and disappeared.
Zhang Hengde immediately followed.
Su Xiao Bai didn’ t take the bus and walked through the streets.
He took seven turns and eight turns, heading straight for the edge of Base 18.
The two high-level Martial Masters followed closely.
Zhang Hengde had followed him even further away…He tried his best to suppress his spiritual energy fluctuations, ensuring that he would not be discovered by the two high-level Martial Masters.
“This was the opposite direction of Su Keqing’s house……”It seems like I’ ve already sensed it!”
Zhang Hengde heaved a sigh of relief.
As long as he could sense it, he would be able to find a place to rest. He would be able to slightly confuse the other party.
But soon, Zhang Hengde noticed that something was wrong.
“Why is it getting more and more remote?”
“What does Su Keqing want to do?”
Unexpectedly, Su Xiaobai didn’ t choose to settle down. Instead, he headed towards a place far away from the city, desolate and uninhabited.
There was not even a single person in such a place. If two high-level Martial Masters were to act maliciously, who could stop them?
A moment later.
“Can’t leave anymore…”If I leave, I won’ t be able to help!”
Zhang Hengde was somewhat anxious.
They had gradually entered the open ground, slowly losing their hiding bodies…If he continued walking, Zhang Hengde would be at risk of being discovered at any moment!
Su Xiao Bai seemed to have heard Zhang Hengde’s thoughts and stopped in front of an empty and rotten tail building.
The two high-level Martial Masters in the dark hid their figures. Their eyes pierced through the cracks and stared fixedly at Su Xiaobai……They didn’ t have any doubts about Su Xiao Bai’s arrival. Instead, they felt that it was extremely reasonable.
The mysterious Alchemist refused to explain his origins and did not have any relevant information. Clearly, he wanted to hide his identity……Living in such a place was not surprising!
Su Xiao Bai’s figure instantly disappeared from the spot!
“People disappeared?!”
The two high-level Martial Masters were shocked.
Just as they were about to rush out to see what was happening, a flash suddenly appeared in their sight!
The speed of that flash was very fast.
Very fast!
It was too fast for anyone to react!*

Two high-level Martial Masters!

“Blood Kill!”
A blood-red light flashed through the air like a bloody crescent moon.
Su Xiao Bai took action!
The aura of a high-level martial artist erupted!
Originally, the Space Movement Amplification of the Cosmos Technique had allowed him to move at two levels.
Later on, he advanced to a high-level martial artist, and then brazenly advanced to another level…Even though Su Xiaobai’s agility level was still at a high-level Martial Artist’s level, in reality, it was already infinitely close to a beginner level Martial General!
The strength of those two high-level Martial Masters was indeed extraordinary.
However, in Su Xiaobai’s all-out outburst, as well as his many trump cards, as well as his contempt towards intermediate level practitioners, they couldn’ t even react!
It was the sound of a blade cutting through flesh.
Just as one of the high-level Martial Masters wanted to put on a defensive stance, the spiritual energy fluctuations in his entire body had just started to rise. However, before he could fully prepare himself, the bloody crescent-moon glow had mercilessly streaked across his neck!
His posture froze.
All of the spiritual energy fluctuations that surged back down.
The spiritual light that belonged to life vanished in an instant!
The other high-level Martial Artist had just finished all the battles.
However, he discovered that his companion’s lifeforce fluctuations had suddenly vanished without a trace…In just an instant, the life of a high-level martial artist was actually harvested!
And the person who killed him was an Intermediate Warrior……No, he had already become a high-level martial artist!
This senior martial artist’s pupils trembled.
His entire body couldn’ t help but tremble.
An inexplicable fear surged out of his heart!
He could understand that a high-level martial artist had restrained his aura to an intermediate-level martial artist.
But high-level martial practitioners……He actually crossed an entire realm and killed a high-level Martial Artist?!
If this sort of thing were to be said, would anyone believe it?
Even if he had personally experienced it, he couldn’ t believe it!
“Must flee!!”
Without any hesitation, this senior martial artist decisively chose to turn around and run!
He was already scared to death by Su Xiao Bai’s attack.
Without any warning, he disappeared.
The speed was so fast that even he was unable to react.
The most important thing was that the attacks were fierce, and the killing methods were ruthless…It was already beyond what he could resist!
How could he be facing a high-level martial artist?
It was as if he was facing a beginner general!
How could he have the slightest chance of winning against such an enemy?
“You want to run?”
“Was already too late ……”
Su Xiao Bai, who had killed one of the high-level Martial Masters in a single strike, had just landed on the ground. He did not stop at all. His body abruptly turned around and then rushed towards another high-level Martial Master who was trying to escape!
He was not someone who liked to kill.
However, he knew that if he didn’ t give those big family fellows a look, and let them understand some of the facts, this sort of thing would only be endless!
Want to follow him?
Then pay a sufficient price!
“Golden Tiger Body!”
Sensing Su Xiao Bai chasing after him, this high-level martial artist was so frightened that he hurriedly used his body forging technique.
His body forging technique was also at the Minor Stage, and his cultivation technique had reached the Intermediate Stage……Even if it was a high-level Martial Artist’s attack, he would still be able to defend against it.
At the same time, he quickly took out a communicator from his chest.
The communicator was extremely precious in this era.
It was extremely valuable. Even the Zhang family did not have the right to own it. Only giants like the Lin family would be equipped with it!
Young Master “!”Save me!”
As soon as he finished speaking, an icy cold aura came from his neck and slashed across his neck.
Senior Martial Masters hurriedly dodged.
His neck was covered in blood!
Su Xiao Bai had just launched another attack on him, but due to the body forging technique, this attack didn’ t directly take his life.
Su Xiao Bai’s current strength level was an intermediate Martial Artist.
With the addition of’ Bloodkill”s explosive attack bonus.
It was indeed more than enough to kill a high-level Martial Artist, but if a high-level Martial Artist used a body forging technique, just one strike alone would not be enough……
“What’s wrong?”
At the other end, Lin Chen’s expression trembled when he heard his subordinates’ cries for help.
“That alchemist, he…He ……”
Before he could finish speaking, the signal had already been interrupted. The communicator in the hands of a high-level martial artist had been split into two!
A long and narrow wound appeared on the arm of the high-level Martial Artist as well…The artery was severed, and blood gushed out from the wound!
“This ……”
At this moment, Zhang Hengde, who was hiding in the distance and watching this scene, finally reacted.
However, his face was filled with shock. His eyes were as wide as a copper bell. His mouth was opened wide due to shock, and he could even put down an egg!
Did he see wrongly just now?
Su Keqing actually……A single strike killed a high-level Martial Artist?!
Moreover, another high-level Martial Artist actually chose to flee?
Zhang Hengde no longer knew what to use to describe his current mood.
He didn’ t know what words to use to describe the scene he saw.
Only a month had passed since Su Xiao Bai killed Mad Drake in front of him the last time.
Zhang Hengde had yet to come out of the shock of that incident, and he had always recalled it…However, a month later, his own strength hadn’ t improved much, yet Su Xiao Bai had already grown to the point where he could instantly kill a high-level Martial Artist!
Didn’t this mean that he had been protecting someone stronger than him for the past month?
Perhaps his tracks had already been exposed to the eyes of others!
“Master Bai!I was wrong!I was really wrong!”Please spare me!”
Zhang Hengde’s side was still immersed in shock, unable to extricate himself. The high-level Martial Masters who were still fleeing on this side were already howling and begging for forgiveness.
In just a few short breaths.
He was already covered in wounds!
On his neck.
On his back.
On the back of his head.
There were ferocious bloody mouths everywhere!
Su Xiao Bai was trying to find his weakness, and he continuously attacked several times……If it wasn’ t for the body forging technique that this high-level martial artist knew, he would have died long ago!
Su Xiao Bai didn’ t pay any attention to this senior martial master’s words of begging for mercy. He took action again, cutting off the tendons on his feet, making it impossible for him to continue moving!
Senior Martial Masters were still begging for mercy.
He looked at Su Bai as if he had seen a ghost.
In next to no time, the high-level martial artist’s cry for help stopped abruptly.
Su Xiao Bai instantly erupted, and a number of blood-thirsty beams of light hacked down on high-level martial artists. Even if high-level martial artists had body forging techniques to protect their bodies, they were killed on the spot!
At this point, the two high-level Martial Masters all died under Su Xiaobai’s hands!*

Chapter 43 Level 5 Automatic Monster Fighting!

Su Xiaobai didn’ t show any pity towards the enemy.
He knew very well that if he were to stand on the opposite side today, he would definitely not receive any mercy or pity from anyone…In this world of the jungle, everything was absolutely dark and cruel!
Su Xiao Bai searched through the two corpses, taking away some of the most valuable things.
It had to be said that the treatment of large clans was indeed generous.
Su Xiao Bai took out a pile of good things from these two high-level Martial Masters.
“Micro Grade Body Forging Technique……A cultivation technique for entering a micro-level weapon……There was also an attribute cultivation technique that he had entered…”There are quite a few good things!”
How about a large family?
Just with his body, there were several cultivation techniques that entered the Minor Stage……In the market, it could be sold for millions in minutes!
As for those weapons, they were all extremely valuable.
Unfortunately, the weapon couldn’ t be realized. Once it was realized, it would be exposed.
After finishing the search, Su Xiao Bai raised his head and looked at where Zhang Hengde was, saying:
“Second Manager, are you still not coming out?”
His voice was not small, but it just so happened to reach Zhang Hengde’s ears.
Zhang Hengde was startled.
He didn’ t dare to be negligent as his figure quickly rushed over.
“Senior Martial Warrior!”
As soon as he got closer, he sensed the spiritual energy fluctuations on Su Xiao Bai’s body, and his heart immediately surged with shocking waves!
The last time he sensed Su Xiao Bai’s aura, it was clear that he was only a beginner martial practitioner.
In just a month, he had already reached a high-level martial artist!
Zhang Hengde broke out in cold sweat from his shock.
But what made him even more frightened was…Su Xiao Bai was actually at the level of a high-level martial artist. He was practically crushing two high-level martial artists!
If he hadn’ t seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn’ t have believed it!
“Zhang Hengde, I’ ve seen Su Keqing!”
Zhang Hengde hurriedly bowed respectfully.
This was the second time he was so formal, respectfully bowing to Su Xiao Bai……The first time he was in the Zhang family. At that time, he was unwilling and simply worried about Zhang family etiquette.
However, this time, he was completely convinced, filled with reverence and fear. He sincerely bowed to Su Xiao Bai!
He also glanced at the dead high-level Martial Masters on the ground.
Until he died, his eyes were filled with terror and despair.
And this high-level martial artist’s strength was clearly stronger than his big brother, Zhang Henglong!
But even so, it still didn’ t have the slightest bit of strength to retaliate in Su Xiao Bai’s hands……Thinking of this, Zhang Heng Dexin could not help but tremble.
Just how powerful was Su Keqing!
“Second Master, I have to trouble you to deal with these two corpses.”
Su Xiao Bai flicked his finger and the blood on the blade trembled.
“What did Su Keqing say? It should be, it should be!”
Zhang Hengde nodded his head and bowed. He completely lost his domineering aura as the second manager of the Zhang family.
Because he knew that as long as Su Xiao Bai was willing, he would be able to kill him in minutes……No, not only him, but the entire Zhang family!
“In addition, you don’ t have to go to my house in the future.”
Su Xiaobai said indifferently.
Zhang Hengde said hurriedly.
Just as he had expected, Su Xiao Bai had already discovered him a long time ago. However, he hadn’ t revealed it yet……
“Take care of it better. Don’ t leave any traces behind.”
“Don’ t worry, I’ ll definitely finish everything!”
Following that, under Zhang Hengde’s gaze, Su Xiao Bai’s body rushed out explosively. His speed was so fast that Zhang Hengde was speechless.
When Su Xiaobai’s figure completely disappeared, Zhang Hengde finally came back to his senses.
“Was too strong…Too strong ……”
Zhang Hengde couldn’t help but mutter as he dealt with the corpse.
In his mind, all the scenes that had just happened were still circling around…Shock could not be shaken!
Within the Treasure Pill Pavilion.
“Du……Du……Du ……”
Hearing the busy voice on the other end of the communicator, Lin Chen’s face turned ugly.
It was clear that the two high-level Martial Masters he had sent over were all in an accident!
It was very likely that they had already been killed.
That Grandmaster Bai was clearly just an intermediate martial artist. If he wanted to kill two high-level martial artists, was that possible……The only possibility was that this Grandmaster Bai’s back was protected by experts!
“Rank five alchemist, those who dared to kill me……”You’ re courting death!”
Normally, when faced with such a situation, ordinary people would be afraid.
However, Lin Chen was actually enraged.
As Wu Shuai’s grandson, the future successor of the Lin family, he had always been proud of himself……Especially with Lin Futian’s huge backing, Lin Chen was even more brazen!
From the fact that he had someone follow the Alchemist, one could see some clues.
If he were a rank six or rank seven Alchemist, perhaps he wouldn’ t dare to act rashly……However, rank five was not enough to make him stop!
“I want to see exactly who is behind that fellow!”
Lin Chen’s eyes were fierce.
He activated his spatial perception all the way. Only when he was certain that no one was following him anymore did Su Xiao Bai safely return home.
“My current strength is already enough to kill high-level Martial Masters!”
Su Xiao Bai’s heart was determined.
A high level martial artist could kill a high level martial artist!
Even Su Xiao Bai felt a little dreamy.
However, it was precisely because he possessed such strength that the current Su Xiao Bai didn’ t need to hide anymore. He was always careful……He could walk on the street with his head held high!
Of course, the aura of the realm had to be slightly restrained.
Otherwise, a 17-year-old high-level martial artist would still be too eye-catching.
“I have nearly 260 million right now. I can level up again!”
Su Xiao Bai rubbed his fists and palms.
Two hundred million!
Such a huge amount of wealth, even for high-level martial artists, was an unimaginable amount!
“Let’s not talk about anything else. First, raise the automatic monster to level 5!”
“By the way, I can see what additional new features can be unlocked with a level 5 automatic monster hunting!”
Su Xiao Bai could give the system an order.
“Upgrade completed!”
Following the system’s notification, after deducting a total of 32.4 million, a fifth shadow appeared in the automatic monster hunting space.
The moment the fifth shadow appeared, the system immediately sent it to the designated area to kill monsters.
“Ding!”We’ ve automatically upgraded the Monster Slayer Space to level 5, unlocking the additional new function [Soldier Palm ]!”
“[ Soldier Palm]: Shadow can use weapons!”
“Thank you, friend Sun Xiaodong, for your reward, and thank you for all the votes you’ ve given me!Seeing that someone in the Book Review Area said that I was updating slowly, actually, I was not too slow every day. However, because of the public time, I couldn’t update too much. Everything would be fine after the fight started. At that time, I would update as much as I wanted to update, so that everyone could enjoy watching it in one breath!)*

Chapter 44: At the same time, cultivate three cultivation techniques!

This new function was not bad!
Su Xiao Bai’s eyes lit up.
The previous shadows were unable to use weapons. They could only use their legs……However, because they could use cultivation techniques, they could easily deal with ferocious beasts.
However, as the level of vicious beasts that were to be hunted grew higher and higher, even with a cultivation technique, it was obvious that they could not keep up.
Two days ago, a shadow was destroyed. It had cooled down for 24 hours before it was sent out again…
If they were able to equip them with weapons, it would mean that the shadow’s combat strength would be even stronger and the efficiency of killing ferocious beasts would naturally be even faster!
“Being able to equip weapons means that their attack methods will change as well!”
“Right now, my dagger was used to kill people, especially when it came to fighting one on one……”That’s right.”
“On the other hand, we need some long weapons that can be used to attack in groups, which can increase the efficiency of the monsters!”
Su Xiao Bai thought to himself.
Shadows were mainly hunting.
The dagger was definitely not suitable.
If it was a long sword or long blade, it would be much better to be able to unleash a great combination and kill a group of weapons at once!
Even those who had encountered a group of warriors in the wild had better counter-kill efficiency!
With the increase in efficiency, the benefits that Su Xiao Bai obtained naturally also increased!
“If that’s the case, I’ ll have to cultivate two more techniques of other weapons!”
With weapons, of course, they had to be supplemented by the corresponding weapons and techniques. Only then would their strength increase.
If it were any other martial artist, no one would be able to figure it out……He chose a weapon and cultivated a weapon’s cultivation method. He had to cultivate other cultivation methods halfway. How could he manage his energy and time?
Su Xiao Bai was different.
Automatic cultivation. After throwing two cultivation techniques in, one could reach the beginner level in a few hours, reach the intermediate level in a day or two, and reach the advanced level in a few days…The efficiency was fast!
Therefore, it didn’ t matter if he wanted to cultivate a few cultivation techniques.
“It’s a good thing that I’ ve plundered several weapons and cultivation techniques from those two high-level Martial Masters. I can use them now!”
Just a few hours of waiting, these two micro-level weapons could easily reach the beginner level……After a few more days, he could easily reach the advanced level!
“System, help me send these weapons over!”
Su Xiao Bai took out a few weapons from his Cosmos Sack. They were all obtained from those two high-level Martial Masters……However, these weapons were basically some soft swords, short swords, short blades, and the like that could be carried around, clearly not meeting Su Xiaobai’s requirements.
“I’ ll have to go to the Martial Artist Hall tomorrow to buy a few suitable weapons and learn a few more weapons and techniques that are more suitable for group attacks!”
“Next, he had to continue spending money ……”
“From the looks of it right now, self-cultivation had already reached level 8, reaching level 10 was no problem at all……”I’ m only at Level 7. If I reach Level 10, I’ ll need nearly 180 million!”
“That’s enough. I’ ll upgrade my training!”
The spirit coins needed for the next level of automatic monster hunting were directly broken into hundred million……It was obvious that it wasn’ t easy to spend so much in one breath.
The money had to be spent on the blade.
To Su Xiao Bai, automatic cultivation and automatic cultivation were truly the enormous improvements that he could see!
Level 10 was a barrier.
After reaching this threshold, it could activate new additional functions
“Upgrade completed!”
After deducting 25.6 million, he would automatically increase his cultivation to level 8 and increase his spatial velocity to 256 times!
After deducting 51.2 million, he automatically increased his cultivation to level 9, and his spatial velocity increased to 512 times!
After deducting 102.4 million, he would automatically increase his cultivation to level 10 and increase his spatial velocity to 1024 times!
“Ding!”One-touch cultivation space has increased to level 510, unlocking additional new functions [Three Life ]!”
“”[ Three Life!””
Although it had consumed nearly 180 million, Su Xiao Bai was incomparably excited.
Not to mention anything else, what did 1024 times the cultivation speed mean?
Even if it was such a rare thing as the Heavenly Law, he would only need one or two days to reach the beginner level!
As for the other ordinary cultivation techniques, it only took a few tens of minutes, and they could easily comprehend them without even an hour!
Not only that, level 10 had also unlocked a new cultivation pit and directly cultivated three cultivation techniques at the same time……Just this alone was worthy of being 180 million spirit coins!
“System, help me put this’ Vajra Body’ in as well!”
Su Xiao Bai said impatiently.
At present, the cultivation methods he had placed for a long time were Cosmos Technique and Blood Kill.
There 《 no need to say anything more about the Cosmos Technique. After entering a micro-level spatial attribute cultivation technique, the higher its level was, it meant that the higher Su Xiaobai’s achievement was, the stronger his trump card was!
《 Blood Kill had already reached the intermediate level. It was estimated that in a few more hours, it would be able to advance directly to the advanced level. It was only a matter of days before it reached the highest level. It was Su Xiao Bai’s greatest method of attacking.
Now, put in another [Vajra Body]. When [Vajra Body] and [Blood Kill] reached their highest level, then put in [Ling Xiao Transformation] and [True Flame Hand]…If they had reached the highest level, then they would learn a new cultivation technique……
One could imagine how terrifying the cultivation technique that Su Xiao Bai grasped in the future, as well as the level of cultivation that he was able to transcend, was!
Forget about killing a high-level martial artist with a high-level martial artist.
Even killing a Martial General was not a problem!
“As for the remaining 40 million, it should be used to upgrade the automatic cultivation and one-touch pill refinement!”
After deducting 25.6 million, he would automatically increase his cultivation to level 9.
After deducting 2.4 million, he reached Level 2 in one go.
After deducting 7.2 million, he reached Level 3 in one move.
Su Xiao Bai looked at his current state.
Human: Su Xiao Bai
Level: High-level Martial Warrior
Strength level: Intermediate Martial Artist
Endurance Level: Intermediate Martial Artist
Agility Level: Advanced Martial Artist
Cultivation talent: Minimum
Mastering techniques: Vajra Body (Intermediate), Lingxiao Transformation (Intermediate), True Fire Hand (Intermediate), Blood Kill (Intermediate), Cosmos Technique (Elementary)
Unlocked system functions: One-click Training (Level 9), One-click Training (Level 10), Automatic Monster Fighting (Level 5), One-click Alchemy (Level 3)
“Yuan Clan……”Congratulations, you’ re about to be finished!”
Su Xiao Bai’s eyes were filled with killing intent!*

Chapter 45: The Trapped Situation of the Zhang Clan!

With Su Xiao Bai’s current strength, as long as he was willing, he was completely qualified to trample the Yuan Clan under his feet and ravage and massacre them!
Moreover, everyone in the Yuan Clan had lost their lives before they could even react!
However, Su Xiao Bai would not rush forward like this.
No matter how bad the Yuan Clan was, they were also residents of the core area. With this status, the government and large clans of Base 18 would maintain the rules……Although Su Xiao Bai was confident in his own strength, he was still not confident enough to go against a Martial General and the Martial Commander!
Therefore, he was not in a hurry.
He would slowly increase his strength. Once he was strong enough, killing the Yuan Clan would be less difficult than killing an ant!
On the other side, the core area, Zhang Clan Manor.
In the meeting room, the family claimed that Heng Long was discussing matters with the higher-ups.
The atmosphere was heavy. Everyone frowned.
“Patriarch, we can no longer retreat!”
“Yes!The territory of the Hot Rain Forest had already been snatched away by the Yuan Clan…”If we let Green Tongue Wasteland out again, our profits will be reduced by at least 20%!”
“Yuan Clan had gone too far…Once we let them go, they would have to make an inch!”Patriarch, let’s give the order. Even if I die, I’ ll at least pull at least one member of the Yuan Clan back!”
The higher-ups of the Zhang family were all furious.
All the major clans in the core area had formed their own martial artists’ teams to hunt beasts in the wild.
The first was to obtain materials for ferocious beasts and obtain sufficient benefits from these materials, allowing the clan to continue to grow stronger.
The second was to clean up the vicious beasts and guard the base to prevent them from breeding too fast and squeezing the human’s living space.
Third, expand the territory. If possible, expand the scope of the human base, making the human survival space even larger!
Both of them were not considered by the clan.
The only thing that truly commanded the family to do their utmost was the first!
Everything was for the benefit!
Moreover, in order to have a stable source of benefits, each clan would have their own hunting beast territory clearly divided……As long as this place belonged to you, no one from the other clans could enter to hunt. If they wanted to enter, they had to pass through permission!
However, in the recent period of time, as the conflicts between the Zhang family and the Yuan family intensified, the martial artist teams of the two families had fought many times…It was obvious that the final result ended with the bleakness of the Zhang family.
In fact, in order to protect martial artists, the Zhang family had no choice but to give up their hunting area.
Just now.
The Zhang family’s fighter team sent another message.
The Yuan family once again invaded the Zhang family’s stronghold in the Green Tongue Wasteland and killed the Zhang family’s martial artist team. The Zhang family lost dozens of martial artists, as well as several intermediate and a high-level martial artist!
The moment this matter was sent back, it immediately aroused the anger of the Zhang clan members!
He was simply going too far!
In the past few years, the Yuan family had started to fight on their own. At first, the Zhang family could still resist, but with the constant loss of their core strength, the Zhang family gradually weakened……As a result, the Yuan Clan started to make a huge fuss.
Right now, he was going too far. He directly started to forcibly seize territory!
For the sake of completeness, the Zhang family had no choice but to assign several hunting areas……He even had to send people to search for a new hunting area.
However, the Yuan Clan did not have the slightest intention of stopping. They continued to invade.
“I know that you are all eager to fight, but it’s not the time yet.”
Zhang Henglong sighed and shook his head.” The Yuan family’s momentum is growing day by day. With the current strength of our Zhang family, we want to fight against them…”Hard!”
As the clan leader, Zhang Henglong definitely could not be as impulsive as the others.
He needed to consider the bigger picture and the entire race…If he forcefully clashed head-on, in the end, he would only gain more than he could lose. His vital energy was greatly damaged, so for the sake of his race, he could only choose to back down.
“Could it be that our Zhang family has been forced by the Yuan family to the point of not resisting?”
“If only the patriarch could become a Martial General…”The Yuan Clan must obediently kowtow to us and beg for mercy!”
The higher-ups of the Zhang family secretly gritted their teeth, feeling aggrieved.
Right now, the only thing that could solve this dilemma was that Zhang Henglong had advanced from an Advanced Martial Artist to a Junior Martial General……Once they were promoted, the Zhang family would change their mindset and take a beating from the passive side. They would quickly leap to the side that took the initiative to attack. The Yuan family would definitely die!
But how could a martial general be so easy to reach?
There were many people who could become high-level Martial Masters.
But in the end, only a few people had reached the rank of Martial General.
Just at this moment——
Suddenly, the door was forcefully opened and Zhang Hengde, who was panting heavily, ran in.
“Second Manager!”
Everyone stood up and bowed.
“Second Brother, what happened?”
Zhang Henglong frowned deeply.
A trace of worry arose in his heart……Could it be that the Yuan Clan had sent experts to assassinate Su Keqing, and Zhang Hengde could not defeat him, so he ran back?
But when he looked at Zhang Hengde again, there was no trace of fighting on his body.
“Big…Big brother……”I have something to report to you!”
“An urgent matter, extremely urgent!”
Zhang Hengde took several breaths before finally recovering.
“You wait for a moment.”
“Second brother, come to my study.”
Zhang Henglong felt that he wasn’t stable enough and took Zhang Hengde to the study.
All the higher-ups of the Zhang family were left in the meeting room, complaining.
“I really don’ t understand what the patriarch is afraid of!If we were to have a face-to-face fight with the Yuan Clan, with our current strength, we might not necessarily lose!”Even if I lose, I’ ll still be able to make the Yuan Clan’s vital energy suffer greatly. I don’ t dare to act rashly!”
“If you don’ t need to say a word, the Patriarch will naturally have the Patriarch’s consideration!”
“When is this the end?The Yuan Clan continued to invade, and we kept retreating. If this continued, the eastern territory would have to be given way sooner or later!”When the time comes, everyone in our Zhang family will have to drink the Northwind!”
“Sigh ……”
The higher-ups of the Zhang family sighed and shook their heads.
It was too sullen!
Being suppressed by others, all sorts of ridicule and ridicule, unable to raise his head, nor did he dare to retaliate……This kind of feeling simply made people collapse!
“Hahahaha ……”
A burst of incomparably clear laughter rang out from within the study.
All the higher-ups in the meeting room were stunned for a moment. They looked at each other, not knowing what had happened. To think that it would make the Patriarch so happy.
Suddenly, the door of the study room was pushed open. There was still excitement and excitement on his face as Zhang Henglong walked out.
“Go, tell all the Zhang family’s warriors that from this moment on, all of them are ready for battle!”
“I’ m going to make a trip now. When I get back, I’ ll launch an all-out counterattack against the Yuan Clan!”*

He had caught Su Xiao Bai!

Hearing this, all the Zhang family members present couldn’ t help but be stunned for a moment. After that, they looked at each other heads full of fog.
What kind of news did the Second Manager bring back?
Why was the Patriarch so happy after hearing this? He actually wanted to prepare for the Yuan Clan?
Could it be that he had invited some extremely powerful expert to assist him?
Everyone asked for the reason, but Zhang Henglong didn’t answer. Instead, he asked them to stay in the clan and leave with Zhang Hengde.
Just like that, under the puzzled gazes of the Zhang family’s higher-ups, the two of them quickly drove towards Su Xiaobai’s temporary residence.
“Su Keqing is not here?”
In order to act as low-profile as possible, the two of them deliberately concealed their bodies and restrained their auras.
However, when they knocked on Su Xiao Bai’s door, they heard Su Ling’ er say that Su Xiao Bai had left.
“That’s right. Brother hasn’ t returned yet.”
Su Ling’ er said in a crisp voice.
“Alright, we’ ll pay him a visit later!”
Zhang Henglong and Zhang Hengde didn’ t leave. Instead, they arrived at the height of the residential building opposite them. While protecting Su Ling’ er, they waited for Su Xiao Bai to return.
At the same time, Su Xiao Bai was in the martial artist’s hall, selecting weapons that were specially used for shadows.
Long blades, long swords, and some long blades that could kill a large area……Su Xiao Bai spent three million to buy five alloy weapons.
“System, equip the Shadow with these five weapons!”
Su Xiaobai instructed.
“Equipment is complete!”
The shadows that were dozens of kilometers away from the base were all fighting against the beasts with their legs and feet. Suddenly, a weapon appeared in their hands. Their movements changed and they began to use their weapons to fight against the beasts!
After the weapons were completed, Su Xiao Bai went to specifically select some cultivation techniques that fit the longsword and longsword.
After spending 1 million and an hour, Su Xiao Bai recorded all five cultivation techniques for entering the micro-level weapon.
“System, temporarily take down the three cultivation techniques you are cultivating!”
“Change into these three!”
The three shadows of the automatic training system changed their posture and began to hold the virtual longsword in their hands, quickly making various movements.
It was only a few minutes.
All three weapons and techniques had reached the beginner level.
Su Xiao Bai quickly replaced two of them.
“All of them have reached the beginner level!”
“As long as we wait for a while longer, we will reach the intermediate level and then advance to the advanced level. The Shadow’s strength will increase by at least 50%!”
Su Xiao Bai’s eyes flashed.
Shadow’s strength had already risen to a level comparable to that of an intermediate martial artist along with Su Xiao Bai……Coupled with the aid of weapons and weapon cultivation techniques, it was not difficult to compare to high-level Martial Masters!
In this way, the strength of the five shadows had increased greatly, which meant that their efficiency in fighting monsters would also rise greatly!
According to Su Xiao Bai’s current estimate, in a week’s time, just the benefits from the materials of the ferocious beasts would be worth hundreds of millions of spirit coins…If he were to refine a little more medicinal pills halfway, the monthly amount of several hundred million spirit coins would only be a matter of minutes!
Just as Su Xiao Bai was happily thinking about how his profits were increasing and his strength increasing, his expression suddenly changed.
“Outside the training room……”There’s a few more auras!”
Su Xiao Bai’s eyes darkened.
Space senses rapidly radiated out——
Sure enough.
Originally, outside the training room, there were basically some prospective martial practitioners or martial practitioners waiting to exchange for use……But suddenly, a group of martial artists and martial practitioners came!
Intermediate martial artists, advanced martial artists, junior martial artists, intermediate martial artists……Roughly, there were over thirty people!
Everyone’s faces were unfriendly, and their eyes were filled with vicious light.
Especially the middle-level martial artist who was in the lead, who was staring fixedly at the door of the cultivation room……It was as if he wanted to pass through the door of the cultivation room and grab Su Xiao Bai inside.
“Really made it easy for me to find it ……”
Who else could this intermediate martial artist be if he wasn’ t Yuan Qi?
After painstakingly searching for Su Xiao Bai for so long, he still couldn’ t find it, as if the human world had evaporated……Who would have thought that just as Yuan Qi was about to give up, someone suddenly heard that Su Xiaobai’s figure had appeared in the martial artist’s hall!
Immediately, Yuan Qi led his men over.
“Yuan Qi, are you going to make a move?”
Another intermediate martial artist from the Yuan Clan asked.
“This was the government’s martial artist hall!”The Yuan Clan will suffer a great loss if we make a move here!”
“There’s no need to worry. When he comes out, treat him well!”
Yuan Qi’s gaze was fierce.
The training room.
Through spatial perception, Su Xiao Bai heard Yuan Qi and the others’ words.
“Heh, I’ m not going to look for them. They’ ve come to their doorstep!”
Su Xiao Bai coldly laughed,” It’s just right, since I’ ve already delivered it to the door, then why should I be so courteous?”
He didn’ t hide himself. His appearance in the Martial Artist Hall was enough to explain the problem!
The Yuan Clan wanted to kill him.
He also wanted to kill the Yuan Clan.
Either you die or I die.
If it wasn’ t for the fact that the Yuan Clan was a resident of the core area, it might have alarmed the large clans in the core area. How could Su Xiao Bai have waited until now?
But now it was different.
The fact that the other party had come to their doorstep meant that they had a complete plan to cover it up. It was guaranteed that they would not be discovered by the large clans in the core area……Su Xiao Bai just so happened to be able to use this to achieve a magnificent counterattack!
“Chi ——”
The door to the cultivation room slowly opened as if a breathless voice was heard.
Su Xiao Bai’s calm and composed expression was restored. He pretended not to notice anything and walked out of the cultivation room in a dignified manner.
“That’s right, it’s him!”
A glint flashed in Yuan Qi’s eyes.
17 Years old, advanced prospective martial practitioner!
It looked exactly the same as the picture!
Yuan Qi grabbed it and stood in front of Su Xiao Bai. He grinned and said with a harmless smile,” You’ re Su Xiao Bai, Su Keqing, right?”
“Yes, it’s me. That’s right!”
Su Xiao Bai had a blank expression.
“I am from the Zhang family. The clan head wants to see you and say that there is something urgent to discuss with you!”
Yuan Qi hid his sword in his smile.
“Something urgent?”
“But I’ m a bit busy right now!”
Su Xiao Bai said innocently.
“Su Keqing, don’ t worry. You won’ t be delayed for too long. The clan head is already waiting. The other guest elders are all present as well you’ ll be the only one left!”
Yuan Qi smiled and said.
“Alright, since everyone has arrived, I am also embarrassed not to go.”
“Lead the way.”
Su Xiao Bai nodded and agreed.
A hint of joy and ferocity flashed across Yuan Qi’s eyes…
Under his leadership, Su Xiao Bai got into the carriage and headed towards the core area.
“Kid, I wasted so much time. Just wait……”You’ ll know in a moment how bad the fate of being an enemy of the Yuan Clan will be!”*

Chapter 47 Shocked Yuan Clan!

The vehicle entered the core area.
“Su Keqing was truly talented!”That’s right!”
Yuan Qi sat by Su Xiao Bai’s side and said with a smile,” It’s no wonder the clan head is so eager to make you a guest elder of our Zhang family.”
In order not to attract any attention, Su Xiao Bai deliberately restrained the spiritual energy fluctuations to high level prospective practitioners……Although it was rare for a 17-year-old high-level prospective practitioner to be at this age, it was not without him. However, those who were able to reach this level at this age were usually people from large clans. It was almost impossible for ordinary people.
“It was just a fluke!”
“By the way, you said that you are from the Zhang family. Why have I never seen you in the Zhang family before?”
Su Xiao Bai clearly knew how to ask.
“I was sent to the outside of the base earlier. I have never been in the base, so it’s normal for you not to know that I’ m here!”
Yuan Qi’s words were one by one.
“Oh, I see ~”
“Yi?We seem to have gone the wrong way, right?”I remember the route to the Zhang family. It should be that one!”
Su Xiao Bai suddenly pointed out the window and said doubtfully.
“This meeting is very important. In order to prevent others from eavesdropping, the clan head specially changed places!”
“This is in the core area. No one dares to act impudently here, right?”
Yuan Qi smiled.
“That’s right!”Su Xiao Bai nodded naturally.
A moment later, they arrived.
However, it wasn’ t anywhere else. Shockingly, it was the Yuan Clan Manor!
Yuan Qi and the others had inquired about it before. Su Xiao Bai had only come to the core area once, and he had never been there since. Therefore, it was very likely that they didn’ t know what the Yuan Clan Manor looked like.
“Su Keqing, please!”
After getting out of the car, Yuan Qi led Su Xiao Bai all the way to the manor. Su Xiao Bai had a relaxed expression that didn’ t show the slightest bit of vigilance, and it even confirmed Yuan Qi’s guess.
Actually, even if Su Xiao Bai recognized it, it didn’ t matter.
The moment he got into the car, Yuan Qi had already locked onto him…Wasn’t it easy for an intermediate martial artist to deal with an advanced prospective martial artist?
Soon, they entered the reception hall of the Yuan Clan.
In the guest hall, Yuan Feihe, as well as a group of high-level members of the Yuan Clan were all present and waiting.
After seeing Su Xiao Bai, all of their eyes narrowed!
“It really is a high level prospective practitioner!”
“A genius is a youth!”
“Zhang family’s luck was really good……”Unfortunately, this little fellow isn’ t too lucky!”
All the higher-ups of the Yuan Clan thought to themselves, their eyes filled with killing intent.
“Why can’ t I recognize this place alone?”
“Did you take the wrong path?”
As soon as Su Xiao Bai entered the reception hall, she revealed a puzzled expression.
“Su Keqing, he didn’ t take the wrong path. I wanted to see you!”
“Let me introduce myself first. My name is Yuan Feihe, the patriarch of the Yuan family!”
Yuan Feihe smiled and said loudly.
As soon as he finished speaking, the door to the guest hall was shut.
“Yuan Clan?!”
“What are you doing?”
Su Xiao Bai’s expression changed greatly, revealing a panicked expression.
“Su Keqing, calm down!”
Yuan Feihe sat upright in his seat and said with a chuckle,” Presumably, Su Hak-Qing has heard about some grudges between our Yuan Clan and the Zhang Clan, right?”
“I won’t hide it from you. The Yuan Clan and the Zhang Clan are truly incompatible with each other…After Zhang Henglong cut off one of my third brother’s arms, I swore that between the Yuan family and the Zhang family, I would never give up!”
“Su Keqing, you are a genius!”
“At the age of 17, he had already reached the Advanced Prospective Warrior stage. His cultivation talent far surpassed that of an ordinary person!”
“Zhang Henglong really did have a city mansion, allowing a high-level prospective warrior to become a guest elder, intending to invest in the future of the Zhang family……”But I want to advise Su Keqing that the Zhang family is already at the end of the road. Only then will the Yuan family truly have a great future!”
“Su Hak-Qing, why don’ t you think about it and give it up and join our Yuan Clan to seek glory and wealth?”
Yuan Feihe looked at Su Xiao Bai with a burning gaze.
The reason why he hadn’ t directly killed Su Xiao Bai was because he had made this plan……If he could recruit such a genius under his command, the Zhang family would definitely spit out even more blood and be even more embarrassed!
“Join the Yuan Clan?”
Su Xiao Bai deliberately repeated it.
“Yes, the Zhang family promised to give it to you. My Yuan family can give it to you twice!”
“The Zhang family can’t give it to you, so my Yuan family can still give it to you!”
“In this world, experts are respected. Su Keqing, with your cultivation talent, you should be on par with experts, right?”
Yuan Feihe smiled.
“Oh?”So you can give me more money?”
“If Su Keqing has any conditions, he can do as he pleases!”
Yuan Feihe’s face was full of confidence.
“That’s good. I don’ t want too much. How about you give me one billion spirit coins first?”
As soon as Su Xiao Bai said this, Yuan Feihe’s face collapsed.
Even the other Yuan Clan members present all revealed frosty expressions. In an instant, the atmosphere in the hall froze, and the temperature dropped by several degrees!
“Su Keqing, this kind of joke isn’ t funny at all!”
Yuan Feihe’s tone grew colder.” I’ ve sincerely invited you, but it’s not good for you to tease me like this, right?”
“I’ m playing with you?”
Su Xiao Bai changed his previous pretence and lightly smiled.
He directly went forward, pulled out a chair, and naturally sat down.
“Just told you, at my age, I am a high-level prospective practitioner. My cultivation talent is extremely high, and I am a plastic genius…So you were willing to give me a generous reward!”That’s right, right?”
The corner of Su Xiao Bai’s mouth curled up.” But if I say, I’ m not a high level prospective practitioner?”
Not a high level prospective practitioner?
What do you mean?
Just as everyone was confused, the spiritual energy fluctuations on Su Xiao Bai’s body suddenly began to surge!
“Beginner fighter?!”
“He……”He broke through to the beginner level?”
Someone cried out in alarm.
But soon, someone noticed that something was wrong.
“Wait!This is…”The spirit energy fluctuations of an intermediate fighter!”
“Are you kidding me?To break through to two levels?”Impossible!”
From a high level prospective practitioner, he had instantly crossed over to an intermediate level practitioner……All the Yuan Clan members present were all shocked, and their faces were filled with astonishment!
Something that made them even more terrified appeared.
“Hiss ——”
“Advanced Martial Warrior!It was the aura of an advanced fighter!!”
“Heavens……Heavens…High……Senior Martial Warrior?!”
“I’ m not wrong…”He’s only 17 years old!”
Even Yuan Feihe was shocked to the point his scalp stood up unconsciously. His mouth was wide open, his mouth was wide open, and he was dumbstruck. He was dumbstruck, as if he was dumbstruck. Apart from being shocked, his face was still shocked!
Just two breaths.
Su Xiaobai actually managed to reach a high level martial practitioner from a high level prospective martial practitioner!
One word difference, the difference between heaven and earth!
“Patriarch of the Yuan Clan, do you still think that the one billion I just mentioned is a joke?”
Su Xiaobai said indifferently.*

Su Xiao Bai!

At this moment, the entire Yuan Clan Guest Hall was so quiet that even a needle fell to the ground could be heard clearly.
Everyone’s eyes were filled with shock!
A 17-year-old high-level martial artist.
In the history of Base 18, this could be said to be unheard of, unheard of……Even on television, there were no geniuses that could compare to Su Xiao Bai!
No, this was no longer considered a genius.
This was a real monster.
It was a monster!
Unrivaled monstrous figure!
Once such a person grew up, how could his future achievements be not just the Martial Commander Martial God?
It was likely that he could reach a higher and more legendary realm than a War God!
One billion, too much?
No, it was not excessive at all. It was extremely reasonable!
If it were a large clan here today, let alone one billion, even ten billion would be worth it!
It was rare for a person to obtain a spirit coin…Even more so, it was a monster that could not be seen in ten thousand years!
“You……You ……”
Yuan Feihe wanted to speak, but because he was too shocked, his words were somewhat blocked…He took a deep breath and forcefully suppressed the shock in his heart. He said,” Su Keqing, there’s not a single hundred million Yuan Clan right now. This is too much. The entire Yuan Clan may not be able to bring it out…”However, I can guarantee that as long as you join our Yuan Clan, let alone one billion or ten billion in the future, I will give it to you as well. How about that?”
Yuan Feihe was moved.
Not to mention anything else, just by relying on this point of a high-level practitioner, it was enough to become a target for recruitment……After all, they were only small clans. After all, there weren’ t many people among the martial artists.
Therefore, high-level martial artists belonged to the core strength of the Yuan Clan, and they were the targets of strong recruitment!
Not to mention Su Xiaobai’s monstrous talent, if he could be invited to join, the Yuan Clan would rise to the top and become a great clan, and it would be a matter of time before they could!
“If not, then forget it!”
“It’s not too late for you to come and find me when you’ ll have it!”
Su Xiao Bai didn’ t accept Yuan Feihe’s suggestion and slowly stood up.
“Su Keqing, I hope you can understand that the current initiative is not in your hands.”
Yuan Feihe’s eyes darkened.
His tone was also filled with a sharp threat.
He refused to surrender.
To them, that wasn’ t just a help, it was also a hidden danger!
How could Yuan Feihe allow these threats to grow at will?
“What?”You still want to kill me?”
“I have a core identity card!”
Su Xiao Bai narrowed his eyes and said.
“Hahaha ……”
Yuan Feihe let out a loud laugh.” Su Keqing, I’ m sorry to tell you that the entire Yuan Clan has been covered by a barrier since the moment you entered the Yuan Clan!”
“Forget about crushing the identity card in the core area, even if you have a superconducting communicator, you won’ t be able to send out any news!”
“This is the gift I prepared for you. How is it?”Do you like it?”
A cold smile appeared on the faces of the surrounding Yuan Clan members.
There were more than twenty high-level martial artists in the arena.
There were almost seven to eight martial artists.
There were even more cultivators from the Yuan Clan outside.
Under this kind of siege without support, a mere high-level martial artist could not escape even with his wings!
“Oh ~~~”
“I see!”
Su Xiao Bai’s face revealed a sudden understanding, and then a happy smile appeared on his face. He happily sat back on his chair,” Then I can rest assured!”
Seeing Su Xiao Bai’s relaxed and natural smile, Yuan Feihe’s laughter gradually weakened, and a strange feeling rose in his heart.
It was as if what was trapped in the cage right now was not Su Xiao Bai in front of him, but themselves!
“Su Keqing, I’ ll give you one last chance!”
“If you agree, then take this pill!”
Yuan Feihe flipped his hand and took out a green pill.
With a flick of his finger, a medicinal pill shot out. Su Xiao Bai reached out and easily received it.
“This is the’ Rebound Gu Pill’. After consuming it, your body will not be any different for the time being, but seven days later, you will feel a tearing pain on your body……”However, don’ t worry. Our Yuan clan has the antidote. As long as you come here within seven days and obey the orders of our Yuan clan safely, I will give you the antidote!”
A fierce glint flashed in Yuan Feihe’s eyes.” Of course, you can also choose to refuse. However, I think that you, a high-level martial artist, would be trapped here if you were unable to send out any signal for assistance. You must be very clear about outcome, right?”
“There were people who tried to reject me, but in the end, they all turned into ashes beneath your feet!”
“Su Keqing, this is your last chance. You must grasp it properly!”
It had to be said that Yuan Feihe was indeed ruthless.
He had used this kind of method to forcibly control many martial practitioners to work for him…The other cultivators had no choice.
Either die or obey.
No one wanted to die.
He could only choose to obey!
Therefore, Yuan Feihe had repeatedly tried this trick.
Now that it was on Su Xiao Bai’s body, Yuan Feihe was like a cannon……It was because in his opinion, Su Xiaobai’s talent, not to mention others valuing him, he would also cherish his own life. He would definitely choose to obey!
Once they complied, the Yuan Clan would be able to add a huge boost to their strength. In the future, it would no longer be a dream for them to ascend to the top!
“I see. This is your method!”
“I thought how fresh it was ……”
Su Xiao Bai’s mouth curled up.
He gently pinched it.
This green medicinal pill was crushed to pieces by him!
In an instant.
Waves of surging spirit energy erupted from the surroundings. All of the Yuan Clan’s martial practitioners’ eyes shone with fierce light as they stared fixedly at Su Xiao Bai. They had already prepared themselves to fight!
“A toast, not a punishment ……”
Yuan Feihe shook his head in pity.” Since you’ re looking for your own death, then I have no choice but to kill you ——”
Before he could finish his last word, suddenly, there was an obvious commotion outside the guest hall!
The sound of killing, the sound of metal colliding with weapons, and the sound of hurried cries for help immediately became clamorous!
Everyone shifted their gazes towards the door.
“What happened?!”
Yuan Feihe frowned as well.” Go and see what happened!”
The instructed martial artist walked to the door. As soon as the door opened, his body suddenly stiffened. He then straightened back and fell to the ground.
When everyone looked at him, a long and narrow wound appeared on the practitioner’s neck, blood splashing out!
Standing at the door was a figure wearing a black cloak and a black mask.*

Chapter 49 Shadow Killer!

This figure held an alloy-grade saber.
Her clothes fluttered about, and the aura of a high-level practitioner emanated from her body.
What was particularly strange was……When they saw this figure, for some unknown reason, it was as if they saw Su Xiao Bai!
“Who are you!!”
“How did he come in?”
“No matter how he came in, he actually dared to kill people from my Yuan family and kill him!”
Seeing this, the Yuan Clan cultivators didn’ t hesitate at all. They all took out their weapons and used all of their spiritual energy to unleash all of their might. They directly charged towards the cloaked figure at the door!
The black-robed man took a step forward. The moment his foot landed on the ground, his entire figure suddenly disappeared in front of everyone!
“Where are they?”
A blue crescent blade streaked across the sky.
The next second.
The figure in the black cloak appeared not far away.
However, behind him, all of the Yuan Clan’s martial practitioners who intended to attack were frozen in place!
“What happened?!”
“Why are my feet out of control?”
“I couldn’ t sense the existence of my leg!!!”
Everyone lowered their heads and realized that their upper bodies were slowly moving away from their original bodies. Then, they fell to the ground!
In an instant, everyone was cut off by their waist!
Blood splattered everywhere.
A miserable wail rang out.
The martial cultivators of the Yuan Clan who had been cut off from their waists all let out hysterical cries of pain…They looked at their incomparably familiar and unfamiliar legs, and their spirits collapsed!
The entire hall seemed to have turned into a purgatory of the mortal world!
“So powerful!”
The remaining Yuan Clan warriors who hadn’ t arrived could not help but reveal expressions of fear in their eyes.
There were clearly one or two Junior Martial Masters among the people who had been slashed at their waist!
A high-level martial artist had actually killed a beginner martial artist in a split second…This person who had suddenly entered was extremely powerful!
“Who are you?!”
Yuan Feihe’s face darkened as he roared angrily.
“Sigh, Patriarch Yuan, don’ t be so loud. My ears are about to be deafened by you!”
Su Xiao Bai pulled out his ear and stood up.” Don’ t worry about getting angry. I know this person!”
Su Xiao Bai walked over to the black-robed cloaked person, patted his shoulder, and said with a smile,” Yes!”This, my little brother, how is it? Isn’ t his strength not bad?”
That’s right.
This figure that was wearing a mask and a black cloak and didn’ t even show a single skin on his entire body was one of the five shadows that Su Xiao Bai used to attack monsters!
Su Xiao Bai had long considered this issue.
He could fight monsters, kill people, listen to commands, revive, and have the same strength as himself…
Other than the difference in weapons and the lack of spirituality in using cultivation techniques, the other aspects were not inferior to Su Xiao Bai at all!
Such an existence, not having to be a bodyguard and a fighter for him, was simply too wasteful!
And the most important thing was.
As long as Su Xiao Bai gave the order, the system would be able to teleport it to any designated area.
This meant that even if they slaughtered everyone, they would be able to silently leave in an instant…No one could catch any trace of it!
Therefore, Su Xiaobai gave the system an order on the way to the Yuan Clan by Yuan Qi.
Of the five shadows, he had summoned two.
Considering that it wouldn’ t be too shocking, he even specially asked the two shadows to get a black cloak and mask first!
“Your people?!”
Yuan Feihe’s pupils constricted.
“Not only this one, there’s also one outside!”
“It should be almost over.”
As soon as Su Xiao Bai finished speaking, the last clamor outside stopped abruptly.
Then, a swift shadow rushed over, stopping in front of Su Xiao Bai.
He was also wearing a black cloak and a white mask. The only difference was that he was holding an alloy sword……Blood was dripping from the blade.
“Yuan Feihe, how is it? Are you satisfied with the gift I gave you?”
Su Xiao Bai smiled and said,” Don’ t worry, apart from the old, weak, women, and children, I’ ve slaughtered all of the Yuan Clan!”
As he spoke, Su Xiao Bai’s eyes flickered with cruelty.
He was not a indecisive person.
Either they didn’ t make a move, or they killed them all!
“You’ re courting death!”
Yuan Feihe was furious.
The aura of a high-level Martial Artist exploded out!
Yuan Feihe’s body suddenly transformed into a cannonball. His body rushed over explosively, and his fist aimed directly at Su Xiao Bai’s face……He intended to smash Su Xiao Bai’s fist into the head!
“Vajra Body!”
Su Xiao Bai’s skin suddenly turned golden, like a golden arhat.
He raised his hand and firmly grabbed the fist that was attacking him!
“Yuan Feihe, don’ t worry. I haven’ t finished my words yet!”
Su Xiao Bai grinned.
“How was that possible?!”
Yuan Feihe was shocked.
He was a real high-level martial artist!
Moreover, he had been at the level of a high-level Martial General for many years. He had charged at the level of a low-level Martial General several times, and there was already a faint sign that he could reach the level of a low-level Martial General!
Even if it was to deal with Zhang Henglong, who was also a high-level martial artist, Yuan Feihe was absolutely confident in winning!
But now.
He was actually captured by a high rank martial artist!
“This ……”
Yuan Qi, who already had a terrified expression on his face, was now even more open-mouthed. His face was filled with disbelief.
In his heart, as well as in the hearts of all the Yuan Clan members, Yuan Feihe was an extremely powerful existence.
Therefore, they were willing to submit to Yuan Feihe.
But at this moment, his faith had completely collapsed!
A high-level martial artist’s furious attack was easily blocked by a high-level martial artist……Moreover, he was only a 17-year-old high-level martial artist!
Shock, shock, shock.
Yuan Feihe’s many years of battle experience wasn’ t blind. After he quickly recovered from his shock, he broke free of Su Xiao Bai’s out with a loud bang!
However, his fist was completely empty.
“Where are they?”
“Behind me!”
“How could his speed be so fast?!”
Yuan Feihe was about to turn around and kick behind him as soon as he thought about it…But before he could lift his foot, a large hand had already covered the back of his head.
Just like that, Yuan Feihe’s head was forcefully pressed down on the ground. His face fell down, and a huge hole like a spider web suddenly appeared!*

Chapter 50: Scoring!

“Yuan Feihe, please don’ t move. If you do, I’ m afraid that my dagger will be too sharp and accidentally cut your throat!”
Su Xiao Bai said smilingly.
He held Yuan Feihe’s head with one hand, while his other hand held the dagger in his hand and pressed it tightly against Yuan Feihe’s neck.
A small and narrow wound appeared, and a bit of blood spilled out of the wound……As long as Su Xiao Bai exerted a slight force, he would be able to take Yuan Feihe’s life!
Feeling the cold aura on his neck, Yuan Feihe’s eyes were filled with unprecedented fear!
He wanted to break free, but he couldn’ t do it at all!
The current Su Xiao Bai, killing him was more difficult than killing a chicken……He had completely lost the right to resist!
“Su……”Su Keqing!”
“You……You misunderstood!”I didn’ t mean that earlier. Don’ t be rash!”
The fear of death left him no longer as domineering as before.
Yuan Feihe’s heart had already reached his throat. Cold sweat and blood splattered on his head caused his pupils to tremble unconsciously…His words naturally stuttered, filled with fear.
“Let go of the Patriarch!”
Seeing this, a middle-level martial artist from the Yuan Clan rushed forward to rescue Yuan Feihe.
The next second, a black shadow suddenly appeared behind him.
A sharp sword light pierced through his heart!
The sword was pulled back, and the middle rank martial artist covered his heart. He vomited blood, and with a face full of unwillingness, he fell to the ground and died……
When the other members of the Yuan Clan saw this shocking scene, they all swallowed hard and unconsciously took a step back……Fear and fear filled the eyes of the two masked men!
An intermediate martial artist couldn’t even dodge a single move in the hands of a high-level martial artist. In fact, he even lost his life on the spot with a sword piercing through his heart……Was this still the high-level practitioner they knew?!
“No, I didn’ t misunderstand!”
“Actually, I should thank you for giving me the opportunity…”I was originally prepared to cause trouble for your Yuan family, but because you are residents of the core area, I didn’ t have the first time to attack.”
“Didn’ t expect that all of you would actually activate the shield and cut off all the channels for assistance……”Tsk tsk tsk tsk, I’ ve seen those who dug their own graves before, but this is the first time I’ ve seen someone like you who dug their own graves!”
Su Xiao Bai sneered.
As soon as he spoke, Yuan Feihe’s eyes widened.
He had planned for half a day, and it was all within the calculations of others!
He blocked the call for help from the core identity card.
It also blocked the possibility of communicating information to the outside world.
In the end, he lifted a stone and smashed his foot into pieces!
“Su Keqing, you just said 1 billion. No problem, I’ ll give you 1 billion!”
“I’ ll immediately have someone give you 80 million of the family’s working capital, and then sell all the family assets……”No matter what, I will give you one billion!”
Yuan Feihe thought of using money to buy his life and hurriedly said.
“80 Million……”Tsk!”
“If it were in the past, I might have wanted it. Unfortunately, I can’ t see it anymore!”
Su Xiao Bai lightly laughed,” However, I can give you a chance to atone for your sins.”
“Su Keqing, if you have any conditions, please come forward. I will definitely satisfy you!”
Hearing this, Yuan Feihe realized that there might be a chance of life. He said impatiently.
“Simple, I don’ t want any spirit coins……”Who knows, when you transfer money, will you secretly do something like that?”
“On your body and inside your safe, there should be quite a few good things in it, right?”
“Now, I will give you a chance to buy your own life and take out the most valuable things!”If it’s not worth it, I’ m sorry, your life is completely over!”
Su Xiao Bai’s mouth curled up.
He really wanted to slaughter the Yuan Clan for revenge and completely eradicate this trouble that was staring at him…But at the same time, they could also obtain some real benefits!
Although the strongest person in the Yuan Clan was only a high-level Martial Artist.
But who knew how many good things were hidden in the dark?
Just like Mad Drake.
It seemed like a high-level assassin…In reality, he actually possessed such a good thing as the remnant of the Cosmos Technique, helping Su Xiaobai increase his strength by quite a bit, allowing him to easily toy with high-level Martial Masters like this!
How could the huge Yuan Clan have to have some unknown treasures?
“Did!Yes!”I’ ll give it all to you. Take it now!”
Yuan Feihe hastily agreed.
Since his life was in the hands of others, how could he dare say no?
“Very good!”
“If you tell me the place, I’ ll let my little brother take it.”
Su Xiaobai said.
Yuan Feihe was extremely aggrieved.
At any rate, he could be considered a grand high-level martial artist, and he was still the head of a clan. Now, he had been pressed down on his head by someone, with a sharp blade on his neck, and he had to lose a bad life……He simply lost all his face!
However, for the sake of his own life, Yuan Feihe had no choice.
“In my study, on the top left of the bookshelf, there is a hard-shell book outside, but the content inside is a Micro-level cultivation technique!”
“As well as the safe in my study, there were several grade three Yellow Dragon Pills, grade two Golden Marrow Pills, and some other rare grade one medicinal pills……”The most precious thing is the Bone Growing Pill. A perfect third grade pill is extremely valuable!”
“There are some high-grade medicinal ingredients that have been stored in the medicinal ingredients box for over a hundred years. There are several of them that can be used to refine grade four medicinal pills!”
“There are also some rare antique jewelry inside. As long as Su Keqing likes it, all of them can be taken away!”
“And ……”
Yuan Feihe spoke slowly.
Su Xiao Bai also instructed the shadow to take it.
Not long after, all the items were taken over. They were indeed exactly the same as what Yuan Feihe had said……It had to be said that the patriarch of a clan was truly rich.
Together, these seven or eight things would be worth hundreds of millions!
Almost half an hour later, the two shadows searched the entire Yuan Clan.
Even Yuan Feihe and the other members of the Yuan Clan had nothing to do with it, and they had all taken everything!
“That’s all?”
“Is it gone?”
Su Xiaobai said indifferently. The dagger in his hand tightened,” Do you think these things are enough to buy your life?”
“Was gone!It’s gone!It really was gone!Su Keqing, you must believe me!It really was gone!”That’s right!”
Yuan Feihe hurriedly said.
However, just as he said this, he seemed to suddenly remember something.” My cultivation room seems to have a Micro-level cultivation technique, but it’s just a fragment of the rubbings!Su Keqing, if you feel that it’s worth it, just take it!”
“A micro-level cultivation technique?”
Su Xiao Bai’s eyes flashed.” What attribute?”
“Spatial attribute!”I don’ t know the exact name of the cultivation technique, but there is the word’ Cosmos’ in the content. It must be related to spatial attributes!”
Spatial attributes……
Cosmos Technique?!
Su Xiao Bai was suddenly shocked.*

Chapter 51 Killing High Rank Martial Masters is like killing a chicken!Ask for fresh flowers for evaluation![

“Go, bring it over!”
Su Xiao Bai immediately instructed, the shadow disappearing in a flash.
A fragment of a spatial attribute cultivation technique……Even though Su Xiao Bai was unable to determine whether this fragment was the same as what he had obtained from Mad Drake, it was still enough to attract his attention.
“I hope it will be the follow-up!”
Su Xiao Bai’s eyes were burning.
《 Heaven and Earth Technique was only at the beginner level, yet it had brought him such great benefits. Even high-level Martial Masters could easily be slaughtered…If he were to reach the intermediate, advanced, or even the most advanced level, what would he do?
The most important thing was that the current elementary spatial attributes only had a few enhanced auxiliary functions, and they did not have enough powerful attack power……If he could cultivate such moves as Space Blade and Space Cutting, the power of his attack would be even more terrifying!
Soon, the item was brought over.
“The pages are different.”
Su Xiao Bai’s heart sank when he saw the page in the shadow’s hand.
Could it be another spatial attribute cultivation technique?
There were many different cultivation techniques for the same attribute, and the natural space attribute cultivation technique was not just the Cosmos Technique.
“Hold him down!”
Su Xiao Bai let the shadow take over and continued to hold Yuan Feihe down, preventing this old fellow from escaping.
He took the page and began to read it carefully.
However, after reading the first line, his eyes lit up unconsciously!
It was because he discovered that the contents of this line were actually able to match the place where the’ Cosmos Technique’ was broken!
When he finished reading the first page with hunger and thirst, he finally couldn’ t help but exclaim loudly:
“Lay in a groove!”It really is a continuation!”
Su Xiao Bai’s face was filled with joy.
That’s right.
Yuan Feihe’s broken copy was actually the sequel to the Cosmos Technique!
Even though it was only ten or so pages, based on Su Xiao Bai’s current understanding of the spatial attributes, it was completely clear that this was the intermediate section of the Cosmos Technique!
“Hahaha ……”
Su Xiao Bai couldn’ t help but laugh loudly.
Even he himself had not expected that the subsequent chapters of the Cosmic Law that he had thought of would actually be in the Yuan Clan!
Those cultivation techniques, weapons, medicinal pills, materials, etc…Together, all of them were not as important as this fragment!
“Su Keqing, this is the greatest treasure I’ ve collected. Now, I’ ve already contributed it to you, you……”You can let me go, right?”
Hearing Su Xiao Bai’s laughter, Yuan Feihe was overjoyed.
He was naturally happy to get a treasure!
Perhaps if Su Xiao Bai was happy, he would really spare his life!
Actually, even Yuan Feihe himself hadn’ t expected that he would be unable to comprehend it. The Foundation Establishment cultivation technique that he had long forgotten in the cultivation room would actually have such an effect!
At first, Yuan Feihe was also very happy to receive this replica.
However, when he carefully studied it for several days and discovered that he was unable to cultivate at all, he never came into contact with it again…It wasn’ t that Yuan Feihe hadn’ t tried to secretly search for the first part of this fragment.
But after searching for a long time, there was no news.
He was also worried that the news that he had obtained the rubbing book would be leaked, so he simply gave up on this idea.
Not to mention, even if he had obtained the previous chapter, the difficulty of cultivating spatial attribute cultivation techniques was obvious to all……Unless he could step into the rank of a Martial General, it would not be very meaningful to give him a cultivation technique.
Just now, he had spoken a few times and reported all the valuable treasures he could say…This was just an attempt to say it. He didn’ t expect Su Xiao Bai to be so happy!
This was good.
His life could finally be saved!
“Just wait……”As long as I survive, I will immediately report this matter to the great clans!”
“I can’ t take care of you, so naturally someone can take care of you!”
Yuan Feihe gnashed his teeth in his heart.
Previously, Su Xiao Bai hadn’ t attacked the residents in the core area. He didn’ t have a suitable excuse.
But now that Su Xiao Bai had killed so many residents in the core area, it was equivalent to completely violating the Iron Rule of the base, and it would definitely be blamed by the large clans and the government!
Even if it was a peerless genius like Su Xiao Bai, he still couldn’ t afford to go around!
Of course, it couldn’ t be ruled out that there would be great clans that would make an exception to Su Xiao Bai. Not only did they not pursue the blame, they even deliberately recruited Su Xiao Bai……However, once this matter was made public, no matter if Su Xiao Bai joined any large clan, the other large clans wouldn’ t let it go. They would definitely use their strength to kill it just like him!
“Alright, alright!”
“Very good!”
Su Xiao Bai was still immersed in the joy of unexpectedly obtaining the remainder of the article. Hearing Yuan Feihe’s request, he hurriedly said several good words, causing Yuan Feihe’s eyes to shine brightly.
“You have helped me a great deal this time. How can I not give you any benefits?”
“I am someone who keeps my promise!”
Su Xiao Bai looked at Yuan Feihe with a smile.
“Su Keqing was great!”I, Yuan, will definitely be grateful for your kindness for the rest of my life!”
Yuan Feihe was overjoyed, his voice exceptionally bright.
“Save us, Patriarch!”
When the other Yuan Clan members heard this, their expressions changed greatly and they immediately begged.
“Don’ t worry!”
“I said that if I don’ t kill you, that doesn’ t mean that my little brother won’ t kill you!”
However, Su Xiaobai’s next sentence caused Yuan Feihe to fall like an ice cave. His originally happy eyes immediately turned into terror.
“There is something wrong with me. If others don’ t provoke me, I can’ t be bothered to pay attention to others……”But once you provoke me, I’ ll never die!”
“Congratulations, you are the first person that I will not rest until I die!”
“There will be no future!”
“Su Xiao Bai, you bastard ——”
Before Yuan Feihe could finish his furious roar, his sword pierced through Yuan Feihe’s temple, and Yuan Feihe’s furious roar stopped abruptly!
All of the Yuan Clan’s people’s expressions turned extremely pale. They unconsciously took a few steps back. Their bodies trembled because of fear. There were even people whose legs were already dyed with a black stain……
Killing high-level martial artists was like killing chickens!
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The two stunned!

The large Yuan Clan, the slightly famous Patriarch of the Yuan Clan, had just died at the hands of a little fellow that had not been told about it……
Seeing Yuan Feihe’s expression that had already lost his spirit, his expression was sinister and unwilling, and he was unable to rest in peace, the entire atmosphere fell to the freezing point.
Su Xiao Bai glanced at Yuan Feihe indifferently without any pity.
If they had a grudge, they would definitely get revenge.
This was Su Xiaobai’s consistent belief.
Su Xiaobai still felt pity for some ordinary things, but he never showed any mercy towards his enemies!
Su Xiao Bai directly stretched out his hand, drawing out a long and narrow spatial rift in the air. After that, he tossed all the treasures that he had obtained into it.
“Spatial attribute?!”
“He still knows spatial attribute techniques?!”
When the other members of the Yuan Clan saw this scene, they were all dumbfounded!
How rare was a spatial attribute cultivation technique? This was something that everyone knew……But at the same time, it also meant that the difficulty of cultivating was extremely high. Not to mention high-level martial artists, even high-level martial artists and high-level generals might not be able to understand space-attributed cultivation techniques!
Now, they could finally understand why Yuan Feihe, a high-level Martial Artist, had been killed by Su Xiao Wuqing without even releasing any of his great moves…
“Split up and flee!”Run!”
Suddenly, someone called out, and all the Yuan Clan members quickly turned around and ran in all directions!
However, the strongest among them was only Yuan Qi’s two intermediate Martial Masters.
How could there be any chance of escape in front of a shadow that possessed the Agility level of a high-level Martial Artist and was even infinitely close to the speed of a low-level Martial General?
Before they could run far, the shadow had already flashed and chased after them.
A few fierce rays of light streaked across the sky, and blood splattered everywhere. All the Yuan Clan members who were trying to escape were killed!
A thick smell of blood drifted out.
It filled the entire Yuan Clan.
At this point, apart from some old, weak, women, and children, the entire Yuan Clan was completely annihilated by Su Xiao Bai!
“We’ re back!”
Su Xiao Bai took out a black cloak from his space and left the Yuan Clan in a flash.
As for the two shadows, they directly teleported to the designated location to continue their work.
On the surface, the Yuan Clan Manor was still peaceful and peaceful.
But in reality, it had already become a land of corpses and rivers of blood!
“From now on, I don’ t need to hide anymore!”
As soon as he left the core area, Su Xiao Bai put away all his disguise and walked on the street in a dignified manner.
This kind of dignified and upright feeling, without having to avoid anyone, was simply refreshing!
Of course, he had to hide his spiritual aura.
After all, at his age, he had such a level of cultivation. If he were to completely release it, it would be enough to shock many people’s eyes. It was likely that even Martial Commander would be close to him!
Therefore, in order to prevent unnecessary trouble, the aura had to be properly restrained.
Su Xiao Bai, who had successfully taken revenge and obtained the remainder of the Cosmos Technique, happily returned home……As soon as he got close, he looked up at the rooftop of the residents in the distance and caught sight of Zhang Hengde and Zhang Henglong, who had been waiting for a long time.
“Su Keqing!”
The two of them quickly came over and bowed respectfully to Su Xiao Bai.
If it was said that in the past, Su Xiaobai only had the name of a guest elder, but he didn’ t have the name of a guest elder……Then, not only was Su Xiao Bai famous, even this fact far surpassed the other guest elders of the Zhang Clan!
“I’ ve run into trouble?”
Su Xiao Bai glanced at the two of them.
Zhang Henglong was the head of a family, so he didn’t show his face easily. Now that he had come to look for him, he must have encountered some headache that could n’ t be……Not long after Zhang Hengde left to report to the Zhang family.
“Su Keqing’s guess is correct. The Zhang family has indeed encountered some troublesome matters that can not be solved. I need your help!”
Zhang Henglong sighed.
“Go in and speak.”
Su Xiao Bai let the two enter the room.
The three of them sat on a wooden table in all directions.
Su Ling’ er obediently handed them water.
“Su Keqing, I won’ t beat around the bush anymore. The Zhang family has encountered an extremely great problem now……”The Yuan Clan is about to force us to death!”
Zhang Henglong’s face was exceptionally grim.
“The Yuan Clan forced you to the dead end?”
Su Xiao Bai’s brows raised, and he took a sip of water.” What’s going on?”
“Su Keqing might not be aware of this. Within each clan, there is a team of martial practitioners that specializes in setting up hunting strongholds outside the base to obtain a stable source of ferocious beast materials for the clan to circulate!”
“Originally, the Zhang family had a few hunting strongholds, but with the aggressive attitude of the Yuan family’s martial practitioners in recent days, they had repeatedly invaded. Now, the Zhang family was being pressed forward step by step……”This is especially true today. They attacked another stronghold and threatened to kill all of the Zhang family’s martial practitioners in the stronghold if they don’ t let them out!”
“The Zhang family has already weakened and repeatedly retreated. The Yuan family has gone too far!”
When Zhang Henglong said this, Su Xiao Bai could clearly sense the anger in his heart.
Being pinned down by someone was not to resist, nor to escape…The living space had always been squeezed. One could imagine how it felt!
“So the Yuan Clan has a hunting base outside of the base!”
However, Zhang Henglong’s words reminded Su Xiaobai.
In the Yuan Clan Manor in the core area, he had only killed some of the backbone elites…However, the Yuan Clan still had ancient martial art practitioners!
As the saying goes, cutting grass without removing roots, the spring breeze blows again.
Even though Su Xiao Bai was not worried that these Yuan Clan martial practitioners would be able to cause some big trouble, he was not a soft-hearted person!
“I know.”
“Tell me about the Yuan Clan’s hunting stronghold. Tomorrow, the Yuan Clan will no longer exist!”
Su Xiao Bai said indifferently.
Hearing this, Zhang Henglong and his two brothers were instantly overjoyed!
With Su Xiao Bai, an existence that could instantly kill high-level Martial Masters, sweeping through those hunting strongholds wasn’ t a problem at all……Even if the Yuan Clan were to make trouble at that time, they would still be able to rely on the strength of two high-level Martial Masters to make the Yuan Clan helpless!
“Zhang Henglong is here, representing the entire Zhang family. He sincerely thanks Su Keqing for his great kindness!”
Zhang Henglong hurriedly bowed.
Zhang Hengde did not dare to be negligent.
“Su Keqing, don’t worry. If the Yuan Clan dares to come and find you, our Zhang Clan will never stand idly by!”
Zhang Henglong said seriously and sincerely.
“No need.”
“The Yuan family is gone. There’s only a hunting base outside the base. There’s nothing to do!”
Su Xiao Bai casually said.
“The Yuan Family is gone?”
When Zhang Henglong and his brothers heard this, they exchanged glances, revealing a puzzled expression. They didn’ t understand what Su Xiao Bai meant.
“Right. Just now, I went to the core area and entered the Yuan Clan Manor…All the cultivators in the Yuan Clan had been wiped out, and all the backbone members had died. As Yuan Feihe said ……”
When Su Xiaobai said this, he took a sip of water and said calmly,” His corpse has passed this little bit of time, it should have already begun to cool down!”
As soon as these words were spoken, the entire living room suddenly became quiet.
Zhang Henglong and Zhang Hengde were stunned on the spot as if they had seen a ghost. They were completely dumbfounded!*

Chapter 53 Amazing Use of Pill Refining!

[Everyone, I really am not one of them. I am the four of them!!(Hand covering his face) It really was the fourth chapter!!]
One person.
He ran into the core area.
To wipe out the entire Yuan Clan?!
If it wasn’ t for the fact that the two of them knew that Su Xiao Bai had the strength to instantly kill high-level Martial Masters, they might have thought that Su Xiao Bai was playing an international joke with them!
No one knew the strength of the Yuan Clan better than the Zhang Clan.
Apart from Yuan Feihe, who was a high-level Martial Artist, there were also a few middle-level Martial Artists overseeing the battle. Even the guest elders that had been invited were existences above the low-level Martial Artists……The Zhang family had suffered a lot because of this!
Such a clan was not too large in the entire Base 18, but it was definitely not to be underestimated!
Otherwise, how could the Yuan Clan be so arrogant?
However, right now, he was actually swept away by one person…And he didn’ t even reveal the slightest bit of news……
Thinking of this, the two of them looked at Su Xiao Bai with an inexplicable fear surging in their eyes.
Just how powerful was this Su Keqing?!
“So your Zhang family has nothing to worry about now!”
“After tomorrow, all of you should send people over to collect territory!”
He was not interested in hunting strongholds or anything……After all, it was impossible for a large number of cultivators like the Zhang family to choose a place with the same level as their own. Generally, they would choose a lower level region of ferocious beasts, so as to avoid too many deaths.
As for the shadow that he sent out to fight monsters automatically, the ones that he challenged were all ferocious beasts that were comparable to Martial Masters. As a result, the materials of ferocious beasts were valuable. Just selling the materials of ferocious beasts every week could sell them at a high price……How could one look at the Zhang family’s family?
“Yes…Yes!The Zhang family members thanked Su Keqing for his great kindness!”
Zhang Henglong hurriedly said.
“Was just a little effort. No matter what, I am also a guest elder of the Zhang family, and your Zhang family has specially protected me for so long……”It’s a small reward!”
The corner of Su Xiao Bai’s mouth twitched as he said with a smile.
He was a person who held grudges and was also a person who held grudges.
The Yuan family sent madman Drake to assassinate him once. He wouldn’t rest until he died.
The Zhang family pulled him out at a critical moment, and even specifically asked Zhang Hengde to protect him. How could Su Xiao Bai be stingy?
“I, Zhang Henglong, have no regrets for being able to obtain Su Keqing’s words!”
Zhang Henglong also smiled.
After that, not long after they sat down, Zhang Henglong and his brothers chose to bid farewell.
They had originally intended to use a long-lasting and bitter stance to persuade Su Xiao Bai to help the Zhang family overcome this difficulty……After all, this bone of the Yuan Clan was too difficult to chew.
They did not expect that they would be able to completely defeat the Yuan Clan, but at the very least, they would be able to let the Yuan Clan die and continue to invade their hearts…Give them a chance to catch their breath!
Who would have thought that the matter would be resolved before Zhang Henglong could ask for it!
Not to mention that the Yuan family had died.
Even Su Xiaobai, the hunting stronghold, directly agreed.
This efficiency was so fast that even Zhang Henglong himself was stunned.
The result greatly exceeded Zhang Henglong’s expectations. As a result, when the two of them left, their faces were filled with extremely happy smiles!
“The system sent out a shadow to go to these places and eradicate all the cultivators in the hunting grounds!”
Su Xiao Bai followed all the Yuan Clan strongholds left behind by Zhang Henglong and directly ordered the system.
One shadow was more than enough to deal with these people!
The system notification sounded out.
The shadow on the other side that was fighting against the ferocious beasts disappeared in an instant. When it reappeared, it had already arrived near the Yuan Clan’s stronghold.
In the stronghold, the martial artists of the Yuan Clan did not notice this. They were even happily discussing how to split up the resources that had been used to kill the passing martial artists.
Who knew that a bloody massacre had quietly arrived!
It took about half an hour before Su Xiao Bai completely memorized the subsequent chapters of the Cosmos Technique.
“System, place the Cosmos Technique!”
Su Xiao Bai said impatiently.
“Scanning host’s brain!”
“We’ ve already scanned through the Cosmos Technique!”
“Host, since the cultivation technique in your brain is incomplete, I’ m afraid that you can’ t fully cultivate it. Do you want to continue placing it?”
The system prompted.
“No problem. Put it on!”
The cultivation method was changed.
The previous chapter of the Cosmos Technique was replaced…Su Xiao Bai had always wanted to use the automatic cultivation technique to make it refine a bit more. Even if it couldn’ t refine an intermediate level effect, it could still further comprehend the spatial attributes.
Now, Su Xiao Bai finally knew.
Without content, no matter how much self-cultivation was, it would be useless.
He still had to have the content!
“Placement completed!”
The shadow of self-training began to train again.
“According to the current training speed of the system, how long will it take to reach the intermediate level?”
Su Xiaobai asked.
“16 Days!”
Hearing this number, Su Xiao Bai couldn’ t help but smile.
As expected, a space flow rate of 1024 times was truly extraordinary!
Even if it was a cultivation technique that entered the micro-level spatial attribute, even Martial General level figures might not be able to fully comprehend it. Su Xiao Bai only needed 16 days to completely grasp it!
However, this also explained a problem.
The higher the cultivation technique, the more difficult it is to cultivate……Su Xiao Bai had such a high amount of space flow rate, as well as 24 hours of continuous automatic cultivation, it would take 16 days to completely complete it.
If it were an ordinary martial artist, his comprehension ability was ordinary. Unless he reached a sufficiently high level of cultivation, he would most likely have completely bid farewell to it in this lifetime!
“In a few more days, it will be time to sell the materials of ferocious beasts once a week. At that time, we will be able to obtain another huge profit!”
“I’ m not in a rush to increase myself. Now, the key point is to increase Ling’ er’s strength!”
Through the Zhang family’s two brothers’ visit earlier, Su Xiao Bai suddenly thought of a very serious problem — Su Ling’ er’s safety!
As his strength continuously increased, he might cause some trouble in the future and offend some experts…At that time, it was inevitable that there would be a conflict with the other party.
Su Ling’ er would become a great weakness for him, the best way to threaten him!
Especially today.
Zhang Henglong and Zhang Hengde had already come to look for trouble with the Yuan Clan…Fortunately, this was one of their own. What if it was an enemy?
It was likely that the result would be extremely terrible!
“Ling’ er was the same as me. She had the lowest level of aptitude, and there was no way she could become a martial artist……”But that’s the past!”
“Now that I have this one-touch pill refinement ability, even with the lowest level of aptitude, I can still train her to the highest level of aptitude!”*

Chapter 54 One Yuan Opening Sky Pill!

Why are pill masters so popular?
This was because in this world, the only one that could defy the heavens and change one’s fate was the best choice, besides cultivation techniques, that was medicinal pills!
Those cultivation techniques that exceeded one’s imagination could instantly double the strength of a martial artist. They could fight at a higher level and kill at a higher level…Just like Su Xiao Bai, he could easily crush high-level martial artists under his feet with just a high-level martial artist’s cultivation and the addition of a few minor cultivation techniques!
But how could cultivation techniques be so easy to master?
Even if many people obtained good cultivation techniques, if they didn’ t have a high level of comprehension, no matter how awesome the cultivation techniques were in his hands, they wouldn’ t be able to exert half of their power!
The pills were different.
The only difficulty of the pill was how to spend a large amount of money to purchase various medicinal ingredients, ferocious beast materials, genius earth treasures, and so on……As long as you have sufficient funds to purchase or exchange for treasures, you can find a high-grade alchemist to help you refine them. After consuming them, they will be effective immediately!
Even if it was a natural thing like cultivating aptitude, it would be able to be modified through the pill refinement!
Of course, the premise was that you had to spend enough resources and price.
An ordinary person with the lowest cultivation talent was destined to have no chance of becoming a martial artist in this lifetime…However, if everyone was willing to waste their resources, they would still be able to throw out a prospective martial practitioner, martial practitioner, or even an advanced martial practitioner!
However, no clan would do this.
Because with the same amount of resources, they could completely throw out ten Martial Masters, ten Martial Generals, and even a Martial General……How could such a huge resource be used to throw it to an ordinary person with the lowest cultivation talent?
Are you kidding me?
But Su Xiao Bai just so happened to have this crazy idea!
Although he had the lowest cultivation talent.
However, it was clear that the rules of automatic cultivation were one minute, one hour, one day, and 24 hours…This meant that no matter how much Su Xiao Bai increased his cultivation talent, the speed at which the spiritual energy was absorbed was the same.
Unless Su Xiao Bai was willing to take the initiative to choose to sit and cultivate.
Otherwise, even if he raised his cultivation talent to the top level, it would not have any effect on the automatic cultivation space…It would not change his own cultivation speed!
Therefore, Su Xiao Bai had never thought of modifying his cultivation talent.
Su Ling’ er didn’ t have any divine artifacts like Su Xiao Bai. The only thing that could help her change her fate was pills!
“According to what I know, at present, the pills that can improve one’s cultivation aptitude must be at least a fourth grade’ One Element Heaven Opening Pill’!”
One Yuan Heaven Opening Pill.
Its effect could purify one’s meridians, making the originally blocked meridians even smoother…As his meridians became smooth, the more spirit energy he absorbed, and naturally, his cultivation talent changed.
However, just a one-yuan Heaven Opening Pill was not enough!
If he wanted to break through the meridians that had the lowest cultivation talent, he would need at least 10!
As for a fourth grade pill, any one of them would start at a price of a million, and it could easily rise to ten million……
This meant that just raising one’s cultivation talent alone would cost one hundred million spirit coins……It wasn’t counted as a follow-up investment in cultivation resources.
It could be seen how difficult it was to defy the heavens!
If anyone knew that they would spend these 10 tier 4 pills on an ordinary person with the lowest cultivation talent, they would probably curse out at “loser “!
But when he arrived at Su Xiaobai’s place, let alone a hundred million, even if it was one billion, one hundred billion, one hundred billion, he wouldn’ t care about it!
“In that case, I’ ll first refine the One Yuan Heaven Opening Pill!”
To Su Xiao Bai, he naturally had an advantage over a large clan.
The great clans had high power, large numbers of people, wide coverage, and great benefits……But at the same time, with more income, there was also more expenditure!
The resources that cultivators cultivated every month.
The cost of purchasing a cultivation technique.
Maintenance of weapons.
As well as all sorts of items, it was not a small number!
Therefore, they had to plan their resources and use them on the blade……Only by making the martial artists with good cultivation talent become stronger, the stronger the clan, the more benefits they would gain, and then a virtuous circle would be created.
Su Xiao Bai was different.
His only expenditure was himself!
He himself was a clan!
And the other member of the clan was Su Ling’ er.
He didn’t need any cultivation resources, but instead, the five shadows that were automatically attacking monsters could generate tens of millions of spirit coins every week……With this kind of confidence, Su Xiaobai naturally had the right to crazily smash resources onto Su Ling’ er’s body!
“I have to look around these few days. Where are the materials for the One Yuan Heaven Opening Pill?!”
Su Xiao Bai already had a general goal.
The next day.
A piece of news shook the entire core area’s large clans and government officials!
“Yuan Clan was completely killed?!”
Everyone from the large clans who heard of this couldn’ t help but reveal expressions of shock and anger.
Actually, many people from large clans had never heard of the name of the Yuan Clan…There were only a few dozen or hundreds of small clans that were at the highest level of a high-level Martial Arts Master in the core area. As for the truly large clans, there were only four large clans that controlled the power of life and death in Base 18!
The only thing that made them so moved was that this happened in the core area!
Everyone knew that it was strictly forbidden to use martial arts in Base 18, and that the residents in the core area could not be killed…No matter who it was, as long as they killed the residents of the core area, it was equivalent to provoking the government and the four great clans……What awaited him was either flight or severe torture!
However, now, several hundred members of the Yuan Clan, including the patriarch of the Yuan Clan, had all been wiped out overnight!
The large clans and the government immediately launched an investigation.
However, because the Yuan Clan had prepared themselves to surround and kill Su Xiao Bai, they were unable to find any information!
The only thing he knew was that the murderers were extremely powerful, at least at the Martial General level and above……That was because the patriarch of the Yuan Clan had been killed cleanly and cleanly!
The people from the large clans and government were furious. They quickly sealed off the news and began to send people to investigate.
However, the small clans that heard some rumors were about to go to the Yuan Clan’s hunting stronghold and seize the territory!
But when they arrived, they realized that the Zhang family had already taken the first step and occupied all their territory……Only a few less wealthy ones were left to fight for the other families.
Zhang Henglong laughed until his mouth could not close.
Three days later.
The people from the Beast Treasure Pavilion arrived as scheduled.
“Mr. Su, a total of 184.8 million!”Please check!”*

Chapter 55: Breaking through to the beginner level!

In just seven days, he had nearly 160 million yuan……Shockingly, this amount of income had far exceeded that of many middle-grade clans in the core area, and was now only second to those large clans!
After all, after Su Xiao Bai’s strength improved, a level B vicious beast no longer posed much of a threat to the shadow. It was completely able to easily wipe it out……Adding on the fact that the five shadows now had the addition of weapons and weapon cultivation techniques, their strength had increased greatly. Killing one after another was simply not too easy!
“Mr. Su, our Treasure Beast Pavilion’s Pavilion Master wants to meet with you. This is our address in the black market. If you have time, I hope you can enjoy it!”
The staff handed Su Xiaobai a hot invitation.
“The chief of the Treasure Beast Pavilion sees me?”
Su Xiao Bai raised his brows.
The Beast Treasure Pavilion didn’ t belong to any faction within the base, nor did it participate in any competition. It was just doing their beast material purchase business with ease……Normally, he kept a very low profile and suddenly gave him an invitation. Why?
However, after thinking about it, Su Xiao Bai understood.
There was no need to ask. It was certain that the materials he had provided in the short period of time had become more and more advanced, which had attracted the attention of the Treasure Beast Pavilion.
Within a short period of one or two months.
The vicious beast materials that were provided were from Grade D to Grade C, and from Grade C to Grade B. They were constantly increasing, and their numbers were terrifyingly large. Every minute and every minute, they were worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Could they not pay attention to them?
“Alright, I’ ll go if I have time.”
Su Xiao Bai nodded.
Actually, what he was most interested in was not the invitation of the Treasure Beast Pavilion’s Pavilion Master, but rather the “black market” mentioned by the staff!
There was a black market within the base. Su Xiao Bai had long heard of this, but so far, he had never been there……Perhaps he could make a trip to see if he had any gains.
When the staff left, Su Xiao Bai began to calculate his money.
“Fierce Beast Materials were sold for almost 160 million, plus the 350 million spoils of war that the Yuan Clan martial practitioners had obtained from the massacre, I now have a total of 510 million in my hands!”
“Self-cultivation has only reached Level 9 now. It just so happens that I can directly reach Level 10!”
Su Xiao Bai was the first to choose to upgrade and cultivate automatically.
He first unlocked the new level 10 function!
“Upgrade completed!”
After deducting 51.2 million, he automatically reached level 10, and his spatial velocity increased from 1024 to 2048 times!
“Ding!”One key cultivation space has increased to level 10, unlocking additional new functions [Growth 2]!”
“[2]: Based on the current spatial velocity, increase the spatial velocity by two times!”
2048 Times the spatial velocity, it instantly became 4096 times!
“4096 Times!”
Su Xiao Bai’s eyes lit up.
What did 4096 times the spatial velocity mean?
One day of cultivation was equivalent to more than ten years of cultivation!
“Spiritual energy……”What a huge amount of spiritual energy!”
If in the past, Su Xiao Bai’s speed of absorbing spiritual energy was a river, then now, he had directly expanded into four. That vast amount of spiritual energy surged over, sweeping through his entire body!
Moreover,4096 times the spatial velocity meant that almost every few minutes, they would automatically break through the realm shackles and break through once——
Almost as soon as Su Xiaobai thought of this, a boundless aura suddenly spread out from his body!
All the wooden tables and chairs in the room were thrown to the ground by an invisible wave of qi!
Beginner Martial Masters, they have become!
“He finally broke through!”
“After staying at the advanced level for so many days, I thought I wouldn’ t be able to break through!”
Su Xiaobai heaved a sigh of relief and clenched his fists. He felt the surging power within his body, and his heart was filled with joy.
According to the previous 1024 times spatial velocity, one day of cultivation was equivalent to two and a half years of cultivation……And in the past so many days, it was almost like someone else had cultivated for more than ten years. However, they hadn’ t broken through all this time, making Su Xiao Bai think that his cultivation had stopped.
After all, a martial artist’s path forward wasn’ t completely open. As long as he cultivated, there would be results……Especially from martial artists to martial artists, many people were trapped in their entire lives, unable to surpass a single step in decades!
Fortunately, he had finally broken through.
“It seems that my path as a martial artist is still very long-term. If I can’ t break through for a moment, then I’ ll just wait a few more days. Why rush?”
Su Xiao Bai’s thought of self-deprecating, if others heard it, they would probably be so angry that they would spit out blood!
Other martial artists had painstakingly cultivated for many years. They had spent countless cultivation resources to make a breakthrough with great difficulty……And he only needed a few days!
Just like that, it was actually too slow!
Who would not be stimulated by this gap?
“This time, the shackles of a beginner martial artist had been stuck for so long, and after he broke through, his entire body seemed to be reborn…”I wonder how strong I am now?”
Su Xiao Bai quickly took a look at his current system panel status.
Human: Su Xiao Bai
Level: Beginner Martial Artist
Strength level: Advanced Martial Artist
Endurance Level: Advanced Martial Artist
Agility Level: Beginner General
Cultivation talent: Minimum
Mastering techniques: Vajra Body (Highest Level), Lingxiao Transformation (Highest Level), True Fire Hand (Highest Level), Blood Kill (Highest Level), Cosmos Technique (Elementary Level), Tiger Subduing Blade (Advanced Level), Luo Ghost Sword Technique (Advanced Level), Rainbow Shattering Axe (Advanced Level), Golden Shot (Highest Level), Cloud Shattering Slash (Highest Level)
Unlocked system functions: One-click Cultivation (Level 10), One-click Cultivation (Level 10), Automatic Monster Fighting (Level 5), One-click Alchemy (Level 3)
“Agility level has already reached beginner level!”
Su Xiao Bai’s eyes flashed.
Moreover, this was still the case when the Cosmos Technique had not reached the intermediate level!
If he waited a few more days and the Cosmos God Technique reached the intermediate level and the spatial attribute increased even more, his agility might increase by another level!
“As well as the Vajra Body and Ling Xiao’s Micro-level Cultivation Techniques, they had already reached the highest level. There was no room for them to continue rising……”I have to find a better cultivation technique!”
Under the automatic training of 1024 times the spatial flow rate, almost all the techniques applied to Su Xiao Bai’s body had reached the highest level.
Right now, there were three pitfalls for self-training. Only the Cosmos Technique and the shadow’s weapons and techniques were still training……In less than a few days, those weapons and techniques could quickly reach the highest level.
When the training pit was empty, nothing would be done. It was too painful.
Moreover, if one were to cultivate a micro-level cultivation technique, even if one reached the highest level, it would not increase Su Xiaobai’s strength by much……The only choice was to purchase higher-level cultivation techniques!
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Chapter 56 Unlocking One-click Collection!

“Black Market……”It just so happens that I don’ t have enough materials for Ling’ er. Maybe I can go to the black market and find a way out!”
The materials of the One Yuan Heaven Opening Pill were not easy to buy.
Su Xiao Bai spent three days in the entire Base 18, but he only bought a portion of it, still unable to gather all the materials he needed.
Originally, Su Xiao Bai was still thinking about whether or not he should go to the Treasure Pill Pavilion to probe……After all, that was the most specialized place. Perhaps they could provide some channels for purchasing alchemy materials.
However, the black market that the members of the Beast Treasure Pavilion mentioned gave Su Xiao Bai a new idea.
“By the way, I still have to leave some spirit coins for later use, so that I won’ t have any money to buy cultivation techniques.”
“I still have 460 million left. It’s no problem for me to upgrade to automatic cultivation, automatic cultivation, and automatic monsters…”That’s right!”
Su Xiao Bai’s eyes flickered.
After unlocking one-touch alchemy, the next new system function must have all the previous functions at level 5 before they can be unlocked.
At present, the others had all met the requirements.
Only one key pill refinement was still Level 3.
Su Xiaobai still chose to first raise the one-touch pill refinement to level 5, adhering to the principle that one more external hang would be a huge profit!
Moreover, when he reached level 5, not only would he have the right to unlock the new external hangings, he would also be able to add another new function, which was extremely valuable!
“System, raise one-touch pill to level 5!”
Su Xiao Bai immediately instructed.
“After a deduction of 21.6 million, the pill refinement level can be raised to level 4, and the pill refinement level can be raised to [Extreme Grade ]!”
“After deducting 64.8 million, the pill refinement level has risen to level 5, and the pill refinement level has risen to [lower divine grade ]!”
“Ding!”One key pill refinement space has increased to level 5, unlocking additional new functions [Dual Furnace ]!”
“[ Twin Furnace]: After successfully refining a medicinal pill, you will be able to obtain twice as many medicinal pills as you originally obtained!”
Hearing the system’s last prompt, Su Xiao Bai’s eyes immediately widened.
This new extra unlocking function was really awesome!
It could actually double the amount of medicinal pills that were released?!
This didn’ t mean that Su Xiao Bai only needed one piece of material to refine two medicinal pills……This new function was so refreshing!
Why were those high-grade medicinal pills so valuable that there were even martial practitioners willing to risk their lives for a single medicinal pill?
It was because it was precious!
Often, a high-grade medicinal pill would require an unknown amount of raw materials, energy, and price to succeed…Now that they arrived at Su Xiao Bai’s place, not only did it save trouble, they could also directly double the amount, equal to double the profits!
This new function was not only useful for ordinary medicinal pills, but also for high-grade rare medicinal pills!
The more powerful a pill was, the more terrifying it would be!
“Hahaha…”System, you really took care of me!”
Su Xiao Bai couldn’ t help but laugh loudly.
“Dear host, I’ ve detected that you’ re rich. The system specially prepared a new function for you—[ One-click Space Collection ]!”
“[ One-click Space Collection]: You can send out a treasure-seeking goblin to search for various types of genius earth treasures. You only need 1.6 million to unlock it!”
The system notification sounded out.
What did he say?
He really did doze off and give a pillow!
Just now, he was still worried because he couldn’t buy any alchemy materials. This system was quite good, so he directly gave himself a [one-touch gathering space]!
Su Xiao Bai immediately said impatiently.
“Unlocking succeeded. Activate [One-click Space Acquisition ]!”
Suddenly, Su Xiaobai’s consciousness skipped a beat.
He once again arrived in the Nothingness of Space.
A new space appeared next to the pill refinement space.
Inside was a treasure-seeking goblin that had always been covered in golden brilliance and emitted a luxurious precious aura, and it looked like a rat weasel!
“Host, do you have a designated location to dispatch?”If you don’ t, the system will automatically send treasure-seeking goblins for random exploration and collection!”
The system said.
“Send it automatically!”
As soon as Su Xiao Bai finished speaking, the Treasure Seeking Goblin’s figure disappeared.
At a certain place outside the base, the figure of the Treasure Seeking Goblin appeared. It immediately drilled into the ground and sniffed in all directions with its nose.
As if he had sensed something, the Treasure Seeking Goblin immediately fled.
Around two kilometers away, there was a giant python in the forest.
This was a high-level B-level vicious beast comparable to a high-level Martial Artist. Even if a high-level Martial Artist saw it, they would have to turn around and run……Otherwise, its terrifying agile speed, as well as its poison that could corrode the golden stone, would be enough to cause high-level martial artists to die on the spot!
At its side, there was a strange-shaped purple flower growing in the stone crevice.
There were strange patterns on the leaves of this purple flower, just like a human’s eyes……That was why it had an exceptionally loud name,” Purple-Eyed Trifolium Flower “!
The python seemed to have noticed something. After opening its scarlet eyes and probing the surroundings, it noticed that there was no sign of life. Then, it looked at the purple-eyed trilobal flower.
After confirming that the Purple-Eyed Trifolium was fine, it continued to sleep at ease.
Another strange voice rang out.
The python opened its eyes impatiently once again, probing the surroundings. Its entire body emitted a vicious aura, which represented that it had assumed the posture of fighting and fighting.
However, there was still no life in the surroundings.
It habitually turned its head to look at the purple-eyed three-leaf flower.
At some unknown moment, a golden goblin appeared on top of the stone crack. It was digging out the purple-eyed trilobal flower that was protected by it day and night!
At that time, the python was enraged and let out a shocking roar!
When the Treasure Seeking Goblin saw this, it turned around and directly ran into the ground!
After chasing for a while, the python did not catch up. It was worried that it would leave too far away and be intercepted by other ferocious beasts.
However, when it returned, it discovered that its purple-eyed three-leaf flower had disappeared!
The python’s anger soared into the sky as it wildly swung its tail, causing the surrounding trees to collapse…
“Ding!”The Treasure Seeking Goblin has collected the’ Purple Eyed Trifolium Flower *1′ for you!”
At the same time, Su Xiao Bai had already received a notification of the spoils of war from the Treasure Seeking Goblin.
In the Book Review Region, there were people who didn’ t quite understand the meaning of automatic breakthroughs. This was just like a tribulation. After reaching a state of almost fullness, they would go through the tribulation. However, success or failure might not be enough.Breaking through once every 24 hours was equivalent to breaking through the tribulation once every 24 hours. In the end, whether or not he could successfully overcome the tribulation depended on the probability of success.)*

Chapter 57: A shocking and unexpected harvest!

“Purple-eyed Three-leaf Flower!”
Su Xiao Bai’s eyes lit up.
Wasn’ t this one of the materials he needed for the One Element Opening Sky Pill!
Each leaf flower could be used as a medicinal ingredient to refine it once. The three leaves flower could be refined three times.
“System, what effect does it have after one-click acquisition and upgrade?”
Su Xiao Bai asked.
“Level 2, one key to gather space. It will cost 6.4 million spirit coins and increase the number of treasure hunting goblins by one!”
“Level 3 one-click space acquisition requires 25.6 million spirit coins, and the number of treasure hunting goblins will increase by one!”
“Level 4 single key acquisition ……”
Upgrade and add a treasure hunting goblin?
This was awesome!
Just like fighting monsters automatically, there was only one shadow at the level of 1, which meant that the benefits would be doubled and the effects would be even greater!
“Was just this spirit coin that was used up to upgrade……”Four times more!”
Level 1 was only 1.6 million, Level 2 was 6.4 million, and Level 3 was 25.6 million……From this, it could be seen that the more the new function was unlocked, the higher the benefits it would bring, the more money it would require to upgrade.
However, compared to the effects of the upgrade, what was this money worth?
“Upgrade!”Let’s first level up to level 4!”
Su Xiao Bai had already figured out some rules.
As soon as the system function was unlocked, it was cheaper to upgrade it. The more it was, the more expensive it would be…That was why he decided to upgrade the previous level to the lower level first, and then upgrade the later level after he gained enough benefits!
“After deducting 6.4 million, one-click acquisition space will rise to level 2, and the number of treasure-seeking goblins will increase by one!”
“After deducting 25.6 million, one-click collection space will rise to level 3, and the number of treasure-seeking goblins will increase by one!”
“After deducting 102.4 million yuan, one-click acquisition space has risen to level 4, and the number of treasure-seeking goblins has increased by one!”
Another three new treasure-seeking goblins appeared in the current space.
Su Xiao Bai didn’ t say a word and directly chose to send him.
Four Treasure Seeking Goblins, that was four times the profit!
“More than two billion, and there are still two billion left.”
“The current cultivation speed and cultivation speed are basically enough. The benefits are even more important. First, upgrade to fight monsters automatically!”
Su Xiao Bai quickly made a decision.
“After deducting 97.2 million, the number of shadows will increase by one after the automatic monster attack space rises to level 6!”
Six shadows, that was six times the profit.
Moreover, not only could these shadows attack monsters automatically, they could also act as little brothers for Su Xiaobai, allowing him to send orders……Such a good thing, of course, would be more beneficial!
In the future, when he reached a high level and had enough shadow brothers, Su Xiao Bai didn’ t even need to take action, he could easily sweep through everything!
“Everything that should be upgraded has risen.”
“The most important thing to do now is to purchase new cultivation techniques and raise materials for refining pills!”
With the remaining one hundred million, Su Xiao Bai didn’ t use it. He planned to leave it for the black market to buy things.
Why was the black market called the black market? The price must be quite black!
More than one hundred million, not to mention anything else. Buying some cultivation techniques and medicinal ingredients wasn’ t a problem, right?
There was no time to delay.
Su Xiao Bai immediately changed into a black cloak and went straight to the address left on the paper by the members of the Treasure Beast Pavilion, heading towards the black market.
At the same time, on the other side.
Due to Su Xiaobai’s breakthrough, the shadow’s strength increased greatly. It didn’ t need Su Xiaobai’s instructions anymore. The system directly sent more level B vicious beasts to hunt.
A shocking roar could be heard from a distant place. Even though they were so far away, they could still clearly sense the anger within the roar!
“Dammit!”It’s been three days and three nights since the’ Heaven-controlling White Dragon’ has been chasing us. It’s still alive!”
A wounded Martial General was currently flying through the forest.
His forehead, arms, abdomen……There were wounds everywhere, blood continuously oozing out.
If it wasn’ t for the fact that he had consumed a life-saving tier four medicinal pill, not to mention being so fast, he probably wouldn’ t have been able to stand up!
But even so, he no longer had the strength to fight at his peak…Even though he was still a high rank general, he was already so weak that even a low rank general could kill him!
However, even if he was seriously injured, he didn’ t dare to stop at all.
This time, in order to steal the dragon egg from the Imperial Sky White Dragon, their Lin family had spent a lot of effort!
Just a few intermediate generals had been heavily injured, and even more than ten junior generals had been injured. It could be said that the losses were enormous……But the only thing that was worth rejoicing was that the dragon egg had been obtained!
“As long as you incubate the Imperial Sky White Dragon and successfully recognize its master, my Lin family will be the overlord of Base 18 in the future. No one will be able to shake it!”
This person’s eyes were full of light as he rubbed the Space Ring in his left hand……Shockingly, there was a dragon egg in his spatial ring!
The Imperial Sky White Dragon was an existence with the potential of an S-class vicious beast. Normally, only a Martial Commander could match it……If he was in his peak condition, even the Martial General would have to avoid it!
But coincidentally, the Imperial Sky White Dragon was exceptionally weak because of having a child. Moreover, they were fully prepared to successfully steal the dragon egg that had just been laid.
It was also because of this that the Imperial Sky White Dragon had chased after him for three days and three nights, yet it still refused to give up.
“Hmm?”Someone is hunting?”
Suddenly, he noticed a figure in front of him who was hunting.
A black cloak, a saber in hand, and a mask……
“A junior martial artist would dare to enter such a place to hunt?”
“You’ re courting death!”
A killing intent flashed in this person’s eyes.” It just so happens that all the medicinal pills on my body have been used up. Since I’ ve encountered you here, it can only be considered your misfortune!”
A mere beginner martial artist was simply a random existence to a high-level martial general.
Naturally, he did not place the other party in his eyes.
A high-level Martial General suddenly exploded, and with a flip of his hand, a long sword wrapped in flames suddenly appeared in his hand. A streak of flame directly slashed towards the black-robed figure!
The black-robed figure who was fighting against the vicious beast seemed to have sensed something. He suddenly turned his head and looked at the high-level generals with his mask.
“Could sense my attack?”It’s a seedling!”
“Unfortunately, I’ m destined to die!”
The high-level generals did not show any pity.
However, in the next second, the black-robed figure suddenly vanished.
Where were “people?!”
A high-level martial general’s heart trembled.
His attack landed on the empty space, cutting the beast in half. The flames even burned the beast’s flesh into charcoal.
A mere beginner martial artist had such a strong reaction. Especially his movement speed, he could even dodge his attack!
“Looks like I’ ve still suffered too much damage, actually letting him escape ……”
A high-level Martial General only thought that he was too heavily injured to allow the other party to escape.
His spiritual energy quickly covered the area.
The high-level Martial General frowned.
“Why are there five more junior martial artists?”
He looked up and saw a total of six people wearing black cloaks and masks. Their figures were almost the same……Other than those with different weapons, they surrounded him!
“So it was a team battle ……”
“But aren’t you a bit too stupid?”
“A mere six junior martial artists, do they want to hit me?!”
“Just who do you all not place in your eyes!”
A high-level martial general’s tone was icy cold.
Not to mention six Beginner Martial Masters, even if it was sixty, with his current state of weakness, he could easily kill them!
The six of them didn’ t reply at all. Their spiritual energy exploded with power!
A moment later.
“Ding!”We’ ve obtained the spoils of war’ Royal White Dragon Egg’!”
Su Xiaobai, who was on his way to the black market, had long blocked the system notification……After all, this thing was bouncing around for 24 hours. If he really listened to it every day, wouldn’ t he go crazy?
That was why Su Xiao Bai didn’ t know anything about the appearance of a dragon egg in his space.
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