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Big Boss
Fantasy Coins: 67

Chapter 21 Extorting the King of Water Demons,[ Hu Guang Robe ](1)

Hearing the quest notification, Su Ming smiled.
As a Rebirth, he knew very well one thing.
『 Water Demon’s Wrath’ quest was the Heavenly Pit. No one would be rewarded!
Ziers’ intention was to use the player’s hand to create chaos in the Sirens Kingdom, weaken the seal on her body, and complete the resurrection ceremony.
Moreover, why would the sirens destroy the Water Demons?
The reason was very simple. The water demons hated their own bloodlines, but they were greedy for the bloodlines of the sirens, secretly hunting the sirens, and ultimately causing disaster.
He had to take the blame himself!
“I refuse.”
Su Ming immediately replied.
“Adventurers, as long as you complete the quest,” she said unwillingly.”I can give you a generous reward. For example, the Water Demon has accumulated a thousand years of treasure!”
Seeing how anxious he was, Su Ming had a bold idea in his heart.
“I can’ t believe your so-called reward unless you can give me a real benefit.”
Su Mingchi’s expression.
‘Greedy Human!’
Ziers was slightly angry, but she felt that Su Ming’s personality could be used more easily.
After making her decision, she waved her hand and a skill book appeared in the throne.
“This skill book is my reward in advance.”
Seeing this, Su Ming’s eyes lit up.
He had only wanted to try it. Even if he failed, he would not lose.
Who knew that Ziers would really give him a reward.
『 Lightning Surge Skill Book – Silver’
Although it was only a Silver grade, Su Ming did not dislike it at all.
Could it be that the things that Bai Jian came from were not fragrant?
Seeing Su Ming’s happy expression, Zils felt even more disdainful. If she had n’ t been able to escape the seal, she wouldn’t have asked such a person to help.
“Human, are you willing to accept the quest now?”
In any case, Zils would definitely die. Su Ming raised it so that he could be bolder.
And her spirit seemed abnormal.
He shook his head and said,” It’s not enough. It’s just a Mage skill book. It’s not worth my life.”
“Enough, human, you better be content!”You can’ t bear the consequences of provoking me!”
Ziers was furious.
“Sigh.”Su Ming was helpless.
“Look, I’m so weak right now, even if I accept the quest,” he explained.”Let’s not talk about destroying the siren kingdom. I’ m afraid that I won’ t be able to reach their country and have already been killed by the sea monsters.”
As if it was reasonable, the anger on Ziers’ face faded.
“And the stronger I am, the easier it is to complete the quest.”What’s more, is the reward I need still useful to you?”
Ziers thought about it and felt that it was right.
For example, she couldn’t use the Lightning Surge Skill Book. Putting it in the treasury was also a waste of dust.
“Let’s believe you once more. Human, say your request.”
Su Ming secretly laughed and hurriedly said,” I need two Cleric equipment.”
“No, I can only give you one.”
Ziers rejected the request.
Su Minggan quickly agreed.
This reaction caused Zils to sense a trace of abnormality.
She gritted her teeth and took out a Cleric equipment.
As for Su Ming’s job was a Cleric, Ziers did not care. Being able to pass the test she had set to reach him was enough to show that the adventurer in front of him was extraordinary.
Su Ming got his equipment.
[Lake Light Robe – Silver]
Position: Body
Attributes: Defense +10, HP +250, Vitality +10, Spirit +9
Special Effect: mana +5%
Additional Skill:[ Mirror of Lake Light: Reflects a spell damage skill that is in flight, and the damage is lower than [Spell Attack x200%].Cooldown:30 seconds.It consumed 100 mana.]
Equipment Requirement: Level 5 Cleric
Reflecting skill, this is strong!
Seeing the effect of the skill, Su Ming was slightly delighted.
He put on his Lake Light robe, and his magic attack turned into 305.
“Human, the quest to destroy the siren kingdom will be left to you.”Zils said coldly.
Su Ming looked at her with pity.
Immediately, he shook his head and said,” Sorry, your quest has nothing to do with me.”
Feeling Su Ming’s gaze, Zils understood.
“Damn human!!”
“How dare you lie to the great Water Demon King?” She was furious.”I want to imprison your soul and keep you in fear for eternity!”
A gray aura surged out, enveloping Chiles’ body. In the next moment, she turned into a humanoid monster, completely losing all rationality.
[The Lord of the Water Demons, Ziers’ Grieving Demon, Muddle-headed Dream]
Title: Bronze Lord
Skills: Evil Ghost Invasion LV5, Mirror Image LV2, Grazing Blood LV5, Raging Sneak LV2
Lord’s Aura: Within the vicinity, all attributes of friendly units below their title +20%.
The enhancement of the Nightmare Dungeon caused the boss’ strength to increase greatly.
Four different types of skill combinations were extremely difficult to deal with.
Su Ming took out his staff and started the battle.
Holy Arrow!
A bright light illuminated the black screen, and the light arrow pierced through Zils’ neck, causing wisps of black smoke to appear.
Sears’ resentment magic had a very high resistance, but because her attribute had turned into a dark attribute, she triggered the double damage effect of the Holy Arrow.
Even if the healer was used on the boss, it could cause damage.*

Chapter 22 Nightmare First Kill, Legendary Reward!(2)

Holy Light was burning.
“It hurts……”Damn human, I’ ll kill you!”
Zils looked at Su Ming with resentment. He stretched out his twisted hand and a large amount of devil fog surged out, forming evil ghosts that flew towards Su Ming.
Evil Ghost Attack!
Summon a Demon Imp with 50% of the Host’s Attack Power and 500 HP, and it will last 30 seconds.
Ten Evil Ghosts stretched out their claws and tore at Su Ming’s body.
However, Su Ming was only attacked twice. The’Frost Shattered’shield shattered, and sharp ice swept through the nearby 10m area. The demon and ghost were heavily hit, disappearing into the air.
『 Extreme Berserk’
Su Ming did not hesitate to activate BUFF and obtain a high bonus.
Critical Hit Rate +100%!
Critical Damage x200%!
“Hehe, see if I don’ t smash your rotten face.”
He took out his staff and ruthlessly smashed it.
Bang bang bang……
Even if the boss had 650 points of physical defense, Su Ming would still be able to deal more than 300 damage each time he attacked. He would even be able to regain his HP.
In a second, he struck four attacks!
Chiles’ health fell one by one.
Su Ming used his Healing Technique on the boss. On the one hand, he could deal damage and spawn Berserk Points.On the other hand, he relied on [Battle Duration] BUFF to maintain his HP at a safe level.
Even though the healer’s damage was only one digit.
The boss’ health was 96.5%.
As time passed, Chiles’ health continued to drop.
Su Mingka’s skill’s cooldown increased his Berserk value, allowing him to activate the [Extreme Berserk] BUFF buff almost unlimitedly. Every two times, he would only have one second interval.
Su Ming’s attacks continuously landed on Zils’ body.
In just three minutes, the boss’ HP dropped to 15512. On the other hand, Su Ming’s HP did not decrease at all.
At this moment, a sudden change occurred!
“Give your life to me!”
Ziers’ vengeful demon suddenly activated his combined skill, and a black fog appeared on his body, forming a mirror avatar with 50% attributes.
The next moment, their arms turned into tentacles. Their fingers were like beast teeth as they fiercely bit Su Ming’s arm.
『 Blood Leap’
The beast teeth flashed with red light.
Not only did Su Ming not only receive two massive damage, but he also generated two recovery numbers. The [Blood Reflow] came into effect and took away the boss’ blood-sucking effect.
“Damn it, why can’ t I absorb your life?”
Ziers and Mirror said in disbelief.
Su Ming ignored the boss. He summoned the Holy Light Spirit to heal himself.Then, he directly activated’Extreme Berserk’ and used his backhand to smash down.
In less than half a minute, the remaining HP of the boss was cleared by him.
“I am the Water Demon race, the only ruler from ancient times until now—Qiles!Human, fear……One day……My true form will descend again ……”
Before he died, the boss’ body vanished.
The sound of “ding ding ding” continuously sounded in his ears. In the blink of an eye, the spoils of war piled up on the ground into a small hill, giving off colorful lights.
The system announcement rang wildly.
“Ding!”World Notification:”
“Congratulations player’ VastSea’ for killing Water Demon King Ziers. He has received a reward for the Lord’s first kill:2,000 experience points,1,000 reputation points,10,000 gold coins,+1 Legendary Points,+10 Free Attribute Points.”
“Congratulations player [Neptunea] and [Night Blade Team] for successfully clearing the Nightmare Difficulty [Water Demon Palace]. Congratulations on obtaining Nightmare First Kill reward:2,000 experience points,1,000 reputation points,5,000 gold coins, free attribute points +5.”
All the online players received a series of explosions from the system.
The two announcements were sent through the screen twelve times, as if cold water dripped into hot oil. The Blue Star players began to boil.
*O*o*unk2″I’ m not convinced why the damn Dragon Countryman could obtain the first world announcement.”
“The best players in our country are the strongest!”The Dragon Country must be open. I want the official to investigate!”
Facing the announcement, the foreign players felt disbelief.
“The simple criticism upstairs, where did Original come from? Don’t tell me that aliens belong to your country, haha ……”
“I thought [Profound Sky Guild] could get the first kill, but I didn’ t think it was Night Blade Guild.”
“This player called’ VastSea’ was the boss of Night Blade Guild?”How powerful.”
The domestic players were extremely happy. However, they did not expect that the guild that won the first kill would be ranked 14th [Night Blade].
At this moment, another town in Holy Light Kingdom, Copper Eagle Town.
This was the home ground of the Profound Sky Guild.
It was also the only big guild with an official background.
They gathered the top ten experts from the guild and formed a strategy group. Three of them were ranked in the top twenty on the world leaderboard, and there was also a top commander.
The target of the Strategy Team was the Nightmare Difficulty Dark Forest dungeon.
At this moment, the exploration progress had just reached 70%.*

Chapter 23 Continuation of Level 2, Demon Mask!(3)

In the Dark Forest dungeon.
The ground collapsed and the trees collapsed.
A huge python boss crazily attacked [Profound Sky Guild].
“Tsk tsk……”The boss can’ t kill us.”
“As expected, as long as you have Miss Light Smoke to assist you, the first Nightmare Chief Kill in Original is not ours!”
Tian Xuan’s players were filled with confidence because they had a powerful Priest.
The guild leader’s sister,’ Light Smoke’.
The first player known to have an Epic grade talent was also a Evolvable talent. It was said that he could grow to a Mythical grade.
“The boss is about to attack.”
Tian Xuan He did not bother with the laughter of his team members and calmly reminded them.
Hearing this, everyone became serious.
The boss launched a berserk attack.
At this moment, a system notification sounded out in everyone’s ears.
“Ding!”World Notification:”
“Congratulations to player’ Neptunea’ and the Night Blade Team for successfully clearing the Nightmare Difficulty Level’ Water Demon Palace’ and obtaining the first kill in the Nightmare Dungeon!”
The members of Tian Xuan were stunned. The boss swung its tail and smashed it down.
The four front row players were left with their HP. In the next moment, the Cleric Light Smoke summoned a beam of light to connect the four players and instantly restored their HP.
Seeing the system message, Profound Sky Guild was dumbfounded.
“F*ck! A team has cleared Nightmare Dungeons?”Could it be that [Night Blade] has become so powerful?”
“Our team had three Diamond talents, six Gold talents, and even Qingyan’s Epic grade talent.”Could it be that Night Blade has found a few Epic Tian Fu players?”
“Could it be that the’Water Demon Palace’ dungeon in their guide is relatively simple?”
Everyone looked up at Tian Xuan He.
He shook his head and said,” No, according to the report of the Aragon Town’s personnel, the difficulty of’ Water Demon Palace’ is even slightly higher than’ Dark Forest’.”
“Has Night Blade’s strength grown to such a level?”
Tian Xuanhe pondered.
He stretched out his hand to open the details of the team that had cleared the dungeon. His pupils constricted and he gathered on the team leader’s name.
“『 Vastsea 』……”There’s no one on the Night Blade Guild’s list. Looks like the First Kill has something to do with VastSea.”
Tian Xuan He suddenly understood and continued to order:
“Qingyan, send a message to Ling Shan to arrange for the members of Yalong Town to contact Vastsea and try to rope him in.”
“Yes, I understand.”
Priest Qingyan replied softly.
Her heart was silent as she thought of “Vast Ocean “. Her clear eyes flickered with curiosity.
Such a quick clearing of dungeons would probably be a battle class with an Epic talent.
Thinking of this, she felt a little envious.
On the other side, the system notification continued after the death of Zils’ vengeful demon.
“Ding, you killed Ziers, King of Water Demons. Obtained 9,000 experience points, dungeon contribution points +1800,200 reputation points, free attribute points +2.”
“Ding…congratulations on leveling up to level 8.”
“Ding…congratulations on leveling up to level 9.”
After killing the boss, he gained a massive amount of experience, allowing Su Ming to rise two levels.
In the end, Su Ming received 18 free attribute points, and he gave all of them Spirit Points.
However, the most important thing to gain this time was not the freedom attribute, but the’ Legend’!
Only by obtaining a world achievement, completing a Legendary grade quest, and killing a Legendary grade boss would one be able to obtain something.
『 Legends’ only had one effect.
Activate the Legendary Challenge and raise the level of the race model!
This was something that players dreamed of!
“Once I reach level 20, I will be able to start the challenge.”
Su Ming thought.
Next, he picked up all the items that the boss had dropped.
“You’ve obtained the spoils of war:100 gold coins,’ Victory Devil’s Mask – White Silver’,’Victory Claw – Silver’,’Victory Stone’,’Sea Demon’s Ruins Map Shard 』……”
Even though Ziers was a Bronze grade boss, after strengthening the Nightmare Dungeon, it could drop more than one grade item.
He had accumulated 18 pieces of equipment.
Two pieces of Silver, two pieces of Bronze, five pieces of Black Iron, and the remaining 11 pieces were all white-board equipment.
In addition to the previous gains, Su Ming already had two pieces of the siren map. He was still one piece away, so he could make a complete map of the ruins.
He looked at the ferocious mask in the spoils of war.
[Vengeance Mask White Silver]
Position: Head
Attributes: mana +200, Vitality +5, Agility +6, Spirit +15
Special Effect: Spirit Resistance +5%
Additional Skill:[ vengeful spirit: Summon a ghost of a vengeful devil, deals [spell attack x200%] damage to a single enemy, and leaves the enemy in a 2 second state of fear.Cooldown:15 seconds.It consumed 80 mana.]
Equipment Requirement: Level 5 Legal Class
“Not bad equipment.”
Su Ming praised.
This mask belonged to a top grade white silver outfit.
The attributes and skills of both the Silver equipment and the vengeful demon mask were much better than the Thunder Wolf Heavy Armor sold to Night Blade Flame.
Spirit addition was suitable for spell classes.
In Original, there were three types of strong control effects: Physical, Spirit, and Chaos.
The effects of hitting, knocking back, and so on were all physical, while the effects of dizziness, chaos, and so on were spiritual. The remaining strong control effects were all Chaos.
Equipment with additional Spirit Resistance could reduce the duration of the Spirit Type control effect and increase the survivability.*

Chapter 24 Gold buff [Golden Light ](4)

In addition, the effects of the equipment skill’Soul of the Raging Demon’ were not bad.
Damage + Control.
Perfect match!
Then, Su Ming put on the mask and hid the appearance of the mask.
There was no way.
The hideous appearance of the mask looked very cool.
But wearing it on his face was too shameful.
He did not want to be watched by passersby.
At this moment, Su Ming’s stats had greatly increased.
He opened his personal interface and looked at the stats.
ID: Canghai
Attributes: Strength 126, Vitality 142, Agility 138, Spirit 188
Attack power:252/383
“It’s time for me to leave the dungeon.”
Su Ming closed the interface and clicked to exit the dungeon.
“Was in the process of clearing the dungeon ……”
“The final boss of the dungeon has been killed and the conditions for clearing the dungeon have been reached!”
“Clearance time:21 minutes 14 seconds.Dungeon contribution:2310.”Ranked first.”
“Final evaluation: Perfect!”
“Congratulations on obtaining the’ Perfect Dungeon Treasure Box – First Kill Limit’ x1.”
The settlement was completed!
The scenery around Su Ming changed in an instant. In the next moment, he had already returned to the dungeon sending door.
Night Blade Flame and the others had already come out.
“Are you Vastsea?”A voice rang out in Su Ming’s ears.
He turned around and found that it was Blue Night Wind and Drunk Rain.
“Brother Vastsea, I sincerely invite you to join [Blue Night]. For this reason, I am willing to pay you 7 million a year.”
Blue Night Wind smiled and invited.
“Tsk tsk……”It’s only 7 million. I’ m embarrassed to say it.”
“I heard that [Night Blade] and [Immortal Shadow] are bidding tens of millions to invite Vastsea boss. Cang Ye Wufeng is such a small family. I really don’ t know how he will be the guild leader.”
The surrounding players whispered.
Cang Ye Wu Feng was furious when he heard this, but in order to invite Su Ming, he suppressed his anger with a fake smile on his face.
False feelings were disgusting.
Su Ming sneered in his heart. He refused without any hesitation:
“Cang Ye is not qualified to invite me.”
“Very good!”Cang Ye Wufeng also shed all his face and said ruthlessly,” Vastsea, I hope you don’ t regret what you said!”
Immediately, he led his team members away.
Water came and earth was covered, and soldiers came and blocked.
Su Ming did not care about such a degree of threat.
Although Blue Night Guild was ranked in the top ten in the previous virtual games, in Original, they had offended too many guilds and were eventually wiped out together.
“VastSea, do you need my help?”As long as Night Blade and Immortal Shadow guarantee you, I believe that Blue Night Guild will not attack you in the open.”
Night Blade Flame asked.
“Thank you for your kindness. I can handle a mere Blue Night.”
Su Ming shook his head and rejected his good intentions.
Seeing this, Night Blade Flame did not continue asking. Instead, he said,” This is the reward I promised.Apart from that, all the items dropped by the dungeon boss were yours.”After all, it was you who killed it alone. I can’ t possibly be shameless.”
Su Ming nodded.
Then, a transaction screen popped up in front of him.
“Ding, player’ Night Blade Flame’ will give you the item’500,000 gold coins’. Do you agree to receive it?”
He clicked the OK button.
His savings increased by over 560,000.
“Oh right, do you want the equipment dropped by this boss?”
Su Ming asked.
He planned to dispose of the equipment he didn’t need and leave it in his backpack.
“I want it. With good equipment, how could I not buy it!”
Night Blade Flame immediately smiled happily.
He couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. The actions he had made with Su Ming before were so correct.
After some discussion, all the equipment that were not needed were sold.
5 Pieces of black iron, total 2500 gold coins.
Three bronze pieces, totaling 9,500 gold coins.
Due to the lack of Evil Claw in the current market, Night Blade Flame gave 50% more and sold 22,000 gold coins.
At this point, Su Ming’s value had broken through to 600,000 gold coins.
After half a day, he had earned six years’ salary.
After the transaction ended, both sides left Azure Lake.
After there was no one around, Su Ming took out the dungeon treasure chest.
[Perfect dungeon treasure chest – First kill limit]
Quality: Special
Description: After opening it, randomly receive a Level 5 Silver grade equipment or a Gold grade item reward.
Requirement: Under the Nightmare Difficulty’s’ Water Demon Palace’, reach a perfect level dungeon evaluation.
Su Ming immediately opened the treasure chest.
“Ding…congratulations:’ Holy Water Blessing Scroll – Gold'”
“Very good.”
Su Ming smiled.
Holy Water Blessing was a level 30 healing spell used by a Priest. It could recover a large amount of HP.
He was about to receive a new Gold BUFF.
Immediately, Su Ming tore open the scroll.
Countless golden water droplets merged into his body.
“Ding…congratulations on obtaining 1 layer of’ Golden Light – BUFF’.”
After 5 seconds, Su Ming had 5 layers of buffs on his body.
He looked at the details of BUFF.
『 Light of Gold – BUFF’
Quality: Gold
Number of floors:5/10
Effect: When the equipment drops, there is a chance to increase its quality by 1st level, to the highest level of Gold.Each piece of equipment on him had a quality greater than or equal to Gold grade. Four dimensional attributes +20 points.The duration of B was unlimited and could not be cleared.
After seeing the effect, Su Ming gasped.
This BUFF was too strong.
The effect of evolving equipment quality was already extremely ridiculous.
Secondly, there were 13 players in the main equipment bar. They were fully equipped and could provide him with an additional 260 bonus points.*

Chapter 25 Church Mission, Demon Army (5)

Su Ming closed the BUFF panel contentedly.
“Unfortunately, there’s no boss right now. Let me see the effect of BUFF.”
He sighed.
Afterwards, Su Ming returned to Yalong Town.
The mayor’s quest was not urgent.
He was currently lacking a Silver grade Cleric skill, and he could use the Altar to synthesize a Gold grade skill.
“Right now, it seems that only the Church of Light can acquire Silver skills.”
Su Ming pondered.
However, if one wanted to obtain a bronze quality skill from the Church, one had to make a contribution to the Church before they could exchange it for a silver skill.
“Then go find Bishop Harman and get the quest.”
Su Ming decided to try.
Only when his strength became stronger would he be able to kill’Sears’ vengeful soul’.
Three minutes later.
Su Ming arrived at the Light Church.
Just in the church hall, they met Bishop Harman and Divine Priest Elos.
“Lord Bishop, I have something to do. I hope to get your help.”
Su Ming went straight to the point.
“Tell me, adventurers.”
Bishop Harman’s gaze towards Su Ming was full of admiration.
“Does the Church have any quest now?”I need to make some contributions to purchase the Cleric Skill Book.”
Su Ming asked.
“Quest……”Let me think about it.”
Bishop Harman pondered for a moment.
He turned to look to the side.
Elos stood quietly by the side, her long golden hair draping over her shoulders. Her body naturally gave off a gentle and gentle aura.
Sensing Su Ming’s gaze, Elos pursed her lips and smiled.
“How about this.Adventurer, you are also a Priest, and you have mastered Holy Light Spirit spells.”Let’s go with Divine Priest Elos to the sentry of the Dark Ridge to save the injured Knight.”
Bishop Harman said slowly.
“Congratulations on triggering the Bronze rank quest’Treat the wounded’.Mission Description: Assist Divine Priest Elos to heal the Knights of the Dark Ridge sentry.”Every time I save someone, I’ ll get 5 points.”
“Will you accept the quest?”
Dark Ridge?!
Su Ming was slightly surprised. Immediately, a deep joy surfaced in his heart.
Dark Ridge was the battlefield between the Church of Light and the Abyssal factions. If they killed the demons of Dark Ridge and handed the corpses to the Church, they would be able to exchange for Light Points.
What an opportunity!
“I accept the quest.”
Su Ming decisively agreed.
He thought to himself. After arriving at the Dark Ridge, he found a chance to kill a wave of demons.
“Mr. Adventurer, come with me to the teleportation formation of the Church.”
Elos said softly.
What a gentle person.
Unfortunately, the ending wasn’ t that good……
Su Ming recalled the final battle in Yalong Town.
In order to survive and satisfy the demands of the Heresy Demons, the residents of Yalong Town forced the Church to hand over Elos and sacrifice it to the Dark Dragon God.
At that time, what was going on in her heart?
Despair, anger, resentment……It was still as gentle as ever.
Su Ming did not know.
He did not see the exact scene either.
“What do I think so much about?”
Su Ming shook his head and calmed his thoughts.
Two minutes later, he stood on the teleportation formation and a dazzling light enveloped the two of them.
[Current Position: Holy Light Kingdom-Yalong Town-Dark Ridge 3 Sentry]
Su Ming arrived at a campsite, and a mixture of sulfur and blood rushed into his nose, making people feel uncomfortable.
“Adventurer, let’s split up.”Elos said.
Su Ming nodded.
Find the wounded and heal them.
Holy Light Spirit!
Su Ming instantly released two skills. The golden light shone on the injured person, and his HP began to recover.
“Ding, you heal a wounded person and gain 5 Light Points.”
“Ding ……”
A system notification rang in his ear.
After about ten minutes, Su Ming received 125 Light Points.
Silver skills required at least 500 Light Points.
“The efficiency is too slow. If only we could go out and kill the demons.”
Just as Su Ming sighed, a sudden change occurred.
The sound of the sky shaking could be heard from afar. Seeing this, the sentry knight’s face was filled with despair.
“It’s the demon army, they’ re attacking again!”
“No.2 sentry’s support army is about to arrive. We must stall the demon army. As long as we wait until the support arrives, we still have hope.”
“Protect our Cleric and Divine Priest!”
A knight captain stood up and shouted.
“You triggered the temporary quest’Guard Guard’.Mission Description: Hold the demon army’s footsteps until the support army arrives.”
A 15-minute countdown appeared in the sky.
“A demon?”I didn’ t expect the points to be delivered to me.”
Su Ming calmly stood on the spot.
Suddenly, the ground where the Cleric team was located rose.
In the next moment, a sharp-edged demon emerged from the ground.
Holy Arrow!
As the massive amount of damage rose, Blade Demon’s HP dropped to a quarter.
The Clerics looked at the person casting the spell.
“Huh?”This seems to be the male priest who came with Divine Priest Elos.”
However, Su Ming’s next move caused their eyes to widen.
Su Ming charged forward, brandishing his staff and fiercely smashing it onto the demon’s head.
The Demon’s HP was instantly emptied.
“Ding, you killed a Sharp Blade Demon, gained:180 experience points.”
The nearby Cleric girls were stunned.
“This, this is a Cleric?”He killed the demon with his staff?”
They could not help but look at the staff in their hands.
At this moment.
Bang bang bang!!
In that instant, more than ten sharp-edged demons rushed out from the ground, drowning Su Ming’s figure.
All of the damage was zero.
However, the NPCs could not see the damage numbers. In everyone’s hearts, Su Ming, a Priest, would definitely die after being attacked by so many demons.
“Damn it!”
Only then did Elos react. She immediately extended her slender hand and released the Divine Light Technique.
Endless radiance fell on the ground.
As the Holy Light burned, the demon turned into dust and dissipated into the air.
“Ding…congratulations on obtaining 1′ Frost Breaking Buff’.”
Su Ming stood there unharmed.
“Heavens?”This Priest was not killed.”
“Am I hallucinating?”
“Why do I feel that this Priest is stronger than our Knights ……”
Not knowing how surprised the Priest was, even the sentry knight was shocked.
Seeing that Su Ming was not injured, Elos heaved a deep sigh of relief.
Su Ming was similarly excited.
Level 10 monsters had high experience points.
He was about to level 10.
The world achievement of the first level 10 player was decided!*

Chapter 26 First Level 10 player, Swipe Silver Buff (1)

The demon army rushed over like a tide, quickly forming a ball with the Radiant Knights.
Su Ming had always been fighting on the frontlines, and his figure was especially eye-catching.
Who would have thought that someone with such a wild fighting style would be a Priest!
The Cleric Corps was being protected by the Knights.
Four or five minutes later.
Su Ming killed dozens of demons. With the rich experience of Level 10 monsters, his experience points successfully reached the limit. A golden light flashed across his body.
“Congratulations on reaching level 10. You have gained: Strength +2, Vitality +2, Agility +2, Spirit +3.”
“Your level has reached the current class limit. Please find a class instructor to raise your class template level to Black Iron.”
After spending half a day, Su Ming reached level 10.
“Ding!”World Notification:”
“Congratulations, player’ VastSea’ has risen to level 10. He has received the first level 10 player’s achievement reward:3000 experience points,1500 reputation points,15,000 gold coins, Points +1, Free Attribute Points +20.”
The system notification spawn madly.
It was hard for the global online players to not hear it, so the chat channel once again became a heated discussion.
“666, Only half an hour later,’ VastSea’ went to the world’s announcement.”
“F*ck! Big Boss’ speed of upgrading is so scary. I’ m only Level 7.”
“I feel like I want to witness the rise of a big boss.”
Amid the discussions of envy and congratulation, discordant voices appeared.
*O*o*unk2Why didn’t he have a shield function?I don’t want to hear anything about the Dragon Country!”If that’s the case, I’ ll quit this trash game.”
“True Fragrance warned!The news had already reported that the power of Original could be synchronized to reality. The future was the Extraordinary Era.”If you withdraw, you will fall behind. If you fall behind, you will be beaten.”
After receiving the world announcement, all the guild members started to curse.
Their quest was to take the lead to level 10 and fight for world honor.
However, Su Ming’s advent had cut off all their thoughts.
As Su Ming continuously received the world announcement, all the guilds noticed him.
“Ding ……”
“Ding ……”
The notification of his friend’s application rang out continuously, making a lot of noise.
Su Ming directly turned off the application function, and the world instantly became quiet.
The rewards for this world’s achievements were even more abundant.
Su Ming added 20 free attribute points to his Spirit Points, and his spell attack increased to 429.
He turned his head to look behind the demon army, and a massive black shadow appeared.
A cry of alarm immediately rang out.
“Damn it, how could it be advantageous to the Blade Demon Emissary?!”
“Weren’t they gathering to attack guard post 1?”Why are you suddenly here.”
The knights became more and more desperate.
In the middle of the day, a message came from the 1st sentry. They were attacked by all the demon corps, so the other 9 sentry sent troops to support them.
Who would have thought that the demon would play a trick to lure the tiger away from the mountain.
No.3 sentry was the moment when the defensive strength was weak.
Su Ming looked at the Demon Emissary’s stats.
[Sharp Blade Demon Emissary – Silver]
Title: Leader
Skills: Claw Attack LV3, Flying Blade Assault LV3, Defense Posture LV3, Tear LV2
Leader’s Aura: Within the vicinity, all attributes of friendly units below their title +10%.
The appearance of the Blade Demon Emissary had greatly increased the strength of the Demon Legion.
The light knight’s battle became increasingly difficult.
The Magic Emissary’s physical defense was very high. Now, Su Ming could only rely on his skills to attack.
He turned around to look at Elos and suddenly thought of something.
Wasn’ t this a great opportunity to create high quality BUFFs?
Thinking of this, Su Ming immediately shouted,” Leave this Sharp Blade Demon Emissary to me to deal with. Don’t worry about fighting against the Sharp Blade Demon.”Priest Elos, if I am attacked, please use healing skills!”
“Yes, I understand. Mr. Adventurer, go ahead and fight.”
Elos said with a serious expression.
Su Ming turned around and took a deep breath.
Resentment Demon Soul!
He did not hesitate to use his skill.
The gray magic power instantly turned into a ghost of a vengeful devil. It flew over a distance of dozens of meters and bit at the sharp blade devil’s body.
The leader monster had a strong resistance to strong control. The 2 second fear effect of the vengeful demon’s soul was reduced to only 0.2 seconds.
However, this pause was enough!
A Holy Light Arrow had already arrived in front of the Sharp Blade Demon Emissary, and it ruthlessly pierced into its eyes. Immediately, a black-red blood spurted out.
-1754!(Lethal Damage)
The intense pain caused the Sharp Blade Demon Emissary to fall into a frenzy. It suddenly waved its arm and a bone blade flew over, hitting Su Ming’s abdomen.
The additional 1,000 shield points on the 2nd layer of Frost Shatter instantly dropped, and his HP dropped by half.
The next moment, a ray of light descended.
“Ding…congratulations on obtaining 1 layer of’ Pure Light – BUFF’.”
Su Ming’s HP instantly returned to full.
He charged forward to fight with the Blade Demon Emissary. Every time he was injured, Elos would use the God of Light to restore his HP to full.
This treatment was too refreshing.
As time passed, Su Ming received more and more Gray-Silver buffs.
Ps: asked for flowers to evaluate the tickets.*

Chapter 27: Gold-tier Equipment – Bad Demon Ring (2)

Ten minutes later.
At the end of the battle, Su Ming could already see the figures of the backup knights in the distance.
“We can end the battle.”
Su Ming looked at the Blade Demon Emissary. Previously, in order to gain a few more layers of Silver BUFF, he deliberately slowed down the attack rhythm and forcefully dragged the five-minute battle to ten minutes.
『 Extreme Berserk’
Critical Damage x250%!
Critical Attack Resistance +40%!
After reaching the 20th level, the effect of Berserk BUFF increased greatly.
Two seconds later, after losing the buff effect, Su Ming accumulated 3520 damage and cleared the Blade Demon’s last HP.
“Ding, you have killed the Blade Demon Emissary. Obtained:14,400 Experience Points,300 Reputation Points,+2 Free Attribute Points.”
The Sharp Blade Demon Emissary’s massive body fell to the ground with a loud crash, dropping dozens of equipment.
“Ding,[ Golden Light] has been triggered!”
At this moment, three rays of golden light fused into a white silver outfit, a black iron outfit and a white board outfit.
Blue Star’s first Gold grade equipment was born!
Su Ming’s heart was filled with joy.
If he could equip this Gold-tier equipment, it would mean that he would receive an additional 20 bonus points!
Su Ming immediately picked up the spoils of war.
“Congratulations on obtaining the spoils of war:’Battering the Lord of the Rings – Gold’,’Blade Heavy Armor – Bronze’,’ Berserk Slash Skill Book – Bronze 』……”
The only Gray-Silver item that had evolved into Gold, the rest were not more than Bronze.
Su Ming immediately checked the attributes of the ring.
[Savage Ring – Gold]
Location: Hand
Attributes: Strength +35, Vitality +20, Agility +15, Spirit +17
Special Effect: Physical Bloodsucking +15%
Additional Skill:[ Blood Punishment: Summon 10 Blood Blades to stab into the enemy’s body. Each time, it will deal [Spell Attack x30%] damage.When the Blood Blade was present, the defense was reduced by 20%.Every time he received an attack, he would be able to wipe out a single Blood Blade.Cooldown:20 seconds.[Consumption 120 mana]
Equipment Requirement: Level 10, Class Universal
“Very good.”
Seeing that there were no restrictions on equipment requirements, Su Ming immediately put on the Lord’s Ring.
Players could equip two rings. He already had a Level 2 Spirit Light Ring in his left hand.
At this moment, the system notification sounded out one after another.
“Ding, I have detected that you are wearing a Gold equipment and triggered the [Golden Light] effect. Four dimensional attribute +20.”
“Congratulations on obtaining your first Gold grade equipment. The equipment leaderboard has been activated. Do you want to hide the equipment attributes of the Bad Demon Ring?”
Su Ming decisively hid.
What a joke! How could the stats of the equipment be known to others?
This was a trump card.
The next moment, the system announcement continued.
“Ding!”World Notification:”
“Congratulations player’ VastSea’ for obtaining the first Gold equipment. Gold equipment achievement reward:2,000 Experience Points,1,000 Reputation Points,10,000 Gold coins, Legendary Points +1, Free Attribute Points +10.”
Hearing the announcement, the players were stunned for a moment, although they immediately opened the equipment leaderboard.
A Gold-tier equipment called’The Lord of Cruelty’ was on the top spot alone.
“『 VastSea!”It’s only been ten minutes. You’ ve gone to the world announcement again.”
“What the f*ck, did Big Boss get the gold equipment?”I only have three pieces of black iron.”
“I admit I’m sore!”The difference between humans and humans is simply greater than dogs.”
Su Ming did not pay attention to the discussion among the players.
However, the friends on the list all sent messages, wanting to buy gold equipment. Among them, Night Blade Flame was rich, giving a high price of 400,000 gold coins, several times the premium.
Su Ming rejected them without hesitation.
When the Blade Demon Envoy was killed, the countdown to the sky was also zero.
“Ding…congratulations on completing the quest’ Guard Sentry’. Received:150 gold coins,200 Light Points,1500 Experience Points,+1 Free Attribute.”
After a battle, Su Ming gained another 13 free attributes and decisively added Spirit Points.
On this trip, he received 1,375 Light Points.
However, the biggest gain of this trip to the Dark Ridge was a hundred levels of BUFF.
Elos could cast the God of Light once in 20 seconds, so Su Ming received 23 Silver buffs.
『 Frost Breaks’,10/20 layers. Generate 5000 shield points. After the shield breaks, it will cause 5000 ice damage to the surroundings.
Although it was only a Silver BUFF, when it stacked up, its effect would also increase to a terrifying level.
『 Ultimate Berserk] reached Level 20.
Finally, there was a new BUFF that reached level 10.
『 Pure Light – BUFF’
Quality: Silver
Number of floors:10/10
Effect: Use a skill once and gain 1 net worth.When it was under strong control or negative effects, it consumed 1 pure net worth to remove the effects.The duration was unlimited and could not be cleared.
Net value:10/10
《 Inception was able to draw out talent at the start of the game. No one knew what kind of strange talent there was.
With this BUFF, Su Ming didn’t need to worry about being inexplicably controlled.
The remaining number of buffs had also increased by a lot.
Thank you for your support!*

Chapter 28: The Altar of Arcane Art, Synthesis of’ Thunder Destroying Holy Light’!(3)

『 Physical Defense and Magic Defense reached 100 full levels. Priority was given to reducing 300 physical and magic damage.
『 Strong Stamina] has reached 20 levels, providing 4000 HP bonus!
Moreover, if the damage was less than 5000, the damage would be reduced by 10%.
Many BUFFs were added to increase Su Ming’s survival ability to the peak.
There were 1,000 ordinary players,10,000……All of them were no match for him alone.
“Adventurer, thank you,” said Elos as she walked over.”If it wasn’ t for your help today, I’ m afraid the church’s companions would have suffered heavy casualties.”
“You don’t have to thank me. Killing demons is just a casual task.”After all, they are human enemies.”
Su Ming replied calmly.
In his heart, however, he wished he could support his forces later. He might be able to increase his buffs.
However, Elos was infected by his attitude.
“I will tell Bishop Harman your story.”
Elos’ beautiful face was full of seriousness.
“Priest Elos’ favorability +30 points. Current favorability:65 points.”
After the reinforcements arrived, Su Ming and Yilos stepped onto the teleportation formation.
In the blink of an eye, they returned to the Church of Light.
Elos told Bishop Harman the information.
“Alon Town’s Bishop’s Favorability to you +10 points. Current Favorability:75 points.”
Less than 5 points of Favorability would trigger the hidden event of Harman.
“Adventurer, thank you for saving the life of the Church Knight,” he said.”This is your quest reward.”
“Ding!Congratulations on completing the mission’Treat the wounded’.”We’ ve saved 25 casualties. We’ ve received 125 Light Points (released). We’ ve received 50 gold coins,1,500 experience points, and +1 free attribute points.”
After receiving the quest reward, Su Ming added his stats to his Spirit Points.
Immediately, he bid farewell to the two and went to the church’s logistics management office to exchange for rewards.
“You opened the store of the Bright Church in Aragon Town!”
[Radiant Surge Skill Book]
Quality: Bronze
Exchange Price:250 Points +200 Gold
[Holy Light Rage Skill Book]
Quality: Silver
Exchange Price:500 Light Points +1000 Gold
[Flash Force Field Skill Book]
Quality: Silver
Exchange Price:500 Light Points +1000 Gold
After a careful look, Su Ming chose two Silver-quality skills.
“You have obtained items:’ Holy Light’s Fury Skill Book’,’ Flash Force Field Skill Book’.”
“You’ ve lost 1,200 gold coins and 1,000 Radiant Points.”
Both skills were attack-type skills, one single attack and one group attack.
Su Ming took out the Altar and placed the [Lightning Whip] and [Lightning Surge] in the sub-assembly slot. Then, he placed the [Lightning Force Field] in the main assembly slot.
“Ding, currently synthesizing ……”
What kind of skill would three Silver Skill Books combine?
Su Ming expressed his expectation.
“Synthesis succeeded. Congratulations on obtaining:’ Thunder Destroyer Holy Light Skill Book – Gold’.”
Very good.
Su Ming could not wait to learn the skill.
“Ding…congratulations on learning the skill’ Thunder Destroyer Holy Light LV1′.”
Immediately, he spent 6300 Experience Points to raise his skill to Level 4.
Thunder Destroyer Holy Light – Gold
Effect: Summon Berserk Thunder. Locks on enemies with a radius of 25 meters. Causes [400+ Spell Attack x 230%] spell damage per second. Lasts for 3 seconds.There was a 25% chance that the enemy would be paralyzed for 2 seconds.Cooldown:17 seconds.It consumed 260 mana.
With [Thunder Destroyer Holy Light], plus [Frost Break] BUFF damage.
Su Ming could unleash 6,000+ group magic damage.
The speed at which the monsters were spawned increased.
Moreover, at this stage, the HP of the players could not withstand 2 seconds.
In the end, Su Ming continued to learn Holy Light’s Wrath skill and consumed 4500 experience points to level 4.
Holy Light Rage White Silver
Effect: Coalesces Holy Light Power on the enemy’s body and detonates, causing [400+ Spell Attack x 280%] of spell damage to the enemy.Cooldown:7.4 seconds.It consumed 130 mana.
Until now, the equipment skills’ Blood Punishment’ and’ Soul of Resentment’ were included.
Su Ming had five attack skills.
Finally, he was able to get rid of the situation where he had been knocking on the floor with his staff.
Of course, because of’Extreme Berserk’ and’Frost Shatter’, he could not avoid close combat.
However, in battle, close combat and long-range attacks were all just methods to defeat the enemy.
“Next, go to the Adventurers Guild.”
His level had already reached the upper limit of a normal template, so he needed to find a pro teacher’s promotion template.
The Adventurers Guild and the Church were on the same street.
Su Ming walked for a few minutes before arriving at the guild gates.
It was very quiet and quiet inside. Only seven professional teachers sat behind the counter.
He looked at the environment and then walked towards the Priest Instructor.
『 Novice Priest Instructor LV20′
“Hello, I want to raise my class level.”Su Ming calmly asked.
In the next moment, Six Paths’ eyes focused on him.
“Adventurer, please don’ t joke.”
“If you don’ t reach Level 10, you won’ t be able to reach Level 10.”
The six pro teachers were filled with disbelief.
What a joke! Even the adventurers of their six DPS classes did not reach Level 10.
How could a Priest be the first to reach Level 10.
“?Wait, am I right?Are you sure you’re here to upgrade your class???”
The Priest was an old man, and he thought he had heard wrong.
Su Ming frowned and repeated,” I’ m sure!”
“Er……”Alright, young man, put your hand on the crystal ball.”
The Priest took out the Advanced Crystal.
The other teachers’ eyes were filled with disdain.
The next moment, the crystal released a black light.
Did he really level 10?!
The teachers stared blankly at Su Ming. Their world view was about to collapse.*

Chapter 29 Professional Advancement, Encounter Boss (4)

“Your class template’ Cleric’ has been raised to Black Iron level and unlocked the upper limit.”
“Congratulations on reaching level 11. You have gained: Strength +3, Vitality +3, Agility +3, Spirit +4.”
Job Template: Cleric
Quality: Black Iron
Bonus: Strength +2/ Level, Vitality +2/ Level, Agility +2/ Level, Spirit +3/ Level
The addition of the template had increased slightly.
Su Ming withdrew his hands and left the Adventurers Guild without hesitation, leaving behind a group of stunned pro teachers.
Standing on the street, Su Ming looked at his personal panel.
ID: Canghai
Attributes: Strength 126, Vitality 142, Agility 138, Spirit 188
Template: Human, Cleric
Su Ming was extremely satisfied.
In his previous life, he was a mage player, but when he was at level 15, his spell attacks had only just broken through 300 points. Compared to now, it was simply too weak to explode.
After closing the panel, Su Ming walked out of the town.
With his current strength, he would be able to defeat the defending boss,’Sears’ vengeful spirit’.
It was time to complete the mayor’s hidden quest.
Hills Mountain Range was very far from Yalong Town. Even if Su Ming was able to reach 178 points, it would take about 15 minutes to travel.
As he advanced, Su Ming also used his healing skill to brush BUFF.
“Ding…congratulations on obtaining 1 level of’ Fast Forward BUFF’.”
Hey, new BUFF?
Judging from the name, it seemed to have something to do with speed.
『 Fast Forward – BUFF’
Quality: Black Iron
Number of floors:1/20
Effect: After using the skill, the movement speed increases by 10%. The effect lasts for 3 seconds.The BUFF duration was unlimited and could not be cleared.
After seeing the effect, Su Ming’s eyes lit up.
It just so happened that the [Healing Technique] was only 3 seconds cooldown, which meant that he could use unlimited movement speed.
Since the’ Strong Body’ layer had reached 35 layers, it provided 7,000 HP bonus.
His HP had finally broken through to 10,000!
“We’ re about to reach our destination.”
Su Ming raised his head and could vaguely see the shadow of the mountain range.
As the’Fast Forward’ layer became higher and higher, Su Ming’s speed increased. In the end, it took less than 10 minutes to cross the Black Raven Forest and reach his destination.
[Current Position: Holy Light Kingdom – Yalong Town – Hills]
[You enter a level 10 wild map, when the boss exists, all the monsters on the current map will receive 10% full attribute bonus.]
The soldiers of Yalong Town guarded the border between the mountains and forests.
“Adventurer, you can not enter the Hills Mountains right now!”
Suddenly, a soldier came over to stop Su Ming from advancing.
“Why?”He was puzzled.
The soldier said with a serious expression,” The demons in the mountains have created Lords. Many demons have become extremely powerful.”There were a few adventurers who entered the mountains, but they haven’ t come out yet.”
“I understand.”Su Ming nodded, then said firmly,” I received the mayor’s invitation to eradicate the demons, so I must enter the Hills Mountains.”
“This ……”
The soldier hesitated. After a long while, he still agreed to Su Ming’s request.
“Adventurer, please be careful,” he reminded.”That’s because of the Abyssal Power brought by the demons, the vengeful spirit lord wandering in the mountains has become exceptionally powerful!”
“Okay, thank you for your reminder.”
Su Ming thanked him and walked into the mountain range.
A small path led to the depths of the mountain range.
Not long after Su Ming advanced, he was attacked by demons.
A group of werewolf-type demons had ferocious teeth on their limbs.
[Split-tooth Wolf Demon]
Title: Normal
Skill: Darkness Tear LV3, Rapidly Hunting LV3
“It’s a human!”
“The smell of human flesh is truly wonderful. He is my prey!”
When they saw Su Ming’s figure, the wolf demon’s eyes glowed with a blazing red light. Black energy rose from their bodies, and they rushed over at an extremely fast speed, surrounding him.
Su Ming still had a calm expression on his face.
Such a weak monster was not worth his excitement.
Thunder Destroyer Holy Light!
He calmly cast his skill. In an instant, a huge magic circle appeared in the sky, and golden currents flowed in the air like snakes.
In the next moment, dozens of golden lightning bolts descended from the sky, illuminating the dark forest with dazzling light.
The sound of thunder rang out from the mountains. It was likely that people from several kilometers away could hear it clearly.
“Roar ——”
Under the attack of the thunderbolt, the split-tooth wolf demons let out a miserable scream, their bloodstains dropping to 30%.
They wanted to flee in fear, but the lightning had a paralyzing effect that made their bodies stiff.
Two seconds later, a pile of charred corpses remained on the ground.
“Ding, you killed 22 Split-tooth Wolf Demons. Obtained:3960 experience points.”
“Ding,[ Golden Light] has been triggered!”
Ten rays of light flew out from Su Ming’s body, transforming the ten white-board pieces that the Wolf Demon Group had dropped into black iron pieces. Their value had increased by five to six times.
“Really wasn’t challenging. Didn’ t they say there was a boss?”Where is it?”
Su Ming picked up the equipment with no interest.
The battle of insta-kill was really boring.
A furious roar resounded through the forest. Su Ming’s eyes were filled with joy.
His mouth was really a crow’s mouth.
Every time a boss was mentioned, it would be a boss.
Such a good thing……That’s not right. It’s a bad thing. I must do it a few more times!
Su Ming looked in the direction of the sound source. A five to six meter black figure passed through the forest and arrived in front of him.*

Chapter 30 Hanging the boss, shocked players!(5) Pray for flowers!

[Split-tooth Wolf Demon King – Bronze]
Title: Lord
Skills: Dark Tear LV5, Rapid Hunting LV4, Shadow Wave LV3, Soul Shaking Roar LV2
Lord’s Aura: Within the vicinity, all attributes of friendly units below their title +20%.
As the boss appeared, the system notification sounded out.
“Ding!”Regional announcement:”
“The newly born Split-tooth Wolf Demon King has appeared in the Hills Mountains. Coordinates (, please kill it as soon as possible!”
All the players in the mountain range received the message.
Su Ming was helpless.
《 Inception wasn’t good. Every time a new boss was born on a map, it would announce its coordinates to the players on the map.
Every time, it would cause a large number of players to fight.
Fortunately, the Hills Mountain Range was a Level 10 map, and not many players had come.
“Kill ……”
The boss opened its mouth and roared. The pitch-black magic power instantly condensed and a black energy pillar tore through the air. It was its skill:[ Shadow Wave]!
The pitch-black magic power struck Su Ming’s body.
After heavily reducing the BUFF, Su Ming still did not drop any blood.’Frost Shattered’ absorbed the damage, and the shield value decreased to 2,183 points.
Holy Arrow!
Holy Light Rage!
Su Ming instantly cast an uncooled skill.A Light Arrow flew over a distance of dozens of meters and stabbed towards the boss. The Wolf Demon King suddenly raised his arms to try to block it.
-1133!(Restrain Damage)
“Roar ——”
The intense pain caused by Holy Light Burning caused the boss to roar.
However, before the attack ended, the light elements in the air gathered in front of the boss’ heart.
The light elements were instantly compressed to the limit!
Following the intense explosion, the ball of light emitted a brilliant light.
-3368!(Restrain Damage)
Holy Light’s double damage to the Dark Creatures caused the boss’ HP to drop by a notch, and his chest was blown to pieces.
The split-tooth wolf demon king finally got angry.
It suddenly raised its head and roared. The sound waves carried spiritual power and spread out in all directions, quickly reaching Su Ming.
“Ding,’ Pure Light’ has been triggered. Pure Net Value -1. The stun effect has been removed.”
Su Ming’s mouth slightly curled up.
This BUFF was indeed strong.
After all of his skills had fallen into cooldown, Su Ming rushed out and activated [Extreme Berserk] and the boss.
The battle entered white heat.
After the announcement, a female player came to the surrounding forest.
“We’ re almost near the boss. Today, I’ ll show you a wave of one-on-one bosses!”
The girl waved her dagger, her face full of confidence.
The female assassin’s name was’ Snow Cherry’, and her natal name was’ Ling Yingxue’. She was a famous game host.
“With Little Snow’s Diamond grade talent, killing a boss alone is not a simple matter.”
“That’s right. If it wasn’ t for Little Snow’s incident, that guy called VastSea wouldn’ t have gotten the first kill.”
Just as she took a few steps, Ling Yingxue’s expression changed.
There were continuous explosions in the forest.
Obviously, someone was fighting the boss.
She couldn’ t help but say in disappointment,” There are already players who have taken the lead and won’ t be able to get this boss.”
“No!”Little Snow, why don’ t you go and take a look? Maybe that player isn’ t strong enough to kill the boss?”
“I want to see the host robbing the boss!”1.”
Looking at the scene, Ling Yingxue frowned and said,” I told everyone before that I won’ t steal the boss or equipment. This is my bottom line.”
She looked up at the forest, feeling a little unwilling.
“However, we can also take a look. If the players can’ t defeat the boss, then I’ ll take over.”
Ling Yingxue made her decision.
She passed through the forest and saw Su Ming and the boss fighting.
At this moment, the Split-tooth Wolf Demon King brandished his hand towards Su Ming.
“Be careful!”
Ling Yingxue exclaimed.
“He’s dead.”
“A Mage to fight a single boss, I really laughed to death.”Let’s get ready.”
The audience in the live broadcast did not think highly of Su Ming.
“Someone is coming.”
Su Ming heard the exclamations, but he did not turn around. He was still focused on fighting the boss.
Holy Light Rage!
He quickly stretched out his staff and placed it in front of the boss, unleashing his skill from zero distance.
Suddenly, a bright light shone.
The counterforce from the explosion caused Su Ming to widen his distance, causing the boss’ attack to miss.
The boss’ HP dropped.
Seeing this scene, Ling Yingxue was so shocked that she opened her mouth to “O” type.
The live broadcast suddenly started playing.
“F*ck, isn’t it wrong? More than 3,000 damage?!”
“Little Snow is wearing a bronze black iron equipment. With normal attacks, he can only deal 500 damage. This mage’s damage is simply ridiculous.”
“3000 Spell damage, what level of immortal boss!”I’ m sorry, I’ ve embarrassed my fellow mages.”
Everyone treated Su Ming as a mage.
At this moment, the boss still had the last 1,000 HP left.
Su Ming glanced at Ling Yingxue and turned off the [Golden Light] BUFF bonus.
According to his understanding, Original did not have the talent to evolve equipment quality.
If news of Su Ming being able to evolve his equipment spread.
Most likely, all countries would have their eyes on him.
Although Su Ming wasn’t afraid of being targeted by other countries, being harassed by others was too troublesome.
When did he need to keep a low profile? Su Ming knew very well.
Holy Arrow!
Su Ming waved his staff and used his skill to pierce through the boss’ body, clearing its last HP.
“Ding ……”*

Chapter 31: Blue Night Guild (1)

“You killed the Split-tooth Wolf Demon King, gained:21,600 Experience Points,200 Reputation Points,+2 Free Attribute Points.”
“Congratulations on reaching level 12. You have gained: Strength +3, Vitality +3, Agility +3, Spirit +4.”
The rich experience from killing the boss made Su Ming level 1.
Experience Points:7385/24060.
Su Ming walked over and picked up the falling object.
“Congratulations on obtaining spoils of war:125 gold coins,’ Tear Teeth – Bronze’,’ Evil Demon Armor – Bronze’,’ Hunting Perception Skill Book – Bronze 』……”
The boss dropped more than twenty items.
The harvest was abundant.
After adding 2 free attributes to Spirit Points, Su Ming turned around and looked at the forest.
“Your magic damage really opened my eyes.”
Ling Yingxue walked out with a light smile and looked at Su Ming with a trace of surprise.
This was the first time she had seen such a powerful mage player.
Thinking of this, Ling Yingxue used the detection technique to obtain Su Ming’s ID and level.
『 VastSea LV12′
Seeing this ID name, she widened her eyes and exclaimed,” You’ re the Blue Sea who won the Nightmare’s First Kill?”You actually reached level 12!”
The audience was even more shocked.
“F*ck, he’s the boss of VastSea. Didn’ t he say he’s a Priest?”
“As expected of the first player to level 10. It’s too strong.”
If Su Ming’s strength was just a little stronger than the masses, no player would accept him.
But seeing Su Ming’s battle scene with their own eyes, they realized that the gap between them and the big boss was an insurmountable gap.
Immediately, he was convinced.
Of course, there were still people who disdained Su Ming in the live broadcast.
For example, Blue Night Wind.
He had been collecting information about Su Ming during this period of time.
The moment Su Ming left the city, a team from Blue Night followed.However, Su Ming’s movement speed was too fast, and these players were left far behind by him.
After learning that Su Ming had appeared in Ling Yingxue’s livestream room, Cang Ye Wufeng immediately opened the livestream.
Looking at Su Ming’s calm face, his heart was burning with anger.
“F*ck! Now that you’ re happy, I’ ll let you know the consequences of offending me!”Blue Night Wind asked his assistant with a cold face,” How’s the information collected by Vast Ocean?”
“I’ ve basically collected everything.”
The assistant pushed his glasses and took out a report.” According to our analysis of the information, VastSea’s talent is at Epic level.”The main reason for my talent’s performance is that it’s about four times more powerful than any class. The HP is between 3500-5000, and it’s also the effect of stealing enemies’ blood.”
“According to the Black Sand Guild’s information,’ Vastsea’ had a 1,000-point shield on his body. When it shattered, it would cause 1,000 magic damage to the surrounding 10m area.The tentative hunting strategy was to attract the attention of the front-row warriors and long-ranged classes, and then provide the conditions for Wang Hai to assassinate them.”
“I’ m sure I can kill Vastsea.”Cang Yewu Feng asked.
“Ten percent!”The assistant was full of confidence. Perhaps he felt that he was saying too much, he added,” Even if Vastsea has a group attack skill, as long as Wang Hai’s attack can hit him once!”VastSea will definitely die!”
“Very good. You guys did a good job. After this matter is done, each of you will receive three months’ salary.”
Blue Night Wind nodded in satisfaction.
“I thank Young Master Li for his reward.”The assistant said happily.
Cang Ye Wufeng finally reminded him.
“Asked Wang Hai to speed up his steps and kill Vastsea under the sight of tens of thousands of viewers in the broadcast room.”I want everyone to know the consequences of offending Cang Ye.”
“Okay.”The assistant immediately sent a message.
“It’s a pity that Wang Hai’s Epic talent is here. However, as long as you kill Vastsea,” Cangye thought quietly.”Everything is worth it!”
At present, Su Ming had a high degree of popularity in 《Original》. As long as he was killed, the huge popularity would shift to [Blue Night Guild].
This trade value!
In the forest.
Su Ming was talking to Ling Yingxue.
Suddenly, the sound of footsteps rang out.
They turned their heads and saw dozens of people appearing in their sight. There was a unified prefix on their heads—[ Blue Night].
Su Ming narrowed his eyes and looked at the other party.
They came with ill intentions!
“Our [Blue Night Guild ]’s target was Vastsea.”Miss, please leave. If I accidentally hurt you during the battle, don’ t blame me for not reminding you.”
The leading mage stood up and said.
The audience in the broadcast room frantically urged Ling Yingxue to leave.
She hesitated.
In the end, Ling Yingxue still asked,” VastSea, do you need my help?”
Su Ming admired her character.
However, he did not want to involve outsiders in such matters. He immediately shook his head and said,” Thank you for your kindness.”It’s none of your business. Let’s go.”
Ling Yingxue had a calm expression on her face. She agreed and ran to the forest to observe the battle.
“『 VastSea’s boss is finished.”
“When VastSea fought against the boss, he was 1v1 after all. Now, he had 40 players and Cang Ye’s elites. No matter what, VastSea’s chances of winning were zero.”
“Blue Night Guild has such a huge formation, there will definitely be a backfire.”
The audience in the broadcast room gave their own opinions.
Su Ming sized up Cang Ye’s team.
The front row was filled with 15 Level 10 Warriors and the back row was filled with Level 10 Archers and Level 10 mages.
There were no other classes.
It was strange!
He became slightly more vigilant and released his spiritual energy to sense the magic flow around him.
The leader gave the order coldly.
The Archers and Mages immediately released their skills, and colorful magic radiance descended from the sky. The surrounding mana flow became chaotic.
Dozens of skills exploded on Su Ming’s body.
Without a doubt, these so-called elite players could not break the defensive line formed by Su Ming’s own constitution and BUFF.
Seeing a series of zero eggs, Cang Ye’s players had such an expression.
But for Ling Yingxue and her fans, this scene was full of explosive visual impact.
Cleric, isn’ t it crispy?
When did he play like a tank?*

Chapter 32 Blue Night’s Fiasco,’ Flash Ring'(2)

“Something’s wrong. These Cang Ye’s people clearly couldn’ t break the’ VastSea’ defense. They still had an expression of victory.”
“Must have a trump card!”Little Snow, please be careful.”
The audience became anxious.
Looking at the live broadcast, Cang Ye Wu Feng was very satisfied.
After thinking for a moment, he waved his hand and spent 100,000 ocean dollars to give gifts. At the same time, he said,” Everyone, watch carefully. How did Vastsea get killed by us Blue Night Guild!”
This entire banner.
The heat instantly exploded, and hundreds of thousands of people rushed into Ling Yingxue’s livestream room.
At the same time, the higher-ups of the big guilds also watched the live broadcast. They wanted to know what Cang Ye’s trump card was.Make plans for the future battle.
This was the other goal of Blue Night Guild.
He openly displayed [Blue Night ]’s’ secret weapon’ to all the guilds in the world.
A player with an Epic grade talent’ Absolute Dedication’.
When attacking an enemy, he would add x 1000% of his HP to his physical damage.
Of course, the effect was strong, and the price was also very high.
After using his talent, his level was cleared, and he obtained a negative effect that could not be cleared. His stats were reduced by 10%.
Every time he used it, his stats would be reduced by 10%.
About six or seven times, Wang Hai was useless.
But the other guilds weren’ t sure.
『 Wang Hai’s talent was only known by a few higher-ups.
Rather than using it secretly, it was better to use it on the stage. It could also make the big guilds fear their trump card and gain enough profit space for future actions and negotiations.
This move was too wonderful!
“VastSea ah VastSea, I don’ t know if I should thank you or hate you. Haha ……”
Cang Ye Wu Feng could not help but laugh.
In the forest.
Su Ming did not attack, and even though Cang Ye knew that his attack could not break through, he still continued to release his skill.
“Are you waiting for me to kill these players?”
He knew about [Blue Night ]’s strategy. He must be prepared to launch a fatal attack after he released his skill.
Su Ming secretly glanced around and did not find any special characters.
“Since you want to see me take action, it’s as you wish.”Su Ming thought.
The corner of his mouth curled up slightly.
Then, he raised his staff. At this moment, Su Ming noticed that the gazes of the players from Cang Ye had obviously changed.
As expected.
Then take my skill!
Thunder Destroyer Holy Light!
Lightning rumbled and resplendent golden light illuminated the forest. In an instant, hundreds of golden lightning bolts smashed towards the ground with terrifying might.
Boom… Boom… Boom…
Just as the lightning flashed for a second, the players of [Blue Night] all died.
“Ding, you killed the white-name player’ Blue Night Parasol’, Sin Points+1.”
“Ding, you killed the white-name player,” Blue Night Dawn.”
“Ding ……”
There were players in the enemy team who did not attack Su Ming.
The ID above his head instantly turned red.
“F*ck, this skill is too handsome. When could a Mage have such a cool skill.”
“Cang Ye’s methods……Just this?”I’ m afraid I’ m trying to save Vastsea.”
“Wait!VastSea had entered the red name!Cang Ye wanted to use his red name to destroy VastSea’s equipment!”
Looking at the death of his guild member, Blue Night’s noon wind laughed instead.
VastSea, my plan is on the tenth floor. How can you fight a guild as an unspecialized player?
He was looking forward to Su Ming’s death.
As for the rare equipment on Su Ming’s body, his eyes were extremely hot.
In the forest, the moment Su Ming used his skill, Cang Ye’s trump card appeared!
Su Ming could feel the magic wave coming from behind him. It was the stealth of an Assassin!
He suddenly turned around.
Ten meters away, a black shadow suddenly disappeared.
In an instant, a cold voice appeared in his ear.The ring in the Assassin’s hand shimmered. He suddenly appeared in front of Su Ming, and a sharp dagger pierced through his heart.
『 Wang Hai noticed Su Ming’s calm expression.
But now, your life is up to me.
His talent was already activated.
Absolute sacrifice!
『 Wang Hai’s heart was ecstatic.
A number of injuries suddenly popped out from Su Ming’s head.
When the damage appeared, Wang Hai let out a sigh of relief. Wait……Why didn’t he kill the notification?!
He raised his head and suddenly met Su Ming’s cold gaze. His heart trembled.
In the next moment, the Frost Armor condensed on Su Ming’s body suddenly shattered, turning into sharp ice fragments that flew towards the surroundings.
“Ding, you killed the White-named player,” North Sea Taste.”
The Assassin’s corpse was riddled with holes.
For a moment, the scene was extremely quiet.
Su Ming stood where he was. He still had about half of the blood on his head.
“So strong!”
Ling Yingxue cried out in alarm. Immediately, an excited gaze flashed through her eyes.
When he returned to his senses, the number of screens in the broadcast room exploded.
“F*ck, is VastSea’s HP more than 15,000?!”
“Wuuuu……”It’s too much to cry. It’s also a Cleric. Why can I only add blood to others.”
“Don’t you guys pay attention to this Assassin?More than 12,000 damage, wasn’ t it more powerful than Vast Ocean?”Ye Cang is indeed a veteran guild. There are many talents.”
“Ha ha, is this [Cang Ye ]’s Tian Gou upstairs?”No matter how powerful you are, you’ re still being killed by Vastsea.”
When Cang Ye saw this, the smile on his face froze.
“Impossible!Didn’ t Black Sand Guild say that his shield was only 1,000 points?”Why did you absorb 5,000 damage?”
Cang Yewu Feng shouted angrily.
“F*ck, very good. Black Sand Guild, you actually played me.”Cang Ye Wu was in a hurry to laugh. He coldly said to his assistant,” Tell Thousand Jue that he’ ll bring his team to destroy Black Sand.”
“Good, good, guild leader.”
Seeing Cang Ye’s anger, the assistant felt a little guilty.
After all, it was their team’s strategy analysis that paid a huge price. In the end, they were defeated. He was afraid that Blue Night Wind would vent his anger on him.
Cang Ye Wufeng gritted his teeth and said,” Vastsea, I will definitely not let you go.”
When he thought of Wang Hai wasting his talent, he felt like he was vomiting blood.
Through Ling Yingxue’s live broadcast, hundreds of thousands of people witnessed Su Ming’s terrifying strength. Cang Ye’s assassination became a joke after dinner.
In the forest.
“Eh, I actually lost my Silver Ring.”
Su Ming looked at Wang Hai’s corpse and found that a silver ring had fallen.
“You picked up the item:” Flash Ring – White Silver.”*

Chapter 33: Ling Yingxue’s Challenge, Instant Kill!(3)

[Flash Ring White Silver]
Location: Hand
Bonus: HP +200, Strength +15, Agility +20, Spirit +10
Special Effect: Attack Speed +10%
Additional Skill:[ Flash: Traversing Space, Flash to any position within ten meters, unable to be attacked.Cooldown 45 seconds.[Consumption 100 mana]
Equipment Requirement: Level 10, Class Universal
Displacement skills should be a skill that all players yearned to learn.
It could be used to escape, or to advance, to catch the enemy off guard.
Very practical equipment.
Su Ming immediately changed the Level 2 Spirit Light Ring and put on the Flash Ring.
“If Cang Ye Wufeng knew that the Flash Ring had exploded, he would be furious.”
Su Ming smiled.
In his eyes, Blue Night Wind was also a money boy.
All of them seemed eager to put the good equipment into his arms and send people to kill him.
Now, Su Ming was so powerful.
If Cang Ye Wufeng wanted to kill him, he had to send stronger players and wear better equipment.
As long as he killed this player, he would definitely lose a piece of equipment.
Thinking about it carefully, Su Ming felt that this was simply a way to become rich.
“I hope to send someone stronger next time.”
Su Ming thought.
He then walked over and picked up all the equipment dropped from the ground.
As these players were the elites of Cang Ye, their equipment quality was pretty good. Su Ming had forcefully picked up 12 bronze equipment and 18 black iron equipment.The rest were all white-board equipment and miscellaneous items.
He made a fortune.
“VastSea, you’ re the strongest mage I’ ve ever seen before,” Ling Yingxue said solemnly.”Can you have a PK with me?”
She looked at Su Ming with anticipation.
Su Ming looked at her in surprise.
He suddenly remembered that Ling Yingxue was also known as “PvP Mad Demon “.
As a powerful Assassin player, the content of her live broadcast was to explore the game map, attack the dungeon, and find someone to PK.
Su Ming shook his head,” I’ m not interested.”
He directly refused.
Ling Yingxue was stunned. She did not expect Su Ming to refuse.
Usually, the expert players who were invited by her would agree without hesitation.
Because she was the anchor.
Regardless of whether he won or lost, he could bring him popularity.
The large group of Add Dogs in the broadcast room instantly became furious.
“Why did Big Boss refuse? Could it be that he was afraid?”
“This is a chance to fight Little Snow. If it was me, I would have agreed.”
“Ha ha, can Vastsea be like you guys?”There’s also the weakling upstairs. You don’ t even have the qualifications to PK with the host.”
The new audience and Ling Yingxue’s fans started to fight.
“If it’s just a PK, there won’ t be any losses.”
Ling Yingxue was puzzled.
“Is there a reward for winning a PK?”Su Ming glanced at her and asked.
“Since there is no reward, why should I waste my time PKing?”
After saying that, Su Ming turned around to leave.
“This ……”
Ling Yingxue was conflicted. If she didn’ t fight an expert like Su Ming once, she wouldn’ t be willing.
“How about this? As long as you fight with me, no matter who wins or loses,” she gritted her teeth.”I’ ve promised you a condition that doesn’ t violate my bottom line.”
Hearing this, Su Ming became a little interested.
Ling Yingxue was a top 30 Assassin in the future. It was obvious how strong she was.
The conditions she promised were not cheap.
Some things needed to be done by Assassins.
“Yes, I accept PK.”
After thinking about the pros and cons, Su Ming agreed.
Ling Yingxue excitedly sent the invitation.
“Ding, player’ Snow Cherry’ invited you to PK. Do you agree?”
Su Ming immediately said.
“Ding, you have entered PK mode. After you die, you will be resurrected. You will not be punished for death.”
The blood strips on both sides turned red.
“I want to start attacking ……”
Ling Yingxue held a silver dagger and prepared to activate her talent. In the next moment, her words stopped abruptly.
Thunder Destroyer Holy Light!
At the start of the battle, Su Ming suddenly used a big move, and endless golden lightning shot towards Ling Yingxue.
Back Attack!
Her expression became serious as she instantly flashed behind Su Ming. Her dagger suddenly stabbed out, but it missed!
Su Ming had already activated his Flash Ring to dodge.
A bolt of lightning struck Ling Yingxue’s body. Su Ming’s [Thunder Destroyer Holy Light] was a lockdown skill. She had no skill to dodge the attack!
“Ding…congratulations on winning the PK.”
“I’ ll let you know later. I’ ll leave first.”
His voice rang out.
Su Ming entered the forest without looking back.
After the battle ended, Ling Yingxue still maintained her attack posture and did not react.
She looked at the dagger in her hand, her face filled with disbelief.
I… I lost……
How long did the battle last, one second or two seconds?
“The difference in strength is too great.”
Ling Yingxue looked at Su Ming’s back and smiled bitterly.
The livestream room was also silent. Her audience did not expect the battle to end so quickly.
No matter what, Su Ming was on fire.
At least hundreds of thousands of players recognized him.
“I’ d better hurry up and kill the monsters.”
Su Ming thought.
If a player was killed in the wild, an item would drop. The higher the evil value, the more equipment would drop.Moreover, it would affect the popularity of some NPCs.
The direction he was heading towards was where the split-tooth wolf demon king boss had appeared.
Less than a few dozen meters away, a large tree stood in front of him. On the ground was a treasure chest that gave off a dark glow.
Abyss Treasure Box!
A treasure chest with life. As long as it was opened, it would incubate the Demon Lord in the treasure chest. After killing this demon, it would be able to obtain the items in the treasure chest.*

Chapter 34 Abyss Treasure Box, Demon Bloodline!(4)

Clearly, the Split-tooth Wolf Demon King that he had killed earlier was the guardian of this Abyssal Treasure Box.
Su Ming stretched out his staff and knocked on the treasure chest.
The chest instantly opened, revealing the squirming black flesh inside.
Under Su Ming’s gaze, an ugly demon stood up, its body made of thick sand.
[Sandstorm Demon Lord – Bronze]
Title: Special Lord
Skills: Sandstorm Spear LV3, Sandstorm LV2, Flowing Sand Imprisonment LV5, Sand Soldier Guardian LV5
Abyss Halo: Improved by Abyssal Power,10% increase in all attributes.
As soon as the boss was born, the system notification rang.
“Ding!”Regional announcement:”
“The newly born Sandstorm Demon Lord has appeared in the Hills Mountains. Coordinates (, please kill it as soon as possible!”
On the other side of the forest, Ling Yingxue also received a message.
Looking at the coordinates, it was the direction Su Ming left.
“This…” She said in shock,” VastSea, is he the boss who loves his constitution?One after another???”
This kind of luck made her envious.
After thinking about it, Ling Yingxue did not plan to go over. Her previous defeat in the PK had made her feel ashamed to go see Su Ming.
She directly returned to Yalong Town.
Near the ancient tree.
“Human, die for me!”
The sandstorm demon roared as it charged, and the ground immediately gave off a rumbling sound.
Halfway through the road, it suddenly stomped on the ground. The dark magic power immediately formed a sand river and charged towards Su Ming, trying to imprison him.
“Ding,’ Pure Light’ has been triggered. Pure Net Value -1. The stun effect has been removed.”
Su Ming had BUFF buffs, so he didn’t have to worry about being controlled.
Seeing that his skill wasn’t working, the sandstorm demon grabbed a sand spear and threw it at Su Ming.
Holy Light Rage!
Su Ming instantly released two skills and disappeared from the spot, easily dodging the boss’ attack.
Two explosions sounded out in succession.
The heart of the boss suddenly erupted with dazzling holy light, and a hole suddenly exploded.
-3386!(Restrain Damage)
The sandstorm devil’s HP dropped a bit. Before it could react, Su Ming’s attacks were coming.
Blood Punishment!
The brilliant blood energy condensed into ten short blades. In the blink of an eye, it traveled more than ten meters and fiercely stabbed into the boss’ body.
The Sandstorm Demon did not receive any damage. After all, the Blood Blade only had a magic attack of x30%, so it was obviously unable to break through.However, Su Ming did not use his Blood Blade to attack.
It was to reduce the sandstorm demon’s defense by 20% for the effect of the skill.
The defense instantly dropped to 480 points.
Su Ming took the opportunity to attack the boss. As time passed, the sandstorm demon’s HP became lower and lower.
The boss’ health was 85.2%.
When the sandstorm demon’s HP dropped to below 10,000, it went berserk!
“My soldiers, come out and eradicate the enemy for me!”
The boss roared and used up a large amount of magic power to fuse into the ground. The soil quickly turned into sand, forming small sandstorm demons. They roared and charged towards Su Ming.
Not long after, the Frost Armor on Su Ming’s body cracked and hundreds of ice shards ravaged the monsters.
In an instant, the little demon summoned by the boss was completely destroyed. Its HP was less than 2%.
Su Ming used a few skills to harvest its health.
“Ding, you killed the Sandstorm Demon Lord, gained:21,600 Experience Points,200 Reputation Points,+2 Free Attribute Points.”
The boss’ body quickly collapsed, turning into sand that spread out in all directions.
The Abyss Treasure Chest lay undamaged on the ground, silver and bronze light mixed together.
Su Ming walked over and took out the items in the Abyss Treasure Box.
“Congratulations on obtaining items:1000 gold coins,’ Sandstorm Devil Bloodline – White Silver’,’ Sandstorm Staff – Bronze’,’ Sandstorm Scroll – Bronze’, Free Attribute Points +2.”
Su Ming added four stats to his Spirit Points and looked at the Silver Bloodline’s information.
[Sandstorm Devil Bloodline]
Quality: Silver
Effect: After using it, he will receive Silver grade’Realistic Template – Sandstorm Demon’.
Template bonus: Strength +35/Level, Vitality +35/Level, Agility +20/Level, Spirit +20/Level
An extremely powerful item.
Just a few tens of attribute points were enough to make people’s eyes warm.
One had to know that only a few points were added to the Black Iron class.
However, Su Ming would not use this item.
Because the Holy Light Kingdom was the faction of the Radiant Dragon God.
As for the demons, they were the descendants of the Dark Dragon God.
The Light Church’s tolerance for dark creatures was “zero “. As long as they became demons, the Light Church would definitely face endless persecution.
Su Ming decided to sell this scam item. As for who to sell it to, he already had a goal.
Then, he took out his staff.
[Sandstorm Staff: Bronze]
Location: Weapon
Attributes: Spell Attack +20, Vitality +8, Spirit +15
Special Effect: HP +150
Equipment Requirement: Level 10 Magic Class.25 Spirit Points
The equipment’s stats were average, but it was much better than Su Ming’s current Level 2 Spirit Scepter.
He decisively changed his equipment.
His stats had changed.
The magic attack increased to 618 points.
Following that, Su Ming continued to advance towards the depths of the mountain range. When he encountered the Split-tooth Wolf Demon on the way, he killed all of them.
“Ding, you have killed a split-tooth wolf demon. Obtained:180 experience points.”
When he reached the goal of killing 100 Split-tooth Wolf Demons, his EXP increased to the upper limit.
“Congratulations on reaching level 13. You have gained: Strength +3, Vitality +3, Agility +3, Spirit +4.”
At this moment, Su Ming had reached the area where the Ogre was located.

Chapter 35: Pick up a map treasure chest, Gold buff (5)

“Human aura!”
As soon as Su Ming arrived in the middle of the mountain range, dozens of crimson pupils appeared in the forest.
In the next moment, dozens of strange demons crawled out, their mouths dripping with saliva.
Title: Normal
Skills: Bite LV3, Corrosion Acid LV3, Devour Corpse LV2
“Tsk tsk ……”
The Ogre swarm frantically crawled towards Su Ming.
Looking at their appearance, it was disgusting.
Without saying another word, Su Ming raised his staff and cast a group damage skill.
Thunder Destroyer Holy Light!
In the blink of an eye, golden lightning descended from the sky and ravaged the center of the ghoul.
Countless damage numbers rose, and the Ogre’s health fell like a flood of water. As the second wave of lightning descended, they turned into corpses and on the ground.
After the lightning wreaked havoc, black smoke rose everywhere.
“Ding, you’ ve killed 28 ogre, gained:5040 experience points.”
Su Ming continued to kill monsters in the mountains.
In less than ten minutes, he had killed 100 ghouls with the help of Frost Break BUFF and Thunder Destroyer Holy Light.
“Ding…congratulations on leveling up to level 14. Obtained: Strength +3, Vitality +3, Agility +3, Spirit +4.”
A light flashed across Su Ming’s body, and his state instantly returned to full.
At the same time, twelve rays of golden light flew out and landed on the equipment below the monster’s corpse. Su Ming once again obtained twelve Level 10 Black Iron equipment.
ID: Canghai
Attributes: Strength 210, Vitality 204, Agility 207, Spirit 307
Every time he leveled up, Su Ming’s stats would change greatly.
This time, he still had nearly 4,000 experience points left. He decided to raise the [Holy Arrow] a few levels, or else the damage would be too low.
Su Ming spent 1700 Experience Points to raise his skill to Level 4.
Holy Arrow – Black Iron
Effect: Activate Holy Light magic to condense into an arrow, causing [80+ Spell Attack x 180%] of Holy Light damage to a single enemy. Dark Creatures receive double damage.Cool down 4.4 seconds.It consumed 40 mana.
After leveling up, Su Ming continued to walk towards the center of the mountain range.
The quest’Demon Crisis (1)’ was completed.
There was still one more target to kill the defending boss,’Sears’ Sorrow Soul’.
Along the way, he also used healing to buff himself.
Five minutes later.
『 Strong Stamina] has reached 50 full levels, providing 10,000 HP bonus.Moreover, if the damage was less than 12,500, it would be reduced by 25%.
Even if it was a black iron-quality BUFF, when the number of layers it stacked was high enough, the effect was also strong!
At this moment, he arrived at his destination.
Su Ming raised his head to look at the towering tree in the distance. It was also where Hill’s vengeful spirit was.
The next moment, he was dumbfounded.
『 Heath’s vengeful spirit’ actually disappeared!
What a joke! The boss would actually leave his location.
This was beyond his common sense.
“It’s different from what happened in my previous life.”
Su Ming frowned.
After that, he surrounded the surroundings and suddenly focused his gaze on one place.
“This is……Abyssal teleportation portal?!”
Su Ming was a little surprised.
The Abyss Teleportation Gate was usually the magic used by Abyssal Demons to teleport demon soldiers to the battlefield.
The reason why there were so many demons in Dark Abyss was because there was an Abyssal teleportation portal and the Church of Light could not destroy it, so they could only send people to guard it.
The problem was that there were not many demons in the Hills Mountains.
“It’s strange.”Su Ming walked over and carefully examined the teleportation portal. He did not find anything unusual.He suddenly recalled what the soldiers at the mountain entrance had said.
‘Resentment Lord’s strength has become exceptionally strong.’
“Could this be the reason?!”
After thinking about it, Su Ming planned to cross the teleportation portal and see where his destination was.
As soon as he got close to the tree, Su Ming noticed that there was a magnificent treasure chest on the back of the stone stele under the tree, with magical characters engraved on its surface.
“F*ck, isn’ t this a map treasure chest?!”
Even if Su Ming had experienced the wind and rain, he could not help but burst out in anger.
He actually encountered a map treasure chest that was not protected by the boss.
What shocking luck!
The surprises in life always came too suddenly.
Su Ming did not hesitate to open the treasure chest. In an instant, the golden light entered his eyes.
“Congratulations on obtaining items:2500 gold coins,’ Holy Water Blessing Scroll – Gold’,’ Hills’ Glory robe – White Silver’,’ Unknown Magic Book Title Page’.”
Excellent reward!
Especially the first two.
The first one would be exactly the same as the last Nightmare Dungeon’s healing scroll.
Su Ming could gain another 5 gold buffs.
He impatiently tore open the scroll.
Endless radiance rippled as dozens of golden water droplets merged into his body.
“Ding…congratulations on obtaining 1 layer of’ Devourer Strength BUFF’.”
After the light dissipated, Su Ming gained five layers of [Devour Power].*

Chapter 36 Sears’ Resentment, Aragon Town Crisis!(1)

『 Devourer Force BUFF’
Quality: Gold
Number of floors:5/10
Effect: When dealing damage to the enemy, loot is equal to [Damage x 5%] mana, used to restore mana.The duration was unlimited and could not be cleared.
“Tsk tsk, this BUFF is invincible.”It’s just a magic class’ s nemesis!”
Physical classes didn’t have Blue Points. They could still use normal attacks to deal a large amount of damage.
However, for a spell class, once their blue level was zero, they would not be able to use their skills and could only wait for death.
Su Ming was very satisfied with the effect of this BUFF.
Next, he took out the robe from the treasure chest.
[Sears’ Glory Robe – Silver]
Position: Body
Attributes: Defense +25, HP +350, Vitality +20, Spirit +15
Special Effect: Spirit Resistance +10%
Additional Skill:[ Berserk Magic Power: After activating the skill, it will consume 100 mana per second. The spell damage caused by a magic skill will be increased by 10%. The maximum duration is 15 seconds.Cooldown:25 seconds.]
Equipment Requirement: Level 10 Legal Class
Su Ming was wearing a Level 5 white silver robe called Lake Light Robe. Although the additional skills were very good, the stats were too lacking.
After thinking about it, he still wore a new robe.
His stats had increased greatly again.
The last item was another special item.
[Unknown Magic Book Title Page]
Quality: Special
Description: It was written with a mysterious name called “Rosaster Cecil “.
《 Original World had a long history, so there were many items from other times. They were usually related to a hidden quest, and as long as they solved the puzzle, they would be rewarded.
Fortunately, a name appeared in this item description.
Su Ming felt that he could start with this name and investigate the secret behind the title page.
Putting the magic paper into his backpack, Su Ming looked up at the Abyssal teleportation portal.
As soon as he raised his foot, the system notification rang.
“Ding!”Dragon Town announcement:”
“Due to an unknown reason, Hill’s vengeful spirit was attacking Yalong Town.Triggered a large-scale quest [Guardian Yalong Town].”Everyone, please kill Hill’s vengeful spirit as soon as possible to protect the safety of Yalong Town.”
“After completing the quest, the system will also reward the players based on their contributions.”
The announcement was repeated several times, and all the Aragon Town players were stunned.
So the boss would attack the town?
Su Ming was also stunned. This development was similar to the trajectory of his previous life.
Thinking of this, he hurriedly stepped into the Abyss Teleportation Array.
At the wall of Yalong Town.
Night Blade, Immortal Shadow, and Blue Night had gathered thousands of guild members.Most of the unspecialized players gathered on the plains, waiting for the boss to arrive.
The unspecialized players knew that they could not get the boss, but they just wanted to join in on the fun.
If they had the chance to grab the boss’ head, they would be rich.
This probability was definitely higher than buying lottery tickets.
“Guild leader Night Blade and Guild leader Qing Lan, can you two give this boss to me?”Blue Night Wind asked kindly,” In exchange, I can give you 2 million.”
“Guild Master Cang Ye was really stingy,2 million?”You’ re calling me Hua Zi?”Night Blade Flame said bluntly.
Then, he thought of something and said playfully,” How about this? I’ ll give you two times the reward. A bid of four million. How about guild leader Cang Ye give this boss to me?”
Cang Ye Wufeng suppressed the anger in his heart and said coldly,” Since Guild Master Night Blade doesn’ t give us any face, then we’ ll fight for the boss’ first kill.”With’ Wang Hai’ around, I’ ll see who can snatch the boss from [Cang Ye ].”
Night Blade Yan smiled disdainfully.
But he and Yue Qinglan looked at each other and saw the worry in their eyes.
『 Wanghai’s assassination attempt on Su Ming had failed, but the guilds had also seen how powerful Cang Ye’s trump card was.
With 10,000+ damage, they really weren’t sure if they could get the boss’ head.
Seeing the two of them looking at each other, Cang Ye Wu Feng knew that his words had scared them.
In reality, Wang Hai was only a few levels away, and he had been reduced by 10% of his stats. He couldn’t bring out any powerful damage from his.
“Damn it. If it wasn’ t for Vastsea, I wouldn’ t have been so aggrieved.”
Cang Ye Wufeng felt a deep hatred in his heart.
Not long after, the sky suddenly darkened. A shadow that looked like a death god appeared in the sky.
“Destruction!”I want to destroy everything!”
His hoarse voice echoed throughout the battlefield.
[Sears’ vengeful soul, Bai Yin, demonized]
Title: Lord
Skills:[ Soul Touch] LV5,[ Scepticism Resentment] LV5,[ Soul Explosion] LV4,[ Shadow Arrow] LV4
Abyss Demonization: Affected by the Abyssal Power, the stats increased by 20%.
After seeing the boss’ attributes, everyone was dumbfounded.
He was actually immune to physical damage.
Originally, the boss was flying high in the sky. The early-stage skills like Warriors and Knights could not defeat the boss at all.Only Archers and Mages could attack Hears’ vengeful spirits.
Now, Archers were directly excluded, unless they had Elemental Skills.
As for mages, the players did not hold any hope.
They had never seen a Mage that could deal 700+ damage.
“Guild Master Cang Ye, your guild’s trump card is useless.”
Night Blade Flame directly ridiculed Blue Night Wind.
Cang Ye Wufeng’s face turned pale when he heard this. He immediately asked,” Cang Ye can’ t kill the boss. Could it be that you can kill it?”
Night Blade Flame simply shook his head and said,” But there’s someone who can definitely kill the boss.”
Looking at the vengeful spirits of Hills in the sky, the players of Aragon Town all thought of a Cleric.
Vast Ocean!
Only he could kill the boss!
Sensing the thoughts in their minds, the players sighed endlessly.
They had never expected that as DPS classes, they could only wait for a Cleric to go on stage and kill their enemies.*

Chapter 37: Su Ming’s Arrival, Hit Boss (2)

Su Ming passed through the teleportation portal and appeared at the junction between Black Crow Forest and Yalong Plain.
Hills’ vengeful spirits floated above Yalong Town, continuously attacking the crowd below.
A golden barrier blocked some of the boss’ attacks.
“Was Divine Priest Elos……”What about Bishop Harman?”Su Ming was puzzled.
The Divine Priest was an auxiliary class, and Iros was not strong.
If the bishop was present, the Level 10 Shiers’ vengeful spirit would definitely not be a match.
He walked towards the battlefield with doubt.
Yalong Town.
The players were very aggrieved. They had not expected that they would be beaten by the boss and run around.
His heart was filled with rage.
But they couldn’t defeat Hill’s vengeful spirits.
“What the f*ck! Why is this trash game so abnormal?”
“I’ m speechless. I can’ t even quit the game now.”
“『 VastSea’s boss, why hasn’ t he come yet?”If this continues, Yalong Town will be gone.”
The players felt anxious.
In the next moment, a Holy Light Arrow tore through the air and pierced through Hill’s vengeful soul’s back.
-1735!(Restrain Damage)
A wisp of black smoke emerged from the boss’ back, and the blood on the boss’ head decreased slightly.
When they saw this skill, the players were ecstatic, and at the same time, a sense of relief appeared on their faces.
VastSea’s boss is here!
We don’t have to die.
“Damn human, how dare you ambush me!”
Hill’s vengeful soul furiously attacked. Three shadow arrows descended from the sky. In the blink of an eye, they flew dozens of meters and stabbed towards Su Ming.
Su Ming instantly activated his ring skill, and he disappeared from his original spot. The ground was instantly blasted into a huge hole.
“Miss Elos, please heal me.”
Su Ming said from afar.
He couldn’t give up on such a good opportunity.
Yilos took a little lighter and stared at Su Ming’s back with clear eyes, ready to heal him at any time.
Berserk Magic Power!
Su Ming activated his light speed skill. His magic power seemed to boil, and his spell damage instantly increased by 10%.
Blood Punishment!
The Blood Blade that had gathered blood energy flew away at high speed, instantly hitting Hill’s body, reducing its magic defense to 600.
“Stupid human, under my anger, perish!”
Hills raised his staff in his hand, and gray magic power surged in the sky.
The evil spirit’s sly smile appeared in the player’s ears. In the next moment, the fifteen evil spirits disappeared from their original spot and appeared beside Su Ming. He had no way to dodge, he could only forcefully eat the damage.
The evil spirits suddenly exploded.
Boom! Boom!!!
In just a short second, Su Ming received 18,900 damage.If it wasn’t for the fact that’ Sturdy Body’ reduced his damage by a quarter, he would n’ t have been able to withstand this attack.
At this moment, Su Ming only had 1,000 HP left.
Divine Light Technique!
In that instant, Elos quickly used various healing skills.
“Ding…congratulations on obtaining 1 layer of’ Spell Damage Buff’.”
Su Ming’s health had recovered by half.
He also gained a new BUFF.
Unfortunately,’Benefit of Life’ would only be triggered by a skill with the highest healing amount per unit of time. He could only get a BUFF in a second.
Su Ming took advantage of the boss’ attack interval to quickly take a look at the attributes of the new BUFF.
『 Spell Damage BFF’
Quality: Silver
Number of layers:1/10
Effect: Every time you use a spell to hit an enemy, it will receive a layer of [Spell Damage Imprint]. The damage will be increased by 10%, with a maximum of 5 layers.If the enemy did not receive any damage for 5 seconds, all marks would be cleared.The duration was unlimited and could not be cleared.
This BUFF came at the right time.
Thunder Destroyer Holy Light!
Su Ming quickly used his skill, causing the magic circle to float in the sky and lock onto the target of the boss.
The golden lightning descended from the sky with a brilliant might, and resplendent lightning radiance engulfed the figure of the vengeful spirits of Hiers.
Boom! Boom!
Every time he attacked, he would give the boss a layer of [Magic Damage], and the damage he received would increase.After 5 seconds, Su Ming dealt 9444 damage.
Hill’s vengeful spirit had lost 3% of his HP and 472 mana.
The tens of thousands of players watching from Yalong Town were stunned.
Immortal damage!
“This is too strong. I feel like’ VastSea’ isn’ t playing a game with us.”
“The boss is right in front of me. I can only watch’ VastSea’ kill it. Do you know how uncomfortable I am?”
“You feel bad.”It’s not like you’ re a warrior, but it’s just that our mages feel uncomfortable!”
Hearing the complaints of the warrior players, the mage players did not hesitate to argue.
As a Mage class that was characterized by explosive damage, he could not even compare to a Cleric.
They felt as if they were talking about dogs.
Su Ming ignored the players’ lament. He was focused on fighting.
Relying on Iross’s healing skills, as well as his own’ combat endurance’, Su Ming was able to recover his health.
As time passed, the HP of the boss became lower and lower.
For every 10,000 points of damage, Hillse’s vengeful soul would summon ten soul strikes and randomly select ten players to absorb their HP to heal.
Therefore, Su Ming’s attack speed was not fast.
However, every time he attacked, he would plunder Hills’ mana value.
Coupled with the massive amount of mana consumed by the boss’ skill, it had less than one-fifth of its mana.
『 Devourer’s Power’ BUFF was too shameless.
Su Ming liked it very much.
After more than ten minutes, the boss’ HP was reduced to 20%. It suddenly stopped moving.
What happened?
The players were filled with doubt.*

Chapter 38 Golden robe, final quest reward!(3)

“Shameless human!!”
Hill’s face was filled with anger.
Its mana had already been taken away by Su Ming, so it did not use a single skill.
Of course, as a boss, the mana recovery rate per second was quite fast, but the mana recovery rate was still not up to the standard for using skills.
Su Ming used his skill and took away the remaining mana.
This human was too shameless!
If Hill’s had a physical form, Su Ming would probably have spat out blood.
“I’ ll kill you!”
The raging fury caused the demonized Hills to completely lose his rationality. It flew down from the sky and brandished its smoke-like staff as it madly smashed towards Su Ming.
Su Ming stood there calmly.
There wasn’t even a number of damage on his head.
Hills’ vengeful soul was originally a soul body, and it could not cause physical damage.
The scene was extremely awkward.
Unfortunately, Hills, who had lost his rationality, could not sense it.
“F*ck, this boss really is Xiu’er.”Is it in the air?”
“Why do I feel like the boss looks like a who has been robbed of candy.”
“Wait……Didn’t you guys notice?The boss landed on the ground!!”
A warrior’s eyes gleamed.
As soon as they finished speaking, the players looked at Hills in unison.
“Hehe, so what if it falls? Can you do a little damage to it?”
Another Mage poured cold water on everyone without hesitation.
It wasn’t like we could n’ t break the boss’ defenses.
The more the players thought about it, the more uncomfortable they felt.
Su Ming took the opportunity to beat the drowning dog. He used all sorts of skills to greet Hill’s vengeful spirit, not allowing it to have a chance to return to the blue.
This time, less than a minute later, the last 20% of the boss’ HP had all dropped.
The black aura on Hill’s body disappeared and he returned to his normal appearance. He lowered his head and looked at Su Ming, leaving behind his last words,” Powerful adventurer, thank you for purifying me!It didn’t make a big mistake. After all, Yalong Town was also where I was born ……”
He turned around and looked at Yalong Town, his gaze incomparably gentle.
“Three thousand years, I was finally free.Adventurer, this is my reward.In addition, you must remember that the Dark Apostle was right beside him ……”
Hills’ soul vanished, and a ray of light fused into Su Ming’s robe.
The system notification sounded out one after another.
“You’ ve killed Hill’s vengeful spirit and gained:43200 Experience Points,500 Reputation Points,+4 Free Attribute Points.”
“The quality of your equipment,” Hill’s Glory Robe, has improved to Gold rank.”
“Congratulations on reaching level 15. You have gained: Strength +3, Vitality +3, Agility +3, Spirit +4.”
Siming’s mind had been thinking back to Hills’ last sentence.
‘Dark Apostle was right beside him’
“Could it be that he was behind the demonization of Hills?”
Su Ming thought about it.
Suddenly, a figure appeared in his mind.
Could it be Bishop Harman?
He recalled how much he felt about him and the fact that Yalong Town had been invaded and he wasn’t there.
The suspicion of Bishop Harman was undoubtedly the greatest.
Moreover, the identity of the bishop of the Church of Light could be said to be the best disguise.
Of course, this was just Su Ming’s guess, there was no real evidence.
Shaking his head, Su Ming no longer blindly guessed.
“Ding!Hill’s vengeful spirit had been killed and the quest was being settled ……”
“Congratulations on completing the quest [Guardian Yalong Town]. Received:3000 Experience Points,500 Reputation Points,1 piece of Black Iron equipment.”
There was also a contribution list beside the quest panel.
There was only a lone ID on it,’ Vast Ocean’, which was the number one contributor.
Second, third……Even the thousandth place was empty.
Su Ming could already feel the sight of tens of thousands of players.
Their eyes revealed deep resentment.
VastSea’s boss ate meat, at least he gave it a mouthful of soup!
Right now, not only did they not have any soup, they did not even have a chance to add dishes.
It was simply too tragic.
Of course,99.9% of the players did not blame Su Ming.
They knew very well that they could not drink the soup, so they could only blame themselves for not being strong enough.
Afterwards, Su Ming bent down to pick up the items that the boss dropped.
“Congratulations on obtaining the spoils of war:’ Blood-stained Ring (quest item)’,’ Phantom Boots… White Silver 』……”
With the quest item in hand, Su Ming would be able to open the second round of quests once he completed the quest.
At this moment, he opened the [Golden Light] BUFF again.
“Ding. Detected that you are wearing 2 pieces of Gold equipment. Triggering the [Golden Light] effect,4 dimensional attribute +40.”
As the Dharma Robe had evolved to Gold rank, its talent had increased by a lot.
In this battle, Su Ming received an extremely generous reward.
By relying on Elos’ God of Light’s skill,’Frost Shatter’ had finally reached 20 full levels. It could gain a shield that could defend against 10,000 damage.
After the shield broke, it dealt 10,000 ice damage to the enemies in the 10m area.
In addition, spell damage also reached 10 levels.
He could cast [Spell Damage] on the enemy. He could stack up to 5 layers and increase his spell damage by 20%.
The maximum increase was 100%. The effect was too strong.
Su Ming’s strength had more than doubled.
After that, Su Ming planned to check the spoils of war dropped by the boss.
However, Night Blade Flame and Yue Qinglan led the guild members towards him.
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Chapter 39: Lord’s Tower, two Silver Scrolls!(4)

“Brother Vastsea, congratulations on taking down Silver’s first kill.”Night Blade Yan laughed.
Su Ming looked at the two of them and he understood.
So, he said,” You want to buy equipment, right.”
“Haha, Brother Vastsea, you really know me. No matter how much equipment I give you, you are satisfied with the price I gave you.”
Night Blade Flame said in an air.
Su Ming just so happened to want to clean up the pack. Previously, he had been hunting demons everywhere, and the pack was almost filled with equipment.
He opened his backpack and found out the equipment that he didn’t need and displayed it outside.
One, two, three……Su Ming continuously took out his equipment. The nearby players were stunned.
“Er……Brother, are you taking out the boss’s nest?”The number of high-grade equipment is much higher than that of a special equipment team in our guild.”
Night Blade Flame was stunned.
“VastSea, sell us all the equipment you took out?”Yue Qinglan could not help but ask.
“Of course I’ ll sell them all. Otherwise, I won’ t have any space left in my backpack.”Su Ming replied casually.
Hearing this, the players were speechless.
Listen, is this still human?!
If they had gotten enough equipment to fill their backpacks, they would have woken up from their dreams.
Unfortunately, the reality was very cruel.
The explosion rate of rare equipment was too low.
If they killed a hundred monsters, they wouldn’t necessarily drop a black iron outfit.
The players from each guild looked at Su Ming with envy.
After a long while, Su Ming finally sorted out all the unnecessary equipment.
Whiteboard,45 pieces.
Black Iron,65 pieces.
Bronze,15 pieces.
“You guys have to discuss it yourself. How do you want to distribute it?”Su Ming looked at the two and said.
Hearing this, Yue Qinglan looked at Night Blade Flame and suggested,” Guild Master Night Blade, why don’ t you give me the equipment of the Mage, Archer, and Summoner, and you give the rest of your professional equipment?”
“No problem. Let’s just divide it.”
After thinking about it, Night Blade Flame agreed.
The white board was worthless, ten gold coins each.
Iron,500 gold coins.
Bronze,4,000 gold.
Su Ming had accumulated 9,2950 gold coins, and his family had finally broken through to 710,000.
“By the way, I have something. I don’ t know who wants it!”
Looking at the two of them, Su Ming seemed to remember something.
He opened his backpack and slid the interface to the bottom. All the items that Hills had dropped were here. He took out a pyramid-shaped stone tower with a large tree carved on it.
[Leader Tower Hills]
Quality: Special
Effect: The player who binds to the item has permission to add the name of the player to the Lord’s Tower. After killing the monster on the Hills Mountain Range map, this player will gain 10% experience.
Binders: None
Description: After being killed, this item will definitely drop, and it will also clear the original binders.
“What is it?”
They looked at the information about the item in Su Ming’s hand in confusion, and their eyes narrowed.
The next moment, Night Blade Flame and Yue Qinglan simultaneously said,” I want this!”
“Night Blade guild leader, you’ re not honest. You’ ve taken 70% of the previous rare equipment alone.”I should have the priority to purchase this item.”
Yue Qinglan said softly.
Can “be generous enough to eat?”This item is based on what President Qing Lan said before. If the price is higher, you can get it!”Night Blade Yan said leisurely.
“Since that’s the case, I won’ t say anything.”
Hearing this, Yue Qinglan gritted her teeth and looked at Su Ming, shouting out the price,” I’ ll pay 1 million gold coins to buy the Lord’s Tower!”
“1.1 Million gold!”
Night Blade Yan shouted, not to be outdone.
“1.2 Million!”
“1.25 Million!”
The price of the Lord’s Tower rose steadily, and in the end, Night Blade Flame had raised a price of 2.1 million.
As guild leaders, they naturally understood the value of the Lord’s Tower.
It was incredibly huge!
“I’ ll pay 2.1 million gold coins. Guild Master Qing Lan, no matter how much you pay, I’ ll add 100,000 gold coins to your base.”
Night Blade Flame was full of vigor.
He was lacking everything, but not money.
Yue Qinglan frowned slightly. At this moment, a mage girl from the [Shadow] Guild walked past and whispered in her ear. Yue Qinglan’s brows relaxed.
She raised her head to look at Su Ming and smiled.” Vastsea, how about I give 2.1 million gold coins and two Silver grade healing scrolls?”
Su Ming did not reply. He looked at Night Blade Flame.
At this moment, Night Blade Yan gnashed his teeth and said,” I really didn’ t expect that you [Immortal Shadow] would be quite good. This time, I lost.”
“Sometimes.”Our women are more careful than your men.”
Yue Qinglan had a smile on her face.
“President Qing Lan, this item belongs to you.”
Su Ming and her completed the transaction.
He gained 2.1 million gold coins, plus two’ Rain of Life Scrolls’.
After obtaining what he wanted, both sides left the plains.
Su Ming took out the scroll and tore it apart twice.
“Ding…congratulations on obtaining a layer of’ Shield Blessing’.”
30 Levels of new BUFF!
『 Shield Blessing BUFF’
Quality: Silver
Number of layers:30/50
Effect: When a shield exists on your body, it will recover [Maximum Shield Value x 3%] HP per second. One shield value can defend against 1.3 physical/magic damage.The duration was unlimited and could not be cleared.
This BUFF once again strengthened Su Ming’s survivability.
『 Frost Shatter added 10,000 damage. With the buff of Shield Blessing, he could defend against 13,000 damage and recover 300 HP per second.
Su Ming was extremely satisfied.*

Chapter 40 Rewards, Certificate of Champion Trial (1)

After obtaining the new BUFF, Su Ming also walked towards Yalong Town.
He planned to submit a quest to the village chief.
Along the way, Su Ming picked up the first contribution point reward from’Guarding Yalong Town’.
“Congratulations on your reward:1000 gold coins,5000 experience points,10 free attribute points,’ Champion Trial’.”
There were four rewards.
Apart from gold coins, the last three items were not bad.
Su Ming casually added 14 free attribute points to his Spirit Points.
Then, he looked at the last item.
『 Champion’s Trial’
Quality: Special
Description: The entrance ticket for the Battle God Hall Champion Trial is held once a year. If the number of participants reaches 10,000, the competition can begin.Only those who won the first place were eligible to receive the reward.
Current enrollment:8452/10000
“War God Hall……”I remember the eastern city of the Holy Light Kingdom,’ Leot’.”
Su Ming was very familiar with the championships.
This was because this event was aimed at the entire world of Original!
Only the first place in the match had a reward. This reward had the lowest quality of gold and the highest quality of myth.
As long as they obtained a good ranking in the championship competition, they would gain a huge amount of popularity.
Sometimes, the various factions in other worlds would also offer you an olive branch.
“When I finish the final quest of Yalong Town, I’ ll go to Leute City.”
Su Ming made a decision.
Then, he took out the silver equipment that Hill’s vengeful spirit had dropped.
A pair of boots.
『 Phantom Boots White Silver’
Location: Foot
Attributes: Defense +15, Strength +10, Agility +30, Spirit +11
Special Effect: Movement Speed +15%
Additional Skill:[ Phantom False Body: Leave a substitute with 10% HP in place. Move to 10 meters away and gain 6 seconds of invisibility.Cooldown:30 seconds.It consumed 150 mana.]
Equipment Requirement: Level 10, Class Universal
Double + Displacement + Stealth!
Three types of combined effects were also very practical.
It could be used to escape or deceive the enemy’s vision, and then launch a sneak attack from the shadows.
Su Ming immediately put on his Phantom boots and replaced his Level 3 shoes.
The stats instantly increased.
Apart from that, after the’Sears’ Glory Robe’ that was originally equipped on his body had evolved to Gold rank, his stats had greatly increased.
[Hill’s Holy Robe – Gold]
Position: Body
Attributes: Defense +45, HP +550, Vitality +30, Agility +15, Spirit +25
Special Effect: Spirit Resistance +20%
Additional Skill:[ Berserk Magic Power: After activating the skill, it will consume 200 mana per second. The spell damage caused by a magic skill will be increased by 20%. The maximum duration is 15 seconds.Cooldown:25 seconds (after the skill finishes).]
Equipment Requirement: Level 10 Legal Class
All aspects of the effects had improved greatly.
After closing the equipment panel, Su Ming had already arrived near the mayor’s house.
In the end, he encountered an unexpected person.
She smiled.” Hello, Mr. Canghai, thank you for saving Yalong Town again.”
“Why is she here?”
Su Ming walked over with some doubt. At the same time, he greeted and asked,” Divine Priest Elos, are you here to look for Mayor Barker?”
“Yes, there are some things that need to be notified to the old mayor.”Elos nodded.
After thinking for a while, Su Ming still asked the question in his heart,” Why didn’ t I see Bishop Harman when Hill’s vengeful spirit attacked?”
“Today, after we assisted sentry 3 to defend against the demon attack, the Great Evil Lord suddenly charged at the seal of the Abyssal teleportation portal. The Bishop went to Dark Ridge to strengthen the seal.”
Elos Wen explained.
“I see.”
Su Ming was surprised to find that things had changed again.
In his previous life, Bishop Harman should have stayed in the church.
The trajectory of the storyline had changed!
“Exactly which link has a variable?”
Su Ming thought carefully, and he suddenly remembered something.
From the start of the game until now, the first event that had changed from his previous life was that he had assisted the sentry soldiers to retreat from the demon army’s attack.
It was from this moment that the game’s trajectory began to change.
“It turns out that all the changes were caused by me.”
Su Ming felt a little helpless.
According to this speculation, the suspicion that Bishop Harman was behind the scenes was slightly reduced.
There were too few clues.
Su Ming was only familiar with the first and second quests. The third quest was not completed by that player in his previous life.
He was too lazy to think about it.
After saying goodbye to Elos, Su Ming went to the mayor’s house and submitted the quest.
“Adventurer, thank you for your contribution to Yalong Town!”This is your reward.”
The mayor gratefully took out a skill book and a large amount of gold coins.
“Ding!”Congratulations on completing the quest’ Demon Crisis (1)’. Bonus:10,000 experience points,4,000 gold coins, free attribute points +2,’ Holy Light Blessing Skill Book – Silver'”
This skill book was a group gain auxiliary skill, so Su Ming did not learn it.
It would never be possible to assist in this life.
He tossed the skill book into his backpack and left it as a material for the future skill book.
After that, Su Ming took out the quest item’ Blood-stained Ring’.
“Mayor, do you know the owner of this ring?”
“Let me see……West, isn’t this the name of Pharmacist Ron?”Adventurer, perhaps you can go find Ron. He might know the owner of the ring.”
The mayor studied the ring for a while and found a name engraved inside.
Su Ming took back his ring and left the mayor’s house.
However, he did not go to look for Ron. Instead, he was ready to log off.
It was getting late today.
Open the system and click the exit button.
“Ding, you are exiting” Original.”
His eyes darkened. The next moment, he returned to his bedroom.
Su Ming could clearly sense the powerful power contained within his body. As expected, he had synchronized the power in Original to reality.
However, it was not completely synchronized. It was only 50% of the power in the game.
If he wanted to increase his strength, he had to wait for the mysterious dungeon to appear. There was an item called the Origin Stone that could increase his synchronization by 5%.
“Let’s take a break now. Just follow through and figure out how to develop in the future.”
Su Ming made a plan.
Now, all the major news media were reporting on the power in Original.
He believed that a large number of players would enter tomorrow.
It could be said that the new era was about to come!*