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Big Boss
Fantasy Coins: 41

61 Ancient God Descending, Diamond Level quest (3)

On the plains around Yalong Town, the players were constantly fighting the demons.
One of the Archers named’Three Arrows of the Moon’ was stunned when he heard the system announcement. A bitter smile appeared on his face.
“『 How could Vastsea be strong?”
Moon Three Arrows’ face was filled with despair.
Previously, he had vowed to defeat Su Ming before continuing the live broadcast.However, following Su Ming’s continuous world announcement,’ Three Arrows of the Moon’ completely lost confidence.
“Such a pervert, I have no chance to beat him.”
Moon Three Arrows whispered.
After seeing the huge gap between him and Su Ming, he finally understood.
In the dungeon.
Su Ming directly added all the free stats to his Spirit Points.
He looked at the new skill again.
The Demon’s killing rate reached 460, and killing a Demon Lord increased by 200.
At this rate, the skill would quickly evolve into Diamond quality.
Su Ming took out the Yellow-Gold equipment that the boss had dropped.
[Lava Bracelet – Gold]
Position: Wrist
Attributes: Strength +20, Vitality +41, Agility +20, Spirit +38
Special Effect: Fire Resistance +5%
Additional Skill:[ Lava Burst: Summons high-temperature lava to attack enemies, deals [1000+ Spell Attack x300%] Fire Damage.Cooldown:15 seconds.It consumed 150 mana.]
Equipment Requirement: Level 15 Magic Class
In Gold grade equipment, the [Lava Bracelet] attribute was average.
However, the equipment Su Ming was wearing was a Level 1 bronze equipment. The difference in attributes was huge.
He decisively changed into new equipment.
“Ding, I have detected that you are wearing 3 pieces of Gold equipment and triggered the [Golden Light] effect. Four dimensional attribute +60.”
The stats increased greatly.
The magic attack turned to 1158, and the physical attack turned to 1230.
After killing the Flame Demons Lord, the team from Night Blade and Immortal Shadow immediately exited the dungeon. All the equipment stored in the dungeon space was stored in their backpack.
The player’s initial storage capacity was 200 cells.
Unable to install all the equipment, Su Ming discarded more than 100 ordinary equipment, leaving only 87 black iron equipment,15 bronze equipment,5 white silver equipment and 1 gold equipment.
The rewards were incredibly generous!
“I have to hurry to the Yalong Plains as soon as I finish counting all the gains.”
Su Ming thought.
He immediately opened the dungeon panel and chose to exit the dungeon.
“Was in the process of clearing the dungeon ……”
“The final boss of the dungeon has been killed and the conditions for clearing the dungeon have been reached!”
“Clearance time:25 minutes 28 seconds.Dungeon contribution:10200.”Ranked first.”
“Final evaluation: Perfect!”
“Congratulations on obtaining the’ Perfect Dungeon Treasure Box – First Kill Limit’ x1.”
The system had just finished clearing the dungeon when a sudden change occurred.
“Beep. Affected by unknown power, you are about to be teleported to the projection plane of the Void Sea.”
The scenery around Su Ming changed in an instant.
The next moment, he arrived in the universe space.
In front of him was an incomparably huge blue planet. Su Ming could not tell the size of the planet with his naked eye.
Looking around, the bright nebula floated in the void, and the nearby planet gave off colorful lights.
“Mortal, welcome to the Void Sea. The planet in front of you is World 10. Of course, everything here is just a projection.”
A voice filled with charm sounded in Su Ming’s mind.
Su Ming subconsciously turned around and his pupils contracted.
“Radiant Dragon God?!!”
He was shocked.
He actually saw the Dragon of Light Barlowns, one of the most powerful Chaos Ancient Gods in the Origin World, controlling the rules of light and secondary rules.
However, Su Ming was not worried that the Dragon God of Light would attack a mortal like him.
This was the agreement between Ancient God Chaos.
No god could violate it, or else they would be sealed by the other ancient gods.
The Dragon of Light’s divine body stretched across the vast starry river. Countless nebulae swirled around its body, giving off an insignificant glow. The stars were as tiny as gravel and dust.
The grandeur of his body could not be described in words.
This was a Chaos Ancient God Realm!
“Dear Dragon God, what’s the matter with you bringing me here?”
Su Ming could not imagine what a god would do to him.
“Mortal, I have something I need your help with.”The Dragon of Light looked at him calmly.
“If I can help you, I’ m naturally willing to help!”
Su Ming decisively agreed.
The reward for an ancient god’s quest was definitely extremely generous!
“Mortal, you will be happy with your decision.”
Hearing this, the Dragon of Light looked at him with a trace of admiration. His tone became calm as he slowly said,” In Aragon Town, there is a descendant of my bloodline. She is about to be poisoned by the Abyssal disciples.”
“Because of the Chaos Agreement, I was unable to take action.Therefore, he hoped for a mortal to save her.”You’ re the strongest in Yalong Town. That’s why I’ m looking for you.”
After saying that, the Dragon of Light stared at him and asked,” So, adventurer, are you willing to accept my quest?”
“Ding!”Congratulations on triggering the Diamond grade quest’ Save the Legatee of the Radiant Bloodline’. Would you accept it?”
Su Ming received the quest without hesitation.
As for who the bloodline heir of the Dragon of Light was, Su Ming had guessed that it was definitely Divine Priest Elos.
No wonder the heretics used her as a sacrifice.
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Chapter 62: Epic Reward, Elos’ Despair (1)

“In order to ensure that you complete the mission, I can give you a reward in advance.”Mortal, you can choose one of your talent, equipment and skills as a reward.”
The Dragon of Light said gently.
“Reward ……”
Hearing this, Su Ming began to ponder.
What did he need most?
Talent, equipment or skill?
He was the first to rule out equipment.
“I don’ t lack talent. A permanent BUFF is actually similar to a talent’s effect, so choose a skill.”
Su Ming lacked high-quality skills.
Although after entering a higher-level city, players could search for skill merchants and use skill books to synthesize skills.
However, this method could only obtain Gold rank skills.
Having an answer, Su Ming decisively said,” I need a synthesizer that can synthesize Diamond-level skills.”
“Mortal, I don’t have a low-grade diamond quality item here.”
The Dragon of Light slowly said.
Hearing this, Su Ming almost choked to death.
Diamond quality was equivalent to a low-grade item???
The Dragon of Light pondered for a moment before continuing,” How about this? I’ ll use this Epic skill synthesizer as your early reward.”
He brandished his dragon claws.
A ray of light instantly traveled through hundreds of thousands of light years and flew in front of Su Ming.
“Ding!You have received a gift from Dragon of Light Barlowns: Historical Skill Synthesizer.”
[Skill Synthesizer – Epic]
Type: Special
Effect: Based on a skill book, add 1-10 skill books as a supplement. You can use a certain amount of gold to synthesize a new skill book. The class is based on the main skill book.
Note: There is a certain probability that the skill book will fail. The higher the quality of the skill book, the higher the probability of failure.
Looking at the historical skill synthesizer, Su Ming was stunned.
Diamond grade quests actually rewarded Epic grade items.
This move was truly generous.
As expected of an ancient god, the words “wealth and responsibility” were vividly displayed.
“Thank you for your reward.”
Su Ming put away his item and thanked him.
“To me, this was just a trivial thing.Next, I’ll send you back.”I hope you can complete the quest.”
“This is a Radiant Saint Crystal. With its power, it can save my Legatee.”
The Dragon of Light shook its wings and a golden crystal appeared in Su Ming’s hand. Immediately, an unknown force was applied to him.
Su Ming disappeared into the projection plane of the Void Sea.
The Dragon of Light looked at the location where Su Ming left. His gaze was incomparably deep, and mysterious ripples could be heard from the depths of the void.
“If you say that fate can not be changed, Elos will definitely be devoured by the darkness.”
“As for who would win the bet, let’s wait and see ……”
“Amita ……”
When Su Ming was still in the dungeon.
The soldiers and players of Yalong Town had already been defeated by the demon army.
In this quest, players had died more than four times and could not be revived.
There were less than three thousand players still fighting.
The Knights of the Church of Light had suffered both sides from the previous battle with the Dark Ridge demons. More than 90% of the Knights were still lying in the church to heal.
A wave of despair filled the air among the tens of thousands of residents of Yalong Town.
At this moment, Elos was using her magic barrier to block the enemy’s long-range attacks.Due to the excessive release of magic power, his face was extremely pale.
Hearing the cries of the residents and the cries of the soldiers, they looked at the blood and bones on the ground.
Elos’ face was getting paler and paler. She bit her lips tightly, not even noticing that she was bleeding.
Why am I so weak?!
It was as if a small person had appeared in her heart.
Looking at the desperate resistance of Aragon Town, the black-robed Ron was extremely satisfied.
He walked to the front of the demon army and shouted in a hoarse voice,” The residents of Yalong Town, you have no resistance.As long as I gave the order, everyone would be reduced to the food of demons!But ——”
Ron suddenly raised his voice. His sharp eyes surrounded the surroundings and shouted,” But the great Dark Lord, I have decided to give you a chance to live!”There’s only one chance. If we miss it, everyone will die!”
“So please seize this precious opportunity. The residents of Yalong Town, I have great expectations for you……Tsk tsk ……”
Ron’s strange laughter rang in everyone’s ears.
Hearing that they had a chance to live, the residents of Yalong Town had a look of hope in their eyes.
“Hand over Elos, everyone else can live!”
Ron couldn’t help but say.
In an instant, tens of thousands of residents were in an uproar.
“No, we definitely can not hand over Miss Elos!”
Most of them were determined.
A group of mobs.
Ron laughed coldly in his heart. He secretly released a wide range of spiritual skills and said in a seductive tone,” Think about it, as long as you sacrifice one person, you tens of thousands of people will be saved. Isn’t this not worth it?Don’t you want to survive?”That’s right!”
After being polluted by dark magic, how could ordinary people resist it? Their eyes immediately changed.
“Yes, as long as Iros is handed over, we can live!”The residents mumbled.
“Miss Elos, my child is only one year old. She still has a long life.” A woman hugged her child and pleaded with her.So……”So please stand out!”
“Yes, Miss Elos, please save us again!”
When one person spoke, he instantly infected ten people and a hundred people……
Yilos seemed to have been struck by lightning. She was stunned, her eyes filled with disbelief.
Why was it like this?
Hearing the residents’ words, the players were naturally furious as modern people.
“Just you bunch of trash, why should someone sacrifice their own life?!”
The unhappy players directly stood up and scolded.
“‘S none of your adventurers!”Iros, as the servant of God, must save us!”
“Right, hand over Elos!!”
Didn’t “fake guy say he was willing to help us?”Why don’ t you stand out!”
Under the influence of hidden spells, the residents completely lost their rationality.
All sorts of curses were spoken.
Hearing this, Elos lowered her head deeply. No one could see her expression and could only see her body trembling slightly.
Ten, a hundred, a thousand……Ten thousand people.
Cursing, questioning, accusing……Countless voices suddenly poured into Ilos’ brain.
Why should I die?
Your life is your life, isn’t it mine?!!
She……It completely collapsed.
The corner of Ron’s mouth curled up slightly, and a Fallen Power appeared.
Elos raised her head and a beautiful smile appeared on her face, but there was no emotion in her eyes.
The players clenched their fists, only wishing they could not kill Ron.
Elos walked down the city wall step by step, passing through the demons and arriving at the magic circle in front of Ron.
“Tsk tsk, the great Dark Lord is about to descend!”
Ron’s face was filled with fanaticism.
He took out a bottle of black potion.
“This was a bottle of depraved potion refined from the emotions of a hundred thousand people before they died. If Elos was firm enough, he might have a chance to survive.”But that’s impossible. Hehe.”
Ron opened the bottle.
The black fog that carried the wailing sound rushed into the magic circle, and a black flame appeared, wrapping around Elos.
Elos’ body was not damaged at all.
This was because it was a Fallen Flame, a flame that only targeted souls.
Elos’ body emanated the ultimate power of light.
However, under the erosion of the dark resentment, pure light turned into extreme darkness!
A terrifying power surged into the altar behind him, and the outline of a black door appeared in the sky.
“Them……Damn ……”
Elos’ eyes were hollow as she looked at the residents. Her heart was filled with killing intent, and her transformation speed was a little faster.
Seeing this, Ron asked in a stern voice,” See?Miss Elos, from beginning to end, no one cared about your life. They were always using your kindness.”So go get angry and hate everything!”
“Who said that no one cared about her? Ron, quickly shut your mouth!”
“Let me tell you, today, I will guarantee the life of Elos!”
The sudden voice immediately attracted everyone’s attention.
Hearing this, a trace of life appeared in Elos’ eyes, and the transformation speed slowed down.
Everyone looked around and saw the person speaking.
It was Vast Ocean!
The players were overjoyed.
Su Ming stood under the city wall, facing tens of thousands of demons.
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