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Big Boss
Fantasy Coins: 69

Chapter 20 How hungry!You eat first, then I eat!(3/5)

Five minutes later.
Xia Ye arrived at ward 001 with a solemn expression, which was the door of Li Xuan’s room.
Just now, the patient in ward 002 was confirmed to have entered the survival game.
Otherwise, how could a living person disappear from a sealed room?
As a result, she had people guard ward 002.
The other party entered the survival game from the ward and would return to the ward after the game ended!
At least in a short period of time, the other party could not escape.
She then arrived at ward 001.
She took a deep breath.
“I hope the person is still there.”
She stretched out her hand and took out a string of keys from her slender waist.
Then, he carefully inserted several key holes on the metal door.
This was a special metal door to prevent the patient from escaping!
The door opened.
With a gentle push, she was ready to fight.
However, the expected attack did not appear.
“You guys stay outside.”
She said to the two staff behind her.
The two of them held the shock stick and nodded solemnly.
Then, Xia Ye entered the room.
As soon as she entered, she noticed a figure on the concrete floor.
A young voice rang out.
The figure raised his head and appeared in front of her was a familiar young face, looking very handsome.
It was an insane person!
Li Xuan raised his head with a smile on his face.
He was a little nervous.
He finally caught up!
As soon as he killed the ice-cold girl, he immediately increased his speed. In the end, he killed thirty-five people and ate chickens!
As soon as he was sent back, the metal door of the ward was opened before he could even count his survival points.
He immediately sat on the ground and resumed his steady breathing.
Then, when Xia Ye came over, he raised his head and asked with a smile.
“Li Xuan, are you hungry?”
Xia Ye asked coldly.
“I just ate, not hungry.”
Li Xuan smiled and shook his head.
He admired her with interest.
In the dark room, her face was not very clear, but her figure displayed a perfect outline, and it also emitted a faint fragrance that made one feel relaxed and happy.
“I’ ll take a look. You’ ve emptied that plate of food.”
Xia Ye continued to speak coldly.
Li Xuan was dumbfounded.
He had poured that dish of food into the toilet bowl and then washed it off!
Did this woman even have to check the toilet?
Li Xuan was willing to bow down!
“Looks like this woman has gone all out to guard me.”
Li Xuan thought to himself and became even more vigilant.
It was clear that this woman was not an easy target.
“You suspect that the food is poisonous?”
Xia Ye gave a cold laugh,” How many times have I said it? If I really want to kill you, you’ ve already died ten thousand times. How could we poison your food!”
“Be careful.”
Li Xuan sighed,” Sigh……When you say that, I feel so hungry.Would you give me some more food?If he sent it in, you should eat it first, then I will eat it.”If not, I won’ t be at ease.”
“You can’t just watch me starve to death, can you?”
He was truly hungry!
But he was really worried about the food!
He could only let the other party eat first. After confirming that there was no poison, he could eat it again.
“Alright, I’ ll have a snack.”
Xia Ye coldly shouted outside the door.
She looked cold on the surface, but in reality, she was relieved.
Li Xuan was in the ward!
Of course, this did not mean that Li Xuan had not been selected into the survival game. Perhaps he had just entered and just happened to be out.
Therefore, she still had to move further.
Soon, the food arrived.
She picked up the plate and looked at Li Xuan. Her beautiful eyes glared at him, and she intended to pick it up with her chopsticks.
Li Xuan immediately stopped.
After that, he carefully mixed the dishes and handed them to Xia Ye. He stared at Xia Ye and gestured for her to eat first.
“You don’ t need to be so steady, right?”
Xia Ye was powerless to complain.
However, she did not say anything.
He quickly took two bites!
“Take it. Hurry up and eat. After eating, I’ ll ask you a few questions.”
She glared at Li Xuan and gave him the food.
Li Xuan sized her up from top to bottom, and only then did he nod and confirm that the food was fine.
“I’ m finally able to eat.”
Li Xuan ate.
Five minutes later, he was finally satisfied!
He drank another large bottle of mineral water and had Xia Ye drink it first.
“If you have any questions, ask.”
Li Xuan sat on the concrete floor again.
“You have to answer these questions in a second.”
Xia Ye said coldly,” If you can’ t do it, I won’ t give you a test in the future. If you want to eat or not, starve to death is your request.”
Li Xuan agreed.*

Chapter 21 was overthinking!He didn’ t have any common sense at all!(4/5)

“Li Xuan.”
“What did you eat just now?”
“Green vegetables, potatoes, chicken.”
“How many legs does a cat have?”
The problem froze.
Xia Ye looked at Li Xuan as if he was looking at a fool.” How many legs does a cat have?”
He thought to himself: As expected of a mentally ill person……
Li Xuan felt a little wronged.
He had just passed through this world. Who knew how many legs of this world’s cat were there?
What if the cat in this world was different from his original world?
This was a game of survival.
Even if a six-legged cat appeared, it wouldn’ t be strange, right?
“Alright, let’s continue.”
Xia Ye suppressed the depression in his heart and continued to ask,” My favorite animation.”
“The gourd boy saved Grandpa.”
Li Xuan replied.
“What is that?”
Xia Ye was dumbfounded.
When Li Xuan saw the beautiful woman’s gaze, he immediately confirmed his guess……As expected, he had traveled to another world.
Otherwise, this woman didn’ t even know how stupid she should be?
Originally, the other party had come to inquire about Li Xuan.
In the end, Li Xuan had seized the opportunity to find out something!
“You don’t even know about the gourd baby?”
Li Xuan pretended to be exaggerated.” Oh right, let me ask you. Do you have any pandas here?Is there a crocodile?”How many legs are the cats here?”
Xia Ye’s expression darkened.
He stood up, turned around, and left.
“I really think too much.”
“This is a mental illness. It can not communicate normally!”
“What gourd child?”What panda? What crocodile? What are those?”
“Just how many legs are there to return the cat?”
She almost died from anger.
Originally, she wanted to ask Li Xuan some common sense questions.
After Li Xuan habitually answered, she suddenly asked a basic question about the survival game……
As long as Li Xuan participated in the survival game, the probability of revealing the truth was as high as 90%!
This was a common interrogation logic.
She realized that she was wrong.
His mistake was absurd!
This was an insane person. He didn’ t have any common sense at all!
She closed the metal door.
Li Xuan leaned against the wall and squatted down.
In the darkness, the corner of his mouth curled up slightly.
In his mind, he was still reminiscing about the graceful curves of the cold beauty’s back when she left. It was very delicious!
“This world seems to be different from my original world.”
“No panda, no crocodile.”
“That was the problem…”Is this world’s cat four legs?”
Li Xuan fell into deep thought.
Of course, he wasn’ t really entangled with this question.
Instead, he was thinking about the essence of this question. That was, what was happening outside this world?
Obviously, unless he could escape from the mental hospital, he would never be able to get an answer to this question.
“This woman wants to trick me?”
“Next, let’s see what I do ……”
He smiled faintly.
“Survival Points, exchange, invitation letter!”
“Use invitation letter, target: No.00666!”
[Hello!No.00666 is currently free. Would you like to invite her to participate in the survival game?]
Li Xuan cancelled.
Number 00666 was the number of the ice-cold beauty Xia Ye’s survival game!
Because he had teamed up with her once, Li Xuan remembered her number.
He had just asked the system.
Since this survival game was a double-row game, could they form a double-row game?
The answer was certainly yes.
With just 500 survival points, one could exchange for an invitation letter!
When the players used the invitation letter, they would first confirm whether the target of the invitation was in the survival game.
If it was in the game, it would prompt [Target is in the game, please try again later!]
If he wasn’t in the game, he would be prompted for a second confirmation like [Target is free, whether to confirm the invitation].
After all, the invitation was a valuable item. It was normal to have a second confirmation!
“In the future, I’ ll wait until she enters the game.”
“Don’ t let her run over to check in half!”
This way, it was safe!
Li Xuan even exhaled the system and set himself “No one is allowed to invite double rows “.
In order to prevent others from using the same method to test their state.
“”500 Survival points, it’s a huge sum for ordinary people.”
“It can be exchanged for 500 months, that is to say, a total lifespan of over 40 years!”
“How could he be willing to exchange for something like an invitation?”
The corner of Li Xuan’s mouth curled up slightly.
Most importantly, this invitation only had three days.
If it was not used for three days, it would disappear.
In the survival game, this invitation book was usually used during the promotion competition. After all, the price was too expensive. It could only be used when it was very important.
But for Li Xuan……
With these three days, how many survival games could he participate in?
How many survival points could he earn?
“According to my current efficiency, even if I only row two in an hour, I would be able to earn 10,000 points every day.”
“Spend 500 to ensure safety, it’s worth it!”
Five minutes later.
[Hello!Number 00666 is in the game. Please try again later!]
When Li Xuan used the invitation letter, he received a prompt.
That woman had finally entered the game!
“This woman is quite anxious. From the looks of it, she is someone who wants to rapidly increase her strength.”
“Unfortunately……”You will never grow faster than me!”
“Now, match!”
Li Xuan began to match!*

Chapter 22 Great Ripple!Extremely dangerous!(5/5)

By the time Li Xuan started to match, Xia Ye’s game had already begun.
In the future, they would never be in the same match.
“In the game, we won’ t meet again.”
Li Xuan had no choice but to admit that this woman was very attractive. Regardless of her appearance or figure, she had reached the peak level he had seen before.
But if he could choose, he didn’ t want to know this woman……
“Last round, thirty-five kill and eat chickens. A total of 459 survival points were settled.”
“With 397 points in the first round,856 points in total.”
“He spent five hundred to exchange for the invitation letter. There are only 356 points left. They all increased their genes and their agility attributes.”
“From 14 Agility points to 17 Agility points!”
This meant that Li Xuan’s initial Agility was 17 points.
This gave him an even greater advantage!
[Welcome you to the survival game!]
[Drops!I’ ve detected that you’ ve activated hundreds of millions of talents!]
[Congratulations, your talent in this game: SSS-level – each time you eat, you will receive a permanent gain (this game only works).In addition, he could devour wild monsters and obtain wild monsters’ skills (this game only takes effect)!]
In this match, his talent had changed again.
Li Xuan looked at it with curiosity.
How should he play with this talent?
Every time he ate, he would gain permanent gains……In other words, with milk and cheese, just eat it?
He had to try his best to find wild monsters and devour them to obtain their skills.
It didn’ t seem like he was too talented……
“Forget it, I’ ll know when I play.”
Li Xuan didn’ t mind either.
This was an SSS-level talent no matter how one put it, based on permanent invisibility and insane evolution, it was impossible for them to be
[You have matched a teammate: No.01314]
The system notification immediately came.
Then, a beautiful pink girl appeared in front of Li Xuan.
“Another female teammate?”
Li Xuan was a little surprised.
Three of them were female teammates. This was too exaggerated.
Was there so many women participating in this survival game?
In his opinion, a woman in this game was a huge pit!
Xia Ye could be considered very strong. He even had the power to eat chickens, but……After they lined up with Li Xuan, they were completely weak.
Therefore, in Li Xuan’s opinion, Xia Ye’s ability to eat chickens was not because she was too strong, but because the other players were too weak.
However, what Li Xuan didn’ t expect was…
The moment that beautiful pink girl appeared, she took a glance at him and covered her mouth with joy.” Big brother Li Xuan?”
“You know me?”
Li Xuan remained calm on the surface, but he was surprised.
“Big Brother Li Xuan, you don’ t remember Fei’ er anymore?”We are neighbors. I live next door to you.”
The graceful girl raised her head and a pair of cute little tiger teeth appeared on both sides of her mouth, revealing a sweet and gentle smile.
“Really?”I really can’ t remember.”
Li Xuan gave a friendly smile.
“It doesn’ t matter!”I’ ve been lucky enough to be with Big Brother Li Xuan. I’ ll let Fei’ er assist you in this match.”
The charming pink girl who revealed her cute little tiger teeth smiled gently as she raised her hand.
He directly gave Li Xuan a skill!
[You have received the blessing of an angel!]
[Angel’s Blessing:100% increase in all basic attributes!]
Seeing this, Li Xuan was a little surprised.
This pink girl actually had this kind of ability?
It seemed to be a good talent!
“If you need anything, go ahead and instruct Fei’ er!”
The graceful girl’s eyes were blurred.
A chill rose from Li Xuan’s back……
He acutely sensed that this woman was probably not a normal woman.
There was definitely a problem!
He carefully sized her up.
He discovered that she looked like a little girl, but her figure was very’ fierce’. The place that should be big wasn’ t small at all!
“Alright, then go find me some milk.”
Li Xuan probed.
“A mere milk, wrap it on me!”
The pink girl numbered 01314 narrowed her eyes on the spot. Her pair of tiger teeth appeared extremely cute.
She turned around and ran to the side to search for things.
A few seconds later!
She returned to Li Xuan and handed over a bottle of milk.” Big Brother Li Xuan!The milk you want!”What else?”
“I need more milk and cheese, as long as I eat it.”
Li Xuan said.
The pink girl turned around and ran off into the distance.
Li Xuan looked at her cute figure who was bouncing around. He always felt a little confused.
“Let’s drink a bottle first.”
Li Xuan wanted to test the effect of this talent and directly drank the bottle of milk.
[You drank a bottle of milk!]
[You’ ve obtained a permanent gain: Thorns – When you’ re attacked, your damage will be reduced by 50%, and your’ Strength +100′ damage will be rebounded (this game only works!)]
It was…Reduce damage and rebound damage?Or was it real damage?
Li Xuan was extremely surprised!
This was completely beyond the scope of cold weapons!
“It seems that the SSS level talent really surpasses the bronze rank.”
“Any one of these gains will be the true damage rebound of the supermodel!”
“How could the others fight me with cold weapons?”
Li Xuan gasped.
It was simply a dimensional descent attack!
Moreover, he only drank a bottle of milk!
If he drank a few more bottles and added a few more gains, wouldn’ t he be invincible?
At the same time.
Green Vine Mental Hospital.
At the entrance of ward 002, a group of people were fully armed and guarding the entrance.
“Inform Chief Xia……Su Fei’ er appeared, but she immediately disappeared. She should have entered the next game of survival!”
Everyone present had a solemn expression.
This was because although Su Fei’ er was not as dangerous as the patient in ward 001, it was also extremely dangerous!
“Bad!”Sir Xia has also disappeared!”
Soon, the news came.
Everyone looked at each other in dismay.*

Chapter 23 You can’t drink milk when you’ re full of blood?(Flowers added!)

Of course, Li Xuan did not know about the actual situation!
Very quickly!
That pink girl Su Fei’ er found him a bottle of milk and a piece of cheese.
After handing it to Li Xuan, the girl tilted her head curiously and asked,” Big brother Li Xuan is clearly full of blood. Why would he drink milk?”
“Can’ t you drink milk when you’ re full of blood?”
Li Xuan glanced at her.” You think I’ m wasting it?”
“No, no. Big brother is right to do anything!”
Su Fei’ er quickly shook her head and spoke with great force.
Thus, Li Xuan took the milk and cheese she had found.
Use it directly!
[You drank a bottle of milk!]
[Your health value recovers 5% per second for 6 seconds!]
[You have obtained a permanent gain: Life Surge – Endurance +30, continuously recovers 3% of your life every second (this game only takes effect!)]
[You ate a piece of cheese!]
[Your life value recovers 10% every second for 5 seconds!]
[You have obtained a permanent gain: Explosion-proof – Body Defense +30, Immunity to Explosion (this game only works!)]
Li Xuan was delighted.
Originally, his initial 13 points of endurance had been doubled by Su Fei’ er’s “Angel’s Blessing “. Now, he had added another 30 points, and his health had directly increased to 560 points!
Moreover, he continued to recover 3% of his health every second!
Moreover, he had obtained an “explosion-proof” effect. Not only was he immune to explosion, he had also increased his body’s defense by 30 points.
Although it was only 30 points, it was equivalent to wearing a silver armor!
“Alright, let’s go.”
Li Xuan called the pink girl Su Fei’ er over,” Remember to pick things up along the way. Give me everything you have to eat and drink.”If you meet someone, leave it to me.”
Su Fei’ er smiled gently, revealing a pair of cute tiger teeth as she followed.
The same map.
The bald youth was hiding behind a large stone.
“You can’t leave?”I’ ve finished searching my equipment.”
His teammate, a young man who looked very pretentious, had a grass in his mouth and said coldly beside the big stone.
“Wait, I found it!”
The light bulb checked the number list of players in this game, and soon, its face started to cry.
Number 00497!
Yet again!
This bald youth almost fainted from anger.
He had deliberately waited for a few minutes after settling the settlement, just to avoid 00497. Why did he still come together?
This luck was heaven defying!
Just in time, Li Xuan and Xia Ye clashed for a few minutes.
“What are you looking for?”
The young man with the grass in his mouth was a little impatient.” I’ ve already told you. Follow me and bring you to eat chicken!”
“No.00497, this fellow is a thief.”
The light bulb cried,” I was killed in the first two rounds without even seeing anyone.”
When the young man with the grass in his mouth heard this, he took a closer look at the light bulb and laughed,” If I’ m not mistaken, are you that chicken-eating broadcaster’s light bulb?You’ re not weak when you eat chickens. Why are you here for such a survival game?”He died twice in a row, yet he still died in the same person?”
The light bulb was dumbfounded. He had never thought that he would be recognized.
Wasn’ t this too embarrassing?
“Could it be that you’ ve been hanging around earlier?”
The young man looked at his bald head with disdain.
“I’ ll know when I meet you. This person’s talent is disgusting.”
The light bulb shook its head.” I suggest that we meet him and take a detour.”Of course, we might not be able to see him and be killed.”
“Is it as profound as you say?”
“I’ ve even eaten two chickens. This game is simple!”Lord, follow me.”
“No, let’s split up to avoid being carried away in one pot.”
The light bulb said cautiously,” If we leave, we can’ t run into him on both sides, right?There would always be one who could survive!”Don’ t worry, as long as we don’ t encounter number 497 in this round, I will definitely take second place!”
The young man looked at his careful appearance and found it hard to understand.
This light bulb was actually scared to this extent?
He didn’ t care either!
After all, after eating chicken twice in a row, he had gained over 200 survival points, all of which were used by him to strengthen his genes.
They all added 1 point.
As for Agility, it increased by 2 points!
The initial attributes were higher, and it was obviously easier to take off.
“Then let’s leave.”
The young man held the grass in his mouth and said indifferently,” When I see the 497 you mentioned, I will definitely take his head!”
“Hehe, I wish you good luck.”
Bulb laughed inwardly.
You’ ll know when you meet him!
However, when he turned around, he suddenly became apprehensive.
He was a little worried. If his teammates really took down number 497’s head, would n’ t he lose face?
After all, this survival game had to depend on development.
What if this 497 did not develop well?
It was at this moment.
Su Fei’ er brought Li Xuan another piece of cheese.
Li Xuan didn’ t even think about it. He directly ate it, full of blood!
“Big brother Li Xuan is very particular!”
The pink girl looked adoring.*

Chapter 24 Shimmering Golden Light!Blind!

[You ate a piece of cheese!]
[Your life value recovers 10% every second for 5 seconds!]
[You have obtained a permanent gain: Fire Sacrifice – Once activated, it will cause +100% fire damage to the surrounding enemies every second!)]
Li Xuan’s eyes lit up.
Fire sacrifice!
Every second, it would cause fire damage to the surrounding enemies!
“As expected of an SSS grade talent. There’s no way to defend against this damage in the Bronze rank!”
Flame damage!
This was an elementium damage that surpassed physics!
How could there be such a thing in the Bronze Bureau at this stage?
However, because this was an SSS grade talent that came with it, it had appeared in the Bronze rank!
As Li Xuan gained the Fire Sacrifice Gain.
The temperature in the air around him suddenly rose, making the pink girl Su Fei’ er feel a bit hot.
Even if she was a teammate, she was sweating profusely because she was too close to Li Xuan.
“Brother Li Xuan, I’ m so hot.”
Su Fei’ er’s face turned red.
“Then don’ t be so close to me.”
Li Xuan curled his lips.
“No, I’ m not afraid.”
The pink girl shook her head and said,” On the contrary, only this kind of temperature can make me feel like I’ m still alive.”
What kind of strange brain did this woman have?
Suddenly, two players appeared in the forest.
This map was a plain map.
There were various architectural ruins scattered about.
There were also small trees that separated each other.
Li Xuan now had four types of gains, causing his body to emit four different colors of light.
Although the light was very faint.
However, walking in the small forest was especially conspicuous.
The two players who were facing him immediately discovered Li Xuan.
“F*ck! That kid is so bright!”
“What special effect was that?”Is it because of talent?”
“You’ re still showing your kindness in front of me and making trouble for him!”
The two players were so angry that their teeth tickled.
Seeing that there was actually a beautiful woman by Li Xuan’s side, they were all filled with envy and hatred!
They did not approach Li Xuan.
That was because their weapons were darts and long bows.
More than twenty meters away, they began to attack Li Xuan.
Arrows and darts attacked each other!
When the two of them attacked, they had already considered the follow-up.
They felt that Li Xuan would definitely dodge, so they left behind a back move, but……
Li Xuan had no intention of dodging at all.
He even took the initiative to welcome them!
The arrows and darts landed on Li Xuan’s body, barely wiping out a trace of his blood.
One had to know that he now had 560 HP!
And he recovered 3% every second.
After losing 26 HP, he recovered in less than two seconds.
At the same time……
Thorn gain, effective!
Rebound’ Strength +100′ true damage!
Not to mention, these two people’s blood was quite thick.
He was still alive after being rebounded by Li Xuan!
However, right after that.
Li Xuan took a step forward.
He directly enveloped the two of them within the ring of fire sacrifice!
The damage of the Flame Sacrificing came out!
Before the two of them could react, their eyes darkened and they all turned into wooden boxes!
“You were killed by number 00497!”
An ice-cold notification sounded.
The two of them didn’ t understand anything until they died.
How did he die?
They clearly attacked Li Xuan.
In the end, they were actually killed?
“Double Kill.”
Li Xuan almost didn’ t move. He obtained a double kill.
It was simply heartless!
He didn’ t waste time.
After killing two opponents, his full attribute increased by 10 points, and his agility finally increased to 44 points.
About 26 meters per second!
With a dash, he arrived at the two wooden boxes.
“Pick them all!”
Li Xuan picked up the items from the wooden box.
First, check the food.
Two bottles of milk!A piece of cheese!
“Great harvest!”
Li Xuan’s eyes lit up.
He didn’ t waste any time. He drank two bottles of milk and ate that piece of cheese.
Along with the food!
The color of the light around his body had changed into seven colors, especially a wave of light that flickered with golden light. It was simply blinding!
[You have obtained permanent gains: Brother’s Strength – Strength +30, Endurance +30!]
[You have obtained a permanent gain: overwhelming advantage – Intelligence +30, control duration +100%!]
[You have obtained a permanent gain: Golden Light Shimmering – Your body is shining with golden light, enemies that are close to 5 meters will be completely blind!]
Li Xuan didn’ t know if others were blind.
Anyway, he was about to be blinded.
“What kind of miraculous gain is this?”
Li Xuan’s face darkened.
“Ah, so powerful!”
Su Fei’ er revealed that pair of cute little tiger teeth. Her beautiful eyes reflected golden light, filled with admiration,” As expected of Big Brother Li Xuan!”
Li Xuan:???
What was the power of lighting?
“Am I a live target?”This golden light is clearly visible several hundred meters away.”
Li Xuan thought for a moment before suddenly having a thought.
Was this not bad?
It just so happened that he had attracted everyone over, so that he wouldn’ t be too tired to look for them all!
“Just like that.”
Li Xuan shook his head and then raised his head.
He saw a stone man and wild monster not far from him.
[Rock Golem (Level D):1750 HP]
“By the way, this great talent of Duoduo Yi can even devour wild monsters.”
“Let’s see what kind of skill this rock puppet can give me?”
Li Xuan was looking forward to it, so his entire body glowed with golden light as he quickly approached the rock puppet!
(PS: There’s something unexpected going on this afternoon.Tomorrow’s ten times!)*

Chapter 25 Why do you force me to kill my teammates every time?(1/10)

When Li Xuan approached the rock puppet.
The aura of the Flame Sacrifice began to cause damage from afar.
Li Xuan didn’ t mind either.
He approached the rock puppet and swallowed it!
[Target’s health is over 20%, it can’ t be devoured!]
Not only could he not swallow it, Li Xuan was also hit by the other party’s stone fist.
Of course, this was on purpose.
The rock puppet’s speed was not fast. It was easy to dodge its attacks, but there was no need.
Anyway, Li Xuan was very meaty now.
There was also an automatic recovery effect!
As a result, with the help of the Fire Sacrifice and the Thorn Rebound, Li Xuan didn’ t even move, and the rock puppet’s blood quickly dropped.
When the rock puppet only had over 200 HP left.
Li Xuan’s mouth opened wide as he swallowed a three meter tall rock puppet!
It wasn’ t that his mouth was more than three meters wide.
Instead, the rock puppet was reduced and swallowed.
This scene was still very frightening.
Even Su Fei’ er was stunned.
Who would have thought that my brother Li Xuan was actually a big stomach king?
He ate a three-meter tall rock puppet in one bite!
Li Xuan didn’ t care much.
He looked at the system notification:
[You used your talent of’ great pleasure’ to devour the rock puppet!]
[You have obtained the skills: Rock Body, rugged appearance, Rock Heavy Fist!]
[Rock Body (Passive): Strength +30, Endurance +50!]
[Rugged appearance (passive): Body defense +60!]
[Rock Heavy Fist: A punch, causing +100 damage and 3 seconds of dizziness.Cool down for 5 seconds.]
Two passive skills and one active skill.
Moreover, Li Xuan discovered that none of these three skills occupied his own skill slot!
“Attribute is getting higher and higher.”
“Although he hadn’ t killed a few people yet,……”
“94 Points!”
“146 Endurance points!”
Li Xuan’s health had already reached 1,460 points!
Moreover, he didn’ t wear any protective equipment. His entire body had already reached 90 points!
To put it simply, there were only bronze and silver weapon players who could not kill Li Xuan.
Even if it was a gold-level weapon, it would depend on whether or not the other party had been killed.
If he killed less, he would not be able to break Li Xuan’s defense.
But at this moment.
[Your’ Angel’s Blessing’ vanished!]
[You’ ve been subjected to the’ Demonic Charm’!]
[50% Of your entire attribute has been transferred!]
What was happening?
Li Xuan was stunned when he heard the system notification.
Then, she saw a girl in a black dress walking over.
“Isn’ t this Fei’ er?”
He was a little strange.
Didn’t this woman just wear a pink dress?
How did this turn into a black dress?
The style was the same……Could it be that he flipped over his dress?
It was different from the gentle Su Fei’ er.
The current girl in a black dress looked extremely alluring, her tiny lips slightly curled up.
Under the black cloth, her graceful figure was perfectly outlined.
She walked forward.
He stopped three meters away from Li Xuan.
“Xiao Xuan, from now on, listen to me,” he said.”Big sister will bring you to eat chicken!”
Her attitude was condescending.
However, it could be seen that it was very special to Li Xuan.
In fact, he even used the intimate title of “Xiao Xuan Xuan “!
If it was said that the previous Su Fei’ er was a gentle little sister from the next family.
So now……
She was like a Demon Queen!
It was domineering and powerful, but it was impossible to give up.
How could Li Xuan be tempted by her?
“Take my attributes?”
He laughed coldly in his heart!
He took a step forward and arrived in front of the black skirt Su Fei’ er.
The corner of Su Fei’ er’s mouth curled up slightly as she looked at him with interest.
A pair of tiger teeth appeared on her mouth. Her long leg was stepping on a stone, revealing her Queen’s demeanor.
“Xiao Xuan, if you’ re so close to me, first turn off your halo.”
“Otherwise, he would be so hot that he couldn’ t stand it.”
Even her words were crisp and crisp, causing her heart to tickle.
Not to mention her actions.
Every single move carried an indescribable sense of beauty, giving off an extreme temptation.
“I’ ll kill your sister!”
“Rock Fist!”
Of course, Li Xuan didn’ t turn off the Flame Sacrificial Halo. Instead, he took advantage of the fact that the other party wasn’ t paying attention to him and attacked with a heavy fist!
Six seconds of dizziness!
Although his attributes had been shifted by half, Li Xuan’s special effects were still there.
[Overwhelming advantage – Intelligence +30, control duration +100%!]
With the addition of this gain.
Rock Heavy Fist’s stun time increased to 6 seconds!
Looking at the sexy girl who was stunned, Li Xuan felt a little helpless.
“Why do you force me to kill my teammates every time?”
There was no other way.
This girl had taken away dozens of attributes from him. If she didn’ t take back this attribute, wouldn’ t it be a loss of blood?
If he killed her, his attributes should be back!*

Chapter 26 Who said Number 497 was very strong?(2/10)

[You killed the target (No.01314)!]
[You have obtained 5 points of all attributes (this game only takes effect)!]
Li Xuan took down the third strike of the game.
Even though he killed his teammates…
However, all attributes were added as well.
The 50% of all attributes that had just been transferred had returned to Li Xuan.
Li Xuan called out the attribute panel:
As he lost the Angel’s Blessing, his attributes slightly decreased.
However, the effect was not great.
After all, the Angel’s blessing only doubled his initial attributes. In total, it was only ten points.
“This woman ……”
“Is it a dual personality?”
Li Xuan felt a bit regretful.
Originally, this teammate was quite good.
They were both good-looking and obedient. They could also find milk and cheese for themselves.
In the end, he changed his personality and stole his attributes!
Of course, he couldn’ t endure it.
It was at this moment.
Li Xuan’s sparkling golden light finally attracted the two nearby players and quietly approached.
“The prey has arrived.”
The corner of Li Xuan’s mouth twitched!
Green Vine Mental Hospital.
In ward 002, a young girl in a black dress suddenly appeared!
A group of fully armed staff members were shocked.
When they saw the girl clearly, their expressions changed greatly.
“F*ck, it’s black. Let’s go!”
“It was still red when I entered!”
A group of people quickly ran out of the ward. The door closed, and one by one, they leaned against the wall, panting heavily as if they were panting after.
In the ward.
The corner of the girl’s mouth curled up slightly.
In the darkness, an extremely alluring smile appeared.
“Xiao Xuan, if you dare to attack elder sister, it’s still so heavy.”
“Wu ……”
“In the next round, elder sister will go and play with you.”
Under surveillance.
This time, she didn’ t immediately enter the game.
He was waiting for something!
In the game.
Li Xuan had already finished searching the wooden boxes of the two players.
One bottle of milk and two pieces of cheese.
“I really don’ t have anything to eat in Fei’ er’s box.”
“Looks like it’s all for me.”
Li Xuan thought for a moment.
“We have to speed up. Who knows if that woman will be eliminated earlier?”
Of course, he was thinking about Xia Ye.
He could guarantee that every time he followed that cold woman into the game.
But there was no guarantee that he would come out sooner than she did.
That was why they had to end it quickly!
Very quickly.
All three portions of food were eaten!
[You have obtained a permanent gain: Strength +50!]
[You have obtained a permanent gain: Intelligence +50!]
[You have obtained a permanent gain: Sour Skin – Applies a “corrosion” effect to the target that is attacking you, causing a “Intelligence +20” poison damage per second and slowing down by 50%.It lasted for 5 seconds.]
At this point, Li Xuan already had ten types of gains.
A total of ten colors of faint light surrounded him. The most dazzling golden light even reached several hundred meters away.
Extremely conspicuous!
It was two hundred meters away from him!
A young man with grass in his mouth quickly walked through the grass.
It was none other than his teammate!
He was approaching Li Xuan.
There was no other way. That golden light was simply too dazzling. It made people couldn’ t help but want to come over and see what it was!
The young man held a golden crossbow in his hand.
He wore golden armor and a golden helmet.
He had already been killed seven times.
Its attributes were very high!
This made him extremely confident.
“This is number 497?”Why is it so bright?”
Soon, the young man approached Li Xuan thirty meters away.
He hid behind a tree.
Then, he quietly stretched out the golden crossbow and aimed it at Li Xuan from afar!
“This is too easy.”
The young man laughed coldly.
In his opinion, Li Xuan was swaggering around in the forest. He was actually not alert at all.
The main thing was to make his body so bright!
He was completely courting death!
“Under this kind of rule-based survival game, I actually didn’ t even hide my consciousness.”
“This is too much!”
“Bulb still said that this person was very strong?”Are you laughing at me?”
“Kill this person first.”
“Meet up with the bulb again…”This chicken is stable!”
He held the grass in his mouth and pointed it at Li Xuan from afar. He pulled the trigger of the golden crossbow!*

Chapter 27 Start Harvesting!The ability to end the game!(3/10)

The arrow shot out!
He went straight for Li Xuan’s head!
“You don’ t even have a helmet on your head. Isn’ t that an arrow dead?”
The young man with the grass in his mouth laughed coldly.
He looked at Li Xuan, who was shining with golden light, and increasingly felt that this 497 was a chicken.
The arrow hit Li Xuan’s head.
It didn’ t explode!
Moreover, the number of injuries was extremely low!
The young man’s expression suddenly changed.
One had to know that his current strength attributes had all reached 75 points, plus 100 damage bonus points from the golden crossbow.
Even if they hit a player wearing armor, they could still deal more than a hundred damage!
In the end……
Attack this helmetless 497, which caused 42 damage?
And it didn’ t explode!
What was going on?
Of course, what this young man valued the most was not why his injuries were so low.
It was because……
[You attacked number 497!You’ ve suffered a’ Thorn’ backlash and 247 True Damage!]
[You attacked number 497!You’ve suffered from the corrosion of’ acid skin’. You’ ve suffered 128 poison damage per second, and you’ve slowed down by 50% for 5 seconds!]
“What the hell is this?”
The grass in the young man’s mouth was all spat out by him.
His expression became extremely grave. Clearly, he found that he could not beat number 497!
“If not for my good talent, I would have died in two seconds!”
“Fortunately, I can still struggle for a bit.”
The young man gritted his teeth.
[E-level talent: as powerful as a bamboo.When the target was killed, the reward was changed from 5 points to 30%.]
With this talent, the more he killed, the more powerful he was.
It was a bit weaker at the beginning.
However, as long as he killed three or more people, his profit would be higher than the others!
The more he killed, the more he folded!
When he had 100 stats, as long as he killed one, he would be able to gain 30 stats!
This was the main reason why he had eaten chickens in the previous two rounds.
But this time……
He was in trouble!
Right now, he had a total of 750 health points. After attacking Li Xuan once, he started to lose blood crazily.
He took out a piece of cheese and directly ate it.
He began to recover his blood!
He was slowed down!
Then, Li Xuan approached him.
Fire sacrifice!
A terrifying amount of damage!
He even ignored his golden armor and golden helmet!
Just relying on cheese to recover his blood, he simply could not recover.
Within three seconds.
The young man’s blood was reduced to zero, and he fell to the ground and turned into a box!
[You were killed by number 00497!]
The system notification sounded out, making the young man’s entire body go cold.
He had just felt that number 497 was very delicious.
In the blink of an eye, he was killed by Number 497 in less than three seconds!
The method of killing was unbelievable.
Rebound damage!
Rebound poison!
Flame Sacrificial Halo!
“I’ ve never seen such a skill book in this game before?”
“Could it be a talent?”
“His talent isn’ t the same. How could he have so many effects at the same time?”
The young man was stunned!
Li Xuan picked up the item that this young man had dropped.
Gold armor!
Gold helmet!
Golden crossbows!
All the equipment.
Four bottles of milk and three pieces of cheese. Now, Li Xuan was developed.
It was a pity that “didn’ t kill him just now and gave him a piece of cheese ……”
“There’s no gain for living.”
Li Xuan was a pity.
Fortunately, the effect was not great.
“This fellow is actually able to struggle. Looks like he’s killed quite a bit. There’s plenty of resources!”
He began to eat happily!
[You have obtained a permanent gain: Agility +50!]
[You have obtained a permanent gain: Endurance +50!]
[You have obtained a permanent gain: Speed Shift +60!]
[You have obtained a permanent gain:+50% of all body defense!]
[You have obtained permanent gains: Blood Bull – HP +500, Body Defense +30!]
[You have obtained a permanent gain: Weapon Master – When using a weapon to attack, stun the target for 2 seconds.Cool down for 5 seconds.]
[You have obtained permanent gains: Vastness – All effects range increased by 100%.]
2430 HP!
170 Points of defense!
This attribute was already heaven-defying. Even Li Xuan’s first two skills had never been so good.
In addition, he obtained two new gains.
Weapon Master!
When using a weapon to attack, the target would be stunted for 2 seconds every 5 seconds. For Li Xuan, the target would be stunted for 4 seconds, almost unlimited control!
All effects increased by 100%.
For Li Xuan, the main effect of this increase was…The range of damage from the Fire Sacrifice was increased to 40 meters.
Li Xuan looked at his own speed:157.
93 Meters per second!
“Start harvesting.”
The corner of his mouth curled up slightly.
He was completely capable of ending this game!
The golden light shone on the plains.
Many of the surrounding players were attracted over, and then……He was killed like a moth!
Once a player wanted to run, Li Xuan raised his golden crossbow.
A single arrow shot out, stunting for four seconds!
“Fu Yue!”I’ m actually killed?”
“Ah!”Don’ t come over!”
“It’s over! I was shot unconscious by him!”
Six kills!
Seven Kill!
Although Li Xuan hadn’ t killed many people in the early stages of this match.
But his attributes were extremely high!
Moreover, due to the flickering golden light, more and more late-stage players came to trouble him.
His number of kills quickly rose.
Every time he killed a player and licked his bag, he would get some food.
More and more benefits were brought about by the talent of “Da Duo Yi “, and their attributes were getting higher and higher.
Five minutes later.
The game was over!
Li Xuan looked at the system notification.
The survival points he had settled for this round had completely exceeded his expectations!*

Chapter 28 Don’ t blame elder sister for being ruthless~(4/10)

[Survival Points Settlement:
Survival score:100 points
Points:412 points
Attribute score:154 points (for attributes with more than 200 points,1 point survival point for every 10 points)
Equipment score:16 points
Skill score:18 points
Kill/assist points:34 points!
Special settlement: You killed your teammates and deducted 30 points!
Summary:704 points!]
A total of 704 survival points were settled!
Li Xuan ate a total of three chickens, and the settlement points were all different.
Through observation, he discovered a few patterns.
“Number one, there were fluctuations in talent points.”The more you use your talent in this round, the higher your talent points will be!”
“Second, attribute score.”It’s only after the game is over 200 points that we can settle into survival points.”
“Third, points for equipment and skills.”
In the second round, Li Xuan had drawn out his crazy evolution talent.
As a result, when the second round was finished, his equipment and skills had reached over 50 points.
But in the first and third rounds, he was only a gold-tier player.
In the third round, he had not even obtained a grade C platinum equipment. He only scored a dozen or twenty points on equipment and skills.
Li Xuan was constantly summarizing the rules.
After all, he needed too many survival points!
While others were still racking their brains to survive for a while, Li Xuan was already thinking about how to maximize his survival points.
“It’s just this killing and assists.”
“It’s a little strange.”
“It seems like killing one person to give one or two points. Isn’ t that too rare?”
Li Xuan frowned.
Of course, there was a difference between one and two points.
This seemed to be related to the strength of the target.
“In other words, in these three games, not many opponents have reached a level of two.”
“Most of them can only get one point if they kill them.”
“I can’ t change this.”
“What can I do about the opponent’s dishes?”
Li Xuan shook his head.
Unless he was able to raise his rank……
However, he hadn’ t received a notification for the promotion stage.
He took the initiative to ask. The system also indicated that he could not participate in the advancement competition.
“Looks like we can only continue to line up.”
Li Xuan didn’ t think too much.
He casually used the invitation letter.
[Hello!No.00666 is currently free. Would you like to invite her to participate in the survival game?]
Li Xuan cancelled the invitation.
After thinking about it, he used the 704 survival points he had just obtained to strengthen his genes.
Strength +5!
Endurance +5!
Agility +4.08!
He realized that the initial attributes were very useful.
This way, he could gain an advantage faster and end the game.
He carefully considered the conditions needed to escape the mental hospital. His physical fitness could not be too weak.
If not, how aggrieved would he be if he randomly encountered someone?
His basic attributes were increased to:
Among them, intelligence and spirit were not particularly useful at this stage, so Li Xuan temporarily ignored them.
As for strength, endurance, and agility, they were almost twice as strong as ordinary people!
When the other players ate chicken with great difficulty, they could only increase their attributes bit by bit……
If Li Xuan ate a handful of chickens, he would be able to increase by more than ten points!
What was the difference?
This was the difference!
He continuously tried to use the invitation letter.
Finally, three minutes later, the ice-cold woman had entered the game.
Li Xuan finally decided to match.
At the same time.
When Li Xuan’s third round was somewhat settled, all the 100 people in that round received a notification.
Including Su Fei’ er!
“You, I think you’re going to continue to line up, right?”
The young girl in a black dress in the darkness, her small mouth slightly tilted up.
She did not directly enter the match.
Instead, he closed his eyes.
Her cute ears trembled slightly as if she was quietly feeling something……
It wasn’ t until there was a little movement that no ordinary person could sense in ward 001 that she finally decided.
She disappeared from the ward again.
Unfortunately, the staff simply had no choice.
The appearance of the survival game not only caused the Green Vine mental hospital, but also caused a series of changes in the entire society.
A small mental patient didn’ t receive much attention at all!
After a wave of weightlessness.
The girl in the black dress, Su Fei’ er, opened her eyes again. She discovered that she had already arrived at an underground cave. On both sides were yellow dirt, and there was only a passage in front of her.
“Check out the number of participants in this game.”
Very soon, an alluring smile appeared on her pretty face.
Because she saw a familiar number in this game……
She was not in the same team as him.
“Xiao Xuan, we are our opponents in this match.”
“Don’ t blame big sister for being ruthless~”
Her small mouth curled up slightly. Like a queen, it made people involuntarily want to submit!*

Chapter 29 Sss grade talent: Blood Desire!(5/10)

The surrounding underground caves were filled with yellow mud.
The girl in the black dress, Su Fei’ er, slowly walked out along the passage. Her pure face carried a faint smile.
Behind her.
At the landing point, in the underground cave, there was a male player who had already turned into a wooden box.
[Grade A talent: Angels and Demons!]
[Demon Form: Demon’s Charm, Queen’s Order!]
[Demon’s Charm: Charm a teammate, transfer his current 50% full attribute to himself.If his teammates weren’t determined, they could customize the loot attribute value!If he chose to plunder 100% of his attributes, his teammates would be killed.Cool down for 300 seconds.]
[Queen’s order: To forcibly control a target for five seconds.Cool down for 60 seconds.]
Note: The success rate of the Queen’s command was related to her own intelligence and target spirit!)
After being captivated by her, her young teammate directly contributed more than ten attributes to her, and then died.
A teammate who died in such a way was not considered to have been killed by her.
In the end, she would not deduct the survival points she had obtained!
Su Fei’ er carried a faint smile……Entering!
Li Xuan appeared in another underground cave.
Looking around, there was a patch of yellow dirt.
“This is an underground map?”
Li Xuan quickly realized this.
Suddenly, he felt as if he had been beaten.
-27(Explosive head)!
Someone was beating him?
He quickly took a step forward. Then, he turned around and found that the person who was beating him was actually a girl……Moreover, she was a little familiar.
“What are you doing?”
Li Xuan glanced at her.
This glance almost scared the girl to tears.
She hurriedly retreated, leaned against the yellow mud wall behind her, and said with a dejected expression,” Big Boss, don’ t kill me!I was just habitually taking action. I didn’ t see that it was a big shot ……”
That’s right!
This girl was the female teammate that Li Xuan killed in stealth when he first entered the game.
A pure beauty with a ponytail, a freshman girl, Qin Shuangshuang!
Ever since she was killed by Li Xuan, she was in a state of pain.
The next two rounds……
She had a good example. She had killed her teammates at the start!
After that, with these five points of all attributes, she was like a fish in water. In the end, she was actually in the top five.
She realized that there were advantages and disadvantages.
The advantage was that it would be easier for the early stage to fight with others, and the chances of winning would be even greater.
At the very least, they were able to survive to the late stage and obtain a better ranking. Thus, the lifespan deducted was extremely small!
For example, in the first two rounds, she had only been detained for one or two months.
With the survival points settled, he could easily recover his lifespan.
But the disadvantages were…
The survival points obtained from the settlement would be reduced by about 10 points.
Including the 10 survival points that had been deducted, her final survival points were only 10 or so!
This was still the case when she performed well.
She even suspected that if she didn’t perform well, would the final settlement of survival points become negative?
Of course not.
In the rules of the survival game, the result of killing teammates was to deduct 50% of the final settlement points.
The upper limit was 30 points!
Therefore, killing a teammate at the start was basically a loss.
Unless he could eat chickens, that would be fine.
As for Li Xuan…
He ate chicken in every game. He didn’t know that the deduction of 30 points was the upper limit. He thought that killing his teammates would deduct 30 points for survival.
Li Xuan looked at Qin Shuangshuang and his mouth curled up slightly.
Although he had been beaten 27 points of blood just after the start, he didn’ t mind.
Because his talent in this match was…
[Congratulations on your talent in this game: Blood Desire (SSS level)!]
[Blood Suck: Sucks 50% of the current HP of the target within 10 meters (if the target’s HP is less than 50, it will be killed).Bloodsucking, and it was permanently transformed into the upper limit of one’s life.Cooling for 120 seconds.Every time a target was killed, the cooldown would be reduced by 30%!]
[Blood Chase: All players whose HP is less than 50% of your HP limit will be displayed on the map.]
Bloodsucking talent!
Li Xuan thought for a moment and knew how to use this talent.
Bloodsucking, turning the target’s current 50% blood volume into his life limit!
This was nothing.
The key was……
Each time a target was killed, this blood sucking would permanently reduce the cooldown by 30%.
As Li Xuan killed the target, the cooldown decreased from 120 seconds to 84 seconds,58.8 seconds,41.1 seconds,28.8 seconds……And so on.
In that case, with only ten kills, the cooldown time for blood sucking would be reduced to 3.38 seconds.
Fifteen kills, cooldown time 0.56 seconds.
In the final battle, no matter how much blood or defense the opponent had, he would directly suck and suck!
No matter how much blood you have, you will be sucked to death in a second!
After all, this blood sucking was a percentage of damage!
“This talent, if he developed well, his HP limit would probably be even higher than the previous one!”No matter how you play, you won’ t die!”
Li Xuan slowly raised his head.
He looked at the beautiful woman, Qin Shuangshuang, who was forced to a corner by him and revealed a kind smile.
Blood sucked, starting with his teammates!*

Chapter 30 Suck!Moving the Blood Bag!(6/10)

Li Xuan slowly walked to Qin Shuangshuang.
He did not attack immediately. Instead, he began to observe her.
Qin Shuangshuang was so scared that she felt goosebumps. She weakly asked,” Boss, can you not kill me?I only ask for Gou’s life, I don’ t want to be deducted from my lifespan ……”
“You see, killing me would still be deducted from my survival points. How uneconomical ……”
She looked pitiful and scared.
Because this survival game, the consequences of death were too serious!
Especially when he died at the start of the match. If he landed in a box, he would be reduced to three years of life!
She managed to survive two rounds with great difficulty and earned around 20 points of survival points. Only by adding them together could she exchange for one and a half years of life……It wasn’t enough to fall into a box!
Her eyes were clear and pure, water-spirited, and it really made people feel pity.
Unfortunately, Li Xuan was completely unmoved.
This woman……
Judging from her familiar attacks, it was clear that she had repeatedly committed crimes. She had probably killed her teammates before.
When she killed her teammates, she never thought that her teammates would be reduced by three months?
No one who chose to enter the survival game was innocent.
No one was worthy of pity!
Weren’ t they all here to participate in the survival game for the sake of becoming stronger?
If he wanted to become stronger, he had to take the risk.
This was a law that remained unchanged in the world.
Of course, Li Xuan did not intend to kill her this time.
There was no need.
In contrast, it was better to keep her as a moving blood bag.
He continuously added his life limit!
But now, there was a problem.
That was because this woman had too little blood!
Less than 90 points!
Li Xuan could clearly see many red dots representing players on the map.
[Blood Pursuit: All players with less than 50% of their HP will be displayed on the map.]
His initial endurance was 18 points and his health was 180 points.
That was why.
All the players with less than 90 points of blood were displayed on his map.
This included Qin Shuangshuang!
Less than 90 points of blood, what did this mean?
This meant that as long as Li Xuan took a breath of her, she would have less than 50 health points left, and she would die on the spot.
How could he use her as a moving blood bag?
“What kind of talent do you have?”
Li Xuan asked.
He had to think of a way to bring her blood up, then collect all sorts of food and give her blood.
“I……”I can increase my life limit by twenty percent.”
She hurriedly said.
He was afraid that he would be killed by Li Xuan a step too late.
“Didn’ t you say earlier?”
Li Xuan glanced at her.” Add it to yourself.”
Qin Shuangshuang did not dare to disobey.
She could tell that Li Xuan’s attributes were much higher than hers.
Just as she had just punched Li Xuan, Li Xuan immediately advanced several meters and dodged her subsequent attacks.
This speed was definitely twice her agility!
The difference was too great!
As a result, she obediently gave herself a +20% increase in her life limit.
It finally exceeded 100 points!
Li Xuan suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed her shoulder.
Qin Shuangshuang’s body trembled……
Soon after!
Li Xuan leaned close to her neck.
[Blood sucked!]
[You absorbed 50 health points from number 00498!]
[You’ ve recovered 50 HP and converted it to a permanent HP limit!]
Qin Shuangshuang was about to cry in fright.
In the end, he didn’ t die?
It was as if half of his blood had been lost.
And Li Xuan!
His HP was fully recovered, and he increased his HP limit by 50 points, reaching 230 points!
He glanced at the small map.
All the players with less than 115 HP appeared on his small map……Sixty or seventy red dots appeared densely.
Most of the players actually had less than 115 HP!
“An ordinary person’s basic endurance is 10 points. His blood is 100 points.”
“Even if you use your survival points to increase your endurance, it will not increase that much.”
Ordinary people weren’ t like Li Xuan, who instantly strengthened more than ten attributes.
After playing a game, it would be great if they could strengthen the attributes of a few points!
“Blood sucked into 120 seconds of cooldown. We must kill first.”
“Find your equipment first!”
Li Xuan thought calmly.
He asked Qin Shuang to stay in the cave first. Then, he followed the path and quickly walked out of the cave.
There were torches hanging on both sides of the passageway, providing a faint yellow light source.
Li Xuan’s initial speed was very fast.
He quickly arrived at another cave!
In the middle of the cave, he saw a loess stone table, on which was a pile of equipment it.
“Sure enough, it would be beneficial if the initial speed was faster!”
The corner of Li Xuan’s mouth curled up slightly.
In the next cave, two players from another team were also rushing towards the cave.
But the other party wasn’ t fast enough.
Li Xuan was the first to ascend!
[Bronze Sword (Level F): Attack +15, Durability 240/240]
[Bronze (Grade F): Repair 120 points of equipment durability.]
[Cheese: Restores 50% health.]
[Milk: Recover 30% health.]
[Endurance Enhancement (Level F Skill Book): Passively increases 10 points of Endurance.]
Pick them all!
Li Xuan held the sword in his hand.
They headed towards the two close players……He could clearly see his opponent’s movements with his blood.
The other party didn’ t know that they had already been targeted!
[PS: I can’t write it anymore, continue tomorrow!~)*

Chapter 31 Big Boss treats me so well?Take another breath!(7/10)

Li Xuan hid at the corner.
He was observing the small map……
[Blood Chase] This special effect was extremely useful. As long as the opponent’s blood volume was lower than Li Xuan’s 50% life limit, it would display a red dot on Li Xuan’s small map!
“As long as my health is high enough, I can see where all the players are!”
“Unfortunately, I can’ t tell who the person is.”
Li Xuan was a bit regretful.
However, in reality, in the survival game, the ability to distinguish identities was useless.
However, there was a player that he cared about in this round, which was why he thought of this.
Number 01314, pink girl Su Fei’ er……Or perhaps the Demon Queen, Su Fei’ er.
It was also here!
He had just seen it.
He was quite interested in this.
But now, naturally, it was mainly development.
Very quickly.
Two players from the next cave were about to arrive at the corner.
Li Xuan held the bronze sword in his hand and swung it out!
He failed to explode.
However, the damage was not low!
After all, it was quite normal for him to ignore the angle and blindly guess the attack.
His sword strike scared the two of them.
“There’s an ambush!”
“Damn it, we were beaten first. We don’ t have weapons……”Retreat first?”
The two of them glanced at Li Xuan. Their expressions changed, and they immediately turned around to flee.
Li Xuan’s initial agility was as high as 21 points, and his movement speed almost doubled!
As a result, Li Xuan chased after him.
It was aimed at the head of one of them.
He swung his bronze sword!
-96(Explosive head)!
An instant kill!
When the other person saw this, he gritted his teeth and knew that he couldn’ t run away. He turned around and raised his fist and punched Li Xuan.
Li Xuan dodged the punch with his agility.
The sword struck at the other party’s head, but in the end, the other party extended his arm and blocked the sword.
“There’s still a little bit more to do.”
“Unfortunately……”It’s just a dying struggle.”
The corner of Li Xuan’s mouth curled up slightly.
Then, he swung his sword and killed two people!
This was the difference between having a weapon and not having a weapon.
Li Xuan’s speed was even faster. He first grabbed a long sword and laid the foundation for him to fight one against two!
On the other hand, if he didn’ t have a weapon and was given a sword by the other party first, then he could only escape.
“Initial Agility is really useful.”
Li Xuan nodded in satisfaction.
It was comfortable running fast!
Soon after, he didn’ t search the boxes of these two fellows. After all, the other party didn’ t get anything and directly landed in the box.
Each of them had their lifespan reduced by more than thirty months!
As for Li Xuan……He was killed twice.
All attributes increased by 10 points!
[Blood Suck ]’s cooldown was reduced by two times by 30%, leaving only 58.8 seconds.
It could be absorbed once a minute.
“Go find her.”
After Li Xuan killed the two of them, he brought the F-level skill book back to look for Qin Shuangshuang.
The skill book was passive plus 10 points of endurance.
If Li Xuan learned it, he would increase his blood by another 100 points.
But if he learned it himself, it would be even less cost-effective.
Therefore, he decided to learn it for Qin Shuang!
“After this woman learned this skill, her endurance will increase to 18.4 and her health will reach 184 points!”
“Adding on the 20% HP limit, there will be a total of 220 HP!”
“This way……”I’ ll be able to absorb 110 HP with a single breath!”
Li Xuan already regarded her as his mobile blood bag.
Moreover, he was able to continuously increase his life limit.
“After that, all we have to do is search for the blood food and kill the others while reducing the cooldown of blood sucking.”
Li Xuan nodded.
Soon, he returned to the cave where he had landed.
Qin Shuang was still waiting for him in the cave.
“Learn this skill and eat the cheese.”
Li Xuan tossed the skill book and cheese to her.
“Wu…”Let me learn?”
The girl picked up the skill book and found that it was actually a passive skill book!
Big Boss didn’t learn?
“Are you worried that I will die too quickly?”
“Big Boss actually treated me so well?”
For a moment, Qin Shuangshuang was slightly moved.
Since the boss asked her to learn skills, she didn’ t act pretentious and directly chose to learn!
Then, he ate the cheese in one gulp.
Return his blood.
As a result, Li Xuan had barely recovered her blood when he moved closer to her neck……
[You suffered a blood sucking!]
[You lost 110 HP!]
Qin Shuangshuang was a little dumbfounded.
Why did the boss suck away the blood he had just recovered?
In her opinion, Li Xuan wasn’ t injured just now!
Full of blood!
Why did he want to suck her blood?
Immediately, this pure beauty was covered in tears.
“Drink the milk. Come with me.”
Li Xuan gave her another bottle of milk. He told her to drink it, and 30% back!
In any case, the cooldown of blood sucking could not be wasted.
He could absorb as much as he could!*

Chapter 32: Li Xuan entering, four kills!(8/10)

Li Xuan used blood to suck twice.
The first time he absorbed 50 blood, the second time he absorbed 110 blood, his life limit was increased by 160 points.
In addition, he had obtained two kills and increased his total attributes by 10 points.
He now had 440 HP!
All the players whose blood volume was lower than 220 would be marked on his small map.
At this moment, he began to observe!
Some of the players’ red dots had just disappeared, and now they had reappeared.
“This means that someone had just been killed and had increased his blood volume. For the time being, he was unable to be identified by my blood.”
“But now, my blood has increased, and I see them again!”
Li Xuan nodded.
He led his teammate and sister along the loess tunnel towards the next cave.
There were two teams fighting in the cave ahead!
There were a total of four players.
After a while, the outcome had yet to be decided.
“Wait here. Don’ t appear.”
Holding his sword, Li Xuan rushed into the cave.
As soon as he raised his head, he saw three men and one woman fighting in chaos.
Two of them had weapons.
There was a bronze dagger and a silver saber.
The person who had obtained the saber was a woman. She was not young, but she seemed to have practiced it before. A saber was playing like a tiger.
However, the difference in attributes between the four of them was not big.
Therefore, it was not that easy for them to decide the outcome.
At this moment, Li Xuan slowly entered!
He headed towards the woman holding the silver saber.
Holding the bronze sword, he swung it!
The other party naturally had some preparations, so he turned around and dodged.
Li Xuan had just slowed down.
When he swung his sword, his speed suddenly increased, making that woman unable to react at all!
-136(Head Explosion)!
Li Xuan’s strength increased.
A single strike directly caused 136 head damage!
Li Xuan didn’ t even think about it. He squatted down and picked up all the items in the box.
Silver saber, equipment!
A piece of cheese and a bottle of milk. Not bad. It can be used for Qin Shuangshuang’s blood!
“F*ck, attack him!”
The remaining three were shocked.
Clearly, Li Xuan’s combat strength was very strong!
This allowed them to know that if they didn’ t kill Li Xuan, they would most likely die here. After all, Li Xuan’s movement speed was too fast!
[F grade talent: Sweep.He used his weapon to sweep forward three times. Each time, his attack range increased by 10 meters!Cool down for 30 seconds.]
One of them held a bronze dagger and waved it at Li Xuan.
One slash!
Two blades!
Three blades!
The range of attacks this talent had increased was still very far.
Even Li Xuan didn’ t have time to dodge all of them, and he suffered two injuries on the spot.
Unfortunately, his health was too high.
After receiving two attacks, he was completely unharmed.
[Combat Fist (E-level skill): Releases consecutive Combat Fist moves against the target. Four attacks in total. The damage increases in turn!Cool down for 7 seconds.]
Another bald man released an E-level skill.
One punch after another struck at Li Xuan.
Li Xuan retreated one after another and easily dodged the first three punches, but when he used the last punch, his back hit the cave wall!
Thus, he received a solid punch.
This damage was extremely high!
In a short period of time, Li Xuan had already been killed by over 130 blood.
If it were someone else, they would have already fallen into a box!
This was because Li Xuan was agile enough to dodge most of the attacks.
When they hadn’ t developed yet, fighting one against four was indeed quite difficult!
After all, everyone else had their own talent and skills.
But at this moment……
The other player who had yet to make a move turned around and fled.
It was the dead woman’s teammate!
To this person, he didn’ t need to participate in this chaotic battle. He didn’ t have any weapons or skills, so why didn’ t he stay and wait for death?
It was hard to snatch a head.
Thus, this person directly ran away.
Moreover, he directly ran over to where Qin Shuangshuang was.
The head could not be let go!
When Li Xuan noticed this person fleeing, he instructed Qin Shuangshuang:” Stop that person. You have too much blood. You won’ t die!”
Then, he brandished his silver saber and launched a counterattack!
The remaining two players, one fighting punch and the other sweeping, were completely unable to withstand Li Xuan’s attacks after using up their methods.
In just three short seconds, he had fallen under Li Xuan’s saber.
Soon after.
He quickly rushed to where Qin Shuangshuang was.
In the end, she saw that the girl had indeed stopped the guy who had just escaped.
The other party wanted to run.
However, Qin Shuangshuang’s ankles were tightly gripped!
Although the girl was dragged away by him, his speed of movement became especially slow.
The other party had no choice but to kill Qin Shuangshuang first.
In the end, Li Xuan had already turned around.
The silver saber swung out!
-222(Head Explosion)!
One slash had died!
Four kills!*

Chapter 33 is too much!Was he mentally ill?(9/10)

Number of kills:6
Li Xuan looked at his battle record. He had already obtained six kills.
This caused his blood to suck and drop to 14.1 seconds of cooldown!
“He finally took off.”
The corner of Li Xuan’s mouth twitched!
In this wave, he had harvested four heads, and at the same time, he had obtained quite a few blood-retaining food.
He gave all these food to Qin Shuangshuang!
“Let’s go first with a bottle of milk.”
Li Xuan instructed Qin Shuangshuang.
Qin Shuangshuang was still very obedient. She discovered that this teammate was simply too strong!
If he could eat chickens alive, how many survival points would he reward?
The more she thought about it, the more excited she became!
Thus, Li Xuan ordered her to do whatever she wanted.
The girl drank a bottle of milk.
It was full of blood.
Then, Li Xuan hugged his shoulder and sucked in another mouthful.
“There are two pieces of cheese, two bottles of milk, and three more times.”
Li Xuan was quite satisfied.
At this moment, after killing the six of them, his entire attribute increased by 30 points.
He had absorbed Qin Shuangshuang three times, and his life limit had already reached 750 points!
He continued to suck his blood and only needed 14 seconds to cool down!
“It’s also a developmental talent.”
“Although you’ ve developed very well, you’ re feeling a bit unhappy in the early stages.”
“When will you give me a battle-type talent?”
Li Xuan thought to himself.
Of course, this SSS-level talent that blood yearned for was truly invincible once it developed.
He led Qin Shuangshuang along a path and walked towards the second floor of the map!
From the three-dimensional map, he could see that this map was divided into three levels.
Everyone landed on the lowest floor.
Now, he took the girl to the second floor.
Just as he was on the second floor, he noticed that a wild monster had appeared in front of him!
“Looks like the lowest level of this map is to delete some of the players.”
“I mainly rely on searching the map to obtain F and E grade equipment.”
“Once we reach the second level, we’ ll be able to obtain D-grade equipment through wild fighting!”
[Molten Fire Stone Monster (Level D):1400 HP.]
Li Xuan’s eyes lit up when he saw the wild monster.
“My blood sucking should be able to suck wild monsters, right?”
Just think about it!
Li Xuan looked at the small map.
At the moment, there were no hostile players nearby, and the surroundings were very safe.
On the way up, he made Qin Shuangshuang eat cheese and drink milk to recover her blood.
Every time he returned, he would suck half of it away.
This allowed him to have a total of 1080 HP limit!
All the players with less than 540 blood points would show up on the map. However, there were very few players with 540 blood points.
Li Xuan was about 10 meters away from the Molten Fire Stone monster and directly used blood to suck it.
A beam of blood flew out from the Molten Flame Stone monster and was sucked into Li Xuan’s body.
[You’ ve absorbed 700 HP of the Molten Fire Stone Monster!]
[You have recovered 700 HP and converted it to a permanent HP limit!]
It was true!
Li Xuan’s eyes lit up. This time, he’s too awesome!
Qin Shuangshuang stood behind him and looked at the way he used blood to suck at the wild monsters. Her eyes widened at once.
“He’s actually able to absorb from afar!”
“Then why do you hold my shoulder and suck my neck?”
“Too much!”
She was a bit angry!
Her face turned red!
His beautiful eyes were filled with incomprehension!
Was he mentally ill?
Could it be that long-range suctioning was necessary?
Could it be that there was a hobby of acting as a vampire?
In reality…
Li Xuan simply thought it was fun.
If there was any deeper reason to insist, it was probably because holding her to suck blood would cause some psychological pressure to her.
Thus, there was a psychological hint in her heart.
It would make her feel that Li Xuan was her master, making her lose all thoughts of resisting…
Li Xuan didn’ t understand much either.
But theoretically, there should be such an effect?
He didn’ t think too much.
After all, there was still a Molten Firestone monster chasing after him with its life!
“This wild monster still has 700 blood!”
“It’s a bit of a waste to just suck it once, suck it once more!”
Li Xuan ran in front of him while the Molten Fire Stone monster chased after him.
The stone man’s body was suffused with flames, causing damage to the surrounding five meters of enemies every second. It was similar to Li Xuan’s previous flame sacrifice halo.
If it were any other player, it would still be a bit difficult to kill this wild monster.
But Li Xuan was relaxed!
“Blood suck!”
In next to no time,14 seconds passed, and his talent had completely cooled down.
He continued to inhale at the Molten Fire Stone Monster from afar!
[You’ ve absorbed 350 HP of the Molten Fire Stone Monster!]
[You’ ve recovered 350 HP and converted it to a permanent HP limit!]
After absorbing the Molten Firestone Monster twice, Li Xuan’s life limit had reached 2,130 points, a terrifying increase!
Then, he held his silver saber and turned around to attack the Molten Flame Rock monster.*

Chapter 34 was ambushed?Let me take a look!(10/10)

The Molten Fire Stone Monster only dealt 20 damage per second to the surrounding area.
But its blood was thick!
Therefore, if a normal player wanted to fight the wild and kill the Molten Fire Stone monsters, they would still be more injured.
Either use a long-range weapon.
Or, like Li Xuan, he would use his skill to consume a wave of blood.
When Li Xuan attacked, the Molten Fire Stone monster only had the last 350 health points left.
And now that he was holding a silver saber, he had obtained six attacks and increased his attributes by 30 points.
He directly looked at the head of the Quasi-Melting Fire Stone Monster and instantly swung out two blades!
51 Points of Agility made his attack speed reach 2.25!
That was, more than two blades per second.
-156(Explosive head)!
-156(Explosive head)!
The Molten Fire Stone Monster still had less than 50 points of blood left!
Li Xuan casually added a blade and killed the Molten Fire Stone Monster.
A grade D golden treasure chest appeared!
Li Xuan directly opened the treasure chest:
[Shock Rod (Level D): Attack +30.Lightning attack +30.[Durability 640/640]
[Potential Awakening (Level D Skill Book): Passive increase by 50% of all attributes.]
[Air Step (D-level skill book): Passive increase of 30 speed. In the air state, you can use the force to turn three times.]
Shock stick?
Li Xuan fell into deep thought.
With an attack of 30, a lightning attack of 30, and a combined damage of 60 points, it seems not bad?
The key point was that the lightning attack seemed to have a chance of paralyzing the enemy.
“It’s a bit better than an ordinary gold weapon.”
“It’s just that it doesn’ t matter to me.”
Li Xuan directly gave up on the option of the electric shock stick.
The other two options were skill books.
Stepping in the air was a skill that increased flexibility. In the air, he could use the force to turn three times. It should be useful in battle.
However, Li Xuan also didn’ t need it.
He chose to awaken his potential!
This D-level skill book had a passive 50% increase in all attributes. For Li Xuan, it was most suitable!
He did not intend to awaken his potential to Qin Shuang.
Although learning to teach a sister would increase her blood volume and increase Li Xuan’s blood consumption.
But there was no need!
Li Xuan could use this skill to make his final attribute value exceed 200 points, thus obtaining an additional survival point reward.
Li Xuan directly studied.
This potential awakening was a passive effect, increasing his total attribute by 50%.
The effect was extremely good.
It was equivalent to that if he obtained a single kill, he would be able to increase his attributes by 7.5. Killing two was equivalent to killing three others.
Li Xuan looked at his current attributes:
All attributes had been greatly improved!
When Li Xuan finished opening the golden treasure chest, his blood sucking had once again cooled down.
“Come over and take another sip.”
Li Xuan waved at Qin Shuangshuang.
Qin Shuangshuang was still resentful just now.
However, the moment she saw Li Xuan beckon with her hand, she quickly leaned over……
[Your life limit was increased to 2425 points!]
“I don’ t know, if the upper limit of life exceeds a certain level, will there be additional survival points?”
Li Xuan was looking forward to this.
It just so happened that this round could be tried.
Just after he hugged the girl and sucked in another mouthful of blood.
An arrow suddenly flew over and stabbed into Li Xuan’s shoulder.
Why was there someone?
Li Xuan was a little puzzled.
His life limit was now over 2,400. As long as the other people’s blood was not more than 1,200, it would be displayed on his small map.
There was clearly no red dot on his small map!
“Someone has over 1,200 HP?”
He immediately turned around!
In the end, he saw a familiar figure……
The girl in a black dress, Su Fei’ er!
She was walking out of a passageway with a graceful figure and a pair of long legs that made one look sideways.
“Xiao Xuan, you’ re actually carrying older sister on your back and kissing her younger sister?”
The corner of her mouth curled up slightly.
Her beautiful eyes were filled with temptation.
He walked over gracefully and shot another arrow towards Li Xuan……
Silver crossbows!
However, she had learned some kind of skill and increased her damage. She could hit 156 damage with an arrow!
This was because Li Xuan did not wear protective equipment.
Of course, he did not need to wear protective equipment.
Facing Su Fei’ er’s attack, he didn’ t dodge or dodge!
“Powerful, actually able to ambush me.”
The corner of Li Xuan’s mouth twitched!
Su Fei’ er’s health had actually exceeded 1,200 points?
He hadn’ t been able to sense her approaching even though he was chasing after his blood!
If it were someone else, being ambushed by Su Fei’ er like this, they would most likely have already died.
Li Xuan had too much blood!
“It’s just right.”
“Let me see how much blood you have?”
Li Xuan estimated that 1,200 points of blood should be about Su Fei’ er’s limit.
After all, this was the Bronze Bureau!
However, there were not so many items and skills that could stack the players’ blood to an extremely high level.
No matter what…
Li Xuan casually took a sip from her and he would be able to increase at least 600 HP!
(PS: If there is no special explanation in the future, any increase in the game’s attributes will only be effective in this game ]~ A boss mentioned this question, so explain it.It hadn’t been written recently because he was afraid of being sprayed with water……)*

Chapter 35 Reinforced Iron Bone!State resistance!(1/5)

Li Xuan approached the girl in the black dress!
Seeing this, Su Fei’ er’s heart was a bit scared.
“I’ m lucky in this round. After obtaining a passive skill to add blood and a badge to add endurance, I’ ll be able to have 1,300 points of blood.”
“Xiao Xuan was shot two arrows by me and lost more than 300 blood, yet he’s still unhurried?”
She was a little puzzled.
In the game of survival, one could not see the blood of others.
Only the life value of wild monsters would be displayed.
Therefore, Su Fei’ er had no idea how much blood Li Xuan had!
She could only continue to pull the trigger.
Li Xuan was too lazy to hide.
Seeing that the blood was sucked cold, he stepped forward and took a mouthful.
It was released ten meters away!
[Blood sucked!]
[You’ ve absorbed 660 health points from number 01314!]
[You’ ve recovered 660 HP and converted it to a permanent HP limit!]
A bundle of blood floated up from the girl in the black dress and was sucked in by Li Xuan.
Life limit:3085 points!
In addition, after being shot three arrows by Su Fei’ er and lost more than 400 blood, it was completely recovered.
Su Fei’ er’s beautiful eyes were filled with astonishment.
“Bloodsucking skill?”
She frowned slightly. Seeing that Li Xuan was about to approach her…
“Earth wall!”
She raised her slender hand and instantly created a wall at the entrance of the tunnel!
The wall directly blocked the passage.
Separate her from Li Xuan!
She didn’ t have the confidence to defeat Li Xuan, so she planned to run first before developing.
Li Xuan originally wanted to kill Su Fei’ er, but in the end, he was blocked by the earth wall.
“Earth Wall?”This skill is useless in other maps.”
“On this map, it had a miraculous effect ……”
Li Xuan shook his head.
He did not think too much.
On the small map, he could see the little red dot that represented Su Fei’ er, moving far away from him.
The corner of his mouth curled up slightly.” You’ re the first one who can still escape when you meet me!”
Ten seconds later, the wall disappeared.
Li Xuan didn’ t intend to chase either.
Ten seconds later, the opponent had already run far away.
Therefore, Li Xuan led Qin Shuangshuang along another path.
He discovered…
With his blood more than 3,000 points, there were actually some different red spots on the map.
“These are wild monsters?”
Li Xuan understood.
As long as his life was less than half of his blood, even wild monsters would be displayed on the small map!
“The introduction of talent is lying to me.”
“Didn’ t he say that he only showed the players?”
This way, Li Xuan would feel even more comfortable!
In next to no time, he found another Molten Flame Stone monster, squatting beside a flowing Molten Flame River.
This lava river was suffused with boiling hot air.
Once they fell, they would most likely lie down in seconds.
Moreover, even the box was in the melting flames, so it was probably impossible for others to pick it up.
“Blood suck!”
Li Xuan aimed at the Molten Fire Stone Monster and took a deep breath.
Another 700 HP limit!
Following the order, a Molten Firestone monster was not difficult.
Half a minute passed.
After the Molten Fire Stone monster had contributed 1050 HP, it was killed by Li Xuan.
Life limit:4,135 points!
[Gold Nose (Level D): Attack +60, Attack Speed +1.[Endurance 800/800]
[Gold Armor (Grade D): Body defense +50 points.[Durability 640/640]
[Steel Reinforced Iron Bone (Level D Skill Book): Body Defense +30, State Resistance +50.]
Li Xuan opened the golden treasure chest.
After thinking for a while, he chose the reinforced iron bone.
The main reason was to take a fancy to the state of resistance.
With 50 points of state resistance and Li Xuan’s super high spiritual attribute, almost no one could control him!
As for equipment……
He could completely obtain it by killing other players.
After learning the skill, he looked at the small map.
There seemed to be two players surrounding a wild monster in the next cave.
Let’s go!
Li Xuan directly rushed towards the cave.
In the end…
“Is this talent or skill?”
He discovered that the ones attacking the wild monsters were not two players, but a young man and a clone.
The two bodies looked exactly the same, but the clone looked a little pale.
“Gold Armor, Gold Sword, Gold Helmet?”
“That’s right. It’s all mine.”
The corner of Li Xuan’s mouth curled up slightly.
If you lacked equipment, someone would give you equipment. How comfortable!
When Li Xuan appeared at the entrance of the cave, the young man gave up on the Molten Fire Stone monster.
His original body and clone rushed towards Li Xuan at the same time!
The young man was very confident.
In this round, he had already killed seven people, and his development was not bad.
One set of gold equipment!
Moreover, his skills were complete!
He also brought two control skills!
The key was……
As for his clone skill, apart from his full attribute being 50% of his original body, his skill equipment were all copied.
Previously, when he encountered an opponent, he used control skills together with his clone. It was infinite control.
It was easy to deal with both of them at the same time!
A mere Li Xuan was completely beneath him.
In his eyes, Li Xuan was here to give him a warm attribute baby!
The young man held the golden sword in his hand and swung a control skill towards Li Xuan.*

Chapter 36 Despair!How much blood did this person have?(2/5)

The young man was extremely fast.
He rushed to Li Xuan’s face and swung his sword.
[Heavy blow!]
Li Xuan had obtained this skill in the first round. It was a two-second stun skill limited by a long weapon.
The attack range was four meters.
This young man’s actions were extremely tricky.
Together with his clone, he attacked left and right, releasing a heavy blow.
No matter how fast Li Xuan was, there was no place to hide!
[Target resisted your stun effect!]
The young man’s sword landed on Li Xuan’s body and received a feedback notification.
Resistance to dizziness?
His expression changed slightly.
Following that, Li Xuan flipped his hand and sucked in a mouthful of blood.
He directly absorbed 320 of his opponent’s blood, becoming his life limit!
“State of resistance is indeed formidable.”
Li Xuan was very satisfied.
Of course, it was not all about controlling resistance.
Now, his spiritual attributes had reached 63 points, providing 63 points of state resistance. Together, he had 113 points.
If the other party’s intelligence attribute was too low, it wouldn’ t be able to control Li Xuan.
It was normal to resist dizziness!
“Come again!”
The young man did not believe it.
[Taishan Leg!]
Another control skill.
The spinning kick sent the target flying for three seconds!
Moreover, he continued to use this skill with his clone to prevent Li Xuan from finding an angle to dodge.
In the end……
[Target had resisted your attack!]
Resistance again!
Li Xuan also launched a counterattack.
The silver sword in his hand swung out and landed on the golden helmet of the opponent.
The damage was not enough……However, the effect was not great.
In any case, Li Xuan’s blood was now as high as 4455 points!
“I can’ t control it!”
Half of the youth’s blood was sucked away. He gritted his teeth and decided to continue fighting Li Xuan.
In his opinion!
Li Xuan didn’ t have any protective equipment.
And he was a full set of golden equipment!
Can it be compared?
“As long as the blade explodes, this person will definitely not be able to withstand it!”
The young man’s body and clone slashed towards Li Xuan’s head.
Li Xuan dodged to the side, but was still hit by his clone’s head.
-273(Head Explosion)!
With two strikes, Li Xuan lost 383 lives.
It could be seen that this young man was indeed very powerful!
The main body and the clone attacked at a tricky angle. Even if Li Xuan was extremely agile, he couldn’ t completely avoid the opponent’s vital attacks.
Li Xuan was even stronger!
383 Blood?
He didn’ t care at all!
If it were anyone else, they would have already died of nervousness. However, Li Xuan, he would not have lost a tenth of his blood.
Now that his attack speed had reached 2.77, the silver sword in his hand continuously swung out.
Li Xuan could hit the young man’s head with every strike!
Because of its high agility and fast attack speed!
The young man’s eyes had already turned red.
Although his blood was constantly decreasing, he was still betting that Li Xuan would die before him if he continued to fight.
After all, his entire set of golden equipment!
Li Xuan didn’ t even have a helmet!
Li Xuan’s expression didn’ t change even if he had gone through three times and lost nearly a thousand blood.
It was as stable as Mount Tai!
On the other hand, the pressure on the young man grew more and more intense. Soon, he was drenched in sweat, feeling anxious.
How much blood did this person have?
Seeing that he didn’ t have much blood!
The young man finally turned around and ran away. He took out a piece of cheese and wanted to recover his blood.
His main body fled, and he even used his clone to block Li Xuan. His operation was quite smooth.
Unfortunately, Li Xuan’s agility was too high.
He was simply not given a chance!
He directly bypassed his clone and caught up with his true form.
[You killed the target (No.04396)!]
[You have obtained 5 points of all attributes (this game only takes effect)!]
However, Li Xuan didn’ t forget that there was a Molten Fire Stone monster beside him.
“Blood suck!”
After taking a breath, Li Xuan recovered 420 blood.
This Molten Fire Stone monster had just lost a third of its blood by the youth, making Li Xuan feel a little uncomfortable.
The benefits of bloodsucking had decreased!
Fortunately, he was killed once more, and the cooldown of Bloodsucking was reduced by another 30%. Only 9.8 seconds remained.
“Blood suck!”
10 Seconds later, Li Xuan took another sip of the Molten Fire Stone monster before killing it to death.
Life limit:5085 points!
Li Xuan opened the Molten Fire Stone Monster’s golden treasure chest and his eyes lit up.
[Healing (D-level skill book): For a target, restore its life value to full value.Cool down for 20 seconds.]
Healing Skill Book!
Li Xuan directly chose and learned.
He had already had a lot of blood. Who could withstand a single healing of five thousand blood?
“Can this healing be used against wild monsters?”If it’s possible, wouldn’ t it be possible to brush blood all the time?”
Li Xuan looked forward to it.
He came to the young man’s wooden box and picked it up!
Gold armor, gold sword, gold helmet, equipment!
Then, he looked at the small map and rushed towards another hollow red dot representing the wild monster.
“Boss, boss, wait for me?”
Qin Shuangshuang followed.
However, she was simply unable to catch up with Li Xuan.
The difference in speed was too great!
“Big Boss should have forgotten about me, right?”
Qin Shuangshuang was covered in tears.*

Chapter 37 I shot all my arrows. He’s not dead yet?(3/5)

In fact, Li Xuan did not forget that he still had a beautiful teammate.
However, he didn’ t need this blood bag anymore.
It was only 220 points of blood, but it was only 110 points of blood. What was the use?
Too few!
After taking a sip, she still had to wait for her blood to return, feeling tired.
Thus, he simply ignored her.
Let her die.
Soon, Li Xuan found another D-rank wild monster.
[Lava Golem (Level D): HP 1800]
This wild monster was larger than the Molten Fire Stone monster!
More blood!
There was no damage from the flame halo, but with the control of the area of the ground, the attack was even higher.
It was very suitable for Li Xuan!
When he had just arrived, he had encountered a team along the way.
He relied on his golden equipment to kill those two without any pressure.
Two more kills!
His total attribute had exceeded 90 points, and the cooldown time of blood sucking had decreased to 4.8 seconds!
[You absorbed 900 HP from the lava golem!]
[You’ ve recovered 900 HP and converted it to a permanent HP limit!]
How comfortable!
Then, Li Xuan gave it a try……
[You’ve unleashed healing on the lava golem, the life value of the lava golem has completely recovered!]
“This is awesome!”
Li Xuan’s eyes lit up. Using this lava golem, he was completely able to reach the limit of his life!
The rock puppet moved slowly.
Li Xuan just kept flying.
Li Xuan’s state resistance was still strong enough, not affected at all.
Five seconds later, the blood sucked and cooled.
[You absorbed 900 HP from the lava golem!]
[You’ ve recovered 900 HP and converted it to a permanent HP limit!]
The healing skill cooled down for 20 seconds.
Therefore, Li Xuan could take four breaths and heal the rock puppet.
With this, Li Xuan’s life limit would increase by 1687.5 per 20 seconds!
Still hesitating?
More than a minute later.
[Restricted area] began to shrink for the second time.
The lower layer of the cave where the players landed had completely become a restricted area.
Only the middle and upper levels remained in the safe area.
Moreover, the next time he pulled back, the middle layer would also be submerged!
[Remaining players in this game:36!]
Just when Li Xuan had finished six rounds and reached 16,110 HP.
“Boss, save me!”
Qin Shuangshuang’s graceful figure appeared in a sorry state at the entrance of the cave.
She chased after him for two minutes.
He finally caught up to Li Xuan!
On the way, they were chased by two players.
A golden arrow shot out from the cave entrance.
A middle-aged man with a golden crossbow appeared at the cave entrance, an arrow……Shot askew!
The arrow landed on the lava golem.
The lava golem did not have much blood left. It was shot to death on the spot!
The golden treasure chest appeared at Li Xuan’s feet.
Li Xuan was stunned..
He had used this Lava Golem to brush the blood limit perfectly. Someone actually ran out and shot the monster to death?
A disaster!
Although there was no reward for killing monsters.
The golden treasure chest could also be snatched.
The proper Blood Brush Tool was gone?
He couldn’ t endure it!
“That’s good. It’s time to brush heads.”
Li Xuan calculated the time.
If they didn’ t swipe their heads, they would all be snatched away.
“Don’ t move the treasure chest.”
“When I finish killing, you can lick your bag.”
Li Xuan walked past Qin Shuang and said to her.
The pure lady nodded repeatedly.
At this moment, Li Xuan’s life limit had reached sixteen thousand!
The rest of the other players in the map had less blood than him, and they were still far away.
This was the SSS grade talent!
This type of developmental talent was basically invincible at the late stage, but it was slightly weaker at the early stage.
In the next battle, there were no flowers in it.
Just beat it hard!
Li Xuan didn’ t even dodge the attack. He charged forward and slashed.
The two of them were both very well developed.
One had a high defense, and the other had a golden crossbow at the back.
The golden arrows continuously landed on Li Xuan’s body and head.
It caused him more than a hundred injuries.
Li Xuan didn’ t care.
The young man who was standing in front of him was fighting with passion!
“I shot all my arrows!”F*ck!”
Soon, the middle-aged man’s expression changed greatly.
“We beat him at least three thousand blood, right?”Why are you still alive?”
The young man in front of him also panicked.
He was about to lose control!
He only had over 800 blood.
Li Xuan slashed at him for over a hundred!
He turned around to run, but how could he possibly run away?
Li Xuan caught up and killed him with a single strike!
[Your’ Blood Suck’ cooldown has decreased!Current cooldown:3.4 seconds!]
Next was the middle-aged man.
In next to no time, Li Xuan caught up and killed him!
[Your’ Blood Suck’ cooldown has decreased!Current cooldown:2.4 seconds!]
At the same time, his entire attribute had finally reached 100 points!
“We can harvest it.”
Li Xuan casually healed himself.
Full of blood!
The corner of his mouth curled up slightly as he observed the remaining thirty red dots on the small map……Set out!
(PS: Does anyone read this book?QAQs who felt that the fresh flowers and evaluation tickets hadn’t moved ~ the big shots cast the fresh flowers and evaluation tickets after reading them. Give the author Jun some motivation ~)*

Chapter 38 Completion of Development!Vampire Demon King!(4/5)

[You killed the target (No.03299)!]
[You have obtained 5 points of all attributes (this game only takes effect)!]
[Your’ Blood Suck’ cooldown has decreased!Current cooldown:1.7 seconds!]
[You’ ve obtained your 13th strike!]
[Your’ Blood Suck’ cooldown has decreased!Current cooldown:1.2 seconds!]
[You have obtained the 14th strike!]
[Your’ Blood Suck’ cooldown has decreased!Current cooldown:0.8 seconds!]
When Li Xuan arrived at the top of the map.
He had already obtained 17 kills.
The cooldown time for blood sucking was only 0.3 seconds!
Moreover, his entire attribute had already exceeded 150 points.
Especially his spiritual attributes. He opened a’ Firm Will’skill book from the golden treasure chest. After learning it, he directly increased his spirit by 70 points, reaching over 220 points.
[Remaining players in this game:19!]
He looked at the small map.
His innate blood hunting effect allowed him to know exactly where the remaining players were!
Therefore, his killing speed was extremely fast.
“0.3 Second cooldown is enough.”
“I can directly suck people to death.”
The corner of Li Xuan’s mouth curled up slightly.
At this point, he had completely completed his development.
Become a vampire devil king!
There were two players who took two turns in front of him. He calmly walked over.
It was a sinister young man with a set of golden equipment.
He brought a woman with some broken equipment.
This young man held an old-fashioned musket……
[Man Fire Spear (Grade C): Attack +420.[Durability 1200/1200]
It was actually a C grade weapon!
Moreover, it was a long tube fire spear!
Long-range weapons that were more than double the attack of the golden crossbow were considered to be hot weapons.
It should have been obtained from a supply treasure chest.
Because this was the map of the underground cave, the treasure chest wasn’ t from the sky. As for the exact method, Li Xuan didn’ t know.
“Go, stop him!”
This sinister young man was hiding behind the girl with the Marne Fire Spear in his hand.
He wanted the woman to come up and hold Li Xuan back.
Then, he used his long-barrel fire spear to attack Li Xuan!
The woman didn’ t say anything and directly rushed towards Li Xuan……In order to earn points for survival, a woman was willing to become a tool man.
Li Xuan calmly walked forward.
Blood sucking *3!
In less than a second, three strands of blood floated out of the woman’s body and were sucked into Li Xuan’s body.
After that, the girl directly died!
As long as the blood was sucked, the target’s blood volume would be less than 50 points, and he would die.
Clearly, this girl was not more than 400 points full of blood.
It was at this moment.
Three flintlock bullets landed on Li Xuan.
The damage was extremely high!
If it were any other player, being hit by these three shots would be almost enough.
Li Xuan had only lost a tenth of his blood!
He was calm and composed, ten meters close to the sinister youth.
Blood sucking *5!
Less than two seconds.
Five streams of blood floated out from the sinister youth and was sucked away by Li Xuan.
During that time, the young man shot Li Xuan again.
Unfortunately, it was useless!
To Li Xuan, it almost tickled him.
Five times he sucked in blood, the sinister young man also died, not even having a chance to struggle.
“This Fire Spear really hurts.”
Li Xuan still paid more attention to this weapon.
Go up and pick them up.
He discovered that there were only three flintlock bullets left in the wooden box.
“So there’s a ammunition limit.”
“The arrow of the golden crossbow can be recovered. This bullet can’ t be recovered. It’ ll be gone when it’s used up.”
“However, this weapon is indeed a top tier weapon in the Bronze Bureau.”
Of course, Li Xuan didn’ t need this weapon anymore.
Fire Spear was too powerful.
He chose to leave the flintlock behind, but he took the bullet away…
In this way, others would not be able to fire the Fire Spear.
[You’ ve obtained a total of 19 kills!]
[Your’ Blood Suck’ cooldown is 0.13 seconds!]
It was just three breaths a second.
In the blink of an eye, it had reached seven breaths a second!
[Restricted region began to shrink!]
[, Please head to the safety zone as soon as possible!]
The system notification sounded out.
Li Xuan left two wooden boxes and turned around to walk into the safety zone.
Behind him, a pitch-black restricted region spread over, drowning out large sections of the map…
The map of the underground cave, the top, the center.
This was a large-scale cave with a diameter of more than fifty meters!
This was the final safety zone.
The remaining 13 players, including Li Xuan and Qin Shuangshuang, gathered here from different channels.
When Li Xuan began to harvest, Qin Shuangshuang was completely unable to keep up with him.
Finally, they split up.
His luck wasn’t bad. He had n’ t been killed by anyone during this time.
When she arrived at the central cave, she saw Li Xuan with a glance. Her eyes lit up and she quickly ran to Li Xuan’s side.
At the same time……
Opposite the central cave!
A young girl in a black dress slowly appeared. Her aura was elegant, and her long legs gave off a strong visual impact.
Su Fei’ er!
Moreover, it was also Su Fei’ er who had reached the limit!*

Chapter 39 Why is he so wavey?Ten breaths a second!(5/5)

Su Fei’ er was a grade A talent.
The demonic form’s innate effect could increase her entire attributes by a bit.
Furthermore, she had a five-second control skill, the Queen’s command.
It was thanks to this five-second order of the Queen that she was able to rise up quickly.
She held a long red whip in her hand.
[Molten Flame Noose (Level C): Attack Power +80, Flame Damage +80, Attack Speed +1.[Endurance 1800/1800]
Class C weapons!
Long whip-type weapons might not have high attacks, but they all had attack speed corrections.
If she had 100 points of Agility, her current base attack speed would be 3.16, three attacks per second.
Plus, the attack speed of the long whip was modified four times per second!
She also obtained a pair of C-class platinum boots from the supply treasure chest, increasing her speed by 60 points.
That was why her speed had reached more than 50 meters per second!
Of course, she did not act rashly.
After all…There were too many people in this central cave.
Although she had developed to the limit, if these people attacked her, she definitely wouldn’ t be a match.
Not to mention that.
There was also Li Xuan who she cared about very much.
There were a total of thirteen people present.
No one dared to act rashly!
Other than…
Li Xuan!
Qin Shuangshuang hid behind him. He did not care.
It was a waste to kill a teammate and deduct 30 survival points!
He took a step into the arena.
As a result, everyone’s eyes focused on him.
What happened to “big boss?If they were to attract the attention of others at this moment, it would be disastrous if they were surrounded ……”
Qin Shuangshuang became nervous.
With great difficulty, she saw a chance to eat chicken.
Big Boss was very powerful!
If he were to manage it carefully, he would definitely eat chickens!
She did not understand.
Why is Big Boss so wavelike?
He actually took the initiative to attract everyone’s attention!
Too inflated!
“Could it be that the big boss thinks he can beat them all by himself?”
Qin Shuangshuang was extremely nervous. He did not dare to move at all!
However, Li Xuan didn’ t care.
If he knew what Qin Shuangshuang was thinking, he would definitely say……That’s right!I can beat them all by myself!
This central cave was extremely spacious.
At the center was a pool of lava.
Everyone was far away from that magma pool, afraid of being pushed in.
For the sake of safety, Li Xuan was the same.
He took several steps along the edge of the cave and soon arrived ten meters away from a player.
Blood sucked!
Blood sucked!
Blood was sucked every 0.13 seconds!
In less than a second, four streams of blood floated out of the player’s body and was sucked away by Li Xuan.
Then, the players fell to the ground.
It turned into a box!
Following that, Li Xuan stepped on the box.
Not even the box was opened.
Because he no longer needed it!
He was only interested in the treasure chest of wild monsters. After all, it might be possible to open a skill book that would help him escape from the mental hospital.
And the equipment dropped by the players……
It was no longer useful to Li Xuan.
[You’ ve obtained a total of 20 kills!]
[Your’ Blood Suck’ cooldown is 0.09 seconds!]
Killing another person, ten breaths a second!
It was faster than everyone else’s attack speed!
Moreover, a single suck was 50% of the current HP!
He continued to walk along the edge of the cave!
The other players’ expressions changed.
They had no idea what method Li Xuan had used to kill!
It looked like bloodsucking!
But why would bloodsucking kill someone?
“Kill that fellow first!”
A player shouted and immediately shot out a golden crossbow bolt at Li Xuan!
Li Xuan didn’ t dodge and continued forward.
Arriving in front of the player……
Blood sucking *5!
Five streams of blood floated out and were sucked over.
The players fell to the ground!
Li Xuan once again stepped over the box.
This time, the entire place was in chaos.
To attack Li Xuan together?
They had originally thought that Li Xuan’s bloodsucking skill would definitely have a long cooldown.
In the end…
He sucked twice and directly killed two!
How could they dare to approach Li Xuan?
In reality, Li Xuan didn’ t just suck it twice. Instead, he sucked it four or five times in a short period of time.
After absorbing so much blood, his life limit had reached twenty-three thousand!
When Li Xuan killed two players.
There were still eleven people left!
Apart from Li Xuan himself, Qin Shuangshuang and Su Fei’ er, there were only eight people left in the arena.
These eight people……
They all chose to stay away from Li Xuan!
There were even two people fighting on the other side of the cave.
They originally wanted to watch.
But now, it seemed like they had a father in this round!
It was impossible to eat chickens. How many people could be counted as many!
As much as possible, he could obtain some survival points!
[Inch Punch (D-level): Charge out ten meters, deal 200% damage to the enemy, and repel the target 15 meters!]
One of them, a strong man, aimed at a young man beside him and punched out.
In the blink of an eye, the young man was pushed back and directly crashed into the lava pool in the center of the cave!
The young man burned up and died on the spot.
[Remaining players in this game:10!]
This scene caused Su Fei’ er’s eyes to shine.
“Xiao Xuanxuan is a bit powerful!”
“As soon as I get close, I will be sucked to death by him!”
“From this point of view, there is only one way. It is to control him from afar and let him jump into the magma pool!”
Su Fei’ er’s beautiful eyes lit up!
From afar, she began to move.
[Queen’s order!]
She aimed her innate skill at Li Xuan.
[Your Queen’s command effect was resisted by the target!]
Su Fei’ er was dumbfounded.*