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Big Boss
Fantasy Coins: 69

Chapter 41: Fainting, discovered!

In the fifth place, he asked for a collection.
When Xiu Zhi heard this, she was so moved that she almost shed tears.
“Oba is good or bad, pinch him!”
Xiu Zhi blushed as she beat Wang Dali on the shoulder, then obediently lay down.
Wang Dali felt his heart warm as he smiled at the camera.” Everyone, thank God. I’ ve successfully found Xiu Zhi. I’ m very glad that Xiu Zhi didn’ t die at the mouth of the giant ape. I’ m going to climb down now, then take out the cave and leave the giant ape’s territory. I wish Xiu Zhi and me good luck!”
Wang Dali turned around from the stone platform and carefully climbed down. He had a beginner rock climbing skill. Wang Dali stretched out his hand and walked very fast.
With his 20% constitution, Wang Dali was simply the number one rock climber. He was carrying a person on his back, and he was still able to do it with ease.
Xiu Zhi lay tightly on Wang Dali’s back, tightly hugging Wang Dali’s neck. Her legs were tied around Wang Dali’s waist. She didn’ t dare to look down, so she could only close her eyes tightly.
“666……Big Brother’s climbing skills seemed to have improved again. It was truly amazing ——”
“You sure you don’t have a rope ——”
“I am a rock climbing enthusiast. After looking at the host’s technique, I really intend to find a piece of tofu and smash it to death ——”
“Big Brother Hercules, I admire you too much. If I have a chance in the future, I will definitely invite you to climb the mountain on the snow ——”
“Couldn’ t refuse to accept it. He carried a person on his back, yet he still slipped away ——”
Wang Dali could only chuckle. The skills produced by the God System were all beyond his expectations.
Rock climbing was his first skill. Naturally, it was not bad.
“Pa ……”
Wang Dali steadily climbed down and landed on the ground.
Wang Dali made a gesture and walked past the giant ape with Xiu Zhi on his back.
“Hu ……”
The giant ape suddenly flipped over, and its huge arm fell down.
Wang Dali was startled. He took three steps back and dodged the unconscious attack from the giant ape’s sleep.
What the f*ck! This giant ape really isn’t a cover. If he fell asleep, he would even create obstacles for me!
Wang Dali simply wanted to hate him.
It turned out that the giant ape’s hand blocked Wang Dali’s path.
It was a long and narrow passage. Beside it was a deep pool. It was probably used by the giant ape to swim.
“Oba, what should we do?”
Xiu Zhi came down from Wang Dali’s back, his face a little pale.
“Let’s climb over!”
Wang Dali gritted his teeth. It seemed like he could only do this.
“Are so scared. Why don’t we wait?”Maybe it’ ll turn around again!”Xiu Zhi hesitated.
“We can’ t wait any longer!”
Wang Dali looked at the sky outside the stone platform. A large amount of white fish belly had appeared in the east. The morning sun was about to rise, and it was unlikely that the giant ape would wake up once the sky was bright.
“Big Brother Hercules was right, taking advantage of the opportunity to rush over ——”
“I think so too. The giant ape seems to be waking up ——”
“Wheeze was also smaller ——”
“Still have to wait. If the giant ape were to be alarmed, it would only be more dangerous ——”
Countless spectators began to volunteer to advise Wang Dali.
“Don’ t say anything. It really is a difficult choice. How about this, let the God choose!”
Wang Dali took out a coin from his pocket and said,” Wait on the front, wait on the back. Climb over immediately. I believe that God will always favor me and Xiu Zhi!”
He flicked his finger.
The coin was tossed into the air, and Wang Danyian nimbly followed, covering his wrist.
He took it away and took a look.
F*ck! Backside!
When Xiu Zhi saw this, a look of disappointment appeared on her face.
“Xiuzhi, don’ t be nervous. I think this is the guidance of God. Even if there is an unexpected danger, there will definitely be some other deep meaning. We don’ t need to question it. We just need to carry out it firmly. I believe there will be a kind of power that will guide us to find our way to life!”
Wang Dali comforted him.
“Yes, I believe in Oba!”Xiu Zhi nodded.
“Alright then. You should climb over first. I’ ll watch…” Wang Dali urged.
Xiu Zhi climbed onto the giant ape’s arm. The black hair on her arm caused her hair to go limp. However, Wang Dali was watching over her. Xiu Zhi gritted his teeth and climbed over his arm, landing safely on the opposite side.
When Wang Dali saw this, he acted like a student. He climbed onto the giant ape’s arm and suddenly jumped to the side of Xiu Zhi.
The giant ape suddenly sensed something and moved its arm. It touched its nose and continued to sleep.
Wang Dali let out a sigh of relief. F*ck, it was scary again.
Xiu Zhi covered his mouth, so shocked that he almost cried out.
“Pee in fear. Big Brother Hercules and Xiu Zhi were truly too bold ——”
“If I were, I would have fainted from fear ——”
“Had no choice but to admire him. Now, Xiu Zhi had become bold ——”
The audience began to gossip again.
“Quietly leave…” Wang Dali pulled Xiu Zhi and quickly left. F*ck, the Great Ape Cave really didn’ t want to stay any longer,
“Clang ——”
Wang Dali suddenly kicked a skull. The skull rolled a few times and fell into the cold pond, making a thump sound. In this quiet cave, this was simply a shocking thunderbolt.
The giant ape suddenly opened its eyes, and the cold, beastly light caused Wang Dali’s heart to tremble.
“Not good. They’ ve been discovered!”
Wang Dali felt as if he wanted to die. He hurriedly pulled up Xiu Zhi, and no longer cared about anything else, he ran away.

Chapter 42: Savior!

When the giant ape woke up, it seemed as if its brain was still unclear.
By the time it recovered, Wang Dali and Xiu Zhi were about to run out of the cave.
The giant ape was furious when it saw its tribute escape.
Ao Ao Ao Ao Ao…
The giant ape roared, hammering its heart, and then rushing towards Wang Dali and Xiu Zhi.
“‘S over, it’s over. Wang Dali is really cheap, yet he’s going to die again ——”
“This time, he was about to drag on his sister Xiuzhi ——”
“Wang Dali, how detestable! Is there someone as careless as you ——”
“Was eaten by the giant ape, he didn’ t sympathize with you either ——”
“Big Brother Herculean should not hurry to escape ——”
Wang Dali smiled bitterly. Wasn’ t he running for his life?Moreover, if he accidentally kicked the skull head, it would be purely an accident, okay?Even a saint would make mistakes when he was nervous. He didn’t do it on purpose, okay?
Moreover, it was useless to say anything now. It was only reasonable to escape…
Wang Dali hugged Xiu Zhi and rolled away. The giant ape’s large palm swept over with a loud bang. The loose rocks at the entrance immediately fell down, causing rocks to fall.
Wang Dali helped up Xiu Zhi and took a deep breath.” Xiu Zhi, run quickly. I’ ll block it!”
“No, let’s go together. Otherwise, we’ ll die together!”
Xiu Zhi shook his head brazenly, and his teeth bit his lips. He completely disregarded the fact that he’ d already bitten and bled. He really looked like he was pitiful and cute.
If “could make Xiu Zhi and Wang Dali live and die together, how could I ask?!”
Wang Dali immediately became heroic. He held the longbow in his hand and shot out an arrow with his bowstring.
Perhaps it was because of luck that the arrow feather was wiped by a rock that fell down. The arrow tilted a bit and pierced into the giant ape’s left eye.
“Ao Ao ……”
The giant ape was suddenly injured. With a furious roar, it pulled out the arrow, and blood spurted out from its eyes.
Wang Dali thought to himself that he was lucky. Right now, he was hoping that the Giant Ape’s vision would be heavily injured, allowing him and Xiu Zhi to escape!
As they ran out of the cave, Wang Dali and Xiu Zhi entered the forest.
Ah, ah, ah, ah…
How could the giant ape let go of the humans that had harmed him?It was truly too hot. It remembered Wang Dali’s appearance very clearly. It was precisely him who stole his tribute, which made it extremely furious.
Wang Dali was that little bug that had repeatedly opposed him!
That annoying little bug must die!
The giant ape slammed into the dense forest, and countless trees were instantly destroyed. The giant ape didn’ t pay any attention to it, and everything that blocked it was smashed into pieces.
The giant ape jumped behind Wang Dali and raised its fist to punch Wang Dali.
“Not good!”
Wang Dali instinctively rolled to the side. With a honglong sound, the place where he had just stood had already been smashed into a huge pit. The powerful airflow had overturned Wang Dali and Xiu Zhi.
Xiu Zhi had already turned pale from fright.
Is it too terrifying?
This giant ape’s physical body was too powerful. What was it? What was it? What was it? What was it?
It was impossible to imagine what a person would look like after being hit by a punch and turning into a meat pie.
He couldn’ t escape!
Xiu Zhi was instantly in despair. No matter how strong he was, he was nothing more than an ordinary person. He was simply unable to contend against a wild beast like the Giant Apes that had never been seen in nature.
The people watching the broadcast were stunned.
Is this giant ape so fierce?
“Was over. The Giant Ape was far more terrifying than I expected. I was already in despair ——”
“Should mourn for Big Brother and Sister Xiuzhi ——”
“Don’ t tell me that I’ m going to take pride in myself. The truth is that Big Brother and Sister Xiuzhi are going to be finished ——”
“I couldn’ t see the possibility that Big Brother Herculean could escape the Giant Ape Poison Hands ——”
“God, what should we do ——”
Wang Dali was actually in despair. If it wasn’ t for a miracle, he definitely wouldn’ t have escaped the giant ape’s poison again.
The giant ape raised its fist and wanted to kill again.
Wang Dali instinctively blocked in front of Xiu Zhi. If he wanted to die, he would have to die first. In his entire life, he could be considered as a shooting star. At the time of life and death, he did not care about this mere hundred kilograms of rotten skin.
Some people were alive and he was already dead, while others were dead and he was still alive.
Just letting him die like a hero, and letting him embody the dignity of life!He believed that the dignity of life would not be insignificant due to the tinyness of life itself.
“Oba, don’ t!”
Xiu Zhi wanted to push Wang Dali away, but how powerful was Wang Dali’s current constitution? How could a little girl like her be able to push him away?
At a critical moment, between life and death.
Rain-like spears flew out from the dense forest and landed on the giant ape.
Although the giant ape’s skin was thick, it was still injured by some poison spears.
What was terrifying was that the tip of the poison spear was soaked with the venom of poisonous snakes, scorpions, poisonous spiders, and poisonous flowers. For ordinary natives, it was to seal their throats with blood.
The giant ape was injured and its skin immediately ached and itchy, black and swollen.
The giant ape could no longer punch Wang Dali and Xiu Zhi. It howled in pain. With a honglong sound, it sat on the ground, repeatedly grabbing the poison spear on its body.
Wang Dali was overjoyed. He turned his head to look and saw countless dark-skinned aboriginals shouting. They surrounded him from all directions. The target of the encirclement was the giant ape!
Malgobi once again avoided the danger of death.
Wang Dali rejoiced. He was indeed worthy of being called 21. In the end, there was naturally the Goddess of Luck who was protecting him. In the end, he and Xiu Zhi weren’ t exhausted!

Chapter 43 wasn’t good. He had sprained his feet!

Second and second
“Right now, run!”
Wang Dali pulled the stunned Xiu Zhi into the forest.
“Oba, what’s going on? Why are those natives trying to save us…” Xiu Zhi took a deep breath.
“They didn’ t specifically save us. These are just the natives fighting back against the giant ape!”Wang Dali laughed heartily. He was in a great mood. All of this was most likely caused by the Great Ape’s great trouble in the native village last time.
At that time, the giant ape completely angered the aboriginals, causing them to surround and suppress the giant ape without thinking about the consequences.
It was also the Great Ape’s bad luck. At this critical moment, it was surrounded by the natives. It was a coincidence that it saved the danger that both Xiu Zhi and himself would die.
“Submit……Big Brother Herculean’s luck was not something that could be covered ——”
“I now suspect that Big Brother is the illegitimate child of the Goddess of Luck ——”
“This was not scientific. Based on probability, it was impossible for Big Brother Hercules to brush past Death so many times ——”
“666, Big Brother Herculean, Long live Sister Xiuzhi ——”
“I told you, Big Brother Hercules and Little Sister Xiuzhi were both the main characters. How could they die like the five strongest dung beetles? All the monarchs thought too much ——”
“Is, it’s as if you’ re going to have a good time waiting for Big Brother to die ——”
“That’s right. Big Brother Hercules is now a precious property of all of us. We still need Big Brother to uncover the mystery of the island of death. Without Big Brother Hercules, what should we do about the evolution of our living species?”
“Support you, Big Brother Hercules ——”
“Big Brother Hercules was a national treasure panda-level figure ——”
Looking at the news, Wang Dali felt a warm feeling in his heart. Once upon a time, he had become a valuable asset for all of humanity from a person who did not know anything about him?
This was even more powerful than turning into a giant panda!
Just as Wang Hercules floated in the air, he quickly caught up with a young native.
“Xiu ……”
An arrow flashed past Wang Dani’s face. Wang Dani’s face immediately became hot.
“Was so dangerous. This person was a divine archer who could pierce through a hundred steps!”
Wang Dali was shocked. It wasn’ t that the other party wasn’ t unable to shoot. Instead, it was a bee that was harassing him. He unconsciously tilted his head, causing the arrow to miss.
This was luck. The luck value of 21 was beyond the limits of ordinary people.
Ever since Wang Dali had distributed the God Points to 21 points, Wang Dali’s luck had always been greater than that of ordinary people. Otherwise, in the island of death that was filled with danger, ordinary people would have long died, while Wang Dali was still alive and kicking.
Wang Dali shot out an arrow with a backhand. Coincidentally, he shot down an arrow from the other party.
The warning came. Wang Dali and Xiu Zhi rushed into the grass as if they had divine help.
“Bang bang bang ……”
The giant ape suddenly jumped out of the dense forest, and a huge black shadow covered the native youth. The native youth raised his head in fear, and then the native youth did not follow.
Wang Dali covered Xiu Zhi’s mouth and hid in the thick grass. The giant ape looked around and had already lost track of Wang Dali and Xiu Zhi.
Countless natives chased after them one after another. The giant ape was extremely angry. With a roar, it turned around and charged towards the natives.
Wang Dali sighed.
“Oba, my feet are so painful. It seems like I’m sprained!”Xiu Zhi was so hurt that cold sweat broke out.
“Let me take a look ……”
Wang Dali took a look and let out a sigh of relief.” It’s fine. It’s a bit swollen. It’ll be fine in a few days. It’s inappropriate to use force now!”
Without another word, Wang Dali carried Xiu Zhi behind him.
“Oba, don’ t worry about me anymore. I won’ t be able to run, I will drag you down!”Xiu Zhi suddenly spoke resolutely.
“What nonsense are you talking about!”
Wang Dali was furious. He patted Xiu Zhi’s butt with all his strength and lectured,” What did I say in the past? If I don’ t give up, I won’ t give up. Are you making me eat my words and lose faith in the world?”
“But with us like this, we can’ t escape the pursuit of the giant ape and those natives!”
“There’s no need to worry. I have plenty of ways!”
Wang Dali smiled. The more life and death crises he had experienced on the island of death, the deeper Wang Dali understood him and the island.
Of course, the ability to escape would also increase the boat’s height.
Perhaps, he should stop for a while, turn around and adapt to the intense laws of existence on the island of death. Only in this way would he be able to live comfortably.
“It’s dawn, we must leave this place as soon as possible, so as not to cause trouble for the fish in the pond!”
Wang Dali carried Xiu Zhi and went into the forest
“Bad! Sister Xiuzhi actually sprained her feet ——”
“This island of death was extremely dangerous ——”
“Wasn’ t afraid. With a cunning and lucky Big Brother Herculean, everything could be turned into luck. All the monarchs had to believe in Big Brother Herculean’s little strong attribute ——”
“Pei, Big Brother Herculean was a little strong, but our little sister Xiu Zhi did not have that Dung Mantis life ——”
“Who would have said that the survivors of the sunken ship all had luck halo ——”
Wang Dali was speechless. He grinned at the camera,” Give it to the audience. Don’ t argue anymore. I, Wang Dali, am dead and alive. My luck is not bad, but Xiu Zhi is still alive and kicking. His luck is quite heaven-defying. Don’ t doubt this!”
Wang Dali noticed that Xiu Zhi did not speak and turned to look.
Xiu Zhi fell asleep.
All right, it was indeed a day of torment. It was estimated that last night, Xiu Zhi had been kidnapped by the giant ape, and he was still in a state of shock. He couldn’ t even rest properly, right?
It really was difficult for such a famous lady.
“Alright, Xiu Zhi is safely asleep now, but I still have to stay away from the giant ape and the natives!”
Wang Dali took a slight breath. The escape just now had indeed consumed quite a bit of energy.
Now that he was carrying another living person on his back, he could not help but feel tired after walking for a long time.
“The host had worked hard ——”
“Big Brother Hercules was truly considerate ——”
“Danyouba, I love you to death. You are a knight, a hero ——”
“I will reward Big Brother Herculean with a great treasure sword ——”
“Big Brother Hercules could stop and rest ——”

Chapter 44 New Shelter

Third and even
Wang Dali pushed open the trees and sped up his journey.
“The audience, it was already bright. Although it had already left the dangerous area, I still couldn’ t stop. The natives had experts who followed, and it seemed that the giant ape’s nose was like a dog. I couldn’ t take any chances ……”
“Chi chi chi chi ……”
A horrifying voice rang out.
Wang Dali was immediately horrified. He immediately stopped in his tracks and looked up. Damn it!A small snake hung on the tree, spitting out its breath and staring at him.
“You’ re courting death!”
Wang Dali pulled his bow and controlled the string. With a swoosh, he shot through the snake’s mouth and nailed it to the trunk.
Fortunately, the snake was very small. Wang Dali would not be able to escape again.
Wang Dali couldn’ t help but let out a sigh of relief when he turned around and saw Xiu Zhi fall asleep safely.
“Alright, Xiu Zhi wasn’ t woken up. On the Island of Death, there were dangers everywhere. Being able to safely fall asleep was a matter of luck. I hope that this kind of luck can accompany us as much as possible!”
Wang Dali quickly killed the little snake and stuffed it into a bag made of bear skin.
“Let’s go for a bit longer. Maybe we can eat snake meat at noon. Snake meat has a high nutritional value and tastes good. We’ ll have a good taste later!”
Wang Dali smiled, checked the direction and terrain, and then set off again.
Perhaps this place was still the territory of the giant ape. Along the way, there were no dangerous beasts.
At noon, Wang Dali felt that he had walked far enough. Only then did he find a waterfall and put Xiu Zhi down on the shore.Then, he searched for hay and firewood, set up a bonfire, packed up the small snakes and grilled them.
Xiu Zhi seemed to smell the meat and woke up.
“Oba ……”
“Hehe, wake up…” Wang Dali hurriedly stood up and helped up Xiu Zhi.
“Oba, how long have I slept?”
“It’s already noon. The sun is already basking!”Wang Dali pointed at the sky. The sun was quite large, and the weather was not bad.
“Hate it. Aiyo, it hurts so much ……”
Xiu Zhi was about to take a few steps when his ankle immediately started to hurt.
“Be careful, you still haven’t had a good time. You need to rest!”Wang Dali carefully supported him and said,” This place is not bad. You can wash the waterfalls and pools first. We’ ll eat later!”
“I want to wash myself!”
Xiu Zhi hurriedly checked his body and found that the clothes on his body were all dirty. There were also traces of blood, fishy and stinky, and some of them were even scratched.
“Oba, what should I do? What should I do? Am I really ugly? Heavens, did this camera show my ugly appearance to others?!”
Xiu Zhi was stunned.
“Haha, you only know now! It’s really enough to know later!”Wang Dali laughed heartily.
“I can’t come, I ca n’ t come, Oba, how could you be like this? You should have told me earlier. I’ve been so ugly yesterday, and I’ ve cried so many times. I’m not alive, and my image is gone. I’ m a little star, and I’m a lot of fans. What if my image is destroyed!”
Xiu Zhi was completely unhappy.
“Don’ t worry, don’ t worry!”
Wang Dali hurriedly consoled,” Your performance from yesterday to today is very strong. As long as you are strong, that’s enough. You do n’ t know, right? Your current popularity is already ranked first in the search rankings of **, Han Country and Ying Country. Judging from the trend, you should take the first place for a long time ……”
“Really?”Xiu Zhi was astonished.
“It’s true. I heard from a few very active online viewers of Han Guo. They shouldn’ t have lied to me!”Wang Dali smiled.
“Then can I contact my father and mother, as well as elder sister and younger brother? I miss them so much!”Xiu Zhi’s expression darkened.
“Er……”I’ ve seen a few messages. They seem to belong to your family, but you know, there are too many people watching the live broadcast right now. Many people are bragging about it, and the messages are rolling very quickly. It’s more difficult to find the message from your family!”
“That’s enough?”
Xiu Zhi’s eyes lit up. He stood in front of the camera and waved his hand.” Abaji, Armani, Oni…”Can you see me?”
Far away in the Cold Country, the Pei Clan.
Pei Xiuzhi’s mother looked at the live broadcast screen and started to cry.
“Haigu……Ai Gu, my pitiful Xiu Zhi. Why have you suffered so much? What should we do?!”
Xiu Zhi’s younger brother also felt uncomfortable. He called out,” Father, elder sister, come quickly. Xiu Zhi Oni is talking to us!”
“What? Xiu Zhi has spoken to us?”
Xiu Zhi’s older sister ran over and saw Xiu Zhi’s dirty face on the live broadcast video. In an instant, she was filled with sorrow and joy. She smashed her tears and stayed behind. No matter what, she couldn’ t stop it.
“Xiuzhi is truly too bitter. From yesterday until today, she has endured all the hardships of her life!”
Xiu Zhi’s older sister hurriedly sat down and quickly knocked on the keyboard, sending out a message,” Sister, I’ m your older sister Xiu Na. The entire family is watching you!”
As soon as the message was sent, it was immediately sent down by a rolling message.
“What’s going on? So many people, you’ ve angered me to death!”
Xiu Zhi’s older sister hurriedly copied it and pasted it with all her might. She immediately repeated the message to the Overlord Screen.
Wang Dali immediately saw it and immediately said,” Alright, alright, everyone, everyone, don’ t cause trouble for now. Let Xiu Zhi talk to his family for a while!”
When Wang Dali said this, the others didn’ t send any messages.
“Xiuzhi, that’s enough. Your sister said that everyone in your family is looking at you. What do you want to say? Quickly tell them…” Wang Dali hurriedly said.
Xiu Zhi was a little dumbfounded. Thinking of the hardships and dangers he had experienced these past two days, he started to cry,” Dad, Mom, big sister, little brother, I’ m Xiu Zhi. I miss you so much, I miss home so much. Do you know what I’ ve experienced? It’s so dangerous, it’s so scary. If it wasn’ t for Big Ouba, I would have died a long time ago. Wuwu ……”
Xiu Zhi suddenly came from the midst of grief, crying like a clamor.
Although that was the case, everyone felt that a girl with a true temperament was more adorable than ever.

Chapter 45: Action of the fans, protest!

Fourth and even
The people watching the live broadcast recalled Xiu Zhi’s experience. They were all affected by this emotion. Many people’s noses ached, and they couldn’ t help but shed tears.
Many people sent out messages.
“Miaomiao, Xiu Zhi, don’ t cry ——”
“Even I wanted to cry ——”
“Xiuzhi was the strongest, and it was good ——”
“Xiuzhi does not cry. You are our pride ——”
In the distant Cold Country, when Xiu Zhi’s family heard this, they were already crying.
“Xiuzhi, don’ t panic ……”
Xiu Zhi’s mother hurriedly said,” Xiu Na, quickly send out what I said to Xiu Zhi!”
“Oh, okay, Armani!”Xiu Zhi quickly typed.
“Xiuzhi, my Xiuzhi, don’t be afraid. You have to be obedient. Soon, there will be a rescue team to save you. You must persevere and pay attention to your safety ……”
“Xiuzhi, your mother has instructed you to insist on your safety!”Wang Dali said.
“Oh, Armani, Abaji, I know that I know that you don’ t have to worry. I will persist. I will return alive. You have to cheer for me!”
Xiu Zhi firmly raised his fist and shouted,’ Come on, little face!’
Xiu Zhi’s father was instantly covered in tears. Xiu Zhi’s mother was even more so sobbing.
Pei Xiuna felt a sense of grievance and anger as she cried out,” No, my sister is suffering. Why hasn’ t the rescue team sent by the country discovered anything?They were too useless. They were the lives of weak and intelligent people……”That’s too much. I’ ll go to the presidential palace and the city hall to protest!”
“Right, I’ ll go with you!”Xiu Zhi’s younger brother echoed.
“Good, good, good! They are all good children!”Xiu Zhi’s parents immediately supported him.
“Let’s go now!”
Pei Xiuna was a swift and decisive person. She immediately took out a piece of cardboard and wrote a slogan on it before leaving the house.
First, he took a taxi to the front of the City Hall and bought a loudspeaker in the shop. He held up a cardboard board and was not afraid of embarrassment. He shouted,” Protest, protest, Wang Dali is a hero, Xiu Zhi is a hero, save our hero!”
“Protests, protests, ineffective search and rescue, ineffective search and rescue!”
Pei Xiuna’s sister and brother’s slogan immediately attracted the attention of the crowd.
“I’ m angry. This won’ t do. I’ ll send a text message to my classmates and teachers and let them shout together!”As Xiu Zhi’s younger brother spoke, he immediately sent out a text message.
Xiu Na’s eyes lit up. She had an idea.
“The relevant departments have really provoked Sister Huo. They don’ t know about the strength of Xiu Zhi’s fans!”
Xiu Na took out her phone and logged in to her sister Xiu Zhi’s fans.
It had to be known that Xiu Zhi was usually very busy. Her fans were all managed by her own. Now, it was time for both of them to cut in.
“I am Xiu Na. All the smart fans, listen to my call!”
“Now, immediately, immediately, gather in front of the city hall in the circle. We want to protest against the unfavorable rescue of the search and rescue department. We want to call for the rescue of Xiu Zhi as soon as possible, as well as the rescue of powerful Oba!”
“All the fans, no matter what you’ re doing right now, let go. This is a matter of life that concerns your intelligence. It’s a matter of extreme urgency. Everyone, unite, call for efficiency, call for humanity, and call for justice!”
“Let your sisters, your classmates, your parents join us. We want to protest!”
“Huai Ting!Huai Ting!!”
After Xiu Na sent the message, she immediately asked her younger brother to buy a bundle of white cloth strips. She took out one of them and fiercely tied it to her forehead. She raised her horn and shouted slogans.
Soon, countless taxis, bicycles, and private cars stopped on the municipal road.
Countless students and countless mothers at home gathered in front of the city hall on the municipal road, chanting slogans.
“Protests and protests, search and rescue efforts ineffective, appeals for immediate help!”
“Xiuzhi and Danyouba are heroes. They need help!”
“Protested and failed to rescue ……”
“Protested and failed to rescue ……”
Soon, the municipal roads caused unprecedented traffic jams, and more and more people joined in the protest.
It had to be said that there were a lot of smart fans. Most of them were students. They actually skipped classes and openly shouted slogans in front of the City Hall to protest.
The reporters and paparazzi from all the major news media moved when they heard the wind. For a moment, the entire city hall road was congested. Some reporters opened live records and interviews.
“Excuse me, are you Xiu Zhi’s older sister?”A beautiful eyebrow who was interviewed on the spot handed the microphone to Xiu Na.
“That’s right. I’ m Xiu Zhi’s older sister, Xiu Na.”Xiu Na glanced at the camera and hurriedly said.
“Was this protest organized by you? What was the purpose?”
“I didn’t organize it. This is a spontaneous protest, the purpose of which is to protest the negative effect of the rescue operation on the search and rescue of the sinking of the Queen Brunei!”
“Also, to protest against the negative supervision of the presidential palace, to protest against the related departments holding the taxes of our citizens, and to passively rescue them. According to what I know, the search and rescue team has not even figured out the location of the sunken ship. This is simply waste of life!”
“It’s a crime!”
The more Xiu Na spoke, the more furious she became. She raised her fist and berated.
“My sister, Xiu Zhi, although she is a survivor, she should have received the first aid. But now, what is the rescue team doing? My parents are watching the live video of Dari Oba. Every minute, every second, they are suffering!”
“My mother had fainted three times from yesterday to this morning, but where was the rescue team?”Xiu Zhi needs help. If the rescue team doesn’ t give us a satisfactory explanation, my family and I won’ t agree. Therefore, those who like Xiu Zhi won’ t agree. The entire people of the Great Frost Republic will not agree!”
“Yes, we won’t agree. We will protest and demonstrate. Presidential Palace, City Hall, relevant departments, what are you doing with our taxes?”
Many intelligent fans crowded in front of the camera, all of them fighting to express their opinions.

Chapter 46: The Rising Tide!

Xiu Na picked up the horn and shouted at the camera:
“Didn’t agree, did n’ t agree, protested, protested, failed to rescue, failed to rescue ……”
The younger sister’s reporter’s face was covered in sweat, and at the same time, she was very excited. She felt that Xiu Na’s words were too good. This was definitely an eye-catching news.
“Audience, I’m Li Hona. I’ m covering the protests in front of the City Hall for you now. At present, the protests are getting more and more intense. I heard that traffic jams have spread from the municipal roads to other roads in the surrounding area. More and more students and citizens have joined the protest ……”
The cameraman beside him gestured towards Li Hona and paused.
Li Hona put down the microphone and was extremely excited.
“How is it? How is it? Ouba, did I really go to the mirror just now?”
“That’s right. That’s right. The first time you came out for an interview, you’ ve encountered such a good opportunity. I’ m almost jealous!”
“Haha, that’s right. Did my live video just now go back to the station? Are you sure you’ ve adopted it?”
“Of course, that’s of course. Right now, we’ ll be the first to arrive here. If we don’ t accept our video, who will accept it!”
“Yeah, that’s great! Xiu Zhi and Herculean Oba are truly my lucky stars!”
Li Hona cheered.
“Alright, alright. Then, we’ll go to the City Hall to interview other officials. If we can interview Director Shi, you’ ll be furious ……”
“That’s fast! I’ ve risked my life to interview Lord Shi!”
Li Hona was full of confidence.
An hour later, Shi could no longer endure.
He looked at the more and more people outside the City Hall and broke out in cold sweat.
“Damn it! Damn it! How did you guys work? The traffic police, patrol police, and sector police have all been transferred over. With so many people gathered, in case the order gets out of control and a stampede happens, who can be responsible for it?”
Shi growled and reprimanded his subordinates.
“Also, immediately arrange the media for me. I want to personally go out and comfort the citizens!”
“Ah, but long Shi. The people outside are extremely excited. What if the external assistance intensifies the conflict?”
“Aren’t they all the damn rescue teams? Did they find that island of death?”
“Not yet, shi long!”
“Negative, ineffective. They all eat nothing but rice. No wonder the citizens are so excited. They can’ t even find such a large island. What a waste! Do you know how much pressure I’ m under right now? Also, do you know how much pressure the President is under right now!”
“There are already quite a number of deputies and dignitaries asking about the search and rescue work. Many financial groups, domestic enterprises, and the entertainment industry are already very dissatisfied with the search and rescue progress. If there is no progress to appease the people, as long as I am, I will have to face their demonstrations every day. It won’t take a few days. Will my long seat be stable?”
“I’ m sorry, Elder Shi. I’ ll calm down the citizens. I’ ll definitely increase my strength. I won’ t let Elder Shi’s face become ugly!”
“Yes, go ahead. Go ahead, calm down the citizens. Don’ t let them cause trouble. Otherwise, if I’ m unlucky, all of you will suffer as well!”
Shi rubbed his temples, feeling terrible.
The Queen Brunei sank. Just this city alone, there were dozens of celebrities and rich people who lost their association. I heard that there were even more people who lost their association in **, Japan, Europe and America. This incident really caused social unrest.
Especially when it came to celebrity events and small matters, the news media and the newspaper network spread all over the world, causing a huge impact on the fishing wheel.
Not to mention that the time of sinking was not a small matter, but a huge matter. It was unknown whether it would cause the entire society to be shaken and uneasy after today.
After lunch, all the major television stations and local television stations in the entire Cold Country immediately interrupted the news.
Li Hona’s reporter was extremely excited. She had been busy following the interview all afternoon.
“Everyone, it was 3 p.m. now. After a few hours of deliberation, the protests had become more and more intense. It was reported that various cities and regions in the country had witnessed student protests to varying degrees.”It’s not that I’ m asking for help from the victims of the sinking ship!”
Wang Dali didn’ t know that the thrilling live broadcast had already caused unease around the world.
For example, protest demonstrations.
At present, there had already been large-scale protests and demonstrations in the Cold Country.
With the news being revealed, protests and demonstrations of different degrees appeared in Yingguo and **.
The sinking ship incident and Wang Dali’s live broadcast had already triggered a series of waves.
In the exam world, Wang Dali’s live broadcast had already triggered the biggest earthquake in the history of the exam!
In all parts of the world, there were already hundreds of research teams clamoring for research. Although they had not yet determined the location of the Island of Death, they had already set off for Sumatra first.
At this moment, Wang Dali was being severely stared at by Xiu Zhi.
“Dali Oba, I want to take a bath, and I also want a laundry shirt. You can’ t turn around and look at it. If I find out, I’ ll let my powder scold you to death!”
Xiu Zhi pouted.
“I won’ t watch!”Wang Dali surrendered and turned around, causing Huo Sheng even more vigorous.
Xiu Zhi took off his clothes, jumped into the water, and washed away the two days of exhaustion.
Wang Dali’s heart tickled as he shouted,” Are you done?”
“No, don’t look. Everyone, you must properly monitor Wang Dali!”Xiu Zhi shouted.

Chapter 47 Xiu Zhi Bathing, Don’ t peek

Wang Dali was speechless. He raised his hand and surrendered to the camera, muttering,” Everyone, don’ t scold me for being a beast. Don’ t even mention that I’ m not as good as a beast. I’ m a decent person. Under everyone’s full supervision, I’ ll just endure it!”
“Haha, pitiful Big Brother Herculean, it must have been suffocated ——”
“Detestable Mosaic, he’ d even knocked out sister Xiu Zhi. He really went too far ——”
For the first time “this baby hated Mosaic ——”
“I respect and sympathize with Big Brother Hercules ——”
“Big Brother Hercules had become a Saint ——”
“Was precisely because Xiu Zhi was clearly waving at you ——”
Wang Dali thought of Oh Rice Beancurd in his heart. He could see his nose and nose. He didn’ t dare to think nonsense. He simply ignored the audience’s screen swiping.
This was because at this moment, the audience would definitely jeer.
If he didn’ t make a fuss, then it wasn’ t normal for him.
“Oba, help me dry my clothes!”Xiu Zhi let out a cry, and clothes flew over from behind, throwing them on Wang Dali’s head, making Wang Dali’s body wet.
What the f*ck, this smart, washed clothes for me to dry?Then why didn’t you let me help you in the shower?
Wang Dali inwardly complained.
He truly hated it. Why couldn’ t he turn off the super camera?
“F*ck, that’s my smart little fatty. He actually threw it over Big Brother Hercules’ head ——”
“Big Brother Hercules, you f*cking beast, sister Xiuzhi’s fat, what are you doing with this long time ——”
“Quickly dried up, and then after thinking about it, he immediately died ——”
“Right, right, right, Wang Dali, if you dare to play dirty on our national younger sister, just wait for us to condemn you to death ——”
“Vulgar, my family’s Xiu Zhi, Wang Dali, do you still want to broadcast it properly ——”
Wang Dali didn’ t know whether to laugh or cry.
Who were these people? They were all so venomous, as if they were a wolf.
Okay, isn’t it just the fat of Xiu Zhi?
I will not let go of it. You can’ t even bite me. Hehe, just grabbing it makes everyone envious!
Wang Dali placed the fat on the tree branch and approached the bonfire to dry it.
Behind him came the sound of Xiu Zhi playing with water.
This made Wang Dali’s imagination run wild.
F*ck, this really makes people’s blood boil, alright? If it wasn’ t for the fact that my brother was being watched by millions and millions of people, if it was a night that was as dark as the night and as windy as the wind and rain, then I might have just returned.
Wang Dali simply wanted to cry.
He was not moved, but helpless.
“Oba, do you want to dry it? I’ ve washed it!”
“Oh oh…” Wang Dali touched the delicate little fat. F*ck, it really was soft and pure white. He couldn’ t bear to let go, okay?
“Are you all right? Also, Oba, take off your claws. Why are you always touching them?!”Xiu Zhi shouted angrily.
“Ah, no, no, I just want to see if I’ ve done it…”Yes, it’s all right now. Here you go!”Wang Dali grabbed the cute Little Fatty and prepared to turn around.
“Stop, Oba, do you dare to be honest?”Don’ t turn around!”
Wang Dali’s figure froze and he said embarrassedly,” Alright, alright, Xiu Zhi, how can you treat Oba like this? You have to know that we’ ve lived through life and death together. We’ ve lived through trouble together. Don’ t tell me you don’ t believe Oba?”
“Xiuzhi naturally believes in Oba, but Xiuzhi believes even more. All the men in the world are the same. My mother said that you can’ t think of anything wrong!”Xiu Zhi smiled proudly.
Wang Dali inwardly cursed. Alright, alright, it turned out that the family was very strict.
“Here, come over and catch it!”
Wang Dali handed Fatty to him.
“Alright!”Xiu Zhi drew water and prepared to go ashore.
“Ah ……”
Suddenly, Xiu Zhi shrieked, his voice horrified.
“Show intelligence!”
Wang Dali was shocked. He realized that Xiu Zhi might be attacked. If there was a large snake in the water, or something, then what would it be?
Wang Dali immediately jumped up and rushed towards the pool.
Xiu Zhi half entered the surface of the water and grabbed it blindly for a while before raising a trilobite in his hand!
“Xiuzhi, are you alright? It’s not a big snake ——”
Wang Dali’s voice suddenly stopped, and his nose began to bleed. His eyes stared unblinkingly at Xiu Zhi’s body, unable to move away.
“Ah ……”
Xiu Zhi let out a sharp cry and entered the water.” Oba, you’ re too bad. Quickly turn around ——”
“I’ m sorry, Xiu Zhi. I thought you were attacked, but I didn’ t think about anything……But don’t worry. I did n’ t see anything. It’s true ……”
Wang Dali smiled awkwardly and turned around.
“Beast, Wang Dali, I saw you wrong ——”
“This baby wants to beat you to death, let’s see if you dare to blaspheme my Xiuzhi ——”
“Big Brother Hercules, you are good or bad ——”
“If Big Brother Hercules wanted to see, when you have the chance to come to the Cold Country, I can show you. I am your loyal fan ——”
“Big Brother Dali, what kind of beauty does Xiu Zhi have? I also have ——”
The “host was really flirtatious. He was just looking at it. He was even lying. He was not a man at all. If it was me, he would definitely admit to it with a slap in his heart. It was all these years, and he wouldn’ t lose a piece of flesh if he looked at it ——”
“Right, Xiu Zhi definitely wouldn’ t blame you ——”
Wang Dali was speechless. He raised his hand to the camera and helplessly said,” Everyone, the clear person is the clear person. I, Wang Dali, am not someone who takes advantage of the danger ……”
After a while, Xiu Zhi put on his clothes and grumbled,” Oba, I believe you. It’s all my fault for screaming!”
“‘S fine, Xiu Zhi. You ca n’ t wait to call me a few more times ……”
“Oba ——”
Xiu Zhi hollered.
Wang Dali rubbed his ears and shivered. What a good fellow! Little sister Xiu Zhi’s voice was truly astonishing. Of course, the peak volume was the same!

Chapter 48: Simultaneous Live Broadcast on TV!

PS: Qingming Festival had to go back to the old family to sweep the grave, it could only be done in the third night. Such an update would not dare to be collected. Tomorrow, after Qingming Festival, it would return to normal.
As night fell, Wang Dali and Xiu Zhi found a stone wall nearby that could avoid the rain. There were some tree trunks that could barely defend against wild beasts.
The bonfire began to burn, and Xiu Zhi’s body was fresh and refreshing. He covered his black bear skin and stared at the bonfire.
“Oba, can we stay here until the rescue team comes?”Xiu Zhi said softly.
“Of course!”
Wang Dali nodded. He really couldn’ t bear to tell Xiu Zhi that perhaps the rescue team wouldn’ t be able to find this place in a short period of time, or even the island of death.
However, this was only Wang Dali’s guess.
The mysterious island of death, as well as the same mysterious God system, were filled with endless mystery.
From the mission given by the God System, it seemed that the system was very clear that no one would come to save him. He had to cross the island and reach Stonehenge in the north.
This was the only way out.
If that was the case, Wang Dali’s mood was rather heavy.
The system didn’t even limit the time to complete the mission. It seemed like he could slowly adapt to the environment here and then think of a way to go to Stonehenge in the north.
“Oba, when do you think the rescue team will find us?”Xiu Zhi said.
“I don’t know, but do n’ t worry. I will always protect you. You have to trust Oba!”
“Of course, I have always believed in Oba!”
Xiu Zhi bit his lips and said,” But, he’s so scared. This island is filled with beasts and monsters!Oba, how about you say, I also learn to shoot arrows?”
“You want to learn archery?”Wang Dali was astonished.
“That’s right. I don’ t want to become Oba’s burden. I also want to learn how to shoot arrows and protect myself, not giving Oba trouble!”
“Haha, alright, I’ ll teach you how to shoot arrows tomorrow!”
Wang Dali was quite happy. It seemed that it wasn’ t just him. Even a little girl like Xiu Zhi had become strong in a desperate situation.
That’s right. After a series of events, Xiu Zhi’s mind was also undergoing a transformation. There was no reason to be as carefree as before.
“All the audience members, look, Xiu Zhi now knows how to forge ahead. This is a good thing. Xiu Zhi has already sprained his feet. It is indeed inconvenient for him to move. Let’s stay here for now recuperate for Xiu Zhi for the time being!”
Wang Dali suddenly saw a strange message on the screen in his mind.
“Mr. Wang Dali, Mr. Wang Dali, I am ABC Radio and Television Corporation. Can I talk to you about the live broadcast cooperation?”
This message would be sent again every three seconds. Wang Dali soon noticed it.
“ABC in America, I saw your message…” Wang Dali turned to the camera.
“”Drop. Host triggered a branch mission and expanded the broadcast. The global coverage rate is 20%. Successful missions will be rewarded with 10 God Points and 1 additional skill point.”
An ice-cold electronic synthesis sound rang out in Wang Dali’s mind.
What the f*ck, there was such a branch mission?
From the current global interconnection, to expand the simultaneous live broadcast?
20% Global coverage?
It seemed like it was easy. Covering North America and Asia, it was probably more than 20%.Haha, this was simply a gift of fortune!
However, if he needed to trigger the branch mission, it would be too painful. Who knew how much fortune he had missed?
“Beep, the system activated the private chat channel on the live broadcast platform!”
Wang Dali was stunned. He immediately noticed that there was a private chat window on the live broadcast platform.
With a thought, Wang Dali’s message was displayed on the private chat window. No one could see it.
“ABC, what’s the matter with me?”
“I’m Bob, the vice president of ABC. I want to talk to you about our cooperation with Mr. Wang. I want to extend your live broadcast to our ABC network!”
“Why would I do this?”What benefits does this have to me?”Wang Dali said.
“, Of course, there are great benefits. You should know that although the Internet penetration rate in the world is not low, even in the United States, there are still many families who use the television network to learn about information. According to our statistics, the average women in the United States have 1.2 hours per day to watch our ABC TV programs. This percentage is extremely shocking ……”
Wang Dali waved his hand and said with a smile,” I know that you ABC are the three traditional American television and broadcasting companies. They are powerful and have a large audience. Alright, I can consider your proposal. The key is how to cooperate. What are the conditions?”
“I’ ve already made a plan. You can take a look!”
“Alright, send it over. I have plenty of time right now!”Wang Dali chuckled.
The private chat channel immediately sent out countless messages.
“You actually set up a live broadcast channel for me alone?”
Wang Dali was shocked.
“Hehe, that’s right. This channel will be synchronized with your live broadcast!”Bob explained.
“One million US dollars a week for the simultaneous broadcast of television in the United States?”
Wang Dali furrowed his brows. One million dollars, he monopolized the power of simultaneous broadcasting on the entire United States.
“This cost is too low. The entire United States has a million dollars. Mr. Bob’s sincerity is not enough!”Wang Dali pondered for a moment. In fact, he knew the market price and directly doubled it,” Two million dollars a week. I think you can accept it!”
“I’ ve decided. When is Mr. Wang going to give us authorization? Also, how will the live broadcast signal be delivered?”
Vice President Bob rubbed his hands together in an indescribable excitement.
“Beep, trigger the task process mechanism. Do you want to transmit the live broadcast signal to the ABC server?”The cold electronic voice of the God System echoed.
Wang Dali thought to himself.
“Hello, Mr. Wang Dali, are you listening?”Bob was secretly anxious.
“I’ m here. Right now, I’ ve already transmitted the live broadcast signal to your ABC server. Just let the technicians receive it!”
“What? You’ ve already turned around?”Bob was shocked.

Chapter 49 Authorization!

Today, Qingming swept the tomb.
“That’s right, the signal has already turned to you!”Wang Dali felt a little guilty. To be honest, this wasn’ t handled by him. He didn’ t know anything.
However, the God System was an unknown super technology. There was no doubt that it would not lie to itself.
ABC Headquarters Building, New York, USA.
Wei Wei An, the assistant to the president, rushed in. He raised his hand and shouted,” Boss, you really turned around. Now, the technician has already connected the 8K signal to the television screen. The signal is clear and synchronized with the scene!”
“Yes, yes!”
President Bob jumped three feet tall. He couldn’t help but wave his arms and hug Wei Weian. He shouted,” I’ ve succeeded, I’ve succeeded. Tomorrow, I’ ll make a huge profit for the company. My board!”
“Congratulations, boss!”
Vivian was pleasantly surprised.
“Yes, so, Vivian, my dear, you have to reward me now!”
Bob turned Vivian around and directly pressed him on his desk. Then…He fiercely entered the office and immediately recalled a provocative voice.
“Mr. Bob, my sincerity has already arrived. Now, no, within ten minutes, I will get two million dollars into my World Bank account on time. Also, I will immediately announce our cooperation in the news of your television station. There are more than 190 countries and regions around the world waiting to cooperate with me!”
“What, ten minutes?”Bob jumped up and quickly typed.
“Yes, I’ ll only give you ten minutes!”It’s too late. If it’s over time, I’ ll cut off the signal. At that time, our cooperation will be cancelled!”
“Ten minutes is enough. I’ ll do it immediately!”
President Bob’s heart was filled with ruthlessness as he charged at him like a wild bull. In just a minute, he shivered and his entire body was relaxed.
He patted Wei Wei Wei An’s assistant’s ass and shouted,” Alright, take my documents to the finance office and transfer the money to Mr. Wang Dali’s World Bank account. If you want to hurry, you must finish it in ten minutes!”
“But the boss, I still haven’t…” Wei Wei An pouted, looking like he was a human.
“Let’s get down to business first. We’ ll have an entire night!”Bob laughed.
Vivian pulled up her professional skirt and walked out of the office with her butt.
Wang Dali crossed his legs happily, humming a strange tune.
Just now, he pulled out a screen in his mind and checked his World Bank account.
The proper amount was more than forty million US dollars.
The most recent entry was $2 million from ABC.
Wang Dali had already decided to use all the rewards to run the Great Charity Fund. That was why the money that ABC had transferred was actually his own.
A simultaneous live broadcast of a television broadcast in the United States would cost $2 million in seven days. There were more than 190 countries and regions in the world. If all of them had to be broadcasted on television, how much would they earn in seven days a week?
Grass grass…
Thinking about it, Wang Dali was a little excited!
“F*ck! Big Brother Hercule smiled strangely ——”
“Was such a cheap silver ——”
“Don’ t tell me Big Brother Hercules wants to attack my Xiu Zhi ——”
“Might be like this ——”
“Big Brother Herculean, if you dare to make a move, I will do it ——”
“I’m Wang Dali,” Wang Dali waved his hand and smiled at the camera.”I’ m very serious about telling everyone a good news. Just now, I’ ve already reached an agreement with ABC Company in the United States. Their company has already obtained the authorization for my live broadcast in the United States. The signal has already been received. I’ m sure that the Aunty, Aunty, and Uncle Aunty who don’ t often surf the Internet in the United States will be able to see my live video from the television!”
“Also, that’s the authorization I gave at a friendly price. Therefore, the world’s audience friends and the world’s Internet can cover more than 190 countries and Earth. If any television station wants to ask me for a simultaneous broadcast authorization, you can immediately talk to me!”
Wang Dali’s profiteer smiled as well.
“F*ck, I’m an American audience. I can really watch TV, ABC’s in America ——”
“That’s too fast, but I’ m crazy. When can my country watch it on TV? My father, mother, grandfather and grandmother don’t play with the Internet ——”
“Was that old people could not keep up with the times. They only knew how to watch television ——”
Wang Dali was lost in thought as he immediately shouted,” As for the fifty television stations that were the first to contact me, I can give you a friendly price. Quickly contact me. I can bring you an unparalleled view of the audience. The price is just one authorization. Just pay a little bit. How about it, move quickly if you are tempted!”
Wang Dali still hadn’ t finished speaking.
BBC in the UK, NBC in the United States, CAN in France, number one United Arab Emirates television station……The dozens of television stations immediately sent out messages, anxiously contacting Wang Dali.
Wang Dali was instantly filled with joy.
Wow, these television stations were staring at their own live broadcast video at all times. Otherwise, before their brother could finish his sentence, all of them rushed forward impatiently, like crocodiles trying to bite off a large piece of meat from their bodies!
Gaga, Brother Cheng is all yours.
From now on, his brother was a super rich man. No, he was the number one richest man in the world. There was nothing wrong with making tens of millions of dollars a day.
“NBC in the United States couldn’t be forgiven. I had already given ABC the authorization for the United States region.Other countries and regions still had opportunities. However, I usually only authorized one television station in one country and region. Therefore, the television stations that did not have a wide range of viewing coverage would be sorry……”F*ck! Come from one family, don’ t argue!”
“What? You want to bid?”
Wang Dali was filled with anger as he coughed,” Alright, alright. You can bid for the four TV stations in Ying Country. I only authorize the broadcasting of the next seven days.”
“Two million US dollars?”
“Three million US dollars?”
“3.8 Million?”
“4.2 Million?”
Wang Dali’s eyes widened. F*ck, this small island country is too vast and scared.

Chapter 50 World Brother in the Earth Trench did not understand!

A Japanese country’s authorization fee was twice that of the United States.
All right, all right, it wasn’ t that I, Wang Dali, wanted to kill you, it was that we were willing to do it!
“Ok, Japan NHK Television Station, this authorization will be given to you. The signal has already been opened to your television station. You should immediately transfer the money to my World Bank account ……”
“What? You want to continue asking me what to do in the next seven days?”
Wang Dali grinned,” As long as you put the payment into my account one day in advance, I will know that you will continue to cooperate. Of course, you can also not pay. This way, you will have people remove the signal in time!”
“$4.2 Million was a great deal. Our No.1 United Arab Emirates Television Station was willing to pay five million, no, six million ——”
Wang Dali was dumbfounded.
F*ck, I originally thought that the small island countries in the east were rich and bold. People were stupid and rich.
Who would have thought that there would be another mountain.
The United Arab Emirates was even more foolish than the small island states.
Oh, that’s not right. He’s already rich to begin with. He’s only a few million dollars. He’s probably very disdainful!
This was the true land of the Earth Moat.
“Alright, the number one united television station in the United Arab Emirates. The televised live broadcast signal has already been activated. You can run it immediately……”What? You still need three months?”
Wang Dali was dumbfounded.
Wang Dali remained calm after a long time. He grinned and said,” I said, Mr. Tuhao of the United Arab Emirates. No, Mr. Tai Chang, aren’t you afraid that I’ ll die tomorrow?”If that’s the case, the money you gave first will be wasted!”
“No, Mr. Wang Dali, I am very optimistic about you. After my observation, you have the protection of the Goddess of Luck. Your life is even stronger than that of a cockroach. This way, I have already wrapped up the next three months, and I will call you in advance. Just treat it as my personal support. You know, I am watching your live broadcast all the time. I personally admire you very, very, very much!”
It turned out that this first united united arab emirates television station’s director was also his fan!
All right, all right. It seems like his own powder has spread all over the world.
Wang Dali was delighted in his heart. He thought to himself,” Go up to the great trench lying on the black gold and down to the common people, all of you must respect me.”
“Thank you, Mr. Station Head. If I, Wang Dali, can return to the civilized world one day, I will definitely visit your United Arab Emirates and have a meal at your place. May I know your welcome, Mr. Station Head?”
Wang Dali said sincerely.
“Wahahaha…”That’s settled. When the time comes, I’ ll take you on my private plane and yacht, enjoy the private holiday beach, and the world’s most beautiful beauty will accompany you for 24 hours. Then, I’ ll make an additional one million dollars to your account. I’ ll just take it as I’ ll pay you for your flight to the United Arab Emirates first!”
“Then thank you!”
Wang Dali could no longer think of it. His world would not understand the True Earth Trench, especially the True Earth Trench that was rich and powerful.
Private planes and yachts, private estates, private beaches, private islands, as well as other industries were numerous.
To them, money was already a string of numbers in the concept, and those numbers were growing at every moment.
A few million?
He would probably be back in a few days. He didn’ t lose anything.
After sending off the head of the Great Earth Moat in the United Arab Emirates, the British BBC and other big television stations came up to curry favor.
Wang Dali quickly concluded the battle and began a round of operations.
If there was competition, they would have to bid. If there was no competition, they would have to refer to ABC in the United States. Considering many weak countries and regions, the price would naturally be lowered appropriately.
For example, for television stations like Ethiopia and Congo, Wang Dali was too embarrassed to do so. It would be considered as supporting charity if he received some token gifts.
He was hit by Wang Dali.
In the end, the number one television station.
The one who came to negotiate was a director.
“Comrade Wang Dali, you are one of us. We should contribute to our motherland and share the burden of our organization. Seven days will cost us two million dollars. That’s a bit too much!”
“How much does that head plan to spend?”
“Two million……”Hua Yuan?”The Station Head said carefully.
Wang Dali immediately became unhappy. The US $2 million had turned into Grandpa Mao when he arrived at the motherland. This was too much of a difference.
The first channel was a separate channel. After seven days, thousands of advertisements would be broadcast once. The impact and viewing would be greatly increased.
Just two million?
“Station Head, you have to know that once the broadcast channel is opened for you, you can operate it directly. There is almost no other cost. It’s simply a huge profit. You have to decide how many advertisements you want to advertise. I don’ t care about it even if you repeatedly bombard them with advertisements 24 hours a day. However, you can’ t be too far away from other countries!”
Wang Dali was very considerate. This mosquito leg also had meat, not eating it was a waste.
“Comrade Wang Dali, you must take into account the national conditions!”
“Station Head comrade, I’m using my life to broadcast live. It’s precisely because of this that the viewership ratings are definitely high. Look, under the viewership ratings of the country’s vast territory, large population, and extremely high population, you’ ll be able to pay two million yuan. If it’s spread out and other countries want to curse, then we’ ll be able to fight one by one?”How about I give you a big discount?”
The Station Head paused and said awkwardly,” That’s the same principle. Alright, then what do you say, comrade Hercules?”

Chapter 51 Big Brother was a typical tragedy!

In the third place, he had just returned from the mountain and was exhausted to death.
“One million three hundred and eighty thousand dollars! Buy It Now!”
Wang Dali had no choice but to show off,” It’s already very low. I really don’ t want to be high, because my family also wants to see me on the television. How about this, you guys try the effect first. If you really make you lose money, you can negotiate again!”
“Alright, alright, that’s the price. However, can we settle it in seven days!”
The Station Head was rather helpless as well.” Comrade Dali, you know that there are rules in our station. There is no precedent for the matter of money before goods. What if, I mean, what if we lose money…”I, the Station Head, can’ t explain it!”
Wang Dali was simply about to cry!
That’s fine. Brother wasn’ t lacking in money right now. He was just going to give back to society, repay his parents and relatives, and serve the people of the motherland.
He only hoped that the First Television Station would be able to reduce the number of advertisements and give the entire country a little more benefits. That way, even if he was authorized for free, he would be willing to do so.
“Just do it!”Wang Dali decided just like that. If he didn’t decide, he would n’ t be able to come down. He would be able to spend money every minute.
As long as he persisted on Death Island for a long time, his income would be high.
Otherwise, if he died tomorrow, he would only be able to earn this amount.
Forget it, forget it. Those who didn’ t know tomorrow’s fate would still care about a mere string of numbers?After thinking about it carefully, he was truly too stingy. He was too unafraid.
With this thought, Wang Dali immediately understood his thoughts. He hurriedly activated the television synchronization signal of the No.1 television station.
“Oba, what’s wrong with you? Why are you smiling and frowning?”
“Actually, it’s nothing. It’s just a trivial matter!”
Wang Dali waved his hand.
It was indeed a trivial matter.
Right now, to Wang Dali, obtaining assistance was a major event, as was surviving on the Island of Death.
The rest were trivial matters.
Even if a nuclear bomb exploded and blew up Europe and America, it would still be a small matter. In any case, it had nothing to do with his own life or death.
In an instant, Wang Dali became somewhat enlightened, just like an old monk reading scriptures and comprehending the Dao.
Money was truly something outside of one’s body. At this moment, there was no use for him at all. In fact, they weren’ t even as useful as Zhang Gong.
Wang Dali sighed. It seemed that he had wanted to establish the Great Charity Fund back then. It was really a very, very correct matter.
Perhaps, he should take out all the money in his account and use it to run a charitable cause.
In this world, there were many people who really needed help. Perhaps they were on the verge of death, suffering from an unknown fate.
If he could help them alleviate this pain, Wang Dali felt that he should reach out and help them. If he did this, he would at least be able to obtain spiritual comfort and satisfaction in this desperate situation.
“Oba, were you talking to someone about a live broadcast?”Xiu Zhi said.
“Yes, I’ ve already become rich overnight. But why do I feel like I have money and I don’ t have the time to spend it?”Wang Dali spread out his hands and shrugged helplessly.
“Haha, Oba, right now, you have money and no money! Not only you, but also me. Perhaps we all have money and no life!”
Xiu Zhi spoke with a dejected expression.
“We won’ t. Xiu Zhi, let’s not lose heart. The deeper we get into a desperate situation, the more we will continue to strive for self-improvement!”Wang Dali immediately consoled him.
“It doesn’ t matter anymore. That’s why when Oba saved me from the giant ape, I realized that life itself is the most beautiful thing. As long as life is still there, I shouldn’ t be discouraged or depressed!”
“Alright, Xiu Zhi has consoled me instead!”
Wang Dali spread out his hands and smiled,” However, I’ m really depressed right now!”
Xiu Zhi smiled, but instead, he became interested.
“Alright, Oba, tell me how much money you’ re recording tonight. Perhaps, I can help you out!”His body was straight, and he looked serious.
Wang Dali raised two fingers.
“20 Million?”Xiu Zhi was stunned.
Wang Dali shook his head.
“No way. Dafa, Oba actually recorded 2E in one night?”Xiu Zhi’s eyes widened.
“I can’t do it. There are too many trenches in the world. Actually, many countries and regions in the world are broadcasting live broadcasts on TV simultaneously.2e is n’ t much. The social benefits and wealth that our current broadcast will create in the future and indirectly pull will be the real value!”
“Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh, you are already a great earth trench!”2E Is it Hua Yuan or a cold currency?”Xiu Zhi was curious about the baby’s appearance.
“Of course it’s US dollars!”
Wang Dali’s head drooped.” That’s why I’ m even more depressed!”
“So much money!”Xiu Zhi’s eyes lit up with stars.
Those who were still watching the live broadcast could no longer remain calm. They all exploded.
“Big Brother personally admitted that he had spent $2e in a single night ——”
“Big Brother Hercules turned into a trench overnight ——”
“I’m going to kill Wang Dali, dig the trenches, divide the fields ——”
“Everyone, don’ t panic. We should sympathize with Big Brother Hercules ——”
“Miserable Big Brother Herculean had become a rich man, but he had money and no life ——”
“Typical tragedy ——”
“Tragedy ——”
“Want to open up a bit, Big Ouba ——”