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Chapter 21: Using the Creary Star Cannon![Second, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

Fang Han grinned as he looked at the accuser, Luo Nan, who was aggressively walking over with Kerry’s war hammer.
Do you really think I’m not prepared? If I did n’ t have anything in your territory, I would have surrendered obediently.
“System, count my current points and tell me what I can afford now.”Fang Han quickly said.
The current situation was getting worse and worse. The nearby accuser, Luo Nan, was constantly harassing Fang Han with all sorts of methods. In the distance, the Kerri Star army, which had already retreated far away, gradually gathered around. It seemed that the members of the Kerri Star House had become impatient.
“Host’s two Reputation Points were accumulated to eighteen thousand, and the points were converted to eighteen thousand. Host’s accumulated Reputation Points were accumulated to five thousand one hundred twenty-three, and the points were converted to five thousand one hundred twenty-three. The total points were twenty-three thousand one hundred twenty-three, and the points reached ten thousand points. He activated the beginner lottery system.”
“Host can use points to enter the lottery. The beginner lottery system will receive 10,000 points once. Ten consecutive lottery guarantees will reward one mysterious item.”
Hearing the System’s words, Fang Han almost stumbled and fell to the ground. This was a battle. The accuser, Luo Nan, accurately captured Fang Han’s lost consciousness and sent Fang Han flying with a hammer. Of course, it was still useless.
If a single hammer could kill Fang Han, the accuser, Luo Nan, wouldn’t be in a stalemate with Fang Han until now.
Fang Han stood up and shook his head. After all, this guy with a hammer couldn’t get rid of him right now. Fang Han did n’ t care if he was hit by a hammer or two. If you hit me ten times, it wouldn’t hurt me. If I hit you, I’ ll kill you. It wouldn’t be a bad choice for him.
“Draw, draw, now draw.”As Fang Han communicated with the System in his consciousness, he rushed towards the accuser, Luo Nan.
Just now, Fang Han had not noticed that he had been hammered, but now, Fang Han wanted to fight back!
How could there be a good thing in this world that people would not be beaten. If you hit me with a punch, not to mention I gave you a punch, it would be light to give you a brick.
Facing the accuser, Luo Nan, who once again hammered himself with a hammer, Fang Han returned the energy wave without hesitation.
Qi flowed through his body and then gathered in Fang Han’s palm. In the end, it turned into a terrifying energy art wave that was blasted out by Fang Han. Like a shooting star, it whistled towards the accuser, Luo Nan.
Of course, Fang Han didn’t expect to be able to defeat the accuser Luo Nan just by relying on this. This was just the first move. Behind the one-meter-thick energy art wave was Fang Han who exploded.
Even if the Accuser, Luo Nan, immediately knocked out the Qigong Wave, he was unable to deal with Fang Han.
These two steps were Fang Han’s safest and most unsolvable combo.
As Fang Han had expected, the Accuser Luo Nan was facing Fang Han who followed the Qigong Wave. The Accuser Luo Nan’s first choice was to deal with the Qigong Wave first and not with the Qigong Wave. Behind him, Fang Han followed closely behind with a set of continuous moves.
After the accuser, Luo Nan, used his Cree Hammer to launch a shock wave to crush the energy wave and absorb this energy, Fang Han had already forced himself to the front of the accuser, Luo Nan,
Facing Fang Han, who was more than ten meters tall and was as large as a small hill, the Accuser Luo Nan was simply too tiny. Facing such a tiny enemy, Fang Han naturally chose to use a direct method.
Two hands the size of a war chariot fell from the air. The whistling strong wind blew the accuser, Luo Nan, with a sore cheek. The strong wind pressure caused him to fall into a state that was almost impossible to move an inch.
In this state, the Accuser Luo Nan seemed to have to be beaten up. However, who was the Accuser Luo Nan? He was the number one soldier of the Kerry Empire, the captain of the Death Star Warship Squadron, and a ruthless person who had experienced hundreds of battles and possessed a single weapon of the Kriss Star Gods.
Facing the two large hands that could be said to have been pressed down from all directions, the Accuser Luo Nan immediately used the force field of the Cree Hammer to restrict Fang Han’s movements. Although the force field could only restrict Fang Han for less than a second, it was enough for the Accuser Luo Nan.
At that time, when the accuser, Luo Nan, was dodging, he suddenly realized that Fang Han had not followed him. That pair of red eyes actually carried a trace of craftiness that had succeeded.
“Not good!”The accuser, Luo Nan, immediately realized that something was wrong.
“I fell for it!”Fang Han smiled as he shot out two energy arts waves with both hands. These two powerful energy arts waves directly hit the accuser, Luo Nan, who was unable to dodge twice in midair, and sent it flying.
“Do you really think you’ re the only one who’ ll do anything.”Fang Han looked at the accuser, Luo Nan, who was sent flying. He grinned happily.
The battle that was like a mosquito beating had made Fang Han extremely unhappy. In the face of Luo Nan, a small and agile accuser, Fang Han could be said to have suffered a lot before. Now, this time, Fang Han felt much more comfortable.
In the Kerry Star House of Representatives, the members of the House of Representatives watched as the accused, Luo Nan, was blasted flying. All of them fell into silence.
“The current situation is very clear. We can not defeat this monster by relying on the Accuser, Luo Nan.”A representative said.
“That’s right. We still have to rely on our brave and fearless Krishnamurti warriors to defeat this monster.”Another representative echoed.
“That’s right. Just relying on the Accuser, Luo Nan, I don’ t know how long it will take to capture this monster. Let the army go.”
“But if the army goes up, it’s no different from increasing the number of casualties.”
“Not necessarily. We can use Kerry Cannon to let this monster know what serious mistakes he made.”The first speaker said.
“I personally agree to use the Kerry cannon.”
Just like that, the members of the Kerry Star House of Representatives reached an agreement. After giving the army commander an order to use the Kerry Cannon, they also specially informed the accuser, Luo Nan, of this news. They had the Kerry Star’s number one soldier hold Fang Han and provide time for the preparation of the Kerry Cannon.
After the accuser Luo Nan received the news from the House of Representatives, he didn’t fly into a rage. He was n’ t stupid. Not only was he not stupid, but the accuser Luo Nan could be said to be a rare smart person. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to take Fang Han down for a while. Since that was the case, another method?
In any case, the ultimate goal was to capture Fang Han and make him a tool on Planet Kerry. He would have to obtain Fang Han’s body to study if he did n’ t want to. Since that was the case, what method was it important to use?
Therefore, not only did the accuser Luo Nan not object to the decision of the House of Representatives, but he also agreed very much that he was lacking in praise for these decisive Members.*

Chapter 22 When Saiya was about to die![Third, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

Kerri Star’s troops gathered one after another. Although they were still a long distance away from Fang Han’s and Commander Luo Nan’s battlefield, there was already a huge encirclement around them.
A terrifying weapon like the Kriss cannon had already been commissioned by the Kriss Star soldiers and was slowly rising from the ground.
As a weapon of mass destruction on Planet Kerry, the Kriss cannon was usually placed on the starship of Planet Kerry’s interstellar fleet. On Planet Kerry, this kind of powerful weapon was usually hidden in an underground bunker. When necessary, it was lifted to the ground by a machine.
Before Kerry’s cannon reached the ground and completed its deployment, the accuser, Luo Nan, needed to stall Fang Han. He did n’ t let Fang Han realize this.
“Hey, are you not going to fight anymore?”Fang Han looked at the accuser standing in the distance who hadn’ t made a move. Luo Nan asked with a smile.
“Was it because I hurt you earlier and you don’ t want to fight now?”Fang Han mocked.
Fang Han actually hated this kind of conversation, but there was nothing he could do. In the face of the long-delayed Accuser, Luo Nan, Fang Han’s intuition realized the danger. The Accuser, Luo Nan, was n’ t powerless to fight against him. Then why had he been hiding in the distance for a long time, refusing to make a move? What was he waiting for, or was he planning to do something else?
No matter what, Fang Han realized that he was in danger.
“I heard that the most technologically advanced military force on your planet is Mi Country?”The accuser, Luo Nan, suddenly asked.
Fang Han nodded.” That’s right. In the two world wars, it was the final winner. It occupied more than half of the world’s industrial capacity and possessed the world’s highest technology.”
“You are a rice native?”The accuser, Luo Nan, asked again.
“To be precise, it’s Chinese American. My body has three quarters of my bloodlines.”Fang Han said.
“Alright, this doesn’t matter anymore. Can I ask if the Mi Country has a war ship?”The accuser, Luo Nan, asked again.
“Of course,” Fang Han said as he reached out his huge hand and rubbed his chin. Then, he continued,” Although the battleships are out of date, the US still has several battleships. They are Blue Star’s last battleships.”
“That’s a pity. By the way, how big is the caliber of the main cannon for the battleship of the US?”The accuser, Luo Nan, asked with some meaning.
“410 Mm, what’s wrong?”Fang Han asked doubtfully.
“Then, have you seen the main cannon with a caliber of 2600mm?”The accuser, Luo Nan, asked.
The accuser, Luo Nan, did not wait for Fang Han to reply and quickly said:
Fang Han narrowed his eyes and looked at the tall cannon that was rising from the ground in the distance. He revealed a complicated expression,” Oh, this is not fun.”
As the command was given, the blue Kriss cannon began to recharge. In one hundredth of a second, the energy gathered through all the energy pipes, and then shot out from a full fifty-meter-long cannon barrel.
A terrifying energy gushed out from the 2600mm caliber cannon. The azure energy beam crossed dozens of kilometers in less than a tenth of a second and directly arrived in front of Fang Han. Now, Fang Han could not run away even if he wanted to.
“In the face of this surprise, please enjoy it.”The cold voice of the accuser, Luo Nan, rang out.
“Oh, Ma Zefak…”
Before Fang Han could finish his sentence, the high temperature and high pressure blue energy beam had already pierced through Fang Han’s chest. The scorching energy beam instantly scorched Fang Han’s chest, and the internal organs were heavily injured by the destructive power.
The bones collapsed, and the flesh melted. The power of the azure energy beam emitted by Kerry’s cannon caused Fang Han to enter a state of imminent death.
That incomparably beautiful blue color brought not beauty but destruction.
The beam of light instantly pierced through Fang Han’s chest, leaving a two-meter wide circular hole on the distant mountain.
“Hit the target, complete the blow!”
Following the confirmation of the officers on Planet Kerry, the Giant Cannon also completed this attack.
When the light blue energy beam turned into specks of starlight and scattered in the air, Fang Han’s small mountain-like body could no longer hold on.
The huge body shook and fell heavily to the ground, shaking up countless dust.
“Confirm that the target has been heavily injured. Preliminary judgment, death!”The accuser, Luo Nan, looked at the enormous body on the ground and spoke his own judgment to the members behind him.
Carol Danvers, who had been watching the battle from the side, was completely stunned.
That tall and powerful body, that solid and reliable person, just like that, fell?!
Unknowingly, tears rolled down from the corner of Carol Danvers’ eyes. From the beginning, the intermittent tears fell down, to the tears that could n’ t be stopped. Carol Danvers didn’t even realize that she was crying. She stared blankly at the huge and ferocious body shrinking, her mouth buzzing, and she did n’ t know what to say.
“No, it won’t. It wo n’ t. Han won’t die. He wo n’ t die.”
“No, no, this is fake. It’s just a dream. I must be dreaming.”
Carol Danvers’ words had already started to become chaotic. As she spoke, she could not help but walk towards Fang Han, who had already turned back into human form.
The accuser, Luo Nan, coldly watched the enormous body gradually shrink to the size of a normal person.” Is this your original appearance?”A human from Earth who looks similar to the Keri.”
“Accuser – Luo Nan, step forward to check on the target and bring it to the secret base. The Kerry Empire needs to understand everything about the target.”
Hearing the order, the accuser, Luo Nan, walked forward without any hesitation. In his opinion, Fang Han was already dead. No one could survive after being hit by such a terrifying energy impact. One must know that this was not the same as the speed of light gallant explosion that Carol Danvers had experienced.
It was just an energy ripple that spilled out, and it was an energy shock wave that condensed countless particles. Countless energy particles gathered together and exploded, and there would be no energy spill in the middle. Its terrifying destructive power could easily destroy a warship.
“Han, Han, no, no, no!”Carol Danvers could no longer suppress his emotions and ran towards the thin figure lying on the ground in the distance.
The accuser, Luo Nan, coldly glanced at Carol Danvers. Then, he turned around and continued walking towards Fang Han. Carol Danvers? After Fang Han’s death, this Earth woman no longer had anything to protect her. She could only be the latest tool of the Kerry Empire.
Walking to Fang Han’s side, he looked at Fang Han who was lying on the ground without a sound. The accuser, Luo Nan, said regretfully,” Oh, what a pity. If you were still alive, I think I would be very happy.”

Chapter 23: Rebirth and Escape![Fourth, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

When the accuser, Luo Nan, heard this familiar voice, he could not help but look around vigilantly.
“Hi, I’ m under you.”The familiar voice said.
The accuser, Luo Nan, suddenly realized that something was wrong. He subconsciously lowered his head to look. He discovered that Fang Han was charging at him in the blink of an eye, and the corner of his mouth was still smiling.
However, this smile, which clearly looked harmless to humans and animals, made the accuser, Luo Nan, endlessly terrified. He could not understand why Fang Han was still alive after being hit by a huge Clay cannon. Moreover, he did not seem to be injured at all!
With an explosive roar, Fang Han’s hands suddenly shot out a wave of energy art. This light white energy art wave instantly caught the unexpected accuser, Luo Nan, flying out.
A carp rolled over from the ground and looked at the stunned Kriss Star soldiers. Fang Han smiled brightly,” Everyone, how are you!”
“Han, you’ re still alive!”Carol Danvers looked at the lively Fang Han in surprise and covered his mouth in excitement.
Meanwhile, the surrounding soldiers on Planet Kerry were scared to death. That was Kerry’s cannon. Was it really something they could deal with?
“Oh, of course, I don’ t die that easily.”As Fang Han spoke, he instantly arrived in front of Carol Danvers.
“Grab my hand.”Fang Han said.
Carol Danvers subconsciously grabbed Fang Han’s hand and asked in a daze,” What’s wrong?”
“Bye, everyone. We’ ll meet again next time!”As Fang Han spoke, his legs slightly bent, and then he soared into the sky and rushed towards the distance.
With a rapid explosion, Fang Han pulled Carol Danvers out of the air. A sonic boom cloud appeared behind Fang Han. Fang Han pulled Carol Danvers and flew into the distance at a speed that was hard to imagine. A layer of sound mist even appeared beside Fang Han and Carol Danvers.
The accuser, Luo Nan, looked coldly at Fang Han who was flying away. He was silent for a long time before he said,” The target has already fled. The individual has judged that his strength has not decreased or even improved to a certain extent. It is advisable to act safely.”
At this moment, Fang Han had already flown out with Carol Danvers. After finding a remote place on Planet Kerry that had no traces of activity, Fang Han stopped.
The supersonic flight just now consumed a lot of Fang Han because it was an accelerated version of Dance Air. Not only did it consume a large amount of energy, it would also cause a certain amount of burden to his body.
Actually, Fang Han didn’t care about this load, but Fang Han did n’ t care about it. It didn’t mean that Carol Danvers did n’ t care about it. Captain Marvel wasn’t born in a single day. It was Captain Marvel only appeared after six years of training on Planet Kerry. Now, Carol Danvers was just a young man with a strong body, but he did n’ t know how to use it.
With a loud explosion, Fang Han hugged Carol Danvers and heavily landed on the ground. Ignoring the cracked ground caused by the rapid impact, Fang Han first put down Carol Danvers, who was still a little dumbfounded, and then sat down on the ground, breathing heavily.
Fang Han was exhausted from this journey. The high-altitude supersonic flight had not been dressed yet. It was cold.
As for where did Fang Han’s clothes go? The giant ape transformed into a Saiya man, could clothes still exist?
Not to mention his jacket and pants, his underwear exploded. The current Fang Han was naked, but because there was no one around him, Fang Han didn’t care. He had a tail that could slightly block him.
Carol Danvers looked at the embarrassed Fang Han. He quickly took off his pilot jacket and gave it to Fang Han to cover him for now.
Fang Han didn’ t refuse. He tied the leather pilot’s jacket to his waist, then leaned against the stone and said with a smile,” Whew, honey, we’ re temporarily safe now.”
“It’s like this,” Carol Danvers could not help but ask after confirming that there were no Kerry around him,” Han, how did you do it?”
“What?”Fang Han feigned ignorance and asked.
“That’s right. You were clearly hit, but…” Carol Danvers didn’ t know what to say. Could it be that she was asking why Fang Han wasn’ t dead?
Carol Danvers could not ask such a question.
Fang Han knew what Carol Danvers was going to ask. He shrugged. Fang Han looked at Carol Danvers’ beautiful blue eyes and said seriously,” Hey, honey, there are some questions. It’s not that I don’ t want to tell you, but that I can’ t tell you right now. You know, in this environment, there are some things in this place. I can’ t tell you.”
“Dear, you must know that this world really has too many mysterious and unknown things.Even God was not omniscient.”I don’ t know what to say about my current situation. If you believe me, then when we’ re completely safe, I’ ll talk to you slowly, okay?”
Looking at the sincere Fang Han, Carol Danvers bit his lips with a complicated expression.” I’m not trying to force you to tell me everything. I’ m really worried about you, Han.On this day, I realized that all of my previous knowledge had been broken. I didn’ t even know if I was dreaming or doing anything.”
As he spoke, Carol Danvers covered his face and choked,” I’ m scared.”
“I understand. I understand. Relax, honey. We can definitely escape this place. I promise.”Fang Han consoled Carol Danvers.
Suddenly, a strange voice sounded.
“Gu… Gu…”
For a moment, both Fang Han and Carol Danvers froze. Fang Han looked at Carol Danvers with a strange expression. The naked eye could see that Carol Danvers blushed.
“Hey, I can explain. You know, we haven’t eaten anything for a day. Now, I’ m normal. After all, I’m just an ordinary person.”Carol Danvers hurriedly explained.
“Oh, oh, I know, I know.” Fang Han raised his hands and smiled. Then he looked at Carol Danvers seriously and said,” But Carol, you have to know that you are not an ordinary person. There is a terrifying power in your body, a power that is not weaker than mine, but you have not developed this power.”
“A terrifying power in my body?”Carol Danvers pondered for a moment.” Was it said by the Cliff guy named Yong Rogue?He told me that there was a powerful force in my body.”
“I can feel that there is a powerful force in your body. Of course, what we need to solve now is the problem of eating.”*

Chapter 24 The Supreme Meeting on Planet Kerry![First, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

“Hey, Carol, listen, I’ ll go look for food. You hide here. If you meet the Kerry, I think you know what to do.”Fang Han looked at Carol Danvers and said.
“Don’ t worry. If those detestable Crees show up, I’ ll kick their ass!”Carol Danvers said confidently.
“That’s it. I’ m going.”As Fang Han spoke, he soared into the sky and began to search for the surrounding villages.
While searching for traces of the village in the air, Fang Han thought about the battle just now.
“Ha, that guy with the hammer never expected me to revive.”Fang Han smiled.
Yes, Fang Han was actually dead, but Fang Han was only resurrected once again.
At that time, the situation was very grim, but Fang Han had already discovered that something was wrong. Therefore, Fang Han was planning to take the opportunity to escape. At that time, Fang Han was his only backhand. The Immortal Bean that he had just obtained from the System’s raffle took advantage of the fact that the accuser, Luo Nan, was not paying attention and stuffed it into his mouth.
Just as Fang Han reached out to cover his chin, the immortal bean was sucked into his mouth by Fang Han.
To a normal person, an immortal bean was only the size of a bean. To a giant beast that was ten meters tall like a small hill, it was even smaller. If it wasn’t looking at it with a magnifying glass, it would n’ t have been possible to see it. Moreover, there was dust and smoke blocking that distance. The accuser, Luo Nan, didn’t notice the immortal bean.
Fang Han’s life force was about to disappear after being pierced through his chest by Kerry’s cannon. However, the effect of Xian Dou was also reflected at this moment.
The Syrians’ bloodlines were more likely to activate the power hidden in their bloodlines at the edge of life and death. Fang Han, who was on the verge of death, had completed a huge improvement. Meanwhile, Xian Dou had repaired the wounds on Fang Han’s body and provided energy to the exhausted Fang Han.
Otherwise, Fang Han’s resurrection was also in a weak state. He simply did not have the strength to send the Accuser Luo Nan flying, let alone escape with Carol Danvers.
As a result, when the accuser, Luo Nan, arrived in front of Fang Han with full confidence, he was sent flying by Fang Han who was already prepared. He took the opportunity to take Carol Danvers away.
Thinking back to the battle just now, Fang Han couldn’t help but laugh. The current Fang Han, after a fierce battle and a near-death potential, had already reached more than ten times his original strength. In other words, even if he did n’ t use a giant ape, Fang Han’s current strength was no weaker than before.
“Death can really increase your strength, but it really hurts.”As Fang Han spoke, he rubbed his chest in pain. The feeling of dying was truly palpitating, especially when his chest was penetrated by a terrifying heat. The feeling of being cold in an instant, then burning hot and then losing that body’s senses was really bad.
Just as Fang Han was out looking for food, the Kerry Star House was already as lively as a market.
These people were usually high-ranking and powerful. They sat on their seats and did not even say a word in fear of exhausting their own parliamentarians. Now, all of them were like hawkers in the bazaar arguing endlessly.
“You guys saw the strength of that monster. If you didn’t concentrate on destroying it, what about the safety of Planet Kerry?What about the glory of the empire?”Have you considered this?”
“But how to destroy it?Kerry’s cannon could n’ t even kill him. Could it be that he had to use destructive weapons on Planet Kerry?”This is Krishnamurti, the root of the empire. Do you know what the consequences of using that terrifying weapon here are?”
“I can’ t let that monster run wild on Planet Kerry!”
“Speaking of which, this monster was summoned by Yong Rogue. Yong Rogue should be responsible for this!”
“There was also the accuser, Luo Nan. As the number one soldier of the Empire, he was holding the most high-tech god-class single-soldier weapon on Planet Kerry, the” All-powerful War Hammer “. He was also commanding the Empire’s largest fleet of dead stars. He could destroy a country, but he could not defeat a backward race on a backward C-53 planet. He wasn’ t worthy of being the captain of the dead starship fleet!”
“Luo Nan wasn’t worthy to be the captain of the Death Star Warship Squadron. Was he satisfied with Luo Nan’s position as the commander of the Corps that accused Luo Nan?Was it because Luo Nan handed over the All-purpose War Hammer that you were satisfied with?! When is it time to fight for power?The most important thing now was to deal with that monster. Otherwise, where would the dignity of the empire be and where would our face be?!”
“Was right!”If we don’ t get rid of that monster in the first place, we won’ t be able to sit here, gentlemen.”
The Utmost Wisdom looked at the members of the parliament who were constantly arguing. She turned to look at Yong Rogge, who had not completely recovered. She asked,” Some of them think that the fault this time is you. Then, Yong Rogge, do you have any excuse?”
“Supreme Wisdom, everything I did was for the sake of the Empire.”Yong Rogge said.
The Utmost Wisdom nodded and said,” That’s right. I just analyzed the C-53 Star Man named Fang Han. He’s very strong. The energy attack he used from his mouth, called Pride and Roaring, is no less powerful than the main cannon of a normal battleship on Planet Kerry.”The energy waves from his two hands also have the power of an ordinary missile.”
“And his strength had already reached an astonishing 400 tons. His peak had even reached 500 tons. This kind of strength, let alone ordinary citizens of the empire, even Luo Nan could not do it. At the very least, Luo Nan could not do it right now.”He’s not weaker than a fleet.”
After hearing the words of the Utmost Wisdom, Yong Rogge said,” Before, he didn’ t have such power. I thought he could become the best tool of the empire. Now, even if he caused such a great damage, killing thousands of Kriss warriors and destroying hundreds of war chariots and fighter jets, I still think he can’ t die.”
“This kind of person, only living could have the greatest effect on the empire.”If he’s alive, we’ ll be able to analyze his physical structure and create powerful warriors that belong to us on Planet Kerry. At that time, the empire will be even more powerful.”
“That’s right. He’s very strong. After he became a normal person, I can feel that his strength has increased again. It seems that he has experienced a life and death crisis. His potential has been stimulated. If such a creature can not be used by the Empire, it would be a pity.”The one who spoke was the accuser who had just arrived in the House of Representatives, Luo Nan.
The Utmost Wisdom looked at Luo Nan with satisfaction, then said,” That’s right, he is a born powerful warrior. Such a warrior must be used by the Empire.”As long as we can study his body clearly, we will be able to create countless such warriors. At that time, the empire will be invincible!”
“Now, at all costs, find him and catch him!”*

Chapter 25 Robbing the Kerry People’s Shop![Second, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

A pair of seemingly ordinary eyes swept across everyone’s faces.
“At all costs, understand?!”The voice of the Utmost Wisdom was full of doubt.
“Follow your will, great wisdom!”The members of the House of Representatives got up and said.
“Now, order the army to set off immediately and find the Earthman. Everything, for the glory of the empire!”The voice of the Utmost Wisdom was so loud that the members of the council began to shout loudly.
“For the glory of the empire!”
At the same time, as the center of the discussion in the Kerry House, Fang Han, the party involved, did not realize the current situation at all. He was looking around to find out where the Kerry people were, so he could ask them for something to eat.
As for whether they gave it or not, it was not up to them to decide.
“Oh, look at what I’ve found. A small town of the Crees. Perfect. That’s it.”Fang Han smiled as he looked at the building below, then slowly descended from the sky.
Fang Han, who was surrounded by a leather flight suit at his waist, ignored the shocked gazes of the Kerry people around him and walked into the shop in this small town.
It was amazing that there was a shop like this on Kerry’s side, and it looked pretty good.
But when Fang Han entered, his expression could not help but turn strange.
“No one has ever told me that the Kerry people only take the nutrient solution and do not eat. Oh, this news is not good.”Fang Han looked at the box of nutrition liquid that was placed in the metal cabin with a sense of technology. His expression was very complicated.
Because Fang Han was also hungry…
There was nothing that could be done. Logically speaking, an immortal bean could be used up to a normal person’s energy for a month, but it couldn’ t be used up.
Fang Han was on the verge of death, and then he exploded out. Just repairing Fang Han’s severely damaged body had consumed shocking energy. The remaining energy had pushed Fang Han to complete the potential stimulation. It could be said that there was nothing left. The current situation of Fang Han was no better than Carol Danvers.
The only thing that was stronger than Carol Danvers was that Fang Han was more likely to starve.
“Hey, who are you?!”The owner of the Kerry shop, a male Kerry walked over with his weapon and looked at Fang Han with great vigilance.
There was no other way. People like Fang Han who were about to leave the house naked were rarely seen. There were no people who did not hide themselves. Beggars all had clothes to wear, and they could go and dig mines.
“Buddy, if I were you, I would advise you to put down the toy in your hand. That thing can not pose any threat to me.”Fang Han didn’t even look at the Krish owner as he chose the nutrient solution.
“Heh!”Stop your actions and follow me. You need to prove your identity with the sheriff!”The Krish owner raised his weapon and warned Fang Han.
Fang Han helplessly sighed,” Sigh, why are there people who send them over to fight?”
“What?”Kerry’s boss was stunned, and then he rolled his eyes and fainted.
Fang Han shook his hand and glanced at the unconscious Krishman who was lying on the ground.” I won’ t kill you for the sake of the food you provided me. However, you should need to rest. Just sleep longer.”
As he spoke, Fang Han turned to look at the female Kerry employee who was already standing by the side.” Do you want to be the same as this gentleman?”Lady?”
The clerk shook his head when he heard that.” No, no, no.”
“Yeah, then just stand there obediently and don’ t move.”Fang Han was very satisfied with the reaction of the Kerry female shop assistant. It wouldn’t be good for her to stay obediently, so she had to come over and call.
Fang Han looked at Carol Danvers’ pilot’s leather jacket around his waist, then at the unconscious Kerry boss on the ground. He had already noticed it.
“Hey, madam, could you please close your eyes?”Fang Han looked at the Krish woman with a smile.
The Kerry girl was stunned, then her face turned pale.” Oh, no, what are you doing to me?”
Fang Han looked at the woman’s purple skin and took a deep breath.” I said, close your eyes. Immediately, immediately!”
“Oh!”Alright, I won’ t resist. Please don’ t kill me!”The Kerry lady immediately obediently closed her eyes and turned around to pout her butt.
Fang Han looked at the Krish woman with a strange expression and muttered,” Oh, that’s really self-conscious.”
The “clang” sound rang out continuously. The Kerry salesgirl tightly shut her eyes and held the container with her hands tightly shut. What was that man doing?Take off your clothes?But he only had one piece of clothing on him?
Could it be that he was taking off my clothes, but why didn’t I feel it?
“Alright, madam. Thank you for your cooperation. You can turn around and open your eyes.”Fang Han’s voice rang out.
The Krish woman stood up suspiciously and obediently turned around with her hands raised. Then, she saw in shock that her boss had been stripped off by the man in front of her, looking like a fat white pig waiting to be slaughtered.
Fang Han raised his arms and legs and nodded in satisfaction.” Yes, this dress is not bad. It’s very suitable.”
As he spoke, Fang Han raised his head to look at the Kerry salesgirl with a wonderful expression. He revealed a gentlemanly smile.” Now, could you please help me pack these nutrients?”Give me a convenient suitcase. I’ ll take all these.”
The Krish woman realized that she was overthinking things. When she heard Fang Han’s words, she was stunned for a while before coming back to her senses. She looked at Fang Han’s impatient expression and hurriedly said,” Oh, oh, okay, okay, right now!”
Fang Han hugged his arms and leaned against the wall as he watched the Krish female shop assistant put the nutrient solution in the metal bin into a suitcase. Then, she struggled to lift the suitcase in front of Fang Han.
Fang Han took the suitcase in satisfaction and tried the weight. Then he smiled and said,” That’s right. That’s good. Thank you for your cooperation.”
“Oh, nothing. Excuse me, are we safe now?”The Kerry woman asked carefully.
“Of course, you are safe now.”Fang Han smiled and nodded.
“Whew…” After hearing Fang Han’s clear reply, the Kerry woman let out a long sigh of relief.
“However, give the lady a small suggestion. After I leave, I hope that the lady will find a dress for your boss as soon as possible. His appearance is very likely to cause a misunderstanding.”Fang Han pointed at the criss-crossed owner and said.
The Kerry salesgirl took a look at the boss like a dead pig. A sense of disgust flashed through her eyes. She then said,” Understood. I understand what you mean.”
“Very good. Bye,” Fang Han said. He instantly disappeared from the shop. Before the salesgirl could react, Fang Han appeared in front of the salesgirl again. Looking at the shocked salesgirl, Fang Han smiled and said,” I forgot a little. Don’t call the police.”*

Chapter 26: Becoming Strong, Carroll’s Change [third, asking for flowers, asking for evaluation]

With a suitcase filled with nutrient solution in one hand and Carol Danvers’ pilot jacket in the other hand, Fang Han soared into the sky as if no one else was watching. He flew into the distance.
As for this small town, it was just a passer-by in Fang Han’s life. It was an unremarkable passer-by.
If what Fang Han had predicted was true, he would never be here again.
With a burst of sound, Fang Han fell from the sky like a shooting star. In front of Carol Danvers, he completed a handsome, fast-shifting in the air.
“Hey, honey, what did I bring back?”Fang Han raised the suitcase in his hand.
“Food?”This is good news!”Carol Danvers said happily.
“Of course, I said I would bring the food back.”Fang Han smiled and said.
“But, Han, where did you get your clothes?”Carol Danvers looked strangely at Fang Han’s clothes.
Fang Han put down his suitcase and turned around in front of Carol Danvers.” What’s wrong?”Isn’ t it easy to see?”
“Of course not. It’s just that I feel like this dress is a bit big.”Carol Danvers pondered over his words and said.
Fang Han nodded and said,” It’s indeed a little big, but it’s good that I borrowed the clothes from a Mr. Kerry.”
“Oh, I seem to be able to imagine what happened at that time.”Carol Danvers had an unconcealable smile in his eyes.
“Mr. Kerry was very cooperative. He was very cooperative throughout the entire process, except for not moving.”Fang Han shrugged.
Then Carol Danvers and Fang Han looked at each other and smiled. In this dangerous situation, the two still maintained a good attitude.
On the grass, Fang Han and Carol Danvers sat on the ground. There were boxes in front of them, as if they were camping.
“The Keri food here?”Carol Danvers looked at the boxes with a strange expression. There were needle-like cylinders inside. These cylinders were filled with dark green liquid. They looked extremely viscous.
“Well, I really want to say no, but in reality, this is the food for the Kerry people. It seems that the Kerry people eat this.”Fang Han didn’t look good looking at these dark green viscous liquids.
“Oh, my God, I’ m a little hard to accept.”Carol Danvers held his forehead with one hand and a cylinder with the other hand. His expression was very conflicted.
“There’s nothing I can do. This is the only thing I can do.”Fang Han said helplessly.
“That’s all.”Carol Danvers looked at Fang Han, took a deep breath, and poured the dark green liquid into his mouth.
Fang Han looked at Carol Danvers’ expression and asked cautiously,” How’s the taste?”
Carol Danvers looked at Fang Han and nodded.” It’s not bad. It’s a bit like a watermelon.”
When Fang Han heard that, he opened his mouth and took a sip.” This one of mine is grape-flavored.”
“Oh, that’s not bad.”Carol Danvers said.
“Yes, that’s true.”Fang Han agreed.
Carol Danvers drank a whole box of nutrient solution before he let out a satisfied burp and rubbed his belly. Carol Danvers said,” Now I finally feel full.”
“Oh, there’s something wrong with your appetite. You must know that this tube of nutrition liquid is a daily amount. You just drank a box, and it’s half a month’s amount. This is very wrong.”Fang Han frowned as he looked at the nutrient pipes scattered on the ground.
“It’s okay, Han?” Carol Danvers said with ease.”Just now, it was my body’s instinct to crave energy, as if I had awakened something.”
Fang Han was stunned. Then, he asked in surprise,” Carol, can you feel the power in your body?”
Carol Danvers stood up and said coolly,” I can always feel it!”
“But…” Just as Fang Han was about to say something, he suddenly paused and said with a smile,” No wonder, I understand. Previously, it was just that your body was too weak and did not have enough energy to support it.”
“That’s right.”Carol Danvers nodded.
“Then what ability do you have now?”Fang Han asked in anticipation.
“I feel like a superman right now!”Carol Danvers said confidently.
“Oh, this is really not bad. Can you explain it in detail or demonstrate it?”Fang Han wanted to confirm what kind of ability Carol Danvers had.
Carol Danvers moved his body and then clenched his fist. Bai Nenjiao’s small fist instantly pierced through a huge rock beside the two of them.
Then, Carol Danvers raised the huge stone with one hand and threw it into the distance with ease. Then, Carol Danvers’ hands shot out a beam of particles with an electric current and smashed the boulder.
Then, Carol Danvers started to run around Fang Han and flew in the air……
After Carol Danvers finished a series of actions, Fang Han clapped and said,” Oh, you’ re right. Carol, you’ re like a superwoman right now.”
“Extraordinary constitution, strength, speed, endurance, and agility are far superior to ordinary people. Moreover, they have a strong sense of straightness, airspace flight, energy control… Carol, you’ re really strong right now, but I feel that Loch Nis still can’ t fully grasp these powers. They don’ t really follow your orders right now.”
Carol Danvers nodded and said,” Although I really don’ t want to admit it, it’s true. I can’ t fully grasp my abilities right now. Although they’ re in my body, they don’ t completely follow my instructions.”
“Listen to me, Carol, you have to know that the birth of any kind of ability to the use of proficiency, all need to practice, need time.”It’s just a step-by-step process. It’s impossible to say that you’ ve just possessed this kind of ability. You’ ll be able to use it skillfully right away. You need time, Carol.”Fang Han said.
“But what we lack most right now is time!”Han, I need to master my ability. I want to help you. I don’ t want to be treated as an audience by myself. I can only watch you fight to the death. I can’ t do it, Han.”Carol Danvers was a little excited.
Fang Han quickly stepped forward to stop Carol Danvers and said softly,” I understand, I understand, so I will think of a way, dear.”
“Is there really a way?”Carol Danvers asked in a muffled voice.
“Maybe.”Fang Han said.
“Really?”Carol Danvers looked at Fang Han in surprise.
“That’s right. Carol, I don’ t know. Have you heard of the Transmutation Qi Technique?”Fang Han smiled at Carol Danvers.*

Chapter 27 The most dangerous place is the safest place![Fourth, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

“Yes, that’s right.”
“Feel the power in your body, then learn about them through your will, and then become familiar with them. Only then can you use them properly.”
As Fang Han spoke, he raised his hand and shot out a Qigong wave. He looked at Carol Danvers and said,” Come, try again.”
Carol Danvers nodded and took a deep breath. He pushed his hands forward and two beams of particle light shot out from Carol Danvers’ palm, instantly hitting the distance.
“It’s perfect, much better than what you just released.”Fang Han nodded in satisfaction.
“Oh, this is good news.”Carol Danvers smiled.
It was unknown if Carol Danvers was a talented genius, or if the energy burst of the light engine had activated her body’s potential and developed her brain.
It was hard to remember what Carol Danvers used to be. But now, Carol Danvers was definitely a genius, a true genius.
Fang Han only demonstrated it a few times, and Carol Danvers quickly understood and learned it.
Looking at Carol Danvers, who had such great potential, Fang Han could not help but imagine that once Carol Danvers reached the binary star form, his strength would probably not be weaker than that of the Super Saya. He should be able to reach Super Saya 1. Of course, it could also be Super Saya 2.
Because the current Carol Danvers was no weaker than Han.
Carol Danvers, one of the film’s team leaders, should have been stronger than that guy from Bejita when he invaded Earth.
Fang Han couldn’t calculate the specific combat strength without an auxiliary machine, but he could still tell that Carol Danvers was very strong.
Now that he had replenished his energy, Carol Danvers had the power, not even weaker than Fang Han, so according to Fang Han’s plan, he should be able to move.
“Hey, Carol, listen, those Kerry people, they definitely won’t let us go. They might have already started searching for our tracks. We need to find a place to hide and then think of a way to leave Planet Kerry. Just by flying, the two of us will die in the universe.”Fang Han said.
Carol Danvers nodded and said,” That’s right. The best way for us to leave Planet Kerry is to use the Kerri spaceship to leave. The Kerri spaceship can travel from Planet Kerry to Earth in one day. Obviously, it has a very powerful technology. If we have the Kerri spaceship, then we can return to Earth.”
Carol Danvers still didn’t know. Actually, the distance between Planet Kerry and Earth was n’ t close. The Kerri people’s spaceship had been flying for two days, but it did n’ t affect anything. Fang Han actually didn’t realize this. But when he saw the movie, he remembered that from Planet Skuru to Earth, they seemed to have spent twenty-two hours or how long?
Plus, the time from Planet Kerry to Planet Skuru seemed to be a little more than a day?
Not long after, this time was acceptable.
Fang Han agreed with Carol Danvers’ idea of using the Crees’ spaceship to return to Earth, because Fang Han had the same idea in the beginning.
“”‘S a good idea, but we don’ t know anything right now, so we need to learn. Carol, we need a lot of knowledge. If we don’ t have this knowledge, we can only rely on the Kerry people to drive the spaceship.”Fang Han said.
“That’s right. So cold, do you have any good ideas?”Carol Danvers asked.
“First, we have to hide. There must be darkness under the light. If we hide under the darkness, no one should notice us, right?”Fang Han smiled and said.
“Using your common saying, the most dangerous place is the safest place?”Carol Danvers asked.
“Bingo, that’s it.”Fang Han smiled.
Therefore, Fang Han and Carol Danvers started to move.
It was less than half an hour before Fang Han and Carol Danvers left, and the Kerry army arrived here.
“One, two, three… twenty!Twenty!”The two of them have rested for enough time and recovered their strength!”
“It’s even harder for us to catch them now.”The accuser, Luo Nan, walked forward and said.
“That’s right, but we can’ t give up just because of this. This is Krishnamurti, our territory!”As Yong Rogue spoke, he crushed the glass tube on the ground.
At this moment, Fang Han and Carol had silently infiltrated a safe place.
“Hey, Han, do you think they will discover us?”Carol Danvers whispered.
“That’s impossible. They didn’ t even notice us. The satellite couldn’ t find us. How could they know where we are.”As Fang Han spoke, he smiled as he looked at the frightened Sister Kerri.
At present, Fang Han and the Carroll Danvers were in the Cree’s library, and it was one of the Cree’s largest libraries.
Right now, the library had been sealed off. The person in charge of the library was the shivering Kristen in front of Fang Han.
“Hey, ma’ am, I’ ll ask you a few questions. If you obediently answer, you won’ t die. How about that?”Fang Han asked smilingly.
The girl nodded like a chick pecking at rice.
“Very good. First of all, let me ask you, do you have any knowledge about spaceship control?”Fang Han asked.
The girl was stunned and nodded.
“That’s great. Then, can we say that all of the knowledge on Planet All-Kri exists here?”Fang Han asked again.
This Sister Krishnamurti nodded and shook her head.
Fang Han strangely took out his clothes from her mouth and asked,” Speak clearly.”
“This place can be said to have all the knowledge of Planet Kerry, because this place is one of the five largest libraries on Planet Kerry. However, the knowledge here is not the most comprehensive. Only the utmost wisdom has all the knowledge.”Kristen couldn’t wait to catch her breath.
“Very good, stay here obediently. Don’ t shout.”As Fang Han spoke, he stuffed his clothes back into her mouth.
“Now, we can search for the knowledge we need.”Fang Han said.
“No, it doesn’ t have to be that troublesome. Han, I’ m enough alone.”Carol Danvers smiled mysteriously.
“Oh?”Fang Han doubted Carol Danvers’ words.
Carol Danvers walked to the smart computer in the center of the library and placed his hand on it. Then, an electric current began to surge. Particle energy flickered in Carol Danvers’ body, and invisible streams of knowledge were absorbed by Carol Danvers.
Fang Han was stunned by this scene.” Oh, God, peh, no, Immeasurable Exalted, is that possible?!”*

Chapter 28 Preparation before Operation![First, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

It had to be said that Carol Danvers was worthy of being one of the strongest heroes in the Marvel world.
This future captain of surprise really had too many BUG-like abilities. She was actually able to directly extract knowledge from the intelligent computer through current and particle energy and integrate into her consciousness.
Fang Han was amazed by this ability. It was simply amazing. Was this the effect of the main character’s aura?Was it open?!
Soon, in the frightened eyes of the librarian girl and Fang Han’s shocked eyes, Carol Danvers took out all the knowledge in the intelligent computer and input it to Fang Han.
In the blink of an eye, an astonishing amount of data flowed into Fang Han’s brain. If Fang Han were n’ t the same as a normal person, he would have become an idiot as soon as possible.
Fortunately, Fang Han wasn’t an ordinary person right now. These data streams that could turn ordinary people into idiots, Fang Han only took a moment to sort them out and store them in his brain.
Superman’s brain was different from ordinary people.
Their brains were divided into countless areas, each of which contained knowledge of different categories. In battle, they had fused into their bodies, becoming the body’s instinct. Without even needing to think about it, the reflexes of their bodies would make the most reasonable counterattack plan at the first moment.
Fang Han and Carol Danvers were shocked when they learned about the Kerry people. The knowledge of the Kerry people was simply too shocking and terrifying.
No wonder they could become a galactic empire. Just by looking at the knowledge they possessed, they could tell how advanced their technology was. They possessed knowledge and technology that countless Earthlings had not yet learned.
Fang Han could imagine that if Earth knew about this knowledge, then Earth would raise its technological civilization to a new level in a very short period of time.
As long as they could digest this knowledge, humans would replace the Kerry people and become one of the new Milky Way Empire.
“Oh, Kerry’s knowledge is too terrifying.”Carol Danvers was shocked. Only now did she realize how big the gap between Earth and Planet Kerry was. Such a gap made Carol Danvers feel deeply powerless.
This was just one of the empires in the Milky Way, and there were three empires in the Milky Way. The Kerri were not the strongest.
The future of mankind was simply too dangerous.
“Honey, there’s nothing to be surprised about. Give the human time, we can reach such a level. We now have this knowledge. As long as we bring this knowledge back to Earth, the human will have a preliminary ability to protect themselves in the Milky Way.”Fang Han said.
“That’s right. As long as we can return to Earth, there is still hope!”Carol Danvers was also excited.
Fang Han stretched his back and looked at the knowledge in his mind like a horse. He said,” The Kerry people’s technology is not bad. They are worthy of being one of the three great empires in the Milky Way Galaxy. As expected, they have their own trump cards. According to their technology, even a single creature with a combat strength of 10,000 could be created.”
“Single combat strength is ten thousand?”What unit of measurement is this?”Carol Danvers asked curiously.
“Oh, honey, let’s just say that. My current strength should be more than three thousand, less than four thousand, and you should be at that level.”Fang Han changed into a more easily understood concept.
“Our strength is three times or more than four times?”Carol Danvers thought.
Actually, the difference in combat power was not as simple as Carol Danvers understood. One had to know that the difference between combat power of five and combat power of ten was the difference between heaven and earth. And the difference between combat power of five thousand and combat power of ten thousand was definitely not as simple as double.
A person with a combat strength of 10,000 could easily crush a group of people with a combat strength of 5,000.
However, Fang Han didn’t have much confidence in the Kerry people creating such an existence. Although the Kerry people’s technology was very strong, it didn’t mean that they could create a single person with extremely strong strength. The accuser, Luo Nan, was already at the high level of the Kerry people, unless there were other technologies in the Utmost Wisdom.
And now, Fang Han did not know that the accuser, Luo Nan, had already returned to the Utmost Wisdom side, preparing for a new transformation.
“Accuser, Luo Nan, you are not strong enough. You need to become stronger. You need to be stronger, faster, and more extraordinary. Your weapons also need to become more powerful.”Accuser Luo Nan, you will undergo the latest transformation. You will become the legend of the Kerry Empire.”The Utmost Wisdom looked at the accuser, Luo Nan, floating in the nutrition tank. A strange light flashed in her eyes.
Behind the Utmost Wisdom, hundreds of scientists on Planet Kerry were nervously preparing all sorts of tools and things that might be used. They were the person who was going to undergo a modification operation for Accuser Luo Nan. In another laboratory, the weapons of Accuser Luo Nan and the All-purpose War Hammer were being modified by another group of scientists.
Two groups of scientists, two groups of top scientists on Planet Kerry, under the orders of the utmost wisdom, began to carry out the largest, most precise and complicated scientific operation in their lives.
The strongest warrior on Planet Kerry would be born in their hands.
At this moment, Fang Han and Carol Danvers had already changed into the Kerry battle suit.
One had to know that, as one of the five largest libraries on Planet Kerry, there were thousands of Kerry soldiers standing there. No matter inside or outside, there were people patrolling.
However, Fang Han and Carol Danvers had already taken care of all the people patrolling inside, leaving behind only the Krish warriors outside who didn’t know what had happened. With them outside, they could be used to confuse.
In order to get into the Crees and grab the spaceship, Fang Han and Carol Dinfest planned for it. Then, they changed into the Crees’ battle suit and wore the Crees’ battle helmet. They disguised themselves as Crees’ soldiers.
“Right now, those Kerry people would never have thought that we had already joined their team.”Fang Han looked at the tall figure in battle suit and helmet with weapons in the mirror and said with satisfaction.
“It’s like this, but I always feel that the clothes are very uncomfortable.”Carol Danvers said.
“This is the first time I wear it, I will get used to it. Moreover, this clothes can be changed according to my hobbies. Isn’ t this very cool?”As Fang Han spoke, he turned the battle suit into the battle suit of Bejita when she first entered Earth.
“Oh, this outfit is really cool.”Carol Danvers sighed.
“You can try.”Fang Han encouraged.
“Yes, let me think. How about this?”Carol Danvers also changed his battle suit according to his own thoughts. He looked exactly like Captain Amazing.
Fang Han didn’t know if it was because of the strong nature of history or what, but this outfit was not bad, right?
“Now, let’s make our final preparations. It’s time to go home.”*

Dragon Claw Technique, Thunder Cut, Four Body Fist![Second, ask for flowers, ask for ratings]

Standing before the battle, it was necessary to be prepared.
Because you can’t guarantee what you will encounter during the battle, you must have a backup.
Just like the battle between Fang Han and the accuser, Luo Nan, God knows that those damn Kerri people actually took out a weapon like the Kerri Giant Cannon that targeted an interstellar warship. If it weren’t for the fact that there was an immortal bean supporting it, Fang Han would have already been placed on research stage.
Even Carol Danvers was probably sent to brainwashing.
Right now, Fang Han didn’t lack points. Although he had won an award, he still had more than 10,000 points in his hand. Moreover, with Fang Han’s previous battle with the accuser, Luo Nan, fermenting, Fang Han’s reputation continued to grow. This meant that Fang Han would continue to earn points from the Kerry people.
This kind of action was like cutting leeks. Fang Han was extremely happy.
This also allowed Fang Han to accumulate more than 30,000 points in his hands. Such a sum of points was already a huge sum for the current Fang Han, so Fang Han prepared to draw a lottery.
“System, I want to draw.”
“Follow your will, host.”
The system started to draw the lottery, and Fang Han took advantage of this time to gather all the dead Krishnamurti soldiers in the library together with Carol Danvers. After that, Fang Han curled up the shivering library manager girl who was trying to avoid Fang Han’s attention and pulled her out of the corner.
“Hey, dear manager, where do you want to go?”Fang Han smiled at the manager.
The manager’s sister was already trembling. Her legs were so soft that she could n’ t hold on anymore. If it weren’t for Fang Han’s help, she would have already been lying on the ground.
“No, I don’ t want to run. No, you have to trust me.”The manager quickly cried.
However, Fang Han didn’t show any sympathy for such a beautiful girl. Now that they were enemies with Krishnamurti, did they think that the Kerri would let her off just because she looked good?
Now that he let her go, Fang Hanyong could even think that this guy would definitely bring the Kerry army over in a short period of time. Fang Han wouldn’t do such a stupid thing. Speaking of which, it was already a pity that Fang Han did n’ t kill her right now.
“Carol, what do you think this manager should do?”Fang Han turned to look at Carol Danvers.
At this moment, Carol Danvers was pondering how to avoid the attention of the Kerry people outside and destroy the Kerry library in a more shadowy way. Hearing Fang Han suddenly call her, Carol Danvers stood up and looked at the shivering sister of the manager.” You don’t need to ask me about this, do you?”
“Oh, I just feel that this administrator lady can help us a lot.”Fang Han smiled at the manager.
“Oh… No…” The manager’s sister was terrified. She felt like she could n’ t escape. Heavens, I wouldn’t die here, right?!
After throwing the manager girl into the middle of the hall, Fang Han did not care about the manager girl who was still shivering. Now that the lottery had been completed, he could test his character.
“Congratulations to the host for obtaining the Dragon Claw Technique. The Dragon Claw Technique is one of the seventy-two skills of Shaolin. Its power is limitless. If you practice it to the extreme, you can open the Golden Splitting Stone.”
Fang Han raised an eyebrow.” Dragon Claw Technique?I got a martial arts manual?”This isn’ t good news. How effective is the martial arts manual?”
“Congratulations to the host for obtaining the Four Body Fist. The Four Body Fist was created by Tianjin Rice. However, based on his own body, he could become three selfs. He could fight and move, but his strength was only a quarter of his original body’s.”
“Four Body Fist, this is a good skill. Although it only has one quarter of the power of the body, once it is used, this skill can be used as a trump card.”Fang Han thought.
“Congratulations to the host for obtaining Lightning Cut. Lightning Cut was the Lightning attribute Ninja skill created by QiMu Kasi. According to rumors, QiMu Kasi used this skill to cut through the lightning in the sky.”
Seeing Lei Che, Fang Han raised his eyebrows once again. But this time, there was an undisguised smile in Fang Han’s eyes.” Oh, Lei Che, you can. A lightning attribute attack is a good skill.”
Looking at these three new skills, Fang Han expressed his satisfaction. Although these three skills were not all satisfactory to Fang Han, Fang Han was already satisfied with having three new skills before the battle.
From here to the place where the Keris parked their spaceship, the journey would definitely not be peaceful. Even Fang Han could imagine that the places where the spaceship was parked must be heavily guarded by the Keris. Moreover, there were surveillance cameras everywhere, waiting for him to pass.
With three new skills on such a can, Fang Han would be more confident.
After learning all three skills, Fang Han’s heart was filled with eagerness.
Anyway, this was the Cre’s library. It was quiet and there was no one there. It could n’ t be more convenient to experiment with skills here. As for whether these Cre’s precious knowledge materials would be damaged due to this, Fang Han said that he did n’ t care about me anymore.
In the enemy’s territory, it would be fine if they did n’ t kill anyone at will. Could it be that they still have to do everything possible to protect the Keri’s things?Fang Han had no time to worry.
“Let’s experiment first. At least we can test the power of these skills.”
He moved his shoulders and neck and listened to the crackling sound of his bones as if he were fried beans. Fang Han looked at the huge machines beside him that were storing the knowledge of the Crees and raised his lips slightly.
“Let’s take you as our target.”As Fang Han spoke, he took a deep breath and shook his arms. His hands were like dragon claws. As the energy poured into his hands, Fang Han was surprised to find a golden dragon claw on his hands.
The golden dragon claws enveloped Fang Han’s hands. It looked like Fang Han’s hands had turned into dragon claws.
Fang Han made an experiment on the machine in front of him. The golden dragon claw easily cut into the machine. Like a hot knife cutting butter, the golden dragon claw cut three deep marks on the thick metal wall in front of him.
This scene not only shocked the manager girl who was watching from the side, but even Fang Han himself was shocked.
“This Dragon Claw technique sounded like a third-rate martial art, but it was quite powerful.But there was also a reason why I was strong.”I’ m strong enough, so even if the Dragon Claw Technique wasn’ t as powerful as before, with my own strength, I can still unleash a terrifying battle power.”Fang Han pondered.*

Chapter 30: Teach Karel to learn Chinese Kung Fu![Third, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

“Oh, my God, Han, when did you become so powerful?”Carol Danvers could not help but cry out when she heard the sound and saw the three deep traces on the metal wall.
After learning about the civilization of Krishnamurti, Carol Danvers knew how precious these machines were to store the civilization of Krishnamurti, and how hard the outer metal walls were to protect them. This kind of metal that was unique to Krishnamurti was more than enough to make the main armor and cannon of space warships that could travel at light speed.
They were incredibly hard. Although they were not as thick as warship armor in this library, they were still not something that guns and cannons could pierce through. However, she saw something. Fang Han actually used his hand to pierce through this metal, and he easily left three long marks.
It was like cutting cheese with a knife. It was easy and casual.
“Han, how did you do that?”Carol Danvers asked curiously.
“It’s very simple, honey, because I’ m strong enough.”Fang Han smiled and said.
“Oh, don’ t make a fuss. Tell me.”Carol Danvers said and lightly hammered Fang Han.
Fang Han didn’ t continue teasing Carol Danvers, so he said,” This is China’s martial arts. I just didn’ t expect it to show such terrifying power when its strength reaches a certain level.”
“Chinese martial arts?”Carol Danvers asked curiously. China’s martial arts were very famous in the West, but most of them had never seen it before.
“Yes, this move is called Dragon Claw Technique.”Fang Han explained to Carol Danvers.
“Dragon Claw Technique?”Dragon’s claws?”Carol Danvers asked.
“Yes, there’s nothing wrong with your understanding. It’s understandable.”Fang Han said.
“Then, Han, do you know a lot of Chinese martial arts, which is why you are so powerful?”Carol Danvers asked in anticipation.
“You can also say that. I do know a bit about Chinese Kung Fu. After all, you know, I am a Chinese.”Fang Han pondered over his words and said.
“What else?”Carol Danvers seemed to be looking forward to it.
Fang Han thought for a moment and raised his hand. After that, a large amount of lightning gathered in Fang Han’s raised hand, forming a ball of white lightning. Then, under the astonished gazes of Carol Danvers and the librarian girl, Fang Han instantly rushed out. The lightning ball in his hand instantly pierced through a metal wall and led Fang Han out from the other end.
It had to be known that this was a machine that stored the Cleanser’s precious intelligence. It was unimaginably hard, but Fang Han had managed to pierce through such a machine. Its power was enough to make Carol Danvers and the librarian girl speechless.
Actually, Carol Danvers was pretty good. The librarian girl was so scared that her face was completely drained of color. That was the Crees’ civilization treasure, and it was destroyed just like that!
“Oh, this move is really cool!”Compared to the fear of the librarian girl, Carol Danvers was very happy. She even said that she wanted to learn this trick.
“I will show you something else.”As Fang Han spoke, he used the Dragon Claw Technique again. But this time, based on the Dragon Claw Technique, Fang Han added lightning to it. This caused the golden Dragon Claw to turn into a more terrifying purple-gold color. Its power was several times stronger than the original Dragon Claw.
It was due to the sharpness of the Dragon Claw Technique, as well as the high temperature and pressure of lightning. It could be said that the purple-golden Dragon Claw was far more powerful than before. It was simply too sharp.
Fang Han only did a little experiment. He used his purple-gold dragon claws to attack the metal wall. It was very easy. Fang Han almost didn’ t use any strength to directly pierce through the metal wall. His entire hand reached into the metal wall. It could be said that even the Keri’s chariot was still a paw in front of Fang Han.
If he used lightning, Fang Han could even punch through an entire line of Keri chariots.
When a person’s strength reached a certain level, any slight improvement would greatly increase his combat strength. For example, this Dragon Claw Technique was originally just an ordinary martial art. It was n’ t particularly famous and powerful, but when it reached Fang Han’s hand, it could break apart the golden stone and destroy the golden jade.
The purple-gold dragon claw formed from the combination of Lightning Cut and Dragon Claw Technique was even more terrifying. Now, Fang Han felt that even if the Krish spaceship came, Fang Han could use the purple-gold dragon claw to smash its main armor belt.
“Oh, this move is really cool. I really like it.”Carol Danvers was very satisfied with the purple-golden Dragon Claw created by Fang Han.
It was good-looking and powerful. This was simply too cool.
“Hey, Han, can I learn this?”Carol Danvers pointed at the purple-golden Dragon Claw, as if stars were flashing in his eyes.
“Oh, of course. Honey, this move is easy to learn. You just need to do this, then do this again…” Fang Han did not hide his secrets and handed the Dragon Claw Technique to Carol Danvers.
One reason was that the Dragon Claw Technique wasn’t classified, and the other was because of the current situation. Was it suitable for hiding?
Furthermore, Carol Danvers was Fang Han’s girlfriend. It was n’ t much to give him to his girlfriend. Without the strength of him and Carol Danvers, even if you gave Rache to you, you could really gather lightning in your hands?
It was better to wash and sleep.
In fact, this kind of skill was only useful to those with high strength. Those with low strength could not even understand it, let alone learn it.
After telling Carol Danvers the principles of Dragon Claw Technique and how to integrate the energy in his body into Dragon Claw Technique to make the Dragon Claw Technique rise to the next level, Fang Han began to experiment with his last skill, Four Body Fist.
He took a deep breath and exhaled the turbid air in his body. Fang Han activated his four fists. With a loud shout, with Fang Han as the center, three new Fang Han were torn apart in three directions.
These three Fang Han were exactly the same as Fang Han’s original body. There was no surprise in their movements. The only drawback was that Fang Han found that his strength was only a quarter of its original strength. This was also the disadvantage of these four fists. If they split into four people, they would naturally split their own strength into four parts. But this was very useful at a moment, right?
If it wasn’t for the experiment, who knew that these four people only had one person’s strength?
After splitting into four people, Fang Han used Lightning Cut, Dragon Claw, and Zijin Dragon Claw to confirm his strength in this state.
“Although I used up a lot of anger, this is indeed a good skill. What do you think, Carol?”The four Fang Han spoke in unison and looked at the stunned Carol Danvers.*

Chapter 31 Kerry’s spaceship docking station![Fourth, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

“Oh, God, what kind of magic is this?!”Carol Danvers looked at the four Fang Han in front of him and couldn’t help but cover her mouth and cry out.
“This is not magic. Carol, you have to know that the world has nothing but a unique ability.”Fang Han said.
“This, is it also Chinese martial arts?That country in China was so terrifying?”No wonder we would fail in South Korea.”Carol Danvers sighed.
Fang Han had a strange expression on his face. He waved his hand and said,” Yes, you can say that. You might not believe it. It took eight years for those Japanese dwarves to escape that terrifying place.”
After this short episode, Fang Han and Carol Danvers had already finished their preparations. They were ready to leave.
Fang Han and Carol Danvers took another tube of nutrient solution after consuming some of their physical strength. Then, Fang Han smiled and picked up the library manager’s sister.” Hey, cute lady, can you do us a favor?”
The manager’s sister was dumbfounded. She did n’ t need to call herself a lady. She needed to call herself a cute lady. How could a man do this?!
Of course, she silently cursed. No matter how unwilling she was in her heart, the stewardess still looked like she was obedient. She nodded her head expressing her willingness.
“Very good. I will let you go. Then you need to take us out of here and take a car to this place. Understand?”Fang Han used the miniature controller on the Keri battle suit to build a map model.
“You guys, are you going to the military’s spaceship docking station?!”The manager girl looked at the location marked on the map in surprise.
“That’s right. You can choose not to cooperate. Of course, I won’ t mind.”Fang Han said smilingly.
“No, I am very willing to cooperate.”The manager said hurriedly. Did she dare not cooperate?If they didn’t cooperate, the only result would be death, right?
“You’ re so obedient.”Fang Han patted the manager’s sister’s head, then exchanged glances with Carol Danvers.
He brought the battle helmet up to cover his face and changed his battle suit back to its original uniform style. Fang Han and Carol Danvers took their weapons, left and right, and left the library with the manager girl.
Fortunately, the Kerry soldiers outside the library did not doubt why two soldiers left with the librarian. They stood like statues and watched as Fang Han and Carol Danvers, the two most wanted criminals from the world, left their sight.
Sitting in the car, the stewardess drove in front of them. Fang Han and Carol Danvers were sitting behind them. The Kerri-style energy vehicle drove towards the spaceship docking base.
The spaceship was parked outside the city. This kind of large-scale military building would not be in the Krishnamurti city. This greatly affected the operation of the Krishnamurti city, and it was not easy for the military to watch.
This happened to give Fang Han and Carol Danvers a chance to leave.
After getting on the road, Carol Danvers constructed a plane on the miniature controller on his arm and began to control it continuously.
“This is the schematic diagram of the library we stayed in just now?”Fang Han looked curiously at the graphic that Carol Danvers had shown.
“That’s right. I used the explosives on the Krish guards to place bombs on every joint in this library.”I really need to thank the Kerry people for their knowledge. Otherwise, I don’ t know which parts of the library are fragile structures, let alone their bombs.”Carol Danvers smiled.
“Oh, my God, are you going to blow up the library?!”The pitiful manager girl exclaimed.
“Drive your car. Once you reach your destination, you’ ll be able to live. You don’ t need to worry about the rest.”Fang Han coldly glared at the stewardess. The poor little guy immediately obediently drove. She was now a captive of Fang Han and Carol Danvers.
His right hand quickly clicked on the plane. Carol Danvers said,” I’ ve placed explosives in these places. The design time is 30 minutes later. This can be used as a farewell gift for us to leave.”
“It’s perfect. I think the Kerry people will like our farewell gifts very much. Hmm, I hope they won’ t jump up happily.”Fang Han made a joke.
“I think they will.”Carol Danvers smiled.
“Hahahaha.”The sound of laughter came from the energy car. The poor stewardess bit her lips in tears as she drove silently, not daring to do anything else.
Twenty minutes later, the energy vehicle stopped outside the spaceship parking base. Looking at the Kerry soldiers patrolling outside the base, Fang Han and Carol Danvers got out of the vehicle. Fang Han looked at the frightened stewardess and said,” Alright, you’ re safe.”
“Thank you!”The manager’s sister was so excited that she gave her a cold pardon.
“No need to thank you.”Fang Han casually waved his hand and walked towards the base with Carol Danvers.
At the entrance of the base, two superhuman beings easily took down the guards and entered the base.
“Look at that. Carol, the Kerri’s interstellar battleship. We can leave this place.”Fang Han said.
“Yeah, I saw it. This big guy is really cool. Compared to Yong Rogge’s spaceship, it’s much more domineering.”Carol Danvers said.
“Yong Rogue was just a Star Destroyer. He was three levels away from this big fellow. Moreover, this big fellow’s power, armor, and firepower were not comparable to that of a Star Destroyer.”Fang Han said.
“I still understand this principle. The larger the size, the higher the combat strength.”Carol Danvers said.
“That’s right. Let’s just choose it. Now, let’s pretend like nothing has happened and get close to it. Then, we can take care of the guards by surprise. At that time, this big fellow will be ours. Drive it back to Earth and let those scientists study it properly.”Fang Han’s voice was filled with undisguised excitement. He was already very close to his goal of returning home.
“That’s right. If we bring this big guy back, those people will definitely be surprised.”Carol Danvers was also very happy.
The two of them walked as if nothing had happened. Suddenly, they stopped in their tracks.
Both Fang Han and Carol Danvers felt something was wrong. There was a strange smell in the air. They seemed to have fallen into a trap.
“Boom, boom, boom.”
The roar of the war chariot and the sound of soldiers walking continuously rang out. In less than a minute, Fang Han discovered that he was surrounded by the Kerri army.
“Welcome two. Do you like this opening ceremony?”*

Chapter 32 Meeting Luo Nan once again![First, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

Apart from the wind in the air, there was no other sound in the huge base.
Fang Han looked at the densely packed war chariots and soldiers around him. How could he not know that his every move had already been detected by the Kerry people.
Taking off his combat helmet, Fang Han looked at Yong Rogue and asked,” How did you confirm our tracks?”
“You shouldn’t wear these clothes. You know, these are the uniforms of the Keri people.”Yong Rogge said.
Fang Han looked at the miniature controller on his arm, then at the battle helmet he was holding. Then, he fiercely threw the battle helmet to the ground.” Oh, Fake!”I actually forgot this!”
“And you have your personal combat equipment.”Yong Rogge kindly reminded him.
Fang Han coldly looked at Yong Rogue. First, he changed his combat suit into Becquita’s. Then, he completely destroyed it with an electric single-armor.
Carol Danvers took off his battle helmet and turned his battle suit into the one he liked. Now, it was useless to cover it up. He might as well show it out and do it honestly.
“You won’ t be able to escape. Now, surrender, offer your loyalty to the Kerry Empire, and accept the baptism of supreme wisdom. You still have a way to live.”An ice-cold voice rang out. The accuser, Luo Nan, walked out of the army.
Fang Han looked at the accuser Luo Nan, who was quite different from before. He could feel that the accuser Luo Nan’s strength was even stronger than before. Moreover, the body of the accuser Luo Nan felt something was off. It seemed that his body was a little uncoordinated.
“You have been modified?”Fang Han narrowed his eyes and looked at the accuser, Luo Nan.
“Was evolution!”Supreme wisdom makes me even more powerful!”The accuser, Luo Nan, said coldly.
“Oh, that’s a pity. I hope the parts in your body are still intact.”Fang Han looked pityingly at the accuser, Luo Nan.
“You are very strong, but you can’ t win. This is Planet Kerry.”
Fang Han looked at the person who spoke. He was wearing black skin and armor. He was holding two metal rods. These two metal rods gave Fang Han a faint sense of threat, as if they were some kind of terrifying weapon.
“Oh, another person that has been modified. Kras, you actually appeared.”Fang Han shook his head.
“You accept your fate?”Yong Rogge asked.
“No,” Fang Han shook his head and looked at his hands.” I just feel like I’m going to have another life under my hands.”
As he spoke, Fang Han instantly exploded and shouted,” Carol, attack!”
When Carol Danvers heard Fang Han’s words, he immediately used his power. Carol Danvers, who was soaring into the sky, released a terrifying beam of energy particles with both hands, destroying the surrounding war chariots. The Krish soldiers hurriedly fled as well.
Upon seeing this scene, Kras the pursuer immediately met Carol Danvers. Then, the two began to fight.
As for Fang Han, he had long rushed in front of the accuser, Luo Nan, and had a fight with him.
The sound of explosions could be heard continuously in the air. Fang Han’s every punch exploded the air in front of him. With a terrifying force, he swung towards the accuser, Luo Nan.
Meanwhile, the accuser, Luo Nan, used his upgraded Cleary Hammer to respond to Fang Han’s attack with the strongest means. Numerous shock waves were continuously emitted. At the same time, the accuser, Luo Nan, would occasionally brandish the Cleary Hammer to attack Fang Han with gravity and shock.
Fang Han, on the other hand, used his Qigong Wave to continuously respond to the attack of the accuser, Luo Nan.
It looked like the two sides were fighting intensely, but in reality, both sides were probing.
A master would not be able to fight for three days and three nights. It was only through continuous probing to find the enemy’s weakness and then a fatal blow.
Right now, Fang Han and the accuser, Luo Nan, were constantly searching for the opponent’s weakness.
Fang Han endured a blow. The strength of the Kerry Hammer combined with the skills of the Accuser, Luo Nan, and the combined effects of gravity and shock waves caused Fang Han’s shoulder blade to ache.
However, Fang Han was now completely capable of withstanding such an attack. After forcefully enduring this blow, Fang Han’s right hand instantly turned into a golden dragon’s claw. He scratched three marks at the mouth of the accuser, Luo Nan.
The accuser Luo Nan’s armor was torn apart by Fang Han’s dragon claw.
The two of them failed with a single strike. Both of them retreated decisively. The accuser, Luo Nan, looked at the three scratches on his chest armor that had torn through the armor. He looked at Fang Han in surprise.” You actually have such a methods?”
Could it be that “only allowed you to become stronger?”Furthermore, you’ re not that strong right now. I even feel that you’ ve become weaker.”Fang Han sneered.
“That’s because you have n’ t realized my power yet!”Next, you will know what you are facing!”The accuser, Luo Nan, replied coldly. The accuser, Luo Nan, would not fall for Fang Han’s attempt to use ridicule to shake his thoughts.
“Really?”Let’s continue.”As Fang Han spoke, he focused his hands and unleashed a powerful energy wave.
The power of this energy art wave was much stronger than before. The pale white energy art wave whistled towards the accuser, Luo Nan. Fang Han used his old technique again and followed behind the energy art wave again.
“Would you just use this move?!”The accuser, Luo Nan, said disdainfully.
“The moves are not new or old. This move is so good, of course I have to use it.”Fang Han mocked.
At this moment, on Carol Danvers’ side, Carol Danvers had pinned down the pursuers Kras and Yong Rogge by himself. Neither of these guys had the strength to accuse Luo Nan. Luo Nan was stronger. Carol Danvers had no problem pinning down the two of them at all. Moreover, with the current chaotic battle, the Kerri army did not dare to open fire easily. Carol Danvers was much more relaxed.
She easily dodged the attack in the air, and then continuously used energy particle beams to attack Yong Rogge and the pursuer Coras. From time to time, she would suddenly approach one of them and use the Dragon Claw that Fang Han had learned to fight at close range.
However, the core of the battle had always been Fang Han and the accuser, Luo Nan. The outcome of the two of them decided the direction of the battle.
The accuser, Luo Nan, easily destroyed Fang Han’s energy art waves. However, to his surprise, a ball of lightning appeared in Fang Han’s hand.
Luo Nan, who realized that the situation wasn’t good, immediately used his short range movement skill to dodge Fang Han’s lightning strike.
“This won’ t hurt me.”The accuser, Luo Nan, said.
“Oh, is that so?”That’s really unfortunate.”A mocking voice rang out from behind the accusing person, Luo Nan. A huge sense of crisis instantly enveloped Luo Nan’s heart.
Something was wrong. He had been tricked!*

Luo Nan was torn apart with his hands. Kerri’s confidence collapsed![Second, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

The accuser, Luo Nan, immediately realized that something was wrong when he heard the sound coming from behind his head. He wanted to flee with another flash.
After all, as long as he could dodge, he would have a chance to turn the tables. This was Planet Kerry, the main camp of the empire!
But he no longer had the chance to react, because he was not facing Fang Han, but four!
When Fang Han released the energy wave and followed closely behind, Fang Han used his Four Body Fist to turn himself into four people.
This was because the entire attention of the accuser, Luo Nan, was focused on breaking Fang Han’s energy art wave and preparing to face Fang Han’s attack. He didn’ t notice this tiny movement at all. Behind the energy art wave was not one Fang Han, but four!
When the accuser, Luo Nan, smashed the energy art wave, Fang Han used lightning to force him to use short-range teleportation to avoid Fang Han’s deadly attack. Otherwise, he would definitely be penetrated by Fang Han.
Actually, this strike of Lei Che could be considered Fang Han’s killing move. However, it was not Fang Han’s only killing move. It was the best move to kill the Accuser Luo Nan, but it didn’t matter if he could n’ t kill Fang Han. In any case, he still had preparations to make.
As a result, when the accuser, Luo Nan, dodged Fang Han’s attack, he faced the four attacks of Fang Han.
The four Fang Han cast the Purple Gold Dragon Claw simultaneously from the four directions of the Accuser Luo Nan. The four incomparably large Purple Gold Dragon Claw flashed with lightning and whistled as it grabbed onto the Accuser Luo Nan.
The incomparably sharp Dragon Claw immediately tore through the armor of Accuser Luo Nan and penetrated his body.
In front of this incomparably sharp move of the purple gold giant dragon claw, the armor of the Accuser, Luo Nan, and his ridiculous body’s defensive power were like paper. Meanwhile, the metal skeleton modified by Kerri Star could not provide him with much defensive power.
Like a hot knife cutting butter, the four large purple-golden dragon claws pierced through the body of Accuser Luo Nan. The number one warrior on Planet Kerry had been torn apart by the four dragon claws before he had the time to wail. In an instant, Accuser Luo Nan was torn to pieces from a complete human form.
“I’ ve already said that you can’ t beat me even if you’ ve modified it. Why don’ t you believe me.”The four Fang Han hovered in the air, looking at the blood mist and fragments in front of them. They spoke in unison.
“Oh, no!”Yong Logue could not help but cry out in shock as he looked at the bloody mist that filled the sky. The news of the death of the accuser, Luo Nan, was simply too shocking. Yong Logue actually forgot that he was currently fighting.
It wasn’t just Brave Logue. Kras, the pursuer, was also extremely shocked. That was the accuser, Luo Nan, who died just like that?!
“Oh, my God, this is not true!”Kras, the pursuer, was shocked to the point his face turned pale. His hands involuntarily clenched the metal rod in his hand. He felt that he should not be involved in this matter this time. This was not within his ability range.
As the most powerful soldier of the Kerry Empire, Luo Nan was also the captain of the Black Star Fleet’s “Death Star” fleet. His reputation in the Kerry Empire was extremely terrifying, both in the military and in the civil. He was known as the strongest soldier under the supreme wisdom.
However, it was such a powerful person who was torn to pieces in front of them. This scene could not be described in words.
The most appropriate metaphor was that their military souls had collapsed. Just like when they saw the collapse of the Divine Hall of Supreme Wisdom, the Kerry Empire suffered a second heavy blow in a short period of time.
Of course, these confused Kerry soldiers still did not know that they would still suffer a second and third blow.
Carol Danvers noticed that Fang Han had killed the accuser Luo Nan. This scene also distracted Carol Danvers, who had participated in this kind of battle for the first time.
This was also why Carol Danvers didn’t take the opportunity to capture one of these two when Yong Rogue and pursuer Coras were surprised by the death of Accuser Luo Nan. They were shocked by Fang Han’s terrifying strength.
They were surprised, but Fang Han was not surprised. He instantly used the dance technique to appear in front of Yong Rogge. Fang Han lifted Yong Rogge up with one hand.
At the same time, Fang Han still had a figure that remained in place.
This was because Fang Han’s speed was simply too fast. Afterimages were the best indication of Han’s current speed. Moreover, Fang Han was extremely familiar with such close range attacks, so even if he left a personal image in place, Fang Han would not be surprised at all.
It wasn’t because Fang Han was skilled, but because the Saiyan bloodline in Fang Han’s body couldn’t be more familiar with such attacks. His muscles and nerves had already formed a natural reaction, so Fang Han naturally captured Yong Rogue.
It was only at this moment that Yong Rogue realized how much of a mistake he had made and was frustrated by it. It was a shame for a warrior who had fought hundreds of battles to be distracted and even captured.
However, when faced with Fang Han, Yong Rogue did not dare to show any hesitation. He smiled awkwardly and said,” Hey, I said, I think we should talk.”
“Oh?But I don’t think so. I remember telling you that I let you go last time because you saved Carol. Then why did you appear in front of me?”Because you think you, Luo Nan and Coras have already been modified. Can you catch me?”Fang Han calmly looked at Yong Rogue.
“No, that’s not the case. I can explain this.”Yong Rogge said in a panic.
“Explanation?”I’ ll allow you to explain, but it’s not for me. Go and explain to God. Maybe it’s Satan.”As Fang Han spoke, he raised his right hand in front of Yong Rogge. Yong Rogge looked at the white palm with shock as it exploded with powerful energy.
“Oh, no!”
A wave of energy came from Fang Han’s hand and struck Yong Rogge’s head.
Then, Yong Rogue’s body stopped struggling and did not move.
He casually threw Yong Rogue’s headless corpse to the ground like a rag. Fang Han turned to look at the terrified pursuer Kras. His voice was as calm as eating and drinking.” Are you ready to meet God?”
Kras hurriedly threw the weapon in his hand onto the ground. He raised his hands and said,” No, I surrender. Actually, I don’ t want to come. Believe me, I don’ t want to be your enemy.”
“Alright, I’ ll give you a chance.”Fang Han pondered and said.
Kras the pursuer sighed in relief.” Oh, thank you.”
With that, a wave of energy struck Kras’s chest and sent it flying. Looking at Kras who had crashed into the wall and collapsed, Fang Han added,” But if you can survive, it depends on God.”*

Chapter 34 Escaping from Planet Kerry![Third, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

The accuser, Luo Nan, was killed by Fang Hange.
Yong Rogge was killed by Fang Hange.
Kras, the pursuer, had failed to surrender. Now, he did not know whether he was alive or dead.
It was as simple as crushing an ant to death when Fang Han killed a famous person on Planet Kerry. Such a scene was beyond words to describe in the hearts of ordinary soldiers on Planet Kerry.
Who would dare to imagine that such a powerful person would be killed so easily.
Fang Han’s casual behavior, like eating and drinking water, left a shadow in the hearts of the Kerry soldiers that was hard to repair. Fang Han was a haze that enveloped their heads.
Fang Han’s expression was as normal as ever. He calmly swept his gaze over the shivering Kriss Star soldiers.” Now, who else wants to attack me?”
Silence, incomparably quiet. No one dared to speak so easily.
“Very good. I’ m very satisfied with your actions. Now, go and inject energy into the spaceship. Then, put all the things that should be equipped on it. Don’ t try to make any small moves. I’ m much more familiar with the spaceship than you. Moreover, you only have thirty minutes. Gentlemen, it’s time to move.”Fang Han said coldly.
Hearing Fang Han’s cold voice, the Kerri Star Soldiers were shocked. They immediately began to operate. The energy filling pipe was pulled to the bunker of the spaceship’s fuel tank and started to inject energy. All kinds of external equipment began to be inspected as soon as possible. The other equipment began to be inspected as well…
Looking at these busy figures, Fang Han nodded in satisfaction.” Look, Carol, we don’ t need to do it ourselves now. They will help us prepare everything.”
“That’s right.”Carol Danvers nodded in agreement.
In less than half an hour, a series of inspections and preparations were completed. Fang Han and Carol Danvers entered the spaceship and then controlled the spaceship to start flying. As for the Krishnamurti soldiers, they would not have any bad consequences. Who would have noticed a group of small pawns who could not control their own fate?
However, what Fang Han did not expect was that they had just ascended into the air, and before they could fly too high, a large number of Kerri Star mechs had appeared in the distance. Moreover, behind the mech, there were also Kerri Star warships.
“Oh, they really paid for it.”Fang Han stood in front of the warship’s command pod and looked at the dense flying vehicles in the distance. Krishnamurti’s reaction speed was really fast. It wasn’t long before so many fighters and flying ships arrived.
However, Fang Han did not feel the slightest bit nervous. Now that they were fully prepared, all they needed to do was wait for the spaceship’s energy to fill up and then accelerate to leave Planet Kerry.
“Looks like they’ re not very happy about us leaving.”Carol Danvers was already in the mood to joke with Fang Han.
“That’s right. The very enthusiastic Kerry people, I hope that the next time I come back, they will still be so enthusiastic. But now, with their planes alone, we can’ t stop us from leaving. You know, we’ re on Planet Kerry’s interstellar battleship.”Fang Han said.
“That’s right. Their attacks can’ t break through the energy shield. They can’ t destroy the main armor belt.”Carol Danvers said.
“Yes.”Fang Han nodded.
“But, Han, are you sure that our landing is a star-level battleship?”Carol Danvers suddenly asked.
“Why should we ask this? We clearly saw it…” Fang Han said as he began to hesitate.
That’s right, is this really an interstellar battleship?
The fuel filling speed and acceleration procedures of the interstellar battleships were not that slow.
Carol Danvers suddenly realized something. He quickly started to operate on the console. A moment later, Carol Danvers fiercely punched the console.” Damn it, Han, we’ ve been tricked. This isn’ t a Star Warship at all, not even a Star Destroyer. This is just a frigate!”
“Camouflage simulator!”Damn it, they already knew we were coming here, so they used the camouflage simulator to disguise an ordinary frigate as an interstellar battleship!”Fang Han also realized what had happened. The camouflage simulator was a well-known technology like Kerri Star. It could disguise important things or disguise other things as strategic items to form a fake base.
This was a technology born in the Interstellar Era to prevent the enemy from suddenly attacking important targets. However, Fang Han did not expect that he would encounter it so soon.
“Han, the frigate can not withstand their weapons.”Carol Danvers said.
“Open the hatch. I’ ll get rid of these annoying flies first. As long as we leave the atmosphere, we can get rid of them.”Fang Han said.
Carol Danvers didn’t refuse. She knew that the situation was very critical. Besides Fang Han, there was no more suitable candidate. After all, there were only two of them.
Fang Han flew out of the spaceship through the cabin door. Looking at the thin frigate under his feet, Fang Han couldn’ t help but twitch his lips.” The Utmost Wisdom is worthy of being the Utmost Wisdom. It’s cunning.”
“You can’ t escape. Now surrender and land on the spaceship!”
“You can’ t escape. Now surrender and land on the spaceship!”
Hearing the annoying warning, Fang Han shot out two Qigong waves with both hands and shot down the two Kerri fighters that flew closest to him.
“Damn fly!”
“Shoot him down!”Kerry could not help but make a move.
Laser beams shot out from the Krishna’s mech as they rained down on Fang Han and the spaceship beneath him.
At this moment, the spaceship had already reached an altitude of 3,000 meters under the control of Carol Danvers. At this altitude, Fang Han could already feel the cold and thin air around him.
But this was not important. At least the impact of this environment on Fang Han was not that great.
Looking at the intense laser attacks, Fang Han used his Four Body Fist without hesitation.
In an instant, Fang Han’s body separated into three new Fang Han’s body. They were located at the left, right, and back of Fang Han’s body.
Each of the four Fang Han took charge of one direction. They continuously used energy waves to destroy the lasers, and they even had more power to attack the mechs.
If one looked up from the ground, one would find that the sky was filled with dots of light constantly flickering. From time to time, one would see sparks. It was the Kerri mech that had been destroyed and exploded by the Qigong Wave.
The four Fang Han no longer used the Qigong Wave anymore. Because the Kerri mechs were too dense, Fang Han now used less energy and more convenient Qigong Bullet. Although the Qigong Bullet from his fingers was not as powerful as the Qigong Wave, it could still destroy the Kerri mechs.
Looking at the fighter jets that were continuously being shot down, the Supreme Wisdom in the House of Representatives said,” We can’ t continue like this. Those two Earthlings can’ t let them escape from Planet Kiri and use Kerry’s cannon to knock down that frigate!”*

Out of Planet Kerry![Fourth, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

The Qigong Bullet pierced through the air at an extremely fast speed and charged towards the Keri mech.
However, the Keris had too many mechs. Moreover, these mechs were not driven by the Keris at all. They were all mechanically controlled unmanned mechs.
This type of mech was also the most common configuration of the Keri fleet. Behind these mechs was the Keri fleet.
Fang Han had already seen the real Kerri’s interstellar battleships. The huge cannon holes and heavy armor were too obvious, and the size of the interstellar battleships was too big.
An unmanned fighter jet was ejected from the lower part of the Kerri Star Warship and then rushed towards Fang Han like a locust.
Moreover, the Kerry people could no longer endure using missiles.
Large missiles were launched and charged towards the frigate at Fang Han’s feet.
Every single one of these missiles could easily destroy a Star Destroyer, and even Star Warships would be heavily injured. As for the Kerry people, these missiles were usually heavy weapons that they only used to attack enemy planets, but now, they had already launched such a big thing without hesitation.
“Oh, damn it, are these Kerry people crazy?”Use this kind of heavy weapon above my own planet!”Fang Han cursed inwardly. He couldn’t use a Qigong Bullet to face such a terrifying person.
Under the cover of the three Fang Han clones, Fang Han’s main body directly used a Qigong wave to destroy the incoming missile. The range of flames from the explosion also affected the surrounding missiles, causing a series of explosions.
Deafening explosions rang out in the air. Huge fireworks appeared in the sky of the Kerry people. It was the end of the missile explosion.
Just a single missile was destroyed, and it affected all the surrounding missiles. Even the surrounding unmanned fighter planes were engulfed in fireballs. Those that were a little farther away were also sent flying by the shock waves from the explosion. Some were even affected by the internal structure and crashed automatically.
Fang Han couldn’ t help but say,” Hey, Carol, this scene reminds me of using a flamethrower to burn those damn locusts. The way they fell is similar to this scene.”
“Hey, Han, this is not the time to relax. The spaceship has detected a high energy reaction. The Kerri people below seem to have used a terrifying weapon.”Carol Danvers’ voice rang out.
Thanks to the communication system that came with the combat suit, Fang Han heard it very clearly. Fang Han sighed,” Oh, this is not good news.”
At this moment, on the ground, a Kerry cannon was slowly rising from the ground. A dream-like cannon that was full of technology was lifted up and aimed at the rising frigate in the air.
“Charge the energy and use the maximum power to shoot down the frigate!”The commander of the giant cannon stared at the black dot on the screen and said fiercely.
Then, Kerry’s cannon began to fill up with energy. One rattle of energy lit up. Ten percent, twenty percent, thirty percent… seventy percent, ninety percent, one hundred percent!
As the energy was filled, a dim pattern was illuminated by a blue light on the outer wall of Kerry’s cannon, which was full of the sense of technology. A faint blue light appeared at the deep muzzle of the cannon.
With the sound of mechanical charging, a shocking amount of energy was gathered at the muzzle of Kerry’s cannon. The azure energy was repeatedly compressed into a ball of light, and its power was continuously increasing.
As for Fang Han, even though he was four thousand meters above the ground, he could still clearly sense the danger below. That feeling made Fang Han’s hair stand on end.
In an instant, Fang Han recalled the pain when a blue beam of light penetrated his chest.
After rubbing his chest, Fang Han’s face turned ugly.” I seem to know what they’ re trying to do. Damn it, I feel like my chest hurts!”
“Kerry cannon, fire!”Following the commander’s roar, the soaring Kriss Cannons opened fire. Endless energy gathered from the energy transmission tube at the core of the Kriss Cannons. Then, massive energy rushed out along the cannon barrel. The azure energy ball condensed at the muzzle of the cannon instantly turned into a terrifying energy beam that shot into the sky.
Fang Han only saw a blue ray of light rushing towards him in an instant. The terrifying speed and the tremor that it emitted proved how terrifying the light was.
The person who came was not good at it. This was definitely not to cheer him off.
“Go all out!”
Fang Han gritted his teeth. At this moment, he couldn’t care less about the annoying flies around him. The four Fang Han were in four directions, east, west, south, north, and south. Their hands began to gather air.
Now, there was only one fight.
“Carol, how long will it take for the spaceship to leave the Kr planet’s atmosphere?”Fang Han shouted.
“Five seconds, I need five seconds.”Carol Danvers returned.
“Alright, I’ ll help you through these five seconds!”As Fang Han spoke, he took a deep breath and looked at the blue energy beam below. A fierce expression appeared on Fang Han’s face.
Now, it was time for him to risk his life.
“I want to see how you can block this attack, Fang Han!”The Utmost Wisdom looked at the blue energy beam that was rapidly rising on the screen in front of her, and a smile appeared on her face.
At this moment, Fang Han clenched his teeth tightly. The four Fang Han gathered the energy in his hands at the same time. Then, they shot out the energy together. The four Qigong waves merged into a powerful energy and collided directly with the azure beam of energy that was heading towards him.
Just the moment he touched it, Fang Han could feel the power of the blue energy beam. It was definitely not weaker than the Turtle Sect’s Qi Skill. Fang Han could even feel the shock wave of the turtle unleashed by Sun Wukong in Super Cyya’s state. It was almost this power.
“Ah!”The four Fang Han roared as they poured all of their power into their hands and released it. They tried to block the blue energy beam’s advance, but the blue energy was still up against Fang Han. Instead, Fang Han was pushed back by the energy.
“I, top, no, stay.”Fang Han gritted his teeth and jumped out of his teeth.
Following that, the energy beam emitted by Kerry’s cannon sent Fang Han flying out of Kerry’s atmosphere. If Fang Han hadn’t dodged in time, he would have opened another big hole in his body.
Even though Fang Han had consumed a lot of energy, the energy beam still hit the frigate. However, Carol Danvers had already activated the energy barrier. The azure energy shockwave sent the frigate flying. Although the energy barrier was destroyed and the outer armor was partially damaged, the frigate escaped from Planet Kerry.*

Chapter 36: Achievement Reward for Escape from Planet Kerry![First, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

“Damn it!”How is that possible!”
The Utmost Wisdom looked at the display and could not help but roar angrily.
It was unwilling. Fang Han was clearly no longer capable of resisting. Why did he let Fang Han and Carol Danvers escape?!
“Give me a hunting order. I want them to have nowhere to escape in the Milky Way!”
At this moment, Fang Han was no longer strong. The four Fang Han had also turned back to Fang Han. There was no air in the outer space. The temperature was so low that Fang Han felt his body begin to freeze.
“Finished…” Fang Han felt that his current situation was not far from cold.
“Hey, that gentleman, are you alright?”Carol Danvers’ voice rang out.
“It’s okay. I think I can still last ten seconds.”Fang Han said.
A gray-white frigate appeared in front of Fang Han. A mechanical arm grabbed Fang Han back into the spaceship cabin.
It was only at this moment that Fang Han felt that he could breathe.
Fang Han took a deep breath of air as he sat on the floor, his face filled with relief. He looked at Carol Danvers who was walking towards him. Fang Han smiled and said,” Hey, Carol, you don’ t know. Just now, I almost thought I was going to die in outer space.”
“But you’re still alive, are n’ t you?”How about a tube of nutrition?”Carol Danvers smiled and shook the nutrient solution in his hand.
“Now that I’ m about to collapse, a tube of nutrient solution can’ t replenish my consumption.”Fang Han also smiled. Now, they had finally escaped from Planet Kerry.
“Congratulations to the host for escaping from Planet Kerry.”
The system’s notification sounded out, giving Fang Han a new sense of joy.
“Achievements?”When did this appear?”Fang Han asked in surprise.
“There has always been an Achievement System, but the host has not activated it.”
Fang Han nodded and suddenly asked,” Can you answer one of my questions?Why could the Saiya people explode stars, stars, moons, and planets, but I still can’t survive in space?”This is not scientific!”
“Because the host has not reached the level of a super Cyya, it can not survive in an airless environment.”
Fang Han was stunned, then he sighed.” Alright, let’s put this topic aside. What reward did I get?”
“Host can choose the item that has already appeared in the lottery and choose to activate the exchange mode. In the future, you can exchange directly without the need for the lottery.”
“This is good news. Well, it’s good news overall.”Although Fang Han wasn’t very satisfied with the reward, he still accepted it. After all, Fang Han was content with the reward. At least it was a reward.
“Host, this kind of item can be either an item or an ability. If it’s an item, as long as the host has points, he can freely exchange for this kind of item. If it’s an ability, the host can use points to strengthen this kind of ability. Everything depends on the host’s choice.”
Hearing the System’s words, Fang Han hesitated.
Choose an item or ability.
If it was a selective ability, Fang Han would be able to strengthen it. It was just Dragon Claw, Thunder Cut, Four Body Fist, Qi Art, Chaotic Qi Art, and Void Dance.
For the time being, Fang Han didn’t need to strengthen the Dragon Claw Technique and Thunder Cut. Fang Han also did n’ t allow this precious opportunity to be used on it.
So what about strengthening?
If it was a strengthened energy art, then could it be used?
However, when he became stronger, wouldn’ t he still be able to use the Qi Gong of the Turtle clan?
Fang Han’s energy waves were similar to those of the Turtle Sect. Fang Han believed that he would be able to learn the Turtle Sect energy arts in the future.
So, what would he choose if he did not choose energy arts?
Fang Han could not help but think of Xian Dou.
For the current Fang Han, things like the Fairy Bean were simply BUG-like items. If a single Fairy Bean went down, even if you were about to die, you would immediately revive in place with blood and blue. You could still fight the enemy for another 500 years.
This kind of thing was probably the most needed thing for Fang Han.
“According to the Syrians’ physique, breaking through on the verge of death could greatly increase their combat strength, but this had to be guaranteed. Otherwise, dying would easily turn into real death.”What’s more, it’s really hard to recover energy and replenish energy.”Fang Han pondered.
“The Maneuvering Universe is too dangerous. Just one Milky Way Galaxy is full of dangers. I’ m not sure what kind of danger I’ ll encounter in the future. Only by saving my life can I talk about things in the future. Right now, perhaps Xian Dou is the best choice. After all, there is one more thing that can be used to save my life anytime and anywhere.”Fang Han thought for a while and finally decided to choose the Immortal Bean.
“System, I choose to exchange for Immortal Bean.”Fang Han said.
“Immortal Bean Exchange is activated.”
Hearing the system’s voice, Fang Han impatiently opened the exchange page. Then, Fang Han looked at the individual beans that had been exchanged for 20,000 points, and his face turned black!
“Damn system, you’re eating human blood steamed buns, do you understand?”This is exploitation, this is a serious exploitation of the hardworking masses!”Fang Han wasn’t satisfied. Why did n’ t he take the price of twenty-one peas?
How many points did he have now?
Fang Han looked at it and found that the score was just over 80,000.
In other words, Fang Han had caused a lot of trouble on Planet Kerry. First, he had destroyed the Krishna’s temple, then he had killed the Accuser, Ronan, Yong Rogue, and a pursuer, Kras. He had also destroyed countless Krishna’s aircraft tanks and killed countless Krishna soldiers. Only then did he save 80,000 points.
As for this, with countless dangers, it could be said that the 80 thousand points obtained between life and death could only be exchanged for four Immortal Beans. This was too bad!
However, in the face of Fang Han’s anger, the System did n’ t say anything. Anyway, the price was already here. If you didn’t use it, you would n’ t be able to reduce the price. There was only one company in the entire universe. It could be said that Fang Han was helpless.
“Sigh, why do I have such a cheating system.”Fang Han took a sip of the nutrient solution, feeling helpless.
“Actually, you don’ t need to be so angry. Now, you still have an unrestricted chance to draw. This is a special reward for you.”
“Unrestricted lottery?”Fang Han became interested.
“What can I get?”Fang Han asked with interest.
“Theoretically, the host might be able to draw anything.”
Fang Han could not help but curled his lips when he heard the System’s words.” In other words, I might not be able to draw anything, right?”
“Theoretically, this is the case.”The System did not deny it.
Fang Han didn’t care anymore. After all, it was Bai De’s chance to draw. Looking at Carol Danvers controlling the spaceship, Fang Han said leisurely,” Then let’s use it.”
A moment later, Fang Han looked at the card in his hand with a strange expression.” Oh, this thing…”*

Chapter 37 Experience Card for Super Saya![Second, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

“Oh, this is really cool.”
Fang Han looked at the card in his hand and could not help but mutter.
This was just a palm-sized card. It was made of some kind of material. It was incredibly hard. On it was a man with golden hair that gave off a powerful aura. Although it was just a picture, Fang Han still felt the strength of this man. It was an invincible feeling.
Similarly, Fang Han could feel the blood in his body boiling, hot blood flowing, surging. The Saiyan bloodline instinctively wanted to be strong, and the man on this card represented the strongest form of the Saiyan.
“Super Cyya One Card can transform itself into a Super Cyya form. It lasts for 60 minutes. Within 60 minutes, the body will have all the power and speed that Super Cyya has.”
“Wow, I earned it.”Fang Han sighed softly. In an instant, Fang Han even felt that he couldn’t control himself. Super Syrians. If I had used this experience card now, would n’ t I have been able to hit Cleary Star?
Of course, this was just thinking about it.
The shock that Kerry Cannon had brought to Fang Han was still lingering. Before he could figure out the true power of Kerry Cannon, Fang Han would not easily use this card. This card could be used as a trump card to suppress the situation. It would be a waste to use this card unless it was in a critical situation.
“Han, what are you looking at?”Carol Danvers looked curiously at Fang Han’s shocked expression.
Fang Han was stunned for a moment. He spun the card in his hand and put it into his pocket. He smiled and said,” It’s nothing. I’ m just sighing about the energy shockwave just now. As one of the three great empires in the Milky Way, the Kerry people are really strong.”
“That’s right. Humans are really too small in the universe.”Carol could not help but sigh.
“Actually, this was nothing. We already had the knowledge of the Kerry people. If we sent them back to Earth, we would soon be able to catch up.”Actually, we’ re really lucky. Logically speaking, Kerri Star’s combat readiness should not be so weak.”Fang Han said.
Carol Danvers nodded and said,” This is indeed doubtful. As one of the three great empires in the Milky Way, the Kerry people should not be able to stop even the two of us. Could it be that something has affected their power?”
Fang Han and Carol Danvers were actually different. After all, there were only two of them. If the Kerri sent out an entire fleet for two people, the matter would be a big one.
Moreover, the pursuit of the two men was different from the battle formation. Both sides of the battle were filled with all kinds of interstellar battleships, destroyers, and frigates. UAVs and missiles flew randomly. After all, the target was so big that it could always be hit. However, if the two of them were to fight, the target was too small. Even if Fang Han and Carol Danvers had robbed an interstellar frigate, it was still too small.
In the vast Milky Way Galaxy, the target of a frigate was pitifully smiling. Moreover, it was not easy for the fleet to move out. In addition, the Kerri people’s main strength was still fighting with the Skuru people, and the Kerri people did n’ t want the two of them to cause trouble for the news like Kerri Star.
That was why all sorts of reasons were added together. Adding on the fact that Fang Han and Carol Danvers were not weak either, this time the hunt was a little bit fierce.
However, this was only temporary. When the Keri slowed down, Fang Han and Carol Danvers were facing the true strength of the Keri. It would be a full-scale three-dimensional attack from the Milky Way Empire’s interstellar warship formation.
But now, Fang Han and Carol Danvers could take a short rest. Now, no one was chasing them.
“The super acceleration engine has already started. We can temporarily relax now.”Carol Danvers set up the automatic cruise, then sat beside Fang Han and picked up a tube of nutrient solution to drink.
In any case, there was only this item right now, so let’s just drink it. Moreover, it was not bad to drink all kinds of fruits.
Fang Han and Carol Danvers sat side by side. Carol Danvers was leaning on Fang Han’s shoulder. The two looked leisurely at the beauty of the starry sky.
In the vast universe, the stars were twinkling and magnificent.
Fang Han leisurely drank the nutrient solution and said,” Speaking of which, I can’ t take a look in the universe. It’s really a pity. This is really beautiful.”
“Yes, if I get married in the future, I hope to hold a space wedding in the universe.”Carol Danvers said.
“This is a good idea, dear.”We can arrange this frigate as our wedding venue.”Fang Han smiled and said.
“This is indeed a good idea.”Carol Danvers replied with a smile.
Suddenly, Fang Han realized that the System had actually sent a prompt.
“Congratulations on gaining popularity!”
“Congratulations on gaining popularity!”
“Congratulations, host!”
“Congratulations! Host’s reputation has reached 500,000!”
“Congratulations, host has gained a reputation!”
“Congratulations on breaking through 100,000!”
“What happened?!”Fang Han was stunned. Is this the case? Is Krishnamurti exploding?
Carol Danvers looked at Fang Han who was suddenly stunned. Then, he followed Fang Han’s line of sight. There was a small e-mail on the console.
Carol Danvers walked over to open the small email and found that it was an interstellar war report.
After reading the Black Star Wars paper for a while, Carol Danvers said with a strange expression,” Hey, honey, we’ re famous.”
“Huh?”Fang Han was stunned.
The interstellar war report was opened and two aliens appeared on the virtual screen.
“Hey, how are the adventurers sailing in the universe? This is the latest issue of the Star Wars paper. I am Nubis.”
“I’ m the host Harrol.”
“The content of the Star Trek Report this time is very simple. Two more people are about to become famous in the universe. They have done something that countless people do not dare to think about and do not dare to do.”
“That’s right. They had made a big scene on Kerry Planet, the home planet of the empire. Not only did they destroy the supreme divine hall of the empire, they also destroyed an empire-level library of the Kerry people and plundered more than 90% of the empire’s technological wisdom!”Oh, this is too cool!”
“In addition, these two people killed the captain of the dead star fleet of the Kerry Empire under the siege of the Kerry people, the Commander of the Supreme Accusator Legion Corps, the Commander of the Accusator, Sir Luo Nan. Oh, they fought back and killed the captain of the Black Star Fleet of the Kerry Empire, Sir Yong Rogue, the captain of the Black Star Commando, and heavily injured the pursuer, Sir Coras.”
“That’s right, this is too cool!The two of them also took away an interstellar frigate and escaped from the encirclement of the Clay Cannons and a troop of interstellar frigates from the Kerry Empire. Oh, everyone, I can already meet them. Two brand new great figures are about to appear in the universe.”
“That’s right. In the universe, two more big shots are about to appear!”*

Chapter 38 Celebrate Interstellar![Third, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

Fang Han and Carol Danvers looked at each other and realized that the other party’s expression was very interesting.
On the virtual screen, the two people called Nubis and Harrol were still talking.
“Everyone knows that our news is first-hand, including this time, we were informed by our people on Planet Kerry. There are also a lot of videos that will be shown to everyone at the end.”
“The two people that caused this big incident this time were a man and a woman. Oh, it seems like a couple. Nubis, I’ m so sad.”
“Harrol is nothing. At least you still have me.”
“No, Nubis, stay away from me.”
“Okay, well, let’s announce the looks and names of these two. This man is called Fang Han. His strange name is unknown for the time being. He seems to be a native of the Kerry Empire with the number C-53.”
“This lady is called Carol Danvers. Like the man above, she came from the planet numbered C-53 in the Kerry Empire. By the way, this lady is really beautiful.”
“Oh, Harrol, you can’t just look at this lady’s beauty. You have to know that what she did made the Kerry Empire furious.”
“That’s right. Right now, the Kerry Empire is already in a state of fury. This time, the incident between the two of them has made everyone realize that the Kerry Empire is not as powerful as they have shown. The Skuru Empire should be very grateful to these two for the incident.”
“Oh, according to the latest news, the Kerry Empire had issued an interstellar warrant to arrest these two. Mr. Fang Han’s bounty… was one billion kri coins, converted to five billion star coins!Ms. Carol Danvers’ reward was 700 million kri coins. If it was converted into star currency, it would be 350 million star currency!”
“Oh, this is really a shocking reward.”
“Yes, this reward is currently the highest reward in the Star Bounty Mission. In other words, these two have become the most valuable bigwigs in the entire universe as soon as they come up. Oh,500 million star coins can make us spend a hundred years in the world. Oh, no, it’s a thousand years!”
“Alright, Harrol. Next, we’ll broadcast some of the battle videos of these two great figures. In the end, Mr. Fang Han and Kerry’s battle is really cool!”
Next was the video of Fang Han and Carol fighting.
Fang Han and Carol Danvers looked at each other and found that their expressions were even more brilliant.
“Oh, dear, we seem to be famous.”Fang Han said.
“The big shot that the entire universe knew, us?”Oh, this is unbelievable.”Carol Danvers still couldn’ t believe it.
“The Keri actually took out 1.7 billion Keri coins to arrest us. This is really ruthless.1.7 billion Keri coins can even form an interstellar fleet. It’s still the type of interstellar cruiser.”Fang Han’s expression was very strange.
He could be considered to know why he had suddenly gained so much prestige. The Kerry people were helping him promote his feelings for free.
With the release of the new issue of Interstellar War in the universe and the arrest warrant issued by the Kerry Empire, Fang Han and Carol Danvers became the hottest characters in the universe.
The two wanted criminals, worth eight hundred and fifty million star dollars, this unprecedented bounty helped Fang Han and Carol Danvers become more and more famous in the universe, and indirectly helped Fang Han’s reputation grow rapidly.
Fang Han looked at his rapidly rising reputation and points, not knowing whether he should cry or laugh.
The release of the Star Trek News and the arrest warrant of the Kerry Empire not only made Fang Han and Carol Danvers famous, but also made many forces in the universe aware of them. Fang Han and Carol Danvers, these two powerful newcomers.
As one of the three great empires in the Milky Way, the Skuru Empire, although it looked extremely famous, its family knew that the Skuru Empire was not as bright as it appeared.
As one of the three great empires in the Milky Way Galaxy, the Kerri Empire was still unable to raise its head. In the star-level battlefield, the Kerri people were simply playing tricks on Skuru. This made the Skuru people feel very embarrassed. Moreover, as the battle continued to grow longer and longer, plus the Kerri people’s advanced technology, Skuru was even more difficult to withstand.
To put it bluntly, the Skuru people were not confident that they could continue to defend against the Kerry Empire for long. They felt like they were about to destroy the country.
Not only that, the Skuru Empire’s battlefront was now almost completely collapsed. The last resistance was almost over. This made the Skuru people even more despair. They felt like they were dead.
However, when the news of Fang Han and Carol Danvers reached the Skuru people, the Skuru people suddenly felt that they had hope again. It was enough to prove that the Kerri people were not as strong as they had imagined that two people could make a scene on Planet Kerry!
Many Skurus felt that they should go to find Fang Han and Carol Danvers to use the power of these two great figures to fight the Kerry Empire. Moreover, Fang Han and Carol Danvers had 90% of the technological wisdom of Planet Kerry. This meant that once Fang Han and Carol Danvers decided to support the Skurus, the Skurus would be on par with the Krish in military technology.
This was a piece of news that excited the Skuru people. The leader of the Skuru people had already issued a clear instruction,” For the Skuru Empire, we need the strength of Fang Han and Carol Danvers!”
Apart from the Skuru people, the Hia Empire also began to pay attention to Fang Han and Carol Danvers.
As the strongest empire in the Milky Way, the Hia Empire was a war between the Kerry Empire and the Skuru Empire. As an emerging empire, the Hia Empire was not as corrupt as the Kerry Empire and the Skuru Empire. In the face of the declining Kerry Empire and the Skuru Empire, the Hia Empire had become the strongest empire.
That was why the empire was very proud. It was the tradition of the empire to actively absorb foreign cultures. They also became even more powerful. The empire was very interested in Fang Han and Carol Danvers’ formidable fighting strength. Inside, the empire had already developed the idea of inviting Fang Han and Carol Danvers to become members of the empire.
Get Fang Han and Carol Danvers and let them give birth to new powerful warriors for the empire!This idea was the general knowledge of most of the higher-ups in the empire.
It wasn’t just the Skuru Empire and the Hia Empire. The Sandals, who had been beaten by the Accused Luo Nan’s Death Star Fleet and were on the verge of extinction, also hoped to get Fang Han and Carol Danvers’ help. Faced with this enormous power of the Kerry Empire and the Death Star Fleet, the Sandals were on the verge of despair. But now, they saw hope.

With the help of the Black Star Wars and the Kerry Empire, Fang Han and Carol Danvers became the most famous new talents in the universe.*

Chapter 39: Lucky Draw, Heavenly Deity Cultivation![Fourth, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

The Crees might not know how famous Fang Han and Carol Danvers were because of their wanted orders.
They would never have imagined how much advantage this would bring to Fang Han.
It could be said that without this Black Star Wars newspaper and Kerry’s wanted order, Fang Han absolutely would n’ t have gained so much prestige so quickly.
The increase in reputation brought about an increase in points. It could be said that the Kerry people had helped Fang Han a great deal, allowing Fang Han to increase his strength faster.
Perhaps in the future, Fang Han’s time to avenge the Kerry people would be much earlier because of this arrest warrant.
Fang Han wouldn’t have known that there was a bigwig in the future who was famous in the galaxy. The young kid was excited when he saw the incident between him and Carol Danvers.
“Foster father, I want to go take a look.”The young Peter Quier looked at his foster father and said.
The interstellar hunter, Yundu Wudongta, looked at his young foster son’s excited appearance and nodded after some thought.
He was an interstellar hunter. He didn’t care how famous Fang Han and Carol Danvers were. He only cared about the bounty of Fang Han and Carol Danvers. It was a total of 850 million star dollars. This huge reward made him feel tempted.
Yundu Wu Dongta thought that a young man with an adventurous spirit was going to join Fang Han. He would not let Fang Han be alarmed, so he agreed,” Go, I will allow you to go out and take a look.”
Just like that, Fang Han was completely unaware that the future Star Lord, now Peter Quill, was ready to go to him.
And now, what was Fang Han doing? He was looking at the control screen and worrying.
“Oh, Han, I really didn’ t expect our fuel to be insufficient. How could this be possible?”Carol Danvers looked at the sign of insufficient energy on the control board in shock.
“It should be the attack of Kerry cannon. We used too much energy to defend against it. Otherwise, our energy should be enough or too weak.”Fang Han sighed.
“Now we have to find a place to forcibly land and replenish our energy. Otherwise, we will only be able to roam the universe because there is no energy. The air and food of the frigate will not last for long.”Carol Danvers said.
Fang Han nodded.” That’s right. The fuel on the spaceship can’ t last long. We’ ll land on the planet in front of us to replenish the fuel.”
“I hope the energy is sufficient.”Carol Danvers prayed.
Then, the gray-white frigate slowly drove towards the planet in front of it. Just as it was about to enter the atmosphere, it completely exhausted the last bit of fuel…
“Oh, no!”Fang Han watched as the frigate plummeted like a shooting star after running out of energy. He was dumbfounded.
“My god, Han, we have to hurry and leave!”Carol Danvers said.
“Take away all the nutrients and the control board. Let’s take the emergency escape pod and leave.”Fang Han decisively said.
Then, two bullet-shaped escape pods shot out from above the fast falling frigate that was like a shooting star, and then they followed the frigate into the sea.
In the sea, a series of bubbles appeared at the tail of the two bullet-type escape pods and drove forward. There was land there.
On Tofa Star, near an unknown beach, two bullet-type escape pods were standing on the beach, while Fang Han and Carol Danvers were packing up their belongings.
“Hey, Han, we survived safely and didn’ t lose anything.”Carol Danvers seemed very happy.
“Carol, you have to know that even if we jump off the spaceship right now, nothing will happen.”Fang Han said.
“I know, but it’s very cool to be a escape pod and sneak out of the ocean, isn’ t it?”Carol Danvers seemed very excited. It was as if the experience of the special battle team sniping at the enemy’s leader made her feel very excited.
Fang Han smiled and did not say anything. In fact, Fang Han also sat in the escape pod because he felt that it was very exciting. Otherwise, what if he stayed in the frigate all the time?He could not die even if the frigate exploded.
On the shore, Fang Han and Carol Danvers used their survival tools to assemble a tent and place the nutrient solution and other tools inside.
Fang Han looked at the smoking frigate on the distant sea and said to Carol Danvers,” Carol, I feel like we’ re going to stay here for a while.”
“Yes, we need a new spaceship, but is there anyone on this planet?”Why do you feel like there’s no one here?”Carol Danvers was puzzled.
Fang Han looked at the familiar surroundings and suddenly smiled.” There should be people living here. At that time, they should be happy to take us along.”
If he did not bring us, he would send them to see God!Fang Han said this in his heart.
After a short period of busy work, Fang Han and Carol Danvers sat on the beach and began to rest. Now that they had temporarily gotten rid of their pursuers, they had a rare time to rest.
Carol Danvers had already happily gone swimming in the sea. With Carol Danvers’ current strength, even if he encountered any monsters, those monsters were unlucky.
Are you kidding me? Can Captain Carol Danvers not kill some little monsters?And if Fang Han was right, this planet was tofar, a very safe planet. Well, to Fang Han and Carol Danvers.
Using Carol Danvers to swim in this gap, Fang Han began to draw.
Right now, Fang Han was already able to use a hundred thousand level lottery draw. Furthermore, Fang Han estimated that a million level lottery draw would be used soon. This was all thanks to the Kerry people. They were truly selfless.
After silently thanking the Kerry people and making a wish to try not to hit Kristen in the future, Fang Han started his 100,000 points lottery.
“One hundred thousand points for a lottery draw. If I can’t draw a good item, I will directly pass through this floor and wait for a million level lottery draw.”Fang Han muttered to himself and started the first 100,000 points lottery.
“Consume 100,000 points and start the lottery.”
Following the system’s voice, Fang Han was very excited as he waited for the items to be drawn. He saw objects constantly flashing in front of Fang Han. In just a few seconds, hundreds of items flashed past Fang Han’s line of sight.
“Ding!Congratulations to the host for obtaining the Heavenly God cultivation technique.The Heavenly Stream cultivation technique was Sun Wukong’s cultivation technique in the Divine Hall. It required him to be as quiet as the sky, as fast as lightning, to let his own Qi disappear, to sense objects, and to concentrate…(This technique is similar to the Free Supreme Art (a bit similar).”*

Chapter 40 Combat Strength, it seemed like he had broken through 10,000![First, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

Heavenly Stream Cultivation Technique!
When Fang Han saw this technique, although he endured his joy, the corner of his mouth could not help but rise high. The cultivation technique in the Divine Hall was similar to the Free Supreme Technique. This technique was awesome!
However, Fang Han was too happy. He didn’ t notice that there were four very small words behind the words “this technique is similar to the Free Supreme Technique “.
Fang Han was satisfied with his first 100,000 points lottery draw thief, so he decided to draw again.
The first raffle won the Heavenly God’s cultivation, so the second raffle was definitely not that bad.
This thing was just like the game’s kryptonite. The first time you were lucky, then the second time you were lucky, but if the first time you were unlucky, then you do n’ t expect anything good to come out later.
From the current point of view, Fang Han’s luck was not bad.
“Draw again!”
“Consume 100,000 points and start the lottery!”
“Ding!Congratulations to the host for obtaining Bigstar!Bixda Star was a mechanical planet in the Dragon Pearl World. It was originally a mechanical planet without a owner. After being invaded by Gula, Gula transformed into a metal Gula.”This is a brand new Bixda Star. Once the host uses it, it will automatically recognize its owner.”
“Bang!”Fang Han was a little surprised. Big Star, mechanical planet?!
Fang Han thought of the famous mechanical planet Death Star and the home planet Sabotan in the Transformers.
No matter how one looked at it, this was a powerful thing. If one planted a seed in the spring and harvested a metal planet next year, it would be a good deal!
After drawing two prizes, Fang Han decided not to draw anymore.
No matter how good luck was, there was still a limit to it. He had already obtained something good twice. On the one hand, Fang Han was afraid that he would not be able to get something good from below, on the other hand, he was also planning ahead. After all, he had some points. It would be better if he encountered a crisis in the future. After all, Xian Dou needed to exchange points for 20,000 points to exchange for one.
After receiving the memories of the Heavenly Divine Stream cultivation technique, Fang Han played with the fist-sized metal ball in his hand and asked,” System, this is Big Star?”How?”
“The host only needs to place the planet Bixda in the planet. Just like a seed, Bixda will automatically develop to the core of the planet. Then, it will absorb the power of the core and the earth’s crust. Finally, it will completely transform the planet into a metal planet. The transformation time will vary according to the size of the planet.”
Hearing the System’s words, Fang Han looked at the planet at his feet thoughtfully. Toffa was not far from Planet Kerry. It was a planet around Planet Kerry. If Toffa were to be transformed into Planet Bixda and put a knife on the Cleanser’s head, it would be very interesting.
Thinking of this, Fang Han’s lips curled into a smile.” What if it’s the planet under my feet, how long will it take to transform it into Bixar?”
“Tofa planet, one of the outer planets of Planet Kerry, the system is calculating…”
“According to the system’s calculations, it will take 60 natural months to transform the planet.”
“Sixty natural months, more than five years, acceptable.”Fang Han didn’t feel that the five-year conversion period was long. In just five years, he could place a mechanical planet beside Planet Kerry that completely obeyed his orders. This was too lucrative. If he did n’ t kill the Kerry people, Fang Han would feel sorry for himself.
He buried the Bixda Star metal ball in the ground. Fang Han could sense that the metal ball was constantly surging towards the core of the earth and absorbing the surrounding metal to expand himself.
Fang Han nodded and looked forward to the surprise of Future Kerry.” Ha, a metal planet full of all kinds of weapons, the Kerry people will be very surprised.”
At night, Fang Han and Carol Danvers were lying on the beach looking at the stars. Fang Han suddenly turned to Carol Danvers and said,” Carol, we don’ t know when we’ ll be back to Earth. So, let’s make ourselves stronger first. Even if the Kerri come in the future, we can still have the strength to protect ourselves.”
“Very good idea, I agree.”Carol Danvers agreed with the idea of increasing their strength. After all, they didn’t have strength. They did n’ t even have their own lives. Carol Danvers had already seen through it. In this vast universe, only strength was their own. Only strength could they have confidence and capital.
As a result, the next day, Fang Han and Carol Danvers began their journey to become stronger.
Carol Danvers needed to fully understand and control the power in her body, so that she could fully activate the enormous power in her body. Carol Danvers, who was in a binary star state, could traverse the universe.
Fang Han, on the other hand, began to cultivate the Heavenly Divine Stream
The main method of cultivation of the Heavenly God Stream was to not use air to sense objects and enemies. Instead, it was to use spirit to sense everything around it and to determine the direction and method of the enemy’s attack. This was based on the reflexes of spiritual energy and body. For Fang Han, who had been using air to sense and attack enemies, it was a completely new method of cultivation.
Fang Han was so ruthless that he completely blocked his perception of Qi. Then, he closed his eyes and fought with Carol Danvers. He asked Carol Danvers to be ruthless to him.
As a result, Fang Han really suffered a lot from the start.
It was often Carol Danvers who had arrived in front of Fang Han. Fang Han finally realized what was happening and was sent flying by Carol Danvers.
The surprise attack was the norm for Carol Danvers and Fang Han during the war. Because Fang Han had sealed off his five senses and his perception of the air, the sudden attack on Fang Han was especially effective. Even Carol Danvers would use his energy particle shock wave to attack Fang Han from afar.
Carol Danvers originally refused because the power of the energy particle shock wave was too great. Fang Han would be injured if he was not prepared, but Fang Han asked Carol Danvers not to hold back.
Just like that, while Fang Han was practicing the cultivation method of the Heavenly God Stream, Carol Danvers was constantly improving his fighting style, and his control over his own strength was becoming more and more exquisite. From the beginning, he could not control the degree of energy impact, to the end, he could even make the energy particles suddenly stop in front of Fang Han…
For six months, Fang Han and Carol Danvers were growing up.
In these six months, Fang Han had suffered countless serious injuries. He had almost died four times. In these six months, Fang Han had consumed four immortal beans to return his life. Although he had consumed a lot of them and was on the verge of death several times, Fang Han’s strength had also increased greatly.
“Right now, my combat strength has already broken through ten thousand. Hmm, I guess.”Fang Han looked at his body and whispered to himself.