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My wife is Captain Amazing/Captain Marvel

Chapter 1: Transforming into the World of Diffusion

A headache.
His head ached.
It was as if a heavy hammer had struck the head. The dizziness and pain caused people to inhale a breath of cold air.
“Damn it, why does my head hurt?”
“Where is this?”
“Who am I?”
Looking at the unfamiliar surroundings, the young man shook his head and tried to wake himself up.
It was only at this moment that the young man realized that there was still a person lying beside him. This woman was pretty good-looking, with a slightly thick lips on her nose. Judging from her facial features, she was a beauty that met the aesthetic standards of European and American people. Of course, the young man felt that it was not bad either.
There was no doubt that this woman was white. Whether it was her natural golden hair or her five colors, it could be seen that this woman was white.
But why would a white man lie in my bed?
And where was this environment?
And who am I?
The young man saw that the woman who was still asleep did not choose to wake her up. Instead, he got out of bed and came to the bathroom. The cold water made the young man wake up a lot again. Looking at the familiar face in the mirror, a large pile of half unfamiliar and half familiar memories surfaced.
“I’ m Fang Han. Yes, I’ m an ordinary college student from a large eastern country.”
“I am Fang Han. I am an official resident of the Western Democratic Lighthouse of America. I am Chinese.”
“Then, am I Fang Han or Fang Han?”Fang Han looked at the familiar face in the mirror and smiled after hesitating for a while.
“Who cares about him? I’m still alive, right?”Fang Han smiled and said.
The memories from before slowly surfaced. Fang Han naturally knew why he had come here.
In fact, Fang Han was just a college student from a large eastern country. But because that day was a beacon of democracy in the West, his roommate had to drag him over to watch the Hollywood blockbuster. Unfortunately, the disaster happened.
If Fang Han’s previous memories were correct, there seemed to be a serious fire in the cinema. He did not have time to escape and was helplessly trapped in the cinema.
The last memory was the scorching heat and choking smoke.
But Fang Han never expected that he would be able to live for another life.
Although this place was unfamiliar with people, and it was unknown where it was, at least he was still alive, right?
Fang Han originally thought that he was wearing meat. After all, his body was exactly the same as before. However, when more memories woke up in his mind, Fang Han finally understood that he was wearing soul.
The original owner of this body had lived here for more than twenty years. He had his own house and a beautiful girlfriend, the one lying on the bed.
However, according to his memories, Fang Han discovered that this beautiful girlfriend was only confirmed last night.
Sitting on the sofa, Fang Han rubbed his forehead and began to sort out the memories in his mind.” I’ m Fang Han, a Chinese American. I’ ve lived here for more than 20 years. The woman named Carol Danvers on the bed was my girlfriend last night.”
“I knew this woman called Carol Danvers a long time ago, and then I liked her. I asked her out last night to confess. The two of them had a drink, a meal, a visit to the museum, and then a relationship.”
“At that time, we kissed, chatted, and talked about the future together. Carol Danvers’ dream was to become an ace fighter pilot, so she worked hard to train, and now she finally became a test pilot?!”
“Was right. No matter how democratic the lighthouse was, there were only a few female fighter pilots.”What’s more, my girlfriend’s experience seems to be the same as mine. Her parents died early and she lived a stubborn life alone… Is that why we came together?”
“The two of us agreed last night to be together and get married… Then what did I do?Why was there only Carol Danvers’ professional experience in her mind?She was an American Air Force test pilot. What about me?”What am I doing?”
“Went to the museum together last night to look at the life of the righteous man of God. Should he be worthy of being a model of the Americans, a model of the soldiers, a righteous man of God?This could be said to be a true soldier, a true gentleman.”If he existed two thousand years ago, the one hanging on the cross is him, right?”
“This is really interesting. Is there really such a person in this world?”
“Hahahaha, why did he choose to go to Captain Mi’s museum last night?”I admire this hero.”
“Seems like this. No, no, not right. Captain Mi Museum?!”
Fang Han found something strange from his memories. Why was the name of this museum so familiar?
Captain’s Museum, Captain’s Museum.
Captain Mi?!
Fang Han finally realized that something was wrong. Isn’t this Captain Mi from the movie?
He had crossed into another universe, the Maneuvering Universe?!
Fang Han still knew a bit about how terrifying the Manwei universe was. Not to mention the disaster-prone New York City of Mi Country, look at the super heroes in this world. Iron Man, Captain of Mi Country, Hulk, Thunder God, Spider-Man, Eagle Eye…
What did this series of super heroes correspond to?
It was this unlucky American.
Iron Man, Tony, heart-spirited pineapple. This wasn’t a problem. He was rich and talented, but he could n’ t hold on to this guy’s enemies. Just this old brother’s enemies alone were worth ten fingers. These were only bosses, not considered as miscellaneous soldiers, and the damage to New York City was already very eye-catching.
As for Hulk, let alone this. This guy could tear apart New York when he was furious. How many streets had these two monsters torn apart in a battle with Hate? This kind of destructive power that was like a mushroom egg was really frightening.
As for the other superheroes, let’s not talk about how many times America had suffered as a beacon of Western democracy in the Manwei universe. Let’s just talk about what happened after the establishment of the Avengers Alliance.
For the first time, Thundergod Torr’s brother, Rocky, the Cthulhu’s summoned Cherita, had almost flattened the fleet of the Cherita.
The second time, Ochuang, this robot comrade with extraordinary abilities, actually planned to play Planet Earth in the sky above the Mi Country. He almost flattened half of the Mi Country.
The third time, well, the purple potato had been destroyed greatly. This old man had collected six infinite gems. A man who had snapped his fingers and half of Earth had died…
How could this universe be so easy to deal with?
As for the country of rice, it could no longer be described as a disaster. This was even worse than the island nation of Altman, Tokyo!
Fang Han covered his face with both hands in pain.” Why did I come to the World of Marvel?”*

Chapter 2 Ultimate Evolution System![Second, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

Fang Han covered his face with both hands. This was the first time he felt such an uncomfortable feeling.
Fang Han didn’t mind transmigrating. Really, Fang Han was just an ordinary college student. If he gave Fang Han a chance to return, Fang Han would definitely be happy.
Fang Han didn’t mind crossing over.
After all, it was better for Fang Han, who had mastered a lot of past knowledge.
But that didn’t mean that Fang Han was willing to cross over to Miriken.
Even though it was two thousand years ago, Fang Han still recognized it. However, in the Manwei universe world, Fang Han, who had no ability to protect himself, could he really survive those disasters?
Fang Han was thinking about whether he was going to grab Toni Stark’s thigh in advance or to find a safe place to hide. Speaking of which, the huge Millikan, the number one power on Planet Blue, looked majestic and looked like it was about two hundred and eighty thousand, but it was very dangerous.
No strange thing happened on any continent in each state. They were embarrassed to say that they were part of Milliken.
This kind of Milliken was really not suitable for Fang Han to survive. Right now, Fang Han was already thinking about whether to emigrate. After all, it was still a safe place to immigrate to than to hug those super heroes. After all, a large eastern country was the most stable place in the world.
“Should we really consider immigration?”Fang Han thought about how much assets this body had before, which was not enough for him to expend.
“Honey, you’ re awake?”A gentle female voice sounded, with a trace of laziness and charm.
Fang Han looked up. Carol Danvers was awake and was sitting on the bed, looking at him with a smile.
His long legs were half bent on the bed, his hands holding his head against his knees. His soft golden hair fell like a waterfall. Carol Danvers looked at the stunned Fang Han and could not help but laugh.
“It’s alright. It’s not Aunt Marvel. It seems that it’s based on comics. Tsk tsk, why is her figure so good?”
“Oh, dear Han, did you regret drinking so much whisky last night?”If you hadn’ t volunteered to drink so much wine, I’ m afraid you wouldn’ t have gotten up so early. Hmm, it seems like you’ re still lying in front of the toilet.”Carol Danvers smiled.
Fang Han smiled bitterly and said,” It’s not my fault. In fact, I didn’ t plan to drink so much wine. Hmm, I just had some accidents. You know, I don’ t like drinking, especially whiskey.”
“But you still drank it, right?”Carol Danvers looked at Fang Han with a smile. Fang Han could not help but sweat.
“Said, when you confessed to me last night, you were very brave. Could it be that you drank so much wine because you didn’t dare to confess to me?”According to your Eastern language, it’s called Jiu Zhuang, a coward, right?”Carol Danvers asked with a playful smile.
“Maybe. You know, Carol, most people in the East like to be reserved.”Fang Han said.
“So, this is why you drank so much wine last night?”Carol Danvers looked at Fang Han.
Fang Han shrugged and said,” Probably.”
“Hmm, you missed a good thing.”Carol Danvers came down from the bed and walked to Fang Han.
Fang Han raised his head and looked at Carol Danvers, who was at least 1.5 meters tall.” Really?”Then, what good thing did I miss?”
Carol Danvers leaned forward and placed her hands on Fang Han’s shoulder. She whispered to Fang Han’s ear,” Do you know?Han.”Actually, last night, we almost slept together.”
“Oh, that really is a pity.”Fang Han looked disappointed.
Carol Danvers smiled as he sat on Fang Han’s leg. He looked at the disappointed Fang Han and said,” It’s really a pity. Han, you’ re not used to drinking. I’ ve expected this, but I didn’ t expect you to drink so badly. Fortunately, you’ re very good after you get drunk.”
“Hmm, this might be a good thing for you.”Fang Han teased.
“Indeed, at least I don’ t need to clean up the vomit on the ground, nor do I need to help you take a bath.”Carol Danvers replied with a smile.
“I have always been a self-control person. I am very proud of this.”Fang Han smiled and said.
“Then,” Carol Danvers said as she tilted her body backwards. She tilted her head and looked at Fang Han. She licked her lips and said,” My dear Han, do you want to continue with what you did not finish last night?”
Fang Han was taken aback. He instinctively resisted. After all, just as the soul came through, there was a woman who wanted to make some intimate moves with you. Normal people would be a little uncomfortable.
However, in just a few seconds, Fang Han was able to react. What could he not do now?
Not to mention the fact that he didn’t have a girlfriend in his previous life. Now that he had brought this to him, why did n’ t he eat it?
The most important thing was that the moment Fang Han thought of Milliken, who was still in the diffusion universe, and before he could figure out the age, he felt a sense of anxiety. This feeling of knowing that Milliken was in danger, but unable to deal with a crisis that was enough to kill him, made Fang Han very upset.
Looking at Carol Danvers, who was sitting on his leg and smiling at him, Fang Han didn’t want to think too much. Anyway, he did n’ t know how long he could live. Let’s eat it first!
Fang Han thought of this and directly grabbed Carol Danvers.
Perhaps because he was young and strong and he often exercised, Fang Han easily picked Carol Danvers up.
“Oh, Han, have you figured it out?”Carol Danvers exclaimed in surprise, then smiled at Fang Han.
Fang Han’s mouth twitched as he said,” I’ ve already figured it out. I just drank too much last night.”
“So now that you’ ve woken up, do you still have strength?”Carol Danvers raised his eyebrows and looked at Fang Han in a provocative manner.
“Just give it a try!”
“Ultimate Evolution System, activate…”*

Chapter 3: The Power System of the World of Diffusion![Third, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

“Super Evolution System activated!”
The ice-cold and mechanized tone exploded in his mind. The ice-cold voice that didn’t carry any emotion was as cold as the cold north wind. Fang Han was stunned for a moment.
It wasn’t that Fang Han was afraid, but that he was too surprised. Together, with a big horse, he could activate the system?!
The System, this was a system that could save one’s life. With the System here, not to mention anything else, it could be said that it was a disaster of three days, a small disaster, and five great disasters. It could be said that it could be called a disaster of countless times, and there was hope for survival in the universe.
How could such a dangerous world survive without some strength?
“Are you questioning me?”Fang Hanming knew that this was Carol Danvers’ words, but he had to fall for it.
What a joke. Can a man say that he can’t?
Fang Han calmed himself down.
Actually, the reason why he was provoked by Carol Danvers just now was not because he had obtained the System’s relief?
It was precisely because of this that Fang Han started to get up again with Carol Danvers regardless. With the System, his heart calmed down.
In the bathroom, Fang Han stood under the shower. As he was being washed by cold water, he asked,” System, are you still there?”
“The System is here.”
Fang Han’s heart skipped a beat and he asked,” Are you a super evolved system?”
“Yes, this system exists to help the host grow and evolve, thus becoming the top existence in the universe.”
“The best existence in the universe?”Fang Han muttered to himself as he began to think about the famous big shots in the Manwei universe, Thor, his father Odin, the three billion-fingered Destroyer, the Captain of Amazing, the God of Heaven, and the Omega-level mutated human. By the way, what was his name?
“Host, please rest assured. With the System around, host will definitely be above these people in the future.”
Fang Han could not help but ask,” Do you know what I’ m thinking?”
To be honest, Fang Han was pleasantly surprised by the sudden appearance of the System. He was still on guard, especially the System that knew what he was thinking. Was this really not created by a big boss and spread the universe?
The System also knew what Fang Han was thinking, so it said,” Please rest assured, host. The system is provided by the Transmigrator Association. According to the different universe of each Transmigrator, please don’ t suspect anything else.”
“If that’s the case, why do n’ t I trust you,” Fang Han said with a smile. He looked at his fair hands and asked again,” System, how can you help me?”
“When the host defeated the enemy, he would receive points; when the host gained fame, he would also receive points.And if the points were accumulated to a certain extent, they could be entered into a lottery, such as 10,000 points,100,000 points,1 million points,10 million points,100 million points, and so on.”Every ten times, the rewards will be different.”
“Every time the host’s points reach a certain level, the things that the host can obtain will also be different.”
Fang Han nodded thoughtfully and asked,” Then, how did you get activated?I probably didn’ t have any points at first, right?”Furthermore, I didn’ t remember what enemies I defeated.”
“The host did not have any points to activate the system, but the host took the blood of the future captain of surprise. This score was enough to activate the system. And because the host took the blood of the future super hero of the universe, the host will also receive an additional novice gift pack.”
Fang Han couldn’t tell who the woman on the bed was.
“I said, why did the name Carol Danvers sound so familiar? She was the captain of surprise?!”Fang Han understood.
At that time, Fang Han was dragged by his roommates to look at Captain Amazing. Furthermore, Fang Han didn’t look through it at all, but he really did n’ t know that Captain Amazing was his girlfriend. Carol Danvers was actually a hidden universe level player.
“By the way, you said Carol was a super hero of the universe level, so what are the other levels?”Fang Han noticed what the System said.
Although Fang Han had seen many movies like Iron Man, Captain Mi, Avengers Alliance, Galaxy Guards, and so on, he could still remember the plot of these movies. As for the division of power, and the many opponents, his memories were vague.
After all, who knew that he would be able to travel to the Manwei universe? At that time, Fang Han was just enjoying himself. He could also sigh that he was indeed worthy of being a Hollywood masterpiece. Looking at him was just exciting.
The System also knew that Fang Han was not aware of this, so it said,” The power system is divided into Earth-level, Mythical-level, Explosion-level, Heavenly Father-level, and Universe-level. And the Universe-level is divided into single universe-level, multiverse-level, super-universal universe-level, and infinite universe-level.”
Fang Han heard this series of power division and felt a bit of pain in his brain. He could not help but say,” Can you give me a standard? This division is too general. Give me a standard.”
“Good host.”
“The upper limit of Earth-level strength is basically the strength of Iron Man, Captain Rice, Spider-Man and other super heroes. The strongest is not more than 100 tons.”
“Mythical-level power can reach the level of Thor and Ochuang. They have exceeded the limits of mortals and become gods or demigods, so they are called mythical-level power.”
“On the other hand, the explosion stars possessed the power to destroy the planet, such as the flame giant Soretel and the Death Goddess Hila.”
“God King Odin, Gu Yi mage on Earth, and Destroyer all have such power.”
“Wait a second, is Mie Ba the Heavenly Father?”Fang Han couldn’ t believe it. One must know that the power of Destroyer was completely reflected in the movie. This kind of boss was the Heavenly Father?
“Destroyer, who does not have the Heart of the Universe and other equipment, is indeed the Heavenly Father.”
“Alright, continue.”Fang Han nodded.
“A single universe level power, the God of Heaven group, the double star form of surprise team leader, and the Thunder God with the Thunder God Battle Axe can all reach it.”
“Multiverse level power. The five Creation Gods and the Destroyer with infinite gloves can reach it.”
“Alright, let’s go to this place. I’ ve probably understood the power system of this world.”Fang Han said.*

Chapter 4: The bloodline of the Asian race![Fourth, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

“There’s no need to talk about the power of the super universe level, the all-around universe level, and the infinite universe level?”
Fang Han smiled and shook his head.” I still can’t reach that level. It’s useless if I know. It’s just a matter of increasing my worries.”In the future, when I reach that level of strength, I will naturally know.”
“Good host.”
The System fell silent, while Fang Han continued to bathe.
Looking at the calm Fang Han, his heart was already like a sea of raging waves. The emergence of the power system and system in the world of Marveling made Fang Han realize that he was no longer ordinary and would not easily die in this world.
The Destroyer with infinite gloves was a Multiverse level. What kind of situation would the Destroyer with the Heart of the Universe be?
Previously, Fang Han would still panic and be at a loss or even mad, but now, Fang Han would not.
He believed that he could reach a higher level than Mie Ba. After all, it was still far from Mie Ba reaching Heavenly Father level. Before the timeline arrived, Fang Han had plenty of time to develop.
After taking a shower, Carol Danvers got up as well. Looking at Fang Han who was wiping his hair, Carol Danvers went up to hold Fang Han’s neck and said,” Han, I’ m going to work soon, so you have to cook by yourself during the day.”
Fang Han smiled and asked Carol Danvers,” Don’ t worry. By the time you come back, I’ ll have dinner ready.”
“I hope so.”As Carol Danvers spoke, she gave Fang Han a wink and walked into the bathroom to take a bath.
Fang Han, who was well dressed, sat lazily on the sofa. He recalled Captain Amazing’s domineering posture in the movie and then looked at the charming little lady in the bathroom. Hmm, at least she’s still a little lady right now, isn’ t she?
As for the future, let’s talk about it later.
After taking a shower, Carol Danvers put on his clothes and waved at Fang Han to leave the house. Fang Han watched Carol Danvers leave in a car, then returned to the living room and sat on the sofa again.
He was thinking about Carol Danvers.
Although he hadn’t finished watching Captain Marvel’s movie, he still had a good understanding of the plot. For example, Carol would volunteer to save the innocent people that her teacher said was like a hero, but she would also be chased and killed by the Krissians. The energy core of the plane absorbed the shocking energy and transformed into Captain Marvel.
However, Carroll would be brought back by the Krishnamurti to transform his memories and be used as a tool for six years. If it wasn’t suitable because the mission had unexpectedly returned to Earth, it was likely that Carroll would be tricked into selling his life for Krishnamurti.
When he thought of this, Fang Han was a little furious. He said everything. Fang Han didn’t care about Carol Danvers’ fate. What did Captain Amazing do because of me?
But now, Carol Danvers was her girlfriend, and she wasn’t the captain of the surprise team. Moreover, even if she became the captain of the surprise team, could Fang Han just watch the Krishnamurti take her away?
What a joke!
No matter if Carol Danvers was just a test pilot of the Mi Air Force or she would become the team leader of surprise in the future, she was Fang Han’s girlfriend. If she was caught by someone else, she would n’ t be able to release a single fart. Such a person would still be dead!
Fang Han was silent for a moment and said,” System, I need power now.”
“Yes, the host needs strength, so the system recommends that the host use the novice gift pack earlier.”
Fang Han nodded and said,” Use the novice gift pack.”
“The novice grand prize is three lottery grand prize. Please ask the host which one to open first?”
However, if one asked which one to open first, then that would definitely mean that there was something fishy in the middle of these grand prize bags. At the very least, the levels were different.
Although Fang Han was only a college student, it didn’t mean that Fang Han was stupid. Therefore, Fang Han asked,” What’s the difference between these three lottery prizes?”
“Of course, there’s a difference. The host still has a hidden gift bag that he obtained because he captured Captain Amazing’s Blood.”
“Then, the System, which do you recommend me to drive first?”Fang Han narrowed his eyes.
“The System recommended that the host use the hidden gift pack first because the level of hidden gift pack is higher than the novice gift pack. Moreover, although the lottery of the novice gift pack is random, it is also relatively targeted.”
“Tell me.”Fang Han was very satisfied with the system’s recommendation, but he also wanted to hear what the reason for the system’s recommendation was.
“The reason the System recommended the host to use the hidden grand prize was because the items in the hidden grand prize were stronger than the novice grand prize. Most of the items in the novice grand prize looked very good, but for the host in the new hand phase, it was something that was unworthy to eat.”
“Is it useless?”Fang Han was lost in thought.
“According to the ancient theory of the host race, the host first used the hidden grand prize to obtain the same main ability. Then, the next three novice grand prize would probably shift towards this main ability. This way, the host’s advantage in the early and middle stages would be determined.”
“Then follow your instructions and open it one by one.”Fang Han said.
“Host uses a hidden gift pack. Congratulations to host for obtaining the Saiya bloodline. It has great potential.”
As the system’s voice fell, an invisible force began to act on Fang Han’s body. His originally thin body changed at a speed visible to the naked eye.
The weak body started to become stronger. The blood in his body was even more mixed. A new bloodline containing a powerful force injected into it, and the heart beat more and more forcefully.
The cells began to change. The originally fragile cells began to grow stronger, and the internal genes began to change.
The strength of the body changed with the change of bloodlines. The streamlined muscles became stronger and more explosive. Every muscle fiber was filled with endless power.
His physical body became even stronger. The basic sword could no longer harm Fang Han’s body.
As the bloodlines gradually changed, the new bloodlines continued to nourish the body. As the Syrians’ bloodlines continued to exist in their bodies, Fang Han’s body would become stronger.
Feeling the surging power in his body, Fang Han instantly had an idea that a super hero in this world was nothing more than that. However, this idea was instantly suppressed by Fang Han. He had not reached such a strong stage yet, and he still needed to grow.
When he arrived at the bathroom, he looked at himself in the mirror, who was becoming more and more masculine. Fang Han grabbed his newly grown tail and suddenly said with a smile,” Actually, this isn’ t a bad thing.”*

Chapter 5: New Skills![Fifth, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

Looking at the sharp face in the mirror, Fang Han gently touched the mirror.
“The current me is either Fang Han or Fang Han.”
As he spoke, Fang Han turned around and returned to the living room. He looked at his current body and clenched his fist. He felt the powerful power within his body. The surging Saiyan blood flowed through his body like a river, continuously giving birth to the Saiyan power.
Fang Han, who was clenching his fist, suddenly threw out his fist. The whistling wind and the sudden sound of explosion made Fang Han feel a little surprised, but at the same time, he was also a new student.
He had such a strong and powerful strength at first, so he should be able to protect himself and protect his woman, right?
Looking at the furnishings in the living room that were stagger due to the terrifying fist wind, Fang Han did not feel messy. Instead, he was delighted. This was also a manifestation of his strength, right?
“I have such a strong power now, then in the future, I will definitely not be weaker than those famous figures in the Manwei universe.”The power of the Syrians in the Dragon Pearl world? It should be said that I am truly worthy of being a transmigrator. I have such a golden finger as soon as I come up.”Fang Han smiled as he spoke.
He waved a few punches in the living room, and the punch wind whistled through the air, causing the various items in the living room to fall and fall. Not to mention that many items were directly shattered by the violent punch wind, even several punch marks appeared on the wall.
Fang Han nodded and looked at his palm. He muttered to himself,” As expected of the power of the main character in the Dragon Pearl world. He has such terrifying power as soon as he comes up. After training carefully, when he reaches the level of a super Saiya, I’ m afraid that even if he is to exterminate the tyrant, he can still fight, right?”
Fang Han wasn’t sure if he could compete with Destroyer when he reached the stage of Super Cyya, but it was right to have a dream.
Fang Han took a deep breath and tried his best not to be fooled by the sudden power. He heard the crackling sounds of the bones all over his body, as if they were fried beans. He felt the power of the Syrians.
“I’ m not strong enough right now. I’ ve just arrived in this world. I don’ t understand anything. I can’ t wave, I can’ t wave. I still need to develop.”Fang Han spoke on his own, then took a deep breath to calm his excited heart.
Sitting back on the sofa, Fang Han ignored the messy furniture and said,” System, don’ t I still have three newbies? I can open them now.”
“Host used the newbie grand prize to obtain the dance skill.”Dance of the Sky is a flying secret skill of the Crane Faction. A cultivator can fly freely in the air without being bound by gravity.”
“Flying is indeed a good thing. At the very least, there’s no need to stare at those who can fly.”Fang Han pondered.
This dance technique was the secret flying technique of the Fairy Crane in the Dragon Pearl world. It seemed like as the system recommended, when he used a higher priority mysterious gift bag to obtain the bloodline of the Sayans, these novice gift bags with lower priority than the mysterious gift bag would naturally approach the mysterious gift bag.
In other words, after Fang Han used the mysterious grand prize to obtain the Saiyan bloodline of the Dragon Pearl World, these novice grand prize were most likely to be something from the Dragon Pearl World. This dance technique was the best proof.
And this dance skill was the same skill that Fang Han was currently using.
To be more precise, Fang Han only had the Syrians’ bloodline. Apart from that, he did not have any fighting skills, nor did he have any other knowledge. It was equivalent to a white number that did not have anything. So now, Fang Han needed everything, and he was eager to obtain something useful from the three novice grand prize.
“Host used the newbie grand prize to obtain energy arts.”It’s a normal skill to use energy in the Qigong Dragon Pearl world. It’s a skill that can use the vaporization of energy in your body to release energy from your hands to attack your enemy.”
“Energy arts, it was fine.Dance of the Sky, Qi Gong, and now they had both offensive and moving skills.”Qi Gong, this is the name of the Dragon Pearl world. Although it’s not the Turtle Sect’s Qi Gong, it’s still a good thing to have it in the future, right?”Fang Han was now more and more satisfied with the beginner grand prize.
Not only that, Fang Han became more and more confident about whether he could survive in the Marvelous World. The Marvelous World was terrifying, but was the Draconic Pearl World not terrifying?
The Dragon Pearl World was no more peaceful than the Maneuvering World. On the contrary, there were more people in the Dragon Pearl World who could destroy the planet’s galaxy with a single move. Sun Wukong, who was able to grow up in such a world and fight big bosses, was n’ t it relying on his Saiya bloodline?
With the Cyya bloodline, there was an infinite possibility. In the future, it was not impossible for the super Cyya, then the super Cyya 2, the super Cyya 3, the super Cyya 4, or even the super Cyya God.
It didn’t make sense that Fang Han could n’ t do anything that Sun Wukong and Becquita could do. And compared to these protagonists, Fang Han still had a System. No one was worse than anyone.
With such a mentality, Fang Han became more relaxed.
“Don’ t you still have a new gift bag? Open it, let me see what’s inside.”Fang Han said.
“Host opened the novice grand prize and congratulated the host for obtaining the Mixed Origin Qi Technique.”It’s a technique that combines both internal and external cultivation in the 108 form of Taiji Fist Art. It’s a technique that combines the form and spirit techniques. It’s specialized in cultivating the Qi of the True One that humans rely on to survive.”
“Chaotic Qi Technique,” Fang Han thought about the new technique. According to his name, he could tell that it was used to cultivate true qi. In other words, using this technique to cultivate true qi, and then using energy arts to condense and punch out?
This was not bad.
Fang Han looked at the three skills that appeared in front of him. He took a deep breath and began to use them one by one.
If the three skills were to be used together, Fang Han still had no idea whether he could withstand them. It would be more appropriate to use one of them. Therefore, Fang Han chose to take his time, learn one, and use the next. After all, Fang Han had time now, so he was not in a hurry.
“Dance technique, energy arts, mixed element Qi technique, and the Saiya bloodline in my body were the foundation of my world.”Oh, there’s another future that’s Captain Surprise’s girlfriend.”The corner of Fang Han’s mouth curled up slightly. The joy in his eyes could not be concealed.
“I hope this world can be more peaceful. If it doesn’t work, there will be no major disaster before I grow up. At the early stage, it’s better to be safer.”Fang Han muttered to himself, not knowing who he was talking to or who he was talking to.*

Chapter 6 Dance Air Technique, Perception Qi,300 Combat Power![Sixth, asking for flowers, asking for evaluation]

“Do you want to learn these three skills now?”
The System probably felt that Fang Han was always thinking about his own business and didn’t pay much attention to business, so it reminded him.
The three skills turned into three star points and circled around his palm with a stream of light. Fang Han looked at the three shooting stars in his palm and smiled faintly. He narrowed his eyes and said,” Learn. Of course, you need to learn. How can you not learn to save yourself?”
“Learn the dance technique.”
As Fang Han’s voice fell, the meteor light that represented the dance art instantly entered Fang Han’s mind. Immediately after, a huge stream of knowledge exploded in Fang Han’s mind. This knowledge was the secret of the dance art, and it was also how to accumulate this secret art to the extreme.
As this stream of knowledge poured in, Fang Han seemed to have practiced dance art for tens of years. In the blink of an eye, he had turned from a newcomer who had never learned dance art to a veteran who had immersed himself in dance art for decades.
This gap was equivalent to having Fang Han accumulated experience from several generations of people. With this experience and memory, Fang Han could easily and casually use the dance art. He would not waste too much time to learn and explore because he was a newcomer who had never touched the dance art.
Fang Han had already understood all the key points and tricks of the dance art.
“The power of the System actually has such a shocking method. In the blink of an eye, an ordinary person becomes a super expert. It’s really shocking.”Fang Han sighed with emotion as he closed his eyes to sort out the memories in his mind. Fang Han had already mastered the dance technique.
“Learn energy arts.”
After mastering the dance art, Fang Han began to learn energy arts. This was the most common skill in the Dragon Pearl world, and it was also the signature skill in the Dragon Pearl world.
As the second photoelectric entered his mind like a shooting star, Qigong, this ancient technique was so unique that Fang Han could be said to be an eye-opener. Fang Han’s understanding of the use of Qi and his technique of gathering Qi made Fang Han a newbie.
Compared to the original Qigong, as a new version of Qigong that the System had selected and sorted out, its use and understanding of Qi were more refined. According to Fang Han’s own estimation, even if it was not as good as the Turtle Sect Qigong of Celestial Tortoise, it should not be much different.
All of these techniques were recorded in Fang Han’s sense of perception. Even though Fang Han could n’ t use the turtle’s Qigong right now, he could only use the most basic Qigong. However, with Fang Han’s continuous use of Qigong, as well as his battle experience and improvement in Qigong, he was able to gradually unlock the secret technique of the turtle’s Qigong, as well as the more powerful the turtle’s Qigong.
For example, the maximum power of the Turtle Sect’s energy art, the Super Turtle Sect’s energy art, the Tenfold Turtle Sect’s energy art, and so on.
Compared to the original Qi Gong, the Turtle Sect’s Qi Gong was far more powerful than ordinary Qi Gong. However, there was only Qi Gong right now, so they had to use it first.
After learning Qi Gong, Fang Han didn’t hesitate at all. He began to learn another skill. It was also very important whether Han Han could use the key point of Qi Gong, the Chaotic Qi Technique.
“Learn the Mixed Origin Qi Technique.”
The last light in his palm entered his brain like a shooting star, and the knowledge of the Chaotic Qi Technique exploded in Fang Han’s brain.
As a means of Taoism, especially in the Dao family, it was a method of cultivating both inside and outside. It was a method of combining form, spirit, and qi. The inheritance of the Chaotic Qi Technique had its own charm. This method was not only a simple method of cultivating the Qi of the Chaotic True One, but also a method of cultivating the mind, body, and body to increase the strength of the body.
Fang Han naturally wouldn’t say it was because it was a Taoist technique. Moreover, he could easily find it in his previous life and despise the Mixed Origin Qi Technique. After all, the Blue Star in his previous life belonged to the technology side. In the last era, the current Blue Star was probably the same as the end of technology.
Rather than trusting in technology, playing with armor and studying the power of a universe gem, it was better to develop one’s own potential.
The human body itself was like a small universe, containing infinite possibilities. And those mysterious elements were really something that science could explain?
Especially Fang Han, he really didn’t know much about science. Instead of believing in this, he might as well believe in the super evolution system on him. After all, this was real. In the future, he might have the ability foundation to fight against super bosses like Destroyer.
Fang Han closed his eyes and focused on learning these three skills. Only after he was completely familiar with them did he slowly open his eyes.
With a thought, Fang Han floated up easily. The gravity and attraction of Earth did not seem to exist for the current Fang Han. Although it was only a meter away from the ground, Fang Han was still in the house, so he naturally did not dare to fly high. Could it be that he was going to crash into his own house?
After flying in the room for a while, Fang Han couldn’t help but feel excited after adapting to the dance technique. After all, humans always yearned for the sky and the universe. This was flying, and it did n’ t use any machinery to fly. Such an ability was much stronger than Tony’s armor.
Fang Han was excited that he could fly. For a moment, he floated in the room. After a while of familiarity, Fang Han began to experiment with his second skill, Qi Gong.
At first, Fang Han was only aware of the energy arts that the people in the Dragon Pearl had released. However, when he really used it, Fang Han finally knew the power of this move.
He tapped his finger lightly and a wave of light shot out from his finger. The power of the wave actually punched a hole in the wall. Fang Han was surprised by the power of his energy art, but he was also secretly wondering why he wanted to test it in the house.
After testing the dance and energy arts, Fang Han began to practice the Qi-Mixing Technique to temper the Qi in his body.
As he continued to temper the Qi inside his body, the Syrians’ bloodlines were also playing a role. It was very easy, making Fang Han’s strength rise to a new level.
Fang Han clenched his fist and felt the more powerful power in his body. He thought,” Now, my own power should be in Earth class, and it should be considered as the upper reaches, right?”
“I don’ t know how much my combat strength is right now, but I’ m sure it won’ t be low.”Fang Han said.
“Host’s current combat strength, according to the Dragon Pearl’s world view, is around 300. Host’s current physical strength has already reached 40 tons.”
“40 Tons of strength is not weak, but 300 fighting strength, why do you feel very weak?”Fang Han didn’t have a specific impression of what 300 was worth. The first impression was that 300 was n’ t much of a concept.*

Chapter 7: Studying energy arts, the crisis of female votes![Seventh, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

“300 Fighting strength doesn’ t look very good. Actually, it’s not low for the current host.”
Fang Han tilted his head. Because the System was invisible, he could not talk to the System face-to-face. He could only do so.
Is “300 combat strength not low?”Why do I remember that a farmer’s uncle in the Dragon Pearl World has five combat abilities?”Fang Han said.
“But in the Dragon Pearl World, Sun Wukong was only around 300 fighting strength when Latiz attacked. Moreover, Bick could already destroy a city when his fighting strength was less than 300.”
Hearing the System’s explanation, Fang Han finally realized how powerful he was. However, it was precisely because of this that Fang Han felt that it was unrealistic.
It was as if all this was a dream.
For some reason, because of the fire, he had traveled to the Manway universe world. He also had a system. He easily learned several skills and had the bloodline of the Sayan. Now, the system told him that he could destroy a city according to his current strength.
All of this was too much like a mirror.
“Host felt that it was too inconceivable, right?”
Fang Han nodded.” I was just an ordinary person. I can’ t get used to it for a while.”
“This is very normal. Anyone would not be able to adapt to such a situation at first. So now, host doesn’ t plan to go out and try. How strong is he?”
Hearing the system’s cold voice, Fang Han’s heart moved.
It could be said that the System was trying to lure Fang Han, but Fang Han was still tempted.
That’s right. Right now, he was different from before. If he did n’ t go out to experiment, how would he know how powerful he was?
After leaving the house, Fang Han took a deep breath in the open space in front of the door. As Fang Han’s legs trembled slightly, a powerful force pushed Fang Han directly into the air. The dance skill was activated, and Fang Han was easily suspended in the air.
Even if there were no wings to shake the air and no tail to stabilize the body, Fang Han was still floating in the air. The function of the dance was to eliminate the gravity of the ground and provide you with the ability to stabilize your body.
Fang Han, who was suspended in the air, breathed in the fresh and slightly cold air in the sky and looked around.
Fang Han still hadn’t remembered where he was, but he could tell that his house was n’ t in the city. There were some houses in the forest and grassland, but the distance was very large. This place made Fang Han feel like a farm in the western part of the country.
But Carol Danvers didn’t seem to be a farmer’s family, did he?
Was this house owned by him, or by Carol Danvers?
She shook her head and put these thoughts aside. If Carol Danvers came back, she should be able to find an excuse to ask. Moreover, even if she didn’t ask Carol Danvers, she would be able to search online.
The most important thing now was to experiment with one’s own power.
It was as if Fang Han had been immersed in the knowledge of energy arts for hundreds of years, and he was completely familiar with it. The power in his body was already grasped by Fang Han, and he moved along with Fang Han’s thoughts.
With a wave of his arm, a light white air wave was sent out by Fang Han. The light white air wave carried a long tail and rushed into the distance like a shooting star. It exploded about a kilometer away from Fang Han. The explosion shock wave swept out in all directions, like a flower blooming in the air.
Although the explosion caused by the air wave was very beautiful and artistic, and its power was not lower than that of the tank main cannon, Fang Han still felt that it was a little inferior.
Qigong waves, as the main means of fighting against the enemy in the Dragon Pearl world, were also the most powerful and common means of fighting against the ground. Whether it was the most common Qigong waves or the turtle-style Qigong waves, or the improved Qigong waves of the protagonists, or other uses of Qigong.
It was all because of energy arts.
Fang Han only knew the most basic energy arts. He didn’t know any tortoise-style energy arts, and he did n’ t understand the techniques created by the protagonists. Logically speaking, as a newcomer, he should be satisfied to learn energy arts and dance techniques, but Fang Han still felt that he was lacking something.
The Turtle Clan energy art created by Celestial Tortoise in Dragon Pearl World could gather all of the Qi in his body and unleash it.
Clint’s Qi Source Slash was even more capable of cutting off Fliesa’s tail despite the difference in strength.
Based on the combination of Qi and physical body, Xiao Wukong could create a style that could pierce through heaven and earth and break through the world.
There were Dragon Fist, Realm King Fist, and other moves…
To put it bluntly, it was all about the use of Qi and the cooperation with the body.
Fang Han was pondering whether he could do what others could.
Fang Han began to try, trying to gather all the energy in his body into his hand. If he could activate the Tortoise Sect Energy Wave without using the System, then Fang Han would really be satisfied.
However, after trying it out, Fang Han realized that the turtle fairy was really awesome. Fang Han had no idea. He couldn’t figure out how the turtle fairy was able to condense all of her energy into his hands. Was his meridians not strong?
Logically speaking, Saiya’s bloodline body should be more flexible, right?
Why can’t he do it for himself?
Fang Han shook his head in annoyance. He felt that he might have fallen into a trap.
“Let’s think about it again. There’s no reason why others can’ t do things themselves.”Fang Han muttered to himself as he began to explore how to strengthen the use of Qi.
Another light white wave flew out of the tail, like a ray of light that exploded in the sky.
Fang Han looked at his hands and began to think:
“Cyya’s bloodline and Qi Gong and Qi Gong, according to the system’s theory, the combat strength of 300 is already very strong. This means that my physical fitness and the Qi inside my body are fine. However, there is no reasonable way to use this power, so Bike can destroy a city in one move, and I can’ t.”
“Sigh, it’s still too urgent. If someone else had such a strong power, they would probably have been satisfied. What they lack now is a better skill to use. This requires me to slowly improve.”
Fang Han sighed softly as he spoke. He moved his neck slightly and listened to the crackling sounds coming from his muscles and bones. Fang Han decided to continue searching.
Since he had such an opportunity, he had to work hard to advance. In his previous life, a salted fish could not turn over. If he had the strength in this life, would he still be muddled?
Just as Fang Han was furious, his phone rang. Carol Danvers, who had called the caller, smiled and answered the call. Then, his face darkened.*

Chapter 8 The plot started, Fang Han descended![First, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

The sound of the plane whistling,
The sound of the cannon,
There was also the sound of a laser weapon being emitted from the phone.
Fang Han could vaguely hear some chaotic conversation amidst the noise of electricity.
Carol Danvers did not speak, or she did not have time to speak.
Fang Han’s face grew colder and colder as he heard the sound of the cannon and the sound of the plane whistling. He vaguely understood what was going on.
Among the captain of the team, Carol Danvers, the main character, was a test pilot of the Mi Air Force. She was testing a new aircraft developed by Dr. Lawson. The engine of this aircraft used the energy of the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube.
Dr. Lawson was awesome!
However, Fang Han wasn’t concerned about this. It was because Carol Danvers had become Captain of Amazing because she had encountered the Kerri’s resistance and had been forced to land when she was flying Dr. Lawson’s plane. In order to protect Dr. Lawson’s hard work, she fired a shot at the engine to gain particle energy.
Now that Fang Han heard the sound of battle on the phone, how could he not know what was going on? Captain Marvel’s plot had begun!
“Han, can you hear it?”Carol Danvers’ voice came from the phone. Although it was mixed with electricity, Fang Han could tell that Carol Danvers was trying to calm down his voice.
Taking a deep breath, Fang Han said,” I can hear you.”
“Okay, honey, I,” Carol Danvers said after a moment of silence,” I’ m sorry, I’ m going to hang up.”
As he spoke, he hung up without giving Fang Han any time to react.
Fang Han was stunned, and his anger could not help but burn.” Damn it!”
Fang Han was just an ordinary person in his previous life. To put it bluntly, he was an ordinary and insignificant person.
But this didn’t mean that Fang Han was n’ t bloodthirsty. No matter how ordinary a person was, who didn’t have a bloodthirst?
How could it be Fang Han’s age? He was in his twenties. He was full of passion. If Fang Han had been in his previous life, he might have retreated because of social and family problems. But now, Fang Han had strength. He could do what he wanted.
The plot started. The Krishnamurti had arrived. The other party was a huge empire, with a technological power beyond the imagination of the Earthlings. It had an interstellar fleet that could make ordinary universe countries despair. It was an extremely powerful enemy.
“Are you afraid that I will die?” Fang Han lowered his head and muttered,” If it was before, I might have dodged it. No, even now, if it had nothing to do with me, I would have dodged it.”But you’ re my girlfriend. How could you be caught by someone else? You’ re still indifferent.”
As he spoke, Fang Han suddenly looked up at the sky. A small black dot was falling rapidly. Fang Han narrowed his eyes. He could sense Carol Danvers’ anger from that black dot.
“That’s it!”As Fang Han spoke, he rushed towards the black spot. At the same time, he secretly prayed: I must make it!

After Carol Danvers hung up the phone, he focused on driving the advanced plane to avoid the enemy behind him. Dr. Lawson looked at the focused Carol Danvers and could not help but ask,” Do you not say goodbye to him?”
Carol Danvers forced a smile and said,” I don’ t want him to be sad, although this is our first day as a couple.”
“I’ m sorry, Carol. I didn’ t want to get you involved.”Dr. Lawson said.
“I know the doctor, but this is my request. After all, the Mi Country Air Force does not want to have too many female pilots, and this is my dream.”Carol Danvers said.
The plane was hit. Carol Danvers forced the plane to fly, pulled it up at the edge of the crash, rushed through the pine forest, crossed the lake, and crashed into the lake. The huge force caused the plane to plough a long trail on the ground.
Carol Danvers managed to climb out of the smoking plane and pulled Dr. Lawson out of the room.” Doctor, are you okay?”
“Not bad, Carol, I’ m sorry to drag you in.”Dr. Lawson smiled bitterly.
“Doctor, who is attacking us?”Carol Danvers asked in confusion.
“Krishnamurti.”Dr. Lawson called.
Carol Danvers was stunned when she saw the blue blood flowing down Dr. Lawson’s forehead.” Doctor, your blood?”
“I’ m sorry, Carol. Actually, I’ m not from Earth…” Dr. Lawson apologized again.
“What is going on?”Carol Danvers went crazy. Was she dreaming or what was she doing?
“Carol, my name is Maywell. I’m from Halar Star. Actually, I’ m also a Kerry, but I really love Earth. Carol, we can’t let them get the speed of light engine.”Dr. Lawson said, pulling out his laser pistol, he was about to shoot at the leaked light engine.
But at this moment, a laser shot at Dr. Lawson in an instant. Dr. Lawson could only watch helplessly as his power was lost, and then fell heavily to the ground.
“You betrayed us, Maywell.”A tall man in an alien uniform walked out of the smoke with a gun in his arms.
Carol Danvers looked at the tall man and instantly realized that this was the Krishnamurti Dr. Lawson mentioned!They were the ones who attacked their plane!
“Why did you attack us?”This isn’ t your planet!”Carol Danvers roared.
“Because of her,” the man pointed at Dr. Lawson, who was already on the verge of death, and then at the light speed engine that was exposed at the tail of the plane.” And because of it, the light speed engine. This is from our planet Kerry.”
“It’s the doctor’s painstaking effort. I won’ t let you get it!”Carol Danvers held the laser pistol he had taken from Dr. Lawson’s hand and pulled the trigger at the exposed light engine.
“No!”The man roared as he tried to stop him, but the laser had already hit the speed of light engine. In an instant, the speed of light engine exploded, causing terrifying energy to spread out. Carol Danvers and the man were both sent flying by this huge force.
Although the light speed engine exploded, the terrifying energy contained in it was absorbed by Carol Danvers, who was closest to the light speed engine. The man got up from the ground and looked at Carol Danvers, who was about to faint from the impact of the energy. He hugged the gun and walked forward.” The light speed engine is destroyed, but you’ re still here!”
Just as the man was walking towards Carol Danvers, a pale white air wave with a long tail exploded in front of the man and stopped him.
Fang Han slowly descended from the sky and looked at the warily alien man. Fang Han sneered,” I said, it’s not a gentleman to take someone’s girlfriend away without others’ consent.”*

Chapter 9 How could you be an Earthling?[Second, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

“Who are you?!”The alien man looked warily at Fang Han who was descending from the sky. Facing Fang Han, the alien man sensed danger!
“Me?I am her boyfriend.”You’ re going to take her away without my consent. Do you think it’s possible?”Fang Han looked at the alien man coldly. He didn’ t have any good feelings for this alien man.
This guy was the boss of Captain Amazing. To be precise, it should be a small boss, Yong Rogue!
It was this guy, the Krishnamurti called Yong Rogue, who had flown a plane to attack Carol Danvers and Dr. Lawson’s experimental plane, which was the original form of the Kun fighter.
Following that, the Krishnamurti called Yong Rogue killed Dr. Lawson again and wanted to snatch the speed of light engine!
After Carol Danvers destroyed the light speed engine in order to protect Dr. Lawson’s last wish, he brought Carol Danvers to Planet Kerry, modified Carol Danvers’ memories, and made Carol Danvers a tool in the hands of the Krissians to fight for the Krissians.
Although the Scuru tragedy was caused by the Krish people, Carol Danvers, who had been altered by the Krish people’s memories, also had blood on his hands.
All of this was caused by the Kerri Star people!
It was all caused by this thing called Yong Rogue!
Damn it!
Fang Han didn’t want to bother about the fate of the Skuru people, but Carol Danvers, this was his girlfriend, his woman, and he did n’ t care who it was!
After all, Carol Danvers was already alone. Apart from Fang Han, there was only one black best friend. Fang Han, in this world, there was no one else other than Carol Danvers.
Fang Han looked at Carol Danvers, who was drowsy by the huge energy impact, and said coldly,” Do you know, it’s a bandit’s act to take an innocent woman without the consent of his family, no matter which country, place, or planet.”
“Oh, I almost forgot that you Krishnamurti are not good things!”The race that violated your Krishnamurti race seems to have been exterminated by you.”
“So you’re going to disobey us Krishnamurti?”Yong Rogge looked at Fang Han and asked.
“Ha, disobey?”You think you can order me?”Fang Han couldn’t help but laugh as he looked at Yong Rogue. Where did this Krishnamurti have the confidence to order him? Could it be that because he was an alien, the technology tree was stronger than Earth?
“Earthlings, I advise you not to try to disobey the great Krishnamurti. The will of supreme wisdom must be carried out!”Hand over the woman behind you, I can spare your life!”Yong Rogue raised the gun in his arms and said.
“Spare my life?Was he planning to modify my memory and turn me into your spy on Earth?Or are you planning to bring me back to Planet Kerry and train me to be your opponent?”He’s extremely intelligent. He’s really arrogant.”Fang Han glanced at Yong Rogue with disdain. Did this Krishnamurti think he had never seen Captain Surprise before?
“How did you know?You are not an Earthling?!”Yong Rogge looked at Fang Han warily. He sensed a terrifying threat from Fang Han, but he wasn’t sure if it came from Fang Han himself or something from Fang Han. Could it be that the energy core of the light speed engine was in his hands?
“I am an Earthling,100%,100% Earthling.”Fang Han said. Of course, there was a Saiyan bloodline flowing through his body. Fang Han wouldn’t tell Yong Logue about this. God knows if there’s a Saiya Star in the universe.
“Earthlings?Wrong!”Earthlings can’ t fly!”Yong Rogge looked at Fang Han warily. His right index finger had already reached for the trigger. He was ready to make a move. He didn’t want to be entangled with Fang Han anymore. He wanted to bring the woman who absorbed the energy of the light speed engine back to Planet Kerry.
“Would the Earthlings be able to fly? What does that have to do with you Krishnamurti?And this is Earth, not your Kr planet!”Why don’ t I know that Alabama welcomes aliens?”Fang Han’s tone was n’ t polite at all. He didn’t have much to be polite about Yong Rogge.
“Earth?Alabama?”In our planet Krishnamurti, this isn’ t just the planet number C-53. Do you think you can fight against our planet Krishnamurti?”Yong Logue said disdainfully. Although he sensed a threat from Fang Han, he, Yong Logue, was a soldier on Planet Kerry. How could he be hurt by this backward Earth person?!
Moreover, the great technology of Planet Kerry was not something that these backward and ignorant Earthers could imagine. The fleet would arrive in a moment. At that time, perhaps the entire planet would be included in the territory of the empire.
Fang Han glanced at Carol Danvers, who was unconscious. He then looked at the prototype of the Kun fighter and shook his head. Unfortunately, it was the prototype.
Fang Han sighed. He didn’t intend to argue with Yong Rogge anymore. He looked at Yong Rogge and said,” There’s no time. You’ re going to die here today. Are you ready?”
“Just you?”Before Yong Rogge could finish his sentence, a light white wave of air had already hit him. From the light white wave of air, Yong Rogge felt danger!
He suddenly bent over and dodged the wave. He turned his head to look at the wave that had exploded behind him. Yong Rogue swallowed the water and took several steps back to scan Fang Han.
“Earthlings, the danger level is extremely high!”
“Impossible!How could Earth’s weak body threaten the brave Krishnamurti warriors?!”Yong Rogge roared and pulled the trigger.
Fang Han slightly tilted his head to avoid Yong Rogge’s attack. He instantly rushed in front of Yong Rogge, and his clenched fist struck Yong Rogge with a terrifying explosive force!
Yong Rogue’s gun in front of him instantly shattered, and his entire body was sent flying by the terrifying force of Fang Han’s punch.
Looking at Yong Rogue, who flew backwards and left a long scratch on the ground, Fang Han coldly said,” You’re just a little bit ahead of Earth in technology. What kind of arrogance do you have?Do you really think you’re invincible on Cleary Planet?!”
“Pfft!”A mouthful of blue blood spurted out. Yong Rogue looked at Fang Han in shock. He could not believe that he had been sent flying nearly fifty meters by a human from Earth!
“Does it feel incredible?”Fang Han sneered as he looked at Yong Rogue with a terrified expression.
“You’re just a human from Earth, and you do n’ t have any equipment, exoskeleton, battle suit, or other weapons. How could you have such strength?!”Yong Rogue’s face was filled with disbelief.*

Chapter 10 terrifying combat power![Third, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

“Had no choice. The difference between us was just that big.”Yes, Mr. Yong Rogge, are you ready to die?”Fang Han smiled.
“You are definitely not from Earth!Earthlings could not have such a powerful power!What planet are you from? Are you not afraid of our fleet?!”Yong Logue shouted. The fleet was about to arrive. He couldn’t beat the monster in front of him that looked like a human from Earth. He had to wait for reinforcements!
Yong Logue had tried his best to stall for time now. Without reinforcements, he couldn’t fight the cold-smoked Earthman.
“You Krishnamurti, it’s just that they’ re a bit stronger than Earth.This battle suit of yours can improve your strength and fighting ability, right?”But, there’s a limit to this increase. How many punches can you get from me?”Fang Han shook his neck as he spoke.
“Click, click.”
Fang Han moved his neck and wrist and pushed with both hands. Two pale-white air waves dragged the tail towards Yong Rogge. The damage of these two air waves was not weaker than the 155mm heavy cannon. Two 155mm heavy cannon shells were enough to destroy most of the football field.
Fang Han’s hands were equivalent to two 155mm heavy cannon that could be moved freely.
Two waves of air whistled towards Yong Rogue, sending him flying.
The air wave exploded, and Yong Rogue was sent flying again.
But it was also the luck of Yong Rogue. His combat suit was very effective against the impact and explosion of the Fang Chill Power Wave. Although he was sent flying, the damage that Yong Rogue suffered was actually very limited.
Fang Han furrowed his brows slightly. This Kerri Star’s combat suit was a little defensive, and it seemed to have the ability to absorb energy. If he had known, he would have changed his fist.
Fang Han didn’t see Captain Marvel. He did n’ t know what the effect was on Kriss Star’s battle suit. This Kerry Star’s battle suit could be said to be highly technical. Captain Marvel’s particle energy impact could be blocked. Such a battle suit was n’ t a problem at all.
Fang Han’s Qigong Wave was simply an energy attack, and this Kerri Star’s battle suit seemed to be specially designed to absorb and reduce energy attacks. That was why Fang Han’s Qigong Wave did not appear.
“Your luck is not bad!”As Fang Han spoke, he rushed towards Yong Rogue. If the Qigong Wave can’ t kill you, then use your fist to kill you!
However, just as Fang Han was rushing towards Yong Rogue, a few laser attacks forced Fang Han back. Laser beams shot over, and Fang Han even sent out two energy waves to fight the laser.
Fang Han knew that this was Yong Rogue’s battle team. He looked at the few Krixing people in Krixing’s battle suit, white skin, purple skin, or black skin.
It had to be said that the appearance of the Krishnamurti was actually no different from that of the people of Earth. Moreover, they did not have any white purple race or black race. They were all Krishnamurti, but there were also many people whose appearances were greatly different from that of the people of Earth. For example, the sniper in Yong Rogge’s team, the guy who looked very similar to the black lily in the watchdog’s butt, and also used a sniper rifle.
“Dark Elf?”Or the Black Lily?”Fang Han looked at the female sniper and narrowed his eyes slightly. It was this sniper who had stopped him from moving. Otherwise, Yong Rogue would have been beaten to death by Fang Han.
“No, it’s Minerva!”The purple-skinned woman said.
As for the arrival of his teammates, Yong Rogue got up from the ground. Yong Rogue looked at Fang Han and smiled.” I’ m sorry, you can’ t kill me anymore. My teammates are here.”
“That’s why I said you’ re lucky!”Fang Han looked coldly at Yong Rogue who was jumping up.
“My luck has always been good, and you, your luck seems not to be good,” Yong Rogue said as he waved his hand,” Kill him and bring back that woman!”
Brave Rogge’s battle team members immediately charged forward. These elite members of the Krishnamurti, special operations team members, all of their battle skills were superb. They could be said to be highly specialized in battle. As professional soldiers, especially special operations soldiers, they would not tell you about the honor of a warrior, nor would they fight alone with you.
The war focused on the cooperation of the various forces, while the small-scale battle was the cooperation of the elite soldiers. Now, this kind of cooperation was used on Fang Han.
Fang Han, who had no combat experience at all, was at a disadvantage as soon as he came up.
It wasn’t that Fang Han did n’ t work hard, it was also that Fang Han didn’t dare to risk his life. The problem was that Fang Han did n’ t have any actual combat experience, nor did he experience the cooperation of elite combat teams. It could be said that Fang Han didn’t even have many skills to fight in groups. Facing the cooperation of a standard special combat team, Fang Han was having a hard time resisting.
In the distance, Minerva, the sniper who was close to the black lilies in the bottom of the watch, was harassing Fang Han with a long-range sniper rifle. At close range, Yong Rogge and his other members were fighting close range. Fang Han had to fight Yong Rogge and the others while he had to pay attention to Minerva’s attack.
One had to know that the sniper said it was an assault, but if you weren’t careful, the assault would become a deadly attack.
“Damn it!”Fang Han endured Minerva’s assault and was struggling to resist.
Fang Han wanted to attack, but he still had to pay attention to the safety of Carol Danvers behind him. Although Yong Rogue wanted to take Carol Danvers away, if he was injured by mistake, wouldn’ t Fang Han regret it for the rest of his life?
Fang Han had some misgivings. The members of Kerry Star’s special combat team did n’ t have much misgivings. All of them were dead. If it weren’t for the fact that the Saiya’s bloodline was naturally proficient in combat and was strong in defense, Fang Han would be cold now.
“Mad!You’re not finished, are you?Did he think he was a Ninja?!”Fang Han was enraged. These Krishnamurti people were as annoying as flies, especially the sniper called Minerva in the distance. He was truly angered.
As he roared, Fang Han completely ignored the attacks from behind. He instantly grabbed the neck of the Krishnamurti who was caught off guard and was holding two laser blades. His right hand clenched into a fist. Blood was flowing faster as veins bulged up. The muscles on Fang Han’s arm exploded with terrifying power.
This punch was Fang Han’s full strength attack. The whistling wind caused the Krishnamurti’s face to tremble. As the sandbag’s fist landed on the Krishnamurti’s face,40 tons of power sent out surging kinetic energy.
The Krishnamurti’s face was sunken first, and then his entire head exploded like a watermelon. Red, white, and yellow things flew in all directions.*

Chapter 11: The more brave the Vietnam War, the potential of the Saiya bloodline![Fourth, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

Ignoring the blood on his face, the enraged Fang Han completely ignored the distant Minerva’s attack. He only wanted to kill these annoying flies!
After Ge killed the Kerri Starman in front of him, the instinct of battle forced Fang Han to dodge.
The Krishnamurti, who wanted to ambush Fang Han, threw himself into the air. Fang Han grabbed his arm, and the powerful force directly broke the bones in his arm. The bones at both ends of the arm were excessively broken, and even pierced through the skin and flesh, and the battle suit.
The pain of broken bones caused the Krishnamurti who was trying to sneak attack to wail.
Fang Han gripped his arm tightly as he swung it round and fell to the ground!
A foot landed on the head of the cataclysmic Krishnamurti, and crushed it like a watermelon.
Ignoring the splatter of dirt, Fang Han raised his hand to wipe away the blood on his face.
The current Fang Han gave off a terrifying aura.
Fang Han’s eyes shone with a dangerous light, like a wolf king angered by a group of dogs. He slowly swept his gaze around the people of the Cree Star Battle Team who had been suppressed by Fang Han’s series of operations. Fang Han’s eyes were extremely cold, causing the Cree Star people who had been swept by Fang Han to shiver.
“Annoying flies, have you had enough fun?!”
Yong Rogue immediately realized that something was wrong. This Cleary Star’s expert in special operations, combat hero, and battle experience were extremely abundant. He realized that something was wrong with Fang Han.
Originally, Fang Han was a guy who had enough strength, but did not have enough experience and skills to use.
To put it bluntly, he was a lucky Earth man. It was Bai Xiaobai’s powerful strength and energy art.
But now, the more you looked at it, the more strange it was. How long had it been?
It wasn’t even five minutes, but Fang Han had already changed from a young Little White who was not even as good as a new recruit. Even Yong Rogue was wondering if Fang Han had pretended not to know anything, so that they could relax and kill them in one go.
But as the battle progressed, Yong Rogue finally understood. Fang Han really didn’t know anything from the start. The reason why his attacks were so well-organized was that he looked like a professional soldier on Planet Kerry, and even his skills were growing. All of this was because he was using all the tricks of Planet Kerry!
This result made Yong Rogue almost bite his tongue. Was he laughing?In less than ten minutes, he was so familiar with the combat skills of the Kerri Star army. Was this Earthling’s talent so terrifying?
In fact, the bloodline of the Saiya people was really that terrifying.
As a combat race, the Syrians were born with powerful strength and the use of opposing energy. They could also continuously improve their own combat experience and learn their opponent’s combat skills. In fact, as long as they used some techniques in front of them, they could follow suit.
Moreover, this kind of technique would become more and more proficient as they continued to use it. In the end, it was even more familiar with it than an original person like you.
Fang Han didn’t notice this at first, but he already realized it. This was also why Fang Han could kill two Kerry people. I would n’ t care about anything, but I could learn it, and I could kill you if I learned it!
After killing two Cleansers in a row, Fang Han was already filled with killing intent. The surrounding Cleansers were all on the death list in Fang Han’s eyes.
Although Fang Han was originally strong and domineering, in reality, Fang Han was still very loyal. Because his family knew about his own affairs, he did not know anything from the start.
However, the battle had reached such a stage. Facing a group of alien enemies who wanted to kill him, Fang Han had already left his other thoughts behind. Especially after Fang Han had killed two Krishnamurti and two professional special fighters, Fang Han was no longer afraid.
They were also living creatures. They would bleed to death, and they were not stronger than themselves. What was there to be afraid of?
Looking at Yong Rogge and the others, Fang Han quickly dodged Minerva’s attack. At the same time, he sent out a fierce whip to force Yong Rogge and the others to retreat. Taking advantage of this, Fang Han clenched his hands and two energy waves were shot out by Fang Han.
In the blink of an eye, the two pale-white energy waves landed in front of Yong Rogue. In an instant, Yong Rogue was struck by a powerful force.
The power of these two energy waves caused Yong Logue to fly a hundred meters away. This move not only caught the two Krishnamurti around Yong Logue off guard, but also made Minerva unable to support him in time.
Fang Han quickly seized the opportunity and charged forward to fight the two Krishnamurti. Now that he was gone, Minerva didn’t dare to shoot him. The fate of the two Krishnamurti had already been decided. The two of them had died in Fang Han’s hands.
“Ahem, ahem, ahem, I really didn’ t expect you to be able to learn the fighting skills of our Krishnamurti people in such a short period of time.”Yong Rogge looked at the two corpses in front of Fang Han and his eyelids twitched. Although these were temporary members, they were also his own people. They were killed by Fang Han just like that.
Now, other than his brave Rogue, only Minerva was left.
“There are still many things you didn’t expect. Moreover, our Earthlings’ close combat skills are no weaker than you Krishnamurti.”Fang Han was now full of confidence. He had the confidence to leave Yong Rogge and Minerva behind.
“Hehe, I really regret it. I should have let more people come. I really underestimated you.”Yong Logue rubbed his chest and sucked in a cold breath. Fang Han’s two Qigong waves were n’ t that easy to take. Even if he was wearing a battle suit, he was still heavily beaten.
“I also regret it. I didn’ t expect you to be able to get beaten like this. You’ re still alive after three strikes of my Qi Gong Wave.”Fang Han was extremely happy when he saw Yong Rogue’s uncomfortable face. He had bullied my woman before, but now it’s your turn to return.
Yong Logue smiled helplessly and said,” You’ re really strong. You’ re so strong that one or two special battle teams can’ t beat you. You’ re a very strong person.”
Fang Han narrowed his eyes. He instinctively sensed the danger of the Syrians in his body.
“Do you know why I have been talking to you since the beginning?”Yong Rogge suddenly said.*

Chapter 12, of course, his wife’s life was more important![First, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

Fang Han’s eyes widened. He said something was wrong. He was tricked by Yong Rogue!
Fang Han now understood that he had been delayed by Yong Rogue’s words. However, he had assumed that he could deal with Yong Rogue. He had really fallen into Yong Rogue’s trap and accompanied Yong Rogue. Now that Yong Rogue had made this clear, this meant that Yong Rogue had the means to deal with himself!
“Damn it!”Now that Fang Han understood, he immediately rushed towards Yong Rogge. He still had a chance. As long as he took down Yong Rogge, he would still have a turn.
However, a light wave suddenly appeared in the sky, stopping Fang Han’s action.
The light wave appeared out of nowhere and directly passed through the atmosphere and enveloped Fang Han. In an instant, Fang Han felt as if the surrounding air had solidified.
The air froze like concrete. It was hard for Fang Han to move his arm. Moreover, the beam of light carried a strong gravity. This heavy pressure covered Fang Han’s body, making him feel as if he was carrying a large mountain, unable to move at all.
The heavy pressure even forced Fang Han to return to the ground. Dancing Void Technique did not work in front of this pressure. This strong pressure forced Fang Han to stop all his actions. It was not that he did not want to move, but that he could no longer do it.
When the Kerri fighters appeared in the air, in the blink of an eye, a dozen or so Kerri fighters surrounded him. After that, dozens of Kerri soldiers landed from the air in full uniforms and surrounded Fang Han. Fang Han knew that he had lost this time.
Looking at Yong Rogue’s smile, Fang Han knew that he was completely schemed this time. He couldn’ t help but angrily say,” Damn it, you tricked him!”
“No, no, no. This was called a strategy.”Fang Han, you’ ve failed. Now, you and your woman have become prisoners of our Krishnamurti.”Yong Rogge said.
“Hmph!”Fang Han grunted coldly in annoyance, as a response to Yong Rogue.
Under the company of Minerva and a few Krishnamurti soldiers, Yong Rogue walked to Fang Han’s side with a victorious smile. He looked at Fang Han who was imprisoned in the beam of light and was unable to move at all. Yong Rogue said,” War is not all based on force. The most important thing in war is to use your brain.”
Fang Han listened to Yong Rogue’s taunting, and what he wanted to refute finally turned into a somewhat helpless smile.” Yes, you won. Everything you say is right. I used to say that the rebels died a lot before. Now, it’s my turn to answer this sentence.”
“Yes, it’s a good proverb. It’s true that the rebels die with many words.”Yong Rogue couldn’t deny it. Obviously, he was in a good mood right now because he had caught two powerful Earthlings. The value of these two Earthlings was extremely high to him. It could completely make up for the loss of this battle.
“You won, what do you want to do now?”Fang Han narrowed his eyes and looked at Yong Rogue. He was trying to figure out if he could break free from the beam and catch Yong Rogue. He could still fight.
Yong Logue knew what Fang Han was thinking and said with a smile,” Are you trying to break free from the gravity beam and capture me to take Minerva and the others?”If you think this way, then that means you’ re too overconfident. Gravity beams are not something you can break free from.”
Fang Han didn’t listen to Yong Rogge’s words and began to experiment on his own. However, the extreme pressure had always restrained Fang Han. It was extremely difficult for Fang Han to move a finger. Right now, Fang Han felt like he was being pressed down by Sun Wukong.
After several attempts, Fang Han realized that the gravity beam could actually break free. Although Fang Han felt that breaking free from the beam might cause great damage to his vitality, and even more than half of his bones would shatter, Fang Han could vaguely sense that he could break free from the beam. He had this power!
“Do you think this beam of light can bind me?”Then you’ re wrong!”Fang Han said, he already had an idea. To communicate with the system and destroy this gravity device, it was a relatively easy task for him.
He took a glance and realized that he had a lot of points!
“System, I want to break free from this damn gravity. Is there any way?”Fang Han asked in his heart.
“You need to pay 300 points to destroy the gravitational restraint!”The System’s voice echoed in Fang Han’s ear at the right time. Fang Han narrowed his eyes slightly. Suddenly, he lifted up his entire body’s aura.
“That’s all!”Although Fang Han felt that his body had been restrained, he suddenly felt relaxed. Then, Fang Han looked at Minerva with a smile on his face. His tone was filled with ridicule.” Hey, dark elf, why don’t you have long ears?Oh, could it be that you are Purple Potato?Yes, it looked like a purple potato.”Lady Zishu, you seem to be angry?”
“Bastard!”Minerva was infuriated by Fang Han’s words. His eyes narrowed and his right thumb unconsciously pressed onto the trigger.
“Hey, Lady Zishu, don’t stare at me like this. It’s useless. You know, your water-sourning gun is useless against me, so don’t expect to use this toy to threaten me. You should know that, right?”Fang Han had already started to gather his energy. The sniper was the most threatening to him.
Once he broke free, the first to kill was Minerva!
“You’ re courting death!”Minerva could no longer endure Fang Han’s words. His eyes glared at Fang Han. Minerva lifted the sniper rifle in an instant, but Minerva did n’ t shoot it out because Yong Rogge had placed his hand on the sniper rifle to stop Minerva from moving.
“Don’ t be angry. He’s deliberately provoking you.”Yong Rogge said.
“I understand, but I want him to die!”Minerva said angrily.
“He’s useful. He can’ t die here.”Yong Rogge’s tone was calm.
“But I can’ t help it. This Earth person’s mouth is really cheap.”Minerva gnashed his teeth as he looked at Fang Han.
Yong Rogge didn’ t look at Minerva either. He looked at Carol Danvers, who had been put up by his men. He ordered,” This woman is very important. Send her back to the battleship and to the healing chamber. She can’ t die.”
As he spoke, Yong Logue looked at Fang Han again.” Your woman was directly hit by the energy pulse of the speed of light engine within a distance of less than three meters and suffered a very serious internal injury. Only we can save him now. Do you understand?”
“What?”Fang Han furrowed his brows slightly and then dissipated his anger. At this moment, it was naturally his wife’s life that was more important.*

Chapter 13 Captured![Second, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

Carol Danvers was seriously injured?!
Fang Han was stunned. He really didn’t expect that Captain Surprise did n’ t act like this. Fang Han thought Carol Danvers had just suffered a slight injury. He really didn’t realize that the massive energy pulse was n’ t just Carol Danvers’ golden fingers, but also her life-prompting talisman.
In fact, if it wasn’t for Jung Rogue bringing Carol Danvers back to Planet Kerry to heal him, this future captain of surprise would have died long ago. Was the energy pulse of the speed of light engine something that an ordinary Earthman could not withstand?
“Now you understand?”Only I can save your woman.”
“Alright, you won.”Fang Han gave up on resisting. Yong Rogge was right. Right now, only he could save Carol Danvers. There was no such method on Earth.
Yong Rogue ignored Minerva, who was furious. His opponent ordered,” Tie him up and take him with that woman.”
When the soldiers heard this, they rushed forward. First, they tied it up with a rope that Fang Han didn’t know. Then, they directly sucked it into the battleship that the Krissians parked outside Earth through the beam of light.
When Fang Han saw how careful these Cleary Star people were, he sighed helplessly. According to Fang Han’s original idea, if these Cleary Star people wanted to tie themselves up, they would definitely have to remove this beam of light. However, Fang Han never expected that these Cleary Star people would not be affected by this beam of light!
“Looks like the battle suit on Planet Kerry is really useful.”Fang Han sighed. When he thought of how those Krishnamurti people had swarmed over to tie him up like pigs, Fang Han’s expression turned ugly.
When Yong Rogge and Minerva returned to the warship, Fang Han was already tied up with a rope.
This was an extremely dense type of alien metal. It could also be a metal that had not been discovered on Earth. This kind of metal was currently on Fang Han’s body.
This kind of extremely dense metal had a heavy tonnage. The Kerri people used this metal to make two rings with a thickness of one meter, binding Fang Han’s hands and feet. The heavy pressure of this metal made Fang Han give up on struggling.
It wasn’t a bad idea to have a one-meter loop, but it was n’ t less than fifty tons in weight. Moreover, its density meant that it was even more tough. It was already very difficult for his arms to break free, but there were two more iron loops on the rope. Fang Han couldn’t break free now.
Fang Han gave up on breaking free in a short period of time and began to carefully examine the internal structure of the Kerri Star Warship. It had to be said that the civilization of Kerri Star was truly developed. The internal structure of this warship. Sigh, why did it look so familiar?
After Carol Danvers was sent to the healing chamber by the Krishnamurti, and he couldn’t escape from the predicament in a short period of time, Fang Han relaxed. He had time to think about why the internal structure of the Krishnamurti battleship was so familiar.
After thinking for a while, Fang Han came to a sudden realization. In the future, the structure of S.H.I.I. Shield’s Sky Carrier Command Cabin was built according to the internal structure of the Kerri Star Warship. Why did I look so familiar?
“Give up struggling?”Just as Fang Han was thinking about why S.H.I.E. Bureau’s Sky Carrier Command Cabin would use the internal structure of the Kerri Star Warship, Yong Rogge appeared.
Fang Han was interrupted by his train of thought. He turned to look at Yong Rogue. His condescending attitude made Fang Han unhappy, so Fang Han turned his head and stopped looking at Yong Rogue.
Yong Logue didn’ t care about Fang Han’s attitude either. He said,” It’s right to give up on struggling. This is the only metal we have on Planet Kerry. Each of these two shackles on your body has a weight of over a hundred tons. And you, your current strength limit is only about forty tons. You can’ t break free.”
Fang Han couldn’t help but twitch when he heard Yong Rogge’s words. A hundred-ton iron ring, you call it a binding ring?He couldn’t break free from these two things.
“Alright, I gave up on struggling,” Fang Han sighed. Then he turned to look at Yong Rogue. There was nothing he could do. He was currently bound, and his body could not move at all.” I said, can you remove this thing? It’s very heavy, and it’s too tight.”
Yong Logue smiled.” Fang Han, you’ re different from other weak Earthlings. You’ re a powerful warrior, a fierce war tiger. On our planet Kerri, you’ re tying up the war tiger. One is the tighter the better. If you let go, the war tiger will break free.”
Fang Han didn’t mind being distracted by Yong Rogge. He curled his lips and stopped taking care of Yong Rogge.
You’re kidding. If you tie me up like this, it’ ll be fine if you can talk to you. You’re not willing to untie me. Why would I bother with you?!
As for Yong Logue, he didn’t care either. Fang Han was tied up, could he still run?
Seeing that Fang Han ignored him, Yong Rogue just smiled and left. After all, after returning to Planet Kerry and being guided by the Supreme Wisdom, Fang Han could become a soldier on Planet Kerry. It would be fun to put Fang Han under his command.
Fang Han didn’t mind Yong Rogue’s thoughts. He was looking at the sudden extra 8,000 points. This was more than 8,000 points. Could it be that the Krishnamurti were so valuable?
Two thousand points for a Krishnamurti?!
In an instant, Fang Han even had the intention to kill Cleary Star.
“Host is overthinking things. The Krishnamurti are not worth that much points.”
The System Machine’s cold voice broke Fang Han’s imagination in time.
“Then how did I get so many points?”Fang Han could not help but ask curiously.
“The increase in reputation will bring the host points. These are the rewards that the host will receive after gaining reputation.”
Fang Han couldn’t help but become even more curious when he heard that it was reputation that brought him points. He did n’ t do anything. Where did he get reputation?
Could someone have recorded a video of his flight in Alabama?This possibility was not high?
“Host, your battle with Yong Rogue was constantly being monitored by the spaceship on Planet Kerry. The higher-ups on Planet Kerry discovered the potential of the host and were highly valued by the host. That’s why the host won 8,000 points. The remaining bits and pieces were the reward for the host killing the Kriss warriors.”
Hearing the system’s explanation, Fang Han was n’ t just happy to be famous on an alien planet. Instead, he felt a chill run down his spine. On Earth, when he encountered an alien, he would slice it up and study it. Then, what would he encounter on Planet Kerry, a mysterious alien to the people of Planet Kerry?
For a moment, Fang Han shuddered.*

Chapter 14: Arrival on Planet Kerry![Third, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

“I’ m not famous on Earth, but I’ m famous on Planet Kerry. What is this?”Fang Han felt as if he had eaten shit.
Yong Rogge looked curiously at Fang Han’s constipated expression and asked,” What’s wrong with you?”
Fang Han silently rolled his eyes at Yong Rogue. He closed his eyes and began to use the Transmutation Qi Technique. He no longer wanted to pay any attention to Yong Rogue and the others. He needed to cultivate now. He needed to build up his strength. Otherwise, when he reached Planet Kerry, his fate would not be any better.
Yong Rogue did not mind Fang Han’s attitude at all. Would you mind the attitude of the captives you captured?
It wouldn’t be. Any useless captives would definitely die, while the useful ones would still be alive. In the face of a very useful captive like Fang Han, it was too late for Yong Rogge to protect him. In any case, Fang Han would be his man sooner or later.
“It’s useless for you to be angry or upset right now. When you get to Planet Kerry and see the utmost wisdom, you will spontaneously identify with our civilization on Planet Kerry, and then voluntarily become a soldier on Planet Kerry. Oh, your little friend will do the same.”Don’ t worry, I’ ll bring both of you to my team. You will become the fighting heroes of Planet Kerry.”Yong Rogge said happily.
Fang Han felt even more regret when he heard Yong Rogue’s words. If it was n’ t for his pretence, how could he have allowed Yong Rogue to show off his strength here?!
He still suffered from a small loss. He didn’t have any experience at first, but he was proud because he had obtained great power. Therefore, it was n’ t a problem for him to be captured now. Who could you blame for asking for it?
Fang Han pondered over his mistakes and wondered if there was any way he could remedy them.
Although he was captured now, Fang Han believed that he would be able to escape. The most important thing now was to get out of the bondage and learn about Carol Danvers.
If Carol Danvers was still seriously injured and unconscious, then what would be the point if he could break free from this iron fast bondage?Wasn’t he still unable to run?
And even if Carol Danvers recovered, how could he escape?
After all, this was a Krishnamurti interstellar battleship. How many Krishnamurti starships didn’t mention it. Once he made a hole, would n’ t that mean he would be finished?!
Fang Han had no idea whether he could survive in space. Moreover, Carol Danvers’ situation was unknown, and Fang Han was even more constrained.
Actually, if Fang Han wanted to break free from this bondage, it would not be that difficult.
The Syrians would greatly increase their combat strength when they were on the verge of death, as if they had exploded into a small universe.
In that state, Fang Han had the confidence to break free from the iron block.
This wasn’t two hundred tons of metal, but two hundred tons of metal. One by one, he relied on the small universe to break free. Fang Han still felt that there was hope. The only thing he needed to pay attention to was, if he was on the verge of death, what if he really died?
It wasn’t easy to be certain that he was on the verge of death. God knows what the critical point of the small universe was. If he really killed himself, then everything would be finished.
Although Fang Han had a tendency to die, the more dangerous he was, the more he could unleash his potential. It was not that Fang Han really wanted to die.
Death didn’t mean death. Fang Han did n’ t want to go to GG Simita right now. He had finally gained great power, yet he hadn’t really had a good life in this universe. It was a shame to die like this!
“Sigh, in 1995, there was a bird in Rice.”Fang Han sighed. The country of rice was the strongest country on Earth. This country was known as the beacon of democracy in the West. Previously, it was known as the two poles with the Soviet Union, which had tens of millions of kilometers of land across the Eurasian continent and the world’s strongest ground formation.
However, with the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the world had only one pole. It was the Mi Country. It had military bases all over the world. It covered the entire world in twenty-four hours, as well as the aircraft carrier battle group that ran through the four oceans. The Mi Country could not do anything.
However, if you were on Earth, it didn’t mean that you could be in the universe. Looking at Planet Kerry, this space warship could make Mi Country helpless. It could only be said that Fang Han was really unlucky this time. There was no power on Earth that could be relied on. In everything, Fang Han could only rely on himself.
Fang Han, who was using the Chaotic Qi Technique, was thinking about his own way out as he felt the power in his body recover.
The previous battle had consumed a lot of Fang Han’s physical strength, and the continuous use of dance and energy waves had consumed a lot of Qi. Plus, after being illuminated by the gravity beam for half a day, Fang Han’s Qi was almost exhausted.
Now that Fang Han was using the Transforming Qi Technique, he could feel the air in his body rapidly recovering.
It was just like a balloon. If you didn’t blow it up, its capacity would be that little. When you blow it up, its capacity would also increase.
After the battle just now, Fang Han had used up all the air in his body, but as he continued to recover, Fang Han found that his air capacity had increased.
However, Fang Han wasn’t happy with this. This was something he had expected.
What Fang Han did not expect was that the amount of energy consumed by cultivation was extremely high.
Training required a huge amount of energy supply. After all, training meant using the energy of heaven and earth to nourish and upgrade themselves. However, this amount of energy supply exceeded Fang Han’s imagination.
The Saiya people started to cultivate quickly, which meant that the Saiya people needed a huge amount of energy to replenish their energy. This was also why the Saiya people in the Dragon Pearl could eat so much. They needed to get energy from their food.
At the end of the day, those super Syrians naturally did not need to eat so much food to absorb the energy in the universe. After all, the energy in the food was limited, and unless it was some precious food, there was very little energy.
But now, not to mention absorbing energy from the air so far away, not to mention the precious ingredients, even ordinary food didn’t exist. Fang Han had no choice but to starve. He even had to stop cultivating. Yong Rogue would n’ t provide Fang Han with food so kindly. Before Fang Han was brainwashed, he would always be a dangerous enemy.
“We’ ve already completed our second jump. We’ ll be back on Planet Kerry in an hour.”The pilot said to Yong Rogue.
“Very good,” Yong Rogue nodded in satisfaction. The other person said coldly,” It’s been twenty-eight hours. You’ ll be able to reach your new home soon. Are you happy?”
“Do you think I look happy?”Fang Han, who had been hungry for twenty-eight hours, looked coldly at Yong Rogue. If he could, Fang Han wanted to eat him alive!*

Chapter 15 I was just surprised that there was a moon on Planet Kerry![Fourth, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

Yong Logue looked at Fang Han’s fierce expression and said leisurely,” Don’ t be like that, buddy. I know hunger is uncomfortable, and it can even make people lose their minds. But there’s no other way. You’ re not one of us right now.”
“I won’ t be one of you, never!”Fang Han was not afraid that Yong Rogue would kill him and said coldly.
“I admire your courage, but when you see the supreme wisdom, you will not think that way. When that time comes, you will definitely become one of us, a glorious warrior on Planet Kerry, and perhaps a battle hero.”Yong Rogge said confidently.
“Oh, I really want to eat you.”Fang Han looked at Yong Rogue and said.
“It’s best to eliminate this idea. It’s not realistic. You and I both know that,” said Yong Rogge as he turned around to leave. But when he arrived at the command hatch, Yong Rogge stopped and turned to look at Fang Han. Yong Rogge said,” For the sake of you becoming one of us, I’ll tell you some good news. Your little friend was saved by us.”
“Oh, this is indeed good news. Perhaps I should thank you for this?”Fang Han spoke in an uncertain tone.
Yong Rogge shrugged.” Maybe you need it, maybe you don’ t. Whatever.”
After seeing Yong Rogue leave, Fang Han closed his eyes and tried to calm himself down. He was about to arrive on Planet Kerry. He needed to maintain his peak condition.
However, the feeling of being hungry was really uncomfortable…
Finally, after more than half an hour, the battleship finally returned to Planet Kerry.
When Fang Han was surrounded by dozens of Krishnamurti soldiers, he saw Carol Danvers.
Because Carol Danvers had been heavily injured by the energy pulse, even though he had been treated by Planet Kerry, his body was still weak. At the very least, he didn’t have much strength to fight. It was common sense that he needed to cultivate after being seriously injured, so Carol Danvers did n’ t have so many guards around him. Only four Kerry people looked at her.
Compared to Fang Han’s side with a binding ring and energy rope, there were dozens of professional soldiers guarding the grand scene. It could be said that Carol Danvers’ treatment was simply too good.
“How was it?”Your little friend is much stronger than before.”Yong Logue said with a smile.
Fang Han nodded,” Yes, that’s right.”
Fang Han could see that Carol Danvers’ condition was much better than before. He could sense that there was an energy in Carol Danvers’ body that was constantly repairing Carol Danvers’ body.
“Since I know that your little friend is fine, I wonder if I can just follow us. I don’ t want to see anything unexpected on the way.”Yong Rogge said.
Fang Han slowly swept a glance at the surrounding Kriss Star soldiers. He then looked at Yong Rogge and Minerva, who was like a small chaperone next to him. He nodded.” Alright, alright. I’ ll let you rest on this journey. Hmm, I promise.”
“It’s best to be effective.”Minerva glared at Fang Han and took the lead to leave. It seemed that Minerva had gone to High Wisdom in advance to make preparations.
Due to the heavy restrictions on his body, Fang Han walked slowly, but Fang Han was not in a hurry. He even chatted with Carol Danvers leisurely.
“Hey, baby, how do you feel now?”Fang Han looked at Carol Danvers with a smile.
Carol Danvers was a little scared at first, but seeing Fang Han’s relaxed appearance, she suppressed the fear in her heart. She was content to be with her lover at the last moment.
“I’ m fine, Han, are you alright?”Carol Danvers looked at the heavy shackles on Fang Han and could not help but worry for Fang Han.
“You don’ t have to worry about his situation. He’s very good, right, Fang Han.”Yong Rogge said.
“Oh, I’ m talking to my girlfriend, not you.”Fang Han expressed dissatisfaction with Yong Rogue’s interjection.
“I’ m just curious about how you can bear the weight of 200 tons. After all, your upper limit should be 40 tons.”Yong Rogge looked at Fang Han suspiciously.
Fang Han was stunned, then he rolled his eyes.” This is Planet Kerry, not Earth.”
Yong Logue was stunned as well, then he smiled.” Yes, this is Planet Kerry, not Earth.”
Although he said this, Fang Han and Yong Rogue had two meanings:
Fang Han said that Earth’s gravity and environment were different from that of Planet Kerry. The fact that he could not bear 200 tons on Earth did not mean that he could not bear 200 tons on Planet Kerry’s back.
But Yong Rogge meant that this was Kriss Star, the base of the Kriss Empire. Even if Fang Han wanted to cause trouble, he would be easily destroyed.
As they chatted, Fang Han and Carol Danvers were brought to the Divine Hall of Supreme Wisdom. Yong Rogge looked at the worried Carol Danvers and said,” There’s nothing to worry about. You will become the glorious warriors of the Cliff Empire in the future. Of course, you will continue to be lovers. Supreme Wisdom will not break you apart.”
“Oh, thank you.”Carol Danvers said sincerely.
Yong Rogge was very satisfied with Carol Danvers’ performance. He looked at the indifferent Fang Han and then at Carol Danvers. Yong Rogge could n’ t understand why Fang Han still didn’t accept his life at this moment?
Could it be that he could still flip?
One had to know that this was Kerry’s headquarters!
A virtual image of the Utmost Wisdom had appeared. As it condensed the entire wisdom of the Krish people, it could be said to be the head of the Krish Empire. In reality, the Utmost Wisdom indeed ruled the Krish Empire and ruled the Krish Empire for a long time. After all, as a life computer that contained the entire wisdom of Krish planet, the lifespan of the Utmost Wisdom was theoretically unlimited.
“Oh, Yong Rogue, you have brought two powerful warriors to Planet Kerry. I can feel their power. They will become a glorious member of Planet Kerry. They will even become the captain of a fleet in the future.”The Utmost Wisdom said.
“Let’s explain first. I’ m not interested in being the captain of the Kerri fleet.”Fang Han smiled and said.
“I can tell that you are not nervous. It seems that you are very confident that you can resist me.”Supreme Wisdom was very interested in Fang Han’s attitude.
“I’ m just surprised that there’s a moon on Planet Kerry.”*

Chapter 16 Full Moon Giant Ape Transformation![First, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

Fang Han’s words confused the Utmost Wisdom. It vaguely caught something unusual, but it did not understand.
Yong Rogue also felt something was wrong, but he didn’t find anything wrong. Could Fang Han be able to break free?
Fang Han shook his body and let his tail break free from his pants. It had been stifled for a long time.
Looking at the shining star in the sky, Fang Han turned to Yong Rogue and said,” Actually, I was already in despair at first, but I didn’ t expect that there would be a moon on Planet Kerry.”
Yong Rogge was stunned and asked,” What do you mean?”
“Ah, it’s nothing. What a coincidence. The moon on Planet Kerry is full moon.”As Fang Han spoke, his body began to tremble uncontrollably.
“Something’s wrong with him!”No matter how stupid Yong Rogue was, he still found that Fang Han’s condition was n’ t right.
Fang Han gritted his teeth, and beads of sweat appeared on his forehead. On the surface of Fang Han’s body, his blood vessels bulged, as if there was something raging inside.
His body was trembling, and his originally linear muscles became thicker and thicker. Fang Han’s height instantly increased from 1.8 meters to 3 meters, but then it shrunk back to 1.8 meters and then increased to 4 meters!
“No, his situation is not right. Stop him!”Yong Logue shouted and commanded the Krishna soldier behind him to step forward.
Fang Han couldn’ t even control his expression, but he still squeezed out a sentence from his teeth.” It’s too late.”
The metal ring that bound Fang Han was trembling. Then, the incomparably sturdy metal ring was crushed and then shattered. The energy ropes tied to Fang Han’s body were also broken by Fang Han, who was constantly growing.
The clothes were blown up by the bulging muscles, and the hair began to cover Fang Han’s body. As Fang Han’s body grew larger, a terrifying aura instantly spread across the entire temple.
A terrifying roar rang out from the Krishna’s temple. The thunder-like roar formed a substantial sound wave, transmitting the indomitable and anger contained in the roar to the Krishna.
The deafening roar instantly made the Krish soldiers in the temple lose their fighting strength. The Krish soldiers covered their ears in pain as they curled up on the ground and wailed. Even Yong Rogue was shocked to the point his face was pale and shaking.
It was already a miracle that Yong Rogge was still standing at such a close distance to endure Fang Han’s terrifying lion roar.
The Utmost Wisdom was now completely stunned.
Heavens, what kind of creature was this to appear in front of it?
A terrifying body that was over ten meters tall, the two huge nostrils on the malevolent head continuously spewed out rough air. His entire body was covered in tough fur, his eyes were red, and his arms and legs were as sturdy as a giant pillar…
“Giant Ape?!”The Utmost Wisdom was not sure what this terrifying creature was, but it looked like a giant ape.
Fang Han, who had transformed into a giant ape, felt as if he was extremely ruthless. He had the urge to destroy, but Fang Han’s reason could suppress this viciousness.
In this state, Fang Han felt his strength increase by at least ten times!
“How is this possible?!”Yong Rogue felt his head freeze. He was clearly just an Earthling man, how could he become such a ferocious monster?
“This is… Han?”Carol Danvers looked at the giant ape that looked like a small hill beside him with some uncertainty. The shadow cast by the giant ape enveloped half of the temple and completely covered it.
Fang Han, who was just an ordinary person, had become such a giant beast?
Carol Danvers felt a monstrous ferocity and ferocity from the giant beast in front of her. At this moment, there was an incomparably violent giant beast, its body full of destruction and destruction.
“Heh, to be honest, I’ m very strange myself. I didn’ t expect me to become like this.”The beast, or perhaps Fang Han, said something.
“You have been suppressing yourself until now!”Yong Rogue looked at the beast in front of him with a complicated expression. He thought he had won, but now it looked like he was the loser.
“No, no, no, at first I really thought I had no choice, but who would have thought.”Fang Han shrugged.
A small hill-like beast shrugged its shoulders. This strange movement caused the Krishnamurti soldiers who rushed in to open their mouths wide. What did they see?
A terrifying beast appeared in the divine hall of supreme wisdom?!
“Grab him!”The Utmost Wisdom roared.
Such a terrifying beast, once controlled, would become another powerful weapon on Planet Kerry.
“Heh, you don’ t think these little ants can defeat me, right?”As Fang Han spoke, he lifted his leg and stomped down heavily.
The leg that was like a pillar of Optimus Prime fell heavily. The temple shook violently, and even some broken parts fell down. At this moment, the extremely hard ground was centered on Fang Han, and deep cracks appeared, scattering in all directions like spider webs.
The impact of this trampling caused all the Krish soldiers who had just rushed into the temple to fall. The terrifying shockwave had injured their internal organs, and the violent shaking of the ground caused them to lose their balance and fall to the ground.
Yong Logue was stunned when he saw this scene. He did not dare to imagine how many disasters such a terrifying beast would bring to Planet Kerry. Moreover, he had brought this beast!
Carol Danvers’ brain was blank now. She could n’ t connect this terrifying and ferocious beast to that courteous Chinese youth. Why did this look so strange?
Yong Rogue suddenly realized that there was a huge shadow on his head. He raised his head and found that a house-like head was less than fifty centimeters away from him.
The hot breath from his huge nostrils even blew Yong Rogue on the verge of collapse.
Fang Han looked at Yong Rogue and said,” Hey, buddy, you should be glad that you saved Carol, so I’ ll let you go. Do you feel lucky?”
Yong Logue could only feel his head buzzing. His ears could no longer hear anything else. All of the buzzing sounds were filled. Yong Logue even felt his head faint, as if it was slightly concussed by this huge sound wave.
Yong Rogge’s reaction was not within Fang Han’s consideration. An incomparably thick giant hand appeared in front of Yong Rogge. Fang Han bounced Yong Rogge away like a fly.*

Chapter 17 Ao Lai Roar, Criss Star God Shrine![Second, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

Before Yong Rogge could react, he was sent flying by a terrifying force.
Fang Han smiled and waved,” Good luck, buddy.”
“Damn it, you killed him!”The supreme intelligence had rarely lost its composure.
Fang Han turned around and looked at the tiny Utmost Wisdom. He impatiently stepped on it.
The Utmost Wisdom could only see a huge shadow enveloping her. Then, an incomparably huge foot with endless pressure fell down.
With a loud bang, the temple trembled again.
“Oh, it looks like this place is about to collapse. Would everyone mind if I add more fire?”Fang Han smiled.
Fang Han, who was in the form of a giant ape, had a sinister smile on his face in the eyes of the Crowley Star Soldiers. It scared them to death.
And the thing that shocked the Krishnamurti soldiers was still behind.
Fang Han suddenly picked up Carol Danvers, who was still in a daze, with one hand carefully protecting him. His other hand landed on the ground like a hill, causing the temple to tremble again.
“I remember that every giant ape would use one shot.”Fang Han’s bloody mouth twitched as he made a loud sound like a bell.
As Fang Han spoke, he opened his mouth wide with fangs. The giant ape-like Fang Han’s mouth opened to an astonishing 120 degrees. Then, under the shocked gazes of the Kriss Star Soldiers, a light blue ball of light slowly formed in the behemoth’s mouth and grew larger and larger.
The light blue ball of light began to change into a dark color. It was light blue, dark blue, purple, and black. As the color deepened, the ball of light that had initially expanded to several meters began to gradually shrink, finally shrinking to the size of a human head.
But it was this human head-sized ball of light that emitted energy waves that made people in a radius of several kilometers tremble in fear. This small-looking ball of light contained an extremely terrifying power.
With a roar, the black ball of light, which was concentrated to the extreme, instantly transformed into an expanding beam of light that shot out from the ape’s mouth. The ball of light that was only the size of a human head, its energy shock wave had already expanded to a full five meters after leaving the ape’s mouth, and it was still expanding!
The Krishnamurti soldiers who had rushed over due to the tremors of the temple saw the scene: a beam of energy that was ten meters thick as the main cannon of the Star Trek Squadron shot out from the temple they worshipped, creating a huge hole in the towering wall of the temple.
Then, the divine hall collapsed in a violent tremor.
It collapsed.
“God, Divine Hall, Divine Hall collapsed?!”A Krishnamurti soldier was dumbfounded as he looked at the collapsed temple.
“The temple collapsed…”
“The temple collapsed!”
“How could this be possible?!”
“Our Temple!”
“Who did it?”Damn him!”
The Kerri Star soldiers were furious. Their spiritual pillar, their faith, the symbol of the Kerri Empire, and the supreme divine hall that the great supreme wisdom lived in collapsed.
A thunderous roar sounded, and then a huge ferocious figure emerged from the ruins of the temple. The giant beast stood on top of the ruins of the temple. The small mountain-like figure was like a dark cloud pressing down on the hearts of the Krishnamurti soldiers. This was the shadow in their hearts.
The giant, ferocious ape stared at the moon in the sky with its red eyes. Its mouth was wide open, and it let out a furious roar.
This devil-like figure was Fang Han, who had destroyed the temple.
Due to the thick skin of the giant ape, Fang Han used his fur to withstand the damage caused by the collapse of the Supreme God Shrine. Apart from Fang Han and Carol Danvers, who was protected by him, all the Krishnamurti soldiers in the temple were crushed under the collapsed temple.
It was already mangled. It was hard to leave a human figure.
Fang Han looked at the blue blood and the mangled flesh under his feet and revealed a sincere expression,” Oh, actually I don’ t want to do this. By the way, the mouth is really strong.”
“It was him who destroyed the temple!”Kill him!”A Krishnamurti officer pointed at Fang Han and roared.
“Kill!”The sky-shaking roars rang out as the Krishnamurti soldiers roared as they raised their weapons and charged towards the giant ape on the ruins of the temple. They wanted to kill him to avenge the collapsed supreme temple!
“Z, Z, Z…”
With the sound of an electric current, the figure of the Utmost Wisdom appeared on the ruins of the temple. The figure of the Utmost Wisdom was still flickering as he looked at the mountain-like giant ape, his eyes flickering with uncertainty.
“Bye. I’ m leaving.”As Fang Han spoke, his thick and powerful legs bent and gathered strength. Then, he jumped into the distance.
All the soldiers saw was a shadow flying over, followed by a gust of wind.
“Chase, chase!”Let the mechs and chariots move out, kill him!”Krishnamurti roared as he brandished the command knife in his hand. The laser blade drew hot marks in the air.
At first, Fang Han jumped far and ran a long distance, but then, the whistling sound and the rumbling sound of the engine were heard.
Fang Han turned his head to look. Behind him was a vast sea of chariots. Kerri Star’s army was completely mobilized and chariots rushed over one by one. Kerri Star’s fighter jets whistled through the air.
The energy cannon on the top of the war chariot spewed out energy beams from time to time. The Krishnamurti soldiers who were following around the war chariot also raised their guns in their hands and continuously fired lasers. In the air, the Krishnamurti mech even sent the densely packed lasers towards Fang Han…
All over the mountain was the roar of mountains and seas as they tried to kill Fang Han.
Facing this overwhelming attack, even Fang Han was a little small under the giant ape’s current state. There were too many people. If there were too many people, the number would have surpassed the quality.
“No, we must not be stopped. Otherwise, we will definitely be finished!”
Fang Han pondered as he began to charge forward regardless of his skin and flesh.
The Kerri Star mech whizzed over, blocking the enemy at a close distance. Facing these annoying flies, Fang Han brandished his huge palm to disperse these annoying little things. Occasionally, there would be a few unlucky Kerri Star mechs that were smacked down by Fang Han. They would turn and fall to the ground with black smoke and then explode.
Along with the rumbling of the engines, the Kerri Star chariots surrounded Fang Han from both wings. Looking at the rows of chariots in front of him, Fang Han opened his mouth with a grin.
[Came second. If the book he was reading was okay, then ask for fresh flowers and comments. During the new book, this data was very important. Now, thank you all!]*

Chapter 18 The House of Representatives of Cleary Star![Third, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

A huge energy beam pierced through the fields.
After the massive energy beam dissipated, Fang Han was already in a state of mourning.
There were traces of energy dissipating in the air. The surrounding air was scattered by the high-temperature and high-quality energy cannon. Under the scorching heat, the air began to distort faintly. Every moment, white gas dissipated.
“My legs!”
“Who saw my hand?”
“Where’s my leg?”Where’s the leg?”
As he screamed, the injured man wailed endlessly.
At this moment, Fang Han was already surrounded by the injured Krishnamurti soldiers. All of them were fast-running, fast-running, slow-running. The slow-running ones had already been beaten by the energy beam and were not even left.
As for the chariots on Planet Kerry and the mechs on Planet Kerry, it was because their targets were too large that none survived. The pilots on Planet Kerry were also flying in ashes.
In just a moment, most of the Kerri Star army in front of Fang Han had already turned into nothingness. The remaining half was either seriously injured or dying, causing both of them to tremble in fear.
The officer who was commanding the army to surround Fang Han was already stunned. His legs were trembling, and he could vaguely smell something.
Fang Han’s heart throbbed as he looked at the Cree Star soldiers who had lost their arms and broken legs.” An annoying fly, it’s quiet now!”
Speaking of which, Fang Han was also very strange. He was a timid college student before, and he had only crossed over for less than a day, but Fang Han was not at a disadvantage in the face of this bloody battlefield.
In fact, Fang Han was filled with a thick smell of blood in the air. On the battlefield, where there were broken limbs and wreckage, he felt an indescribable sense of speed.
Although the high-grade Syrians could stay awake under the giant ape state, the violent and fierce aura was only suppressed. Now, on this bloody battlefield, the suppressed vicious aura had a faint upward trend.
However, Fang Han wouldn’t think about this at all. What kind of joke was this? When was this time, there were Kerry people everywhere who wanted to kill themselves. What kind of joke was this?!
His thick and powerful legs curled up. Then, he released a powerful force and pushed Fang Han up high. This time, the number of fighters and chariots that blocked Fang Han was no longer as many as before. Fang Han laughed and left.
Because the cannon shot earlier had suppressed the countless Kerry people, the current Fang Han was able to easily leave this encirclement.
After confirming that no one was chasing after him for the time being, Fang Han carefully placed Carol Danvers on his shoulder, who had been protecting him. Now that there were no pursuers, he could let Carol Danvers breathe fresh air.
Just now, there were so many war chariots chasing after them, and there were laser cannons everywhere. Fang Han really did not dare to let Carol Danvers out, afraid that a single one of them would perish.
Carol Danvers was still a little dizzy. It was unknown whether it was because she had been pushed back and forth by Fang Han or because she was willing to have the thick smell of blood just now. Of course, it was also possible that it was because Fang Han’s image was too fierce, causing Carol Danvers to always feel like he was dreaming.
Carol Danvers sighed as he looked at the battlefield with broken limbs and broken smoke behind him.” God, it’s like a dream. It’s amazing.”
“How do you feel now, Carol?”As Fang Han ran, he asked. In order to prevent Carol Danvers from being shocked by his own voice, Fang Han even deliberately lowered his voice.
Even though Fang Han controlled the volume, Carol Danvers was still struck by Fang Han’s voice, causing his head to ache. Do n’ t forget that Carol Danvers was right on Fang Han’s shoulder. It could be said that he was too close to Fang Han’s mouth.
“I, I feel better now, but you, Han, how is your current state?”Carol Danvers looked worriedly at Fang Han’s sinister face.
“Oh, me?”I can’ t feel better now. I’ m very good.”Fang Han said very easily.
“But your current shape is really…” Carol Danvers did not know what to say.
“I know what you’re trying to say, honey, I do n’ t know what’s going on either. Just like that, it suddenly changed into this state, but is n’ t it cool?”I can take you away.”Fang Han didn’t plan to let Carol Danvers know that it was like this. This had to be done slowly.
When Carol Danvers heard this, he felt that there was nothing to say anymore. Yes, who would have thought that there were really aliens in this world? Who would have thought that there were other planets in the Milky Way that were nurturing life in addition to Earth, and even established a huge galaxy empire?
Who would have thought that he would be taken away by these aliens and have to brainwash himself?
Compared to this, Fang Han’s mutation was nothing. After all, there were all mutated humans. If Fang Han was like this, perhaps he could be considered a mutated human?
Carol Danvers started to evaporate his brain.
At this moment, the Kerri people were already boiling over because of Fang Han’s two brains. The entire planet Kerri was in chaos.
The higher-ups on Planet Kerry immediately started the meeting. At the same time, they asked the army to continue chasing Fang Han and not be afraid of casualties.
“Our current situation was very bad. The powerful Kerry Empire, the great Kerry Star, had actually been invaded by foreign enemies. However, there were only two of them. What did other countries think of us, the Kerry people?”That gorilla must die!”
“That’s right!He destroyed the divine hall of supreme wisdom and destroyed the creeds of our crees. If he was not divided into capital punishment, where would the crees’ dignity be and where would the crees’ glory be?!”
“But now we’ ve lost too many soldiers. Innocent people are everywhere. Don’ t forget that we’ re still fighting Scru!”
“Scrooge was no longer a concern. They were no match for the great Kerry Empire. The most important thing now was to destroy that gorilla!”He must use his life to repay the disaster he has brought to Planet Kerry!”
“Gentlemen, you need to calm down now. We need to deal with this problem in the most reasonable way.”
“The Kerry Empire has always treated enemies with war!”
“Alright, calm down. Gentlemen of the House of Representatives.”The Utmost Wisdom suddenly appeared in the House of Representatives.
Looking at the red-faced parliamentarians around him, the Utmost Wisdom said,” This Earth man has great potential. We need to capture him and transform him into a new soldier of the Kerry Empire. Therefore, he can not die, he must live.”
“But it’s hard to do that. Utmost Wisdom.”A representative said.
“Then let Luo Nan come.”*

Chapter 19 Accuser – Luo Nan![Fourth, please customize]

“We can’t let those soldiers die just like that. Their role should n’ t be reflected in this. We need them to fight, not to die. This matter should be left to Luo Nan.”The Utmost Wisdom said.
“Luo Nan is the Supreme Accuser and the commander of the Accuser Corps. As the most powerful warrior on Planet Kerry, it is best for him to handle it.”
“That’s right. Luo Nan’s fleet is right in the sky above Planet Kerry. We’ ll have Luo Nan deal with this matter.”
“Grabbing the gorilla and turning him into a new hero of Cleary Star, he will make Kerry Empire even more glorious!”
After the supreme wisdom set the tone, the members of the House of Representatives all agreed.
As a result, the most famous interstellar fleet of the Kerry Empire, the Accusator Luo Nan’s Death Star Fleet, was moving. An incomparably large warship slowly separated from the fleet and entered the atmosphere of Planet Kerry. In the command room of this warship, an incomparably tall man in armor and a war hammer in his cloak was staring coldly at the wreckage below.
“In the end, I have to deal with it.”
At this moment, Fang Han was running with Carol Danvers. According to Fang Han’s thoughts, he was going to find an interstellar warship or plane, and then take the opportunity to escape. As for who was going to open the warship, Fang Han said that was not a problem. With so many people on Planet Kerry, there would always be a few people who knew how to start battleships and were all cartoons.
“Eh?”My points have broken through ten thousand?”Fang Han glanced at it by chance and realized that his score had broken through to 10,000.
Previously, Fang Han had been busy escaping the encirclement, so he had no time to pay attention to this. But now, Fang Han could relax. That was why Fang Han was so leisurely looking at this.
“Because the host had killed a large number of Krishnamurti soldiers, it had created a huge shock in Krishnamurti’s heart, so it brought a huge reputation reward and killing reward.”
Hearing the System’s explanation, Fang Han nodded. Fang Han had already expected this.
The battle between Fang Han and Yong Rogue had shocked the men in the House of Representatives. Now, Fang Han had transformed into a giant ape. First, he had destroyed the divine hall of supreme intelligence, and then he had broken through the encirclement of Krishnamurti. A single blow had destroyed countless Krishnamurti troops. Such destructive power had brought countless reputations.
Although there were many points, Fang Han didn’t know what to choose. And in this situation, keeping some points was equivalent to a second life. Therefore, Fang Han did n’ t care about these points for the time being. Let’s go there first. We’ ll talk when we can use them.
Fang Han ran, but he suddenly felt that something was wrong. It was because there was almost no one around him. The Kerri Star army behind him had disappeared, and the sneaky army around him had also disappeared.
The encirclement was gone?!
Fang Han couldn’t believe it. He had destroyed the Supreme God Shrine. It was equivalent to running to an island country to blow up the Purifying God Restroom and flatten the Heavenly Emperor Palace.
Fang Han didn’t believe that those Cleansers would let him go. Especially those high-ranking members of Cleansing Star, they would be indifferent. It was impossible.
Fang Han, who was puzzled, suddenly felt a strong sense of threat from the front. There was someone in front, and it was very strong!
Fang Han stopped his footsteps and looked at the tiny figure in front of him with red eyes.
On the outside was a full-body cape with a hood. Under the cape was a vintage armor with a complicated pattern engraved on it. Two hands were wearing silver-white protective hands, and a silver war hammer was held in his hand.
Fang Han looked at the figure and narrowed his eyes.” Accuser Luo Nan?”
“You know me?”That’s good. If you’ re going to surrender now, you can suffer less.”The accuser, Luo Nan, said.
“Oh?Really?”I thought you said you wanted to kill me.”Fang Han said.
“Heh, those weak people have lost the face of the Kerry Empire. They will die if they die, but you, you are stronger than them. So, you have the value of being alive.”The accuser, Luo Nan, said.
He saw the video of Fang Han’s battle. Although the accuser, Luo Nan, was proud of Fang Han, he was still willing to say something more.
After all, this was on Planet Kerry. Fang Han could not escape. Moreover, the accuser, Luo Nan, never thought that he would lose to Fang Han. The Kriss Hammer in his hand, known as the “all-purpose weapon “, was a Deity-level individual weapon of the Kriss Empire. Moreover, he himself was the most powerful warrior on Planet Kerry!
“So, you still want to brainwash me?”Fang Han tilted his head to look at the accuser, Luo Nan.
The accuser, Luo Nan, laughed coldly and said,” Could it be that you think you can escape?”
“Why not?”As Fang Han spoke, he sent Carol Danvers to the ground from his shoulder. The Accuser, Luo Nan, was a powerful Kerri. Fang Han had to focus all his attention. Moreover, Carol Danvers would die if he didn’t stay focused on him. Therefore, it was the best option to put Carol Danvers down and let him dodge on his own.
“You think you two can escape?”The accuser, Luo Nan, looked at Fang Han putting Carol Danvers down and sneered endlessly.
“Just give it a try, I can’ t hold back anymore!”Fang Han grinned. In the face of the powerful Krishnamurti warrior, Luo Nan, the Syrians’ bloodline made Fang Han unable to hold back his eagerness to try.
The Syrians were fighting races, and fighting was everything. Facing a strong enemy, the flow of blood in Fang Han’s body accelerated, and adrenaline was raging!
“Roar!”Following an explosive roar, Fang Han’s thick and powerful legs instantly erupted with incomparably powerful power. It pushed Fang Han to swiftly charge towards the accuser, Luo Nan. That enormous hand was already clenched into a fist. At this moment, this enormous fist was tearing through the air and striking towards the accuser, Luo Nan!
Fang Han’s strength had increased to more than 400 tons. A punch was enough to open a mountain and crack a stone!
There was an explosion. After the explosion, Fang Han’s punch landed on the ground. The ground cracked in an instant. The thick cracks scattered in all directions like spider webs, and the ground was shaking!
“Strength is very strong, but speed is too slow!”The accuser, Luo Nan, had already appeared behind Fang Han at this moment. He raised the silver-white Kriss Star war hammer with both hands high up. Then, he fiercely struck Fang Han.
With a muffled sound, Fang Han was instantly sent flying.
This strike sent Fang Han flying for two kilometers and directly hit a mountain before stopping.
Fang Han, who was a little blinded by this hammer, shook his head and stood up. He looked at the accuser, Luo Nan, who was constantly approaching with the war hammer. Fang Han was a little dumbfounded. Was this guy so strong?*

Chapter 20 Shocked Accuser Luo Nan![First, please customize it]

Fang Han was not to be blamed for his surprise. The accuser in the movie, Luo Nan, was too f*cking weak.
Let’s look at Captain Surprise’s accuser, Luo Nan. He clearly brought along a powerful Death Star Fleet, but when he faced Captain Surprise, he freaked out and escaped!
He didn’t even want the title of the Supreme Accuser. He did n’ t want the title of the number one soldier on Planet Kerry. He just ran away.
Then, he looked at the accuser Luo Nan in the Milky Way Guards. He was killed by that strange fellow, Star Jue, who was dancing. He died like a trash.
How could such a weak accuser, Luo Nan, be so strong?
Could it be that I am so weak?
Fang Han was confused.
“System, can you help me analyze Luo Nan’s hammer?”Fang Han felt that there was a problem with the accuser, Luo Nan’s hammer.
“According to the knowledge in the host’s memory, the Cri War Hammer held by the Accuser, Luo Nan, was called” All-purpose weapon “.”It belongs to the Star System Empire, a single-soldier weapon of the Kerry Empire.”
“”All-purpose War Hammer “had a powerful function. It could control the energy of the universe. It could also decompose the matter in its line of sight, reorganize the matter, and deform the object according to the wishes of the accuser, Luo Nan.”It can emit shock waves, absorb energy, control gravity, create a force field, and create a” movement of time domain “.”
“And when the Accuser, Luo Nan, held the hammer, he was able to teleport through the’ Superspace’.”
After listening to the system’s introduction, Fang Han couldn’ t help but sigh,” F*ck!”
Speaking of which, the difference between the two sides was not big. However, Fang Han was empty-handed. Luo Nan was not only wearing armor, he was also holding a divine artifact. The difference in equipment was a little big.
Fang Han felt that life was unfair. The accuser, Luo Nan, was also surprised.
The accuser, Luo Nan, clearly knew how powerful this “all-purpose weapon” in his hand was. This was a single-soldier weapon of the Kerry Empire. How terrifying was its power?!
In the previous blow, the Accuser, Luo Nan, first used his hyperspace teleport, then controlled the gravitational force field to make Fang Han fall into a predicament. Then, he launched a terrifying attack with a powerful shockwave.
This series of operations could be said to have been carried out by the Accusator, Luo Nan, with great precision. One by one, one by one, one by one, one by one, one by one, one by one, one by one, one by one, one by one, one by one, one by one, one by one, one by one, one by one, one by one, one by one, one by one, one by one, one by one, one by one, one by one, one by one, one by one, one by one, one by one, one, one by one, one, one by one, one, one by one, one, one by one, one, one by one, one, one by one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one
But even so, Fang Han was simply sent flying. It seemed that he did not receive any damage. How could this be possible?
The tough fur on Fang Han’s body provided Fang Han with a powerful defense. The shockwaves and shockwaves from the Cree Hammer in the hands of Accuser Luo Nan earlier had been absorbed by the fur of his body. The rest of it had also been digested by his muscles. Fang Han’s real injuries didn’t look so frightening.
Fang Han, who was shaking his head, moved his neck and roared as he charged towards the accuser, Luo Nan. Fang Han wanted to retaliate against that blow just now!
As a result, under the satellite surveillance of Planet Kerry, the members and gentlemen of the Kerry Empire’s House of Representatives and the Utmost Wisdom were able to watch the battle of experts on Planet Kerry.
The Accuser Luo Nan’s cloak fluttered in the wind. His armor highlighted his powerful aura. He waved the Cree Battle Hammer. Every strike was incomparably exquisite. On the battlefield where the silver light danced in chaos, the Accuser Luo Nan displayed the elegance of his Cree Star’s number one warrior.
Fang Han, who was more than ten meters tall, was like a small hill. His blood-red face and sharp fangs made him look like a devil. His thick and short hair suddenly appeared, as if it were steel.
These two extremely powerful warriors were currently madly attacking each other.
The accuser, Luo Nan, waved the Kerry Hammer. From time to time, he used the gravitational field to restrict Fang Han’s movements. Then, he continuously used shock waves to attack. If Fang Han had any flaws, he immediately used his hyperspace teleport to Fang Han’s side and lifted the hammer.
This kind of attack wasn’t something that Han Lai could say. Although it could n’ t cause any serious injuries, it really hurt. Furthermore, Fang Han knew what his disadvantage was.
The reason why Fang Han was able to draw a draw with the accuser, Luo Nan, was because Fang Han was in the state of a giant ape. His combat strength had increased by ten times. Once the full moon disappeared, Fang Han would instantly become the same as before. At that time, Fang Han would be going to sit in the wax.
Moreover, although the Giant Ape’s body was as strong as an alloy, the Giant Ape’s size was too big. It was really too big. The size of a small hill. As long as the Accuser Luo Nan wasn’ t blind, he could easily hit Fang Han with a single finger. Fang Han was not as relaxed as he was when facing the mosquito-like Accuser Luo Nan.
Although the difference in size increased his strength, it also meant that he had become a target.
Fang Han didn’t want to be a target. He did n’ t want to be beaten all the time, and if it was past the full moon, Fang Han would be even more difficult to do. Now, Fang Han had to think of a way.
As he waved his fist and fought against the Accuser Luo Nan’s Cree Hammer, Fang Han’s mouth suddenly opened wide. A beam of energy was shot out of his mouth by Fang Han, piercing through the heavy air and hitting the Accuser Luo Nan who was caught off guard.
The accuser, Luo Nan, saw this energy beam and sensed the danger within it. He immediately dodged it, but this happened to fall into Fang Han’s calculations.
“I’ve caught you, Luo Nan!”Fang Han laughed out loud. His huge, house-like palm fell from the sky with a howling wind. It was as if Buddha had suppressed Sun Wukong, pressing the Accuser Luo Nan under his palm.
“Go die!”As Fang Han spoke, he clenched his other hand into a fist and fell from the sky like a giant rock. The ground was shaking again.
The ground cracked again. Fang Han raised his hands. The accuser, Luo Nan, had already been smashed into the ground by him.
“You, very good.”The voice of the accuser, Luo Nan, was still incomparably cold and emotionless. It was like a machine.
Fang Han helplessly sighed,” I knew I couldn’ t kill you.”
“If such an attack could kill me, then I wouldn’ t deserve to be called the number one soldier of the Kerry Empire.”The accuser, Luo Nan, said.
“Then continue. Either you die or I live!”As Fang Han spoke, the giant hands shot out two huge energy waves. Then, Fang Han jumped up and slammed down like a hammer.
Rumbling sounds continued. The ground was shaking, and the air was shaking. Numerous energy beams and energy waves continuously interweaved and then exploded. Large amounts of smoke and dust flew up. Amidst the heavy dust and fog, Fang Han and the accuser, Luo Nan, carried out a fist-to-flesh attack.
“Can’t. If this continues, I will be dragged to death by Luo Nan sooner or later. When the full moon disappears, wo n’ t I be finished?!”Fang Han thought about the current situation. The more he fought, the more he felt that his situation was not good.
“We have to use backup methods.”